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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 16, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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this is a fox news alert. strong after shocks hitting haiti even now as haitians are fleeing wobbly buildings. meanwhile, doctors from the university of miami's miller school of medicine rush to haiti following tuesday's earthquake. among them, professor of surgery, dr. seth faller who joins us now. dr. faller, thank you for talking with us today. sir, what was your experience? >> good morning. and thank you for the opportunity to tell our story. our experience was devastating in a lot of respects. first of all, when we went down there, we had absolutely no idea what we were going to see. before i go on, i really have to
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pay my unbelievable respects to dr. back and forth green because if it wasn't for him, it was a heart and soul of a whole project coming from the university, we wouldn't have been there. university high school a long-time commitment to haiti. we've had project medishare founded by two doctors since 1995. we know the area. i have made with my own team regular visits to haiti to do cleft pallate surgery. we know that the infrastructure there was very tenuous at best when it got started. we went down there. we were flabbergasted by what was going on. i can only tell my story and i'm assuming it was a microcosm of what was going on. but we were at the airport where dr. green set up a makeshift hospital. the wounds and the amount of patients that were down there were unbelievable. the needs were beyond belief. most of the injuries, interestingly enough, were
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orthopedic injuries and compound fractures that will require surgery, i.d. haven't bikes and i'm afraid in many cases, wind up with amputations. >> what do you think will be the most difficult part of this going forward for the medical teams going in? >> well, getting in operating rooms. probably working around the clock to take care of these wounds and insuring that the amount of loss of limb is minimal. i'm afraid at this point so far out from the initial injuries that we're going to see a lot of amputations and i think the number one thing right now is to get operating rooms up and running so we can work them 24/7. >> all right. dr. faller, our appreciation to you for going down. i think you give us a sense of exactly how difficult it is going to be for the medical teams down there. it's almost as if they are working in a war zone in that particular area. if you would like to donate to
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the haiti relief effort, we want you to know you can visit several of the web sites we have scrubbed for you, including the american red cross and habitat for humanity. fox news is making it easy for you, just log on to fox forward slash help haiti. you'll find a list of reputable organizations and charities that are accepting on-line donations. we've done our very best to scrub them, let you know that you have some confidence your dollars will be used in the proper way. we're going to break just a moment from our haiti coverage to talk about another big story. late night negotiations may be paving the way for democrats to get health care reform through. why the rush? well, they may be short a key vote come tuesday. caroline shively has the latest from washington. >> hi. democrats came back to capitol hill this week and went straight into marathon negotiation sessions on the health care bill. adding to the pressure is the
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massachusetts senate race that you just heard about. democrat martha coakley versus republican scott brown. if brown win, democrats lose their filibuster proof 60 vote majority. house speaker nancy pelosi says it's not changing the time line. >> it's about the assurance that they will have that we have found our common ground and that this legislation will pass. so we're on our path that we have always been on on this from a time standpoint. >> reporter: democrats have been in negotiations on capitol hill for much of this week. they were at the white house yesterday morning until 1:30 and back at it yesterday afternoon. another deal cut thursday would exempt union workers from a 40% tax on so-called cadillac health insurance plans for five years. it got unions on board and likely many democrats in the house. but it opens up a $60 billion revenue hole that democrats need to plug and opens up criticism from many republicans. >> we got two standards.
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if you're a union member or work for state or local government, you get taxed less than if you're a nonunion member or don't work for government. it's a pretty unusual and obviously unfair and iniquitiable situation. >> as democrats do lose that 60th vote, it's said reconciliation is still an option. that means they need just 51 votes, but they would have to start the bill over again and scale it back dramatically. >> thank you. it was a promise republicans say the president broke. >> here is the only thing, we'll have that meeting on c-span so that the american people and aarp members all across the country can watch what's going on. >> many key democrats and progressives especially are also on the outside during the closed door negotiations that are occurring right now. democratic congressman frank malone from new jersey, he also chairs the health subcommittee and he joins us now.
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are you irritated that the progressives are not actively involved in these negotiations? >> i think that we're all actively involved. basically the leadership before they meet at the white house, consults with the democratic caucus and with the committee chairs and with a lot of the progressives. so a lot of the input in these negotiations is coming from all the members. >> are you satisfied with the way it's developing? would you have liked to see some things done differently if. >> i'm happy with the way it's developing. i think we have to shorten the time line because we would like to get it done. the goal is to get it done by the state of the union address, which is probably within the next couple weeks. and i think it's time to get this thing done and over with. >> there has been a deal cut to protect the unions on these so-called tax that was going to be assessed on cadillac health care plans. a 40% tax. it's a hefty tax and the question is raised, is it fair to give a break to the unions, which, of course, have supported democrats over the years, and
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not protect the rest of the american people from that? >> brian, this was negotiated with the unions and the white house, but it doesn't just protect unions. the idea is to try to make sure that the tax doesn't fall on middle class people. i think if you look at the deal that has come through, it's changed it quite a bit so that it's more affecting higher income people and not middle class people, whether they're in a union or not. >> isn't it true that the unions are protected until 2018 while everybody else is not covered by collective bargaining agreement is not protected? >> collective bargaining agreements do get temporary protection, but they also raise the threshold in general. they also excluded dental and vision care. they also adjusted for people who are in high risk professions like firemen and policemen and people who are elderly and there is a general inflation factor also for different states where high cost of living states, for example, like new york or new jersey. so there are a lot of things in
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there other than the collective bargaining part of this that has been mentioned. >> all right. congressman, we appreciate it. we're going to continue to watch as we move closer and closer to the day when we have a vote on this health care bill. >> thank you. >> now a story we promised you. one western with a unique preperspective on what is happening in haiti. a professional basketball player. taking time out of practice to join us on the phone and talk about his efforts to help those who are in such need in his native country of haiti. thank you for joining us. you had been trying to get aid into haiti. tell me about the frustrations that you have faced. >> thank you for having me, brian. it's frustrating, the first 15 hours it was frustrating. but thank god that in my partnership with unicef, i have a base over there.
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but they already had some of the supplies over there and they were waiting for supplies coming all over, you know, helping the children. so i think some of the supplies got there today. they're keeping everybody happy and helping everybody out, the children. >> as a native of haiti, how do you feel about what you're seeing on the television screen these days? >> to tell the truth, it's frustrating that for so many years, as much help we have from all over and things didn't progress. the people who really feel frustrated. on the other hand, you feel like you can not help as much as you want to help. that's why we encourage all the people all over the world to get
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together. it's time now to put heads together and help rebuilding this place. we can not wait for orders to do it. so that's where the frustration is. >> thank you for your efforts and thanks for taking a moment out of your practice today to talk about what's going on in your home country and we'll touch base with you again perhaps next week to see what else you've learned. thank you very much. we're going to have a lot of continued coverage about haiti. but we have to sort of touch on this story. we just can't help ourselves. is the "tonight show" host conan o'brien out of a job? could he be getting a new job? >> nbc has been calling me every name in the book. yeah. in fact, they think i'm such an idiot, they want me to now run the network. >> late night war isn't the drama nbc was hoping would boost their ratings. it has everyone asking, who will be on late night on nbc?
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new developments and we'll talk about that briefly when we come back.
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we'll get back to our haiti coverage in just a moment. but allow us to divert into this story for a second. nbc executive objector sol slammed conan o'brien as being chicken hearted and gutless and tells the "new york times" nbc bet on the wrong guy. meanwhile, the "wall street journal" is reporting that nbc and conan o'brien may be close to a deal for the "tonight show" host to part ways. there are reports nbc will pay conan $30 million to walk. what do they stand to gain or lose? joining us is contract lawyer. thank you for joining us. as you watch this drama unfold on late night television and on the blogs that cover late night television, what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are that the commodity of the "tonight show"
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has never been more valuable. people are watching it all week long. conan o'brien said it yesterday. he's now put the "tonight show" on craig's list for sale. he is saying, it's my baby. he is taking the position, he's driving the negotiations on their own network. you got to laugh because at certain levels, this is traditional employee relations getting negotiated, but you never have this part of the negotiation on late night tv with a laugh track behind it. so it's really interesting as a lawyer, but it's fun, it's fascinating and at the end of the day, i think that conan o'brien is going to emerge from this more famous than he was, more powerful than he was, and probably with the opportunity to go someplace else, if they're not going to keep him on the "tonight show" at 11:35. >> do you buy these reports that he may be paid $30 million just to go away? >> what's going to happen is either they have to pay him and let him go and hopefully he'll
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get another job and so it will mitigate that $30 million payment, or they're going to let him have the "tonight show" and that's the product here is the tonight show. that's what he's hinging his contract claim on is he was guaranteed the rights to be the host of the "tonight show." that's the product that everyone is talking about. so if jay leno wants to be the host of the "tonight show," they got to buy conan out, let him go, and hope he gets another job that pays him $30 million, so it doesn't cost him $30 million. >> you can't help but watch. it's like a train watch. you can't avert your eyes. thank you so much for joining us. we're going to have to get back to our haitian coverage. much more head from the island of haiti and all of the details of things happening around the world to help the people of haiti when we come back. brian wilson in washington, much more ahead, stay with us. 
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i wanted to tell you there have been pretty substantial after shocks in haiti in the last few moments. that has caused some problems. these after shocks are magnitude 4.5. on their own, that would not normally be enough to create a whole lot of damage. but given the fact that they've already gone through a quake, sometimes it doesn't take a great deal to sort of push those buildings that are hanging by a thread on down to the ground. so the workers had to stop, they had to clear the area and now they're going back in. so again, the region there still feeling the trembles of after shocks that it is causing some difficulty for those who are involved in the rescue efforts. we want to hear what you think. log on to our form forum at fox
11:53 am forward slash opinion, to voice your opinion about things going on. once again log on to our web site. our coverage from haiti will pick back up in a few minutes. let's turn to other news. president obama will travel to massachusetts tomorrow to campaign for democratic senate candidate martha coakley, a move some say that democrats are worried about her chances on tuesday. molly line is standing by with the very latest. hello. >> reporter: what a race this has become. president obama coming to town tomorrow to stump for martha coakley. they'll be holding a big rally and this really speaks to the seriousness in which democrats and which the white house are taking this race. there is a 60th vote for health care vote. there are the 2010 elections. some political insiders said if coakley can't win here in massachusetts where registered
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democrats outnumber republicans three to one, it will not bode well for other democrats facing competitive races around the country. also obama's agenda. he's coming tomorrow, he's visiting, he's also released a web ad in support of coakley and put out a robo call. eats investing a lot in this race. democratic strategists have said it's a tough position to be in because if coakley loses, the republicans and conservatives critics could say that this is also a referendum on his agenda going into the rest of the year. republican scott brown today launching a bus tour. he has been out there doing a lot of retail politics. that has been his style. also getting an endorsement from the cambridge patrol police. very busy out there. >> molly line is on the job in massachusetts. everybody watching this race particularly close because it may bode well for where the nation is as we go forward through this political year, 2010, a big political year, could mean changes in washington. a humanitarian mission becomes a
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mission from survival survival. we'll have the story of how living through it, how they lived through it when we come back. ç
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>> it is home sweet home for a group of new jersey missionaries, they survived tuesday's hurricane in haiti and are now safe back in the united states. lauren green was at the airport and have the story. >> signs and tears and cheers, the members of the united methodist church. >> we're blowsed, no doubt about it. god was walk with us this week, the only time in the week, we look at our itinerary we were out of a building in an open field. >> this group, including two high school students all accounted for am some of the first to get out of haiti and back in the arms of their loved ones. >> beautiful, absolutely wonderful, thank you, we love
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america, we're glad we're home. >> on a humanitarian mission to bring diapers and birth kits, they were outside playing, when it hit. >> it felt like jello and we grabbed as many orphans as we could and we hit the ground. after a few minutes we heard the wailing and crying of thousands of hatians. >> feeling fortunate to have survived, it was hard to keep leaving. >> our hearts are broken with them, but the best thing we could do is not to become a burden and to leave because we were not prepared to be a help and we would have become a liability pretty quickly. >> the mission for haiti is not over and their plan and their prayer is to use their story to urge everyone to send donations. in new york, lauren green, fox nu


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