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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 25, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: this week we are doing a series of special shows. on friday, i will give you a specific plan of action. first, you have to educate yourself. many people are going to try to make this about anything but what this show is truly about. from a line that i read a long time ago by thomas jefferson "question with boldness." i don't know how many answers i can give to you this week, but i will flood, as george washington called it, the battlefield of ideas with questions, honest questions. i want you to get a notepad. i want you to take notes on
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every show this week, and then, please, do your homework, ask these questions of yourself and then demand answers from washington, because america is at stake. we're not talking about my america or my vision of america. it's your vision of america. what do you think america should look like? and by the way, questioning your government is not only important, but in a democratic republic, it is required of each of us, so, if you're somebody who watches television, scratch your head and say, that doesn't make any sense. this week, i ask you, sit down. write some notes. call a friend right now and say watch the program on fox right now. then, stand up and come follow me.
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hello, america. this week i'm doing a special series of shows. it's called "a new republic: america's future," but i don't know about you. maybe i'm the only one. i didn't have a problem with the old republic. this special is more aptly titled "reasonable questions for an unreasonable time." all these weeks we will cover these topics, president obama, but you will quickly see this isn't about president obama. it is so much more. we're going to talk about the left and internationalists and graft and acorn-style organizations an revoluntionaries an hidden agendas, hidden agendas, and boy, you're going to learn a lot about hidden agendas tonight. i have to tell you that this is -- i have been in broadcast for 33 years. radio and television. this is the hardest week of broadcast i have had in my life, because i feel it is a culmination of something that started a long time ago.
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i have been trying to figure out what is going on in my country, my country and your country, with my president and your president, bush and obama. when bush argued with a straight face that he could protect america while keeping our borders wide open, i mouth went open and i went, what? i knew it was a lie at the time and so did you. i was angry and you were as well. you didn't understand it, but you know what? americans have this thing called a life and family. we got angry and then we just took it. you probably didn't do anything but watch closely and get more and more frustrated. well, luckily, maybe luckily, my family -- i go home every night with my kids and i read to them and we have a normal life, but my job is this -- i get to watch closely. i have researchers. i have access to information, so i started looking, and i started looking back then, and
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over the last few years, i tell you, quite honestly, i have come to believe things that i do not want to believe. they are run comfortable -- they are uncomfortable. they have made me, much to the aid of jon stewart's wallet, weep for my country. if you don't understand somebody who can weep for their country, well, that's ok, but that's who i am. i told you yesterday that there are three principles that this show is going to drum through in the next week. in fact, it may be our mantra for a very long time. question with boldness. it's something that changed my life that thomas jefferson said. question. honest question. question with boldness. then the second step is once you find the truth, whatever it is, hold to it. hold to the truth, and the third one, speak without fear. i have to tell you, if you don't do those three things soon, you haven't even begun to see fear. i want to focus on the second
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one tonight, just for a bit. if you truly ask what thomas jefferson called honest questions with a sincere heart, i have found that the answers in all aspects of yourr life may take you to a very uncomfortable place. tonight, they're going to take you, and this week, they're going to take you to places that you don't want to go. nobody wants to think that our president is a bad guy. i don't know if he is. i mean, he actually seems like a likable guy. he may be the greatest guy ever, but is he in step with you and what you believe our country is? when you hear evidence to the contrary, you have a decision to make. will you bury your head in the sand, refusing to believe, because it doesn't fit your political agenda or it just doesn't fit with your comfort level, or will you hold to the truth, whatever it is? , so you can be part of the solution, and not an enabler to the problem? we must look at our country
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not as today's politics, but the future place where our children will grow up. will they be free? on last night's show, i asked tough questions about the president's special advisors, his czars, and the white house didn't like t they called in the middle of the show. don't call them czars! really? does that bother you? these people have the ear of the president of the united states. we have a right to know more about them. what are they telling the president of the united states? is he listening to them? who are they? the first one we talked about was van jones, a self-proclaimed radical revoluntionary communist -- his words, not mine. a man who cofounded an organization whose own concluding documents -- not ancient history, just a few years ago, said, quote, all of storm's members developed a basic understanding of and commitment to revoluntionary marxist policies with a particular emphasis on the
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historical experiences of third world communist movements. gee, would that be anything like hugo shah chavez's venezuela? when we asked the white house if they knew about his roots and if it gave them pause to make him a special advisor and i like to call them czars, the white house said, quote, he was focused on only one issue. well, first of all, that is not an answer to the question and beyond that, he is a communist, focused on what? job creation. let me ask the white house this question -- what kind of jobs does a communist create? let me continue to ask who has the president surrounded himself with? >> who i associate with on economic policy, i associate with warren buffett and former fed chairman paul volcker. if i'm not interested in checking out my foreign policy, i associate myself with my running mate, joe biden or with dick lugar, the
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republican-ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee or general jim jones, the former supreme commander of nato. those are the people, democrats and republicans who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the white house. glenn: ok. i'm only taking his advice. you want to know what he believes? see the people he surrounds himself with. that's his advice. great. please, america, let's follow his advice. we already know of at least five radical leftists currently advising the president of the united states, and these are just the ones who are open about their radical beliefs and far left ideas. one, van jones. introduced you to him last night. he is our green jobs czar. admits he's a chiewnist! john holdren, the science czar, the forced abortions guy. he has said and i quote "neither the declaration of independence nor the constitution mentions a right to reproduce."
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this is in context referring to you may have a two-baby limit and the government has a right to say no more children for you. cass sunstein, another advisor to the president, the egg la tory czar -- the regulatory czar, proposed bans on hunting and meat, and also proposed that your dog be allowed to have an attorney in court, and also a fairness doctrine for the internet, because it gets a little dicey out there. he has stepped away from the last one, but we will talk about what the czars have in mind for a fairness doctrine tomorrow, joined by rush limbaugh. carol browner, she's our global warming czar. she was part of socialists international, a group for global governance. can stop there? are you are for a global government? are you for someone who is for a global government? and a socialist having the ear
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of the president of the united states? then we have ezekiel manuel, healthcare advisor, a a proponent of the complete lives system, which puts values on lives based mostly on age. now, here's an honest question -- how many marxists, communists, anti-capitalists do have you around you on a daily basis? whew. he doesn't just have socialists an communists advising him. last night i told you about the people who helped write the stimulus package, the apollo alliance. let me show you a picture of one of the leaders from the apollo alliance here in new york. this man's name is jeff jones. now, i don't know if he has directly advised the president. i don't know that, because we can't seem to get the entrance records at the white house, but we do know this -- his organization, the apollo
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alliance that he chairs here in new york had a lot to do with the stimulus bill. this is according -- we showed you this yesterday -- to harry reid, who said, quote, this legislation is the first step in building a clean energy economy that creates jobs. the apollo alliance has been an important factor in helping us develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them, end quote. does the president know who this man is? s do the president and america demand and listen to this answer? does the president know that he has now had two pretty big encounters with the founders of the weather underground? that's the group that bombed government buildings. do you remember he didn't really know bill ayers, but now indirectly, the other founder of the weather underground is helping write
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our bills. we asked the white house today if the president knew. we're still waiting for a response. by the way, we also told you that the white house has tied or wanted to go around the f.b.i. to have some of the vetting done by the white house. f.b.i. seeming seemingly is a little slow. i would think that based on what is happening here at the white house, it's pretty important to have an outside eye vet some of the people who may be advising our president. tonight, i will ask you, how many times do we have to find a marxist, communist, a revoluntionary, and what seems amazing me to be, a simple anti-capitalist near or around advising the president of the united states before we as a people ask the question -- when the president promises us this -- >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america!
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glenn: is he promising to transform us into something unrecognizable to most americans? but not unrecognizable to someone -- venezuela, like hugo chavez, who joked, quote "hey, obama's just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than general motors! comrade obama! fidel, be careful or we will end up to his right." is it unamerican? is it hateful? is it shocking? is it outrageous to sincerely and honestly ask this question -- when the communist president of venezuela says something like that, and there are literal communists add sizing the president -- communists advising the president, should we maybe be
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asking some more questions? phil kerpin is here from americans for prosperity. hi, phil. >> good to be here. glenn: i want to show you something on the other side of the board and help draw this together. i think this is stunning. we have jeff jones. we yesterday tied him together with obama and right directly to the apollo alliance, and here is jeff jones. put the picture of jeff jones up again, please. jeff jones is an interesting character. jeff jones is the founder of the weather underground, right? >> that's correct. glenn: what else has he done? >> well, jeff has been involved not just in the terrorist activities in the weather underground but he was part of the weather burr rue modeled on the politburo which is the high leadership with bill ayers and jones was on the run for about a decade before he was finally caught
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in a dramatic raid in 1991. he then became an advisor to environmental groups, labor organizations and to the new york state government where he just signed a commission for governor paterson. glenn: hold on this for a second. see what he did -- labor unions, and think seiu, and by the way, did anyone notice that the head of the fed in new york is now the former head of the afl-cio? hey, that shouldn't be any problem. here in new york, corruption with finances and new york and the unions? that's crazy. ok, so, labor unions an environmental projects. van jones, green jobs czar. then, what did he do? >> well, he is on a panel that we don't know much about, a commission that governor governor paterson put him on called the energy transition commission. i haven't been able to get any information about that, but one of the important things i found notable is that he is an advisor to the workforce
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development institute in new york which is advising state and local governments an universities on how to write their grants to get stimulus funds from the stimulus bill that he and his friends at apollo wrote. glenn: hold on a second. so the cofounder of the weather underground is working for the governor of new york, wow, and he's writing how to get money from the stimulus bill, written by the apollo ap liance, which -- by the apollo alliance, which he he is the hed of here in new york? >> that's right. and he is a national advisor for the national apollo ally alliance as well. >> so we have van jones, and jeff jones and rashid khalidi, who is tied directly to barack obama. the movement for a democratic society, what is that? >> that is a reconstituted version for students for a democratic society, which was the parent organization of the weather underground.
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these were the '60's radicals who wanted a revolution to overthrow the country. glenn: communists. here's the thing, america. communist movement, a movement for a democratic society, communist movement. what year was it founded? >> it was just recently founded in 2006. glenn: 2006. correct me if i'm wrong. this is what i see. we have carl davidson, progressive, connected to the new party, which is connected to the movement for democratic society, to progressives to van jones, to jeff jones, it's all connected. these people down here are radicals. there is no way -- they may have been adding businesspeople and everybody else, but they're basically radicals. >> they are, are glenn. actually, the most frightening part about this is that these guys are not for the public in everything they are trying to do. they have the p president of the sierra club on the board
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of the ap apollo alliance and they have leo gerard from the international steelworkers union, and john podesta from the american for center progress, all the mainstream elements of the obama administration and the liberal and progressive movement are tied in with these people. glenn: great. here is what is happening, america. the radicals are all down here. they start to filter up and come to places like the apollo alliance and filter up, and they're scrubbed clean, so they don't look like radicals anymore, but they're all tied here. the question you have to ask, obama never said that he was -- he claimed that he was a marxist, he listens to marxist professors, he was a radical, blah blah blah, but he was very young n his own book, he talks about seeking out those marxist professors. when was his change? when did he ever stand up and say i reject marxist principles, i reject these
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people. marxists, i reject them. he hasn't. should we ask him for that? is it important to know and when we come back, i'm going to show you the anti-capitalist -- forget about marxism. forget about radicals. how about just anti-capitalists inviting our president. we will introduce you to them, next. >> standing together to organization a revoluntionary movement, the danger of storm and the power these people still hold.
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>> a last night we broke all
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kinds of records for ratings, and i thank you for that. i thank you for waking your friends up, and please, please, there is a reason why everybody on the left is coming after this program. erthere's a reason for it. if we were wrong, and if we were completely wrong they would encourage us to keep going, brother. there is a special program this week. incite a friend to watch. dvr the show. save them. write them down. we're asking tough questions. when you look at one news story after another, things don't make sense. how can we spend our way out of debt? why are we rushing into anything? why won't our politicians bother to read the bills. john conyers said something outrageous but it makes sense when you put it into context of what you're beginning to learn this week and will by the end of the week. i hope you're getting this message. watch what he said. >> i love these members that get up and say "read the bill." what good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and
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you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill? glenn: so he thinks it's reasonable to not read the bill t doesn't make sense unless you understand the context. i think it's reasonable to read the bill, but let me ask you this -- if your wife suggests, you know, you're going to go out to eat at some mace you never heard of, you go, because you trust here. conyers is not being irresponsible. this is a sign that he trusts whoever put the bill together. you don't, because you have seen the ramifications of what's going on in washington. more importantly, until this week, you probably didn't know whose actually writing these bills. this week, you're getting a little closer to the truth. who is it that those in washington are trusting? it's not you. they think you're crazy. they want to put you on a watch list. maybe you'll end up trusting who is putting these bills together as well, and that's fine. i don't. you may, but we deserve to
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know, especially because we didn't vote for these people. whoever is pulling the strings or whiting the bill -- or writing the bill, who are they? well, take a look. >> to get through this, government needs to act. there is a great obligation and responsibility for governments to act to solve these things. the market will not solve this, and the great risk for us is that we do too little, not too much. >> the markets are still a free market and still is able to function, but if i can still a phrase from a former president whos was referenced about him that he sees capitalism coming from the capitalist. >> i thinkly win the nobel prize, because i think i can finally prove that ronald reagan is wrong, george bush is wrong. wealth does not trickle down. it trickles up. >> and guess what this is all about? this liberal would be all about socializing -- oh, would
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be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies. >> i think we had quite enough capitalism in the last eight years. i think we need some regulation now. >> we're looking for a speech that affected international documents, thinking about human rights, even constitutions all over the world. roosevelt's second bill of rights speech towers, i think, above the law. >> a culture of ir responsibility took root from wall street to washington to main street, and the
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regulatory regime basically crafted in the wake of a 20th century economic crisis, the great depression, was overwhelmed by the speed, scope and sophistication of a 21st century global economy, so today, my administration is proposing a sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system, a transformation on a scale not seen since the reforms that followed the great depression. >> i would like to elaborate the point, down with capitalism. glenn: down with capitalism. by the way, the former partner of the guy who runs the apollo alliance, the guy who helped write the stimulus bill. former economic advisor to president reagan, art laffer is here and senior economic writer for the wall street journal, stephen moore, authors of the bill "the end of prosperity." guys, i want to stick to who
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these people are, and i'm going to give you a few words of some of them, and then you tell me what it means. this is from are the science czar, john holdren -- "the need for de-development presents our nation with a major challenge. they must design a stable low-consumption economy in which there is much more equitable distribution of wealth in than in the present one. distribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential if a dees sent life is to be provided for every human being." stephen, do you want to take that? >> it's not surprising that we're not creating wealth and not creating jobs when mr. obama's advisors are against wealth and jobs. de-development means less development. this is clearly anti-capital ist but also anti-jobs, anti-wealth and anti-prosperity. this is the guy who wrote a book back in the 1960's with paul erlich and anner lick,
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who wrote about the whole world coming to an end. glenn: right. art, help me out on this one, this is from cass cass sunstein. without taxes, there would be no liberty. without taxes, few of us would have few assets worth defending. it is a dim fiction that some people enjoy and exercise their rights without placing any burden whatsoever on the public fisc. there is no liberty without dependency. that is why we should celebrate tax day." what does that mean? >> i don't really know how to take it. that's one to take on. we know there is a need for raise taxes to raise the revenue for what the government has to do, but we should try to minimize the damage that taxes do. we should do the least possible damage to the economy, not praise taxes. taxes are a necessary evil at times, glenn, but they are not something that we should praise. it is like praising cancer because it --
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glenn: here is what i'm asking you. brian dietz is a guy who according to "the new york times" knows nothing about the auto industry, helped redesign what we're doing now with general motors and chrysler, et cetera. >> and nancy pelosi. glenn: and nancy pelosi. he is not a capitalist. >> right. glenn: how is that we find ourselves with the president surrounding himself with people who are not capitalist capitalists? >> glenn, that's an easy question to answer, because the president doesn't believe in capitalism himself. he has made it clear. the people he surrounded himself share his belief system. it is anti-capitalist. i would also describe it, and i think art laffer would agree with this, but it is radical redistributionism to rob peter to pay paul. glenn: what is the question america needs to ask to pin the president down? he is either a capitalist or he is not. they use all this language, and me, personally, what we're
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doing this week is taking the president at his own words. you want to know what i believe, look at the people i surround myself with. well, stephen, you have looked at these people, so what should we ask? >> well, i mean, the question here is that he clearly doesn't believe in the system we have as we have it. his proposals demonstrate that very clearly. his healthcare proposal, we all know he wants a single payer, and he wants that to be the government. we all understand that he doesn't think consumers control prices. i mean, he doesn't propose many things we should do, and most of the things he has done are wrong. could glenn: america, please give me another 30 minutes tonight. i'm going to show you some stuff that i think is downright spooky, but i also have to come back and share with you the one question why is the fed in new york now being run by the unions? h
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>> i'm patti ann browne. stocks closed up this afternoon after president obama that tapped ben bernanke to serve another term. obama says bernanke has shepherded america through the worst financial crisis since the great depression. the shuttle was delayed by thunderstorms yesterday and will go up tonight at 1:30
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a.m. and an emergency crash-landing in the parking lot of a new jersey mall today. both the pilot and passenger onboard suffered minor injuries but are ok. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier previews what is on "special report" tonight. >> coming up, the nomination for the fed chairman for a second term comes on the same day the white house releases details of massive deficits for years to come and dismal unemployment projections. join me at the top of the hour for "special report," but now, back to glenn beck. glenn: this week we're doing a special series of shows. on phi day, i'm going to give you a -- on friday, i'm going to give you a plan of action. what do you do with all this information? many people will make this about anything other than what it really is, and that is honest questions. it came from a line that i
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read in a letter from thomas jefferson. "question with boldness." you may not get a ton of answers. i hope you are, but hopefully we will at least raise questions. i want you to get a notepad and take notes this week. do your own homework. i have done my own homework. these are the things that i have found, but now you need to carry it on, because there aren't ra lot of people carrying this water in america right now. it is your country, too. we all have a responsibility. questioning your government is not only a right or important, it is a requirement in a democratic republic. back with former economic advisor to ronald reagan, art laffer and senior economic writer for "the wall street journal", stephen moore. anybody could easily pick both of you apart and say you're from the right and those are the policies that have failed, blah blah blah. i'm looking for things that point to real serious trouble of judgment if you do believe
5:37 pm
in capitalism, which the administration is trying to get everybody to believe that don't know. they're capitalists but responsible capitalists. why in your wildest dreams would you put the head of the new york fed into the hands of the former acl -- afl-cio? the union, the labor union, why would you do that? >> it's shocking. i think it's because barack obama always was elected by the unions and this is payback. he has put union people in virtually every agency, but this is the agency that's in charge of the monetary system, and he's going to be very much in favor of a hugely expansion airy monetary policy because he thinks that's what helps unions. glenn: ok. art, go ahead. >> steve and i wrote a book about a year and a half ago which really laid out these types of issues.
5:38 pm
we were very hopeful, at least we hoped that it wouldn't happen, but "the end of prosperity" is the name of it. he is doing everything we worried about. it is probably the worst economic administration i have ever seen. whether it's unions or whether it is not, this guy is making every single econ101 mistake you can make. he is doing mistakes on monetary policy, healthcare, cap and trade, you name it, he is making the mistakes. people will see the light, won't they, glenn? glenn: i think -- let me tell you something. we broke all records last night, just last night, and i think more people -- >> congratulations. glenn: congratulations to america. >> no, you brought it out, though. you really do bring this out, and it needs to be brought out. it needs to be debated. i mean, people deserve the government they get, and if people are ill-informed, they deserved a bad government, an frankly, people need to do something in this next election to change this. glenn: one more quick
5:39 pm
question -- not only are the unions now the head of the new york fed, but also now, i found out today, and is this unusual or is this something that he we should question -- jeff i immelt is also a part of the new york fed. is that -- jeffrey immelt is also part of the new york fed. here you have an advisor to the president, a clear propaganda organ for this administration and nbc, and the head of it is now overseeing part of the board for the fed? >> here is the problem i have with this. i just believe, and this is not an assault against g.e. i have nothing against them, but when you mix big government and big business, bad things happen. i think there should be a divide between -- because what you get is government feeding the companies from which they came. that's just where the whole scam about goldman sachs. why has goldman sachs come out a winner all thoos financial
5:40 pm
transactions? and & this goes back to the bush administration, so many of the major players were goldman sachs' officials. glenn: i want to go back to jeff ry jones, who was part of a revoluntionary group called storm. they were is their mission still being carried out? >> capitalism helped transform america from depressed are colonies into one of the wealthiest superpowers the world has ever known, yet some people still think our system is broken or outdated. do you know what we call these people? idiots. if you want to stop them, you need the facts an glenn beck's new book is full of them. "arguing with idiots" how to stop small minds and big governments. it is coming to bookstores everywhere this small. order now at
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glenn: america, thank you so much for watching. this is a special we're doing every night at this time until friday. "new republic, america's future." we're asking questions with boldness. if that puts you or me on a watch list, that's fine. i'm cool with that. i mean, i'm doing the american thing. i'm asking questions of our government. it is a responsibility. i think left or right, i don't think too many americans, even if you support the president,
5:44 pm
are comfortable with the tactic of jamming everything down our throat. why the rush? we have some questions before you hurry that bill through. fill us in on the czars and the advisors. what are they doing, exactly? how did they get into that position? what are they saying? what are they adviseing? do they have any real power? how many of them have radical, socialist or communist backgrounds? how does that keep happening with this administration? i don't have any acquaintances who love chairman mao or even the term czar. that makes me uncomfortable. i think come miss sar is probably better. the obama administration keeps fining these czars and expecting us not to believe he is a radical. how is that possible? it's almost as plausible as coming from the most corrupt political system in the country, chicago, illinois, and coming out as a reformer who is having no enemies that you expose. by the way, my apologies to
5:45 pm
chicago. it might actually be the most corrupt -- but maybe new orleans is, home of acorn and seiu. what does the president really believe in? he hasn't given us specifics. he is likable. we project on him the things that are best in us. stop looking at the president and anybody else in washington, right or left, through that lens. don't see the man that is you projected on him. see him as a man who happens to be our president or a senator or a congressman. how was he raised? what does he believe? more importantly, what do those around him believe? here is fox news contributor and syndicated columnist michelle malkin, who is going to help us out a little bit more on this book that i read two weeks ago. it is called "reclaiming revolution." it is terrifying, michelle, and it's not an ancient book. can you tell me a little bit about it? >> well, it's very creepy. what it is essentially is a
5:46 pm
self-published history of this group standing together to organize a revoluntionary movement, and it is a rhett prospective of what -- a retrospective of what this group did and how it splintered and essentially disbanded and yet grew its evolutionary cadre that is out there today over the '90's and into 2004. there are a lot of parallelled here -- a lot of parallels here between acorn and the seiu operate and this left wing operated as well. it is difficult to taste who was involved. we know, obviously, for example -- glenn: do we know about san jones? was van jones clearly in this^ >> yes, he was one of the founding members and this revoluntionary cadre, as they called themselves, was very sec kettive. it was a closed cadre. you could only join by insi tation only. obviously they did better vetting than the administration did in allowing people into this little cadre,
5:47 pm
and then what happened was many of these members who couldn't get along with each other started their own separate groups, and to me what is important is connecting the dots and following the money, as pat cadell said on your show yesterday. that's what "culture of corruption" my book is about. that is what was done here. we don't know who the shadowy funders of storm were, but we know some of the founders of some of their outlying groups. glenn: we will come back. let me give you quotes from this book. "the vigil was to be an expression of solidarity with arab and muslim americans and mourning for the dead in new york and washington, d.c. as well as the victims of u.s. imperialism around the world. the vigil, held in oakland snow park drew hundreds of people. their, storm members articulated a strong anti-imperialist line that resonated with everyday people there." how about the revoluntionary quote -- "storm devoted
5:48 pm
revoluntionary ideas during the time when these politics were hard to find. while many people in our generation seem to dismiss marxism as inherently white and seng tearian, we look -- and sectarian, we look towards the revolutions of third world communism and found valuable and inspiring models for revoluntionary change." and finally "storm was never formally a marxist leninist organization and never had a marntionist theoretical framework but we had a political framework to marxism and leninism and upheld capitalist exploitation and agree with their analysis of the state and party and found inspiration and guidance in the insurgent revoluntionary strategies developed by third world revoluntionaries like ma o tse-tung and amilca amilcar tamro." i don't know who that last guy
5:49 pm
is, but you will see all the other organizations now much clearer in a minute. first a programming note. tomorrow we will be joined by rush limbaugh. freedom of speech, i believe, is on a hairtrigger. getting rid of people like me in talk radio and your voice. what's coming in the coming months? tomorrow, with rush limbaugh. don't miss it. 
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glenn: thank you, america, po watching. this week we're asking questions with boldness. back with michelle malkin. michelle, i wanted to ask you quick and i wanted to show you this on the chalkboard. tell me what "raw" is. >> this is roots against war.
5:53 pm
this is a precursor to storm. they were founded in the early 1990's to protest against the gulf war. glenn: was van jones a member of raw? >> well, we're not sure, because again, they're very secretive about who did what went. it is the kind of due diligence that the white house should have been doing beforehand. glenn: i know, yes. is it a marxist, communist anti-capitalist revoluntionary-style organization or just anti-war? >> explicitly all of that. glenn: ok. then this folded, right? >> yes. glenn: and it went away, right? >> right. it was absorbed by storm. glenn: out of that, out of those people they went to storm, which was supposed to be a little, i guess, a little more gentle revoluntionary sort of communist organization, right? >> yes, but they also engaged in direct actions and they
5:54 pm
were involved, for example, in protesting at the violence of the u.t.o. riots in seattle that causes millions of dollars worth of property damage. glenn: that folded, an van jones was in this one. he helped found storm or was at least one of the founding members. then he went into ella baker, which sounds even nicer, doesn't it? what is ella baker? >> well, the precursor to the ella baker foundation in the bay area wasing something called the bay area police watch. they were essentially dedicated to demonizing local law enforcement and crusading for things like freeing abbu jamal, the convicted cop killer in philadelphia. glenn: ok. ella baker then now goes in with van jones to the apollo alliance. again, america, these organizations are opening up, closing down, opening up, closing down. what's happening is they are getting more and more
5:55 pm
mainstream, more and more mainstream. ask questions. when we come back.
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5:57 pm
glenn: all this week, we are having questions. i may not have the answers but i have a whole lot of he questions and you should, too. these are just from tonight's show. who is surrounding the president at the white house? do any of the president's advisors have criminal records? president's advisors work to better the country or for their own ideals? who are the anti-capitalists
5:58 pm
in washington? what role do they have in crafting any of the bills, especially the jobs creations bill? what was storm? what happened to the founders? where are they now? what are the qualifications to be a czar or presidential advisor? what is the difference between a community organizer and a community activist? is there? do these czars have power, real power? should a communist have the ear of the president of the united states? america, please, answer that question, please. what role did the apollo alliance play in crafting the bill? does the p president know that the cofounder of the weather underground is a board member of the apollo alliance that crafted the stimulus package? how many people in this administration are connected to the movement for a democratic society? that is a communist, socialist society, developed in 2006.
5:59 pm
what role does george soros play in all of this? where is the constitution? this administration and its allies on the left are going to try, and they are trying hard, to make this all about me, or all about anything else rather than answer these questions. that's last night. these are tonight. this is your country. this is your life, your future, most importantly, your family, your children's future. you may disagree with me. you may question my motives, whatever. question everything! question with boldness! answer these questions, or get somebody to answer the questions. we can't get the white house to answer them. then, when you get the answer, you hold to the truth, no matter where it takes you, and speak without fear. for a complete list of these questions, we ask tonight and then all week, go all week to tomorrow, our series


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