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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 1, 2010 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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is going to be joining us in the after the show, show. log on to "fox & friends".com send us e-mails and tweets and questions about astrology in the new year she'll be joining us in a second. >> happy birs birthday zach ailes. happy any year. we'll see you tomorrow. >> happy new year everybody. brand new information this morning about events leading up to attempted christmas day terror attack and a disturbing phone call reportedly made by the man accused of trying to blow up a northwest airlines flight. good morning everybody it's january 1s and i'm rick folbaum and here are in "america's newsroom". >> happy new year. >> i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. new reports umar farouk abdulmutallab made alarming phone call to his father saying it would be his last contact with his family. it was reportedly that call that prompted his father to warn the u.s. embassy in nigeria of his son's radical behavior weeks before the botched attack.
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live in washington. what do we know about that last phone conversation? >> well excuse me shannon that report suggests that that final phone call is really what triggered the father into action. abc news reporting that the suspect in that call warned his father it would be his last contact with the family and that the people he was with in yemen were about to destroy his sim card. the father reportedly contacted they skbrer yan -- nigerian officials who took him directly to the cia chief in nigeria's capital. state department confirms immediately passed on some information about sri lankan -- umar farouk abdulmutallab to other em be as and i intelligence official told fox that the cia's desk began preparing a fuller report on the suspect but that was never completed or disseminated before the christmas day attack shannon. shannon: we know president obama has gotten some preliminary reports back the reviews he wanted to see do we know anything about the changes he's being urged to make? >> shannon the president got
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that report series of brefgs and conference calls yesterday with officials. he is going to get more updates through the weekend. lee hamilton one of the chairs of the 9/11 commission said the president must take the lead in creating greater sense of urgency about the threat. >> in looking a better way to share information in developing better detection technology in managing the international aspects of this problem we've simply got to give it a high priority and urgent priority because we know they're coming after us. >> reporter: the president will meet with heads of all relevant agencies tuesday at the white house shannon. shannon: and i would imagine a number of know, congress different lawmakers have suggestions as well? >> reporter: right. they've certainly been pretty vocal since last week. several panels planning hearings later in the month. intelligence committee dianne feinstein wrote a
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letter to the president saying anyone reasonbly believed affiliated with a terror group should be put on a watch list and denied a visa ranking republican senator kit bond bit more blunt in a statement regarding the hearing said somebody screwed up big tile. shannon: oh, wow, happy few year. >> happy new year shannon. rick: new information this morning on a deadly attack targeting a cia base in afghanistan wednesday a homicide bomber blew himself up inside the compound. he killed seven cia employees. six others were injured in the blast and fox news has learned the bomber was act kmumly invited onto the base. and not searched because agents were trying to recruit him to use as an informant. the death toll could be the largest loss of life for intelligence assenshy -- agency since the bombing of agency in beirut in 1983. conner is live in kabul. good morning now that we know how the bomber got onto
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the base. do we know who he was? >> reporter: well, rick, clearly this was somebody the cia was trying to woo and she a great deal of respect to in this courting process. i've been to several forwarding bases and operations across the country never seen afghans except high government officials in the country pass through security unchecked. this was a very rare thing but appears to have been part of the process of courting this person. the taliban is claiming the bomber was in fact a member of the afghan national army. today a spokesman for the afghan military said no way. denied claim said no way a member of the afghan military would carry out a bomb like this. so there is some dispute as to who this person was but clearly the cia was trying to woo him and show him some type of respect to court him and get information out of him felt he would be useful in fighting the taliban. this was a massive breach of
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security rick. rick: connor the agents on the ground they need to find out ways to get intelligence to know what is going on. this was obviously part of an attempt. but i'm wondering if it is now going to lead to some changes in the way that military and intelligence community collects information and goes about wooing these types of possible informants? >> reporter: well, rick, just in the past week or so i've been told by the u.s. military they were very pleased with the increased ability to collect intelligence in afghanistan and particularly collect intelligence from afghans themselves. human intelligence as they call it and also the cia had been stepping up efforts to collect information in this country. particularly on the ground from other afghans. i was told today by several military officials that this won't change the way the military collects information. particularly because they go through security procedures. they don't allow people they are courting to just come on base without being searched. i was told this was a mistake by the cia.
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this is not the standard operating procedure for courting afghans for courting intelligence sources. this was a mistake a very deadly mistake. rick? rick: connor powell on the ground for us in kabul. connor, thanks very much. shannon: this is a "fox news alert". a deadly bombing in northwest pakistan strikeing a volleyball game and apparently killing dozens. police say a homicide bomber set off a vehicle packed with explosives on a feel during a volley -- field during a volleyball tournament at least 25 people are dead. 70 others have been wounded and the death toll is expected to rise. we're toll this blast was so powerful the roofs of nearby homes actually collapsed and now officials are worried that people could be trapped in the rubble. the attack is the latest bloodshed to rat tell country since the pakistani army launched a massive military offensive against the taliban m we'll of course keep you update on any breaking new details. rick: is north korea looking to make peace? editorial today in state
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controlled media outlets there calling for toned hostile relations with the united states. the editorial also says pyongyang wants negotiations to make the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons m some analysts see the olive branch as an opening move and talks over the regime's nuclear program. are a bit more skeptical saying north korea is unlikely to make any major concessions. shannon: the main opposition leader in iran is not backing down from increasingly tense face-off with the regime. mir hossein mousavi saying he is ready to die for his cause. he also lashed out at the bloody crackdown the authorities are waging against the opposition saying the government must accept the people's right to dem peacefully. -- demonstrate peacefully. security forces clashed with protesters last sunday in tehran killing at least eight people including mir hossein mousavi's nephew. it was the deadliest violence days after the deadly presidential election in june. israeli hard lines called for the excuse of mir hossein mousavi and other opposition leaders.
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iranny state prosecution leader warned other opposition leaders could be put on trial if they do not denounce the demonstrations. rick: all right. let's talk about the celebrations now. new york and the rest of the world ringing in the new year with a lot of fanfare and the biggest party in the usa of course the big apple party in times square. hundreds of thousands of people packing the city to count down and then watch that waterford crystal ball as it dropped downment tons of confetti swirling through the air. cleaning it up was a big job and it's actually all cleaned by now. an explosion of color. check out this in washington state. the fireworks above seattle's space needle. wow, that looks nice. the fireworks were launched from the legs of the space needle to the top of the 600 foot landmark and organizers say some 20,000 people atended that celebration. also checking out celebrations around the world. this is moscow. red square. fireworks lighting up the sky. thousands cheering at midnight when the light show erupted over the kremlin and
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in the city of light, the eiffel tower shimmered at midnight. bright beams in the sky over paris as the symbol of the city twinkled with thousands of lights. beautiful sight that looks pretty dark in this particular picture. there we can see it. it is lighting up in paris. very pretty. shannon: well, now to the new year on the battlefield. the top priorities in 2010 in the wars in afghanistan and iraq. in iraq some u.s. troops are finishing up their tours of duty and then will finally head home or some will go on to fight in afghanistan m dominique is streaming live from outside of kir kung -- kirkuk m hi dominique. >> hi shannon happy new year to all of you in new york and the united states. yes, 2010 we start the year when the mission here in iraq changes substantially. if all goes according to plan laid out by president barack obama we should see some 65 now thousand -- 65,000 troops withdraw from iraq that will be more than half the troops currently on
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the ground. some of those will go home but some as you say will be going on to the fight in afghanistan. i have with me now two of those soldiers who will be doing exactly that who want to continue the mission there l with me is major jim bono and also sergeant first class stephen hilton. first of all jim if i can talk to you. you've already served in afghanistan. here you are in iraq. why do you want to go back? the fight is going to be much tough either time. >> well, i think the blood, sweat and tears of our brothers and sisters over the last 7 years have paid off. iraqi forces are doing a phenomenal job. i think it is time for us to get back to afghanistan and finish what we started in 2001. >> what skills have you gained here that will make a difference over there? >> i think the fact we work with the locals i think that's one of the things we're really, we've got to do. we've got to bring up the afghan national army and the police and get them to the level the iraqi security forces are now. >> reporter: stephen you've been to afghanistan how many times now?
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>> afghanistan once sir. >> reporter: and you're in civil affairs. you've also been doing civil affairs in iraq. how do you take what you've learned from here and help the afghan people over there? >> applying the leaderships with local governments. legitimizing the government of afghanistan. using the same strategy there as we do here. >> reporter: what do you think we've most learned about being here in iraq and dealing with the people and changing the mindset and getting them to be able to move forward? >> i guess helping them realize they can exercise their own governmental process and be able to solve a lot of their problems on their own with our assistance and little by little more sovereignty. >> reporter: gentlemen, we wish you the very best of luck. please do stay safe and as i say some 65,000 troops with drawing. it's all dependent on elections in march and how those go. we've seen a slight up tick in violence ahead of those and we believe the commanding general in iraq is right there may be violence afterward. that will affect the pace and the rate at which
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soldiers are withdrawing from here in iraq. shannon back to you in new york. shannon: thank you for the latest update from fob warrior is please send a happy new yore and our immense thanks to troops working there. our prayers go with them. rick: when we come back, talk about a challenge. how to keep hundreds of thousands of people safe at the country's biggest new year's eve party in new york's times square. we've got a fax news exclusive. catherine herridge is here. she went behind the scenes of a massive security operation by the fbi and new york's finest and she'll tell us about it coming up next.
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shannon: fans of rush limbaugh flooding his talk show with get well wishes the conservative radio host remains in a honolulu hospital after suffering chest pains on wednesday. he's said to be in good spirits and resting comfortably. fans were asked to call in and simply say ditto.
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that's one of rush limbaugh's fey f favorite catch words. so far we know he's undergone tests but the hospital is not identifying the cause of his chest pains. he got to hawaii for a vacation just before christmas. rick: well, security the number one priority in new york city as hundreds of thousands of people packed times square for new year's eve last night and fox news got an exclusive behind the scenes look at the massive effort to make sure the nation's biggest party went off without a hitch. our national correspondent catherine herridge had exclusive entry to the n.y.p.d. and fbi and joining us in the newsroom. good morning happy new year. you were taken places no reporter has ever been taken before. tell us about it. >> reporter: that's correct we spend 12-14 hours schad doing the fbi yesterday. we went to various sites, briefings undisclosed locations around the city all of which are used to secure the entire event. we went to a place called the jttf joint terrorism task force and this is the
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first time they had taken the media into the jttf this intelligence hub if you will. the video you're seeing right now is the all hands-on deck video. kicks off the day as they lead up to the ball drop. you've got the executives you've got the leadership. you've got team leader. they're all being briefed. we are in open briefing. there was a classified briefing and these people go back to their teams and sort of brief that information down. because the central function of this group is to handle the intelligence and they have to handle it in a real-time fashion if there's something that's of significance rick. rick: you've got the feds basically the fbi and the local law enforcement the n.y.p.d.. how well do they work together? >> reporter: one of the things that struck me as we traveled throughout the evening with the fbi is it was not uncommon to make a stop in a part of the city they had prepositioned bomb, hazmat. chemical weapons response groups and you'd see an fbi agent working alongside with one of the n.y.p.d. officers.
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what you're seeing now is the forward command center this is a mobile command senter that's just outside what's known as the frozen zone. this is the area of times square itself. and what agents told sus they have this forward leaning command center they want it outside the time square area so if there is an inshy didn't they don't get themselves sort of caught up in that incident. sort of front line position they can start to move assets in and out of the area h -- but this is the first time they've let someone in on this very big event to see how that operates. rick: everything went pretty smoothly last night. i understand while you were there a lead actually came in. >> reporter: well, you could see throughout the evening that different pieces of intelligence and information were coming in and you would be let's say with a group of agents and all of a sudden you had a sort of electric feeling because they would start walking quickly, moving quickly, talking to each other and we're getting close to the ball drop and that of course is the high risk period. as we learned in the briefing, that's the period when you have the most people, upwards of a million
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and you also have live tv. so any type of event is going to be magnified and broadcast globally which would make an attract tuf target for an extremist. so we were out on the street in times square. we were moving with the fbi. they had report of three suspicious young men. carrying backpacks in the frozen zone. you can't take anything like a backpack into the area for obvious reasons what was striking in this particular incidence they were foreign passport holders and in each case they checked to see if their visas were valid and that was not an accident because of the themes we heard last night. they talked about yemen they talkinged about somalia. they talked about flight 253 and of course the status of the 23-year-old nigerian suspect. the status of his visa if that visa had been cancelled they would have been able to put him out of the country. certainly significant to me they were not only checking the backpacks with bomb-sniffing dogs but they were also looking at these foreign passports and specifically looking at the visas as well. let's go to some sound.
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>> several of our people who are roving out on the street noticed three individuals acting suspiciously. they brought them over. they interviewed them. determined that they were carrying iranian passports. they did have visas. we're running the visas down now. and running names through various databases. what made these individuals higen our awareness of these individuals they had backpacks. backpacks are prohibited in this frozen area. >> reporter: what's significant right there is they have these guys on the streets that got vie sqas they're running checks through sort of multiple databases with important information that could be related to any threat. rick? rick: great behind the scenes exclusive stuff from catherine herridge. catherine thanks. >> you're welcome. shannon: new decade to bring on new political battles congress facing off on new key issues after the new year what is topping long list and what will lawmakers
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eventually accomplish?
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shannon: the economy, health care afghanistan and now to do list for congress just got a little bit longer. reviewing national security procedures yet another challenge the country is facing. so what will top the agenda
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on capitol hill this year with midterm elections also coming up in november? let's bring in writer for politics matt lewis and former advisor to president clinton richard. gentlemen, great to see both of you today. >> good morning. >> great to see you. shannon: richard let's start with you and talk about terrorism issue now to the forefront with botched attack on christmas day both sides of the house calling for hearings now. what will they accomplish if anything? >> well, you have four panels scheduled to hold hearings starting in mid-january i think there you know a continuation of some of this partisanship. you'll see some people trying to lay some blame. but i think looking forward you know, the elections are 305 days away. it's a lifetime in politics but i think you're going to have to start to see some people do some real things and to ledge slats. i mean, the conventional wisdom is that the party, the minority party picks up seats in the off year elections, but i don't see
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the republican party really with a plan. they have no plan on the economy. they're already, there's a report this morning they're already talking about repealing healthcare so they've got to come up with something specific. some way to lead. i mean, frustrations with the republicans in congress now are at an all time high. they have only a 17% approval rating. only thing worse than the democrats are the republicans in congress. shannon: matt let me ask you before the g.o.p. can even think about repealing healthcare it's got to get passed the conference where they reconciled the different versions is going to go down in january and still some major sticking points. does healthcare get done? >> i think it does. i think it has to. that has been, the legacy issue for barack obama and it's sort of what he's rested his reputation on and i think they have to pass something and i think they will. you're right. there are some big issues to tackle including the abortion issue. the senate bill is much less stringent in terms of controlling federal money spent on abortions than the
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house bill was. with the stupak amendment there's a few things to iron out but my guess is it will go to conference committee. they'll reconcile it and i think president obama will sign a healthcare bill in february. then i look for them to try to pivot to jobs. healthcare has been very unpopular. president obama went from about a 70% approval rating when he first took office to less than 50. he needs to talk about something that the american people support him on which is not healthcare and then there will be about eight months of them trying i think, probably of democrats trying to appear to be conservetives between now and the election. shannon: richard the topic of jobs comes up. it's been mentioned by both of you. it's something that house speaker nancy pelosi said she believes will be great for the party going into these midterm elections and it's got to be issue number one. how do the democrats move forward on that? >> well, very important key question. i mean, what the democrats have to do and the economy is a potentially good issue for us democrats but they have to talk about it in the
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context of main street and not wall street there's such enormous frustration now with the impact and the effect the influence of special interests in washington. if you ask anybody, the person on the. they know that congress is controled by money interests. we saw it in this healthcare debate. we see it aroundish relating to bailouts and wall street bonuses. if the democrats want to be successful on this issue coming up into the midterms what they have to do is talk about this more in terms of main street and real people and get away from these special interests and really show that they're willing to separate themselves from the lobbyists, from the healthcare lobbyists, from the lobbyists for the banks. this i think is a very important key issue coming into the midterms and you see it already with the tea party. >> all right matt quickly want to give you the last word here. my question is this. there's been a lot of talk going into the last legislative session about bipartisanship but we've seen it so much major
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provisions that have been passed have been with very little or no support from republicans. democrats have to explain that at all or simply they out man and out gun the opposition? >> well, i think it is an issue. because barack obama was elected president under this changed mantra and he was supposed to change the way that washington operated and be a uniter and not a divider. big legislation historically has had bipartisan support. this healthcare bill is very unpopular. it is going to pass with probably zero republicans supporting it. i don't think that's helpful. i think that president obama and the democrats are in real trouble. the unemployment rate's at 10% right now. if it's anywhere near that in november i look for republicans to pick up 20-25 house seats and don't forget harry reid and byron dorgan there's a lot of prominent democrats especially harry reid in nevada who could lose their seat. this is a very important year and i think it's very important democrat dos pivot. talk about jobs.
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pass a job's bill and focus on the economy. if the unemployment rate's near 10%, it is going to be a really rough year for them. shannon: as richard pointed out 305 days left. all of us will be watching. >> and they need 40 in the house of course. shannon: they do. >> so 20-21 won't do it. >> richard and matt lewis, thank you both. happy new year. >> thank you. rick: interesting discussion. when we come back alarming new details about the man charged with trying to blow up a packed passenger jet on christmas day. what may have turned the young man to radical islam. plus exactly what prompted his own father to warn the u.s. embassy about him. we've got a live report from nigeria when we come right back.
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shannon: as we told you at the top of the hour, abc news is reporting that umar farouk abdulmutallab made an alarming phone call to his father just weeks before the failed christmas day attack. telling him it was the last time he would contact his family. of course that was very disturbing to his father and he reportedly then went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria to warn them about his son that's where greg burke is reporting live with new details about the suspect and his family. greg, we have heard so much about the father and his position. how influential is he there in nigeria? >> reporter: well, shannon, to give you an idea, it would be something like the head of jpmorgan bank or something like that going to the fbi and saying i'm worried about my son. we've got serious, serious problems with my son and
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these most recent reports make it even worse because of this last dramatic phone call. if that is in fact confirmed makes it a lot worse for american intelligence for not having acted stronger on it. hi is a very influential key figure well known public figure which makes it all that much worse for him suffering what he has been suffered. it's a very moderate family and to see his son get caught up in something like that has just been devastating for him. shannon: greg of course it's the muslim holy day there. what are you seeing today? >>reporter: well, it's very interesting we went to the friday prayers at one of the mosques here in abuja. i saw two traffic jams today. two in front of the mosques and one in front of a catholic church. gives you an idea of how religious the people are here. speaking to the imam it's as if this was not on the map this subject. he said he was preaching today about the beauty of islam. i was pressing him to say aren't you worried about nigeria getting labeled as a
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place that breeds terrorist? he said no, come on it's not the case certainly not the case in nigeria and the kind of islam we preach right here. shannon? shannon: greg burke reporting live from nigeria. thank you so much. happy new year. rick: despite numerous red flags and warnings from his own father according to reports now the nigerian accused of attempting a christmas day terror attack slipped through the cracks and right onto a packed u.s.-bound airplane. so what does that say about our security and what more do we need to do to protect americans? senior research fellow at the heritage foundation and homeland defense security expert james gal fan know joins us now happy new year good to see you. >> good to be with you. rick: you make a good point. the system that so clearly failed last week is the same system that worked pretty well back in 2006. when terrorists were attempting to bring liquid explosives onto u.s.-bound jetliners. so how do you figure out what part needs to be changed and what part actually is working? >> well, i think that's
10:34 am
really the crucial question. a lot of people have been comparing this to richard reid in 2001. he was the shoe bomber tried to come from london and although the attacks were very similar in terms of the u.s. response i don't think there's a comparison because that was 2001. it was right after 9/11 right after the anthrax letters we department have a tsa or homeland security. didn't have all of this stuff. we built that stuff between 2002 and 2008. 2006 we had the gold standard you had a plot in london. they were going to have liquid explosives going to blow up planes bound for the united states. we found out about it penetrated the plot took them down. developed counter measures. we announced it to the world we had international cooperation. all the things that didn't happen here. and it's same system. so when president stands up and says okay, yes, the system failed you know, the question he didn't answer is, that's the same sense we had in 2006. how come it worked then and it failed now? i think we have to be honest with ourselves. these are tough things.
10:35 am
no question about that. but these are issues about leadership. every day we find out more information that made us aware that this could have been stopped and what other than people paying attention in this 24/7, 365 explains that with everything we've done and all we've built and all the money we spend these guys still slip through. rick: i remember the words presidents bush and members of his administration used to say over and over again that we need to be right 100% of the time. the terrorist only need to get it right once. what's the take-away here james? it is that no system is 100%. that we'll always. they will -- there will always be somebody or something that will be able to slip through the cracks? >> that's absolutely right. systems are static things. you build it and they just churn on. eb -- enemies are die name ib they change, -- dynamic. they change, improvise, adapt, they innovate. right. so the system is always going the fail it it failed at pearl harbor. failed outbreak of the korean war.
10:36 am
failed at 9/11. it's the people you have to depend on and people respond to leadership. if they understand what the priorities are. if they're told what to do and if you follow up things happen. that's what makes the difference. to me the lesson we're not learning here what i've been stunned with how partisan this has become so quickly on both sides. right out of the white house right out of the gates the system the one put in place by push and -- by bush and then the republicans responding back. none of us is going to make us say -- terrorists don't care if they kill poushs democrats they don't care if the west wing is run by the left wing or right wing. we need to look forward and what is going to make a difference is not a press conference or a bunch of new policies, it's the white house paying attention to this issue every day not like a character on "24" or west wing but like a president making sure his team is doing their job. rick: well, i think it certainly has the president's attention now. even while he's on vacation over in hawaii. you talk about setting priorities and leadership
10:37 am
spelling that out. just wondering what you think now because we saw the 9/11 attacks where they targeted airlineers. we saw this, the 2006 the liquid plot that was foiled and then this attack that involved a u.s.-bound jetliner. what do you think about the terrorists going after, continuing to go after the same type of target over and over again. if we have to figure out where to put our priorities where to put our resources are you continuing to look at jetliners? >> well, i actually think we're safer in the short-term because we've stirred up such a hornet's nest now security is changing so dynamic my guess is they won't try anything now. but they'll come back to this. they will try explosives strapped to the body again. they will try liquid explosives again and they're going to try explosives inside the body. already seen this just like drug needles carrying in anal cavity or swallowing the explosives drug. they'll do same thing with explosives detonate them
10:38 am
with a cell phone. not going to see them right now but we'll see them in the years to come. but right answer isn't throwing more at aviation security. the right answer is like in 2006. go out, find the terrorists find where they're doing recruiting the fund raiseing the organizing the bomb-making and stop them from before they get near the airport a. >> james carafano with the heritage foundation. thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. shannon: after a night of celebrations, today could be a good time to hunker down indoors a new years blizzard stretching from the great lakes to new england is revving up on the way. heavy snow, wind and some of the coldest temperatures so far this year. it is day one but maybe we mean for the winter. janice dean is live in the fox weather center. i zbes guaranteed they'll be the coldest once of 2010 so far. >> absolutely good point shannon. we're going to see incredibly cold air infiltrating as much of the country as far south as florida. let's take a look at the satellite radar over the last six hours.
10:39 am
this low pressure system is going to remain mostly offshore but the wrap around snow and all of that cold air is going to move in towards the great lakes interior systems of the northeast and new england and we could have a blizzard on our hands or blizzard-like condition. there of course is the great lakes region where we're seeing the lake effect snow act up in parts of buffalo down towards erie, pennsylvania and there's maine there's bangor we're starting to see some of the snow start to fly especially over maine, northern new england. there's our snow accumulations. anywhere from 6-12 inches in some isolated areas close to two feet of snow. so again this is going to be an upstate new york new england storm as we head through the next several days. if you have to travel you want to make sure you're calling ahead. things are going to be delayed and perhaps flights will be canceled. quick look at the rest of the country we do have some rain moving into florida. the sunshine state amt lot of bowl games going on
10:40 am
unfortunately so we're going to keep an eye on this rejoon and the pacific -- region and the pacific northwest yet another storm moving into this area we're going to see heavy rain and heavy mountain slow especially western slopes the cascades. good news for skiers we always have to find that silver like in the weather department. shon nonback to you. shannon: absolutely even if you have ting bring us bad news we're excited because it is janice dean. janice: you can work any time with me. happy new year to you and your mom marie. shannon: she will be in heaven. rick: you're smooth, real smooth. all right. taking a look back now at the scandals of 2009 from poll tipgss to celebrities -- politicians to celebrities, california beauty queen and a superstar golfer there. were plenty. let's take a look. >> the creepy stuff was that i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. now, my response to that is yes, i have. [laughter]
10:41 am
>> tiger woods released a statement saying in part, i have let my family down and i rethose transdepressions and all of my heart. view not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. i am not without faults and amfar short of perfect. >> i woke that up night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father. i don't remember how it started or thankfully how it ended. >> we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage and you know what, in my country and in my family i think that i believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman no offense to anybody out there. but that's how i was raised and that's how i think that it should be between a man and a woman. >> other people maybe fear more that he's uncomfortable that he spends the rest of his life in jail. none of that gets the money back. >> it's not an end. it is not closure. it is a beginning maybe to
10:42 am
trying to restore some faith in our financial system. >> i screwed up big-time. but i think the only thing i ask from this group today and the american people is to judge me from this day forward m. >> this was a lapse that should not have occurred. we want to make sure we look into it in such a fashion that it doesn't recur. >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. i developed a relationship with a, what started as a dear, dear friend from argentina. >> last year i had an affair. i violated the vows of my marriage. it's absolutely the worst thing that i've ever done in my life. >> like i said, i'm really sorry for what went down and what happened. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.
10:43 am
one of the best videos of all time. rick: wow, certainly no shortage of scandals to talk about last year. shannon: you know a group probably looking forward to 2010. bub-bye 2009 they're done. rick: going to have a whole fresh new set of scandals in 2010. shannon: waiting for us to memorialize them for next year. >>r no scandals here more stuff coming up. shannon: one thing we'll remember about 2009 is going to be the swine flu. what about the new year? our fox medical a-team dr. coomer has her list including some medical advances that every one of us needs to know about. [ male announcer ] let's talk about putting our best square foot forward.
10:44 am
then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms.
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10:46 am
>> the h1n1 virus dominated health news in 2009 but let's take a look at the medical forecast for 2010 including some positive developments this time from our fox news medical a-team. dr. cynara coomer has her list what to look for. happy new year doctor. >> happy new year shannon. shannon: all right. we are in matching outfits today. >> going strong with the red. shannon: starting the new year. any time i'm dressed like the doctor i takt as a good sign. let's start this off you said there was some technology or something to help us do a better job of identifying diseases what's that about? >> we made some advances in 2009 in regards to identifying some of the
10:47 am
genomic sequence of the melanoma, lung cannes herb cardiac disease, this is really important information for us to be able to find out because not only can we identify people who are very high risk we can potentially provide preventative treatments to people who are high risk and also i'd other areas that we can screen or provide preventative means for example for cardiac disease, not smoking and providing, prescribing cholesterol medications for heart patients. shannon: so h1n1 big news in 2009. what are we looking to in the coming year? >> looking forward to h1n1 going away. probably drag on until about march until flu season usually ends and then i think we'll start to see a decrease towards the end of the year as expected with any type of seasonal flu. >> with healthcare legislation on the hill. some possible cings coverage as well? >> exactly as the senate health bill that just passed a lot of the major changes won't occur until 2013.
10:48 am
or 2014. depending if it is the senate or the congress bill. but regardless, some of the immediate changes that will take effect is that key -- cobra coverage will be extended for people who have lost their jobs. also children that are at home or under the age of 26 or 27 years. depending again on which bill gets finalized will be able to get care through their parents' coverage and also preexisting conditions will go away. insurance companies will no longer deny people for preexisting conditions. shannon: and doctor, this one sounds interesting. something to do with heart valves. >> that's right. the heart valves have been a major breakthrough for cardiac patients. people that have diseases of the aortic valves or other valves. this is a device able to make a small incision in the groin area and then insert a catheter. they'll feed the catheter up to the heart and be able to essentially repair or replace the heart valve. this is a huge advance. >> sqshgs something new with.
10:49 am
>> and something new with blood thinners as well. >> right a new blood thinner coming out much better than what we currently use a couple din. a couple is -- coumadin is a very tricky drug because it is unpredictable. patients don't tolerate it well interfwers other medications and diet. this new medication will be better all terp tf for people who require blood thinners to prevent strokes and other diseases that require blood thiners. shannon: over the last few years we've heard a lot of debate about vak sin yangs -- vaccinations for kids but some advancements on that front as well. >> we're starting to be able to find vaccinations for diseases such as melanoma. we also had a major breakthrough with finding, potentially finding a vaccine for hiv. last year we were able to identify one that provided protection for about 30%. which is still not adequate. we want it to be 70-80% effective but we certainly made a huge amount of progress in that.
10:50 am
shannon: doctor very quickly what is quick clot? >> quick clot is a phenomenal glue that is being used out in the military field only at this point and it's truly amazing. when a soldier has a traumatic injury and they're hemorrhaging from the traumatic injury the emts can actually inject this glue directly onto the wound and immediately it creates a clot and so they don't hemorrhage on the way to the hospital. so this is something that we're hoping will start to be seen in the civilian field. for example if you're in car accident and you have a traumatic limb injury that basically will be able to provide the glue in the field which of course will potentially save lives because there won't be a huge amount of blood loss. shannon: all right. critical advancements there dr. cynara coomer thank you for keeping us updated happy new year. rick: coming up toxic assetss bail outs ponzi schemes so
10:51 am
2009 aren't they. what can we expect in business in the new year pat powell will look into a crystal ball and she joins us coming up next. (woman) dear cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed.
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10:53 am
rick: from bailouts to bernie madoff that is. and just maybe, maybe the first signs of a recovery. turbulent year in business is now behind us so what can we expect in 2010 in the
10:54 am
world of business? pat powell is the founder and ceo of the powell financial group who also looks lovely in red this morning. happy new year pat. >> i got the memo. happy new year to you too. rick: thanks for joining us. let's talk about some of your predictions for the new year as we look forward here and the number one thing you think we need to keep our eye on. interest rates. >> interest rates. absolutely this was the easiest one to predict. the fed has been buying mortgage-backed securities up to the tune of about 1.2 trillion dollars there's little doubt they're stopping because they've announced that and to the extent has that has kept mortgage rates low when they stop buying it very logical to expect mortgage rates will increase. this is really good for viewers to know because if you're thinking of refinancing there's no time like the present. if you need to buy a house and you want to buy a house, watch the mortgage rates very carefully. every time the rates move a point you lose 10 and a half percent of your borrowing power. rick: i know this is all
10:55 am
sort of linked together interest rates with inflation which is the next thing you think we need to keep our eye on. >> yeah, inflation we've been very fortunate to have very low inflation all the way through this part of the recession. but going forward you're going to see inflation i think it is going to rear its head first for viewers in the grocery store. look at the commodities watch when you pick up the 5 pound bag of sugar or the milk. you're going to start seeing inflation there first and then it is going to work its way through the entire system, not good news. >>r. rick: pat what about real estate in the new year? >> real estate is probably going to switch over from res doernl commercial real estate. this is something chairman ben bernanke is worried about if the commercial real estate boub bubble is hit and they start having the same problems in paying back their morts gages guess what the banks are again in trouble. may not be over for the banal,. something to worry about and something to watch for the whole economy. rick: all right. how about the dollar. the dollar has been fluctuating in value and really is a very important
10:56 am
thing. what do you predict for the dollar in the new year? >> you know, we had a little bounce up in december which was a good thing but all of this spending that we're doing, inflation, it's all really bad for the dollar. the only good part about a falling dollar is exports but that's not great news for the rest of us. rick: all right and finally sort of the recovery watch. we've seen the markets certainly do well. >> right. rick: i guess since last march. what do you think as far as a real sort of robust recovery that is going to lead to some jobs? >> oh, i wish. i wish. you know, i would have to go back and say there's no such thing as a free lunch. all these freebies this reckless spending that has been going on. we're going to have to pay for it and we may have to start paying for it in 2010 and going on beyond that. i don't think we're going to be lucky enough to have our children and grandchildren pay for it. i think the bill on this one is going to be ours. there's a reason that there's a jobless recovery.
10:57 am
we've got to make back 7 million jobs that have been lost plus we've got make up about 100,000 jobs each and every month to handle new people entering the workforce. it is going to be a really tough go on the job side. rick: all right. we'll keep our eye on it and we appreciate you helping us sort of look into the crystal ballment pat powell the ceo and founder of the powell financial group. good to so you pat. happy new year. shannon: chilling new develop in the christmas day terror attack word the suspect made phone call in the days leading up to the failed attack. who he called, what he said raising even more questions about how he got on that plane. a live report just minutes away. to improve joint comfort... in as little as six days. drinking it every day keeps it working. elations has clinically proven levels... of glucosamine and chondroitin, in a powerful form that's more absorbable... than joint supplement pills. tastes great. goodbye, horse pills. start your joints on the road to comfort... in one pack, six days.
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that's elations. the new standard in joint health.
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shannon: welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom". i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. rick: i'm. rick folbaum for
11:00 am
bill hemmer. we begin with breaking developments in the botched christmas terror attack. worry the accused underwear bomber. umar farouk abdulmutallab made a dramatic phone call to his father a few weeks ago. "abc news" reported that the phone call was so alarming took his fears that his son was plotting a suicide mission straight to nigerian officials and they in turn brought him to the cia. molly wilkes is following the story. what do we know about the phone call and response to it? >> the "abc news" report in the final phone call the father warned this would be last contact with the family and people in yemen were about to destroy his sim card. the father reportedly contacted nigerian officials who took him to meet a cia officer in my gearian capital. they sent a cable to warning to the possible ties to yemeni extremists.
11:01 am
an intelligence official told fox the cia africa desk began preparing a fuller report on the suspect but that was never sent before christmas. however the clearing house for tips like this. the national counter terrorism center, does have access to reports in progress through their computer system, but us officials also told fox that nothing in that report would necessarily have elevated the suspect to the no-fly list. so it is still this review of who saw what and when, and how important was it, rick. rick: obviously there are a lots of pieces of this puzzle and they're beginning to come together now. the president asked for a review, a preliminary review on a couple of different things here. he got that yesterday. so i'm wondering is there some kind of a timeline? what are you hearing in washington when changes might actually kick in as a result of this review? >> i think it might take a little bit of time. we know that, through the month of january there's a number of congressional hearings scheduled. the president is going to
11:02 am
continue to get assessments through the this weekend and he is going to meet tuesday with various agency officials when he gets back here to washington. we spoke to lee hamilton, one of the chairs of the 9/11 commission. he says the president has to take the lead in making airline security a top priority. >> we've thrown bucketfuls of money at it, billions and billions of dollars over the past 10 years. and yet, we're not we're not where we would like to be. it is a question in the end of political leadership. >> again the president meeting tuesday at the white house with agency heads and also, still awaiting a fuller, complete report on this. rick? rick: so, malini. congress gets back from their break later on this month. what can we expect from congress? >> well, several congressional panels plan hearings both in the house and senate. among them the senate democratic intelligence committee. chairman die dianne
11:03 am
feinstein said anyone reasonably pleased to be with a terror group should be on a watch list and denied a visa. that is one possible out come, crack down on visas. the suspect did have a valid u.s. visa. rick: thanks very much. shannon: now to a major development in the investigation into a elite airline security directive into a attempted terror attack on christmas. the transportation security administration dropping subpoenas to a pair of internet writers they are trying to get chris elliot and steve frischling to identify the leaker who gave them that procedure. the agency took a lot of heat from journalists over that subpoena. now the tsa says its investigation is nearing a successful conclusion and the subpoenas are no longer necessary. president obama's choice to head the tsa is also facing some heat a report says erol
11:04 am
suthers gave congress misleading information while he worked for fbi 20 years ago. souters taken steps to correct the account. molly henneberg is live in washington, good morning, molly. >> good morning, shannon. happy new year. shannon: to you as well. what kind of information are we talking about, this misleading information? >> well initially in october, erroll southers told the senate homeland security committee led by independent senator joe lieberman and republican senator susan collins in 1987 and 1988 he asked a member of the san diego police department to look into criminal history of his estranged wife's new boyfriend. then when the committee approved southers nomination in november, the next day southers reviewed documents and remembered the incident differently. this time said he searched the information databases
11:05 am
himself, downloaded information about the boyfriend's records, according to the "washington post" and passed the information along to law enforcement. southers told a senate committee, quote, during a period of great personal turmoil i made serious error of judgement using my official position with the fbi to resolve a personal problem. he goes on to say, i assure you the mistake was inadvertent and at all times taken full responsibility what i know to have been a grave error in judgement. so far the white house is standing by southers, saying he quote, never tried to hide this incident that happened over 20 years ago and that senators lieberman and collins are satisfied with his account of the events. shannon: molly, we know they may be but some other republicans aren't. apparently not about this specific issue. they're holding him up for another reason? >> yes, one republican senator in particular, south carolina senator, jim demint, says he wants assurances that southers will not unionize the tsa
11:06 am
and airport security screeners if he is confirmed. demint tells fox, quote, this is the last thing we need to do right now, our airport security needs to have massive flexability. the ability to move people around and change protocols. and it makes absolutely no sense, senator demint tells fox, to submit security of our airports and passengers here in this country to collective bargaining with unions. senate democrats they say they intend to push through southers nomination when they return later this month. shannon? shannon: molly, they have plenty to do. we'll see if that makes the list. great to see you, thanks. rick: cia veterans say the agency is just reeling after a homicide bomber killed seven employees in afghanistan. calling the deadly taliban attack on forward operating base chapman on wednesday, devastating, saying the people we lost were experienced front line officers in the war on terror. caroline shively is in washington for us. caroline, hi? this guy was actually invited onto the base, this
11:07 am
bomber. why was he let on? >> they were courting him, rick. they wanted him to flip on the enemy. they were trying to collect intel from him. there were reports that this guy didn't go through the normal security checkpoints and that's how he got the explosives through and onto the forward operating base in the khost province. even more damaging the taliban says he was a member of afghan military, something the military came out strongly against today. this is definitely bringing up questions over cia procedures and the question is, is it, are they doing enough to protect their agents in the field, rick. rick: just, an absolute terrible story because this is vital information that they're trying to get. they need to work with informants and for something like this to happen, i know both the president and the head of the cia, both reacting to this. what are they saying? >> both men sent their condolences to the families and agency members. cia only has 10,000 employees and spy community is really tight-knit. president obama said this, quote, you have helped us understand the world as it
11:08 am
is and taken great risk to protect our country. you have served in the shadows and your sacrifices have sometimes been unknown to your fellow citizens, your friends and even your families. in his statement to employees, cia director leon panetta said, we owe them our deepest gratitude and we pledge to them and their families we will never cease fighting to the cause which they dedicated their lives, a saver america. a number of lawmakers also sent their condolences. no assigning of plame with you we expect a larger investigate on in the coming weeks and months, rick. rick: speaking of the agents killed in the attack, what do we know about them. >> the cia isn't releasing the names. the chief of the cia post was a mother of three. another of the agents killed was harold brown, jr., according to his fort. brown was 37, an army veteran and survived by his wife and three children. the youngest is just two years old. this is the deadliest attack on cia since the 1983 embassy bombing in beirut. panetta in his statement also brought up an important point. there were six cia agent
11:09 am
injured in this attack. he said because of the u.s. military doctors and nurses those six survived. rick? rick: caroline shively in washington with the news. caroline, thanks. shannon: another terror attack rocking pakistan. in the country's north-west frontier province near peshawar. this time a homicide bomber drove a vehicle full of explosives onto a field during a volleyball tournament. more than 45 people were killed in a blast and that number we're told is likely to rise. the explosion so powerful, that nearby homes collapsed. pakistan tv is reporting that rescue efforts are now underway for any people trapped in the rubble there. the blast is just the latest in a string of deadly attacks that began after pakistan launched a military offensive against taliban fighters. some 500 people have been killed in the wave of bloodshed. rick: coming up we'll lighten things up a bit. millions of people watching the ball drop in times square but only a handful of people knew what was actually going on behind the scenes. our own katherine herridge
11:10 am
getting an exclusive look at fbi operations in right in times square. she is here with video own oy fox. the new year brings serious storms. janice dean will tell us who is in for a winter wallop to quick off 2010. we'll be right back.
11:11 am
11:12 am
shannon: "fox news" got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the massive security operation by the fbi and the nypd last night in times square. we were on the ground with the men and women who kept hundreds of thousands of partygoers safe, not an easy task. catherine herridge is live with us here in new york to tell us more. you got to see the really exclusive behind the scenes stuff? >> this is really the first time the fbi has taken the
11:13 am
media to some of the under disclosed locations around the city where they're trying to keep new york safe through new year's. we went to what is called the jttf. this is the joint terrorist task force. this is the fbi's hub for intelligence, if you will. it began with all hands on deck briefing with the leadership and team leaders and one of the analysts explained to us how they piece together information throughout the evening. let's listen. >> if something happens, and information is reported into the command post the job of the intelligence analysts to night is to take information and run it down. try to create an intelligence profile. so an understanding of the targets, associates, accomplices, if accomplices are identified, developing a social network. >> some of that information comes from, we'll say classified sources and some of that information comes from what they describe as open source reporting. so that is like yugle, i'm so tired. you know what i meant, google, yahoo!, whatever. shannon: this is a massive operation.
11:14 am
i've got the fbi and nypd working together. how do they coordinate? >> what struck me in our reporting is that, you would often go out on the street and see them working side by side with each other. it was really at least from what we saw, it was pretty seamless. we went to the primary operations center for the nypd what they have got within the center is access to 600 cameras around the city. if they know that there is something suspicious, they can go in on one of those cameras and they can break down that camera to about 16 different images. you can get so close to people, you see right there, they can pick up a face. they sometimes can pick up identifying information if they got a tip or lead they can start to move teams in and even identify the suspect at that way. shannon: that is amazing technology. i understand they did gettings potentially worrisome last night? >> there were several things they were running down throughout the evening. we were moving with them and you get the sense things became a little electric. they were moving quicker and started talking to each
11:15 am
other. they had a report of one point, three suspicious individuals. young men. foreign passport holders and backpacks in the frozen zone. this is blocked off area around times square where you can't take packages, backpacks. so they brought in the bomb be techs and bomb-sniffing dogs. what was interesting that when they looked at these iranian passport holders they went to check if visas were valid. this is another sign how flight 253 really permeate ad lot of security or was at least on top of everyone's mind last night. shannon: they had a big job to do. they did it successfully. >> they did. shannon: thanks, catherine. rick. rick: shannon, mother nature kicking off 2010 with a wallop. big snowfall set for some parts of country making traveling tough and roads and airports, even the south isn't safe from this cold weather system. janice dean live at the extreme weather center. we're kicking off the new year with extreme weather already? >> might be payback for a very calm hurricane season, maybe rick. i don't want to jinx it or
11:16 am
anything but we've had incredible storms especially across the east coast and the cold air that is going to sink southward, in some cases 30 degrees below normal. look at minneapolis. that's the low. that is not factored in with the winds, windchill, that is an actual low tonight in minneapolis minus 11. look at new orleans and memphis and even tampa. 37 degrees. this cold air is going to remain in place, not just tonight, but for the next several nights and well into next week. right now, here's what it feels like outside, if you're not protected. you really don't want to be outside in international falls where it is minus 35 or feels like minus 35. feels like minus 15 in minneapolis. that really tells the story. extremely, extremely cold. dangerous cold. really you want to make sure you're not outdoors for any length of time. let's talk about the radar, lots of moisture streaming into florida right now. another storm system moving into the pacific northwest, heavy rain and mountain
11:17 am
snow. we also have the potential for a blizzard on our hands across the new england region saturday and sunday where we could get incredible amounts of snow, very dpustty winds and traveling is going to be treacherous if not impossible across portions of northern new england, upstate new york. we'll keep eye on it, rick. it will be busy one so far. back to you. rick: thanks for covering it all for us. janice dean at the extreme weather center. thanks. shannon: a new year and a new plan for the republicans. their strategy for the midterm congressional elections and how health care will figure into all of that. and then, dancing penguins, a skateboarding dog and kangaroo in school. a look back at the most amazing animal stories from 2009. you don't want to miss it, in just two minutes.
11:18 am
11:19 am
11:20 am
rick: 2010, the year of the crucial midterm elections coming up in november and republicans hope a strategy based on repealing any health care legislation the president signs will help them make some gains with voters. the gop hoping to tap into deep anxiety about the plan among its base and independents as well. and joining us is chris dirwatl.
11:21 am
a political editor at the "washington examiner". thanks for being here, chris. this is rallying cry, before the bill even has passed repeal? >> for republicans what they're hoping to do is, keep the outrage going. that is a tough test in politics, ten months is an eternity, politically-speaking. what they're hoping they can do there is a lot of public dissatisfaction, liberal, moderate, conservative over not just this health care bill but the way it was fashioned with all the last-minute deals and all the stuff that went on in the house and senate. they're hoping they can translate that not just into an objection to the health care plan but to a general objection to the way business is done in washington. rick: realisticly what are the chances of a repeal? what would that entail for the republicans? >> well, it would entail, capturing a majority, which though, the republican chances in 2010 are significantly better than i think anyone expected them to be at this point, picking up the 40 seats they would
11:22 am
need in the house of rest seems unlikely still. even the most optimistic estimates are still in the range of 30 or 35. so, that's tough. but if they could do that, then they have to overcome a presidential veto because it would not be likely that the president would allow his own plan to be overturned. rick: so they would need 60 votes in the senate, that is not going to happen. >> that's not definitely not going to happen. rick: this is a political, this is an attempt to sort of rally the troops here but, i'm wondering if it comes with some risk? i mean there are going to be parts of this bill that are going to kick in, and some of these benefits, as far as, no exclusion of people for having had preexisting conditions, some of these things are going to be pretty popular with voters. they might not like the overall plan but elements of it will be popular. so what is the risk here for the gop? >> well, the risk, and you're quite right, that elements, like, the new regulations on insurance companies will be popular with some people and but there will also be unpopular
11:23 am
items like new taxes that will need to be levied in order to pay for this huge legislation. but the risk for the gop is, can they put forward an alternative? they have been slapped with the label of the party of no by the democrats and white house particularly. so, they need, if they're going to go against they need to say not just that we want to repeal this but we also believe we can do the following things that are better for health care. republicans generally aren't comfortable running on domestic issues. rick: we've got a big election coming up with this year. we can talk about the midterm this year, now january 1st. chris, with the "washington examiner", happy new year to you, chris. thanks for your time. shannon: switching gears while 2010 is just hours old, time to take a look back at some of the most entertaining animals in 2009. >> i'm not going to check that thing's i.d..
11:24 am
♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
11:25 am
♪ . the. ♪ . shannon: do you have any pets, rick? rick: no we don't have any pets but i like to skew that up and keep running it over and over again. i could watch that couple more times. shannon: pretty entertaining. i have a lab, and she will do anything for treats. she does high-fives and all kinds of little fun things. i'm convinced animals for food will do anything. a lot of humans too. rick: i know people that
11:26 am
will do anything for food. bring your dog when you come up from washington. shannon: she will sit right here. she is relatively well-behaved. jaap if that will work. rick: when we come back the president getting a chance to actually enjoy some of his hawaiian vacation hitting the links but the president's holiday probably not turning out to be the quiet one he and his family envisioned. there he is. not a bad swing. shannon: not a bad one at all. rick: he is reviewing the terror report. we'll go live to hawaii for update. surveillance cameras are everywhere these days. we'll look at the most dramatic moments caught on tape in 2009. maybe we could show you the animals again too. we'll be right back. don't go away.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
rick: we're getting the first reaction from the head of delta, which is the airline that actually merged with northwest. the plane that was involved in that failed christmas plot. the ceo of the airline saying that he's very unhappy, he sent a memo to all delta employees saying that the airline has done whatever the government has it to do in terms of trying to keep their passengers safe and secure, and that the airline has a number of questions now for the federal government moving forward on security measures that will take place in the future. we will have more on this story of course coming up right here on "fox news
11:30 am
channel." shannon? shannon: president obama is spending new year's in hawaii but it is of course a working vacation as the commander-in-chief is reviewing reports on that botched terror attack exactly one week ago. all of this comes as we're learning about the suspect's chilling phone call to his father. according to "abc news" he warned his dad it would be his final contact with the family. that same call led his father to the cia where he shird his suspicions that his son was plotting a suicide mission. steve centanni live in honolulu. how is the president trying to spend this final holiday weekend? not much left. >> a few more days. he will be here until monday, shannon. yesterday he spent his new years eve partly on the golf links. he was out having a good time. we have picktures of him. some of our rare glimpses of the president on the island of oahu. he spent part of the day going over two reviews he ordered on failed christmas attack. one review of the watch list
11:31 am
and other review of our detection capabilities. preliminary results with were coming in until midnight last night. the president has them then. he will review them over the weekend all in advance of a big meeting tuesday in the white house when he will get all the department heads together, all the relevant agencies involved in this investigation, including cia leon panetta, attorney general eric holder and janet napolitano. the heads of the tsa, national counterterrorism center, national surveillance agency, all of them coming together at the white house the day after the president arrives back in washington, d.c. to try to figure out what went wrong and how this guy could have gotten on this plane. shannon: steve, we know there is so much internal activity domestically. do we know anything about efforts with regard to international airline security? >> well that's a big piece of this puzzle of course. in terms of detection especially because,
11:32 am
abdulmutallab the attacker, got on planes in nigeria, changed planes in amsterdam and changed planes in detroit on an international flight. as much as we improve screening we'll still not have the international piece unless as janet napolitano says we reach out. she says we're engaged in what she calls a broad national outreach effort. she announced plans to send her top deputies to meet with airport leaders in africa, in the middle east, in europe, in south america to talk about ways we can improve airport screening and airport security. she says she is fully committed to doing whatever it takes to improve the system worldwide and try to prevent this same kind of thing from happening again. shannon? shannon: steve, thank you. and happy new year to you. it is even newer where you are. happy 2010. >> you too. rick: for more on this, bring in gary bernsen a retired cia officer. he is author of a book, human intelligence, counterterrorism, national leadership a practical
11:33 am
guide. happy new year. >> thank you. rick: the president has his work cut out for him. where should he start? >> he will have to start with the intel committee here. human intelligence, this is what it is all about. you have to collect intelligence. disseminate intel. you have to stop people attempting to do attacks on our aircraft or whatever facilities they attack before they get to the airport. we have to uncover these things. part of the problem is the sheer volume of threats against the u.s.. years ago i was a chief of hezbollah operations in the counterterrorism center. i would have to go through, you know, three or four hours of reading every morning just, sheer volume of stuff coming in from around the world. we would deal with five, 10, 15 threats a day like this. so it is not don't want to make excuses for agency, but people need to understand there is a billion people in the islamic world, if only 1% don't like us and doing bad things against us that is still millions of people actively working against the interests of the u.s.. rick: we talk about sort of the dots and trying to
11:34 am
connect them, which is something that you used to do. that was your job. and in hindsight, we hear the story about this 23-year-old, who was, mentioned perhaps in some kind of a intercept as nigerian whose father came and said, i'm concerned about my son. i've just gotten this alarming phone call from him. when you hear about all of these different points, and we're all sort of monday morning quarterbacking saying, why didn't people realize, what do you think? >> clearly it was a failure to connect the dots here. for 9/11, it was a failure to collect the dots. we didn't have sufficient collection. here they had this stuff. they didn't put it together. it didn't get on a list. but, i'll say this. the clandestine services out in the field, they're moving, as people that like died in afghanistan were killed in khost in afghanistan, they're collecting stuff in the field. they're sending it back. clandestine services doing that work. national counterterrorism and center are ones compiling lists. it is not the works of the
11:35 am
clandestine service to compile the list. they're out there as collectors. this is the intelligence bureaucracy in washington that did not do its job. rick: you mentioned the attack on the cia officers in afghanistan. you're going to stick around and in a couple of minutes we'll talk to you about that tragic story and get your feedback on that. so we'll have more with gary coming up. shannon, first over to you. shannon: thanks, rick. surveillance cameras in 2009 caught everything from a wild west-like shootout in a bar to a bull-running through a grocery store to plenty of unusual robberies. who knows what will be caught on tape in 2010 but for a look back at last year's highlights here is jonathan hunt. >> oh. >> a shootout at an ohio bar leaves patrons ducking for cover underneath a pool table. [gunfire] one small leap for justice, caught on tape as a man tries to rob a southeastern wisconsin bank. taking a stand and flying across the rope line, tackling the masked man to the ground. an angry bull making a mad dash around an irish
11:36 am
supermarket after escaping from a nearby livestock pen. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. >> another animal, another store. watch out in aisle two. >> you're not going to believe this but there is a bear in the store. >> a bear talk as confident stroll around a wisconsin grocery store. cameras catch it am belling into the store's beer cooler. >> he knew where to go. >> this louisiana woman tucks a case of beer under her house dress as man tries to block her from the camera. she waddled away but later nabbed by police. from stealing beer to using it as a disguise, a robbery suspect in nebraska gets crafty whering an empty beer box on hissed head. he demands cash but settles for nine packs of cigarettes. kansas cops say this guy not only took a grocery store's money but stole a kiss on the way out. holding a knife to the clerk's throat, he leans in and plants one on her. a close shave in washington state as a toyota camry comes flying into a building
11:37 am
narrowly missing a little girl. luckily the car wound up going airborne striking a poll and coming within inches from a 6-year-old a sex toy smash-and-grab. a man drives his car through a set of doors but forgets to put the vehicle in park. he dashes around the store looking for a $300 sex toy. one problem his license plate was visible. all across the country assault on atms in california they took the whole machine and in texas a truck is used to pull and bash it. and perhaps the most memorable caught on tape moment, of 2009, came in the beginning of the year as us airways flight 1549 splash landed into new york's hudson river. all of its 150 passengers and five crews were safely rescued. the landing of the airplane by pilot chesley sullenberger was quickly proclaimed the miracle on the hudson. in new york, jonathan hunt. "fox news".
11:38 am
rick: i still get chills when i see all the people lined up after that plane made that miracle landing. shannon: yeah, i mean it still takes your breath away. you think about the expertise and luck and all the things that had to come together. for a story like that to have a happy ending is just amazing. rick: what about the people trying to steal the atms? what were they thinking? shannon: license plate showing that is my favorite part. keep it up. rick: keep it up. what is coming up? shannon: a homicide bombing attack in afghanistan shakes the cia. we're getting more details how a taliban terrorist infiltrated the base. plus the lives lost and why veterans say this attack will define the agency for generation to come. the most age dangerous job in iraq doesn't involve direct contact. the soldiers in the ied cleanup crew, not a safe job. they are heroes. a live report on that, up next.
11:39 am
11:40 am
11:41 am
shannon: we're getting new details how a homicide bomber infiltrated a cia base in eastern afghanistan. setting off a deadly explosion killing seven cia employees on wednesday. agency veterans are calling the attack, devastating, and now, "fox news" has learned the bomber was invited on the base by agents trying to recruit him as an informant. back with us is gary berntsen, a retired cia
11:42 am
officer. how is it unusual you would try to within trust of somebody like this? >> in the human intelligence business it is all about establishing trust and motivate people to work for us so they believe in us. the problem you have a balance of security and efficiency. what is efficient may not be very secure. operations officers have to take a decision at each location whether chief of station or chief of base how much security to use and employ. in this particular situation, they didn't employ enough security there. they didn't do the pat-down at the gate. to bring him in and have him exposed to so many officers is a bit shocking. i'm, really surprised at the size of the loss. shannon: it is an inkretable loss. i know you're professionals out there in the field. cia has a job to do but to lose seven people, out tough is that. >> it very, very tough. it is largest loss since beirut. i was working at the unit in washington when we lost those people there. it is very, very difficult. the tendency is that washington will not overreach.
11:43 am
headquarters will not try to tell every chief of station, chief of base to do their business. you have to devolve power to the people and they live and die by those decisions. it is the most efficient way to collect tell against that will -- intelligence that defend the nation. shannon: tell us why it is so important to have autonomy there to make decisions? >> as chief of station you know local politics. you know your ambassador his or her feelings how they want things run into the country. you understand the local politics, the local threats. no one better than the person on the ground running operations in that country, particularly chief of station, is better suited to make those decisions. and we want to make sure that headquarters doesn't start to overreach and impose restrictions on them which will restrict the amount of intel we can collect to defend america. shannon: can you give us any kind of perspective on what role the cia plays in the overall strategy in afghanistan? i know we have troops on the ground but what about the cia? >> in the beginning when we
11:44 am
invaded cia took the lead. i was there when we ran the invasion. now, cia is in a supporting role, a supporting role to dod, the department of defense that has bulk of forces on the ground. with the surge of military force, i'm sure there has been an accompanying surge of intelligence officers to support them. those particular officers are operating on the border area with khost, probably one of the most dangerous parts of the country. hakan inetwork recently sent five human bombers in police uniforms to do an attack on a police station. two guys detonated at the front, at the hard-line of the entrans. other three got inside and killed many police inside. it is very, very dangerous. in human operations working against human bombers is most dangerous aspect of this type of work. shannon: incredibly dangerous. we thank you for work you've done and sharing your perspective as well today. gary, thank you. >> you're welcome. shannon: rick? rick: coming up the most dangerous job in iraq these days for u.s. troops does
11:45 am
not involve combat but could be just as deadly. why? these guys search out and clear improvised explosive devices or ieds. and the members of this cleanup crew put their own lives at risk every day to save others. dominic denatali has more from kirkuk. >> the night convoy still patrol iraq's roads removing terrorist arsenal of ieds. a fresh uptick in violence means air force explosive ordinance team at kirkuk regional airbase endowners many roadside bombs. it can take hours to secure the scene. >> it is not like on tv cut the red wire, blue wire. these are all the same color. >> this is not "the hurt locker". >> yes and no. this is how the bomb be disposal work is seen. remote control robots sizing up a situation. but clearing them, requires an essential human touch. >> you can only do so much with a robot. so yes, it does happen.
11:46 am
there is no 100% guaranty you will see everything. one man's eyes is just as good as the next. >> we've completely chraerd the scene. had the ied. one ied on this side of the road another one on that side of the road. i happened to be looking down. look to the right, there had been one i was standing right next to. one of those times jump in the truck and tell everybody get out here as fast you can. >> ieds come in every lethal shape and size. this washing machine timer reveals how unsophisticated mechanisms can be. speaker wires is frequent ingredient. >> that connects the circuit. that is it. set one of giant suckers off. >> not always seat of your pants action. eod missions could last for hours. we've been out for 4 1/2 hours and night hasn't even begun. we could be here until dawn. we just spotted someone doing something suspicious in field and we think he might be planting an improvised explosive device.
11:47 am
we've got to check him out. >> it could be a terrorist planting an ied but may only be a farmer, yes, even in the middle of the night. whoever it is he makes a hasty retreat when spooked by our heavily armed convoy. however the team comes face-to-face with their nemesis, ramping the adrenaline in a drench moment. >> you hold yourself relaxed because you want to beat their faces in, but you can't. >> you've had friends die. known lots of people that have been hurt and maimed, killed over here. and you want to take it out on this guy. >> when this bomb squad's casualtity account for 20% of us air men wounded or killed since the iraq war began, eradicating some the weapons ease the pain. there is secondary reaction in their work, one that should keep more of their colleagues and iraq's civilians safer. at kirkuk regional airbase, "fox news". shannon: final phone call to his father revealing
11:48 am
chilling information, horrific news for a father, but that's vital information for u.s. national security. what he said, and why didn't it stop his plot before it left the ground? and, a troubled hollywood couple wants to kiss and make up. the shocking 911 call and a lawyer's plea for reconciliation. that's next. 
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
shannon: the couple wants a chance to reconcile. so they're asking for a retraining order against the actor to be lifted. this despite allegations that sheen threatened his wife, brooke, with a knife on christmas. >> my husband had me with a knife and i'm scared for my life and he threatened me. >> okay, are you guys separated renown? >> reright now. we have people that are separating. >> are there other people there? does he still have the knife? >> yeah he still does. >> what's your name? >> brooke. >> and what's your husband's name? >> it's charlie sheen. shannon: sheen was arrested on domestic violence in aspen, colorado but he denies that he threatened his wife. now mrs. sheen's attorney is
11:52 am
chalking up the whole thing to one bad night. yalegallanter says they want to work out their differences. they want to try and save their marriage. they had a bad night and want to get beyond it and try to resolve their issues but prosecutors do not want the judge to let this one get away. we have a former federal prosecutor and doug burns, defense attorney and prosecutor. they join us now. doug, let me start with you. how tough will it be to prosecute the case if the wife is not willing? >> people misunderstand, the victim is dropping the case. that is not the way it works. the prosecutors make the decision. however it is much, much tougher to prosecute the case when you don't have a victim that wants to go forward. they become recalcitrant and don't want to go forward. isn't it true you did say. a, b and c when it happens it looks bad in front of a jury to have a witness who don't want to go forward.
11:53 am
in this particular case she was apparently intoxicated and there is dispute. he says there was no knife. he says the dispute was only about the children. so, i think it makes the case much, much tougher. shannon: fred, let me ask you, there have been already some accusations brooke changed her story. >> correct. shannon: could she be facing charges in this whole mess? >> she could be. she made statements to the police. there was a police affidavit. charlie sheen's a hotshot actor. you know clearly one of the young guns. but the fact the guy has major league problem. he a little bit of a wild thing. what takes this from being a scary movie she got law enforcement involved. the police got involved. the prosecutor is objecting to any change in the protective custody order because he is concerned about a victim the which is his job. so he is looking at some serious charges which could send him from "two and a half men" to spending 2 1/2 with men. we'll see how it plays out. because the victim wants to change her story which is not uncommon in these
11:54 am
domestic dispute cases the government, the prosecutor is still obligated to go forward where he thinks there is evidence of a crime. shannon: dick, let me ask you this. how common or uncommon is it both accuser and alleged suspect, that their attorneys would join together to ask a protective order be dropped and how, likely do you think it is that the judge would actually do it? >> actually it is very common for good reasons and bad reasons. the good reasons, look they have two 9-month-old twins together. they're married. they may want to make it work. the bad news of course is any advocate in terms of domestic violence will tell you, that a lot of times, there is coercion, economic coercion. so after the incident, the dust settles all of sudden they backtrack and that is a negative. as far as whether the judge will do it, it depends on whether the prosecutor is articulate, a, he has been dangerous before and b, they think she is in danger. no prosecutor or judge wants a situation where they feel something really bad could happen. >> not at all. you're the prosecutor. you're job is uphold justice. lady justice is supposed to
11:55 am
be blind. we don't let private litigants and expensive attorneys get together and set policy and dictate who will be criminally prosecuted. domestic violence is a crime. this guy is alleged to have beaten this woman up. if every time people change their mind because they want to reconcile we wouldn't be able to have an effective tool for dealing with domestic violence which is serious issue in this country. >> but the other point too, shannon and freddie, if there weren't a famous actor, let me make this point, you know, in the day-to-day practice of criminal law, i think you would agreed. >> i agree. >> if the victim doesn't go forward plea offers are lower. the case is kind of go away. >> absolutely. this cuts two ways. he is a famous actor and this does set precedent and sends a message to people and opportunity to send a message if you engage in domestic violence you're going to be prosecuted. >> see the other thing too, if they have tremendous corroboration, law school, classroom hypothetical they had a color video what happened for some reason. >> we don't get that lucky. >> then you don't need the
11:56 am
victim. we have a 911 tape. there is legal issue that is technically hearsay. may come in as excited utterance but may not come in. >> given what she said that charlie sheen wasn't standing over top of her with a knife i'm not sure it fits what the law calls excited utterance. you're supposed to be frightened or scared what the law calls indicia of truthfulness. we're getting into serious law school stuff. shannon: we have to leave it there. i'm getting flashbacks to the law exam. happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. rick: coming up on "america's newsroom" it is the question that everybody is asking, how did this young man, board an airplane, bound for detroit, carrying the makings of a bomb? getting answers is one of president obama's top priorities right now of course. we'll find out what the president is learning when we come right back. ♪ .
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rick: well don't a brand new hour inside america's news room i'm rick folbaum in today for bill hemmer and i'm in for megyn kelly. hasn't been a true holiday for president obama more like a work vacation. now had to have one day to digest a preliminary report how a nigerian national boarded a u.s.-bound jet carrying explosives not much of what the president heard was good. rick: his top national security advisor is telling
12:00 pm
him the system to protect america's zpris terrorists far from fail-safe. even though the government has poured tens of billions of dollars into new measures and agencies to keep us safe since 9/11. steve centanni is live in honolulu. steve, can you tell us more how the president is spending the holiday weekend trying to digest all of this information? >> reporter: right rick. that's exactly what he's going to be doing. all the preliminary information came in yesterday before midnight local time here in hawaii. and those of course the preliminary results of two reviews he ordered. one of the watch list system that allowed abdulmutallab to be on one watch list but not on the no-fly list and also of our detection capabilities at airports that allowed him to board an international flight with those bombs in his, on his person. now interest a photo of the president yesterday getting some of the briefings from his department heads and top advisors on those preliminary reports and he's looking those over over the weekend in advance of a big
12:01 pm
meeting on tuesday with all the department heads of the relative agencies where they're going sit with the president at the white house and talk about what went wrong and what needs to be fixed rick. rick: steve obviously it's a little easier fur our government to take a look at what happens in our airports in the u.s.. what about international airline security though? >> reporter: yeah, that's a big piece of the problem. not only domestic but international as you know abdulmutallab boarded a plane in nigeria and another one in amsterdam to come to the u.s. and so what we need to do according to the administration is coordinate our detection capabilities overseas so that people getting on international flights will be screened more carefully. to that end janet napolitano the head of homeland security is sending over her top deputies talk with leaders of major international airports all around the world including in africa the middle east, europe and south america. she calls this a broad international outreach effort and she vows that she's fully committed to making whatever changes are
12:02 pm
necessary to ensure the proper security, try to prevent this from ever happening again rick. rich: -- >>r steve finally what about guantanamo bay. the administration decide it was going to close guantanamo bay and originally it was going to be before the end of 2009. u know that deadline has been pushed but are they still talking about that or has there been some thinking that maybe that's not the best way to go? >> reporter: well, certainly they're under more pressure to change their policy on guantanamo but so far administration officials are saying they're committed to closing guantanamo. it's in our best national security interests. administration officials say it's been a magnet for terrorists who use it as a recruiting tool and a rallying cry. and so we need to close it for that reason. but of course there's pressure on capitol hill among some members of congress who say that this yemeni connection should ring a lot of alarm bells in terms of guantanamo. a lot of the detainees there are from yemen. some have been released and
12:03 pm
some have gone back to yemen and abdulmutallab in the christmas day attack had been to yemen himself. there's a disturbing connection there and a lot of pressure on the administration. rick? rick: we can hear the surf behind you. steve centanni live for us this new year's day in honolulu. thanks so much. >> the ceo of delta says he's upset about the danger of everyone on flight 253 faced despite all the security measures the airline actually followed. delta chief richard anderson makeing the comments in a recorded message to employees he said the airlines have done everything the government has asked of them since the attacks on 9/11. according to anderson all the security put into place should have brought better results than the catastrophe that was narrowly avoided on christmas day. he also said the crew of flight 253 will receive accommodations next week for their work in keeping the passengers safe. rick: the death toll climbing in a bombing at a sporting event in northwest pakistan and some brand new video just into fox news. police say a homicide bomber drove onto the field during
12:04 pm
a volleyball tournament set off a vehicle packed with explosives blowing himself up and killing 70 others. at least another 70 people have been injured. the blast so powerful it destroyed more than 20 nearby homes it blew the rooftops off of other homes in the area and officials say people may still be trapped in the rubble this hour. the didly blast happening in pakistan's tribal belt. the latest bloodshed to rattle that country since the pakistani army launched a military offense uf against taliban and al-qaeda militants mere the afghan border. shannon: new develops on a deadly attack targeting a cia base in afghanistan on wednesday am homicide bomber blew himself up inside the compound killing 7 cia employees six others were also injured in the blast. fox news has learned the m bore was actually invited onto the base. connor powell is tracking the story in kabul. what can you tell us connor? >> shannon not only was he
12:05 pm
invited to sb into the base but cia was courting him to be an intelligence course because they were wog him allowed him to pass through multiple layers of security unchecked, unser. ed and that's how he was actually able to move the bomb into the base. i'm told it's not unusual for the cia to try to build a relationship with their informants with the people they're trying to recruit but it is unusual however not to search them. no mat for level. now, the cia is investigateing the attack. still trying to figure out what exactly happened and learn more. but i'm told today the attack is not going to change how the military or cia recruit afghans, recruit informants because this is a mistake. this is not the usual standard operating0 procedure. they will continue to try to search recruits and informants if they are trying to bring onto the u.s. side. now, the taliban are claiming that the attacker was actually a member of the afghan national army. today a spokesman for the afghan ministry of defense
12:06 pm
denied that. saying it is just simply not possible. but because of the nature of this battle, afghans and american and international troops are working side-by-side and at the heart of this strategy general mcchrystal's strategy here is building up the afghan security forces, it means afghan soldiers and u.s. soldiers and intelligence officials are working side-by-side creating a greater risk. but it's a risk intelligence officials shannon say is necessary to turn it around the war in afghanistan. >> connor powell reporting live. thank you so much. rick: some new controversy surrounding president obama's pick to lead the tsa. a report says that e roland burris south -- e southers gave information while he was fbi agent received reprimand for background checks on his estranged wife's boy fren happened 20 years ago but could put his nomination in jeopardy
12:07 pm
according to somement molly henneberg is live in washington. nice to see you. one day after the senate homeland security committee approved the southers no, ma'am nations remembered it differently what's he saying now? >> reporter: hi rook good to see you too. he personally not a police department employee acting on suthers request as he said looked into databases to get information on his estranged wife's boy friend. southers said it was a serious error in judgement and a time of "great personal turmoil" and ined a ver sent mistake when he told the homeland committee otherwise. wrote "this incident was over 20 years ago. i was distraught and concerned about my young son and never in my career since has there been any recurrence of this sort of conduct." southers said he was punished by the fbi for his actions which he told the committee from the out set. rick? rick: any word from the fbi,
12:08 pm
are they standing by him? >> reporter: the white house is standing by him. he's been an fbi agent for years the white house president obama who nominated southers is standing by him and says southers needs meet the standards to be head of the tsa. the relative senate committees have cleared him and he should be confirmed a spokesman for the president said southers has "never tried to hide this incident that handed over 20 years ago and that he has the support of the ranking republican on the homeland security committee susan collins as well as the republican governor of california arnold schwarzenegger for whom southers has worked as his number two security advisor for years". rick: but there some other concern about mr. southers and that is that a lot of republicans are afraid that he would allow or support the tsa employees from unionizing. right? >> reporter: right. and one republican in particular senator jim demint of south carolina says that it "makes no sense to submit airline security to the back and forth of collective bargaining. ". take a listen to this.
12:09 pm
>> that's why we don't allow collective bargaining with the fbi, with the secret service or cia or even white house and congressional staff or the coast guard. i mean, security requires constant vigilance and imagination trying to out maneuver, out think the terrorists. we don't need to put our airport security under the same type of regiment as the automakers had. >> reporter: senate democrats say they intend to bring southers nomination to a vote when they return later this month. rick? rick: molly henneberg in washington. thanks. shannon: new york city celebrating the start of another term today. live pishgs -- pictures of the inauguration ceremony for mike bloomberg at city hall. plans to keep the event low-key affair. no big parties planned instead the mayor is going to visit people doing volunteer work across the city. was initially restricted from running for a third 2ur7 term but got that law changed in november beat democratic rival and what
12:10 pm
are some are calling a surprisingly narrow victory. rick: the shots from lower manhattan. when we come back 2009 made history in politics. america electing its first african-american president. this one of the many headlines. we'll take a look back. shannon: plus new york city remains a top target for terrorists. how do authorities keep hundreds of thousands of people in times square safe on a big night like new year's eve? we've got a fox news exclusive. we go on patrol for a fascinating behind the scenes look. rick: and the new year brings big cings your credit card debt. congress passing new rules for banks that go into effect next month but the banks are busy thinking up new twice try to get your money. what you might want to try to look out for coming up. ♪
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12:12 pm
shannon: coast guard helicopters, planes and search vehicles now looking far woman who went overboard
12:13 pm
off a cruise ship near the bahamas. royal caribbean's monarch of the seas says person went over the rails yesterday about 4:00 a.m. she was last seen when the ship was headed from nassau to the barry islands bahamas. crew members determined the 23-year-old went overboard from the 12th deck by reviewing security cameras. rick: all right. bring in the new decade with a look back at 2009 and the major events in our nation's capital that made political history and will shape our future. craig boswell has more from washington. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> after taking his oath before the largest inaugural crowd ever. >> this you go. there we go. >> president obama wasted no time reversing bush administration policies. signing 16 executive orders in his first month from closing gitmo to loosening restrictions on abortion funding. worst inauguration day performance ever. >> failing economy dominateing
12:14 pm
the beginning of his term despite g.o.p. objections the president signs a $787 billion stimulus bill. after two of the big three auto maybe file for bankruptcy the taxpayer funded "cash for clunkers" program injects money back into the u.s. auto industry and three months in supreme court justice david souter retires igniting a battle for the bench. >> i have decided to nominate judge sewn -- sonia sotomayor but the g.o.p. jumps on sonia sotomayor suggesting a wise latino woman can make better decisions than a white male. >> that particular phrase bothers me i expect every judge to see all the facts a. >> my rhetorical device failed because it left an impression that i believe something that i don't. >> in the end senators confirmed the new york native making her the first hispanic on the high court. healthcare brings heated debate sparking the summer phenomenon of town halls. >> now, wait a minute. now wait a minute. >> president obama tries to
12:15 pm
reclaim the issue before a joint session of congress refuting criticism, including the idea of death panels. >> if you misrepresent what's in this plan we will call you out. >> but republican joe wilson does some calling out of his own. >> lies! >> that firestorm ultimately calmed. >> the bill is passed. [cheers and applause] >> the house votes on and approves healthcare. >> the ais are -- ais 60, the nays 39. h.r. 3930 has amenled the patient protection and affordable care act is passed. >> the senate goes down to the wire and passes a bill giveing the president a major legislative victory going into 2010. >> with passage of reform bills in both the house and the senate, we are finally poised to deliver on the promise of real, meaningful health insurance reform that will bring additional security and stability to the american people. >> with the new president comes a new top commander in afghanistan. during the summer called for
12:16 pm
40,000 more troops sparking criticism by the president who took months review the strategy. >> the white house must stop dithering while america's armed forces are in danger. >> eventually mr. obama announces 30,000 more troops will be sent. >> the status quo is not sustainable. this danger will only grow if the region slides backwards. >> the president logs thousands of international miles during his first year getting a warm welcome everywhere and an unexpected nobel peace prize. part of the president's goal. rebuilding america's image. though some republicans call his speeches apologies. >> there have been times where america's shown arrogance and been dismissive. even derisive. >> there were distractions. >> i urge you to choose chicago. >> after a strong presidential push the international olympic committee rejects chicago for the 2016 games in the first round of voting. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> the president hosts a beer summit resulting from controversy over the arrest of a black harvard professor.
12:17 pm
and the g.o.p. attributes gubernatorial wins in virginia and nj to president's slumming approval rating democrats did pick up another senate seat after arlen specter switches par zwis washington says good-bye to the lion of the senate as ted kennedy is laid to rest in arlington cemetery. [playing "taps"]. >> the landscape of washington could shift in the coming year with november's midterm elections. democrats hope to ride on the coat tails of the president but with much of his agenda still unfulfilled 2010 promises to be a year of political drama. in washington craig boswell, fox news. shannon: the near disaster on a u.s.-bound plane packed with passengers on christmas day and man who tried to take down a northwest flight had a multiple entry u.s. visa. now we're getting reports of a major policy change but will it keep us safe?
12:18 pm
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
shannon: is north korea look to make peace? an editorial today in state controlled media outlets calling for an end to hostile relations with the u.s. also said pyongyang wants negotiations to make the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons some
12:21 pm
analysts see the olive branch as an opening move and talks over the regime's nuclear program but others are more skeptical saying north korea is unlikely to make any major concessions. rick: well, he was banned from britain and place on a u.s. terror watch list but umar farouk abdulmutallab still had a valid u.s. visa and now in the wake of the attempted christmas day attack a new report that the u.s. government made be instituting a mayor change in poll -- major change in policy. the state department wants u.s. embassys to send the department so-called vipir cables about individuals who have raised suspicion which include information on whether that person has a u.s. visa or not. so would that be enough to keep us safe? fox news contributor and a former diplomatic affairs and foreign correspondent for several of the major news networks marvin cobb joins us happy new year. >> hawpe pi new year. rick: this sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? >> it's a no brainer in the sense that if this could
12:22 pm
take care of the problem that would take care of the problem and we'd be home free, but it won't. what we're dealing with now and i think president obama was absolutely right this is a human and systemic problem. the u.s. government right now is flud -- flooded with all kinds of information. but how do you get that information together so that it makes sense? you've got to have the right number of analysts. you have to have the right kind of internet activity and at this particular points despite the fact that we started five years ago it still is not in place. xi-: so if this policy that's being discussed now had been in place in the case of abdulmutallab presumably when his father went and notified u.s. officials in sni year -- nigeria about his concerns regarding his son and then this young man was looked into someone would have seen that he had a valid u.s. visa at that point. and then presumably he
12:23 pm
wouldble have been allowed on that airplane. >> well, exactly. you mentioned the individual who is to look at this and pull it all together. look, there was information that came from the u.s. embassy in nigeria as late as november 20th. that's when his father showed up and pointed out that his son was radicalized and we have to look out for him. a couple of months before that word came from the u.s. embassy in yemen that there was a nigerian unidentified we didn't know anything more about him. there has to be somebody who can take these two-bits of information, put it together and then look at a list and say this is the guy and let's keep him off the plane. so far you would think that the new technology would make that possible but it hasn't as of yet. and the problem goes back five years. when during the bush administration this whole new activity got started. there were wonderful ideas but the congress did not provide in some cases the money, the white house did
12:24 pm
not provide the oomph, the leadership and it didn't really get going to the point where now there would be the individual and the technology to make it all happen. rick: it's so easy for us to sit here after the fact and look at all of these dots and say how couldn't somebody figure all of this out and connect them. we had a guest earlier marvin who is a former cia who said the sheer volume of reports that used to come across his desk on a daily basis. i'm just wondering are we expecting too much of our intelligence agencies? >> well, we are but at the same time we should because they are the people who ultimately have that responsen't -- responsibility but think that person was absolutely right. remember on any given day, hundred, hundreds of cables arrive at the various bureaus in washington, d.c. saying look out for this guy or that gal or whatever. but there is not then or up to this point has not been
12:25 pm
the system that would allow one person very, very quickly to finger that individual and say keep that person off the plane. it's so very complicated. the israelis have a way of profiling. it's not the greatest way of handleing a problem. it is insensitive but they feel they have no option. and if they see somebody on a line that they don't like for whatever combination of reasons they'll take that person off and really interrogate them at great length only when they're satisfied will they allow the person back on the plane. when we try to do in the u.s. something like that immediately after 9/11, oh there was a big uproar about profiling, invasion of privacy and i suspect that same kind of concern would surface once again were the u.s. to do what the israelis do. rick: marvin cobb always good to hear your thoughts on these and other issues. again, happy new year and thanks so much for joining us today. >> happy new year to you and
12:26 pm
all. shannon: well, the nation's biggest new year's eve party at the crossroads of the world new york's times square celebration went off without a hitch but that one lucky. fox news went on patrol with the fbi and new york city's finest as they kept the city safe. you're only going to see this behind the scenes scoop right here. ♪ start spreading the news ♪ i'm leaving today ♪ ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪
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12:28 pm
12:29 pm
shannon: well "fox news" exclusive, keeping hundreds of thousands of people safe while ringing in the new year in new york city's times square. rick: senior national correspondent, catherine herridge the only reporter to go behind the scenes with the fbi. welcome, catherine. where did they take you? >> we spent 12 to 24 hours with the fbi they took us to a number of location around the city, operations centers undisclosed locations for behind of the scenes view. we saw the joint terrorist dark force. this is the first time they had taken reporters into this area. they a number of briefing with the leadership and also with the team leaders. they briefed that down. and their primary role on this day, is intelligence. shannon: listen, we know that new york, times square
12:30 pm
is always super secure. any different this year? >> it was different in the sense that we heard a number of people talking about yemen, somalia, flight 253, like you would expect. what we found were, they described prepositioned assets around the city. so if you have a problem you can pull these people in. there were bomb techs, the dogs, but it was interesting one of the techs said to us he did see a difference in sort of the tone and tenor of the crowd this year. let's listen. >> i think everybody may be more on edge due to the recent events. it actually the crowd though, seems a little bit more subdued than usual. could be the weather. it could be that everybody is thinking of, well, getting home to their families. >> everything came off real smooth but you could see there will were a number of leads they were running down throughout the evening. some of them were suspicious packages that kind of thing. we went along as well. rick: you spotted a few celebrities while in times square? >> we picked up this video for heck of it. when you see ryan seacrest
12:31 pm
in the crowd and right next to him. not that would have reached out said hello. he was extremely busy. they were talking to the new york city mayor and when you're right down in that crowd you've got nypd moving around pretty seamlessly along with the fbi. but he was doing --. rick: i imagine they patted him down pretty thoroughly, ryan seacrest. talking about national security here. you know, i'm a little too short to actually see. but, he had a fabulous crew there with him. it was a big crew. they had, this fabulous prompter right over the camera. prompter envy. shannon: we love the prompter. catherine, thank you very much for the behind the scenes. rick: thank you, catherine. shannon: a new year's resolution, and also new year's laws in lot of states. no texting while driving in new hampshire, oregon and illinois. those states joining 16 over thes banning texting behind the wheel. and no smoking in bars and restaurants in north carolina, the
12:32 pm
country's largest tobacco producer. they have a strong tobacco tradition there now smoking is off limit in restaurants in 29 states. banned in bars in 25 states. in 2010, california becomes the first state to partially ban the use of artery-clogging artificial trans fats in restaurants but they are delicious. in midnight the gay marriage became official in new hampshire. joining massachusetts, vermont, connecticut and iowa doing so. couples braved very, very cold weather to exchange vows outside the new hampshire statehouse in concord. remember the new rules for credit card companies that congress passed last year? they go into effect in just a few weeks. the new rules are supposed to make it harder for banks to do things hike up your rates, hit you with late fees and for every big upside there is big downside. it is happening when our cards are heavy with a bunch of holiday debt. joining us money manager. pat, powell, founder of powell management group.
12:33 pm
>> good morning to you. shannon: this is afternoon on the east coast. let me ask you about this i know a lot of legislation was passed back in may. it has been phased in. what is coming in february the next point where we see new regulations? >> this is the second phase of what we're getting. one of the major things is that they're not supposed to be able to raise your rates on fixed cards, unless, you are behind on your card at least 60 days, or, unless, you've some workout problem or, i love this one, unless they disclose to you in advance, when you open up a new card, that they can change your rates. kind of undoes the law, huh? shannon: so, the, let me ask you about this there are so many protections built in here but what about the fact that we understand there will be lots of new ways maybe getting around these regulations? >> right. the big one was that disclosure. you may not realize it but 58 million people in the united states have had credit cards canceled or and or credit limits lowered in
12:34 pm
the past year in anticipation of this. these are not bad borrowers. these are people with credit scores between 760 and 790. shannon: wow!. >> they're setting us up so we have to get new cards. when we get new cards, what do you think they will disclose us? that they can change the rate. these guys have a so out gunned it is unbelievable. i will say one of the best features of the new law is they can't snooker kids anymore. for 21-year-olds, people under 21 you have to have a cosigner. now, every parent who has a kid at college knows that the credit card companies have been really, like fiends on these young people. in fact, sallie mae says, that the average student has a credit card bill in excess of $3100. you know, these are mostly kids that don't have jobs. so you know that this is going nowhere, nowhere good. that is a feature of this i really like. they do have some other things for subprime cards that you can't charge an, up
12:35 pm
front fee in excess of 25% of the credit line. so if you have a thousand credit line, up front fee can't be more than say, $250. not exactly a cheap way to go. so there are some good parts to this. but, in a sense, essentially your viewers are so out gunned by these credit card companies who have lawyers and accountants and behavioral scientists, all trying to figure out one, how to get around the rules and how to make you behave in a way that will keep their profits rolling. shannon: all right, is our only weapon cash? is that really own way around it? >> i think that is your best weapon. get all the plastic out of your wallet. if you put $100 in your wallet at end of the day you spent $100, you're done, until next payday. is that so hard to do? and yet you can aford fees and interest charges. to me, fees and interest charges on credit cards are like flushing money down the toilet every time, every month when you get the
12:36 pm
bills. go with cash. you can't beat these guys. they're just too good. so the only thing you can do stay away from them and work with cash. shannon: all right. we know some things like booking air travel, those kinds of things you will need a credit card for a few things in your life. >> you do. shannon: but are americans strong enough to break the grip to use them responsibly? what is good advice, if you have to have one, best way to use it? >> number one, and i don't disagree we need to have one. all right? don't carry it around with you okay? leave it at home. when you need to book your airline travel, you can go to the dining room, drawer and take it out and use it for the purpose intended. or need it rent the car or even to do an internet purchase you might want to use the credit card. but then doing it in a careful and disciplined manner. what happens is, these credit cards have built us into a society of impulse buyers. i see it and i have no limitation on saying no to myself. i can just buy whatever it is that i want. and then i can pay for it for the next 10 years.
12:37 pm
shannon: pat powell, great advice. i don't know if it will take more will power to pull that off, say other resolutions like quitting smoking or eating healthier. >> start. give it a try. shannon: great advice we have to try. >> happy knew year. >> severe winter weather putting a crimp in holiday travel plans for a lot of people. dozens of accidents as the traffic piles up. this is the scene in hartford, connecticut. winter advisories in effect for parts of the northeast. even the south can't escape the cold spell. janice dean is live at the "fox news" extreme weather center. it is really cold down south? >> it is. it will get cold even down south as far as florida where temperatures are going to be into the 20s overnight as we head into sunday and monday. this cold spell is going to last not just overnight but for days. taking a look at the current temperatures right now, arctic air mass, we're talking from the north pole, way up there. three in minneapolis, 11 in
12:38 pm
chicago. in some cases we're talking 10, 15, 20 degrees below average. windchill if you're outside any great length of time with the wind against unprotected skin, minus eight in minute flap, much of the country under icy grip of arctic plunge. there is the midwest where we're dealing with the worst of the cold. satellite radar composite over last several hours we're watching several storms a frontal boundary bringing in the moisture across the sunshine state. a lot of bowl games unfortunately. upper level low across the great lakes bringing lake-effect snow. and then we'll see coastal low develop in the coast of maine. that will bring incredible amounts of snow in new england and upstate new york as well. in pacific northwest we're seeing a another system move in. we could see one to two inches of rain easily along
12:39 pm
the coast. there is the bull's-eye west of seattle. in the mountainous regions we could get a foot to two feet of new snow across the cascades in towards the northern rockies. we're off to a very busy start in the weather center for 2010. maybe a sign of what is yet to come? i'm not sure. keep me busy. rick: we like when you're busy. we like to see you all the time. you know what? this is good weather for staying inside, watching "fox news" and flipping around and seeing a little college football. >> silver lining. you're the best. rick: thank you, janice. happy new year. >> good to see you too. shannon: 10-year health resolution has come due. goals set by uncle sam for leaner healthier america. so how did we do? the fox medical a-team is here with our report card. ♪
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
rick: a new year, and a new decade. it is a pretty good time now to take stock of america's health. shannon: back in 2000, the government set some ambitious health goals to reach in 2010. so how did we do? joining us dr. david samati of the fox medical a-team and robotics surgery in mt. sinai medical center.
12:43 pm
>> happy new year. shannon: can we get the bad news over first? where didn't we quite measure up? >> we didn't do so well in obesity and certainly didn't do so well in diabetes. obesity comes from the fact there is a big cultural issue in our society. we're eating too much food. we're having fatty food and not enough exercise. and i think when we talk about health care reform, we really should come out of the congress and this bill and go in everyone's home. we need a cultural change, educational change where we cut down on the portion. we really eat healthy food. studies after studies show 20 minutes of exercise a day can reduce the risk of heart attack and metabolic syndrome. so the whole concept of the fact that size matters it's true. we're talking about the size of the fatty tissue around the stomach that can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. rick: why aren't we doing better though? seems like we mentioned new laws just put in place regarding fat, fat content.
12:44 pm
here in new york, restaurants are required to list the number of calories in the items on their menu. is all of that done any good at all? >> to some extent it can help, but, rick, it really comes down to changing the culture. we need to educate our kids. look at juvenile diabetes and obesity? our kids are having too much cookies and chocolate and eating too much fatty food. we need to break that cycle by just educating the parents. we've got to go in and do real reform on that kitchen table and teach them what to eat, what kind of food, healthy diet and exercise. then we can break that cycle. on the other hand we've done well with heart disease and cancer. that is the great news that we really did well. if you look at heart disease, based on the american heart association, now the rate of heart attack is down by 40% and the goal was about 25%. so that is a great news for the new year. certainly for the first time when it comes to cancer we see a, reduction in the rate
12:45 pm
of mortality from cancer. that's a fantastic news for us. and guess where that is coming from. that comes from the screening. we know that for prostate cancer, psa screening is very helpful. colonoscopy. talked about a mammogram a lot in past few weeks. so screening helps. for the viewers out there if i haven't done it get out and see your doctors and do this screening. shannon: how much of the percentage of the improvements also about the treatment in addition to screening? >> i think with prevention, that's a big word, preventative medicine will play a big role in the future. we want to know about the disease early on and we want to have the effective treatment. i think the future is going to be mostly the next decade about the genome and gene therapy. everyone of us have a different dna mapping. we know about 23,000 genes that has been mapped. the question is, how are we going to make this into a custom-made medicine or
12:46 pm
personalized medicine when you have two patients with prostate canner, one will have slow-growing and one will have a lethal one. by looking at genes we're able to distinguish between two and cut down on number of procedures and save billions of dollars. same thing with breast cancer. rick: only 30 seconds left, doc, i know this is sort of right up your alley. one of the other areas we improved is with technology and medicine. quickly what do you mean by that? >> i'm glad you brought it up. the last decade of was marriage of science and technology like robotic surgery. when you talk about robotic surgery a lot of people don't know what that is all about. we're taking advantage of the technology plus the science we've learned. we're able to do remote-controlled procedures especially for prostate cancer to save the nerves better give patients better quality of life and early discharge. we're able to do that and that has been a huge leap from the traditional surgery where we had big incision and longer recovery. that has been a great success. rick: that's great. shannon: thank you so much. we'll try to build on the
12:47 pm
good news. >> thank you so much for having me. rick: have to watch my portions now. shannon: don't we all? rick: a brand new year bringing many changes for our troops overseas. dominic dinatle is near kirkuk, iraq. he has friends with him as well. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too, and happy new year. 2010 will be a landmark year for troops in iraq when they start to withdraw combat forces. many soldiers will go to the other fight over in afghanistan. we'll tell you about that in just a minute.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
rick: new year for many of our troops on the front lines in iraq and afghanistan. in iraq, some u.s. troops are finishing up their tours of duty there and then will finally head home to their families while others will go onto the fight in afghanistan. dominic dinatli from forward operating base warrior outside of kirkuk. dominic, introduce us to your guests. >> absolutely. we have, we have private first class forgive me, jessica lurs if that is correct. introduce yourself, please sir. >> sergeant john eller bee.
12:51 pm
>> great to meet you. most of you are serving iraq in the moment but both want to move onto the battle and fight over in afghanistan as soon as you're done here. that is quite extraordinary. >> yes, sir. i see how much work we're doing here and doing for iraqi people. and i would love to go to afghanistan and help them build our country up here with isf. >> it is a very dangerous fight over there very different what is going on in iraq. why do you want to go? what is the driving you? >> accomplishment of our mission and safety of our family and friends back in the states and everything. progress we've done in iraq we can push that into afghanistan and everything and bring everybody home and, just worry about our homeland. >> it is new year's day. people always make resolutions on new year's day. what does a soldier in iraq make in terms of resolutions? >> new year's resolution is, here, we've got soldiers that are working on the gym and everything to improve their health and everything before we go back home.
12:52 pm
also, working on quitting smoking. that is two good goals everybody is making. >> good luck with all of that i know latter one is hard. i've been there myself. what is your new year's resolution? >> read as many books as i can. i sound like a nerd. i had four this month already. >> you're a bookworm. way to go. >> i am. >> fantastic stuff. now we expect u.s. troops to start withdrawing as early as may this year. that is very dependent on elections and how they go. we had uptick in violence once elections were announced recently. the commanding general said there would could be up take in sigh violence. all combat troops out by end of august. some of those just like these two on the way to afghanistan. back to you. rick: well a safe and happy new year to you and the troops and please give them our thanks, dominic. thank you very much. shannon: 2009 is over. the first decade of the 21st century is now in the history books. and what a decade it was. beginning with millennium parties and ending with a
12:53 pm
global recession. in between, heart break and heroism. harris faulkner looks at all the moments we'll never forget. >> three, two, one!. >> as the ball in times square took us from 1999 into the year 2000, some people anticipated y2k would crash computers around the world. but, really not much happened. so americans turned their attention to the 2000 press -- presidential race. republican george w. bush facing democrat al gore. with an election too close to call the supreme court making the final decision. >> this is my solemn pledge. i will work to build a single nation of justice and opportunity. >> months later, an unpredictable event changed our nation. [sirens] >> 737 crashed into the side of the building. >> another plane just flew
12:54 pm
into the second tower. [screaming] >> today, we've had a national tragedy. >> we are hearing, right now, of another explosion has taken place at the pentagon. >> united 93 cleveland. identify. united 93 verify. >> nearly 3,000 people died on september 11th, 2001. president bush vowing to fight those responsible. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you and the people who -- [cheers and applause] and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [cheers and applause] >> two wars followed. one in afghanistan, one in iraq. many changes for the countries and their citizens. in iraq, long-time president saddam hussein was found in a hole. in 2006, put to death by hanging. from a war on terror, to a
12:55 pm
war against mother nature. she pounded hard this decade. >> look at that. 15, 20 feet tall. >> a massive tsunami in the indian ocean in december 2004, killing some 180,000 people. august, 2005, hurricane katrina. >> it is almost unthinkable that the storm which was so severe, would pale in comparison to what has followed. in the city of new orleans at this hour, 85% is flooded. >> more than 1800 people killed. the recovery, and rebuilding, years in the making. april, 2005, good-bye to one of the most beloved religious leaders in the world, pope john paul ii. his successor, pope benedict xvi. other iconic figures lost in this decade. former presidents ronald reagan the and gerald ford.
12:56 pm
long time senator ted kennedy and superstar michael jackson. from wall street to main street, we faced the biggest recession since the great depression, resulting in millions of people losing their jobs nationwide. and what many people would consider the historic moment that capped off this decade. >> i barack hussein obama ma do solemnly swear -- >> the election of first black president of the united states. a decade filled with unimagineable and unpredictable events. looking ahead a economic situation that is not in our rear view mirror yet but a challenge for us moving forward. and elections and debates that will change the halls of congress. 2010 begin as new year and new decade with more to add to the history books. in new york, harris faulkner, "fox news". shannon: you never could have imagined those things would have taken place. and you know --. rick: makes you wonder what we're in store for the tens. is that what we call this
12:57 pm
now, are we in the 10s? shannon: decade of the os. now the tens. rick: that makes sense. shannon: branded by rick folbaum, the tens. >> when we come back, fox in tennessee have a very thirsty thief or garden-variety crook on their hands when they give chase to a coke machine being hauled away. see how this bizarre scene ends up, when we come back. we'll be right back. don't go away. want to know how fast it took my stiff joints to feel better? one pack. 6 days. that's elations.
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new elations. clinically proven to improve joint comfort... in as little as six days. drinking it every day keeps it working. elations has clinically proven levels... of glucosamine and chondroitin, in a powerful form that's more absorbable... than joint supplement pills. tastes great. goodbye, horse pills. start your joints on the road to comfort... in one pack, six days. that's elations. the new standard in joint health. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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rick: police in east tennessee, they thought they had seen it all until now. deputies right near chattanooga giving chase the other morning to a coke machine. well, somebody pulling a coke machine. all of it caught on the officer's dash cam. dragged by a thief who police say was looking for quick cash when he o


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