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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 19, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and again of that horrific car crash and so we wanted to let you know for everyone that has seen that, he's now coming out of the hospital. our best wishes to him as well for a speedy recovery. thank you so much for watching. i melissa francis, and for harris faulkner. here is dana. >> dana: the multibillionaire has been pouring tons of his own cash into his campaign will square off just hours from now with the socialist who serve the top of the democratic field. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> dana: michael bloomberg is set to take the debate stage for the first time tonight. the man leading the pack is senator bernie sanders. new polling show sanders with a big lead nationally. we like it to that in just a few minutes. also want to watch, former vice president joe biden. he and bloomberg seem to be in a battle for second place but democrats also are dealing with
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a different kind of competition at west. president trump in the middle of my multi-day trip and looking to steal the spotlight. let's begin with peter doocy was in las vegas and not having to wear those heavy coats anymore after you left iowa and new hampshire. peter? >> it's nice, we were at the hotel flipping through channels and notice that just about everything you watch there is a bloomberg ad that keeps running. almost presenting an argument that bloomberg was closer to barack obama than anyone else running. they have an ad where they are trying to make fun of them. ♪ so, some phony instagram direct messages got bloomberg's
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attention in his campaign responded very quickly with th this. >> he has what every public official should have come a passion with principal. so bloomberg has not debated yet but he is sent center of attention and can expect these different kinds of attacks. and even permanent damage, he refuses to apologize for it. >> mr. bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president of the united states.
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and that's the early. so far to more than 70,000 which is almost as many as they had in the historic high 2008 year when there was no early. >> dana: excellent report as always. the president is counter programming the democrats with multiple events at west including a rally tonight, just as the 2020 democrats will take the debate stage. kristin fisher's life at the white house with more on that. >> we know president trump should begin speaking at this rally at the exact same time as the start of the democratic debate. on friday he has another rally in las vegas just one day before the caucuses. this is no coincidence, this kind of counter programming has become a signature of the president's reelection campaign. we saw it in iowa and again in new hampshire and yesterday president trump said that we can expect much more of it in the weeks to come because he believes it's been pretty
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effective. >> president trump: we have more votes than any incumbent president in history in iowa and in new hampshire, as you saw. in that case i went the day before and the day before. in both cases it seems to be effective. south carolina is working that out now, probably the day before. but look, we have a big voice and we might as well use it. >> so it sounds like a rally in south carolina is in the works around the state's primary which is ten days from now and the president has already scheduled a rally in north carolina, the night before super tuesday. the reason for these rallies, not only do they allow the campaign to collect massive amounts of voter data but it also gives the campaign at chance to flex its general election muscle and really test out its ground game. one senior campaign staffer told me, think of this as just preseason for the general.
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and dana, another reason for these rallies is just some good old-fashioned trolling. the president said he shakes up democratic rivals and tries to steal their spotlights on their big night. >> dana: and the people there have a blast. it's also fun for them to go in to see the president. let's bring in our political panel. michael meehan's president and ceo of square communications. so guys, bloomberg is happening. all of this money is spent on ads has put them in a position where he qualified in the polls to get on the debate stage and one of bernie sanders top circuits was talking about it earlier. >> if the amount of money that you can have would force the dnc to change their rules, that is an actualization of power. and we all know how i feel about billionaires. i don't think that in a place
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where 60% of americans can't even make more than $40,000 per year, the presence of a billionaire who largely makes their money off of businesses underpaying their workers like walmart and amazon and so on should invest. >> dana: at the dnc did change the rules from bernie sanders from which bernie sanders has definitely benefited. it wasn't that they were changing the rules for bloomberg. >> after the 2016 election, they made a big move to set out the rules that are currently in place. i don't want to hear any complaining about how the rules are. make bloomberg skip said he could use some of the money. he's a self-made man and he grew up a working class guy and here he put it all on the table. he made a big bet and now he is on the stage in las vegas. >> people think is not a good debater, but all eyes will be on
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him and maybe all the daggers will be pointing his way, too. >> while he is the new kid in school, isn't he? everyone wants to pay attention to, who is this new kid? the problem is there's another kid, and normally with burning legitimately searching the polls, all eyes would have been on bernie tonight. anyone in the democratic party is getting what they want to. mike bloomberg is getting in because he worried biden would collapse and that's the bloomberg vision. bernie is getting what he wants because now he gets to make his campaign, a principal campaign against billionaires. that's the way primaries should work. let the democratic voters deci decide. >> so every single pole that fox news tracks shows bernie sanders, and showing late january bernie sanders at 24% and biden at 28%. but now look at that, sanders at
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22%, and now you have this pole from npr saying 28% said that they are favorable towards socialism. kevin sheekey is a campaign manager for mike bloomberg and he said this about bernie. the fact is, pete and amy, bernie is likely to open up a delegate lead that seems nearly impossible to overcome. i don't think many people understand the dire circumstances here. michael, do you think democrats are well aware of what's happening? >> the democrats who are participating in the process, sure. but we didn't mention that all of the people beat donald trump in the general election. so bernie sanders still beats trump head-to-head. so it's a nomination worth having and i agree, this is like the super bowl with the winter and summer olympics all at once for political junkies like us
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because you actually have to stand up and face the tax. >> national polls really matter in a primary like this. what do you think about president trump deciding to just take the fight to them and get in their face even while they are having a big debate tonight? >> it's much deeper than all that. it's also very smart general election politics, those are swing states that he wants to go to. he's testing the machinery and giving republicans who like him a real chance to get involved and that's how you build your list and get organized for the fall. it's marked politically and smart communications and it's a whole lot of fun, too. >> dana: it is, i'm having a great time. all right, ari fleischer and michael meehan, thank you. former governor and now former prisoner rob blagojevich is back home and back in front of the cameras just like old times.
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>> dana: a story confirmed that fox news that attorney general william barr has told some people close to the white house that he has considered stepping down over president trump's tweet about ongoing cases. but also echoing the doj statement, he has no plans to leave the justice department right now. he said last week that the president's tweets make his job more difficult and yesterday the president agreed while also defending his use of twitter. in the meantime the white house faces new pushback after shortening robert goulet which is sentence. matt finn is outside of his house in chicago where the former governor held a news
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conference not long ago. but first, chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. >> good afternoon to you. it's pretty clear that people close to the attorney general are trying to make it known publicly that the attorney general is not to please for some of the things that the president has done in terms of his pension to tweet about matters that are before the doj but the doj also saying that for the moment at least the attorney general is not going anywhere. interesting beltway movers. the attorney general has no plans to resign. in an interview that he gave last week, he was saying that the president's tweet make it impossible for him to do his job. and while the president does continue to tweet about the cases that are before the doj he acknowledged yesterday that, barr does have a point. >> president trump: i do make it stop harder, i do agree with
11:16 am
that. he's a very straight shooter. just like understand, i chose not to be involved. i'm allowed to be totally involved. i'mct chief law enforcement officer of the country. >> president trump yesterday and that same availability hailed barr as a man of great integrity, but he defended the president's use of social media to express his opinion. listen here. >> he absolutely respects the attorney general, and they have a good relationship. as a president said it, he also understand sometimes what he says good impact of the attorney general's ability to do his job. but the president still has a right to defend himself and he uses social media as you guys will know to get out his message directly to the american people. >> we are also getting more insight today as to why he commuted the sentence of former
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governor rob blagojevich and it appears to go to the comey situation. president goes on to say he paid a big price, another comey and gang deal. we may hear more about this tonight. the president is going to rally in phoenix, arizona. get a little bit of a nap this evening because it doesn't start until late. matt finn is outside of rob blagojevich's home. >> the former governor spoke to a crowd of about 20 that appeared outside of his home, other people welcomed him home. at the former governor jokes that he doesn't look any younger
11:18 am
with his gray hair now and then he got serious and claims his freedom was taken from him, convicted on corruption charges including trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. he said he spent nearly 3,000 days in a prison that was like a tomb in squalor and he thanked president trump for committing his sentence saying he will have everlasting gratitude. >> president trump is a man who is tough and outspoken but he also has a kind heart. this is an act of kindness and i also believe it's the beginning of the process to actually turn an injustice into a justice. >> blagojevich says he is no longer a democrat, but a trumpocrat in. he says the criminal justice is racist and unlawfully incriminate people of color. if the president's commutation
11:19 am
is being applauded and condemned. the illinois republican delegation to the u.s. house released up a joint statement saying it's disappointed writing in part "we believe he received an appropriate and fair sentence which is the low end of the federal sentencing guidelines. blagojevich is the face of public corruption in illinois and not once has he shown any remorse. history will not judge rob will go. he says in that infamous phone call where he was referring to something golden that he was not going to give up was not president obama's vacated senate seat but rather political leverage. >> dana: rubble cleavage will be on tonight with martha maccallum. some breaking news on the driver involved in that terrifying crash at daytona, next. need. only pay for what you need.
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>> dana: it race car driver ryan newman leaving up hospital in florida two days after a frightening crash. just minutes ago his wife posted this video of him walking hand-in-hand with his two daughters. his sponsor released a statement saying he shows great improvement and that true to his "jovial nature" he has been joking around with hospital
11:24 am
staff. they never to have jury deliberations are underway. the disgraced hollywood mogul weighing the five charges against him including race. alex hogan is live outside of the courthouse in lower manhattan. what's the update? >> this jury has a lot of questions. up for the second day the seven man and the five women asking a judge again to give them more clarification about the wording of some of the charges that harvey weinstein faces. the 67-year-old arrived here at court, walking into the courtroom faster than we've seen him in recent days. inside the courthouse the jury is slowly going through the charges. today they requested the testimony and transcript of accuser mimi haley and his emails about her. they requested to see a 2017 email of a miramax master list in which accusers were flagged and read to reportedly be investigated. weinstein faces five counts all
11:25 am
related to sexual assault. the defense tried to remove a juror claiming she published a book review about predatory men just last week. earlier this morning, the defense trying to get that juror off the jury again today saying that this woman is reading a book about consent but the judge denied that motion once again. so now behind me, the jury back deliberating again and no word on how long it will take them to finally come to a conclusion. regardless, they have to keep in mind that all of these cases need to be conclusive in their decision but harvey weinstein also faces more charges in california. >> dana: let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. this is the second day of deliberations, given what the jury asked about today in regards to that list, people being flagged for investigation comp does not give you any clue as to what they might be thinking about?
11:26 am
>> it sounds as if they are being very methodical. they have in it a of the indictment. again as alex reported this is a tremendous about of questions, more than is normal. now the question sound as though harvey weinstein should be happy in terms of what they are zeroing in on. that's what's bad for harvey weinstein. what's good is this is a very, very rare rate trial where police have not testified. the nypd has been investigating weinstein for years and interrogated everybody that's a witness in this case and the government chose not to put them on. you can infer from not that the nypd didn't believe the witnesses and so didn't want to be involved in the case. that was an argument that was made in the closing argument by the defense counsel.
11:27 am
>> dana: so he has this to deal with and additional things. >> he has a additional charges in los angeles. >> dana: so does not have an impact on that case in california? >> the california judge -- if weinstein is acquitted it will have no impact. if he's convicted a california judge will have to find 12 jurors that don't know anything about it or if they know about it they can say under oath we can put this out of our minds and we can try him on the basis of what happened here. if he takes the witness stand in his own defense in california than the conviction in new york comes into play. and the prosecutors can ask him about that. >> dana: why would he do that here and not there? >> it would be nearly insane for him to take the witness stand in california if he's been convicted in new york. >> dana: his attorney as an op-ed that says she expects a
11:28 am
fair and impartial jury, unusual for a defense attorney to put out something like that. >> you know there is a gag ord order, but what she said was so down the road, who could object? >> yes of course, that's true. judge andrew napolitano, we love learning from you. up next, a family in georgia was ready to adopt a little girl. the problem is, she's in china and right now they are not allowed to go and get her. we will talk to them right after the break. >> man: what's my safelite story?
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11:33 am
vaccine. this as experts warned the next three weeks are critical to preventing an even bigger outbreak. jonathan serrie reporting live from atlanta where the centers for disease control and prevention are headquartered. >> japanese health a authorities are allowing passengers to leave the diamond princess cruise ship after they spent a 14 day quarantine on board. however, americans onboard the ship have been informed they must wait an additional 14 days before they will even be allowed back in the u.s., because of the risk of exposure to the covid-19 virus. many of the passengers and crew have tested positive for the coronavirus. >> it would be very important to study this particular event and see what issues have led to transmission, to the people who have been on that ship. >> earlier this week the state department evacuated more than 300 american passengers
11:34 am
from the cruise ship and brought them to multiple quarantine sites in the u.s. as a precaution they are being kept separate from the people evacuated earlier from wuhan, china. yesterday 346 evacuees from that earlier group were cleared to leave their quarantines at two california military bases. another group is expected to be cleared from quarantine a little bit later this week. >> dana: what about the scare on the other cruise ship, the western dam? >> the western dam was being denied entry, finally cambodia agreed to accept passengers and it appeared that they were all healthy. then one passenger, an american woman tested positive for the virus after she had already left cambodia and traveled to malaysia. she is an 83-year-old woman and she is listed in stable condition at that hospital in malaysia. her husband insisted on remaining by her bedside even
11:35 am
though he is well aware of the potential risk of getting the virus himself. and authorities in malaysia agreed to grant that request. noah and iv cleveland were set to adopt their daughter from china this month and then of course the coronavirus outbreak happened. three years ago when ruby was just six months old, someone left her behind a toilet. we have learned her fate at the family's request. the cleveland's were preparing to adopt her last week. they have the plane tickets and were preparing her new bedroom but one week before they were supposed to fly to china they learned they could not go due to the outbreak. i thank you so much. i know adoption is one of the greatest acts of love and come up maybe you can start off by
11:36 am
telling me, how did you first come to know ruby? >> we went through an organization called holt international. holt international wound up giving us 15 or 20 different child spotlights and ruby was actually the first child that we saw, the night that we first saw her file. my wife told me. >> dana: how many times have you had a chance to interact with her? >> i have not interacted with her at all. i only have probably a handful of pictures and a few videos of ruby and i have not been able to facetime her or skype with her or anything like that. >> dana: the number of adoptions in china have declined a in the last few years. when did you learn about the coronavirus outbreak, basically telling you, noah, that you are not allowed to go to pick her
11:37 am
up? >> about a week before february the 7th we found out there our adoption agency and they said, it's looking very slim at this point. two days later they want up saying that there was no way that we can allow you to go over there for the safety of the people, the safety of ruby and gore safety. it's pretty devastating for us and it took really a couple of days just crying and sorrow and -- from both of us, just trying to figure out and asking god why. why would you let us go through this? our thoughts and our prayers with the people in china, because here's the truth. many people in china have lost loved ones that they will never be able to see. >> dana: iv, have you heard any updates about how she's doing? >> so, our agency is working very closely with the orphanage that she is in and they assure us that she is doing good and she is not contracted the virus
11:38 am
or anyone else within the orphanage so that definitely brings me peace to know that she is okay. >> dana: collectively, all of us watching you and praying for that great outcome. she's able to come back with you we would love to have you back. thank you. switching gears, the trump administration with a message for iran after its supreme leader said the nation will not come to the negotiating table unless the u.s. ease as its high-pressure sanctions campaign. the secretary of state pompeo says iran is the one that must change its way. we have a real treat now because trey yingst who reports from our mideast girl joins me in studio now. you've been doing an amazing j job. it's a great beat and certainly never a dull moment. >> right now with iran, it's a
11:39 am
difficult situation for it president trump right nowsecreto is operating at its a message to iran saying if you do not adhere to the 12-point plan put out by the administration when it comes to withdrawing iranian troops from syria, and ending support to proxies around the region, the u.s. would not be willing to negotiate. that's the difficult part right now, pressure continues from iran and we've seen a lot of evocative actions. >> senator chris murphy actually met with the foreign ministers. he met with him, and was criticized for that. and he said he attached is my usual account of the latest trip abroad. however secretary of state pompeo that.
11:40 am
>> they met and i don't know what they said. i hope they were reinforcing america's foreign policies, not their own. >> always a lot of tension with the opposition talking to another world leader. >> exactly. these tensions have been pretty steady over the past two months after president trump made that decision we were on the ground in baghdad just days after that happened, and that they were reporting in iraq. that was the base in western iraq. so to have a democrat speaking with a key representative. >> so, there are still people trying to flee syria and come up 900,000 are looking for a place to go but they have cut that off at turkey. >> among the destabilization,
11:41 am
many of these proxies are operating on the ground in syria. this parallel story trying to take over the last rebel stronghold, and nearly a million civilians have fled their home. and >> dana: there is good news in israel. the leaves to leave who wasn't a political prisoner or prisoner of war for a while, and who captured the attention of so many all around the world including fox news, who was there following his story, israel rallied the world to get him released. give me an update. >> he was kidnapped by hamas, the group that controlled the gaza strip in 2006 and he was taken through a tunnel inside the gaza strip and held there for around five years. that was a release during the prisoner swap during 2011, and just over the weekend,
11:42 am
valentine's day weekend and that was a piece of news out of the middle east. >> dana: trey yingst, we love having you here but also love it when you report from your post in the middle east. alexandria ocasio-cortez going on the record a about why she's seems to think she triggers so many people. that's next. ♪ great news for my fellow veterans. va mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. the newday team is working overtime so every veteran can save $2000 a year. x=dhúoyntd=ñ6z i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> hello everyone, i'm bill hemmer. call rho tonight, and rob blagojevich back home. his lead attorney is here live. and made american who tested positive for the virus and she will explain what it's like to live with.
11:47 am
that and everything else that moves this afternoon coming up tonight on "bill hemmer reports." >> our political system is not designed for people like us, not designed for working people to succeed, young people or women of color. our entire political system revolves frankly around at rich men. and at rich men are not the center of my universe, working families are. >> dana: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez talking about why she triggers people. joining me now is jerry baker composed of "wall street journal" at large on fox business. it's interesting. she is an effective spokesperson for the people who follow her and she does irritate others. >> i find it interesting, she's always harping on the theme of women and people of color, people like her can't get ahead in america but she has a tremendous story of someone who was a bartender who faced economic hardship and who has risen to become a very prominent and important u.s. congress
11:48 am
person. >> dana: in two years. and also from an economic standpoint, the numbers of the last three years of the economy are not what she is saying. obviously we have things to do. >> her point about politics is, look at the democratic politics right now. but of course the political system, on one level she's right but you can as michael bloomberg has demonstrated, you can buy your way and a political system and you can also go the route of barack obama did not come from significant wealth. many who have, it's a very -- >> dana: like elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar. >> bernie sanders and tons of other people people come from that particular world. so it plays very well with her base.
11:49 am
and, that 16,000 votes, so she didn't speak for her very last number of people. >> dana: it certainly does. i wanted to ask you about one other topic. as a young person, this whole idea of socialized medicine. they just announced that hospital staff can refuse to treat somebody that they think is being sexist or racist. they already have ability to refuse treatment to someone that's abusive, but that is the subject of sexist and racist. >> i assume that's a vast majority of people to whom this would apply. i think that's very troubling to be deciding if you hold like political youth correct threats, then you are not entitled to medical coverage. it's one thing if, it's this whole system is governed and.
11:50 am
you can take the cynical view, and under any socialized medical system you have to have rationing in some way because not everybody can get access to the medical care that they need to. you can ration that usually on the basis of the need and you could i suppose it ration on the basis of ideology or thought. i think this is of course an example of just the walk witness, the extent to which wilderness is extended to the culture in britain and even this country, that we are actually going to seriously impose a political test on whether or not people get urgent medical care. i think fortunately this will be seen for the stupidity and craziness that it is that's backed away from. >> dana: but they might bring it back up on the debate. >> you can be arrested in britain for racist speech.
11:51 am
up next, how much is mike bloomberg really worth and why isn't the media push more to find out? i live report on plus, harry and meghan now reportedly having branding problem and that's thanks to the queen. carley shimkus will be here with us next. ♪
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spiel on it we talk a lot about how much mike bloomberg is willing to spend to win but we don't know how much she's actually worse. that's because he's never released his tax returns were disclosed to his personal finances but you may not know that based on how the media has handled it. will him a mike william la jeunesse with the story. >> it's a double standard. to compare how bloomberg has been handled by the media, or that republican make mitt romney
11:56 am
in 2012. >> met romney can't seem to get out of his own way especially when it comes to looking like a rich guy was out of touch. >> vulture capitalist. >> and that stronger and better off. >> abundance maligned his wealth. >> if i were a rich man - -- >> "the washington post" calculator let readers compare the size of his home to theirs. >> several of his beach houses don't have elevators. >> i was devastated and angry. those guys are all rich. >> democrats equated romney's wealth with not caring about the poor. >> chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him. >> they ridiculed romney for tax returns. and a former know yo new york cy
11:57 am
mayor mike bloomberg. yet most of the media have said nothing about his eight homes in new york, london, bermuda and colorado nor his failure to disclose his tax returns. >> the democratic party for four years has criticized his tax returns and now they have a candidate who won't release his tax returns. >> so the bloomberg campaign says it will eventually release his returns. dana, all the primary voters, 70% are going to vote without knowing his true financial picture. >> they know that he was figuring out a way to get qualified on that debate stage paying for all those ads. so adults age 55 and up are happier and less stress than millennials according to a recent survey of 2,000 people in the u.k. carley shimkus is here. this makes sense to me. >> this didn't surprise me at all. i think 65's peak life, and that's because you already have your career figured out. if you have kids and you've already raised them but you're
11:58 am
still young enough to go on vacation and have fun, and the circle of life hasn't fully completed itself so you are not back in diapers just yet. >> it's a perfect age, 94% of american workers reported experiencing stress at their workplace. but work is not supposed to be played. work is stressful. >> when i started here at fox news i received the best advice from kt mcfarland. she said grind it out now so you can enjoy life later. work is supposed to be difficult and that's why when you are -- when retirement is in site you are the most happy. >> dana: do you remember when you and i had our first day on the same day? neither of us had any idea what we were doing. are you an intern? >> it was my first day on the job, i totally screwed it up. i was supposed to bring dana into the green room and i forgot
11:59 am
my i.d. >> dana: tell me something else. the queen has banned prince harry and meghan markle from doing what? >> they are a bit of breaking world news. prince harry and meghan markle will formally step down as senior members of the royal family next month so everything the queen has decided will be implemented on march 31st which means they will no longer be able to use that his or her royal highness title which puts their branding into question because their name on their website, their charity is sussex royal. and now the reports that she's going against allowing them to new use that because they are no longer official members of the royal family, they can't use the name royal. i think she's been very generous to them overall. prince harry will still be six in line of succession which is a big deal and also just announc announced. >> dana: maybe they could be called the couple h formally knn
12:00 pm
as. carly, thank you so much. good to have that trip down memory lane. i'm dana perino and i will see you on "the five." if you're someone who will never lose his royal title, bill hemmer. >> i'm so worried about them, night after night losing sleep. [laughs] let's get it rolling right now. i'm bill hemmer and are reporting both begins under the bright lights of sin city where democrats are counting down to the next debate. six candidates will be on stage and michael bloomberg's arrival gives them an all new punching bag. >> do you think michael bloomberg is trying to buy the democratic nomination for president? >> yes. >> mr. bloomberg has every right in the world to run for president of the united states. he's an american citizen. but i don't think he has a right to buy the election. >> people don't look at the guy in >> bill: i'm soor


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