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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 19, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> sean: this is a fox news election alert. the polls in massachusetts are closed. the returns are pouring in. the race remains too close to call between brown and coakley. we will be bringing you live coverage over the next hour. governor mitt romney will be joining us. first we check in with campaign carl cameron at the brown campaign headquarters. the doug flutie ban just finished behind you what is going on in on the ground? >> reporter: they are not looking for hail matters cash hail miers. scott brown seems to be leading the parade on this election day. the room is filled here. easily a couple thousand folks across massachusetts for the past week they've been watching the polls suggesting scott brown will pull off the upset in the last half century
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near. -- sean and -- >> sean: apparently we lost carl. we'll go back to paul in a minute. molly is standing by at martha coakley's headquarters. the crowd seems not as energetic, not as enthusiastic and not as large as what is happening at the brown campaign. >> reporter: considering the moment we are in now at the coakley ballroom things are mellow. numbers coming up on a big tv now numbers are back up. they were taken down for a little while. people are mingling on the other side of the room. speaking with supporters here they are remaining optimistic, still hopeful. they don't know from watching the tv here where those numbers are coming in. they are hoping some of the precincts where the numbers haven't come down yet will give coakley a boost.
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speaking with some of her aides, they were hopeful they felt like around 4:00 they were getting information from bellwether communities, communities they thought would given sight into how they would do later tonight they were feeling good. they were saying 8:00 or 9:00 tonight i asked how are you going to be feeling? i got a little bit of a shrug. [ inaudible ] it seemed like they were -- they didn't want to make a commitment one way or another how this was going to go. >> sean: thank you molllism with about 57% of the vote in it is 57-46. we go back to carl cameron at the brown campaign. we lost you there for a minute. >> reporter: it is a good measure of the chaos that is unfolding here. other reporters are kicking electrical cords out because we are so jammed on the stage.
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it is not the thing you expect where the nation and the state's media come to watch a senate race there. hasn't been a republican elected in massachusetts since the 70s. the possibility that scott brown is going to pull this off is a cataclysmic event not just in massachusetts politics much has been written about what it means for the national agenda the potential end of the president's health care reform as it is currently drafted in the congress the ripple effect that might have on the remainder of his domestic agenda. upset in the midterms of the 2010. and you can even take it down to what happens in 2012 with the president's reelection this is potentially that significant. today going around polling places i talked to folks in quincy, massachusetts south of boston most were democrats who said they started out prepared to support coakley and got turned off for various reasons and turned to brown. it is mind-blowing in this
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state where republicans are outnumbered 3 1/2-1 that democrats are going to brown. this surge really only happened in the last 3 1/2 weeks. the campaign goes back to the fall of last year with the pass of ted kennedy. the truth of the matter is brown took off and captured the nation's attention and massachusetts voters for the last 3 1/2 weeks if he pulls it off in the next few hours everything changes in washington and massachusetts will already have changed. >> sean: by the way, we have about 60% of the vote in now. it is 53-46 brown over coakley. stu rothberg says losing kennedy's seat would be like a 1929 stock market crash for democrats. steny hoyer says the disaster in massachusetts would show how angry voters are at republicans. now joining us at brown's campaign headquarters we have
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former massachusetts governor mitt romney standing by. good to see you, thank you for being with us. >> hey sean, this is a big night we are pretty excited in this room. >> sean: you know massachusetts politics. certainly too early to tell but we are getting close. if we have 60% of the vote in and it is 53-46, it is certainly looking good for scott brown. certainly confirming the polls we've seen in the last number of days. your thoughts? >> i think scott is going to win tonight. i think you are right polls indicated he has overcome a 30 point deficit by sticking to the issues he has not run a negative campaign solid campaigner with a terrific campaign this is also a referendum on the barack obama agenda. i think a way of working in washington which is an arrogant approach to politics in this country shutting out one party entirely that is not what barack obama promised. he has delivered something
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very different from what people expected. i think the people in massachusetts in the bluest of blue states are saying they don't like that they want more balance they want somebody who is a believer in the people of america not just the government of america. >> sean: i agree. i think this arrogance and i think misinterpretation of the last elections' results. if you got to bribe senators to support your health care plan and buy off unions to support your health care plan and you are not going to keep your promise to be transparent and put it on c-span it seems this is a reaction to that arrogance do you agree with that analysis? >> i do. i think a lot of people will look at the campaign issue by issue to understand why scott brown has been so successful. it is really the attitude of are call them the neomonarchists in washington who believe big government is better, smarter, wiser than the people is happening in
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massachusetts the citizens here are saying no, we want a government that responds to the people of america and does not spoken to the ideologues and left wing of the democratic party. >> sean: what does it say about the president? you believe this is a referendum on barack obama's agenda. now, if this comes out, we have 63%, this just coming in, it is still 53-46. we don't have a lot of votes left out there tonight. we may be able to call this earlier than we may have thought. the president in one sense is 0-4 if you include copenhagen and new jersey and you include virginia and if scott brown wins tonight in massachusetts that means four times that the president of the united states has put his credibility on the line in his first year in office and has come up unsuccessful. will that further impact the rest of his agenda? >> well, i'm sure it will. i think it will be -- there will be some in the democratic
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party rather than accept data from the people they are going ahead with what they think is the right thing and that arrogance i think is going to cause them to suffer in 2010. but i also believe the democrats who are thinking about how they should vote on key issues particularly the blue dog democrats are going to say i'm not sure i want to vote along the party line on cap and trade and obama care and higher taxes and cutting medicare. they are going to say no to does things. i think when the politicking time comes they are going to say i don't think i want to invite barack obama to come into my district, he does not make things happen. >> sean: amazing turn around one year ago think of where we were in the country. there's been talk about how this impacts health care. nancy pelosi said earlier today that health care will go for. other congressmen says it does not. then there's talk about she nan agains that they won't seat brown right away if he has the victory tonight if
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they play any shenanigans what does that do to the mood of the electorate, which is clearly pretty angry and pretty anti-the democrats' agenda? >> i would be surprised, the democrats have been talking what they would do if scott brown became elected how they would get their health care through despite the will of the people. if they play the kind of she nan -- shenanigans you described it will show the arrogance which has lead to brown's victory tonight and that will make their prospects in 2010 more difficult. i have to think and i say this with some disappointment, either the democratic leadership is going to continue to fight to do whatever it takes to win a battle, regardless of the will of the people. i think that will hurt the country and also their party. >> sean: how big is it that you were elected as governor as a republican in the bluest of blue states? how significant? we have 65 -- i'm looking at the latest monitor, 65% of the
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vote in, how significant is it that this is a republican in the bluest of blue states? >> look, you can under score how significant this victory is. this is a lot different than my victory. republican governors have won before. i won as a republican governor, swift, weld won as republican governors. to have a republican senator that's unheard of. we haven't had a republican senator elected in massachusetts since the 70s and that was ed brook this is monumental this is epic this is scott brown is a great candidate also that barack obama has disappointed the american people and they are saying from massachusetts they've had enough of it. >> sean: i can see behind you the band is waiting for you to get up on stage and sing, so we won't waste any more of your time. >> thanks sean. can hear the last thing you said. we are having a great time tonight, thanks. >> sean: with 65% in it is 53
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that would be scott brown now leading martha coakley in what would be a huge upset in the democratic state of massachusetts. coming up the polls are closed we are awaiting the results we may have have them in a short period of time. when we come back frank hrupbdz is standing live with a group of voters dark -- plus andy card and much more on our great american panel on a busy election night here on hannity we'll continue. that cut the lumber... that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to
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. >> sean: we are monitoring the election results out of massachusetts special election. 66% of the precincts are reporting with scott brown the republican leading martha coakley 53-46%. joining me with his thoughts on today's election is former white house chief of staff and massachusetts native, andy card is with us. welcome aboard. >> great to be with you sean.
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it is a fabulous night for the bay staters. >> sean: seems like you are confident. looks like we are getting close to be able to call this based on these early numbers. stu rothberg said losing kennedy's seat is like the 1929 stock market crash for democrats, would you agree? >> it is winning the people's seat, scott brown winning the people's seat in massachusetts and yes, this is a huge wake-up call to the democratic party and a wake-up call to the obama administration and the entire country. america is getting frustrated with the arrogance of washington, d.c. and its personified by the democrats and what they are doing. >> sean: steny hoyer claims this disaster, which he was predicting earlier today is the voters showing anger at the gop. he had robert gibbs i guess
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everything in the world is george bush's fault. he's saying that's not to talk about any previous administration, except you know he's blaming bush pretty much for the mood of the country right now. at what point do they take responsibility for the fact they've governed for a year? >> clearly, what is happening in massachusetts is not about yesterday. it is about today and what america wants for tomorrow. the voters in massachusetts, first of all scott brown ran a terrific campaign. he's a great candidate. he rode a wave and he didn't fall off the surf board. i tell you, he's done a terrific job. the stage was set by the arrogance of the obama administration and the democrats in washington, d.c. and the american people are coming to see this is not the change that they wanted. president obama is the one that should be hearing this wake-up call the most. all of those paranoid democrats in congress are going to be more paranoid tomorrow morning. >> sean: massachusetts polls show on care it was 48-40 the
9:17 pm
voters were against health care. brown ran, saying repeatedly i'll be the 41st vote, i'll stop health care. he said i will stand for strong national defense. we are spending too much money. i'm for tax cuts. in many ways in liberal massachusetts he ran as a conservative. what message does that send to any democrat that is going to run in these midterm elections, in your view? >> it a wake-up call to the democrats. most importantly, scott brown ran for the people of massachusetts. he addressed the issues they were talking about many he had the courage to talk about the issues that they were talking about and the democrats were arrogant in talking about the issues that washington was talking about. the american people don't want to put up with that scott brown is a wonderful vehicle for the voters of massachusetts. he's a wake-up call to the rest of america and the democrats. i think you are going to see some changes in
9:18 pm
washington, d.c., at least there better be changes or the depend s are going to be in for a rude awakening in november 2010. >> sean: thank you. nearly 70% of the vote in now, still 53-46% for scott brown. for a closer look at the -- we have 69% of the vote in. 53-46 scott brown over martha coakley. for a quick look at how the people of massachusetts feel about this, we have the pollster president of the word doctors, frank luntz standing by with bay state residents who cast their votes today. frank? >> watch this sean, how many of you believe barack obama has exceeded your expectations, raise your hands? none of you. how many voted for him? this is a democratic group. now let me ask you how many voted for brown, the republican candidate? who voted for obama and switched and voted for brown?
9:19 pm
you four are the reason why brown appears to be leading. george, why did you switch? >> i wanted to send a message. i'm a lifelong democrat i think they've been trying to shove this bill and this health care bill right down our throats. >> robert why? >> growing dynamic of a growing public sector funded by a shrinking private sector and the health care bill only ex-sass -- exacerbates that. >> why did you switch? >> an independent i believe government should be ruled from the center. the last several years, including the last year it has been that 10% far left and 10% far right, i want a change. >> is this a vote in favor of the republican candidate or send a message to washington? a message to washington. >> what message are you sending? >> kill health care there is nothing wrong with our system it needs improvement but it is
9:20 pm
a good system. >> it is about the spending the process the way they are run things, everything. >> gail? >> i'm not with them. >> you don't want to send a message to washington? >> no i wanted for coakley and obama. >> are you surprised that coakley lost? >> no, because i think she should have known she was in trouble early on. she didn't get out and get her message out to people. in the end she desperate and went to the negative campaign. >> the other 49 states are watching what is happening here. what message should they take from this? >> that the american people don't want one party dominance. >> i'm a physician in this state i could tell you many physicians are angry at what the obama health care has been doing. there's no malpractice reform in there at all. there's nothing that changes the medicare fix for physicians. if he's gonna have a public health option that is modeled after the medicare model we
9:21 pm
are in big trouble. >> let me ask you this question, right now senate democrats are about to meet to decide what to do about health care. should they try to get it through before brown is seated? >> who believes they should try to push it through raise your hands? three. who believes they should stop and let the senator be seated? you guys voted for him, half of you voted for coakley but you still believe that washington should wait, why? >> it is the wrong thing to do. we said a decision as a state even though i voted for coakley and i support the health care bill, it is not appropriate. >> get. >> i agree with everything that he just said and i think it is important we show bipartisanship. >> sean, back to you. >> sean: we have breaking news we now check in with bret baier for the latest developments. apparently martha coakley has conceded.
9:22 pm
>> reporter: the associated press is now projecting that scott brown the republican, will win the massachusetts special election to fill that massachusetts senate seat in an election that will shock the political world and have reverberations all around washington. the ap is projecting that scott brown will win this race. it appears that the turn-out in boston did not materialize for coakley in the numbers they expected. brown performed very well, even in some of the areas of the state like the western part of the state, where coakley is from, the berkshire county. now you see scott brown at campaign headquarters. scott brown the ap is projecting is the winner in the republican for the senate seat, the special election this has not gone to a republican in almost six decades. we are getting word that they are filing in now in both campaigns.
9:23 pm
the ap is projecting that scott is the winner. this, as you've talked about all show sean, will have affect directly on washington, d.c. and the obama administration's plans to legislative agenda as now many analysts believe health care reform is in jeopardy at least the one on the table right now. ap projecting scott brown the winner in the massachusetts senate race. >> sean: bret baier as you just heard the ap projecting that scott brown is the winner as of now with 71, 72% of the vote in. the vote remains 53-46 for scott brown. joining me juan williams and stuart varney. if i had to come up with one word this is a "revolution." first virginia, then new jersey. massachusetts, stuart? >> unbelievable! even i know massachusetts is a deep blue -- >> sean: what do you mean even
9:24 pm
you know? >> i'm a brit. it is astonishing it is a revolution. profound impact on politics and policy. i hereby say, health care is dead and i think cap and trade is dead. >> sean: i know juan is dying to weigh in. but we head back to scott brown headquarters where carl cameron is standing by. >> reporter: behind me the candidate's daughter the u.s. senator elect's daughter. scott brown has now received the concession call from martha coakley and accepted her congratulations. he is the senator elect the now the acknowledgement by the democratic candidate herself. unbelievable turn of events. it is pandemonium here. a combination of elation and cheers of relief and joy. a yolk-hold that has been on
9:25 pm
that senate seat for more than 50 years, a democrats ed republicans in so many ways now vaporized in one night a stunning upset in the last three weeks a surge that will go down in the history book in massachusetts and in textbooks for political science. surge at the right time and against all odds a come from behind victory that would change the immediate course of history in washington and perhaps the long term course of history for the obama administration -- [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: you can hear a big party going on at scott brown headquarters. we'll be headed to coakley's headquarters. we bring juan william in to all of this. if these numbers hold up, now it is 70 some odd percent of the vote, this is not just a
9:26 pm
victory, juan this is a land slide. >> it is a stunner, no the thing that strikes me is, to take a second to step back. a year since obama's inauguration. hae not delivered his first state of the union yet and what see here, i think is the power of populous this election got nationalized, 3-1 advantage in early of democrats over republicans in the state of massachusetts didn't mary. suddenly, what you had was an over -- didn't matter. suddenly, what you had was an overwhelming sense something was going on people coming in from around the country, tea party people, conservatives saying we are getting behind scott brown he's a symbol for something larger. >> sean: i was paying close attention to the focus group we just had with frank. they are trying to shove this bill down our throat, i want to send a message to washington. we want to kill health care. a physician said i'm a physician, physicians don't like this bill. the american people don't want one party rule. these are interesting
9:27 pm
comments. >> the size of the margin of victory as it stands now is seven points, incredible margin of victory. >> sean: that's a landslide in massachusetts. >> it is. the size of that margin means there will be a greater impact on policy down the road. congress will be forced to move back to the center because they need reelection in november. >> sean: this raises a good point. >> i don't know they are going to move back to the center. [ talking over each other ] >> the white house is doubling down now is the time to make sure health care gets down and they are going to force it. already they are talking about sticking with the senate bill forcing the house to vote, get it done before brown can show up. >> white house, not congress. >> sean: you're saying the president, because he wants his agenda will force, in light of these elections in new jersey, massachusetts, force these democrats to walk the plank and ruin their careers? >> yes. he can't force them into a defeat in november.
9:28 pm
>> i'm telling you what he's saying now, gentlemen, you want to make history or go down and say we didn't do anything -- [ talking over each other ] >> they believe that if they get something done they can turn this around by november, remember we to move this story forward and you're talking about is this a harbinger what to come for the midterms? >> >> sean: i was at a tea party last year we saw town halls, new jersey, virginia now massachusetts on top of that, look at what has happened since. bribing senators, doing everything behind closed doors, bribing unions, juan. the people of massachusetts are saying enough is new. look at those comments in that focus group. >> wait until obama stars to punch back. he's punching back saying the bankers are greedy and going to get hit now. he's going to punch back now and say who caused these financial problems?
9:29 pm
he's going to point back at george bush, republicans. >> sean: that's not gonna work. >> of course it is going to work. republicans aren't close to be popular. >> i don't think the president will turn to the center. he's going to continue down his track. there will be a second stimulus plan to create jobs, more taxes on banks, oil companies, drug companies. >> sean: stuart is right. i agree. i think in his heart of hearts, i think the president is an i'd log, true to to. bill -- is an i'd . true to form. bill clinton, remember the end of welfare as we know it. he adjusted. >> correct. and went back on tax increases went back to the middle stuart is talking about tonight. >> sean: this president has shown no inclination will he learn from tonight? >> no there's no indication he's going to change course this is s go baby, double down
9:30 pm
if you think now things aren't going well he is saying we are going to make history and the american people will turn around once we show them this health care bill benefits grandma. >> sean: if he doubles down he's asking everyone to end their careers for him. is blanche lincoln going to give up her career for obama? is evan bayh, bill nelson? >> you >> you think they are going to win if in say we screwed up and you nothing out of that >> sean: humility is good. admit you are wrong. >> you don't understand how much political capital obama and the democrats have on this bill. on the health care bill. >> how many people are jumping up and down and saying we to have this? >> now the numbers are turned around because the focus is on the negatives, people don't like this aspect of compromise. the american people think the insurance companies are way over bore. >> sean: if the democrats
9:31 pm
follow through on this threat for shenanigans if they don't seat brown after this victory, if they use reconciliation to pass health care, what will the net effect of that be? >> bigger landslide to the republicans in november, gotta be. >> nope. they are going to go for this nuke option. they will consider reconciliation this is the moment for them. they are gonna say this is it, we are doing everything and we are going to get this bill. no immigration. no cap and trade all about health care and bet they are going to wire baby. >> sean: wow. if they do that it is over. this will be bigger than '94 the senate will be in play. >> you want to see a real revolution? >> sean: we expect martha coakley is going to speak when that happens we'll bring that to you. the ap has now projected that scott brown is the winner the special elect in the state of massachusetts with about 80 some odd percent of the vote
9:32 pm
in if i'm reading that right. it is 52-47 scott brown over martha coakley. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back we'll get willie brown's take and our great, great american panel. straight ahead. út@@@
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9:36 pm
liberal city of san francisco, willie brown. she is a former senior pentagon official kt mcfarland is here. general reactions to these results, almost a landslide because it is massachusetts. >> i'm wearing reagan red you projected this win too. the amazing thing is where did women vote? they've left people today, they were soccer moms, security moms all went for obama. where are they now? they just voted republican. >> sean: almost one year to the day mr. mayor. i was listening to the frank luntz focus group. she is shoving this bill down our throats. they say they want to kill health care. these are massachusetts voters. they want to send a message to washington. the american people they don't
9:37 pm
want one-party rule. strong comments after one year of barack obama you're a politician who would you interpret these results? >> as being a rejection of my leadership at this stage of my process. however, i'm only one year into my four year term. and i know that if i manage to do what i did to beat hillary when i beat her, i beat john mccain i can dote it again and i will. i'll going back to the boards. >> sean: he has shown no inclination to do what bill clinton did, which is to change, compromise, moderate his views. are you convinced that obama is ready to do that? >> i'm not sure. i to tell you this. this is a guy who is brilliant. who is probably one of the greatest of all communicators. >> sean: i'm not gonna -- >> what he is not obviously, yet really good at is how to
9:38 pm
anticipate the potential for disaster in a situation like health care. if the signs were there since last april or may, you could see that in fact some things were not going the way they should have gone. >> sean: has he shown arrogance in his unwillingness to listen to the american people? >> i that i is a bum rap. i don't think obama shows arrogance at all, period. >> sean: i want you to defend me because you're good. >> i think is showing care i think he believes in the health care bill and trying to communicate that. >> sean: he's 0-4. barack obama, if he supports you it is the kiss of death. if he supports the olympics, it's the kiss of death. >> this is seismic for american politics at a point where the american people and people of massachusetts have sent a clear and loud message
9:39 pm
to the white house they are fed up with the big government spending at a time we the american public is having to cutback government spending is increasing at eight rate that is unheard of. they are sending a message that enough is enough. >> when i ran in new york i can tell you this is not so much a re shun of one party rule it is a re-- rejection of one party rule, it is a rejection of both parties. >> sean: it is more than that i don't think they realize the impact of louisiana purchase, the cornhusker kickback, buying off unions, if you supported obama you don't pay taxes. saying you are gonna put negotiations on c-span and not doing it. >> i think it is not just the programs, it is also the process. everything over this health care reform debate, closed doors and deals in the middle of the night and bribes and billions sent to bribe votes people are fed up with this
9:40 pm
washington distance from the public and they are saying we want government to work for us again. >> sean: the blame game began in the last couple of days obama operatives trying to distance him from the election results. they were saying coakley ran a bad campaign. coakley's people now are responding saying wait a minute this is washington's fault. america is reacting to you, not me what does it mean when they start pointing fingers, circular firing squad? >> it means they lost. it means they lost and lost big. and they are81v looking for some way to resurrect it. in the world of politics you really do have to acknowledge where you've gone in a direction inconsistent with being able to generate votes. i think barack obama is smart enough to do that, careful and cleverly and i not think that massachusetts represents a disaster.
9:41 pm
>> i don't think has to compromise on health care the what i think he has to do is deliver health care that can be impacted. >> sean: we to take a break. national journal only 39% would vote to reelect barack obama. >> that figure means nothing at the moment. >> sean: we to take a break. we are -- we got to take a break. marsha coakley, martha coakley, i sound like patrick kennedy will be addressing her supporters we'll have that as well as scott brown's speech. first greta van susteren on a slow news night to check in with what she has on the record in 19 minutes from you -- from now. >> greta: what a shocker it is indeed. we are going to have karl rove, governor sarah palin, susan estridge. senator rick santorum and others on this explosive news.
9:42 pm
now that filibuster proof senate has i am exploded. -- imploded. >> we'll be watching in 18 short minutes from now as you can see the ap has now projected with 89% of the vote in, 52%, 47% scott brown the winner the great state of massachusetts. more with our panel and we expect cokely to give her concession speech and brown will be addressing his supporters live right here on the fox news channel, as we continue. go back to sleep america. the oil crisis is over.
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>> sean: this is a fox news election alert. you are looking live at the coakley campaign headquarters. any moment she is expected to deliver her concession speech and republican scott brown is now the projected winner in a huge victory in the massachusetts special election. we are expecting to hear from
9:46 pm
him shortly as well as we await martha coakley. we continue with our great american panel. it's interesting in this election how scott brown won. he kept -- at every campaign stop he said i am the 41st vote, i will stop health care. he said i will be for a strong national defense, taking on obama's policies directly. i will vote to cut taxes. a very conservative agenda. so, obviously that message -- he almost sounded like me a right winger. >> two things the message was right and he was right on the issues. but the attitude was different. not this arrogant i'm gonna tell you what you want to do. i'm going to be a servant of the people. killer line he said this is the people's seat this isn't -- >> sean: one of the best lines in the campaign. for barack obama to go in there sunday and make fun of the fact that he drives a gm pick-up truck with 200,000
9:47 pm
miles thinking -- that was a disconnect don't you think mr. mayor? >> same as when kerry on the surf board. [ laughing ] >> obviously, that was a bad idea. i'm sure that barack obama recognizes it as a bad idea. that pick-up truck ad was one of the better ads that i've seen in all of my years of being in politics. mr. brown kept it very, very simple and very direct. i maintain that he wasn't sincere about any of it. nevertheless, it didn't come through. [ talking over each other ] >> it didn't come through. >> sean: he ran for this i'm the 41st vote against health care. he's an -- here's an interesting quandary and dilemma for john kerry is he going to stand by the will of the people of massachusetts is he going to take a position no
9:48 pm
votes until the senator elect is seated? interesting dilemma for him. >> i said this was seismic earlier, if the democrats play shenanigans through reconciliation or delaying certification of senator brown this will be cataclysmic. they have a great gift the democrats have a great opportunity to step back and hit the reset button. this is still a center right nation get back to the bargaining table and move forward a sensibility -- sensible health care reform bill. >> if you look at the polls way is the most popular party in america today? tea party. second? undecided. third? democrats, republicans. if the democrats shove this through on some tricky maneuver, it is revolution time. >> sean: i agree. if you think people are angry now, just wait. do you agree with that mr. mayor? >> i believe the democratic
9:49 pm
party will do what the democratic party is in the best interests of the american people. i think in the best interests of the american people. i think that has been basis -- >> sean: here's the question, if they try to sneak in the bill through reconciliation, if they try to pass this bill and not seat brown, what will be the reaction of the american people? i think it will be outrage and anger and indignation like we have not seen in decades! >> any time the voters have spoken about a candidate, you must obey what the voters said about that candidate. the voters in my state on some issues will have the opportunity through the initiative of the referendum process to speak, you obey that but you don't obey sean hannity's interpretation of what the voters have said in massachusetts. >> sean: is every other
9:50 pm
democrat blanche lincoln, evan bayh, ben nelson, joe lieberman, is every other democrat and every house democrat now afraid for their -- >> congress is made up of 535 individuals looking out for their own political careers they will not walk the plank for obama after he lost in virginia, new jersey, massachusetts the writing is on the wall they will listen to the american people from here on in. >> sean: as you can see we are waiting martha coakley and her concession speech the ap has called this race and projected that scott brown will be the next senator from the great commonwealth of massachusetts. also we know that martha coakley has in fact called scott brown and conceded the election to him. it is pretty clear from what we are watching she will be out there very shortly. you wanted to make a point, back to if they try she nan agains? >> american people will protest in the streets this is not the right thing to do this
9:51 pm
is the wrong thing to do at the worse possible time we need democrats, republicans, independents working together. these shenanigans programs the democrats have been pushing down the throats of the american people, enough is enough, the people have spoken. >> democrats have not been engaged in shenanigans. democrats have a different view -- >> they are bribing voters. >> they are not bribing, that's a bad word. that's a crime you can't bribe people. [ talking over each other ] >> as a politician who regularly put the packages together there's always some quid pro quo relationship in interest that is not bribes. [ talking over each other ] >> they are convincing people to vote -- >> sean: do you really support the idea that mary landrieu on the fence gets this 300 million dollar -- louisiana . same with ben nelson the
9:52 pm
conference husker kickback, unions that supported obama they don't pay taxes on the cadillac plan they get an exemption the rest of us we pay taxes you don't see anything inherently corrupt? >> no, not corrupt i do see you must not get caught doing that number one any time you try to put something together in the world of politicians you have to make concessions. they have to sell back in their hometown. >> sean: by the way -- you can look over there, the energy is pal able right there that's -- palpable, right there, that's scott brown headquarters. mr. mayor, you are making me laugh, i've known you a lot of years and i've had a lot of fun debates with you. if you don't see that union members get a kickback because they supported obama and the rest of america doesn't have
9:53 pm
to pay that tax as being unethical, i -- >> first and foremost, i don't agree with the tax period. i don't think any american ought to be burdened with a special tax -- >> sean: here's what happened here. >> i understand that and i am not sure, sean that the decision was made based upon the support that obama previously received. i think there have been a group of intelligent people led by harry reid and others crafting to the piece of legislation that -- >> do you really believe what you are saying? >> yes, i do. it has been crafted. >> you don't think these are bribes? >> no, they are not bribes. >> when you've got 10% of the american people unemployed and really 17% when you count people who have given up. -- >> and 60% of african male youth. >> and cap and trade and health care reform bill ,
9:54 pm
billions worth of new taxes, cuts in medicare this is not what the american people wanted when they talked about change when they elected barack obama. >> sean: a little breaking news. harry reid has just spoken. he said scott brown will be seated when the proper paperwork is received. >> what does that mean? >> simple. every time there's an election in any state the election officer has to certify that the votes have been counted. they affix their signature to a document and it is shipped off to the party that -- >> sean: wait a minute. >> i did that >> sean: we have legal precedence, we have the cons and we have senate rules right -- constitution and we have senate rules right now kirk is not the elected senator of the state of massachusetts. i would think john kerry ought to lead the way and stand up for the will of the people of
9:55 pm
massachusetts and say no more votes on health care or any other issue until he's seated. he's an citizen. this election is overwhelming. it is not in contention, it has been conceded. >> first sean, you cannot stop the function of government awaiting -- >> nobody is talking about that >> any time you say no more votes on anything until some person who has been elected in a given district is seated -- >> tsongas, one day. they can do it in one day. all you have to do is follow the process, period. >> but you cannot stop government. >> you said something that really shocks me. you said quit pro quo. i mean that sounds like legalized bribery. >> no it isn't legalize, don't use the term, please. >> sean: i like my term. >> you like your term. [ talking over each other ] sean the an appreciated -- the at associated press
9:56 pm
overwhelming victory for brown the new senator. coakley has taken to the stage and now to address her supporters as we continue our fox coverage. [ applause ] >> thank you everybody. i don't know somebody told me there was a crowd out here! [ cheering ] >> thank you. i want you to know that i just got off the phone with scott brown. i've offered him my congratulations and my best wishes on his victory tonight. i wish to him and gail, and to his two daughters, and i told him, he -- mr. brown you've got two lovely daughters, which he does. he also extended his good wishes to me. so, i wish we were here with other and better news tonight, but we are not. i want to take this moment, first of all, for all of new this room and those of you who are probably still out working,
9:57 pm
you poured your hearts and souls into this campaign. there are thousands of you, we had thousands on the street since september, and i want to say sincere thank you for everything that you did. obviously, not just for me, but for the campaign and what we stood for in this campaign. so let's give your service a huge round of applause for what you've done! [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> i will not forget the fierce determination with which we approached this. not just again about this campaign, about the things we believed in and we still believe in and we will still fight for after tonight. i know you will join me in that. [ applause ] >> we never lost our focus or our determination and you never demonstrated an ounce of
9:58 pm
discouragement or complacency, as far as i'm concerned in this campaign. i know how hard we worked. and you own everything about this campaign. you were there every step of the way as we went forward in the primary and through tonight and focused on the issues that i believe everybody in massachusetts does care about and everybody in this country should be focused on as we go forward. i want to say, a very sincere and loving thank you to my husband, tom, thank you. [ applause ] >> i had him out on the campaign trail for the last couple of days and i can tell you, there are at least two dogs who are very happy about tonight's results. because we are gonna be back with them. i have to thank my family. many of whom are here behind me tonight. my sisters ann and jane and
9:59 pm
mary are all here. my nephews and nieces and grand nieces. [ applause ] >> terrific staff on our campaign if you worked with kevin, dennis and ml and everybody else who gave sweat, blood and tears and all of their time to this campaign you know how much heart and soul we put into it. it was my honor to be working with them and with you during this campaign. you've in some ways become an extended family for me. as i tell my folks in the a g's office my extended dysfunctional family, but that's okay. i will never forget the passion and the energy and the soul that we brought to this. that includes the friendship of everybody who has worked with us. [ cheering ]


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