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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 9, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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few, on the network that if you are not getting it, you should demand it. hear from a very windy washington, where they talk about bipartisanship, but every time they do, and 80 mile per hour wind kicks up. either mother nature is not buying it, or there is a lot of hot air. i don't know. we continue now. . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, these are the questions we're going to try to answer. are chickens people, too? i got to know. are chickens people, too? wait until you hear this one. also, this is really important. i keep hearing what divides us over and over again. it is diversion. it is diversity, all these things that divide us, but what unites us? maybe that's a question that we should ask. the last one is how much more are you going to take? how much are you are going to let go by before america wakes up and says wait a minute. the weasels are not the republicans or the democrats.
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the weasels are the democrats and the republicans in washington. if you believe this country is great but your rights are being regulated away, holy cow, wait until you see today! stand up! come on, follow me. as usual, we will break all conventional wisdom and go in a different direction. everyone is going to talk about healthcare and the president's speech tonight. i don't even need to watch the speech. blah blah blah. wow. he's against it? yeah, i'm against t i'm against any compromise. i'm against anything that the republicans could bring. i don't need to hear about it. why? well, do you remember the graphic i showed you last night with the iceberg, ok? this is when we were talking about van jones, there's the constitution, and everybody is saying, oh, my gosh, look at
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the czars on the iceberg. quick, get the czars, make them go away, and what did they do? they moved van jones under the surface. he has announced today that he is part of the center for american progress, the soros group. yeah, what a surprise there, so he's underneath the surface. he's still doing stuff, ok. it's not about what's above. it's not about what you can see. it never is with this administration. it's what's under the surface. i have shown you that there are people in the white house that are taking it very seriously and not the way, if you voted for obama, that's fine. but it's being translated, change is different, i'm guessing, than what you thought change would be. people in the white house are taking seriously the effort to fundamentally transform america as barack obama has promised us five days before he was elected. when the president truly
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believed in that fundamental change the same way that van jones or mark lloyd or cass sunstein view changes, radical surgery that will leave the constitution in a condition where you will not even recognize it anymore. that is when we have to bring you the one thing. while everyone is talking about healthcare, and, you know, what the president is going to say tonight, an all of the games of healthcare reform, let me sum up the speech this way -- it does not matter. this administration is going off of a blueprint that they haven't really revealed yet. i mean, do you know who all the players are q. do you know who even has written this bill? do you know how many unions? do you know how many big pharmaceutical companies have gotten special favors? do you know what companies have gotten involved in this that are going to benefit? i can tell you now, it doesn't matter if it's a republican or a democrat in charge.
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the special interests are getting all of the gravy. they are getting all the nickels and the dimes and the dollars and the tens and the hundreds, the things that you have worked hard for, they are taking them, sucking them up like a vacuum, and it doesn't matter what party you're in. they're going to screw us all. we must ask what exactly is the plan, true transparency, who designed it? it feels, quite honestly, more and more every day, like there's a plan designed by the teamsters and the seemingly criminal elements that run acorn, or hugo chavez' regime. until we know where the people in washington stand on the constitution of the united states, where they stand on just capitalism. how many times do we have to hear a congressman say that capitalism is wrong, that hugo chavez is a good guy, that fidel
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castro should be considered? what? have we gone insane? you know what? i have been telling you for a while, until we know those answers, every american, republican, democrat and independent needs to consider themselves gandolf. >> back to the center. you shall not pass! glenn: because the tools to build their ultimate new america, one that i'm telling you does not resemble the america that we have been in, and i don't mean the america, oh, yeah, we're run by the republicans, they're spending too much. i mean, anything that you recognize. the ultimate new america, the tools to build it are brewer
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ryed in these -- are buried in these bills and you won't see them because you won't need what tools they still need. you don't even know what it's supposed to look like at the end, so instead of talking about healthcare, let me tell you about something today that actually, absolutely will change and affect every part of your life. i've said to you over and over again, never, never watch what they say they're doing. you watch the other hand, ok, that is critical. as everyone was watching van jones this week, we learned that the vote to confirm cass sunstein as the regulatory czar is coming down today. do we have anything from washington? is it going on? it is supposed to happen, surprise, surprise, no coincidence in politics at this hour. are they taking the vote? >> we're waiting on it. glenn: it hasn't happened yet. you can still call washington and tell them no.
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now, if you don't know who cass sunstein is, he's the author of "animal rights, current debates and new directions." i want you to ask yourself, please, non-partisan -- does this man reflect your views? does this man reflect the views of the average american? if the answer is no, you must act right now! this is what he has written in the past, and not in the way, way, way back machine. i mean, what was that one, 2004. animals should be permitted to bring suit with human beings as their representatives. yes, your dog should have an attorney. i don't know about your dog, but my dog -- i don't think he likes attorneys. cass sunstein, the guy who had this to say about the second amendment. are you ready? watch this one. >> my coming view is that the individual rights to bear arms reflects the success of an
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extremely aggressive and resourceful social movement, and has much less to do with good standard legal arguments than appears. glenn: hmm. wow. yeah, he wants to ban hunting, you know, he takes that whole second amendment thing as a big lie. here is what the regulatory czar does, in case you don't know. this is the most powerful man around. he is the most powerful invisible man you will ever see. he regulates laws -- past, present and future. what does he do? what do that's mean? that means he can take a law -- he doesn't have to pass anything -- imagine all the laws on a big board and they are dials and knobs. he tweaks them. now, what does that mean you for? well, from a man who doesn't believe we should be eating meat, from a man who believes that animals should be provided attorneys in the courts of law, a man who believes that everyone
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must be be an organ donor, a man who believes that you should not be able to remove rats from your home if it causes them any pain. i mean, i'm fond, you know, when i was 8 of of the michael jacksn song "ben" as much as any other 8-year-old was, but do you really want a police officer telling ben, who has just shown up in your home, ben, you have a right to remain silent. if they try to remove you from your home, have the right to hire an attorney, and if you can't afford one, the world will provide one for you. the world is upsidedown! come on, america! none of those views are in lockstep with anybody. i don't care if you are a republican, democrat or independent. this is the lunatic fringe, and the power this man will have if they vote him through -- you know, it's funny. this had a hold on this. i'll tell you about this in a second. thee senators put a hold on. this this is wildly historic.
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to take those holds off and just ram it right through, yeah, they decided to ram it through after this bowed cast was released. that's when we found out about it after this bowed cast. cass sunstein. he doesn't have to pass a law to ban meat. he is the author of "nudge." he just worked with the environmental agencies to make sure feed is tougher to obtain. grazing lands are a little more protected, nothing big, just a little more. now it's really hard for the ranchers because they don't have that much land to have their cattle graze on. when environmentalists saved the smelt -- do you remember i told you about this last week? i thought i saw -- well, what they did was reduce the water to the grazing lands. suddenly farmers were going out of business. he can make it harder to use pesticide. he can change regulations on grain, which makes them more expensive. your state will go from $10 to
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$25. he doesn't have to ban meat. tweet, nudge, tweet the regulations, make it so he can nudge you to where you don't's t meat. imagine what he will do with guns. how will he nudge you there or on the internet, which he believes needs regulation, to control speech. you won't say bad things about the president or global warming, because that would be wildly irresponsible. we can't have flat earthers running around or people who disagree that much with the president. people in washington, and you know this, democrats, you know this, too, they're corrupt. they are in bed with special interests. they don't care about you. when they talk about, well, i just care about joe six-pack, do they care about joe six-pack or do they care about the unions? what has happened to us? we are so divided.
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who divided us? who divided us? they divided us between republicans and democrats. hello! the people in washington don't get it. you know it. for the first time in my life i have seen miracles happen. i have seen miracles happen. this country is actually being lead in part with you. we, the people are leading this country. you are leading the blind in washington. they are beginning to listen. some people going to continue to play politics. they're going to call you stupid i don't think you're stupid. i don't think you're ignorant. things are changing. don't you feel it? they will tell you that cass sunstein is a good guy, just an academic. i'm sure he is. i don't think he's a bad guy. but remember, there are a lot of academics that have done a lot of damage and are responsible for a lot of people perishing. a lot of those attacks on me are
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saying that i'm just screamings communist. i want you to know that this guy is not a communist. he is not a communist. he is not a marxist. he is not crazy -- well, there is the at thing, you know. he is not a revoluntionary. he hasn't started a storm for kids group. he is a serious intellectual. so why is glenn beck going after him? because i'm one guy who is trying to be consistent. i was against gigantic government under george w. bush, gigantic government. where are the democrats that were also against it? don't you understand, if it doesn't go into fascism, the next election, the republicans can have control of this giant government. you don't want that! you want col of your own life -- you want control of your own life. i believe people make the best decisions. i don't need to be nudged. i don't need any aid to make propaganda to push an agenda for
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the democrats or republicans. i don't need thugs coming to my office or ap poaching me on the street to nudge me. i can make decisions for my own life. if the government doesn't like it, you know what? they can get the hell off my land. a battle is being waged. bring up washington, again. could you put that behind me? i thought i saw a chicken. a battle is being waged. you may be losing a lot of personal sovereignty today. you watch the price of energy. you watch the price of food, the availability of food. you will not be nudged. you will be shoved! but the highest price you pay will not be the extra pennies or dimes on soda tax. it will be the loss of your personal freedom. this coming saturday is 9/12. six months ago, we saw a chicken. we know the white house is
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watching and they're saying cass sunstein is crying. there's a chicken and he's making him perform. yes, yes we are. six months ago, i asked you to remember the way you felt after the attacks on 9/11. do you remember what that was? you know, the president has made 9/11 a national day of service. why? that's a national day of remembrance. the service came on the 12th when we put our partisan politics aside, when we said i don't care. did anybody ask -- wait, wait, wait. i just want to make sure that blood is going to republicans -- wait a second, are there any republicans that were hurt, because they were trying to destroy us anyway. nobody said that. do you only have democrat or republican fends? do you only -- has anybody ever gone to the hospital, which, by the way, you can drive by any hospital today, and you can see them, all the people that are
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not lined up hoping to get in, because as much as it sucks, it is still the best healthcare system in the world, and people are not turned away. there not people dying. there are people that don't have regular healthcare and that's a problem and we should fix it. that, again, is the shape of the table, not what does the house look like. nobody, nobody on 9/11 did anything but try to comfort each other. on 9/12, we all started to gather together and put our partisanship away. don't you remember what that felt like? don't you remember how great it felt? don't you remember for weeks after we were like, this is the way we're supposed to be. well, who has changed that? who has changed that? have your neighbors? have your neighbors changed that? or have the people in washington, d.c. changed that? i have never started a fight
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with my neighbors. they have never started a fight with me. we have never -- we have never, ever, argued about principles in my neighborhood or with my friends, people i disagree with. we can disagree on healthcare, but up until the last ten years, we didn't hate each other. look, i will take my share of the responsibility. fine. fine. can we change? i believe in pivot points. i believe that yesterday doesn't matter, as hong as we have today , as long as we have today, we can change. just make the commitment. what is the biggest problem we have in washington? what is it? is it the republicans? is it the democrats? is the independents?
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or is it the corruption? the corruption that one party said they were going to clean and drain the swamp. i remember the last party that was going to be cleaned out had won the election the last time because they said they were going to drain the swamp. it's corruption. well, i don't know about you, but i don't know a lot of republicans and democrats in my own world that are corrupt. i don't have enough time to name all of those who i suspect are corrupt in washington, and all the big special interests. stop it. this saturday is 9/12, the day i think should be a national day of service, and i don't mean service -- well, look, we have never had a problem serving each other or helping each other out. the national day of service should be to take and restore the constitution, put the hood up and say, ok, man, this was a sweet ride.
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who skewed it up? let's sweet it up. let's nudge the constitution back with the power towards the people. there going to be 9/12's all over the country. one is going to be in washington, d.c. i have no idea who will be there. people are gathering from all over the country. buses are coming. cars are coming. people are saving their money to stand there and say hear my voice. maybe something is happening in your own town square. do what you did on march 13, six months ago when i introduced the 9/12 project. go to a restaurant, a bar, a neighbor's house. gather together, republicans, independents, democrats, because i think we all have had enough. >> save the smelt, kill the agriculture industry. the dangers of overwhelming the environmental system and one of the czars behind it, next. @=huu
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glenn: america, i have to tell you, i'm going to be real honest with you. i'm afraid for the future of our country, because i think they're taking us in in the direction that most people refuse to look at. i'm optimistic because more and more people are waking up. these people are so arrogant in washington. they will end up tripping up and exposing themselves and destroying themselves. i am honestly concerned for myself and for my family because
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i would like some more friends in the mainstream media, you know, on abc, cbs, nbc, and i did investigating on actually telling people the truth, but until they do, we will continue to tell you the truth as we know it. tomorrow, tomorrow things change. i think things change a lot for those in power. the tides are about to turn, and that will be on tomorrow's broadcast. trust me. everybody now says they're going to be talking about healthcare. i don't think so. tomorrow you will see, an exclusive on tomorrow's program. don't miss it. our next guest calls cass sungstein the most powerful government employee you have never heard of. you're about to hear more about him. david marcowski is head of the the research center for consumer
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freedom. david, they are at the senate here, voting on cass sunstein. they're voting on chloe tour, which means what, david? >> well, there is currently an objection from a senator, senator isaacson of georgia. he is objecting to sunstein's nomination to run our regulatory section in the white house n order to vote on his nomination, not withstanding that objection, senator harry reid, the majority leader has ruled for closure. they need 60 votes to override senator isaacson's objection. if they get 60 votes on closure, and that's the roll call right now, then they will move to a voice vote, all in favor say aye, quip py, and he's in. >> they need 60 votes. >> right, they need 60 votes to
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break the log jam by one senator's objection. he is the third senator to object. senators cornyn and chambliss have previously objected. they withdrew their holds for whatever reason, but here you have a guy that is going to be our new regulatory czar who basically takes his ideological plays out of a peta website and from their itdz lodge ideological cousins from the so-called human society of the united states. this is a guy who wants the chicken to sue you tomorrow. glenn: i know. >> if you eat that chicken, he's going to havites. be careful. glenn: i know. here is a guy who good friends with peter singer, is he not? >> well, good friend -- the point is he is a disciple of singer's philosophy. it is impossible to read and listen to cass sunstein without given the sense that he is figuring out how to be the instrument that implements what singer thought about.
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singer basically said there's nothing special about human beings, that you and i have no more worth than a lab rat or a monkey or a chicken, and i think sunstein wants to write that into policy. glenn: can he do that? i mean, look, there are big businesses that say, you know, he's really smart -- and he is. he's really dangerous because nobody sees him coming. >> nobody sees what the power that this man has, and while he's not a radical, his views are radical. he can fundamentally transform america without anyone knowing it. >> you'rite. glenn: six months, a year down the ode, you will say i used to be able to do that and can't do it now. why can't i do that now? >> that's right. sunstein is very careful and will go about his transformation in a methodical and subtle way. he is likely, i think, to use
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the usda to take meat and dairy products out of school lunches and and is likely to use the department of intear your to stop huntsdzing and fishing on federal land and will use the usda to make it difficult to use animals as elaborates for curing cancer and aids. that's a huge problem. glenn: we with talking last week about california where the farmer because of the smelt, they don't have enough water. that's the kind of thing a egg la tore i czar can do, right? o absolutely f you go into a regulatory job with an animal rights jen darks as sunstein is doing, you have to look at how do you put and muchers and pig farmers out of business? you make their environmental restrictions tighter. you squeeze them into a box so it is prohibitively expensive for them to do business. one of the implements of that work is the endangered species act. you will see a greater increase in the number of listings. if you look closely, i have seen
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some of them targeted as crippling farmers, especially those who raise farmers for food. glenn: america, we showed you these things last week. we showed you -- what is the organization? they're putting, like, 690 some animals to be endangered species, which is blowing out the system. i mean, this is the kind of stuff that's happening, and, unfortunately, either our officials in washington are too corrupt or they're too close to it. they don't get it and they don't see it, but you do. >> i think it's more than -- it's not a democrat thing. it's not a republican thing. it's a feature of government. here is a guy who wants to have unprecedented levels of control over what you do, how you eat, what you drive. i'm talking about the pez in this case. he wants to have col over what kind of doctors you can see. what better guy than cass sunstein who has already decided we're pieces of meat, so the government should tell us what to do, how to live. glenn: that's true.
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i will go live in the basement of the white house and they will never get me out. thank you. outing c.i.a. agents are turning over to the enemies s it even legal? bill owe aislely talked about it last night. coming up. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a.
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call now and mention "shredder." call now or visit ♪ >> i'm patti ann bound. breaking news tonight. a terrifying incident in the skies over mexico unfolds miraculously on the ground. a passenger jet that took off
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from cancun landed safely on a unway in mexico city after a group of bow liveian hijackers took over the plane. the hijackers, reportedly as many as 8, reportedly wanted to speak with mexico's president and reportedly had a bomb. none was found. the tense seen unfolded live on television. more than 100 passengers were freed before the cue, three of them believed to be american. a short while later, crew exited safely as well. all the hijackers are said to be under arrest. bret: coming up, we are told president obama will offer conditional support for a government-run health option tonight. does that change the debate? plus breaking news about iran and afghanistan. join me in 26 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn beck. glenn: america, your country is about to change tonight.
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it has nothing to do with the president speaking. it is the other hand. i told you watch the other hand. last night i told you we found out they would go for closure on cass sunstein. he has to be approved by the senate to become a regulatory czar. your life is about to change, and the people in washington are voting on it right now. did you even know anything about it? you know, it is amazing to me the hypocrisy that is happening. it is not just liberal hipocracy. it is on both sides. the republicans will say one thing and then their team will be in and then they'll change their point of view and the same thing with the liberals. i'm tired of it. you know, you can't get a fair shake in the media. god forbid the media is actually fair, that they actually care about the truth. no, no, no. they just want an agenda. why does the media constantly question the people at the tea parties, make the people of this country into the devil?
5:36 pm
the 9/12ers, request are they -- you should see the stuff that is being written on me. wow. oh, yeah. but none of them have asked me where were you during the bush station? and then actually printed the answer. none of them said where were you during the bush administration when i said george bush should be impeached for his actions on the border, because his actions on the border, he was clearly working in concert with gigantic global corp. pations. corporations. where was the media? why won't they print that i was against george bush paving the way with tarp? i warned against it. this will never stop. this is a game they're playing, but they won't do that. i just am a shill. i'm just a shill to go against obama. i'm against gigantic government and i think you are.
5:37 pm
according to the liberal mead quarks i never said any of these things, no, no. during the height of the iraq war, we heard about the freedom of the press when they wanted to keep daily morbid tallies of the war dead. er that? how much have you heard about last month? it was the deadliest month in afghanistan. when is the last time we heard about how poorly things were going anywhere? the left hates big business, but now the uber left is in bed with big business. for the love of pete, you can imagine general electric, general electric, right now, they are in bed with the obama station, actually in the white house with the financial situation, while they're on his financial committee, they're also sitting on the board of directors, the chair of the federal reserve in new york! you want to talk about in bed with big business, how about own
5:38 pm
owning general motors? last night i was on bill o'reilly's show. by the way, bill o'reilly has been a friend to this program and a personal friend of mine. bill pushes me, because i think he enjoys the sport, and he makes sure that i have everything set poo in my head. anyway, i was on last night and he was doing a thing on the c.i.a. remember scooter libby? that guy might have been jack the ripper as far as the press was concerned for outing c.i.a. agent valerie plame. now, one group has recently launched a project to reveal c.i.a. agents' identities to the enemy of the united states. bill bill o'reilly and his team are confronting this group. this is what he showed on the air last night. >> dan with the bill o'reilly
5:39 pm
factor. you're putting c.i.a. agents in danger. >> i'm not talking about the john adams project. c.i.a. agents put a lot of people in danger. they put this country in danger. they put american soldiers overseas in danger. >> you're showing pictures of c.i.a. agents ting al qaeda terrorists that. is despicable. >> we're not. >> what is the john adams project. >> why are you followed me around in a drugstore? >> you hired researchers to take pictures of c.i.a. agents and show them to al qaeda terrorists. >> what they did was try and find out who the names and identities of the people who tortured, illegally tortured people because the government won't turn over that information, and people in this country have a right to defend themselves. sir, get out of my way. glenn: i have to tell you, the hipocracy is amazing. i'm against rendition. i think rendition is a nightmare. request is rendition happening?
5:40 pm
what is wren rendition? rendition, a c.i.a. agent lands in a foreign country, scoops up people and puts them on a plane and says you can talk to us or we'll dop you off in egypt where they'll pull your fingernails and your eyes. does that sound like the united states of america? why are we doing that? bill clinton said we can't get our hands dirty so we'll do that instead. is this even legal? where is anybody whose was scheming about scooter libby? here is fox senior judicial analyst judge an due napolitano. hello, judge. hello, glenn. this is actually legal what they're doing? >> it depends on how they acquired the photographs and the purposes for which they use them. if, for example, they got the names of c.i.a. agents by luck or gossip or from public sources and then went out and took photos of those people in public places like walmart or a
5:41 pm
restaurant, as offensive as that may be, it is not illegal. glenn: let's just say that, you know, the old soviet union days, and we got a list of the soviet union just gave me a list of c.i.a. agents, ok, and they just said, hey, i hear this guy is a c.i.a. agent, and i publish their picture. that's ok to do or legal to do if you are in the american government, and you have a classified security clearance to possess that, and you give it away, it is a crime. glenn: but i can get it from any other source? >> correct. if you the e sip quents of those photographs, even from someone who stole them, you have not sigh lated the law by publishing them. why? because the supreme court has ruled that the first amendment gives every benefit of the doubt to the free flow of information. glowp how.
5:42 pm
glenn: how about giving those pictures now to our enemies? >> it depends on who did it and why they did it. example. if the photos were given by an officer of the united states, let's say someone who was active duty in the military but serving as a defense lawyer, and was given by that person for the purpose of exposing who the c.i.a. agent was, so they can't be an undercover agent anymore, that person committed a crime, but if it was done not by an officer of the united states or done for some purpose other than harming the c.i.a. agent, like, did you ever see this man when you were in prison in egypt? that is not a kime. glenn: this goes to question number three. how much more will americans just let go by? here is why i ask that question. we have an administration that has insulted our police. we is an station that has -- and we have an administration that
5:43 pm
has now several times insulted or c.i.a. how much more are these institutions like the c.i.a., how much more are they going to take? is anybody going to sign up for the c.i.a. when this can happen to you? not me. what does that mean? by the way, baking news, sun stein closure vote count, 63-35. that means republicans voted for a guy who doesn't think the second amendment is accurate, and for a guy also that -- well, gosh, thinks it's ok to ban hunting. that is for closure. we will have more now with the judge in just a second on this, because now the vote is counted. we'll watch it together, next.
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glenn: back now with fox senior judicial ans list judge andrew napolitano. they just voted for closure on cass sunstein. he had been held back from a vote on the senate floor, but harry reid, i mean, he insisted that you have to have an up or down vote from people, because that's only fair. gee, that sounds like a hypocrite saying that, but maybe that's just me. the republicans that voted for it, bennett, collins, judd gregg, orrin hatch, dick lugar, olympia snoi and george voinovich. voting against closure on the republican side is webb and lincoln -- democrats, i'm sorry. judge, this does not mean that those people will vote for them, right, just up or down vote? >> right, it means just that they can get away from not voting for him but they facilitated the vote. glenn: how dramatic -- and
5:48 pm
please understand, cass sunstein, with what you know about him, good friend of barack obama. >> correct. glenn: went to law school with barack obama? >> they both taught together at the university of chicago law school. this is one of his best ideological academic friends and intellectual soul mates. glenn: would you say he is a radical, not in the marxist radical but wildly out of step with the american people? >> i would say he is on the far left of the left side of the democratic party. i would also say he will be on the short list for the next nominee to the supreme court to replace whoever resigns next. glenn: to the left of justice ginsburg, holy cow. have we ever had anybody in a regulatory position this out of step with regular people? >> never with this kind of power that is this out of step with the american people, so his potential damage is limitless.
5:49 pm
glenn: sorry. say it again. >> we have never had anyone with this kind of power in this kind of position that is this far to the left, so his potential damage is limitless. glenn: ok. america, your country is being transformed. i don't care what other people say about me. i don't care. please, don't ever source me. do your own homework and read these things and wake your neighbors up. your good neighbors who are democrats or republicans or independents. these people are wildly out of step, and too many americans are still asleep going oh, no, that's not going to happen. please. think the unthinkable, because we are living in unreasonable times. more next.
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glenn: scott baker said today to me on the radio show "glenn, you were on tuesday with "fox & friends," and you said by friday things will change and you will wonder request people aren't in jail." he says that's the number one most viewed video right now on
5:54 pm
brightbart t.v. well, tomorrow the tides will change. something that we have been following for a long time will finally be exposed. i'm going to give you a bit of it in just a minute, but first, if you will excuse me for being so bold, the biggest book release of the year is just days away. i am talking, of course, about dan brown's new sequel to the "da vinci code" that is out next week, but my new book "arguing with idiots" comes out after that, and i'm hoping with so many people in bookstores that a few will stop and gawk at me as the book czar. by the way, the obama station took me in without any vetting whatsoever, and i was like, hey, see what i have been saying about you? it was like, yeah, whatever, you're only a book czar. you don't have any power. i'm like, buy my new book. as your book czar, i command you to pre-order a copy of "arguing
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with idiots." you can get all the information at and don't worry, i promise that the administration won't capture any of your personal information when you visit the website. >> you know that guy in your office? >> the problem with this country is that taxes are troo low! >> the one who is always talking? >> you know who does healthcare right, the u.k. and cuba! >> the one you just want to shut up. >> bush lied, they died, puppies cried, ok. >> well, here is your chance. its it's glenn beck's new book "arguing with idiots." chapter four -- f.d.r. was a fantastic president. chapter 1 oh capitalism is what caused the financial crisis. chapter one. >> the constitution doesn't say anything about that. >> chapter 12. >> what about halliburton, weapons of mass destruction, hello! >> well, if your idiot is this dumb,er, the book is jam-packed with facts and even has 25 pages
5:56 pm
of sources in tiny, tiny print at the end. >> that will probably kill a cow's intrigue. >> it is hard cover, so you can use it in other ways. >> oh, yeah, like -- ow! that really hurt! >> "arguing with idiots, how to stop small minds and big government" lands september 22. pre-order now at quality and reliability...
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