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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 20, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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and now, you know the news as fox reports, this saturday, december 20th, 2009. i'm julie banderas, hope you stay warm everybody. happy shovelling, thanks for happy shovelling, thanks for watching, have a great week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause]. >> good evening everybody and welcome to the huckabee show. you guys are all jazzed up here tonight. by the way, welcome to new york where it's snow all over the east coast. and you do realize that you're now in the epicenter of global warming (laughter) >> somehow it doesn't feel like it at all. i want to say thanks for all of you coming. we have the most amazing show tonight and we're doing this live from new york and i think people are going to enjoy what we have and i just want to ask you, are you guys really ready here in this studio to get start? are you ready?
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(applause) >> all right, let's get started. welcome to huckabee from new york. well, my wife and i went to see movie a few weeks ago i thought i might like. i was wrong, i didn't like it-- i loved it! i wasn't the only one, "the blind side" the sleeper movie hit of the year. a true story after wealthy memphis family who made room in their home for a young black kid who is now in his rookie season in the nfl. we'll be visiting with the tuohy family, shaun, leann, shaun, jr. you're going to enjoy meeting the family whose "the blind side" is based. we'll visit with john secada who came to the u.s. when was nine
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years old. we'll find out about early life in castro's cuba and have him join the little rockers for a song. [applaus [applause]. >> mike: and just in time for christmas, and my buddy, t.l.c.'s cake boss is going to join me in the studio with a christmas cake, get this, that i helped make in his legendary bakery, carlos bakery over in new jersey. all of that tonight on the show. [applause] >> while you're hurrying trying to get the last of your christmas shopping done and keep your gifts a secret. the members of congress of trying their best to pass a health care bill written in secret and then a cap in tax bill that most americans see as a lump of coal in the christmas stocking or at least, a pair of white sox and an orange. it's kind of like wanting an ipod and getting an eight track tape player. it's really strange that congress seems determined to focus on politics when most of the country isn't.
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then again, that's precisely the point. they know that most americans are trying to get ready for christmas, not at apocalypse which some say is going to happen if we pass the health care bill and new taxes on energy that we use. so they want to do what any magician does. have you looking in one direction while they perform their trick in the other. and it would take a magician to make some of their proposals work like putting millions of new people in a government health plan and cutting benefits to old people and forcing young people to pay large amounts to help pay for the old people and exercising more government control over our doctor's decisions and having us pay into the system tore three years before the benefits start and believing we're just going to love it. now, look, i don't like what all that coping is doing and the way they're trying to do it, but i'm not going to let it ruin my christmas and i hope it won't ruin yours. politics and government may be important, certainly affects our lives, but it's not all there
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is. politics and government were pretty big things going on 2000 years ago. there was this meg glow maniac team named hair rod obsessed with power and control and made everyone show up to ancesteral towns to get counted in the census and people were worked up about it. they were under occupation of a foreign government they didn't like and writes were trampled on daily. now, they thought all of that was the most important stuff there was, but strangely, the politics of the first century judea, that isn't what people are talking about this week. rather, they'll be talking about the story of a birth of a child by an unwed teen mother in a very unlikely place, a little cave where sheep and goats were kept. now, my guess is that 2000 years from now, people aren't going to be thinking that the most important things in their lives is what barack obama, harry reid or nancy pelosi did. they're still going to be talking about the baby in bethlehem.
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so, maybe we ought to do the same. it's christmas. it's still important. don't let anything ruin it for you. let me just say it to you, merry christmas. [applaus [applause]. >> well, that's my view and i welcome yours. e-mail me at mike and click on the fox news feedback section. if you need help remembering how to celebrate the real christmas i've got a book i'd like to recommend for people like you, it's called "a simple christmas" a collection of christmas stories that make you think about your family and friends. if you want a signed copy, there's time to order it before christmas. go to mike and if you order by monday a free gift box for the book. go to mike for the details. big news on the health care front. ben nelson, the last democratic senator holdout against the bill finally folded like a pup tent
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in a nebraska tornado. watch. >> change is never easy. but change is what's necessary in america today and that's why i intend to vote for health care refo reform. >> mike: well, nelson's compromise came after leaders gave him a last minute deal that will mean additional abrgs borings restrictions at least some and medicaid for his state. >> you've got to compliment ben nelson for playing the price is is right. he negotiated a medicaid agreement for nebraska that puts the federal government on the hook forever. not for six years, not for ten years, this isn't the louisiana purchase. this is the nebraska windfall. >> mike: let's break down just what all of this is going to mean for america on tonight's
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hot seat. you know the drill. two people with different political views than mine. they're going to ask me the tough questions on the hot topics, turning up the heat, democratic commentator and women's campaign forum, and host of the progressive radio show, left jab. good to have you both. >> thank you. >> you must have been good, we had you back tonight. >> well, you know, we ordered the blizzard because we wanted to cool down the hot seat. >> mike: we're cooling down something out there all over the east coast. all right, let's talk about, first of all, i'm going to let you fire away. ben nelson today sort of broke the log jam and now looks like we're going to have at least a bill, maybe before christmas and these guys may be snowed in and may be there until the new year. let's talk about, what's your take on this and what do you think this says to the rest of america that's not so excited about it? >> well, first of all, the main question that i would have is why republicans are not supporting this bill. this bill is a deficit reduction
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and reduces the deficit. it covers 30 million americans and most importantly, it eradicate pre-existing conditions and my main question is why republicans aren't coming up with the counter plan other than to say there should be tort reform or selling insurance across interstate lines. >> i think the republicans would like to see us focus on pre-vent tiff care rather than intervention and the fact when we say 30 million we don't to how many are going to be covered. the fact is, we don't know what's really in this bill. there's 2000 pages, it's written in secret, just not got released in the last 36 hours, most of them graduates of law school or putting their hands in this and i think a lot of americans, including not just republicans, but a lot of democrats and independents, according to the polls, are saying what is the hurry? this looks like a political move and i want to disagree that this is going to reduce the deficit. i don't think you can add 30 million people to a health care role and it costs less money. that's unrealistic. but the congressional budget
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office did say that, we have an independent arbiter saying we're going to reduce the deficit. >> mike: only if you take into consideration, you pay three years into it before you get benefits. i can tell you that the car free the first three years-- or rather, the car can be incompensation seive as long as you understand you're going to pay for the car three rears before you get to drive it. >> you know, governor, i was listening to what you saying the top of the show, spirit of christmas and you gave us a copy of your book. >> mike: yes. i think it's a beautiful book and recommend it to everybody. >> mike: keep saying that. >> i recommend that book to everybody. >> we agree. >> are here is going i hope we can share with the judeo-christian et next, when somebody who dies, and somebody who does have a job and does have money gets to live. i think we can agree we can do better. i get lost in the mumbo jumbo, but can we start with that as a baseline, the current system that allows that to happen year
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after year can be fixed if we can agree to that that's a starting point for us. >> mike: i think we can, is it the government's responsibility to take over the entire health care system and i know you're going to say no, this doesn't do this, this will give power to the insurance companies. but when it's actually cheaper to pay the fine and put people on the government plan than it will be to try to find a place in the market, what's going to happen, small business operators, i'm one of them, will simply say you know what, i can't afford to do what i currently do provide people that work for me insurance. it will be easier for me to say, look, i can't compete with the government because i'm paying them tax dollars and they're using the tax dollars i'm paying them to compete with me. >> now what i don't understand about that. the idea that there's a government takeover. we already have the gft involved in insurance. 47% of all bills nationwide are paid for by the government. medicare, medicaid and veterans health administration and people under medicare generally like medicare. it's a very popular program.
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>> mike: to a degree, but i want to point out a study showed there's twice as great a likelihood. somebody will be denied medicaid than private insurance. you hardly ever hear that. medicare is more likely to tell somebody they can't have a particular procedure than a private insurance company. and we demonize and i think it's unfortunate that there's been such a demonization of the snuks as if they're the only ones who do-- and quickly, hurry, hurry. ben bernanke is up for reappointment as the fed chair. david? >> well, i got to say the best quote i heard on this one is honoring bernanke with reappointment is like rewarding the arsonist for putting out his own fire. i just don't get it. i don't get it and i know i'm out of step with the obama administration on this, but this is somebody who on his watch, the top cop in banking allowed the biggest disaster in banking since the great depression to happen. i think we need fresh blood. >> i think you two agree.
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i don't agree with that, and never thought it would happen. >> mike: maybe the position is wrong. i agree-- . i think that bernanke and all of these guys that engineered the tarp plan should be shown the door, geithner and the whole bunch of them, but i totally agree (applause) >> why change, here is my question, why change quarterback when the quarterback here right now able to increase the grosse pointe woods and reducing the hemorrhaging of jobs each and every month from the first quarter of this year. why do we change quarterbacks, who are we going to go with. >> mike: i disagree with somehow the idea the economy is in a great big return. as long as there's more than 10% of unemployment and the figure is closer to 17 or 18 and we'll be in a lot of trouble. we've got to go or i'm going to be in trouble. thank you so much for being here. well, the moving hollywood hit "the blind side" is packing them in in theaters across america.
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coming up in a prime time exclusive, the family that inspired the blockbuster hit. the tuohy family from memphis. they're joining us live. you better stay here. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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(applause) >> the blind side is a touching story of a white southern family taking in an improverished black teenager and helping him turn his life around and it's busting all predictions at the box office. >> do you have any place to stay tonight? don't you dare lie to me. come on.
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come on. make room. come on. >> the blind side was inspired by the true story of michael orr an offensive line man for the baltimore ravens as well as the family who accepted him as one of their own. join me now, leann shaun, colin and shaun tuohy, jr. i've been looking forward to this for a long time. when my wife and i saw the movie we were blown away how powerful the story is and i think what even makes it more touching is it's true. this is a true story. leann that scene that sandra bullock is seeing michael orr out there walking around in the rain on a cold night. did it happen like that? >> almost. there was a few artistic
8:18 pm
liberties taken in that scene. we actually did pick michael up on a cold evening, but it was not to go straight to our house that night. we picked him up and he had come out to the school to go to the gym where there was some heat and we gave him a ride back to a bus stop to get him home quicker than taking a bus, you know, that stopped at eight or nine different places so. >> mike: something touched you, you saw this guy walking on the side of the street. what happened inside of leigh ann tuohy when you saw this great big guy walking by himself. >> i think it's a mother's intuition, something nagging at you that said turn around. i think that those three words have been pretty impactful in my life lately, turn around and i'll be forever grateful we did. he's a fine young man that's changed our lives. >> mike: i think that was one of the more powerful moments when, the scene in which your friends were depicted as saying you know, you've changed this
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young man's life and you said no, he's changed mine. i thought that was powerful. when leigh ann first talked about you guys bringing michael into the tuohy family, were you kind of used to her doing things like that? was that sort of the way you're expected to accept, okay, she's got an idea here? >> talking about it is a little bit of a stretch. she tells us. >> mike: no, not-- >> yeah. >> and there never was an epiphany moment. sometimes the hardest question to answer to people, when did you decide? heck, we don't remember, we kind of smoke about it, it was tuesday the day after monday and before wednesday and kind of came together and all of a sudden we were in the middle of it and then it's eight years later and you know, he's a baltimore and memphis and i didn't know that there was this big sit-down thing, but there obviously had to be a conscious
8:20 pm
decision, is this good or bad, but there never was one openly and she's not really-- we vote, you know, sean, jr. and collins and i have 49 1/2% and we vote it all the time, but we never seem to win e i understand how that works. i'm married to a southern woman myself. >> exactly. >> mike: we are going to come back and talk about the tuohy's reaction they received from the movie and later in the show, the cake boss and i are going to decorate a cake for christmas. we'll be right back. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. mraud (applause) >> monday through friday three times daily and across the country. news and commentary that inform
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and entertain and inspire. if you want to hear past programs go mike and we're back with the tuohy as, leigh ann, sean, collins and sean, jr. you went to cool and when your mom says we're going to bring him home. what was your raes. >> it wasn't a sit-down moment that they made it out to be. michael and i had spent time together. i cheered and he played football and i did track and he did as well. we're already acclimated to knowing each other before the push to move in happened. >> mike: were there friends of yours that thought your family was crazy. >> i'm sure there was.
8:25 pm
>> mike: never said anything. >> no, haf been for fear that michael would kill them. but no, my friends were very open to michael. you know, when i look back on it now that question's asked and a lot when i look back on it they were sweet to him and we all got along very well and his friends were always welcome in our house because our house was his home and my friends were the same and we all got along really well. >> mike: sj. are you as entrepreneurial as you're portrayed to be? because i see you as the ceo of one of the top companies in america some day and not very long from now? >> well, jay did a pretty good job and quite like that, but i like to tell myself. but mj may have pulled myself off better than i pulled myself to have. >> mike: a big brother to come in and keep an eye on you and watch after you. >> yeah, it's kind of like one of those things and i never had that and it was kind of, it was
8:26 pm
there and it was more of-- he was a friend than a brother for a long time and i just-- i starting introducing mike as my big brother before he he was my big brother and that was something that-- i couldn't grow up without mike. >> he was like seven or eight years old. >> he worked those coaches pretty hard. >> and people tell me that. >> i think it was you know, the second or third trip that coaches made before michael actually ever said anything to them to sean, jr., he handled the whole process. >> it got to be known towards the end of the recruiting process, some said is mj going to be home tonight? they knew something would happen unless sj was home. >> he worked hard, did he get that from you. >> no, that's from his dad, from his dad. >> i think he got it from both of you from the time i've been around you, both of you. >> we are going to keep talking because there are things we need to talk about and how this
8:27 pm
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>> >> from america's news headquarters. hello everyone i'm julie banderas. winter starts tomorrow, but major eastern cities already covered in a lot of snow. philadelphia getting nearly two feet, washington, new york and boston all hit ard as well. widespread power outages and flight cancellations and threw a wet, cold blanket on holiday shopping as well. senate democrats though hoping to pass health care reform by christmas eve despite the blizzard, a tense vote scheduled a few hours from now could put them one step closer to the goal. republicans vowing to fight it. the test vote monday at 1 a.m. eastern time. actress brittany murphy has tied in los angeles. cedar sinai medical spokesperson
8:31 pm
says that 32-year-old murphy was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. a 911 call and los angeles police say they've opened an investigation into murphy's death. now back to huckabee. we're back with the tuohies and i wanted-- leigh anne, one of the things i loved about the movie, so refreshing to see hollywood present a church going, god fearing family in a positive light. you don't see it that often. were you surprised that you were depicted as authentic and is that you? tell me who leigh anne tuohy is. >> i think that john lee hancock spent an amount of time around our family and i think he knew the pulse, the heartbeat. i didn't have to tell him who i was which is nice because i think he just figured it out on
8:32 pm
his own and that was-- that was good for me because he watched what we did, what we said, what we interacted with each other and how we interacted with our friends and went to church with us, you know, knew the kind of church we went to so all of that, i think, just came together and made this movie, you know, what it was. and yeah, i think that's who i am, sandy did a good job with that. that was one of the things that scared here taking on this role was the christian aspect of it and she really did a great job. we, in our family, kind of believe that your walk a little more important than your talk. words are easy to say-- >> that's what people thought, leigh anne, i do-- (applause) >> you know, you can lip service is easy. you know, anyone can provide you with lip service. it takes seeing someone live their life the way that we think we should live our life and we're certainly not going to
8:33 pm
judge anyone else, just each other and what we try to tell our kids is that, you know, your walk is much more important and you know. >> mike: and sean, faith obviously played an important role in the compassion you had for michael when you first invited him into your home. did you ever think gosh, what if there's a risk here, vulnerabilities. was that ever a part of-- >> he brought so much to us so quickly we just wanted more of it. and then the more you got to know him. first of all, it took about an hour to fall in love and everyone does, that's not us, we were the lucky ones and i tell everybody and i really do mean it, he was a great kid that came to our house, we just didn't screw him up and that was always in play and so he really gets most of the credit. i think that, you know, first of all, you want to see people depicted with their flaws and in our family, that's not hard to
8:34 pm
do and so, john lee was easy about well, kosh, this really is a real family look how much they screw up and so, i think that that attracted sandra bullock probably to the whole aspect of playing a live human being. i mean, 'cause that's going to be scary someone sitting there watching you play yourself. she says that girl has a lot of flaws, i can do that. >> mike: you're in trouble sean. >> there's a lot of planes going out of new york, i checked that before we got on the air. with michael, it was so easy and then so rewarding and we really do feel it, and this is, you know, whether people believe this or not, i really feel that giving is something that needs to be, you know, a happy thing. i mean shall the bible a says that if you don't like giving, well, then don't do it. well, we really have gotten to where we think that that's kind of who we are, and it starts little. you know, i certainly didn't
8:35 pm
like that first-- but when it was explained to me the process, it became so much easier and better and we think if you go to into the movie and you come out, you really ought to come out differently and we think that it might empower people to do a little bit more. you don't have to go out and adopt a 16-year-old. you know, that's not what we intend today do either. >> mike: you can do something. >> exactly. >> mike: collins, i want to ask you this. you've seen your family now go through this incredible gift of yourselves. how has this impacted you as a person, what do you think in terms of your future and how-- watching your parents love somebody that they didn't have to love. they kind of have to love you and sj. they didn't have to love michael, but they did. what does that do for you? >> well, you know, we just did the good morning america piece a couple of days ago and it was at 3:30 in the morning and another crew come in after and one of the questions they asked can you
8:36 pm
imagine your life without michael and i was just, it was a long day and i was so tired and i just sat there and i lost it in front of the whole camera crew and everyone sitting around me and i couldn't recompose myself because there are aren't words to describe what life would be like if michael wasn't a part of the family. you can't go back and retrace your steps and he is so much a vital part of who this family is and what we believe and the direction that we're going and to go back and think that he wouldn't be here, it's not even in the realm of thought. >> mike: leigh anne and i think that you and sean and collins and sj have given everybody to celebrate at christmas time. you've loved somebody unconditionally and unexpectedly, you're having an impact on your family and the rest of america and thank you
8:37 pm
for opening up and giving (applause) >> thank you very much. >> mike: thank you, and i hope that people will be inspired to be more like the tuohy family. i really do. god bless you. >> well, thank you, there's a lot of michael orres, if you look around there are so many kids quickly could fall through the cracks and a lot of michael's out there and hopefully we can do something to keep at that from happening. >> mike: and let's hope there's a lot more leigh anne tuohies and sean tuohy the. >> not a whole lot more. >> mike: i think it's a great idea. i love you guys and thank you very much. what a blessing. [applause] >> a motorcycle, a billiards table and as we saw, a bass guitar, he can take any design and make it into a cake. coming up, the cake boss joining us right here in the studio and showing us how christmas is done.
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(applaus (applause) >> earlier i mentioned there's still time to get a copy of my signed christmas book "a simple christmas", if you order this weekend you get a free gift box. the proceeds for kids with music. and many have a favorite treat after christmas dinner, christmas cookies origin ger bread cake or pumpkin pie, maybe, my personal favorite red velvet cake? what about the cake boss to
8:42 pm
makes our mouths water with incredible creations on t.l.c. i visited buddy at the family bakery and see what he's making for christmas and of course to lend him a helping hand. i'm here at the bakery at hoboken, new jersey, with the cake boss, buddy. santa claus is coming to town, but we're coming to hoboken to do something special for christmas. what are we going to do. >> absolutely. we are going to make this santa claus and he's going to model and you're going to help me. and i know you can play guitar, bass, but can you do a cake? do you want to try to do it. >> this is edible. >> this is modeling chocolate. >> modeling chocolate. >> why don't we go there. >> there you go, that wasn't too bad. now, his belt. >> a belt and that's edible. >> all edible and it's all
8:43 pm
chocolate. he won't wear it around-- >> what is it hip-hop. >> high pressure hop santa. >> all right, governor, i think that santa looks great so we're done with him and why don't we move on. i can goof this up, you know that. >> i know. >> so guide it carefully. when i was younger and my dad was teaching me if i messed up, he would whack me. you're going to whack me. >> maybe. >> mike: in new jersey when people talk about getting whacked, i'm thinking sopranos and i don't want to get whacked. >> a whack on the head. >> mike: that kind of whack i understand. he's going to whack me. i can see. you did that and-- >> i wish, i wish. >> mike: in my dreams. how did you learn this that that would stick on there with water? >> well, you know what, sometimes we use steam, too. and sometimes we use steam, but for somebody who's learning--
8:44 pm
it's a little too much. >> learning and slow? >> slow, just a little bit. we are going to see santa out? >>'s coming to town. >> want to stick him in? >> sure. tranquility base, santa has landed. >> okay, i'll go nice and easy. >> mike: good. >> and show you how i do it. >> whoa! i thought you said nice and easy. >> that is nice and easy. >> mike: oh, that's going up. >> you've got it. >> mike: coney island, how sha? >> you said it's slow, a lot faster than imagined. you said i could do a fast one. show me a fast one. oh, my gosh, that's a fast one. that's a fast floufrment if god could grow flowers as fast as you did that, the world would be a garden. it would be a garden. >> you meet my mom, governor? >>. >> hi, governor huckabee.
8:45 pm
>> nice to meet you. >> mike: i will have you son. >> just like my late husband. >> mike: he's trying to teach me thingsen i have to find another careerments let me tell you, i get-- people tell me all the time mary how do you make the icing. i never tell you, i never had the knack for that part of the business. my part of the business is taking care of the bells, epg everybody happy, which is not always easy. >> mike: no. >> ♪ taking care of business . that's my job, get back to business. >> mike: all right, i'll get back to business. that's an order. >> all right, back to business. now, i hate to do it, but i got it put your flower out of its misery. >> mike: i think you did it a favor. well, i tried helping, but buddy had to take over before the cake turned into a complete disaster so here with a final product, ladies and gentlemen, the cake boss, buddy. [applause] hey, buddy.
8:46 pm
>> hey, how you doing? how are you? >> oh, that's great. >> great to see you. good to see you, too. >> mike: it looked better than it did. >> look what i modified santa claus to look like. >> mike: i love it, that's great. love it. >> my pleasure. >> mike: your show on t.l.c. monday nights at nine o'clock. mondays at nine. >> mike: people are loving your show because you take just anything and make these amazing cakes. >> well, you know, i mean, that's kind of, you know, being the artistry of it, you know, you can take inspiration from anything. >> mike: you just said it though, it's art. >> it's definitely art. >> mike: it's not just baking it's artistic expression. one thing that impressed me most, when you talk about your family and i was over there at hoboken. it's unbelievable, a family operation. you guys are close, you work together every day, but there's one thing that came through, i love your mother by the way, i think she's a sweetheart. i want to have her here.
8:47 pm
>> absolutely. >> mike: but your father had a huge influence on you. >> oh, tremendous influence. i mean, i am the man i am today because of my father and everything that he's taught me and you know, he put me on the right path. >> mike: he didn't just teach you about baking and running a bakery though, he taught you about character in life and that comes through. what's the greatest lesson your dad taught you? >> the greatest lesson that my dad taught me, always be true to who you are. i remember being a little kid and we'd see somebody homeless on the street and no matter what, he would always stop and give somebody homeless money and then, dad, why do you do that? you know, i was young, ate or nine years old he said, you know, that could be jesus, that could be god or he said that could be me one day asking for it and five bucks isn't going to make me or break me if. i help somebody out, i always do. >> mike: he obviously had a big impact on everybody at the bakery. people line up. when i was there, it was out the
8:48 pm
door. is it every day? >> it seems to be that way every day. with the show and stuff, we're always a busy bakery before, now we're like a busy bakery on steroids, you know. >> mike: your show is great, my family watches it, i love it because i realize that people can do something with a cake that most people couldn't do with a canvass and a paintbrush. it's incredible and i hope everybody will continue to watch cake boss and t.l.c. we can tear into the cake in. >> that's why i brought it. >> mike: i don't think i can do it on air right now because i'm sure i would get sued for something i did. after this show. this cake is going down, i'm telling you know you. >> you know it. >> mike: buddy. >> great to see you. >> mike: i have a great time with you. and i love your mother she's the best. you you and your family, too, around the holidays, it's all about the family icht we've got a great cake to get started.
8:49 pm
grammy award winning artist jon is a-- secada will be joining the little rockers. tú@@ttp@@aaaaaaa@a@a%
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
(applause) >> my next guest spent his early years in castro's cuba before his family fled to the united states. he's a two-time grammy winner who sold over 20 million albums and starred in several broadway musicals and shared the stage with lewis yanno pavorati and gloria estefan. jon secada. >> it's a pleasure. >> mike: you've had an amazing musical career and started out your life under a communist
8:53 pm
regime and came to the united states. >> the freedom i've had since i left cuba and living in the states and proud to be a cuban-american at this point in my life. >> mike: cuban-americans i've known are freedom loving. i've never met a cuban-american, they understand the difference. >> i hope this they go through the page turn that everybody is hoping for and god willing and hopefully, sooner than later. some people push for normallized relationships and others say wait, we've got to get something interest these guys if they're going to open up the door. >> a way to look at it. cuba just about the only country this side of the world that hasn't found a way to divide, democratic even socialism system so it's time. >> mike: let's talk about, you've got a great cd and we'll do it piece from it. jon >> absolutely, we'll find out
8:54 pm
where to get it everywhere, itune and amazon and jon >> i think when people hear this they'll want it get it from jon or amazon or listen to this show time and time again. we are going to leave you with a song jon's going to perform "chances are". from the fox studio god bless you and merry christmas. jon sdecada as he takes us to or christmas break. ♪ chances are 'cause i wear a silly grin ♪ ♪ the moment you come into view ♪ ♪ chances are you think that i'm
8:55 pm
in love with you ♪ the one and only you ♪ ♪ just because... ♪ the moment that your lips meet mine ♪ ♪ chances are you think that i'm your valentine ♪ ♪ yeah, the magic of moonlight ♪ ♪ when i sigh, hold me close, dear ♪ ♪ chances are you believe the
8:56 pm
stars that fill the sky are in my eyes ♪ ♪ guess you feel you'll always be the one and only one for me ♪ ♪ and if you think you could, yeah ♪ ♪ well, chances are your chances are awfully good ♪ ♪ well, chances are your chances a are... awful ly good ♪ (applause)
8:57 pm
♪ oh, yes pretty good . . >> everybody, merry christmas. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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