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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 20, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> my daughters are available. one is available. what are you doing? the mom got involved. it was incredible. who happens to be an anchor in the area. so this is quickly becoming a huge national celebrity family. >> and in the meantime, on the other side of the fence, martha coakley, well, she, as you can imagine, was heart broken and not very happy at the results. she took to the stage and said this. >> i am heartbroken at the results and i know that you are also. but i know that we will get up together tomorrow and continue this fight even with this result tonight because there will be plenty of wednesday morning quarterbacking about what happened and what went right, what went wrong. and i know that everyone, including me, i am brutally honest on my own performances,
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we will be honest about the assessment of this race. and although i am very disappointed, i always respect the voters' choice and that's what i told to scott brown tonight. >> you know, she might be saying, hey, i didn't run a great campaign but a memo was leaked out her camp and is now on that she is essentially -- one of her key aides is essentially blaming the d.n.c. and the key democrats in washington for being late to the game and taking her race for granted. six week ago, she was up by 30 points. >> axelrod responded and said look, we did everything we were asked to do but her campaign sent out that particular memo and it showed that apparently they had been supplying the democrats with polling data from massachusetts since early december and it asked for money and stuff like that. it simply didn't come. also, somebody else they're blaming -- the underwear bomber
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because they are saying that -- some senior officials at the white house, aides, have said, you know, we were concentrating on fighting terrorism, all of us, at the time scott brown launched his first tv ads and that's, perhaps, why we were caught a little flatfooted. the underwear bomber. >> a lot of the blame will go a lot of ways today. maybe some people should look in the mirror. anyway, scott brown's victory changing the momentum on capitol hill. the win gives senate republicans one extra member on their side. caroline schively joins us from washington with that. hey, caroline. >> hey to you. it's one vote out of 100. republican scott brown gives the republicans the power to block much of the agenda for health care. by winning the senate seat in massachusetts, republican brown takes away democrats' filibuster proof majority and becomes the 41st vote pledged to go against president obama's health care reform bill. that leaves congress with a couple of sticky options. one, the house could pass the senate bill knowing that it would be modified later in the budget process through a
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maneuver called reconciliation or two, ran through a bill before brown is seated in the next few weeks. but conservative and moderate democrats are already speaking out against that second option in massachusetts, secretary of state has pledged to seat brown swiftly. democrats are still reeling this morning that martha coakley could have lost her double digit lead from just a month ago in a state where registered democrats outnumber republicans 3-1. it could be the first wave or change in the congressional elections. >> we have been so focused on getting the right number of votes and getting the legislation out, we forgot we have a message to the american people and help the american people understand what's in it. >> here, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's take. "there's a reason this nation was focused on this race. the voters in massachusetts like americans everywhere have made it abundantly clear where they stand on health care. they don't want this bill. they want washington to listen to them." and in other areas, changes are coming, democrats will likely
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now have to look to the g.o.p. for any bills on financial regulation, climate change and even job packages. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> a lot of people are asking this morning who is scott brown? he's sort of the underdog that came from nowhere to win an election that nobody thought he could do and everyone wants to know all the facts so here it is. it's very interesting actually. his nickname is downtown scottie brown. he was a great basketball player at tufts. apparently, he was -- he's also been in the army and national guard for a very long time. he was cosmo's america's sexiest man. he says he accepted the $1100 and posed for that magazine to pay for law school. and also, he is not a man of privilege. he actually -- his mom at one point was on welfare. he grew up in a broken marriage and at one point, he says what turned his life around is he was caught shoplifting. which is a very telling time in his life. turned himself around. >> and there you can see him with a couple of his daughters. the taller of the two is ayla
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and she is somebody familiar to a lot of people because she was one of the 10 finalists of "american idol" a couple of years ago. and there she is right there. her sister, i believe, is a premed student and that girl right there is also a standout on the boston college basketball team. >> yeah, she yesterday one of the anecdotes that scott brown told was that when the president called him up to say congratulations, scott brown, hope we can work together. why don't you got a friend and i'll bring my daughter down, mr. president and we can play two on two. i see you have at least one basketball court there. my daughter is seemingly an excellent player and you have his wife, scott brown's wife who is an anchor in the area and one of the things he said is, you know, my wife hasn't been around much because of the job she has. and then all of a sudden, the family dynamics took over and evidently, ayla is at boston college, as you mentioned and is available. >> the other daughter was not
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amused. the other daughter was not amused. she goes ok, i'm sorry. you're not aavailable. but you're available so i think she's going to get a lot of emails today. he's a national guardsman, a triathlete and this guy is a fitness fanatic and he gets up every morning at 5:00 a.m. so unfortunately, he's not watching us now. he dives into the pond. bikes about 10 miles and then runs three miles. he says that's just who i am. that is incredible. now i feel pretty guilty. he can win nine straight elections and run a triathalon before 6:00. >> now, mr. brown goes to washington, d.c. he's going to gas up the truck and head down to washington and he says he could report for duty as early as friday. yes, he did it. all right. nine minutes after the top of the hour. take a look at a fox news alert. >> thank you very much, steve. a man hunt under way right now for a gunman believed to be extremely dangerous armed with a high powered rifle. that man right there, christopher spite has already murdered eight people in virginia. police there just moments ago issuing an update. our own molly henenberg is live
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in virginia with the latest. hi, molly. >> hi, gretchen, steve and brian. we're in virginia, about four hours southwest of washington, d.c. somewhere in this county, police believe 39-year-old christopher spite is hiding from police. as you say, police believe he has a high-powered rifle and he's responsible for the deaths of eight people yesterday. seven found at a home about three miles from here and one found along a roadway. the sheriff says today it appears spite was "directly associated with his victims." but he won't comment on a possible motive. state, local and federal law enforcement have been on the scene at any given time, 100 officers are searching and guarding the perimeter. they think they have spite cornered but they don't have him in custody yet. this perimeter, the sheriff says, is about two miles east to west and 1,000 yards north to south. police say they will launch more aggressive tracking efforts once it's daylight here. they last had evidence of
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spite's whereabouts yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon when he fired at a state police helicopter that was trying to track him. he hit it. it did enough damage and forced the helicopter to land. they haven't seen or heard from him since then. they have not seen him leave that perimeter so they believe he is still there in that perimeter. one other note -- all the county public schools in apotomax county, virginia, are closed today out of an abundance of caution. 2,000 kids won't go to school because they're looking for christopher spite. >> what a horrible story. thank you very much, molly, for bringing us up to date. another fox news alert right now. there has been an aftershock again in haiti. you're look ing at a live picture at the airport there. you can't see any damage from that. we'll be live from haiti moments away. how in the world did a terrorist manage to nearly blow up a plane on christmas day? well, that is the question congress will tackle starting at 9:30 this morning. four senate committees opened
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hearings into how the intelligence system failed. homeland security secretary janet napolitano, f.b.i. director robert muller and national counterterrorism center director michael lighter are all going to testify. the father of the suspect who warned the u.s. embassy in nigeria about his son's radicalism has also been invited to the foreign relations committee hearing. coming occuup on the show, we'l speak to susan collins, part of that committee, the republican, of course, from maine. as many as three dozen americans who converted to islam while in prison have traveled now to yemen possibly to train with al-qaida. that's according to a new senate report. the "radicalization of those individuals has alarmed u.s. officials" they say several of them have dropped off the radar screen now but continue to carry u.s. passports. the white house party crashers may testify today as well. the house homeland security committee has called them to capitol hill as part of a hearing on that incident. they have maintained that they were invited to the state dinner
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for the indian prime minister but they've never produced that invitation. they may plead the fifth and decline to say anything. conan o'brien and nbc hammering out the details of his exit from "the tonight show." the sticking point is the severance package for his staffer who originally moved from new york to l.a. o'brien says he has a lot in store after wrapping up work this week. >> here are my friends so far for next week, check it out. pretty cool. introduce myself to my children. connect all with a sharpy. make a cameo appearance on the mysterious albino playboy. legally change my names to no show jones. make good on my plan for the situation. return la bamba. have my tonight show forever tattoo changed to oh, my show's
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over. make the move to fox, megan fox. >> that was awesome. >> o'brien's own contract buyout expected to be in the $30 to $40 million range. >> now he's beating everybody and he's beating jay leno at 10:00 with those viewers and beating letterman by a long shot. >> too bad he wasn't funny when he had the show. more people watched it. >> might have been a little bit funny. straight ahead, an update on the breaking news we just told you about. it's happening in haiti. an aftershock. we have the very latest. >> that's right. now the senate democrats have lost their 60 vote super majority. can they still pass health care reform? dick morris who knows a thing or two about election says yes and he'll break down the dems' options coming up next. >> we told you about the soldiers in the middle east using rifle sights with biblical references. ( inspiring music playing )
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>> all right. it's 16 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. a spanish lawmaker is refusing to accept an apology from the united states for the f.b.i. using his photo to create an age progression of osama bin laden. he wants the u.s. to investigate and take action instead. meanwhile, federal reserve chief ben bernanke wants congress to take a closer look at the bailout of a.i.g. including the feds' own role in it. $182 billion bailout of the insurance giant infuriated a lot of people especially after it handed out billions and billions of dollars in bonuses. all right. back to the major story. there was confirmed probably after you nodded out last night. scott brown's senate victory putting democrats' hope of health care reform in critical condition. there are 59 democrats, one short of the 60 needed to pass a bill in the senate but it's not over just yet.
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here to break down the ways democrats can still get their bill passed, fox's contributor, former advisor to president clinton, dick morris. welcome back. >> thank you. good to be here. >> what do you mean -- before we put it in this little box of health care, let's just stop for a second and understand the magnitude of the earthquake that hit massachusetts. it is absolutely incredible, nothing will ever be the same. i think health care will probably pass and we'll explain how in a minute. but ultimately, this is the end of the obama ascendency. he will never get another major piece of legislation passed. >> wow fr. that's quite a statement coming from you this morning, dick. at the same time, what doesn't seem to match with that statement is you believe health care will still pass. how? because by all accounts the reason scott brown won this election had a lot to do with people not liking healthed care. -- health care. >> sure. well, it will be very unlikely that obama will ever listen to
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the american people. about health care. he's just going to pass it, whatever they say. there could be 30 point opposition to it. what i think will probably happen is i think the house will pass the senate bill. that's the cleanest thing to do. now, t now, the idealogues in the house don't want to do that. ultimately, the idea that they're going to try to delay his swearing in or postpone it and pass it before, i think the public will just go crazy if they do that. so i think they'll probably just pass the senate bill and make no changes in it. as long as both houses pass the same bill. >> right. >> it's law. doesn't have to go to a conference committee. >> well, dick, you know, there are a lot of moderate democrats in the house that are going i saw what just happened in massachusetts, maybe i better think about this because i'm up for election in november plus you have bart stupac and his men and women who are stridently
6:20 am
against the senate bill because it does not have that abortion language in it and you've got a lot of blue dogs in there as well who are probably going maybe not this time. >> well, listen, if there's one lesson we can all learn from this health care debate, it is the myth of the moderate democrat. there is simply those democrats whose arms haven't been switched enough to get them to vote. you have about 30 people, democrats, in the house, who voted against this bill, who would vote for it if they had to. >> right. we'll tell you more about that, dick. let's take a short time-out. by the way, dick is sticking around. we'll get his grades on the president's first year in office from domestic policy to foreign policy. he says there are only four things he approves of and -- >> follow-up to a story we told you about yesterday. bible verses found on weapons our military uses. will the pentagon let our soldiers keep their weapons?
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>> another earthquake has just rocked haiti. joining us from the airport in port-au-prince is jonathan hunt. all right, jonathan. this is a big earthquake. 6.0? yeah. preliminary reading from the usgs is that this was a 6.0 earthquake, gretchen and i can tell you, it was a truly, truly frightening experience. we're here at the port-au-prince airport. we're on the roof. i'm not sure that's the best location for us to have made our position here. but that's where we were when that 6.0 as the usgs says it is hit. we felt this entire roof that i'm standing on shake. my cameraman, gregory felt it briefly before i did. he started running towards the
6:25 am
edge. all of our staff ran towards the sort of strong retaining walls that are your best bet in those kinds of situations but clearly, all of us here are standing on a building that has already been badly shaken. there are cracks throughout it already. the fear, obviously is that this could come down and i tell you, it really wassish i have , i ha this, a very, very scary experience. i haven't seen any real signs of damage from our vantage point here. that is where i fear if there's been damage from this 6.0, that's where you'll see it. up into the hills as you go up into the hills having driven around port-au-prince many, many hours of every day over the last week, you can see that many of the homes have just slid down those hills, totally destroyed. there are one or two still standing and i have to say, i wonder if after this particular quake right now, just a few minutes ago, i wonder whether those will still be standing. it is just a desperately, desperately frightening time for
6:26 am
all the haitian people. as you've seen on our reporting over the last week, many, many of them, tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands have simply refused to go back into their homes even if those homes are still standing. precisely because of this fear that another quake would hit and the rubble would come down upon them once again. so just to wrap up, 6.0 earthquake, a very frightening experience. not just for us. but for everybody in port-au-prince this morning. >> yeah, jonathan, please change your location. we'll check back with you again and we do hope everybody is ok. that's a huge quake. thanks, jonathan hunt. >> all right. today marks the one-year anniversary of barack obama's presidency. there you go. year one, we continue the conversation with dick morris. dick, before we get to what he's accomplished and because of the breaking news, we've got to make it kind of snappy. you want to just go back once again and take a look at what happened last night in massachusetts. >> yeah. >> we see it in terms of the current legislative calendar but
6:27 am
if we look ahead to the 2010 election, it's going to have two key effects. one, a lot of moderate democrats. a lot of conservative democrats, many with long seniority are probably going to retire. >> sure. >> because they can see the handwriting on the wall. >> uh-huh. >> and suddenly that will open the way for republicans to take control and secondly, there are at least five states including indiana where you quoted evan bye where the democrat is vulnerable but we don't yet have good republican candidates and hopefully this will recruit some of them to run. >> all right. let's take a look -- >> the message here is any democrat can beat any republican. any republican can beat any democrat any place any time now. >> that's a startling message just one year into the administration of barack obama. let's take a quick look at your review of him. the rasmussen daily presidential approval rating says this, that 51% of americans disapprove of his first year performance. 48% approve. it's a pretty even split. where do you fall on this? >> well, disapprove. and i think that more and more
6:28 am
people are going to be disapproving. you can't look at our disarmament in the face of terror at the tripling, tripling of the budget deficit, taking the national debt that we've had from the very beginning of this republic to now and growing it from nine trillion to 12.3 trillion in one year. he took federal spending from $3 trillion to $4 trillion in one year. and what that's doing is retarding the recovery, increasing unemployment, a huge risk of inflation coming. i mean, if this guy doesn't -- i'm glad he won the nobel prize for peace. he sure would never win it for economics. >> thanks a lot, dick morris, interesting time. some breaking news there cut across your segment. we'll come back with more, your report card as the year moves forward. thanks. straight ahead, he's a man who has changed the political landscape of america. listen -- >> every day i hold this office, i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud.
6:29 am
>> and most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party and as i said before, and you've heard it today and you'll hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! >> more from massachusetts in a couple of minutes and then a final ruling on the teenager who conve converted to christianity and ran away from her parents out of fear. will she have to move back home with them? we have the final answer straight ahead. sitting in a fortune 100 company? a good place to find yourself. and that's exactly where our graduates do find themselves -- in 96 of those fortune 100 companies. because we make sure our bachelor's degree programs...
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>> tonight, the independent majority has delivered a great victory. throughout this race, it's filled with many, many surprises, i can tell you that. they will be challenged again and again across this great land and when there's trouble in massachusetts, rest assured, there's trouble everywhere and they know it. >> massachusetts might be the
6:34 am
bluest state in the country. >> taxaschusetts. >> right. you have according to robert gibbs, the president is frustrated and surprised about the election results. >> sure. and you look at it, a republican has not held a senate seat from the commonwealth of massachusetts since 1972. to put that in into perspective, barack obama was 11 years old in 1972. led zepplin came out with that "stairway to heaven" in 1972. the dow jones was at 1,000 in 1972. so for there not to be a republican there, that puts it all into perspective and dick morris just said, what this says is that now any democrat can be beaten by a republican anywhere at any time. lindsay graham yesterday said that this is the biggest upset in the history of the u.s. senate. >> and gretchen, you don't know this but we were doing a show back then. we had to go right to school right from it. that's why we're a morning show, we were still in school.
6:35 am
>> but anyway, maybe the president has a thing or two to learn from this. it will be really interesting to see the next interview he gives that will be in the next couple of days, no doubt, as to what tone he set. will he continue to press forward with his agenda. or will he change ala bill clinton and what he did when this happened to him? today in "the new york post," they have five things they believe president obama must learn from the loss of a senate seat in massachusetts starting with "don't negotiate health care in secret" and "pack it with sweetheart deals". >> people hate bribes. >> that's a big -- >> that number one should have a huge asterisk by it because no doubt, this is the biggest issue of why scott brown became the new senator from massachusetts. number 2, responding loosely to an attempted terror attack doesn't inspire confidence. that's the sleeper reason why this happened in massachusetts. a lot of people, i think, are panicked right now about the potential terror situation not to mention all the trials coming to new york city and giving the
6:36 am
terrorists lawyers to be not giving us information anymore. i mean, there's been a lot of changes in the way we look at the war on terror and i think that had a lot of people nervous. >> you know with scott brown, he had a great line and said we want to spend our money taking down terrorists, destroying terrorists, not paying for their legal fees and i think that when you had scott brown come out essentially pro water boarding. i'm for enhanced interrogation practices in massachusetts and that was ok. >> he would like to start it immediately on barney frank. >> just kidding. >> yes. >> the "new york post" says slow down the runaway spending, get a grip on the deficit and focus on job creation. i think there was a little bit of exit polling done. i think it was by rasmussen and what they found was health care, way down the list. why are they concentrating so much on that? it should be jobs. and they do feel so many of americans that they're just spending so much money. also, "the post" says the president needs to understand that the era of big government really over. stick a fork in it and lose the
6:37 am
arrogance, mr. president. final thing the editorial board -- >> he could lose that arrogance or the perspective of arrogance if he comes out and says like he did when he dominated tom daschle and tom daschle clearly with lobbyist ties, i screwed up. he could come out and show some humility that way. >> that will be interesting to see. a lot of people said what happened in massachusetts was a microcosm of what they were learning from the white house, the macrocosm, this arrogance, coakley going into the race thinking i'm going to win. this seat has belonged to ted kennedy for years and years and years. last night, scott brown had something to say about that. >> he did. >> yeah, it's going to be any second now. >> we're just winding it back. >> right. >> i don't think it's going to be there. >> anyhow -- >> i want to give it -- let's sit silently. >> he alluded to what we were discussing here, that's point number five. here it is. >> and action. >> every day i hold this office, i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. >> yeah!
6:38 am
>> and most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party and as i said before and you've heard it today and you'll hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! >> just a footnote to that, another democrat jim webb from virginia has come out right away and said this is a referendum not on health care but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. it is vital that we restore the respect of the american people in our system of government and in our leaders and to that end, i believe it will only be fair to not do any votes on health care until senator elect scott brown is seated. this is coming from a democrat. so the heat could be on the president right now as to how he handles this situation. >> all right.
6:39 am
22 minutes before the top of the hour. how will gretchen handle the first story in the headline news? that's the big story. >> let's go to that because he was accused of, the fort hood shooter of shooting all those people last month or in december. was he allowed to move up through the army ranks? that's what members of the house armed services committee want to hear from. former army secretary toga west and retired admiral verne clark. but the committee will be disappointed, apparently. they are headed to the pentagon review and say they will not compromise the ongoing military justice process. >> now we have an update on a story we told you about yesterday. the pentagon says using combat rifle sights with biblical reference codes on them is not against u.s. military rules. they are being used by troops in iraq and afghanistan. officials say they are aware of the concerns raised and will meet with the manufacturer of michigan to talk about future purchases. the army will look into whether or not they violated federal rules by inscribing the
6:40 am
references on the rifles. >> actor charlie sheen's latest court date set for today. it's now delayed. sheen now set to appear on friday for allegedly threatening his wife brooke mueller. the reason mueller is recovering -- she's recovering from surgery to get her wisdom teeth pulled. i had that done and i didn't marry charlie sheen and that really hurts. she's on bed rest. really is. judge is expected to determine if a restraining order against sheen should be dropped. folks say they want to reconcile. well, the accusation was that he had a knife at her throat. >> yeah. >> six months of legal battles have come to an end now for the parents of the teenage runaway who left home after converting from islam to christianity have agreed to let the teen remain in foster care until she turns 18 in august. what does the future hold and could she still be in danger? >> her close friend, a pastor joins us right now live from orlando, florida. good morning to you. >> good morning.
6:41 am
thanks so much for having me. >> ok. so the headline is, apparently, she has now been declared a dependent of the state of ohio and that effectively means she does not have to go and live with her parents before she's 18. her reaction? >> that's -- that's exactly right. and i'm relieved. we are very thankful. it's a huge victory. i mean, the fact that she's alive and she's not returning to the home that she fled from is a great thing but she's not quite out of the woods just yet. >> what do you mean? >> well, you know, the fact that she converted from islam to christianity puts -- makes her a big threat. and it sends a signal to others, there are many rifqa barys out there that are undergoing the same kind of abuse. it shows that you can be protected much that's great news, obviously for people who leave islam to become followers of jesus christ but at the same time, the threat level has increased.
6:42 am
we've had numerous more threats come in in the last few days and the state of ohio really has an obligation to protect her now because they want to make an example out of her. there's a lot of people that are not happy that she's now being protected because it brings a lot of shame on what they would consider to be -- a lot of shame on islam. >> from whom? >> there's been threats, you know, i have personally received numerous threats. others that have spoke out against the family in florida who did a courageous thing by taking her in have received threats. threats from other reported muslims that are not happy that people are speaking out against what happens to muslims when they accept jesus christ as their lord and savior. and that's what happened to rifqa bary. she is being protected but the state of ohio has been really harassing the people that have protected her and what they really need to be doing right now is really making sure that she's protected because we've even found out that the local care office, the council on islam-america relations in
6:43 am
central ohio has found out the name of the foster parents and the location of the home. so she really needs to be moved to a new home and she needs to be protected. >> thank you much, jamal for sharing your story. we know that's a good court victory for you and for rifqa. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for covering the story. >> appreciate it. >> here's another big story. 17 before the top of the hour. moments ago, haiti was rocked by a magnitude 6.1 aftershock. several others rattling the caribbean and the cayman islands and guatemala. what the heck is going on down there? we'll talk to a seismologist coming up next. >> and the head of the i.r.s. admits he doesn't do his own taxes because the code is too complicated. >> duh! >> more is on the way via you tube. we need something to laugh about today, don't we? this might be it. >> yeah, i know. that can be scary. but don't panic. why does lubriderm work so well with skin?
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6:47 am
golf clubs this year. they're doing it without tiger woods. kind of interesting. since nike is one of the few sponsors who did not drop tiger officially. he's in rehab right now. with 230,000 hits to its credit, the i.r.s. is becoming one of the most popular sites at you tube. people get ready to file for those 1040's and such. there are about 75 tax help videos on the channel. to look at them, search irs videos on the you tube site. steve is on you tube but not talking about that now. >> that's right. right now i'm on the fox newschannel talking about another strong earthquake aftershock has just struck haiti shaking buildings and sending screaming people running into the streets. it was a 6.1 magnitude quake. about 35 miles northwest of the capital of port-au-prince. right now, we are joined by james divine, seismologist with the u.s. geological survey. he's down in washington. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> is a big aftershock, a 6.1, after the 7 eight days ago, is
6:48 am
that to be expected in haiti? >> yes. it's fairly common to have aftershocks about one magnitude lower than the main shock. >> ok. >> so 6.1 is not unexpected. >> well, what do you make of what's going on down in the caribbean right now? on monday, guatemala had a 6.0 magnitude quake and there was also one struck along the border of the caribbean and the other plate and yesterday, the cayman islands had a 5.8 magnitude. what's going on down there? >> well, that is a very active seismic zone. it's a plate boundary between the caribbean plate and the north american plate. these events do occur. we don't hear them quite as often as, say, the san andreas in california. these are not unexpected at all. they are somewhat related. they're all along the same plate boundary. >> you would expect more seismic activity in the area for a little while. >> oh, yes. not only for a little while but for on and on as that's an
6:49 am
active zone and remains active. >> all right. jim, we hear a lot around the pacific with the ring of fire. now down in the caribbean. there's a story out this morning about the new madrid fault which includes parts of arkansas, missouri, tennessee, kentucky and illinois. and scientists are projecting that within the next 50 years, a very big earthquake could hit that area. what -- how too you feel about that? >> well, that is, again, an active zone. it's in the middle of the plate which makes it a little unusual. however, 1811, 1812, there were three events over magnitude 7 1/2 that caused a lot of damage. the return period for very large earthquakes is very long. in hundreds of years. however, a 7 certainly is possible in that zone and the people in that region are aware that that's the case. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us to talk about the breaking news this morning. jim divine from the u.s. geological survey down in d.c. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome.
6:50 am
>> all right. it is exactly 10 minutes before the top of the hour. most of the people you're about to meet voted for president obama. boy, a lot changed in just one year. >> i just don't think they get it. you just lost massachusetts, ted kennedy's state, his seat. wake up. >> reaction to the president's first year and scott brown's big win last night in massachusetts. straight ahead. >> i think he succeeded. the great taste of splenda® no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda® with fiber.
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>> it was an election in massachusetts but the results represent a feeling across the nation, many say. in a major upset, republican scott brown won a seat held by ted kennedy for nearly 50 years. but what did the state's voters think of president obama
6:54 am
himself? frank lutz has his take on the first year in office. frank? >> thanks, guys. last night was the shot heard around the world and clearly, the rest of america is waking up to see a very different set of politics. now, we're with massachusetts voters, the core of the democratic party in america. and i got to ask you all to show the people at home how many of you voted for barack obama in the last election? most of you. how many would say that he exceeded expectations? none of you. how many would say he's falling short of your expectations? a bunch of you. why did he fall short? >> he hasn't been given a chance, actually and i think he's being beaten up along the way and fought every step of the way. >> so for you, it's just he needs more time. >> absolutely. >> does he need more time? >> no, i mean, i think the big issue for me is the health care bill. it seems like 3,000 pages of fine print and jargon and tell us what it's about. >> yeah, i don't think they get
6:55 am
it. you just lost massachusetts. ted kennedy's state. his seat. wake up. >> i think he -- i think he misunderstood the rules. i think it's winner take all and he wasn't proactive enough in terms of social agendas. >> you voted for obama. >> i did. >> has he succeeded? >> no, i think he hasn't succeeded yet. he hasn't been given much of a chance. i can tell you as a physician in this state, that many physicians have been a little disappointed in this health care bill for numerous reasons. >> i think he's actually done a lot. he had a lot of terrible things that he had to deal with he inherited from bush-cheney and in the time he's been in office, he's dug out a lot. now it's time for him to look forward. >> i believe that we have a lot that we need to overcome and there is still time to get it done. and he will do it. >> he's trying to build his resume for 2012, pretty obvious. >> i think he succeeded with some things but he has not
6:56 am
succeeded with health care because people realize you don't change 100% the system for maybe 5% to 10% of the problem. >> the most important thing is jobs and he hasn't done anything for jobs. he's put through a big stimulus bill and it hasn't performed. >> final comment? >> i think he's done a lot but i think he's done a lot wrong. he's had all the wrong ideas, all the wrong solutions and spent all of our money. >> you got to understand that this is massachusetts, and when you hear this type of disappointment with the president, you got to wonder what the rest of america is thinking. and if you want to participate in a fox news focus group, go to the and you, too, can sit in an audience just like this. back to you guys. >> all right. excellent. >> rapid fire questions, rapid fire response. now, the next hour is straight ahead. you've heard from the voters. now, let's hear from the democrats. >> and now, i read the headline we'll go back to worshipping the
6:57 am
altar of olympia snow. who's next? honestly, this is getting ridiculous. >> congressman wiener saying it like it is. more reaction coming up. >> and complaint analysis. scott brown's big win top of the hour. luci: i'm luci romberg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) . unlock an outdoor dreamland for your indoor cat. exciting flavor combinations, plus a touch of garden greens make it irresistible. friskies indoor delights. feed the senses. at the mercedes-benz glk... when you study its engineering, its safety systems...
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and she is snapping up hotels left and right. her little brother, not so much. then she did something nice and i pretended not to notice. ♪ i knew she'd want it that way. [ man ] roll the dice. [ girl ] family moments cost less at walmart. get everything you need for family game night at unbeatable prices. save money. live better. walmart. >> top of the hour to you. it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast and it's wednesday, january 20, 2010. thanks for sharing part of your morning with us. that major blow to the dems in massachusetts may be to the president himself. the deep blue state of mass goes red for the first time in nearly 50 years. electing scott brown to the u.s. senate. >> will be challenged again and again across this great land and when there's struggle in massachusetts, rest assured,
7:01 am
there's trouble everywhere and they know it. >> complete coverage and reaction with live reports from boston and washington straight ahead. >> and breaking news from haiti and it's not good. moments ago, the island rocked by a magnitude 6.1 tremor. we are live there with the very latest. >> and conan o'brien taking some parting shots at nbc. >> some papers are reporteding that i'm legally prohibited from saying anything bad about nbc. for example, i am not allowed to say things like nbc is headed downhill faster than a fat guy chasing a runaway cheese wheel. >> yeah, he's not allowed to say that. how much cash will conan walk away with in two days? we'll tell you about that straight ahead. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from nick in georgia -- pants down, pants down, how about that election heard round the world -- the world round? someone needs to give a pat on
7:02 am
the back to senator brown. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for sharing your time today. many considered it impossible for a deeply democratic state to suddenly turn red. but it did last night. republican scott brown beating martha coakley for the massachusetts senate seat, 52% to 47%. >> historic. we have team coverage right now. caroline schively is in washington, d.c. what this means in november, perhaps, but let's start right now with molly line in boston with the complete race results. this is shocking across the country. i can just imagine what it's like there in boston, molly? >> yeah. this is an epic upset victory of grand proportions. this is the bluest of blue states. we're just 12% of registered voters are republican and the g.o.p. candidate last night achieved a victory that -- after a contest that we haven't seen here -- many people have said in
7:03 am
all of election history in massachusetts. a real, real stunner. so now, scott brown will join the rest of the delegation. he is the lone g.o.p. member of the massachusetts delegation that will head off to washington. big question, of course, is when he heads out, martha coakley called last night, conceded. congratulated scott brown. she said she was heartbroken by the outcome, thanked her supporters and offered this kennedy quote. the work begins anew, the hope rises again and the dream lives on. republican elect scott brown said last night, it was a victory for the independent majority and he needed those independents in massachusetts to win this race, just 12% republicans but over 50% of the state are independent voters, unenrolled voters with no party affiliation and they broke hard for scott brown last night. he pledged to be nobody's senator but the people of massachusetts, to always put their interests first. and when i spoke to a coakley campaign aide at the end of the night, about the fingerpointing, about democrats saying whose fault this loss would be, she said that democrats need to get
7:04 am
it back together to focus and not to play the blame game right now. back to you guys. >> all right, molly line, thank you very much. >> molly has been emailing through the night, the last two weeks to keep everybody up to date with what's happening there. what the results mean for elections in november, the midterms. let's go to caroline live in d.c. >> hey there, brian. this one vote changes everything. from health care to campaigning to the strategy on the entire democratic agenda. by winning the senate seat in massachusetts, republican scott brown takes away democrats' filibuster proof majority and becomes the 41st vote pledged to go against barack obama's health care reform bill. that leaves congress with a couple of options both of which they hate. ram through a bill before brown is seated in the next few weeks or two, the house could pass the senate bill with a wink and a nod knowing that it would be modified later in the budget process through a maneuver called reconciliation. this morning, democrats are still reeling with the almost incomprehensible idea that martha coakley could have lost
7:05 am
her double digit lead from a month ago. minority leader mitch mcconnell says the people of massachusetts are sending a message on health care like so many america. "they don't want this bill and want washington to listen to them." it has senators a little nervous this morning, at least the ones up for re-election in november. there are seven senate seats held by democrats that are considered top in november. nevada, colorado, arkansas, pennsylvania, delaware and connecticut and there are four republican seats in the same boat. those are missouri, kentucky, ohio and new hampshire. if you're a democrat in a toss-up state and saw how coakley lost in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 3-1 you may be rethinking your health care vote this morning. republicans will be pushing back even harder in the coming months hoping for massachusetts repeat in their states. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> there you go. all right. caroline shively in washington, d.c. and molly line in boston where it's apparently a little brighter. >> let's talk about what this whole thing means in terms of
7:06 am
the magnitude of the election and the republican win in the senate. if you talk to different democrats, they have differing opinions. one of which that stands out is lonnie davis, long time clinton cabinet member. he's always taught talked -- he was a big advisor, big supporter of senator hillary clinton. he's said flat out, the party is to blame. he says in the last 12 months, we allowed this party of bill clinton and barack obama to morph into the party of george mcgovern and howard dean. they've become too liberal. barack obama talked about being a moderate. it didn't happen. >> he also really pounded into the ground the back door deal stuff going on with health care and he said basically that put congressional democrats in the worse light than the infamous bridge to nowhere. you can't do that to the american public, lanny davis says, you can't give a sweetheart deal to nebraska and then ask why a state like minnesota or alaska or any other state can't get the same deal? because those constituents are asking those questions. now, the question will be
7:07 am
whether or not the president will listen to people like lanny davis. will he become more of a moderate? or will he push harder for his ideals? >> here's a little bit about -- >> tonight, the independent majority has delivered a great victory. throughout this race, we had the machine scared and scrambling and for them, it's just the beginning of an election year filled with many, many surprises fortunate . i can tell you that. they will be challenged again and again across this great land and when there's trouble in massachusetts, rest assured, there's trouble everywhere and they know it. while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party and as i said before, and you've heard it today and you'll hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! >> i am heart broken at the results and i know that you are also.
7:08 am
but i know that we will get up together tomorrow and continue this fight even with this result tonight. >> well, there you go. it's interesting, scott brown last night said that we need to have a fresh start when it comes to health care and now, as dick morris said a little while ago on this program, what it means and there you see scott brown holding up the boston herald, "he did it" what this means with the stunning win in massachusetts that any democrat can be beaten by any republican anywhere. >> right. also, they were chanting 41 because he's going to be the 41st republican to say no, i don't want this plan if he does have a chance to vote. here's congressman anthony wiener who has been saying over the last 48 hours to say what it means if brown won. brown won. here's what he said. >> and now, i read the headline, we're going to go back to worshipping at the altar of olympia snowe. yeah, that worked out great. let's go out and do that again for another month. who is next?
7:09 am
lieberman? i mean, honestly, this is getting ridiculous. >> wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to take a step back and say look, we're going to -- we're going to pivot to do a job, we're going to try to include health care pieces in it that help us improve the lot of those -- some of the things that are easier to do. >> well, what is -- >> taking a step back? this is anthony wiener. this is somebody who wanted the full thing on health care. he wanted the public option. you never heard it termed that way. >> i'm curious where this is going. >> he was in a group of house dems and this is the reason why a lot of people believe those house dems will not go along with the senate bill, because it didn't have the full shabang, it didn't have the public option attached to it. if i'm hearing anthony wiener correctly, he's saying it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to take a step back? so one of the most liberal democrats in the house now saying to take a step back from health care? that's big news. >> how new yorkian to break with
7:10 am
the party when the situation needs to. nancy pelosi said why don't you move on down, we'll have health care one way or another. and we'll talk about those different ways but there's a lot of people who aren't on board. senator webb said first thing's first. we're not going to vote until scott brown gets seated. that's out the window. how do you get it? how are you going to get the republican to flip at this point? >> those are some of the reactions from people who live and work on capitol hill. i heard one fella in a boston suburb yesterday who had just gone in and voted for scott brown asked by a reporter, why did you do it? he said to save america. >> there you go. >> that's one piece of analysis. well, now, let's go on to the rest of your headlines because we have to start for a fox news alert. haiti rocked again this morning by another big earthquake. preliminary reports put the quake at a magnitude 6.1. the epicenter half way between port-au-prince and the city of jacmel. no word on injuries or any damage. meantime, defense secretary robert gates is ordering more
7:11 am
u.s. ships to head to haiti. the ships will work to clear debris at the port-au-prince airport or the actual port where ships come in that will allow supplies to get in quicker. it's been a week since the big earthquake. survivors still being found, can you believe that, a 69-year-old woman has been rescued now, pulled from the rubble of a church rectory. the woman who is apparently doing well says she got by with prayer. a 26-year-old woman was rescued from the rubble of a store. meantime, a man hunt under way for a gunman believed to be extremely dangerous, armed with a high powered rifle. this man right here, christopher spite, accused of murdering eight people already, our own molly henenberg is live in virginia with the latestment a lot of ramifications today, they don't know where this guy is? >> hey, gretchen, no, but they believe they have christopher spite somewhat penned in in an area near here. they're focusing on an area that's two miles wide, east, west and 1,000 yards north-south. they're focusing on this area because that's the area where
7:12 am
spite, according to police, shot at a state police helicopter yesterday. he was able to hit it and do enough damage that the helicopter had to land. and that's what they are focusing on right now. take a listen to what the sheriff said earlier this morning. >> as soon as we could, we cordoned that area off with law enforcement officers from different agencies trying to secure the perimeter and we don't have any reason to believe that at the present time that he is not inside that perimeter. >> 39-year-old spite, though, is still not in custody. he is armed, police say, with at least one high powered rifle. he may have access to two vehicles, a green pickup truck and a tan ford escort. police say spite "was aquainted with his eight victims yesterday". victims were found inside a house and another victim was found alongside a road. police have not been able to i.d. everybody. they believe spite was "directly associated with them." and one more note out of an abundance of caution, all the
7:13 am
public schools here, four hours south of washington are closed today as this man hunt continues. back to you guys in new york. >> molly, break in if you hear anything. thanks so much. meanwhile, at 13 minutes after the hour, massive defeat for dems in massachusetts after scott brown's stunning victory. they already have the spin machine on full blast. how can they turn this huge negative into a positive? our panel will examine. >> fantastic and boone pickings going wherever the wind takes him. why the billionaire is changing his opinion on renewable energy and invoking terrorism at the same time. that's straight ahead. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> welcome back. republican scott brown doing what many thought was impossible, claiming victory in a heated race for ted kennedy's massachusetts senate seat. listen -- >> from the berkshires to boston, from springfield to cape cod, the voters of this
7:17 am
commonwealth defied the odds and the experts. tonight, the independent majority has delivered a great victory. >> but even before the voting began, democrats were brain storming ways to put a positive spin on a losing situation. can they turn the tide to what many see as an embarrassing loss? an unthinkable loss? our panel this morning will debate it. william crystal of the weekly standard to my left, mary anne moss, democratic strategist and dr. alan lichman. great panel. first to you, how you wake up today with 59 senators in the democratic side of the aisle. how do you spin it? >> look, here's the fact. massachusetts is the canary in the coal mine for democrats across the country. ignore it at your peril. i mean, now liberal massachusetts which i hope is gone forever now, people have to understand when two million voters come out in january in snow, in rain, they're angry and they vote for a republican to
7:18 am
replace ted kennedy in the senate, there's a lot going on there. were mistakes made in the campaign? yes, but voters are angry. they want change. and they want a different kind of change. >> professor, if we're to believe what's going down on monday, the president's strategy will be more combative and reinforce his conviction to quite hard. is that the way history says he should react when he has a setback like this? >> no. first of all, as far as spinning it, don't. that's what history says spinning won't help. number two, here's what i think barack obama ought to do. he's got a big speech coming up, the state of the union. he should go before the country and say, i'm not cutting any special deals. i'm not trying to break the rules to pass health care. i am putting health care on suspension and reopening it up to all new ideas and i'm going to focus now on improving this economy and protecting national security and republicans have a choice, they can cooperate or they can continue to delay and
7:19 am
obstruct. if he does that, i promise you his approval rating would go up by five to 10 points. >> you've studied history to find out it usually does. what do you think, mr. crystal? do you think he'll take the professor's advice at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? >> i don't know. i don't know if he's able to adjust the way bill clinton did. you know, i do think democrats are making the mistake of thinking this is a bunch of angry people. i mean, brown ran an upbeat campaign. it was a populist campaign but it was a cheerful campaign. he's had fewer negative ads on than a typical candidate. he refused to -- >> ran around on a truck. >> he appealed to independents. i think republicans need to learn a lesson from this. cheerful, upbeat, independent, populism, resistance to big government liberalism but not a bitter, narrow partisan message. what brown shows and this is true in virginia and new jersey, too, there's a way to be conservative and upbeat and populist, that would be awfully good for republicans in the next year. >> we'll find out today. he is doing a sit down interview, just one. straight ahead, the panel has a huge bailout, two wars, rising
7:20 am
unemployment, it's been a challenging here for president obama or any president. our political panel issues their report card and talking about report cards, simon says he's out of "american idol." paula gone. randy jackson. what about randy? the great taste
7:21 am
of splenda no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! sweet! (announcer)splenda no calorie sweetener with fiber.
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7:23 am
>> president obama exactly one year to the day that he took office, this panel this morning is going to take a look at his first year. take a look back and then look ahead. bill crystal, mary annee marsh and dr. alan lichman has agreed to stay on. approval rating below 50%. not horrible, it's at 48%, 51% disapprove. professor, where is he at right now historically? put this in perspective. >> he's at a crucial pivot point in his presidency. just as i would say john f.
7:24 am
kennedy was after the cuban missile crisis. kennedy learned and developed. he utterly transformed his presidency after that. he got us the extraordinary nuclear test ban treaty that stopped testing in the atmosphere and the oceans. he began the initiatives that led to the historic civil rights laws that lyndon johnson started on. barack obama has got to do that. he's got to pivot at this point and focus on what is most critical and that is improving this economy and moving us into the new green economy of the future. put health care on suspension. even his base is disgusted with the bill that's coming out of the senate. >> you gave him a b minus, you gave him a b minus so far after year one, right? >> right. >> ok. let's go to you, mary annemarsh, what are you waiting for to decide what he gets in year one? >> i would give him a b and i think what barack obama has, which is invaluable is
7:25 am
popularity. he is still relatively personally popular. and that's crucial in any political environment. the key now is to acknowledge what happened here. acknowledge what's going on around the country because to lead, people have to follow. while voters still like him, he'll walk into the white house today, look at capitol hill and i'm sure there's going to be at best panic across capitol hill and the question is, will they now continue to follow barack obama's agenda? that's the question. >> right. and bill, the reason i say he passed out because to go to a green economy, cap and trade, there's not much sentiment now for cap and trade. >> no, i mean, look when barack obama was running for president, the consensus was he had a great temperament, not much experience but he had a first class presidential temperament. i think this will be the test of that. does he have the maturity to say publicly not i screwed up. i don't think he'll say that either but he has to say, the democracy, you have to pay a certain respect to the public and say i hear you, you know, i felt we were doing the right thing but i guess people aren't quite where i am in terms of the
7:26 am
massive overhaul of the health care system. let me pull back and work with republicans on some more moderate measures. he could put republicans in a pretty difficult position if he says let's go with insurance reforms, let's go with bipartisan efforts to curb wall street excesses. i think a lot of moderate republicans and conservative republicans with the pressure to work with president obama. can he pivot? that's a matter of temperament and getting rid of some that arrogance that he has. >> he does seem so confident. bill, the other thing is republicans are now in the game now. they have to play or not play. you don't need us, why even ask us? they didn't. now they got to play. >> i think they've done a pretty good job over the last year holding together, saying nowhere they should say no but also saying no in a reasonable way. i agree now, they have to think through their own message. i think the great danger would be to sort of look as if they're in bed with wall street and there's a populous sentiment out there, mary anne thinks it's angry and i think it's more cheerful. combination of the two, i suppose. republicans need to be in a responsible way in touch with
7:27 am
populous sentiment that's anti-big government but very skeptical of big business. >> final thought, professor, on where we're at right now, historic presidency regardless from the day he stepped in the oval office but overall, do you see him pivoting? is this the type of guy that will pivot and look up j.f.k.? >> absolutely. i think it's remarkable that this panel of three very diverse people with very different views all agree that he needs to pivot. he needs to back off from this health care reform. and he needs to challenge republicans to say all right, i am going to cooperate. are you? in a sense, this warning signal for the democrats may be the best thing that happened to the democrats because i think it will force them to pivot. as the coach said, if you're going to fall behind, it's a lot better to fall behind early than late. and they still have a long time before the mid-term elections. >> we do tune into the fourth quarter every single time those games are on. especially when they're close. an intriguing time in politics.
7:28 am
thanks so much. >> thanks. >> and i know steve and gretchen were bill crystal's choice to host this segment. it must give you some feeling as we -- >> don't always get what you want. >> very important lesson. >> i pivoted. i pivoted. >> good pivot, bill crystal. tell us what's coming up. >> thank you very much. about half past the top of the hour. breaking news out of haiti. a 6.1 magnitude quake has rocked the island sending people screaming into the streets just eight days after the big one. we're going to have a damage report straight ahead. >> and democrats in d.c. bew e beware. there's a new man coming to town? >> they will be challenged again and again across this great land and when there's struggle in massachusetts, rest assured, there's trouble everywhere and they know it. >> more from scott brown's upset victory last night. >> and attorneys general are lining up to challenge the constitutionality of the democrats' health care reform. florida's a.g. leading the way. we're going to talk to him live.
7:29 am

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>> we start this half-hour with a fox news alert. moments ago, police down in virginia have announced the arrest of a gunman suspected of murdering eight people in virginia. a tense situation down there. molly heneberg is live with the very latest. tell us about what's happening down there?
7:33 am
>> steve, this is just developing right now. apparently at 7:10 this morning, the suspect 39-year-old christopher spite walked up to law enforcement and turned himself in without incident. so he is in custody now. police say he's the one who murdered eight people yesterday. and they said today, they wouldn't give us any details that if he said anything but he turned himself in. police would not comment on whether or not he had the high powered rifle with him or not. just that he came up to them, they were guarding the perimeter, that two mile wide, 1,000 yard north-south perimeter they've been guarding since yesterday afternoon, they came to it near the crime scene, turned himself in. he's in custody. the police came out and said we want to let the people know right away that we have him now in handcuffs so that they will feel a little safer now. the schools remain closed because that decision was already made but the manhunt here is over. steve? >> and molly, how many people is he suspected in murdering?
7:34 am
>> eight people. seven people inside and outside this house nearby and one person along the side of the road. that's what they -- that's what they believe. we have some soundbites you can listen to the press conference today. take a listen. >> we know that spite was aquainted with the eight victims. as to what the relationship is, we're not going into that. as the sheriff said, the next step is to confirm the identities of the victim and notify next of kin and continue with the investigation from here. >> charges against spite are pending but again, police say he's responsible for eight murders yesterday. >> steve? >> all right. thanks very much for that live report from virginia. >> and another fox news alert for you right now. another earthquake rocking haiti this morning. preliminary reports put the quake at 6.1 magnitude. it's a big one. its epicenter was half way
7:35 am
between port-au-prince and the city of jacmel. jonathan hunt live for us now in port-au-prince. all right, last hour, you were on top of the building, you're still on top of the building. is that a safe place? well, it's reasonably safe according to our security consultants and some of the fire department personnel who have been up here. they have checked out the structure. they say this is one of the more sound structures in port-au-prince. would i prefer to be out on the ground in the middle of the airport tarmac? yes, but for now, this is where we are. i can tell you, it was a terrifying experience, though, just before 6:30 a.m. local time here, we felt this beginning to sway. we were standing here just getting ready for a live shot. and as my producer said, it felt like we were surfing the roof of this building. i don't know how far it swayed or moved but it felt like an awful lot, i can tell you. i'll say, having been in a lot of dodgy situations around the
7:36 am
world, having been shelled by israeli tanks in gaza, having seen roadside bombs not far away, far too close for comfort in iraq and afghanistan, that was the scariest experience i have ever felt. you feel as though you have control in some of those other sort of situations. here, when it's mother nature just doing what mother nature wants to do, you really have no control whatsoever. and that is terrifying. and for us here on one of the more stable structures left in port-au-prince right now. think of the people out there where house upon house upon house, tens of thousands have already crumbled. tens of thousands more are clearly in an appalling state of disrepair. there's no way many of those have withstood what happened just about an hour ago. a terrifying experience for those people. we're hearing reports of people having run screaming into the street. again, that would not surprise me one bit and as i drive around port-au-prince in the last week, i've seen these houses. they're on the hillsides many of them. many of them just swept away in that initial earthquake. many more will have had that
7:37 am
happen to them today. this is going to be another very, very tough day for the search and rescue squads. we've had one american squad up here on the roof with us. they've gone out to what they believe will be the hardest hit areas from the latest quake. they'll do what they've done for the last seven days heroically, gretchen. >> very good job for reporting down there. thanks for the update on another earthquake this morning. 6.1 on the richter scale. >> marines are there. they've landed right where the palace once stood and starting to get past the bottleneck. >> right. >> it was eight days since the big one in haiti. then there was one in guatemala on monday and another one in the caribbean on tuesday and one yesterday in the cayman islands. >> and there was an earthquake in massachusetts, not really, but a political one. >> sure. >> last night, scott brown, the republican defeated the democrat, martha coakley, 52% to 47%. it was a stunning victory. if you just go back in time by
7:38 am
about three weeks. there he's holding up the newspaper that says he did it. many people thought he would never do it. martha coakley was the shoe-in for this seat. this was a seat that ted kennedy had held for years and years and years. not to mention that one of the main missions of senator ted kennedy was health care reform. to have this go down that brown wins as a result of people not being for health care reform is historic. >> every day i hold this office, i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. and most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party, and as i said before, and you've heard it today and you'll hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat!
7:39 am
>> i am heart broken at the results and i know that you are also. but i know that we will get up together tomorrow and continue this fight even with this result tonight because there will be plenty of wednesday morning quarterbacking about what happened and what went right, what went wrong. and i know that everyone including me, i am brutally honest on my own performances, we will be honest about the assessment of this race. and although i am very disappointed, i always respect the voters' choice and that's what i told to scott brown tonight. >> and they did talk and scott brown also got a call from the president of the united states and they kidded around about possibly having a two-and-two basketball game as the soon to be senator brown would take his daughter who is a standout at boston college. something else that's important, people are starting to point fingers. rahm emanuel saying martha coakley, a real bad candidate. they kind of blew it. the president of the united states stunned and frustrated.
7:40 am
meanwhile, is he stunned and frustrated because the next year is going to be a lot more difficult or is it because of the future of health care? scott brown was on television this morning and had this to say about the future of that bill. >> whatever bill comes up, i'll look at it and make my own decision. but if it is the health care bill, we already have 98% of our people insured here already in massachusetts. we do not need the plan that's being pushed upon us, we'd have lesser care, longer lines and pay higher taxes and it makes no sense. >> i think we should allow the states to do what's important for their own states. have the federal government incentivize those individual states and while i believe everybody should have insurance, i initially have to look out for our state and when we're going to be paying higher fees with our plan and pay higher fees for a plan that doesn't work at all for us, i think we can do better. >> he also said this morning that his win was not a referendum on barack obama. he had successfully tapped into aggravation the people had over
7:41 am
the partisan gridlock in washington. the big question is could the health care proposals currently on the table in congress actually be unconstitutional? florida's attorney general bill mccollum is joining us live from orlando. good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> ok. so mr. attorney general, you feel that the health care plan as it exists right now in a bill on capitol hill is unconstitutional. what are you going to do about it? >> well, first of all, i want to congratulate scott brown on his big win last night. you know, he makes a difference in washington we may not have that health bill and what i'm going to say to you may be moot but right now, the way these two bills are written in the senate and the house, i believe and our team believes and we issued a letter yesterday with a legal opinion to both the leaders of the house and the senate, that the provision on the individual mandate, the requirement that everybody buy a health insurance plan, that you have to be covered or you'll have a penalty, a fine or a tax, we believe that's unconstitutional. that the enumerated powers of
7:42 am
the constitution doesn't give congress the right to stretch out, to tax you or fine you for doing nothing, for inactivity. that's what this bill does. it says you have to buy a health insurance plan if you can afford to do so. when there's no connection to work, there's no connection like buying a car, like george will said in a column a couple of weeks ago, suppose the federal government mandated you to do calisthenics every week because if you don't do it, you'll hurt everybody else and it costs more to the health care system when you get older and you're not healthy enough so you're invading individual freedom and invading states' rights because the federal government in the constitution does not have the power to go this far in our judgment and in the judgment of a lot of legal scholars that we've consulted with. >> and mr. attorney general, one of the other things that you have a problem with is some states getting some sweetheart deals and other states not getting that. and specifically, the constituents, you believe that that would be discrimination in some way? >> yes, i think it would be. first of all, if the individual
7:43 am
mandate we call it the living tax stays in this bill, a number of us attorney generals are going to sue over that and we're also going to be very concerned and sue over the issue of, let's say, nebraska that got an exception for medicaid coverage and that, as you know, was a deal that probably played into that scott brown race last night because you have a state, a single state getting a deal for a senator's vote on this bill. >> for whigotcha. >> that says you don't have to be covered where in florida, massachusetts and other states, you're going to get new medicaid enrollees and you'll have to pay the bill. >> true. there you go. >> mr. attorney general, thank you very much for joining us today from orlando. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> you bet. >> straight ahead, you know him, he's the man who has been pushing hard for wind energy using millions of his own money to make it happen. he's dumping that plan for natural gas. he joins us next.
7:44 am
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>> well, there's a new ad out, have you seen it? some say it's stirring up fears of terrorism. you be the judge. take a look. >> go back to sleep, america. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil, importing nearly 70%. much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas to power our trucks and bus fleets. it's cheaper, cleaner, abundant and it's ours. we've had our wake-up call. it's time to act. >> and joining me now, the man behind those ads, billionaire energy tycoon t. boone pickens. great to have you in the studio. >> thank you. thank you. >> some people are saying that that ad is a scare tactic about terror. how do you respond to that? >> well, it's not a scare tactic. but it is scary. ok? >> in what way? >> well, we are importing oil from unfriendly nations to us.
7:48 am
so i say we're paying for both sides of the war. if you look at john podesta cap his study that he released last week, that our state department recommends we not visit these countries, how much oil do these countries send us? 4 1/2 million barrels a day. countries that we say it's not good to visit are sending us 4 1/2 billion barrels a day. that's what i want us to cut off. i want to get on our resource which is natural gas. >> so you're saying that report by john podesta magnified the point you've been trying to make for years that americans can't be dependent on foreign oil anymore. >> wait a minute, foreign oil. i'm not saying that. you'll have to be dependent on some foreign oil. i'm focused on opec and that 4 1/2 million barrels comes from the opec countries. >> so you used to be pushing wind and you said that you were going to have 687 turbines, right? >> that's right. >> now you've cut that back in half and now you're pushing natural gas. why the change? >> there was not a change.
7:49 am
i was pushing both of them at the same time. both of them, we need to use, they're both resources in america. we have to get on our resources and get off of resources from countries that are not friendly to us. that's the way i started and that's exactly where i am. and that is exactly what's in these bills that we have in congress that i think will be coming up pretty quick. >> one of the things you say in the ad is that this is a way in which to create american jobs. >> exactly. on the transition team when they asked for a model from me to them, on natural gas, going to heavy duty trucks is what i'm after. i want to move to the 8 1/2 million heavy trucks in the united states. the 18 wheelers. so if we go to that, and we can change those to natural gas, we will cut opec in half. now, we have 250 million vehicles in america. i'm after the heavy duty vehicles. >> you always seem to be on the forefront of this entire mission. what sort of headway do you
7:50 am
think you're making right now? specifically, with this new ad and this new push? >> ok, hr-1835 called the natural gas act has 127 co-sponsors. that is sponsored by that leader on that is john larsen from connecticut. and larsen and i have worked very close on this bill. and this is the one that will put natural gas into transportation fuel. i think that will come up for vote within the next two months. >> all right. very interesting. t. boone pickens, great to have you here as a guest. thanks. >> thanks. >> coming up on the show, both sides weighing in on the future of health care after scott brown's stunning win in massachusetts. we'll be talking to democratic pennsylvania governor ed rendell and republican senator susan collins of maine live. just moments away. luke: moving my mind and my hands
7:51 am
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>> massachusetts voters yesterday sent a republican to washington, d.c. scott brown is now the senator elect and his win over democrat martha coakley may be a big indicator on how people across the country really feel about health care reform in the united states. according to a new rasmussen poll, 78% of brown voters strongly oppose the health care legislation in congress and 52% of brown voters say it was the most important issue in determining their vote. where do we go from here? what will last night's vote, how will it impact on health care? peter johnson jr. joins us from a quickie trip down to florida. good morning. >> going to disney world was great, great time. >> peter, somebody -- the people in massachusetts yesterday pulled the chain on the train. >> you know, everyone says oh, that's a big democratic state. it is a big democratic state and democrats defected to the republican candidate in record numbers.
7:55 am
it's also a big independent state. more than half of the voters in that state are independents. and they've said we're voting for senator-elect brown who has vowed to vote against so-called health reform in the senate. so what does the president do? six months ago, a lot of us were saying to the president, say mr. president, say, all you need to say is i hear you, america. and no one was listening to america, you know, those were town hall meetings, those were just crazy people. the tea party people are just crazy people. the polls against health care, those are all crazy people -- those are all fringe people. they're all out of control. no one knows what they're talking about. people go in and they pull the levers, they write the names down and the republican wins and 52% of the people that voted for him said that was the most important reason that they voted for him. >> right and peter, the extraordinary thing is the fact that it happened in massachusetts which is many
7:56 am
would say is the most liberal state in the united states. so if the people of massachusetts, the independents and the moderates rose up and say, look, this is a runaway train, we can't take it. we don't like the sweetheart deals and the bribes and everything else. we're going to stop it right here and they did. >> tents are being folded by the door. you're going to see democrats saying, well, yeah, i voted for that then but i didn't vote for it when brown had been elected and so things are changed. people are saying, well, ok, there are a few things that can be done if the president wants to ram it through, then the house can pass the senate version. but we just went through this whole thing as some folks say where we need a $60 or $80 billion giveback to the unions on the cadillac tax plans? that's not the senate bill. is the house going to pass that? we can go to the nuclear option, the nuclear plan, something called reconciliation where we can play with it, where we can
7:57 am
say it. it really fits in to this narrow category on tax and spending but it really doesn't. and then later i'll give you my word, we'll undo it. >> sure. >> i think you're going to see the president maintain this is important for america. at the same time, you'll see some dance towards the republicans, really out of the weakness of loss here. republicans will stand firm and say this is not what we want. they will push the president to the wall on this. the president will go to his congressional partners on the democratic side and say listen, you're in this now. i got you into this a year, if you go away from it, then you're going to go into the dumper. take a chance. stay with it. let's explain it away later. we'll push this as hard as we can. at the same time, we can see quiet moves towards the republicans to say well, let's pass the things that we can agree upon. and try and shift a wedge into the republicans so they're not
7:58 am
perceived -- so they are perceived as a no party. >> well, it will be interesting to see where they go now. >> it's interesting. >> with the prescription for truth. >> call out of one of the birthplaces of independence, boston, massachusetts. >> thank you very much. peter rivera. breaking news this morning, a man hunt in virginia is over this morning. gunman accused of murdering eight people now in custody. developing story. details on what may have sparked the shooting spree straight ahead in a live report. and the revenge of conan o'brien on display again last night. >> hi, i'm conan o'brien and i'm three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history. >> all right. he's got a deal to leave but conan apparently is holding out for one more thing. we'll tell you about that straight ahead. please. would you like that to hurt now or later? uh-- what? (announcer) pepcid® complete doesn't make you choose. it neutralizes acid
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we hope you're having a
8:02 am
fantastic wednesday, january 20, 2010. republican scott brown takes ted kennedy's senate seat. >> no more hiding cost, concealing taxes, and leaving more trillions in debt for our children to pay. >> complete reaction, an analysis moments away. >> meanwhile, another story breaking just within the last hour and a half. school shut down in virginia after a man executed eight people and tried to shoot down a police helicopter. moments ago he was arrested. we are live on the scene in virginia. >> video of what the people in haiti don't need. just an hour ago, a magnitude 6.1 quake rocked the island. yeah, it's true. we have reporters on the ground with the latest details. >> this is boone picken, watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning.
8:03 am
>> powerful successful entrepreneur, t. boone pickens, it seems he was here a short time ago. >> he was. now we're moving to this because the big story is that the republican win has senate seat in massachusetts for the first time since the nixon administration. scott brown defeating martha coakley for the massachusetts senate seat. 52-47%. >> this is big news and we have live team coverage. caroline shively in washington with what this means in november to the elections. let's start with molly line in boston with the complete race results. let's start with lindsey graham said yesterday, this is perhaps the biggest upset in the history of the u.s. senate. >> this is by far, a big and epic upset. scott brown, when he ahead to washington, he will be the lone republican in the massachusetts delegation. the question now is when is he going to washington, will he drive his truck to washington? those questions have yet to be answered. how he won, he tapped into the
8:04 am
independent voting bloc in massachusetts, something that makes this win even more incredible is that just 12% of registered voters here are republican. he cut deeply into the independent vote. thanked independent voters last night. let's take a listen to scott brown. >> as i said before and you've heard it today and and you'll hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's kind of one of the lines that he ran with throughout his campaign, saying with all due respect, it's not the kennedy seat, it's not the democrats' seat, it's the people's seat. when you we want to his rally, people were holding up signs that said, people's seat. that's what he tapped into, was the populous movement here, gaining people that really wanted to see a change in washington and sending him there to get him there. he couldn't have done it with just the republicans. that makes this race more fascinating. martha coakley last night conceded, called scott brown,
8:05 am
thanked wished him well in his travels to washington. i had a chance to ask one of her aides, there is going to be a lot of finger pointing, was it the campaign's fault? was it the referendum on health care or the president's agenda? i was told that this is a time that democrats need to refocus, they need to get together and not play the blame game. so we'll see what actually turns out happening. certainly could have implications for 2010. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> it will have ramifications in 2010, even if it involves the way we govern from here on end, or whether we are governed. >> a look at what the results mean for the elections this november, gillette to caroline shively who is live in washington. hi. >> hi to you. as members of the senate are starting to wake up this morning, democrats are likely pulling the covers back over their heads while republicans may be dancing in the street. this one vote changes everything. from health care to campaigning to the strategy on the entire democratic agenda. winning the senate seat in massachusetts, republican scott brown takes away democrat
8:06 am
filibuster proof majority and becomes the 41st vote pledged to go against president obama's health care reform bill. democrats are reeling with the almost incomprehensible idea that martha coakley could have lost her double digit lead from a month ago. it also has some senators a little nervous this morning. republicans are looking for a repeat of massachusetts in their states. democrats may be rethinking their health care vote. there are seven seats held by democrats that are considered tossups in november. nevada, colorado, arkansas, illinois, pennsylvania, delaware and connecticut. there are four republican seats in the same situation, in missouri, kentucky, ohio and new hampshire. what's this mean for the bigger picture? john cornyn, the head of the national republican senate committee, he says democrats nationwide should be on notice. americans are ready to hold the party in power accountable for their irresponsible spending and out of touch agenda. here is robert menendez, chairman of the senatial committee and says, i would caution against taking a single unique election and taking out what it means for the mid terms
8:07 am
ten months away. but he also said he doesn't want to sugar coat what happened and said democrats will be sorting through the lessons in the days ahead. back to you. >> all right. we thank you very much for those live reports. if you're the president of the united states waking up this morning, you got to think, that's four in row. virginia, massachusetts, olympics, he was called in to help cinch the deal, lost all of them. >> not only did he lose all of them, he personally did, he showed up in virginia and new jersey and massachusetts. went on the clock on sunday and said don't blow this. here is what's at stake and guess what? they turned around, the voters did in those individual states and said, it's more important that you do things our way than your way. it depends where the president goes from here. listen to what is said about what the president should be learning and wahabbi davis picked up. he's a big clinton loyalist,
8:08 am
worked for bill clinton when he was in the white house. he said in the last 12 months, we allowed the party of bill clinton and we thought was barak obama to morph into the party of george mcgovern and howard dean. >> we left. >> and he says, bill clinton had problem, but he changed. let's see if this president will change. >> yeah. he said he should be thinking more like president clinton did and then he became a successful president by many people's accounts. instead, he says the american public got fed up with giving these sweetened deals to certain states. what happened to the other people in those other states? they should pay more in medicare for the people in nebraska? didn't make sense. he said that's what angered the people. >> this morning, scott brown went on television and said his victory didn't have anything to do with martha coakley per say, what she did, said that he was able to tap into an aggravation the people had about a one party rule in washington. he also says he will be a different kind of republican senator. listen to this.
8:09 am
>> i'm a different kind of republican. i've always just wanted to go down and solve the problem regardless of party and while they're in washington talking about what someone said in a book and what this happened, we have some very serious problems when it comes to overtaxation, overspending, and al-qaeda who are trying to kill us. so we need to get back to the basic and start solving problems that affect every person in this country. >> there is a headline this morning on grudge. when will he run for president? >> it is a headline in red letters because he does have a situation where he does look as though he's totally in control, he's captivated the momentum, like somebody else, like senator barak obama. he seemed to have a lot of potential. >> coming up, we'll get instant analysis from maine's senator, one of them, susan collin, a republican. and pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, a democrat. we do begin with a fox news alert. police announced they have arrested the gunman suspected of murdering eight people in virginia. molly henneberg is live in
8:10 am
virginia with the latest. molly? >> reporter: hi. the manhunt here in virginia, which is four hours southwest of washington, d.c., is over. 39-year-old christopher spite is in police custody as of 7:10 this morning. police say he is their only suspect in the murder of eight people yesterday. they also say he shot at and damaged a virginia state police helicopter. hundreds of law enforcement agents have been looking for him since midday yesterday. he turned himself in this morning. police say he approached law enforcement agents there in the perimeter of the crime scene and gave himself up without incident. now the focus turns to some of the bodies. not all of them have been identified yesterday from the crime scene. they will continue to work on that. police say spite was acquainted with his victims. and here is more from the press conference that just happened last hour when police told us they had got their guy. take a listen. >> we know that spite was acquainted with the eight
8:11 am
victims. as to what the relationship is, we're not going into that, as the sheriff just said. the next step is confirm the identities of the victims and obviously notifying next of kin and continue with the investigation from here. because now they're trying to figure out the motive, why did it tragedy happen? also, schools here, they were closed because of the manhunt. they remain closed because that decision was made earlier in the morning. school kids here are home today. gretchen, back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. we told you about soldiers using weapons, the rifle sights inscribed with biblical references. today we'll tell you what the pentagon is doing about it. >> lawmakers want to know how one man almost blew up a plane on christmas day. that's the guy. senator susan collins will be asking the questions, along with others. but first, she joins us live.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
15 minutes after the top of the hour. senate hearings begin today looking into the foiled christmas day bomb attempt. they'll focus how to further improve the nation's security. maine senator susan collins is the ranking republican on that committee and she joins us live from washington. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> after the almost terrorist attack, if we can call it that, on christmas day, the president came out and responded and then you came out with your own statement saying that you could not believe that this alleged terrorist, even had a visa to get on an airplane. it was a scathing response. now today you want more answers. >> i do. one of the key questions that i have is why the state department did not immediately revoke the terrorist's visa once it had
8:16 am
information from his father that he had william radicalized and was in yemen, which is the breeding ground for terrorists. i also find it disturbing that this many years after the shoe bomber, a terrorist was in that -- had that same explosive and smuggle it onto the airplane without being detected. >> the other concern was the terror watch list and you're wondering, one, how there are so many people on it, but then, there seems to be different kinds of lists as well. do you think you're actually going to get to the bottom of that today in these hearings? >> this is the first in a series of hearings that senator joe lieberman and i are holding. i don't expect that we'll get answers to all of our questions today, but we're going to make a good start and identifying the standards for putting someone on a watch list and finding out what is done once we have
8:17 am
derogatory information is absolutely critical to our ability to help prevent this kind of attack from happening again. >> terror was on the minds of some of the voters who went out in massachusetts yesterday and the republican, scott brown, was elected. many say that it had a lot to do with health care reform. some say also terror factored into that. how do you see what happened last night in massachusetts? >> there are many messages from last night's astonishing victory. i think the most important one is the people of massachusetts and indeed the people of this nation, are telling us that they want better performance out of washington, they want us focusing on the troubled economy and the need maurice smith jobs and that they're tired of sweetheart deals that were sneaked into the health care bill. they want that kind of bill to be negotiated in the open and
8:18 am
they're tired of politics as usual. they also want control. they don't want unfettered, one-party control. >> let's take a listen to what congressman anthony wiener to say about this. he is from new york and he is a liberal democrat who wanted the public option as part of health care reform. >> and now i read a headline we're going to go back to wore shipping at the altar of olympia snow. that worked out great. let's do that for another month. who is next? lieberman? honestly, this is getting ridiculous. >> i'm asking who is next, senator susan collins from maine, has the president called you to try and get you back on his side? >> he has not. i have made very clear that i cannot support a bill that imposes billions of dollars of new taxes, slashes medicare by
8:19 am
$500 billion, and would actually cause insurance rates to go up for many people who have insurance. now, i do think health care reform is needed, but it has to be -- we really should start from scratch and do it completely bipartisan bill. >> yes or no, senator, health care reform in its current state, dead or alive? >> i hope it's dead. >> okay. thank you very much, senator susan collins from maine joining us today on the show. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the other side of the aisle. democratic governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell, back from haiti. he'll be up next. conan not backing away from trashing nbc. wait until you hear what he said last night.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
can democrats on capitol hill get in lock step to save health care reform after last night's big election in massachusetts? senator scott brown. he talked about that this morning. >> do you feel you have an obligation to wait until you're in the senate to take up the issue again? >> i'm obviously -- that's up to the leadership in the senate. i think if they use some political hi cannery and do it without having to go back and forth with proper votes, i think come in the midterm election, people will be very concerned and they'll remember. >> that was scott brown a short time ago. ed rendell joins us right now and what it means. welcome. i want to get your impression on where you think the administration should go from here because you're politically savvy. where do you think the president should go from here and what
8:24 am
should he learn from what happened in massachusetts last night? >> i think one of the things that's clear to me is that the administration and its supporters haven't done a good enough job explaining to the american people what's in this bill. we haven't broke it down into simple bites to show them the changes that are going to be made and the system that they agree is totally broken. so i think we've got to go back to the drawing board and communicate the message much more clearly. number two, i would like to see, rather than jamming the senate bill through the house, i think that causes a lot of confusion, i'd like to see us go back, put a compromise together and then if we don't have the 60 votes in the senate, don't just cave. the 60 votes means you can't close off a filibuster. make the other side filibuster. make the other side take to the floor of the senate, explain why they're trying to block the bill with this type of political thing and go in front of the american people and tell them what their alternatives are. i haven't heard one good
8:25 am
alternative offered by any republican, except let's start at the beginning, let's start all over. start all over to do what? i think it's time to call their bluff, let them filibuster, let them take to the floor and speak endlessly about why this is bad for the american people and what the alternative is. i think it's time we call their bluff. >> it sounds like you're trying to create a situation that's polarizing. democrats calling the bluff of republicans and stuff like that. scott brown said this morning himself that he had tapped into an aggravation over partisan gridlock in washington, d.c you listen to the people who came out of the polling places yesterday, governor and they said, you know, we thought that whole louisiana purchase thing, the cornhusker kickback, the fact that unions got a pass on paying cadillac tax, that's awful. we want to see that kind of stuff end. >> i agree. but the republicans have not responded to any of the overtures the president made, on
8:26 am
tort reform, multi state insurance companies going in and being allowed to sell, none of those things have there been a positive response. it's been -- you heard the senator from south carolina say, let's use this to bring the president down. it goes both ways. >> that's true. the one thing, governor, and i don't want to go through that again -- they wrote one up. but real quick, do you feel they should wait for senator brown to get seated, like senator webb suggested, before they vote? >> i do. the will of the people of massachusetts was pretty clear last night and i think we're obligated to do that. but i also think we shouldn't be afraid of a real discussion of the issues. and look, this 60 vote rule in the senate has to end. i would say that whether the republicans had 60 votes or the democrats had 60 votes, it's not democracy. the framers of the constitution never meant for it to be there. and it's time that one side or the other calls the other side's bluff and says, okay, you don't like the bill, stand up and
8:27 am
filibuster. we don't have the votes to cut off debate, but you're going to have to fill buster and you're going to have to fill that time telling the american people what are your ideas, not just what's wrong with the bill. >> let's move from politics to what you were doing over the last 48 hours. you flew down to haiti because you received a plea from a couple of sisters who have an orphanage down there, from the pittsburgh area. you wound up air lifting out of eighty 58 orphans. how did you get down there and how tough was it to get them out, because we've heard real horror stories. >> interestingly, the two pittsburgh sisters reached out to the university of pittsburgh medical center and said help us get these kids out. the orphanage was partially destroyed. the kids were living outside, only the will of these two incredible sisters kept them together. so pittsburgh medical center reached out to me. we talked to the haitian
8:28 am
ambassador and got homeland security involved, the state department. we flew from pittsburgh monday morning at 11:00 o'clock. we landed in port-au-prince around 6:00 o'clock. for the next 6 1/2 hours, it was an up and down roller coaster ride trying to get all -- it was 54 kids, all 54 kids out. at first the haitian government wouldn't let all the kids out and only were willing to let some out. and finally at about 11:00 o'clock we got word that all the kids could go. our plane had been kicked out of the airport because they have to keep opening up runway space. so we didn't have a plane. but a major by the name of miller, the army is doing a great job, he found us a c-17 that had come from charleston. he said they'll drop you in orlando. these are big enough to put five tanks in. you should have seen 54 kids, half under three years old, strapped into a c-17, none of them had been on a plane before. but these kids were upbeat and happy. it was a great story. by the way, the government, dhs,
8:29 am
state department, military, did a great job and the military is doing a fabulous job running that airport, no matter what you hear, no matter what complaints you get. all the u.s. could be doing what we're doing. >> governor rendell, you're one of the few governors that makes things happen in person. thanks so much for joining us and sharing that story and hopefully these kids have a much better life now. >> thanks. >> do you want to find out how to adopt perhaps one of those children from haiti? the branch director for the largest adoption agency will tell you how you can help change a child's life. we'll be right back. >> i'll tell you what's coming up. minority leader republican senator mitch mcconnell agreed to join us. he'll talk about a big night for his party which has not a reason to smile in quite some time. >> we told you about soldiers using weapons, weapon sights inscribed with biblical references. today we'll tell you what the
8:30 am
pentagon is doing about it. their reaction. >> now we can look down.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
a fox news alert now. here is where we start. haiti, rocked by another powerful earthquake and it happened this morning. we're looking at video of the airport. the moment the quake happened, preliminary reports put it at about a 6.0 magnitude. less than the initial earthquake, it's considered an after shock. joining us now live from port-au-prince is jonathan
8:34 am
hunt. on top of a building when it happened. a scary situation this morning. >> reporter: yeah. brian. it absolutely terrifying situation. it was about 6:24 local time. we were preparing to do a live shot for fox when this whole building that i'm standing on began to shake, sway, what felt like a very, very long way for a very long time. our entire crew, including our security consultants here, rushed for cover for the retaining wall that we've been told to get under as our best chance of protection here. but imagine, if it was terrifying for us here on what is probably one of the more stable buildings left standing in port-au-prince, imagine what it was like for these poor, tens of thousands of people behind me on the streets of port-au-prince. so many of the buildings already reduced to rubble, so many still just about, it appear, on the verge of collapse. no doubt many of them did, indeed, just crumble again this morning in the wake of this 6.0
8:35 am
earthquake. remember, the usgs not calling this an after shock. calling it another earthquake. it certainly felt like that to us. this is going to complicate so much the operations for all the search and rescue teams who have been doing such heroic work out there. now there will be new piles of rubble. now there will be new victims, there will be new dead, there will be more injured victims, people stuck under new piles of rubble that they have to get to. this is the last thing haiti needed, the last thing these people who have dealt with all of this with so much dignity deserve, but that is exactly what happened today. another earthquake, a fairly powerful one, a terrifying experience, brian. >> jonathan, you have to wonder, too, how much damage is out there. is there a chance that most of the major damage happened the first time around? >> reporter: well, certainly most of the major damage was done by that initial 7.0 earthquake last tuesday. but 6.0 is a strong quake and
8:36 am
given the state, of many of these building, i've seen them, they are so precarious. there can be no doubt that this will have brought down whole new buildings, whole new piles of rubble, brian. it really is going -- this is disaster upon disaster for these terribly hard hit people. it obviously complicates everything. it complicates the amazing efforts of the u.s. military who have been getting the food and aid and medical supplies out to these people and, of course, it complicates the search and rescue and gives everybody more and more and harder and harder work to do, brian. >> jonathan hunt from haiti, thanks. >> other breaking news, president obama's choice to lead the transportation security administration has dropped out. errol southers saying his nomination has become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. the white house says it accepted his decision with great sadness. >> meanwhile, an update on a story we told you about yesterday.
8:37 am
the pentagon says using combat rifle sights with biblical references on them, that's not against u.s. military rules. they are being used by troops in iraq and afghanistan. officials say they are aware of the concerns raised and will meet with the manufacturer of michigan to talk about future purchases. the army will look into whether or not the company violated federal rules by inscribing the references on the rifles to start with. conan o'brien and nbc still hammering out the details of his exit from the "tonight show." reports are right now that conan is fighting to get a severance package for his staff. many want to cross the country, 3,000 miles with conan to take the show out west. he'll have plenty to do if he's off the air. for example. >> here are my plans so far for next week. check it out. pretty cool. introduce myself to my children. connect all my freckles with a sharpie.
8:38 am
play beatles rock band until i reach level yoko. legally change my name to no show jones. try to make good on my plan to backpack through india with the situation. return the bomber. have my "tonight show" forever tattoo changed to oh, show over? make a move to fox. meghan fox. >> you never know. he could be on fox, not meghan fox. his own contract buyout expected to be 30 and -- million -- $40 million. you never know. and those are your headlines. >> the big story this morning is the fact that scott brown, a republican, won in the commonwealth of massachusetts last night. the final tally was 52-47. gretchen and brian, during the primary in december, only 20% of the people in massachusetts came
8:39 am
out to vote. in the primary. yesterday, over half. >> 2 million people. more than 2 million people, which is a testament to, i guess, a lot of things. reinvigoration if that's a word of the voter getting out. anger. what does this mean for other democrats now in other really liberal states? massachusetts is maybe the most liberal state in the united states and now the republican for the first time since 1972 has won the senate seat. here is brown reacting to that win last night. >> every day i hold this office i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. [ cheers and applause ] and most of all, most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party, and as i said before, and you've heard it today and you'll hear it loud
8:40 am
and clear, this is the people's seat! one thing is very, very clear as i traveled throughout the state, people do not want the trillion dollar health care plan that is being forced... that is being forced on the american people. no more hiding cost, concealing taxes, collaborating with the special interests, and leaving more trillions in debt for our children to pay. >> so there he is, the senator-elect from the commonwealth of massachusetts. if i were a democrat in congress, you know what i would do today? i'd buy a truck. >> if it's over 100,000 miles. 37 seats are up at the mid terms. 19 held by democrats and i think both sides, everything is in play. in ten minutes, mitch mcconnell, minority leader in the senate, will be joining us
8:41 am
talking about the big win for republicans last night. >> he looked good behind the wheel of a ford f-150, making an american purchase. >> also coming up next, the president's first year in office, we have exclusive pictures like this one, from the official white house photographer.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
today marks exactly one year in office for president obama and the official white house photographer is releasing never before seen pictures taken over the last 365 days. >> joining us now is that photographer. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> can't imagine having this job that you have had, at least over the last year, taking all of these photos and i understand you're going to release a couple exclusive ones. let's show the first one that is exclusive. i believe this is the president with his daughter. oh, no. it's the president in the oval office. describe this photo.
8:45 am
this is very recent. >> this was just after the public announcement in the rose garden. they came back into the oval office and i think president bush was giving president clinton a hard time about what he had said, that he was going to get president bush to do some things that he hadn't yet told him. and president bush was asking him, what did you have in mind? >> that was over the weekend, that was on saturday in the morning. so they're having fun and working together for a while. the next picture, let's take a look at it. this is the president of the united states with his daughter at the jefferson memorial. >> at the jefferson memorial. the family had gone there on a sunday night and he and sasha were just reading one of the speeches that's etched on the walls of the jefferson memorial. >> that's cool. pete, i know you worked as a photographer during the reagan administration and now you're back as chief photographer for barak obama. as we take a look at some of the other photographs you've taken over the last year, what is the
8:46 am
secret to being a good white house photographer? is it the ability to essentially become a fly on the wall or invisible? >> yeah. i mean, i tried not to interfere with what's going on. i try to move around unobject trucesively as best i can. i'm sort of documenting everything that he does. and a -- i just wanted to mention that a lot of these photos and some more are going to be on the white starting at 9:00 o'clock. it's a year end review. avenue got 80 total pictures up. >> all right. that's very interesting. also it must mean you have a pretty adjustable schedule because you've got to be there morning, noon, night, and a whole bunch of different countries, too, right? >> yeah. it's been a busy year. you sort of look back, i'm surprised how many places we've been and the different places
8:47 am
we've gone. >> hey, pete, i just took two photography courses in college. i never caught on. what are you looking for, being every moment is historic in that famous house, what are you looking for that's going to separate it? >> you know, i'm in situations that not other photographers are in, so i'm trying to make an interesting picture. i'm trying to frame things in an interesting way. i'm looking for light, moment, just the sort of things that makes a good photograph. >> all right. and the chief photographer said, you can see a lot of the photographs coming up 12 minutes from now, >> pete, always a pleasure. thank you for joining us live from the north lawn. >> thanks for having me on. >> senator mitch mcconnell ready to welcome scott brown to washington. the republican leader is with us, next with his analysis. >> and let's get with bill hemmer for what's on the top of the hour. great job. >> thank you very much. it's great to be home. i tell you that. another strong quake in haiti
8:48 am
today. we'll talk about that. good morning to the three of you. we will have karl rove and what's happening inside the white house, this after the vote last night. also judd gregg and the debt ceiling, is it about to do an about face on spending? and we examine the terror hearings in washington, d.c what we can fix today. 12 minutes away. see you on america's news room at the top of the hour.
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8:51 am
a fox news alert on this wednesday morning. new video coming from haiti where this is fighting in the streets. police are out in force confronting looters. people running into buildings trying to grab whatever they can. the other news is there is a huge -- there was a 6.1 earthquake just about 7:00 o'clock this morning.
8:52 am
more breaking news, president obama's choice to lead the transportation security administration has dropped out. he says his nomination has become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. the white house says it has accepted his decision with great sadness. scott brown's stunning victory. >> no more hiding costs, concealing taxes, collaborating with the special interests, and leaving more trillions in debt for our children to pay. >> getting ready to welcome him to capitol hill is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> if the notes going out are correct, i believe you actually spoke to scott brown last night, at least you placed a phone call. right? >> yeah. i talked to scott last night. he's anxious to get down here, said he's coming down in his truck and, of course, the message delivered last night is very, very clear in scott brown made this point last night.
8:53 am
we had a referendum in massachusetts yesterday, the most liberal state in america on the health care bill that the majority and the president are trying to scram through down here in spite of the wishes of the american people who are saying, please don't pass this bill. i hope they get the message. the best thing we can do is to stop this bill and to start over on a truly bipartisan basis and get it right. >> yeah. senator, i hope you give him a really good parking place right near the capitol for that truck of his. >> he can park anywhere he'd like. >> i bet. the ed rendell, the governor of pennsylvania, on a half hour ago, and he said going forward what the democrats need to do is call the republicans' bluff. they're going to say they're going to filibuster, let's filibuster so that the people of the united states can see the republicans' obstructionism. do you think that's a recipe for a victory? >> that's exactly what we did in december. we tried hard to stop this bill. the american people are begging us to stop this bill.
8:54 am
i'm surprised that any democrat thinks it's a good strategy for us to be complicity in passing a bill that the american people overwhelmingly oppose and we just had a referendum on it in the most liberal state in america yesterday. >> senator, what a lot of people are saying is that this had to send shock waves or at least a game change plan to the white house. they've got to change the way they're approaching things, cap and trade, immigration, additional trouble. do you look for the white house to maybe do something as abrupt as reach out to you and say, come over, let's try to turn this thing around, get along better? >> there is no question that the new administration, new congress has been governing on the far left. you would think they want to turn us into a western european country with energy taxes and the government taking over all of the american health care and running banks and insurance companies and car companies and taking over the student loan program. i mean, american people said, we don't want to do this and sent a message loud and clear
8:55 am
yesterday. the president would be wise, i think, to choose a new direction. the place he's been trying to take us, the american people don't want to go. >> interestingly enough, another democrat, senator jim webb from virginia, released a startling statement this morning with regard to what happened in massachusetts last night. he says this, in many ways, the campaign in massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform, but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. i believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care until senator-elect brown is seated. how powerful is this statement from a democratic senator, basically speaking to barak obama? >> it's critical. what it means is that there will be no health care votes in the senate until brown is sworn in because they have no margin for error and here is one democratic senator from the state of virginia who said, i'm not going to participate in any more health care votes until senator scott brown is sworn in, jim webb is exactly right.
8:56 am
i think that means there will be no more health care votes in the senate prior to the swearing in of scott brown, whenever that may be. that's up to the massachusetts elected officials and i'm sure they notice that the election was not close. in the past in massachusetts, they've sworn in a newly elected congressman the next day. my guess is that officials in massachusetts know full well what the people of massachusetts said yesterday and will not delay the process. >> all right. mitch mcconnell, we thank you for joining us today from the russell rotunda. have a great day. >> thank you. >> we'll be back in two minutes with a little more "fox & friends."
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8:59 am
earlier we told you that we were going to have a segment on about how you can help to adopt from haiti. but because of all the breaking news, we will bring that story to you tomorrow. >> we also have the star of the tooth fairy, a big character named duane the rock johnson live op our couch. is there really a tooth fairy and the story coming your way, tomorrow. >> see you then. so long, everybo


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