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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 25, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's it for rest. have a great evening and a special hannity town hall with the president starts right now. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and we are broadcasting tonight from beautiful green bay, wisconsin, and we will air my n:n: b exclusive town hall with president trump but i travel to the marine, and i look at this video from people just lining the streets just to get a glimpse of the president today, pretty big crowds, have an opportunity to tour the shipbuilding facility with the president which was recently awarded a $5.5 billion navy contract. today the president said that contract will enable them to hire another thousand people across all the shipyards in
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wisconsin. a total of perhaps even 10,000 jobs. >> the massive deal is worth up to $5.5 billion. we are putting the shipyard to work constructing some of the fastest, most advanced, and most maneuverable combat ships anywhere in the ocean. i hear the maneuverability is one of the big factors that you were chosen for the contract, the other is your location in wisconsin. this contract will support your 1,500 full-time employees, and it will also enable you to hire another 1,000 people all across the shipyards in wisconsin. one of the biggest contracts you've ever seen in the state. an estimated 15,000 additional new jobs will be created through the wisconsin supply chain. >> sean: also today, joe biden, no surprise, actually his basement bunker for a few minutes and yes, makes another huge gaffe. take a look. >> now we have over 120 million dead from covid.
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>> sean: wait a second. did he just say that? let me play it again. >> now we have over 120 million dead from covid. >> sean: he did go on later to correct himself but on top of every other gaffe that he has now made, it is now a legitimate question. is he fit, does he have the strength and stamina and the mental alertness to run this country? that is now a fair question. by the way, here is my exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with president trump at the shipbuilding facility earlier today. when you look at the idea of open borders, sanctuary cities and states, he wants to raiser taxes, everything is free, and then the green new deal which would eliminate the lifeblood of the world's economy. >> the democrats want open borders. think of it.
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even if you look at the virus we are talking about. take a look at that mama open borders. you go to san diego where we just broke a beautiful new stretch of wall, the fact effected like nobody's ever seen before because the stretch just to the left of san diego right next to the wall is heavily infected in mexico. so they want tose have open borders, they want to have sanctuary cities, they want to have no guns, no second amendment and they don't want to have any energy. they are probably against everything, probably against wind. kills birds. >> sean: how do you not take control of the city and allow anarchist to take over? >> with us, we are not only gotten very tough. we have 100 people. i said how come nobody knows that? we are law enforcement people. i said there right, not public relations people, but we should let people know, we have
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arrested a lot of people and based on the monuments act which is already in existence, it continues. k let's see. now people are just learning about it, but when they hear ten years ever since i announced thatas last week, it's been very modified by comparison. so they want to knock out a monument horse statue, they get ten years in prison. >> sean: joe left his bunker for 5 minutes and had another gaffe, said 120 million people now have died from coronavirus. i don't know whether to laugh or cry. >> did he say that? so that's a third of our population. >> sean: that would be off by quite a lot. >> it i mean, he said that. that's too bad. >> sean: i don't make thingsf up. i'm not fake news, i do real news. >> it's too bad. but i want to be a nice guy, i love people.
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my most important job is to run this country. i built it once so great, now we are doing it again. it's going to be better than ever, but here's the thing, this is serious business. we can't have somebody, that's a mistake, that's not a mistake. that is a serious error when he says he is running for the u.s. senate, that's a serious error. going to be i am joe biden, very little coverage. that's not like a slipup great if serious error. when you just told me that, i hadn't heard that, that just happened. that's a serious error. that is not a permissible type of error. there is something going on. and it's wonderful to say i feel sorry or that's too bad because i do, except we are talking about the presidency of the united states, and it is just not acceptable. >> sean: last question, if you could just pan around our camera and look at the sheer size of
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this incredible ship. >> this is one of the ones that actually isn't in the contract and what happens is the ships are all happening now under this administration. in >> sean: capture tax promises, supreme court justices, you'll have 400 plus miles of wall built by election day. >> very easily, it was a little bit after the end of the year,r, way ahead of schedule, and this is despite the fact that the democrats didn't want to have any wall built because they wanted open borders. think about it. you take the virus and you have open borders, we would be in trouble like you've never seen because you know the trouble that mexico scott and the south american countries, look at brazil and what's happening there. we have among the lowest number of break-ins that we've everou d going in from the southern border, plus mexico has 27,000
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troops guarding us, guarding that people don't come in. this is some difference between the way we had it and the way it is now. we have a strong border, strong everything. >> sean: last question, how many jobs will be created? >> probably 10,000, we will ultimately go to 10,000 jobs. >> sean: i thought those jobs are never coming back. >> this is a great state, and these craftsmen, these s boatbuilders are phenomenal. i make one young man, his grandfather, his father, and him are going to start working here. but it was closed, and was ready to close. after 40 or 50 people, it was going to close and now it is a vibrant r place in wisconsin. >> sean: you been very generous with your time. thank you, appreciate it. and now, here is my town hall we taped earlier today from an airplane hangar in green bay, wisconsin.
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we followed all the rules and recommendations of the county in which we are doing this, so as to have as many people as they recommended, small crowd, but enthusiastic group of people obviously because of all that we've been dealing with with covid-19, we had a lot of ground to cover tonight. watch this. thank you, mr. president. we are going to take some audience questions throughout the hour. here in wisconsin, one of the things everybody is looking for them will get to more detail throughout the hour, you are going to leave this town hall and you were going to announce that you're building 20 new ships, rebuilding the military. >> it is going to be probably 6,000, 7,000 jobs, could go up to ten in wisconsin alone and it's a great shipyard that was on hard times and now it's a very good shipyard and a lot of people are going to be working and is one of the most beautiful ships, looks like a yacht with a lot of ammunition on it.
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it's really something. we will probably end up with 20 or 25. these are big ones, beautiful ships, and they do a beautiful job in wisconsin so it is a launch, starting work and in the contract is all given and they want it right here, so congratulations, folks. >> sean: we as a nation have been watching. was universal agreement that what happened to george floyd should never happen, can never happen again, and you've been very outspoken about it as well and they were peaceful protesters, but then they were people rioting. we see anarchy, we see rocks and bottles and bricks and molotov cocktails thrown at police officers, police precincts burned to the ground in seattle, an autonomous zone that still remains apparently changingri today but taken over including a police precinct and you are offering all of these states help, new york, illinois, and washington. what are they telling you when
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you offer them help? >> first of all, we have arrested hundreds of people, arrested a lot of people for what they've done. created bedlam, destroyed very important things. you're also talking about statues of george washington, abraham lincoln, they like to get jesus, you know that. they said we want to get jesus. he had nothing to do with any particular event other than they are troublemakers and agitators and anarchists. the big thing they want as they want w to destabilize our county and we won't let them. so i said to my people if you've arrested so many, how come we don't know about this? i said i think the public should know it and we have a statues act, a monument act which puts you in jail for ten years if you do what they've done. tso we've got that, all the taps because the nice part is it is all on television like the character on the horse the other day, he's in trouble on the
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andrew jackson, beautiful opposite the white house and you've got to remember, andrew jackson, the battle of new orleans, he was a great president and a great general and you can't let that happen. but they were after abraham lincoln and tonight, i guess they are looking at abraham lincoln, and that was the emancipation proclamation. so you have that, and signing emancipation proclamation ander you have somebody i think he is getting up. he is being freed by abraham lincoln. and i can see controversy, but i can also see beauty in it and it was paid for by. i don't know if you know that, it was paid for because they were so grateful to the president, it was paid for that reason. and they want to take it down. we can take things down. i can understand certain things taken down but they vowed to go through a process legally and put them in museums or
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wherever they may go but these are really rioters and a lot of bad people involved. they are beyond protesters, and we are not going to allow it. so we have many people under arrest, and we have some just from the other night in washington, but i'm talking about in other states also. >> sean: you have offered help to new york. >> and washington is not d.c., s not a state. i say that, sometimes i'll say i'll correct myself because the fake news will say he thought d.c. was a state so i just want to make that clear so they can't do it. >> sean: always predicting ahead. >> they do it all the time. you know what i mean. >> sean: let's talk about these states. you see your old city, now a florida resident, going to save a lot of money on taxes, no state income tax in florida, but you see new york city, 350% increase, you see chicago last weekend, 102 of our fellow
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citizens were shot, 12 of them were children, and 14 died. the carnage existed all throughout these years that joe biden and barack was president. ii don't know any reforms that they put in place after ferguson or after baltimore or any other incidents. >> they did virtually nothing, and i call him corrupt joe. he's corrupt, and you look at that administration and wait until you see what's happening because you saw the notes now from the oval office meeting and all of the things, what's happening is a disgrace. this is a corrupt situation. we caught them spying on my campaign. i said that a long time ago, but i said it without great knowledge, turned outt to be correct. they were spying on my campaign and if that were the other way around, if it was switched with democrat and republican, the opposite way, you would have people in jail for 50 years for what they did because it's treason. is a terrible thing what they did. h and what they've done to people
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like general flynn and like others is disgraceful. >> sean: i want to get back to that but stay on this issue, if we are to become a more perfect union and if we really want to pursue happiness, we first have to have law and order. these big cities, we watch chicago violence now for how long all through the obama and joe biden administration. they barely mentioned in eight years. you see seattle, you see new york city, we see people dying in the autonomous zone. i don't know how people can pursue their happiness and dreams in life if they don't have basic fundamental security. >> you can't. chicago is an example. it's worse than afghanistan, shouldn't say it because they guatemala, we have our lowest numbers, phenomenal numbers on hthe border.
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border patrol has done a great job, built 220 miles of wall, going up very rapidly. should be doing 10 miles a week now and we are going to have that completed very soon. but what we've done there is incredible, but you look at honduras, guatemala, all of these different places, we have cities that are worse and in some cases far worse, take a look at detroit, take a look at what's happening in oakland, take a look at what's happening in baltimore and everybody gets upset when i say it. they say is that a racist statement? not. frankly, black people come up to me and say thank you, thank you for saying it. they want help. these cities, it is like living in. but last week, and i think two weeks before that, they shot 14 and 18 people killed and 68 people in chicago. >> sean: 104 last weekend. >> i know it's very controversial to say, stop and frisk.
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stop and frisk. you take guns away. chicago has the greatest example i've ever seen of that. rudy giuliani was a great mare. he did in new york, he started it, and it worked great. bloomberg blew it because he went crazy with that and ultimately took away a lot of rights and it wasn't a good job he did. but rudy giuliani started stop and frisk and it was a great thing he did for new york. >> sean: the murder rate for those that don't know, i lived in new york city at the time, went from around 2500 a year, they drove it all the way down to 500 and what they did is they went into the areas that have the a highest incidence of crime and saved a lot of lives. so i'm in that optimistic. we can stop the violence. >> can stop it quickly and at some point in the not-too-distant future, i'm going to do it and if they don't
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do something with seattle, we are going to do that and go in there because of its happening is they are taking over american cities.oc in all cases, it is democrats. and joe biden would have that be the whole country. is so crazy what's happening. nobody hears him. whenever he does talk, he can't put two sentences together. i don't want to be nice or unnice. the man can't speak. and he is going to be president because some people don't love me may be at all i'm doing is doing my job. don't forget before the china plague came in, and it is a china plague, before that came in, we had the best job numbers we ever had, the best i economy we've ever had, stock market which is getting very close to those numbers anyway and the nasdaq actually beatec those numbers come up we have the best numbers we've ever had, african-american, asian-american, hispanic-american, women, young people without a diploma or young people with a diploma, college, everything.
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the best numbers we've ever had, the best economy we've ever had. i was absolutely doing a number on china. not that i want to, but taking billions and billions away. china ran away from us. they were going to take over our country. i didn't come along, they would've taken over our country. what they did to obama and biden, they rippeded t off this country hundreds of billions of dollars a year going into china nobody said anything. it's not like we had a bad deal with china. was worse. we had no deal. i get along very well with them. they said nobody ever asked. nobody said we were going to make a deal. we are taking in hundreds of billions of dollars worth of tariffs are not paying for them, china is paying them because they devalue their currency.n so we've done an incredible job. we beat china badly. china had the worst year they've had in 67 years prior to theve plague coming in.
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they have the worst year they've had in 67 years because of the tariffs and all of the things i've done, but he'll say -- they didn't do a china deal. china ate our lunch before me and they would have destroyed our country. china m and my opinion would hae destroyed our country economically if i didn't get elected and many other things. we did the ventilators, did so much. >> sean: ten days after the first identified case in the united states, you implemented a travel ban followed by a quarantines that had happened in 50 years and then subsequent travel str ban's. joe said it was hysteria, xenophobic and fearmongering. >> they have people that write a statement, it'll be a little complex or maybe not complex, and they will have that statement analyzed, and theyen will say vice president biden said, andd they will have it broken down and they'll say he didn't say that. he never said xenophobic because
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i don't think he knows with the word means but he said i would xenophobic, it was horrible. and that was at the end of january. that's very early. nancy pelosi and many other people including republicans who months later saying let's go to chinatown and celebrate, nancy pelosi was celebrating. in the streets of chinatown. and then there is no business like this. you could do a great job like schumer. did a phenomenal job on a trade deal, and i didn't like it, no good, he neverph even saw the deal. it's an automatic thing. you hear the sound of that helicopter, and set a beautiful sound? made in the usa. made in the usa. >> sean: you mentioned earlier, i was a little surprised, if they had predicted for may 9 and a half million jobs lost, we ended up gaining 2.5 million. we have the largest retail sales month, 18%.
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that's a record. so here's my list. >> we had a pretty good number come out today on jobs. also, better than projected but more importantly, so we have more cases because we do the greatest testing. we didn't do testing, we would have no cases. other countries don't test millions, up to almost 30 million tests. you're going to have a kid with the sniffles and they will say it's coronavirus, whatever you want to call it. i said the other night, they were so many names to this. wi could name 19 names like corona 19, i could name 19 names, but the fact is there's never been a thing like this. we have done 30 million, 30 million tests and when you do test, you have cases. l but there are fewer deaths than they have been, and mortality rate is one of the best in theio
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world. meaning people that die because a lot of these tests in some cases, it is people that didn't even know they were sick. maybe they weren't, but it shows up in a test, so they will say 30 million tests, that you have a big percentage of that but other countries do very few tests show it shows they have very few cases and sometimes, i jokingly say or sarcastically say if we didn't do tests, we would look great. it's not the right thing to do. >> sean: treatment vaccine, where are we? >> i think it's coming along great and what they are calling therapeutics is coming along great and we will have an answer very soon. i think it will be even before the end of the year we will have a vaccine. we have great companies and totally mobilized. the military is doing it, ready to go. as soon as they have it, we will be distributing that all over the country. g >> sean: we talked about my list earlier, so joe biden was vice president for eight years. he has a record that at some
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point i assume somebody might have to ask him. that's a question we will find out in the future but 13 million more americans up to eight years for food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, the lowest labor participation rates in centuries, lowest homeownership rate in 18 years. now i look at your record for precoronavirus, we have record after record low unemployment with every african-american, hispanic-american, you know the list. i want to get to the issue because it seems like if we look and compare and contrast historically black colleges, five-year commitment with more money than ever before, opportunity zones, i think one of the big changes his criminal justice reform. >> the biggest thing is criminal justice reform. obama and biden never even tried it. that it was so important for the black community.
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it is a very unfair situation. >> sean: unfair to minorities. >> especially minorities and especially black and hispanic. is so unfair, and i said why wasn't this done before? obama didn't try. he did, he may come out and say we did try but he didn't get it done. i got it done. people said you wouldn't be able to get it done, i got it done. frankly, they could've gone either way on it, to be honest. we had some very strong conservative republicans like mike lee, republicans that wanted it very much. chuck grassley, some great, strong, conservative republicans that wanted it very much so it goes both ways, very unusual, very strong conservatives and also had some really, really liberal people. we did criminal justice reform, nobody thought it was possible to get it done and i got it done.
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they couldn't get it done. and then they will say such horrible things. on the campaign, they will say such horrible things about me. it's a very unfair business, but it's a great ad for them. i got beaten by china, wrong, i beat china very badly. i didn't do this. >> sean: i may take joe's side though because i don't think your son got $1.5 billion. >> that's right. and nobody's ever seen anything like that. but what they'll do is take five or six points and just say i lost and if you look at what we've done on ventilators, on testing for we have 30 million, germany is second with maybe four, maybe 5 million. so germany is going to show fewer cases because they are testing far fewer people, different size countries and all the testing far fewer people. but they don't do testing like that. so it shows we are way up and
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testing. but what it also shows by doing that in all fairness, it shows a very low mortality rate, just about the lowest, so we are right at the bottom in a positive way and i think that people are starting to see it. but if i don't do a show like this, which is live, if i don't do a show like this, we are not going to get the word out because the press is really corrupt and dishonest. i used to say fake news, it's not only what they say, it's what they don't say. something great could be happening and they refused to report it. >> sean: you mentioned general flynn, a lot of it was redacted. i devoted almost three years to unappealing every layer of the onion. that january fest meeting, barack said he wants only are people on this in other words, the day before, general flynn was exonerated, the case was going to be closed, and
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joe biden brought up the logan act which you mentioned earlier, no one has ever been prosecuted for it. a now not only was it that, we have now learned that there was premeditated fraud modifies a court to spy on you as a candidate, you and your transitionie team, and deep into your presidency, and james comey signed three of the four warrants, came to you after he signed the first one at trump tower and said now we know the bulk of information was hillary's dirty russian disinformation dossier. she paid for it, they knew it, they said they had verified it and it turned out to be all untrue. but it ended up for you to be a three year nightmare. my question is this, general flynn last four years of his life. roger stone is supposed to report to jail and the jury for a person in his case,
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paul manafort's case was dead, and many people that worked for you paid how much of lawyers fees over the slide? >> so start in reverse order. they sent in a book, looks like he got all sorts of cash and turned out to be a fraud. what they did that man, what they did the paul manafort, roger stone because he wasn't on the campaign except at the very, very beginning. what they did with roger stone, what they did to general flynn, and how about papadopoulos? what they put him through. he turned out -- had a tape of his conversation supposed to be his conversation was a perfect conversation. they also have a tape of flynn's conversation with the russian ambassador which is a normal thing to do. you're going to have that position, you start calling up because you want to coordinate between countries. in the tape was as i said with russia, with the ukrainian situation was a perfect tape, a perfect conversation he had. what they've done to
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general flynn who was a nice man, tough guy, smart guy, a great general, i'll tell you, said he is one of the finest people. just a goodel man. what happened to him, they way they went after him and if you remember, the fbi laughed and said he did nothing wrong and didn't lie. they said he didn't lie. they persecuted him. >> sean: threatened to go after his son. >> they said to me what is t the toughest country to deal with, is it china? could it be north korea and i said no, it's the united states of america, the toughest country to deal with because we have schumer and pelosi and people that are bad people that i honestly believe don't love our country. pwhat they do to our country ad what they've done with this scam, the whole scam, flynn is a piece of it, now it came out that he should have announced in the first week that he did nothing wrong. in other words, they had
10:30 pm
evidence. in the first few days that there was no collusion with russia. there was nothing to do with russia. and they knew that immediately. he didn't have to take two and a half they knew it immediately. but they put this country through, jeff sessions was a disaster, a total disaster because he basically let it happen unknowingly because he is not very smart, but they let it happen and it's a shame what hethey put this country through. >> sean: we now have the durham report and the inspector general report. i would imagine that there are probably going to be indictments at the end of this. when you look at the names of the people for example the jury foreperson in roger stone's case, that was not a fair. >> can you believe it? the hatred that she had for him and for me and said -- acted like she was an innocent. she ran for congress and lost, but she was pretending to be an iminnocent. how did she even get into the jury pool? ae
10:31 pm
she must've had a little contact. and the judge who has been brutal, thehe judge who sentencd roger has been brutal, take a look at what she's done to people. >> sean: same judge. >> take a look at what she did for hillary-related things. wasn't brutal there, but look at what she did to people, take a look at what she's done, and roger stone had a jury for woman who was a disaster. how that is not declared a mistrial for more than a mistrial is incredible. and to anybody that sees it. this is ami person that hated roger stone, hated me, and obviously said wonderful things on the way done it. >> sean: looks like he reports to jail and four days. are you thinking about a pardon? >> i don't want to get into that. but i think he was treated very unfairly. in other then he may have been involved very early on, and i've
10:32 pm
known him for a long time, but like everybody in washington knew him. we have a lot of guys in washington. he was not involved in the campaign.n may be a little bit that's a very, very beginning, but he wasn't part of the campaign. but he is a professional. destroyed his life, totally destroyed his life. what they've done to roger stone is incredible and the jury for woman stands out and to have at least not give a new trial is inconceivable. and by the way, she was a dominant person, said she was very dominating in the room, he got a tremendously big sentence. you see these guys that are burning down buildings, ripping down statues, hurting police, they don't go to jail and nothing happens to them. >> sean: process crime. >> if that. and then you have these prosecutors who are mueller
10:33 pm
related. one friend said to me you had to be the most innocent man in the history of the united states and i had 18 angry democrat geniuses, all smart. mueller lost it, but all smart. all these guys were after me. they spent 45, 49, 55, a million dollars over in a of two and a half years and they've got nothing on me. said you have to be the most perfect person. >> sean: we will take a break and come back as we continue, also the president will be answering your questions, stay with us. ♪ guys, times are tough.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back. we are in green bay, wisconsin. the audience has some questions for the president. going to with linda. thank you for being here with us today. >> windows. i bought a lot of windows over the years. i shouldn't give them a free commercial, but they did a good job, a great window. wisconsin. >> love it up here. my cuban background. i have a question for you. i appreciate so much what youac have done for this country, and i know it's been tough. what do you think is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes?
10:39 pm
>> a lot of people think it's the fact that we will have before and finish this term, we will have close to 300 judges, a lot of people think that's a record, a number that nobody can even believe and part of it was that president obama was unable to get judges approved, about 142 judges, so got them approved and then we u will be close to 2 supreme court judges, so a lot of people would say that, i think one of them was the military, space force which we have added up to 76 years, a new branch of the military, a very important deal because it's going to be very important, already is. i would say the rebuilding of the military and the taking care of our vets. the va was a disaster. all of my life, i've seen these horror stories. i don't want to jinx it because they are going to try to find someone who is unhappy. you don't see that anymore.
10:40 pm
and our administrator, our secretary has done a fantastic job, and 91% approval rating with the va, and we'veur got veterans choice approved in veteran's accountability, that's where you can fire people to do a bad job, couldn't do it before. they try to get it for 50 years because of the civil service unions couldn't get it. i got it. and the other thing is veterans choice where if they can't see a doctor, we have great doctors in the va but if you can't see a doctor, you go out and you get a private doctor and pay the bill and you have no idea how great it's been and actually you save money, believe it or not, we save lives, tremendous number of lives, and i would say that's an achievement but we have done a lot. the largest tax cuts ever. you look at our regulation cuts, more than any other administration, we cut regulations, and we still have a lot more we are going to be cutting in the next month and a half. so we have done a lot and we are very proud of it and we have the
10:41 pm
best until this artificial problem. i call it an artificial problem. had to turn over our country to save millions of lives and now we've turned it back on and it is coming back much faster than anybody thought possible. so we've done a lot of things but it could be judges, could be the military. thank you. >> sean: two questions. the question i get asked most often about the people that love and support you, they want to know why you fight so hard with the media, why do you fight against them, take on anybody and you answer this interestingly in the martha and brett town hall and for those who say maybe you shouldn't bite on all these issues, what you say for that? >> i don't have a choice. i didn't take on the media, i wouldn't be here with you tonight.
10:42 pm
i would be watching on television, may be in the crowd, but i'd be watching. i wouldn't be interviewed. he couldn't, win. and i have it even to this day, "the new york times" is so dishonest, "the washington post" is so dishonest, they write things. you can do something great, you can do something horrible. you can do something good and they would make it sound beyond belief bad like it's the worst thing ever and i said a little bit before, you can do something great, and it doesn't get reported. that is in a way just as bad because a lot of people can figure it out. the level of dishonesty in the media, i think they are the most dishonest people i've ever dealt with. you are an honest journalist, a great journalist. we have great journalist. look at the pulitzer prize. the pulitzer prize is very embarrassing and lost a lot of
10:43 pm
its credibility because all of these writers got pulitzer prizes on russia and they were all wrong. john solomon in all of the people that you deal with, and you, by the way, laura, lou dobbs, fox and friends people that are great, great group in the morning including the weekends with pete, but some great people. pulitzer prize is on russia, and they were wrong. >> sean: we were right on the deep state. they were wrong. they were wrong for three years. >> ukraine thing was a hoax, appear hoax. they impeached a duly elected president of the united states on a perfect conversation.oa actually two conversations. the first one was hello, good-bye. they don't even talk about that. the second one was about the sameon thing. they impeached a president of the united states. in all fairness, the republican party was great because you've got 196-0 republican votes in the house and 52 and a half to half, rounding.
10:44 pm
too bad. i call it 52 and a half to a half because he had to votes and one was yes. but they were great. the republican party was great. because they knew it was a hoax. was purely a party line impeachment. nothing like that's ever happened before. >> sean: to add to that, they had to ignore joe on tape saying you're not getting the building and unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero experience on making millions but with that said, jim is with us from beautiful wisconsin. >> mr. president, welcome to green bay, wisconsin, great to have you with us. my question for you is with allt the unrest we've seen across the country and right here in the state of wisconsin last night in our capital city, a senator was beaten, ripped off her pedestal, we lost some other statues. what steps is the administration
10:45 pm
taking to give us back our streets? >> very strong. you happen to have a democrat governor right now. you had that, if scott where the governor, he wouldn't have that. the person they beat up was a democrat who happened to be and he was out there rooting them on or something. it's a very sick thing going on, no one's ever seen it. biden is going to be -- i don't think biden is a radical left but it doesn't matter. he's shy. whether you like it or not. the radical left is going to take it over. the mainline guy. he just got killed in the election week i got yesterday, e
10:46 pm
was supposed to be issue in, and he got hit by a strong far left candidate, you have a couple of otherr congressmen and women tht probably are going to lose or are going to lose too close to call. look at what's happened to the democrats, and these are people that -- take a look at venezuela. venezuela was a very rich country, a great country, a beacon 20 years ago, the richest country in latin south america, everything good. they don't have food, they don't have water, they have death all over. people have nothing. is the same exact mind-set and philosophy that we have today on attack and it won't happen, not while i'm here. won't happen. but a guy like biden, he's going
10:47 pm
to have no power to do anything about it and they are dragging him. bernie sanders said my sole focus now is to take joe biden hue left. they're going to do it because there is nobody in the center left anymore. he was left anyway but there is nobody in the center. it's a disgrace what's happened to our country. now with that being said, the republicans have to get tougher and i'm telling them all the time because they are sitting back and want to be politically correct and think it's terrible to say something bad. no, i told them. he will see if anyone attacks, stopped a number of times, but you will see what's happening and we told them every night, we are going to get tougher and tougher and at some point, going to be retribution because there has to be. these people are vandals but they are agitators but really, they are terrorists w in a sens. so i think you will be extremely impressed you have to put pressure also, i love the republicans, i am at 96%
10:48 pm
approval rating in the republican party. has said you're going to have to get tougher. you can't be politically correct anymore because we are really fighting something that is very dangerous. thank you.'r >> sean: let's talk about a second term. you were here in 131 days from now at some point in the night or early morning, we could now project donald j. trump has been to be elected the 45th president of the united states, let's talk. let's compare and contrast and what are your top prioritys ites for a second term? >> one of the things that will be really great. the word experience is no good. i always say talent is more important. but the word experience has a very important word, a very important meaning. i never did this before,e, never slept over in washington.
10:49 pm
i was in washington 17 times and now i'm the president of the united states, writingnt down pennsylvania avenue withbu the first lady and say this is great but i didn't know very many people, it wasn't my thing. i was from manhattan, from new york and now i know everybody. i have great people in the administration. you make some mistakes like an idiot like bolton, you don't have to drop bombs on everybody. >> sean: a john bolton in fact release classified material, should he be prosecuted? >> he did release classified. he had a judge that said they released the i book early so tht he couldn't do it. but he said this is very dangerous what you've done for yourself and also any money that you've made, good luck. this is at very powerful opini. he has a sick guy. there is something wrong with him, but i noticed that earlier and he made to go very bad mistakes. made a mistake where he talked
10:50 pm
about that, he was on to face the nation and talked about the libyan model and i said that's a disaster because you know why and the other thing, he said going into iraq was a good thing. i said okay, now you know it wasn't, right? no, i still think it was. so we are in for $8 trillion in the middle east, and you think that was a good thing, and i am pulling out. getting everybody out, nice and easy. going nicely. you think it was good to go into iraq and into the middle east? yes. so those two things happened early in his period of time, only there a short while. once he said those two things, i know longer paid much attention to him if any. but i'll tell you, he was good for one thing. everyone thought he was crazy because all he wants to do was bomb people. let's fight russia, let's fight china, take them on at the same time. he's crazy. when i walked into a room with him, i knew that. when i saw bolton, they always give me what i wanted saying he's's got this maniac with him.
10:51 pm
so in a way, he helped me in terms of a negotiation but seriously, he didn't do a good job. he wasn't smart, he wasn't sharp, and he is the only man i think i've ever met, knew him for a year, a short time, i don't think i ever saw him smile once. i said do you ever smile? and it tells you something about somebody. >> sean: still did back the caliphate, the leader in yemen. >> we took out the number one terrorist in the world, took out al-baghdadi who was also considered number one. they fought for number one and i got them both. obama should have gotten al-baghdadi but we took them both out. we took 100% of the caliphate. when i took it over, it was all the place. >> sean: it won't be on your second term agenda to drop cargo planes of cash in iran i'm just guessing?
10:52 pm
>> 1.8 billion in green beautiful cash, 1.8 billion. i think it was five plan runs of cash. 1.8150 billion. i was more impressed with 1.8 billion in cash if you want to know the truth, it was one of those things. >> sean: mark, wisconsin, how are you? >> onft well. >> youe look like bolton but a better looking version. >> i could do as good a job, i think. looking forward to your second term. the big concern i've got is how are you going to make sure that the election is fair and free from fraudulent absentee votes and mail-in ballots? that the concern i've got. >> i think that's the most important question i'll be asked. so now we have a male in thing and you see california, sending out millions and millions of dollars, where are they going? is the post man going to hand them out?
10:53 pm
take them out of the mailboxes? the other thing that'sre very important, you get a foreign country talking russia orhe chi, especially china, not russia, especially china, are they goine to print millions of dollars using the exact same paper, using the exact same machines and are they going to print ballots and then hand them in and all of a sudden, it's the biggest risk we have. the mail-in ballot, not so much the absentee ballot because going to have to vote in florida, et cetera, but people go through a process for that. it's really pretty good. but the mail-in ballots they mailed to anybody and they send them out by the millions. i think i read over 30 million ballots are going to be sent out in california. where are they going? nobody is standing there watching you vote. at least you get in line and they are using it, said the other day we went through world war i and we voted, went
10:54 pm
through world war ii and we voted. and nowug we have a virus and by that time, it'll be less and less. why are we going to vote? people want to vote. would be nice to be able to see of that,e and on top they should have the i.d. voting. we should have i.d. ballots. >> absolutely. >> great question. >> sean: you said you would like to have more than three debates with joe biden. >> i said i'll have three. i didn't say i want more. you say you want more just to show what a trick businesses, i don't like to say that. i will do whatever number they want to do. it's okay with me. >> sean: but a minimum of three. >> i guess three is the minimum but he is already saying he can't do the debates because of covid. can you believe it? i just heard a little inkling of it two days ago, i said watch this one. now, i will do any amount of debates. you understand what i mean. they'll say oh, he isn afraid, he's afraid he's going to lose.
10:55 pm
no, what i want to do is i'll do three and any amount that they want, doesn't make any difference to me. h he has a candidate that will destroy this country. and he may not do it himself that he will be run by a radical, fringe group of lunatics that will destroy our country. and people have to know that. >> sean: we will take a break.k. more from wisconsin, president donald trump as we continue this addition of hannity. ♪ so what's going on?
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here. have a great night. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. two cities, two incidences of police officers ambushed making simple arrests. that's big news, so why haven't you heard about it? we will tell you in just a moment. also tonight, the seattle mayor and the media lead us to believe the residents and businesses inside of chop were happy. why are they now fleeing or suing the city? this is rich. and the woke mob takes down one of disney's classic attractions, no! and raymond arroyo has it all on a special thursday follies. but first, the kids still aren't all right and that's the focus of tonight's angle.