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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 13, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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altogether. running. it would be the senate determining who the nominee was, i will put the recipe on twitt totally unacceptable. >> bret: another vote today, twitter. >> jesse: "special report" is war powers act. up next. he >> this is an attempt to >> bret: hey, jesse. embarrass the president? have the best food always. it's going to be a bipartisan breaking tonight, a public break one. between the president and his we need to stop attending that top law enforcement official. both sides of the aisle are not concerned with the president having too much leeway with the once all make the attorney general wants him to stop tweeting about the justice department. william barr telling him that matters of war and peace. his boss' social media habit is >> bret: your reaction to that making him they'll make it impossible for him job. and is there any consequence for those republicans who put them comes up on the screen? >> no consequence. but the war powers act, which the president's involvement has every president has felt was brought a familiar refrain from unconstitutional, sought to put a 60 day clock on a combat capitol hill, impeachment and calls for investigation. we will talk with mitch mission. taking out so mcconnell in a couple of minutes. what lawmakers are saying it took maybe about60 seconds. tonight. we begin with chief white house the war powers act is about 60 correspondent john roberts and
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the president getting the days. completely inappropriate stop sign from the attorney general. >> good evening to you, bret. response to the ability of any president to respond to attorney general bill barr has emergencies and that has been been on the hot seat since early done over and over again by tuesday morning when presidents going back all the would be be giving you. president trump at 2:00 in the morning tweeted his outrage for >> wasn't there and a member in saying that it was okay but if the sentencing for his friend roger stone. you do a full scale action, it's now the attorney general is very frankly and very publicly urging okay? >> let me contrasted with the the president to stop tweeting. way i handled president obama's killing of usama bin laden. a rare and stinging rebuke from i was not called in advanced. the president from attorney general bill barr today in an interview with abc news, i'm not dominant part of the gang of eight. i was not offended. barr saying the president's i got called the next day. tweet about roger stone in other i said, congratulations taking out this terrorist, and i sent cases are disruptive. >> i have a problem with some of out a public statement congratulating president obama for doing something important. the tweets, to have public statements and tweets. if president obama had taken out that case is pending in the department and the bout judges soleimani there wouldn't be a before whom we have cases make democrat around who would not it impossible for me to do my say great job. >> bret: you are saying these republicans are not going to job. >> the president vented earlier feel the blowback? >> we don't have a dog house in this week complaining the doj the senate. i disagreed with them.
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recommended sentencing before i think that should not have roger stone was "horrible and trigger the war powers act. very unfair," a drumbeat he kept the president was entirely within his authority to take out up in a radio interview with geraldo this morning. >> what they did to roger stone soleimani. was a disgrace in terms of >> bret: your name comes up on the trail quite a bit. everything. take a listen. >> after the president's tweet >> protect us from gun violence, the attorney general downgraded the sentence leading for democrats to call for his head. raise wages. >> what the attorney general has but that cannot get past mitch mcconnell's senate. done, we should be calling for >> we better get be working hard the resignation of the on, that's take back the senate attorney general. and put mitch mcconnell out of if you want resigned, remember, a job. the attorney general can be >> bret: democrats say there impeached. are 395 house bills that passed >> he said barr made the the house that have been rejected or sitting in the senate. decision before the tweets, but is that true, number one, and barr is still frustrated, two, can anything move forward? >> it is true. saying... because i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody they've been on a full left-wing... up and i'm going to do what i parade over there. think is right and i cannot do my do my job here at the trotting out all their left-wing department with a constant solutions that are going to be issues in the fall campaign. background commentary that they are right. undercuts me. we are not going to pass make >> but a new revelation in all of this, when the jury foreman those. we have divided government.
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when you have a divided from the stone trial came government, you have two work on forward to support the four things we agree on. prosecutors who resigned after we agreed on government the recommendation was scrapped. spending. we agreed on the u.s.-bicycle-canada free trade tamika hart posting on facebook, agreement. it pains me to see the doj we will probably reach an agreement on an infrastructure interfere with the hard work of deal. the prosecutors. they acted with the utmost >> bret: really? intelligence, integrity, and >> a parks bill. respect for our system of it may not be a big bill because justice. who works for the bill and that would require dealing with melinda gates foundation ran as the revenue sources that both a democrat for congress in 2012 sides are nervous about raising and has posted tweets critical of president trump. the gas tax which is a tax on the president fires back, now it looks like the foreperson and low income people. the jury in the roger stone case had significant bias. it's not that we aren't doing add that to everything else, and anything. this is not looking good for the it's we aren't doing what the house democrats and these candidates for president on the "justice department." in a statement to fox news, ande democratic ticket wants to do. >> bret: what about prescription drugs? >> we are wrestling with that. there are differences on both reporting the sides about how to get out of that and i think there is a and what may or may not be a chance we are going to legislate coincidence, the woman who all of that. >> bret: possibly before the oversaw the stone trial, the former u.s. attorney for the end of this congress? district of columbia jesse lou >> yeah.
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>> bret: the supreme court resigned from her new post at opening up before the november election, would you hold that the treasury department seat open like you did for yesterday. in line to be the under secretary of the treasury. merrick garland to let voters decide what presidential the president abruptly pulled candidates pick the next justice? >> let me remind you what i said that nomination. democrats complain that liu is a in 2016. he would have to go back to the 1880s to find at the last time a vacancy on the supreme court victim of the president's occurring during a presidential retribution tour. spewing democrats in congress election year was confirmed by a are pouncing on the stone senate of a different party than controversy before the smoke has the president. it been cleared from the senate impeachment trial and the president's acquittal. chief congressional's that was the situation in 2016. correspondent has that part of the story tonight. that would not be the situation in 2020. i'm not aware of any vacancy, >> it's not like democrats are but if you are asking me a eager to impeach him again. hypothetical whether this >> the attorney general has republican senate would confirm a member of the supreme court to stooped to such levels. lied to congress he's engaged in a vacancy that created this year -- >> bret: before november. >> we would fill it. these activities. what a sad disappointment to our >> bret: wouldn't you hear howells? >> we would but i remind you country. what i just told you. speaker pelosi pump the brakes
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when asked if lawmakers would the ascendant is in the same try to impeach bill barr. spigot doesn't mean we are going party as the president of the to spend our time going after united states and in that every lie that administration situation, we would both. >> bret: would there be any judicial vacancies left henchmen unfilled? >> i hope not. >> mouth americans want to put >> you are moving them through? it behind them. >> yes. only 43% support the house >> bret: do you risk criticism continue investigating ukraine while 51% say it should end. if you do the judges but you don't get those other big things done like prescription drugs, 44% say the hell should investigate present president trump and other infrastructure. >> i risk criticism every day. impeachable offensives. my job is to try to set the >> they base their time on priorities. i have felt that our judiciary impeachment and they failed. was the most important >> house leader kevin mccarthy says democrats in congress on responsibility. we've done 51 the circuit judges one-track mind. >> all they have is a mission to in three years. impeach and this is all they it took president obama to do continue to drive. when the rest of america would 55. i think changing the court like to move on from their nightmares they put us through. system: putting in place men and women who believe their job is >> barr is set to testify at the to actually interpret the law as is written is the most important end of next month. long-term thing we can do for a democrat on the senate the country and its my top
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judiciary says that committee and the justice department inspector general should also priority. >> bret: last thing, as you investigate. look at the democratic race >> political interference by the right now, a lot of angst on the president of the united states in the sentencing of a longtime coney in support of his is democratic side versus exactly the sort of thing that bernie sanders versus a centrist should alarm all of us about the or moderate role. what do you think if there was a rule of law. >> allies of the president say president bernie sanders if he democrats will never be set was elected over president trump aside. >> they might as well go ahead if he's the nominee? and call for every single >> you've got to worry about a nominee who is so attracted to the old soviet union years ago that his wife and him went to a registration of every single trump official because they'll honeymoon to moscow during the get to them officially. >> it's worth noting all these cold war. he's the real deal. comments were made before the what bothers me more is all the attorney general's big interview. it'll be interesting to see in rest of them sound very similar. the coming days some of these democrats change their tune they just don't describe themselves as socialists. about going after bill barr. they may call themselves moderates. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on if the definition of a moderate the hill. let's get some insight tonight. we are pleased to be joined by in the presidential democratic primary, they aren't for senate majority leader mitch medicare for all but the public mcconnell. thank you for being here. option, that means the public you heard about the option there will be only one attorney general and his concern about the president's tweeting, making it impossible to do his same direction, socialized job. your reaction to that? medicine. >> the president made a great i think they are all taking far
3:07 pm
choice when he picked bill barr left positions and even though do the attorney general, i think the president should listen to bernie sanders get some credit for truth in labeling, they are his advice. >> bret: you have a problem with the tweeting as well? i think all heading in the same direction. >> bret: you have to have an >> maybe the presidential listen answer for the health care to the attorney general. >> bret: do you think his attack. coming time and time again, tweet about the opinion on the roger stone sentencing is iowa, new hampshire, there's not a republican answer yet. >> you mean on prescription inappropriate? >> the attorney general said drugs? >> bret: i mean over all. it's making him difficult to do his job. i think the president ought to fighting against obamacare and listen to thelaw enforcement ofs fighting against pre-existing conditions. the president on the state of the union says he's going to fight forn time. there's of the economy and not a the top person in the country. the president made a wide way forward. selection in picking bill barr >> use of the democrats couldn't pair they got to listen to him. even put on a caucus in iowa. >> u-value presented. i do not think you can put them are you concerned at all that in charge and health care. president trump in his mind has politicized of the department of >> bret: senator, we always appreciate your time. justice or this is become the it could be a battle of new normal for him? billionaires in november. >> i keep saying the same thing. we'll take a look at what mike bloomberg has to do to possibly >> bret: i'm talking about expand and take on president trump. you. >> i think the attorney general knows what he's talking about.
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i'm not the attorney general but little things can become your big moment. i have confidence in bill barr. i think he's doing a good job that's why there's otezla. and i think he's told the otezla is not a cream. president, this is not helpful, making it difficult for him to it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. do his job. i think the president will with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. listen to it. >> bret: along the same lines, don't use if you're allergic to otezla. senator susan collins voted the way she voted in the impeachment it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. trial because she thought the president will have learned from this process. otezla is associated... ...with an increased risk of depression. she scaled that back a little tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. bit. take a listen. >> i would hope that he would some people taking otezla reported weight loss. not do it again. >> why do you have the feeling your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. that he has changed? upper respiratory tract infection >> i may not be correct on that. and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, it's more aspirational on my part. >> what lesson did you learn and if you're pregnant or planning to be. from impeachment? otezla. show more of you. >> the democrats are crooked. they do a lot of crooked things. they are vicious. they shouldn't have brought impeachment. my numbers are ten points higher. >> bret: do you think the president was chastened by the process at all or did you expect them to be? >> i will give you my opinion.
3:09 pm
this would make impeachment more likely to be a routine matter and this is something the federalist papers and the founders made clear that they didn't want to happen and the fact that they are now mentioning the word impeachment again in connection with the attorney general only proves my point. i think the reason we got a solid vote against impeachment in the senate was that almost all of my members, if not all of them, maybe with one exception, felt that this was not an impeachable offense. the founders didn't want the house to constantly be doing impeachment resolutions because they had a policy difference or didn't like somebody. i think it's pretty clear the house democrats just don't like the president. >> bret: do you think senator collins and her explanation hurt her chances for reelection? >> i think senator collins is going to be reelected. i think she can handle this but doesn't need any advice for me what to say, i'm happy to speak on myself. >> bret: steve bannon writes about the president, he is mad
3:10 pm
and he should be mad for the democrats and the media wasted the nations three years of time on a witch hunt and understands using the full power of the presidency, the pearl clusters better get used to it. do you think more is getting down the pipe? it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. >> i don't know. the president is different, as we know. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. the fact he's different is awfully attracted to a lot of lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. americans. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. we are going to have an election this november. that's the other argument. the america people from
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>> bret: breaking tonight just seconds ago, president trump's press secretary responding to our top story that attorney general william barr once the president to stop tweeting about the justice department. barr says it's making his job "impossible to do." here's the statement from stephanie grisham moments ago,
3:12 pm
the president wasn't bothered by the comments. he has the right like any american citizen to publicly offer his opinions. president trump uses his social media very effectively to fight for the american people against injustices in our country, including the fake news. the president has full faith and confidence in attorney general barr to do his job and uphold the law. officials privately say that the attorney general is also concerned about that sentencings politically down the powerful culinary union says it will not support any candidate. earlier this week, the union passed out flyers criticizing sanders' medor all plan. sanders issued a tweet this morning showing support for the union. president trump continues to talk presidential candidate mike bloomberg about a variety of
3:13 pm
candidates including a support for stop and frisk policies and, yes, his height. correspondent kristin fisher has our report. >> he knows i have the record and resources to defeat him. >> mike bloomberg says he's willing to spend whatever it takes to beat president trump. even though the trump campaign has a record-breaking $200 million cash on hand, the bluebird campaign says the former mayor is willing to spend at least $2 billion, maybe more, of his roughly $60 billion fortune. this fight between the two new york businessman is just getting started. after the president said mini mike is a 5'4" behind their back, they call you a credible barking clown. >> call me at little mike, and, donald, from where we come from
3:14 pm
they measure your height from the neck up. >> most of his democratic rivals are focused on south carolina. >> i think the voters in north carolina deserve just as much attention. this is a swing state we need to win in november. >> is part of his super tuesday strategy. skip the early states and go all in on the 14 delegate rich states that vote on march 3rd. never before tried tactic fueled by unprecedented nationwide ad buys. the real clear politics average has bloomberg in their place nationally behind only bernie sanders and joe biden. and all those polls came out before biden's implosion in new hampshire. but bloomberg's rise has been companied by a series of bad headlines they could hurt them with black voters, old comments are servicing of the former mayor defending stop and frisk, a controversial policing tactic he has sensed than announced,
3:15 pm
and blaming the end of it this crematory practice known as redlining for triggering the 2008 financial crisis. >> you know the phrase, there's an app for that? for mike bloomberg, there is an ad for that. explaining how lübeck has helped black-owned businesses and bluebird well on his way to qualify for the next debate in las vegas. >> bret: a new hampshire man is awaiting arraignment after alleging ata polling site during the stas primary at tuesday. they have charge patrick bradley recent violence against be five supporters including an incident over the weekend in which a florida man was arrested ramming his van into a g.o.p. registration tent. it is the was close to ending its longest war? will explain. what some of our affiliates on the country covering tonight, fox 41 in louisville, a train
3:16 pm
derailment in eastern kentucky traps to crew members. they were able to make it safely to shore. csx transportation says it's mobilized its emergency teams. the fox 11 in los angeles, two law firms has filed a lawsuit on behalf of three high school students nearly a month after a delta plane dumped jet fuel over several schools across the los angeles area. at least 60 people were treated for injuries in the accidents aftermath. a live look at houston from our affiliate fox 26. big story there, spring training starts, houston astros players are apologizing for the team's sign stealing scheme. team owner jim crane also apologized today but made news when he said, "our opinion is that this didn't impact the game." the investigation found that team use electronics to steal signs during his 2017
3:17 pm
world series championship run and again in the 2018 season. a live look from outside the beltway. we will be right back. i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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>> bret: and u.s. officials confirming a 15th case of coronavirus. they say the patient was one of those evacuated from wuhan, china, and placed under federal quarantine in houston, texas.
3:21 pm
spread on seven states, mostly involved travelers who recently returned from china. the virus has killed nearly 1400 people and infected about 60,000. almost all in china, those numbers going up. stocks were off today due to financial fears stemming from the impact of the coronavirus. the dow losing 128, the s&p 500 fell one and a half. the nasdaq was off by 14. the u.s. has been fighting in afghanistan since shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. that makes that conflict america's longest war. no negotiations with the terror group seem to be pointing towards a possible resolution. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest and that from the pentagon. >> at nato headquarters in brussel, diff and secretary esper says the u.s. and tell a manner close to an agreement. >> we said that the best and not only solution in afghanistan is a political agreement. progress has been made on that
3:22 pm
front. >> that involves a seven-day reduction in violence with the taliban as they work towards a settlement, the deal which president trump appeared to give his blessing. >> i think there's a good chance we will have a deal and we'll see. we are going to go over it the next few weeks. >> seconds of state pompeo spoke on routes to a security conference in munich where he will meet the afghan president. it'd be a difficult set of conversations, one that is long overdue. it also give us the opportunity to reduce the footprint not only for america's forces they are, but all forces. asked if a seven-day reduction of violence was enough. >> seven days for now is the patient, but in all things, are approach would be conditions based. we say it again, conditions based. it'll be a continual evaluated process as we go forward. >> general scott miller, head of u.s. forces in afghanistan, says he can cut the number of troops in afghanistan from 13,000 to
3:23 pm
8500 but privately pentagon officials worn any numbers below that could impact the ability to go after isis and al qaeda. former ambassador to afghanistan ryan crocker a year ago against making the mistake president obama made employing all u.s. troops out of iraq, the taliban will offer any number of commitments knowing that when we are done and the taliban is back, will have no means of enforcing any of them. more than 2,400 americans have been killed in afghanistan since 9/11. officials say one of the reasons they are still there is to ensure neighboring pakistan's nuclear weapons never fall into enemy hands. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. up next, why are some of the wealthiest universities in the nation getting billions of dollars from other countries not telling you about it? we will explain. an american warship has seized a large cache of iranian made weapons from a vessel in the arabian sea.
3:24 pm
the pentagon saying the uss normandy captured antitank guided missiles, surface-to-air missiles, thermal imaging, and advanced munitions parts. the ship was bound for yemen. sudan's traditional government reaches a settlement with victims of the 2000 attack on the u.s. coal in yemen. the settlement is the latest step from sudan to and its international pariah status. it's hoping to be removed from the u.s. terrorism list and improve relations with the west. russian president vladimir putin hosted a meeting on proposed changes to the russian constitution. the move is seen as part of the putin's efforts to extend his grip on power after his presidential term and's in 2024. just some beyond his our borders tonight. we will be right back. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really!
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>> bret: the house taking steps to revive the equal rights amendment. today, lawmakers approved a measure removing the 1982 deadline for state ratification which would re-effectively open the process to amend the u.s. constitution to prohibit discrimination based on sex. last month virginia lawmakers ratify the amendment becoming the final state needed. the justice department has said it is too late and a lawsuit is now ongoing. tonight, we are going on follow up on a story we first brought up last night. it concerns in the investigation into billions of dollars of unreported aid from ivy league schools t from china and other harvard and yale under investigation for failing to report hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations. the department of education says it violates the higher education act. it's the latest chapter in a nationwide review of universities that in the past
3:30 pm
six months has dredged up more than $6 billion in unreported foreign gifts from countries including qatar, china, saudi arabia, and the uae. tells fox news that students and taxpayers deserve to know if there universities are accepting monies from foreign powers and advocates are ringing alarm bells. >> disclosures needed to disclose from foreign entities. unfortunately when there is a lot of money come universities have some perverse incentives. >> china's government often funnels money to u.s. schools through proxies including telecom giants huawei and bte. describes foreign spending on u.s. universities as a black hole and pouring money can come with strings attached that copper mines academic freedom. in other words, china's ruling communist party might be influencing what american college students are learning. >> china has been trying to penetrate almost every american
3:31 pm
institution at almost every level. and on college campuses, they have gone after faculty, students, just about everybody. it's worked. >> bret: this investigation comes the pressure on the heels of the arrest and indictment of one of harvard's top scientists last month for alleged spying on behalf of the chinese governme government. >> this is not an accident nor coincidence. it is a small sample of china's ongoing campaign to siphon off america and the technology and know-how for chinese gain. >> bret: both harvard and yelled convert them to fox news that they receive the education department's request for records on gifts and contract from foreign sources and they tell us they are preparing a response. we will bring that to you, bret, as soon as we get it. >> bret: the justice department has charged chinese color mutation company huawei with conspiracy. the new charges allege that huawei has run a decades long
quote quote
3:32 pm
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>> i think the problem with somg to be bullied or influenced by anybody and i said whether it's congress, newspaper, editorial boards, or the president. i'm going to do what i think is right and, you know, i think... i cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> i think the attorney general says it's getting in the way of doing his job, may be the president should listen to the attorney general. >> bret: senate majority leader on the president's tweets on the roger stone sentencing. saying the president can say what he wants but let's bring in our panel. byron york, chief political correspondent come up "washington post" columnist marked is sin your thoughts
3:37 pm
mar >> i think the president is listening to these and majority leader. it seems like every time a dark cloud is lifted from the trump presidency, he literally, you know, the day after the mueller probe cleared him and inclusion of russia, he called the president of ukraine and asked him to investigate hunter biden which gave the democrat the pretext he needed to do the political impeachment. days after it is an acquittal, he starting a controversy over 9% approval but he's also got 63% economic approval which means there is 14% of the country that likes his economic country but doesn't approve of him. those people he can win over between now and november. he keeps alienating them because the reason they keep approving of him even that they like his
3:38 pm
economic policies is all the chaos. >> bret: trump supporter's say that the sentencing was egregious, and president bombarded with investigations, and he feels aggrieved and wants to make that clear. >> he could pardon roger stone or commute his sentence after he gets one. he can expect that he has things that are within his rights to do. we've heard it so many times, republicans have begged him to stop tweeting. his wife even asked him to stop tweeting for her that's not going to happen. he doesn't want to stop. >> bret: it's different, to admit when the attorney general says it would be impossible to do my job. >> you would think so. you would think so. i can't imagine there's going to be much of a change. >> has a twitter yet? >> begging him to please cease and desist, and it sounds like the attorney general would come out where trump wanted him to come out anyway. >> do you think they would have medication where he says i'm
3:39 pm
going to say something like th this? >> barr is a very smart operator and it would be very surprising if he surprised the president with this. barr is right, mcconnell is right about barr, and the president at least through stephanie grisham's statement has not indicated he wants to have a public fight with his attorney general. but there is as he suggested two issues. there is the inappropriateness of what the president said and there's also the question of the descendantsentence, there is evt they used not that they think he should not go to jail, they think you should go to jail for 3-4 years instead 7-9 years. >> do you think they were blindsided by the 7-then recommendation? spigot depending how far it went up. >> that's why bill barr is in
3:40 pm
charge of all the political things that affect the president's friends? >> i got complaints with two people involved in the mueller investigation who thought that the lead attorney to withdraw himself from this was zealous, hostile, and connect the dots that were not there. >> bret: when questions about that, does that spur a question about a new trial and what the judge is going to do or not do? >> let it play out. the problem is the president interfering while the process is taking place. he has the power to pardon him, power to commute his sentence can reduce his sentence come he can do whatever he wants. let the process play out, if he doesn't like the outcome at the end, he's got the power to change it. >> he's a sore winner. >> bret: this has burned all kinds of questions and capitol hill including the house speaker with the iowa i word.>> the attorney general s dipped to low levels.
3:41 pm
he lied to congress. that does not mean we are going to spend all of our time going into every time the administration henchmen make to the public of the united states. >> all they had was a mission to impeach and this is all they continue to drive. when the rest of america would like to move on from their nightmares they put us through. >> doesn't sound like she's going to start another impeachment. kevin mccarthy -- >> stirring the impeachment fires? >> that something that has worked for the president's base. but nancy pelosi feels that nothing has changed. the president's behavior hasn't changed so she's going to continue to criticize him. very hard to believe they start another impeachment. >> the impeachment from september to february. how fast can this one get started? it's impossible to believe that. but they've always wanted to use investigation as a way of weakening this president as he goes into reelection and they
3:42 pm
are going to keep doing this. >> bret: whether it's this or some other investigation? >> 31 house democrats face palming right now because the idea -- this impeachment has been so bad for the house moderates who now have to run and trump districts that he won defending their vote on impeachment, the last thing they want is another impeachment whether trump or barr. >> bret: what is worse, another round of impeachment or bernie sanders at the top of the democratic ticket? here is sanders responding concerns to the democratic party about that. >> we understand that the campaign that can beat trump, the way to beat trump is by having the largest voter turnout and history of this country but if you look at iowa and new hampshire, 30% increase in voting for younger people, voting at a higher rate than ever in new hampshire, you saw us doing extremely well in working-class communities.
3:43 pm
>> bret: another win, the culinary union in nevada says we are not going to endorse anybody. >> which was expected. it came after some pretty harsh words between them and the sanders campaign because the sanders campaign, the culinary union felt they were going after them in fairly and aggressively. bernie sanders talks about a 33% increase. 33% increase in voters aged 18-29. they are 1% of the electorate. no huge turnout in bernie sanders did not see a huge uptick. as a matter of fact, half or the last of the love he got. >> moderates were up. but to the point of lawmakers, the mimetic lawmakers on capitol hill behind us worried. it's red alert status. >> the reason they are worried because he's the guy who got the most votes in iowa and most most in new hampshire. you can make the argument that
3:44 pm
pete buttigieg barely won the delegate race. they are may be corunners. bernie sanders is the front runner in this race. >> he forced so many positions that are nets unpopular in battleground states. >> $5 billion spent by the government, half of the american workforce working for the government if bernie sanders poss of his plane were put in place. >> bret: panel, thanks. when we come back, buzzer beater that one player will never forget. . . can my side be firm?
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it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> bret: finally tonight, love this one. he shoots, he scores. >> be like steph curry. because i love him so much. >> mason daugherty a high school senior with down syndrome nailed a buzzer beater shot last weekend. the team, the opposing team
3:49 pm
won the game. but everyone felt like a winner. players on both teams rushed out to the court to celebrate mason's big moment in the game for the final couple of minutes. answered shoots answered scores. no barrier no, player too big for mason. that's great. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" guest hosted by my friend ed henry starts right now. morning, evening, you do it all. >> ed: that's right, bret. good to see you again. >> bret: you too. >> ed: good evening, everybody, i'm ed henry in for mawrmt and this the story. palpable concern tonight for house democrats particularly battleground states in swing districts now fearing for their political lives. bernie sanders is their party's nominee. one top democrat telling fox quote, county it's bad "weaver having conversation how to deal about this. barack obama's 2012 election telling the "wall street
3:50 pm
journal" there is nothing but anxiety for moderate democrats who are feeling the bern. but a new quinnipiac poll tells a different story. in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup sanders actually beats the president by eight points. the only candidate performing better than bernie, mike bloomberg and the new york billiai
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