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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 17, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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we begin this hour with a fox news alert out of boston. you are looking at a live picture of northeastern university. that is where they are about to await president obama. he is set to speak at a campaign event for democratic candidate martha coakley. she is in a neck-and-neck race for the seat that was held by edward kennedy. if the democrats lose health care is dead they are warning. lock of 60 votes is over and barney franks, if brown wins there will be no health care reform. you are looking at markey of massachusetts warming up the crowd. we have a live report from carl cameron and the very latest when the president speaks live right here on the fox news channel.
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other big stories in haiti. head of the united nations calling the earthquake in haiti, the most serious humanitarian crisis in decades. making those comments after he landed in port-au-prince. he said damage, destruction and loss of life are just overwhelming. many people are desperately waiting for food and water. search and rescue teams from the u.s. and around the world are continuing that daunting task of searching for survivors. we hope to find more. i'm jamie colby. >> aid is pouring in but is enough getting to the people? they say violence has hampered the effort as long lines of desperate hair jans waiting to get their hands on basic necessities.
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relief workers trying to get the food and water to so many. reports of looters being beaten to death by angry crowds. now more from bill hemmer from port-au-prince. the supply chain, what is the latest on getting the material to people who so desperately need it? >> it's an enormous job. good afternoon. we were at that park. central park in new york, it's the main park in port-au-prince. there were 50,000 haitians that have been sleeping out. we have since moved to the u.s. embassy and haitian americans are in a line by the several hundreds. they wait in the heat of 90 plus degrees to be processed. we talked to some of the embassy workers to figure out how it works. if you are an american citizen and you request evacuation and
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you are entitled and your right to evacuated as soon as they can process you. once they verify your citizenship and passport and the other paperwork you may have with you. if you are a child with an american passport, you are entitled to bring in one additional adult with you. just a few of the rules that the embassy has established for the haitians that have gathered. bring them to the initial gate and staging area off to my right. a lot of people are looking for shade in this part of port-au-prince. it's our understanding of 45,000 americans that work here, there are 15 to 17 confirmed fatalities, that is americans. there is still 70 unkblgtd for. there is a lack of the ability to communicate. they have not been able to find those people.
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they are still working this process. on wednesday they flew out about 150 americans. there say there is about 2,000 people they are going to take out. it's a long process. you get a line at daybreak and get processed by midday and from here you are taken to the airport. you can wait there for another day or two, as well. the process is slow. the embassy workers have brought in people from all over the united states and embassy workers from the dominican republic to move along this process. it will be some time. the question about the aivd whether it's getting to the people. if you were to take an object yon and slice it in half and it has a hundred different rings on it. we are still based on the outer ring of that onion of penetration. you see a little bit of help here. once you get in the city and the neighborhoods and you drive up
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and down street after street, it takes your breath away. the amount of devastation and destruction that you come across. i'm afraid to say we're at the beginning of the process. ultimately you have to find a way to house the people, out in the countryside, where there is a lot of people take them to the country to give them shelter there. these are big questions people are trying to figure out, yet again on sunday afternoon. it's heartbreaking. u.n. says they are feeding 60,000 people a day with biscuits but president clinton will be arriving in haiti tomorrow. what can you tell bus that trip, what he hopes to achieve and what he may do? >> i just learned about that moments ago, actually. bill clinton will be here tomorrow. haiti has been a big part of his agenda. you saw the round robin he made
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with president bush on fox news sunday and other broadcast networks. they have teamed up to try to drum up attention and ultimately bring cash. as we say that, you can go on line and aid agencies and americans are giving millions of dollars to help in the process. the problem is this -- it is so big and so monumental, a reporter asked me, does this compare to katrina. this is off the charts when you compare it to katrina or anything else i have seen. a natural disaster has left millions of peach in the lurch. they are refugees in their own city. this is absolutely as astounded go. by the way, they have the clinton-bush thank you so much, bill for the latest. >> jamie: now more than a
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hundred more haitian babies, many had been adopted by american families. they were waiting to come to the u.s. when the earthquake hit. right now they are trapped in the disaster zone. they are in immediate need of water, food and medical supplies. so far, no sign of aid workers where they are. it's a desperate scene at the orphanage. jonathan, there are some babies as young as three days old? >> this is extraordinary. before you show any pictures, let me fell you how we got there. we got a tip early this morning how desperate the situation was at the orphanage. we couldn't find it. we started walking down the rubble of a street and we were outside the wall when we heard
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children singing. there across the rubble of the dividing wall we could see all these young children singing god's praises. led by a few people that decided to stay there and look after the children. we ran in back and look at these pictures now. the truck, that is the online home and shelter for 267 babies, as young as three days old. they have nothing. they have no formula whatsoever to give those 26 babies. the simple plane fact. if those babies do not get formula in the next few days, some of them will die. some of them have already been legally adopted by american families but they have not yet been taken out of here. those families may never get those babies. unless help arrives very soon. the people who run that orphanage have not seen a single
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u.n. peacekeeper, a single policeman, a single member of the u.s. military. they have not seen a single representative of a single aid agency. they are getting nothing. everyone knows, as we know, where that orphanage is. it's not hard to get there. it's not hard to get them the aid they need. somebody has to do it. somebody has to save the lives of those babies. >> jamie: if they know, how will they get the aid there? are they triaging properly in your opinion from what have seen? >> i believe there is no coordination, no decent coordination of this effort. maybe that will be helped by the presence of haiti of the u.n. secretary-general but somebody needs to get a grip. there are desperate by the
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hundreds of thousands and they are simply not getting the aid to them quickly enough and in enough quantities. who should we care about more than these children. they are being left of the mercy of the conditions they are in. they are being left to the mercy of looters who tried to get in the orphanage and tried on take the videotapes that those children have. somebody needs to get there. somebody needs to protect them. somebody needs to get them the aid that they need. they are singing, they are singing, facing up to this with such dignity and getting nothing from the outside world. >> jamie: jonathan, we're glad you brought us this story. jonathan hunt, live in port-au-prince, thank you. it's almost unimaginable
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that the children would be singing but sunday mass ruined their cathedral there. surrounded by the ruins with a dead body lying at the front door, saying even with the tragedy, quote, we give thanks to god because we are here. in this day for americans, president obama and the first family were in church this morning in washington. president spoke to the congregation of the vermont baptist church on the eve of the federal holiday marking martin luther king's birthday. president reminding americans and encouraging americans to lean on their faith. as president of the united states is something he does and keeps him calm and paying ri fri beauty to dr. martin luther king
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and he made a brief reference about haiti. >> closer to home our haitian brothers and sisters are in desperate need. bruised and battered.... >> remembering the victims of this massive natural disaster on this sunday after the disaster. >> and george w. bush and what did they say about people of faith? >> it was interesting because they paid tribute to people of. long term people of faith are going to play a vital role in haiti. here is what the two leaders had to say. >> the ultimate recovery of haiti is going to be aided by the faith-based community, it will be helped by the faith-based community. >> i want to echo that, hate if i has 10,000 non-governmental
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organizations active there, that is the largest number in the world except for india. and enormous amount is faith based group. >> they described the horror of what they were seeing both feeling like they have connections to haiti as presidents of the united states. it's certainly a cause they will be working on. finally we learn, president clinton will go to haiti tomorrow. keeping the spotlight on this incredible tragedy. >> no question about that. clinton wears a u.n. hat as special envoy, he is going with relief supplies, food and equipment and water and try to meet with leaders. he says he is going out of his way to avoid being obtrusive or getting in the way of things. he will get a firsthand look tomorrow. mike, thank you.
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>> jamie: u.s. aid is flowing into the capital city with some exceptions as jonathan was telling you. search teams are trying to race to save victims that are still trapped underneath the rubble. but for many help is not coming soon enough. and there is word that violence is on the rise hindering relief efforts. julie is live with more. how do we get it under control? >> it's difficult. in a conference call a few minutes ago, top officials said security is an issue, but they believe they do have enough security officials to try to get that aid to the people who need it. again, we're getting updated numbers as far as u.s. fatalities. latest from the state department 20 american citizens were can killed in the quake. top u.s. official, military official in hate si says it's too early to say what the final
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death toll will be. they are calling the earthquake a tragedy of epic proportions. when asked about the death toll estimates ranging from 200,000 people. the general said he believes the international community is aware of those numbers but it could be just a starting point. >> i think it's too early to tell, but it's clear it is a significant. us a know the united nations forces are doing everything they can to support the government in haiti to take care of that and make sure. there are issues we've got to deal with as we go forward. >> reporter: five days after the quake, there has been outpouring of support. priorities for aid workers is rescuing people, getting food and water to victims. u.s. agency for international development has sent 600,000 daily rations dropped by
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choppers. they have 62 rescues and 29 people pulled out by u.s. search and rescue teams. >> it's worth noting it happened tuesday just before sundown. almost immediately the president pulled us together and ordered a swift and aggressive comprehensive and coordinated response. that is what we're trying to deliver. >> reporter: security is a problem in haiti. u.s. relief workers must provide their own security at this point. as of this morning, a thousand u.s. troops are in haiti and 3,000 more are working from ships, more than 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be in the region by tomorrow. >> jamie: julie, thanks very much. a united nations worker has just been rescued. his name is chris, we don't have
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a last name. we're not sure where he is from, but you can see as he pull him out. he is talking. he is conscious. he is heal years old. if you know who he is, we would like to know. he was rescued from a collapsed building. they say he is in fairly good condition and there were cheers from the members of the rescue team as he was pulled out to safety. this hours after the devastating earthquake, still pulling bodies out of the rubble. he was able to answer some of their questions and describe to them what happened. such a tragedy for the country of haiti and the united nations itself. nearly 400 u.n. officials or workers believed to be killed or missing. worst disaster to hit the organization. 9,000 peacekeepers have been
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patrolling since the earthquake. as you know their headquarters collapsed at montana hotel where many of them worked and lived. >> jamie: president obama is in boston right now and he hopes to make the difference to help the democrats keep the senate seat once held by ted kennedy. there is senator kerry. this is for martha coakley and she is awaiting the arrival of the president. this is a very close race, but it affects people around the country. 60 votes are needed for the senate health care reform overhaul. this state will play a role. the republican candidate scott brown has made great strides in the last couple weeks so the president is there. they will line up early to see what the president has to say about the impact of healthcare reform on the rest of the country, all eyes on this race,
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>> eric: 48 hours that could change the political landscape. president obama has just arrived at the hall heat is expected to speak at northeastern university for martha coakley. she has lost a huge lead in the polls and stakes are high. they say if miss coakley lose the election, the democrats could lose their super majority
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and it could mean the end of the obama's health care reform. carl cameron has the latest. she was up 30 points, now scott brown is ahead. what happened? >> well, there is an awful lot of democrats in this very hall who has spent time they were talking about her candidacy. her campaign didn't get off right after the nomination. even some of the rivals said they weren't going to press her hard. as a consequence she won the democratic nomination and they would immediately win the senate seat. they did not account for scott brown. he overcame a 30-point deficit and now in a dead heat or a few survey west side a lead across the state. the ground swell of support for scott brown in the last few weeks is something they have not
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seen in decades. there are people lining the highways draping signs for scott brown. here you have the specter of president obama about to speak at northeastern university in the heart of boston. frankly the hall is not filled. it has capacity of 3,000 and there is probably about 2500 people. there is a dramatic level of enthusiasm for martha coakley. >> he has been campaigning why v aggressively. at stake the prospect of the democrats losing their 60 votes filibuster proof go down the tubes, scott brown has vowed to vote against it. and historical nature can't be understated. we are, of course, talking about the late ted kennedy and vicky kennedy is very involved with this.
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here we see president obama, and the question arises can cochly come back live up to the reputation of massachusetts liberalism but polls suggest it's very much in jeopardy. and even they acknowledge it's a very steep uphill climb with a historic. >> vicky kennedy has made a plea in an ad for miss coakley. as you pointed out, the hall may be empty or not as filled as capacity. some people were turned away at the front door, because of secret service reasons. and we await the president's speech. carl, thanks very much. >> jamie: we'll go back when the president arrives to the stage. will it be enough to help martha coakley? what happens if she loses.
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let's bring in adam, a pollster and richard, a democratic stlatd gist. richard, you are up first, what will it mean, what happens if she loses. >> first of all i would say to my republican friends, maybe a little early to pop the champagne corks. i've been covering the race, they say there is a lot of enthusiasm for her. she really turned it around. she appeared to take the race for granted which you should never do when you are running. this visit by the president will help her a lot. i think she is going to win. >> jamie: but does the president being there indicate that in is more concern about her ability to do that, tell me that first? >> there is definitely concern about her ability to turn it around but the tide has turned. >> jamie: adam, we have said all along that this race is more about than just massachusetts.
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if the voters turn out and they are so concerned about issues like health care, and she doesn't win, that could be a harbinger to what happens in other races like this the voters that are democrats believed, the change, they didn't get? >> i agree it's a national referendum. with all due respects to richard i think scott brown wins this race. independents are voting for scott brown by two to one and even three to one. combined with the republican enthusiasm that is going to put them over the top as carl cameron mentioned, there doesn't seem to be that kind of enthusiasm on the democratic side. yet, as the national referendum. it's 'about this health care proposal. i think it has huge impacts and implications for the midterm elections.
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>> i would say about that, elections are rarely referendums on social policies the it's about which candidate you like best and speaks more for for you. the voters in massachusetts is going to realize that she is the candidate that will speak for them. >> jamie: why? if it's not a referendum and voters turn out, its referendum on something. let's face it, special elections you don't get a big crowd. >> its referendum whether you are for big banks or big pharmaceutical companies or whether you want healthcare reform, or big insurance companies or whether you want to real people first. this a state where the president can make a huge difference. her campaign has got a lot electricity behind it. >> jamie: there is probably no greater electricity than the president, but the gop sitting back and watching scott brown
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increasing popularity, increase in the polls, very tight race. weeks ago we wouldn't have been having this conversation but the poll numbers suggest they see something they like. >> here is something, too, that the president is not going to impact this race. the only thing left right now is turnout and motivation to turn out. president obama is not going to be enough to give coakley a majority or plurality in this race. >> jamie: i have 40 seconds left. i'll give you 15 seconds each, what each the candidate has that the other one doesn't have. scott brown has momentum and has the republican intensity and independent vote. i'm going to give richard the rest of my time? >> what she has got, fortunately for her, is a three to one
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democrat enrollment advantage. she is in a state where people are supportive of the agenda of the democrats. she has got the legacy of the kennedys. >> jamie: gentlemen, notwithstanding you so much for being with us. we're watching and waiting for president obama to arrive. >> eric: they found survivors buried under ton of rubble. they are the search and rescue canine units. these dogs find survivors under tons of debris. how do they train, how do they do it? firsthand look, next.
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>> jamie: this is a fox news alert. take a look at the podium. that is where president obama will be in a few minutes. he will making remarks on the
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democratic candidate for senate. we are getting close. he is coming after attending church to try to boost the support of this candidate as the race closes in. the republican challenger scott brown making strides over the last couple weeks as the polling numbers show that it's neck and neck. carl cameron is there, as well. okay the introductions are still going on. i don't want you to miss the president. we will monitor it and keep an eye on the events and bring it to you as soon as he arrives. >> eric: and finding survivors in one the world's worst disasters. think are the trained dogs, still finding victims in haiti. we saw a rescue at the top of the hour. many dogs are trained in
3:35 pm
earthquake prone california. william, they are amazing. how do they do it? >> they can basically smell and hear what we cannot see, but right now man's best friend in haiti is man's best hope. these search and rescue teams are being led by dogs. their nose is about 40% strong, or 40 times better than our sense of smell. they can navigate a rubble pile that is too unstable for people. trainers say even with the advance listening devices, dogs are still best at finding survivors. >> all of the equipment they have, all the equipment they use to get people out to actually rescue them, none of that is any good if you can't find the person. that is where the dogs come in. their job is to find those people that are buried under a
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collapsed structure. >> reporter: the dogs were rescued themselves by a foundation. they have seven dogs in haiti, nine more on the way. the dogs are typically collies, labs and shepherds. and they undergo a training routine, obedient, agile on the debris pile and very focused. >> you might not be able to pinpoint where they are. dog caning in and find them with their nose. you have to direct a dog, so they can effectively search that entire area. >> reporter: five days after the quake and most experts say a person can survive maybe another five days. first team of dogs that went out with l.a. county fire on thursday, they got word back here they found three girls on
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friday with their dogs. >> eric: god bless them. they are still finding people. we have reports today of just that. >> jamie: on politics, a key u.s. senate race, heeding up, formally throwing his hat in the ring, challenging incumbent democratic center. peter king and if your mayor rudy guliani cleared the way for blakeman as front-runner on the ticket. more on this. >> the legislator has been talking about the potential challenge for months. now blakeman is the first declared republican for the job which as you said made the race more interesting.
3:38 pm
blakeman made the announcement in his child hood home. 3500 people heard his plans, his work for national security and cut government spending and promote what he called middle-class values. >> i am running for senate because i share the anger and worry of hard working families and i know i can make your voices heard. your voices have not been heard in washington but i will be an outspoken person for you. i will be the senator that will speak for your interests. >> reporter: his opponent was appointed to take over hillary clinton's seat. blakeman is hoping to add more of a connection. gillibrand's aids says is since
3:39 pm
she was appointed and not elected, she didn't get the attention that comes with a campaign. and forward who is a new york and possible contend for the seat. blakeman will be meeting with a senate minority leader to get support. we have more to come back with this one. >> eric: aid is arriving but getting all the aid to the tens of thousands of people who need it right now. at this very minute, that is big challenge in haiti. coming up speaking to an agency that has medical supplies on the ground in haiti right now. but is it being moved out or sitting in the sun? will they be saved in time?
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>> jamie: fox news alert. north h martha coakley has taken
3:43 pm
the podium. let's listen. >> i want to thank ted kennedy junior and congressman kennedy and i can't tell you what it means today as we are on the verge of this election to have you all with us today. this race is about you! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. wait a minute. i almost forgot. somebody else that dropped by this afternoon. [ cheers and applause ]
3:44 pm
and you know who it is. [ cheers and applause ] i'm going to introduce him in a minute but let's give at warm round aplows for our leader and president, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> he is going to talk to you in a minute about how important this election is. he is happy to be back in boston. he said it's a little warmer than chicago. he is happy to be here today. let's talk about the seriousness of this for just a minute because we all know that this economy is stuck in an incredible recession. we've got millions of people who have lost their jobs are afraid of losing them.
3:45 pm
we've got people who lost their homes and they are worried about their retirement. they are worried about paying for prescription drugs or the health care they need. we've got folks with no health care insurance, and that is a huge concern for all of us. we know that people are angry at the wall street excesss and the greed that caused this crisis. people are angry at policies of the past, frankly rewarded the wealthy and left main street behind. main street is still behind while wall street is on the way back. i think that is wrong, and we have to fix that. [ cheers and applause ] >> people deserve to be angry, but we can't let the anger get in the way of remembering where it came from and where this
3:46 pm
recession came from. it's really important that we remember that history. we know that people deserve answers and results. they deserve someone who is going to tackle the tough problems and get us back on track to hold wall street and special interests accountable. i know and you know this, that we need to go in the right direction to build this economy and get people back to work again. we want to strengthen the middle-class and we're going to do it the way that we should do it, not the way my opponent says he thinks it will happen. those are the failed polls policies of the bush-cheney administration that aren't going to get us back on track. [ cheers and applause ] that is why i'm running for u.s. senate. that is why i know i will have your support on tuesday because
3:47 pm
you know we need to hold accountable the people who created this mess. we're going to rebuild an economy not only here in massachusetts, but across this country to work for you, not wall street or special interests. i need your help on tuesday to do that. [ cheers and applause ] i have had the pleasure over the last several months of traveling the commonwealth in talking to folks who have been worried about what is going to happen. we know they are frustrated and we know that people are angry, but i want to remind you based on my record and what you know i will do when i go to the u.s. senate about who i will stand up for. i'm going to stand up for the people who lost their jobs and retirement because of wall street greed and irresponsible economic policies. i want to stand up for those families who are facing bankruptcy because of the cost
3:48 pm
of health care and being denied insurance because of their children's plea existing conditions. i want to stand up for the taxpayers who are demanding their money back from bailed out banks who are now deciding whether the bonuses they are giving out in the seven and eight figures. you and i know it's wrong and we're going to change the way we do business. [ cheers and applause ] >> these are defining issues in this race. i am glad that everyone is paying attention to know exactly what i stand for and who i stand up for. i want voters to know exactly what my opponent stands for. on friday, j.p. morgan chase announced they had $3.3 billion profit and they decided how big the bonuses were going to be.
3:49 pm
meanwhile, while wall street goes up, main street, boston, springfield, lawrence, north adams where i grew up, main street, we're not seeing that kind of turnaround shall we? that is wrong. when wall street prospers because we taxpayers bailed them out with no strings attached. now, they are looking to line their pockets, i agree with president obama who says, we want our money back. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's can clear, my opponent made it clear whose side he is on when he can came out against president obama's proposal to fully compensate taxpayers by holding wall street accountable. let's make sure we know what
3:50 pm
that choice is. scott brown is on the side of wall street ceos. i'm on the side of taxpayers, i'm on your side, to make sure we change this. [ cheers and applause ] >> and you know that i've done that as your attorney general, i brought back money from wall street for cities and town, as i brought back over a billion dollars to the commonwealth and customers by watching out for rate payers and taxpayers and that is what i'll do when i go to the u.s. senate. [ applause ] >> i want to thank my niece liz who introduced me and tell me a little about myself. i did grow out in western massachusetts in north adams. my dad served in world war. two he was a destroyer in the
3:51 pm
pacific he sold insurance out in springfield and started his own business in north adams where he and my mom raised five kids. my mom was a homemaker and kinds of values and characteristics that we grew up with, beings part of the community, knowing that we were responsible for what we did, the values i have taken with me through my public life and in my personal life,. i'm really proud of my niece and so proud of my family, my husband tom and the kinds of things we have fought for in the public and private sector and the values that mom and dad instilled in us. i know and you know that this election is about families just like mine and just like yours. let me tell you about some of the families i talked to on this campaign. it's about stephanie, she had two young children who were born with serious complications but
3:52 pm
weren't immediately diagnosed. stephanie had to leave her job because handling her children's health care problems was a full-time job. her husband lost her job. stephanie battles with insurance companies to get the care for her two young children and doctors tell her she can go to other places in massachusetts, the insurance companies say no. i think that is wrong. i'm going to washington to fight for stephanie. [ applause ] let me tell but the owner of a small and popular ice cream parlor in jamaica place. he told me when i visited him, he has been doing business for a very long period of time. he would like to borrow money
3:53 pm
because he can expand and hire 25 more people. but on an with his good credit, the mountain of paperwork and the red tape that he has to cut through, he can't do that the way he should. he said what about businesses who have been there for ten years? i think that is wrong, i'm going to washington to fight for vince and small business owners who want to get back to work. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, this race is also about jim -- jim is the father of four. he worked about six months last year in the construction industry, so he has health care through 2010. if he doesn't work for at least six months next year, he won't have health care. jim has four kids, two are in college, one is in high school and he is very proud as we all are of his son that went to military school and now serves
3:54 pm
on our behalf in afghanistan. he also is married to karen who works at a nurse but on per diem. she also had breast cancer and has had surgery and radiation and chemotherapy. she is going to be okay, but she has five more years of expensive medication. so you can see what is at stake for jim, and karen. they are voting for me on tuesday because they know i will go to washington and fight for them, as i will fight for every family who has a story like that. [ cheers and applause ] >> there is a lot at stake on tuesday. there is a whole lot at stake on tuesday. you are know that. liz mentioned her three daughters.
3:55 pm
well, i have seven grand nieces and a grand nephew. i want them to grow up in a better world than we have today, where they have access to good education, healthcare, good jobs. i want them to live in a world with world that is clean air and water and world that is safe, secure and just. i want you to think about today that we need on turn this country around so we go in that direction. i'll tell you, one thing, just because you are driving around in massachusetts in a truck doesn't mean you are headed in the right direction! [ cheers and applause ] >> you all know that -- you all
3:56 pm
know that --. [ cheers and applause ] >> you all know that and that is why we're going to win on tuesday. you know, i mentioned, i have been so honored and privileged to spend time with vicky kennedy. for her to come here to tell but ted and what he cared about. we know that he served not only massachusetts but this whole country so well for the last, almost 60 years. he never forgot why he was there to put you first, to put the people of massachusetts first, one by one, family by family, business by business. he always fought for those who didn't have a voice, for those who couldn't fight for themselves. whether it was massachusetts
3:57 pm
workers or our children or our seniors, ted kennedy never stopped fighting for them or for you. while no one can replace him, i need your help to follow in his huge footsteps to represent all of us and massachusetts. i know you will help me do it on tuesday. [ applause ] >> frankly, i think you deserve a senator who is willing to roll up her sleeves and go to washington and get to work. [ cheers and applause ] you deserve, you deserve a senator is going to be on your side. you deserve a senator is not going to be on side of special interests or wall street.
3:58 pm
you deserve a senator who is going to try and turn back the irresponsible economic policies of the last administration, not say what you are going to do and go to washington hoping what we did is going to get us out of that. we know it doesn't make any sense. that is why we're going to win on tuesday. [ cheers and applause ] >> i wanted you to know that when you send me to washington by your vote on january 19, i will be that senator. i will be your senator and i will be on your side. so let's make that happen, january 19. [ cheers and applause ]
3:59 pm
>> eric: live in boston, martha coakley who is running for the seat to replace the late senator ted kennedy. >> and she is about to introduce the president of the united states who is campaign for her. she had a 30-point lead against scott brown. the lead has evaporated. there are three recent polls two of which show brown with a slight lead over coakley. so the president at the last minute decided to scrap his plans and flew to boston. he is there to try to energize he


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