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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 29, 2009 2:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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>> and it is 2 p.m. on the east coast. eleven o'clock in the westment welcome to america's news headquarters covering all of the day's headlines. i'm trace gallagher live in new york. . >> i'm martha mccallum live at our lady of perpetual health basilica in massachusetts as we cover the funeral of edward kennedy. a plane carrying the nartsenatos casket expected to land at andrews air force base. you're looking at constitution avenue, along the procession route and the skies are much sunnier than in massachusetts. earlier today, we watched as hundreds of friends, family, colleagues, packed into basilica behind me and they honored and celebrated the life of the senator who passed away at age 77 this week after a long battle with brain
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canc cancer. senator kennedy served 47 years in the u.s. senate, making what many say is a profound impact on u.s. life. president obama delivered the eulogy today at senator kennedy's funeral, let's take a listen. >> while he was seen by fiercest critics as a partisan lightning rod, that's not prism through which ted kennedy saw the world, nor was it the prism through which his colleagues saw ted kennedy. he's a product of an age when the joy and noebbility of politics, difference of party and platform and philosophy, and a barrier or mutual respect. a time when adversaries, still saw each other at patriots. >> president obama also saying that senator kennedy was, quote, the greatest
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legislatulegislator of our time and now the man known as the lion of the senate will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery in virginia. he will be buried near his two brothers, president john f. kennedy and senator robert kennedy later today. now, senator kennedy's remains are right now en route to andrews air force base and that is where molly henneberg is standing by and molly, what do we expect when senator ted kennedy's body arrives there. >> hi, in a couple of hours, expect the hearse and the motorcade to begin the trip over to washington. we're in camp springs maryland, a 30 minute trip to washington where senator kennedy will pay his-- will have his final farewell to the nation's capital and the nation's capitol building where he served for so long. as you said, he will refly, his remains will fly and family attend from massachusetts to andrews air force base, about an hour and a half flight or so and then it will take about an hour for
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the hearse, for the casket to be offloaded off the military plane and put into the motorcade. the family get into the medicaid ca medica medica medicaid motorcade cars as well, a final ride in the city and the family asked for a modicum of andrews air force base, that's why we're outside. we'll capture the moment while the motorcade leaves and head up for family time when the casket actually arrives in the d.c. area. martha. >> yeah, molly, you can't think about that without remembering that senator kennedy's brother, president john f. kennedy, was-- is body was brought tlhrough andrews in different circumstances. >> in 1963, his body was brought from dallas after the assassination and recently we've seen presidents die after long lives pass through andrews, president reagan in 2004 and president ford in
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2006 and it's relatively unusual all no the unheard of for a senator to come in and out of andrews. for one reason, most senators don't die while in office, but this is something special for senator kennedy, martha. >> molly, talk to us a little about the reasoning and thinking behind, you know, beyond the obvious, behind the burying at arlington national cemetery. >> right. you know, this is a senator who loved massachusetts, who loved boston, who loved cape cod, but he wanted to be buried near his brothers, that's one of the reasons he'll be buried at andrews air force base and you can be buried at andrews if you're a member of congress who has served in the military and you're honorably discharged and senator kennedy served in the army. he was honorably discharged so he can be buried there and buried near his brothers at the base of that beautiful hill and andrews air force base shadow of arlington house, family home of civil war leader general robert e.
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lee and a hundred feet from his brother and a hundred feet from president kennedy, that's where he wanted to be near his brothers. martha. >> we'll talk to somebody who knows about that coming up. molly henneberg, thank you very much. trace back to you in new york. >> there will be many spectators gathering along constitution avenue to pay respects to senator kennedy. kennedy's motorcade will travel that route over the potomac at arlington national cemetery. caroline shively is live along the procession route in washington. what is the significance of this route? >> part of the significance, trace, it's a similar route to that taken by two of his older brothers. first, john f. kennedy after he was assassinated a few years later, baby kennedy, they, too, drove past the mall with their motorcade. they, too, went past the lincoln memorial and over the memorial bridge to their final resting place of arlington cemetery. of course, he is the only kennedy brother who lived to
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old age, much less past middle abling, unlike his two, three older brothers actually so this is definitely a significant day for washington. we saw the dignataries and the presidents and the senators up there in massachusetts paying their respects and i think partly today as you see it's about the little guy. wa watching up on the senate step and along constitution avenue as the motorcade goes past and pay final respects to the man known as the liberal lion of the senate. >> and i guess, caroline, the real impact of senator kennedy's death won't be really felt for a few weeks, until the senate recess is over? >> i think you're right, trace, because, the senate and the house won't get back for a couple weeks now, many of the staffers are on vacation, d.c. is filled with tourists. i think once they realize, once the senate office building, once those halls, you won't see senator kennedy. once you won't see him on the floor of the senate and dining out and going out here in washington, the city where he worked for 47 years, where he raised his three children just
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off the city limits. i think when we see his office officially closing and those staffers going home that's when it will hit a lot of folks here in d.c. >> caroline shively live for us on constitution avenue, caroline, thank you. >> martha. >> later this afternoon, senator edward kennedy's casket will arrive at the place where he made his political legacy more than four decades. the capitol building in washington d.c., we'll be joined by carl cameron, live from the russell balcony on capitol hill where staffers and old capitol hill friends will be paying respects. carl. >> hi, the rotunda is where senator kennedy has his office one of the more prime real estate, a back story in washington about the jockeying for position who gets tbest of the office space and kennedy's is closest to the capitol within the building. the processional will come to the capitol today and come down constitution avenue and turn in front of the steps of the capitol where staffers and members of congress past and
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present will gather. they'll all be given american flags to wave, small little hand flags and one of the guests on the steps of the capitol honoring senator kennedy when the processional comes through here will be none other than west virginia senator robert byrd, the longest serving senator in the u.s. senate and has been quite frail and ill up through recent months. as many democrats were worried about senator kennedy's absence in death and absence in life on the health care debate that's been taking place on capitol hill in recent months, so, too, are they worried about senator bird's health. his appearance in a wheelchair, last minute of the proceedings coming up later this afternoon will be something of a moment, mar that. in addition, there will be just a massive outpouring of goodwill and love and respect and gratitude from these capitol hill staffers. we have been talking about it for days now. official washington, u.s. government indeed, coast to coast, is just absolutely sprinkled with kennedy
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staffers, kennedy friends, kennedy aides, kennedy family members, because of the life's work of the family over the last century. ted kennedy's 47 years in washington has left a huge legacy of very important officials ranging, as folks have already said, to justice steven breyer in the u.s. supreme court was a kennedy aide to obama administration's current pay czar, they're all over the place, including on tv in many cases. many of them will be on the steps and then, after having heard from a couple of speakers, listening to some music and some remarks from the house chaplain, the processional will take a left down independence avenue past the smithsonian museums, past the department of justice, past the white house, the george washington monument, past the first and second world war memorials, vietnam and south korean war memorials and a left at the lincoln memorial across the bridge to arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: all right, carl
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cameron, thank you very much, carl, we're still watching people stream into the church behind us, well wishers, and people who want to pay their respects to the family. a couple of people still coming out, but a lot of people going in just to see the place where the funeral just wrapped up a few minutes ago. trace, we'll keep watching it from here, back to you in new york. >> jon: it's amazing as people stream in the church. senator kennedy's body is now making its way to the air force base which is about 15 miles north of boston. this is from our affiliate wfxt up there in boston. this is a live look, we should see the cortege kind of make its way into hanson air force base and then of course the senator's body put on a plane and flown to andrews's air force base and we're told the flight time is approximately two hours, so given the time as it stands now, 11 minutes after two in the east you would imagine it wouldn't really get to andrews air force base until probably you know, 4:30 east coast time and then as carl was talking about, the cortege kind of
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making its way past the nati nation's capitol, the steps of the senate building and moving on across the mall, potomac and into arlington national cemetery. for more, let's bring in hillary, a state house bureau chief with the boston herald and hillary, you talk about this. it's cabot or chess? >> chabot. you watch this as the day goes on. it's intended for presidents, you see the people inside the church today and you see this really is of presidential proportions this out pouring you saw. >> yeah, absolutely. and i mean, it was-- it started earlier this week. and it's amazing to watch all the people who lined up for hours and hours and hours, just to walk by, and as a reporter here, you hear the stories from people who have had their lives touched by him in so many different ways and
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it's really a testament. i was talking to a colleague today as we were headed down to d.c. and we were thinking how do they do it? all the personal notes that were his trademark and all the times when he just made a ca call, it was amazing that he had the time to touch so many people and do so much. >> hillary, martha mccallum here in boston. i want today get some of what you have been learning about the personal side of how senator kennedy and his wife, vicky kennedy, how they spent the last couple weeks of his life and the things he was saying about his brothers during that last reflective period. >> yeah, well, it was an amazing conversation i had with congressman dell ahunt, from our delegation, who was talking to me a little bit about what obama meant to kennedy and he really felt that obama was sort of carrying the torch, the
2:14 pm
kennedy torch, as it were, from jack to bobby, to obama. and apparently, when they were discussing this, kennedy said to congressman dellahunt, he was looking forward to a reunion with his brothers, which is really the first insight into his sort of ending days and what he was thinking about as he was wrapping up his life. it was an amazing, an amazing moment and amazing conversation. >> indeed it is. and he's about to be the body of edward kennedy will be reunited with his brothers in just a few hours from now in arlington cemetery and a fitting place that will be for him given those comments. talk to me a little bit. there has also sort after lighter side to some things that he was doing, watching tv with vicky and you know, sort of packing in some last kind of ent tanning moments with her and they lived on cape cod. >> yeah, of course, he was always sailing.
2:15 pm
i mean, it was amaze to go me how much so sailed. i couldn't even believe it and i remember when we were first coveri covering, when he was first diagnosed and certainly, it was very scary and boy, he did not want to miss this annual race, the sail boat race,' was there, waste going to do it, you know, regardless and that's what of course, everybody was talking about today, during the mass and last night. he had this spirit that wasn't going to let adversity keep him from having fun and from going on with his life. >> reporter: you know, we've talked a lot, hillary, about the family members. we watched them streaming in and out of the memorial service and the bells are ringing behind me, i hope you can hear me. i want your thoughts on who might, in this next generation, some people say they watch joe kennedy ii last night and that maybe he will step up to the plate. who, if anybody, is promising politically in this generation? >> i certainly think joe has a
2:16 pm
lot of political clout, even though he left of his own accord and said he wanted to go-- he always polls tremendously well. a poll as recently as march where he did better in the favorability rating than anybody else, other, you know, other potential candidates such as attorney general martha cokely. he polled much more favorably. so, you know, he's still got some pull and certainly, there's a sentimental feeling they'd like to see that seat remain with the kennedys. on the other hand, there's plenty of people who i think are almost undeterred by that and feel as though, you know, this is a once in a lifetime seat, the senate seat hasn't been open in a very long time and they really want to go for it. so it should be a fun race. in terms of money and backing and you know, support and the kind of logistics you need to have in gear. do you think that joe kennedy
2:17 pm
has that kind of operation ready to go or will you just sort of plug into the existing kennedy operation. >> the kennedy machine is quite strong and if he wanted to go ahead, i'm sure he would do just fine besides the fact he does have about 2 million, i believe, already in his federal account. so he's ready to go with that. that's certainly more than martha cokely has. it's less than former congressman marte meehan, another potential successor who has nearly 6 million, so, but i mean, i'm sure he'd be ready to gear up very quickly if needed. >> hillary, boston herald, thank you very much, hillary. very interesting to watch. good to have you with us, trace. >> meantime, senator kennedy known to many as a champion for health care reform. his desk now leaving an empty senate seat and raising questions about who will carry on his fight for universal health care. and amid those and along with
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>> time now for a check of the headlines. just a few hours from now, senator edward kennedy will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. he will be buried near his brothers, including president john f. kennedy whose grave is marked by the eternal flame. a mandatory evacuation we're now told in our next story is underway in a mountainous area north of los angeles. there's a major wildfire burning there and crews are trying to keep it from spreading up mount wilson where the historic observatory is located and the third time is the charm, the shuttle discovery blasting off. it was beautiful last night and went off just before midnight eastern on friday. it was the third attempt this week to get the discovery off the ground and it was scheduled to meet up with the international space station. and that's going to happen tomorrow night.
2:23 pm
>> meantime, senator kennedy once said that providing health care insurance for all people is called the cause of my life. he had a hand in nearly every piece of health care legislation that moved through congress since 1962 when he was first elected in a special election to fill his brother john's senate seat. his death for how now leaves the senate without the filibuster proof majority and the extra push to help the president with health care reform. with us now, is a former communications director for colorado, senator mark udall's campaign, taylor. first to you, taylor, cut and dried, is the health care reform as it stands now, did it lose its biggest advocate in senator kennedy or did senator kennedy's death rally the troops and actually push this health care reform bill along? >> well, trace, there's no question that better health care was a hume part of the cause of senator kennedy's
2:24 pm
life. and i think that his death, while a loss for the senate in comparable amount, is going to allow people to take a step back and think what we're really trying to do here and that's simply this, to ensure that any family in america that works hard and plays by the rules, can take their child to the doctor if he gets sick, can be sure that an insurance company is not going to stand between him and their doct doctor. >> trace: well, the fact, tony, right now, what americans do-- taylor if i can jump in here. taylor, can you hear me. >> that assurance is going to be taken away because of a preexisting condition. >> trace: taylor, can you hear me. >> this to me tony, can you hear me. taylor, taylor, can you hear me? i don't think taylor can here me. tony, in the meantime she can't here me, but the question she brings up here is that the health care bill,
2:25 pm
really, it's not one that america at this point in time loves and so, yeah, the objective she laid out pretty concisely, but the bottom line america as a whole doesn't like the health care bill. how much do you catch onto it, do you name this the senator edward m kennedy health care reform bill? do you play that up? what do you do with your democrats because you don't want to alienate their right altogether, just caught on the left. >> just what was said. due to the great work of senators like ted kennedy, that's not the issue that's being addressed by the current health care legislation, we're basically talking about a public option, that will socialize the national economy and force almost every single american over the course of time into a single payer system. that's the opposition. let's face facts, we've heard it for the last several days since the passing of senator kennedy, he is probably the most powerful and trance sen dent movement politician of our time.
2:26 pm
what does that mean? it means that he represented a cause so much greater than himself, that people were drawn to him. now, that might live on and endure as the senator and his very powerful words have said, but i don't think it's going to do much to really galvanize those who weren't already on his side and who are those? those are liberals, let's remember, senator kennedy in all respect to him and his legacy, was the liberal alternative to president jimmy cart ner 1980. so, to the degree it might galvanize suspects -- democrats in congress, i think you might invoke his name powerfully. >> trace: taylor can you hear me now. >> i can hear you now. >> trace: and i want know know the whole idea of massachusetts changing this law. senator kennedy requested that the governor patrick, announce and appoint who his successor would be. you know, back in 2004, they were very much against this, taylor, very much against then governor mitt romney having the power to do that. is this a flip-flop on the
2:27 pm
part of the democrats? >> now, look, trace, i think it's very understandable that at a time in our country where we' we're so close to fixing a broken health care system and facing incredible challenges with our economy and moving forward and solutions to the problems that the people of massachusetts would want to have their full-- >> extra vote in the meantime? can you get the extra vote? if you appoint a democrat, you've got the filibuster proof majority. you're back on with that and if you don't get it, tony, it's critical for health care and critical for further legislating, now, climate change, et cetera. >> well, sure, i think that democrats really should focus on trying to create a compromise that will appeal to the moderates in their own party. for the governor of massachusetts or the legislature there to change a law, out of political convenience, obviously, that's a matter up for the state. i think it's hipocracy, but again, that's a matter that they're allowed to decide. i think that congress really should focus on create ago bill that's palpable to the majority of americans, which the current legislation being
2:28 pm
discussed is clearly not. >> trace, aid he like to. >> trace: go ahead, taylor. >> i'd like to break in for a second and apologize because i dropped out earlier, but i wanted to go back to a point that i think tony was making about medicare and in fact, you know, senator kennedy was a huge champion of medicare and one of the big points this health care reform that he supported was giving american people the choice to buy into a medicare-like option that would protect their health. >> trace: it's a good point that tony brings up, and we'll talk further down the road about this rasmussen poll that says that opposition to health care reform has stopped eroding. that's the good news, the bad news, it's not increased. the support has not increased. >> you know, trace. >> trace: taylor, we have to-- >> americans support a medicare-like options. >> they don't support that chase. >> both of you thank you much. >> thank you, trace. >> thank you. >> martha: all right, on to stormy weather. a broader storm system we're
2:29 pm
told mostly absorbed the remnants of tropical storm danny and down downgraded to tropical depression at this point, but the storm is expected to produce rough surf out there. dangerous rip current as it surges north and pounds the northeast with heavy winds and rain and you can see them thut the day. meteorologist janice dean is joining us now for the fox weather center. hi, janice. hi, martha. the good news this could have been a whole lot worse if indeed the forecast proved true, that danny was going to be a storm and then a hurricane. now, it's just a remnant low. it doesn't pack much punch and we're thankful for that. as martha mentions, being absorbed by a broader storm system. see at that counter clock-wise activity right across the great lakes, yes, that's a low pressure system and the front associated with that. and also shall the remnants of danny bringing in incredible amounts of moisture. this is a quick moving storm though. boston should be out of the worst of it for the neck couple of hours, for now, seeing the potential for heavy
2:30 pm
rain, flood watches for northern connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island until 8 p.m., you can see all of that tropical moert moving into the boston region. temperatures certainly reflecting the cooler air mass, moving into the region. 80 in philadelphia, but it's 68 in new york, 64 in boston. 60 in burlington, 87 in richmond. also, watching, well, the trop ex-a ics are into high season right now, so this is a low pressure system, a wave, 350 miles away from the lesser antilles. will this become erica? we'll have so see and keep it posted. martha, back to you. >> martha: thank you very much. trace. >> trace: the tropics are heating up. thank you. abducted from her family 18 years ago. today, jaycee dugard is getting reacquainted with loved on loved ones and we're getting chilling new information about the man accused of stealing her childhood. a live report on this bizarre story next.
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>> well, the president and first lady julanded back in martha's vineyard. the former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter will also among those to attended the funeral. let's get to a very rainy martha's vineyard and molly line. we know the president eulogized senator kennedy, but also made time to release his weekly radio address. >> that's right, he released the weekly radio address this morning and focused on the fourth anniversary of hurricane katrina, hurricane katrina's anniversary is marked this weekend. in his address he says he'll be visiting the gulf coast or new orleans and as well as plans for being prepared for disasters in the future and his administration is working closely with local and
2:36 pm
governmen governments. and he feels he has an organized and fema administration administrator began serving earlier this year. >> i'm proud that my fema administrator has 25 years of disaster experience in florida, a state that has known share of hurricanes and across the country, that means modernizing our communications and helping a family plan for a crisis. >> he talks a lot about planning efforts for a crisis that could happen here in america. the efforts in the case of an earthquake or even pandemic and spoke a lot about h1n1 in this address and saying he worked with the federal government and local and state government as well as governments around the world to be ready for that threat, but the assessment is in place and that america is ready that risk. >> my by clock, he's got about a day and a half, the president, that is left of
2:37 pm
vacation on martha's vineyard. it's on the agenda for today, tomorrow and where does he go next week? >> well, he has arrived here on the island and he's with his family now. he and the first lady arrived back home at the farm where they're staying, reunited with their daughter and family members and he's spent time golfing and bike riding and one little adventure they haven't had all week, is kind of a martha vineyard thing to do or vacation thing to do in general is ice cream, not an ice cream type of day today and for that matter tomorrow so we'll see if they actually make that trip. and the entire family returned to washington d.c. nothing on the schedule for monday, but we know that on wednesday he and his family intend to go to camp david where they're expected to spend a long weekend. trace. >> molly line, live for us on martha's vineyard. thank you. and martha knows very well, you can't go to cape cod and not get ice cream. you have to get ice cream. >> martha: several times a day if possible. thank you, trace. senator kennedy of course remembered throughout the course of the last couple of
2:38 pm
days, and as a friend, at the service this morning, as we await the arrival of his casket at andrews air force face, we're pleased to have former senator who served 18 years in the senate with senator kennedy. senator, that would sound like a long team if you weren't compared to senator kennedy today who was there for 47 years. your thoughts on that. >> yeah, thank you. that's 18 years was a good stint, but nothing compared to ted kennedy. >> martha: exactly the and the dedication he had towards the job and the senate in itself. >> martha: talk to me a little about what you think his passing will mean for the senate. we've talked a lot about this, but when you look at the polls and look at the way at that people are responding to this hurrica health care bill, there's a feeling across the country when you look at the numbers that people are not in the mood to expand government even what they've spent on stimulus and those kinds of things. where does ted kennedy's brand
2:39 pm
of liberalism and solving these problems, where does that stand now, do you think? >> well, i think that the issue doesn't evaporate. either because ted kennedy passed away or we were still here. i think your question is really, are the people in this country really aware of the need for the complex and the problems of health care? i have health care as ted kennedy did. because i was a member of the senate and all federal workers have the same health care, it's really good, but it's expensive, it gives me choice, it has no government option. and to me, that is where the senate, i would like to see, go towards the widened bill in my judgment, because it deals with the problem without dealing with more government regulations and more government intrusion and i'm not sure where ted kennedy would be, but he was such a
2:40 pm
practical legislator that it never. he never lost focus on what his objective was and his objective in health care was known by everybody, was to get the uninsured people and those that had been turned down for coverage because of prior illnesses, to get him covered and that's the way my policy works. they can knock my program. the government program, all the government employees eight or nine million of us, however many there are, have this program and they can't turn you down because of pre-existing things. now, we pay for it and it costs us money so i think that's where the issue is now, across america. will there be an attempt to do this without more government, quote, intrusion, in the choices? and that's just my observation from witnessing what's been going on. >> martha: right. you know, senator, president obama today spoke of senator
2:41 pm
kennedy as the soul of the democratic party. you know, from your own observance of this process and that's going on in washington where do you think the soul of the democratic party is now and is the standard bear er bra barack obama at this point? >> that's a good question, particularly from someone like me who comes from a conservative state and elected there, even when the majority of the pop ligs on my last two elections were republicans. you know, and the soul of the democratic party, in my opinion, is what the president was talking about is the ideal of the democratic party, the particular issue of being a liberal or conservative. now, that's just my interpretation because i am more of a sentricentrist, ted kennedy was far more of a liberal. no question about it and that's what to me has always been the stallworth of the democrat
2:42 pm
democratic party. there's room for all of us and that's why i remained a democrat and where it seems very difficult in the opposition party to find that moderate or leaning left on some issues. >> martha: all right. senat senator, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today. >> thank you, you have a good day. >> martha: we appreciate it, sir. >> trace: thank you. remember the journalist who hurled shoes at former president bush? he's been in custody since that bizarre outburst last december, but he'll soon be walking free. and we'll tell you why. next. i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time.
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2:46 pm
>> we're back in boston massachusetts after the funeral for senator ted kennedy and we want to give you a little insight to this story. former vice-president dick cheney now calling a justice department probe into cia terrorist interrogation,
2:47 pm
insisting that the techniques used kept the country safe the last eight years and punishing the cia interrogators will weaken america's ability to defend itself. >> the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved with that policy and say how did you do it, what were the keys to keeping the country safe over that period of time? instead, they're out there now, threatening to disbar the lawyers and give some legal opinions, threatening contrary to what the president originally said and investigate the cia personnel that carried out those investigations. >> and not to be missing it, you can catch the entire thing with former vice-president dick cheney on fox news sunday right here on fox news channel. check your local listing and see chris wallace's interview. trace. >> the government is offering major assistance of veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. are soldiers getting more tuition benefits thanks to a beefed up g.i. bill.
2:48 pm
what colleges and universities are now doing to woo these potential students. >> and it's now time for the top of the news, the headlines now, if we can go to that. here are the headlines now? the city of boston pays final respects to the lion of the senate. despite a persist at the point in time rain, hundreds of mourners lined the streets to see senator edward kennedy's funeral procession to go back. some said they wanted to witness a moment in history. in california an out of control wildfire is now forcing people into mountains north of los angeles to leave their homes. so far, nearly eight square miles of forest have burned there. tropical storm danny has been downgraded it a tropical depression. and continues to weaken out in the atlantic, but it's still, it still has enough power left to cause dangerous surf and conditions from the carolinas to new england. coming up on the other side of the break we are going to get you a live report coming out of california.
2:49 pm
this creepy story involving the kidnap of a woman 18 years ago who is now 29 years old. she was 11. back with her family and new information about the man who's accused of taking her next. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist is on a roll. new anti-aging eye roller. reduces puffiness immediately -- and also helps with lines and wrinkles. not surgery. this is our way to do your eyes. new regenerist anti-aging eye roller. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight.
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2:53 pm
>> developing right now. california kidnap victim jaycee tu gua jaycee due guard spending the first weekend with his family in 18 years. the man suspected of kidnapping, raping her and fathering her two children sits behind bars and today we're learning new information about her nightmare ordeal, living as a captive in his back yard and the missed opportunities to save her. and there's ward that suspect phillip garrido may be investigated in connections of unsolved murders of prostitutes back in the 1990's. let's get back to casey stegall in antioch. let's begin with the unsolved murders. what do we know about the possible connection here. >> that's one of the new developments we're following. we knew that 58-year-old phillip garrido had a long list, convicted of rape in 1996 and he may be linked to some unsolved murder in the areas of murdered prostitutes
2:54 pm
turning up dead and some bodies were found near an industrial park where he apparently worked in the early 1990's, but additional evidence that police have linking him to the crimes are tight-lipped about it. we can tell you for sure, we've been standing here this morning, this is an active crime scene going on behind me, comings and goings and police have been in and out of there with different vehicles, they're removing evidence, processing it quickly and elaborate crime scene as it's characterized, trace, and we presume they haeb looking for evidence that may possibly link him to these unsolved murder in the area. >> trace: we'll get back to you with breaking information, casey stegall live for us in antioch, california. thank you. martha. >> martha: well, colleges and universities are now rolling out the welcome mat for military veterans. it's the result of increased kwa education benefits many of our veterans are getting from the new g.i. bill. laura ingle is live with that
2:55 pm
story. >> this will be the first semester that colleges and university will see veterans funding from the new bill, the post 9-11 g.i. bill went into effect this month and they're waiting with open arms for soldiers to make a flood transition. we took our cameras to rutgers university to check out the special things that college campuses are strengthening services providing to the vets. there are orientations, websites and mentoring programs in many schools. the new post 9/11 g.i. bill will pay for tuition and fees for men and women who served the country. and while the former g.i. bill covered expenses for vets, the new bill significantly increases the amount of money that vets will have access to, along with covering the cost of textbooks and monthly housing allowances and in many cases vets will be able to go to college for free. >> for me it takes a tremendous financial burden off me, for many veterans it
2:56 pm
provides them with a college education they wouldn't be able to get without the bill. so it's changing a lot of lives, absolutely. and you're giving one someone a education which can never be taken from them. it does them more good than any money or anything of that nature. >> reporter: the department of veterans affairs report could be a 20% increase in the veterans who take advantage. that could mean some 460,000 vets nationwide will have a chance to get into the classroom and earn a degree. one other notable difference with the post 9/11 g.i. bill is that veterans don't have to pay their tuition and fees upfront and reimbursed like set up with the old g.i. bill which many believe held vetera vetera veterans back from applying for the program. very exciting for our vets. >> martha: good news, trace. >> trace: we are continuing special coverage of senator edward kennedy's funeral. the senator's casket is now on its way to andrews air force base right now. his motorcade will then stop in front of the capitol where
2:57 pm
he served 47 years in the senate before arriving at his final resting place, arlington national cemetery. national cemetery. live reports coming up. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. real food at the right price! this is the primo stuff. one appetizer and two premium entrees. a rtions. genius price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. my two granddaughters are my life. they always ask me, grandma, take me here,
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the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now - and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> trace: from boston to where his life begin to washington where his legacy was built.
3:01 pm
the casket is on its way to the nation's capitol. we'll give you a live look. motorcade will honor the foost of the building that president obama called the greatest legislator of our time. we are living at the arlington national cemetery where he'll be laid to rest next to his brothers. i'm trace gag ger live in new york. >> and many today mourning the passing and celebrating the life of senator edward m. kennedy a moving funeral service just a few hours ago right behind us some of the most powerful people of the country were there. along with the family, close friends and hundreds of them. they filled the pews and church that is known as the mission church here in boston. among the speakers was his son teddy. teddy told so much of his moving
3:02 pm
story today. when he was a child he lost his leg to cancer. he was fighting back tears as he spoke. he spoke of the type of dad that ted can i kennedy was. >> he said, i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do. we're going to climb that hill together even if it takes us all day. sure enough, he held me around my waist and we slowly made it to the top. >> that was very moving moment from teddy kennedy, jr. we're waiting for the casket to arrive at andrews air force base. that is where molly henneberg is standing by. the family has asked for privacy at andrews. molly tell us about what you can expect from there.
3:03 pm
>> hi, martha. memorial service last night and the funeral today and the burial. lots of video, lots to see but the family has here at andrews air force base the military plane carrying the casket should be arriving some time this hour. it will take about an hour to off load the casket into the plane to get it into the cars and come out of the gate behind me and head to washington. it's about 30-minute drive to arlington national cemetery. that is what we expect to see here. we're waiting for the motorcade to exit. around the 4:00 hour. >> molly, we think of andrews as the air force base that the president comes and goes from. is it unusual for a senator to be brought to andrews through there for burial? >> it has happened before.
3:04 pm
it is a little bit unusual. this is the home of air force one. the president's fleet of planes. it's 4300 acre base in camp springs maryland built in 1945. it has had remains of presidents including the john f. kennedy who was brought back to here from dallas. more recently a couple of president that has died, president reagan and president ford, their remains were brought to andrews air force base. this is a little bit unusual for the senator to be brought here. for the only reason most senators don't die while they are in office. they are already in their home state or where they are going to be buried. >> reporter: where does the family go after landing at andrews in terms of arlington
3:05 pm
and stops along wait. >> the family will be in this motorcade and head out of andrews and toward washington and go to the capital for a brief prayer service and then on to arlington national cemetery. he wanted to be buried near his brother. we don't expect to hear a a lot from family members. they have spoken last night. maybe one or two will have brief remarks today but for the most part. this is the final moment, the final resting place for their beloved uncle teddy, brother, father, uncle and father. we don't expect to hear much from the family today but they will be accompanying his casket from andrews by way of the capitol to arlington national cemetery. >> thank you very much. molly henneberg from andrews air force base. >> trace: that procession carrying kennedy will stop for a
3:06 pm
brief prayer. institution where he served for 47 years, chief political correspondent is live. molly gave us a brief rundown of what happens. what happens next though? >> let's say this started out at a gray day not like we learned when he died. it's sweltering hot. it's a beautiful picture in front of the capitol with light clouds in the background. what we are waiting for is for the funeral procession to make its way from andrews air force base and brief stop in front of the senate steps. that is the area where ted kennedy earned his reputation as the liberal lion. and for this particular discussion on lion he was a partisan fighter. there has been so much admiration poured out in massachusetts and from staffers. it's to note that he was a polarizing figure and often the source of great consternation
3:07 pm
and partisan ire on the right. we'll have the camera man on the right, despite the heat, we thought was going to rain. they are beginning to turn out here and block upon block from here a couple dozens making they're way. there will be staffers and there has been much made how in 47 years in the senate his reach and sort of reciprocal work with staffers. no less than steven breyer was an aide. over 47 years he has had thousands of staffers that have gone on to hold offices all across the country at various levels of government. there is something quite special about their talents. ted kennedy's office among congressional offices was known as a shop for the most ambitious most talented and most prolific.
3:08 pm
that fitting. there are very few on the landscape of congressional history to have claimed to have authored as many bills as ted kennedy, been involved as a direct sponsor or pushing from the back room. ted kennedy has such a legacy when he stopped, that stairway is expected to be filled with former staffers and congressional friends and allies never mind the several hundred that gathered in the hot sun. from here at capitol hill he'll leave the rear steps of the capital and take a left down independence avenue. think we have a map that shows you how it goes. it heads down past the smith sonya, the department of justice past the museum, past the white house the george washington monument, the various monuments of war and take a left past lincoln memorial. it's scheduled for 5:30.
3:09 pm
things as they always do with such circumstance, they are running a little late. despite it to say high is expected to be arlington next to his brothers. >> trace: karl cameron, thank you. >> let's take a look at some of the headlines, wildfires are raging in the mountains outside of los angeles. evacuation orders were issued for 150 homes in the mountains. very dry up there right now. the fire has already burned nearly nine square miles. they say the smoke is making it tough for the aircraft to get close enough to drop water on those fires. >> the foster parents of a missing boy with cerebral palsy is under suspicion of murder. his foster father say he briefly left hassani alone.
3:10 pm
they subsequently arrested them within an hour of each other. police refuse to say what evidence they have. hasanni is dead, of course. they have a tearful plea for his return. both deny involvement in his disappearance. >> hamid karzai is up to 46% of the vote. he needs 50% but reports are running in of stuffed ballot boxes. even though more american troops are dying in his country. if he wins, the question is, what does it mean for relations with the united states. here is marvin kalb and a former moderator of meet the press. it's very clear there is little love lost between these
3:11 pm
administration and hamid karzai. >> there is no doubt about it. when president obama came in, one of the first thing things he did was afghanistan policy was to make it clear that we're not placing all our eggs in karzai's basket. it's very good to appear to put distance. it plays to the nationalist base but you there is great danger there. karzai is not strong. there is enormous corruption in his government. you can push the u.s. just so far and that is not clear how far they will allow. >> trace: yet she i lining himself to keoz go up to drug lords in afghanistan and there lies the problem? >> exactly. because the warlords and drug lords shall the people with the money. the people with the money can buy off or buy up taliban
3:12 pm
support. they can keep karzai in power. they are people who make all the difference in afghan politics. so for the united states right now there is an underlying current of dissatisfaction and uneasiness because from the top of the government on down, people are worried whether the u.s. is allowing itself to slip once again into a kind of vietnam situation. richard holbrook, the new general in afghanistan worried very much what they can do to make sure it will not be vietnam. >> trace: on that note, you look at polls in this country are slipping supporting the war in afghanistan. yet the chairman of joint chiefs common question i get in afghanistan, can we count on you are he going to be here tomorrow next week and next month. these people live and die on who they choose to align themselves.
3:13 pm
do they pick a winner. do they pick the united states because their lives depend on it and they want to know what is it going to happen next month and next year? >> of course. the taliban are going to be there. they are afghanis. the question for the suns whether the american people have the patience which is going to last many years, the patience to see the u.s. actually build a democracy in afghanistan. that is a long time operation. it's going to cost a lot of money and a lot in lives. will the american people many of whom still remember vietnam whether they will allow this to happen. whether president obama very mindful of the vietnam parallel will allow himself to get sucked in or set certain end lines, we'll go this far and no further. that we don't know. >> trace: but the admiral is concerned that taliban is winning the p.r. battle.
3:14 pm
they are not going anywhere but the problem is we need to get them out of the lives of the afghans to get them to work with us. bottom line is taliban is winning the hearts and minds because they are brutal and getting support in the form of money and shelter and food. that's how they are winning this p.r. battle? >> they may be winning part of it but they doing it by way of terror, by total oppression of the people. they are terrified of them and they will do what they want. but the u.s. is trying to do, and it makes it difficult, they are trying to provide security for people in very small towns and villages. it's very hard to do. it's going to cost more lives, a lot more and the general may be asking for more troops. >> trace: bottom line this for me.
3:15 pm
goals over there is pretty simple and pretty laid out. to make sure that al-qaeda does not have a base of operation, number two to make sure the taliban doesn't have enough influence did he stabilize afghanistan and destabilize a nuclear pakistan. are we achieving those goals? >> it's very much in the air. as far as afghanistan is concerned, the answer would have to tilt toward the negative. in pakistan there has been positive developments in the last few months. again, the u.s. government thinks about it now, we think of as one issue and one problem. my sense from the people i've talked to is that there is increasing uncertainty in the u.s. about whether we can actually get it done. the marvin, always good to talk to you.
3:16 pm
>> senator kennedy may have been known as the liberal lion but the loss is felt on both sides. in senate he passed far-reaching legislation with the help of republicans. many he forged close relations. nebraska senator chuck hagel joins us next. my doctor told me something i never knew. as we get older, our bodies become... less able to absorb calcium. he recommended citracal. it's a different kind of calcium. calcium citrate. with vitamin d... for unsurpassed absorption, to nourish your bones.
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3:20 pm
it has been a long journey. we followed it from hyannis port to boston and today to the funeral behind me. teddy kennedy's casket is going to arlington national cemetery. they will stop briefly in front of the senate where he did the work that touched so many lives. some of his colleagues from the senate joined his close friends and family at today's funeral in boston. it is with his fellow senators that he helped to author more than 2500 bills. one of the republicans he worked closely with is nebraska senator chuck hagel and joins me on the
3:21 pm
phone. welcome. glad you're with us. your thoughts on the passing of your friends and colleague senator ted kennedy. >> i think as evidence by all those that knew him and worked with him and outpouring of affection for him over the past few days, its great loss for the senate for family and friends. this was a v unique individual. the man made many, many contributions to his country. those who knew him most obviously, ted kennedy was not an individual without flaws like all of us. when you look at the complete record of what this man did through the senate and through the country, to those that needed his help, it's pretty spectacular. >> is there somebody that takes
3:22 pm
over as the central senate figure among democratic senators? >> you'll never be able to replace ted kennedy. i think we all understand that. there will be others who will be inspired by him who were touched by him and take his place in many ways. the complete person that kennedy was in so many of these areas, there is just no replacement. >> reporter: what is your feeling on the fact that we heard so much of working together and the very tough rhetoric between orrin hatch and senator kennedy. have we lost that? are we not able to have that kind of duke it out on the issues and still be friends outside of the floor? >> one of the most significant
3:23 pm
aspects and most admirable qualities of ted kennedy, he never allowed politics to come first. he was a first competitor and when you were opposed to him but when he walked off the senate floor, he was warm. he embraced you and he was fun and personal. that is as much of dynamic that we have missing today as any one feature of politics. i hope we will review his life and his positive and what he did contribute to politics. he found a way to compromise and we all ought to be proud of
3:24 pm
it. he wanted to move his cause forward and i hope we'll have some reflection on over the last couple of days. i hope it will last for a while within the political arena so that we can draw some very positive lessons from ted kennedy's life and style. >> i hope you are right about that. senator hagel, it's a pleasure to speak with you. thank you very much for being with us today. >> trace: today we're learning that robert schindler has died. he died at heart failure. he became a national figure during the battle to keep his brain injured daughter alive despite her husband's wishes. schindler begin a foundation with the rest of the family to help other disabled patients. teri died back in 2005 when her
3:25 pm
feeding tube was removed. she was diagnosed as a persistent veg at a time oif state. >> weather may be delaying the departure from a very rainy massachusetts. washington awaits the funeral procession on capitol hill and then on to arlington national cemetery. we'll bring you live reports, next. ♪ ♪ welcome to the now network. right now five coworkers
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3:30 pm
trouble fighting a fire in the san gabriel mountains. thick smoke is making it difficult for water dropping aircraft to drop water close to the flames. a mandatory evacuation is in effect for hundred homes in the area. many more could be threatened in the hours ahead. the fire is 5% contained. that man he has republican lawmakers angry. governor mark sanford, some say he should be impeached for disappearing for five days to visit his mistress in argentina. >> and iraqi journt put in jail for hurling a shoes at president bush, his sentence was reduced for good behavior. martha? >> senator edward kennedy expected to arrive here. they are having delays due to
3:31 pm
some of the weather we're having in the boston area. from there they will make along a special procession to the nation's capital. it will stop at the senate steps and staffers will be there to pay their respects before he is laid to rest near his brothers at arlington national cemetery. caroline is live along the procession route and joins us now. talk to us a little bit about what the scene is there now and what you expect? >> you bet. this is part of the route coming down constitution avenue. we expected an hour and a half that will come down here. route will take senator kennedy through the town he loved so much. you mentioned his first stop at the senate steps, that will be a chance that for some of the staffers that didn't get to go up to the funeral they will be able to pay their last respects. then the regular joes will be
3:32 pm
around where i'm standing and then go to the final place at arlington national cemetery. >> we're looking at some of the sights and a lot of the family members, the children and grandchildren talked about the history trip the memorial how that he would. she said on the last history trip with senator kennedy today. it's an emotional journey that you are pointing out? >> it absolutely is. complete strangers we've been talking along the route, what time will he be here. i want to be here one woman said because this is the end of an era after the kennedys. just think of the motorcade of the times that has been passed here. similar route we saw for his two brothers. for john kennedy they went along the final route to arlington
3:33 pm
cemetery. streets are packed with tourists but we do expect closer to the time they expect people to be lining the streets specifically to see kennedy's last motorcade. >> thank you very much. >> trace: kennedy will across the potomac river where he will be buried resting place of our nation's heroes and his two brothers, john f. kennedy and robert kennedy. it fulfills his final wishes. those that knew him that the senator spent a lot of time at arlington national cemetery visiting fallen soldiers along with his brothers. by dwran wilson is outside. do we know plant for this afternoon? >> we know some of the plan. we know it will rather a small affair. there will be cameras there but a very small footprint of media presence.
3:34 pm
we're pooling our resources so the historical moment can be captured but out of respect for the family there won't be a lot of media there. it will be family and few close friends we're told and it will take place most amazing vistas in all of washington. it's down the hill from arlington house where o.j. f. kennedy is buried and robert kennedy is buried. soon edward m. kennedy will be laid to rest ending his 77 years on this planet, 47 of those as a united states senator. there will be 21-gun salute and somber ceremony but beyond that the details are sketchy. >> trace: talk about what a special place this was for ted kennedy. >> we're beginning to hear stories that he would come to this actual location where he will now be buried at arlington national cemetery as many times as six times a year.
3:35 pm
some of these were anniversary days or important in their lives and we're told many times he would call ahead. have the staff call ahead and let them know he was coming on. on other occasions he would simply appear and staff would notice he was there taking in the vista and doing some deep thinking. it is a remarkably beautiful spot if you've ever been here. you look down upon the city of washington across the potomac and capitol dome in the distance it's a very beautiful place. >> trace: brian, thank you. you wouldn't know it behind us, tropical storm danny has lost its punch, it's a tropical depression but the storm is producing some dangerous surf along the east coast. charleston, south carolina, swuvsz love it. they get out there no matter what. they say it's not the time to be
3:36 pm
out there on junior surfboard. now, the latest for us, janet? >> good reporting out there. surfers need to be very cautious if you are out in the water and you are not a seasoned swimmer. this is sort of being absorbed, remnants of danny and upper level system that is trekking across the northeast, but we're still seeing heavy rain moving in the massachusetts. the worst of it just moving east of boston but cape cod and the island getting quite a bit of rain, one to three inches easily in a very short period of time. there are the temperatures, 69 in new york but very tropical air mass. we do have a cold front pushing across the great lakes that will bring in cooler temperatures but for now all across the eastern seaboard the tropical air menace making things feel warmer than the actual air temperature. in the tropics, still watching the atlantic, low pressure system east of the antilles.
3:37 pm
let's go to the pacific, it's been very active, tropical depression and this is hamana moving 80 miles an hour. it's expected to be a major hurricane within the next couple of days and could affect baja california. we'll keep an eye on the tropics. if the worst the rain should be letting up within the next hour or so. you've been a real trooper out there. >> i'll let you know. i'll send you an e-mail. thank you very much. >> trace: police say philip garrito confessed to kidnapping jaycee 18 years ago. they missed several opportunities to free her 'from the maze in the backyard. they believe that garrito may also be a suspect in the murders of several area prostitutes back in the 1990s. casey siegle is live in in
3:38 pm
antioch, california. they admit this kind of let this one slip by. what exactly happened? >> they sure did. there is obviously a lot of finger pointing going on. keep in mind this guy was on parole in life because he committed a federal crime. federal rape and kidnapping charges he was a registered sex offender. you have to keep in mind through the last 8 years, while she was tucked away in the backyard of this house back here several parole officers made various visits throughout the years. also we're hearing in 2006 a neighbor called 911 and said this guy was a sex addict, that he had children living in tents in the backyard. a sheriff's department came out to the house, met with him on the porch. visited him for about 30 minutes but never went into the backyard never went into the house. he left the scene. then last year, multiple police
3:39 pm
agencies made a sweep of the house back here behind us as they do several times a year with registered sex offenders and again, the secret was kept. so a lot of people are wondering how in the heck did so many law enforcement officials, how did so many parole officers did not notice what was going on. we understand from police it was a backyard inside of a backyard and it was a compound as it is being characterized so it was hidden away from the general public and people couldn't look over the fence and see what exactly was going on. very troubling and bizarre. >> trace: what else have we learned about philip garrito? >> a lot more is coming out. some of the kids in the neighborhood knew him as creepy phil as he was referred to. his father in fact is speaking out about what possibly could have gone wrong in his life. take a listen this. >> he's crazy. she out of his head. he on lsd and had a very serious
3:40 pm
motorcycle wreck and hit his head. he was a young teenager and he wasn't 17. he called me at work that he had an accident and had surgery. he was on lsd and that lsd killed him. >> reporter: he was arraigned yesterday with his wife on multiple charges. this is all going to be playing out over the next couple of weeks. >> trace: casey, thank you. washington is preparing are for it's part to honor senator edward kennedy. they are lining up from capitol hill to arlington cemetery. we'll remember of a liberal lion as he was known when he come back.
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> trace: we are being told that a family spokesman that the family and kennedy's casket has just lifted off from hanson hair force base. they were delayed due to the rainy weather that you see around us. a little bit behind schedule but funeral procession is going to continue to chilly and then on to arlington national, did capitol hill. he was known as the liberal lion of the u.s. senate. what does this mean for the liberal progress in washington and for president obama who supported him. let's bring in executive editor of the weekly standard fred barnes. good afternoon. good to have you with us today. we spent much of the last couple of days talking about the positive aspects of ted kennedy in terms of family and his work.
3:46 pm
i want to talk to you specifically about that liberal legacy and where you think it stands right now. >> well, i think you've called him the liberal lion, indeed, he was. the heyday of kennedy type liberalism was the 60s and 70s and he played a big role in that. with the 80s we got reagan and conservism and bill clinton who was a mode rat, george w. bush, last 30 years has been a conservative era where kennedy type liberalism has not been that much. >> i was thinking about that and you look back at the civil rights act and you think of bobby, they were passionate about that. the landscape and the world has changed. the workplace has changed. a lot of things they fought so hard for in those years. it begs the question what is
3:47 pm
central universal health care would be the best example was central to in his line of thinking in 2009? >> that is certainly at the top of the list. universal heath care. at the moment it's on the agenda in washington but it doesn't seem to be doing well in the versions that have been proposed by democrats in congress and by president obama. you can rename the bill edward m. kennedy health care act of 2009 i don't think that is really going to change things. because he was such an ardent liberal times have changed over the years but certainly senator kennedy didn't change. one area where he was a major factor was the passage in 2001 of no child left behind. president bush's reform measure. it was essentially a conservative measure that senator kennedy, we spend all this money on education and
3:48 pm
there is no accountability. that is what this bill would provide accountability. require children to be tested. he got together with president bush. he spent hours in the white house negotiating paragraph by paragraph with white house aides. it turned out to be an extremely effective compromise but not on particularly liberal piece of legislation. >> president obama, much has been said about him picking up the torch and carrying it on. can he do that and be a successful president? >> i really done the think so. it was interested what he said today for edward kennedy. it wasn't so much the dream lives on for this particular type of liberalism. kennedy championed it was more about kennedy the man, kennedy the effective congressman, kennedy the person that cared so much for the poor and
3:49 pm
downtrodden, it was not a call by president obama the way to honor ted kennedy would be to continue his type of liberalism. that is not what he said and it was an awfully good eulogy but it didn't say that. it wasn't a cry for more liberal legislation. >> very good observation. good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> let me add one thing. i was the first person on fox to interview ted kennedy back in late 96 and 97 and he was on many times after that. he turned out to be a pretty good interview. >> no doubt he was. especially when he was interviewed by you, fred. thanks for sharing that with us. >> trace: early days of the beltway boys. has democrats seen the worst in the pounding of health care reform? new polls that could give them a hope they haven't had in a
3:50 pm
while. the same numbers bring bad news, as well. pollster scott rasmussen is going to break it down for us, the numbers game, next. applebee's 2 for $20! real food at the right price! this is the primo stuff. one appetizer and two premium entrees. just twenty bucks-every day. genuine food. generous portions. genius price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. could save 'em hundreds on car just telinsurance.e geico it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably,
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3:53 pm
>> trace: there is breaking news out of brunswick, georgia, this is in a mobile home park, seven
3:54 pm
bodies have been found inside a mobile home in that park. two people were injured. they have been taken to a hospital. georgia crime lab is now on the scene investigating this as are police. police saying they are not looking for a suspect in this case which is sometimes this may have been a murder-suicide. without reading into it, seven dead in brunswick, georgia. >> how will the death of senator edward kennedy impact health reform? president obama and fellow democrats, opposition seemed to have slowed a bit. 43% of voters say they favor the dems' plan, 53% oppose. those numbers are identity cal to two weeks ago, as you can see a majority of voters still oppose the legislation.
3:55 pm
who better to talk about these polls and the numbers, scott rasmussen. welcome to you. i guess the first question is, it's not more bad news for those who were pushing heath care reform because it shows opposition is tapering off. on the flip side it's not good news because support is not increasing at all? >> it's not the opposition is tapering off but it has stabilized. from the beginning and through today people who oppose the legislation feel more intensely about it. 23% strongly favor the plan. 43% are strongly opposed. one thing that should be mentioned, our last poll was connected over two nights, and it was absolutely no change in supporter opposition following that event. >> trace: second poll up, this has to do with the deficit. this is what americans are talking about, how important is the deficit.
3:56 pm
it says cut the deficit 40%, health care reform 21%. you look at the new numbers, deficit is going to be much worse than anybody thought. that does not bode well for health care. >> these priorities are established by the president. we ask people which is most important. deficit reduction number one. at the same time, american people are skeptical, 67% say deficit reduction is the least likely of all the objectives to be achieved. >> trace: scott rasmussen, good of you and happy saturday. thank you. >> thank you. >> we are waiting for senator edward kennedy to make one last journey. the weather has put the procession behind and the plane carrying the casket is due in andrews air force base about an
3:57 pm
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4:00 pm
do not weep for him today because the prestige he had but
4:01 pm
we weep because this hero that persevered through pain and tragedy, not for the sake of ambition for vanity, not for wealth or power, but only for the people and the country that he loved. >> trace: calling him a kind and tender hero that devoted his life to america. today he is being laid to rest. welcome back to the continuing coverage of the funeral of senator edward kennedy. i'm trace gallagher live in new york. >> and i'm in massachusetts, those words spoken in the church earlier today. the president offered the eulogy for senator kennedy this morning. now he loved his beloved massachusetts for the last time. the bowed is returning to washington where he lived and worked for many years. some say that he worked hard all
4:02 pm
that time, he worked to change america. >> trace: a very business hour coming up. we want to take you what is ahead. it is just after 4:00 p.m. on the east coast and senator kennedy's casket is on its way to andrews air force base. it's on board plane that left massachusetts not long ago. it was delayed because of rainy weather. after the plane lands, a motorcade will carry the body into the city where he spent so much of his adult life. it will stop here at the capitol for a service on the steps of the senate. we will bring that you event live. then when it's over motorcade continues down constitution avenue, along the national mall, past the washington monument and the lincoln memorial, and across the potomac river where the final stop at arlington national cemetery. that is where senator kennedy will be laid to rest near his older brother bobby and close to
4:03 pm
the eternal flame that burns above the grave of another brother, president john f. kennedy. we have team coverage for you. carl is live in the capitol where -- no, she outside on the steps where the senator spent so much time. care oh sliefl is along the path and brian wilson is standing by at the cemetery. first live to molly henneberg. what do we expect when the casket arrives there. >> molly: as you were saying it was going to be later than we thought. there shall people in past hour that started lining the street. you can see a few of the people lining up where had we think the motorcade is coming out. we're not expecting the motorcade until about 6:00. the family has asked for privacy when the plane lands here and
4:04 pm
casket is taken off this plane and gotten in the motorcade. they want some family time. they will exit the gate and head on the 30-minute drive to washington, d.c. where it will go by the capitol and then the final rest contingent place. >> trace: you mentioned andrews air force base and his brother was brought through. >> november 1963 he was brought here to andrews air force base after his assassination in dallas. there have been other presidents that have come through en route to their burial. most recently 2004, president reagan and ford. it's not very common for a senator to be brought to andrews air force but it's not that common. senator kennedy since he died in office and going to be buried at arlington national cemetery he will come in a couple of hours. >> trace: why arlington?
4:05 pm
is it because his brothers are entered there. >> he loved boston. he loved hyannis port but he wanted to be buried next to his brothers. they selected a site in the shadow of the arlington house, the family home of the robert lee. he will be buried and robert ken si is hundred yards to the right and eternal natural flame is hundred yards to the right. that is how he wanted it. >> trace: molly back to you momentarily. thank you. before reaching his final resting places the body will be taken to capitol hill where they'll be brief prayers. that is the place where capitol hill staffers that worked with him had an opportunity to pay their last respects to the man
4:06 pm
that was affectionately known as the lion of the senate. he loved it, he loved being a senator for nearly 50 years. this is where he launched his real political legacy and where he really built a reputation in the early years, many wondered that he could achieve it. carl is standing live. i believe you are outside moments ago, carl. tell us about what is happening there now. >> reporter: we are on the east front of the capitol where kennedy's procession and body will be brought through here. on the senate steps you can see about 30 staffers shoulder to shoulder on a dozen steps you do the math. there is more than 300 of them. they are fully aware the procession is late and they will be seated there for the next couple of hours waiting for all of this to take place. that is just the measure and
4:07 pm
discipline and commitment of the staffers. there has been so much said how they dedicated their careers and how it would launch careers and touched the american government not just in washington but in states across the country. staffers had worked for the senator had become congressman and u.s. supreme court justice in the case of stephen breyer. the list goes on and on and because of the work of ted kennedy and the way it's touched americans across the country we also see the beginning of the contingency of tourists growing. there are well over thousand that gathered behind us, behind the lines of security. they continue to come across from the city. procession will come here and we will hear remarks from the house chaplain. one of the things is the appearance of west virginia senator robert c. byrd. he is one of only two senators
4:08 pm
that served long than ted kennedy. byrd's appearance is very significant and poignant for democrats across the country because ted kennedy's death has created some significant political implications and so many own agenda items. health care is predominant concerns remains unfinished business on capitol hill. his absence that would provide the votes with a filibuster proof majority is a big concern. robert byrd's health, 91 years old, he has missed tremendous amounts of time because of different illnesses. hasn't made an appearance on capitol hill. so his appearance to honor a colleague is a moment we'll look for. as we've talked about his legacy and history, it's well to note there is a talk about who will fill it and what about a special
4:09 pm
election, who is the role that will take the role of matriarch of the kennedy cline. joe kennedy, perhaps his widow, vicky. what is being most felt is the appreciation, it's hard to estimate what that might mean. it may be decades before the full slos realized. carl cameron and the family when they arrived at that location will be heart tondz see all those staffers. everywhere they have gone the outpouring of affection and it's been quite meaningful. we've heard from the children of teddy kennedy. trace, let me send it back to you. >> trace: you can see the staffers and mourners waiting to say their goodbyes to senator kennedy. some are gathering on constitution avenue along the route the kennedy motorcade will
4:10 pm
take on the way to article ton national cemetery. caroline is live and once the body arrives at andrews, how long then before the motorcade will pass your position? >> it could take some time. everything is fluid we're being told by the organize es. we expect the motorcade to come through 7:00. this is the next place it will go after cameron's position there on the senate steps. we're seeing people starting to line the streets. it's notable, this is similar route taken by two older brothers, by john f. kennedy after his assassination. they, too, went through the streets of the city and passed the lincoln memorial and over the memorial bridge before the final resting spot over in arlington cemetery. >> trace: we have the dignitaries and we saw them all morning long. this is kind of a chance for the public to pay their respects.
4:11 pm
one of the only chances they'll get. >> reporter: it is. you can see the streets are starting to fill up with folks that are typical of d.c. hot and humid. we're seeing people come in droves here. they want to take a look at this. the question we're getting is what time will he be here. that is significant. we many people say we want to witness this. one woman say i want my little girl here. this is an end of an era. >> trace: it is. caroline, thank you. >> senator kennedy will be buried this evening at arlington we've been telling you outside of washington where he worked for more than 45 years. his final resting place is located very close to the graves of his two brothers. brian wilson is live at arlington national cemetery.
4:12 pm
brian, talk to us about how special this place was. >> we have only learned this in the last day or so by talking to the person who manages the arlington national cemetery. apparently we are told ted kennedy would come to his place where his brothers are buried, sometimes six or seven times a year. some of these coincided with the deaths or birthdays or he would come here. his staff would call in advance and give him some warning that the senator wanted to come by. there are other times he would simply show up and people would notice, hey, that is senator kennedy. it was a special place for him for him to remember back on the lives of his brothers and think back on probably what were pretty tough days for him. it is also a place, a beautiful place to come and sit and look upon the city of washington. it is perhaps the most beautiful vista the in all the city as you
4:13 pm
look down off that hill just below arlington house, you can see the monuments in the city, the potomac as it flows alongside washington. it is just a beautiful place. one can understand why this would be a special place to him. >> public has been a large part of the ceremonies but in arlington it will a more personal family event. >> i think that is true. we have a camera that looks at the approach into arlington cemetery from the lincoln memorial. the procession will come down the bridge across to the cemetery area. along that part of the ride there will be a chance for the public to stand alongside and pay their respects as the procession comes by. once they enter in to the actual cemetery, this will be mostly, i'm not going to say completely,
4:14 pm
but mostly a family affair. only a few close friends beyond family. it will be very private. that does not mean there will be pictures. but an agreement in various news organizations that work in this town, only a small number of cameras will go up to the burial site. they will keep a respective distance. we'll see the same pictures. so they can be recorded for history's sake and posterity sake but also be very respectful of the family. but it will be much more private affair and public will not be part of that particular ceremony. >> brian wilson, thank you. >> trace: senator kennedy was known for his support of health care reform but equally money as a man that can cross political divides. now a big foot on xal capitol hill over president obama push for health care reform. that is a live look outside the
4:15 pm
senate steps. those people are waiting for the kennedy enter rank to arrive. they are staffers and staffers waiting to pay their final respects to ted kennedy. we're now hearing that harry reid is willing to do a partisan bill on health care. if he cannot bridge the gap. would such a bill have any support from the american people? with us now is professor of advanced political studies at george washington, bob bechel and cal thomas, big title on that. you sound important when they say that to you. >> he used to call me the professor thing. its part-time job. >> trace: i saw on the teleprompter that is a long together for bob. i got to start with you first. harry reid he may very well cram this thing through.
4:16 pm
you look at the polls and harry reid pushing this thing through. would he be thumbing their noses at the american people? >> first of all, you have to keep in mind, he would have to do under reconciliation that would get only a part of the current outline of health care reform bill through, not the whole thing. i don't think it's going to happen. one of the things about missing ted kennedy, there is a deal yesterday yet to be brokered. you heard the conversation with scott rasmussen, these polls are meaningless right now. they pull the plug on grandma and all that. when they get back to a serious debate and it will get worked out. >> trace: with all due respect, bob is saying the polls are meaningless. the town halls, they pushed the need ol this.
4:17 pm
something has moved the needle and american support has gone the way that the administration did not want it to go. >> the polls show that harry reid is in trouble for his re-election bid for next year. democrats on health care is making the same mistake that republicans made when they took over congress back in 1994 to push anything they wished. last time we had something like this here, a lot of talk about renaming the healthcare bill after ted kennedy and pushing it through, i remember 1964, lyndon johnson did this rolling over a lot of southern democrats to civil rights. but that president, kennedy was assassinated. i'm not sure is that he'll get the same kind of sympathy for a natural death as when the johnson did for an assassination >> trace: a lot of democrats, red and purple districts, these
4:18 pm
guys are running scared. they may not be able to be swayed. you've got harry reid saying they had are going to push it through. they say we are going to push the issue. maybe they don't have the support of the parties they think they have. >> let's lay to rest the death of kennedy. frankly they're not going to run ads we are going to pass ted kennedy's health bill. they have to recognize something that the people that showed up at the townhall meetings, most of them were organized but if they think the people will vote for them because they oppose health care they are crazy. if they vote against health care they turn it off. there is a deal to be had here. when you ask the individual question, do you favor restraints on the insurance companies, all that is yes. if you add broad oversight is a,
4:19 pm
what do they know? >> trace: we are looking live. crowd is gathering to pay their final respected. cal i'll give you the last word. >> i want to say something that doesn't have anything to health care. ted kennedy was a friend of mine. i brought a column on unusual friendship. he was very proud of his irish heritage. he and his wife and my wife and i went to hear one of my favorite irish singers. we had a fantastic time. then on another occasion, we went to see wilkersorn was the lead in les miserabe and never for get them talk about fantastic irish jokes. i wished i had had a tape recorder.
4:20 pm
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strive at all costs to make
4:24 pm
a better world but at some day if we are blessed with a chance to look back on our time here, we know that we spent it well. we made a difference. that he had an impact on the lives of others. this is how ted kennedy lived. this is his legacy. >> trace: and some of those who edward kennedy touched will get a chance to pay their respects. a live look at the steps of the u.s. senate. friends and co-workers and former kennedy staffers gathering to say goodbye. his body will pass by and move through the heart of washington, d.c. on the way to his final resting place. first his motorcade will stop at the capitol for a brief prayer and then travel down constitutional avenue that runs parallel to the national mall. along the way, he will pass the washington monument and lincoln
4:25 pm
memorials memorials before going to the arlington cemetery. there, he'll be buried on the hill along with jack and robert. >> it's hard to imagine, with capitol hill, spent our whole lives in office there. for almost five decades he put his mark on thousands of major legislation. his decisions making a significant difference really in many of the lives of americans regardless of their political persuasion voting rights act, no child left behind. next guest worked side by side with ted kennedy. louisiana senator bennett johnson, senator, good to have you here today. >> talk to me about your memories and the work you did with him.
4:26 pm
everybody has their own unique experience being on capitol hill? >> i came to the senate at age 40. happened to have the office right across the hall from ted kennedy. we became good friends very quickly even though i was from the deep south. as everyone knows, deep south democrats are much more conservative than liberal massachusetts democrats. but we became very close personal friends. he also lived right across the road from me down a couple hundred yards. we played tennis together. i went to hyannis with him. we ate dinner and close personally but not politically. he was most amazing person. they wrote a book about his brother, the pleasure of his company. there was great pleasure in the company of ted kennedy. high was more fun, he had that
4:27 pm
raucous laugh and great jokes. another part of ted kennedy is how thoughtful he was. my son who was just telling me today that he ran for congress out here in california, got beat. first call he got in the morning was from ted kennedy to make him feel better. he did those kind of little touches all over the country, unannounced and unherald by the people. on a personal basis he will be very much missed, not just by democrats by republicans. it wasn't accidental that he was able to work with john mccain and other conservative republicans in putting legislation together. he had such a wonderful warm
4:28 pm
relationship with him. we heard so many stories like your son. it makes everybody hear all these stories want to be that kind of friend. we all try to be. someone that remembers to call when something has happened and to be that is something i've heard so much of over the past couple of days. as you referenced when we first begin our conversation, being friends with him and having yourself aligned with him got you in hot water in your home state, right? >> it did. they wrote an article in my hometown newspaper about what great pals we were, we played tennis and this and that. was supposed to be a favorable article, but there was no end of criticism, that was back, of course, in the 70s.
4:29 pm
ted kennedy and the whole kennedy clan was not very popular in very conservative louisiana. so it was hard to live that down, but it was very much worth it. i wouldn't take anything for the memories of my relationship with ted. >> thank you very much. great to have you with us today. >> trace: the nation's capitol pauses for a farewell salute. family and former colleagues preparing for the last journey to washington. first to capitol hill and then the final resting place at arlington national cemetery. we'll have live reports all along the way, next.
4:30 pm
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4:33 pm
>> trace: mourners in the nation's capitol is waiting for the funeral procession. it's delayed but staffers are
4:34 pm
waiting patiently to pay their final respects. carl cameron is live at the foot of those steps. his cortege may still be a while? >> yeah, it is and there is some of the wonderful an at the deots and they are up to 600 staffers. shortly one of aides got them in position and overhear her say, spread out. i know you want to be in the center but you have to spread out. as they pay their respects to senator kennedy. history is so prominent here. sense of gratitude and sense of appreciation and all of his family and life work. it's hard to talk about all these days and capture it in a short sentence. there is already great discussion about who will, if any, be able to succeed ted
4:35 pm
kennedy. it will be filled by joe kennedy or someone else. when john f. kennedy had the seat and it was opened up when he moved to the white house from the u.s. senate. ted kennedy wasn't old enough to run so the folks in massachusetts, and family postponed a special election so he could get old enough and he get it in 1962. now there is a battle so the governor can appoint an interim senator and hold a special election next year. what goes around comes around. ted kennedy took his brother's seat after a delay to allow him to get old enough to take it. now there is great concern the democrats hold on to that seat because of the filibuster proof majority. they want to make sure they keep it. that is just from the immediate politics. the landscape, the history of
4:36 pm
all of this has been said over and over again. there are few lawmakers in the nation's history who has their name as much as ted kennedy. martin luther king's holiday, americans disability act, list goes on and on. it's a measure of the kennedy family's commitment to their community. the community has given back to them tremendous accolades and power over the decades. and they have tried to get give it back. when the procession comes through here, you see the appreciation. it's an amazing scene. those are not all active staffers, they have come from all over the country. the gratitude the family has shown throughout the process of this ordeal will certainly be shown here today. >> on the steps of history waiting for history to pass by.
4:37 pm
carl, thank you. >> after that stop at the capitol hill, the motorcade will take him on a trip down constitution avenue to arlington national cemetery. here is a live look at memorial bridge that lead over to arlington. you see spectators that line the curb. we'll show you that shot and waiting to pay their final respects when the motorcade goes by that area. caroline is live to tell us what the mood is there. >> the anticipation is growing. my photographer will pan down constitution avenue for you. folks here found a shady spot in front of the smithsonian a seat to get in on. we have been the bearers of bad news the motorcade may not be here until 7:00 tonight. everyone i asked, they want to see this bit of history. i want to introduce you to barbara lazar, you are here,
4:38 pm
why? >> because i felt was important to pay my respect today's teddy kennedy. i feel like it's the end of era. the kennedy family has been part of my life. the election of john kennedy and moving through the assassination of john and bobby. kennedy was the era of the family -- the bearer of the family torch. i admire his work. he stood up for people that didn't have a voice. i feel like he has gone too soon. we still need him. it's a shame. i think he has passed the torch on to barack obama. i felt it was important to to pay my final respects. >> reporter: even though it's hot and sticky here in washington, d.c., the motorcade may not get here until 7:00. why do you think folks are sticking around? >> i think teddy kennedy was an
4:39 pm
important figure in american politics. i think people recognize that he represents the little man and person who had no voice. so i think people have a strong feeling that they want to pay their respects and be here for him. >> reporter: thank you so much for talking to you. martha, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> trace: it's mb 39 on the east coast. we got word from the kennedy family that the plane has touched down on andrews air force base about 4 minutes ago. once the was det ket is put in a hearse it will head down towards the nation's capitol. funeral procession will take the fweod capitol hill for a brief prayer service. then to his final resting place at arlington national cemetery in virginia.
4:40 pm
charles joins us now, he is washington bureau chief for the washington post that kept him close to senator kennedy for many years. your thoughts outside but you are inside which is good, the outpouring of tri-bites for ted can i kennedy. >> it's hard to overstate just how beloved ted kennedy was here in this town. particularly among reporters quite frankly on capitol hill. there shall countless little stories that i've heard over the years of little personal touches. when somebody's dog died or lost a family member, some tragedy had befallen, he had a good way a very charming way of reaching out to people. like i said, a n a lot of cases,
4:41 pm
also to fellow reporters and making them feel special. i don't know it was always for the best either because i feel like a lot, over the years, a lot of the coverage that we saw here in washington especially on capitol hill would get skewed in favor of kennedy because he has so many extraordinary connections with reporters. they didn't really want to go afoul of him. >> trace: you talk about the out pouring today, charlie and clearly this was a man loved in massachusetts. in d.c. that you have covered for a while, this was love-hate. >> yeah, when you come to washington from another part of the country ted kennedy is often as anything, he was the butt of a joke or a punch line. i remember coming here and getting here and being amazed at
4:42 pm
the reverence which people regarded him. i remember he would come up to the press gallery and sit around to talk to reporters about different topics. people would just cram in around the chairs beside the fireplace in the press gallery to hear him talk. invariably when he finished talking about the heath care bill or whatever it was he was talking about, it would go into this extra long five for to ten minutes about different things of the day zblool. >> trace: glad you are inside. martha? >> as we mentioned the plane has now landed at andrews air force base. the family asked for private time there. that the next thing that is on the agenda for this busy day. we'll continue our coverage of
4:43 pm
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4:48 pm
no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, this is kind of a testament that everybody in this country has been touched by teddy kennedy because he has authored so many bills. he has voted on so many bills. no matter what your political preference is, teddy kennedy has played a part in all of our lives. >> i think the family will be so amazed when he drive up and see this outpouring of all these people. any family that has been to a funeral service knows that, the event can be very draining. it's a long process and none of us has experienced on this level with this huge kind of outpouring of people. this is going to have to be rejuvenating to them as they go through the day. process of grieving and later to burial. all over washington he affected
4:49 pm
peoples' lives. people that loved him were all across the map. this is quite an outpouring of affection. >> you said it's very sad for the family because it's the end of an era. the closing chapter that we will never see in this country again. we have told you that when the plane, kennedy plane carrying the senator's casket landed about 15 minutes ago. so they will make its way down toward the capitol and they will go by as you see on constitution avenue. there lab prayer and a song on the steps moving past the mall and the monuments. over the bridge and in to arlington national cemetery where the final service will be held. you can see people from places you recognize, staffers. we'll continue our live coverage
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
kennedy's life work was not to champion the causes of wealth
4:54 pm
or power or special connections. it was to give a voice to those who were not heard to add a rung to the ladder of opportunity. to make real the dream of our founder. >> trace: that, of course, president obama delivering the eulogy at the funeral of teddy kennedy. that in the wheelchair is robert byrd, the 1 years old, one of two members of the united states senate along with strom thurmond to serve longer than kennedy. you can see he is part the outpouring on the steps of the senate. as you watch this, martha, i know you are a political junkie and to be able to watch what you have seen unfold, the history had to be a fascinating experience. >> yeah, it was. watching through the family through the course to muster
4:55 pm
their strength and be together and see the is images of ted kennedy back in 1958. he was the father figure of. and there some behind mimi right now but the group of people that he sort of marshaled within his own family and became such a strong patriarch for. and it was a whole other family of people he was close to and that he helped to foster. as you said earlier, we're told very generous with his staffers. anyone that gave his staffers a hard time. we have great pictures, that is teddy with him in that picture. family is sail on, there he is with his wife zwreon on the boat
4:56 pm
with one of the very moving tributes that was made by some of his friends last night. it's been quite a look back at part of history that reflects most of our entire up bringing and our own experience following politics. >> trace: and to look back, it's not over yet. a live pictures on the steps of the united states senate. we anticipate the cortege will be arriving in the next hour. we'll continue to bring live coverage. we are live here in new york. martha is live in boston, massachusetts. martha i'll see you back here on monday. fantastic work up there. >> thank you very much. coming up next is kris wallace. boys, wake up! boys!! teenagers. yeah, up at the crack of noon.
4:57 pm
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