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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the riley factor is on. tonight. >> who is going to be on your side? >> bill: president obama putting his credibility on the line in massachusetts. if the democrats lose ted kennedy's senate seat, will the president be in dire trouble? karl rove, sally quinn and brit hume on that. >> the far left attacking fox news for its coverage of haiti. even while fox dominates the ratings. we will tell you what is behind the big lies. >> nbc has been calling me every name in the book. in fact, they think i'm such an idiot they now want me to run the network. >> bill: and say goodbye to conan o'brien but he isn't leaving nbc quietly.
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>> if nbc doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on nbc. >> bernie goldberg with the latest. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama laying it all on the line in massachusetts and that is the subject of the talking points memo. the president went to the bay state to prop up the fading campaign of democrat martha coakley who was once considered a shoe in for ted kennedy's seat. now, scott brown is' head in the polls and the president is staking his credibility on the race. >> what martha's opponent is preaching we have already tried and it didn't work. understand what is at stake here, massachusetts. it is whether we are going forward or going backwards.
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it is whether we are going have a future where everybody gets a shot in this society or just the privileged few. >> bill: did you notice the evangelical tone of the speech? it was kind of like a revival meeting. say amen. say hallelujah. now, mr. obama does this when is trying to rally his base and clearly that is what he is trying to do here. but if it doesn't work and scott brown wins tomorrow the president will be badly damaged and all political hell will break loose in america. obama care could crash and burn. americans simply do not like the corrupt bargains being struck in the healthcare arena. louisiana, nebraska, far left unions like the seiu have all been bribed, bribed into supporting obama care. that is not change we can believe in. that is not hope of any kind. that is backdoor politics of
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the worst kind and the folks know it. on the economic front i believe the president is doing the best he can. but unemployment remains tie and taxes in massachusetts very high. thickthings are not good there. adding it all up big time political disenchantment. i know the bay state, i worked there for years and democratic party is very strong. so mr. brown is not a lock but he is ahead in the polls. late today, a survey by insider advantage gave the republican a nine-point lead and some obama people in washington reportedly think it is all over. but it isn't. so please check out "the factor" tomorrow night. we will be live and have the latest on the race. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove to and liz. do you have a prediction in
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massachusetts, mr. rove? >> brown which will be amazing if it hap. the bay state last elected a republican when it reelected ed brook to the united states stat in 1972 and the last time it voted for a republican in an open race was 1966. barack obama carried the state by six points. -- 26 points, excuse me, two years ago and i suspect that we may see brown get elected by three or five or six points. >> bill: what are you basing your prediction on? >> just looking at all of the polls. i'm a skill skeptical of insider advantage at 9 points. all the polls are moving in brown's direction and seems to be a consensus of four or five or six points but that is going to close up tomorrow. you touched son omaha ban on se reasons earlier. he is mingling with the people. she is an elitist. the last minute special interest deals have been stuffed in the held pill.
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is a bigger and broader narrative which is the people of massachusetts have seen all of the spending and deficit and all of the talk coming out of washington and are reacting in a highly negative fashion. not just one issue. it is a multiplicity of issues and the manner in which the administration and the congress have dealt with it. >> bill: but the president went there on sunday and that will turn the tide in the election, will it not? >> well, no. look, he -- he spent an unprecedented amount of time, i never found any american president who in the off year elections in virginia and new jersey committed as much of his personal time, most presidents if they do make an appearance in either one of those states maybe make one or at most two appearances. he made five stops in new jersey and virginia and didn't turn the tide at all. i don't think he did her a great deal of help yesterday. i tell you u why. you had in your opening segment a piece of footage of him saying we already tried what the republicans have been talking about. one of the untold stories in
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massachusetts is that brown has been talking about things that haven't been tried. he said we ought to try tort reform and letting people by insurance across state lines and let people save more tax free for the out of pocket medical expenses. allow small businesses to join together and pool their risks. he has been talking about things with regard to healthcare that have not been tried and people are saying that seems more common sense than what i'm seeing in the baloney coming out of washington. >> bill: let's advance the story. if your prediction is correct and brown wins the seat. then all hell will break loose. number one, obama care crashes and burns. the interim senator can't vote because democrats lose their 60 and the republicans can filibuster. is that true? >> i think senator kirk remains in office until such time as the successor is certified but that will happen well before there is a vote in the senate.
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if the senate or administration try and jam this thing through with a lame duck senator literally hours or minutes away from being replaced bay duly elected senator all heck will break loose. >> bill: that is not going play. there the obama care is in jeopardy. number two, the president was pretty bold of him to go to massachusetts. i'm sure some of his advisors said you better not do it because now every pundit in the country is going say this is on you that this election directly harms you because you put your credibility, the presidential credibility on the line and they rejected it in massachusetts. but remember, massachusetts went for hillary clinton in the primaries. it is not obama country per se. >> yeah, well, look, i'm not certain that the people inside, we don't know what they said. i wouldn't be surprised if people inside the white house didn't say -- never said what you suggested they might have said. because remember, these people's mindset is the
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president's personal involvement in something whether it is give me olympics or trying to campaign in virginia is an unallied goode and there is no downside. >> bill: but he is losing so many. i'm sure there were people skeptical of that trip. i know of one who actually called me and said hey, this is no good, we don't want this. we, i don't know what the collective we is. goes to copenhagen and doesn't get the olympics. nobody really expected chicago to get it anyway. as you said, virginia and particularly in new jersey, corzine, i mean i think those guys went to club med together, did they not. it was always there. >> three stops. >> bill: they were. and the last time corzine had a facial tick. so this time he goes up there, everybody is going remember it because this is the big story now in america. you have haiti and then you got this. so i don't know. i thought it was pretty bold of him to put his whole credibility on the line up there. >> well, the credibility of
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this approach that he has been following of jamming the things through congress on a party line vote only. i'm not sure i agree it is the death of obama care. it is probably the death of the bill we have seen for the last while. is the president smart enough to come out of this and say maybe i ought to do what i said i would do in the campaign and that is work with republicans and democrats to fashion a new bill. >> bill: i can't imagine. if brown wins i think that is obama care is done. >> well, a new version. >> bill: maybe a new version. that is the euro way. >> all right, thanks very much. next on the rundown. more on the massachusetts vote and the situation in haiti. we didn't get to mr. love on that. we will have brit hume, sally
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>> bill: continuing with the lead story. if massachusetts loses the democratic senate seat, how
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badly will president obama be hurt. joining us is an associate dean of human rights from georgetown university and from washington, reporter sally quinn. i bet you the washington post people are going crazy, huh? the boston globe owned by the "new york times" so i can't blame it on the polls. derek melton down. they won't even run some of the polls that show brown ahead. the key question, would you believe that president obama and karl rove doesn't believe that president obama will be hurt that much. i do. what do you think, ms. quinn? >> i don't think he will be that hurt and i do agree with you, i think it is a bold thing for him to go up there and take the chance that coakley may lose and still invest that much of his own reputation on the election. but i think that there are a number of factors here. it is not as black and white as it may seem. first of all, scott brown is a hunk and i think that the fact that he posed semi nude in a magazine gave him a huge
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advantage in terms of the public recognition. >> bill: wasn't that when was one or two years old, one of those baby pictures? come on, you can't sit there and tell me the guy does this in 1982 for cosmo and this gives him a huge advantage in 2010. when does the statute of limitations run out on belly buttons? when does that happen? >> did i qui criticize him, no? >> come. >> bill: come on. >> name recognition. it made him a recognizable figure which he was not before. a lot of women think he is really cute. >> bill: i don't care about scott brown and with all due respect to mr. brown, i'm sure he is a respected individual. if massachusetts goes gop, i think obama's presidency is going to be damaged.
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what do you say? >> this is buyer's remorse here. unfortunately, for the president, since so many of the buyers that is the voters can't return the purchase for the other -- for at least three years, what they are starting to do now is they are starting to take it out on the president. we have a series of cases here. and i am sick and tired of hearing this thing about oh, well, you know, this is not about obama. obama is not on the ballot. he is not on the ballot. his policies are on the ballot. and the fact of the matter is there is no change. there is no significant difference between obama being president of the united states and any one else. and the american people are starting to see that. and i think, you know, of course, the bay state is known for having tea parties of its own and that is what we are seeing at this point. >> bill: it is stunning, that is a very liberal state. not particularly obama country, but it is a stunning thing. okay. we'll wait and see what happens. i want to get to haiti now. doctor, look, i said this shows
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the noblity of the united states once again, far and away after all is said and done we will give a half billion today's this small nation of 9 million people where as china has give and million. germany has given like 6 million or something like that. you know, i just am very proud of my country, they are responding. i said last week president obama is doing exactly the right thing. how do you see it? >> absolutely. as someone from the caribbean myself, my heart really goes out to the people of haiti and there is a lot of suffering that is going on. and looking at the bodies as a father looking at the children who now are 23409 able to find their parents but at the same time we do have policies and the fact of the matter is i'm very proud of what america is doing. i think america has to do that. but i also think we don't want to end up in a situation where america going to take over the management of haiti. >> bill: if we don't manage it, no one will and the money won't reach the folks. sorry to stay it.
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i have been there a couple of times and i know the corruption that exists there. we have to take the country hoe over in the short-term. >> great that people are giving money but there is also taxpayer money going here. and at the end of the day for all this taxpayer money that is in fact going to haiti, i don't think that haiti is going to be any more of a democracy. by the way, where is president preval? the last i heard -- >> bill: look, let's get this thing under control and then we can think about democracy. almost like afghanistan. >> absolutely, i think we do have to get it under control. >> bill: is the united states being noble in the way it is handling the haitian disaster? >> i don't see what else we could do. >> bill: we could do half as much. >> but i think that haiti is our neighbor. what happens in haiti will have a direct effect on us in a lot
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of ways economically and i think haiti has been for years a dysfunctional and a corrupt government. i mean and also an environmental disaster as well. so i think that there is going to be an enormous amount of money needed to just to build up the infrastructure. >> bill: and it will be provided by us, about 50 or 60% of it. >> you are right about the corruption. >> bill: has to be manage. realere needs to be soo scrutiny about where the money goes. >> bill: i'm proposing something very bold that george clooney take it over. i want george to do the teleon this on friday and then move him down to port-au-prince and put him right in charge of all the money. you're right. we have to manage it. >> ms. quinn probably thinks he is a hunk so there will be no problem with that. >> bill: thanks very much. here are the results of the bill o' poll. will you donate to haiti.
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42% of you say yes and 58% say no. directly ahead, brit hume, juan williams, mary catherine hamm. we will continue the debate. and then, bernie goldberg on conan o'brien not going quietly conan o'brien not going quietly into the night.
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>> bill: in the hume zone segment let's bring in fox news chief political analyst brit hume. let's start with massachusetts. what say you? >> i say that if martha coakley loses tomorrow it will be long-term and perhaps even short term the best thing that could happen to the dem cats and here is why, bill. the democrats are basically about to drive themselves off a cliff by ramming this wildly unpopular healthcare reform bill through the congress. if the bill were to fail and scott brown's election could bring that about and probably will bring that about. the public anger over this will subside. not completely but it will subside quite a bit. if it passes that will be worse for the democrats because the bill points to the extent there are any don't arrive until 2014 and the anger over it will only mount. in addition, the loss in massachusetts will be such a big deal that everyone in
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washington, democrats and republicans alike and perhaps even the president will look at this and say my lord, we are doing something wrong, we need a major course correction. you will recall that after the mid term, bill clinton was force inside a mid term and he made one, he adjusted, he adapted. reiran to the the center and se some republican ideas and he was reelected handily. this would give president obama a chance to do that almost a year ahead of the mid term elections. >> bill: here is why i disagree with you. different world. in '94, you didn't have cable and talk radio to the ex-at any time you have it now. you didn't have the instant brawl, political brawl in everybody's face. i say that if coakley loses and brown takes ted kennedy's seat, the reveberatinos will crack the democratic party so much it
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will not be able to recover. therefore the republicans could take back both houses. >> i think that is possible but i think that still the opportunity would be there for a democratic party having suffered this terrible reverse. you can explain away, virginia, to some extent and ex-play away new jersey. there is no explaining away, massachusetts, which is a big deal. >> bill: he would have to react the same way bill clinton did and there is another thing in play as well is that president obama unlike bill clinton in '94 has really urgent issues. he has unemployment and he has terrorism. and those are urgent issues that bill clinton didn't have in '94. bill clinton latched on to healthcare reform and other things that were centerrist right issues and took them on his own under the tout lajeunesse of our pal dick morris. here. >> he didn't do that -- >> bill: go ahead. >> he didn't do that until after the election.
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>> bill: he didn't have a closing in of the bad economy and al-qaeda guys trying to blow planes out of the sky. >> that is certainly true. on the other hand, it is beyond argument it seens to me that the president and his party would benefit if they were to adjust their course, scrap the healthcare reform bill, adopt some republican ideas on the economy which could draw some republican votes and change their course. that doesn't mean they won't be in trouble because of the economy in the mid term. i think they could help themselves immeasurably. if coakley wins itle be business as usual. >> bill: do you have a prediction? >> it looks like brown at the moment. you have weather issues up there, who can say. it is all turnout. >> bill: all right, haiti. do you think the united states is -- let me pose it this way. fox news has been and we will deal with this a little bit later on, has been roundly criticized by the far left for its coverage of haiti that we are not doing enough which is
5:25 am
ridiculous, it is just absurd. but they are using the haitian tragedy to try to diminish people with whom they disagree. detestable and again we will get into it. is the united states doing enough in haiti and is it managing at this point a week out, is it managing the situation correctly in your opinion? >> i think the united states characteristically is doing all it can do. it is not enough, nothing would be enough in a situation this bad. the infrastructure situation there is so devastated and so weak in the first place that the channels and means by way aid and supplies would normally be funneled and would reach people are all broken. and we are doing -- they are down there playing catch as catch can, doing the best they can. my guess is that given all that they are facing down there no one can do a better job and, indeed, no one can do as good a job. i think you are right, bill, and highly justified in feeling the pride that you feel in what our country and our military is
5:26 am
doing down there. >> bill: and i think president obama has done exactly what he should have done. >> i agree with that. i think the president's response to this was quick, it was firm and i'm sure there is more where it came from and he deserves to be applauded on that. >> bill: brit hume, thanks for coming in. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. far left attacking fox news for its coverage of haiti. we will tell you what is behind that, and it is pretty hateful. also, bernie goldberg on conan o'brien not going away quietly. >> there is arummer that nbc is so upset with me they want to keep me off the air for three years. pie response so that is if -- my response is if nbc doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on nbc. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. an abc news poll says for thatly half of americans believe president obama is not, is not delivering on his major campaign promises. 47% say the president has accomplished some good things. here to help us sort this out, fox news analyst mary catherine hamm from washington and juan williams from louisville, kentucky. juan, look, we have been talking about massachusetts and nobody knows today what is going to happen tomorrow. but what we do know is that the nation seems to be turning against president obama. that is the trend we see it in every poll. and if you had to say one reason why, just one reason, is would be?
5:30 am
>> jobs. i don't think there is any question about it. if you look at the unemployment rate, the promise that it would hold at around 8% and instead seeing it at 10%, seeing it, you know, verge on even crawling higher. i think people think gee, you should have taken care of jobs first, that is the most important thing to us. that is the trendline. to be fair to president obama, it is still -- it is not overwhelming. people understand that the economic crisis really was not at his making. it is a tremendous problem and i think many people might give him credit for having averted a depression. >> bill: but overwhelming in the sense that you go to the state of massachusetts and 8.5%, better than the national average and overwhelmingly democratic state and people are saying to barack obama and that is they are saying, juan, you know what, we don't like your policies. that is exactly what is going on up there, juan. >> they don't like your policies on economic issues is that what you are saying? >> across the board.
5:31 am
healthcare and economic issues. i think terrorism is involved in that as well. >> you are talking about americans overwhelmingly applaud barack obama's handling of terrorist issues even the christmas situation where he had to come back and say the system didn't function properly. he will do well on those issues. he is not doing well on jobs. >> bill: do you think it is a ref run dumb on jobs in massachusetts? >> i think scott brown has made it a referendum on healthcare. the big thing scott brown has said too much government spending, government is in cruding in your life, healthcare is out o of control, let's send a message to washington, i don't answer to the losses, i answer to you the people. >> bill: sending a message so washington is sending a message to the president. go ahead. >> here is what happened. barack obama came into office, the issue was jobs and nobody is denying that he was left with a bad situation. he also asked for the jobbed a i think people would have been kinder to him and more forgiving had he not veered off
5:32 am
into the sweeping overhaul. he made very clear promises on things that you might consider trivial or less -- more trivial than jobs like the c-span promise to air negotiations. he made clear promises that are clear to people and he is not keeping and breaking in obvious ways. >> bill: another thing, you guys and i will let mary katharine address this first and then you, juan. what about the corrupt deals. nebraska being bought off and the seiu bought off. this isn't change you can believe if or hope or anything. this is sleezy backroom stuff. you can't tell me that is not on obama's plate. >> that is one of the huge problems. he campaigned as a guy who was going to change the way washington works. nobody denies that is a hard thing to do and it might take awhile. but he embraced -- >> bill: these are so blatant. >> he has embraced old school
5:33 am
politics whistling at th exacts him to pass the overhaul on healthcare. >> when you have that no medicare for nebraska and seiu doesn't have to pay the cadillac tax. when you have those three things, even people in massachusetts and cambridge with their little lattes, that is not change we can believe in. >> with the volunteers row vol. >> bill: even the pinheads at the school. >> be for real. you have been inside the sausage factory and you know how legislation gets made. >> bill: change you can believe in is change you can believe it. don't give me sausage factory. >> mary katharine is right on the -- medicare prescription drug coverage, he didn't even
5:34 am
provide for the added cost to the government. >> bill: all anybody remembers is the guy was running around for a year, barack obama, going say, i'm not like the others, i'm a good guy and i will bring in hope that you can believe and cake. >> he also said he would bring in bipart stanship. >> bill: i don't care about that because you can't biv in a bipartisanship. >> i think it would have helped him on healthcare if he had some republicans. by letting pelosi and reid run it he squandered that opportunity. >> bill: the policies will always be there. but bargains like this. i will give mary katharine the last word. >> he veered from his prom on the campaign and his whole style of sort of pitch on the campaign in huge ways that are very clear to people that he has broken promises and that is what is playing in massachusetts and you see people going i want a guy who is going to be responsible with the money while i'm being responsible with my money in these crunch times and they are turning probably to a republican in many respects. >> to a tea party guy, not
5:35 am
turning to republicans. don't fool yourself on that. >> it is not national republicanism that is winning but it is responsibility and that is message that can work. >> bill: thanks very much. a reminder we will be here live tomorrow with the results of the massachusetts election. right back, bernie goldberg on alleged press corruption in boston over the election. and then the far left attacking fox news over our haiti coverage. wait until youer that.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. if the week k's with bernie seg month tonight. on friday, massachusetts polls showd that republican scott brown pulled ahead of the favored martha coakley in the senate race. the first time the polls showed that, it was stunning because a few months ago the same poll had ms. coakley up huge. but the boston globe ignored the situation on friday, only covering it over the weekend. also, conan o'brien not going quietly into the night. with us, fox news analyst, bernie goldberg. when i see stuff like this it reenforces to me we have corrupt press in america. that is a big story when a suffolk county poll turns around and you don't even mention it and you are the paper in new england. come on. >> what made the story important is that this was the first poll that had the republican leading by more than the margin of error.
5:39 am
>> bill: right. >> it was a legitimate story. should they have run it friday? absolutely. was it a legitimate story? absolutely. we tried to contact the boston globe to just say why not and we didn't hear back from them. >> bill: shocking. >> well, right, right stunned. >> like the guy on casablanca, right? i'm shocked. but here is the thing. did these guys dar. >> gretchen: did the editors at boston globe go into the dark room and pull the blinds and say let's screw this guy brown because he is a republican. >> bill: i say they did. i say look, there is only six guys working at the boston globe, they fired everybody else. there is six guys, all right and they havein' editorial meeting like we have at "the factor" in the morning. they saw this poll and said we will assign a reporter to the poll and put it in position,
5:40 am
you know how it works and they went know, we are not going do that because we don't want the guy to win. >> i say they didn't do it that way but here is -- >> bill: based on what? >> based on that isn't how bias work os in any of the place is. it works as a matter of group think. a whole bunch of guys that think alike. >> bill: but they are decisionmakers. >> i don't think it was as blatant as that. here is the point, by not running the poll when we all agree it was a legitimate story, they give ammunition. >> bill: they don't think that way. they think they live in a world and say we are the boston globe and we are the most powerful media thing in new england and we will ignore the story -- boston one of the few areas in the united states that has two viable newspapers ask. her is the harold on the front page. >> listen, i'm the guy who wrote the book biased but i don't believe they went into the darken the room and pulled the shades.
5:41 am
>> bill: yeah, they did. >> and got together and said let's screw this buy it. >> bill: that is why they are going bankrupt because they don't cover the news fairly and people in new england know it and that is why they are going down the drain. let's get to another area that doesn't cover the news fairly and this i. conan o'brien and jay leno are fighting it out. >> nasty in the press. nbc has been calling me every name in the book. yeah. yeah. in fact, they think i'm such an idiot they now want me to run the network. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it. reporting for duty, do that, do this, what! >> bill: all right. so we have a giant corporation, ge, i guess still owns it,
5:42 am
comcast is going to buy it, the deal hasn't been done. huge embarrassment. >> absolutely. >> does it mean anything to the folks watching? >> yeah, but maybe not in the science that you mean the question. it is great entertainment, bill. >> bill: for you and me. >> i love it. when it comes to anything to do with television, i root for chaos. >> bill: except on "the factor." >> well, chaos here is another thing all together. but we'll talk about that later. but the idea that these guys are not only blasting each other but blasting the architect who built this mausoleum. >> bill: it's great theater. fantastic theater. and i just love the chaos. now, when the chaos goes away, amgying to care who is on at what time? >> bill: no. >> i'm not and i will tell you why. johnny carson was the king. he was an american icon. these guys, all of them, bill,
5:43 am
are mere pretenders to the throne. >> bill: i agree with that. you know what i think it is, i think it is karma. nbc ges set themselves up to be a liberal network to get government contracts which ge succeeded in doing. they are making a lot of money on the green contracts. they made a deal and maybe you disagree just like the boston globe. we going to support president obama and try to get him in and then on the other end he will give us all the government contracts so we will use the news division actively, the cable in particular to promote the candidacy to make sure that he wins. now, that is not right. that is an abuse of power. that is not what the free press is supposed to be. now, the whole thing is falling apart and who was the architect of that, zucker? >> you think this is like -- >> bill: karma. that is what i think. i light candles and have incense. i'm a tea drinking guy. >> they have some bad voodoo going on.
5:44 am
>> bill: they do. they absolutely do. >> they have some bad voodoo. i don't know any other way to put it, bill, i love it. i cannot get -- >> bill: you are reveling in the suffering of others. >> called boldenfreud. that was maureen dowd's takeoff on schadenfreud. >> i. >> kimberly: i don't want. >> bill: i don't want to see leno and o'brien suffer. they are not really suffering because they are making a bunch of money. >> they are criticizing each other, i do love, it i admit it, but when they criticize the boss, do you know how much many people watching us right now never have the opportunity. >> to criticize the boss. >> bill: you ought to try it. i think he would love it. he has a great sense of humor. >> bill: bernie, i have like four people in the world that
5:45 am
are my alleys and you want me to kill them. i'm going to keep it down. bernie goldberg, thank you very much. coming back with reality check. the far left ataxing fox news on haiti. wait until y y y y y
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>> bill: back of the book segment. reality check where we set the record straight to the dismay of the charlatans. the far left trying to say that fox news doesn't care about haiti, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. writing in the los angeles times fox news hater james rainy says "cnn does it right in haiti but fox drops the ball. o'reilly even devoted the first quarter of his hour long program to the quake, focusing mostly on his concerns that us aid will be lost if it can't be kept away from thugs and haiti's corrupt leaders ." well, yeah, and those are the obama administration concerns as well, jim, as we heard from secretary of state clinton. for you far left guys no, honest is acceptable. another committed leftist pick the up the criticism writing on the net "it wasn't just that limbaugh, hannity and beck largely ignored the earthquake. they implicitly explained why
5:49 am
they were ignoring it because they didn't believe an aggressive washington response would do in i good ." i can't speak for the other guys. but as i clearly stated i support the obama administration largesse on our behalf. just today, i made a significant donation. why they based the assessment of out of context quotes. the left whacked out smear anybody in business that isn't the far left. we think it is hateful and demonstrates how low these people are. last week the factor at 8:00 p.m. destroyed cnn and ms nbc in the ratings and tripled them in audience. the folks know who is telling the truth and folks have made the call. by the way, fox news our coverage on haiti has been terrific. our correspondents have been great.
5:50 am
check two. media matters and the other cooks should be happy with hugo chavez. here is his latest. >> bill: yeah. earth to hugo, in supplies get to the folks without the soldiers, okay, conprende? and, once again, venezuela sent one plane. check three, during president obama's speech supporting martha coakley on sunday, a protester spoke up. >> you need somebody --
5:51 am
lele. >> now, where were we. in. >> bill: all right, it was an antiabortion guy and check gins to believe that kind of exposition hurts the guy's cause and makes him look unstable. check four, press in britain can be unstable and if you think things are bad in the u.s. media wise, it is as far as worse. the left wing magazine the statesmen portraying sarah palin as the devil with lipstick horns. no real reason to do this but what you see is what you get in that magazine. we hope you enjoyed the federal holiday. 70% of black americans believe progress is being made in race relations. and also 49% of blacks say race equality has been or will be soon achieved in america. same number, 49% believe racial
5:52 am
equality has not been achieved. during the golden globe awards sunday night, governor arnold schwarzenegger was called upon to introduce a clip for the movie "avatar." >> wondering why i'm introducing "avatar." now, it is set 125 years in the future. and in so many ways it is the future of movies. if you haven't soon the movie, you are the only one that didn't. this is "avatar." >> bill: i believe that is avatar, not dar. but i haven't seen it. perhaps the governor was not the best choice for that slot. finally, check seven. after we praised david blaine for raising money for the haitian people in times square, "the factor" producer caught up with him. >> david, real quick, i'm with fox news with the o'reilly factor? >> he is very funny. i will like watching him get into fights with people. >> bill: fights? what fights? >> and that is rial the check.
5:53 am
pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, featuring sandra bullock. don't do it. don't do it! right back with p and p.@y
5:54 am
bill: time for patriots produce are ron mitchell his son may be following that . sean won a tournament 16 straight derby races. sean could be the reincarnation of beaver cleaver. are you kidding me! look at this! as you may note actor jerry mathers played the beev. if there's a new sitcom sean has got to get the job. both are patriots. sandra bullock and meryl streep tied for best actress. they did a schtick. >> the other award goes to sandra bullock.
5:55 am
>> [ bleep ] . bill: why they kiss is not clear. however, the ladies got a lot of attention which may be what they were seeking. you can decide if they are pinheads. >> we hope you sample the no spin news over the weekend. designed for premier members. sarah palin seems guarded making her comments she need to just be herself. vince: bill you and beck came across as are began as you discuss sarah palin. are you fearful she could usurp your dominance at fox news? please don't be intimidated by sarah. rick dis on all counts.
5:56 am
-- ridiculous on all counts. david: beck's question to palin about the founding fathers was a tkpwofp what question. gash gotch question. the governor settled on george washington. bill thank you for pointing out the generosity in the united states, i pray your comments will open the eyes of the american haters. nice but won't happen. most hatred is irrational based upon disturbance inside the hating person but it is my job to tell the truth. the criticism of president obama is valid he's more concerned with his criticism abroad than at home.
5:57 am
i asked him to keep his stupid plane so it is worse than you thought. chavez not doing anything to help haiti. hey : i am -- spencer: bill your presence in pasadena in february will be the best birthday present ever. beck and i will try to make it so. the pasadena, california show sold out in hours so we are adding a second one saturday february 13th, details on tomorrow's factor. vincent: north -- bill i thought about seeing the bold fresh tour but i've already seen dumb and dumber. vince you are a right i hear joy behar is looking for writers.
5:58 am
you might want to check that out. that is the factor website on the fox news band. e-mail us with pithy comments. name your town if you wish to opine. the word of the day could not be a er. -- to be a codger. i have been accused of being a codger and it is grossly unfair but i am not and don't you be one. i am bill o'reilly we hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. tuesday, january 19th, 2010. thanks for sharing your time today. big day in massachusetts as voters head to the polls there where scott brown now ahead of martha coakley in most of the polls. the results could turn national politics on its head and already nervous dems pointing the finger at each other. >> that's never good. meanwhile, jay leno putting jokes aside for a little bit last night. >> through all of this, conan o'brien has been a gentleman, a good guy. no animosity towards him. this is all business. if you don't get the ratings, they take you off the air. >> there you go. jay leno got serious and told us all what's going on at nbc. we'll share that with you straight ahead. >> was he talking about him at 10:00 or conan? >> both. >> help put the president in office like the unions, no taxes for you but if you're a regular joe, you got to pay up. we take a closer look at the so-called obama exemption and also, the slogan comes


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