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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 15, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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it's been a pleasure. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. democrats couldn't impeach trump so now they are trying to impeach bill barr, his attorney general. a week after trump was acquitted the left has a huge new scandal that's similar to the last so-called scandal. it was a set-up and nothing illegal happened. '. roger stone's house is raided at the crack of dawn. cnn gets tipped off.
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he gets tried and convicted bid a jury. nothing to do with collusion or russia, all process crimes. i am not excusing what stone did. he's only charged because of the hoax. he's paying a price because hillary and her fake does are polluted the system. all these prosecutors that used to work for mueller's witch hunt are still at the department of justice and they are still prosecuting roger stone. they said we won't recommend that much prison time for roger stone because it was a setup. then they go into court and say they are going to recommend 7-9 years. the average sentence for rape is 4 years, and they want stone to
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serve 9 because he lied to congress. you know how much people lied to congress? you would have to lock up everybody. president trump: roger stone was treated horribly. their lives were destroyed viciously, badly by these corrupt people. i wanted to thank the justice department for seeing this horrible thing -- i didn't speak to him, just so you understand -- they saw the horribleness of a 9-year sentence for doing nothing. murderers and drug addicts doantddon'tget 9 years. jesse: he's thinking this is way out of line so he lowers the 7-9 year recommendation. it's the judge's call any way. when barr changes the sentence recommendation these four
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ex-mueller prosecutors quit in a big huff. it's like they overcharged this guy to justify the hoax in the first place. then they set up bill barr so they can resign with drama. >> we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. if he won't resign, member the attorney general can be impeached. >> the attorney general ought to be ashamed, embarrassed and resign. >> this is an abuse of power, the president trying to manipulate mid ram law for d -- manipulate federal law. jesse: this-how nbc rrp spun it. ag barr interfering in the
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sentencing. it's like saying a boss is interfering in hiswn country. this woman ran for congress as a democrat. she traffics in trump russia conspiracy theories. she is posting anti-trump messages on social media before and during the trial and she is the jury foreman? how did the judge let this happen? the case ought to get tossed. the wheels of justice are starting to move forward again in america. rudy giuliani was on. "watters' world" last week and he grots documents that's he claims hope collusion in
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ukraine. >> he's willing to get on the witness stand and say january 2016, members of obama's nsc violated the law mueller is investigating trump for violating. this is a money laundering transaction. $14 million goes from ukraine to a company in latvia disguised as a loan. jess are trump is cleaning house at the national security council. remember th the covington boys. remember jesse smollett. where is michael avenatti. he's behind bars. the left knows what's coming and
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we'll see what happens. the president's son and executive vp of the trump organization, donald trump, jr. you must agree with everything i said. >> have much. but it's true. they are saying what trump did, trump tweeted about it. to his millions of followers all over the world. he tweeted about something that's already happened be the verdict against stone. they are trying say that was the same when loretta lynch met with bill clinton on a private plane on a tarmac in arizona to talk about golf and grantds kids. we know charges were dropped and things aren't pursued after that bill clinton meeting. trump sends a tweet to billions of people over the world after the fact and he's somehow
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meddling with what's going on. they can't get trump. they have been trying for three years. so now they will impeach bill barr. jesse: he's going to go out there and testify. i think what your father has done, he's focused on the issue of fairness. hillary deletes 30,000 emails, nothing. >> if trump deleted 30,000 emails, he would be in jail right now. a cnn contributor gets air time on tv to talk about the injustices he committed. the double standard is what's sickening. that's what's so frustrating to us. jesse: with hunter, people say -- >> the left is outraged because
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joe biden is all of the things they say trump is but isn't. corrupt, slow, not particularly bright. corrupt family. this ways they tried to do to me. do you think if i lied to congress i would be here right now? jesse: you would be sharing a cell with avenatti. >> i took a 20-minute unsolicited meeting set up by the dnc. hunter doesn't speak ukrainian and doesn't know about oil or gas. but they don't even need to hear from him. there is not equal justice under the law. if you are one of them, you are good. you can get away with any of these things. if you are one of the trump people who flip on trump, you are also good. jesse: like bolton.
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joe biden. he's a guy that looks like a beaten down ghost. he limped out of new hampshire. what is next for sleepy joe? >> retirement. for the last six months we have been hearing him say it's beautiful here in florida. you are in iowa. if trump did that once he would have dementia. there is something wrong. ask joe biden doesn't know where he is 50% of the time. jesse: what do you think is going to happen? you think bernie is going to get screwed? >> i think elizabeth warren is over. but she is going to sit there because she is going to play -- let's break up bernie and the knc and they will -- the dnc and
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them take care of her with a quid pro quo later. they are all working together against bernie which amazing to see. the last time the dnc used their brilliant tactics to rig a primary they gave us hillary clinton. it was a great result. jesse: you were out in new hampshire the other day. i think they were chanting something. let's listen to what they were chanting. ask. jesse: what ivanka jealous? >> that was after my speech, too. it's a great honor, it's incredibly humbling. there is no greater compliment that's having that's americans
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into you. my only focus is 2020. i want to see this winning continue. you are seeing the results. the people there are seeing the results. the little stores where we stopped in new hampshire along the way. they are all coming up. jesse: a lot of maple syrup up there. put some in your hair. joining me now, kentucky senator rand paul. you heard at the top of the show, i believe the wheels of justice are turning in the right direction. you are seeing people held accountable, whether it's celebrities, bureaucrats, prosecutors. if you do something wrong i think the american people are feeling a little more confident they could pay a price. do you see it that way, too?
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pie would go one step further. it's not only punishing people who are bad actors and using the government to go after the president. but it's about reforming the system. this isn't about just president trump. i will be introducing letting sayings saying the fisa court should never be used on a political campaign or issue group right or left. we can't allow political speech to be stymied by a court. jesse: bill barr says everyone has to contact him before they start initial situating a counter-intelligence action against a political campaign. let me ask you know that we have had the trial in the senate and the president has been acquitted. what's the temperature like in
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the senate? is romney being treated well? when you walk by chuck schumer do you stare daggers at each other? >> i think people are fairly mature about this in is always less contention than you think there is. people do act civilly with each other. i work with people across the aisle on a number of issues. there isn't this seething anger. on the internet, you want to see anger, get on twitter and facebook. there is so much anger out there because we have people being attacked in restaurants. i know steve today lease well from the d i know steve --' steve scalise from the baseball field. >> we have a guy later in the show who was almost hit by a van
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in florida by a deranged anti-trump radical. so bernie sanders is allowed to sit at the stwaibl you guys? >> i think the thing is, i disagreed with the vote. but i have been an outlier. i have been for privacy when my caucus hasn't been. when i talk to president trump he said i know you believe that. but i support the president on important things. but when there are partisan attacks on the president i am in his corner. but on policy issues i think he appreciates that i'm not afraid to give him my opinion. jesse: in the senate trial, i guess you named the whistleblower. and you named the name people believe is the whistleblower. but no one knows for sure.
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not only did chief justice roberts shut you down once or twice. but the videoed of a sitting u.s. senator on the senate floor was censored by a big tech company in california, youtube. how dangerous do you think that is and what are you going to do about it? >> i'm going to lay into them and say youtube if you want to act as if you are not biased and you want conservatives to use your portal and be part of it, you better treat people fairly. this looks like you have chosen sides. i did not call anybody the whistleblower. i named two names. i just said they worked together and there were reports they were plotting impeachment years in advance. was it legal what they were doing?
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they should not work for the president or the executive branch if they were trying to undermine the president. jesse: we are not saying the names of the alleged whistleblower on fox and. "watters' world." maybe one day romney can come back and sit at the lunch table. still ahead, a presidents' day history quiz. a victim from last week's vicious van attack on trump supporters is here. with relief of your worst symptoms, including itchy throat. plus an immediate blast of cooling sensation. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. fine, no one leaves the tablefine, we'll sleep here. ♪
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[♪] jesse: the american economy keeps getting better and better. breaking records on jobs and the stock market. a gallup poll shows 63% of voters approve of how the president is handling the economy. why do democrats keep talk about gloom and doom. >> you have people living paycheck to paycheck. >> the economy isn't work for the american people. >> the problem is we have had an economy grow and not be able to
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lift up those most in need. jesse: larry kudlow, when the president said he hears speak, he thinks of money. when you hear the democrats talk about how bad things are for regular working class people, we know it's not true. we know they will lie and spin. how do you tout the great economic achievements for the middle class and at the same time acknowledge paychecks have to get bigger and you heart concerns of working class americans. >> we always heard the concerns of marking class americans. the president's whole campaign in 2016 was about lowering tax burdens for the middle class and small business, getting rid of
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coste regulations that damaged small businesses, creating millions of jobs with our energy packages that made us independent, and maybe most of all to renegotiate bad trade deals wind permitted unfair trading practices. and this rive -- riff i'm hearig from the other side of the aisle is an example of cognitive dissidence. do you know way mean when i say cognitive dissidence? i'm saying because in washington no one lies, so it's just a bit of cognitive dissidence. when you see middle income wages for production wages rising faster than their managers,
5:23 pm
significantly faster. the managers' wages are rising 2%. the bottom 10% of the workforce is getting the largest game substantially faster than the top 1%. this old thought that i'm hearing that the middle class lives paycheck to paycheck. i don't know exactly what that means. i think certain presidential candidates live paycheck to paycheck. that's beside the point if the paycheck is fatter and they will not acknowledge that. jesse: people do live paycheck to paycheck. i think the president has a firm grip on those realities. >> the point is the pay checks are getting fatter.
5:24 pm
here is the statistic. this is not our stat. this comes from the bureau of labor statistics and the census bureau. they are the ones telling us after tax, after inflation, the average family in the united states, about $66,000 a year has increased their take home pay by $5,000 in three years. jesse: i am very familiar with it. >> you can reduce it all to cognitive dissidence. the prior 16 years under republicans and democrats, that after-tax take home pay was basically flat. that's a direct consequence of lower taxes and regulations and better trade deals and better
5:25 pm
energy. at some point the cognitive dissidence has to give way to the actual facts. we don't control the bureau of labor statistics. and not only is there a blue collar boom. this is a women's boom. women are among the best beneficiaries of this. it is women who dominate the labor force. and women have had an increase in participation rates. it's women at the margins coming back into the labor force. the other side is talking about that. let's go into african-american unemployment. let's look at the african-americans, hispanics, asian women. how about the snowflakes.
5:26 pm
millennial. jesse watters, are you a millennial? jesse: no. >> the young millennials that were far too' maligns, they have gone back to work. jesse: if you don't know what cognitive dissidence is, go google it. ron paul is going to grade president trump's presidency. biden falling apart. and bernie on the run with bloomberg looming. lou dobbs reacts to all of that next. [♪] these days, we're all stressed.
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and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. [♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. mississippi governor kate reeves declared a state of emergency after historic flooding. parts of jackson is under evacuation orders. the river is expected to crest at 38 feet and could remain at dangerously high levels the next few days. a turkish delegation is set to travel to russia among criticism
5:31 pm
that the situation in syria is in a critical situation. president erdogan said there were too many refugees for him to take care of. i'm aishah hasnie. jesse: bernie sanders may have cop out on top in new hampshire, but he's got democrats rattled. some say he may take down the entire party. here is carville. >> i'm scared to get. i'm not about a revolution. i'm not an ideologue. politics is building a coalition, shaping a message that you can do. there is a certain part of the democratic party that wants us to be a cult. i'm not interested in being in a cult.
5:32 pm
i'm 75 years old and i'm not a culty person. jesse: joining us, lou dobbs. you are not a culty person. lou: i'm not a joiner. jesse: do you think bernie sanders could wrap the democrats? >> if he gets the nomination he will be formidable. he will lose badly to the president. but he will be formidable. he has the fear of god in all of them except elizabeth warren. he's so far to the left and he's pushing hard. jesse: she played the gender card on him and i think that may have been part of her downfall. biden, what happened to him here he is trying to act tough on the view. >> people wanted you to get mad
5:33 pm
when people said things about hunter. i don't think you got mad enough. >> i would like to be able to be back in high school and be with hip he and i in a room. jesse: is it over? lou: when he starts wishing for beatdowns like that, he's lost his way. his time has passed. i salute what he has done for the country. but i'm astonished that the party has not said as president obama said, joe, you don't have to do this. it has not been pretty to watch. i am even uncomfortable at people laugh at his gaffes and awkward, dumb mistakes. jesse: he's got two weeks until south carolina. if he doesn't finish first there
5:34 pm
does he go to super tuesday or does he bow out gracefully? >> he's meeting with some the biggest donors in democratic politics. i hope they give him a heartfelt statement about how they feel about his prospects. i don't care what they do, i am for president trump, i am for everything he stands for, but biden, it's such a sad, tragic story that you can't help but worry about what the democrats are doing to him and he to himself. jesse: that's the whole strategy with mini mike looming with billions. president trump: he's a lightweight. he's also one of the worst debaters i have ever seen. his presence is zero. i would rather run against bloomberg than bernie sanders. sanders has real followers, wet
5:35 pm
were you like him or not or agree with him or not. i think it' terrible with he says. but he has followers. bloomberg is buying his way in. lou: in one poll he's got 15%. i don't think he can buy enough to be a factor. at least ex toarnlly. he can be a major factor in the convention and the campaign and the general election. jesse: you mean he steps up on his little box and debates these guys? a victim of last weekend's van attack on trump supporters speaks out exclusion ideally on. "watters' world." rand paul was on. his father ron paul will come on and he will grade the president's first term. can my side be firm?
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jesse: president trump well into his third year in office and he got a lot done. we decided there is no better time to grade his presidency so far than now. here with us to do that, ron paul, former presidential candidate and host of the ron paul liberty report. congressman, let's begin with immigration policy. what grade would you give the president there? >> depends on what day of the week it is. it's up and down. he doesn't get an a plus from me. i don't like walls and fences and things like that. but immigration is down. i don't know if that's because of trump.
5:41 pm
illegal immigration is down. he gets a low c. i don't think's completely failed because he does talk a little bit about my theory what we do, if you don't subsidize something it will help. if you subsidize something you get more of it. the subsidies for illegally entering this country is the main problem. jesse: you are talking about benefit and in-state tuition and drier's license. >> all that for a starter. but it's a special way to become a citizen, a road to citizenship. jumping in front of the line and getting free education. it makes no sense at all. if more americans were in the say situation, they would be praying or hoping they could get some of that.
5:42 pm
jesse: a c minus is a low grade. i would give him a b plus. we have word that the pentagon transferred close to $4 billion to fund the border wall construction. i think it's moving in the right correction. but we can disagree on that. tell me about his economic policy. why do you stand on that in terms of the grade? >> partially i endorse. most conservatives, you don't have to be a libertarian economist to sayloring taxes and lowering regulations is a good idea. free markets deal with the monetary policies and the federal reserve. you want interest rates designed by the marketplace, not by putting pressure on the federal reserve saying get those rates
5:43 pm
down. if people need to get ahead and they can hold somebody up and steal some money and live beyond their means or borrow the money from the federal reserve. you can have the appearance of a pretty good prosperity. it's the craziest thing ever. the biggest problem with that overall is what a lot of people are admitting. it creates a lot of debt. this week $14 trillion per house hold. this is unsustainable. jesse: the debt is out of control and keeps getting bigger and bigger. neither party is going to do anything about that pap what was the grade -- what was the grade for economic policy? >> c minus. jesse: you are a tough grader. i would like to see your grades
5:44 pm
with barack obama. >> if you care about the economy you have got to care about those people who secretly manipulate the markets and the money supply. jesse: foreign policy. i just have to step in. he's probably someone that's right up your alley. he's not starting a lot of new wars. he wants to get out of the middle east. clearly you have to give him better than a c minus. >> i think we are in the same category. let me give that some thought. if we go by what he says, what he says in the campaign. he deserves a b plus. i'm coming home, i'm stopping wars. he said in syria what we need to do is come home. he makes that announcement and the next day he sends more troops over there.
5:45 pm
jesse: i think any intervention is too for you. did i hear a final grade on foreign policy? >> on foreign policy it's another c minus. what he says, i give hip a b. but what happens is we are doing the same old thing. intervening when we shouldn't be when we should be taking care of ourselves. jesse: thank you so much, professor -- i mean congress plan. some crazy anti-trump guy drove his van into a bunch of trump supporters. one of the victims of that van attack speaks out next on. "watters' world." i'm happy to give you the tour, i love doing it.
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>> all of a sudden he hit the gas and plowed into us. >> how close did he come to hitting people. >> probably half a foot. reporter: a 25-year-old is in jail after police say he drove into a voter registration tent. >> it was a registration tent
5:50 pm
with donald trump's name looks like a political attack to me. jesse: one of the victims of the attack, mark, did you get the sense he was trying to plow the van into you or trying to crash into the tent? >> well initially the shock of it, he approached us at a 45 degree angle, was waving at us and smiling, making it appear that he was going to stop the van and get out and talk to us as many people had done that afternoon when he accelerated and plowed into the death. and the volunteers including myself had to scatter. jesse: he almost set you up,
5:51 pm
make you feel at ease by waving and smiling then accelerating. how close did he come? >> he came very close. especially to the two female volunteers that were with me. that resulted in two of the felony criminal accounts pending against him. jesse: how fast was he going? >> it's difficult to say. it was so quick him plowing into the tent to overturn tables, cell phones flying everywhere. it was pretty shocking. jesse: he gets out of there, he flips you off, he gets back in the van and drives away. he told police that he did this because he does not like donald trump and he wanted to take a stand. he said quote someone had to
5:52 pm
take a stand. is this a hate crime in your opinion? >> i believe it would be a hate crime. it was a very deliberate act. like i was mentioning before. there was a fair amount of deception in it before he actually rapped the van into d - rammed the van into our tent. i think it was politically motivated with hay towards president trump. jesse: this was barely covered by the media. how does that make you feel? >> i think it's pretty incredible. actually, just, it's kind of outrageous that most of the national media did not cover it, because we had people, myself doing a civic duty, and this
5:53 pm
crime, this felony crime that was committed pretty outrageous nate was not covered. jesse: mark, i'm glad you are okay, and i hope this guy is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. thanks for joining. "watters' world." up next, a special presidents' day. >> a big war under his presidency. allergy spray is indicated for 6 symptoms... claritin-d is indicated for 8... including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d. get more.
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jesse: presidents' day is monday. what better way to honor him than to look back at how much people really know about these leaders. what are you doing today to commemorate the president. >> trying to earn some dead presidents. >> i don't do the presidents
5:58 pm
thing. jesse: i'm going to hold up the pictures of some of the presidents. tell me what you think. >> abraham lincoln. >> george washington. thomas jefferson, right? jesse: who is this? >> george washington. he was the biggest pot farmer in american history. honest abe. >> a big war under his presidency. >> world war ii? jesse: remember who won the civil war? >> we won. >> i don't know, america. >> the north or the south. >> the south? >> president during world war ii. >> fdr. >> you are on fire, lady. who is this? >> that one -- teddy roosevelt. >> oh, my god, you nailed it.
5:59 pm
speak softly and carry a big -- >> heart, brain. >> broccoli? jesse: carry a big -- >> stick. >> do you watch "watters' world"? >> the movie? jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. i still stay in touch with that guy with his shirt off. he's til living out there on the beach in malibu. to see more of my famous man on the street interviews, check out season 7 available on foxnation. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember, i'm watters and this
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is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm "judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us and thank you for making justice pull one in viewers last weekend. pam bondi from the president's legal team is here. acting director u.s. citizenship and immigration services, ken cuccinelli. lisa boothe will join us as well as lara trump from the trump 2020 team. and the daytona 500 is tomorrow.


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