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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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reputable charities. >> neil: by now you have certainly heard the pitches. >> we can help the american red cross to donate. you can text the word haiti. >> all of you who want to help to do so through white to learn about how to contribute. >> for those who want to help, send money now. >> anybody gives us money now we'll flow it flew. >> give as generals russly as one. >> we have but is throwing all the money to haiti the answer? $100 million per day. about $600 million to date. nearly a week after the quake struck, the donations are soaring. even as haiti's problems mount like widespread looting because folks are panicking. elderly patients at this nursing
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home are dying. their pleas for help not getting out even as they sit within a mile of an airport where relief is coming in. money isn't the issue. tom ridge says getting it to the right people and fast is. secretary, good to have you. >> nice to join you, i'm sorry it's under these circumstances talking about the horror in haiti. >> indeed. nevertheless, it reminds folks, as if they had doubt about the generosity of the american spirit but we want the money in the right hands and invariably it does not or it's severely delayed. what do you make of that? >> there are a couple of challenges. first of all i think at the outset people should be very careful to whom they send money. their traditional organizes, the red cross, the bush/clinton fund. in the appeal to america's
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generosity and compassion we will respond but i urge viewers to pay close attention to whom you send your check or who whom you give your credit card number. the second challenge i think is not unlike those we've seen in other natural events, this magnitude. this is a poor -- this is the most impoverished country in the western hemisphere. very little infrastructure to start w very little pipeline, inadequate roads and given the magnitude of the devastation we shouldn't be surprised initially there are problems with distributing the aid that we know they denied to desperately. they'll work it through. >> neil: we do. but are you saying the better part of valor might be to avoid haitian government authority and find either respectable international relief agencies to do that? >> yeah, at the outset americans
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would be -- i would advise americans to contribute to those entities they know of and perhaps had supported in the past, direct their aid in that fashion. the longer term question is what this country will do and others after the most important emergency -- initial needs are met as you go about building a country that started with nothing and they seem to have less and how you rebuild an entire country, a city, how you rebuild what may have been an inadequate infrastructure but no no infrastructure exists. we'll need international organization to say oversee it with strong american oversight. >> neil: what if it is exclusive american over sight? >> i don't think it should be. one of the challenges i think associated with this as it has occurred in other occasions. other places around the world, a lot of people in a lot of
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countries make pledges but the further we get from the initial disaster and the intense reporting, less money will be trickling in and it's probably about time the western hemisphere, all nations, understood this is the poorest of the poor. they didn't have public sewage systems to start with. inadequate transportation, one airport. poverty level 80%. this is about time the hemisphere rebuilt this country out of this debt and destruction and horror. they can rebuild if they're willing to sustain an effort but it can't be america doing it alone. america needs to take the lead but we need a lot of them porteners. >> as a former decorated marine yourself, mr. secretary, are you ever concerned about the 12,000 or so troops committed to the region, that they might be there a while? >> well, the marines and the army and our military will, as they have done in the past,
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respond with the same kind courage and commitment and valor required of them in all these precarious situations. the biggest concern i have is that if there is so much social unrest, if it becomes a violent arena, it really places -- in these men and women in harm's way as they try to be peace keepers. it's very important this effort, not only to keep the peace, but to rebuild the country, is multinational and not solely the united states of america. >> neil: very well put. secretary ridge, very good to see you. >> good talking with you. thank you. >> it's not just the elderly hurting from the disaster in port-au-prince right now. jonathan hunt is at an orphanage where the struggle with simply to get out. >> reporter: neil this is a desperate situation here at the house of the children of god
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orphanage. we first came here yesterday, first reported on the desperate situation, 26 babies in the back of a truck. their only home, their only shelter. no form larks nothing. they were giving them regular milk which causes diarrhea in young children. that adds to the danger of dehydration. there in all 135 children here. this is the ridiculous thing. listen to this, 120 of them have already been legally adopted by united states families. families right across america. this girl, for instance, i have lynn, this one here, she's been adopted by a family in nebraska. bilu has been adopted by kim harmon, the harmon family in texas. all they need to get out of here, neil, is a yes from the state department. there's a plane in the dominican republic standing by to take these children to the united states. where they have been legally -- i say again -- legally adopted by american families. the state department is
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dithering, these children are suffering. all it takes with one person at the state department to say get the children to the dominican republic and get them off the ground, get them to the united states. these are the best of haiti. the families in american adopting them are the best of america and the worst of america is holding up. bureaucratic red tape. i have with me a captain from the salvation army. captain, you have been about the only organization it seems that has managed to get in here and get aid to this orphanage. how desperate is this situation? >> well, the situation is very, very desperate. as a matter of fact for us to get here it took us two days. we have to wait in trucks and go to the island for one night and flew to haiti, for an hour and a half we could not land.
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>> tell me, what is the problem with getting aide here? why is the united nations not better coordinated? what is the u.s. military not giving you escorts? why is the aid stuck at the airport while these children get nothing or only the little the salvation are able to bring? >> it's a matters of lodgistics and we have people working with the u.n. and the u.s. army. right now as i talk we started this mission at all -- down the road starting at 3:00. so it's already started and we have another plane coming tonight at 11:30 we have cleared to be landed tonight. hopefully things will start getting better within i would say 12 to 24 hours. >> thank you for what you have done here at this orphanage. >> aim. >> the sam salvation army the
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only organization to get aid here. these children are legally adopted by american families. they have a plane waiting in the dominican republic. it takes one yes from the state department. listen to this, the dutch government, tiny holland, said today we're flying plane directly here to take 100 children. 100 orphans back to holland to be adopted by dutch families. the government just said that. they sent the plane. it's on the way. the children will be out tonight. these children could be in the united states tonight if the state department does what it needs to do. >> neil: incredible. jonathan that's remarkable. all right, hopefully someone is watching. thank you very much. jonathan hunt. from troubles over there to maybe big troubles over here for democrats in massachusetts. republican senate candidate scott brown is leading martha
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cokely by five points in one poll, another by 7 points that. prompted president obama to rush out this ad for miss coakley. >> every voice matters. >> now reports the democrats have a backup plan in place in case she doesn't pull this off. they want to make sure healthcare survives even if coakley does not. chris is the political editor for the washington examiner. what's the game plan? >> a couple of plan b's. we night be to plan d now allowing passing it with a parliamentary trick in the senate. what democrats are talking about is taking the healthcare bill the senate passed on christmas eve and passing it through the house. not making any changes that happened in the secret negotiations that have gone on with labor leaders and other groups since christmas and passing it intact because in
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scott brown gets into the senate, there's no way the president and democrats can get a bill through. >> that original plan, if memory serves me right, did not include a public option and did not include the 5.8% surtax on the very rich. the house plan does. then what? what is the look hood of passage assuming they tried to vote? >> if they tried to vote in the house, speaker pelosi has the advantage of the threat it would be impossible to pass through the senate. the argument from democratic strategists and veterans of moving complicated legislation on the hill is she and the president can use this as a threat that if liberals don't vote for the bill and it lacks what they argued for for years, even though it includes special
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treatment for states like nebraska thanks to senator ben nelson. they're better off to pass it. >> is it injure under -- your understanding is they'd be mol fid later on by the house? what kind of promises are being made? >> the strange argument about this legislation has been that though it's not perfect, and no legislation is perfect, but in this case, though the legislation is flawed, it can be repaired in successive congresses, that after this election is done, democrats can come back and change the bill more to the liking of liberals in congress. but the way things are stacking up for 2010 for the november elections, that's not going to happen. >> neil: that's less of a nuclear option than getting two-thirds. that could cause fewer hackles
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than ramming through a majority vote in the senate. >> one big problem with the 51 vote in the senate. in order today to do it you have to pass each one part with the 51-vote majority. that means if you're senator nelson and lose the cornhusker kickback, you're not entiesed or if you lose your 300 million-dollar you're not interested in voting for the rest of the bill. it's very difficult. >> which makes you wicked smart. thank you for dissecting this. chris, now, if she loses tomorrow, it's his fault? meet the democratic strategist to says democrats are looking desperate. a holdup in aid to haiti and the french. the french are blaming us? ( inspiring music playing )
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we've had one year to make up for eight. where we don't want to go is backwards to the same policies. >> the president tried to pump up martha coakley by tearing down president bush. my next guest says the days of blaming bush are over and he's a democrat. a former top aid to jimmy carter. pat, you think the argument is getting old. >> it's really old an reminds me of hearing the republicans in 2007 after they spent all the money and went through the spending talking about how they were going to campaign on fiscal responsibility and campaign on tax cuts. the problem is, he's been president for over a year. this is not working. it is -- by the way it doesn't resonate. these are his proposals voters are revolting against in a democratic state.
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the bluest of all blue states and democrats don't get the message. i heard what was said before you came on with charles with the healthcare bill. they do not understand. they're all about to take the kool-aid as a political jonestown. the country is not going to do this. >> still, this is the only dog they have hunting, this idea of blaming bush and saying we've had one year, this guy had eight years. >> if that's the only message you can do is keep saying i'm rerunning the last election, they're fighting over your proposals and policies, those you have to defend. let me say, the republicans weren't to lame as answering this, when he gets up and says, the president did, i was shocked when at david axlerod's comments or the rest of ad which says martha coakley is for the people, he's for the banks. she's the one that went to washington a week ago tomorrow and went and took $5,000 from
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citibank. all the rest of the lab lobbyists. >> i forgot about that. >> maybe it isn't falling on deaf ears but when the late senator kennedy's son, pat kennedy, is saying it's bush as well, going to say if you know what -- that it takes eight years for george bush and his cronies to put the country in the hole, you know you have a lot of digging to do. he goes on to say, but some work needs to be done and this president is in the process of doing it and we need to get marsha -- he meant martha, to help him do that. what do you think of ads like that. >> in i -- these are people talking to each other. obviously the people running the political people should all be fired if this is all they come up w the notion of if we keep saying t the people are stupid
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enough they'll believe it, isn't working. i'm appalled at the two universes, the american people, including in massachusetts and political class, particularly my party, are doing. they've had democrats in the house who are losing seats unlois able by 20 points. they don't want to pay attention and they think if they say it enough and spend enough money, american people won't catch on. they're going to get killed. >> neil: you say -- this election not withstanding tomorrow, how do you think the midterm looks? >> i think the only thing that may save the democrats is if brown wins, the republican -- it may be a puric victory for the republicans. they're going to say look how great we are but i will say i would never believe in one year barack obama could turn the republican party into a viable party. >> we'll take the lead and the
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heat. why the u.s. is under fire for it's role in this.
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>> neil, that's one of the c17st that pulled in with troops from carolina. a couple more of coming. a number of flights, c130 and 17 from florida were put on hold to get the troops. yesterday we reported and this morning was that the supply line to get the water and supplies out wasn't strong enough and the only people doing it was the american military. bringing troops in strengthens
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our ability to bring water and food. we've seen planes from every imaginable country on the face of the earth, people who you would never think had a cargo plane but many times they leave it on the tarmac and drive out of here off to the runway and fly out leaving it for the u.s. force to say move it to a holding area and out to the people. good news in the last couple hours, the first plane airdrop has taken place. they've been dropping by a helicopter but for the first time a plane is coming from the east coast to drop in outlying areas. they put a force of u.s. troops on the ground first to make the area secure and set up a system where once the water and food and supplies get in, they'll hand it out. to leave it could be out of control. they were doing that with a helicopter and they had a
4:26 pm
situation today where they were on a hillside and had 5,000 people in line handing out food and water in an orderly fashion. still some bad news with the rioting, but overall the picture is difficult, still bodies buried in literally thousands of homes and businesses not just in port-au-prince but as you move down the coastline, so many smaller cities are flattened with people living in fields with sheets and sticks to hold up the sheets. the first priority, water, food, the cdc and other organizations are coming in today. look at quality of water as well as sanitary conditions and the possibility of disease. because you have a love the refugee campus. after all that is addressed, you have to worry about where these people will live. by someone who has been in this place before, he told me he it will be four or five years before everybody here has a
4:27 pm
normal roof over their head like one they had before the earthquake hit. back to you in new york. >> neil: thank you very much. adam housley in port-au-prince. the french are fried at us. france is ticked that the u.s. is sending so much food and supplies day and night thatthy can't get through so they sent it through with us. dammed when we do and dammed more when we do. claudette is not surprised. she saw this attitude in spades. money and matters at the united nations. wow, what is the french word for hut spa. >> surely you're not saying the french could play politics. >> i don't understand their argument. they have aid, they're juggling planes coming in. they're aig there are planes and we're doing the juggling. i don't get it. >> we're seeing an extension of
4:28 pm
the entitlement mentality which has been just growing for years at places like the united nations where the united states is the chief financial sugar daddy, does most of the real heavy lifting, and it spawns an atmosphere in which everyone else figures they can get a free right, no cost of criticizing, no cost to working their angles. we saw it in the oil for food program and in many programs that involved the international community. here we are with a real disaster and the u.s. testament to the large jess and ability of capitalism is. >> hugo chavez has been screaming americans are occupying haiti. >> i heard some in the european
4:29 pm
press, these are exceptions rather than the rule but nevertheless there are some criticism that the united states is going to help in it's own region and one could say with the tsunami, that was fare our region. the we dwarfed their donations in not only money but troops and doctors sent to the scene. i'm not saying this warrants the u.s. patting itself on the back but it should give other pause from kicking us in the rear, shouldn't it? >> absolutely. for instance, there are certainly things logistically to raise. the french don't need to do that on the world stage. i'm sure they have channels through which they can go. that's political grandstanding and this is the wrong time for them to be cashing in at u.s. expense. and again, the problem is this
4:30 pm
has become the repeated pattern, that the u.s. goes in to try to fix something, to deal with it, our troops are taking real risks, if they're set upon, what do they do? that's the problem in an atmosphere where they could be -- they're court marshalled for giving someone a fat lip. america is both the government and american individuals donating very generals russly to this as has been the american way from the earthquake in pakistan to earthquake in iran to the tsunami in asia to the catastrophe in haiti. and once again, this is free rider entitlement mentality in which the world has come perhaps too much to take that for granted. >> neil: again, giving the benefit of the doubt. the argument is over the u.s. not allow easy access for the
4:31 pm
french as if we have a vested interest to say you come in, you come n you don't come in. silly to me. >> it's ridiculous and if we want to address it, a good place to start would be cut back our overly generous donations to the united nations and say everybody contribute equally. we'll shoulder the big burdens not because it's expected and a topic for criticism from elsewhere, but out of the largeness of american hearts. that's what's going on here. >> neil: very good point. claudia. thank you very much. >> talking tax cuts in massachusetts? those days with ronald reagan is gone. it's emerged in the unlikeliest of places with the most unusual of pitches. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars
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4:36 pm
lawlessness will not be abided. that is a big concern when off country like this, that is sort of running on its own right now. keep you posted. meanwhile, time running out on the massachusetts senate candidates. molly line is following the democrats' last minute move. >> that's right. martha coakley got a visit from barack obama yesterday and she doesn't want the voters to forget it. today the campaign unveiled an ad featuring obama in town. he won in 2008 in the state by 26 points and the democrats are hoping the popularity will rub off on the coakley campaign. the president putting a lot of political capital in the race, visiting, putting out a web ad and robo calls. he says the stakes are high and throwing his life against coakley who is in the fight of her political life. she's facing criticism for not doing enough retail politicking. she has been shaking hands and driving to the western board and back today. the tone of the race changed. much sharpe, the digs are harder.
4:37 pm
here is martha coakley talking about that. >> we ran a very positive campaign in the primary. we started with a very positive campaign and the first negative ad in this came from an outside, right wing group, distorting my record supporting scott brown. i have a positive message. i'll stands up for taxpayers and consumers. when i'm attacked i'll defend my record. i want voters to know the other side is distorted what i've done. >> reporter: and certainly there were plenty of attacks coming from both sides in all directions in the course of this campaign. scott brown today out there finishing up the bus tour. traversing the state in an old pick-up truck. that's been his thing, getting one-on-one time with the voters. president obama this the speech for martha coakley made a dig at the truck. brown fired back and said, "mr. president, unfortunately in this economy, not everybody can buy a truck. my goal is to change that cutting intending, lowering taxes and letting people keep more of their own money." scott brown trying to appeal to folks who would like to see the taxes lowered and is
4:38 pm
look for independent thinkers and independent minded people. this is a race to the finish as both sides have to find out who gets the independent vote. makes up half the voters in the state. neil? >> neil: we'll watch it closely. thank you very much. molly line. billions of dollars placed in the hands of the consumer and the businessmen will have the immediate and permanent benefit to our economy. >> every dollar released from taxation spent or invested will help create a new job and a new valerie. >> the message is the candidate scott brown surging because the tax cutting agenda is resonating. the next guest says absolutely. former reagan economic advisor and coauthor of "the end of ross perty," art lauffer joining me. that is a clever ad going back to john kennedy espousing income tax cuts, which took effect after he was assassinated. but an interesting way to present it, huh? >> it's fascinating. it's exactly what we did in 1980, neil, and it worked
4:39 pm
then because it's true. it really is the only way to get the economy back on its feet and get things going again. you can't run a system when no one gets rewarded for what they do. scott brown is doing a great job on it. i was up in massachusetts and saw this ad on the television there. with a bunch of fellow people there who are massachusetts residents. and all democrats. and they really liked it as well. it was amazing. it's very, very to the point and correct. >> well, i think john kennedy is a hero and not just his home state, of course. you use john kennedy's own words to espouse a cause that many democrats, including your opponent in this case, disavowed. so now we go forward and say whether this is as much a protest vote against coakley as it is anything for tax cuts or otherwise. scott brown. what do you think? >> some of it probably is a protest against coakley.
4:40 pm
i understand she's not been terribly popular in the state. but i think scott brown is really catching on personally. it's a positive. stay as well. i think people like scott brown and i think they think he will do a good job in the senate. not just anti-coakley. >> neil: well, if he were to win -- it's a stretch, because it's still tough in the poll. >> it is. >> neil: the recent poll notwithstanding, what message do you think it will send to washington? >> it will send a lot of messages across the country, neil. look at california, barbara boxer is up for election. it shows even what are considered rock solid state prodemocrats aren't. people want good government innocence and good opportunities and positive growth. they want an opportunity and they're not getting it with this administration and this congress. everything is rammed down our throats. no one likes what they're doing. it's putting a wrong spin on everything. and people won't stand for that. i think this is the perfect sort of shot heard around the
4:41 pm
world, if i can use a massachusetts phrase. >> neil: i've heard that once or twice. art, thank you for coming in on a holiday. good to see you. >> thank you. >> neil: okay. well he gave his life for retail sales. don't laugh. forget about martin luther king -- [ inaudible ] today his name is blue light special. it's time for a reality insert. >> this momentous decreed came -- host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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4:45 pm
intentions are good. many of the retailers if you look across the board -- >> neil: not just making a quick buck? >> not just that. they're giving back. in the spirit of they're enticing people who they hope are off today, going to come in the stores, okay, get the sales. many of the retailers are giving a big percentage back. >> neil: if they're doing that and committing funds, it's -- they're in it for their own interest. that's capitalism and fine. dr. king is recent history, murdered 40 years ago. >> tragic. >> neil: one thing on president's day. i think abe lincoln and george washington would roll in their grave if they knew there were car sales in their name. but this is recent and his assassination was brutal, it led to riots and the like. now you have sleepy's sales.
4:46 pm
it's weird. >> you can't discount we near january. >> neil: call it a january sale. >> i think they're trying to add a little more spirit to it. i don't think it's disrespect -- >> neil: what do you think martin luther king would think? if they knew after his death they'd hold microwave sales in his honor, what would he think? >> if he knew some of the proceeds were going to the community -- >> neil: he'd accept it? >> i think he would be okay with it. i think he was a visionary. and i think -- >> neil: c'mon! >> oh, yes. >> neil: you don't believe that! >> i do believe that. i think if you believe it was going back to help the very people he was trying to -- >> neil: what if it's not. what if it is just fred and al trying to sale refrigerators? >> there are always going to be the in insensitive people and retailers in it for themselves but it's january and they're trying to invigorate the community. and remember, dr. king wanted things better for everyone.
4:47 pm
i want to think positive. >> but you represent retailer tricing to make a buck. that's fine! can you attach your name to a cause that seems representative of your mission? >> neil, you know you don't like to shop. >> neil: i don't. >> i know. so that is why. >> neil: my not liking to shop has nothing to do with using martin luther king and a chalk for hopscotch. >> if you step back and see there are many retailers who are seriously, yes, they may use it as a platform but i think a lot of people have good intentions for giving back. so we will punish the retailers that don't. and we will reward those and come back and after we take the sales numbers, neil, then you can decide. >> neil: okay. you don't think like the prices are insane! >> we're not going back to the ways -- >> neil: we're not going back. >> i hope not. >> neil: thank you very much.
4:48 pm
good to see you. >> anytime. >> neil: well, you tax, we'll sue. if wall street can do it, can you?
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
>> neil: all right. there are new reports that wall street is gearing up to legal challenge the obama administration so-called bank tax. they are lawyering up with top supreme court attorney to take on the white house. my next guest says this tax will never hold up in court. kelly sendon is a constitutional attorney and we always seek her counsel out in the issues way over my head. which is quite a number of issues. kelly, you think they have a legal leg to stand on here, don't you? >> i do. i think there is an issue was it's not going to be even-handed applied. they are cherry picking the industry which bank it would
4:52 pm
retroactively effect. banks that took tarp money, whether they wanted to or not, paid it back with interest. they'd be penalized. smaller institutions wouldn't be effected by it all and governmentally-backed institutions like fannie mae wouldn't be effected be it. >> neil: auto companies, big users of the tarp money would not. so would it be different had the administration applied it to snef everyone? >> there would be an issue if you challenge it on constitutional grounds but here it's based on equality and to suddenly pick out members or institutions within an industry and not apply it even-handed it will is a good basis for challenge on the constitution. >> neil: can the president indiscriminately call any group for tax willy-nilly? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. i don't think it will stand up. >> neil: which is the premierships of their argument. >> correct. they hired top guns that have been through it before. hapt been put in play yet. not committed to writing. he's been feeling it out and putting out warnings, don't
4:53 pm
send your money fighting this. if we levy this just pay. >> neil: you're the lawyer but i play an expert on tv and my crack theory is this will never come to pass. what he is doing is strong arming them to lending more, doing more, cool it on the bonuses. they do that, this tax never happens. >> i agree. it's sort of his own -- >> neil: might want to reconsider agreeing with me. really. >> i think it's his own lobbying effort, that he put out there what he is intending to do. now they're gearing up and if it's put in place, if it is, the word willing be careful so it may not withstand this case. >> neil: but if this is serious and he included everyone accepting tarp money, paid back or not, as unfair as that is, he may have a better chance to get his way than doing it way he did. >> agreed. >> neil: if he changes that, down the road, to make sure that's the point, what
4:54 pm
happens? >> it's still going to be an analysis of how it affects these entities and whether it effects them and whether it was crafted with the intent to make it look as if it's even handed but it's not and there is a disparate impact to bigger institutions and it will cost them money and penalize them. >> neil: kelly, thank you very much. thank you for coming in to help us out on that. >> thank you. >> neil: when we come back, the president poking fun at scott brown and his tribe. too bad he didn't pick up on who made the truck. we did.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
he's driving his truck around the commonwealth. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. he decided to park his truck on wall street. i'd think long and hard about getting in the truck with martha's opponent. it might not take you where you want to go. >> neil: all right. so, two quick things. one, president obama doesn't
4:58 pm
flip over scott brown, martha's opponent. that i knew. two, he doesn't flip over scott brown's truck. that i did not know. you would think that the auto rescue in chief would be careful not to bad mouth any truck or any person driving said truck. especially an american truck. especially a general motors truck. especially an american rescue general motors truck, especially, especially a 2005 general motors canyon truck. that's a pretty hardcore american truck. made by a company with problems to its core, american truck maker general motors. brown is fair game. his truck is not. for this president with a tin ear, that line of attack tells you all you need to know about leader and party that can't distinguish between the two. it's his arugula thing all over again. remember that during the campaign? talking to a bunch of union guys about the soaring price of everything and says he feels their pain and what is
4:59 pm
happening. for example, at the grocery store. just when i think he's going to bemoan paying more cash for corn flakes he goes on about forking over more green for arugula. off the chart. i'm thinking to myself, this guy is off his rocker. never mind i have since come to discover that arugula is a very important veggie staple and shame on me for not knowing it. it's stapled an image in my mind. this guy's mind is somewhere else, arugula matters. g.m. trucks, do not. bad form, big guy. it doesn't prove that scott brown is out of touch. only confirmed for me at least you are. all right, tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m., hosting a special coverage of the special election in massachusetts on fox business network. now fox news is going to have coverage. with bret baier and all those guys. again, we have it on their best interest and clearance


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