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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 11, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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arrest. we can hope it is only that. you're looking live at inland empire, a large metropolitan area in eastern california. two counties this thing has been going through. this guy has been booking it. he is going upwards of 100 miles an hour. police have been in pursuit of this dodge through the towns of fontana, ontario, a real menace.  courtesy picturesabc7 -- courtesy of abc 7. "terratically, and other cars he been driving erratically to get out of his way. so far, no police officers have been put in grave danger, but speeds of over 100 miles an hour
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or causing lots of problems. in the air, the california highway patrol. sheriffs' offices are involved. we do not have audio from the chopper at the moment, but the pictures tell the story for us. this has been going on for a number of minutes, so i am not sure how many as we prepare for our program today and here that this is going on, but we are beginning to get trickles of information. the last known area was san bernadine now -- bernadino. 110 miles an hour in any car is not a good idea. but this one here, well, i do not know how that dodd will hold up. -- how that dodge will hold up. as you go to the city and take aright, head north, head east,
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there you will find the inland empire. it is a bedroom community with a lot of industry, as well. peopleúmoved there for years and years and years and freeways intersected the things. i believe that was an age of the lane. if so, you can add a fine to all of this. we're getting out of control at this point. cars are really causing a lot of problems on the freeways and authorities are concerned that someone will get badly injured in this thing. when you reach those speeds, anything can happen. losing control of the car could end a number of lives. whatever this man did, it is not bad enough to bring this on. there is no escaping this. people do not get away. this guy will not get away. but what happens between now and his capture is what remains to be seen.
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it is my understanding, although i'm not getting anything from los angeles, it is my understanding that this car has been mostly on the freeway and has not made its way to the surface. that is as much as i know at this point, but my understanding of it is that it has been on the freeway for most of the time. history tells us that that will end, he will get off and make another term. if not, police can get in front of him with a spiked strip. impossible to do a pit maneuver, because the last thing the police what to do is in danger anybody or themselves, but they are trying to figure out a way to bring this thing to a stop. there are very well coordinated and able to get authorities in front of this thing is he goes to rent overpass there and we lose the picture. -- as he goes through an overpass and we lose the picture.
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from time to time, they appeared to be moving in on him -- appear to be moving in on him. they are trying to get the car in front of him, but they never seem to want to get in any sort of traffic collision. they do not want to slow him down. they just want to avoid putting other people in danger. eventually, he will run out of gas, but history tells us that between now and then, something will stop this, and the only hope is that no one is seriously injured in the process. we're looking at our affiliate in los angeles, and somebody has done something, though i have no idea what. it has been going on for about 20 minutes here, according to the latest information. it is now in los angeles county. i guess the car is westbound from the inland empire back into
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the los angeles area. it has worked its way back into the big city. midday traffic, especially on friday afternoon, can be rough as you look farther into los angeles. the freeway becomes a bear, as anyone who has lived out there will tell you. there is traffic ahead, no doubting that. the possibility of getting off and going on surface streets before then is certainly with us. but we're watching this. it is about a quarter until noon, and they're watching los angeles now on local television. what they are hoping is to get people off of this freeway so it does not hurt anybody, and in the meantime, figure out a way to get him to stop. we have talked before about new technology they have been working on which in theory would give authorities the ability to
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slow the car down and stop it. a lot of people worry about government interference and big brother being able to control our lives, but it is something being considered, a slowdown switch police could activate that looks at the live display. from that, they would be able to get a code that would allow them to control the car. this technology has been developed. police have an opportunity. it is not in use, but it has been developed and could be brought into wider circulation. we will bring you more of a report, but when they stop like that, police have opportunities. but we do not have any way to know if this man is armed, if he is on many substances that would cause him to do things that should not happen. ec pedestrians on the sidewalk there. the last thing -- uc pedestrians on the sidewalk there.
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-- you see pedestrians on the sidewalk there. it looks like this guy is thinking twice about it. i cannot see the traffic anymore than you can. this is the only chopper at the moment. i know that our fox station in los angeles is working to get their people in place, but it looks like traffic is slowing him down. why he got down on a surface street -- actually, this is on the 110 freeway. we do not know why he got off, but sometimes these guys in the middle of chase's work toward an area they know well. maybe he decided that enough is enough. it is clear that the traffic light is not for this guy. not knowing what he is wanted for is complicating matters. it started in the city of san bernadine no, and highway patrol is not telling us why it
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started. it is possible it started in another place, and they are watching all the way . it is possible he stopped at the light. maybe he will not put too many people in danger by putting crazy things on the road. he was doing 110th on the freeway, which will be put under the jail. -- he was doing 110 on the freeway, which will put you under the jail. we do not know what he is wanted for war if he is armed -- or if he is armed. it seems quite odd that they would surround the car. when he was stopped, it
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is possible he might be armed to. -- armed. now, the police are out of the car, and they are using their door to barricade in the event he would shoot something or throw something at them. this is downtown los angeles right now. he is right there by city hall. you can see them pulling out, you will be able to see it. what it is he has in mind now is beyond us. the police have the public address system from their cruisers there, so it is possible they will talk. he has his driver's side window down and the police are outside of that vehicle. perhaps they are trying to give this thing up, to convince him. he has found a parking place, which is good.
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but it looks like he may have been taking his safety belt off. i wonder now if this is not a woman. i have done car chases for a long time and have only seen one woman. they're the police are, armed and ready to go. you have got to wonder, what has this person done to make them want to run away? the standoff begins now. there is our producer, chris bender. maybe this thing will wrap up early and we can get to the news. we all remember the attacks of 9/11 eight years ago today. we will delve into the war in
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afghanistan, with so many choices to be made about how to proceed. do they scale things up or down? george will suggested last week that now it appears this woman is realizing enough is enough, and they are giving her instructions about how to get up. usually it means getting down on all fours and lying down with your hands in the air so they know you will not do anything. here they come out. this is winding its way to the conclusion. let's hope she does not do anything stupid. it appears that she will not. you got to wonder, what are you doing? are you on something? she is clearly having a hard time walking, and probably afraid. the california highway patrol and others from local jurisdictions put themselves in harm's way every day. if there ever is a day to thank
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first responders, it is today. they do not know what they will face. that is the thought that comes way down the line, because they are out there protecting us, and what a service id is. checking the truck. i assume nothing is in there. that was a weird ending. we will try to find out what happened here with this woman who made bad decisions. there you go. let's get on with the news. solemn remembrance of those lost on one of the darkest days in american history, the murderous attacks of 9/11. ["taps"]
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>> today, family and friends gathered to remember those who perished. >> we shall meet in a better place and never part again. we love you and miss you terribly. shepard: is that was new york city. in washington, at the laying of a wreath at the pentagon, the president spoke today. >> on this solemn day, at this sacred hour, once more we pause. once more we pray. as a nation and a people. in city streets where our towers were turned to ashes and dust,
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and in a quiet field where the plane fell from the sky. and here, where a single stone of this building is still black from the fires. shepard: they gathered in shanksville, pennsylvania, to remember flight 93. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon, rick leventhal is at ground zero. he was there that fateful morning and is here for us now. >> this has to be the worst weather we have ever experienced on 9/11 anniversary, and probably a big reason why crowds are much smaller this year at ground zero. i talked to family members who told me despite the weather they were determined to be here under any circumstances, and certainly there were volunteers here pairing up to read the names of the 2750 people who died at the
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world trade center on 9/11, 2001. family members were also allowed to take flowers and place them at in a reflecting pool -- placed them in a reflecting pool replace -- place them in a reflecting pool. it is set to open in the 2013. some of the more compelling moments of her when they read their own family members -- were when they read their own family members' names. >> we miss you. life will never be the same. this is not the rain. i am sorry. this is tears. >> a lot of tears falling on us today.
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shepard: deed. thank you. robert gates also spoke today about the 144 people killed at the pentagon this day. are we really any safer? jennifer griffin has that story today. >> the weather has been just as bad here, but there have been no attacks on the continental united states since 9/11. they would not have thought that they would be in two wars and afghanistan would be described as a year 0 in terms of the fight. u.s. troops are now 15 times more likely to be killed in afghanistan than in iraq. the admirable -- admiral argues that they have 12 months to 18 months to turn this around. the president is likely to receive a trip request in coming
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weeks, up to 48,000. the request is making its way up the chain of command as we speak. already, there is pushed back from the president's own party on capitol hill, and that could make the health care fight look like a tea party. shepard: 9/11 means so many things to so many different people. everybody has a story. an officer from the port authority will tell us his. that is next. dad, here-look at this-
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shepard: emotions and nerves are high around the country. there was a police training mission from the coast guard today that raised eyebrows at a time when the president had just honored the 9/11 victims at the pentagon. it did not go well for some. >> well, it was really at the end of the day massive miscommunication.
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channel 81 here, it is a channel anyone with a scanner can pick up. in the course of the exercise, one of the coast guard officers said bang, or something to that effect. it was construed as an attack, and that led to a media report that shots were fired on the potomac, sending police to the river, thinking that an incident was happening. shepard: you do not go with a scanner traffic, ever. you just do not do it.
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>> it is like a tip, you go up there and verify that. and in the news conference earlier today, the coast guard said they would to an internal review, but they also encourage the media to do their own information on the air. shepard: who schedules a training exercise on a boat in the potomac on 9/11? is anyone thinking? >> the coast guard says that they are responsible for that section of the waterway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. the layout is similar. they just do not take a holiday on 9/11 because it is heavy symbolism. but the largest issue, we have
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to be better at being sensitive to these issues and better at communication sharing that was not evident before the attacks. shepard: standing before a building and a black screen. we should show people the trecker it is there somebody who could pull out? richard -- we should show people the trick. is there somebody who could pul+ out? it is a green screen, and that is union station, right across from our studios. we could put clowns and stuff back there if we wanted to. shepard: great to see you.
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thankfully, the mistake did not happen to us. eight years later, nothing at ground zero, no osama bin laden.
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shepard: osama bin laden and other terrorists are believed to be hiding in the tribal area
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of pakistan. soldiers say they have arrested a spokesman for the taliban in an area close to pakistan's border. the taliban denies that militants were arrested at all, but the chaotic region is now a focal points -- point in the war against terror. scott is live. >> it is still believed that al qaeda #1 osama bin laden and his number two are in the tribal area of pakistan border in afghanistan -- bordering afghanistan. many believe that the way to get al qaeda is taking down their taliban connection.
3:29 pm
>> a cia drone who strike killed their leader last month, but can al qaeda still strike? pervez musharraf. >> these people used to be in the valleys. there are no more safe havens. >> but a pakistani journalist who was the last to interview osama bin laden has seen evidence of training facilities along the border with afghanistan. >> evidence shows that they still may have training facilities and still can really recruit and train people. >> what we know now is that if
3:30 pm
you cut off that pipeline, the logistical pipeline that the taliban supplies al qaeda, you can explode al qaeda in the tribal area. shepard: thank you, scott. president obama faces a new challenge today from his party about what some observers have dubbed "obama's war." indications are that the war in afghanistan is becoming much more difficult and conditions are deteriorating. we continue to watch today's tributes remembering the heroes and victims of 9/11. mr. evans? this is janice from onstar. i have received an automatic signal you've been in a front-end crash. do you need help? yeah. i'll contact emergency services and stay with you.
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call now and mention "shredder." call now and mention "shredder." call now or visit ♪ shepard: continuing our remembrance, we bring the story of tom, a port authority worker who saw the tower's fault on 9/11, and he dug through the rubble to desperately look for survivors. his story is on >> i went to a diner on sixth
3:34 pm
avenue which i used to frequent and had breakfast. just a normal morning. then a shade came by, and it was the plane flying directly down the six avenue before hitting the north tower. i walked up the door. -- i walked out the door. and i looked down and saw a gaping hole in the north tower. it looked so real, like watching a movie or something. we saw a huge fireball. it was 2.5 miles from where we were standing, but you could see it, clear as the day. we watched them both go down. you could almost hear the floor
3:35 pm
s. a pancaking, almost systematic. people came down, evacuated, covered in white dust. i was there when they pulled up a last survivors. and there must have been a hundred guys out there in the bucket brigade, digging by hand. they had microphones, guys on ropes. a survivor said, "we have got one. we have got one." know it or not, that is what was going on. it is bizarre, and i will never
3:36 pm
forget it. this is my american story. shepard: this morning, tom clark went back to the diner, got a corn muffin and a cup of coffee. lots of inspirational stories at the web site, where people from all walks of life can share their personal stories about what they did to make this country great. another milestone is upon us. the markets have been sent into a startling freefall. one of the largest banks collapsed, with president obama and delivering a major speech by the white house on the economy. a preview coming up in just a few minutes.
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3:40 pm
nearly 1 million americans have received a foreclosure notices. housing prices fell and banks suffered as a result of bad investments. the federal government giving more than $150 billion to bail out banks. nervous investors sent the stock market into a tailspin, and the unemployment rate is now the highest in 26 years. the administration says that the president's speech will address how to prevent a future crisis. they have not changed a lot. what did they do? they bought up banks and became more powerful. >> yes, there is a moral hazard in bailing out the banks, saying
3:41 pm
that the government will be there to clean up wreckage after you guys mess up, and put them again in the position to mess up. so there is tremendous risk. it will not happen the same way. what we're good at doing is closing the barn door after the horses have left. shepard: they have not even removed mortgage assets. they are still there. we talk about problems wiáh securitized loans, but they are still on the books. >> oh, yes. if you look at the with a goldman sachs reported its quarterly several months ago -- if you look at the way goldman sachs reported their quarterly, they came up with the same aggressive strategy that gave these banks trouble in 2008. here we are, one year later, and they are doing exactly the same
3:42 pm
thing. shepard: i do not watch tv a lot, but i know people who work downtown. and if you talk to them quietly after a couple of drinks at a bar, they will tell you how worried they are. it is an open secret. why is someone worried about october? do people think it will realize it and three out again? -- free -- freak out again? >> well, these are the circumstances where you could end up creating a new kind of disaster scene area -- scenario. look at the way markets have behaved. we're basically going on an unparalleled run from lows in march. shepard: this is another thing that is weird to me. but right after labor day --
3:43 pm
volume is always low in august, but usually comes back now. this time, it has not happened. >> no, it has not. but there is money on the sidelines, investors who generally got burned in 2008 learning something of a lesson here. but right now, it is so tempting to be back in the market. everyone is seeming to enjoy a party and you are on the sidelines. when i go in there. shepard: i saw that movie. it has not ended yet. the first chapter was not great. >> no, it was not. shepard: the only thing to get me to wall street is 241 drinks.
3:44 pm
great to see you. thanks a lot. brennan information about the war in afghanistan. for nearly eight years, violence has raged, and today, the armed services chairman weighs in on the future of the war. chris wallace, next. medicare.
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shepard: president obama recently ordered thousands more troops to afghanistan in what many see as an increasingly chaotic situation, one that say leaders, is bad and deteriorating. support for his handling of the war is dwindling. today, carl levin said we should train more afghanistan security forces to do things for themselves. according to a poll, 46% say they support what president obama is doing in afghanistan, down from 2 to 5% in july. concern has been voiced over the popularity of this plan. here's chris wallace. great to see you. thank you.
3:48 pm
word is all over the place. it sounds like we're rudderless. >> i do not think the president cares about george will, but he cares when the speaker of the house said that it would be hard to get any inquiries. you have carl levin, as you say, say, look, we need the troops. this comes as the commanding general in afghanistan has just sent a strategic review to the pentagon and is expected to ask for something like 10 or 20,000 more troops in the next few weeks. the president will be faced with a call from his commander asking for more troops, while others say no way.
3:49 pm
shepard: there is an argument that the more people you sent in there, -- let's face it. on a ticket tribesman think we're the bad guy. that is one story line. >> that has been a concern with the pentagon. bob gates has talked with the same argument from iraq, that you do not want to increase the american footprint in afghanistan. on the other hand, like general petraeus, he is talking about a different strategy where you get troops not so much fighting the taliban as protecting the population, living amongst them, building up support for the mission. so if it were to work as well as it did in iraq with the troop surge, more troops may not be a bad thing. shepard: even if there is a
3:50 pm
troop surge, it would be an entirely different situation on the ground. >> well, you're talking about having them in villages out in the field. if you give them security, hopefully, you get the kind of intelligence we got in iran that would allow us to fight the taliban. and this is happening on 9/11. it is awful soon to forget it was in afghanistan that they hatched a plot that killed 3000 fellow americans. shepard: we will watch the sunday. i will probably leave it on fox all day because football comes on. i'm excited about the football. i'm surprised the redskins are so horrible. >> we will play the giants.
3:51 pm
let's wait and see. we may have to have another conversation on monday. shepard: some football players are believed to have swine flu, including the frontrunner for the heisman. but i was talking to the athletic director and said i wanted to bring people down there. chris wallace, i want you to come to the grove and see the finest football experience in america. come with me some weekend. >> i work on sunday, but i will come down there. . here you go. whoa! that's some serious insurance. ding-ding-ding! ding! ding! fun fact --
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shepard: she was supposed to get married in 48 hours. the search is on for the all graduate student who just disappeared on tuesday. chilling new developments in the disappearance. she was last seen at a laboratory in the yale medical school. her purse, cellphone, credit cards, crash all found there in her office. investigators say that there is
3:55 pm
no evidence of foul play, but there is word that she recently wrote an article about how to stay safe on that i feel the campus. jonathan hunt is live in the newsroom. the police believe that it could be a possible link with the article and the disappearance? >> the police say that there is nothing in the article that could lead them to believe there is a direct link. they are as baffled by her disappearance as the rest of us are. they are not ruling out anything right now. they are following every lead. one irony of that article, she interviewed -- she interviewed for it the chief of police. he is now the man who is leading the investigation into her disappearance. shepard: any suggestions that she got cold feet before the wedding? >> quite the opposite. her facebook page is full of excited messages about her upcoming wedding.
3:56 pm
her friends and family all say that she was terribly excited about it. no suggestions whatsoever that this is a runaway bride at this point. shepard: usually, there is a working theory that everyone has in their head. it is probably this, they did not have anything. >> the cops seem completely and utterly dumbfounded. they were searching every inch of the office building. they were looking through a dumpster yesterday afternoon for any evidence that might give them some sort of clues. i also here today that have been combing the basement of the building in which she was last seen. one disturbing element of this, there does not seem to be any security camera pictures of her leaving the building. shepard: very strange. jonathan hunt, thank you. i have some new stuff of that car chase that we had earlier reportr.
3:57 pm
here we go i know now that this began because of what police said was an unsafe lane change and speeding. that is what led to a car chase. it started -- it was when i said that. the woman in the car chase covered 83 miles to downtown los angeles in about 25 minutes. 83 miles in 25 minutes. we are 15 minutes until the act -- until the rest of this thing. as all of us remember the attacks of that fateful day. all the best to you. i will see you tonight.
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