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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 2, 2009 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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that's 1-866-491-4327 call now! >> tomorrow on the show we are going to show you taxi's without drivers. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: fox news alert this morning, warning of a major shift in the plan to change health care in america. several reports saying that president obama plans to take up the charge to get a bill passed on his own, showing congress exactly what he wants change. feels like september. good morning. welcome to "america's newsroom." megyn: are you not happy this is september? bill: selmer is gone, it is a
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bummer. megyn: i like those 55 degree sweater days. something big is happening this fall for me. that is exciting as well. hello, everyone. just 13 days until the democratic deadline for the senate to pass a bipartisan bill. there is serious question of whether it will happen, but that is the goal. what does the president want in that bill? what will happen if he does not get it? bill: why the change, wendell? >> august was brutal. the president lost a huge amount of support, the president suggested that he is not willing to compromise. the president has always been willing to do what it takes to get this done, according to the white house. one of the options might be
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removing the government or public insurance plan for people that cannot get health insurance from private companies, which has drawn the most criticism from republicans. bill: he will likely catch a lot of heat on that from his own party. what is he expecting? >> the president has said that he always favored a public insurance option, but he has not insisted on it. critics feel that it would put them out of business. last month in montana the president suggested that it was not the most important part of health insurance reform. something that challenging the liberals might raise the standing among some independents, where is where they have lost the most support. the goal is to ensure as many as possible the people that do not have health insurance now so that the rest of us do not continue to pay their medical expenses, correcting the problem with private insurance that often bankrupt's people. ironically, most of the people
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that file for bankruptcy actually have health insurance, it is simply maxed out by their health care costs. bill: live from the white house this morning, good to see you. megyn: the president takes charge of the health-care debate in washington, but there is a new effort to silence critics of the democratic plan. you are about to see some amateur video shot outside of the democratic town hall event. it shows organizers from the left wing pro-reform group. remember, we had a representative from this group on the show not long ago. we talked about how he was coordinating with top democrats to provide cover for them at these town hall meetings. this is another guy from health care for america now. this guy is giving lessons on how to make sure that those in attendance to not get a chance to question the democratic plan.
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megyn: well, the two top democrats in the house and the senate have accused those at these town hall meetings of
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being an american, or being angry mobs. we have heard a lot of things from harry reid and others. many of the folks are trying to stifle the debate, according to some. what would you say to what you saw? we will find out in about 20 minutes. bill: you thought that things were caught before? everything keeps getting hotter. the president's campaign organization might be using the tragedy of 9/11 it -- 9/11 to promote health care in america. they are planning a phone campaign today that thousands of americans were killed on 9/11. they were asking their senators to fight back against right-wing extremists, domestic terrorists subverting the american democratic process. they have now pulled that page from their web site.
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megyn: california what -- firefighters gaining ground on that massive wildfire. mother nature is landing -- lending hand. for u.s. forest service folks, they say that the battle is far from over. 12,000 homes are still threatened, 6000 people have been displaced. there might be hope for homeowners in fire prone areas. one firefighter has come up with something called barricade fire gel. it works on the same principle as a disposable diaper. huh? it lasts up to 18 hours in extreme conditions. steve, who else, live from our los angeles bureau. how is this fire gel just like a disposable diaper? only you could take us through this. explain. >> it is remarkable to see this
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gel in action. it is interesting to hear, they really got their inspiration by watching a diaper not burn inside of a trash fire. it came from a florida firefighter that knows that disposable diapers did not burn. >> the chemicals in baby diapers are put in there to soak up and hold lots of water. it was that characteristic that kept the baby diaper from burning in the trash fire that day. >> 10 years of development later, fire gel hold layers of water like a disposable diaper. it can protect the house for up to 18 hours. the right side is coated with fire gel. fire season is peak business season for fired jal, which is now used by los angeles firefighters. real growth will require a change in the way that people think about fires. >> it is a major shift from
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going up and spraying water on the fire, which is what we do, then instead we would step back and spraying gel. -- spray a gel. >> it is about a $300 investment for one house. the most important part of the house to spray? the windows, they are the first to melt. once they do, the fire is inside. megyn: for balance, 300 bucks, how can i get this gel -- four gallons, 300 bucks, how can i get this gel? >> it is sold at home depot. megyn: you tied it all together. thank you, steve. bill: holding moisture to keep the fire at bay.
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megyn: great investment. bill: this fire in a garbage can, looking at a diaper, saving houses in california. the president's health care bill, changes in a big way. it ignores republican requests, but they think -- if it ignores it republican requests, what will they think? we will find out. megyn: run through a run -- run through a red light, right into a guy i bicycle. we will tell you how it turned out. bill: do you want to catch a cab without a cab driver inside? driverless taxis. today on "america's newsroom." ♪ insuring your family's "ifs" can be confusing.
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megyn: you are about to get a front row seat to a very frightening accident. amazingly, the cyclist is said to be ok. watch this. video from a city bus shows a cyclist getting creamed by an suv. the person behind the wheel -- i know, how can he be ok? the man in the suv is a wisconsin state lawmaker. he admits that he ran a red light rushing to the capital. making matters worse, the bus block a chance for the cyclist to see what was coming right at him. the police give the representative a ticket. it is not clear if other charges could follow. the police said that alcohol was not a factor. as a -- as i say, the cyclist is ok, treated for non-life
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threatening injuries. time for him to buy a lottery ticket. good luck. bill: we told you at the top of the hour that the president is about to take charge of health reform in a big way, ready to spell out specific that he wants in the bill, ready to tell democrats what he will except and what he will not. analysts suggest that he may leave republicans behind in the process. what are republicans saying to that? good afternoon -- good morning, sir. the president will accept no public option, that might be music to the years of republicans. but i think he will get an earful on the democratic side. if the public option is out, are there enough votes? >> all of the votes for this bill are on the democratic side. one of the challenges that we face is that we are locked out of the process. the argument between public
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option and no public option is between the progressives and the blue dogs. we would like to see about 1100 pages taken out of the bill, with a few pages putting in -- but in addressing what is driving up health care. we would like to join democrats in making it affordable, available, and transportable. that is what the american people have been asking for. bill: there is a lot of common ground there, you say you want to put some things in the bill to do what? >> one of the challenges is that this bill does not deal with interstate of ability. it does not deal with allowing for larger pools to be automatic so that the small employer and the individual whose cobra has run out would be able to join a large pool and not have pre- existing conditions or any of the other challenges that they often face in renewal with them. that is a simple one. there is no tort reform.
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nothing close to what we have in california, something limiting these out of control pain and suffering claims that drive up the cost of health care. no one on the republican side wants to deny people the ability to be compensated, but we want to limit the compensation to what they have had. that allows doctors to do their job with less fear, a less defensive medicine driving down the cost. bill: everything that you are saying goes to cost, does it not? the cbo said this would cost $1 trillion. seems like everything that you are mentioning would drive down the cost. am i hearing that correctly? >> remember, before they started vilifying insurance companies the original point that we started with was that canada costs 9% of gdp, we cost 18%. this bill takes 21% of gdp.
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we would like to find ways to get our costs of health care closer to the canadian model in price but give the kind of choice that americans have. bill: you would give republicans to go for that. you might get some democrats to go for it. you would probably get the blue dogs. you would leave out the far left of the democratic party. when you put that mixture together, this that even have enough votes? >> if the president wants to look to the progressive that want a single payer nationalized health care and say that you are really not going to get it, then we have common ground to do something where americans maintain their choice but we work together to drive down the cost and increase the availability for americans. i have a simple bill that is only one page, it simply says that every american can have the same health care that members of congress have without pre- existing conditions or changes in plans.
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it is one page that gives americans a choice of over 300 and from private lands that were all affordable. bill: that is the one question that we get from viewers overwhelmingly more than any other e-mail question about health care. if members of congress can have one plant, why can the rest of the country not? how has that been received? >> well. the other half, of late, is americans cannot understand why we are exempting about 300 different groups in this bill, one of them being the federal worker. the federal worker is exempted. so is the veterans administration. what they have done is they have carved up temporary "url" to keep groups from going ballistic. that is not the right way to the legislation. the right way is not to do 1100 pages and leave a lot of what if for later. let's do well what we can do
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now. bill: we are going to be talking to stuart varney in a matter of minutes about how much money this will actually save you. thank you for your time. we are waiting to hear back from washington, democrats and republicans will have an out. thank you. megyn: i also want to know why they hear a dog barking. bill: we have not been able to determine that. megyn: look out the window? [laughter] new concerns this morning about a shortage of nurseries in -- a shortage of nurses in america's schools. a live report on that is next. bill: lawmakers going back to washington, d.c. in a matter of days. looking for new answers at americas tel hall meetings today. -- america's town hall meetings today.
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>> of this bill is going to cost $1 trillion over 10 years -- >> of this bill is going to cost $1 trillion over 10 years -- >> this bill is going to cost $1 trillion over 10 years. lp
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w security - for home and business. broadview security - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. megyn: back to school for children around the country. while little ones are driving home work, parents are dreading the h1n1 virus in the classrooms. school nurses could serve a
9:24 am
vital first line of defense, but could budget cuts mean that the nurse is out with the kids come knocking? molly, good morning. how many school districts are cutting school nurses? >> as many as seven states have been considering budget cuts that would eliminate the school nurse position. the brevard county and palm beach county have done so. they have inserted health technicians, or they have cut back on hours or cut the school nurse on and on call basis. -- put the school nurse on and on call basis. listen to this. >> school nurses are present in 75% of u.s. public schools. 25% have no school nurse at all. roughly half of the country
9:25 am
simply as one part time. -- simply has one part time. >> if the h1n1 flu turns into a true epidemic, schools without a nurse could be hit harder. megyn: there could be a delay in recognizing symptoms without a trained medical professional. what are the nurses in those schools doing to try to prepare for the flu in general? >> like the nurses here in maryland, they are talking about symptoms and prevention, trying to educate parents and teachers as well as students. listen to this. >> we tried to provide education. typically the nurses will go out to the younger kids in the classroom and talk about proper hand washing when you cough or sneeze, or you actually call and
9:26 am
your arm, not your hand. also, the lord your teacher if you are not feeling well. >> another way that a nurse can help to mitigate the spread of something like h1n1 is by recognizing when a child has the flu rather than a cold, giving the parent to come right away. megyn: time to talk to these schools, you have got to think if you need in your son's death. molly, thank you. for any questions about h1n1, go to search for the key word, h1n1, at the top of the web site. you can find all that you need to know. bill: i am not a fan of the flu shot. you know? megyn: i know. bill: i might change this year. i am looking at all of these
9:27 am
reports. megyn: you know who they say have to get it? bill: prove? pregnant women? megyn: i think by november it will be too late. [laughter] bill: hundreds of thousands of clunkers thanks to the wildly successful program, they were sold here -- they were turned in and new cars were sold. dealers are asking for the money. megyn: nancy pelosi, putting new pressure on the congressional budget office, wanting to change the estimates on the cost of health care reform. i thought that they were supposed to be independent. stuart varney brings us the truth among the numbers. ♪
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megyn: fox news alert out of libya. the man who was convicted of the bombing for pan am flight 103 and released by a scottish judge weeks ago is now in the emergency room and said to be "in a bad way." he has been admitted to a hospital, unable to speak with anyone according to a libyan official speaking on the condition of anonymity, this
9:32 am
terminally ill man that was released from prison on "compassionate grounds," without long to live, he has been admitted to the emergency room and is "in a bad way." more on that as we get it here in "america's newsroom." bill: in the meantime democrats on capitol hill are asking the cbo to lower the projected costs of health care reform. it was priced at about $1 trillion over the next 10 years. leading democrats are asking them to factor in savings from what is known as preventative care. those savings, according to a new study, can be largely imaginary. stuart varney, what is the headline on the study? >> does preventive care save money in the long term? no, not according to the changing diabetes program from a
9:33 am
drug company. they are trying to diagnosed diabetes from the earliest possible time, treated and follow the cost structure over 25 years. they found that only in the very youngest patients was any money saved. the big picture was that costs actually went up with long-term preventative care. speaker nancy pelosi, the democrats and the president, looking to preventive care as a great money saver, this study says that it is not. bill: i do not follow, if i stay healthier for a long time, i do not cost money to anyone. right? >> they treated young people at $1,044 per year for diabetes forever. that is more money than if that suffer died young. it is actually cheaper to drink
9:34 am
a bottle of vodka, smoke three packs of cigarettes, and overeat cheeseburgers every day and to die at the age of 50. bill: see you in the next hour, stuart. megyn: we had new video at the top of the hour. a pro-health care reform group is mounting a new effort to silence critics of the democratic plan. you are about to see that amateur video again, shout out -- shot outside of a democratic town hall event. listen to this guy. the man that film that included the words, word for word, what he heard this guy saying. this guy is giving lessons on how to make sure that those in attendance do not get the chance to openly question the democratic plan.
9:35 am
megyn: well, joe is a harvard law school graduate. he shot the video and he attended the town hall. he is a -- he is our guest now. >> hello. megyn: i want to ask you, you
9:36 am
showed up at this town hall. he wanted to make your position no on the health care reform bill. then you see this guy that we know works for health care for american now. this group that has been active at these town halls, trying to organize members that favor health care reform to essentially silence the critics. no doubt about it, we had a representative from that group on here before. what did you hear this guy say that caught your attention? >> as we were lining up outside to get into the building, a large number of organizers were going back and forth, handing out stickers, telling people what to do. some people that were opposed to the health care bill took stickers because they were afraid that if they did not put on a sticker they would not be called inside of the meeting. there was an atmosphere of tension even though people were
9:37 am
very friendly to each other in the line. a lot of organizers were basically asking people what kind -- what side you or on. megyn: we heard what this guy was telling people to do, drowning out the opposition. if someone gets up to ask questions, as he said, someone opposing the health care reform, he wanted people drown them out. what was a part of that message that you took issue with? >> the part that bothered me the most was that at the end he said that it is your meeting, hold on to your meeting. it was actually our meeting. it was our chance to tell the congressman how we felt about health care reform and how what it was doing was making sure that we had no chance. they got to present their side, but if we had a question, we
9:38 am
were drowned out. that made me angry. i have seen that anger all across the country. i was traveling this summer on a book tour. people were upset, not just about health care reform, but about the fact that they have been demonized and marginalized and everything else, simply for stating an opinion and having a question. lots of people said they were tired of this, they wanted people that would listen instead of lecturing. i decided that i am going to run for congress in the ninth district and represent the people of my district as we tried to get ourselves heard in washington. megyn: making a bit of an announcement on our show this morning. all of the best you, joe. >> thank you. megyn: now i am joined by liberal talk-show radio host, nancy skinner.
9:39 am
hello. >> hi. megyn: you have heard the headlines, nancy pelosi and steny hoyer, calling these people of americans. the democratic national committee called these people angry mobs. they talk about the irrational tome, that their goal is to disrupt the event as much as possible. that videotape begs to differ about exactly who is the organized mob. >> you have got to make a huge distinction between these groups, people that are sincerely there to learn what this is and ask questions, there are plenty of town halls going on in my district last night, and it went fine. i think that what this video was, and i do not know this group, but i think it was a response to those groups of people that scream at their congress people so that they cannot answer questions.
9:40 am
they have become free shows. when you have two sides screaming at each other, no one can have a debate. it is useless. what these people know is that a congressional district is about 600,000 people. those of the people that need to talk to. the confusion over the death panels, missing and distortions, angry mobs are not helping to have a reasoned debate. megyn: you have got to hold the town hall and look at the polls to see the backs up what you are hearing. clearly they do, they are against the health care reform bill coming out of the house overwhelmingly. megyyou say that this is just an effort to contrast those that are making a raucous at the town halls, that is not what he says. we have confirmed that this guy
9:41 am
worked for health care america now. "if they stand up and ask a question, start chanting until they get frustrated. >> that is wrong. your citing one guy. i think that what they're trying to do is that if someone starts disrupting, this is your counter. that is one guy saying one stupid thing, which does not distract from your larger question. with the polls, indiana university, 55% of republicans believe that elderly people will have to submit in writing how and when they are going to die. that 55% of republicans believe this means that the informational tool has been so distorted by people will fully doing this, these town halls have not been productive at all. megyn: there is misinformation out there, but much of it is not
9:42 am
misinformation and people simply have genuine concerns over their health care. this group is not just of the one guy. we had one of the representatives from the group on near here. he admitted that they had been trying to coordinate with democratic members of congress to provide cover at the town halls, going up to their people, saying that you should make sure that the right messages are not drowned out by the protesters. to shoot down the militancy, that you have to drown them out. >> this was a response to the very early town halls, where congress people could not even talk because people were going up and screaming and yelling at them. there was a tit-for-tat response. none of that was correct. you found one group and one guy, this went on all month in
9:43 am
august. you had astroturf insurance companies organizing all of these groups to go to all of these town halls. now you have found someone on the other side. does that make this -- megyn: astroturf, insurance companies behind it, watch this clip and tell me whether this is insurance co. people. watch it. >> what are your ideas for making sure that private industry does not go away? i also want to get a guarantee that my quality patient care is not affected. >> why not put pressure against other insurance companies to provide better insurance? >> you say that president obama will not allow the health care plan to add deficit, but the initial cost is over $1 trillion for a down payment. who is going to pay for this bill? megyn: i have got 20 seconds for
9:44 am
your last word. >> they were able to ask their questions and their congress people should answer them. we should not focus simply on the people yelling. this is about competition, this is about the long-term deficit. we will have a more reasoned debate. megyn: we will be right back. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes.
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9:48 am
you sold 181 cars, cash for clunkers. how many of them have been paid for? >> six of them. bill: what is the percentage of that? >> i do not know, but not very good. bill: where is the money? >> it is coming, that is what we keep on hearing. we were under the understanding that we would get paid within four days of putting the information into the computer. like i said, now that the program is over, we have only been paid on six out of 181. bill: what does that compare to? >> $700,000. bill: what is your annual budget like? >> we will get by, but we would like to have more cash flow. bill: you are not alone.
9:49 am
there is a honda dealership in indiana, out of the deals they have done, they were only paid seven. what ford dealership, sold 102 cars, they were paid for one. each deal is worth anywhere between 3540 $500. "i understand the dealers want to get their money as soon as possible, but it needs to be processed properly. that is the official -- processed properly." that is the official word from the white house. is it possible that some of the dealers did not follow the rules? >> i do not think so. if you knew what you had to do, you had to get a specific amount of information. most dealers know what to do. we did all of our deals properly, entering them into the computer properly. they have all been processed as
9:50 am
ok for payment. but we still do not have payment. bill: a guy like yourself, you are probably on the phone every day, right? >> well, we just do not know. we have not been given any information on when we will be paid. we have done everything right. we just have not got the payment. bill: what does this make you think about the program? >> it was a great program, we sold a lot of cars. the paperwork involved, the changing of the rules, the not knowing, it really put a damper on the program. bill: would you take part in a program like this again? >> i would hope that they would have a better means of paying, better information. the program work, we sold a lot of cars. but there was too much bureaucracy.
9:51 am
bill: good luck to you. what is coming up? megyn: what could be wrong with the president talking to grade school children? it sounds like a great lesson in civics. wait until we show you the classroom work sheets that go along with it. you can check it out at our website ♪ the $9 first hello. walmart announces starter and danskin now shoes for just nine dollars. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. score delivery pizza... hut! hut! ( thud ) ouch! minus the delivery price. ♪ for fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. ♪
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megyn: democratic senator sharon brown, facing a heated crowd in ohio at a town hall. boers were ready with their health care reform questions -- voters were ready with their health care reform questions. >> what is health care reform going to do for the insured by cannot afford to get the care
9:55 am
that they need? >> there will be consumer protection for those who have insurance and are satisfied with their insurance. this is all about choices. [angry yelling] this bill is about choices. you will be able to choose. if you think that your insurance is not good enough. megyn: you can hear the crowd not believing him. despite their reaction, he insists that there is overwhelming support for health- care reform in his district. in the meantime, in maryland steny hoyer is contending with an animated crowd from yesterday. caroline has more on that. what happened there? >> the room was packed. more than 1200 people. the biggest town hall that he said he had ever seen. there was not enough time to ask all the questions. listen.
9:56 am
[angry yelling] >> a number of people that were rowdy were escorted out. they made up pools in the beginning that said you could not interrupt each other and that there should be no profanities'. that was a blow with a few minutes. -- that was blown with a few minutes. megyn: he got a question from his former opponent? >> a man intending to run against him next year, he asked if the bill will raise taxes or deficits, steny hoyer said that if it did he would not vote for it. megyn: thank you so much. bill: remember when the white house said you needed to rubble -- did you should report fishy information being forwarded on
9:57 am
health care? hear why one doctor is filing a lawsuit over that. megyn: it goes so far in one courtroom, a judge recommends that a man's mouth be taped shut. nine years of practicing law, i never saw anything like this. ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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the next generation of brink's home security. call now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute megyn: fox news alert, new questions this morning about a presidential speech to grade school children and the classroom work sheets that will follow. president obama is set to speak directly to students on tuesday. it will be a national address broadcast from the white house web site. teachers around the country are being encouraged to show it to their students and are being encouraged to submit work sheets to the children for filling out afterwards. they want to discuss things like "what new ideas and actions is the check -- president challenging me to think about"? they are also asking the children to write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.
10:01 am
a brand new hour here on "america's newsroom." bill: good morning, everyone. it will be the first speech of its kind in american history, one where the president will be challenging the children to work harder in school. megyn: bill salmon, our washington managing editor joins us live. hello, bill. >> hey, megyn. megyn: so, you hear this idea and you think it might be good. he is supposed to be thinking -- speaking to them about education and how important it there is controversy. why? >> if he makes his speech about civic responsibility, america as a great country, the need to study hard and succeed in school -- that is pretty innocuous and a good thing, hard to argue with it.
10:02 am
if he makes it about himself, barack obama, and his agenda, that is something entirely different. what is making some people pause is that it seems to suggest it might be about his agenda. try to imagine if george bush or dick cheney was going to address the nation's children and wanted you to fill out worksheets. how could you help him? there would be an uproar. create a poster with youro pare. not all parents want their children to think about how they can help the president. >> that is why i would not be surprised at how, right or wrong, some parents opt to keep
10:03 am
their parents' home keep their children home t approval d popularity, but the honeymoon is over. for people who are against obama, who have an honest disagreement with him, to find out that there first grader is now going to be asked to talk about what they can do to be helpful to obama, that will be upsetting to some parents. megyn: they are asking teachers to encourage the students to read books about barack obama in the context of the address. the question is what books. odds are it will be teachers that are liberal, as they tended to be. parents might think that they should decide what my child read what it comes to political figures. i guess we will wait to see what he says and follow up from there. thank you, bill. in the meantime, you can go to
10:04 am
our website,, and click on the line for our program -. tell us if you think that this crosses a line or if you think it is fine for the president to do. bill: many pastor, taking shots at nancy pelosi -- dennis pastohaster, taking shots at nay pelosi. he said that when lawmakers go home they can get cold feet. he also criticized her for pushing an unpopular votes on cap and trade before tackling a contentious issue. megyn: nancy pelosi's right-hand
10:05 am
man knows how contentious it can be. he got an earful from his constituents yesterday. >> if this bill is so good, which to commit before this national audience to making every member of congress subject to the provisions of this bill? [angry yelling] >> please let the congressman answer the question. >> that was a simple question. every member of congress has exactly the same choice that you have. [angry yelling] megyn: some in the crowd did
10:06 am
not buy that. he was asked several times about tort reform as well. he said that the idea is being considered. bill: in southern california and aggressive fight is under way to keep wildfires from getting out of control. also, they are bulldozing land in an attempt to keep the fire at bay. since the fire broke out one week ago, at two firefighters were killed over the weekend. 12,000 were forced from their homes. the crews are gaining ground, which is good news, but they admit that the battle is far from over. adam, i guess you are in the command center there in california? but what are they telling you? tt , especiall bul
10:07 am
-- if we had seen the win yesterday, it would have been a disaster. -- even had been windy would have been megyn:n unbelievable tape that we brought you in th last hour, wisconsin state lawmaker fred clark to getting -- ticketed for running a red ligh while headed to the state capital. he, unforly,tunate h this cyclist who, incredibly, is said to be just fine. he was treated for non-life threininjuries. no word on whether rep clark might face some charges. bill: got it. geography for about 1000, alex? megyn: [laughter] state capitals. albany?
10:08 am
bill: new york. ohio? megyn: that is your state. bill: you would not believe the things that we do in the commercial. dick cheney, claiming that the obama white house is weeon national security. the administration is firing back, saying that they are better than fighting terror than under the bush administration. today they go head-to-head. you will hear it live. megyn: the administration, trying to collect fishy e-mails on health care reform. one group sayshat that's things d i ar taking actn. can you suehite t house going fishing? ♪
10:09 am
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10:13 am
it i p laul behavi- behaor. irecti, the white nfortionis ng aon istaedk. al fishy-mail link. >> nxactl thctfa areus de rima know what hasappened to l the-mai i the database thot hand, ngdo wit
10:14 am
y ar o ing th it. hs rs thnedcao's consent. the white house thate did unyes tt were sento uy it? to gto courtoro ifernmiti bee l? le imestt la ng fng tuntbisntryous
10:15 am
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: i syn that! te nt? veodneo ctrict a judge. ot j and, ft deci. we t i-dtter, t doing ll 10 days ago was asedro
10:20 am
he isa b t dyin fr stat ?- a keogg, w h >>ima haedt you respecic heppa haco ery ro heal car lya i nots it iere in theeditkingdo% tetreasiat we sment todatt wheit s thehtioto condemning t decision diein a be
10:21 am
unrarn. taa lliffereor ry wheao the unitst. l: still a hotss 1 hat kindyur gy tleerd ing some n ousfering, llio o c p f !l: in t cner,umblin
10:22 am
ergainba we haveentati s omth in "ame'sne musi
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megyn: fox news alert, selling health care reform straight from the oval office? that is the latest we are getting from major garrett, live at the white house. the president apparently has a new plan that he is toying with to sell his health care reform bill. what are these details? >> some of the senior administration fellows tell us that in the next week or so the president will be giving a major speech on health care designed to revamp and recharge, restarting the debate. will it be the oval office? will it be a joint session? after all, there are plenty of town halls and prime-time press
10:26 am
conferences on this subject. none of those have succeeded as well as the white house might have hoped. the white house is speaking much less emphatically about the need for the so-called public option that the government financed, saying that it is not mandatory. , backing away publicly. megyn: let me ask you quickly, is there anything unusual to address the oval office in this way? or is this car for the course? >> pushing the agenda, over meat -- recent years it has been used much more commonly. it has been used in the past affectively. the president is trying to push
10:27 am
the number one priority, health care. megyn: we will find out more on that as major garrett continues to investigate. bill: throwing down the gauntlet, who is throwing down in a big way heavier? obama folks or bush folks? will this. >> in this case we had specific legal authority from the justice department. if they are going to be subject to being investigated or prosecuted by the next administration, no one is going to sign up. it has a very devastating effect in side of the intelligence community. >> the vice-president, clearly he had his facts on a number of things wrong. i am not certain that dick
10:28 am
cheney's predictions on foreign policy have borne a lot of fruit over the last eight years. bill: jim jones says that the obama administration is doing a better job in part because the world is coming together on this matter. that is part of the argument. let's bring in our own discussion. we have a senior fellow from the council of foreign relations. gentlemen, good to have you both on. dick, we will start with you. what is the evidence that the obama administration has been more effective? >> general jones has been clear, this is a marine general that has been in combat. he has had boots on the ground and understands how to fight a war. dick cheney, the only gun he has fired in anger in the last eight years was to hit a hunting
10:29 am
partner in texas. i am amazed that dick cheney has the gumption to criticize what is going on in the obama administration. bill: that was not my question. let's keep it on a point. where is the evidence that the obama administration has been more effective? >> general jones. he is the man on the ground with the assessment. he is a military officer, i do not think that he would mislead the american people. bill: why are we even comparing these administrations? >> the cheney did, i did not. bill: i am looking through the evidence, i want to know numbers. i want to know names. i want to know something about this. why would you come on and defended the bush
10:30 am
administration in what we have seen so far in the fight against islamic extremism? >> we had eight years after 9/11 in which there were no other attacks. right afterwards many americans were very fearful. one of the reasons they did not succeed was the interrogation programs that the bush administration had. looked at what general jones actually said. it is gibberish. the world is coming together? the global community? he had no facts. he is not an intelligence official. the last four directors of central intelligence have agreed that the program had been successful. now the administration is trying to prosecute officers. the impact on morale, and leon
10:31 am
panetta knows this, the impact on morality is devastating. bill: this is really important, gentlemen. it is right for us to have a discussion about it. when jim jones says that we are getting more cooperation overseas, from whom? which countries? which leaders? which capital cities? >> there are two mysteries. dick cheney cannot go to the one instance in which there was a result. they are under constraints in talking about the specifics. there is no question that what they did was torture. dick cheney, you would think that he would be defending the lieutenant rather than criticizing him. bill: i know that you want to take it back to dick cheney, but
10:32 am
i want evidence. where are the facts? >> where are we getting more cooperation? we are not getting more cooperation. it is not true. i do not know if you have read the inspector general's report, but they say there have been lives saved. they mention the terrorists. there are facts in the inspector general's report. asked about where we are getting intelligence from, where? they have attacked the cia by prosecuting officers that are trying to protect their country and we will get less cooperation. >> first of all, no one has been prosecuted. >> the question is not whether
10:33 am
you interrogate them, the question is whether you torture them. it is not whether you will get information from these folks. megyn: i am reading his words right here. more captors and the deaths of radical leaders, so who are these people? >> we need to ask general jones, not me. it is classified. the fact of the matter is that if you pick up "the new york times, we are picking up people -- taking out people with missiles in afghanistan every day. bill: thank you, that took you four minutes to get to. your final point, elliott? >> we do not capture and interrogate these people, we
10:34 am
will get less information. attacking the cia is not the way to keep america safe. bill: i appreciate your both coming in today. in a moment, she killed herself and seven others driving the wrong way on a parkway north of new york city. medical examiners said the woman was driving, drinking heavily, and smoking marijuana before this catastrophic k -- catastrophic crash. the family says that that is not the case and have a radical plan to prove it. megyn: the first of its kind, a show about nothing. more than one decade after the series the ballet, the fab four may have cost a top executive his job. how a sneeze sparked a firestorm, next. >> unless she is one of these multiple sneeze thereers and hes holding his "god bless you"
10:35 am
until she is done. [laughter] >> what if it was also a single later? [laughter] some lunch.
10:36 am
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a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. megyn: bill hemmer has been waiting for this one. "kelly's court" is back in session. today? a pink slip for attending -- for repeating a seinfeld joke. as if on cue, a female co-worker channels the chosen month. >> if you want to make a person feel better after they sneeze, you should not say "god bless you," you should say "you are so good looking." >> yes, that is better than god bless you. [laughter] megyn: flash forward a couple of weeks, that male colleagues at learned that punchline from seinfeld from this woman, he
10:39 am
uses it again on the woman -- and told him about it. now, nine years after the final episode the show about nothing has cost this man his career. he was fired for sexual harassment. he is taking his case to court. can he win? let's ask our panel. good morning, panel. >> i am afraid of what salutation i am allowed to use this morning. am i allowed to tell you that you look ravishing? are you going to fire me? [laughter] megyn: stop, stop. [laughter] arthur, this guy got the boot for repeating a joke from "seinfeld." he used it on the same moment that told him about the joke in the first place. she sued for sexual harassment? >> it is sad. it has a chilling effect on
10:40 am
society. it really does. i am not joking. on fox news, there are many beautiful people. you walk on eggshells because our philosophy in society has caused us to be careful. at one point he touched her shoulders, much like president bush did to the german chancellor at one point. an executive gets fired. it is ridiculous. megyn: there were a few e-mails where he said that she is so good looking, she complained, he was disciplined, and he gave her the old shoulder massage. not a great idea. but sexual harassment? >> it was the face-to-face, the e-mails, the warnings from his supervisors, doing it over and over again -- yadda, yadda,
10:41 am
yadda, sexual harassment. [laughter] >> but where is the harassment, really? >> are you really that naive? tehe law has expanded in this area. unwanted comments, physically, anything that can be deemed in a sexual context. megyn: she is the one that gave the idea. >> i am surprised of that coming from you. she went along on the date and she gets what ever is coming to her. >> that is not the same. those are words that she said to him. megyn: she gave him the words. >> it is all fact sensitive. if he just went up to her and made the joke, that is one thing. he followed it up with numerous
10:42 am
e-mails and was told by his employer to stop it, she complained. what does he do? he put his arms around her and gives her an unwanted massage. megyn: sow, do not touch the woman? -- so, this was about not touching a woman? another executive got fired after seeing this clip from seinfeld. this is not the first time this has happened. >> you do not know my name, do you? [laughter] >> yes, i do. >> what is it? >> it rhymes with a female body parts. >> what is it? >> mulva? [laughter] gipple? [laughter] loreola? [laughter]
10:43 am
oh! oh! deloris! [applause] [laughter] megyn: miller brewing fired a top executive in 1992 after he busted that joke out on his secretary. does that factor in in any way? >> it does not. i take exception to you saying that "seinfeld" got this guy fired. it was his action. if his boss does not fire him, you know that there is ap "kelly's court" waiting that happen. >> lighten up. >> lighten up? that is the funniest episode ever, the dolores episode. he opened to the dictionary,
10:44 am
pointed to the word, and he got fired. he did not suit, but then there is $1 million in his pocketbook. megyn: we will see what happens in this case about a guy in iowa. in his defense company it was a very floury field, it might not have been his problem once things got started. "you are so good-looking." >> you are as well, your honor. hottest expectant mother on the planet. [laughter] megyn: i will not sue you for that. one final word, this guy was fired for continuing a joke that his alleged victim started and for running her shoulders one time? either this case stands or there is more to this story. a couple of lessons here -- do not touch people at work. no. 2, do not model your office behavior of ideas that you get
10:45 am
from "seinfeld." bill: but it is a good try. . . ( music, cheering ) score delivery pizza... hut! hut! ( thud ) ouch! minus the delivery price. ♪ for fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. ♪
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bill: when you feel you cannot get on line, many of you feeling yesterday when google's e-mail service went down. boy, did folks suffer from withdrawal. two hours' worth. i mean, the pressure. this is gmail, right? i>> was one of them. i do not know about you. i logged on and got a screen telling me i should try again in 30 seconds. it went on for 100 minutes. there are about -- this e-mail services the third largest in e country, so a lot of people were very upset about this, and
10:49 am
they went to oth social networking ses to complain about it. i want to show you e funniest tweet we found. that sums it ht tupigre. bill: you didn't eat your dog, did you? did not think so. why did this happen? >> apparently, google too so of their serrs offline to do somepgrades and repairs, and they had an unanticipated problem, they say. maintenance happens all the time. they unanticipated -- they did not anticipate the load this would place oth comters. ther wasyo lt, potentially, by someomnies. ty say they are takincare e problem, and no oneds to worrabout it. bill: will suffer through it today if that happs again. megyn: a maiv wir
10:50 am
lo le to fle a me btribut pan bill: tell me what is better wdan ccking on icpen a cold ed bee but, inoe'ke wkickinno havce : takes ea ts of om ge.vo: 'ceckos don't terasweat. thin 'sust t ou.. ge.voo : ...bard, dt terasweat. thin 'sust t ou.. gecko vorst ge.voo : ...bard, dt terasi"hd workalsuccess." geckth's whygeico ytlteoret rm of fincialen ckvo re: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad,
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bill: so you've finally set up camp after a long day of hiking through the forest
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