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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  February 23, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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howie: washington post with furor repon intelligence official that russia is trying to meddle on behalf 2020 election. >> donald trump is operating in the white house in conjunction with vladimir putin to hide what vladimir putin is doing to help donald trump get reelected. donald trump is a russian operative. >> this is what they do, the democrats, media fell for it and they keep falling for it because they hate trump so much, they are willing to pair it with the kremlin, they are the agents of russia, not donald trump. howie: are the media hyping the
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russia story, that has a familiar ring or holding administration accountable. the media pounding the president for pardons. >> this doesn't fit the mission of draining the swamp. one of the worst swamp rats, he was selling a seat. >> pardoning infamous people with name value and money. people he's heard about from friends or fox news. >> case of case of commutations and pardons, corruption, rub your face that corruption is fine. >> with roger stone sentenced to more than 3 years in prison, how is media handling case and reports that attorney general bill barr is thinking of
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resigning, bernie sanders beat in nevada caucus and the backdrop media consensus that in the most watched democratic debate ever mike bloomberg was absolutely atrocious. >> it was a rough night for mike bloomberg, elizabeth warren gutted him like a flounder. >> campaign is on life support with feeding tube, he was ripped to shreds. >> bloomberg went to titanic, titanic meet iceberg, elizabeth warren. >> secretly hope to work for michael bloomberg had to admit
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performance was world historic office. howie: we will talk to sam donaldson, i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ howie: bernie sanders over 46% with joe biden breaking 19% followed by pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar, more on this in a few moments, rocked the political reports that in the administration intel official told members of congress that russia is trying to meddle in this election including primaries to help reelect donald trump, trump has let go acting national intelligence director joseph mcguire. >> the do-nothing democrats that putin wants to make sure i get elected, listen to this. doesn't he want to see who the
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democrats want to be, wouldn't he rather have let's say bernie, wouldn't he rather have bernie who honeymooned in moscow. howie: joining us mollie hemingway, sarah fischer, media reporter for axios and mo elleithee, former dnc official who runs georgetown's university institute of politics, here we go again with russia, president trump was worry who had adam schiff who was for in the briefing would weponized and this morning the president that adam schiff linked the information, how did this classified briefing make it into two papers? >> the russia story has given us one of two options, either donald trump is a trader who colluded with russia to steal 2016 election so on and sort or we have an intelligence community that leaks information, some of the people in the intelligence community are in bureaucracy, some on the
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schiff committee, well known for leaking and, in fact, in this story we have 5 people leaking in a criminal fashion information about this meeting, what we don't have any reason to believe this story line. we went through that entire year's long russia hoax which turned out to come up with no evidence in support of the theory, we are believing that the same people spinning without any evidence whatsoever, there was no evidence provided in the meeting, no evidence provided to the media and yet they do the same exact operation that they did for years, it's sad and mockable, frankly. howie: mo, there's disagreement whether washington post asked questions, much of the media criticism now is why wouldn't the president denounce latest attempt by moscow, it's true we don't have details, why wouldn't he denounced what seems to be according to his own intelligence official an attempt
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to meddle in american election? >> i think the story would be very different if he did that, i think the story would be very different, it would take away the argument that a lot of people have that the president doesn't want to acknowledge this because he's worried it would delegitimize his election, where i disagree with mollie, i do think there's a third option, the third option that russia is still trying to mess with our elections, put aside the collusion question for a moment, right, people can reasonably disagree on that. howie: no suggestion of collusion now. >> but the intelligence community is saying that russia in 2016 through today and today, and this isn't the first time, there has been foreign interference in our elections before, the chinese hacked mitt romney's campaign in 2012, the fact that our federal government isn't stepping up its efforts to stop russia's interference in our elections no matter whom it is, we now they are saying both
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republicans and democrats are the targets, that should be a concern. howie: sarah, there's a follow-up story that russia is helping bernie sanders and he was briefed on this and hadn't made it public, here is hi reaction with reporters over the weekend. >> mr. putin, he may be a friend of donald trump, he's not a friend of mine and what i say to mr. putin if elected president, trust me, you are not going to be interfering in american election. howie: russians allegedly helping bernie, that doesn't seem to be generating the same media outrage. >> it doesn't when you look, i think what bernie sanders is saying and helps make the argument that this isn't a trump russia thing, russia trying to infiltrate our elections and undermine u.s. confidence in institutions. if the bernie thing think didn't
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come the media would say this is a trump-russia thing. >> right. >> just to be fair in 2016 that's what the intelligence showed what russia does, what it has always done, attempt to meddle, they didn't do that much with a few thousand dollars in facebook ads, what they did successfully thanks to media, divide the country, make people think they were powerful, the only success would be false narrative that was spun daily with bombshell reports that would show at any minute that we would have evidence that donald trump was a trader, nobody is suggesting that there was collusion, you saw chip -- clips that donald trump is a russian agent. there never was any evidence. out how i want to separate 2016
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with 2020. the larger media narrative, mo, the president is cleaning house after impeachment, he wants to replace people who he thinks are not loyal with loyalists, the media have pounced on new acting director of intelligence, at least temporarily, the u.s. ambassador of germany, former fox news contributor and criticism he has no experience in intelligence, that's become a flash point as well. >> the president has right to surround himself with whomever he wants but if the reports that true that he dismissed the acting dni because he shared this information, that concerns me. look, i want to put politics out of this, this is one issue that i feel very strongly, nonpartisan way that both sides are being targeted by the russians, that the russians are trying to sow discord in our institutions and lack of response from the federal government, whether in congress or administration is weakening us. >> they do brief congress all of
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the time about what they are doing. >> i want to see -- but when the president is out there saying it's not true, it didn't happen, or dismissing it -- >> everyone acknowledges that russia does it. >> if that becomes a dominant narrative that concerns me. howie: we do have to move on, dismissed because time as acting official was almost up and it wasn't up until march. so democratic primaries caucus in this case, nevada, bernie the big winner, sarah, i think everyone on the planet agrees that mike bloomberg had awful debate, did the press build him up as savior that he would swoop in and defeat donald trump? >> i think so, he wasn't give august lot of tv interviews. howie: hardly any. >> he wasn't involved in the beginning in a lot of the ads,
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ads were voiceovers but he wasn't present, the press was so focused on him pouring money into local news stations that they weren't challenging him enough to give tough answers to things that were going to come out on the debate stage. howie: bloomberg has journalistic admirers and many people know he did a good job but they know he's a lousy debater and not a shock. why was he built up as a political superman? >> he has done good job with media -- media company that's not allowed to investigate any problems with him, such as something that would be of much bigger interest that we have seen speaking of meddling love of china, love of that regime and business interest there. you're not seeing coverage of that type of thing, in general what happened with the media is picked biden early, imploded and they panicked and thought, maybe mike bloomberg can save us and you're seeing that in a lot of the coverage. howie: at the same time there was reporting excuse me, mo, in
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old clips that surfaced inflammatory things about stop and frisk, push the young male up against the wall and frisk them that didn't help bloomberg, let me ask and you can get on bloomberg if you want, the press is starting to portray bernie sanders as unstoppable and some liberal commentators and some people in the democratic party are panicking thinking that he would be clobbered by president trump. >> yeah, this is something that democrats, my party is dna, bedwetters, whomever is in the lead people start speaking out. i think the freakout is unwarranted. if donald trump can win in 2016 when everyone on the republican side said there's no way he can win, voters have a way of deciding for themselves, on bloomberg the prez ignored bloomberg in the beginning because he was ignoring the process, he wasn't participating in the early states, they started paying attention to him when war chess started
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elevating, that's when you started seeing them go after him, he fell a part on that debate, i don't think anyone can argue otherwise, but the question that i've got is, how much of an impact will that debate have moving forward. how many people in super tuesday states saw that debate. saw his ad. >> i understand the power of advertising but i don't think you can just say -- howie: i know you're not. >> it's going to do more solidify bloomberg narrative. howie: let me follow up with you sarah, avoiding the television circuit. the washington post story history of alleged sexist and profane comments to women, sex discrimination lawsuits, if he had done these interviews maybe he wouldn't have gone in the debate and i'm not going to release agreements, he's changed it now but kind of too late. >> you can't message on debate
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stage where 20 million people are watching, i thought response toward the story was depth, those were just jokey comments, that's not the way to respond something, if he had done interviews and been in prior debates he would have known, let's remember most of the people on the stage have not only done this presidential cycle, they have been on debate stage for many presidential cycles. howie: he's doing interview later today with msnbc al sharpton, a friend and sometimes supporter in new york, let me get a break here, when we come back president takes a pounding of a pardons, but is trump helping double standard, sam donaldson backing bloomberg on whether a network should be endorsing a presidential candidate aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol.
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>> i've got this thing and -- and i'm just not giving it up for nothing. >> talking about selling barack obama's senate seat. >> i'm a trumpocrat. if i had the ability to vote for him i would vote for him. howie: he's never shown any crime and calls himself a political prisoner which anderson cooper shut down on cnn, you can make an argument of michael milken, but the president news flash has constitutional power. >> they saw eric lipton from "the new york times" tweeted, he said big day for executive
8:19 am
action when trump did it, this is a dark day and he thinks the head of executive branch, do you not know what the constitution say that is they have this right. also in general, commutations and pardons by definition go to criminals, they are always going to people who some people think are reprehensible, whether it's chelsea manning, oscar lopez rivera. howie: great point. the journalists seemed offended that president trump went around the justice department process, the process for this. you know, former nypd commissioner bernie close to rudy giuliani, but it's hardly the first time that such things have happened. >> hardly the first thing such things have happened and that's the presidency, trump has undermined bill barr's power, attorney general has come out and said this is a huge problem for him in trying to do his job. howie: well, you know, many
8:20 am
examples bill clinton pardoning mark rich and brother, george h.w. bush and obama and chelsea manning, none of those had the tone of this president is trying to destroy the criminal justice system. >> i remember pretty tough coverage from the media and the right with bill clinton's pardons specifically. >> and obama. >> chelsea manning raised a lot of questions. look i think what makes this so really gets people's attention is the fact that this seems to be counterintuitive for the type of people the president said he was going to support or go after when he was elected, right, when he said i'm going to drain the swamp, this was presumably the kind of thing people were hoping he would go after, when blago
8:21 am
comes out, i'm a political prisoner, i didn't do anything wrong, i'm guilty of practicing politics, you would think the president say exactly, that's what i'm trying to change, he didn't do that. >> politico had a good story by a reporter who covered the balgojevich trial and a lot of people thought he was guilty and a lot of people thought sentencing was excessive. howie: impeached and removed from office by his own legislature. much followed case involving the president's long-time friend, here is what donald trump had to say. >> roger has a good chance of exoneration and it's my strong opinion that the woman of the jury, the woman in charge of the jury is totally tainted. howie: after the media went
8:22 am
bonkers, making it impossible. >> this is the way he operates, he likes to undermine officials to show that he has the power, executive power to do commutations but the one thing that i will put here gop is frustrated with this by the way, in the blagojevich case, why are you doing this, he's undermining his own folks. howie: barr have told people inside and outside that he's considering resign if the president doesn't stop tweets and comments and many journalists are skeptical of that. >> who knows, the leaks and sources can come from anywhere, they are coming from somewhere, though, i'm less concerned about what the attorney general is saying and more concerned about the president trying to put his thumb on a judicial process which i think is inappropriate. >> this is where we really could use neutral media as opposed to
8:23 am
one engaging in activist-type behavior, this trial really did have problems, roger stone might be a bad man and be guilty but the judge, there should have been things covered about her handling case, the jury foreman, how did it come out so late that she was a member to have resistance. howie: the trial has problems but the question is whether the president should be speaking about it. sorry, guys. ahead sean spicer on latest uproar on former boss, sam donaldson responds to criticism that he's trading on credibility by endorsing michael bloomberg.
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♪ ♪ ♪ howie: sam donaldson spent half a century as correspondent for nbc news and drawing flak for popping on a campaign
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commercial for michael bloomberg. >> i'm backing mike bloomberg, he understands people, he proved that as mayor of new york and bloomberg can beat trump. howie: i spoke to long-time network star from albuquerque. >> howard, good to be with you. howie: good to see you again, sam, you're retired in new mexico, you are taking heat from former colleagues as you know for endorseing mike bloomberg, because you covered the white house so well, it's a misuse of your considerable journalistic credibility and reputation, your response? >> well, the idea after i retire who knows me, you have to be about 620 years of age to have seen me that somehow i have this magnitude from great career, yes, if he's for bloomberg i'm for bloomberg, i think that's silly, by the way, if he's for bloomberg, the people who are now working reporters are being
8:28 am
sullied by what he has done, that's nonsense, howard. howie: would this make some people who follow your career and they don't have to be that old, aha, we knew sam was a liberal and was shouting those questions at ronald reagan at the helicopter? >> for years i've considered myself a liberal as far as social issues and conservative, we should pay for what we spend and tax ourselves if we want to spend the money and things like that, do you think that reporters anywhere in washington, do you think reporters at fox news have personal opinions? they will present facts as i think they are facts. i think what kind would be in the business and i'm not the brightest bulb and have no idea, i don't know who i like, i don't know what i think is the right for the country, of course, reporters are like anyone else,
8:29 am
but when you're a working journalist and you know full well, you try keep your personal opinions out of reporting the fact that is you assemble as a reporter. >> i agree different standards now that you're not working in the business day-to-day. do you have any second thoughts in the wake what almost described disastrous performance of mike bloomberg at the debate in vegas? >> no, i don't. in for a dime and in for a dollar in the sense, oh, well, he didn't as well as he should have and he didn't, and therefore i better find some other candidate, no, i'm for bloomberg, so people are saying, my goodness, terrible, he's going to do the next debate in south carolina, i'm going to make prediction, howard, you can call me on it, after the next debate they are going to say, not that he hit a home run, triple, but, wow, he's improved. i now understand what he's saying and where his heart is and where he's come from. that's what you're going to see,
8:30 am
he's still in the game very much so. howie: maybe give him media training. now do you know mike bloomberg well or are you endorsing him essentially because as you made clear in this commercial, you think donald trump has been a terrible president? >> well, the first thing is with mike bloomberg reasonably good president, you never know, i think he would, he built the business, legally and ethically, he ran the city of new york, the biggest one in the country for 3 terms and most people thought he was a successful mayor, made mistakes but successful. i think he would be a good president, now, why did i select him, second, because i think he's the best person to defeat donald j. trump, yes, i think donald j. trump should be retired to private life, some of your viewers probably don't agree with that, it's okay. that's what makes a horse race but that's what makes an election and i think this election is very, very important. howie: i need a short answer on this one given that you're a journalist for so many decades
8:31 am
and now hitting road as surrogate for mike bloomberg, does it feel strange? >> yeah, it does, my good friend who i admire, like said i never thought i'd see this, you know, talking about me being a surrogate for a candidate, i never thought i would see that either. howie: sam donaldson, thank you for joining us. >> glad to have been with you, howard, you're a good guy. howie: long time since i talked to sam, ahead moderators and candidates in the brutal vegas debate, but first sean spicer on the media's criticism of the president on pardons and the roger stone case and russian meddling in the 2020 election. with relief of your worst symptoms, including itchy throat. plus an immediate blast of cooling sensation. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ ♪ howie: another week of controversy for the white house and democratic race now red hot, joining us sean spicer, former white house press secretary and,
8:35 am
sean, if you were still the press secretary and there were still briefings and the new york post, excuse me, new york times and washington post reported that someone from the intelligence had gone to hill that russia is trying to meddle in 2020 elections to help donald trump and the intelligence chief dismissed right after that, wouldn't that be a pr challenge for you? >> well, in the way that it was reported, sure, but i don't think that the reporting was fully in contest, we found out what 24 hours later that apparently also trying to help bernie sanders. so understanding the full contest of it and fundamentally getting back to the point that russia or any other state actor that's trying to influence our election should be stopped and that we should do everything we do to condemn it, i think part of it is making sure that it's reported in the contest of all of it, we've known that foreign states have been trying to influence our elections for decades and we need to do everything we can to stop it and denounce it. >> you were right about bernie sanders also being told that russians were trying to help him but his response and he hasn't
8:36 am
made this public to call putin a thug and so the question that many journalists are asking why is the president not grappling with what his own intelligence office found as opposed to blaming democratic disinformation, what is the disinformation? >> well, i think one to have things that's been troubling for a lot of us who work with president trump and the campaign last time is that there's this -- systematic attempt to continually talk down and illegitimize last election and willing to stand up and make sure voting systems are secure, trying to continue to undermine the victory that we had last time and i think there's a fine line between that and i think the reporting shows because they didn't talk about bernie sanders in the first stories, they didn't talk about the totality of what's going on, it's always about trump and i think that's part of the problem here is that these reporters constantly want to undermine how -- frankly the bad campaign that they ran and
8:37 am
the excellent campaign that we ran. howie: in fairness the washington post did not know about bernie sanders and when they did they ran the follow-up story. the president has been criticized by the press for a series of pardons an commutation s particularly rod blagojevich. do you see the difference between pardons in the way that it's for past presidents who also stirred controversy? >> oh, absolutely, look, i think -- i'm not fan of rod blagojevich. >> that makes two. >> the bigger issue is he's still not remorseful for what he did and he's on tape saying that, that one is troubling in itself, if you go back to length of the sentence, did it fit the crime, i'm not a criminal expert but discussion analysis about how long it was, you brought this earlier, the idea that chelsea manning who was a trader to the country and undermined
8:38 am
national security and put lives at risk didn't get that kind of negative coverage that a guy did who is sleazy and slimy says to you the difference in how -- by the way, blagojevich is a democrat. there's no question that -- by the way, all of it lacks context, if you look at the number of pardons and commutations that trump has done compared to other administrations it's minuscule. >> a lot of people don't know that and the journal hasn't pointed it out. president trump continuing to speak out on it after attorney general bill barr said probably in front of abc cameras that the president is making it impossible to do his job. it's not the liberal media criticizing president trump about tweets, it's his own attorney general. >> yeah, and i think the problem is that while there's authenticity to the president's tweet and ability to go around the mainstream media and express
8:39 am
his -- his thoughts and his positions on issues which really is unique that the downside with respect to the judiciary is it puts the attorney general and the justice department in tough position because if they agree that with the position of the president and he's gone out publicly and stated it, it makes it difficult for them to publicly agree with him because, well, it looks like they're caving to political pressure, he would be wise to heed the advice of attorney general and mcconnell and in this particular area it doesn't help his outcome because it makes it difficult, if the evidence show that is he was correct in his position, the attorney general and the department of justice have a hard time siding with him because then it looks like he's exerted political pressure on them. howie: interesting point. let's turn to bernie sanders and blowout win in nevada caucuses, president went on twitter congratulated him, don't let them take it away from you. this is what he said to reporters this morning. >> i think it was a great win
8:40 am
for bernie sanders, i just hope they treat him fairly, i hope it's not going to be a -- there's a lot of bad things going on. howie: let's be candid, sean, your exboss is dying to run against self-described socialist. >> absolutely. it's a great day, bernie sanders tweeted out that the democrat and the republican establishment better be careful and to my -- he said, you know, here we come, we are waiting for you, brother. i think right now there's two contracts being set up, back in june i layed this out at martha macallum show. i think that's going to happen, bloomberg by waiting i think played a dangerous game especially after debacle debate. right now mathematically it looks increasingly so that no candidate is going to get the
8:41 am
majority of the democrats, here is the thing that will go on, when he goes in the debate he would be able to have plurality of delegates but not the majority, democrats have two choices, go with bernie which is a binary choice to run against president trump or take it away from him which is going to infuriate the democratic base, it's a great choice if you're a republican to sit back and watch. howie: sean spicer, great to see you this sunday, thanks so much. coming up did the mike bloomberg bubble just burst? the pundits question whether he can recover from the debate. bernie sanders campaign is furious at one cable news network and it's not fox.
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♪ ♪ >> the moderators of nbc debate were aggressive as were the candidates and the chief target throughout the night mike bloomberg. >> the one thing that i'm really worried about, embarrassed about was how it turned out with stop and frisk. >> a billionaire that calls women fat broad and horse-face lesbians. >> i would do you in a second, should democrats expect better from their nominee? >> in my foundation the person that runs it's a woman, 70% of people are women. >> i hope you heard what his defense was, i've been nice to
8:46 am
some women. >> none of them accused me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like a joke i told. howie: joining us marie harf , were you convinced that mike bloomberg would be powerful candidate up to debate? >> this is fascinating he has zero delegates, he'll not even on the ballot in the state where they were debating and he's not on the ballot in south carolina, so i think the press in part because the polls show that he was rising, so they were responding in part to the polls but they made him into one of the front runners to be attacked and challenged on the stage when he literally hasn't competed in a contest yet. >> yeah, they did good job on getting candidates to beat up on each other. >> they did. howie: 46 to 19% over joe biden as of now, prez with stories
8:47 am
about democratic panic, can the party stop bernie from winning nomination, these stories reflect reality about the fears in your party of sanders nomination? >> in part they do, i was doing special coverage last night at fox and i said there are a lot of democrats, i would put myself in the category that are confronting the situation where two main folks in the primary right now could end up being people who aren't democrats, bernie sanders and mike bloomberg, and so i do actually think there's consternation in the party. first concept of front runner when the field is so fluid, bernie sanders has done very well but until yesterday pete had more delegates, how do you look at a field that has so much moving, a candidate like bloomberg who is not on the ballot yet and second when it comes to bernie sanders, i really think the media has a responsibility to be accurate and thoughtful about how they talk about democratic socialism. we've never had a major party
8:48 am
candidate run in modern history as democratic socialist, is that european socialism, south american socialism, a term that's used politically by people and the press has a responsibility to help adjudicate that. howie: chris matthews said during coverage that bernie winning nevada, fair and square, by the way, like the nazi story -- storming into france, isn't that way out of bounds? >> i think he should call and apologize. i think it was personally out of bounds and chris matthews should personally apologize to bernie sanders, people on cable tv as we know in all networks, some people find offensive and some people don't, this is a personal front, he should do an apology. howie: stay away from nazi analogies. >> always stay away from nazi
8:49 am
analogies. howie: bernie has a trump-like appeal in a minority of democrats and after 2016 and he attempt today derail him would make it look like the thing is rigged. is he a candidate, after all 78-year-old candidate and came back stronger than ever. >> he in many ways has trump-like characteristics, he has a following and movement behind him and a lot of attacks that would hurt other candidates. bernie actually will be a pretty tough candidate to beat because he's outside of the establishment, he doesn't care what the dnc thinks, he has a fundraising army and he has folks behind him in a way sort of similar to what donald trump had, that's why republicans are a little scared of him. howie: i think they were much more concerned about bloomberg. i think the press prefers moderate liberal because many want to see donald trump limit
8:50 am
today one term. biden's numbers have nose dived, elizabeth warren 10%, amy klobuchar 4 and a half%, many pundits said that donald trump was the winner after the vegas debate, do you disagree? >> i don't necessarily disagree, one thing that you hear from pundits criticism of the lower-tier democratic candidates because the longer amy is in and elizabeth is in and pete they are bleeding votes to alternative. rubio, cruz, they all bled votes. howie: a lot of commentators are going to say some people need to step out, you expect that? >> absolutely especially after south carolina and definitely after super tuesday. howie: after super tuesday might be too late given the numbers at stake. good to see you. >> thanks, howie. howie: and we will be right
8:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ howie: bernie sanders national press secretary made remarkable comments on cnn, the other day. briana joy gray questioned why he retreated to release medical records after heart attack. >> do you think the american people need to know his health right now? >> what you see skepticism campaigns against candidates in the past. howie: sorry that's not a smear, it's called journalism and perfectly legitimate question for a candidate who is 78 or any age, but it got worse. >> and it's really telling given that none of the same concern is given for mike bloomberg,
8:55 am
suffered heart attacks in the past. howie: heart attacks absolutely false, bloomberg never had one. no apology, why isn't this a bigger story? meanwhile bernie went off on msnbc president phil griffin and other executives saying the network is unfair to him according to new york post campaign manager complains to vanity fair about the constant diminishment of bernie sanders at msnbc, you feel the disdain they have for bernie sanders supporters, it's condescending attitude, they are all crazy twitter bots and then this, fox is yelling about bernie sanders' socialism but given our campaign giving case in fair matter unlike msnbc which constantly undermining the bernie sanders campaign. look, no candidate likes all of his coverage but it's striking how fed up bernie is with left-leaning channel and he's
8:56 am
winning this thing. that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard kurtz, a few more thoughts on bernie sanders, i was one of the people who came on camera when everybody was dismissing donald trump as a joke and side show, no, no, he understands the media and he has a certain appeal and business guy and he could win this thing, i think collectively many in the media and i might include myself have underestimated bernie sanders, 3 straight contests in which he has done really, really well and we do need to understand more appeal while not losing sight of the fact that he has certain vulnerabilities in general election matchup, we didn't know what was going to happen in 2016 and main we don't know what's going to happen in 2020, we hope you like facebook page, we post daily columns and let's continue the conversation at howard kurtz, check out my podcast media buzz meter, you can subscribe at apple itunes, google play, fox news, we have a lot of fun on there and i have just a few seconds left to say that i hope you enjoyed today's show
8:57 am
because now we have two big stories, everything that president trump does and now what the democrats are doing with south carolina coming up this saturday and we will be back the next morning sunday with the results hopefully, 11:00 eastern, see you then with the latest buzz hey. you fell asleep with your sign again. "you fell asleep with your sign again." no, i didn't. okay. switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says.
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♪ ♪ ♪ eric: big night for senator bernie sanders, fox news projected the vermont senator was the decisive winner of the nevada caucuses, you know, now he's looking ahead to texas, in fact, he's already in the lone star state yesterday arriving there even before fox news channel projected that he won the silver state. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters i'm eric sean. jillian: and i'm jillian mele in for arthel neville. bernie sanders soaring with vice president joe biden with best showing in second, we have fox


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