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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 28, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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first, developing now, major new developments in the growing standoff with iran. the islamic republic has tested the largest long-range missile and its arsenal. iran's military once again flexing muscles after threats that it would squash any attack. the missile test capping off two full days of war games. iran has tested this sort of missile before. it has a range of about 1,200 miles. the 1,200 mile range means that the missile could hit israel, u.s. military bases, and even some parts of europe. the missile cannot carry a nuclear warhead, as far as we know. if experts are correct, that could soon change. jonathan hunt is in new york and one of koehler is live at the white house.
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>> u.s. officials have said that iran could be between one and three years away from producing a nuclear weapon. still, officials say that the missile tests that were conducted validate president obama's decision to go with a missile defense system that is more quickly deployed. >> at the missile defense decisions have been made in the past couple of weeks to change from something that dealt virtually only with an icbm threat -- i think it has been proven out in pictures that you have seen over the past few hours. >> the iranian missiles have a range of 1,200 miles, which means that they could not only hit israel, but more than 80 u.s. military bases in the region. u.s. officials are going ahead
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with plans to attend thursday's talks on iran's nuclear program in geneva. officials say that there has never been stronger international support for tough sanctions if it comes to that. the new missile test >> this seems like they cannot wait to show us that they have the capability of moving forward with their nuclear program. i think it illustrates the fact that at a certain point, talking is counterproductive rather than productive. time is not on our side. >> defense secretary robert gates says that there is no military option that does more than by time. shepard: iran's military and its technology appears generally stronger. that is why many world leaders are saying that they are very concerned.
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jonathan hunt is with us right now. how did the world let iran get to this place in the first place? >> there is no international treaty that prohibits any country from developing any sort of missiles that it wants. secondly, in the years since the iran/iraq war ended in 1988, iran started pushing to get these kinds of missiles. they got a lot of help from the russians, chinese, and the north doory and. the missile that was test fired today is an exact replica of the north korean missile that we talked about a lot this year. it is not too much of a stretch to think that north korea is sharing its technology with iran right now. shepard: do we know what the missile can carry? >> the best it would be carriey-
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it would be able to carry is a conventional warhead. it is a study released by the east-west institute. iran is between one year and three years away from developing any sort of nuclear weapon. between six years and eight years from them putting a nuclear warhead on a missile. shepard: is any of this giving an indication of what this means to all of us? >> the experts say that we should not overreact. we are not in any imminent danger. as one expert put it, it does not matter if they have what he called hecrappy missile that cannot hit the broad side of a barn. it is a very good weapon of terror. they could fire indiscriminately. we have already seen the kind of
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terror that causes in israel with those small rockets fired from gaza. a lot of terror. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. this is just coming into us from los angeles. we are getting more information about the two men who have been removed from a plane that was on its way to new york. authorities removed these men from the middle eastern country from a united airlines flight this afternoon. they reported to be behaving suspiciously. they were on a plane bound for jfk with an ultimate destination of cairo one of them went to the restroom after passengers were told to be in their seats. this is a developing story.
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we know that they have been removed from that plane. there is a brand new audio message out today from al qaeda's no. 2 man. in it, he calls president obama a fraud. intelligence experts say that he recorded the message in the past few days. it refers to events that had occurred just last week. in this message, he slams our president for not doing enough for palestinians. he praises pakistan's slane taliban chief. he died last month after a suspected u.s. missile strike. taliban violence is spreading through the afghan countryside a roadside bomb killed six civilians. this after what is looking more and more like a turning point in the war.
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the white house is real value waiting its strategy as the pentagon sits on a request for more troops. he called for -- general stanley mcchrystal called for quicker action. >> the secretary talks in terms of 12 18 months and then we eat up three months just on getting the tools out of the tool box. that really hurts. in a good organization, they look at their watch. we really need to get that. >> the secretary of defense is pushing back against calls from congress to set a time line. he says that the afghan war is important to national security. a decision is really weeks away. how does the white house response to criticism that it is indecisive?
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>> the president has said that he wants to get the strategy right before determining whether or not there will be 40,000 additional u.s. forces. robert gates reminded the country, when president bush tried to evaluate whether there should be a surge in iraq, that was three months in the making. that is the emphasis here at the weis house. -- at the white house. shepard: what do they mean that things have changed? >> there was some sense before the election in afghanistan then it might go better than it has. there were enough questions raised about the legitimacy of that election and the legitimacy of the karzai government. it also wants to make sure that what it does on the ground is not viewed strictly as helping the karzai government more,
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helping those on the ground individually. that is a tough needle to thread. lastly, general mcchrystal said that the terror is more widespread. how can we be surprised about that? he says that we have been in a holding pattern for too long. the president wants to reevaluate the need and efficacy of sending more forces on the ground. shepard: the suspect at a center of a plot that some investigators said could have been the worst terrorist attacks since the attacks of 9/11. while the fed to get set to prosecute the case, there is an indication that the government is only prosecuting one in four terrorist suspects overall.
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shepard: brand new information about the plot that could have been the biggest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since the attacks of 9/11. prosecutors have charged zazi with consider and -- with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. since it is a conspiracy, it means that others are involved. the fbi arrested this man and they say that he has confessed to having links to al qaeda. the fed also said that they have him on camera buying supplies that could be used to make a bomb. the associated press reports that investigators have identified possible accomplices. the government is only prosecuting one in four terror suspects. with us now is our senior judicial analyst.
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prosecuting one out of four. if you look at cases of other kinds, is that an unusually small number? >> it is a question of definition. calling de tail a leg does not make a tail a leg. the definition was 2 or more acts of violence intended to harm the government. they changed that definition. then they changed it to, if you go to a camp in pakistan and listen to people, the very presence is an act of terrorism. then they changed it to, if you do anything like terrorists dio o like by too many near a polish remover, you can abuse -- be accused of being a terrorist.
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the people who do these other things and are enumerated on nauert -- around it, they are being prosecuted for those things, but they are not calling it an act of terrorism. >> people charged with terrorism often go free because the evidence was not strong enough to bring them to trial. welcome to the system. there are plenty of people who are brought in for harming a neighbor or setting a house on fire and they find there is not enough evidence. >> that report got tremendous publicity. it was written either to scare people or it was written to give publicity to the people who wrote the report. there is no base 64 -- no basis for suggesting that someone should be prosecuted even if there is insufficient evidence just because of the title of the
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crime. they do not do that in this country they charged him with conspiring with himself. shepard: when i read that, i was kind of thankful. they said that people charged with terrorism -- you can put in any word you want -- they are often charged with that and go free because evidence was not strong enough to bring them to trial. the burden of proof is on the prosecutor. >> it is always on the prosecutor. if the prosecutor is going to obtain evidence by unlawful means, no matter how good the evidence is, they cannot be used. >> the article is intended to cause you're good listeners to talk about it. >> mission accomplished. shepard: president obama is
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preparing for an important overseas pitch. he will press chicago's case as the potential site for the 2016 olympics. we know that it would be an economic boon for the area. has it happened before? some answers when we are back.
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call the number on your screen or visit รบรบ shepard: brand new information from san francisco. police and firefighters have sealed off the transbay terminal and close surrounding streets for what they are calling a critical incident involving a suspicious package found on a municipal bus there. it was parked in front of the terminal located there.
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several nearby businesses closed as well. they tell us that it is a critical incident, which is their situation jargon regarding a suspicious package. usually this sort of thing turns out to be nothing we will update you on that. this is the breaking news out of los angeles were two men were reported to be removed from a flight. the fbi has just issued this statement. it was taxiing for departure when a passenger got up from his seat. the passenger did not comply with flight crew instructions. the plane returned to the gate. this was a middle eastern looking passenger, we are told in our last advisory. currently no identifiable threat
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to the plane or the passengers. the passengers are being interviewed right now. the fbi says that out of an abundance of caution, the passengers and their luggage are being screened again and they have conducted a precautionary search of the aircraft. the suspect is cooperating. president obama traveling to denmark later this week to lobby the olympic committee for chicago and the 2016 summer games. the president spoke about the games earlier this month. >> i have called chicago home for nearly 25 years. a city of legends terrace -- legendary sports figures, legendary venues, and legendary sports fans. we want these games. i promise you this. chicago will make america proud
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and america will make the world proud. shepard: the first lady was scheduled to lead this delegation, but the president is now leading hit. chicago faces tough competition from tokyo and madrid. >> the people in chicago and all those who want to see the olympics end up in chicago are hoping that this high-profile lobbying effort will pay off. >> i think everybody is proud of the olympics when they are in their country. it provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the united states. it is a big economic benefit. shepard: just earlier this none -- this month, president obama
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said that he would not be making the trip for a number of reasons. what does this say about where health care now stands? >> there were several attempts to get that out to robert gibbs. he says that he feels that health care is in a better place than it was 14 days ago he is going to make the pitch friday morning and will be back friday night. they are hoping that it will make a difference. shepard: some of the critics will say that the president is only going because of chicago. anywhere here would be a boon for this country. >> you are right. absolutely. the feeling is that if you get people to come to the country, they might go to other cities to visit. shepard: mike emanuel, thank
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you. a frightening scene at a big nascar race. did you see this? see the car there? i think he rolled seven times. the driver made it out fine. a reporter who was there joins us live. that is next. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko.
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shepard: this just in. the situation in santa suszko is now over. they have just reopened all the streets around and let people go back in there. all seems fine in both san francisco and los angeles, where they are still investigating, but it appears that things will be fine on that plane bound for new york. an awful looking crash yesterday. did you see this? the rookie driver rolled over more than seven times. this was in his home depot toyota. he got out on the 31st lap and then went careening across the track. his car triggering a chain reaction that took out three
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other cars. in a testament to just how safe these cars can be, the 19-year- old driver was able to walk away. he called the crash the wild is that he has ever been on. with us now is a staff writer for "sports illustrated" who was at that race yesterday. it looked like this could have a pretty bad outcome. >> it was horrifying. it is always in the back of your mind the knowledge that this will happen. you are not quite prepared when something like this happens. we all jumped up out of our seats. shepard: and a relatively new guy on this scene. he has been attracting a lot of attention, i guess.
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>> he came in as a very hyped up rookie. he started winning races in the national what -- in a nationwide series. there was a lot of speculation that he was the real deal. i spoke to him earlier this summer. he had not raised in this car had before. it is a faster and more powerful car than anything he had driven. it is like going from a sports car to a mack truck. shepard: did he make some sort of mistake here? >> this happened early in the race. there are groups to run in. the drivers were sliding around.
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he was in a position where someone else was coming in. tony stewart got caught. it just triggered a chain reaction. shepard: dated affect any of the leaders in this race? >> it happened toward the back of the field. the leaders tend to be up front more often than usual that was not as much of a problem. tony stewart's car was involved and he took some damage. shepard: it was good to talk to you. thank you. massive flooding has left more than 100 people dead. the number is expected to rise. rescuers are asking for help, saying that they are running short on resources and time.
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or a tropical storm dumped more than a month's worth of rain in more than 12 hours. that is next.
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shepard: a little perspective on the unique challenges in the war in afghanistan. in part because of the terrain and the taliban getting help from neighbors including iran the top u.s. commander saying that success will cause -- will need more troops. general stanley mcchrystal says that the only way to get -- the only way to win is to get the support of the afghan people. >> if the people are against us, we cannot be successful. if the people view us as occupiers and the enemy, we cannot be successful in our casualties will go up dramatically.
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shepard: troops struggle and the terrain that has defeated british and soviet troops in the past. a counterterrorism expert who has traveled extensively in afghanistan joins us. good to see you. they seem to be very honest these days about it not working well they say it is not going to happen until we get more troops. beyond that, there is no guarantees that it happens then either. >> general david mckiernan came to the exact same conclusion. general mcchrystal wants 40,000 more troops. we have yet to see the results. shepard: i realize that part of it is about human-resources. his part of it all so that the challenge was greater than those of us -- that many people thought it would be going in
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there and when the distraction of the war in iraq happened, we really took our eye off the ball? >> we had a very rapid victory within three weeks. everybody was excited and jubilant. then the hard work of actually making things work began. that is when we began to fail. we did not bring in of resources into the country. shepard: were people aware of that, the people in charge at that time? >> in 2001, the scene of millions of afghans being excited and thrilled, we thought they would just click into a perfectly democratic society. wheat not realize how much work was required to set up police forces, allow people to live their lives normally and rebuild. shepard: it really is a seventh or eighth century world over there. for an american or anyone from
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the western world to know that one of nine people in that country can't even read the local language and they have no understanding of who we are and what we are doing was beyond the exclusion of most expectations. >> afghans are very resilient. they managed to survive. they have their own mechanisms for defending themselves, creating government and justice. shepard: you have lived with members of the taliban. so what are they like? what we need to know? >> the taliban are part of the pashtun elements. when i first met taliban, i could hear banjos playing. they used to stand 3 inches from me and stared at me.
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they mean well, but they are physically and unable to actually execute those things. al qaeda is a much different animal. they bring foreigners and to teach the taliban things like suicide bombings. shepard: there is a fear that the locals tend towards those that would do them are rather than us. is there a way to stop that? >> there is. we need to get out among the people. we have to get out there and live amongst the people. we are getting casualties because we are targets. we are driving around armored vehicles. most deaths are because of ieds. shepard: we will see how this goes. thank you.
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a weather alert in our fancy new graphics. officials and the philippines calling for international help in the aftermath of incredible flooding that has killed 140 people. would you look at this. the island nation hit with the worst flooding in more than four decades. more than a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours. its capital city of manila hit especially hard. rescuers say that they have saved thousands of people, but dozens are still missing. another storm is set to hit the country this friday. a lack of water is a problem in iraq. they are now facing serious drought conditions. the crop production has been cut in half. iraq's government has said that its neighbors are to blame
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because they control the flow of two important rivers. turkey has agreed to release more water into a iraq under a temporary agreement. the water comes too late for this season's harvest. there is concern that things could get even worse next month. she says that she has had enough. she is taking on one of the world's biggest banks. how one woman and her video changed the interest rate on her credit card. >> you are not getting another penny out of me. i would have continued to make my payments in good faith. shepard: somebody is fighting back if your interest rate has gone up, wait until you see and hear her story. we will talk to her and get the bank's response. er get clean. they got clean when i broke the record. never gonna happen! [ chuckles ] sorry, buddy. [ female announcer ] cascade actionpacs are four times concentrated
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to get the fullest loads clean the first time.
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shepard: she led a one woman boycott against one of the
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country's biggest banks and she won. she says her bank unfairly raised the interest rate on her credit card. she made a video saying as much. hundreds of thousands of clicks later, she started a debtor's revolt. >> you can send all the collection agencies after me that you want. you can come 50 times a day if you want. i do not own any real estate. i do not even have a permanent job right now. even if i did, you would have to get a court order to garnish my wages considering how many people are defaulting on their credit-card accounts right now, the civil courts are going to be backed up for years. shepard: after the video exploded, her bank gave her a phone call to work out a deal. now she is being called a modern-day folk hero. it is nice to talk to you. >> hello.
3:41 pm
good to talk to you. shepard: your interest rate was about 13%. then you open the bill and it was 30% >> they did sneak it up. i had not even noticed it. it was not until july's statement that i got a letter saying it was going to 30%. it did not say it was because i defaulted or anything like that. it was just their policy. shepard: you never miss a minimum payment? >> i did not. shepard: what did you say initially? >> i called them to try to work something out because that is what all the financial gurus tell you to do. the customer service representative looked up my account history and told me that there was nothing with my -- nothing wrong with my payment history.
3:42 pm
it was raised not because of anything i did wrong, but because it was a new policy. shepard: you had an outstanding balance. he said you felt you ran out of options? >> es got to the point where this is just absolute extortion. first they hold of congress to pass the bailout bill. now they are trying to extort more money out of the american people. i decided it was time to stop. shepard: you decided to make his video and have an open conversation with people from bank of america. that would not have been a lot of help if others did not watch it. you've got hundreds of thousands of clicks. >> a financial analyst on wall street has a very popular blog.
3:43 pm
when he found out about it and put it up on his blog, that is when it started to explode. i think it really resonated with the american people. there are so many people in this kind of predicament. everybody can relate to this. i think that is why some many people got on board with this. shepard: is your name and the tags? >> if they just type and debtors revolt, you will find it. you'll also see an unrelated pitch for a book. shepard: she fought the big bank and in this case, she won. nice to talk to you. >> thank you very much.
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good to talk to you. good luck. it is one of the most heavily guarded prisons anywhere on earth. serious questions about the transparency at guantanamo bay. it comes amid reports that the press is being shut out. what about that?
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shepard: the government calls them some of the most dangerous people on planet earth. they are suspect. they have not been convicted. president obama has vowed to shut the prison. many observers believe that it is hurting us here and around the world. serious questions about how transparent the whole process is. catherine herridge is live in our washington newsroom. she was reporting from their last week. why is it getting harder for journalists to get there? at least you got a backdrop. >> the bee reporters are the subject matter experts. we could also make side trips to the detention camp. usually it takes about 25 minutes to get across the base. that has now changed. the decision has come out of washington.
3:48 pm
when we asked him in an exchange why there was this change in policy, he said past experience has led me to believe it is best to keep these visits focus on the purpose of the trip, which in this case is military commission motions. they do not want to allow you to go to the commission's and report what is happening at the camps at the same time. shepard: the aclu has taken an interest. >> i have become a very good friend with them. fox and the aclu are the same page with this. by restricting access, it is not consistent with the issue of transparency. i also learned that they have been routinely denied access to the camps.
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shepard: catherine herridge, keep us updated. shepard: to leaders extremely critical of the united states. hugo chavez and muomar qaddaffi . thinking up a nato of the!d!d!dd
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shepard: nine minutes before the top of the hour. you probably watched some of the united nations can -- security council speeches. these guys gave two of the more memorable speeches there. today, it appears the venezuelan president and the libyan leader still have a lot to talk about. the two men are expected to meet today. the discussion, the
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strengthening of their relationship. we are told that day plan to form a sort of defense alliance. nato is the north american treaty organization. it is a group of nations that share resources to help protect each other. was there some other allies will look like, we do not know that said, and diplomatic relations began to fall between the united states and cuba. there is another issue developing. cuban-americans who have been awarded legal judgments against the communist nation. they are having trouble collecting their settlement. their lawyers are going after famous cuban brands. phil keating is an hour south florida news room. -- is in our south florida news
3:53 pm
room. >> one cuban-american family trying to squeeze $90 million out of the communist country. they are using a law enacted after 9/11 and it basically allows u.s. citizens to collect court judgments against sovereign nations if those nations make this a department's list of nations that sponsor terrorism. the point is to try to get the federal court to seize select cuban trademarks and then auction them to the highest bidder. that would open up the u.s. market to those brands. all lot of sales potential. instead -- a state judge already awarded the family money in a judgment. so far, the family has only collected 1.4 million. if the court rules that cuban
3:54 pm
trade marks can be sold, this would open the door to on told numbers of cuban americans who had their businesses confiscated by the communists after the 1959 revolution. it will undoubtedly create controversy internationally. trademark law experts suspect that the war -- the european union would start screaming. typically nations around the world are pretty good about honoring trade rules. shepard: phil keating, good to see you. he is dominating the hot dog circuit. now, this beating legend kobayashi has taken on another challenge his latest conquest in 2.5 minutes.
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shepard: we are just getting new
3:57 pm
information in regarding iran. it has come to us from the white house. the new information on iran suggest that there will have to be more cooperation from western nations in an effort to get iran to allow full testing and for all -- and full inspections. the deadline is this thursday. secretary of state hillary clinton has made it clear that they will have to be opened or face the consequences. it appears most western nations are on board. the trick will be to get the russians in the chinese on board we will bring you updates as they, throughout the day. shepard: and then there is this before we call it a day. summer is over, sadly. that means the barbeque and grilling season has come to an end. yesterday, it was 100 degrees
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out in phoenix for the ball game. no backyard burgers for most people. apparently some people want to store up for the winner. it is the battle for the burger eating championships. the winner, kobayashi again. he 893 crystal hamburgers in eight minutes. it is a brand new record. it is based in chattanooga. he has also won the nathan's hot dog eating contest as well. the second place winner emerged with a paltry 81 burgers. if you live in the northeast, especially around york, you do not eat it with mustard on it. if you go to mcdonald's, a little cheeseburger comes with a pack of -- pickles, chicken --
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pickles, ketchup, and mustard. i thought about mounting a revolt. i want to tell you about this widescreen thing. if you have an old television set, we will look a little different today, almost as if you were watching a movie in the letter box. that is basically what this is. for a long time, we have been sending out to feed. if you are watching this in standard definition, we were sending out two things with two sets of equipment. the people watching on an older television set were missing. now it is 1 feet with all new graphics. everything fits on the screen better. he will notice the little fox news channel thing that's been around. it is smaller. there is mourn room for information. information.


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