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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 29, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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straight ahead, we report, you decide. brian: hoo hue jackman and daniel craig distracted from a live performance by a cell phone. >> you want to get that? you want to get it? grab your phone doesn't matter. brian: probably should have turned off the phone. our slogan from chad in las vegas, nevada. up early in the morning on the couch, it's time to partake in my morning duty. you report and i decide. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: come on in, folks. live in new york city, the heart of the big bad apple. juliet: you welcomed me with a punch in the arm.
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brian: gretchen does a great job during the show twittering. i'm going to try to take that responsibility today. juliet: i have a twitter account. brian: so juliet -- juliet. it's already starting to go. we're going to start with a fox news alert. two navy troops are dead, killed when their vehicle hit a landmine in the fill feens. the line believed to have been set by al qaeda-linked militants. the men are the first military personnel to die in the country since 2002. in the northern part of the philippines, the toll is rising 240. a month's worth of rain fell in just 12 hours. a month worth of rain. and two storms are brewing now in the pacific, unfortunately. steve: juliet, the story and the video you're about to see are sickening. we have blurred out the images to protect the victim. four teenagers now charged with murder, accused of beating a
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16-year-old honor student to death with railroad ties. oh my goodness. derrion was walking home from school in chicago when he unknowingly walked into the fight between two groups. these are three of the suspects facing charges. the fourth is a juvenile so his identity is being protected. all are being be held without bail. police are looking for at least three more suspects. brian: wow. a poll asking if the president should be assassinated now being investigated by the secret service. yes, the poll was posted on casebook and has since been taken down but it received more than 700 responses before it was removed. facebook officials say the question was not created by the company but by a person using an add-on application. that user has been suspended from the site. juliet: the pilot who landed the jet in the hudson river heading back to the cockpit. captain sul have i will operate
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the flight safety management team. his book is due out next month. steve: meanwhile, we warn you to turn off your cell phone before a show starts. but one audience member at a broadway show deposit listen and ruined -- didn't listen and ruined a dramatic scene so actor hugh jackman called him out. >> you want to get that? you want to get it? grab your phone. doesn't matter. juliet. oh my god. steve: despite an initial warning the phone kept ringing prompting jackson to plead "turn it off unless you've got a better story." juliet: he's such a nice guy, too. if you get him mad, you know you've done something wrong. brian: is daniel craig james bond? steve: yeah. brian: that's a powerful stage there. i am so dedicated in character i would not be able to come out of character.
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i would be so focused -- juliet. as an actor, huh? brian: is that what it is called? [phone ringing] brian: today would be -- juliet will you turn the phone off! steve: can we help you? brian: that's the ring from "petticoat junction" where they used to have to climb the poll. juliet: i didn't mean to say the word. brian: we'll take it out for you. steve: we know you are very interested in what is going to happen because we all want good care. but what exactly will if any reform happens in this country will look like? juliet: it depends on who you're talking to. steve: according on who you talk to, that's what they want. far left politicians want this public option where the government would run essentially their own version of an insurance company. it it looks like today in the senate finance committee they are going to hash it out and a
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bunch of senators are going to say we're for it and a bunch of senators are going to say we're not for it so people will be on the record. juliet: it's kind of democrat versus democrat. jay rockefeller will be proposing his own version based on medicare. and then you have chuck schumer, the senator from here in new york. he'll promote another plan that looks like a private insurance company. so -- i wouldn't say pitted against each other. i think we're all united in it a common cause. it's just how we get there. brian: that was unbelievable to me. this was a conversation a couple of months ago. it seemed like the president was back off having the public action, saying it's not the be all or end all, just a small portion of the health care reform. and you have two democrats who basically almost got hostile when people brought up the public option. conrad said this is dead. so to bring this up again is going to enflame the civil war that could be happening.
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steve: you're right, juliet. it is happening in the democrat party. keep in mind, we've heard that the very liberal members of the house are for this, but these are senators we're talking about. nonetheless, the g.o.p. watching the democrats have this food fight. and keep in mind there's no way it could pass the senate. i'm just telling you right now. but the g.o.p. has released a web ad -- juliet t 6 -- 60509, steve proclaiming. steve: take a look. >> barack obama and democrats promise that health care reform will lower costs, but their plans deliver increased taxes, taxes on tests, scans and x-rays, new taxes on charities and small businesses. steve: yeah. of so that's a web ad that they have put together. it includes -- remember the part, brian, we had a couple of days ago where george
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stephanopoulos asked the president, hey, isn't that a tax? and the president said, that's not a tax. brian: the democrats immediately came out. they have a strike team and said the a.m.a. endorses our plan, it's not true about taxes. but he points out there's going to be taxes on scans, on x-rays, for those with cadillac insurance all to put towards paying off how much this is going to cost. and then immediately the democrats came back and said remember bax baucus' plan will not add to the deficit. and in the house, the the a.m.a. endorsed it. juliet. a lot of these ads are so effective when they use real people, getting to the heart and soul of the country. so there's another ad that's come out. let's take a look at this one. this is again the campaign finance chairman. >> i live here in billings, montana with my beautiful wife and baby boy. last june i collapsed because of congenital heart problems. i need open-heart surgery but have no shurches h insurance and no company will i hope sure me.
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my friends and family have been -- steve: that is a young man, bing paren, in montana who has over $100,000 worth of medical bills and he needs a heart operation. they're running this in max baucus' district. at the conclusion of it bing goes, mr. baucus, whose side are you on? so this ad is done by the democrats to press a democrat by the name of baucus into supporting the public -- brian: he says you need a government-run plan and max baucus is not sure that. it's ironic you mention it's democrat against democrat. you mentioned real people tell the story better. i cannot tell the difference. the head-on commercial, is that oregon actors? steve: with the headache? brian: is that real? i'm like, is this really happening? do they really have a headache? juliet: they're supposed to have a disclaimer saying these
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are actors. lots of talk about acting today. method acting. steve: we're a block from broadway! juliet: hugh jackman, daniel craig. brian: let's talk about a real-life poll. are you opposed or are you for health care? they asked the rasmus people who made the phone calls, here's what they found out. 41%, that's it, are in support of this plan. 56% are opposed to that plan. that's got to shake the obama administration to the core. juliet: can you break it down a little bit more. senior citizens are more supportive of the plans that younger folks are? brian: democrats, the unaffiliated, not independent, but they wrote down unaffiliated, 72% are against. that's the case. steve: i wonder -- remember we were talking about this yesterday? bill clinton talking about those people who were against health care. that's just part of that right-wing conspiracy, 56%? is that all a right-wing
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conspiracy? brian: yeah. he was asked that question. does that right-wing conspiracy exist? he said absolutely, it's still there. democrats against republicans, is that a conspiracy? a lot of republicans are against it. there's no secret plot. steve: one of the other problems is there are still all of these competing bills. we don't know what the final bill would look like. would there be a tax on it? there's a lot going on. anyway -- brian: were you confused? juliet. it's early for me. steve: it is 10 mie 10 minutes r top of the hour. suspected terrorist asaturdaysy -- zazi due in court, accused of what could have been the biggest terror attack on u.s. oil since september 11. brian: joining us now, catherine craig from our affiliate at wnyc, channel 5 here in new york. catherine, what's it going to be like today?
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i know security is extremely high. >> well, yeah, security is often high here at the federal courthouse in brooklyn. and you better believe it will be ramped up even mores when zazi arrives. the transport alone, that live, is about a 15-minute car ride from the jail where he's at right now to here, the federal courthouse. even that motorcade, security will be tight as well. he is facing charges of conspiracy to use preponderances of mass destruction. investigators say he planned an attack on commuters, on commuter trains, subway trains here in new york city. he was brought from denver last friday to face charges here in brooklyn. the focus of in this case also now on three people whom investigators say may have been planning an attack with zazi. law enforcement sources say investigators know the identities of these three people who traveled from new york to denver to help zazi buy beauty products, the chemicals to be used in making bombs. prosecutors are expected today to ask the judge to keep zazi in
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jail indefinitely because they say that he is a danger, a danger to the people in the community. also he's a flight risk. he has family overseas. zazi, however, has denied that he did anything wrong. he's built a pretty big defense team ex-says he was in new york this september 11 to deal with coffee cart issues. he has a coffee cart that he ran in lower manhattan. he says that he was in town only to do that. but clearly prosecutors say a different story. back to you. steve: all right, catherine caraeg live in brooklyn. juliet. iran raising concerns of a world war like we've never seen. up next, how the world map as we know it could change forever. >> can we make america better? >> can we make america better? steve: oh, no, another new video of elementary school kids singing the praises of barack obama. we're going to report. you're going to decide. juliet. find out where it was.
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brian: incoming in, isn't it?
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brian: look hard at this video we're about to show you. that's the power everyone fears ending up in the hands of iran. the test firing of two long-range to medium-ring missiles, an israeli air strike could be imminent. but would it strike another world war? and if it happened, on which side would nations fall? it's not as easy as you think. joining us is tom mcinerney. welcome back, general. >> thanks. brian: first off, how concerned are you? >> i'm very concerned. i believe we're in the red zone now, brian. there's just no question about it. sanctions have failed. no matter what anybody wants to do the sanctions will no longer work primarily because russia and china are enablers. they take us through this dance and nothing ever happens. brian: you talk about the security, russia and china, very slow to look at this as a problem. and the russian foreign minister yesterday says -- essentially said i don't really see them
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doing anything illegal in iran. >> correct. and that's why it won't be a world war. we've already seen russia and china in the first korean war and in the vietnam war act as proxies. so they're not going to get involved in the middle east, per se. they will support iran covertly like they have been doing all along, with nuclear technology, with conventional weapons. a whole host of things. and they will support them in the u.n. for vetoes. they're not helpful. brian: so let's go to the region and look at the arab nation. so you have iran yesterday saying to israel, your time is coming. we're going to attack you. so let's look at the arab countries. where would they fall? in line with iran who is not arab? >> first of all, what they publicly say and then what they do privately is different. egypt,oreddian, turkey, saudi arabia will covertly support both of the israelis and the united states. sire i can't -- syria, toss the
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coin because syria will go either -- could go either way but i think it will stay out of the fight because president netanyahu should just tell assad if you do one thing, i'm going to put an armored division in damascus in four hours. and he can do that. brian: keep in mind, too, they did nothing when israel, a year ago just about, took out what was beginning to be their own nuclear facility. correct? >> precisely. in addition, remember in 2006 when they had the fight in lebanon and hezbollah fired. the fact is israel has different leadership. president netanyahu gets it. he understands -- brian: absolutely. >> the threat to their society. brian: and so do the rest nations and possible opponents. why does this matter so much to the world and so much to america? what comes through there? >> 40% of the world's oil comes through this strait. and the fact is people think that iran can can close it.
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i do not believe it. it would be a tough fight. but the united states navy and allied forces can keep it open. yes, there would be a lot of fighting there. in addition, it takes all the economic value from the iranians. they can't get their oil out. they ship their oil from up here. and if they can't get their oil out, they don't have any dollars. brian: when you talk about sites inside iran, you have the secretary of defense saying even if we bombed them it would set them back for a year so bomb it again. >> bomb it again, one to three years. that is extremely important because what we want is the iranians to have the velvet revolution which they started last june. the illegal elections. so i believe one to three years is worth it. brian: general, from what you've seen of this 48-year-old president, does he have the stomach to do this, to push it this far? >> i don't think so. he's getting -- he's wobbling in afghanistan right now. how can you go to copenhagen
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when you have 68,000 americans in afghanistan and you're trying to get a strategy? he's got to get his priorities straight. look, he didn't learn this being a community organizer. and the russians know that. brian: general, so good to see you. thursday we begin the first round of talks with william bernard, the most high-level talks in years. straight ahead, under government health care if you don't buy insurance, as a rule to pay a fine. seriously. up next, minnesota congressman emmer joins us. he's trying to put a stop to this fine stuff. we'll wait for that. we've shown you this disturbing video before a deputy caught on camera beating a suspect in a holding cell. information on whether he'll be keeping his job.
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steve: director roman polanski says he is shocked by the swiss government's decision to arrest him and will fight possible extradition back to the united states. french and polish foreign ministers have written to secretary of state hillary clinton asking for leniency. polanski's supporters question why he was arrested. these now three decades after he pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl at jack nicholson's place in l.a. meanwhile, he's been asking for a new jail cell. and now two black eyes, a broken nose and concussion later, texas finance year r. allen stanford is getting his wish, moving to a curbier cell in a different prison after getting beaten up. stanford was arrested three months ago on charges of running a $7 billion ponzi scheme. juliet: a group of lawmakers
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in more than a dozen state houses in the country are pushing to outlaw a crucial element of the health care plan, the element to die coverage or pay a penalty. t-- to buy coverage or pay ap. good to have you here, sir. >> thank you for having me. juliet: you say you don't want the government getting between your decisions with doctors. explain what you're concerned about with the current plan and then give us your plan. >> well, i'm concerned about the government making choices for us, especially choices when it comes to health care. and the decision that we make regarding, number one, who our doctors are and, number two, are what type of health care we deem best for ourselves and our families. the proposal that we brought in minnesota is a variation of proposal that you just mentioned have been brought around this country, including in arizona and i believe florida and georgia. what it provides is two things.
6:26 am
one, that no government program can ever stop us. the citizens from making our own decisions when it comes to our health care. and, two, it would prevent penalties from being imposed. i guess i, too, object to a criminal penalty being imposed on citizens who choose not to purchase coverage. steve: so, essentially, what you would be doing in minnesota is offering up a constitutional amendment at the state level. but then you're talking about health care at the federal level. and you know that's just going to set off the state versus federal thing. doesn't the federal government always trump the state government? >> in recent history it has over the past 50 years, using the commerce clause. the supreme court has pretty much bootstrapped every state issue into a federal issue. in this case, though, i think we have a little different thing going on. minnesota has its own proposal. there's a senator in minnesota that has made the statement that
6:27 am
his goal is to eliminate all private insurance companies. he's got his own proposal. so in our case in minnesota, it's not only a state federal issue but it's a state issue. juliet: there are 10 states that have measures going. some of these states have already rejected some of the notions. does that dash your hopes at all? >> no. not at all. as i've said before, you brought up the state -- federal government issue. our founders created the republic because they understood the concentration of power in any one person or any one entity was a bad thing. so the intent was to give strong states rights. that obviously has been eroded over the past several decades. but when it comes to the issue that are now facing us, the big one, health care, i think you're going to see a revitalization of the 10th amendment and states rights from the standpoint -- the states have to take care of their citizens. steve: sure.
6:28 am
we'll be watching. tom emmer, state representative from minnesota, thanks for joining us. juliet: thank you very much. another video showing kids praising president obama. >> can we make a america better? yes. yes, we can. yes, yes we can. steve: yes, we can. we can report. you can decide. that's straight ahead. juliet: plus former vice presidential candidate sarah palin is going rogue again this time with her own autobiography. steve: and happy birthday to zachery levi from the series "chuck." zach is 29 today. cheez-it® bakes so much real cheese... in such small bites, people are wondering, how does cheez-it® do it? - i know! - three, two, one. ( beeping, whirring ) ♪ - baking complete! - ( bell dings )
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is showing. steve: behind the coffee table. time for headlines. juliet: yes. 75 more guantanamo detainees cleared for release. those prisoners listed on flyers by nationality not name and posted at common areas throughout guantanamo. the written list is an effort to communicate directly to the captains and deter rumors that have been circulating through the camp. there are still more than 200 prisoners at the prison. president obama promised to close gitmo by january but it looks like it might be longer than that. defense secretary robert gates said this week it's going to be you have to meet that goal. brian: remember this video? the sheriff's deputy caught on video violently beating a teenage girl in a jail holding cell. that deputy has been fired. a spokesman for the washington state sheriff's office says paul sheen was let go for numerous policy violations, including using excessive force. the beating happened after the 15-year-old tried to take off her shoes.
6:33 am
the deputy argued she kicked the shoes directly at him, striking him in the leg. the trial set for next month. steve: an oklahoma tbhom custody after her 14-year-old son escaped from home and told authorities he has spent most of the past five years locked in a bedroom closet. >> he had scars from where he was stabbed, scars from being beaten, scars from being choked. he had scars over the majority of his body. steve: oh, man. the 14-year-old was taken to the hospital and turned over to the department of human services in oklahoma city. his mother now facing 20 separate counts of child abuse. brian: she's going rogue. sarah palin is officially going rogue. the former alaska governor has finished writing her new book just four months after deal was announced. it's a huge first printing, 1.5 million copies. the book called "going rogue: an american life" is 400 pages
6:34 am
it will be released november 17. interesting title. kind of having fun with the "s.n.l." title. juliet: and someone you've heard about for years but have probably never seen her before. >> ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds ♪ juliet: john lennon wrote "lucy in the sky" for this lady. vodden has passed away. she died from lupus disease. she was just 46 years old. steve: apparently julien lennon, his son, had brought home something she had done. and he said, "look, dad, it's lucy in the sky with diamonds." his dad thought that was cool. she never knew. some people thought l.s.d., lucy in the sky with diamonds, was referring to drugs not her. anyway, she has passed away. brian: i feel like i'm on vh1. juliet: a little behind the music there. brian: she is now in awe of you, steve. she's not just a one-trick pony.
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tony romo and the cowboys looking for their first win in their stadium last night. the panthers could strike first and would strike first. jake delhomme would not throw an interception. a 25-yard strike. fast forward to the fourth quarter. dallas in desperate need of a big play and they get it. terrence newman was open. 27 yards out. cowboys win 21-7. jerry jones gets emotional. now to nascar. you're looking at one of the most frightening nascar crashes in years. and the driver who flipped eight times at the dover international speedway not only survived the wreck, he walked away without a scratch. it's 19-year-old joey lagano. he says he hasn't seen a replay from the race and he's not sure he wants to. and i can't blame him. juliet: brian, that stadium down in dallas, is it true that they have go-go girls?
6:36 am
steve: cage girls. juliet: but it's not caged. i thought originally it was cage girls like on 42nd street and i thought totally inappropriate. juliet: what do you mean? brian: the bars only come up to here. juliet: they're dancing, right? brian: they're happy. i will say that. they're happy and dressed like cheerleaders. juliet: they're dressed like go-go dancers. the whole stadium? is it all around? i'm not being critical of this idea. just curious. brian: unbelievably over the top. it holds over 100,000 people. they charge people to go into the stadium and not be able to see the game. just to be a part of it. i would assume sushi's there. steve: they probably have all sorts of food opportunities. meanwhile, at the end of last week we showed you that video that apparently was done at a school in south jersey. they were praising barack obama. one -- apparently it was for
6:37 am
black history month and stuff. when you don't want to rhyme, it's all you say, m, m, m. so anyway, there is a new video that has surfaced. we saw it on this morning. these kids are in north carolina, in had asheville, at the sand hill elementary school. and once again they're saluting barrack hussein obama. >> can we make america better? yes, yes we can. yes, yes, we can. >> hope. uniting blacks and whites. hope, being that bomb obama cannot take sides. hope. don't worry said hope, i will be your bridge. in time we'll be the bridge for others. hope will last enough four to make the difference of. juliet: the interesting thing about this is when it was done. it was at a p.t.a. meeting. all the parents were there.
6:38 am
steve: if they had a problem, they probably would have let people know right there it does sound like a campaign commercial where they are talking about change has come, change has come, yes, we can, yes, we can. i'm barack obama and a prove that message. brian: you want to hear something really disturbing that's going to affect you and me and especially people in the republican party, and telecommunications executives? it seems senator chris dodd and patrick leahy and russ feingold are democrats leading a charge for this thing called retroactive immunity repeal act. it's going to make those telecommunication company who's cooperated with the bush administration on wiretap law that allow us to look into terrorist activity so we wouldn't be hit again. well, now it looks like they will be open to prosecution if, of course, this act goes through. juliet: so we're talking about major, major companies. let's go to the judge. he's standing by in the greenroom. i'm curious, judge. are through? >> i'm here. i thought i was having my
6:39 am
coffee, suddenly there's a camera in my face. juliet: sorry to disturb you, judge. you're on fox time now. >> it's a thrill to be with you. juliet: is this throal prosecutor these people now, these companies? >> it's not a criminal prosecution. here's the story. when the bush administration persuaded telcoms to - to violae law, the telcoms facilitated the search and congress gave them immunity not from criminal prosecution but some civil liability from the people whose phone calls were listened to. the case is being tried before a federal district court judge in san francisco. now the democrats in the congress want to remove that immunity so that the telcom that went along with the bush administration and broke the law as it then was would be liable financially, not to go to jail, but financially to those whose conversations had it spied on.
6:40 am
brian: one of the statements is we should not give the false choice between liberty and security. the president of the united states knows it's important to be able to get to the zach ryeious -- zacharious miew so youys. that was the intent. are telecommunication companies doing the patriotic thing, allowing the wires to be used, the system to be used? how dare they prosecutor them? -- they prosecute them. what could be the criminal intent there? >> remember are it's not a prosecution. this is by a civil lawsuit by the people of the world who were caught up in this sweep as to whom there was no evidence of any criminal activity. they're looking for money damages. they're not looking to put these telecom executives in jail. what's interesting is senator barack obama voted against the immunity. now he's the president.
6:41 am
he'll have to decide if this thing passes, whether or not to sign this into law and remove the immunity. steve: of course, barack obama, that was one of his most famous flip-flops when he was a senator. he was against this. then when it was time to vote, he voted for it. juliet: this means our rates are going to go up if they're forced to pay. brian: the judge has double duty. he voiced two invoices now, this segment and the segment we booked you for. go get coffee. and get me a smoothy. >> one of those frappachunios? brian: if you don't mind. get the blender. juliet: take it. brian: i can't have it. it's a girl's drink. juliet: what? steve: it's a spinach smoothy. mmm, mmm, mmm. straight ahead, should illegal aliens have the same access to health care as u.s. citizens? president obama has said no, but maybe the harvard law student
6:42 am
didn't understand the law. judge napolitano back shortly to explain the law. juliet: bank of america cutting ties with acorn but plenty of other banks are still doing business with the corrupt group. maybe one of them is your bank, perhaps? we'll figure out which one. this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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steve: something new is brewing at starbucks this morning. the giant of java now serving up cups of instant coffee at stores across the country. the new coffee all part of starbucks' plan to look for new products to help drive up profits. meanwhile, does your teenager have a car of their own? they are twice as likely to be involved in an accident compared to teenagers who share a car with their parents.
6:46 am
that according to a new study published in the "journal of pediatrics." researchers suggest waiting for your teen to be driving for a year before getting them a scar probably a good idea. juliet: if they have their own car, they're driving it more often. steve: and that probably leads to the more accidents. juliet: liberal house democrats are fighting back. congressman michael honda one of 20 lawmakers pushing a new proposal to extend health care access to illegal aliens. is it constitutional? joining us, well, you know him, the judge. steve: here comes the judge. >> good to be back with you. this was the subject of the statement made by president obama during a speech to a joint session of congress. steve: you lie! >> right when congressman joe wilson said "you lie" the statement made to provoke congressman wilson was -- basically medicare for people
6:47 am
aged 65 will not apply to illegal aliens. except that when this has been tried before, when the state of texas tried this, for example, with education and an act saying you can't -- you want state aid to educate illegal aliens, we won't give it to you, the supreme court said you can't do that and said president obama -- he wasn't president at the time -- is basically wrong. if the government makes the social benefit available to everyone like education or health care, it can't deny it to people on the basis of their immigration status. steve: and this suggestion by a number of far left congressmen, honda in particular, what he would like to do is if somebody is in this country illegally but they've got some money, they should be able to buy into the government plan. in account farks here's what he said. he said americans currently pay $56 billion annually to ensure the uninsure's use of emergency care.
6:48 am
steve: if they've got the money in their pocket but they're in the country illegally, should they be able to buy it? >> he tips his happened at the end there. if i can wear my political hat for a minute, this is an effort to bootstrap health care into immigration reform by saying they already go to our schools and we already give them health care, we might as well make the illegals legal. that's another issue which is probably next on the president's agenda. as far as this congressman honda is concerned, apparently he also doesn't know the law. the law is, as i've indicated to you -- or at least the last time the supreme court looked at this. if you make a program available to everybody, you can't deny it to people who are already here on the basis of their immigration status. juliet: the twitterers are twittering saying why are we even talking about this? it's a moot point, they're illegal. >> people are understandably upset about this because of the
6:49 am
perception that illegals don't contribute to society but take benefits from the government. many illegals work, many illegals pay taxes. i know this is an anomaly if they're here illegally, how can they work and pay taxes but they do. steve: sure. all right, our senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. thank you very much, sir. >> now can i have that coffee? jet yet yes! bank of america is severing ties with acorn but other big banks are not following suit. find out if your bank is still in business with the controversial group. steve: and tom delay puts his wild dancing shoes back on. how did the hammer do last night? we're going to show you straight ahead. . ññññññññññññññññ
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
steve: poor acorn. big banks now breaking ties with acorn after videos showing acorn employees giving advice on how to cheat on taxes and hide money from your brothel. bank of america will no longer help acorn with foreclosures. jp morgan member resigned after it was revealed he is a member of acorn. brian: james haggerty joins us from pittsburgh. how did it get this bad? and how did it go on so long? >> this has been a very long term marriage of convenience between some of the big banks and acorn. the banks found it quite convenient because they needed to show regulators that they were serving poor communities. it was easier to work with groups like acorn than, say, build a lot of branches in these neighbors p neighborhoods. it was good for acorn and others because it gave them some
6:54 am
revenue and a way to advance their agenda. steve: it is pretty extraordinary that apparently that guy from jp morgan chase was on the acorn board. talk about conflict of interest. >> he was a very low level person a loan officer in phoenix. i do think perhaps it made jp morgan choice -- chase a bit nervous given the controversy. he wouldn't talk to me. i don't know why he resigned. i got the impression the bank was not unhappy with this decision. >> how thick were the ties with citigroup. multi-million-dollar deals over in california. >> i don't have details on those but citigroup did confirm to me the other day they are still working with acorn. steve: we know big banks government relied. outfits like acorn and other community groups. >> certainly hot head has given
6:55 am
them something like $45 million over the past nine years. steve: so they have got substantial financial ties to them. where is the oversight? >> that's a good question. there is some oversight from hud and a group called neighbor works which was created by congress and which administers some of these foreclosure counseling programs. what i would like to find out is just how good is this oversight and whether they're cracking down when they find abuses. brian: james, we know three republicans are asking bank of america and 13 other financial institutions to give congress complete accounting of their dealings with acorn. number one, how interested would you be in those results and will they get them? >> that's a good question. i think they have to get something, but it depends on whether the committees, which are controlled by the democrats will support this kind of investigation. steve: all interesting questions to great questions. james haggerty our reporter in pittsburgh today.
6:56 am
james, thanks for joining us live. >> my pleasure. brian: straight ahead. five world super powers are getting ready to have face-to-face talks with iran after having fired three missiles. are the talks worth the time? what kind of message does it send? what can really be accomplished? glenn beck is here to weigh in live. steve: we're going to weigh him? this guy has been a pig farmer and road kill collector. next hour getting down and dirty with the host of dirty jobs mr. mike roe. brian: bring your own possum. ree r thevla
6:57 am
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7:00 am
brooklyn. brian: does acorn have someone in the white house? explosive new report. one of obama's top aides is an acorn operative. who is it? the answer may surprise you. he is keeping a low profile. steve: high school teenagers prevented from using banners deemed too religious. they have been doing it at this school for 20 years. who complained and why are they putting the can a bash on it now. our slogan comes from savanna, georgia. mmm, steve juliet and brian. mmm, the best without even trying. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends." steve: who wrote that? that's funny. brian: van wrote that. steve: mmm, mmm, mmm. brian: if kids want to say that and record it at a pto meeting
7:01 am
we're all for it. steve: the great glenn beck is going to be with us in a minute and a half after we do some news and we start with a fox news alert. juliet: terror suspect naji bullah zazi are noting what could have been the biggest plot since 9/11. he claims he didn't do anything wrong. new details on who may have helped him to blow up commuter trains in new york city. investigators identifying at least three accomplices who are stockpiling beauty supply products with zazi. products that can be used as explosives. we have a live report from the federal courthouse in brooklyn, new york, at the bottom of the hour. so stay tuned for that. steve: meanwhile a preliminary hearing gets underway against acorn today in las vegas. this is the first time the organization has been criminally charged for submitting thousands of fake voter registration cards. a former acorn official is also charged with criminal acts, including only paying individuals if they have registered of at least 20 voters
7:02 am
per shift. it is illegal to attach incentives to voter registration drives. brian? brian: the fdic, the federal deposit insurance corporation may begin ordering about $36 billion to replenish the fund. as you can imagine, it has been severely depleted because of all the bank failures. as of of a lot of insurance. juliet: tom delay in the ballroom dance the tango despite having injured foot ♪ juliet: what a trooper he is. delay lost his footing at the end, whoa, of the routine? gretchen: is he currently tied with cathy ireland for the lowest score. voters will now decide if he
7:03 am
stays. brian: he looks upset. juliet: pain. steve: glenn beck joins us live. he tap dances one hour each day. >> what was tom delay thinking? steve: good morning to you, glenn beck. steve: don't lose your footing. brian: you got the key to your city. to be respected by the people who raised you. >> huh-uh. it was really neat to be back. i'm from mt. vernon washington, small town 30,000, went back this weekend. they gave me the key to the city. it was nice. there were about 800 protesters, about 400 of them were anti-glenn. 400 of them were pro glenn. because they shipped them in from all over the pacific northwest. sciu come together. it was quite neat. one person said i just had to be here to protest glenn beck because he doesn't represent me and neither does mayor bud
7:04 am
norris. the person was from oregon. technically you are right. juliet: brian was asking you this but did you see people you went to high school with? >> yeah it was neat. steve: i told you you should have dated me. you got all dressed up for it. >> it was a long day. steve: you have done your stadium show. >> i just came off the field where there were 7,000 people. it was beautiful, beautiful stadium. and great, great message. brian: were they there to see ken griffey jr. or was it you? >> they really thought it was ken. it was weird. steve: glenn beck has now established himself as iconic figure in american. >> is that what i have done. steve: parodied on "saturday night live" as well. let's talk about this. united states and four other partners are going to sit down with iran in geneva. >> that's fantastic. steve: to talk about what the heck are they doing?
7:05 am
>> you know what's weird, congress says the president hasn't met with a republican since april because they are too extreme on the whole health care thing. he won't have a serious conversation with anybody a member of the tea party. the tea party people are racist, extremist, danger, they don't speak for america. he won't meet with them. he will meet with a guy who says let's vaporize israel, stones people to death if you are a homosexual. they are not too extreme. i have to ask, don't you think america should be wondering to themselves which one is more extreme? why is the president willing to meet with one and not the other? brian: press secretary robert gibbs on what the message will be on thursday and whether they are going to have follow-up talks. >> obviously these were preplanned military exercises. i think -- i wouldn't lump any
7:06 am
of these into the provocative nature in which iran has acted on the world stage for a number of years. brian: he was talking about the military. the missiles that were set out in between them coming to the united nations and the talks that are coming. we had two short range and one medium range missile tests. three rounds of missile tests. >> we're in trouble. brian: those are the people we are meeting with on thursday. >> we're in trouble. i talked about this two years ago, three years ago all over it and i said the world has got to get together right now and stop it otherwise you have bad option. we are at bad option stage. the reason why is because of russia, primarily. russia is in full-fledge economic collapse. they must have expensive oil to be able to survive. that's why they want the middle east to be in turmoil because it makes their oil more expensive. juliet: why are we sitting down with them? >> you tell me.
7:07 am
juliet: especially after everybody is setting provocative little move. by the way we have a second uranium enrichment program going on there smaller one but -- >> you tell me. we have members of congress who are praising fidel castro. we have members of hollywood and congress saying chavez is great. these people are in bed with iran. then, we're giving up poll land in eastern europe and saying oh, you know what? you go ahead and protect yourself, we're not going to do the missile shield. and we're in bed with putin. you have to ask yourself which side are we on at this point? brian: you just wonder if barack obama has backed him snoofl a corner. -- himself in a corner. >> i don't think he is going to go to a military option. steve: speaking of bed. it looks as if. [ laughter ]
7:08 am
steve: the white house political director is a fellow by the name of patrick gas par. he apparently has been in bed with acorn and bertha lewis who heads up acorn, he, mr. gaspard was her right-hand man. does acorn have somebody in the white house in one way or another? >> you know what's really weird, the answer to that is yes. what's really weird is he was one of the top guys at seiu. acorn, the same organization in -- he holds the karl rove position at the white house. the president has zero credibility when he says i haven't been following this acorn thing. this is his army. seiu and acorn. juliet: do you think this guy is going into the president, by the way -- >> absolutely, he is surrounded by these people. is he surrounded by seiu and surrounded by acorn. while acorn may be back one
7:09 am
step. seiu and acorn are the same. steve: as we look at the purple-shirted seiu members, this should not surprise anybody because barack obama was acorn's lawyer and in the run-up to the election he spent $700,000 of his campaign bucks to have a division of acorn help get him elected. >> acorn and seiu what people have to understand it's the people on the ground. some of them know what they are doing and some of them don't. union members are not bad people. it's the people at the top. it's the andy sterns, the gaspards the people at the very top of this. brian: i know you travel a lot and got a lot of awards keys to the city with your shirt out. the public editor of the "new york times" admitted that the "new york times" as an institution was slow getting off the mark when it comes to the
7:10 am
acorn story and earlier van jones they now by l. have an editor to monitor opinion media so they can underv. an understanding what bubbling controversy to get off the pike. juliet: drop the ball. >> they still won't get it when i was over at cnn. i asked a producer to write a piece on ronald reagan. i said i want a piece of ronald reagan blah blah blah blah blah, a positive piece on it i got back and looked at the script, it was written like honestly it was like a fourth grade. no offense to the person who wrote it, they just didn't understand the connection to ronald reagan from a conservative point of view. didn't have any concept. really tried to write it but couldn't do it. watch us all day long, they are living in the, you know, park avenue kind of mentality. they will never get it. brian: i go back to charles gibson. he makes that comment that
7:11 am
channel 7 national anchor, i will leave that the cables. he didn't know there was a controversy brewing. didn't know how big the organization was. >> they don't know. they don't see these things as a problem. tonight, on the television show, i'm doing the open is we see the world in increasingly broken way. we are seeing it now in -- from the left and the right perspective. we have got to stop that. there is a right and wrong. and i really believe where is the right -- where is the left? they are in bed with ahmadinejad, putin, people like this. castro. we are seeing the world in different ways. brian: juliet, you have met mr. beck before you got here? juliet: yeah. i follow him down the hall all the time. >> like a little puppy dog. steve: someone stop huddy.
7:12 am
we are going to continue our conversation with glenn beck. when we come back, we are going to talk about how obama's advisors apparently frustrated saying he has been ignoring his financial advice. who exactly is running the economy? brian: i know. brian: no health. go straight to jail. that's the plan democrats are putting forth. the prescription for truth in five minutes. steve: sounds like medical monopoly. french fries, and our national passion for them, are legendary. classic. iconic. but times change and people want better foods. so cargill helped a restaurant chain create... a zero trans fat cooking oil for their french fries... using select canola plants... and innovative processing techniques... while preserving their famous taste. because no one wants to give up a classic. this is how cargill works with customers. ♪
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juliet: welcome back glenn beck continuing to talk through the commercial break even though we have started. steve: what could be the number one book in america, it's called "arguing with idiots." he finds out today it's doing very, very well. speaking of arguing with idiots. brian: i hope it doesn't include us, steve. >> speaking of being in bed together. steve: i was speaking about the book. let's talk about who is running -- who is the smart people running the economy? we would like to think it's the department of treasury and stuff like that. >> valerie jarrett is a key. you need to understand who valerie jarrett is. good friend of barack obama. community organizer in chicago. the reason he moved to chicago, she is instrumental, she is the one who did the van jones things. she is the one who is behind the
7:16 am
nea propaganda move. steve: she could have been u.s. senator. >> she is extraordinarily powerful. if you look wall street is now saying wow, gee, we didn't see socialism coming. you are not smart enough to work on wall street. brian: they thought they had a moderate. >> they are out of their mind. brian: that's what he has pitched himself to wall street is get who else is let down. geithner. juliet: treasury secretary. brian: and key economic advisor says we are not being the go-to guys on key economic decisions it's valerie jarrett. >> why is that, brian? because valerie jarrett understands clower and piven two community organizers who said the best way to take control is to collapse the system financially. look at in the book, i don't know if you can get it here. >> zoom into this picture here. this is barack obama's spiderman.
7:17 am
these are all people that are on his financial zero board. they are all seiu people. the people who are calling the shots are these revolutionary radicals, 1960's philosophy and they are all coming out of the center for american progress. juliet: why did this happen though? why didn't america know about this? >> because america refused. it's really hard to think that there is a group of people that don't like the constitution as it's written. they want socialism. it's hard to believe that. and so we have pushed it away. now the evidence is mounting and you have to look at it and say ok, wait a minute, wait a minute, is it possible? brian: every time the president has brought up where he says conspiracy theories, look, i came, in this country was in economic collapse, i had to make these extreme moves, i had to make dynamic changes. >> look at the book in the last hour about the communications that they want to go after the
7:18 am
communications from -- helped with bush and the patriotic act. what's going to happen? that's going to drive rates up. they want to control communications. you watch. they will say at some point communications is out of control. it's too expensive. i don't want to take it over but i'm going to have to. steve: preview of coming attractions, perhaps. glenn beck's new book called "arguing with idiots." check it out. juliet: thank you, glen. brian: world of success. >> thank you. brian: can you be put in jail if you don't have health insurance? that's the plan the democrats are putting forward. is it constitutional? peter johnson jr. and his prescription for truth is next. juliet: what do you think about that, glenn? wait, hold on, why don't you wait until your show later on today. we have heard of separation of church and state. this might be ridiculous. cheerleaders told to take biblical quotes off their signs at ball games. is that fair? we report. you decide. then there is this. >> can we make america better? yes, yes, we can. yes, yes we can.
7:19 am
steve: tell you about more school kids singing the praises of president obama. >> i'm going to lose my mind. juliet: glenn is going to lose his mind.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
brian: news by the numbers. 41 million that's the amount u.s. seized in suspected drug money over the last two weeks. largest seizures of the history law enforcement effort. 90% is the number of numbers who support a ban on texting while driving. it's already outlawed in a number of states. fingely, $3,000. that's how much brittany spears paid for candy. the pop star went crazy buying sweets for her two sons in las vegas. that will calm the kids down. back to you, steve. steve: thank you very much,
7:23 am
brian. don't buy insurance. go directly to jail. yep, democrats pushing a requirement that could make that all-too real. is that legal? peter johnson jr. is here with a prescription for truth. wait a minute, you don't buy the stuff? we heard about a fine, a tax on families. now perhaps jail? >> well, i mean, on its face it sounds ridiculous. steve: yeah. >> for some people on its face the entire thing sounds ridiculous. we are assuming well, after some debate and discussion, we're going to have some health reform in this country and something called an individual mandate whereby the federal government says to you, steve doocy, and to me peter johnson, you must buy insurance. and if you don't buy insurance, we're going to fine you. we are going to tax you, or, perhaps, even imprison you in some sense. either economically or as a matter of liberty. the real question is, is that constitutional? is that legal? did the founding fathers say
7:24 am
that you can do that? now, we all know that the federal government can tax. the federal government can -- you. the federal government can demand that you give a piece of your earnings to social security. there is nothing in the constitution that says that the federal government has the power to demand that you buy health insurance. so we have been operating really for the past several years well, yeah, health reform, yes, individual mandate, yeah, maybe a good idea, maybe a bad idea. i like it. i don't like it. it's expensive, it's not expensive. but the pentagon ultimate question you have said before is will it con unusual will a court of law say congress you have exceeded your authority. there is a big debate getting bigner this country under the commerce clause. the federal government and the taxing power of the congress does a lot of the stuff under
7:25 am
the so-called commerce clause. the ability of the congress through the constitution to regulate interstate commerce between the states. steve: it's a big loophole they use every day. >> that's what some people say for the past 50 years every federal law that is intrusive has been justified by the supreme court and lower federal courts by saying no, this is part of the constitutional commerce clause. there are some people who say this has notifying to do with commerce. that this is a deprivation of liberty. the people who are for this proposal say commerce clause allows it, power to tax allows it. so what i'm embarking on now all this week, i practice law every day. we have a team of lawyers. i want a team of american lawyers and non-lawyers to contact me that can contact me at peter.johnson at fox news or peter johnson jr. on twitter.
7:26 am
when i argue appeals, when i go before the courts of appeals i speak and say what do you think of this issue? i want to hear what americans are saying. is this constitutional? is this legal? show me instances in your life where the federal government has the right to act and where it doesn't have the right to act. we will becoming to a conclusion is the health reform as put forward by the president constitutional? will it pass muster? is it legal? and i would love to hear what you have to say. and going through the blogs, i know americans have great opinions and a better understanding than a lot of lawyers of our american constitution. so i want to hear it. steve: certainly better than a lot of people on capitol hill. once again, contact him at peter johnson jr. at twitter or >> thank you. let's hear. i will do the research. steve: yes, you will. in the meantime juliet and brian are in the green room. brian: for the record i told
7:27 am
peter johnson to start on twitter he was reluctant. >> juliet: it's all about brian. four suspects now identified in the u.s. terror plot that could have been bigger than 9/11. the alleged ringleader is due in court in four hours in brook lib. we will be live. brian: just realized our channel is on behind us. high school cheerleaders delivering messages from their team. they are told their phrases are too religious. they have to be stopped. we will show you the signs. juliet: looking for work? you may need to get dirty. the man who highlights the jobs that many much us would never is here. you know him michael roe. you don't need big bucks. brian: he is outside. he has a deep voice.
7:28 am
you know me. almost 30 years behind the sports desk has turned me into somebody larger than life, literally. but those days are
7:29 am
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steve: welcome back. we were just talking to peter johnson jr. he enlisted everybody watching to figure out whether or not mandating health care and buying it is constitutional. got a whole bunch of emails. here is one from bob in georgia, juliet. juliet: it says help me to understand the logic here. one must buy health insurance or be fined by the government. bob in georgia. steve: good point, bob. keep the emails coming brian: story people think it pays off not to have health insurance. if you go and pay cash. go and need a check up or whatever it is. a foot exam. they actually get discounts for paying a doctor in cash. people like i like not having insurance. that might be an object.
7:32 am
brian: some people don't like having insurance. gretchen: that's a little more expensive. brian: now, this story and the video you are about to see is not good. it, in fact, sickening. we have blurred out the images to protect the victim. four teens charged with murder, accused of beating a 16-year-old honor student to death with railroad ties. darren albert was walking home from school in chicago unknowingly walked into a fight between two groups. these are three of the suspects facing charges. fourth is a juvenile so his identity is protected this hour. are being held without bail. police are looking for at least three more suspects. juliet: north dakota senator looking to deal between white house and drugmakers. he wants prescription drugs to be imported from canada. that was ruled out when drugmakers agreed to 80 billion to help push reform.
7:33 am
he says importing drug from canada will have immediate impact. >> a lot of people already do that actually. steve: take a look at this vurels video. brazen thieves break out of a van and break open heavy locks warehouse. once inside the three guys grab more than $12,000 worth of stuff. the suspects are on the loose right now. real quickly, take a look at the weather coast to coast. and there is the wind speed. can you put the other maps up? i have got radar cooking across the country. there you go. as you can see widely scattered showers in southeastern portions of texas. also around the great lakes. balance of the country nice and dry. we do have these are the current readings some 30's in the northern plains. 50's for the most part along the eastern seaboard. 40's, 50's and 60's out west. eventually later today in the big d 81. fun loving degrees. 57 in chicago. 58 in minneapolis.
7:34 am
60 right now in cleveland. as you can see it's going to be a beautiful day if you like hotness, go to phoenix. 105. all right. brian kilmeade now joins us with sports and a look at the cowboys. brian: tony romo and the dallas cowboys looking for first win in billion-dollar stayed jump. second win of the year. carolina panthers strike first and get up early. jake trying to get his career back on track. daunte 25 yards away. they lead, not for long. fourth quarter class in need of a big play. 27 yards the wrong way. cowboys go on to win 21, 7. jerry jones happy. looking to clinch the als last night have. to get past the texas rangers to do it. first inning no score. tommy hunter pitch into the gap. that will score figens all the way from first. never looked back.
7:35 am
angels up 4-0. see this final score of 11-0. fifth title in six years. actually 11-10 to beat the rangers. finally looking at one of the frightening nascar crashes in years. driver who flipped 8 times at the dover international speedway. he not only survived he walked away without a crash. he says he has not seen a replay from the race and not sure he wants to. you can blame him? steve: going 100 plus miles per hour and doing cart wheel. ziewlt juliet i'm looking at the top 25 college football. missouri is not on the a.p. poll but on "u.s.a. today"'s poll. i don't like this. i don't like it one bit. steve: where is ku? juliet: who cares? steve: let's talks a little bit about. this down in georgia at lakeview
7:36 am
high school for years before games cheerleaders have put some inspirational slogans and sayings on great big banners and stuff like this. and they have had things like do unto others as they would do unto you. brian: got to get rid of that one. steve: commit to the lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. for god did not give us a spirit of timid at this but power, love and self-discipline. these are things that they wanted to put on there. gretchen: i press on toward the goal for which the cause christ has called. me. surely i'm with you to the end of the age. steve: here is the thing. as you can see, a number of them are religious in nature. they were selected by the members of the pep squad. well, apparently some person who went to one of the games, who did not have a child at that particular school. juliet: just a local guy. steve: just a local person.
7:37 am
they saw those, they were offended. they contacted the school board. next thing you know school board is saying sorry, kids, we're going to have to take them down. well tonight at i believe 7:00 at the chick fillet on battlefield parkway in fort ogle thorpe they will be having a rally to support the cheerleaders and the signs. people in the town feel awful they won't be able to do that. brian: back to chanting defense envelope they get the permission to go. here is what the superintendent says i regret we have had to ask the cheerleaders to change the signs prior to football games. personally i appreciate the expression of their christian value. however, as superintendent i have the responsibility of protecting the school district from legal action by groups who do not support their believes. in this case it's one guy. juliet: also the supreme court sadly depending on the way you look at it sadly rulings by the supreme court of the united states that rule on this. religious activities at high school football games create the inescapable conclusion that the school endorses religious
7:38 am
activity. brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. a lot of people were surprised that they have already come up with a chant, a sal you legs of president barack obama just nine months into office and kids were chanting it at a school. if you were surprised by that you are really going to be surprised by this. differential state, different city. wilmington, north carolina, this chant done by kids at a p.t.a. meeting. steve: at san hill elementary school in ashville, north carolina. listen to what the kids are saying at the pta meeting in front of their parents.
7:39 am
juliet: a lot of people might not have a problem with it up until the last part. yes, we can. brian: because it was the catch phrase. brian: what about the song i'm a decider. we need some more lines. that would have been nice. steve: parents can't have a problem with the education is a great thing part. but the yes, we can yes, we can, change has come. talking about obama. but clearly the parents didn't have a problem because they were sitting just feet from their own children. juliet: why was that? steve: it was a pta meeting. jolt juliet i was just testing him. steve: do you have a problem with that video or do you think it's absolutely ok. email us at
7:40 am
brian: a fox news alert. a lot of doings in new york city today. suspected terrorist zazi in court this morning accused of plotting a biggest attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. joining us from brooklyn, new york catherine craig from our affiliate channel 5 here in new york. catherine, is this going to be a circus or is security going to be so high there is going to be limited access? >> maybe the latter, mostly. speaking of limited access, one security change we are seeing already, that street right there normally we can be on that street. the entrances there are two entrances and they have been blocked by security vehicles. it looks like there are extra security suvs right there at the entrance and just a few more court officers. also, u.s. marshals will be here later on. naji bullah zazi is due at this federal courthouse later this morning on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. he planned to use backpack
7:41 am
explosives in bombing commuter and subway trains in new york. he arrived in new york city from denver on friday. the focus of this case also on three people whom investigators say may have been planning an attack with zazi. law enforcement sources say investigators know the identities of the three who traveled from new york to denver to help zazi to buy chemical -- beauty products chem chemicals used in making bombs. they say zazi is a flight risk and is dangerous. back to you. brian: inwould say so with the family in pakistan i would say is he a flight risk there is a report in the daily news that they think they have the identity of his three accomplices. an investigator said that off the record. they have got to try to find who else was involved. juliet: this guy, zazi was down by the financial district. had his cart. steve: coffee and bagels for years. juliet: people line up to the
7:42 am
cart every day. it was their thing. people liked him. brian: always seemed to have a smile. steve: pour another cup of coffee. charlie crist says his plan is a cure for the health care plan. juliet don't be afraid to get dirty, mike roe is here from dirty jobs. >> thanks. steve: come on by. it will be great. >> great. i should come by more often. brian: aflac trivia question of the day. this comedian was born in brooklyn new york banned from mtv because of his racey routines. who is he? join for the answer. then you will win.
7:43 am
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juliet: welcome back to "fox & friends." you need a job? you may need to get dirty. >> people ask me all the time, mike, what's the dirtiest job you have ever done? really, what's the dirtiest one? was the pig farmer? was it that time you were in the coal mine? no. it was this one. steve: mike roe is the host of the hit joe dirty jobs. founder of mike where were you? >> that one hasn't aired yet. i was in a place called bone black. back in the old days people headed west used to find the carcasses of bisons and basically melt the bones, get the graphite type nasty stuff that was left. and they would use it for paint. now we use it for makeup. who knew? sorry. you look fantastic. that little bone black i see there. steve: i always thought you would say the dirtiest job was the time they sent you inside the septic tank truck to clean
7:47 am
it. >> that's a good one. top five, maybe top ten. 250,000. people often like to talk about what's your favorite? what's your worst? what's the best? with this many, now it's become, you know, hey, i had an uncle, i had a dad, i had a grandfather, an aunt who did that kind of thing. juliet: now it's you. >> the show started a conversation about work. about the kind of work that we used to celebrate and then dismissed and now that is back in vogue. brian: what is mike >> it happened two years ago on labor day when, for years, we are in season, i don't know, 1 million now or whatever. when the show started it was under the radar and no one talked about it as we got an audience. we realized that the themes in the show were pretty big. the headlines began to catch up with us. by that i mean what's a good job mean in 2008? it was very much up for grabs.
7:48 am
it was something that i talked about with the people i met all the time. i thought it would be fun to have a conversation about that nationally. we started a web site. viewers of the show started to send in links to trade show schools and apprenticeship to get people interested in maybe exploring a notion that says this four year college degree might not be the golden ticket you think it is. there might be a way. juliet: are you seeing that more nowadays as opposed to when you first started? >> it's a tricky thingeght i would never come out against education, that's just madness. juliet: why not? >> because people hate it. you know. it's expensive in a lot of cases it winds up leaving with you a lot of debt. it's really, really valuable. it's just a that it's kind of screwed up to say education is over here and it's a four year degree and everything over here we are going to call that alternative education. it just becomes immediately dismissive.
7:49 am
consequently you don't people don't give it an honest look. steve: check it out mike rowe brian: you are a great american success story. >> mice to say. juliet: played soccer can cal ripken. >> it was a pickup jail-time. -- game. brian: is he a very good athlete. >> if he sticks with it, he will be famous. juliet: thanks, mike. steve: straight ahead on this tuesday. juliet: charlie crist is going to be joining us live to explain explain. brian: there is the governor. she has two babies in her belly and nothing to do with the governor. conceived as two different times. a medical miracle. we will be talking to the mother and father. steve: first today september 29th on this day in 2006. the u.s. senate confirmed john
7:50 am
roberts become the next chief justice of the supreme court. on this day in 2008, the dow jones fell more than 777 points making it the largest single day point drop in history. number one song in america in 1975 "fame" by david bowy. ♪ . . .
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: welcome back. will president obama be one term president? let's talk to florida gov. charlie crist. he is comparing the current president to former president jimmy carter.
7:54 am
i do not know if barack obama would like being compared to jimmy carter after less than a year in office. >> in 1976, if you go back to that time, people wanted change. we were coming off the nixon years. i think the american people decided it wanted something new. i think the same sort of sentiment existed last year. i think john mccain was an extraordinarily good candidate. a true american hero. as good as he was, i think the people had a sense that it wanted something better. they elected president obama. i think they wanted change, but i do not think that what it quite this much change. i hear it all over the sunshine state, where it is republicans or democrats, that we got something new. there is so much government intrusion into our lives and so many plans are being put forward, whether it is the auto
7:55 am
industry, the banks, or whenever it might be. i think we saw a lot of that as it relates to health care, specifically. we saw a lot of people turn out and voiced their frustration and their views. i think there is a sense of that right now steve: when you look at the brand-new rasmussen poll, 56% of americans are opposed to changing the health care plan right now down in florida, you helped originate something called fla. -- cover florida health-care program. how does your system work? everybody gets it. how does it work? >> we realized that we had a problem with the uninsured. about four million floridians do not have health insurance. we wanted to provide them the opportunity to get health coverage done through the private sector. we aggressively negotiated with
7:56 am
health insurance companies. we reduced the cost from $900 for health insurance down to about $150 a month to regret -- through aggressive negotiations. there are no government mandates. it is using the private sector, those four million collective customers for the free enterprise system. it is providing health coverage to those who were uninsured who recently lost their jobs. it is compassionate. it is the right thing to do. i think that washington could learn a lot from florida. steve: has anybody from washington examiner ain't it? what is wrong with that? could it possibly be because it does not work? at the end administration has already cut a deal with big foreman? -- with big pharma? >> it could be part of it.
7:57 am
even "the wall street journal" called it the florida relegation -- revelation. we want to take care of people, especially those who are needy. this provides it without government mandates and without taxes. steve: what is better than you showing up live on "fox and friends?" thank you very much for joining us. >> come back and visit us again. steve: straight ahead, does acorn have somebody in the white house? white until you find out who is linked to the scandalized group. she is pregnant with two babies, but they may not be twins. the answer to the trivia question is andrew dice clay.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:01 am
juliet: good morning, everybody. here is what is happening. iran will not abandon its nuclear activities even for a second. that is word from a senior iranian official. does president obama still want to chat with ahmadinejad? steve: young students singing the praises of the president. >> yes. yes, we can. steve: it sounds like a campaign ad. we report, you decide. brian: this puppy cannot seem to get right side up. i think he is putting on a bit of a show.
8:02 am
our slogan is our comes from chris from pennsylvania. sphere >> you are watching "fox and friends." steve is ok. and the girl, don't get me started on her. juliet: do not show a dog when you show the girl. steve: katie just wrote in, it is 9:57 p.m., what time is it in america? it is two minutes in 30 seconds after 8:00 in the morning.
8:03 am
australia, far away. brian: we have a great final hour. laura ingraham is waiting in the wings. juliet: as we just spoke about, iran is saying that it will not abandon its nuclear activities, even for a second. that is the word from a senior iranian official. a move that a retired air force general warned will not work. >> sanctions have failed no matter what anybody wants to do the sanctions will no longer work because russia and china are enablers. nothing ever happens. juliet: 6 world powers are meeting with ron posner top
8:04 am
nuclear negotiator. iran says that any talk about the newly discovered plant will be off the table brian: that why are we even going? now it is time for a fox news alert. two u.s. navy sailors are dead. the land mine appeared to have been said by al qaeda-linked militants. they are the first american military personnel to die in that country since 2002. the death toll is rising from the floods. they got a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours. two more storms are brewing in the pacific. steve: a pull asking if the president should be assassinated now being investigated by secret service. it received more than 700 spots -- responses before it was removed.
8:05 am
facebook officials say that it was created by a user. that user has been suspended from the site. juliet: new controversies over a the wireless -- the warrantless wiretapping. stripping immunity from the phone companies that took part in that program. that is something that the obama administration still supports. chris dodd claims that the program violated privacy rights. brian: preliminary hearings against acorn will get underway. this is the first time the organization has been criminally charged for submitting thousands of fake voter registration codes. a former official is charged with criminal acts. in nevada, it is illegal to attach incentives to voter
8:06 am
registration drives. steve: they always warn you to turn off your cell phone. do they? they better on broadway. this could happen. one patron did not listen to that and ruined a dramatic scene. the actor singled him out. >> you want to get that? you want to get it? i do not care. grab it. steve: initially, the audience thought it was part of the act. juliet: he probably looked out there and did not know whose phone it was. steve: laura, doesn't that really bug you? somebody in the back things that
8:07 am
they are so important, they have to take a phone call from everybody. >> i have about three people saying, turn off your blackberry. you are causing interference i have a question. what time is it in zimbabwe? apparently, we are doing time checks on the show. hahahahahahahahahah steve: we cover it all, baby. brian: a lot of people call you by your last name like we are in gym class. steve: let's talk a little bit about the public option. it apparently is finally going to be voted on by a bunch of senators. they are going to roll out a bunch of plants and argue about them today in the baucus committee. it is interesting to watch democrats attacking democrats. >> i am not going to answer until you say my last name
8:08 am
correctly. i'm just teasing. max baucus is an incredibly difficult position. he prides himself on being a moderate trying to bring all sides together. we're into this debate and as far as we can tell, we have about five different approaches when it comes to government involved insurance. we have the cooperatives, we have jay rockefeller who wants to base it all on medicare. chuck schumer has his own idea about how to -- about how to have to negotiate separately. there is not only no consensus, it looks completely disorganized the left is saying, what about us? we propelled this president into power. you are going to hear a lot from them in the coming days. do i think it is going to happen? i do not think so steve: olympia snowe is saying that if she is
8:09 am
voting for the democratic health care reform plan, the have already used some of her quotes in democratic ads. that is a tactical error, what did you think? >> absolutely. i could never find out what the good people in maine are doing politically. colombia's snow is like the coolest person in washington. she can get into any restaurant if you want to get into a restaurant, just say olympia snowe. she is really popular. she is going to be calling a lot of the shots here. do we want one senator to ever have that much power when it comes to an issue as important as this? i am not really comfortable with it. the same thing like anthony kennedy on this -- on the supreme court. juliet: i think the american people agree with that. 56% of those polled are opposed
8:10 am
to the health-care plan. >> it is devastating. the left is saying that the president's numbers have stabilized on health care. they have stabilized at a bad level. the thing i thought was interesting in this poll was that those who strongly favor the plan, it is 23%. those who strongly oppose, 43% that does not tell you a good story if you are a democrat trying to push that through steve: let's take a look at a sound bite. here is former president bill clinton. >> you talked about the right wing conspiracy targeting you. if you look at the opposition, is it still there? >> is. it is not as strong, but it is virulent as it was.
8:11 am
steve: he says that the right- wing conspiracy is still out there. 56% of the country is squarely against the president paused plan. is that a far right conspiracy? >> he is partying like it is 99 again. [rim shot] move barn. -- move on. you are losing because your arguments are not popular with the american people. people do not like these large government programs where we no accountability at cost control are not going to be part of the equation. brian: you are wrong. things have gone so wrong that it is all right for the president to fly to copenhagen, denmark. they are not even sure they want the olympics in chicago.
8:12 am
>> general mcchrystal has to go on 60 minutes -- has to go on " 60 mins" to talk to obama. it is insanity. steve: you said, do not get you started. i want to get you started. he is becoming the first president in history to go and make the case personally that the olympics should be in chicago. >> is the chicago way. -- the it is the chicago way. we're losing jobs. another one to say, this will be a boon to unemployment and illinois and chicago. when you look at the studies, they have not been for the most part these great economic bones to the area. they are left holding the bag.
8:13 am
the last thing chicago needs is another major economic problem to deal with. that is why a lot of people in chicago say, let's create jobs the old fashioned way. let's get this thing going. it just seems like tone deaf right now. steve: if chicago does not get it, that is bad. >> there is a big website in a big movement to help chicagoans pushed it to rio. brian: i think that brazil is the front runner. could illegal aliens be covered by health care plan? i cannot wait to find out. juliet: 1 mother pregnant with two babies. they were born two weeks apart? -- they were conceived to weeks apart?
8:14 am
steve: all the secrets are revealed about "saved by the bell." these days, everyone's looking to save money.
8:15 am
switch to nationwide auto insurance, and you can save up to $43 every month. we'll look at every detail and help you get the right coverage at the right price. our first priority is looking out for you. our second is looking out for your wallet. i am kerry mullin, and i am on your side. switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide.
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steve: welcome back. we're continuing our conversation with laura ingraham. liberal democrats are pushing
8:17 am
for illegal immigrants to get health care coverage they say that if they can afford to buy the insurance, they should not be allowed to buy the government's stuff. >> i always think about this line that people are living in the shadows and immigration reform will bring them out of the shadows. apparently they are all out and going to be buying health insurance. the idea that people cannot be found and come back legally, it makes no sense this idea that people living here illegally are going to come forward and buy into the health-care system, that is just ridiculous thinking. why would they do that? brian: how does it help the democrats? that brings us back to the argument, you lie. that is what the president was saying when he addressed both chambers.
8:18 am
now all of a sudden, we go back to that? it brings up the whole issue again? >> we wonder why joe wilson issued a letter to the white house apologizing. i really do not understand it. a fire or giving them advice, i would tell them to drop and the idea of abortion being covered in this bill. illegal immigrants getting any involvement in the system, whether they pay in or do not pay in. i would strip all of that out and come out with a pared down version of all of this. it is on popular and it is making the democrats look really bad. i just do not get it. juliet: so many people are saying, why is this not a moot point anyway? >> people actually violated our immigration laws by coming here.
8:19 am
some are working and some are not. the idea that we owe them -- for most people, we are struggling in this country. it does not compute. we all have empathy and compassion for people in need. we are not going to be any good to anybody if we do not fix our own economic problems here and focus on improving jobs and so forth. this does not get us any closer to that. juliet: brian twittered that i do not like him. people are asking me why i do not like brian because he is wonderful. brian: i was kidding. you just hit me in front of the others. steve: you have an exclusive interview coming up next. juliet: 1 woman pregnant with two babies.
8:20 am
how does this happen? we will talk to the lucky couple joining us live coming up. brian: another video showing young quote -- young school children singing the president's praises. a little different. we are reading some of your e- mail. what do you think? (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly...
8:21 am
(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
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8:23 am
steve: i do want the perfect brownie maker for my birthday. if your teenager has her own car, they are twice as likely to be involved in a car accident and teenagers that share a car with their parents. meanwhile, starbucks unveiling
8:24 am
instant coffee this morning. it is called "via" and will be served with -- served across the country. adam lambert's cd will be released on november 25. >juliet: an arkansas couple got the shock of their lines with -- a shock of their lives when they found out that they are not only expecting to babies, but that these babies were apparently conceived two and half weeks apart. here is the story. carrying two babies with two different gestational periods. good to have you here. explain what happened. you knew that you were pregnant. you went and got your ultrasound. what happens? >> there are two babies.
8:25 am
we did not expect that. we saw the first baby who is 11 weeks old. then they showed us another baby. he was eight and a half weeks old. we were in total shock. juliet: for mothers out there, it is a tenuous moment and the doctors are looking at the screen. what was the reaction of the people who were there inside the room with you? >> under disbelief. our ultrasound technician was wonderful. she was astonished because it is something ve she has never seen. she has done this for over 20 years just scanning the babies and looking at them. she was amazed. juliet: the term is super- fetation. it is rare. have dr said that you are one of
8:26 am
the rare cases? >> they said that it is a strong possibility. they have limited -- they told us that it was not twin-to-twin transfusion they told us it was a strong possibility. juliet: what do you expect to happen? is it going to be one day of birth for both of them? >> it should be. they are going to try to take them in early september. by cesarean section? >> yes. juliet: will you have to -- i guess you are going to have to be on bed rest towards the end there. you want to wait as long as possible, right?
8:27 am
>> yes. we are not sure yet. we will wait and see. juliet: how are you feeling? >> i feel great. i am a little tired. juliet: i understand that you have names for the two babies. >> yes. hudson for the youngest. juliet: come back and see us after you have given birth. good luck to you. steve: thank you very much. president obama changing his tune when it comes to dedicating troops to afghanistan. we will take a look back at what the president has said in the past. a little fact checking. brian: what do you think about this performance? >> yes, yes, we can.
8:28 am
brian: elementary school students singing the praises of president obama. ♪akuphao ito ta yoewntl. lllr ur cnydb age$3 y drs sweded brngissydo ♪em w ths ta a
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8:31 am
brian: here we are 30 minutes from the finish line. president obama might be edging closer to a decision on whether or not to send troops into afghanistan. mike emanuel, you are joining us right now to tell us, will everyone know each other in the room? what can we expect? >> we expect the president will gather with his national security council team, with field commanders, and also with the original ambassadors to talk about the way forward in afghanistan. we're understanding that the
8:32 am
president will anchorage a free- wheeling discussion and say that nothing is off the table. brian: what about general mcchrystal's plan? is that on the table? >> that will be one of the things that will be discussed. general mcchrystal feels that he needs of to 40,000 more troops for the mission in afghanistan. robert gibbs has said that there is no timetable set in this review process. here is more from robert gibbs on the situation >> i anticipate the decision is a number of weeks away. i think you saw secretary gates say that a resource request that he gets will not be sent here to the white house until he believes he and the president believe that we are in a position, having reached a consensus and moving forward, how best to resource that consensus. >> the buzz phrase here is that they are going to be very deliberate in this process.
8:33 am
brian: thank you so much for joining us. steve: let's see what barack obama has said about afghanistan. not just what he has said on 60 minutes. general mcchrystal said that he only talked to the commander in chief once. here is pratibha on afghanistan during the campaign. -- curris barack obama on afghanistan during the campaign. i said that we should finish the fight against al qaeda. to finish the fight in afghanistan. steve: there you go. you of the president of the united states saying that we need more resources for afghanistan. also, you go back to august, 2007.
8:34 am
this is part of a john mccain added that called barack obama dishonorable for saying that soldiers were killing civilians. he said that we have to get the job done and that requires us to have enough troops so that we are not just air raiding villages and killing civilians. juliet: it sounded like it was a priority at the time. listen to what general mcchrystal said on 16 -- on "60 mins." >> i have talked the president wants. >> you talked to him once in 70 days? >> that is correct. brian: he said, i will talk to him whenever i can talk to him. here is the deal. in the spring, he said, general mcchrystal, you are in. come up with a plan.
8:35 am
he is done with the plan on august 30. the secretary of defense said that he is sitting on that plan he is going to give it to the president at the right time. a general in all his years said that he never heard of the secretary of defense sitting on a battle plan. steve: politics. it comes down to politics. brian: it is not an apt comparison to compare it to the surge. once the plan was done, the president ok'ed it. steve: my wife and i were shopping. we were listening to rush limbaugh. at one point, he was outraged that he has only talked to general mcchrystal once did he
8:36 am
ask the questions, i wonder how many times president obama has talked to mayor daley about the olympics. ba-zing! don't know the answer. just interesting grist for the mail. brian: we begin with a fox news alert. zazi is expected in court about -- there are new details on who may have helped him plan to blow up commuter trains in new york city. investigators identify elisse three accomplices who were stockpiling beauty supply products with zxazazi. they can be used for explosives. steve: the story you are about to see is so sickening, we are going to blur the victim to
8:37 am
protect him. he was walking home from school in chicago when he unknowingly walked into the middle of a fight between two groups. these are three of the suspect facing charges. the fourth is a juvenile, so we will not show is picture. police are looking for at least three more suspects. juliet: as colleges across the country are taking measures to protect students from the swine flu, some universities are already facing outbreaks on the campuses. a lot of people are not too happy there, are they? >> that is right. according to the american college health association, more than 20,000 college students across the country have been affected by this h1n1 virus. it is believed that three
8:38 am
students have died already so far this school year. doctors have suspected about 700 cases since schools started just a month ago. the health center has converted its old space into a cough clinic to quarantine students who are displaying symptoms to other students who might have a sprained ankle or something like that. there are 30 new cases of h1n1 coming into the clinic every day. doctors believe that many more students go undiagnosed. she waited several days after she started seeing some of these symptoms. before she came to the health center to get help. >> i kind of had my suspicions. i did not want to vocalize it. i felt like to say it out loud would make it true. i cannot afford to get behind. it is right at the time where
8:39 am
school endpapers start building up. >> a lot of the students that have displayed system -- that have displayed symptoms have felt that way. if you come here and doctors tell you you have h1n1, you can go home. if you are a student from another state or another country, your only option is to go into an isolation room until you recover. there are about 12 of those rooms across the campus. we spoke to doctors here who have requested more than 30 -- more than 40,000 doses of the h1n1 vaccine. they will find out next week, many of those vaccines they will actually receive. brian: a neighbor's son got diagnosed with h1n1. they said, come pick him up. he is not allowed to stay. steve: my daughter's friend in
8:40 am
college was diagnosed with the swine flu. the quarantined the kid to their dorm room who sleeping next to her was a completely healthy kid. brian: you do not fit in. lawmakers in the bahamas may have buried a key piece of evidence. john travolta wanted to fly a jet to florida for treatment. his 16-year-old son died after suffering a seizure in january. steve: he may be just a little guy, but he got -- but he has a lot of determination. he is not giving up. check out the dog in the background. it does not seem so concerned perhaps the camera operator
8:41 am
eventually said, i have to turn this thing off. juliet: i was hoping that we would run that video again. steve: remember at the end of last week, we showed you that video from south jersey where those kids were singing that song? another video has surfaced. look at this. hello, mr. president, we honor you today for all your great accomplishments. it goes on and on. listen to a little bit of this. this happened in north carolina. >> being both, obama cannot take sides. do not worry. i will be your bridge. in time, hope will be the bridge. change has come. change has come. fly free. study, watch, learn. keep your eyes open. education is the key. education is the secret.
8:42 am
education is the way. juliet: they say that they can make america better. brian: let's see what you say about all of this. >the only creepy thing was, yes we can, but i still do not think that makes it like the other cult of personality kid chant. steve: i have a problem with kids chanting remarks that basically say that obama is the only reason "we can." it is not the government's place to take care of us. juliet: i have a problem with this video. this is indoctrination. it reminds me of what happens in my church. steve: one important thing to
8:43 am
keep in mind, this particular brand new video was taken from a pta meeting. if any of the parents had a problem, the parents were sitting right there. juliet: maybe they were too embarrassed to stand up or maybe they supported it. brian: for years, the media demanding the right to show the caskets of fallen soldiers. now that they can, why are some media ignoring this?
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
brian: they criticized the bush administration for not showing these images. now that president obama has lifted the ban in the press, why is the mainstream media not covering our fallen soldiers when they return to our country with flags draped on their caskets?
8:47 am
steve: this is a great question for a chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner." he wanted to know, what ever happened to that. >> it was one of these conversations that was a hot issue over the -- several years ago about american war dead from iraq. there was a long fight over whether the pentagon should allow the media to cover what are called dignify transfers, when the flag draped caskets are arrived. the bush administration policy was not to permit at time in 2004, joe biden said that these heroes were essentially snuck back into the country under the cover of night. the obama administration changed the policy. in april, for the first time, if the families approved, the press was allowed to cover these
8:48 am
arrivals. on the first day, the first arrival, there for 35 media outlets there. the next day, there were nearly that much. it was a big issue for a little while. fast forward to september of this month, the bodies are rising more rapidly than ever because of the growing casualties in afghanistan. there is almost no press coverage. brian: why is that? as sad as you are for the fallen soldier, it diminishes the public appetite for the war because of the sadness, because you feel lost? >> there is one media outlet, the associated press, which is committed to covering every sample of rival. they have a photographer within driving distance of the air force base. there havs been zero television coverage. i think this is part of the
8:49 am
general decline in the anti-war movement. i wrote a while back about cindy sheehan. her son had been killed in iraq. she tried to do something similar in massachusetts when president obama was vacationing. nobody paid attention. steve: you have to factor in the element of respect. a lot of families 1 privacy. that was one of the arguments that the former president and his department of defense had made. >> i should add one thing. they told me at the mortuary affairs center, everything is being asked. there is no pressure to do it, but 60% say that it is ok. steve: thank you very much brian: he was one of america is -- he was on one of america's most popular tv shows. he will give us the inside story
8:50 am
about his life behind the scenes at "saved by the bell." steve: meanwhile, saved by 9:00. martha mccallum is coming in at top of the hour. martha: coming up on "america's newsroom" this morning, healthcare is entering a critical phase. we're going to talk about the abortion issue and how there could possibly be a public option that does not allow some of those funds to go to abortion. president obama wants more hours in the classroom. others say, how about more choice. .
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> hi, kelly. [laughter] >> hi, zack!
8:54 am
[laughter] >> kelly, i have always loved you in that cheerleading of it. >> it is a little tight. [laughter] gretchen: you always count on screech for a good laugh. what really went on behind the scenes is what we want to know. dustin diamonds a new book is something that reveals the shocking truth. he says it is the truth. >> i was there. >> i know that mark call gossamer is refuting some of these things. what was your relationship with him at the time? >> i was much younger. when i was entering high school, they were all entering college. i was the tagalong little brother. >> were they nice to you?
8:55 am
>> as nice as a tagalong little brother is treated. >> you are saying that mark used steroids? >> he admitted it to me. it is kind of hard to refute that. plus, you cannot lie to your eyes. watch the college years. you can see light 25 counts of growth in like two months of filming. >> i have seen guys ball got when they go through puberty. >> not that much, not that fast. >> he is refuting this. you have not heard from him? >> no. >> do you expect to? >> it will be fine. we have libel lawyers for that. >> and get them on standby. >> mario lopez, he has been on the show before. you say that he was a serial womanizer? >> young kids with a lot of
8:56 am
money and a lot of power, we were the first sitcom ever for kids. it was not like today when we could compare all of these things. so many kids in the industry that are teenage idols, that are not musicians. we were up against the smirks and bugs bunny. a lot of the bad boy persona that came out, it happened during this time. . >> there was drinking going on behind the scenes? >> i would not know. >> it was such a squeaky clean show. >> when the finished product came out. yes. >> this is the book, go out and get it. it is called behind the bell. thank you. more "fox & friends" in about
8:57 am
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