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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 21, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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he's a powerful executive. >> he is. >> pants on the ground, pants on the ground, when you see the curvy couch, sit right down. good. >> welcome aboard, folks. yes indeed, we've had hundreds of you send in those pants on the ground things. yesterday, rich o'brien himself who is the art director came in here and handed to me what looked like a secret document. as it turns out, it was a whole bunch of pants on the ground rhymes. >> he had such a serious face on. i mean, he had -- rich o'brien is the same one who helped design our set, right? he puts the scaled down model and scaled down -- >> complete look of the fox newschannel. >> i thought it was the talking points for the show. he handed it to you, stuffed into the pocket. that was the last we heard of it. >> i sent it off to the producers. >> when you set it down on the couch, you have to make sure your pants don't split like the bobsledder we just showed you. we'll show you that a little later on. the whole spectrum of the u.s.
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senate will change because republican scott brown meets with his new colleagues on the hill. joining us from washington right now is caroline schively has she often does every morning. we match today. >> we do. good planning, gretchen. quick in and out for senator-elect brown in washington today. he has to get back to boston to watch his daughter's basketball game tonight. first major impact of his election is being felt in washington. president obama told abc last night he might be willing to scale back his health care proposal to get some republican support. brown's campaign has sent a formal request to massachusetts secretary of state to certify his election before absentee ballots are counted so he can be seated as quickly as possible. >> i can't tell you how proud i am to be here standing before you all and being -- having an opportunity to maybe send the country in a different and better direction. that's my goal. >> brown arrives to the capital mid morning to visit with a few senators. first with john mccain and then john kerry and paul kirk who has been holding the seat since the
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death of ted kennedy. fourth office senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. his last stop is at a republican luncheon where i don't think it's an exaggeration it say his colleagues will be giddy to see him since he gives them the extra vote they need to vote a filibuster against democratic legislation. these are just courtesy calls, quick ins and outs. but a swat team of reporters, photographers and producers will be chasing him up and down the halls of the capitol. you'll see plenty of that today. back to you. >> all right, caroline. we thank you very much for that live report. you know, i got to tell you, i was looking at my twitter last night. i cannot believe how many people are so excited about scott brown. it's as if a tidal wave of optimism has swept across the land. so many people have felt for a while like i'm mad as hell and washington, d.c. is not paying attention to me. well, scott brown certainly got everybody's attention just two days ago. >> it just reminds me of a heavyweight fighter who is undefeated for years and all of a sudden, is lost -- he loses and then you wonder how is he
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going to react? >> right. >> sure enough in the afternoon, our blackberries start going off and start sending out the transcript from abc's interview with barack obama. i'm a little bit stunned that president bush came up again when something so removed seemingly so removed for president bush happened in massachusetts. here is barack obama yesterday talking to george stephanopoulos. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years but what's happened over the last eight years. >> obviously, he never said the bush name but all you have to do is figure that president bush was in office for eight years. he's talking about him. i was stupefied by this as well. i thought maybe they'll spin this and they'll have to come up with some sort of spin but certainly it won't go back to president bush. and yet, it did. the other interesting thing just pulling off what you're saying about scott brown, don't you think it could have been just
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about anybody? anybody running? it could have been any state? and that's why -- >> in particular because it was massachusetts. because it was the most liberal, liberal -- that's why barbara boxer yesterday said every state is in play. and going back to what the president of the united states said just a minute ago, do you think he really believes that? do you think that the people up in massachusetts when they -- ok, there's the lever right there. i'm mad at george bush. come on! >> i think he does believe it or he wouldn't say it. you think he'd come up with a better spin than that. he's been criticized in the past for blaming bush. now it's been a year. in fact, it was a year anniversary of his inauguration yesterday. >> i just thought this was amazing in that he says you know i'm doing so much work and i'm so busy, i haven't talked enough about it. i regret this year. here's where we're wrong. i was so busy getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crisis in front of us, i think we lost some of the sense of speaking directly to the american people. only problem with that is he
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spoke a lot to the american people. 42 news conferences, 158 interviews, he almost spoke too much to the american people. >> speaking of numbers, listen to robert gibbs yesterday. the message loud and clear at 1600 pennsylvania avenue was that the voters are angry. and robert gibbs reflected that 15 times. listen, here's anger. >> the anger and frustration, anger and the frustration. i think the anger that the president addressed -- the angrier that we've seen is very similar to the anger we saw last night. there's anger and frustration. that anger is pointed at us. the president hears and understands the anger. there's frustration and anger and enormous anger and the anxiety and the anger that anger and frustration. that frustration and anger, the type of anger and frustration. anger and frustration. >> i get the idea. >> was major garrett the guy in the briefing room with the belt? >> obviously that was the buzz word that they discussed before they went into the pressroom,
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that they were going to say anger and frustration as a way to describe what happened in massachusetts. here's the big question, what will happen now with the obama administration? there are so many editorials being written of the future of the next three years. will they back off of the programs that are so near and dear to the hearts of the people who work for barack obama? specifically health care. cap and trade? the list goes on and on now. will they back off of health care first and foremost? i think for the time being, they will because some key democrats came out before barack obama gave this interview yesterday and said they should back off. >> yeah. >> senator schumer says -- >> even barney frank. >> we are reassessing and -- yeah, that's true. and re-examining. anthony wiener, as we know, he's been leading the charge and is really down about the election. he said we shouldn't show the arrogance of not getting the message here many i don't think it will be the worst thing in the world to take a step back and the president take a step back on health care and turn his
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attention to jobs in conjunction with health care goals. here's the big thing, the president seemed to be each to a scaled back plan. >> also, the president said you got to seat scott brown -- you can't jam this through. you got to seat scott brown. and then you can jam it through. listen to this. >> the senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. people in massachusetts spoke. he's got to be part of that process. i would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on. it doesn't mean that i back off the agenda of health care or energy or education or financial regulatory reform or dealing with our deficits, but it does mean that it doesn't have to be all on top of the other piled on and we got a lot more time to explain to people why we're doing what we're doing. we have a lot more time to answer critics who, you know, argue that we're not doing the right thing. >> so in other words, what he's
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saying is we didn't listen to you before. we didn't listen to you before during -- remember what they called the tea party movement. we didn't listen to you before but now, because scott brown won, we're going to actually start to listen to you. i also feel the onus is on the heads of republicans because you have to come up with a plan, republicans. you now have a chance -- >> they've got one. >> let's hear more about it. let's hear more about what you're saying. he might have a listening ear now. >> if i would work for the on the friends version, i think the president and this senator -- follow me for a second, would be best friends. >> i think it's funny you're bringing up a dating site. you've been married 20 years. >> potential sponsor, because the president and scott brown profile the same way. they got two daughters. i thought these two would be buddies and they both love basketball. >> this could be the beginning of a bipartisan effort, that scott brown could be the key to
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getting everybody's voice heard on capitol hill. >> i think they would like each other on a personal basis. >> yesterday, a reporter asked scott brown at that press conference at the omni in boston whether or not he felt he was presidential timber and he goes come organizatin, give me a bre. i haven't slept in 48 hours. i have to gas up the truck and go to d.c. but he's not taking the truck. he's going to fly down. >> do a couple of headlines for you. fear is growing now that more aftershocks could rock haiti as rescue workers try to recover from yesterday's 5.9 magnitude tremor. it happened during our show here. authorities believe the death toll, 200,000. two million people now homeless. doctors say they're struggling with makeshift hospitals trying to treat thousands of wounded. >> what we do need really is supplies. supply for the o.r., supply castings, metal plates, to help put the bones together. so we're trying to run the best we can. >> doctors also are worrying
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about disease spreading. especially in the camps where millions of displaced haitians now live. >> defense secretary robert gates makes a surprise visit to pakistan this morning. his first since president obama took office. he left india and then headed to pakistan to try to persuade leaders to route out all leaders. they say they have their hands full with the pakistani taliban and can't open too many fronts at the same time. only 51% of americans think the war on terror is going well, a "washington post" poll. today, congress will continue to investigate what clues were missed leading up to the attempted bombing of a plane on christmas day. arizona senator john mccain slamming the director of national counterterrorism center, michael lighter on why no one has been held accountable yet. >> anybody been fired? has anybody been transferred? has anybody received a letter of admonition? has anybody been put on leave? go ahead.
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>> senator, we are in fact conducting internal reviews to determine whether or not any of those should be pursued. >> has anybody been held accountable? >> we are reviewing all the individuals and i think the president is reviewing my performance as well. >> and then this bombshell came out of the meeting. the national intelligence director dennis blair says the high value detainee interrogation group should have questioned suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab. i just know him as the underwear bomber before trying to try him in a civilian court. it's the hidden dangers of bobsledding, folks. british bobsledder gillian cooke experiences this. >> yeah. >> that's embarrassing. >> oh, my. >> while getting ready to compete at a competition in lake placid. the crowd was laughing so hard, a race official was forced to quiet them down but he ends up laughing as well. the story does have a happy ending. cooke and her partner went on to win the gold medal.
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>> the cold medal? >> there you go. the other thing interesting is i think this is one of the main reasons that unitards are dangerous. i've been anti-unitard. i couldn't believe this on the cover of the "new york post" today. >> no kidding. there is -- the cover says "tiger hoods". that's tiger woods and apparently, one of the things his wife demanded, ok, i'll stay with you for a little while. you have to check yourself into a sex addiction rehab center. i'm paraphrasing and so he has. it's down in hatiesburg, mississippi and, apparently "the national enquirer" has discovered a bunch of juicy details. >> not like them. >> yeah. in particular, apparently, he's getting really special treatment. and it's really bugging some of the other patients there. >> tough. he's tiger woods. what are you going to do? you can't put tiger woods in group therapy. someone is going to jot it down and try to make millions off it. >> don't you think everyone -- i was thinking about this this morning, they would have to sign a confidentiality waiver probably about each other's lives as well. >> worried about other sex addicts spilling the story. >> when i was in for a sex
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addiction -- the other thing is he doesn't have to make his bed. he doesn't are to clean his room. he has a maid that comes in. he did $100,000 worth of renovations to this little cottage that he's staying in. >> allegedly. national enquirer. >> that's from "the star." >> well, there you have it. >> we're quoting it. >> that's why i'm saying allegedly. >> if mario lopez says it, i take it with a grain of salt. we talked about why scott brown won. why did martha coakley lose? how much blame can be placed on the president? a lot of questions. that's next. >> and then an update to those bible codes discovered on military weapon sights. which groups are now scrapping them? we'll tell but that straight ahead. >> amen. [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there... but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so.
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> >> 17 minutes past the top of the hour. mayor of detroit has days to come up with $300,000 or he could go back to jail. he pled guilty in connection with a text messaging scandal. he was ordered to pay the city back $1 million but has not done so yet. mccain and palin back together again. the senator announcing his former running mate will campaign for him in phoenix as he seeks a sixth term. it will be their first appearance together since the 2008 campaign. that will take place in late march. steve? >> thanks. massachusetts senator-elect scott brown heads to washington today for a quick meeting after the republicans' big win in the bay state. so what led democrat martha coakley who is supposed to just have a cake walk, what led to her defeat? was this election really a referendum on health care or was it because of some mistakes on the campaign trail? right now, we are joined by radio talk show host michael graham up there in bean town. good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> ok. i know let's do a little
6:18 am
thursday morning quarterbacking here. >> sure. >> what was it about martha coakley that people just couldn't embrace? >> i think it was martha coakley. i mean, as i told your friends on the weekend edition of "fox & friends". she didn't run the behindenberg campaign, she ran the hindenberg crashing into the titanic campaign. during the primary, they were fighting about how far left do we go? when the white house said about health care, the whole primary was i'm more for obama care than you are. if obama care doesn't have mandatory abortions in it, i won't support it. she ran really hard to the left in the primary particularly on the issue of health care. >> sure. and then the president of the united states actually showed up about 15 minutes before the election. but he has said some things in the past year that would not make him beloved to the members of the great state of massachusetts.
6:19 am
>> oh, i mean -- >> for instance? >> for example? >> remember, when he was talking about his friend henry gates and the cambridge police. >> oh, yes. no, no. >> and arrested him. >> and you know, how ironic is it that the cambridge police union endorsed scott brown even though martha coakley's husband used to be a member of it? yeah, that phrase lingered a long time. i always want to say, the president came to massachusetts essentially with this attitude of let me talk to my cambridge buddies or my elitist friends, the harvard crowd. look at the yokels in the pickup truck. there are a lot of folks from massachusetts who drive trucks. they have real jobs. they're electricians and plumbers and have to work for a living. and the struggle in massachusetts for the past four years has been and we talk about it in my radio show all the time, the government's attitude that we're smarter than you, do what we say. we're going to raise your taxes. we know what we're going to do -- you get up in the morning and fight with the horrible traffic here. you try to get to work. there's some guy with a new tax, a new fee, a new fine, no one is
6:20 am
ever on your side and then you got to listen to these elitists talk about what dokes you are and how dare you show up to a tea party and protest spending. what's wrong with you? are you a moron? regular folks had enough. >> they did. they were mad as well and voted up in boston and massachusetts. >> absolutely. >> michael graham, the great radio host from boston. thank you for joining us live today. >> have you heard about the deal with the truck? >> real quickly. >> what i hear from the campaign is that they plan on auctioning off the truck maybe to ebay and giving the funds to haitian relief. that was the word on election night. i haven't had that confirmed yet. that's what the campaign is talking about. >> excellent. if somebody wants a 200,000 mile pickup truck, check out ebay. michael, thank you very much for that exclusive. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, president obama admits he lost touch with the voters. why? well, we'll talk to folks who voted for him. and who are now angry. that's coming up next. luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed.
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>> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years but what's happened over the last eight years. >> really? was it the last eight years or just the last year? let's ask a group of voters who used to support president obama and now feel disappointed. in boston, we have george piandis and john triola and here in studio, duan sheers. good morning, gentlemen. i know you're originally from chicago. >> that's correct. >> you voted for president obama. >> that's correct. >> what's been your greatest disappointment in year one? >> my greatest disappointment is that i feel he's the illusion of change.
6:25 am
his policies don't differ much from bush's policies. my research has led me to understand that his interests lie with wall street and the corporate interests and not with the american citizens and that's a deep concern for me. >> interesting point of view. >> when he hired geithner and the others to head up his economic team, that greatly concerned me. they have been with the past three administrations and largely responsible for the position that we're in and yet, he chooses them to head up the economic team. >> it seems like you don't think there was enough change, you know, change was not enough for obama. let me get your point of view on health care specifically because i know like many of the voters in massachusetts, that was of great concern to you. >> yeah. i do believe we do have an issue, problem with health care in this country. i'm from massachusetts. we have a form of health care that is covering most, if not all. but i do -- the way this process has worked has really alienated
6:26 am
myself and obviously, a lot of the voters in massachusetts. you know, we elected president obama for change. i was hoping myself that he would bring, you know, an aura of this bipartisanship but it seems to me it's totally changed. it's now, you know, rather than him leading in a, you know, down the middle manner but now he's more or less being led by the democratic congress. and by doing so, he's alienated a lot of voters. >> uh-huh. >> including myself. >> some would argue he's being led by the far left people in congress. john, i know that also bothered you, the partisan politics, right? >> i agree. that was part of one of my bullet points for this morning was partisan politics. obama promised change and promise a promised a lot of things and things have not changed. we're more divisive right now in congress than we've ever been so that's one of the sticking points for me. >> other thing i saw in your
6:27 am
point of view, john, was you said that scott brown is as close as we are going to get for a voice of the middle class. what do you mean by that? >> i believe it's true. i believe that middle america has spoken here in massachusetts and as they will across the country and future elections and i believe he's the catalyst for change. i believe he can be our voice for middle america. and i just feel that the change is now. i think there's a great movement across massachusetts. and i hope to be across the country as well. >> yes. dujuan? >> my concern from scott brown, my concern is americans need to break away from this right and left paradigm in general. i don't feel we have a candidate strong enough to really do what the american people need to do and scott brown, he ran as an independent but he's a true republican. so we need to break away from that right-left paradigm as
6:28 am
american citizens and -- because that's the only answer for this nation. >> uh-huh. i think a lot of americans say hey, we want to be heard. so both republican and democratic party are on notice. dejuan, george and john, thanks for being my guests this morning. interesting discussion. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", the silence of the salahis. >> the constitution protects fools. the constitution protects stupidity. the constitution protects errant thoughts. thank god it does. >> much more from this hearing straight ahead. then a follow to a story we've been telling you about, those bible codes on american military weapons. now some muslims are outraged by that. first, happy birthday to placido domingo. he's 69 years old today. always ready when they hear the call... pancakes! (announcer) it's a job well done. because when it's pancakes, everybody's in it together.
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introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters. >> half past the hour if you're just getting up, a couple of quick headlines for you. people who live near ground zero say they don't want terror trials held in their neighborhood. they spoke out last night at a heated public hearing. they want attorney general eric holder to move the upcoming trial of khalid sheik muhammad and four others out of the federal court in lower manhattan. the area includes the famed china town and little italy. both active commercial and residential areas.
6:33 am
community leader ginny chen says they don't want to become targets themselves. >> don't throw the china town and civic center community under the terror trial's truck. we deserve to live in peace, safety and security. >> another man said that if the president and attorney general wanted to make a point, they should hold the child somewhere close to their families, not his. >> reporteding in "newsweek" they are working to pull it out now. yeah. the couple accused of crashing president obama's first state dinner went before the homeland security committee and it happened yesterday to face questions about the incident. when the questions came, the salahis, they pleaded the fifth. >> chairman, on advice of counsel, i assert my rights to remain silent. >> on the advice of counsel i assert my right to remain silent and decline to answer your question. i respectfully assert my right to remain silent. on advice of counsel, i
6:34 am
respectfully assert my right to remain silent and decline to your questions. on advice of counsel, i respectfully assert my right to remain silent and on the advice of counsel, i assert my right to remain silent and dechaline to answer your questions. >> guilty. also, why do you have to read it every time? the first time, maybe we could have got it. >> just say ditto. >> apparently if you say one word, that goes out the window. i guess. >> that would have been great. the salahis claim they'll talk after a federal grand jury completes its investigation. show us the invite. we can stop talking to you. >> all indications are tomorrow night will be conan o'brien's last on nbc as host of "the tonight show" or anything else. so what will it be like if last night is any guide, conan sure won't be holding back. >> there is good news. this is crazy. over the past week, ratings for our "tonight show" are up by 50%.
6:35 am
yeah. isn't that crazy? yeah. yeah and when nbc executives heard this, they told me, see, you really don't fit in around here. i really -->> the nbc ticket office says, get this, no tics are available for "the tonight show" next week. conan's guests tomorrow, will farrell and tom hanks. >> tom hanks was twittering yesterday it sound like it's the kind of the show. >> you're a twitter maniac. you used to yell at me for that. >> i was at the dentist yesterday and had a little time to kill. i was looking at my blackberry. >> let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. powerful storms are pounding california. we've got some videotape for you. the rain forcing hundreds of evacuations and shutting down a major interstate. flooding the roads and causing high tides but some still won't leave their homes. officials say if they don't, they might get trapped.
6:36 am
>> you have to leave if you've been told to evacuate. you cannot depend on your normal means of ingress, egress. once these storms start, the roads will be closed and you are not going to get out. >> you don't want to put the rescuers' lives at risk as well. anyway, more downpours are expected today. now, let's go ahead and take a look at the old doppler and the radar and yep, southern california, it is another wet one. all the way from southern california and the baja right up through puget sound. we have a frog strangler going -- fog strangler going on along the west coast, through the panhandle of florida, through south carolina, georgia and north carolina back through the central mississippi valley and we have a little bit of snow early this morning around the great lakes and the northern plains. meanwhile, temperaturewise, it's about what you would expect for this time in january, temperatures for the most part in the northern third in the 20's and 30's. and then from the mid atlantic, things pick up. 37 right now in raleigh.
6:37 am
we got almost 60 out at the airport in memphis. 55 in dallas. meanwhile, today's daytime highs, eventually it will be freezing. 40 in kansas city. 60's and 70's across texas and the gulf coast and much of florida as well. meanwhile, north carolina today, temperatures in the 40's. why would i mention north carolina, brian? >> because they're the defending national champions in college basketball. what has happened to that team, steve, that's the bigger story. the defending national champs have lost three in a row. time to go back to school and study. might not be able to go pro. let's go to unranked wake forest, the demon deacons, c.j. harris had 20 points. final score is 82-69. acc matchup goes to the wake forest kids and in raleigh, north carolina, i'm talking about north carolina state hosting duke. they're already up eight in the second half when javiar gonzalez buries that three. named after my dog.
6:38 am
jimmy buffet's beer will have to be featured elsewhere. this is sad news. they will now have naming rights to the stadium of the miami dolphins, home of this year's super bowl. the dolphins stadium was called landshark stadium, appropriately. but will be renamed in time for the pro bowl on january 31st. super bowl will be the following week for the first time that i can remember. land shark is a popular annheuser busch beer licensed by the multitalented who, by the way, is related, i couldn't believe this, to warren buffet. jimmy buffet and warren buffet are actually related. >> in what way? >> clothing. >> they have the same last name and they're cousins. >> didn't know that. >> really? >> very interesting. ended up very differently. >> twitter us, twitter gretchen, >> right now, i can't get into my twitter account or anything else. >> nope. >> we'll solve that -- that's a personal problem. >> you've been ban ed? >> personal log-in problem. >> uh-oh. let's talk about who is going to be on your radio show today. >> coming up, it's going to be
6:39 am
great. senator corner can be in there, he's in charge of republicans in the senate. mary anne marsh from massachusetts and juan williams, always a delight from 9:00 until noon. >> cool. all right. let's talk a little bit about a story we first brought you a couple of days ago about how a company out of wixom, michigan, called tragicom, a maker of these military rifle sights apparently for over 30 years, they've had little coded references -- >> i don't know who pick up this. >> right there, you can see jn8:12. >> the military came yesterday and said it does not break the ban on any military regulations because technically, they're not going to stop using those particular sights either. >> but two countries apparently have a problem with it now. new zealand and great britain. they're saying that -- >> who is new zealand shooting at? >> i don't know. they're buying these sights.
6:40 am
this is the quote from them. it puts us in an uncomfortable situation. another person said they were unhappy to learn about this from the media and not from the company themselves. but here's the interesting thing with regard to whether or not the u.s. should continue to use these sights or not. the spokesperson for the u.s. -- the military overall of iraq and afghanistan, central command, he said that look, the perfect parallel that i see is our money currently still says on our money, "in god we trust" at least for now. some people worry that could go away as well. at least for now it does. he thinks that's an interesting parallel. >> right. care is not happy. it's a muslim organization. they think that keeping these on the sights is a bad message. in fact, it sounds something like this. >> we believe it's a risk to our troops and a risk to our national security. >> i'm sure people like al-qaida will use this as a recruitment tool or a talking point to say look, look at these neo-crusaders, they're even having the bible or secret bible codes inscribed on their weapons
6:41 am
that are killing civilians. >> al-qaida will think we're mean? >> sure. the company sent out this statement. as long as we have men and women in danger, we will continue to do everything we can to provide them with both state of the art technology and never ending support and prayers of a grateful nation. that's interesting. for those groups to say, you know, it would provide some ammo, no pun intended, for like the taliban, that they're christian crusaders. every time one of those guys blows themselves up, what do they yell? >> allah. >> yeah. are they worried about the bad publicity that allah will get? >> didn't they make it a religious thing? >> and if care could focus on the militants in their midst, i would prefer that. americans don't shoot innocent people. >> email us. if you have a problem with these little bible codes on the sights, friends at
6:42 am
>> he was a democratic congressman but he just changed. why he's now a g.o.p. >> hey, buddy, can you spare a trillion dollars? how many times have you said that? that's how much more congress wants to borrow. seriously, stuart varney is here next. i never thought i'd be seen leaning forward hugging my thighs. i was and i am. >> it's thursday. [ male announcer ] colorful, original. that's outlast lipstain from covergirl. light as air lipwear that does what a lipstick can't. it's never sticky cuz it's a stain. and it won't leave your lips cuz it's outlast lipstain. [ male announcer ] from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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6:45 am
>> 15 minutes before the top of the hour. glad you're up finally. five glaring errors were found in a united nations report on global warming. get this, now a nobel prize-winning panel of scientists are apologizing and promising to be more careful in a 2007 report. here's what they did. they said the himalayan glaciers could melt away by the year 2035. they meant to say 2350. it happens.
6:46 am
am i doing the math? the panel still says -- can you quiet down? i'm talking glaciers. panel says glaciers are melting faster than ever but it opened the doors for attacks by skeptics. another story for you, wannabe made aware of president obama's every word. photo op and press release, there is an app for that. the administration today rolling out a new iphone app simply called, this is brilliant, the white house uses to get the president's latest news, photos and videos including the upcoming state of the union address. steve? >> thank you very much. massachusetts republican senator-elect scott brown pulling off a major win in massachusetts. and an upset. and now some are wondering if the election shows the democrats are out of touch with the american voters as they cram through their agenda. well, here's what comedian dennis miller had to say last night on the o'reilly factor. >> guess what? democrats, when you put the jeweler's loop on, they don't show well. in theory, they're good. when they're off in the distance, second guessing somebody, it all sounds good.
6:47 am
hope, change, a better world, friendly, we'll get along with everybody. but then, it's like head cheese. when they tell you head cheese is nutritious, you say i'll try head cheese. when you get up close, you're not eating it. head cheese is the democratic party. >> he's right about head cheese. >> analogy. are the dems out of touch? let's ask the alabama congressman parker griffith. guess what he did. he just switched political parties last month changing from a dem to a republican and now he joins us from our d.c. bureau. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> are democrats like head cheese? >> well, in a way, they are. but i think more importantly, i think the american people are becoming more and more independent. and their news sources are much, much better than they used to be and it's instant and so i think we're seeing more and more of americans being very, very independent in how they vote. the democrats are confident but they're wrong. and so being confident and wrong in any management system is
6:48 am
dangerous to the organization and i think the democrats are finding both in the executive branch and in leadership and congress that being confident is not enough. you've got to have the right policies and you've got to be in touch with mainstream america which they have found themselves to be completely out of touch. >> well, you know what, congressman, you're talking about the democrats as they. you were a democrat until one month ago today. why did you switch? >> that's right. >> well, i switched because the health care policies and the amount of debt that we're running on in america is going to weaken this country if we don't stop it. the cap and trade bill, disasterous. the health care bill, disasterous. the bailouts, disasterous. and over the last year, i was able to see the democrats up close. and although there are many, many fine, very good public servants in the democratic party, the leadership of the democratic party has taken this country so far to the left that it's on the verge of a cliff and
6:49 am
i think we need to pull it back, get into mainstream america, begin to pay attention to the housewives and the folks that are running this country from their kitchen tables. >> sure. >> we need to be really, really paying attention now and i think -- i think the massachusetts voter, that independent voter said, pay attention to us and if you don't pay attention to us, we're going to remove you from office. >> right. or revolt. how much of this, speaking of an election, sir, how much of this is because you have an election coming up and you wanted to be re-elected? >> all the pundits said i could be re-elected as a democrat. it was not my being reelected. it was more about my convictions and i represent an extremely important district in america that has international implications. we're the home of army aviation. we're the home of missile defense. marshall space flight center. all of these things are being diluted out by this current administration and i think it -- i think it's a bad thing
6:50 am
internationally for our international allies. it's a bad thing for my district. and so i cannot really defend the democratic party in my district. >> all right. he did a brave thing. he jumped from the majority to the minority. new republican, representative parker griffith of the fifth district of alabama, thank you, sir, for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> well, the federal government is already maxed out. that's not stopping them for asking for more credit? stuart varney up with the shocking numbers. >> sorry, uncle sam, you're declined. yes, that's stuart. the president's pick to head the t.s.a. apparently walked away from the job. just the latest in a long list to throw in the towel. michelle will update us on that on a theory of why that guy is out. p down uncomfortable. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena moisture wrap body lotion wraps and seals hydration deep inside, improving skin's condition 2x more than eucerin original. heal on a deeper level. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion.
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>> what can a trillion dollars buy? listen. >> for a trillion dollars, you can buy a $3 latte every day for 900 million years. a trillion dollars is greater than the australia g.d.p. enough to buy up every stock on the toronto stock exchange. with a trillion dollars, you can fund the militaries of all the nato countries combined. or you can pay for all american military action since 9/11. >> well, even though we're maxed out and that is a lot, by the way, now congress wants to raise the debt ceiling by much more and maybe more than that. stuart varney is here. he's the host of the brand new show that's capturing the nation "varney & company" on the fox business network. it starts at 9:20. first up, let's talk about this. raising the debt ceiling. why should americans care? >> they really do care. we're in unchartered territory. we're allowed to borrow up to $12.3 trillion now.
6:55 am
we're going to ask permission of congress to borrow another $1.8 trillion. total our debt -- total that national debt, $14 trillion. that's what we want to borrow totally. >> and when you have this coming from the administration, when you question the administration, what do you want? i inherited a mess. >> well, look, we're out of control. spending is out of control whether it's new spending or entitlement spending, we are out of control. we're borrowing $100 billion a week. that's not all fresh, new borrowing but that's the amount of money we're raising and borrowing from uncle sam every week. you can't go on like that. voters are concerned about it. >> you see the national debt right now. the clock was shut off for a while. look at the u.s. debt. >> they're going to add $1.8 trillion to it. that should see us through until next year, maybe. >> 40,000 per person. now, today, the president is going to talk about regulating the banks.
6:56 am
this is paul volker's brain child. should we care about this? >> yes, i think we should. the greatest money man in america today, the best chairman of the federal reserve we've had in generations. he's the one who wants to split the deposit taking banks of what they do, that's the banks -- bank of americas of this world and investment banks, goldman sachs of this world. he wants a division between the two to haul them in, reign them in. >> president might have lost warren buffet as an ally. how do you explain this? here's what he says -- i don't think it makes sense. banks aren't going to be the cause of big losses in the tarp program. he's talking about fining these banks as he talked about last week. maybe the auto companies will. it's a separation -- separate situation. he's upset about what the president said last week, we want our money back and asking the people to repay it back. >> he's upset and worried that that rescue money, the bailout money was spent, this stimulus plan that belongs $7 billion says it wasn't spent very well. he's right. this is a very important retreat from a big supporter of obama retreating from that system. >> go to the fox business
6:57 am
channel, 9:20 aeeastern time, varney & company. good to see you. you make everything so sensible. as we continue with "fox & friends", democrats still reeling over the senate shocker in massachusetts. how about that underdog, scott brown end up winning the state. there was a plan there and everybody is talking about it and the rock takes on a brand new role. the tooth fairy. dwayne johnson here live to talk about him playing hockey? luci: i'm luci romberg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
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by putting your business on the map. oh, come on ! check, please. get almost 5x more 3g coverage than at&t with verizon wireless. come into a store today to buy one blackberry and get another one free. and put your business on the map. >> good thursday morning, everyone. january 21, 2010. thank you for sharing your morning with us. president obama says he forgot about the people. >> uh-oh. >> one thing that i regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us
7:01 am
that i think we lost some of that sense of -- of, you know, speaking directly to the american people about what their core values are. >> should the president be able to do both? we'll report, you decide. >> who is really to blame for the democrats' big loss in massachusetts? could it be those from the left? former counsel to president bill clinton, lanny davis here to defend that theory. steve? >> wait, brian, until you see what the rock is cooking now. >> i'm the tooth fairy. oh, yeah. >> the rock is a fairy. a tooth fairy. he will join us live this morning. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from joanne in sinclair, new york. don't act like a fool with your pants on the ground. watch "fox & friends", it's the best show around.
7:02 am
>> michelle will be around the corner in a moment. first, we got to get some headlines to you because we keep updating you on what's going on in haiti now. 200,000 people apparently dead, some two million people are homeless as the country braces for more aftershocks. the u.s. military is stepping up its efforts to bring relief to the haitian people. there are more than 12,000 service members in the region and sources tell fox that 2300 more marines and 1700 more sailors are on the way. >> the more organizations we can get in here and help contribute to the good, the quicker we'll be out here. we'll be here until the mission is done. >> several military ships like the u.s.s. comfort are acting as floating hospitals. latest coming up on the show. more information coming out this morning about the security guard accused of killing eight people in virginia. the suspect had apparently complained that he feared being kicked out of a house that he shared with his sister and brother-in-law.
7:03 am
the victims include four adults, three teens, and a 4-year-old. police also found a number of explosives in the home where the rampage occurred. christopher spite charged now with one count of first degree murder but other charges are likely. very close call for passengers on board a u.s. airways flight in west virginia. the pilot aborting takeoff at the last second causing the plane to skid to a stop just before going over a steep drop. luckily, the plane came to rest in the safety zone that was installed about a year ago just for that exact reason. no one was hurt. and officials are still looking into why the pilot aborted takeoff. for the last time, south carolina governor mark sanford apologized again for his summer affair with an argentinian woman. it came in his last state of the state speech and he says he will apologize no more. >> i am compelled to say that i am sorry one more time for the situation that i created and for the way that i've put every one of you in this room in a bad
7:04 am
spot. i disappointed you. i disappointed by family. -- my family. >> the governor leaves office in 11 months. the legislature reprimanded him but an impeachment effort never went anywhere. fox news alert. conan o'brien has signed a deal to leave "the tonight show." no word on all the details yet. his last show is expected to be tomorrow night. so what will it be like? well, if last night is any guide, conan probably won't be holding back. >> there is good news, this is crazy. over the past week, ratings for our "tonight show" are up by 50%. yeah. isn't that crazy? yeah. yeah. and when nbc executives heard this, they told me, see, you really don't fit in around here. not really. >> apparently that deal will be announced later on this morning. in the meantime, conan's guests tonight for his last show, will farrell and tom hanks. he will reportedly be paid more than $30 million to walk away.
7:05 am
>> i think robin williams is coming on tonight or tomorrow night, too. >> note to the bosses, i will walk away for $30 million. >> steve, don't jump to conclusions fortunate conclusions. don't play your hand. >> you're right, 50. walking up to the camera there in colorado springs is michelle malcolm, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we want to talk to you a little bit about scott brown and suddenly there is a tidal wave of optimism from millions of americans who felt like in washington just doesn't get it. i saw michael barrone had a great headline in "the examiner" yesterday, it was little guy sends message to washington, drop dead! >> yeah. well, i think that message is being heard loud and clear now. not by the -- not just by the democrats, but by the republicans, too. this really was as the cliche is a political earthquake and the aftershocks are being felt in every swing state. i live in colorado. there's a senator here, democrat, michael bennett who
7:06 am
despite claiming to be a moderate democrat and a fiscal conservative has gone along with the entire huge massive spending agenda of the obama administration and is now in a huge amount of trouble. and after earlier asserting that he was willing to lose his job to stand with the president and vote for health care is now rethinking that, according to "the denver post." >> were you amazed at the president's statement yesterday in that interview where he apparently is still going to blame president bush for what happened, even in massachusetts? let's listen. >> thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> does that surprise you, michelle? >> no. because the democrats have always been in denial about who is to blame for their own problem. and that rationalization is not
7:07 am
only illogical, it's pathological! you know, the -- the idea that somehow there's this generalized discontent and anger that brought both obama and scott brown to office makes no sense whatsoever. just a couple of days ago, obama was accusing scott brown of being the anti-christ and now he's likening scott brown to himself? >> right. >> the other democrats do get it. i mean, senator schumer is saying that we have to reassess and re-examine. anthony wiener saying we got to slow down. we'll look arrogant if we don't. yet, the president is on a totally different page saying we're going with our instincts from now on and not take our marching orders from the oval office. >> again. they yes. they do the same thing for contention against the voters. the real reason we lost in massachusetts is we didn't explain to them clearly enough
7:08 am
that george bush was the problem and i think that the voters have resoundingly rejected all these old tripe and all these old tirades and all these blame bush rationalizations. and they've learned nothing. they've learned nothing from it. not only in blaming the republicans and casting scott brown as some sort of radical tea partyier when he was completely within the mainstream. you look at the exit poll that rasmussen did and it's clear it's not just the disapproval they had for obama but specifically health care. they can't deal with it. >> michelle, hold on just a second. you're disparaging the president. he has been very busy. and he made that clear yesterday. listen to this. >> one thing that i regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us, that i think we lost some of
7:09 am
that sense of -- of, you know, speaking directly to the american people about what their core values are. >> he made 911 speeches, michelle. 911. 158 interviews. 42 news conferences. that's a lot of speeches. >> yeah. >> yeah, it certainly is. and once again, you know, we really need to have like a psychotherapist analyze this guy. and the problem was not communication. the problem was the phoniness of the communication, the inability for this administration to live up to its transparency pledges and the youth of so mause of so forums, they weren't listening to the american people. they were too busy disparaging and smearing them when they were coming to these town hall forums and these tea parties. >> don't you think that, i mean, the president certainly not going to grant an interview and tell the absolute truth which would be something like this.
7:10 am
i had total power. i was elected as an incredibly popular president. i had both the house and the senate and we felt like we could do whatever we wanted to do. and by the way, our policies would be good for you. you just don't like them right now but they'll be good for you in the long run. that's the truth. but he can't say that. >> no. no. of course he can't say that. and he's also not going to admit that the message that this white house has sent over the last year has been shut up, sit down, and if you don't, we're going to use every mreenz and power of persuasion to use his best friend andy stern at the sciu's phrase to ram our agenda through. and now, these moderate democrats are suffering for it which is why so many of them are retiring from office. >> a couple of minutes ago, brian was talking with stuart varney about how one of the president's unofficial advisors, warren buffet, the oracle of omaha is a little steamed about this responsibility fee that really is a responsibility tax or a guilt tax on banks. and also, that they essentially
7:11 am
misspent the stimulus money. they could have done
7:12 am
>> people are worried about the spending on a national basis. that's why they should do more listening. the latest to flee is the president's nominee to lead the t.s.a. we'll ask michelle malkin about him, his candidacy and why don't we have somebody at the top of that organization? >> he's known as the rock. but actor dwayne johnson has taken a very different role now as a tooth fairy? he'll be here to explain. ghting]
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> listen to this. president obama's nominee to head up the t.s.a. has pulled his name out of consideration. we're back with fox news contributor and syndicated columnist michelle malkin. the guy's name is errol suthers and i know it's on your web site that apparently, it is alleged that he used some f.b.i. files to snoop on an ex-wife's boyfriend and stuff like that. that story is out there. >> right. and that was only one red flag. this guy was waving more red flags than a spanish bullfighter. it wasn't just the fact that he did this 20 years ago, the fact that he misled congress about what exactly he did. i mean, to have a law enforcement official that you're going to anoint the t.s.a. chief be involved in all sorts of privacy violations, using sensitive documents as a vendetta in a personal case, that was just one thing. he was also caught on video, cnn news highlighted this a couple of days ago before he withdrew,
7:17 am
comparing homeland security as an important policy issue on par with global warming. so equating those two things. and this is really just the latest in a long line of these withdrawals of nominees that clearly had huge problems from day one and it shows you not that the white house is doing poor vetting but they're not doing anything at all. >> isn't it up to members of congress as well to do it? keep in mind, they passed tim geithner after they knew that he cheated on his taxes. but be that as it may, one of the other big sticking points for this southers guy is he apparently wanted to unionize the t.s.a. workers and that got a lot of members of congress scared quite frankly. >> yes. because what that would do is undermine security when t.s.a. was first formed, they decided to waive these unionization
7:18 am
rules to make sure that things worked as efficiently as possible and much credit is due to republican senator jim demint for first raising red flags about that. and look what the democrats did. instead of taking his complaint seriously, they accused the republicans of "engaging in politics." and that again, is the line that the white house defenders always use when their nominees get in trouble. certainly, there's plenty of blame to go around with many of these past nominations and i hold every one of the 10 republican senators who confirmed timothy geithner responsible for what's been happening now under the treasury department but again, it all goes back to this white house. and right now, a year after they've been in office, they have still hundreds of unfilled positions including this t.s.a. chief nomination. >> uh-huh. >> michelle malkin, always like hearing from you. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> all right. straight ahead, democrats suffer shocking defeated in
7:19 am
massachusetts as weaver been going ov -- we've been going over, a former aide says blame the message, not the messenger. >> shocker from former presidential candidate john edwards. making a bombshell announcement this morning. that he is indeed the father of the baby. that's coming up later today.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
>> 22 minutes after the hour. time for your news by the numbers. first $800,000, that's how much the 500th home run hit by a-rod alex rodriguez is expected to bring at an on-line auction. next, $185 million. that's how much the new jersey spent on a new high-tech high school that has all the latest gadgets including electronic
7:23 am
chalk boards but they forgot stoplights and are using police officers instead. and 73% much that's how many independent voters voted for scott brown in the massachusetts special senate race. that is a big shift. >> no kidding. >> steve? >> all right, brian. republican scott brown who were just talking about winning the senate seat held by the late ted kennedy for nearly half a century and president obama is blaming now president bush. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years but what's happened over the last eight years. >> is the blame game really effective? let's talk to lanny davis, special counsel, of course, to bill clinton. he joins us from our nation's capital. there we saw the president of the united states last night on abc talking about, you know, scott brown swept into office on anger. barack obama said he, too, was swept into office on anger.
7:24 am
and a lot of people are still angry about eight years of george bush. that was already a year ago. >> yeah, i don't see that really as a blame game. he's actually been very friendly with president bush. i know they actually talk on a private basis. he just invited president bush and president clinton to help on haiti. i don't take that as a shot at bush. i think it's a fact that there was anger in 2008 and some of it wasn't george bush's fault. the economy crashing is not something you can just blame on president bush but i think president obama took responsibility about failing to communicate a clear message about what this health care legislation was about. and as i wrote about in "the wall street journal" column, i was a supporter of president obama's health care. but i think i and we democrats made a mistake in seeking too much too soon, the same way we it in 1994. rather than working with conservatives and moderates in the republican caucus as well as the democratic caucus to get
7:25 am
incremental change rather than doing it all at once. >> sure. so when you're writing about what happened up in massachusetts with scott brown where, you know, people -- lanny, i have people in new jersey where i live say i wish i lived in massachusetts so i could vote for scott brown because scott brown has made it very clear that he's going to be the 41st vote against the president's health care. you're absolutely right. you wrote about it yesterday in "the wall street journal" where the democrats have been -- were not effective in selling what health care meant. but the republicans have been very effective in presenting their side of the issue. >> yeah. i think i said it's not the messenger blaming attorney general coakley, it's the message, stupid. we missed what was happening as people fearful about this 2,000 page bill that costs so much money that they didn't understand and they feared it would hurt their health care system and we -- there was fear and when i hear about people criticizing my column instead of dealing with the merits of what
7:26 am
people spoke about in massachusetts, they sort of attacked personally as if it's blame the people, stupid, rather than accept their message to us and learn from it that we need to get back to the center and change america incrementally and not scare america. >> and you wrote yesterday about how during bill clinton's administration which you were an advisor to, there was more in the middle and if anything is going to get passed, you got to go to the middle. lanny, they got to get rid of stuff like the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback and unions not having to pay this stuff. you got to get rid of that or you're not going to have the people behind you. >> there has been horse trading and bridges to nowhere and pork barrel and the republican congress -- >> but this stuff has really angered people. >> it angered people when we had the bridge to nowhere. i agree with you completely. that hurt us a lot. i think that we really did get caught up in too much deal making when we had a very sim e simple, i think, bill that could have worked if we wanted -- john
7:27 am
mccain, lindsay graham, orrin hatch, people who are thoughtful conservatives that wanted some incremental reform. look, i take this responsibility personally because i was in favor of a comprehensive national health care system with a public option. i'm pretty much on the left but i think i and we missed what was happening in america as we did in 1994, steve. we made the same mistake trying to do too much, too soon. we got ahead of public opinion and we got slapped and we should learn a lesson. >> before you go. i got to ask you about this, yesterday on the show, rush limbaugh was talking about hillary. i know you're a friend of hillary's. said what happened in massachusetts and with obama's numbers going down, he said hillary, get ready! you're well positioned to springboard back into the race in 2012. what do you think about that idea? >> you know, i respect rush limbaugh as a very smart man. he's a great entertainer. i actually love listening to him because he gets me so mad.
7:28 am
i don't take him seriously. he's a provocateur, he has fun proce provoking. he's such a great entertainer and has great ratings. >> i don't know. i think he means it. meanwhile, here's a bombshell, just moments ago, john edwards has admitted he is the father of rielle hunter's baby. exactly what he's saying on the other side of the break. you'll hear it. then is the u.s. government creating an oil crisis just to spend our money? john stossel joins us live with a closer look. and the rock, dwayne johnson, hey, wait. and that's mary poppins! what are they doing in the tooth fairy movie? find straight ahead. [ female announcer ] pure ce sugar and the stevia plant. two of nature's sweetest wonders now in new sun crystals, the only 100% natural sweetener
7:29 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan. one of car and driver's 10 best for the third year in a row. ♪ annow, cadillac announces the new luxury collection lease. ♪ >> letterman, letterman has been hammering me every night. oh, going after me. hey, kev, best way to get letterman to ignore you? marry him. ok. he will not bother you. he won't look you in the eye. nothing. >> that is a stinger. >> he also referred to letterman's daliances with
7:33 am
staffers. this is the first time leno is firing back. >> it's an uncivil war. that's why the ratings are up. you know, conan o'brien apparently tomorrow night will be his final show. he's been given millions and tens of millions of dollars to leave nbc early because the experiment where they moved him into "the tonight show" and moved jay leno to 10:00 and it eroded the affiliates' late local news numbers, that is over. jay leno will take over shortly. >> you know i think what's so disingenuo disingenuous, saying that conan failed. he didn't fail. you didn't know he was going to fail for about five years. what failed was the 10:00. >> right, it was events that both of them were not winning the race. >> i would definitely use confluence if i could say it again. >> let me talk about another confluence of events for one particular person. breaking news this morning that john edwards, very well known democrat, of course, who one day thought he might be president, then he had to admit that he had an affair with this woman, rielle hunter, who is a
7:34 am
videographer with him on his campaign. you see that beautiful child that looks exactly like john edwards. why? finally today, he's admitting through his attorney that he is in fact the father of his child and he's financially been taking care of her. >> that child now 2 years old, francis quinn hunter and here is the statement that was released by his advisor, a guy by the name of harrison hickman. he says -- this is john edwards speaking. i am quinn's father. i will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. it was wrong for me to ever deny she was my daughter, and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. to all of those who i have disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough but i am truly sorry. >> well. >> you know, he has not really -- >> what about the friend that came out and took the fall for him and say oh, yeah, i was the one having an affair with her. >> i think that's why he --
7:35 am
that's why this statement is coming out now today. i believe that that particular former aide has a book that's coming out, very, very soon and so john edwards was going to be under the hot lights so to speak. he was either going to admit to this or admitted for him by this guy who took the fall originally. who would ever do that, by the way? do you know anyone who is that close of a friend to you that would do that? i guess maybe money was involved. that could get him in trouble possibly legally in all this. >> because, gretchen, there's an ongoing federal investigation right now into whether or not john edwards used campaign money to essentially cover up the affair. and finance rielle hunter in some form. that's one of the reasons why he is not making an on-camera statement today. apparently, today only, he's speaking through his trusted advisor, harrison hickman who spoke just recently. why the delay. >> why did it take so long for the senator to acknowledge that he is her father?
7:36 am
>> it was a lot more complicated, i think, than most people think. there are a lot of adults involved and i think they wanted to handle this the right way for jack and claire and kate as well as for quinn. and he knows he lied. i think he certainly is regretful for that. >> the senator also said that the affair with rielle hunter occurred when elizabeth's cancer was in remission. however, this child was conceived three months after elizabeth announced that her cancer was back and it was incurrable. >> you're right. i mean, as he has said, he's been deceitful, he's lied about it. >> had this not happened, if you read that book called "game change" you realize he was going to get something. whether it was going to be the running mate with barack obama which he evidently pitched himself or attorney general had this whole campaign --
7:37 am
>> as you remember, he gave all his voters when he dropped out of the presidential race and said don't vote for hillary, vote for barack obama. so he was owed something speaking of sweetheart deals we've been discussing the last few weeks. that never panned out because of his own personal problems. >> in the book "game change" it talks about how the night of the iowa caucuses because john edwards had been running four years earlier as vice president in iowa, he thought that was his best chance. that was going to be his fire wall. if he didn't win iowa, he really couldn't win. so that night he had an advisor call obama and say ok, he'd like to be vice president. >> and the future president was saying you want to cut a deal already? we have one caucus under our belt. >> that's one state. >> let's get to other big news headlines. another fox news alert. defense secretary robert gates makes a surprise visit to pakistan this morning arriving just an hour ago. it's his first visit there since president obama took office. he left india and headed to pakistan to try to convince leaders to root out all militants including taliban
7:38 am
factions. they'll have their hands full with the pakistani taliban and can't open too many fronts at the same time. this is a new "washington post" poll, says only 51% of americans think the war on terror or overseas contingency operations is going well. >> meanwhile, today, congress will keep trying to figure out what clues were missed leading up to the attempted bombing on that airplane on christmas day. arizona senator john mccain slamming the director of the national of counterterrorism center on why no one put the dots together and no one has been held accountable yet. >> has anybody been fired? has anybody been transferred? has anybody received a letter of admonition? has anybody been put on leave? go ahead. >> senator, we are in fact conducting internal reviews to determine whether or not any of those should be pursued. >> has anybody been held accountable? >> we are reviewing all the individuals and i think the president is reviewing my performance as well. >> meanwhile, the national intelligence director dennis blair says the high value
7:39 am
detainee interrogation group should have questioned the suspected underwear bomber before deciding to try him in a civilian court. >> oh, well. >> yeah. >> don't get a do over on that, gretchen? >> so many haitians on edge this morning, concerned about another major aftershock along the same fault line that triggered the initial devastating quake. joining us live from port-au-prince now, orlando salinas with the latest on the relief efforts there. >> hey, guys. sorry about that. had to jump -- hey, gretchen, had to jump out and get some information. this plane has just come in right now out of dallas/fort worth. >> dallas/fort worth, an organization called cure. >> lots of medical supplies. >> lots of medical supplies, lots of doctors, apparently, just got in. we'll learn more about it. >> that's jonathan, our ground producer here. and this is the dance that's been taking place for the past eight or nine days almost, gretchen.
7:40 am
>> you see more and more planes coming in there because the airport is being spruced up and that dock is almost ready to go. still, so much need about what's on the ground, the pictures haven't stopped and they're still pulling people out. >> sure. they still need to, you know, there's so much emergency surgery going on there. tomorrow on the program, we're going to have two surgeons who flew down from new york work at the hospital for special surgeri surgeries. apparently, they performed 100 operations in 72 hours and they kept going and kept going until they ran out of supplies. and the reason they ran out of supplies is the convoy of supplies was coming to them to help them but got hijacked because the people -- the looters took it over. so they've come back to new york city. they'll tell their story tomorrow here on the show. >> all right. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather. what do you say? >> i would love that. that would be fantastic. >> all right, looky here, if you're down in -- from about the mid atlantic down through the panhandle of florida or back through the mississippi valley,
7:41 am
it is a rainy thursday. and heavy stuff has just been moving through, as you can see, on this map. memphis and moving into the atlanta area as well. out west, though, pacific storms are causing all the problems and some mudslides as well. as you can see, southern california, it is not a good situation on this thursday. temperaturewise, not too bad for this, the 21st day of january. it's -- we got 27 right now in minneapolis. 31 in chicago. 30's in the mid atlantic and then you got 50's and 60's from dixie land through portions of florida and later on today in florida, tampa is going to top out at 75 just like san antonio and in the center part of the united states of america, temperatures for the most part in the 30's. all right. let's take a look. we got a little bit of video, i think, shows you just how bad some of the flooding has been out in the california -- southern california area. man. bad. brian, you know about mudslides when you lived out there. >> every time it rained, we
7:42 am
thought you won't be able to get up p.c.h. they got a little better. they have the hard to look at but definitely prevents the mud jersey bumps along in malibu. that certainly helps. >> so the wicked weather will continue to pound southern california right up through puget sound today. >> you know the fires, the fires that burned down so many trees and the shrubbery, it loosens up all the dirt. when it starts to rain, no ground cover. >> we told you earlier we'll have dwayne "the rock" here with his new movie and apparently, we're going to have him tomorrow. a little bit of a scheduling snafu so he'll be joining us tomorrow to tell us why he's now the tooth fairy. >> i saw "the tooth fairy" yesterday. it is really scary. don't bring kids. i'm only kidding. it's really for kids. >> should we -- since he's coming tomorrow, should we put a molar under one of these pillow? >> and see if instinctively he finds it. >> pulls it up and puts in a five. >> that's a cute idea. i'm going to bring that. i have this plastic tooth that i got for my daughter to put her teeth in so they don't get lost under the pillow.
7:43 am
it's tough for the tooth fairy to get in there and find them. >> as we go to tease, so the producer doesn't have a coronary, one thing i learned as a parent, how much teeth are worth now. >> sliding scale. >> right. >> now, i have -- now i take out loans to pay off molars. >> uh-huh. >> my daughter announced to me the first tooth is five. the second one is six. really? what happens to the 20th? coming up on the show, is the government creating an oil crisis to take money out of your pocket? john stossel is here next with "bottom line." >> shocking reality star heidi montag had 10 plastic surgeries in one day. what every parent needs to know if your daughter comes home and says heidi is my friend. we get mcnally these numbers this instant, we make the sale. we make our month. we make our year. will you have 3g coverage when you need it most ? kick the small-business blues
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>> forget overhauling the health care system. america's next campaign should be to become energy independent. move away from foreign oil and invest billions in an alternative source of energy here at home. so should we go ahead and spend that kind of money involved in that kind of independence? >> that's the topic of tonight's episode of "stossel". you can catch that on the fox business network and the host john stossel is here right now. so you tackled this whole idea of alternative energy and whether or not america should be independent from foreign oil in your special tonight. >> and especially what steve said, should we spend your tax money to get there with these subsidies for windmills and nuclear actually already lots of subsidies for nuclear and we've had boone pickens on saying give me money for natural gas. and my answer is no. and these billionaires should get their hand out of their pocket. it makes it a boondoggle for boone pickens and corporate welfare for billionaires and the whole idea of energy
7:48 am
independence is sort of silly. it sounds good. we aren't giving money to these horrible people but that's trade. we get oil. if their oil is cheaper, we're foolish not to buy it. we don't have ipod independence and if we get food independence, we'd be in trouble every time there's a drought. trade protects us. >> sure. i understand that you have brought along a clip from tonight's t"stossel" on the fox business channel to depict what you're talking about. >> one of the things that people like boone say is give us the subsidies and we'll build windmills and we'll create jobs. politicians are always saying they'll create jobs with the subsidy. but this is a fallacy and i think -- i kind of show that with this clip. >> if government subsidies really created jobs, then i can create jobs, too, with this baseball just by doing this. so -- >> i thought you were gonna miss it. >> not a chance!
7:49 am
right in the strike zone, too. so i just lost a piece of glass, right, but hey, i've created a job for a glass maker. >> i'm not destroying anything to create jobs. i'm creating something to create jobs. >> but you're pulling money with these tax credits from other taxpayers who might have spent it just as i might have spent my money instead of on this glass or the person to clean it up, to buy a shirt. >> work to do, give it to charity or do something else with the money and that's the fallacy that -- the benefit, you create the jobs with the government project. but the unseen cost is what might have been done had they not taken our money. >> what about the idea of becoming less dependent on foreign oil? are you for or against that? >> if it happens naturally, it will happen. we have -- they say we don't have an energy policy in america. but i say we do. we have the free market. if there's a new form of energy that's better than oil, it will just happen. >> sure. >> people will want it. you don't have to bribe people to bring it to you. >> that bribe part gets you
7:50 am
going. tune into "stossel" tonight and find out what else he breaks. some dishes? going to break some plates? >> you'll have to wait tonight. >> all right. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, scott brown shakes it up and shakes up the nation. not only massachusetts with his upset victory over martha coakley. is this a sign of a republican comeback? former new york mayor rudy giuliani joins us live. >> first on this date in history, in 1976, the concorde took off on its maiden flight. here it is coming in. it was the only successful supersonic airliner ever built. in 1998, pope john paul ii visited cuba, only pope to ever do that and in 1974, al wilson had the number one song in america "show & tell."
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> well, changes are going to be coming to the way in which banks do business. the president expected today to knock big banks down to size. with more regulations. mike emanuel is live for us from the white house to explain it all. big announcement is coming today, mike. what is it going to be? >> that's right, gretchen. the president is expected to announce that he's going to propose specific measures that will limit the size and scope of financial institutions, one of the hopes of the white house is that this will limit excessive risk taking. the president will meet with paul volker who heads the president's economic recovery advisory board in the oval office today. he is known of putting restrictions on the proprietiary trading they do with financial institutions. part of that is expected to put up what the white house calls firewalls between different
7:55 am
divisions of financial institutions, trying to make sure that banks don't subsidize what the government considers speculative trading. now, during the banking crisis, we frequently heard the concept that certain institutions were too big to fail so the idea is that this would try to limit that. this would deter banks from growing so huge that they would in effect risk the overall broader u.s. economy. also be designed to make sure there's still adequate competition in banking and so the president will make this announcement about 11:40 or so this morning after his oval office meeting with paul volker and we expect these measures that will be worked with between the administration and members on capitol hill to try to get this into legislation that is making the rounds on capitol hill, guys. >> any sense that there will be bipartisan support? any sense that republicans are on board on this? >> at this point, that is unclear. you know, all indications are that it is largely led by democrats at this point. that they feel like this is a populist move, that a lot of
7:56 am
main street is upset about some of the risk taking done by wall street and that wall street got rescued and so at this point, the democrats feel like it's popular in main street america but no indication whether the republicans are fully on board with this or not. >> this is pretty simple. why don't they just say to the banks, you know what? if you get in trouble again, we're not going to bail you out. and so then maybe they won't do the risky, stupid stuff. >> well, ok, steve, can we quote you on that? >> please do. >> put that on signs and billboard? >> yeah, ask robert gibbs today during the on camera briefing. all right. mike emanuel on the north lawn of the white house. thank you very much. >> all right, coming up straight ahead, for the mainstream media, attacks -- the mainstream media attacked sarah palin. now they're going after scott brown. >> uh-oh. >> if it were democrat martha coakley, they get health care reform. if they go for republican scott brown, it's deliberate premeditated murder for health care. >> a closer look at the bias next hour.
7:57 am
did you text bias? i don't think so. >> she went through 10 plastic surgeries in one day. a lot of girls look up to heidi montag and secretly want to do the same thing. you see that beautiful child on the left? that was her before. she's only 23. the a panel of medical experts with advice for every parent out there. [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there... but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so. does your makeup do that? neutrogena cosmetics.
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to live a more natural life, in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with 100% natural ingredients. nature valley. 100% natural, 100% delicious. hope you're having great thursday morning. thank you for sharing part of your morning with us. >> former presidential candidate john edwards dropping a bombshell. finally admitting he is the father of a baby girl, quinn. the follow and what his lawyer is saying, next. >> the president reacting to the democrats' big loss in massachusetts. with a little finger pointing. >> people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over
8:01 am
the last eight years. >> over the last eight years. always blaming bush again. is that a good idea? we're going to report, you're going to decide. >> has it been a good idea at nbc? announcing this morning that conan o'brien will give up his tonight tonight and leave the network. what was the final price? we'll answer that question. that's more than you think. this is from carolyn, if you don't know "fox & friends," it's the best news around, you've got your head in the clouds and your pants on the ground. >> nice. # we are back for the final hour of "fox & friends." unless you're changing programming. >> we should reference to people that the pants on the ground thing comes from "american idol" where this contestant, who did not make it onto hollywood.
8:02 am
we asked you to send in your best rhyming ability with pants on the ground and our show "fox & friends." that's tough. >> john, i'll give you 50 bucks if you do that tonight while bill o'reilly is doing his show. when he goes, caution, if you do it right then, i'll give you $100. >> he loves when the crew takes over. he's open to that. >> he's a man of the people. >> right now the people want the headline. >> let's talk a little about haiti because the death toll now feared to be at 200,000 this morning and some 2 million people are homeless. the country braces for more after shocks. survivors who were found alive amid the rubble are beginning to tell their stories. this man, dan, was trapped for 65 hours in the hotel montana after the quake hit. the humanitarian worker says he used a first aid ax on his i phone to show him how to treat his own wounds. listen to what he said about the
8:03 am
terrifying moment the initial quake hit. >> felt like the ground was exploding around us. all of a sudden, darkness and chaos and pain. i knew i might not make it. >> he used his camera for lights and to take pictures of his location. these are some of those images. we'll have a live report on the latest from haiti coming up. people who live near ground zero say they do not want the terror trials held in new york city. they spoke out last night in a very heated public hearing. they want attorney general hold tore move the upcoming trial of khalid sheik mohammed and four others out of the area. both active commercial and resident areas, they say they don't want to become targets themselves. >> they should have the trial near his family and their family in our nation's capitol. not near my family. we had enough on slept 11.
8:04 am
>> mayor rudy guiliani will be here in 20 minutes and we'll weigh in on this and much more. john edwards admitting what was long suspected, that he is the father of real hunter's baby. releasing the following statement about the affair with his campaign videographer and his two-year-old daughter, i am quinn's father. i will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. it was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day when she understands, she will forgive me. to all of those i disappointed and hurt, these words will never be enough, but i am truly sorry. a little later on, we will hear more from edwards' lawyer who was actually the person doing the speaking this morning. a fox news alert, conan o'brien signs a deal to leave nbc and the "tonight show." he will be paid $33 million. he gained $3 million in the last hour. another 12 million -- luckily it
8:05 am
will go to his staff. the final show is tomorrow. conan keeping up with his barbs. >> there is good news. this is crazy. over the past week ratings for our "tonight show" are up by 50%. [ cheers and applause ] isn't that crazy? yeah. when nbc executives heard this, they told me, see, you really don't fit in around here. >> last night his guests tomorrow will be will farrell and tom banks, jay leno returns march 1. >> right after the winter olympics, which will lose $200 million. >> yeah. >> nbc is having a great year. >> they don't pay enough for the two man luge. >> in a couple hours, the whole spectrum of the u.s. senate will change. that's because republican scott brown will meet with his new colleagues up on capitol hill and joining us from washington is caroline shively.
8:06 am
the guy who took the political wrecking ball to the democrat machine is going to come to town and people are ready for him, aren't they? >> people are absolutely ready for him. by my count, fox news has seven stakeout positions all up and down capitol hill. we're one news organization. everyone wants to see this guy to talk to him, even though he'll probably only be the capitol for four hours today. because he has to get back to boston to watch his daughter's basketball game tonight. the first major impact of his election is already being felt here in washington. president obama told abc last night he might be willing to scale back his health care proposal to get some republican support. brown's campaign sent a formal request to massachusetts secretary of state to certify his election before absentee ballots are counted so he can be seated as quickly as possible. >> i can't tell you how proud i am to be here standing before you all and being -- having an opportunity to maybe send the country in a different and better direction. that's my goal.
8:07 am
>> brown arrives mid-morning to visit with a few senators. mccain, kerry, plus ted kirk. fourth up is senate minority leader mcconnell. his last stop is at a republican luncheon, why i'm predicting a standing ovation. republicans are giddy to see this guy. back to you. >> apparently he's not going to be bringing the truck down, because it's a one day trip, because he's got to go back to his daughter's boston college basketball game. >> exactly. >> let's talk about what this means, what the reaction is on capitol hill. first off, the reaction to democrats, a lot facing up to what many say is reality. it serves as a wake-up call. other people, like, says we must have a more bipartisan approach. senator schumer says we must reassess and reexamine. the president of the united states has a different take on what this entire thing has
8:08 am
meant. ted kennedy seat being gone has meant. here he is yesterday with george stephanopoulos. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me in office. people are angry and frustrated. not only because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. i think the assumption was if i focus on policy, if i just focus on this provision or that law or are we making a good rational decision -- >> people will get it. >> the people will get it. and i think what they ended up seeing is this feeling of remoteness and detachment where there are these folks who are making decisions, maybe some are good, maybe some aren't, but do they really get us and what we're going through, and i think that i can do a better job of that. >> don't talk, but listen more. >> i think the people finally got it when they started having
8:09 am
those tea parties. they're like, wait a minute, we heard you loud and clear. we don't like it. i do think they were getting it, but what else was the president supposed to say in this? this is the ultimate spin zone, the biggest spin he's ever had to do in his whole political career was that interview yesterday because what could he possibly say about the historic win by scott brown in massachusetts? >> you know what? it's amazing that he would continue a year in to blame george bush, which he did in that first sound bite where he said people are angry over the last eight years. just remember, over the last one year, he has been the president of the united states. really, i think it is disingeneral with us to say that the people up in massachusetts, that's what they were talking about, it has become a referendum on his health care initiative, that they pulled the lever because they were angry at george bush. people up there are angry because they don't have jobs and a lot of people are out of work and they feel like washington, d.c. is simply tone deaf. >> health care, cap and trade, maybe not on the top of
8:10 am
everyone's mind when they think economy should be and the war on terror. war on terror up there in the exit polls. >> i think that's been the underreported that that was a huge factor in why people voted the way they did in massachusetts. >> yeah. it absolutely was. in fact, i think he was -- scott brown was on the stump saying, by the way, i'm pro-water boarding and he won. meanwhile, who is angry about this? robert gibbs thinks the word anger is the key to learning from what happened in massachusetts. >> let's count. >> the anger and frustration, the ager and the frustration. i think the anger that the president addressed. the anger we've seen is similar to the anger we saw last night. that anger is pointed at us. the president hears and understands the anger. there is frustration and anger. anxiety and the anger. that anger and frustration. that frustration and anger. the type of ager and
8:11 am
frustration. >> does that sound like a talking point? >> i think so. >> if you're going to say anger, make sure you use frustration right after it. let's talk about oaringer and that is apparently some muslims are angry over the fact that a company from michigan that has been making for many, many years military sights for rifles, apparently for over 30 years has put little quoted bible passages. we highlighted that. kind of a serial number and followed by jn8:12. that means john 8:12. this caused a lot of people to say is this appropriate for the military to be using stuff that's got bible passages on it? >> no doubt it was one or two people who brought it to the attention of the world that has been on these sites. new zealand and great britain say they could be uncomfortable with members of their military units using these particular device, as well as spokesperson for care. that is the muslim group who
8:12 am
worries that al-qaeda could actually get more angry as a result of these bible verses on the weapons that are coming their way. >> we believe it's a risk to our troops and a risk to our national security. i'm sure people like al-qaeda will use this as a recruitment tool or a talking point to say look at these neurocrusaders. they're even having the bible or secret bible codes inscribed on their weapons and are killing civilian. >> my wife made a good observation yesterday when we were talking about this to this story. and that is wait a minute, what is it they say before they blow themselves up or kill somebody, they say, allah akbar. so if anybody is making this a religious thing, they started it. >> 12 minutes after the hour. first the main stream media attacked sarah palin and now scott brown. >> if there was democratic martha coakley, they would get health care reform. if they go for republican scott
8:13 am
brown, it's deliberate premeditated murder for health care. >> closer look at the bias on other networks coming up next. reality star heidi montag had ten plastic surgeries in one day. she's only 23 years old. a lot of girls look up to her and they want the same thing now? we have assembled a panel of medical experts for you parents. wasn't she beautiful before? i think so. >> yep.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
people came out the stunning change in washington. the people voting scott brown in the seat ted kennedy called his for years. the people didn't agree. >> the first call you made after your victory was to ted kennedy's widow. how comfortable was that for both of you knowing that you plan to do everything you could
8:17 am
to derail what ted kennedy called the cause of his lifetime, health care reform? >> you're misrepresenting. i never said i was going to do everything i can to stop health care. i believe everybody should have it. it's a question how we do it. it's that rare election where voters know exactly what they're voting on. if there was democrat martha coakley, they get health care reform. if they go for republican scott brown, it's deliberate premeditated murder for health care. >> so is the coverage fair, i ask? i asked tucker carlson that, the editor of the daily caller. tucker, what do you think, fair? >> # deliberate premeditated murder. a vote for scott brown is not only unwise, it's a crime. i mean, really you couldn't frame it in a way that resembles a campaign slogan more. if you're going to write campaign slogan, do it in your spare time and not while you're on air and accept ago salary from a so-called news organization. really over the top. >> so-called news organization, i was watching one of those
8:18 am
other channels day before last on election night. they were wetting their pants. >> yeah. there was one, i mean, not to name names and i won't, but there was one cable news channel that cut into brown's acceptance speech minutes in and didn't air the rest of it. and instead, aired the anchor, a couple of anchors talking about how this was a tragedy for america. i think there is a feeling that this was somehow not real because everybody know this is is a democratic seat, how dare the tea party people or other inconvenient practitioners of democracy get in the way and take this away from the kennedy family, you know, and destroy the legacy of the lion, the senate. i mean, et cetera. it's childish, it's stupid. and unfortunately, it's leaked out on air. >> tucker, let me ask you about chris matthews. you used to work next to him. what has happened to him?
8:19 am
>> you know, chris for years, of course, worked as a democratic person, worked for tip o'neill, but clearly that early life experience is being relived on air now. and that's not news analysis. that's just partisan advocacy, unfortunately. >> tucker carlson joining us from the dc bureau today. editor of the daily caller. thank you, tucker. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, someone who knows scott brown well, he campaigned with him as well and as late as last week, mayor rudy guiliani. he's here next to weigh in on brown's stunning victory. >> and reality star heidi montag had ten plastic surgeries in one day. a lot of young women look up to her and want the same thing. up next, a panel of medical experts experts with advice every parent and teen-ager should hear. stay with us.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
you've probably had this conversation around your table if you're a parent of a teen-ager. is heidi montag addicted to plast psychic surgery? she had ten procedures in one day. what kind of message is she send to go young women and is what she did safe? we turn to our medical panel. we've got the whole thing covered here. dr. siegel, let me start with you because you're an internist. you might be the first person that somebody like heidi montag comes into contact with saying, i'm 23, but i don't like my face. >> you know something, i think
8:24 am
internallists have a role here and not just being a rubber stamp. people come to me for surgery all the time. and i weigh, do really want it? i tell them, one of the risks you're doing because the more anesthesia, the more risk of side effect. even liposuction, can lead to all kinds of problems with nerves and skin. when i was an intern, i saw someone at 16 who had a nose job and got too much valium, stopped breathing and had brain damage. this could be a very serious thing. any surgery can be serious. >> such a complicated issue because so many people now want to get these little nips and tucks because they appear to be easy and not life-threatening. but in this case, it's a 23-year-old already beautiful woman. is there a role for plastic surgeons to say they're not going to do these? >> there absolutely is. i think you have to question the motivation of the 23-year-old. in general, a 23-year-old who hasn't had trauma, hasn't had a congenital defect, birth defect,
8:25 am
we have to wonder why does something like that want to have this many of hours of surgery? is she in a healthy relationship? does she have issues with her body? >> as a plastic surgeon, do you ask those questions? what are the guidelines in which plastic surgeons need to operate? >> some of the things you have to look for and find out why is it in any consultation, why is it that the person wants to have surgery and what are they unhappy about? and your assessment during that evaluation is, are these realistic expectations? is this something that's usual for a patient this age? is this something that i can fix? is this something that maybe needs to be fixed internally? >> maybe they should go to the psychiatrist before they come to the plastic surgeon and that's why we have dr. lieberman here this morning. what does this say to you, dr. lieberman, about the mental state of a young william -- woman wanting this much change. >> we can only speculate, but everybody is saying she's addict to do plastic surgery, she's crazy. the question, is she really
8:26 am
crazy or crazy like a fox and if this was a calculated business decision to make herself more marketable? in terms of the motivation, which i think is really the key issue here, there are conditions within clinical psychiatry in which people would path clogcally be motivated to expose themselves to potentially unnecessary risks to achieve unattainable physical beauty. there is a condition called obsessive compulsive. if you're fixated on an idea of vanity, which you can never satisfy, you will have repeated surgeries. there is delusions where people perceive things about their body which are not real, but they're convinced of and they keep going from surgeon to surgeon trying to rectify this. so the key thing is discerning her motivation. >> what message would you give as a physician to parents out there who have young kids watching this and maybe they're going to go down the same path? >> not everyone can look like
8:27 am
gretchen carlson. but you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. that's what parents should be teaching their children. you have to learn to be comfortable with yourself. that's the primary role of a physician, to make sure that happens. >> got to build yourself from within. that's what i tell my kids. that doesn't work in this day and age of hollywood and publicity, right? >> that's definitely true. i think there are roles for plastic surgery, not typically in a 23-year-old, but an actress, and i take care of a fair number on hd, there may be defects that somebody can see on film that maybe inperceptible in real life and those need to be assessed. >> the key is she's only 23. unfortunately, i have to wrap it up here. a very interesting conversation. thank you very much. >> steve and brian, what are you up to? >> thank you very much. >> coming up, the silence of the silahys. >> the constitution protects fools. the constitution protects stupidity. the constitution protects errant
8:28 am
thought. thank god it does. >> much more from that hearing ahead. >> and we've got a very special guest with us reading the paper right now. >> and the right paper. the new york post. >> look, there is a sales at macy's. rudy guiliani. we're going to talk to him about scott brown who is going to washington, d.c. later on today. and take a look at this video, the bobsled track just got a whole lot colder for that woman. watch as she bends over and suddenly -- that's rudy laughing. >> somebody needs a new unitar. call the tailor. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. half past the hour. let's talk about haiti because so many haitians on edge this morning, concerned about another major after shock. there was one yesterday during our show. it's feared the quake killed now as many as 200,000. joining us live from port-au-prince, orlando salinas on the latest on the relief efforts there. good morning to you. >> reporter: gretchen, you're right, 6.1 yesterday and the concern from some of the rescue teams that we were with is that the buildings that they wanted to go into made them even more unstable. swing it this way. joining me right now, this is anisse davis, you're a flight
8:33 am
nurse out of houston, texas, an organization called building without borders. you've been here for six or seven days already. you're leaving. why? >> it's time for us to get back. our work is done here. we all have to get back. we all have other opportunities and things we have to do back in the states. so we have to leave now. >> reporter: what did you see out here? the obvious i get. but as you leave, i don't believe you leave completely satisfied. >> no. there is so much work to be done. people still need to come here and there is months and years of work to be done here. what we found when we got here is we got here and spent a couple of days in a couple of smaller towns and the hospital, there is no care that can be given. they don't have the resource, they don't have the people. we went to several little hospital, several outlying communities. the care is not there because they don't have the resources, the people captain get to the hospitals. once we get to the hospitals, we're finding that the people can't get there. they have no transportation. once they get there, the wounds have been there for so many days
8:34 am
that it's dire experience that these patients are having right now. >> reporter: thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me. thank you for speaking with me. also, we do want to talk about the humanitarian efforts that continue to go on. over that way, you have all of these supplies that are still coming in. it is an incredible organization that's taking place. we spent some time yesterday, gretchen, as they offloaded some of these supplies, took them from port-au-prince and it was a rocky and hard road for these military trucks come over. steve, come this way. what i would like to do, actually, gretchen -- steve, if you can zoom in to that group of soldiers right there. see that military flag? steve is going to give you a tight shot. those are combat air controllers. there is no air traffic control tower here. those guys right there are u.s. military with that u.s. military flag, that american flag, they are the ones that are
8:35 am
coordinating the aviation ballet. we'll be speaking with them later on. they're making sure that these supplies keep coming in from all around the world. 24 hours a day. gretchen. >> all right. thank you very much for that report. coming up on the show tomorrow, we'll speak to two physicians from here in new york who were actually down in haiti and talk to them about the endless job that they did down there. they slept six hours in four days. >> speaking of job, the latest weekly jobless report is out from the labor department. and it's bad news. it is rising, more than expected. the number of first time unemployment claims jumped by 36,000 to 482,000. i believe they were expecting something like 30 or 40,000 less than that. it is the highest number of first time claims since november. >> mccain and palin back together again. the senator announcing his former running mate will campaign for him in phoenix as he seeks a sixth term there. it will be their first time
8:36 am
together since the campaign. >> couple accused of crashing president obama's first state dinner went before the homeland security committee and it was a circus. they faced questions about the incident, but the questions came, the silahys took the fifth. >> on the advice of counsel, i assert my right to remain silent. >> on advice of counsel, i respectively assert my right to remain silent. >> i think he's wearing make-up. they say they will talk before the grand jury wraps up its investigation. he is going for a reality show, right? >> what you're about to see is the first photo of tiger woods taken in public in nearly eight weeks. it was taken been a "national enquirer" photographer allegedly shows the world's number one golfer at a mississippi sex addiction rehab cling. -- clinic. he's on an indefinitely from professional golf. >> the dangers of bobsledding taking on a whole new meaning. getting ready to take her run in
8:37 am
make placid. crowd is laughing so hard, officials were forced to quiet them down. he ends up cracking up. >> did you say cracking up? brian, what's the matter with you. >> excellent writing. >> along with her partner and went off to taigled in the event. >> the laughter offscreen belongs to that of rudy guiliani. >> good morning to you. >> i know last weekend you were up in new england, campaigning in massachusetts for scott brown. when the final numbers came in and it was clear that here, a republican had won in the bluest of blue states, what did you think? >> even though i guess since friday i kind of expected expect since seeing the polls, i expected he will win. i still was shocked. even though -- you? thought at the last --
8:38 am
>> 1972, you've got this massive democratic machine and they haven't voted for a republican senator for that seat in generation and a half. and then the president went up there. i mean, my -- huge risk. >> i thought it was a mistake. i thought so. >> he's 4-0 now. >> it seemed to me that most of the emotion in the campaign was against him. that's really what it was about. scott ran a really good campaign. never got in the way of that. but most of this was about people in massachusetts are upset with the direction of the government. >> that's not what obama said. he blamed it on bush again. he said the people in massachusetts voted the way they did because they've been angry for the last eight years. not counting the year's been in office. >> if the people were still angry at bush and not him, they wouldn't have voted for the republican. doesn't make any sense. the reality is, all you had to
8:39 am
do was talk to them and i talked to a lot of them. i talked to a lot of people, a lot of them democrats. they come up and say, he's going not wrong direction. he's going too far left. i'm angry at health care. what do you think of that trial in new york? isn't that stupid? i mean, both of those issues -- i think the health care issue is clear. they don't want this form of health care. they've it in massachusetts. they either like it or don't like it because it's costing them too much money. but i think national security had something to do with this also. scott made a big point because he's been in the military for 30 years. trying ksm in a new york court, cutting off the questioning of the christmas day almost bomber, that was absurd. we didn't even know the facts that we now know, that they never bother to do check with the intelligence people. they cut off his questioning without ever talking to the top three intelligence people in the
8:40 am
obama administration. >> that's because they were all on vacation. >> which is absurd. it's absurd we have something like this going on that these people are on vacation. quite frankly. >> i think the president should not have stayed on vacation in a situation like this because when the president stays on vacation, everybody else gets the signal that they can stay on vacation. the president has to get the fact that he's a leader and you lead by example. >> you used to be the mayor of new york city. you were very familiar with china town, little italy, not far from there is where they're going to be holding khalid shaikh mohammed's trial and there was a heated public hearing last night where people were going, come on, why doesn't holder have the trial closer to his family? we are terrified. >> the worst part of this, and i wish -- this is not necessary. if this were necessary, only place we could try this guy is in a civilian court in manhattan, i'd be for it. i want to see him tried. i want to see him executed. however, you can try him in a military court. we're trying other terrorists in a military court.
8:41 am
we tried enemy combatants under roosevelt and lincoln and everybody else in military courts. this is not necessary and i have a prediction. >> what? >> this trial is not going to take place in manhattan. the president is going to change his mind. the sooner he does it, the less damage -- this is like watching an accident. you can see it happening. >> slow motion. >> it's just happening because this political problem for him gets worse and worse and worse going into 2010, 2012. >> i'll add something to that, we're passengers. we are not in control of the direction. you can see it, but you can't alter it. >> it certainly is going to make trend did he say congestion in manhattan. it's certainly going to mean a higher level of risk. enormous expenditures. treating these people as domestic criminals means the cutting off of questioning like we did at christmas time and we have no idea what we don't know. we do know we have poor
8:42 am
intelligence. why do you do this? >> before you go, do you have a comment on john edwards taking responsibility for the two-year-old kid? >> you know, he's out of office now. personal matter. that's between him, the woman in his life and the child and i hope he takes care of the child. that's his obligation. that's the main thing he should be thinking of is taking care of the child. >> great to hear your thoughts this morning. >> thank you. >> i hope to see you again soon. >> take care. >> straight ahead, scott brown's win, a lot bigger than just stopping health care in its tracks perhaps. up next, a look at the history that put his stunning victory in perspective. that's the black eyed peas. >> i love that song.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
less than 24 hours ago, republican takes the senate seat held by ted keen dee for near -- kennedy that he held for nearly half a century. peter, have we been down this
8:46 am
path before, some way, somehow, through american history? >> it's a plate shift and the state of massachusetts has historic history in terms of some of the senators that served in that state. the great daniel webster, charles sumner who was caned in the senate for his civil war -- he was a great abolitionist, against slavery. henry cabot lodge, the kennedy, the grandson of henry cabot lodge, going back and forth, running first against fitz and then john f. kennedy and him beating him in 1952. and so when the president, president obama, talks about anger in the country, when he talks about a lot of the same things that affected his candidacy at play in massachusetts, we've seen the birth of potentially a presidential or vice presidential candidate out of the state of massachusetts and there have been four in american history born in massachusetts and again, we might have someone
8:47 am
who is kind of walking in the political foot steps of barak obama, a state senator, a legislator in the house of massachusetts. and then elected against a formidable candidate, unlike president obama, he ran against allen keys in a one sided race. here against martha coakley, attorney general of the state of massachusetts and winning. so what we have is a plate tech tonic shift. the kennedy seat of 60 years is gone. >> when david plo th comes out and say if we even had a halfway competent candidate, and i paraphrase, they would have won. and when rahm emmanuel reportedly blames coakley, are they right or are they missing what massachusetts represents? >> they're intentionally missing t. it's revisionist history. she was considered one of the excellent trial lawyers in the united states, a prosecutor. she was the middlesex district
8:48 am
attorney. she has a history in that state as does her family. and she was a superb candidate. what we're seeing, though, is the president looking at his own foot steps in the past. same anger that he says helped elect him, helping elect scott brown in massachusetts and enlistenning the republican party. >> she's a good candidate, but she did not run a great campaign. good to see you. # dozens of kids being rescued from a haitian orphanage. what u.s. parents can do to adopt them. first, let's check in with martha cock column for what'sen -- mccollum at the top of the hour. >> we have -- coming up, we have something, a live event that will happen during america's newsroom. mr. brown goes to washington, you could call it. we'll watch his arrival and see what kind of response he gets
8:49 am
and being said if a democrat says you they're not worried, you should slap them. we'll talk more about that coming up on america's newsroom.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
pennsylvania governor ed rendell just back from haiti with a plane loaded with kids rescued from an orphanage. >> we talked to the governor about that yesterday on our program. >> we've seen from pittsburgh monday morning at 11:00 o'clock, landed in port-au-prince around 6:00 o'clock. for the next 6 1/2 hours, it was an up and down roller coaster ride trying to get all -- it was 54 kids, all 54 kids out. and at first the haitian government wouldn't let them all out and were going to let some out. finally, at about 11:00 o'clock we got word that all the kids
8:53 am
could go. >> while the government says they're trying to speed up the process, thousands of orphaned children are still in haiti in desperate need of loving parents and safe houses. >> nancy is a director for bethany christian service, the largest adoption agency in the united states. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> my goodness, it was already such a tough process to get kids out of haiti for adoption before. now, what are you faced with? >> well, first of all, we're faced with families who have their papers ready, who have been approve to do adopt children, who have gone through the whole home study process, and now they're waiting for their children and we are just urging everyone to call their congress person, have them streamline the process so those that were matched with orphans can bring them into the country as soon as possible. >> and there were a lot of orphans to begin with. >> yes. >> but there are even more now. >> absolutely. >> i know a lot of people
8:54 am
watching right now have looked at some of these pictures and said, what can i do? could i possibly adopt one of these haitian children? what's the first step? >> the first step is to find a reputable adoption agency and fill out a preliminary application. we just want your viewers to know that it's going to take many months to sort out who the children are that are really orphans and who are not orphans. the last thing we want to see happen is children traumatized, brought to the united states or other countries and really, their birth parents are there in haiti. ideally we'll find relative, aunts, uncles, who can take care of them. >> the haitian ambassador to the united states had this to say about that exact dilemma. >> we have to take time at least to find out who the kids are, really are their parents dead? who is the guardian? we just cannot pick up any kid in the street of haiti and put
8:55 am
them aboard a plane and send them to america where he's going to be adopted. we can't do that. >> on our channel we've shown heart breaking pictures of people here in the united states who the adoptions have already been approved and they see the kids there in facilities somewhere in haiti and can't get them back. a lot has to do with red tape with the u.s. department of state and you would like to see people who are watching right now, contact their congressman to contact the state department and say what? >> and to say, please, streamline the process. let's find a way to get these children to safe compounds by the u.s. embassy. get them on planes to america. keep them safe. get the children out who are certified as those who have no birth parents available to place with them into good, loving homes. >> if you would like more information about this particular adoption agency, the betaine christian services or any other, go to our web site. thank you so much.
8:56 am
>> thank you. >> more "fox & friends," two minutes away.
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8:59 am
all right. i'm receiving word from the control room that tomorrow on the "fox & friends" program, the number one cable news show in america, john mccain is going to be joining us and we'll want to pick his brain about the whole scott brown big win in the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> we'll also want to pick his brain about the hearings he's having on capitol hill right now with regard to what, in fact, the top intel agencies now about the underwear bomber and why more was not done during that time. he's asking a lot of tough questions. >> what friday would be complete without chris wallace? >> the tooth fairy will be here. >> unrelated, geraldo rivera, who has been very busy down in haiti. have a terrific day. we'll see you back here tomorrow, same time, same channel.


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