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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 19, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> greta: we'll be right back we have another full hour, stay with us. >> greta: the political world has been turned upside down. scott brown has won the special election.
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plan b to take the senate bill sks l house to pass it as is with no changes. the problem is that there are people that don't like the house and nat bill and possibilities of their accepting it are slim. it leaves few opening. when you have feks like jim webb saying there should be no vote and should be prudent for scott brown to be seated first democrats are prepared to begin the process of starting over no. democrat in the white house wants to start over. but if democrat senators are expecting they should hold off. it won't be long until republicans are assisting. >> you know, i can only imagine it would be an interesting and colorful addition to the senate to speak and talk with a swagger, teasing the president about
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his truck. sayinging it's ex excitedding to be on the stage with doug flutie of all people. this is going to be exciting to watch. he's a cocky guy. >> he's the kind of guy people so-to-say he's a plig you want to have a beer with. very. >> easy going and easy to talk to. the rever yenss to the truck is attempts to show he's an average, regular guy, ready to serve to do what he thinks is right for the country. it's interesting the day president obama came up here sunday for his ral yes for martha coakley i was there early enough to meet with members of the congressional delegation. barney franks said that coakley's mistake was allowing this become a personality contest having predicted she would lose. there are issues about her gaffs with the red sox and all
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of the things. and when you talk to the democrats and republicans they're decent folks and coakley didn't appear to work hard enough. brought questions about a sense of entitlement. brun hustled and people appreciated it. >> take a look at the big picture issues. most of us haven't from massachusetts. i am curious. what was he like as a state senator? was he an effective state senator? >> sure. and well liked. it's important when you discuss health care that they have virtual complete health care in massachusetts something that was passed under former massachusetts republican governor mitt romney. there have been budget concerns about the way the state has escalated in massachusetts. there is a statement experienced with health care from the government. and they're experiencing problems, raising doubts. they don't think that they should be held responsible for
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helping to pay for the rest of the country. they've got it here, there is a lot of concerns and today, scott rasmussen's poll suggested number-one issue here, is health care. >> carl, thank you. >>. >> greta: molly line is live at the headquarters of martha coakley. molly? >> reporter: hay, greta. things are quiet here, it's an empty room. a bunch of journalists and clean up crews. martha coakley called to concede to scott brown today to thank him to wish him luck. he and his family as he goods to serve in washington as she hoped to do. she said she was heart broken by the results. there are tears and she thanked her supporters for their passionate work on the campaign trail saying they put their heart and soul into things perhaps in recent weeks
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they hadn't worked hard enough and run a complacent campaign but she let supporters know she didn't feel that way and she thanked them for their efforts. greta? >> greta: is there bitterness maybe there is an expression are you hearing bitterness between martha and democrats in washington or national organization of democrats? because there have been nasty comments flying back and forth towards this campaign. >> you know i've got a chance to speak to some of martha's aids. one of them telling me a winner has a thousand friends and a loser is alone and this is not the time to be pointing fingers or casting blame. this is a time democrats need to remember to stick together not to lose focus. so that this shouldn't become a blame game. i spoke with democratic strategists and she says this reminds her of democrats into the 80s getting into a circle and pointing fingers. they don't think it's gooding to work. greta?
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>> greta: molly, thank you. and unthinkable happened. republican scott brown is now the united states senator elect from the state of massachusetts. susan, this is your home -- where you lived many years, what do you think? >> it's where i was born and worked for ed brook. you know? maybe i started this. that was my first campaign when he ran for senate. i think there is trouble in river city, you know? i don't think it's good for democrats. and i think in particular what molly is just saying about the trashing of martha coakley. she did a lot of things wrong. curt schilling was wrong. there are terrorists in afghanistan. she should have won. and i think the critical question is what is everybody going to do for tomorrow morning. i know people aren't going to wake up and put more pressure on to get health care passed
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and this will be interesting to see. >> what is certain she was up 20, more than 20 points in december 19th then, all of a sudden, kaboom you have a deal where ben nelson cuts a deal behind closed doors then a deal where unions cut behind closed doors and get something. suddenly she loses to the republican and so if as any finger pointing in the direction of washington and not heard. am i wrong on that? >> well, you know, who has gt the microphones in the sources and all of that? i mean, you know, the gathering in the circle and i've been there a lot of these years now, in and out all over. the gathering in the circle is everybody in washington is now calling their other buddies in washington. and saying this was all about coakley. there is enough evidence there that the obama people understandably are trying to protect the president.
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and protect his agenda and you know they're this close on health care. and you know the president isn't on the ballot november. these democrats are. this is going to be very tricky incoming days because the heat will be on them. to get it done somehow. 51 votes. reconciliation. something like that. >> greta: but if they do that, if they do something slick. they try to do whatever they can to shove it through recognizing that many people in america don't want it and seeing referendum here in the state in a state very democratic. or is very democratic. if they do that, aren't they going to pay the price in november? and pay it painfully? >> could be. i mean, this danger is -- the things you remember about massachusetts is that they have health insurance. okay? everybody in massachusetts has health insurance. so what you're asking people in massachusetts is are you for this bill? this is going to increase
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taxes and give no benefits? the answer was, i think not. we're not for it. nationally i think the hope is, greta, that if you can get a bill through after this horrible process, that is lost all kinds of support, that people will ultimately decide the bill is better and help them more and that you know, maybe this is sort of a good thing after all. whether that can happen between now and november... i don't know. pardon? >> but that is not the trend of the polls. the polls are trendsing in -- away from them. the polls are trending away from democratic position on this. >> yes. of course, this is what they plan -- . >> greta: if they try to do something like reconciliation to do any fancy foot work to defeat the presence of a senator scott brown vote, you know, it just looks bad. it lks loik they're playing games instead of taking seriously people's concerns or people's votes on issues.
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>> looks like what's happening last few weeks in fact. back dr door sessions right. >> greta: well, i guess, exactly. so what do you think it's like in senator harry reid's house tonight? >> oh, man. are you glad you're not there, honey? wow. >> greta: yes. i'm glad i'm not there. >> it's bad news. these guys are going to be calling him saying what are you going to do to protect us? and frankly harry reid is going to be thinking what am i going to do to protect myself? the truth is that this is massachusetts. i grew up there of i lived there all my live. it does elect republicans but usually there has to be something very, very wrong with the democrats for that to happen. and you know, women have had trouble in the past all that is true. but there was still a bad storm out there brewing. it hasn't gone away. >> greta: susan, thank you.
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>> greta: unthinkable happened here in massachusetts. a stunning upset. republican state senator scott brown won the special election here in massachusetts. former senator rick santorum joins us live. what are the options? now the senate is going to be become -- there is going to be no filibuster proof. so... what can senator harry reid and the senate democrats do if they want to try to get this bill through health care? >> i think they're -- probably their best option to jam this through is to have the house pass the senate bill.
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there are pro life democrats who do not like the house -- the senate pro vision because it does not protect the unborn and as a result at least according to bart stupak there are 11 or 12 house democrats who voted for the bill the first time through because good language in that will not go up the second time. he's already now 0 votes short. now on the other side that have people voted, a handful in the house that voted against the house bill. because it didn't have, because it had a public option in it. now, you might be able to pick those votes up because the senate bill doesn't have a public option in it. bottom line is what the affect of this election on that trying to force the vote in? i suspect there are a lot of house democrats who are not going to drink the kool aid on this one. they're going to recognize if you can lose a seat in massachusetts which you can't think of a state that is any bluer than massachusetts fchl
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you can lose a senate seat, the bill is named after ted kennedy. if you can lose that seat then every democrat seat in america is in jeopardy and onces on the fence on this bill see they're in jeopardy. the second thing they can do is to try to go back to the senate and try to negotiate with olympia snow and probably scott brown and maybe a couple other republicans and try to get a bill that is a little bit more interest. unfortunately olympia snow is not that far way in supporting things coming out of the senate finance committee. they can go back to try to negotiate with her. i think scott brown is going to be a big target for them. saying he's not against doing something significant on health care. this is just bad. can they get those votes or those couple votes to come forward? that would probably be plan two. the other would be a combination of the first, which is that to try to pass
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this reconciliation -- this bill, but wait until they get a fix in place. let me step back on that one. in other words senate bill in the house and what they'd do is negotiate a second bill, with those who have plob lems with the senate bill in the house and pass that using the 5-vet reconciliation numbers in the senate. pass a senate bill under reconciliation, send it to the house. pass that bill which is a fix to the house sitting on the house floor putting those two bills together. vote them separately. vote them one after another and send bj to the president would be probably the third option they can try. very, very hard to do. all three are hard to do. that is why i would suggest now it locks like the chances are better than not that health care is not going to pass this year. >> you know one of the intriguing parts of this is the fact that the state of the union will deliver that january 27th and the senate
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elect scott brown may be seated in the audience, maybe not but there is always a response by the opposing party. i put up a poll and urged viewers going to -- to go to and vote who they'd like to see as a possible -- republican to respond to the president. >> let me think of who, making a prediction on that. >> yeah. >> greta: okay. >> it's a no brainer. scott brown is going to be the republican response. he's. >> greta: you think so? >> absolutely. asking whether he does or not is a political calculation he has to make. you notice in his acceptance speech he talks about independent voters of massachusetts have spoken. he'll be an independent senator from massachusetts. there are only 12% republicans in the state of massachusetts. for him to go out to be the republican response to the president has political down side for him as a new senator from massachusetts. if i'm the -- mitch mcconnell
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and john baynor or michael steele i'm calling scott brown saying do you have time available in february to do, or late january to, do state of the union response? he'd be perfect. >> greta: he's on the list with another a lot of other prominent republicans so go to and vote who should be giving that response to the president's state of the union january 27th. senator, thanks for joining us. next, more on the upset. more on this sup set that is rocking politics tonight. we're all wondering whether that house care intil now dead on arrival. breaking news coverage continues and former governor sara palin goes on the record. that's next. úúú
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>> greta: it's a stun yes, republican scott brown now united states senator elect from the state of massachusetts and senate majority leader harry reid's fill why buster-proof majority will be soon gone. now, the question is the health care bill dead? or do democrats have a plan b? joining us live is white house correspondentent for cq politics. i imagine black berries and cell phones are buzzing on capitol hill among members of the senate and house what. do you think? >> and the twitter and facebook.
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everything is loiting up. you don't need overheadlights here. >> greta: indeed. so what -- do you want to tell me what you think is likely going to happen to this as a process in the next week or two? >> yeah. well i think democrats really have a series of very tough choices to make. they can fold and basically look like they're selling out principles or can go with a tough kind of hard ball strategy. senator santorum went through some of this before. the likeliest mighting splitting bills and running tax and spending pro visions some were the subject of intense negotiations over the last week at the white house with the president. running those through expedited procedure called reconciliation requiring only 51 votes in the senate is probably their best bet. about f.they lose at least they get carried down on their shield. >> greta: senate elect scott brown said it's not going to be done behind closed doors.
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we've heard that before. you know, ease eager, everybody who goes to washington says that but are you -- do you think it's a matter of just going to have a different bill and things done behind closed doors and get a lot of agreement and come out with something in two, three weeks woo z.we'll have some bill? >> i think they're going to try. liberals are urging that you get a reconciliation with a public plan. that the president fights openly for what he believes in. you're getting very different factions trying to weigh in on the final product here. and i think ultimately the decisions for reid and speaker pelosi to figure out whether they have votes. the first thing for the majority leader in the senate is figuring out whether he has 51 votes for a reconciliation going back to the exercise they're doing in december. vote counting and seeking commitments for individual members. it's one on one. and yeah. that is done behind closed
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doors. >> greta: is this a reflection on senator harry reid? or not? >> well, i mean, i'm tempted to say this is a local vote. it's massachusetts. there are about it and other guests pointed out. there is a health overhaul system. this exercise in washington is trying to mimic. in some ways it's a referendum on the national democratic leaders and this very ambitious overhall they're trying to accomplish. i think they're going to see a unified response starting about 7:00 tomorrow morning. that is going to focus on jobs, on increasing wages. on more job security. and more economic relief efforts, they're not going to abandon health care but going to try to get to meat and potatoes issues brown emphasized. >> greta: i guess what i mean is that speaker of the house pelosi has got to manage to
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get their bill done rather quickly and swiftly. had senator harry reid been has effective he would have beat the clock and could have had a bill on the president's desk in december and won't particularly be upset about tonight's vote. so, i mean is it a referendum in that way he couldn't hurt his cast? >> well, it's harder to do in the senate. there are rule that's can pro long debate and points of personal privilege. every senator has a bit of power. it's different than in the house. you can roll the agenda and as long as you can keep good management of the caucus you can get things through. it's tougher in the senate as bill frist found out and tom daschle found out. it can be a thankless job. >> greta: indeed. i'm sure senator reid feel that's way tonight. thank you. >> good to be with you.
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>> greta: next, attorney general martha coakley and former governor sara palin on the record. our breaking news continues live from boston. that's next. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> greta: many said it was impossible but republican state senator scott brown has won the special election here in massachusetts. we tracked him down today before the polls closed. >> do do you expect to be
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certified right way? if you're elected? >> i encourage them to do that. it's important to democracy. if i'm dually elected i'd like to be certified as quickly as possible. i have faith in the system and i'm hopeful we're not raising the subject. >> do you see this as a referendum on health care? >> no. it's about fairness, good government. taxes terrorism and a host of things that are important. >> how do you expect to spend your day? >> just campaigning. i went to the gym had a nice workout. now, i'm balance asked ready to move forward. i have to go. >> one last question, president obama coming here what kpekt fekt do you think that has. >> any time the president wants to come to massachusetts it's good for the state. and i find it interesting you'd criticizing me and questioning my policy but when he starts criticizing my truck that, is when i draw the line.
11:31 pm
>> looks like fast food wrappers on the floor there. >> it's a good thing. >> look at all of this. >> there is 3 d glasses from "avatar". >> now, state attorney general martha coakley earlier today. >> what is going to happen tonight? >> i think we're going to win. >> yeah. >> i'm predicting a victory based on what we've seen on the ground and phones and turnout. i think we're going to win. >> how much do you think health care is playing into this vote? >> so they're going to decide as i believe they will that they're going to send someone to washington who is going to stand up to wall street to protect consumers and taxpayers. >> president obama coming? >> i was elated to have the president come campaign with me. i think it was important for massachusetts to see him. he's a great speaker. i think he got everybody energized to come out and vote today? >> how about president
11:32 pm
clinton? that is also great. he reminded everybody importantly that the problems we're in today, economic crisis we're in today are the result of the bush-cheney administration and results. things scott brown wants to go back to. voters know that. i'm glad this race is focused on differents on what choices between two candidates. >> how about, congressman... barney frank said that you made this into a personality contest. true? false? >> i, voters are going to get to decide that. no question. >> president clinton shouldn't he have been in haiti? why did you let him campaign for you?. >> nobody tells president clinton what he wants to do and can do he said he had up three nights in a row making sure efforts in haiti were being organized. didn't make sense him for him to go there. >> didn't make sense? >> not at that time. >> moments ago former governor sara palin went on the record
11:33 pm
about brown's win. >> this is huge just witnessed a wicked political pivot across the country. i think the victory can't be overstated. look at recent developments in new jersey and virginia. this is a tidal wave sweeping the country tellinging politicians in washington, d.c. status quo is not accepted. >> from a purely strategic point of view why do you think this happened? did he have a misstep? what happened? >> i don't think a misstep on her part and one that you can pinpoint but there was a message of arrogance did go out. common sense victory is what is going to be coming from scott brown candidacy that is what you saw to be independent and common sense. and i think it was quite evident that tl at the end of the day when you look at the way that scott ran his campaign it was... simple.
11:34 pm
and it was that tough work ethic that a lot of massachusetts residents are known for. that is what he employed first calling on big guns from dc. bringing in elite to do speaking for him. sort of that american group force. he represented that. >> you know in some ways i think and look at differently. i think she got torpeedoed. december 19th she was up 20 points. after december 19th senate majority leader harry reid bought that nebraska vote for $300 million which enraged everybody. one, the deal with the union, special treatment. so those two that are events i think brought her down to 20 points very fast. because those two events made people very unhappy. >> this is a referendum on all of the things that president obama has been standing for,
11:35 pm
though. this victory tonight is referendum on the left policy agenda what this message is. it's being sent to washington is that again, status quo is not acceptable. but the people are opposing government takeover of health care and opposing increasing american debt. they're opposing left agenda of increased improvement in our lives. especially small businesses so many different factors coming together thank god for that. a lot of the people will say because this is a step for taking our country back. >> greta: did you endorse scott brown and if not, why not? >> i would have had he requested it but i so respected he didn't call in a lot of outsiders asking them to come do the bidding for him. he did this himself. that again was kind of that status of his that is so respected.
11:36 pm
usually a candidate like scott is reliant upon and strengthened by their own grass roots efforts. waits good for him to do it the way he did to run this campaign. i was asked to be a part of it. i twittered support at the last minute there but all along i was rooting for him. >> greta: do you have thoughts for martha coakley? there must be brucing to take a beating like that. you've got to wake up and get going again. you've won some elections and lost some elections do you have advice? >> she can share news with colleaguing this is what democracy looks like democrats, you listen to the people. democrats are going to hear our voices louder in november. i think she can hear that lesson let's hope everybody works together. they're in massachusetts especially on the challenging facing that state.
11:37 pm
hopefully she'll contribute positive ideas for mr. brown as he goes into washington and going in a pickup truck, no less. >> greta: democrats can try to do something so that they don't have to go to a full 60 vote they can do a reconciliation all sorts of things or maybe health care going to go back to the beginning. what do you think is going to happen now? what do you think is gooding to happen? >> what i want is to start working with conservatives on common sense market driven patient-oriented solutions. we need to watch for democrats to try to ram through this takeover despite the very loud and clear statement tonight from the people. i think now rom emmanuel and obama supporters are thinking of every trick in the book to get around this. so the people have to be ever vigilant to hold politician as ktable.
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>> next to the democrats drag their feet and not certify senator elect brown for as many days as they can? breaking news continues next live from boston. ç
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>> greta: election is over but fighting may have just started. scott brown won the special election for u.s. senate seat in massachusetts but now needs to be certified and how long could that possibly take? joining us live is brian bender.
11:41 pm
before we get to that brian, we're all sighing oh, big deal, surprise. you don't think is ground breaking? >> i think it's clearly an upset but easy to forget massachusetts is a state voting for ronald reagan twice, elected mitt romney governor. this senate seat has been in the kennedy family or controlled by kennedy family for more than half a century. it's been opened here for the first time in a lng time. so ground shifted under massachusetts. not just the country perhaps. i think you know massachusetts is a blue in national elections. but not always in state wide elections. think think is an example of that. >> greta: senate elect brown is a colorful guy. we've seen his speech and gotten to know him. sometimes state senators aren't well known. was he well known within the state before he started to run? >> he was well known to people
11:42 pm
who covered the state legislature and well known in massachusetts politics. but clearly he struck a cord. a lot of people didn't know who he was a few months ago he won them over that. is what you have to do in massachusetts. you can't just expect it. >> greta: big question when is going to be sworn in? what can be done, what can expect to be done on this end to sort of delay that process if someone seeks to delay it. if democrats can buy time? >> following law was delaying a couple weeks. state law states there is a 10 day period after the election. that awill yous for absentee ballots to come in as lng as they're post mark bid today's date. they'll be counted and there is another five days beyond that allowing for secretary of state to count ballots, and certify them that. is 15 days and there is
11:43 pm
secretary of state pledged he's going to do this as quickly as possible. it's clearly going to take weeks. >> swiftly as possible did it with a democratic congress woman elected in 2006 and two days later sworn in so she'd have a chance to vote on an overread of a veto of then president bush. there is precedent not to use 15 days. >> they can't certify it sooner but what they can do is look at the initial results and determine that this is a blowout or a clear victory. what they did back then is the secretary of state sent a letter to the house and said look. absentee ballots won't make a difference unless there is an earthquake this is the winner. the house took that and basically swore her in. they can do that in this case. >> is it a democratic secretary of state here in massachusetts? >> yes.
11:44 pm
>> greta: do you expect he'll send a letter to the senate like he sent a letter to the speaker of the house? >> it's likely tomorrow that secretary of state gal vein will send a letter to the second of the senate saying what i just said he that it's pretty cler scott brown is the winner here within a few weeks we'll have official certification forth coming. the senate can act on that. >> greta: so the ball is in the senate's court. we learned about seating senators with the blagojevich incident in illinois. we're learning more about seating senators. >> one of the things people pointed out is in the nicky sangus case the house did receive this unofficial certification as enough to swear her in. but apparently the senate's rules are more rigid as in a lot of cases and there is precedent for doing this. in fact in ted kennedy's case
11:45 pm
he was seated before the official certification. but there have been more recent cases where the senate insist wed want official certification first. and then, we'll seat them. it's gooding to be up to democratic leadership. >> greta: but the block isn't here unless you're a state -- secretary of state said i'm not going to send that letter. >> right n an election seems to be clear cut. i don't see how they can slow it down anymore than, like i said, law requires. >> greta: does this surprise you? results tonight? >> i think most everybody watching massachusetts politics is surprised. i mean, this is ted kennedy's seat. i think a lot of people assumed ait would stay in democratic hands. but you know, again... >> greta: he mentioned in his speech tonight senate-elect brown mentioned legacy of senator kennedy, very respectful in the years the family held that state. >> start-smart politics he
11:46 pm
called nicky kennedy the late senator's widow. 47% voted for martha coakley that. is quite a few people. >> greta: brian, thank you. >> sure. >> greta: next, senator elect scott brown and and who knew curt schilling would become such a huge part of this race. hear what he says coming up.
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oog it happened. in an instant everything changed in the world of politics. republican senate senator scott brown moments after winning u.s. senate race here in massachusetts. >> from berkshires to boston, springfield to cape cod,
11:50 pm
voters of the commonwealth defied odds ask experts. tonight the independent majority has delivered a great victory. [ applause ] i think the people of massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator. [ cheering ] and every day i hold this office i will give all that is m me to serve you well and make you proud. and most of all, most of all, i will remember, thank you. most of all, i will remember
11:51 pm
that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party. as i said before, and you've heard it today this is the people's seat! [ cheering ] we had tlaut the race had machines scared and scrambling. for them it's just the beginning of an election year filled with many, many, sur priss. i can tell you that. they will be challenged again and again aconsiders this great land and when there is trouble in massachusetts rest assured there is trouble everywhere. and they know it. i know i have a lot to learn in the senate but i know who i am and i know who i serve. i'm scott brown from from -- i'm scott brown!
11:52 pm
i'm -- i drive a truck! >> attorney general martha coakley taking the stage for something every politician dreads. concession speech. >> i wish we were here with other and better news tonight but we're not. i want to take this moment first of all for all of you in this room and those of you who are probably still out working, you poured your hearts and souls into this campaign and there are thousands of you. we had thousands of people on the streets since september. and i want to say incredibly sincere thank you for everything that you did. not just for me, but for the campaign and what we stood for in this campaign. so let's give yourselves a huge round of applause for what you've done. thank you.
11:53 pm
thank you. i will in the forget the fierce determination with which we approached this. not just again this this campaign about the things we believed in and still believe in and we'll still fight for in on after tonight. i know you'll join me in that. we never lost our focus or determination. and you never demonstrated an ounce of discouragement or complacency as far as i'm concerned in this campaign. i know how hard we worked and you own everything about this campaign. you were there every step of the way. as we went forward in the primary and through tonight. and focused on the issues that i believe everybody in massachusetts does care about and everybody in this country should be focused on as we go
11:54 pm
word. of course i know you'll join me in thanking president obama who took this little trip to see us here on sunday. he actually just called me and before i came on stage to say that we can't win them all and he knows that better as any adds he told me but appreciates what i did and what you did and said to extend his heart felt thanks to everybody who worked on the campaign. >> greta: coming up, was pitcher curt schilling the deciding factor in this race? more from boston, next. when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means
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11:57 pm
day when martha turned to him and compared him to george bush and he sort of stood there and smiled and said i'm not george bush. i drive a truck! well i've got news for you scott. george bush drove a truck, too. look where it got him. >> this race is about more than just the health care bill but the lack of civil ti in washington. there is no conversation. a lot of things being done behind closed door asks it's inappropriate. >> let's leave the truck out of it, folks. i never seen an advertise nmt a campaign for united states senate that begins with i'm scott brown and i drive a truck. i didn't know it was a qualification for being in the senate. >> boy. when you challenge arrogant power there is nothing that fights back back stronger than that. they in a million years couldn't believe we are where we are now. >> i want to you send a signal massachusetts doesn't belong to them or to us.
11:58 pm
it belongs to you. send scott brown to the senate. >> i think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha's opponent. it might not take you where you want to go. and where we don't want to go right now is backwards to the same policy that's got us into this mess in the first place when we just started to make progress cleaning it up. >> we have serious economic problems. people are hurting and when the president criticizes them, he can criticize me but when he talks about my truck, that is where i draw the line. people can't. >> he said your truck is going in the wrong direction. >> unfortunately because of the policies people can't afford to buy trucks. my truck has over 200,000 miles on it. you can look under the hood all he wants. >> if it weren't so close, rudy giuliani won'ting coming either. he's a yank -- yankee n fan.
11:59 pm
>> kurt shiling. >> another yankee fan? >> yes. >> curt schilling a yankee fan? >> no. i'm wrong, i'm wrong. >> well, he's not there anymore. >> and she called me a yankee fan probably bothered me more than anything. it doesn't feel like she has a line into the people of the state. >> we've been working every day. we don't pay attention despite what everybody thinks to all of the media and polls. we may attention to ground game and what people are telling us. we're talking to folks on the phone on streets and out campaigning. every campaign has dynamic and surprises. so we'll know tonight what results are. >> here we go. 500 people voted. >> thank you. >> yeah. yeah. >> don't forget this.
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