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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  February 17, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> on this sunday, media earthquake has the bar who overruled prosecutors and urging a liar second for roger stone told abc that he wants president trump to stop tweeting about his investigation. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the departme department, about people in the department, the men and women here, about cases pending in the department and about judges before whom we have cases, make it impossible for me too do my job. >> he will not be bullied by the president. >> sounds tough, sounds independent. sounds too good to be true.
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because it is too good to be true. >> it's clear that bill barr is to trump his policies, when have president trump doing that and makes it harder for him to get away. >> i am so disappointed in bill barr, i have to say this, it's a damn shame when he does not get what this present has gone through and what the markham people have gone through and what his charge is as attorney general. it is impossible to honestly do the job of attorney general the way it is supposed to be done if you are pointed to that job by donald trump. >> the story of trump versus bill barr, he was pretty much telling trump, don't worry i got this. >> what the president says the bar agrees, he never told him to intervene in the question, is it fair to say trump is waging a campaign of retribution? >> klobuchar in pete buttigieg
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after the new hampshire primary, and joe biden elizabeth warren. >> is a very bad performance by former vice president of the united states. if he finishes fifth in new hampshire, i don't know how you come back from that. >> it looks like joe biden's campaign is collapsing or on the verge of collapsing. >> there is nowhere for her to go, that's a dead ladder. >> are these pretty true obituaries, are some of the press trying to derail the actual winner bernie sanders. what about all the negative press being dumped on mike bloomberg, i am however, this is "mediabuzz" ♪ ♪ >> president trump insist to reporters that it did not asked the justice department to get involved in the sentencing of roger stone. he was convicted of witness tampering and lying to congress.
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he did praise william barr for taking charge of the attorney general overrules for career prosecutors they all quit the case who i told the judge stone should go to prison for 17 then enter nine years. >> they treated roger stone very badly, they treated everybody very badly and if you look at them will investigation it was a scam, they put him in for nine years, that's a disgrace and frankly they ought to apologize to a lot of the people whose lives they weren't. >> in a rare review bill barr told them he wanted him to stop using twitter to weigh in on cannot investigation. >> i do not like to be told what to do, he may not like what you're saying, are you prepared for the ramifications? of course, i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody, i cannot do my job with the constant background commentary that undercuts me.
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it is time to stop the tweeting that the department of justice criminal cases. >> joining us not to analyze the coverage, founder and publisher of the federalist been dominant, and fox news contributor, and joe trippi, the veteran emma craddicthe veterancommentator .c several times that he cannot do his job with the presidential tweets, he had no other cabinet member has been that blunt. >> i think this is something that people in washington understand about multiple cabinet members who feel that the president constant tweet and twitter attacks on the various decisions they make makes it difficult for them to do their job. bar is a course someone who is very loyal to the president
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someone who has the fear, i think he does feel he's in a position where he is strong enough as a member of the cabinet to send the signal to the white house. >> this is like bill barr is saying i have your back but i think all of them are wrong, i think this is the message to one person in the judge in the stone case. but do you think that bill barr, taking his word, do you think he is on personal damage control with the media. >> i don't think so. i think judge, the mail that you have on your desk that came from the justice department is not what came in the order of the president of the united states, i did that beforehand, making the case before the judge in public, something the trump of administration does quite a bit in all this coverage is were all covering the wrong thing. >> the reaction has been divided between and this is all for show and nobody is buying it. we talked of the reporting and barr delivered this privately to the president for weeks, him using television to send a
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message, what is the message. >> quite possibly, i think barr is right coming out and saying, please knock off the tweets, first of all it does make his job harder for any cabinet official to have the decision constantly between did about. we know that the background noise gets generated. in terms of the strategy as well, the president, i don't think the story looks good for him. more that it's in headlines, the more potential damage it can cause. the president's approval rating right now are the highest in office. to be talking about an incident that was affiliated with the orbit convicted of doings of the badly, don't put your own political capital out there on twitter trying to get involved in this i think it is a bad strategy. >> obviously it's fair game for the press, you can take issue with the details and criticized the president and it's fair game to take on barr because it's very unusual action. but the prosecutor proposing 7 ,
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i want to put up something from cnn, the on-screen headline that says trump spews lies while defending convicted criminals. one sided perhaps. >> that is one-sided. we should expect that from the network at this point. the stone situation is one we can say this is a political guy, he's been around for a long time, he obviously had an association with the president and did some things in the narrative prosecution but 7 - 9 years is ridiculous. to have this attitude toward his case where you think this guy is some kind of menace as opposed to be what he is who has hung around in the circles has made big claims that he from clay could back up on a lot of different circumstances buried in a case he was clearly being prosecuted because of their association with the president and not because of the danger he posed.
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>> i think we can agree he's a player. >> from the president perspective he fears he's righting wrongs done against him and his eighth but not just about roger stone, we saw the clip at the top but the fbi of mueller, of the intel agencies, and by getting rid of her moving out of the white house lieutenant colonel vindman and sondland. >> of course he does. and with flynn, we will relook at that, and the fact is this is a guy who allocated, stood up and said i played guilty. so that's another piece of the story of the overblown in terms of coverage. >> i don't think so, not at all. >> listen to this headline, trump seeks to bend executive branch as part of impeachment vendetta. so my feeling is, it is fine if the reporters want to say what the critics are saying, this is a vendetta, retribution,
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retaliation, but some of these headlines and stories are antitrust opposites. >> that should not be terribly surprising. i think the president has taken a lot of action of the last week and a half or two, if you're inclined to believe he is still upset about impeachment even though he came out victorious at the end and as i mentioned with the job approval and the best alternative. there has been a number of firings and things over the last week or two that are certainly pertaining to people who are involved in impeachment. >> those firings are justified from the perspective of do you have the confidence of the president. you serve at his pleasure. in certain cases, they are reassignments in the cases of nsc officials. i understand this should be a covered responsibly, people should report this, this is a new story but the fame that's being given that this is a revenge strategy, these are people who frankly lie to their
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own superiors, went around the chain of command, violated the trust of the american people in the president, of course they're going to be moved out of the jobs, they should expect that. >> we should just keep pretending that the president would never seek revenge on anybody, not his style at all. [laughter] >> joe mentioned michael flynn, the,the formal national security advisor, he pled guilty, he's having a radio of that case. also the department of justice said they will prosecute andrew mccain at the fbi, he was fired for lying mccabe who is a cnn contributor he said it was an absolute disgrace. good news for cnn but the timing questionable questioning. >> people like andrew mccabe are at the center of trust in the fbi and frankly in the entire
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department of justice has dropped among the republicans. here's someone who light among the fbi and a few are part of the family or the club you can ignore that. at least sandy berger when he was stuffing documents in his socks had to pay $50000 fine, lost his security clearance, had a probation period. andrew mccabe lied to the fbi, admitted to lying to the fbi and basically they are waving it and saying this is not that important. >> trump's justice department, come on the reason -- >> it shouldn't matter if you should lie to the fbi. >> that has been lack in the criminal justice in the d.o.j. and the fbi because for three years the president of the united states has been calling everything that they've done a hoax. >> i think that's really true, you don't think james comey -- >> why did barr say we are not going to keep doing the. >> i have to jump in with the media question given all of this to cover the mueller investigation, ukraine, impeachment, lower into now, the
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sensing recommendation and moving people out of the white house, is this a beltway media issue? the average americans are talking about this. >> i think this is in the belly right now because most americans are moving out. you don't see this on the campaign trail. >> john kelli the former white house chief of staff defendant colonel vindman for testifying as he did about ukraine during the house impeachment hearings and trump fire back, it wasn't fast enough he was way over his head we saw this with john bolton, he wanted testified he didn't and he testified he could've started world war six. doesn't that put conservative media who have been defending him like kellyanne bolton in the position to having you choose and criticizing them or by fire or do i defend them? >> i think they should be in the business of what their opinion is rather than worry if the get a nasty tweet. but i think he's in a tough spot
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because it's his rationale about his strength as president, he hires the best people, too often in his presidency he will fire people and when they come into office they may want to do things more in a conventional way, they wind up leaving. it undercuts the hiring best people message. >> the media has a strange new respect with the trump appointees when they become trump critics. >> we all know who came up in top in new hampshire, they say the real winner was amy klobuchar, david bossi on the coverage of the president and the democrats. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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hard to say the word excited about bernie sanders winning the new hampshire primary, i praise pete buttigieg for the nation close second period but the media unofficial winner was the woman who came in third. >> amy klobuchar with an 11th hour search, very surprised third-place finish. >> amy klobuchar, she came out of nowhere, i think amy klobuchar tonight, if you have never seen her before, something is appealing about her. >> amy klobuchar got the authenticity boat, she connected with the voters. >> amy klobuchar catapulted her self in the first year, are we looking at the latest media? >> there is always going to be ups and downs, the fact that she did so well and be expectations in new hampshire is part of white -- >> expectation by the media and part of its ad. >> it's clear the biting campaign is like the plane that lost the engine and has to coast
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to super tuesday. klobuchar is looking like a more appealing parachute than bloomberg that has holes in it. >> let's talk about bernie sanders, yet he won and he's a front runner, if you like sanders doesn't that look like media bias. >> you have to search the airway pretty hard on the cable networks defined fans of bernie sanders, despite the fact if you look at polling data, he's it for years one of the popular politicians in america, consistently ranking in the top two in terms of his pulling average, he is someone who should have a far greater representation among media commentators that he currently does. the whole structure is really biased against sanders, they're trying to find the not sanders person to run with and that's why you saw the reaction. >> is a because they think -- many journals think he would not
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be a strong opponent for trump. >> i think you cannot show about that, but i think it's a situation where a lot of journalist don't take sanders fiercely as a national candidate. >> he's been through this too many times to count, working for 70 got the nomination and got knocked out of the race, it's about expectation. the media does set those expectations, everybody expected bernie sanders to win new hampshire, he cannot win that, it is over for him. he wanted barely. in way lower than a lot of us thought he would, more important, the two people exceeded them were pete and klobuchar. and that narrative of her coming on was already starting in new hampshire. >> does also help? >> the journalist like amy klobuchar, she's done a lot of interviews, they like pete buttigieg, he was last week's hot story. biden and warren have not done anything on fox. so are they so pathetic to people who play ball with them.
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>> obviously that will help, but what they're looking at is what the new media wants to narrow this down, the pundits want to do that, they set the expectation. >> so right now if bernie is going to be one, who is going to be the other, biden? they may all be wrong. >> fantasyland thinking, folks saying if you added bernie and warren and out of everyone else, everyone else is greater, that's exactly what republican said in 2016, if you out of the non-trump people it's a majority. and trump was second choice. >> trump was an outsider to the party but i get the for elizabeth warren, she did so badly but those right enough joe biden is a bit premature? >> his campaign is wounded. he will coast into super tuesday
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but as joe mentioned it's about expectation, now they're so low for joe biden, if he comes in second in nevada and went south carolina were due for -- >> joe biden lost two small predominantly white states that happened to go first in the process but at the same train at this finish in new hampshire is 0 delegates is humiliating for the former vice president. >> the other counterargument joe biden has ran for president several times and he always finishes fourth. this is a situation where you have a number of factors that are going against biden and is lacking for money and energy that you see from the sanders mp campaign. but i do think what we should look at our expectations underrate the sanders nomination which is a very real thing in which the media should come around to realizing it's a real thing opposed to dismissing the
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concept. >> this thing is going -- if biden is the comeback kid and take second or first we will go a long way. i'm not seeing bernie. >> about sanders goes into the convention with the most delegates out of everyone. everyone in america will believe they taken away and stolen it. >> i'm just tried to get through this week. [laughter] >> we can all agree on that. joe trippi, kristen soltis anderson, thinks enter thank you. most of the media yawns, up next mike bloomberg who is also in a twitter war with donald trump rain charlie gasparino is on
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bloomberg apologized again for the stop and frisk policy as new
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york mayor after what he describes who he thinks his response will for 95% of the murders in the state. >> non[inaudible] >> the speech was dug up by an african-american podcast or name benjamin dixon. >> he knew there was something wrong with what he said. they did not want that video released. >> joining us now from connecticut, charlie gasparino, the senior correspondent for fox business network. somebody is obviously feeding this to the press, somebody told the clip about bloomberg talking about how redlining caused the financial crisis and how is being portrayed as discrimination against minorities. the washington post has a long
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front page speech, what he's made about women over the years and the harassment about his company, some of this was 30 years ago, some was disrespectful and wrong, what are you hearing about the way he treated people at his company. >> mike bloomberg has a sense of humor and a disposition, this is what i'm getting for people who worked with him. donald trump even behind-the-scenes is more crash than what we see on twitter or during his press conference. he's a rough customer, and mike bloomberg from what i understand, the people who dealt with him directly in deal with him can be the same way. in many ways in terms of disposition or demeanor and what they say and how they present things, they're almost the same person which is different is the politics. but if this comes down to
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demeanor in one running against the other and one is going to attack the other and the other from saying that. they will be canceling each other out a lot. it's a type of sensor humor that both of them have. >> if they have similarities obviously to rich guys from new york, they've gotten into a twitter fight with the president has talked about my bloomberg is a loser, he can't debate, and bloomberg has hit back, there's a lot of ideas that trum bloombg gets under trump skin. >> he does because he's trump in that way. mike bloomberg what i know about him, i am not friends with them, i covered him for a while and met him a few times, but i know people very close with him, mike bloomberg, if trump attacked him over his height, mike bloomberg will a attack him over his weight, hair color and he will
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do it any of the money to do it. if these two guys run against each other, this will be an election, policy will be discussed but also personal attributes will be rough in center. it will be a sad day. >> that's the biggest, you have a number of new york colonist who have been endorsing mike bloomberg and know him as mayor. tom freedman noting that bloomberg contribute to his project he came after him pre-peggy noonan said she's a friend and admire in row positive column and sand donaldson making a commercial in the first time is ever endorsed a candidate. does it help to have the media relationships? >> i don't know, the democratic party is obviously an animal onto itself in there is a degree of skepticism for leaks in the
12:30 am
democratic party that's why you see the surgeon bernie sanders, i'm not sure if this gets them there, i think it could get them over the top, it should be an amount of money that he spent, and the amount contributed during his long tenure, if you know mike bloomberg, he's in all sharp from of all people attacking him publicly every day over stop and frisk. just ask yourself that. >> we have to go, a big piece on bloomberg spreading his money around. the bedding is fair game, gotta go, charlie gasparino great to see you as always. >> ahead james carville says he is scared to death the democrat are blowing the election. but first david bossie on the revenge and he weighs in on the democratic free-
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after week that shook of the democratic race and produced media criticism and the justice department over the roger stone case, joining a stay bossi, president of citizens united and cochairman of president trump's campaign in maryland. the president is out of control, no guardrails, he being impeachment now he's pressuring the court, he is trying to get even with his enemy, your reaction to the coverage? >> it is frustrating as somebody who supports president trump to see the media continue with the fake news barrage, they created the fake russia hoax in this impeachment hoax that he had to go to and because we are frustrated that these bad actors, many of them whether mccabe or others that the president or others cannot have a voice is really a ridiculous
12:35 am
thing and continues this campaign that they want to shut down the president and checked on how he operates when in fact he's been doing it for three years as president and is been incredibly successful, his numbers are the best they've ever been. >> it's true but if barack obama was under investigation and weighing in on on criminal cases you would be pounding the table and saying this is wrong. >> this is ridiculous and a double standard, you see eric holder, his attorney general said in barack obama's wing man, use colorado lynch meet secretly with bill clinton, you didn't see any outrage by the media. >> it was extensively covered but if that was wrong -- it's a double standard, look at the two sets of rules that this person has to deal with, mccabe gets off to lying to the fbi and knowingly lying. >> the justice department declining to prosecute.
12:36 am
let me turn you to bill barr, it's a coverage of the fbi problem, it's part of the d.o.jl prosecutors trying to go after roger stone on one hand. the for political guys, very partisan political. >> your calling them partisan political. >> stop, one of them worked in the obama white house counsel's office, one worked at the state department and one worked at dhs, these guys are political, that's what they are. >> with bill barr going on abc saying he has to stop the tweeting and making it impossible to do my job, you have to admit a political probe the optics are not great. >> bill barr is a great attorney general and doing a great job in managing this department. i would assume, i have not talked to him but i assume he is very frustrated with the messages in the leaks that come out of his own department and
12:37 am
the fbi. i hope that he continues to be the independent voice and he make sure justice is done. >> do you like on this particular point about the twitter feed that he standing up to the president? >> i'm not saying that the president has been tweeting for five years on a host of topics. it is right to do, he's a top law enforcement in the country. >> he can do that, let's be clear, when the president tweets and the frustration that comes with it about whether the fbi or the prosecutors making the case, it's a judge, it's an independent federal judge that will make that decision on roger stone, the president does not tweet about a judge, he tweets about the process. >> speaking about the president and his twitter feed, he has been tweeting about crazy burning, admit it you guys are happy that joe biden seems to be
12:38 am
fading in your dying to run against bernie sanders. >> this president is going to take on anybody who manages to win and lives to the nomination. this will be an ugly divisive primary campaign, we are already seeing that. >> bernie as a jiggly week election nominee. >> he is weak but he has his strengths as well. it cannot be overlooked, michael bloomberg is weak, amy klobuchar is a backbench senator who puts people to sleep. pete buttigieg is an unknown quantity, he is somebody who energizes a segment of the democrat population. this president will dismantle whoever unfortunately when the nomination. he will run his accomplishments which is unbelievable extensive, a strong economy and no democrat will be able to make a change. >> bernie has his drinks, what are his strengths from your
12:39 am
republican point of view. >> as a campaign, he has very strong base, that is one thing bernie sanders has. i personally will not be afraid of any of these, they are all weak in their own way, if michael bloomberg comes in and buys a nomination, you will see the bernie sanders supporters be very upset, the african-american community which is done while under president trump is going to be very upset. >> speaking of the former new york mayor, the president tweeting about mini mike and bloomberg coming back and say people call you a carnival barking clown, you have someone who's willing to punch back against the president. >> anybody can get on twitter, that's the beauty of it, it does not mean it has an impact, michael bloomberg is a joke on twitter. we don't take any of that hearsay, he wants to be seen. it's okay, he is not a strong candidate, he has the money to
12:40 am
purchase a ticket to the right, he does not necessarily get to meet the height requirement to meet the ride. >> i saw what you did there. we will see what he does on super tuesday. after the break, reviews for amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg after then hampshire primary, is the press playing biased against bernie? we will take that up
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>> some democrats are upset that bernibernie sanders is leading n whether parties move to the left, one is james corporal. >> i'm afraid that donald trump will get reelected and i have to do this for four more years. i don't think we can make it. >> there's a certain part of the democratic party that wants us to get out, i'm not interested in being in occult. >> joining us now the democratic campaign and state department official under hillary clinton. carbo comes back and says i'm not a communist, you think the democratic party has gone too far left in sanders is a colt leader, pretty strong indictment and is not just carbo who is saying this. >> i don't want to speak for james because i cannot do it as well and i wish i was wearing his shirt to make an impression but i think there's a larger point of the democratic party want to nominate someone with a
12:45 am
priority being beating the sitting president, which is a priority every four years, you need to put certain things aside you can't save most of what to be donald trump but we need to make sure were getting medicare for everyone and driving up the bill for trillion dollars, you cannot have an argument at the same time and saying we need to get rid of him at all costs, that's what james is talking about and i think bernie surf on a price that. you have a point torn between several moderate in a democratic socialist who has an unshakable sense with a minority of democrats who think like he does. the media clearly not rooting for bernie. >> i'm not sure, first of all i don't think anyone is reading for anyone, i know that's not what people think but i think bernie is getting worse and pathetic coverage in the sens
12:46 am
sense -- the media wrote him off mid to last year end i think that they have been chastised by the sanders campaign for doing so, if you look at the new hampshire victory, they were flaunting over bernie and making up for lost time. the media in a way is not any less. it's very confusing who's winning in words going. and they jump around as much as we do, i don't think there is anyone trying to bury bernie. >> anyone in the media. >> i'm here to get your viewpoint, i would disagree, and i think the bernie camp would disagree. >> people have been saying for years, he's too old and not liberal enough, even as he led the national polls they feel vindicated, due by the media consensus that joe biden is close to being washed up.
12:47 am
>> i think there's a lot of history playing against joe biden, i worked around him as a senator and vice president, he's a good man no matter what anyone thinks, i noise taken a shot to his reputation with what went on with the sun which i think he admitted was not the greatest idea but there's a lot of history going against him. if you look at who has one iowa or new hampshire, we have to go all the way back to the '90s for someone who has lost both to then win the nomination. the upside for joe biden is the last person who won neither iowa or new hampshire was bill clinton and bill clinton lost the first four contests. i don't think he wants to be in the situation and i think the link between now in nevada and now in south carolina will be the longest in his life and people will be watching what the black vote in particular doesn't south carolina because that was his firewall and if it gives
12:48 am
way. >> as you know the report had all caps heading mike bloomberg considering hillary clinton for his. >> she would not want it. i think it's a sense that the bloomberg campaign is smart to consider, the bloomberg campaign is smart to hug hillary clinton. it's something the democrats particular bernie should learn from because she was a previous nominee, she got 17 million votes in the primary, there's a lot of people who still like hillary clinton, it's smart for bloomberg to tie himself to her. >> at the same time you're telling me it's going nowhere. >> it's not a trial balloon, it's a good opportunity in a good excuse to say i want to become the nominee but i've known hillary a long time, she was a great senator, a good friend and the best in the
12:49 am
hillary go which i know a lot of people watching don't feel that but the democratic primary where you're up against bernie, remember a lot of bernie's biggest problem is bringing in people who did not vote for him in 2016, his support was cut in half since 2016. >> let me get you and briefly about the press pounding president trump and d.o.j. for ousting impeachment witnesses, the media criticism does not have any more impact than the criticism during ukraine in the impeachment investigation. >> i'm not sure it's a schism, the media coverage is past week was of bill barr and the attorney general shellacking president trump. >> resources have said, retribution vendetta, that is criticism by the president. >> it seems pretty clear when you are firing people right off the bat that is out to get
12:50 am
someone into fix someone, the difference with the media was wrong that this did not start next week, after the deputy attorney general that was fired weeks after he was inaugurated. >> we are out of time, it was good to see you. come again. the newspapers which owns the miami herald, kansas city star, and sacramento has fall for bankruptcy which is going to headphone took on huge debt, the bigger story here is the continuing collapse of local journalism for longtime newspaper, it really pains me too see the industry being decimated, the younger people may not care about newspapers but they are the last accountability for city hall, the county council, the statehouse in so many areas, that is much in this digital world is increasingly being lost. still to come to threatens gayle king, she is having insecurities, much of the press has summoned much outrage.
12:51 am
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>> denouncing president trump, and let's face it editors, anchors have spent years slamming the president to the freedom of the press, what about an actual threat against cbs morning anchor gayle king came from snoop dogg after cbs ran an interview that he had done with the fema basketball player who criticized the late kobe bryant over the assault charges that were dropped by the accuser, that was there without her knowledge and she said she was mortified and angry with cbs over the auto context soundbite. here's what the rapper said, dog head [bleep] respect the family
12:55 am
and backup before we come get you. before we come get you, the sky was charged with murder but acquitted. have you heard much about this, did you know that king is worried and had to get security for her family, they called the media silence deafening. >> a black female journalist at the top question in the middle of a wide-ranging interview and because of that her life was threatened, we are coming to get you in the new york times does not write an editorial about this, the washington post does not write an editorial, the "washington journal", nobody talked about this? >> cbs news called the threats reprehensible and snoop snoop dogg cannot bring himself for any regret. >> i'm a nonviolent person. >> when i said what i said i spoke for the people who felt
12:56 am
like gayle was very disrespectful towards kobe bryant and his family. >> he finally posted another instagram to apologize to gayle king based on emotions. >> michael avenatti was convicted of $25 million from nike he faces to more criminal cases but there was a time when they could not get enough of the former lawyer, they had him on as 121 times msnbc 108 times, the broadcast 24 times, fox fox news did too, some took seriously his fantasy for running for president, he said he felt snookered by avenatti. he had plenty of company. i hope you like our facebook page where we post the daily columns and will continue the conversation on twitter, check out my podcast "mediabuzz", you can subscribe apple itunes, google play or fox news, we covered a lot, we could not get in that jussie
12:57 am
smollett has been indicted again. we will see you back next sunday, 11 eastern with the
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>> it is mondays february 17th and fox news alert hundreds of americans returning to the united states after spengdzing weeks quarantined on a cruise ship right off the coast of japan. the rising concern is more than a does opinion of are diagnosed with the deadedly corona virus. >> failed impeachment inquiry in thing are plowing ahead and latest attack on general barr as endless investigations continue. quite with an event yesterday but wet weather postponeed daytona 500 we're live in florida where crowds are still


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