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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 17, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> the story leaked that clinton may be his vp. was that a distraction from "the washington post" story? >> if we have the privilege to pick a running mate, there is a lot of wonderful candidates out there. we are focused right now on winning this primary and taking this battle to the donald trump's doorstep. >> that ridiculous story was not meant to distract, come on! mike. but don't like >> thank you laura. six hours from now a new national poll could say whether michael bloomberg will take the stage in nevada. moments from now, we will get exclusive reaction to bloomberg's comments about heartland farmers from anton m. montana.
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there are also growing calls tonight from the right to for more powerful shake-up at the doj in the wake of moving on from charging andrew mccain. and breaking tonight, former national security advisor john bolton speaks up for the first time since the impeachment trial of president trump. he is demoting what he claims his white house censorship coming out of the classification review. his comments, straight ahead. >> hello and welcome to fox news at night. i am mike emanuel and for shannon bream. on the case for us tonight, trace kick it off for us. >> good evening. you know michael bloomberg is a factor in the race when mont starts coming his way and he starts swinging it back the other way. not long after bernie sanders went up to bloomberg for comments he made about minorities and controversial policies like stop and frisk. bloomberg responded by releasing an ad which would he claims are
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angry and inappropriate tweets and memes from xander's supporters. aimed at the 2020 democratic contenders. limburg goes on to slam sanders for not condemning his supporters. sanders campaign fired back accusing the democratic establishment of perpetuating a false myth. anand a saying that sanders wont stand for abuse and harassment online. and while bloomberg is spending top dollar criticizing the comments of his opponents, it is his own comments that continue to grab headlines. like when bloomberg indicated in 2016 that farming doesn't take intelligence. watch. >> no offense intended, not to be a farmer. it is a process comedic a hole, you put a seat and, you put dirt on top, you add water come up comes the corn. >> embarrassingly ignorant and the trump campaign denied circulating editing clips of those remarks again quoting here no, but it's and lightning to know how much disdain he has for
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farmers and factory workers. he is flattering himself if he thinks we are paying that much attention to him. after his comments got sizzled on social media, talks to senior political analysis chimed in with this quote stating "bloom curve don't act my bloomberg seems to get his knowledge from key." those alleged statements have racked up several minutes on the major networks and several thousand words in "the washington post." his democrat opponents are starting to see that money can't buy happiness or the white house. watch. >> $60 billion can buy you a lot of advertising. but it can erase your record. >> imagine a multibillionaire asking for cuts to social security medicare, and medicaid. the american people are tired of
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billionaires buying elections. >> bloomberg might get to personally defend his record during wednesday's primary debate in las vegas. to qualify, he just needs one more state or national poll putting him over 10%. it drops at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. mike. >> we'll be watching the numbe numbers. trace gallagher leading us off tonight, trace, thanks a lot. >> more rain and not forecast, historic flooding leaving hundreds of home underwater. a parole which runs through the state's capital at the highest level in decades. the governor declaring a state of emergency saying it could be days before water is received. new tonight, vandal spray painting with a red graffiti head of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the pilgrims. vandals also spray painting the pilgrim mad maiden statue. please are still that skinny.
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>> he was leaving the great american race and now nascar nation is praying for driver ryan newman. he had served into the lead at the final lap when the runner-up park on the back of his ford and sent newman hard into the wall. we are hearing that newman is in serious condition, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening. he ended uit's a rare warning fm america's largest company and will likely have an impact on financial markets when they reopen tomorrow. according to reports, apple still puts together more than 50% of iphone sold in china. with many of their part suppliers also located in the country, at the spread of coronavirus has meant that of many of these doctors have not been able to return to full capacity. apple says quote we are asked bering sea and slower return than we had anticipated as a result we do not to see the revenue guidance we provided for the marked quarter.
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about 340 americans have been evacuated from a cruise ship back in japan to the u.s. they will stay in quarantine for two weeks to see if they are infected with the coronavirus. 14 of them have already tested positive. but tonight we look at how authorities are using technology to battle the virus. here's corresponded gillian turner. >> worldwide they struggled to prevent the spread of coronavirus, there turning to a new containment strategy that relies on -- they are relying on handheld thermal imaging devic devices. since high fever is the key symptom of coronavirus, it is a quick way to identify people who should be quarantined. sanitary workers in russia and nepal are relying on the scene technology to scan groups of passengers waiting in line. half a world away in kenya, fairmont imaging cameras overhead check for signs of fever amid crowds.
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from europe to asia, the technology now being deployed to train stations, hotels, casinos, and sports arenas. in mulholland, drones are watching people without mandatory face masks. citing r&d, the government is doing it in real time. >> a number of newly diagnosed cases has been declining for 13 consecutive days. of these are good signals illustrating our prevention and control efforts are working very well. >> these text solutions aren't yet 100% reliable. >> we heard a number of times in china that the initial testing was negative, turned out to be a false negative because they became positive later on. and in some cases, they were taking out of quarantine. >> technology is also key to accelerating the development of the vaccine. labs in the u.s. abroad no racing to get a solution. the w.h.o. will estimate it will take another year and a half. at the timing couldn't be worse.
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>> we need to better diagnostics new vaccines and so we are doing the hardest thing possible witches accelerating new technologies in the middle of an epidemic. >> we are continuing to learn more about technology innovations in hong kong. and in canada, blue dot is using air artificial intelligence to see where the virus is going to pop up next. mike. >> julien turner, thanks very much. former national security advisors picking up tonight at length over his views on white house foreign policy and his book that is now going through a security classification review. fulton telling listeners there are more revelations to come in his book and it leaks purportedly from the book fired up democrats in the waiting days of the senate impeachment trial of president trump. here is what bolton is same tonight. "for all the focus on ukraine and the impeachment trial, i
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view that like the sprinkles on the ice cream sundae in terms of what's in the book." >> this is an effort to write history and i did the best i can, we will have to see what comes out of the censorship. those are bolton's first public comments since the trial. attorney general william barr is under new pressure tonight from former colleagues to resign over the roger stone sentencing controversy. he is also under new pressure tonight from conservatives to step up his cleanup of the justice department. white house correspondent kevin corke is following the justice beat for us tonight. good evening kevin end. >> growing concerns about two-tier justice in america. we are talking about judge amy berman jackson. has scheduled phone conference on that case. a conference i could have a major impact on the case moving forward moving forward. >> judge jackson's decision comes in the wake of the case
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against the president's longtime friend and following the decision by attorney general william barr to reconsider the government's seven to nine year sentencing. the stone a case with those of fbi director andrew mccabe who despite making false statements want to face charges. >> to be removed from that organization and unfairly branded a liar because that was the desired outcome by the president has just been one of the most sickening and demeaning experiences of my life. >> mccabe's detention not trump is responsible for is to year torment is held by a sizable cohort including more than 2,000 former justice employees who signed an online petition pressing the attorney general to resign. a sentiment shared by former vice president joe biden.
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>> this is been the greatest abuse of power have ever seen. at the hands of this president who has no, no sense of decency or understanding of the constitution. and bar is facilitating and be on my copper hedging. >> there is a growing sense with some in washington not leveling the scales of justice means holding punishment and an equitable matter. which means mccabe it might not be in the clear just yet. >> that is nothing to do with fisa and the initiation of russia. >> and that is the central thesis of critics. they say listen, what's known as basing is wildly inconsistent. even if those folks may still have to face the music for other potential crimes. something will be keeping a very close eye on moving forward, mike. >> kevin, thanks a lot.
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mike bloomberg's campaign firing back tonight claiming president trump's "erratic policies" have demonstrate devad american farms. let's get reaction from montana republican senator steve daines. a senator, to have you. >> thanks mike, good to be with you. >> how are americans farmers doing and what you make of michael bloomberg's wisecrack about farming? >> i'll tell you what, listening to mike bloomberg's comments, those are fighting words. it just shows you the disconnect with these liberal elites running for president of the united states on the democrat side and the reality is that the hardworking men and women in agriculture and across his country. he forget the fact that our farmers and ranchers of this country not only see this nation, they see the world. they are some of the smartest, hardest working people that i know. my son-in-law is a farmer. i am proud of him. it takes a lot of brains to farm and ranch in today's economy. and mr. bloomberg is just
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disconnected from that liberal arrogance of reality of what it means to run a farm or ranch operation this country. >> bloomberg has definitely taken the heat. take a listen to bernie sanders. >> not only a rigged economy, it is a corrupt political system. corporate elite, wall street, and the trump companies getting very nervous. and they should. dominic get nervous. trump and the republican party are getting nervous. >> are president trump and you getting nervous senator? >> we are not nervous at all. we are proud. these four trade deals that he signed the last 120 days, president trump, four largest trading partners.
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japan, china, mexico, canada. over $2 trillion in trade. at the has delivered on his promised to our farmers. and we see the best unemployment numbers ever in our history. low unemployment for women, veterans, latinos, african-americans. this is a booming blue-collar economy that we can think this president for delivering these great results. >> joe biden is taking credit for it. >> donald trump as it inherited a strong economy from barack and me. things were really moving, and he is in the midst of squandering it. >> how do you respond biden? >> [laughs] it is hard to keep a straight face mike. big about this, and president obama's last year in office he increased federal regulations by 20%. over the last three years, president trump has cut regulations but almost 40%. president trump has cut taxes,
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cut regulations, and what happens the economy booms? president obama did not build this economy either. we can think president trump. look at what president kennedy did, president reagan dead, and now president trump has done when they cut taxes, the economy booms. it grows. we are seeing that with what is going on in our country. >> i know you are the founder of the pro-life caucus? i know you are the -- what is your plan? >> what works dominic's own like we are excited. we will have two important votes, the first on the capable acts. this will band late term abortions. why do we call it pain it capable? because at 20 weeks a baby feels pain. anesthesia for that little baby. and so you are seeing how radical democrats become.
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this would band late term abortion. at the second vote would be called the baby born alive bill. and that would say if a baby was born alive following a botched abortion that they must keep that baby and keep it alive. we are going to see these radical democrats, their radical views, they want to support either one of these important pro-life bills pro-life bills. >> they get so much, see you back at capitol hill. our power panel weighs in next. . an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses go beyond customer expectations. how can we help you? >> this is been the greatest abuse of power i felt from the scene at the of this president who has no -- no sense of
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understanding in the constitution. it is beyond my comprehension. >> no more arrogant and entitled know it all those who think they have the right to block the forces. 63 million voted for. nobody supports except the other swamp creatures they hang out with at washington dinner parties. >> one side outraged at the doj leadership. the other outraged at just as prosecutors for their handling of the roger stone case. let's bring in democratic strategic. >> happy presidents' day. go trump, our president, gabe. your reaction to joe biden's criticism and his attorney general. >> this is ridiculous. the democrats have repeatedly are just trying to accuse the
8:22 pm
president and all of his supporters and doing the very thing that they was due themselves. so if you actually look at what happened in the disparity here between the roger stone case and that ridiculously excessive recommendation of 7-9 years versus not even indicting or bringing charges against mccabe when there was so much more evidence. this shows the american people there is to tear it just is here. so absolutely, there should be more indictments against people who have actually broken the law and there should be just as that is blind. absolute should not matter whether you are a trump supporter, whether you are at opposition, and the fact that you have these two parallel cases. going in tandem that are basically the facts are very similar in terms of the nature of the charges and you get such i've disparaged treatment. is showing the american people how much the deep state is actually at work here. and that's why the american people elected donald trump to drain this one.
8:23 pm
>> your reaction. >> i think that's why it was completely inappropriate to see the president way and anna independent judicial case making its way through the system. that's why you saw so many officials, republicans, democrats, and independence, including the former associate george w. bush saying this is un-american that the president would involve himself and that the attorney general, court attorney general, what reduce that sentence. that is a massive overreach of the executive that could should be condemned by both sides as it has been. >> not at all. i want to respond to that really quickly. not only there is also no evidence whatsoever that president trump influences that all is a private citizen, he has the absolute legal right -- >> he is not a private citizen.
8:24 pm
>> while he's both. and he absolutely can comment as a private citizen there is no evidence whatsoever that he influenced bill barr's decision here. >> when a president tweet something like that, that's to be taken as an order for the most part. >> not when the department of justice already was saying hey, we are going to roll back the sentence we didn't condone it. you know that it's 7-9 years. >> under bill barr gave that order and the prosecutors on the case resigned in protest. >> and because the doj never said that at the end it was already prior to the presidential tweet. >> that was artie making its way through the system and its with the four prosecutors on the case up for the majority of their time doing in this case. and the seven counts that roger stone was found guilty of. >> those prosecutors are more holdovers. you cannot sit here and tell me 7-9 years -- >> doing their work. >> all right, let me ask you the following question.
8:25 pm
you also heard steve hilton talking on the top about the getting the bureaucracy out. is that even possible? it strikes me that the power of the bureaucrats is that they are protected and they know they are going to be around longer than the political appointees? >> these are institutionalists that swear an oath to uphold the constitution. i think steve's talk of purging is dangerous. we have whistle-blowers that came forward in terms of that review of the russia ukraine call. we have whistle-blowers at the irs. they should be supported in government if they see it wrongdoing on the part of an executive. >> there's a difference between whistle-blowers and people who serve at the pleasure of the president to disagree with his policy decisions and who are staying around simply to thwart what his agenda is for the will of the american people who elected him. it so absolutely if you look at obama you are talking about missing nonpartisan if you look at obama coming in and cleaning house basically and saying all these people who are politically appointees absolutely need to
8:26 pm
go. absolutely. >> there is no difference. >> no difference. and so everyone serves at the pleasure of the president needs to remember that and they need to remember that they need to stand behind the president's policy and we have seen there been so many people in washington who have been around in the deep state who are simply trying to attack this president. >> good spirited discussion here. >> presidents' day. and we are still good friends. >> think so much. >> democrats accused democrats. fox news at night investigates next. whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh.
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>> north carolina holds that senate primary and a couple of weeks. democrats don't want them to know much about erica smith. while republicans are keen that they do. good evening gary. >> up until now, erica smith was viewed as a long shot to win north carolina's democratic primary but her campaign just got a major investment from a
8:31 pm
shadowy group that didn't even exist until a few weeks ago. which has ties to the g.o.p. >> erica smith campaign hasn't spent a dollar on tv. but a new multimillion dollar campaign counting her as the only proven progressive's had the iras across north carolin north carolina. >> who is the democrat for u.s. senate? erica smith. who has got the courage to vote for medicare for all? erica smith. the number one supporter of the green new deal? erica smith again. >> smith isn't at all happy about the free publicity because the group behind the ads has ties to republicans. north carolina senate race is crucial to democrats goal of reaching control of the senate. and national democrats are growing alarmed over the apparent g.o.p. effort to prop up smith and a raise their candidate if choice has been leading by a wide margin. and to democrats believe is best position to take on incumbent tom tillis.
8:32 pm
you want your astrologers done lack strongest candidate, and even if smith doesn't win the nomination they can hurt her candidate by g money now that could be reused in the general election. for his part, tillis says he isn't worried about whoever he may be facing. >> anybody who wants to go to north carolina and say we want to raise your taxes, we want to take your health care away that you are satisfied on the job, we want to basically reverse what has been an extraordinary three years for a job creation, record low unemployment, take all comers. >> it is important to point out that these kind of tactics aren't new in both parties have you some of the past. we will see what kind of impact it has this time around in just a few weeks when north carolina holds its primary on super tuesday. >> mike. >> political shenanigans are in full swing.
8:33 pm
former vice president joe biden is lamenting a huge setback for gun control advocacy in virginia. a build a ban dieting community today because of democrat reflections in the legislator. biden tonight says quote i am disappointed that the measure to limit the sale of assault weapons and ban high-capacity magazines won't even have the opportunity for a vote in the virginia senate. correspondent doug mckelway tells us why that measure failed. >> i have everything that they are trying to ban. on the open. virginia have stomach has become ground zero in the showdown. to protest the governors multi multi-thronged push to regulate guns. >> law-abiding gun owners and not activated grassroots gun owners in a way i've never seen before. that protest may have paid off today. as for a moderate democratic senators crossed lines to join a
8:34 pm
republican minority to defeat a proposed assault weapons ban. >> a spokeswoman for governor governor ralph said the fight is not over. "we will be back next year." >> wants purple virginia has turned solidly blue. with democrats controlling the governors mansion and both houses. while the proposed assault weapons ban may have been at bridge too far, democrats have won a string of eight gun-control victories in the house. including limiting handgun purchases to once every 30 days. requiring background checks. and a red flag measures to block sales of firearms to those who are a danger to themselves or others. >> michael bloomberg campaign here saturday praising democrats for setting gun-control message in this national election year. >> it is only been a month since they took office, and already you have taken action to end our epidemic of gun violence. >> they want to take everyone guns, they want to destroy the
8:35 pm
second amendment. >> expanding gun-control is already hot topic for democrats on the campaign trail in nevada. next saturday's caucuses in the state which experience the nation's worst mass shooting the 2,017th slaughter of 58 people at a las vegas outdoor concert. my? >> thanks a lot. >> so-called deep state target reacts to the justice department's decision to not control criminal charges against andrew mccabe. stay with us. i... i didn't know. you didn't see the sign? that... that wasn't there when i was here earlier. (whimper) really? you know, in italy, they let you park anywhere. have a good day, sir. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (glass shattering) (frustrated yell) (car horn blast) (yelp)
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8:40 pm
both th to evidence. so with that happening, the mccourt needed to know about it. >> george papadopoulos is a part of the advisory panel who was convicted of making false statements about meetings with russian officials and served 14 days in jail. joining us now when is reaction, author of deep state target george papadopoulos. george great to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> here is joe biden. >> here today, today something up precedented has happened. former justice officials called for his attorney general to step
8:41 pm
down for the abuse of the office. [cheers and applause] >> your thoughts george was a mark >> my initial thoughts is very simple. look at the facts. the facts are that the very powerful individuals at the behest of the los last doj unliy the white house manufactured a case around both donald trump as a candidate and his associates for falsely alleging that we were acting as some sort of russian agents or working with russia to effectively undermine the democratic process in this country. and joe biden also said that president trump is interfering with the doj. if we -- we can't forget when lisa page texted peter strzok that the white house and the president wanted to know everything that we are doing. think about what i'm saying here. that case, which is now being reviewed by john durham, regarding how this entire probe
8:42 pm
started was manufactured. people like jim are now under criminal investigation and even mccabe admitted and referred him to criminal prosecution. i don't take these people are going to be let off the hook. i think that john durham investigation is the real deal and they are going to look into if this manufactured evidence and case around both donald trump and his associates are is now tantamount to outcome pharisee. conspiracy. >> take a listen to him. >> i think this is part of their goal here was to intentionally destroy my reputation and my credibility in an effort to kind of put me behind and usefulness in this investigation. >> former attorney general fired mccabe for a lack of candor and he was busted by the doj inspector general for leaking and information. your thoughts on mccabe blame the victim?
8:43 pm
>> andy mccabe was referred for prosecution by the ig. in an unbiased nonpartisan ig. the way the mainstream media has made mccabe a paragon of some sort of patriotism it feeds the perception today of a two-tier justice system in this country. it is actually should send shivers down all-american spines because this does not happen and the constitutional republic. there is a tremendous and a grave danger to the fair application of the law in this country when you do see people like andy mccabe who have this fbi card, this get out of jail free card while other people like myself, roger stone, paul manafort, general plan, basically have everything in the kitchen sink thrown at them. bankrupted, having there does not down at six in the morning, arrested airports, thrown in solitary confinement. the main steam to stream media
8:44 pm
has mccabe and i give a lot of talks over the last couple of years or so. and there is one thing that unites americans and that is that they want accountability. that they want justice, the economy is doing great, everybody knows that, america's respected around the world. but if we do not have a rule of law in this country and that you don't have sovereignty and americanism and trust in the into situations that we should feel protect us. and that really is what the core of this entire process is all about. and why i think that it is paramount that we don't have a two-tiered justice system in this country. >> george, very briefly, we heard reference to the durham investigation. what are your expectations as it relates to your case? >> my expectations regarding the durham probe and nbc actually recently had a report of some nature that states that a lot of the durham probe is based off of my accusations. and what i can say is when the president called out australia, the u.k., and ukraine and other
8:45 pm
foreign governments. there is a reason he did that. the horowitz report was unable to get to the bottom of exactly what was going on regarding the origins of this investigation, i spent a lot of time abroad in europe as a foreign policy advisor to both ben carson and donald trump's campaign. there was a lot of strange behavior by u.s. allies abroad. and john durham is actually interviewing some of these foreign governments and trying to figure out exactly what they were up to. where the manufacturing fake evidence against the trump campaign in order to help sabotage it or was it something less sinister? john durham has was and is ours and we are going to get the bottom of it varies in. >> george papadopoulos, they could very much. >> thanks much. >> new york's new bail law has criminal thinking some democrats and the celebrating on the streets. we will show you the tape, next. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> american cruise ship passengers stranded in japan, but not all. some of them are unhappy with the way the state department is handling their post-cruise quarantine experience. so for an example, an american lawyer and his wife has bruce rd to evacuate. 14 passengers are getting diagnosed with coronavirus during transport, others regret leaving.
8:50 pm
>> the question we were asked was where was the state department a couple days ago? i am in a room, like a dormitory room from college, that i cannot leave. >> we are going to put you on buses with other people who haven't completed their quarantine and have not been tested for the virus, we are then going to put you on a plane with all these people and take you back to the united states. >> is for the passengers evacuate it with a virus, the state department explains that these individuals were moved in the most expeditious and safe matter to a specialized containment area on the evacuation aircraft. let's talk about it. hot topics in our lightning round. contributing editor cassie aruba and vp mack formants. great to have you both. from hot air in retrospect the division don't like decision to leave.
8:51 pm
thanks to the close quarters and constant universal access to food and facilities, it would've been better to order an immediate evacuation. kathy, what's your take on coronavirus? >> well, i spoke to a former hss secretary and he said these are things that history and biology, this is what it's made of. you just don't know, you're just reacting and responding. and it seems like our government said one thing and then change their minds and did another. at the problem is, if it gets worse and these people come out and we do not quarantine them properly eight we are all going to have masks on her face. so they are doing the best they can come of the government is doing the best they can. but there is such little trust with the government that people are upset and not budging. so this is a scary situation. >> matt, what are your thoughts? >> i think japanese officials that they had a container but it turns out it wasn't as secure as folks thought and fact it was spreading. and i think look, i feel very sorry for these people who are incredibly inconvenient.
8:52 pm
i would want to be cooped up on a cruise ship and have to go somewhere else for two weeks. but look, i think it's important that this inconvenience happened in the short term so that as kathy says, all of us in the long term or to say from this. there is no perfect way to handle this. if the role with the punches here. >> al all right, next topic. quoting president trump "nascar fans never forget that no matter who wins the race what matters most is god, family, and country what about taking the presidential limo for a lap at the daytona 500" >> i loved it. but look, however the staff was that thought of this deserves a raise. i watched, it was compelling television. and look, for it is a really important state. at daytona farm are better parts of florida, tampa needs to run up the scores to offset democratic gains down in florida. that way we if we are talking about florida is a toss-up on election night he needs to put that on his camp.
8:53 pm
>> kathy how do you see it? >> if it was the other way around i would think the republicans would say that this is pandering to floridians which is such a swing state. and the taxpayer dollars that go behind putting the beast around two and half miles, too much. this was not a presidential rally or an event. it was -- other presidents have gone to daytona but this was a little bit to jump if i could say that. without offending anyone. i'm sorry, but it was to trump. everyone is praying for ryan newman who had that horrific crash. now let's shift to bail reform. barry has been wris rested 139 . he is celebrating, take a listen. >> thank you. your money.
8:54 pm
>> he says bail reform is lit. matt, your thoughts. >> seems like a really great guy there. bail reform, new york city liberals have really eroded the building blocks with the rudy giuliani and others in the 90s really remade the city. really prosecuting folks that evaded the fares on the subway. and on homelessnes almost as. you really see this happen and other great american cities. i think they really need to rethink this policy. again, this isn't just 15-year-old who did it once. this is a career criminal who has been arrested over 160 times. >> has thus become the next central topic? >> i think so. i think even democrats can see this for themselves. >> kathy, what about baylor form? >> well, bail reform they have it in new jersey as well. it bail reform acts going on right now. the scary part as you know you have an idiot like this who
8:55 pm
could never make bail so we have made it all equal so that now all idiots republican, democrat, whatever kind can get away with these petty crimes and thank mommy, daddy, republicans, and democrats. it's awful that people are getting away with crimes now. everyone is equal to make some decisions and hurt the rest of us. >> all right. >> it's awful. the outcome awful. >> lightning round, kathy, matt, thanks so much. viggo thanks. >> tonight we honor one of the last survivors from the uss arizona at pearl harbor. donald stratton who passed away on saturday. he was aboard the battleship in 1941 when the japanese attacked. a sailor from another ship threw him a lifeline and stratton pulled himself had overhand. he lobbied for the recognition for the sailor who recognize sa. he was awarded the bronze star
8:56 pm
in 1979. you are tonight's midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, good night from washington i am mike emanuel. unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you?
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" tonight. according to numbers over theca weekend, the democratic primary race is constructing to become really a two man contest. still in thele race, but the outline of the future is getting clearer. on one side of a candidate, bernie sanders, who wants to turn this o country into a comprehensive welfare state. he plans to upend every aspect of american life in order to impose a new an economic order. if sanders isn't hiding planning to do very he's running on what he plans to do. his main rival is michael bloomberg, the former mayor ofs new york. bloomberg has shot to above 15% nationally in the polls from nowhere,


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