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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  September 11, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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martha: good day, everybody. we have been watching this coverage. it is both reading and it takes you back to that day eight years ago. we all remember where we were and what we were doing on september 11, 2001. the terrorist attack by al qaeda in new york city, pa., and on the pentagon, climbing 2976
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lives. today, we honor those victims and their families. martha: it is always a hard time for the year. hundreds of mourners have braved the wind and the rain at ground zero this morning. the weather is certainly adding to the solemnity of the ceremonies there. take a look. take a look. martha: just seeing those
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firefighters, i am reminded of the incredible bravery of the firefighters who went up the stairs of the buildings as others were coming down. rick leventhal was there that they reporting from the area. he is live right now at ground zero. terrible weather today for all of this. did it affect any of the ceremony down there today? >> it may have kept the crowds a little bit smaller. with all the rain and the wind, we may have had fewer people out here. many people were determined to be here. those victims' family members joined volunteers, approaching a podium to read the names of t 7003752 people who died on that
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day. they paused four * for moments of silence. family members were also able to walk into the area itself where the memorial is being built. they were laying flowers in a reflecting pool that sits in the middle of a plaza that will be built, filling half of the world trade center site, the laying flowers in a pool that will eventually become a beautiful memorial that will open on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. there were a number of dignitaries here. the governors of new york and new jersey, former mayor rudy giuliani spoke. new york mayor michael bloomberg
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spoke about the fact that today is a national day of service and remembrance. he spoke about the reason why volunteers joined family members. >> just as our hearts return to those that we lost, we also remember all those who spontaneously rush forward to help. their compassion and selfless acts are etched in our city's history. >> it occurs to us than 9/11 was a beautiful day weather-wise. the awful weather today is perhaps more appropriate for the awful events that transpired. martha: thank you so much for your coverage there today. there are the brave men and women of united flight 93. passengers who refused to let terrorists win once they had an understanding of what was happening. they decided to storm the cockpit to prevent it from going anywhere else in the country.
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ultimately, those people lost their lives and that pennsylvania field. they saved countless others from a similar fate. here is part of that memorial. [reading of names] >> 146 years ago in another field and pennsylvania, president abraham lincoln addressed a similar gathering on an overcast fall day, as we have today. they assembled to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in battle. the scale and scope of that loss was far greater than flight 93, but the scale and scope of the coverage of those heroes and the courage of our heroes that we celebrate today were equal. trace: that is colin powell.
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at the pentagon this morning, president obama and secretary gates paying tribute to those who died. the president laying a wreath at pentagon memorial site and promising the families on it -- of the more than 180 people who died there, we will never let -- never call off the hunt for their killers. >> let us renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act and plot against us still. the defense of our nation, we will never wane in pursuit of al qaeda and its extremist allies. trace: president obama spoke about renewing our resolve against those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks and the plot against the u.s.. they took time to remember the victims of that date. >> the president noted that it has been about 3000 days since
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the september 11, 2001 attacks. almost a day for every victim. here is the commander-in-chief of the victims. >> the loved ones that they left behind, the men and women who lost their lives eight years ago today leave a legacy that still shines brightly in the darkness and calls on all of us to be strong and firm and united. that is our calling today and in all the septembers still to come. >> after those remarks, the president and secretary gates spoke to the victim's families. trace: they also joined in a very moving tribute at 8:46 this morning. >> staffers were out on the white house lawn.
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the president and first lady had a very solemn moment of silence. it was a very moving moment. i have been out of the law on several times when president bush was president. it takes you back to where you were on september 11, 2000. trace: as we look back, we have to look forward. there's a lot of talk that president obama is getting pressure on the way forward in afghanistan. what is the latest on that? >> robert gibbs was asked about that. he said that no decision is imminent on troop levels for afghanistan. there have been reports that the president may be losing support from up -- from members of his own party, but basically saying that president is committed to getting things right. as you heard in those remarks, promising never to forget those who carried out the 9/11 attacks. trace: mike, thank you. martha: those were beautiful words that the president spoke when the president said -- this
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is a day that is of some much importance in our country to stop and remember what happened, remember the significance of it, remember why we have been fighting these wars in afghanistan and iraq, to think about the lives. eight years later, i spoke with a friend the other day who lost her brother of this day. each year, it brings something different. she says this year, i am angry because of everything he is missing. so many of them were cut down so young in their lives. this young man was married that may and killed that september. it is so important to remember. it is very important for school children to be reminded of what happened on one day on one year. gov. pataki joins us from ground
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zero. thank you for being with us. >> it is nice being with you today. martha: talk to me about what you felt, knowing that there is no memorial built yet and that the memorial will be done by the 10th anniversary. >> i cannot help but feel a tremendous sense of loss and sorrow. we lost almost 3000 brave new yorkers and people from around the world on september 11. i am proud that the memorial is on time and under budget. it will be done by september 11, 2011. i think it is going to have a tremendous impact on people who come to visit it. i think it will be the most visited place in north america. the heroes we lost and the courage and strength with which new yorkers responded. trace: you take us back to that day in 2001.
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you were out and about, but you went back to your office. you thought the first plane hitting the building was an accident and it started to unfold. give us a sense of what you were going through on that morning. >> the first thing you felt was an incredibly beautiful day. you could not help but just look out the window and say, this is a magnificent day. my daughter called me and told me that a plane had hit one of the towers. i thought it was some type of horrible accident. i saw the second plane and i knew that we were under attack. i mean -- i immediately talked to rudy giuliani. we began activating the state's emergency response. it was a day when people did not know what to expect. you could see the unity, the strength that everybody was showing on that day.
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martha: i'm curious about how you think this should be taught. to many of our children were too little to even know what was going on. there's a feeling that the talk about this diminishes. what is your feeling on flags, talking about this in schools across the country, and particularly in our area? >> i think that is the most important question. what can we do to make sure that children and all of those who care about this country do not forget the memory of september 11. we were attacked that day. we did not anticipate it. we have got to be vigilant. there are those who have attacked as before and want to do it again. i hope that people do not forget that lesson of september 11. september 11. september 11. september 11. not because of anything we did wrong, but because of what we do right.
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freedom to elect our own leaders, freedom to work as we see fit, freedoms that we hope were universal, but now we know that [bs] we have to be vigilant. terrorists want to do that again. we have to honor the memory of the tremendous heroes that responded on that day. martha: we thank you for being with us today to remind us of all of those important aspects of this day. thank you very much, governor. trace: we will continue looking back. we also want to look forward and get you updated on some of the news. there is brand new and shocking video from an undercover investigation into the left wing organization acorn. the undercover video we showed you yesterday had dramatic impact. there is more. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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trace: there is more controversial and stunning video coming out today from a conservative activist who went undercover to investigate the nonprofit group acorn. a hidden camera capturing a behind-the-scenes look into one of -- in one of the group's offices. fox news did not shoot his video. it was brought to us by the filmmaker . just thefilmmakeracorn fired two
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employees after they were seen on in a camera apparently giving advice on tax evasion eric, what happened this time? >> an a corn spokesman said that the tapes were false and defamatory. they fired those two employees in baltimore. guess what, the filmmaker and his associate when to the housing office and they basically got the same result, advice on how to evade the law. it is the same story that they gave. they say they want to help to buy a house so that they can set up a prostitution business. they do not throw them out. they do not say, that is wrong.
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they instead, according to the tape, teach them how to hide the prostitution from authorities and mask the money as legitimate and comforted when a then tells them not to tell the truth to the police. >> my partner is in a unique line of business. i do not know if you allow -- >> if you cannot tell us, we cannot help you. >> my girlfriend is a prostitute. >> i kind of figured that pitte. >> you heard it there for yourself. trace: what does acorn say about all of this? >> they said in the of the tape that it was a smear, the filmmakers have gone to other
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sites and failed. the spokesman tells me that they will not comment until they see the full tape and transcripts. nobody at his office would talk to fox news. trace: talk to a worker who mentioned fox news. >> they are seeing -- saying to keep everything low key. keep everything at the house low key because you have nose in neighbors and she says to them, because they will eventually pick up the telephone and call fox. what can only imagine that she is saying that if there is prostitution going on the house, neighbors will not like it and they will call fox to get fox to investigate trace: thank you. martha: today as we remember the attacks on that day, we go to the aftermath. do you remember this, president
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bush reading a book when we were attack -- and grand 0 with a firefighter. the president made a promise on that day. it still echoes eight years later. [bruce springsteien] lpuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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martha: take a look of the boxes right now. in the top, maine -- waiting for a return trip to earth. astronauts set to land at kennedy space center tonight.
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another window just before 6:30. last night's landing was scrapped due to the bad weather. in the middle box, the russian prime minister vladimir putin warning against the use of sanctions against iran, saying that russia has no reason to doubt that iran's nuclear program is purely peaceful and the use of force will not solve the problem. in the bottom box, monday marks one year since the collapse of lehman brothers. they were the first domino to fall in the banking crisis. monday is going to be a big day for the financial industry. the president will give a speech about new regulations, about the economy, about the banking system. this happens as morgan stanley gets a brand new ce,o james gorman.
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he has been serving as the head of the firm's brokerage arm and is credited with getting morgan stanley back on track. eight years ago, terrorists touched off a full-fledged war with the u.s.s. the wound that they cut into downtown new york remains open today. president bush promised an anxious nation that he would take the fight to al qaeda >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. the people who knock these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [applause] [chanting] martha: that was an incredibly
1:26 pm
emotional moment. that was firefighter bob beckwith. we mentioned the commissioner of the fire department here in new york. jennifer griffin is standing by at pentagon. did the military ever expect to be fighting two wars with regard to this attack eight years later? >> i think they did not expect to be in afghanistan eight years later in the situation that they find themselves in. and there was a time when war critics described afghanistan as the good war and iraq as the bad war. now, a u.s. soldier has a 15 times more likely chance to be killed in afghanistan than the same soldier does in iraq. that is an amazing turn of events. the chairman of the joint chiefs says that the u.s. forces and nato forces are at year zero in afghanistan. they have between 12 months and
1:27 pm
18 months to turn around the situation there are more than 60,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the question is, whether they will be sent to afghanistan. martha: that is a big controversy, whether or not he will be asked to send more troops what is the talk at the pentagon about that? >> it is interesting, the talk on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi and the head of the democratic head of the democratic arms services committee saying that there is no patience -- there is not a mood to send more troops. the president will have trouble from his own party. i spoke to the deputy commander of u.s. special operations forces about this, whether you need to have boots on the ground. here is what he said. >> i think it would be incredible difficult to be able
1:28 pm
to do what we need to do without having the votes in the ground. i do not think you can just strike key players. >> even though the predator strikes that the cia has been using on the border where many of the al qaeda leaders are, even though those have been very effective, the argument is that most likely, you will have to send more troops and if you want to get the intelligence to get those strikes and continue to take out the leaders of al qaeda. trace: for more on the battle, let's bring in a fox news military analyst. welcome, sir. we are going to talk more about the political battle that is brewing here in this country concerning sending more troops. how many more troops are needed to stabilize that country? >> between 25,040 thousand.
1:29 pm
will they have to be -- between 25,000 and 40,000. could nato member troops contribute more troops as well as dollars and resources? that is the issue that we really need to work on so that we can get a stable afghanistan. trace: admiral mike mullen has said that the number one question they get over there is, will the americans stay? either they choose the taliban or they choose nato troops. nato troops have not been as forthcoming as we would like in sending men over there. the question becomes, will we stay over there and fight this battle? that is how you win the hearts and minds, right? >> that is exactly right.
1:30 pm
that is a very important question. if we do not show that we have the will and the conviction to stay, no matter what the size of the structure is, the people are going to go toward the taliban. i think it is extremely important that we show a committed administration from the president to the speaker to the chairman of the senate armed services committee. if they are vacillating, which they appear to be doing right now, that is a very bad signal. trace: it is almost eight years later. is it your sense that we have a short memory in this country eight years after the 9/11 attacks? >> we have a very short memory. i believe we ought to show them every day so that people understand why we have troops in afghanistan, why we have troops
1:31 pm
in iraq. we cannot leave a destabilized afghanistan which means a destabilize pakistan which means nuclear weapons in the hands of radical islamists. we cannot let that happen. trace: thank you, sir. martha: remember the air force jet fly over that panicked people in new york city? a similar situation unfolded today. this year -- this time, it was near the heart of the nation's capital. what the coast guard now has to say about this training exercise that really jangled some nerves on this very solemn day.
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call now and mention "shredder." call now or visit ♪ trace: we have a brand new information on three big stories. israel is returning fire after being fired on by lebanon. >> for the first time since february, rockets were fired from lebanon into northern israel. the israeli mary -- military return fire. it is not clear what militant group was behind the attack. based on the timing of this attack, it is likely the group did so to mark the anniversary of 9/11. trace: in the nation's capital,
1:36 pm
there is a health care debate under way. carl cameron is following that on capitol hill. >> most lawmakers dealing with memorial observance is on 9/11. the bipartisan gang of six spent the morning behind closed doors looking for ways to put that bill together. today, democrats saying that illegal aliens will not get government-funded insurance. there will not be taxpayer dollars for federally-funded abortions. all an attempt to keep a bipartisan. there is still a way to go trace: waste at the department of homeland security. >> after 9/11, if you want federal money, as a direct -- disaster or terrorism. these so-called disaster preparedness training centers and all created with federal
1:37 pm
money thanks to congressional earmarks. secondly, something called the emergency operation grant program. it is so infested with pork, money going to small towns that the administration say is that it is time to kill the program. trace: that is brand new information at top of the hour. martha: some errors were definitely rattled near the nation's capital was morning. just moments after the ceremony, their reports about a suspicious boat on the potomac river and conflicting reports came through about possible shots fired. in the end, it turned out to be just a coast guard exercise. catherine herridge has been all over this story. she joins us live from this. they filled and allot of blacks about what happened.
1:38 pm
-- and they filled in all lot of blanks about what happened. >> we are not issuing an apology. although it is unfortunate that it escalated to this level, what you're seeing here is the result of a normal training exercise. >> the position of the coast guard is that it was only a normal training exercise, but it was just a unit exercise and it is not their procedure to notify other people in washington that they considered to be so insignificant. martha: nonetheless, this confusion started and these rumors started flying. how did all of that happen? >> one of the interesting things that we learned is that the coast guard is on something called channel 81. this is a channel but anyone can pick up with a scanner. members of the coast guard were drilling.
1:39 pm
somebody said bang, bang, shots fired. anybody would know that is the channel for exercises. if we have a real operation going on, we increased our communications, which makes a lot of sense -- which makes a lot of sense. martha: as you have pointed out, there is so much of this kind of training going on her ever since 9/11 all across the country. beef this kind of misunderstanding could happen. >> citing the bottom line is twofold. first and foremost, there is going to be a pretty intensive internal review inside the coast guard to see what exactly happened in whether they follow these protocols on that. they're supposed to say, this is a drill. they are going to look at how they handle the media communication today.
1:40 pm
once reports of shots fired were broadcast, that sent a number of agencies down to that site, a swarm of federal agents. thirdly, when you have an exercise of this nature, even though you are doing it very routinely, do you have to increase the communication on a day like 9 such eleven simply because of the symbolism of that day? martha: thank you very much. trace: the question is whether to keep the government-run an insurance option. president obama seems ready to compromise. just days ago, house speaker nancy pelosi was on wavering on the issue. are they finally seeing eye to eye? a panel is next. you know you're gonna need it. why not stock up now? get everything you need for fall cleaning and fall allergies at an unbeatable price. save money. live better. walmart.
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1:44 pm
-- in all 50 states. and that is a live look right there. health officials are saying one dose of the h1n1 vaccine will begin protecting the average adult within eight to 10 days. the world's oldest known person has died in los angeles. passing away at 115 years old. doctors say that she likely suffered a heart attack, but they are doing an autopsy to prove it. when she was born, the president was grover cleveland. in the bottom box come memorial services today at ground zero. martha: are deals being made right now in the halls of congress? is the so-called public option going out the window?
1:45 pm
she was dedicated to preserving that government program. listen to this. >> i do not think you ever really go into a negotiation and say that some things are non- negotiable. one of those would-be that we not pass a bill. martha: interesting, given what she was saying about that last week. might she be trading a softer line on health care for a harder line on additional troops in afghanistan, which she has been speaking out about? we are joined by our panel. bob, let me start with you. having followed nancy pelosi a long time, what is she revealing about her strategy on health care? >> when nancy pelosi does not have the votes and there are not enough votes to do a strong public option, she is a pragmatist. she wants to get a bill done di.
1:46 pm
maybe the public option could kick in. in theck in. in the past, she has backed off on stuff she wanted in order to get a deal. she needs a deal. democrats need to get a bill done this year martha: it sounds like the sides might be finding some common ground. are we going to find that in the senate finance bill? what kind of shape does this bill take? >> they are much more likely to find common ground in the senate where senators represent whole states, rather than more ideologically polarized districts. the deal that gets struck between the house and the senate is much more likely to look like the senate bill. i think that is what nancy pelosi is talking about when she talks about negotiation. it is not so much on what the bill the house will eventually pass, but what happens in those conference negotiations later on, i assume the president will
1:47 pm
get behind something very similar to what the senate wants to do. martha: speaking of afghanistan, let's take a look at what nancy pelosi has to say about afghanistan and troops there. >> i do not think there is a great deal of support for sending more troops to afghanistan in the country or in the congress. martha: she sounds very serious about that. >> yes, she is. many democrats are very nervous about afghanistan. appropriations committee chairman david obey said that the president has one year to prove that the afghanistan effort is working. clearly right now, the war is not going well at all. mike mullen says that we have to turn this thing around. nancy pelosi and other democrats want a detailed plan before they are going to give additional money for more troops. what is the end game here? when are we going to be leaving
1:48 pm
afghanistan? president obama has vowed to go after osama bin laden. martha: sometimes, the things you want to focus on as president turned out to be the things that you cannot focus on. do you feel like the tide is turning that way with afghanistan? >> i think the president is going to have to deal with afghanistan. he is quite to have to talk to his democratic caucus because when we went into afghanistan, most democrats were supportive of it. it was a response to 9/11. it is no longer that. trying to keep them on board is going to be difficult because they might not want to nation- building as opposed to respond to 9/11. martha: if president obama has to ask to approval for more troops or anything, do you think nancy pelosi is going to be on his side? >> i think it will be an extensive negotiation where he
1:49 pm
may get the money, but there is going to be a lot of strings attached. a legislative plan of getting out of afghanistan at some point -- democrats were not talking about timetables. more of them are now. martha: we had so much discussion with regard to that on a rack. thank you very much for joining us. trace: there is some breaking news out of the centers for disease control and how widespread h1n1 is now in this country. there is brand new information you need to know on the vaccine now being developed. how much you need and how long it will take to go into effect next.
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
martha: we were just talking
1:53 pm
about this. there is now breaking news on the afghan troops issue. this comes from carl levin, the democrat from michigan. he says in notes due approvals for troops beyond what president obama has already approved. he says there will be no more beyond that number. carl levin said he thinks there needs to be more training of afghan troops and more nato involvement. speaking out very forcefully on this issue. trace: health and human services department now says the h1n1 virus is in all 50 states, calling it very unusual. they say one dose of the swine flu vaccine will begin protecting the average adult within eight to ten days. that means more people could get
1:54 pm
the vaccine quickly. a new study on adults. what about kids? >> the study on kids are still underway. researchers believe that children under the age of nine will still require two doses of the h1n1 vaccine, just as they required two doses of the seasonal flu vaccine. a new ehud system has had little or no exposure to influenza type viruses -- a young onions system has had little or no exposure. trace: who decides where i can get it? >> that will be up to local and state governments. health officials are avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach because the needs in rural montana will be very different and midtown manhattan. it will probably vary similar to
1:55 pm
getting your seasonal flu shot. it will be your drug stores, major retail outlets, a private physicians, and school systems. trace: thank you. martha: this is a north london. there's a large gathering of ultra-nationalist youth. the group is gathering to express their frustration at the high number of immigrants that flow into the u.k. we understand that there's a large gathering of these folks. we will continue to keep watching this. there is a fairly large police presence in that area in north london. in northern england is where some of the terrorist bombers came from the scotland airport
1:56 pm
bombing a couple of years ago. we are now eight years after september 11. ground zero remains a giant pit. there is some signs of strain there today. it is a wound from america's worst tragedy. it is a wound that has yet to heal. when will we finally see the gleaming freedom tower along the skyline in new york city? and what will take the place of the hole that you see youhere? we will bring you the very latest on that right after this. my name is chef michael.
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2:01 pm
last week there was also a clash against islamic fundamentalism by this group. this is happening today. we will bring you the pictures as they continue coming in. we have not heard of any injuries so far in this, but there was some pretty good stone-throwing on behalf of both sides. apparently the muslim youth had many more people than the small gathering of the anti islamic fundamentalists in north london. trace: with the sound of a bill, prayers, and silence.
2:02 pm
martha: we're honoring the lives lost eight years ago. welcome to the "live desk" on september 11. i am martha maccallum. trace: i am trace gallagher. the morning of september 11, 2001, it was really a new normal. everything changed. in the top box, remember in the fallen at the gates of the pentagon. ♪ trace: you can hear the band playing "america the beautiful" for the crowd including president obama. in the middle box, a tribute in pennsylvania for a group of men and women who showed us the meaning of the word hero. bells ring in shanksville, pa.
2:03 pm
in honor of the passengers who brought down a united flight 93, a plane many thought was on its way to the white house. in bottom box, a service at a sacred place where terrorists tore a hole in the city. the names read one by one, more than 2000 names. innocent victims killed in the destruction of the world trade center. martha: september 11 is also a time of rebirth. eight years later, the foot print where the world trade center stood is an indelible mark on the new york city skyline. there's now an active construction site there for the first time. the giant steel beams are framing where the freedom tower will soon to stand.
2:04 pm
it will soar over 1,000 feet to mark the date of the declaration of independence. rick leventhal has followed this story from the day that it happened right there near ground zero. he is back with us today. what is the latest on the freedom tower? >> first of all, this is the first year since 9/11 that we have seen progress rising out of that pit. last year it was still a hole in the ground. now they are building the base of the freedom tauber. -- of the freedom tower. this will become an outer ring. the first 200 feet will be all concrete. it will not be finished until
2:05 pm
2013. martha: is sure is good to see the beginnings of the construction. talk to us a little bit about the 9/11 museum and the memorial. how will all of these people be remembered at the memorial? >> the memorial and museum is taking shape more quickly than the buildings. this will be done on the 10th anniversary. the large hole is the footprint of one of the towers that will become waterfalls and the names inscribed in the wall. there will be a plaza with trees planted and a museum. it is expected to be the no. 1 tourist destination in new york. martha: as it should be. other skyscrapers will also populate that area. >> it has been an ongoing
2:06 pm
dispute between larry silverstein, the developer, and the port authority which owns the property. he is starting to build a tower four in the southeast corner. tower 3 n tower two are still a question mark. i spoke with him earlier this week to ask him if he never wavered in his commitment to build these buildings. >> how many times did you come this close to walk away from all of this? >> walking away has never been an option for me. i want very badly to get the towers built. i do believe that unless we stay with this program, unless we move forward to get these buildings built, this whole rebuilding effort can come apart. that would be a tragedy. we have gone through too much. too many lives were lost here to allow that to happen.
2:07 pm
>> just a few months after 9/11, larry silverstein began work on tower 7. he finished it within four years. he believes similar work could be done here, if he is given the chance to do it. martha: rick leventhal, thank you. trace: osama bin laden is thought to be in pakistan's mountainous tribal regions. the question is whether his forces have become strong enough to mount similar attacks from their new base. >> eight years on and osama bin laden and his number two are thought to be in the tribal areas along the border with afghanistan. this week we sat down with several key players in pakistan. one was the man who informed then-president musharraf about the attacks.
2:08 pm
>> he recalled that even in the high levels of the pakistani government, very few thought it was al-qaeda are in afghanistan. >> it may sound naive now, but i did not think that osama bin laden or any other guy hiding in the mountains could have planned it. >> he does not believe al-qaeda can launch another attack from this region. >> if it had been possible, i think al-qaeda would have struck by now. if there was any chance of doing any damage to the west, it could have been done by now. >> the affiliated groups can start a local pakistani al-qaeda lead group is, blamed for what is called pakistan's 9/11. >> a tax-based journalist who was the last to interview osama bin laden says he has seen evidence that al-qaeda is still training and recruiting terrorists.
2:09 pm
>> the footage clearly show that. even the affiliated groups, they still have the training facilities. they can still recruit and train people. >> we now know -- i spoke with another retired general in pakistan. he told me the way to get to al- qaeda is to strangle the taliban. that is what the pakistani military is doing now. they are doing that to prevent more attacks here in pakistan, but that will also help cut off the logistical support the taliban provides to al-qaeda. that way, if they're able to cut that out, and the safe havens are no longer safe, al-qaeda will be exposed in the tribal area. trace: thank you. martha: interest in military background on the ground. here on capitol hill, there's a fiery exchange going on right now. carl levin speaking out today.
2:10 pm
he said no more troops for afghanistan to nothing more in addition to what will become 68,000 in afghanistan that president obama has already approved. there's a lot of discussion about this report from the general mcchrystal. carl levin says no more troops. senator john mccain said if we await the day when the afghan national army is increased in size and capable of carrying out operations on its own, it may well be too late. that is in response to carl levin, who said he would like to see more from the afghan army. john mccain said if you wait until that happens, it will simply be too late. america's military forces serving in afghanistan, marking with ceremonies of their own and memorial events to remember 9/11. they are running 9.11 kilometers
2:11 pm
at the base. these men and women are serving our country there. they're running in honor to honor all of the troops that were killed in the nearly eight years of fighting to protect our country from future acts of terrorism. the taliban regains its foothold in afghanistan to some extent, disrupting the evers to stabilize the country. fox news military analyst, lieutenant colonel oliver north is on the front lines. he is streaming live from southern afghanistan. i see you have a distinguished guest. tell us what you see on the ground today. >> some folks celebrated the anniversary in a different sort of boy. standing beside me was the head of the dea assistance and support team that is your
2:12 pm
operating with an afghan national army and the afghan national police and the u.s. special operations command. the helicopter behind us provided the support for the raid that took place. early this morning. -- that took place very early this morning. >> is comprised of dea special agents. this sort of like a foreign swat team. >> and obviously very confident from what we saw today. >> we would like to think so. >> one of the things that carson and his team does with the afghans is to make sure that they cannot get the benefits of the opium trade. if we found some out there today. >> that is correct. we seized 15 kilograms of opium and 40 kilograms of heroin.
2:13 pm
>> is anybody would like to say hi to? >> my wife, my daughter, and my two sons. >> this man does very dangerous things in very difficult places. they do a very well. >> i feel a lot safer here at home have been met carson pirie he looks like he is up to the task. tell him we are so grateful to his service. >> will do. martha: they are doing some very tough work over there. cutting off the supply of heroin and try to track down the makings for ied's. trace: they are true american heroes. now to the fight over health- care reform. democratic leaders say the president's address helped unite his divided party. next, senator john kyl.
2:14 pm
>> of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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2:16 pm
trace: breaking news crossing the lawyers concerning afghanistan. michigan senator carl levin, the chairman of the senate armed services committee has said that we should not send more u.s. troops to afghanistan. he says instead we should train afghan troops and use them to surge in that country. arizona senator john mccain said he could not disagree more with
2:17 pm
senator carl levin. with us now is senator john kyl. we brought you want to talk about healthcare, but just crossing the buyers is this back-and-forth between mccain and 1levin. >> i did not hear what carl levin had to say, but it would be the height of irresponsibility to say we would not send more troops. general mcchrystal was sent there by the president to evaluate and make recommendations. it is believed that he will recommend a more american troops. general petraeus would support that recommendation. if that is the case, those of us uncovers need to support the president, support the general mcchrystal and petraeus. it takes time and it takes more
2:18 pm
troops. trace: when you say more troops, the estimate from general mcchrystal could be between 30,000 to 50,000 more troops going to afghanistan. senator levin says we should only trained afghan troops. that would take quite some time. >> i do not doubt your reporting on what he said, but i just find it hard to believe. he had a lot of his democratic colleagues have said for a long time that we need to deemphasized iraq and concentrate on afghanistan. and we need to do what is necessary to do there. i am surprised that senator levin has said that. i do think that senator mccain
2:19 pm
is absolutely correct in understanding the need for more troops in afghanistan. i was there in april. he was there more recently than that. i know his perspective on this is a very good one. martha: senator john kyl, good to talk to you once again. there's no doubt that that will become a very front-runner story. the one we have been very focused on is health care. is it your feeling that democrats are coming together and that they will create a majority that will be able to push through a health-care reform bill in the coming weeks? >> it is probably too soon to tell for sure. we have seen support for what the president said on wednesday night among democrats. they have always had enough votes to pass whatever they want to pass. there are divisions within the democratic party, the more moderate folks expressing the view of the people of the town
2:20 pm
hall meetings. the latest poll i saw showed that people disapprove of the president's plan about 452/42. i know a lot of moderate democrats have seen those numbers and responded to their constituents. martha: you have been a passionate proponents of tort reform and cross border insurance purchasing. what are republicans going to do now? if it looks like there's a galvanizing behind to the co-op idea, what will republicans try to do? will they try to meet in the middle, or just back off and say this is your baby, and we will see what the consequences are. >> republicans are not dictated to by me or the leader. we all come to our own conclusions on this. our view has been consistent with the american people on this. a lot of that depends on what the democratic leadership decides to do.
2:21 pm
do they decide to do a more left-wing bill? how do they marry a finance committee bill with the health, education, and labor bill, which is to the left? do they compromise those and then bring it to the floor? do we have separate votes? and then the final question, if they try to push this through with the so-called reconciliation, or so-called nuclear option, how do you respond to that? our strategy will depend a lot on how the democratic leadership decides to approach this. martha: senator jon kyl, thank you. today, everyone across the country is remembering september 11. we have been hearing from those today whose lives have changed forever on that day. next we will meet one family's personal story, which is echoed in so many of the stories we're hearing. we will learn how they have gone on with their lives and how they're coping
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
martha: throughout the day we are pausing to remember what happened on september 11 and the nearly 3000 victims of the attacks on that day. one of those victims was this young man. he was on the 104th floor of the north tower when the first plane hit. he called his father, a firefighter and said he did not know what was happening. his father told him to try to get to the roof. that was the last time anyone heard from him. his family and friends are remembering him today. his sisters join us today.
2:26 pm
good to have you today. it is very nice of you to be with us. how're you doing? >> we are doing pretty good today. people say it is tough to move on after eight years, but charlie would want us to have happy times together. we're happy to be here. martha: thank you for being here. talk to us about how it changed your family. >> charlie was a hard worker. he loved working for cantor fitzgerald. he was excellent at what he did. from what we know, he would have gone very far in his field. he got the chance to go to london and he denied that because he loved new york city so much. he loved his family. he wanted to be close to home. charlie worked hard throughout college and went to the university of scranton, pa., and
2:27 pm
he loved working for cantor fitzgerald's. martha: tell me about your other brothers. >> my brothers both worked on wall street. after 9/11, they decided to become firemen. i think that was a big job for them, but they wanted to do something that meant so much, and to fight for what we believe in, to work hard and keep the memory of 9/11 alive. trace: i just have to ask you. we watch this all day long, distributes and the bells ringing. it is hard to watch this when you do not have a family member who died there. what is it like for you to go through this year after year? >> it is difficult every year. i know charlie is in heaven
2:28 pm
right now, hoping that we are not feeling sad. we want to keep his memory alive by going on with our lives. my brother and his wife's just had their first baby. her name is charlie. she is the pride and joy of our lives. we want to keep moving on. we really honor the firemen and the people in iraq fighting for our freedom. we are just proud to be american. we want to keep my brother's legacy going. charlie is having a party of stairs. that is why it is a windy. martha: thank you very much . i am sure you are right about that. we wish you all the best. trace: it is the families who lost loved ones who have the greatest respect for the men and women fighting in afghanistan and iraq. you talk to them year after
2:29 pm
year. just talk to the families who lost their loved ones in those taubers and the pentagon, and they will tell you they have the utmost respect. martha: speaking of all that, this man -- u.s. intelligence believes that osama bin laden may have wanted him to carry out the next big attack. he is still out there. that is next. the average family wastes over $500 a year in food. don't throw away food, protect it in the freezer. ziploc freezer bags form a fresh shield, freezer burn stays out, freshness stays in. so your investment in dinner pays off every time. ziploc freezer bags. designed with you in mind. s.c. johnson. a family company. our expert stylist recommends full & thick from pantene. it just got the good housekeeping seal.
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2:33 pm
information on three big stories. catherine herridge has new information on the security scare. >> the position of the coast guard is that they will not apologize. essentially, it was not their fault. they are turning the focus on to media organizations, who they say misinterpret did some of the chatter on the scanner. they thought it was an operation. the coast guard will have an internal investigation to review the procedures. trace: there is breaking information on the h1n1 vaccine. >> that is right. it looks as if a single dose of h1n1 vaccine will be enough to protect most adults. that is according to early studies both in the u.s. and australia. originally, researchers thought the most of us would need two
2:34 pm
separate doses. this discovery could mean more vaccine will be available to more people earlier on in the fall flu season. studies are still underway to determine the proper dosage in children. trace: if at first you do not succeed, you know the rest. the ltte has the story with the shuttle coming down -- phil keating has that story with the shuttle coming down. >> nasa waved off the first landing opportunity at the kennedy space center. there are thunderstorms will then miles of this landing strip. in california, the weather conditions are christipristine. trace: because it never rains in california. brand new information at the bottom of the hour. martha: eight years later, osama
2:35 pm
bin laden is still out there somewhere and there are others from the core groups who are still there. this report comes from "the daily beast" that this man, who was believed to be in pakistan, according to this report, may be traveling freely in the middle east with a saudi diplomatic passport. he is believed to have plotted a coordinated nuclear attack on america's cities. his name was revealed, according to reports, both by ksm. this man's name came up when they were interrogated these two men at gitmo. the first bombing at the world trade center was in 1993.
2:36 pm
the second attack was eight years later on september 11. now we are eight years from that date. patients has been a virtue to al-qaeda. let's bring in our panel. welcome to both of you gentlemen. >> thank you. martha: michael, when i read this report, i want to know how much stock you put in this report that came through on "the daily beast." it implies that this man is not in pakistan, but is traveling quite freely in the middle east with a saudi diplomatic passport. >> what interested me about the article is that it quoted a serbian cia officer as the source of the information. -- it quoted a serving cia officer.
2:37 pm
the officer was either authorized to do so, or was exceedingly worried about the information he held, and felt it worthwhile getting in public. the other point i would make about the saudi passports -- the saudis are notorious for giving people diplomatic passports when they do not deserve them. the reason all the bin ladens got out of this country immediately after 9/11 without any question was because the saudis have given them all passports. martha: intelligence suggests that if he is wandering around, that is a worrisome sign. >> we have to remember that he came up on the radar about two years ago when he had crossed the mexican border with the united states frequently going to mexico and panama.
2:38 pm
the borders are open. if this man does not need a passport to go into texas, for example, or the other way. martha: richard, if this person is traveling around with a saudi diplomatic passport, is that not something our state department would want to speak with saudi arabia about? >> it should. we have not been doing this in a very long time. there's always a sort of friendliness to the saudis that is not as warranted as some of the critics believe. this man keeps showing up in the strangest places. i should add that mexican intelligence has denied reports that he is in that country. there have been reports of him in caribbean islands. martha: they say he has five or
2:39 pm
six working passports. >> and apparently they're all working very hard. there have also been reports of him in the middle east. what has happened in the immediate years since 9/11, u.s. intelligence has been very good at tracking down other targets of interest by their phone numbers and looking up phone conversations. these guys are much more disciplined. they are saving e-mails in drafts. they have a lot more operational discipline. it is getting harder to really track and find these guys. we really rely on the cooperation of the saudis. martha: all these years later, having been personally involved in the hunt for osama bin laden, what goes through your mind? >> there is a sort of biblical justice here. we have had many opportunities
2:40 pm
to make osama bin laden and aniline memory and we did not take any of them. now it is extremely difficult for the men and women on the ground in afghanistan to fight him, let alone to hampekill him. my own view is that the men and women who are fighting on the ground in iraq and afghanistan and the families of the men and women who were killed in the 9/11 attacks have been played for fools by the politicians. there's no way that the united states should not have utterly destroyed this enemy by this time. martha: that is a very disappointing assessment. >> there's also a $50 million price on the head of osama bin laden. it has turned up exactly no useful information in the last eight years. it is worth asking whether the rewards work or whether we need a new way to work in the tribal regions of pakistan to every
2:41 pm
high ranking al-qaeda member who has been captured in the past eight years has been captured in pakistan. we need to work much more closely with the pakistanis. some of these targeted attacks have not taken out osama bin laden. we need to find a way to redouble our efforts. martha: thank you very much. trace: where were you eight years ago today as the tragic events unfolded? shepard smith shares his thoughts with us, next. ♪ >> my city of ruins come on rise up ♪
2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
at ground zero as we all remember green september 11. everybody has such strong memories of where they board. shepard: eight years later. look at that. we have not been able to get our act together. that is all we can accomplish in eight years. it is pathetic. martha: it became this difficult controversy. when you look at the way people pulled together in that day and the weeks that followed -- it is shocking. that's very moving memorial that has been built with the names of every single person who died that day at the pentagon. you just wonder. shepard: you wonder if there will ever really be everything that they promised there will be treated has been scaled back. at least get something down
2:46 pm
there for the people who have lost loved ones. something that is appropriate. this is sad. martha: now they say two years from now, on the 10th anniversary, there will be a memorial at least, but the freedom tower will take longer. shepard: we will look at the afghanistan war today. there's a lot to be done in afghanistan. everybody in charge of this thing says it is going badly and getting worse. there are a lot of very difficult decisions to be made. the president has to make it very difficult decision tree 30,000 troops have already been decided upon. what do you do beyond that? there are those who say that what is happening is your attorney people against us and toward the taliban -- is that you are turning people against us and for the taliban. two arguments both make sense. martha: it feels like it is one way or the other.
2:47 pm
we have heard, everybody pull back and not put american lives at risk. the other side of the argument is that it is all or nothing, and if you want to make a big difference and stabilize that country, you have to go with 100%. shepard: there are people in a lot smarter than me making these decisions. we will go to what their options are and how the situation is on the ground in afghanistan. we will speak with a number of people who had experiences on 9/11. tom clark is one. he was a port authority officer who worked very hard down there eight years ago today. we will all remember our friends who did not make it out of the building that day. it is tough for a lot of folks in new york. this is the first 9/11 since the attacks were we were in a nasty fall day.
2:48 pm
martha: the other day you were talking about what a beautiful day it was a couple of weeks ago. i thought, ever since that day, any strikingly shockingly gorgeous sept. dates makes me think of that day. you drive in and look at the sky and you think about how incredibly beautiful it was on the horrible day. shepard: so much beauty came out of it. it is worth remembering what it was like driving up the west side highway and seeing hundreds of people with flags. i was on my way to work today and a fire truck came out. the guys were just sitting there very quiet. that was a tough day. this is a great place. martha: it is a great place. it is important to remind young kids what it is all about there
2:49 pm
are a lot of young people on this planet to do not have the full picture. we look forward to the show at the top of the hour. trace: as we look back on 9/11, we have a lot more news to tell you about. russia refusing to back sanctions or the use of military force to control iran's growing nuclear threat. what that means to your security, next. .
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
trace: there are reports that iran either has or is close to having enough enriched uranium to create a nuclear bomb. the world disagrees, and where pteron refuses, russia says no
2:53 pm
to any plans to threaten sanctions or the use of force, and our guest is here to talk about it. she is from national security. this has got to be a blow to iran and national relations. >> the iranian leader is now requesting a fifth time. what obama has said is that if iran does not come to the table, which will consider sanctions. but sanctions do not work. trace: we have reports yesterday that benjamin netanyahu is is saying, look, you cannot sell iran missiles because these things can shoot our jets out of the sky. >> the window of opportunity is happening. iran is two years away from nuclear weapons.
2:54 pm
if israel attacks them -- they conclude that america will not stop iran, they probably will attack. . trace: then what? you have hillary clinton saying, you know, this defense umbrella in the middle east. then what happens? israel attacks iran, and what is the next move for america? >> that would push the nuclear program back a couple of years. iran will respond by ramping up around israel, and probably minding the strait of hormuz, through which 30% of oil flows. trace: they don't attack israel themselves. >> they do not need to. trace: so lebanon for the first time has been firing missiles back into israel. this is a bad sign. >> a lot of signs are turning very bad, very quickly.
2:55 pm
if israel attacks, it has a narrow window of opportunity. that is why netanyahu made the trip to russia, to say, "do not deliver the air defense systems to." once iran gets that, israel's option of attacking does not work. trace: you have russia saying no sanctions, no force. netanyahu is in a pickle. >> iran is a threat. they say on a weekly basis that they want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. if you are in charge of azrael, your thinking that you cannot let this happen. -- if you are in charge of israel, you are thinking that you cannot let this happen. martha: he witnessed the tragedy and jumped into action. it is one of our real american stories.
2:56 pm
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