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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 30, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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to seasoned criminals. [ people screaming ] but two of a kind isn't always a winning hand -- not when it's trumped by cops and everyday citizens who are more than ready to stack the deck against dangerous duos. to stack the deck against dangerous duos. >> 10-50! 10-50! >> narrator: tonight... >> get out of the car! >> narrator: ...on "most daring"... they're out of control... and out of their minds. they're outrageous outlaws. [ alarm blaring ] first up, armed thieves knock over a store... >> give me everything! >> narrator: ...but the owner has a .38-caliber return policy. [ gunshots ] plus, fake cops kidnap a terrified cocktail waitress.
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>> [ screaming ] >> narrator: then an audacious bank robber makes a stunning entrance, but he flubs the exit. later, a news crew catches a breaking story of love gone bad. >> [ screams ] >> narrator: these are the most heart-stopping moments... >> back up! back up! back up! back up! >> narrator: ...ever caught on tape... true stories of real people... >> [ imitates dog barking ] >> all right, sir. >> narrator: real danger. [ gunshot ] this is... with lights flashing, a car screeches to a halt outside of a nightclub. two officers emerge... and they quickly confront the bouncer. one cop brandishes a baton, forcing the worker to his hands and knees. but don't let their police gear fool you. the two men are violent goons...
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and they've donned disguises for a nightmarish plot. inside, the club-carrying fake harasses a musician. a swift smack... reveals a clue that the men are phonies. the baton breaks. but that doesn't stop their mad rampage. earlier in the week, the men were booted from this hot spot when they made advances on a female employee. now the brutes are back to get their revenge against the young woman. >> oh, no! they're -- oh, my god! >> narrator: right in front of scared customers... they viciously drag the girl across the floor by her hair. >> oh, my god! >> narrator: the ruffians pull the helpless lady out to the sidewalk... and force her into the phony squad car. >> [ screaming ] >> narrator: conflicted patrons
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still believe the men are cops, but they know something isn't right. onlookers pour out onto the street, but no one stops the impostors as they drive away. after maliciously tormenting their captive for hours, the kidnappers finally release her, thinking she's too intimidated to turn them in. but they're wrong. the brave woman leads real cops straight to her abductors. the men are arrested, convicted on multiple charges, and sentenced to life in prison. these outrageous outlaws thought a police vest gave them carte blanche for revenge. >> oh, my god! >> narrator: now they'll be getting their kicks in a new costume... an orange jumpsuit. >> [ screaming ] >> narrator: for some brazen criminals... the only obstacle between them
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and their loot... >> [bleep] >> narrator: their own idiocy. >> get on the ground! now! >> narrator: in london, england, an armed bank robber blitzes the tellers. >> [ screaming ] >> narrator: he hops the bulletproof glass to get to the money... and seals his own fate. security shutters snap closed right behind him. a frightened manager lets the intruder out from behind the fortified counter... but there's a hitch in his heist. >> [ grunting ] >> narrator: all the exits have automatically locked. the boxed-in bandit kicks the reinforced doors to no avail. and when his feet wear out... he tries taking a seat. the panicked punk charges across
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the lobby, using a chair as a battering ram. a woman trying to make a deposit has no idea what to think. it's not long before police arrive. [ indistinct radio chatter ] trapped like a rat in a cage, he makes one last attempt to escape... burrowing out through the ceiling. it's hopeless. flashing firepower, officers order the man to the floor. >> get down! >> narrator: there's only one way he's leaving this building... [ handcuffs click ] handcuffs. but a bandit doesn't need to target a bank to prove he has more ambition than cognition. a convenience store in boynton beach, florida. [ bell chimes ] storming in with a t-shirt as a makeshift mask... >> [bleep] >> narrator: ...a money-hungry thug takes two clerks at gunpoint. >> open up! open up! hurry up! >> narrator: he says he doesn't
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want any trouble, but the situation is deadly. >> this male could've accidentally shot anybody at any time, with his finger on the trigger the way that he did. >> narrator: the workers open their registers, and the stickup artist bags what he hopes is a princely sum of cash. but cops think the gunman will be sorely disappointed with his haul. >> he got away with about less than $100. >> narrator: before detectives could identify the suspect in the video... >> [bleep] >> narrator: happens again. only weeks later, three more shirt-faced gangsters attack the same store. the offenders risk being recognized, hoping this time there's a bigger payout. one rips out an entire cash drawer... [ console beeping ] ...and another presses a loaded pistol to the shopkeeper's head... [ gun cocks ] ...forcing her to unlock the goods.
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[ console beeping ] the hellion snags the money... then the lookout in yellow gives the sign, and the posse runs off with another paltry 100 bucks. >> it makes me feel uncomfortable that somebody would actually go out and do this with no remorse for any type of human life. it's sickening. >> narrator: $100 might be a pitiful prize... >> [ screams ] >> narrator: ...but it's a smarter steal than what these ladies scored. the women are out for a leisurely drive in glendale, arizona. there's just one problem. this isn't their car. it's a specially equipped bait car designed to catch crooks in the act. but the revelations don't stop there. the señorita with the cigarette is a recently released convict. even worse, these two aren't
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just partners in crime. they're partners in stupidity because both women are several months pregnant. now, with babies on board, the mother hoods drive along without a care in the world... unaware that police are watching their every move. while the smoking mom-to-be navigates the streets, chatty cathy calls her man to brag about the bad deed. but as it turns out... the boyfriend is the brightest one in the bunch, and the pregnant pair could learn a thing or two from him. the oblivious mommy-and-me duo finally reach their destination. they think they've pulled off the perfect crime.
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but it's too late to cover up their actions because just outside... [ sirens wailing ] ...police close in. [ camera shutter clicks ] melissa gerhardt and christina alvarez are both charged with auto theft. and thanks to this indisputable evidence... >> all right, wipe the fingerprints off with your bandanna. >> narrator: ...these babies' mamas will be delivered to jail. >> get on the ground! now! >> narrator: if boldness were a substitute for brains... >> [bleep] >> narrator: ...these renegades would be set for life. [ gun cocks ] instead... >> yeah, homey! >> narrator:'ll be up to a judge to determine their futures. [ sirens wailing ] >> ugh! >> narrator: dallas, texas.
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at 7:30 a.m. on a sunday, it's quiet at this market. but like every day, owner misar hijaz follows an important routine. >> every morning when i open the store, before i make anything, i make sure my gun is ready. >> narrator: good thing, too, because, unbelievably, a pair of early birds are about to hatch a sunrise surprise. two young hoodlums are waiting out front for the coast to clear. [ bell chimes ] customers exit the shop... and the terrible twosome set their plan in motion. both are armed. one is even concealing a shotgun. but misar gives the attackers a rude awakening. >> give me everything! [ gunshots ] run, man! [ gunshot ]
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>> narrator: the alert owner spots the hidden weapon. [ gun cocks ] as the double-barreled danger approaches... >> give me everything! >> narrator: ...misar dives for a pistol... [ gun cocks ] ...and opens fire. [ gunshots ] >> the first two bullets i shot in the air. i want to make him scared and run away. [ gun cocks ] [ gunshots ] but after i saw them both start shooting, i have to try to do something. [ gunshots ] >> narrator: the teens are sent running in a hail of bullets. >> run, man! [ gunshots ] >> narrator: outside, a startled patron bolts at the sound of shooting... [ bell chimes ] ...and the desperados dash out the door. incredibly, one local doesn't seem too concerned. he peeks inside... then goes back to his morning coffee. in a cloud of gun smoke, misar calls police.
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he's certain the law will soon catch the duo. though he's grateful no one was injured, misar doesn't have any regrets. >> i don't like to hurt anybody. something like this has happened, i have to save my life. >> narrator: even though these thieves were early to rise... >> give me everything! >> narrator: ...their daybreak robbery did nothing to make them healthy, wealthy, or wise. >> run, man! [ gunshot ] coming up... >> just almost took out a school bus. >> narrator: ...a wild wheelman dodges the heat and gets shocked by the fuzz. >> ...and they've tased him. >> narrator: plus, a knife-wielding man kidnaps a girl, but cops get the drop on his escape. [ gunshot ] then... >> do you understand me, sir? >> [ imitates dog barking ] >> narrator: ...a judge gets
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>> narrator: running on empty... >> and they've tased him. >> narrator: ...and losing their cool... >> [ imitates dog barking ] >> narrator: ...the plans of these outlaws backfire big-time. [ gunshot ] hialeah, florida. police are in hot pursuit of a man they believe robbed a bank. >> you got to follow him. >> narrator: ...but the truth will be a real shocker. >> i hear over the radio an officer is pursuing a vehicle, and this is a vehicle that matches the description of one that was used for an armed robbery. >> narrator: officer harold garzon joins the high-speed showdown just as the furious driver puts innocent lives in the crossfire.
4:17 pm
the maniacal driver nearly t-bones a loaded school bus. but when he still can't shake police, the hard-charger goes ballistic. >> he's driving opposite lanes, opposite direction. people are trying to get out of his way. he's essentially forcing vehicles off the road. [ tires screech ] >> narrator: a near head-on sends the suspect careening over the median, back to his side of the street. but the curb blows out a tire. seconds later, his hobbled ride approaches a congested intersection. time to trade wheels for heels. the man streaks across the asphalt, desperately trying to
4:18 pm
keep his pants up. >> he's got his hands down somewhere. i can't tell if he's going for a gun, if he's trying to grab something out of his pants, what he's doing. >> narrator: he doubles back through traffic, playing a mad game of hide-and-seek with officers. but by the time he makes it back to the intersection, mr. baggy bottoms is gassed. still, he refuses the order to lie down. >> he's not complying, taser comes up, and i tase him immediately. >> narrator: looks like he's complying now. >> center of the intersection here is gonna be the takedown. and they've tased him. yes, that's a taser. >> narrator: the man is taken into custody... and that's when officers discover the most outlandish twist to this entire pursuit. >> it turns out this was not the
4:19 pm
actual armed-robbery subject we were looking for. he's just a guy that decided not to stop 'cause he had a suspended license. >> narrator: that's right -- he's just a paranoid deadbeat that thought the flashing lights were for him. so he floored it when he saw the cruiser zooming up the road. had he simply pulled over... the cops would've quickly passed him by without a shred of suspicion. instead, his foolish mistake jeopardized countless lives... and ultimately got him caught with his pants down. >> center of the intersection here is gonna be the takedown. and they've tased him. >> narrator: manila, the philippines. in the middle of a busy street, a madman takes a young girl hostage... pressed to her flesh... a deadly 8-inch blade. desperate officers ask what he wants in exchange for his 11-year-old captive.
4:20 pm
but the kidnapper bolts in fear. he doesn't get far before the tense standoff turns even more treacherous. a civilian comes out of nowhere to take a potshot at the thug. [ gunshots ] he misses... [ gunshots ] ...and luckily misses the girl, too. the gunfire, however, enrages her captor. he hauls his prey into an empty lot and quickly finds himself hopelessly cornered. the twisted felon grows even more agitated. [ indistinct shouting ] police offer money and a car to escape. but it's no use. he won't let the girl go. finally, his growing desperation prompts swift action from the s.w.a.t. team. [ gunshot ] [ indistinct shouting ]
4:21 pm
an officer sneaks a shot from above, and this time, it hits its mark. [ gunshot ] [ indistinct shouting ] the grateful little girl is rushed to safety while her tormentor is at last held in check. authorities and neighbors alike have no idea what drove the man to endanger a child... but they weren't about to let her out of their sight. [ gunshots ] now, thanks to a quick-thinking s.w.a.t. team, he won't be going anywhere, except jail. [ gunshot ] [ indistinct shouting ] miami, florida. a suspect is brought before judge john hurley. the young man's accused of shooting innocent people in a
4:22 pm
string of violent robberies. >> you're charged with very serious crimes, sir. right now you're facing a possible life sentence. >> narrator: it's a grave situation for the defendant, and he should choose his words carefully... >> and if this victim in your case dies, sir, you could be facing possibly the death penalty, sir. >> [ imitates dog bark ] >> narrator: ...or he could just bark like a dog. >> i don't think you quite understand the seriousness of the charges against you. >> [ imitates dog barking ] >> all right, sir. >> narrator: the rebel without a paw seems content to bury his future like a chewed-up bone. >> do you understand me, sir? >> [ imitates dog bark ] >> all right, sir. i'm gonna consider your bark as an acknowledgement of what i just told you. >> narrator: with the hearing over, the roughrider is dismissed from court. >> thank you. >> narrator: now he's not only in the doghouse, he's off to the big house.
4:23 pm
but if this offender thinks strange behavior will somehow help his case... >> [ imitates dog barking ] >> all right, sir. >> narrator: ...he's barking up the wrong tree. >> [ imitates dog bark ] >> narrator: still to come, a bus-riding pickpocket... >> [ shouts indistinctly ] >> narrator: ...gets his ticket punched. plus, a man airing his complaints on local tv gets nailed by a hammer-wielding whack job. later, a news crew catches a horrifying case of domestic abuse... horrifying case of domestic abuse... >> [ woman screams ]
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>> n t could be the allure of a quick score... >> hey, bus driver! >> narrator: ...or an act of rebellion. the impulse of an outrageous outlaw is always unpredictable.
4:28 pm
milwaukee, wisconsin. stealing someone's valuables on a crowded bus is a tough assignment even for an experienced pickpocket. but once this young thief-in-training spots camille hinton's ipod... he thinks he'll give it a go. >> i had my brand-new ipod touch in my lap. it was dead, though, but i continued to keep it in my lap because i'm like, "who's gonna go on my lap and take it?" >> narrator: as soon as the bus approaches their stop, the burglar in blue makes his move. >> [ shouts ] >> narrator: but it's not so easy to wrench the device from camille's grip. >> i'm just fighting, holding on for dear life 'cause he's behind me. and i just remember looking around like, "is nobody gonna help me?" like "nobody's gonna come to my aid?"
4:29 pm
>> narrator: camille fights back bravely. however, by the time bystanders decide to intervene... >> what's going on? >> narrator:'s too late. >> give me my stuff back, then! i looked up at first, and i remember people looking at me, and nobody, like, jumped up or said, "hey," or anything. the entire time that i struggled, he didn't say one word. he was stone-faced. it was just him trying to get my ipod. >> narrator: the villainous boy gets away with it for now... though thanks to the videotape evidence... >> [ shouts ] >> bus driver! >> narrator: ...determined police soon nab the mp3 pirate for this illegal download. >> give me my stuff back, then!
4:30 pm
>> narrator: lawrence, massachusetts. this man is being booked on only a minor traffic violation. but that won't stop the cocky punk from becoming a major threat for police chief john romero. >> once he was arrested, he was brought into the police station. he's taken into a temporary holding room, where the pat search is conducted. >> narrator: the rebel is unarmed, but he's angry about the arrest and finds a way to lash out... >> [ spits ] ...proving he's the spitting image of a troublemaker. and that's only the beginning. once in his cell, he cooks up a plan to get back at cops and hangs his undershirt on the bars. >> he went into the front of his pants, removed a small lighter that would not have been picked up on a pat search. >> narrator: the crafty kid has smuggled in a lighter, and he sparks up his hanging duds. the detainee torches his "t" to
4:31 pm
create a jailhouse bonfire. >> this is the first time in my 10 years that i recall anybody setting his shirt on fire. it doesn't make any sense. i mean, it's bizarre. all i can figure is that he was trying to get attention. >> narrator: but the pyro-happy perp didn't count on all the smoke. >> [ coughs ] [ alarm blaring ] >> that triggered the audible alarm. officers respond to the location, and, of course, the first thing they do is take him out of the cell. >> narrator: the prisoner is saved from his self-inflicted suffocation, but he's just added some new hits to his record. >> he initially was charged with some minor charges, and i think bail was very low. he was now charged with arson and he had a high bail. >> narrator: maybe he thought he could spit in the face of the law... >> [ spits ] >> narrator: ...but this fire-starter... was only blowing smoke. [ alarm blaring ] brazil.
4:32 pm
a shop owner complains to a news crew about an ongoing feud he has with some neighbors. it's a beef that's about to get tenderized. [ indistinct shouting ] without warning, the woman he's griping about assaults the man. her husband in black nails one of the tv crew members... with a half-pound hammer. then the hard-hitting hubby turns his steel-headed tool against the interviewee. it seems this family of thugs is determined to knock some heads. [ indistinct shouting ] the rampaging wife runs out of the shop... and coldcocks their foe with a shovel to the face.
4:33 pm
the toolbox beating finally ends when a third family member jumps in to split up the two sides. [ indistinct shouting ] the banged-up targets will need to be taken to the e.r. after suffering serious wounds. but with the entire incident caught on tape... [ indistinct shouting ] ...this husband-and-wife dueling duo are later tagged by the cops. still ahead -- when a drunken undergrad can't find a bathroom... [ zipper unzips ] ...he gets tanked... >> get back over here! >> narrator: ...and soccer hooligans square off in a bareknuckle brawl. then a fugitive tries to stay ahead of police... >> back up! back up! back up! back up! >> narrator: driving in back up! >> narrator: driving in reverse...
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>> narrator: some outlaws don't know better... and some just don't care. but they're all on a quest to
4:37 pm
cause major mayhem. >> back up! back up! back up! back up! >> narrator: bloomsburg, pennsylvania. every spring, this college town hosts a giant block party where heavy drinking is always on tap. >> a lot of the kids party and have crazy, you know, frat and sorority parties. but, eventually, all the boozing takes a toll on the revelers' bladders. and one plastered undergrad will use any means at his disposal to get some relief. >> [ sighs ] >> narrator: the sloshed student beelines for a parked car, already unzipping his pants. not wanting to leave any evidence of his x-rated act, he takes a tinkle in the gas tank. the inebriate doesn't think twice about topping it off with a man-made concoction.
4:38 pm
little does he know police on bike patrol are just around the corner. the officers catch him midstream, but the piddling pupil bolts, nearly losing his jeans in the process. as the cops give chase, the sedan's owner, jessica bower, learns what happened. needless to say, she's pissed. >> i was extremely angry. i didn't understand why he would pick my car. i didn't understand what his logic was behind it. the act itself was just crazy. it's something that you never in your wildest dreams think -- a man is gonna put his private parts in your gas tank and relieve himself. [ siren wails ] >> narrator: the cops eventually arrest the urinating undergrad, and he pleads guilty to disorderly conduct. as for the fouled-up four-door, it sustained $600 worth of engine damage.
4:39 pm
>> i'm not really mad at the kid who did it anymore because now that it's passed, i just think it's hilarious now. >> [ sighs ] >> narrator: one thing's for sure... [ zipper unzips ] ...when it comes to getting tanked... this kid proved to be a real wiz. [ siren wails ] kansas city, missouri. officer todd templeton responds to reports of gunfire coming from this s.u.v. cops believe the trigger-happy hoodlums might be high and blasting shots into the sky just for fun. >> we just got five or six different calls of somebody in that vehicle shooting up in the air. and the passenger was actually the one that was firing the gun out the passenger-side window. >> narrator: but the female driver will prove to be just as reckless. fleeing into a dead end, she has
4:40 pm
little choice but to back down. instead, she backs up. the driver floors it in reverse, straight at the cops. >> back up! back up! back up! back up! back up! back up! >> narrator: officers move fast to avoid a collision. only inches separate the vehicles. >> all of a sudden, she throws it in reverse, and i don't think that i've ever been in a vehicle pursuit where the driver went backwards. >> narrator: officer templeton finds the renegade rolling in a slow tailfirst retreat. >> instead of looking at the back of their heads during a pursuit, we're looking at them face-to-face. it was kind of weird. she kind of had a grin on her face like she really didn't care. >> narrator: as the bold bad girl drives backwards around the block, she spots more units in her rearview...
4:41 pm
so she shifts gears again. but going forward won't get her anywhere either. police spike-strip the s.u.v. [ tires burst ] even deflated tires don't deter the stubborn woman. >> she wasn't ready to stop, and when she attempted to turn around, she got stuck in the mud and ice. >> get out of the car! >> narrator: it's another slick move that only delays the inevitable. >> [ shouts ] >> get your hands out for us! >> there was a handgun in the car, live ammunition in the car. there was also drugs located in the car. they both ended up going to
4:42 pm
jail. >> let me go! >> narrator: this fugitive's escape plan had some pretty backward thinking. >> back up! back up! back up! back up! back up! back up! >> narrator: but in the end... >> get out of the car! >> narrator: ...her outrageous actions put her on ice. >> [ shouts ] >> narrator: in a horrifying display of lawlessness... russian soccer hooligans converge for a prearranged brawl. rival fans organize this disturbing ritual and carry it out before every game. and this score is tallied in blood. >> right here! [ indistinct shouting ] >> narrator: fists and feet start flying immediately... and no one gets out without taking a hit.
4:43 pm
within seconds, the bruisers have paired off into dozens of separate fistfights. >> right here! >> narrator: some of the gangsters are so bloodthirsty, they'll even kick a man when he's down. >> [ shouts indistinctly ] >> narrator: it's all over in less than two minutes... but the damage is done. this kid is knocked out, but he'll be okay. the other punks revel in their brutality. one side claims victory, but the sound of approaching sirens sends them slinking off. hopefully, next time these gangs
4:44 pm
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/y/y/y/y/y/y/y/y/y/y/y/y >> narrator: when it comes to blatant crimes, nobody takes a backseat to these guys. they're the smash-and-grab set. and they live by one simple credo. >> go, man! >> narrator: why use a feather when a sledgehammer will do?
4:49 pm
in el mirage, california, four men in a van circle a drugstore parking lot after hours. they're doing a sweep to be sure the coast is clear... [ tires screech ] that they can make as much noise as they want. within seconds, the thieving quartet is at the atm, trying to wrench it loose with their bare hands. stymied, they swap out four men for 200 horses. with their prize free from its moorings, the bandits wrangle it toward their vehicle... slipping on the glass-covered floor. it takes three of them to finally pack it away. by the time police arrive, there's nothing left but a huge mess and a difficult case to
4:50 pm
sift through. unfortunately, as atm's become smaller and more convenient, they become even more attractive to crooks. at this oklahoma city market, two other smash-and-grabbers gain access with elbow grease instead of automotive muscle. >> go, man! >> narrator: wearing horror masks, they go straight for the mechanical cash cow. true to their nature, these two rely more on their brawn than their brains. after struggling for several seconds, one of the men gets inspired by the football display... and delivers a shoulder hit worthy of a linebacker. the shot works... and the duo carries the loose machine toward the door. the job nets them around two grand, but for some, it doesn't
4:51 pm
take nearly that much loot to prompt this kind of late-night raid. this is an industrial-supply shop in franklin, ohio, and it's about to be invaded... [ engine revs ] a couple of tools. two men leap to the shelves and start loading gear into the back of their pickup. >> [ shouts indistinctly ] >> narrator: it's a shame they don't earn an honest living as professional movers. their efficiency fills the truck in less than two minutes. they make off with dozens of power tools... at least for now. their stealing ways earn all three of these groups cameos on the nightly news. and if there's one thing cops know, it's that people this rash always leave a trail. whether it's the halloween masks they wear... or the hot property they try to hock... >> [ shouts indistinctly ] >> narrator: ...those who cash in on the cheap...
4:52 pm
pay dearly in the end. taipei, taiwan. under the glare of news cameras, a chairman of a tv network arrives at a courthouse to answer charges of corruption. both sides of the case make their statements to the press... >> [ speaking native language ] >> narrator: ...but when the men meet inside to file their lawsuits, civility goes out the door. [ indistinct shouting ] finger-pointing turns to fisticuffs as so-called "gentlemen" take on the role of street thugs. a vested marauder goes for a
4:53 pm
knockout and topples his white-collar foe. but guards give him plenty of payback... and quickly break up the rest of the high-ranking horde. it brings at least a temporary truce to this match of political will... that became a bout of physical strength. coming up, a gutless boyfriend proves that love really hurts... >> [ screams ] coming up, a gutless boyfriend proves that love really hurts...
4:54 pm
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fewer pills than go to >> narrator: cleveland, ohio. outrageous outlaws come in all shapes and sizes... but few are more vicious than a jilted lover gone berserk. >> [ screams ] >> are you looking at that? >> narrator: a local news team is filming an unrelated story when they spot the man brutally beating his girlfriend. >> [ screams ] >> at one point, physically picks her up off the ground and slams her into the wall, and you can see her head hit the concrete. >> [ screams ] >> narrator: a shocked reporter from the tv crew intervenes, and
4:58 pm
the sadistic romeo plays it lovey-dovey, even putting his arm around his lady. >> the crew called 911... [ siren wailing ] ...and myself and several officers responded right away. >> narrator: cops cuff the battering boyfriend, who suddenly has a change of heart. >> he was professing his love while he was in the back of the seat. he called her -- "boo, i love you." i don't know how he describes love, but smacking her around and beating her butt is not a good indication that relationship has any longevity. >> narrator: unfortunately, the woman refuses to press charges. >> she was injured, but she didn't want to do anything, and this is an 18-year-old girl who's in love. and sometimes they have the mistaken belief that, if they don't pursue it, that things will get better, and that's not
4:59 pm
true. >> narrator: without her testimony, the bully thinks he can deny any brutality. the smug thug can say whatever he wants. >> i never put my hands on her. >> narrator: he doesn't realize that the cops already have all the proof they need. >> even if she didn't pursue the criminal charges, we had sufficient evidence to go forward without her. we had video. >> narrator: thanks to the roving news crew, the abusive partner pleads guilty to assault. >> i mean, this could have been a major incident had not someone intervened. i give the crew a lot of credit. >> narrator: hopefully, "boo" breaks it off for good... >> [ screams ] >> narrator: ...before lover boy's heart breaks her. >> i love you to death! >> narrator: they take what they want... >> he's going north. you got to follow him. >> narrator: matter who's


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