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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 16, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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nightk from new york. i will see you on "fox nation." ♪ mark: hello america this is life, liberty and levin, i am narmark levin, a pleasure to hae you, professor burton folsom good to have you. >> thank you. taking the lead, even though it's not strong, still a percentage of the population supports him. he calls himself a democratic socialist which is training when you consider socialism is a to s
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autocratic. we ask just went through the impeachment trial where the house managers went on and on about abuse of power. what cops to my mind is franklin roosevelt, the great hero of the radical democrat progressive movement, every person who is running for president thinks f.d.r. is their great hero. you are an expert on f.d.r. when i think of f.d.r. i think of abuse of power on many, many levels. am i wrong? mark: give us some examples, how long was he president? >> he was elected four times, though he died in his fourth term. he was president for a little over 1 years. that was a break with the past,
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wasn't it? >> it was. mark: washington set the two terms and everybody followed that. theodore roosevelt was a big progressive, but franklin roosevelt was different. >> he went father and he was less principled than teddy roosevelt. he mastered the concept of we call it quid pro quo. a it for that, tarring -- a tit for tat. then those voting groups vote for him, and then a coalition of groups, many of which are receiving federal subsidies from the federal government. the republicans have an idea of more limited government and then with a prosperous economy, the rising tide can lift all boats and america will prosper that
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way. mark: so franklin roosevelt built the modern day party >> he did. mark: you are saying he did the by not just trying to abeale to them, but by subsidizing them and subsidizing areas of the country. >> for farmers it was the fda. the whole concept of paying farmers not to produce is incredible. but it's one that brought in a lot of farmers into the fold. he relied on a lot of progressive thinkers. in the case of the aaa, it was college professors that helped design that. he thought if we pay farers not to produce that will help far income. and we then ask the farmers to not plant object some of their land, we won't have
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overproduction. but we have people starving. but it's effective in getting farm groups to vote for him. mark: he was extraordinarily political in terms of the federal largess he gave out. give us some examples. >> the wpa, that was a federal program, the works project administration to subsidize people who might be unemployed to build roads and schools and other buildings. that his argument was would reduce unemployment. but it takes tax revenue to operate these perhaps. that means for every dollar you are paying someone to build a road, you are taking a dollar from someone else. there are the result was a
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redistribution of income, not really a creation of jobs. that's why in 139 after -- that's why in 1939 you be employment was still over 30%. >> was it based on needs? >> no. the projects ran strongest right before election time. there they were cut back after elections because you didn't need the votes any more. sometimes wpa people instead of building roads did campaigning for franklin roosevelt in october. you usually had to be a member of the democratic party to work for the wpa. frank haig would answer his telephone democrat headquarters. you would have congressmen -- you would have to show that you
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had ties with the democratic party. then you would have an opportunity to be employed under the wpa. once you are there you are a political appointee which means you are not likely to get fired for incompetence. some of these projects were not well built. some were well built but some were not. mark: did he use the federal largess to affect the outcomes in the counties and states? >> we have records of which counties were seeing how much money. the magazine editor david lawrence wrote a study on that. there was a strong correlation. the counties that received the most money also voted most heavily for franklin roosevelt. those counties that received
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little money often voted republican. pennsylvania had not been carried by a democrat since james buchanan. he felt he could dislong pennsylvania -- could dislodge pennsylvania from the republican party and it would become the base of a future democratic party that would triumph. so he spent a lot offer to get ill now and pennsylvania dislodged from the republican party. almost one third all the federal funds in the first welfare program went to illinois or pennsylvania. the rest of the nation got the rest and some states like massachusetts got zero. mark: did he flip the states? >> yes, he flipped the states.
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those counties in pennsylvania that received little or no funding voted republican. mark: these are quid pro quo activities. get money, turn out the voteso e impeachment trial you are hearing about quid pro quo, abuse of power. you are thinking to yourself, how much would this apply to franklin roosevelt. >> he operate in a quid pro quo setting almost every day of his presidency. it was accepted by the democratic party that that's the way it would work. they campaigned on quid pro quo. they kept records of what money went to which congressman. they wanted to be loyal to roosevelt to get the money.
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when they went into the campaign they would announce in their campaign advertising all the programs and all the money that had come in as a result of their connections with franklin roosevelt. the prup can would say -- the republican would say i favor limited government, but the voters would say what are you going to do? the other guy has brought in programs. what are you going to do for us? >> the republicans have never really been able to recover and respond to that approach. mark: the modern democratic party was built on quid pro quo. then you built a massive administrative state which we call the swamp, many of us, this
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enshrined democracy. it serves the interests of the democrat party, and the democrat party serves the interests of the democratic state. that's why president trump and past presidents who wanted to address it, they had obstacles. and battles. that's why the democratic party jumps to their defense. that's their bureaucracy, they built it. >> occasionle alley you will get a republican president who tries to abut this. ask they want to use it to their advantage. mark: by kennedy, lbyd -- lbj,
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nixon. they talk about nixon. was it not franklin owes velt who used the irs against publishers? >> yes. the irs was an effective weapon that he used answer andrew mellon. the tax rate cuts contributed to the prosperity of the 1920s. roosevelt wanted the high tax rates and lifted those tax rates, ultimately to 4 -- ultimately to 94%. he had a 94% on all income over
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$200,000 was law when roosevelt died. mark: when we come back i want to discuss the abuse of power and the massive leviathan that roosevelt built. and how it leads to police state tactics. post constitutional governance. don't forget, most week needs you can watch me on levintv. go to blaze tv/mark to sign up. or call 844-levintv. we are the thrivers. women with metastatic breast cancer standing in the struggle. hustling through the hurt.
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mark: burton folsom, professor, i want to get back to this massive leviathan created by franklin roosevelt. every democratic president has built upon that model and bernie sanders wants to massively expand it in ways that are almost unimaginable. with that comes abuse of power.
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endless quid pro quo activity. abuse of the various agencies. and less ability for the public to affect government. but i want to get back to the abuse of power issue. left wing democrats in the house and senate voting for president think f.d.r. walks on water, but to me is one of the biggest abusers of power in american history. he used the irs to go after mellon who had been the treasury secretary. he was a successful businessman in pennsylvania. he tried to destroy him and imprison him. >> the dwector of the ir -- the director of the irs was told to
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go after mellon. but he didn't want to do it. because he knew nothing substantial would be found on mellon's tax returns and there be weren't. mark: he writes in his own notes that franklin roosevelt wanted to imprison for breakfast. this is brutal power. there were other examples, are there not? >> i am thinking of the editor of the philadelphia enquirer. roosevelt wanted to flip pence vein that. what roosevelt wanted to do was help the editor of the democrat newspaper and he received reconstruction finance subsidies. and he needed federal money to help prop him up.
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then go after annenberg who dipped happen to be careless on his tax returns. roosevelt did have annenberg for breakfast and annenberg ended upperring of prison time and out of pennsylvania and off the philadelphia enquirer. in 1936 with almost a doubling of the turnout in pennsylvania, massive pubs diemassive -- masss flipping pennsylvania. mark: the irs issue, when you have an internal revenue service with this kind of power. in the obama era you look at how the irs went after the tea party movement. there is one study that says it
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tamped count activity of the tea party movement and it could have had an effect own the election. when you have candidates saying we are going to wipe out your college loans. people have to understand this comes wrapped in an iron fist. let's take a few more examples. interment of gentleman these americans. 120,000 forcibly removed from their homes and businesses and moved into intermeteorologist ie interment camps. >> he was able to get the military to do it. even ask ask j. edgar hoover
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said the japanese-americans were loyal to the united states. and ultimately fought in world war ii on the side of the united states with bravery and winning medals. so that was an argument that doesn't hold water. my wife anita folsom who coauthored our book, fdr goes to war. he was using the elimination of the japanese in california and the western states as a political move to win votes in california and ultimately he did win some house seats. right after the 1944 reelection of roosevelt, that's when he began to dismantle the interment, and allowed them to
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come home. they were not athreat to the united states. mark: the united states supreme court which was fully populated by roosevelt appointees, upheld the internment of japanese-americans. if that wasn't an abuse of power, there isn't an abuse of power. adam schiff went on and on and on saying we never saw a president like this, condemning donald trump. we just went through a handful of examples with president roosevelt. abuse of power is the standard, fr. should have been removed from office.
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46 of those americans onboard ship are reportedly infected with coronavirus. >> people in jackson, mississippi brace for possible flooding there the already rain swollen pearl river is still rising and could crest tomorrow. mississippi's governor warning more than 2400 homes and structures in the area could be indicated with the water. back to levin. mark: professor burton folsom, roosevelt didn't just sic the irs on opponents. >> huey long was most visible,
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and he was a threat. mark: senator? >> he was a dominant figure in the state of louisiana. and as such he wanted to run for president. and the problem for roosevelt was he had his subsidies going so echo beat the republican. but long was coming within the democratic party. because he was from louisiana, he would have a chance to do well in the southern states as george wallace did when he ran in 968. if you had long doing that and long winning votes in other area --other areas because he wa populist wanting high tax and redistribution of the wealth. it would undercut roosevelt in his movement to the american
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left, and siphon off votes the republican may be able to win. so long become the subject of an irs audit. mark: long's inner circle was subjected toirks rs target. they went to prison. they thought they were going to get long before he was assassinated. but he wasn't the only one when it comes to the irs. one of his favorite members was from texas. >> johnson was loyal to roosevelt. he was a congressman in the austin area. an up and coming in his 20s and early 30s. he campaigned be -- be 100% for
8:30 pm
roosevelt. he campaigned on that and said if roosevelt wants it i like it. he took a liking to johnson and give him subsidy money. the companies that built projects in johnson's district, the irs with tax laws were both in trouble. and president roosevelt came with the irs to make sure they did not hurt johnson and had a minimal fine to root. this is interesting. if annenberg is a newspaper editor he gets an irs audit. if huey long is threatening him
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he gets an irs audit. if lyndon johnson is his best buddy and has contribute to a roosevelt presidency, the irs comes in and is not going to touch him. mark: let's switch back to nixon. nixon knows all this history. nixon saw what roosevelt did with the irs. what kennedy did with the irs. and the cia was used against goldwater. yet they catch nixon. and nixon is essentially facing impeachment for some of the same things these prior presidents did and we don't even talk about it honestly in this country. >> nixon would have been impeached had he not resigned. nixon was trying to use some of
8:32 pm
roosevelt's tactics. he got an increase in social security he got through. he's thinking older americans i want in my camp. so he has the benefits kick in before the election. but the taxes to pay for it don't happen until after the 1972 election. that's a typical roosevelt stunt. mark: i want to focus on the abuse of power issue. some of the same democrats who are well aware of what their own party had been doing. some of them participated in were suddenly ringing their hands over nixon. what i'm trying to get across is he's no angel. but none of them were angels. it's just that nixon in some respects was treated quite differently than franklin roosevelt who was not given a careful eye by the american
8:33 pm
media or the democrats or academia because they loved him and loved his policies. am i close? >> i think you have it. nixon because he had the tapes left himself more vulnerable. roosevelt did not have the paper trail that would allow him to be subjected to the impeachment. mark: the on reason there were tapes in there is because john kennedy put a taping system in there and lyndon johnson expanded the taping system. let's be honest,
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roosevelt, adam schiff. one of the great attacks on our constitutional system, and there were many by franklin roosevelt, the attack on the supreme court. 9 seats on the supreme court. it's not in the constitution but that's been the tradition. roosevelt doesn't like the court because a majority of the court is knocking down his rather radical programs as unconstitutional. so decides i can fix that. i can add five seats. what happened? >> he was very upset that the supreme court struck count national recovery act and the agricultural adjustment act. he had no appointees in the supreme court during his first term. he ultimately appointed 8 out of
8:39 pm
the seats. but in -- in 1939 he won by a large margin. roosevelt wants the agricultural adjustment act to continue so he wants to pack the supreme court. he wanted to get it up to 15. he could then carry more legislation through. so he has a bill that he is promoting to pack the supreme court. he uses the influence he has in the southern senators instead of use it on a federal bill, he uses it to pack the supreme court. for a while it goes well. he calls in various congressmen
8:40 pm
and the senate is the key group. he's telling them they will get subsidize to their area. mark: he's trying to buy their support. >> right, clark pepper. mark: what happened? >> it goes well for a while. but then there began to be questions. he overreaches. you have three branches of government. you have the supreme court, you have the presidency. but then you have congress. and the senate in particular, you have roosevelt attempting successfully to pick the next majority leader, the democrat, hot man he picked, senator barclay of kentucky, and roosevelt in effect bought the votes. he called on people who owed him favors to make sure barclay was the one.
8:41 pm
thus you had a revolt in the senate. they are saying he's taking our branch and interfering. there began to be a rebellion against him. burton wheeler of montana was have much against him, too. and ultimately it was overwhelmingly defeated. he could not go forward. mark: he had an iron grip on the executive branch and an iron grip on the house of representatives. he ran this through the senate, chose their majority leader, now he wanted to control the supreme court. on msnbc and cnn they call that a dictator. >> they starting questions, do you think we are in danger of a dictatorship. the charge was leveled so much
8:42 pm
that gallup began polling do you think we are in danger of becoming a dictatorship, as many as 45% said yes. mark: his first nominee to the supreme court, hugo black. he was a senator and what else? >> a senator from alabama and a member of the klu klux klan. and very proud of it and supported his campaign manager in alabama was very active, one of the officers in the alabama klu klux klan. roosevelt claimed he did not know this about black. mark: it's hard to miss it. >> black was his first appointee to the supreme court. mark: and black his own son says was very anti-catholic even as he served on the united states
8:43 pm
supreme court. one decision, a decision in which black chose sides even though he believed in what the other side's position was. this goes to public funds for parochial schools. in that case the court split the baby in half. he was strongly opposed to it. but because he thought the court was going to go all the way in support of it. he jumped sides and authored the opinion which gave us a mess. and he wasser in criticized for -- he was never criticized forward appointing a klansman. he was confirmed to the supreme court of the united states. >> he was. he was confirmed. it's odd that roosevelt ended up winning the black vote in his
8:44 pm
presidency, because he was in' ways hostile -- he was indifferent to black americans. he never supported the federal anti-lynching bill which the republicans were trying to promote to federalize lynching, make it a federal crime. it would not be decided locally. lynchers would be subject to federal prosecution. mark: on most weeknights you can watch me on levintv. go to blaze to sign up. or call us at 844-levintv. we'll be right back. you know, new customers save over $1,000 on average when they bundle home and auto with progressive. wow, that's... and now the progressive commercial halftime show, featuring smash mouth.
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mark: professor burton folsom, fdr and the great progressive democratic socialist movement, call it what you will, it's the same thing. franklin roosevelt during the holocaust. the "new york times,"
8:49 pm
"washington post" and other newspapers in this country for the most part self-censors. especially the "new york times." excellent scholarship has been done by others, professors who have written books on this. i have written about it. it wasn't until 1944 that the "new york times" started to alert the american people that nazis were wiping out european jews. when eisenhower went into the concentration camp and saw what he saw, he made patton come, bradley come, the cameras come, and said take pictures of this so nobody forgets this. these are battle hardens men who were brought to tears and couldn't believe what they were seeing. president roosevelt pressured
8:50 pm
these newspapers to try to tamp down coverage of the holocaust. the newspapers, should that not forever taint a presidency? we talk about roosevelt and they say we got social security. is that not an unimaginable offense by a president of the united states. >> i think it is. and that in itself is incredibly serious. he did this in other areas, too. the massacre of the polish officers was conducted by the russians. the russians did it. but the russians claimed the germans did this massacre of the polish officers. roosevelt discovered it really was the russians who did the and tamped down on that information. the people who told him that it was the russians, not the germans, he told them not to
8:51 pm
talk about it and put them in a position where they couldn't talk about it. so the holocaust is tragic. the massacre of the polish officers is tragic. and it's how roosevelt would often censor the news. he wouldn't even fill the jewish quotas. my wife anita makes this point. they would go over to -- a helpful person trying to get jews to come over to the united states while they still could come in 1939 and 1940. and roosevelt would not encourage this process even though there were openings for these people. mark: real refugees and potential refugees facing extermination. >> exactly. we were trying to get them to come, and they were not often able to come because roosevelt was not being helpful.
8:52 pm
his subordinate breckenridge was working against them, too. mark: you had elements in the state department, too. and this control of influence over the press. even when you look at my business radio. the federal communications commission. he changed the licensing requirements so he could threaten them. it was three years, right? >> you had to renew your license every three years. he changed it to six months mark where so they could have their thumb on the radio networks. >> they were audited carefully. radio stations that did not have the right information in roosevelt's opinion coming out would not get their licenses. stations wanted that license renewed. and it helped him get coverage in the radio industry that was even better than the coverage he was able to get in newspapers.
8:53 pm
as you point out, many newspaper reporters were favorable to roosevelt. the publishers were not. therefore the "chicago tribune" and the "los angeles times," were absolutely conservative bastions. so reporters were not able to cover roosevelt very favorably. but radio, the new medium was cold fronting roosevelt very favorably. mark: because of the federal government licenses. we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. the leading competitor only treats symptoms it does nothing to kill the bacteria. treat diarrhea at its source with pepto diarrhea.
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8:58 pm
and wife writing a back. >> you need to try it some time. >> i think i will, i felt this show needed to be done is importance. it is cronyism, it is centralize government power. it isa abuse of power through and through. top to bottom. and so media in this country not covering what it means to be a democratic socialist, not giving any explanation or context or history of this ideology, i thought it was important to have you explain it. bernie sanders wants to build on what fdr did, multifold. the abuses will be multifold, not just b pie in the sky it coh
8:59 pm
something. >> it does, you pay more than you get out of it. as a nation, one thi thing we py with is our freedom, we need to make decisions in blood we're supposed to be able to make in a free society. >> the word, freedom, liberty, i never hear it raised by the democrats running for president of the united states i never hear liberty, individual liberty, raised by bernie sanders, i don't think that and i mistake, do you? >> no, that is not the emphasis, the emphasis is entitlement, and you are victims. and perhaps, we can get you some kind of federal help to resolve your problem. >> he would love nothing more to do that, it costs him nothing, it empowers him and his followers.
9:00 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> great job. see you next time on life, liberty and steve: welcome to next revolution, i am step steve hiln this is the show of popular. with me live in los angeles, tommy, steefe steve and katrinad jenna is here. president trump praising arnold schwarzenegger. >> but first, over at the jeff bezos post, they say democracy dies in darkness, it is too late, you may have missed it, our de democracy did die this w, thank god, rachel was on hand to


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