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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  September 28, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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product. >> i love huntsman. goldman sachs has been buying it. david: jack had a tock thas to popped 130%. >> it a lousy stock. i like moodies. they are the only game in town and legislation it reform them -- david: that is it for "forbes on fox." see you next week. >> it is the sick truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> oh, yes, key can. another "cashin' in" exclusive. how the battle over the healthcare reform is saving the economy. now they are leaving american to get the american dream? >> good morning, my neighbor. >> top earners bolting for better pay in other countries. where are they going and who is trying to stop the brain drain? it is an outrage alert.
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hollywood hypocrisy hits a new level. >> why is obama trying to abort healthcare? >> aren't these the same movie stars making millions working on bobs office disasters? all that and talk about a big pay day. american men willing to work for sex? >> you want to be my pimp? >> it is good work if you can get it and we have it here and only here. your money, your life, your show to stay ahead of the game. "cashin' in" starts right now. >> mr. chairman, i'm not delaying. i'm making an extremely important point. >> it is very important point but you are delaying. terry: tempers flaring as fighting over the healthcare bill hits a boiling point pushing the global warming bill to the back burner and someone
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here says that is helping save our economy. our crew this week jonathan hoenig. tracy byrnes with hourld gou ho. this has put climate thank on the back burner. >> but the economy doesn't want to hear we are going to spend more money and dip into the coffers that much more. the studies differ on how much it will eat g.d.p. but we should be concerned about that not the mention this is a reaggressive tax. regardless of the size it will hit the middle class the hardest. the group that president obama said he would rye to help. -- try to help so i would say they are done. reid said i don't want to deal with this so let's go with that.
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>> it on the back burner but you know it come back up. >> it will be back up. in the next two months we have the largest climate meeting in history so had needs to be addressed. it should have been addressed years ago. the rest of the world addressed it except during the bush administration it was definitely put on the back burner. so we have two months to talk about this and we shall have had years. >> climate change, again like tracy said on the back burner but it will be very expensive when it comes back and bakley a raise in utility bills for the middle class. that the main argument. >> that is exactly what it is. honestly, what is the source of man's wealth? where does wealth and productivity come from in doesn't come from a meeting in copenhagen. it comes from man's mind, freedom, liberty, a free market. that is what both these initiatives, climate change and healthcare reform, both seek to
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destroy. the climate initiatives are a tax on productivity. whatever form it takes, cap and trade or whatnot, the idea is make it more expensive to use the earth. >> howard, do you want to respond? >> that is ridiculous. let's see what it will cost. it will cost the average income earner about $147 a year. if you look at the long-term effect of climate change and talking in spurring on a new economy and creating millions of jobs that never existed before. >> the point is it goes back to the tax and fees and we are still in technically a recession. you have got them saying they are going to protect the middle class and this hits the middle class eventually. >> they make a who the of pollution. it is expense sieve being clean. the bottom line is i waste money and time driving to the dump taking my garbage. it would be better to burn it in my back yard and better for the
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economy. it is not better long haul for the economy if everybody burns their garbage in the back yard ruining the air, destroying the town, ruining property prices. those effects you see later. in the short run environmental policy is costly to the economy. doesn't are to be costly to government because they can do it with taxes but it makes the economy better. and to counter your point the world has already done this. they are a pollute iing secessp although they grow faster. in the long run it will bite them. >> i want to bring in jim because he makes up a good point. they bring up climate change in the g-0 and chinese and indians say we are not going to worry about it. so if we spend money and pass climate change it will be a waste. won't help the environment. >> washington has come up with some stupid ideas but this is the stupidest one.
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the argument isn't do we want a cleaner economy. of course we do. the argument should be how do we do that and cap and trade is a dumb way. these taxes are going to be passed directly to consumers. it hurts middle and lower income more than anybody else. this $140 figure you came up with is the most conservative figure a anybody has come up with, nearly every other study has that figure significantly higher and in britain right now they are paying $1,300 per year per citizens for their environmental changes. secondly, when the taxes hit the lower and middle income people that is a bigger part of their budget. it is devastating regressive tax. thirdly, it makes businesses not competitive on global scale. it is the dumbest bill we've come up with yet. >> that is the point. how it is going to affect the g.d.p. and i see 1% to 3%.
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but copenhagen, this is typical government now that will rush to get something to the take so they have something to say in two months and again we will come up with some big expensive stupid policy just to have something this. >> this may be typical stupid policy but the bush administration ignored this for year. >> but the obama administration is doing it today. >> the administrations avoid this because they don't want to hurt the economy and ruin chances of re-election. >> look at what the bush administration did. this multi-billion dollar debacle with ethanol was the last tim government got involved -- time government got involved in building the green economy and it caused riots for rice in southeast asia. when government gets involved and tells people what kind of
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car to drive and how to build businesses -- >> i have seen the higher estimates on the numbers. >> i think the heritage foundation produced a report that said it would be $1,400 for the middle income family but no one ever quotes that. i have never seen that figure anywhere and used by anybody that is in this industry. you will say i'm in the industry so i'm quoting the lowest number but this was in the bill and it would be $140 -- >> in britain it is costing $1,300 a person right now. the c.b.o. estimates are always too low on the economist to the economy. this is a bad bill. the environmentalists have every right to try to get things better to clean up our country and economy. but they ruin nuclear energy for this country. they don't want to do natural gas which is probably the best solution that we have and we are not really talking about it yet and they come up with dumb ideas to fix problems. secondly, the science behind the
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global warming is very iffy at best. you have all of these actors and politicians that don't know anything about the scientific process and are quoting so-called facts that are inaccurate. >> and we are going to get to all of that coming up. workers in the u.s.a. fleeing overseas for better opportunities. are the best jobs still in the u.s.a.? and a study revealing why eight out of 10 wives make love to t husband. the sixties were all about freedom. ♪ and now in my sixties, they are again. grandpa, are we there yet? i have the freedom to do what i want... and go where i want. grandpa, come on! freedom is what i like about my medicare supplement insurance. i can see the doctor i want, where i want, anywhere in the country. now your sixties can be a time of freedom again... with aarp medicare supplement insurance plans... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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medicare only pays for part of your healthcare coverage. you have to come up with the rest. it's all about freedom of choice. back in the sixties, i went my own way. why stop now? so call today for a free information kit. when you call, you'll also receive... this free educational guide to help you... understand your medicare coverage options. it's yours free, so call now. and learn how aarp medicare supplement insurance... can help make your sixties a time of freedom. again. see you agathen. cheryl: good buy, u.s.a., hello india and china. news that more and more highly skilled workers in america are packing up and heading overseas, a sign we are no longer the land
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of opportunity. jonathan, what do you think? >> cheryl, this is the greatest country in the history of man kindt. -- mankind. but what made us so prosperous was not mount rushmore or the grand canyon but our commitment to free market capitalism. it made us unique and the country's philosophy, not their natural resources determines how successful they are. so, the harder the government makes it to hire people, to do business, more regulations, more taxes they put on businesses, of course, they are going to look other places. cheryl: but, tracy, the point is are the best jobs still here in this country? try? >> i was thinking this weekend that i will pick up my kids, move to india because there are a lot of opportunity, dirty water, they will get over it. that extra arm, it will be ok. jonathan, this is nuts.
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capitalism will reign supreme. it is a little messed up, but we have a bunch of nutty leaders making decisions we don't want to have them make but capitalism will rule supreme. you see it in the tea parties an outrage. entrepreneurial spirit is still here. brainiacs are creating the next discrimination of something. >> we are talking about chinese workers that came here 25 years ago and now going back to china. >> we are not offering a friendly environment to well bred entrepreneurs who want to come here. this is -- we have an assinine program where we're so worried with mexicans coming across the board we're keeping out indians that could work with the valley. america is still null one. if you read about a success
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story, it is 90% of the time an american company. but we have stopped letting people come to america easily and you won't have it. so you have to liberalize the immigration for a certain kind of worker. cheryl: what is so funny about this, just a year or two ago we were complaining about immigrants coming in particularly from mexico taking away jobs from americans, now they are leaving and we are thinking maybe that is a problem as well? >> i agree, this is the best country in the world. we have the best infrastructure, the best turnaround of living and we do have the best jobs. however, there are less and less of them. the problem is we are not that competitive on a global scale. we have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world is a had the of corporations have moved overseas. sarbanes objection sli aed if example. companies started listing i.p.o.'s overseas when we did that. we don't have a pro business trend to the government.
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>> we are talking about the flow of labor. you can have high quality labor coming here. >> that is what this country was founded on, the resources and skill of entrepreneurial people. cheryl: but howard, what do you think? >> harkened back to the era of expertise i think the best is yet to come. i still think we will see a rebound in this economy and spurred on by cloean tech and te same thing in the dot com area will be here. >> my son will have lee arthree. cheryl: coming up, did you see this new online video attacking health insurance c.e.o.'s? celebrities making $20 million on one movie knocking executives.
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welcome home, man. cheryl: whom do you trust more with your healthcare, washingtod
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>> health insurance executives are getting a bad rap. we need to remember who the victims are. health insurance executives >> why is obama trying to reform healthcare when insurance companies are doing fine making billions. obama, why? cheryl: will farrell another
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healthy actor would pay the same one a takes home $20 million for working three months on a movie. jim, a little hypocriticahypocr >> i thought "talladega nights" was funny but is funnier watching him way in on chicks. most of them don't have college degrees, a lot of them don't have high school degrees. they go from waiting tables to making millions of dollars and those dollars were furnished by people unwealthy, by investment dollars, investment bankers and they now need to be attack because they are the greedy big guy. it is a joke we listen to them or any of them are asked to weigh in on anything other than their acting skills. >> but it had two million hits it that days. this thing went crazy on the internet. >> because it is funny. he is a cheed. the -- he is a comedian.
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it like comparing apples and oranges. you can't fault him because he is successful at what he does. >> you can't fault an insurance executive for being good at what had he do. they make a joke about the mini zoos. a lot of entertainers have little zoos. michael jackson had one because they make $20 million to $30 million a year and it is ok in the entertainment business but not healthcare business. if they could prove that this profit made by the executives is totally adding to healthcare costs and not denying claims, and the government plan somehow passes it on to people they have a case but they have not proved the government doesn't transmitter away the profits -- fritter away the profits. >> will farrell's video with this 2-year-old banging on the door asking for rent got two
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million hits. i'm not sure people listen to these or we listen to these actors and make decisions based on what they have to say other than talk about it on tv shows. cheryl: but they are all making tons of money, they are funny but give me a break. they are not doing anything to health insurance. >> when he makes money it is because he works for it but when the insurance company executive makes it it is because they are never ffariou nefarious. this video was ill informed. he talks about we need competition. we do need competition. that is why we need to get rid of the regulations in health insurance and care that make it for companies to fwget it. even now public option government accounts for half of all healthcare spending in this country. you think by making it 100% it will bring costs down? >> the public option will do for
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healthcare what fannie mae and freddie mac did to the housing market. it won't be a good idea. and asking these actors to give us their ideas about healthcare or policy is like asking a defensive linemen how to dismantle a nuclear bomb. it doesn't make sense. they don't know what they are talking about and don't understand capitalism. cheryl: we will leave it there. men, forget spending money on fancy dinners and expensive diamonds. what women want from you between the sheets. @@pp
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cheryl: time for "what do i need to know for next week." tracy. >> a survey was done, one i have to admit i didn't participate in. it showed eight out of 10 women have sex with their husbands so they can get house work done around the house. we multi-task. this is making perfect sense to me. she wants something done, she knows how to get it. this how she does it. and i bet they have clean lawns so men, no need for fancy dinners. >> what is the reasoning on the other 16% is >> it is lame. i have a headache. romance and passion way down on the list. cheryl: jonas, you have to follow that. >> i do all the house work and there are other reasons. nobody dislikes medicare because
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everyone is hollering about the potential government healthcare and we just had a bill go through where the house voted logical unanimously because they don't want to raise the medicare premium even though the plan is underfund and they would rather pass it on to general taxpayer revenue. it will be bankrupt later. but it will go through and the bottom line is this is good for the drug industry because no one wants to cut back the consumption of hesitate care. spied are pharmaceuticals, they will benefit whether private or public. cheryl: jonathan. >> chicago, chmerkovseryl, the on edge because next friday we found out if chicago will host the 2016 olympics. the mayor, even the president have put a lot of capital into this. watch hyde park real estate. cheryl: good luck, hig.
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jim? >> you will want to watch google and apple berry. research in motion disappointed. we have seen others fade. this could be a harbinger for september and october. cheryl: i have learned so much during this show. that is it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. have a great p
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gretchen: good monday morning, september 2, 2009. we hope you had a great weekend. off to a new week and start with a fox news alert. overnight. iran tests yet another missile. this one is very different from the others. why it has many on edge this morning. steve: meanwhile, afghanistan's top commander general stanley mcchrystal is speaking out on the possibility of failure in afghanistan. >> can you imagine ever saying to the president of the united states, sir, we just can't do it? >> yes,


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