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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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>> sean: this is absolutely the most potentially circumstantial and important election of decades. >> the president last come here because he knows that i'm gonna win tomorrow. >> this race is about more than just the health care bill. it is about the lack of civility in washington. >> very people who put together the winning coalition for barack obama are fleeing in droves. >> if brown wins tomorrow, the bill as we see it is dead that would be catastrophic for the democrats. >> a lot of these measures are gonna rest on one vote in the united states senate. >> what is the next move if you only have 59 senators? >> health care mind be dead. >> sean: voters are choosing who will fill the seat left vacant by the late ted kennedy. >> it's the pooh people's seat. >> -- >> things will wrap up at 8:00 tonight. the polls in massachusetts are closed and the republicans
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returns are pouring in. scott brown the republican will win the massachusetts special election. >> i just off the phone with scott brown. i've offered him my congratulations. >> this does change everything. >> this in many ways a national referendum. >> an election that will shock the political world and have reverberations all around washington. >> time to end business as usual. >> what happened here in mass mats can happen all over america! -- here in massachusetts, can happen all over america! >> sean: we are one day removed from the shot heard round the world the stunning come from behind victory by republican scott brown in the massachusetts special election. the sweeping victory by the gop in the bluest of blue states no doubt has democrats across the country extremely worried about their chances for reelection. on behalf of the rest of the nation massachusetts voters
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put an abrupt end to the democrats' super majority in the senate now the health care reform bill is in serious jeopardy. earlier today a defeated president began to back frank on his party threats of shoving health care reform down your throat. >> i just want to make sure this is off the table. the senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. the people of massachusetts spoke. >> sean: i doubt this is how the president envisioned celebrating his one year anniversary since his inauguration. americans are sending a clear message to the president and his allies in congress, demanding less spending more transparency and new generation for our nation. joining me is arizona senator john mccain. good to see you, thanks for
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being with us. >> it is great to be with you. it is great. >> sean: explain your reaction to last night's big victory for scott brown. >> a seismic event. obviously, campaigns and candidates matter. this was a national election the proportions of likes which i have never seen. i'm proud of him. i'm proud of his message. the way he campaigned. the fact is, that this is a shot heard round the country if not around the world for massachusetts and what we have done is send a message that we're for change but not the kind of change that we have seen in the last year. >> sean: is this a repudiation of the president? if so, specifically a repudiation of what policies, in your view? >> well, prime mayoral i think it's a -- primarily, i think it is a repudiation of the product and process. sean i've been having town hall meetings all over arizona,
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people are angry. not only because it is a 2 1/2 trillion dollar mortgage of our children's future but also the most sleazy chicago-style sausage makinghath w we've ever seen. this latest obscured a little by the tragedy in haiti, special deal for unions! a political favor to your political base! when other americans are subjected to a different taxation? i mean it goes on and on. the cornhusker kickback, louisiana purchase. the people are really angry about that they think this is not change you can believe in. this is a worst change to the backrooms of the capital went from the backrooms of the white house. and they don't like it. >> sean: two democrats i thought had interesting comments. one was jim webb he said in many ways the campaign became
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a referendum on not only health care but the openness and integrity of our government in process. evan bayh said there's going to be a tendancy on the part of our people to be in denial about this. he said if you lose massachusetts and that's not a wake-up call there's no hope of waking up. what does that say about the state of the democratic party? no one was speaking out again the lack of transparency or broken promises or the reckless spending or the bribery that has been going on. is this now the wakeup call? >> it clearly is a wake-up call. i'm hearing that from my democratic colleagues. the setting for this was the out of control spending. the stimulus package, the thousands of earmarks, pork barrel spending, incredible process where we have run up debts and deficits that have commit add act of generational theft. that was the backdrop for the
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anger and the backlash over the health care reform effort. >> sean: senator, it has been one year since the inauguration of barack obama. you ran against him, you lost the race. how do you assess the one year that he has been the president of the united states? >> well sean, since i'm not an objective observer i'll have to leave that up to the american people. i believe that when you look around the worm, that there is greater danger than there was when the president took office. whether it be relations with china or the iranian continued path toward nuclear weapons, stalemate on the israeli-palestinian peace process to the north koreans to continue to act in a belligerent fashion. dough tickally the president promised we would have an open and -- domestically the president promised an open and transparent -- transparent government, he said the people would know who is on their
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side the process has been the opposite. as you said, it is bribery. let's call it what it is. the american people don't like that and they want people to keep their campaign promises as well. >> sean: in the aftermath of yesterday's election, interestingly, nancy pelosi, harry reid, david axelrod and the president himself say full steam ahead this is not going to stop obama care, you agree, disagree and what are the political consequences if they go forward? >> my greatest fair was -- fear was never they wouldn't seat scott brown that would be too blatant. my fear is they would try to ram it through the house. i don't know what the mood is. they could ram it through the house, the senate-passed bill and would never have to go back to the senate. that's what i still worry about. if they do that i think they will provoke another huge backlash. i don't have any control over it. that's not the way we should decide on 1/6 of our gross
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national product. >> sean: next sarah palin is going to join us. she will be with you campaigning for you, in your state, in march, correct? >> yes and i'm so proud that she is coming. it will be a little nostalgia. she has done a fantastic job. i continue to be amazed at the hysteria of the attacks on her by the liberal left. it shows she must remain a huge threat to them. >> sean: good to see you, thank you for being with us. much more to come in tonight's edition of hannity and here is a sneak peek. >> thank you so much. >> sean: sarah palin weighs in on the bombshell election in massachusetts. >> we've been talking the last six months about the need to get 60 senators now we are down to 59. >> sean: does scott brown
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spell the end of health care. another white house nominee bites the dust. >> what do you think about the first amendment? >> i think it is highly overrated. >> sean: rahm emanuel offers interesting constitutional analysis. bay staters reveal while they pull the lever for scott brown. brown. and our great american panel. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] it is, the most advanced automobile we have ever created. a car that can help awaken its driver if he begins to doze. keep him in his lane if he starts to wander. even stop itself... if he becomes distracted. if you want to see the future of the automobile, look at where the e-class this is the 9th generatn e-class. mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom we'll help you incorporate your business,
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>> sean: scott victory the only bad news for the white house today. nominee to lead the transportation security administration errol southers withdrew from consideration. republicans say during his testimony he misled congress about an incident in which he inappropriately accessed a confidential federal database looking for dirt on his ex-wife's boyfriend many ouch! let's hope the next nominee
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>> sean: last night republican
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brown defied the odds defeating coakley in massachusetts. the win has put democrats on their heels and their health care reform bill in serious jeopardy. joining me on the phone with reaction sarah palin. governor, the people's republic of massachusetts, who would have thought? >> this is good. i think there are a lot of people who woke up across the country feeling empowered and thankful for massachusetts sending this message. >> sean: is this a bellwether of the 2010 elects first virginia, new jersey, now massachusetts, what does it mean? >> you bet. the momentum is on the side of the beam. we are going to work hard if get values and policies back in place to get our country back to work. that's what scott brown's campaign represented. >> sean: one year ago barack obama was inaugurated. what does that one year mean to you?
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what do you think about his presidency? how do you grade his presidency? >> i'm not impressed. i along with so many other americans are looking at what the white house is doing to us instead of for us and we're disenchanted. i think there were so many people with high hopes for a positive change that was going to be ushered in. there's a lot of disappointment. what we have to be aware of is the tactics believe will happen next on the heels of scott brown's election and the shake-up in new jersey and elsewhere on the east coast. i think next what we're again that see obama have to shift toward is more lip service [ inaudible ] in terms of he and the white house claiming they understand people's us from straying. the problem is, americans at this point, i believe are frustrated with the white house. with obama's administration
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and i want to make people to be aware of the lip from d.c. saying we understand the -- the lip service from d.c. saying we understand -- >> sean: what do you make of -- the president today said well no this is about, you know george bush and the last eight years as much as it is about me. same comments, similar comments by robert gibbs, similar comments by steny hoyer. does that show they are a little out of touch and maybe misinterpreting what happened last night? >> they are very much out of touch is what i mean when i want americans to be aware they have to hang on to their hats as they observe the left to ram through some piece of their agenda it is sort of panic mode. these folks are not stupid. they see they messed up by an americans wouldn't rise up their agent and their friends in the media's agenda.
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they are smart enough to know they may not have much time left to ram some things through. we are going to get lip service from d.c. saying they understand people's frustration. but, what they don't understand is people are frustrated with growing government with that instrusion expansion of government into their lives that's what the obama administration represents. >> sean: on your blog you made the statement a lot of people voted for brown and his campaign because they viewed his candidacy as a vote against the democrats' health care bill that said we've had president come out today, nancy pelosi, harry reid, david axelrod all saying it is full steam ahead, they are going to go forward with this. >> that's sad illustration of the disconnect. americans are looking at this as they did last night in massachusetts and cast their votes accordingly, they are looking at this health care scheme as being not bipartisan
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full of backroom deals that will [ inaudible ] looking at this as something that is going to hurt medicare and will wreck job opportunities and will rack up immoral and unsustainable national debt we are going to hand to our children. people are saying this is why we are saying no to what the white house wants to ram down our throats today. so that disconnect is glaring, perplexing that even the comments today, via reid, pelosi, obama, they still don't get it. >> sean: especially the lead up to this, the payoff to unions if you supported barack obama and helped him get elected, you don't pay taxes. the louisiana purchase, cornhusker kickback. all of these things leading to the only way they can get this bill passed. now they are saying they are still going forward, is the term arrogant, out of touch, tone deaf, all of the above? >> it is all the above.
12:18 am
votes in massachusetts yesterday was against that arrogance. when we talk about payoffs, backroom deals to get the health care vote purchased it is frustrating especially with the unions, i'm probably more of a pro union member gopper than many because i happen to like the blue collar men and women building this country and some happen to be members of a union. it's their leadership that i think many union member should be embarrassed by. that leadership that went in the backroom and truck that deal they would be exempt from paying taxes when the rest of us will be paying taxes ultimately subsidizing their health care is another one of those provisions, one of those problems in the health care bill people are saying enough is enough. we will have that voice heard via votes. >> sean: governor moving forward i did notice on your blog you are campaigning for
12:19 am
governor perry. we had senator mccain on, i know you will be in arizona campaigning for him. and you are supporting congresswoman book man and you are going to do a campaign for her if had you to look into governor palin's crystal ball for 2010 do you see this continuing do you see the republicans taking over congress, do they have a shot at the senate? >> i have a lot of optimism for some takeover of common sense conservatives being elected and being reelected to make sure we have a sound agenda and sound policies to get our country back on the right track. i see the momentum is on the common sense the conservatives' side and that should provide a lot of optimism for all of the country. >> sean: governor, thanks. stay warm in wasilla. we appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> sean: even after 365 days in office. the anointed one is still
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blaming president bush for his troubles, including his party's defeat in massachusetts. we we come back, all here with reaction as we continue this busy news night
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>> sean: scott brown's win has many wondering whether this spells death for a government health care take over. you won't believe who president obama is blaming for the stunning rebuke. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and frustrated. not just because of what has happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> sean: massachusetts voters were angry at george w. bush so they flooded the polls to
12:24 am
vote for republican scott brown. could the president be trying to spin this election any harder? joining me with reaction sandra smith and the daily news columnist, se kupp. help me with the logic. >> this made people in middle america want to take their fingers, stick them in their eyes and swirl it around. this is the kind of things that drive -- >> sean: can you be more scriptive. >> president is saying that people were so angry at a republican's policy they elected another republican. >> sean: steny hoyer said it and robert gibbs said it. >> now you have rahm emanuel the chief of staff saying it was a bad candidate, don't blame us. >> sean: the candidate her team are blaming them. you got a circular firing
12:25 am
squad. >> makes you want to stick your finger your eye and swirl it around this is going to catch on. >> sean: that's a pretty good line. the interesting thing is they don't at least now seem to get the message. pelosi, reid, obama and axelrod are saying health care continues. >> they are banging that same drum. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. >> sean: like putting your finger in the eye. >> and expecting it not to hurt. i know there are democrats like pelosi who are going to keep moving forward and forget any of this happened to their own detriment. >> sean: i'm happy. if they want to put their head in the sand and ignore what happened yesterday, so be it. we got virginia, new jersey, massachusetts. >> one guy who i think it right senator lieberman, in from connecticut said this is an expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo in washington.
12:26 am
gets it the white house doesn't. he's saying this is lack of focus on the economy and jobs in america that's where the voters are going. >> sean: we've not seen up to this point a break in the democratic ranks. jim webb's comments, senator mccain, evan bayh's comments there's going to be a tendancy for our people to be in denial about this. if you lose massachusetts and that's not a wake-up call there is no hope of waking up. where was evan bayh? where was ben nelson? where was joe lieberman? where is blanche lincoln? do we see a change? >> i think democrats are spooked. they understand doing the same thing over and over again ramming something through their constituents don't want -- >> sean: are they really going to now say, sorry i'm out of this? >> if they want to get reelected they have to. >> no, they definitely are not going to. you have people talking about
12:27 am
plan c, how they are going to chain it. democrats today doing their wednesday morning quarterbacking saying maybe we haven't pushed health care enough that's why the voters didn't -- >> sean: you done see a democratic senator saying i'm out of here? blanche lincoln up for reelection she is not going to bail on in? >> if in do it is going to take a lot of muscle. they don't have the momentum to make those changes right now. >> politics is about survival. you are going to see one or of two stepping back for their own political survival. i don't know if it is going to make a difference. i would give them the same advice as conservatives after 2008. go to the wood shed do some self-reflection -- >> sean: you are sounding religious now. >> whoa! >> sean: it is an inside joke. this is a moment for the republicans. scott brown ran on lower taxes,
12:28 am
strong national defense as the 41st vote to stop obama-care. cristy ran conservatively, mcdonnell ran conservatively is the republican party going to get the message as he's saying that conservatism works for the republican party? >> president obama has been in office for a year he campaigned on things people wanted they voted for him he hasn't gotten anything down in the past year if a conservative voice steps in and buts out what the people want and they campaign on change, absolutely. >> sean: they are opposing cap and taxes and stimulus and the president's health care agenda. i also think their message for alternatives has not been her. my question is, do they really get the message from 2006, 2008? >> yes, i think they did. i think they did at the end of the day. >> i think they did too. you have this backlash after the 2008 saying we have to look again at the kinds of
12:29 am
conservatives we are putting up there. scott brown is living proof you can be a hard-line conservative and still get elected in massachusetts! >> [ talking over each other ] >> sean: coulter said it seems like the country gets bored with conservatives they lose their way and put a liberal in and quickly they are reminded of what they didn't like liberals. >> i can't agree more. as long as the candidate campaigns on the fact they are listening to the american people. we had bart on the fox business network today he said harsh criticism for his own party we need to be more in tune with what people are saying. >> sean: silence of people like evan bayh and ling con and nelson -- lincoln, nelson and lieberman has been deafening. >> it has been cowardly. i think they are could you wars. now they have to go home and face their constituents. >> sean: maybe they are afraid
12:30 am
of the chicago way, -- >> as a massachusetts native i'm proud of my state i'm going to quote michelle obama and say for the first time in my life, i'm proud to be from massachusetts. well down scott brown. >> sean: well done people's republic. you won't believe what rahm emanuel had to say. >> massachusetts voters tell us what issues swayed their votes. you will hear from them in our special focus group, next.
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12:32 am
>> sean: you are not going to this video. it shows rahm emanuel speaking to a reporter about the value of first amendment. let's take a look. >> when you think about the first amendment? >> i think it is highly overrated. >> that explains why the administration has such a low opinion of the americans who went to town halls and tea parties this past year. frank luntz and his focus group, n n n n
12:33 am
12:34 am
>> sean: last night's win by scott brown has left democrats in the mainstream, obamamania media scratching their heads wondering how something like this could have happened in massachusetts of all places. frank luntz has the answers. last night he polled a group of massachusetts voters to talk about why they voted the way they did. let's take a look. >> reporter: sean, i don't know if the rest of america realizes just how significant what an earthquake this is, what has happened this evening. let's find out why did you do -- why did massachusetts decide to reject the kennedy legacy? this is a seat that has been in the hands of democrats for deck -- decades yet you voted no, what was it? >> because massachusetts is
12:35 am
starting a civilized american revolution i'm so proud we can be part of it. we're tired of them ignoring us. we need checks and balances. >> scott brown got it right. he's a jack kennedy democrat, not a ted kennedy democrat. >> but he's a republican. >> right but his politics are jack kennedy's. because they work. >> we have health care reform here in massachusetts, nobody got upset, i was bipartisan, we're not all liberals. but we have something we can be proud of here. the president went negative on the american peel. he tore down doctors, he tore down patients, he tore down insurance companies. we are cooperating to take care of each other. >> do you realize the message that was sent? >> all politics local. brown ran a good campaign and coakley ran a poor campaign. >> is what it is? >> this election is setting the stage nationally.
12:36 am
wake up, what is happening with ted kennedy's seat is, it is going to stop what is the craziness in washington. >> politics as usual, massachusetts woke up. >> more than half the voters in this state are registered independents this is the first time i can remember in my life that we truly my vote mattered and that showed a message to washington times are right for the change not the change we were promised during the last elect. >> do you agree? >> [ yes ] >> people in this state are with martha coakley. i think the message in is sending is about health care and s and the economics of this country. i think socially people agree with coke lip. >> is it a rejection of obama -- with coakley. >> it is a reject of obama's plan? >> i do. >> a very impatient electorate expected obama in 10 months to over do a years of the
12:37 am
case that was the bush administration. >> obama said stop blaming the past let's focus on the future. >> past includes that deficit and all of the problems that we have now. >> go ahead. >> just because it is change it is not necessarily right. i don't think the country was ready for a complete health care overhaul. >> obama went too far? >> yeah, at this time in the economic standing, yeah. >> the voters expressed how disappointed they were the promises made, open and bipartisan and was not done that way. people have said okay that's enough. we're gonna go and have not one party rule. >> to you it wasn't necessarily as much about the -- the way he behaved politically. >> execution, yes. >> message to washington we are sick and tired of the arrogance and them ignoring the will of the majority of american people. >> by a show of hands how many of you are sick and tired?
12:38 am
mad as hell? this is the home of liberalism in america. you voted for obama, what's the problem? >> i don't think everyone is upset with obama, i think it is the democratic congressional leaders pushing him in the direction and he doesn't understand that's not where this country wants to go. >> who bothers you more barack obama? nancy pelosi? who says barack obama? who says nancy pelosi? so this is a vote against nancy pelosi? patricia, did you vote for obama? >> yes. >> has he lived up to what you expected? >> somewhat. >> for myself as a person of color i feel like even though these our president, african-american, i still feel like there's a lot of struggles that we still have to overcome people of color as well as -- >> i'm sorry, you raised your hand in front of her. >> i don't understand this bit obama was black. if obama were a horrible
12:39 am
person black people would be saying he's not black, his mother was white. i don't understand that >> i'm disappointed in what we've done as a state. i hope we can take advantage of that and work in washington and nancy pelosi and obama could do something bipartisan and make something good happen. >> what do you want the rest of america to know about what happened tonight? >> i'm delighted that we elected scott brown tonight. i think it is a message to president obama that he's president of all of the united states not just the far left. >> i think this is a wonderful day for the state of massachusetts. much like we did years ago today we threw the tea in the harbor as far as we are concerned with washington. >> that's a great way to end if you want to participate one of these fox news focus groups, i will be across the country for the rest of 2010. go to the and you can participate. did you have a good experience?
12:40 am
jay! >> excited about democracy? >> yeah! >> who here is excited about tonight's results? [ applause ] >> when we come back the great, great, great american panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa.
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. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel he's an editor, fox news contributor tucker carlson. she is a journalist, judith miller. she is a former rower and host on fox sports, model, tv personality and her fiance is
12:44 am
an airport pilot. >> he just returned back. >> sean: congratulations. you to see him in afghanistan? >> i did. on tour for uso tour over the holidays. >> sean: he tells me a funny story. he goes into a room there's a poster of you from fhm magazine. >> right they get to pick the rooms every deployment. he went into the first one. >> sean: judith that's the one issue i agree with you on most of the time. tucker, yesterday's election, reaction? >> unbelievable. the end of something and the beginning of something else. not exactly clear. it is the end of the arrogant supercilious attitude we've been getting from the white house the past year that says we have grandiose plans and going to change your life in ways you don't understand
12:45 am
and you better like it. >> sean: you are saying it is the end of it? >> it has to be. >> sean: show me the example. they are out there today doubling down on -- >> it doesn't matter. the president got out tonight with george stephanopoulos and said i didn't talk enough about my plan. right. they can say whatever they want. the health care plan is not going through. they have to deal with reality whether they like to or not. >> they could do the ostrich thing, bury their heads, pretend this hasn't happened. >> i don't think obama is going to put his head in the sand. >> it say peculiar reaction. i understand the desire and need to spin but this gives the word spin new meaning. >> sean: he i don't know what worse the fact they are saying they are going to move forward or the obsession to blame george bush. >> it is blame bush for everything. first of all, congratulations to scott brown. i never thought in my lifetime
12:46 am
since i've been alive there's never not been a kennedy in the seat in the senate of massachusetts. i never thought i would see other than a kennedy and a democrat -- >> sean: i don't want to hear when you were born. >> the next year -- >> sean: you would think after virginia and after new jersey that they would learn something. you would think the lessons -- if you're that blinded politically there's something wrong. bill clinton give him credit, big government over, end of welfare as we know it. dick morris did polling, focused group, got him on the right track. i see obama as a rigid ideologue i see no evidence that he has moderated in any way. >> they don't take their opponents seriously. they don't believe their opponents have a valid point of view. that's why they disthem out of hand. you are either evil or stupid.
12:47 am
they don't take seriously your opposition when you don't do thank you are going to wind up a zealot and over reach. >> i disagree they have changed on national security. has gotten much tougher on terror, because he's had to. and you can see now, yet another body blow tonight. with the resignation. guy who was going to be the new tsa director. >> sean: when he wouldn't even acknowledge a war on terror. and these are man caused disasters. is it only the reality of a guy with a bomb in his crouch that caused him to wake up or does he understands the nature of the battle for freedom? i think it is only political perception he's creating. >> no, sean we wouldn't have 30,000 more troops in afghanistan. he gets it at some level. >> sean: he said he was gonna -- >> he has done a lot that he
12:48 am
didn't have to, keep a lot of the bush appointees. >> sean: i'll give him credit for -- >> his policy in many ways is not that different from george w. bush when it comes to national security and terrorism. sean saufpb no, i don't think he gets it. -- >> sean:, no i don't think he gets it. you spent a lot of time with these guys this impacts your life directly. >> absolutely. it is difficult having the job of the president of the united states. the president of the free world. i think with troops, he's their commander in chief they follow whatever he says. i think they are thankful for the 30,000 extra troops. i think putting -- coming home is a fuzzy area that gives a different -- yeah we are going to bring them home soon i think that gives two different thoughts on what he's doing so that's keen of weakness. >> sean: is this weakness for miranda rights. khalid sheikh mohammed and his
12:49 am
co-conspirators on trial three miles -- a sign of weakness apologizing for america. a sign of weakness only recently acknowledges a war on terror. there's a history building up to this. >> talking about the christmas day bomber. i think obama has been reactionary to a lot which he's forced to act and do those things instead of being -- >> sean: forced, a good point, i think she is right. >> to a certain extent the crouch bomber as he's now being called. he was pushed because his department of homeland security the person came out and said, no problem here. she changed her mind quickly. >> sean: she should had been fired for that idiotic comment. interestingly i don't know if they totally acknowledged what happened that day and they wanted to reassure everybody this is not related to terror. how do you let this guy lawyer-up tucker? instead of getting the intelligence out of him?
12:50 am
>> their default position is we have no right to do that we are just another nation in a family of nations. if we don't want belgium to do it, we can't did it ourselves. >> sean: kumbaya. more of our great, great american panel. i'm not gonna hit you. more, next. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. you know how that makes me feel? like dancing? ♪ oh, yeah. go national. go like a pro.
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. >> we've had one year to make up for eight. it hasn't been quick. it hasn't been easy. but we've begun to deliver on the change you voted for. >> so help you ? >> so help me god. >> guantanamo bay will be closed. >> i made a series of mistakes. >> our economic crisis could become a national fast phipp. >> if we do everything right
12:54 am
there's still a 30% chance we are going to get it wrong. >> look at this bill. this bill has to be done by tonight. >> this is not a stimulus bill, this is a spending bill what do you think a stimulus is? >> you have awakened a sleeping giant. >> we have always been and we i believe, continue to be a nation of could you wars. >> wait a minute, you want to leave -- nation of cowards. >> wait a minute, you want to leave, leave. >> the united states government will stand behind your -- >> take over the insurance companies, what else. >> there have been time where americans have shown arrogance, dissmissive, even derisive. we are going to pass care reform. >> tired of the way things are being run. >> the reforms i'm opposing would not apply to those here illegally. >> those allegedly responsible for attacks of september 11th, will be brought to new york.
12:55 am
>> if this is the change we can believe in america's best days are behind her. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and people. when the system fails it is my responsible. >> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we grade the president one year ago today. tucker, grade overall? >> a "d." it would be an "f" but i still think he's a charming guy. the essential fact of the obama administration is -- the central fact is after tens of billions, hundreds of billions spent trying to stipulate the economy the unemployment rate has gone up. >> sean: he said if we don't pass that stimulus bill it would be a fasty and unemployment would guy as high as 9% if we didn't. if we passed it, it wouldn't go above 8%. grade him? >> i think about a c my -- c minus. lots of presidents have had
12:56 am
bad first years this is a bad first year. i think given the mess he inherited he hasn't done badly. >> sean: i'm sick of hearing that go ahead. >> i'd say a "d" last time i gave him a "c" and you didn't like that >> sean: i give him an "f" he's been a colossal failure. if you have to bribe senators and unions and you tell the american people i'm going to put all the negotiations on c-span and you don't do it that is a failure you have broken trust. >> look at what what happened in massachusetts. not so much a democrat was voted out. people voted somebody in they wanted change they want work on unemployment. everybody is affected by health care and need to change health care for sure, ramming through what they want is probably not the right way and i think the people have spoken and said no. it is more about the people coming out.
12:57 am
>> sean: he's bankrupted us. he has robbed from our children and grandchildren. he's weakened our national security. the wrong message to our enemies. 17.3% include the under employed and those that gave up looking for jobs. >> i hate to pile-on, the surprise here and i know -- quickly the surprise for me is two-fold. one how cynical they've been i didn't expect they would be as cynical politically and two, how dumb they've been politically i thought the campaign was clever, i covered it. they made element mental political mistake after elemental political mistake day one. campaign perfect on message, few mistakes. from the bailout, first, it was stupid. >> sean: closing gitmo, first mistake. >> i was always told he's surrounded by political people. but if he's surrounded by political people why do they keep getting it wrong? i don't understand. the give away to the banks all
12:58 am
of these issues that are natural for a democrat to seize he's walked away from. >> sean: will he show the in s of clinton and turn around or is he the rigid ideologue that i tried to warn the nation he would be? >> i think he's going to be forced to do certain things? they said today they are not going to force through that bill they are going to wait until brown is seated which obviously the filibuster proof is gone for them. which i think is smart, he finally may be hearing the roar -- >> sean: you think health care is dead? >> for now. something i think in the first year he didn't need to tackle health care. >> sean: does emad rate? does he adjust? >> i think he's forced to, yes. whether or not he does, i don't know. >> you think he would have figured this out last week when it was clear there was an imminent loss coming. we have to win. our main job getting license
12:59 am
and snow onboard. instead they just -- getting collins and snow onboard. >> i said this before he is jeremiah wright, bill ayers, he's radical and i don't see any insticks -- instincts towards moderation. >> i think he's a politician and he will have to shift if he wants to survive. my friend, the democratic pollster doug schoen an grows with you, that we are not seeing that flexibility that great politicians need. that is may be who . i still don't know who he is. >> sean: very arrogant. >> he remains very popular with the american people. more popular than his policies. >> sean: no, no. >> the polls still show that >> sean: no, we to run. good to see you. that's all the time we have left this evening. see you back tomorrow night.


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