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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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so it's worth pressing them. we are out of time. time. we are about 15 seconds away from turning our show over to the great sean hannity who is standing by live in new york. >> sean: no, i'm in the swamp. i'm in the sewer where you are. we are in the same spot but in different studios. tucker, thank you. i actually would love to get out of here, to be honest, because i can feel the swampy nest. welcome to >> dagen "hannity" lm the washington swamp. the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal in u.s. history. everything we spent three plus years reporting to you, the american people, we have been right. it has been accurate, factual, true. everything the media mob has reported has been lies, smears,
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slander, conspiracies theories, one huge hoax after another. what they've dragged this president through, i guess what, they need to all start apologizing and maybe ge give bk their pulitzers. sidney powell will be with us, that's all coming up. we begin tonight, we need to address the very latest in chaos and anarchy that the mob and the media denier actually happening, you saw at the end of last night's show, it is surging in cities all across america. liberal mayors and governors are not doing thing to create peace and security, safety and security for their citizens. last night two statues. in madison a state senator was attacked by a crowd, pushed to the ground, punched and kicked in the head. meanwhile here in washington, d.c., a group actually set fire to a u.s. american flag, so-called
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protesters vowing to rip down the emancipation statute in linkin park, a large monument that features abraham lincoln and a freed. honors the emancipation proclamation. by the way, joe biden's, you haven't done a press conference in 83 days, your hiding in your bunker, i know it terry mcauliffe is fine because you only see two people a day, two bodyguards so forgetful joe, week joe biden hiding in your basement bunker, where do you stand on all of this, joe? you want to be president in 132 days, how about speaking to the american people? how about getting out of the bunker if you're capable of uttering two consecutive sentences without messing it up. the president's issuing an executive order to attack national monuments including penalties for those who commit acts of vandalism made and then we have weak, cowering joe. what does he have to say? the anarchy, the violence must
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end. "law & order" must be restored. every single american, grandma, grandpa, moms, dads, our children, every american needs safety and security if they want every chance to pursue happiness. now look at your screen. this is from tampa, florida, where hundreds surrounded and ambushed police who are attempting to respond to a shooting, two officers injured last night. this is not acceptable and neither is the chop, autonomous spaghetti dinner summer of love zone in seattle where several city blocks are still being held hostage by a group of anarchists and radical socialist and the mayor, the governor of washington, what are you doing to protect the citizens of seattle? back to my opening monologue in a minute. joining is now with reaction, fox news contributor dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera.
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leo terrell, civil rights attorney. now we are over 900 cops, now up to eight are dead, we have other citizens dead, we have the city blocks -- we're hoping we can negotiate, we are going to negotiate with the anarchists to give back the land that they pretty much stole from the people of washington state and seattle. when does it come time for them to do their job and create the safety and security that every single american citizen deserv deserves? >> lend a helping hand to the president, the only politician out there trying to put an end to this lawlessness is president trump and the democrats won't help at all and as you saw, you saw some of the extremist groups yelling at black police officers asking why they're working for the police because black law enforcement officers want to serve and protect, this is totally out of
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control, individuals are asking black police officers to leave the force, the answer is no so what you have is total disruption and because the democrats are so obsessed with defeating donald trump, they are ignoring what is happening on the street, they don't care. all of this is happening in liberal, democratic cities run by guess what? people of color, it's embarrassing. democrats, i'm telling you, do something about this. >> sean: what is joe saying, do not? you tell the president when you agree with them, you tell the president when you disagree with him, what is geraldo rivera's message to joe biden? 83 days, the mob in the media allow this guy to go without a press conference. he's mine in his basement bunker hiding, he only sees two people a day. what is your message for joe, i'd like to know. >> the sound of silence was a
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great song, but it doesn't work when you're running for president of the united states. where are you on this? where are you as these cities go up in total this order? statues being toppled, the great emancipator statue being defac defaced, other activists who abolished slavery, there statue being toppled, they are being decapitated, where are you? i have to say, sean, i am not impressed by the republicans in the senate or the house of representatives either. where are they backing the president? and condemn the disorder appeared to be one they had a plan, the president came out with an executive order. by the way, barack and joe never did it after ferguson or baltimore or cambridge or any other incidents with the president came out against choke hold unless their life is
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in jeopardy, the president is the one who came up with police reforms, the president did criminal justice reform. they haven't done anything, nancy pelosi accused republicans of murdering george floyd. playing racial politics today which is the last thing this country needs. geraldo? >> i don't think these protesters even know who george floyd is, sean. and you're right about tim scott's bill and do amend that the senate democrats killed the bill because, while it didn't give everything the activists wanted, it did abolish choke hold's in all circumstances except to say the life of the officer, it was a step forward. maybe a modest step but it would've been something. something that was achieved in a positive way following all of this turmoil, all of this disruption, all of this anarchy. you know, we have just settled a country back down, we're dealing with the covid come back, we've
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got to stay united. i think the hatred of donald trump is so obscenely malignant that they were willing to do and say anything as long as it hurts him. even if they are cheering on the virus. >> sean: you know, dan bongin bongino, the president, president trump had a record low after record low after record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment. now this headline on apparently earlier on marco's show tonight we had this greater black lives matter president. black lives matter the group, and there is a distinction between peaceful protesters that say black lives matter, that needs to be made but this person from greater new york black lives matter, we have the tape of black lives matter member
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saying what we want? will dead cops. when do we want them? now, different for the protesters. he said literally if the u.s. doesn't give us what we want, we will burn the system down. >> this has never been about black lives matter for that specific group. one of the cofounders is already admitted she's a devout marxist. marxism, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, concentration camps and this kind of thing, they may have has miss the history book on that whole experiment with communism at all but this has never been about statutes. i want everybody to listen here. this is about statues, raw, unadulterated power and intimidation. the democrats lost, donald trump defeated them handily in the electoral college, they were embarrassed. they've been trying to
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manipulate the country through the courts. they are getting some but not all of their wins and they tried culture, corporate pressure, social media mob and that and that didn't work either because conservatives don't want to recognize that your enemy is not vanquished until they recognize themselves as so and conservatives aren't giving up so now they've gone to just raw power, now we're just going to attack you, humiliate you on social media, destroy and dilute your cities enter buildings, ripped down your statue and your history. this was a natural progression for them but it's a natural progression of every marxist and this shouldn't surprise anyone, it will get no better, it will only get worse. >> can i point out one other fact? you know what, tim scott has done everything to get this justice reform bill done by guess what? two black senators, democrats, cory booker and kamala harris shot this down and made it impossible for us to get police
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reform. who suffers? america suffers, kamala harris and cory booker. >> sean: all right, you guys have all been great. thank you. tim scott will be with us tonight, we will show you what he said earlier along with senator lindsey graham, and in a minute we're going to turn to sidney powell who is the attorney for general michael flynn. that's our other major breaking news. we've been saying this is their biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in american history. now we know barack obama, joe biden, susan rice, sally yates, mr. super patriot jim comey, lowest honor on earth have been exposed. what we're about to show you, it should anger every american, it should shake you to your core, it sure to send a shiver up your spine if you love our constitution and you love freedom and you believe in the rule of law because all of these
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high-ranking bad actors now must be held accountable or we can kiss this great republic good-bye. that's how serious it is tonight based on what we can report and that is newly uncovered bombshell, handwritten notes from peter strzok himself revealing the sick, the twisted origins of the general flynn probe in a memo detailing the infamous, remember, we talked about that time line, january 5th meeting in the oval office, the white house. still a lot of it redacted and i'm told when we get that information it's even worse. peter strzok detailing the brainstorming session between obama, biden, sally yates and others, this was one day after the flynn case was done, shot, closed because they had no evidence of anything inappropriate, this meeting focusing on how to destroy lieutenant general flynn according to peter strzok and fbi director james comey saying
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"they appear legit." they did nothing wrong, the investigation proved, the transcripts show, nothing was ever wrong about that call. that did not stop the democratic presidential nominee joe biden who brought up the logan act to go after general flynn. now remember, that is the law from 1799 that's never been used. keep in mind, all of this after they exonerated a 33 year veteran and war hero. obama clearly approving, saying these are unusual times, that obama in the oval office saying that his team should "have the right people on it." obama wanted anti-trump zealots who are ready and willing to take down general flynn page i
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be telling the trump transition team are not telling them things? now we know why the seventh floor, the fbi the day before along with peter strzok decided to reopen a closed case against general flynn after it was dead in the water 24 hours earlier. now we know why susan rice wrote the biggest email to herself on donald trump's inauguration day 15 days later, obama's last day in office saying "barack wanted everything to be done by the book." and we also know why sally yates when she spoke to the house intelligence committee. we started this investigation in march of 2017, we know why lisa page texted that obama wants to know everything we are doing.
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this all came from the very top. the obama administration, obama loyalist and the doj were smearing, destroying anybody in donald trump's orbit because they wanted to undo a duly elected president. they thought they knew better. now we know why roger stone had a predawn raid in the middle of the night, 29 guys in tactical gear and cnn cameras, we know why, same with paul manafort. he had a predawn raid it's taking guns in his wife's face and throwing him in solitary confinement so he might say things i would get him off the hook. which he didn't. now we know why george papadopoulos was threatened with years in prison when all he said was i would never do that, nobody ever talked to russia. this was all in the end of the
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means to the end. that is called an attempted coup and by the way, joe biden, are you really unable to remember that january 5th meeting, would you offer up the logan act as a means of prosecuting the life of general flynn or are you just a liar? i'm betting you're a liar, take a look. >> what did you know about those moves to investigate michael flynn? it was there anything improper done? you didn't know anything about it, you are reported to be a january 5th 2017 meeting where you and the president are briefed on the fbi's plan to question. michael flynn over those conversations to have with our russian ambassador. >> i thought you asked me whether i had anything to do
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with him being prosecuted, i'm sorry. i was aware that they asked for an investigation but that's all i know. i was never part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation in to make into flynn while i was in office, period, not once have a time. >> sean: not a part of any investigation into flynn? that's a lie. not a part of the logan act? when asked about the library not a part of the january 5th meeting? that's a lie, joe. what did joe know? what did barack know, why did sally yates know? and when did they know it? many of you have been frustrated because the wheels of justice move painfully slow. we first started on this with unmasking, and leave illegal surveillance, i also want to know, ever since his program and
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our ensemble cast here every single night, we've reported to you the truth. by the way my sources are telling me tonight, the dam is about to burst wide open and that truck load of new evidence is on the way. it is made real progress and thank god, this can happen to lieutenant general michael flynn. nobody in this country is safe. turning them on american heroes like general flynn, he was a hero. 33 year veteran, multiple tours of duty. four years of his life was ripped away by the top so-called leaders, the 1% that abuse their power, he lost his house, he faced bankruptcy, they threaten to put his son in jail, used as leverage even though he didn't feel like he was lying, in other words, i have to sign this? or you're going to go after my
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son. he impaled himself and drove on the sword like any good, loving father would do. all of this because of his political connection to donald trump. the country's very own democratic, state run, they cheer for the persecution of general flynn, whether you and the mob are going to apologize, that means your fake news network, rachel maddow, that means your conspiracy tv network, the new york toilet paper times, the washington compost, abc, nbc, cbs, you all owe general flynn a huge apology for what you said and did and your lack of objectivity and your lies about russia and ukraine. you might remember. >> did flynn go rogue, by the way, when he spoke to russia? the fact is, michael flynn would trade his country. >> michael flynn betrayed the
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nation. >> after two hours of a judge rebuking michael flynn using words such as "treason, discuss, and disdain." >> sean: general flynn's attorney, sidney powell. i watched you being excoriated, i watched general flynn excoriated, judge sullivan again, i need clarification. the district court was very clear. it's over. i really cannot believe with these few people did to this american hero. thank you for all you've done. >> thank you, sean, thank you for staying on this story and thank all your listeners for their financial support and emotional support, their prayers. all the support we've felt for the entire team and family, it's been enormous. >> sean: i had general flynn on radio today, i will keep it up in a second and i will tell you, at the end of the day, how does this end?
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>> hopefully it will end soon with that judge sullivan granting the dismissal he was clearly ordered by the d.c. circuit to grant along with vacating the order and appointing mr. gleason as a friend of the court to come in and prosecute the case instead of the government doing it. which is not allowed. that's option number one. option number two is the court of appeals has to do something else. it would be nice to conclude this with the judge following the mandate of the court of appeals and ordering the dismissal promptly but today he issued a stay of the current settings we are hearing and any further briefing. i'm not sure what's going on. >> sean: the prejudice against him, i thought we were guaranteed a fair and impartial terry. here's part of my radio
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interview with general flynn. >> what makes us special, we follow the rule of law in this country, if we do not fight for the rule of law in this country and protect it we will be in the dustbin of history going forward and we will fall to this socialist monster that is rearing its ugly head down on the streets today. >> sean: are you confident that we are going to have full justice? i will give you the last word. >> i feel very strongly that we will make a lot of progress in that direction we are, we are heading in the right direction, today is a big step forward. to be when our prayers for the flynn family, they should not happen in this country. senator tim scott, a powerful speech on race and police reform, he will join his fellow south carolina senator lindsey graham and the great one, mark levin is fired up, he's coming
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added temp checks, face coverings, social distancing and extra sanitizing to get the good times going again. it's time to roll out the red carpet and kick open the universal gates. we're finally back... and can't wait until you are too. >> yet another african-american man, george floyd, his murder is
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why the country has given us the opportunity to lead, to lead. my friends on the other side just said no. as a black guy, i know how it feels to walk into a store and have the clerk follow me around as a united states senator. i get that, i've experienced that. i understand a traffic stop, i understand that when i'm walking down the street and some young lady clutch is her purse and my instinct is to get a little further away because i don't want any issues with anybody. i understand that. but what i miss in this issue is that the stereotyping of republicans is just as toxic and poison to the outcome of the most vulnerable communities in this nation.
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that's the issue. >> sean: that was senator tim scott's very powerful speech on the senate floor today after democrats blocked the senate republicans police reform bill. he joins us with a reaction along with lindsey graham. he may be giving you a run for your money and i mean this, first of all, senator scott, nobody should be followed in any store because of the color of their skin, that's got to stop. what happened to george floyd can tap into any human being, nobody should be stopped, either. most americans, 90% of good americans agree with that. you met with the president, you talked to the chief of staff, you were on the ground asking for the reforms and as i understand it, my sources tell me everything you asked for was in the bill and more? >> absolutely. i'll tell you, the president's response to the situation has been nearly perfect.
6:29 pm
i asked for certain things in the executive order, he went further. i didn't ask for a national database, i thought i was outside of our reach but the president set i want to solve this problem and he did. all we needed to complement the president's executive order was the democrats to show up and be counted, just a few democrats. not 46, just seven democrats and we couldn't get seven people to come to the table and take it serious about police reform. instead what they are serious about is using police reform as a campaign issue this november, that is despicable. >> sean: and what did joe and barack do after ferguson? after baltimore, after cambridge, did they do anything, senator? because i remember them doing a thing. >> not that i can recall but i do remember one thing that joe biden did in 1994, he passed
6:30 pm
the crime bill that his democrat opponent said locked up disproportionately african-american men and took president trump to come along and reverse their carnage, the damage, the disrespect down to the black community. he reversed it. president trump made up for the bad decisions of vice president biden. >> sean: i've got to get out of new york. i'm stuck with chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand. i could have senator scott and senator lindsey graham and i'd be very happy. they haven't done a thing and i know you are very close as friends, both of you and i watched this today and i am like -- they won't even help the president on this? is there anything they'll do? >> they'll do whatever it takes to get power.
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if you need to destroy brett kavanaugh's life to keep the seat open, we will do it. what i will do is have brett kavanaugh, being accused and mistreated and having his life turned upside down to make sure they can fill the supreme court vacancy. what tim did today is in the face of hatred you cannot believe. i've got a lot of things thrown my way, it was pretty dicey, nothing compared to what tim scott has gone through. what have i learned about tim scott? he speaks from the heart, he can't be intimidated and he's trying to solve a problem. he's experienced things i have not experienced because i'm white. i'm from south carolina, tim is from south carolina and tim took to the floor of the united states senate today to make it better particularly for young black men and chuck schumer basically told us, go to hell, we care more about the election then working with
6:32 pm
senator scott. probably a low point in my career. >> sean: you know something, senator scott, i like to look at -- joe biden has been in politics nearly 50 years. what about his past on segregation and praising robert byrd? that's his past. also, lyndon johnson counted on republicans for the '64 civil rights act and voting act. barack and joe gave us 17 more a million americans on food stam stamps, the worst recovery since the '40s, lowest homeownership rate in 50 years. donald trump gave us opportunity zones that they didn't give us in the eight years they had power, add to that criminal justice reform, add to that prison reform.
6:33 pm
historically black colleges, i like actions. you know. >> higher labor force participation rate in the african-american community. we have the lowest unemployment rate precovid-19 for african-americans, 60 year low for women, we had the economy on fire because president trump understands that free markets and lead to greater for everybody. literally all of those were rising, the democrats continue to have a monopoly on minority votes and continue to deliver nothing in return for the monopoly. the devaluation of a significant part of the american family and that's got to stop. >> sean: i've got to move to south carolina. we can all go to hall's
6:34 pm
steak house together. >> mn and you can pay. >> sean: i will. i'll probably get arrested for that. speaker very proud of my friend tim scott today, very proud of him. >> sean: proud of both of you. let's keep fighting for justice for everybody. one glorious nation under god, one united american family. he's making progress. where is joe? when we come back the great one mark levin, has a lot to say about general flynn, karl rove explains how the lawlessness is plaguing liberal cities as we continue from the swamp in d.c. tonight.
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>> sean: as we reported earlier tonight, that was the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, also about a host of the number one show, 8:00 p.m. sunday night, right here on the fox news channel, national syndicated radio host and for a good read called the great one, mark levin. you know, mark, we talk about the constitution. you've written books that i think are the best written on that topic. we talk about the rule of law,
6:39 pm
that constitution is the rule of law, you see this abuse of power, you see what they are still doing to general flynn and others, i want to know your thoughts. >> my thought is that the obama administration was a mobster operation. the way they use to the fbi and the intelligence agencies goes all the way up to the oval office, i've been telling everybody that from day one, no way the president of the united states doesn't know what is consiglio's are doing, the fbi was used to spy on candidate trump, used with the court to take out president trump, it was coordinated with the hillary campaign, they tried to criminalize this case with the appointment of a special prosecutor to go after russian collusion. the only people in the modern history that colluded with the russians on the democrats. who ted kennedy and beyond. this president has been put through the ringer, they make
6:40 pm
him the enemy. our media, the russian media is more free and more honest than the american media, at least they admit they are a mouthpiece for a dictator. the democrat party media doesn't admit what they are but that is exactly what they are. we have an attorney general and i believe the u.s. attorney are trying to get to the bottom of this but i want to talk more about the democrat party. the democrat party has been at war with america for a very long time, the democrat party was the party of the confederacy, after the civil war, the democrat party supported segregation. right after the 1960s, it was the republicans who passed with super majorities in civil rights act and so forth and so on but because the media are in the back pocket of the democrat party, the history is never told me the democrat party never
6:41 pm
supports americans, even today. democratic socialism? how about americanism. i want to talk about something, i'm watching these monuments come down, the jefferson monument, washington monument, i want to ask these people, every one of them is going to vote democrat, these are democrat cities, democrat looters, democrat arsonists, democrat mostly peaceful protesters with the democrat media so let's be clear, this is one party fighting in our cities and against our country but i want to talk about biting, you know who these people are? former bernie sanders supporte supporters, that's exactly who they are. black lives matter, the cofounders, they said they want to get trump outcome of these are bernie sanders supporters and they become mercenaries for biden. you're going to pull down jefferson's memorial, i want to ask these people a question. the declaration of independence, the first draft was written by
6:42 pm
thomas jefferson. each of the of independence applied to the antifa, the biden bolsheviks? i think we ripped down the declaration of independence as applies to them. you got a problem with that? got a problem with that? that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the government. if you're going to pull patches down i think we ought to look rip up the declaration as applies to biden's bolsheviks. let's take a look at the constitution. you know who voted for the declaration of independence? the second continental congress, i wonder if these marauders even knew there were two continental congresses. men who didn't own and men who did own. our constitution, the bill of rights. all kinds of people were in that
6:43 pm
congress. men from free states, men from states and you know what they gave us? the bill of rights. the bill of rights, you'll black lives matter which is a marxist anarchist organization, this isn't about race, it's about defeating trump. as i said these are biden supporters and democrat party voters, former bernie sanders backers. let's take a look at the bill of rights. the men who voted for the bill of rights in that congress and the men who voted for the bill of rights and the ratification conventions were men who came from free states and states. the right to protest and freedom of speech, you know where that comes from? those men. also when you look at the fourth amendment, upon probable cause, you know where that came from? those men. look at the fifth amendment, indictment by a grand jury, due process at the law, you know what that came from? those men. the right to a speedy public trial by an impartial jury, half
6:44 pm
of those, men. the eighth amendment, excessive bail shall not be required, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted, it came from those men, a combination of men from free states and men from states. antifa, black lives matter, the biden bolsheviks, they wave around the constitution and the declaration pulling down the monuments, these are clowns. these are ignoramuses. these are people who want to destroy our country from within, these are democrats. this is a wing of the democrat party, please understand this, ladies and gentle man. meanwhile, i'll prove it to you. there is a big, beautiful franklin delano roosevelt monument between the lincoln monument and the jefferson monument. you know what's happening there tonight? there is no national guard protecting the franklin roosevelt monument, why is that? because he was a big socialist,
6:45 pm
they love roosevelt but he sent 120,000 japanese americans to internment camps. does that matter? apparently not. do japanese lives matter? i think they should. what else hasn't been torn down? a democrat, richard russell, while nancy pelosi at night is walking through the capital looking for portraits and statues to take it down, why doesn't she look across the street at the russell office sent a building? why don't they down? why is she mom? she's never mom, she's usually mumbling gibberish as she walks from meeting to meeting, her father was so proud of the monument they put in baltimore of two confederate big time generals and her father prays to them and praise them. you know what that means? the biden bolsheviks, she needs to go, it's in her blood and we know it's in the dna, we can't fix it. what else?
6:46 pm
robert byrd. west virginia -- and joined the union the union. >> sean: hang on, hang on, we're going to hold you over. when we come back were going to play one of the leaders of black lives matter on the channel earlier tonight and nancy pelosi actually blaming republicans for what happened to george floyd. and the latest on the lawlessness rampant in democratic-run cities. the great one weighs in on that as we continue. straight ahead. - i'm jeff anderson.
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for 37 years we have been fighting for survivors of child sex abuse. even in these uniquely challenging times we're still fighting with dedication and devotion. california law gives survivors a chance to take legal action, but only for a limited time. if you were sexually abused by a priest, scout leader, coach or teacher contact us confidentially today. it's time.
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>> sean: earlier tonight, here on fox news channel, the story of black lives matter leader. the ones that said, what do we want? dead cops. what we want them? now. this leader about to burn this entire system to the ground, there to if their demands are not yemet. >> you said burn it down. burn it down. it's time. that makes me think that you want to burn it down. >> if this country doesn't give us what we want then we will
6:52 pm
burn down the system and replace it, all right? i can be speaking figuratively i can be speaking literally, it's a matter of interpretation. >> sean: a matter of interpretation, okay. meanwhile, nancy pelosi, now saying the g.o.p. is trying to get away with the murder of george floyd on the police reform bill. you can't make it up, it's true. >> when you were speaking yesterday you said republicans are "trying to get away with murder, the murder of george floyd." republicans are demanding an apology for that statement, will you apologize? >> absolutely, positively not. the fact is, people say, frankly i think the press have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing. >> sean: the reaction from the great one, mark live in. really, mark? >> she's pretty feeble.
6:53 pm
between her and biden they have an iq of about negative 17. nobody really carries cares what she has to say outside the democratic party. you're going to burn what down, pal? i'm sick and tired of these threats from people i don't even know who don't think my life matters and -- you're going to burn what down? what exactly are you going to burn down, tough guy? i'm sick and tired of it, it's time to get behind the cops come a time for these pathetic democrat mayors and governors to call in the national guard, it's time to take our streets back and i'm talking for a tens of millions of people are rainbow coalition of americans, black, brown, white, yellow, red, whatever. this is a civil society. it's a great country. you don't like it, leave. we have people trying to get into this country by the millions from every continent on the face of the earth. every color, every background. why?
6:54 pm
because we are systemically racist? we aren't systemically racist and the police force isn't systemically racist. these are bernie sanders radicals, they go out and get hats and shirts and burn things down in democrat cities because these pathetic left-wing democrat democrat mayors won't stand up to them. it's all happening in democratic cities, pulling down monuments. whatever happened, the democrat party makes him the majority leader, the minority leader, he's got a statut statue in the capital. i notice nancy pelosi doesn't talk about taking that down. i also noticed she gave a eulogy for our burger and obama gave a eulogy for robert berg and biden gave a eulogy for robert berg and let me make a quick suggestion. there are to be four debates. three, trump versus biden and one, biden versus biden. where does he stand? where does he stand on the crime built today? he was an author, now he's against it, where does he stand
6:55 pm
on segregation? used to work with it, now as opposed to it. four debates, that's it. >> sean: i can't stop that. more "hannity" after this. thank you,ea mark. both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me. but we're doing much better now, right? yeah. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo. fanapt may change your heart rhythm which could elevate risk of sudden death. your doctor will consider this when deciding among treatments and may prescribe another medication first
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rudy got older and suddenly stopped eating...t, then we found freshpet. now rudy's 13, and going on 3. ♪ >> sean: tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, we will be doing a town hall with president trump in the great city of green bay, wisconsin. also, by the way, now 40 days away from the release of this
7:00 pm
book. "live free or die, america and the world on the brain." we will talk about america's founding principles, how they are at stake, how socialism always fails. we will never be the hate to trump media mob. laura, i'm in washington. i don't see you, where are you? >> laura: how sad. i will be watching tomorrow night, fantastic interview with senator scott and everybody. it was a fantastic show. >> sean: mark live and needs a little copied and i. >> laura: he was a little subdued, just a little bit subdued. it was fantastic. i'll be watching tomorrow night. >> sean: have a great show, laura. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." from washington tonight, don't reward the rioters, that's a focus of tonight's angle. si