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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 22, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> greta: senator elect scott brown. you know his name. how much do you really know about the man who is turning washington upside down? well you're about to find out from people who know him best. even from the senator elect himself. we are live in wakefield, massachusetts for the next hour. giving you the inside story. we start first, with the senator elect. earlier our own griff jenkins tracked him down. >> reporter: senator brown, congratulations. tell me about your trip to washington. how were you received? >> exciting, humling to be there in walking through halls, now i have an office in a little bit of time. >> reporter: >> reporter: you are 41, very important issue, health care there what can you share with what the other senators spoke to you about with regards to the health care? >> now everybody is the 41st senator it gives the ability for debate to begin again and bring it back to the drawing
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board. when i was in caucus they had been talking about issues hit been talking about on the campaign trail and they asked me what the pulse is in massachusetts and how it affected my race? the biggest problem, what would you do? i wouldn't raise taxes. i wouldn't cut medicare half a trillion dollars. and i wouldn't continually raise fees and do these backroom deals because it is not what the people want. they've spoken loud and clear they want transparency. they want to know what is in the bills. hopefully they will get it. >> reporter: interesting point. senator nelson of nebraska, we've all her about the -- heard about the cornhusker kickback are you prepared to tell senator nelson we to knock that off? >> i think he already knows. he's gotten that from his own delegation, the caucus they were outraged at that backroom deal. going in on one issue then came out with a deal that every state in the country was
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going to be subsidizing medicaid forever. it is not how people want to do business. they want a fair and free debate and know they are getting their money's worth by sending people down there who are going to represent their interests in a fair and open way >> reporter: what is your first priority when you hit washington you are going to hit the ground running? what the first priorities? >> i'm hopeful people give me a couple of weeks to get settled and get the office and staff up and running. obviously an appropriations bill coming up. the first priority to make sure massachusetts's interests are secured in that effort. i'm going to be working with senator kerry and hopefully learn from them and see what they suggest and try to join forces to fight for our interests. >> reporter: a lot of reporters, colleagues of mine have been trying to define what is a scott brown republican? i ask you what's a scott brown republican? >> somebody who believes in good government, fairness and openness. who knows the value of a
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dollar and wants to make sure that, you know when he give his word it is gold. and when i -- somebody asks me a question i give them a straight answer so they can best make their own decisions from that answer. not give them a wishy-washy answer. when people are here and in massachusetts they may not like the and but they respect it is honest then they can determine where they need to go from that somebody who has a sense of humor once in a while who can crack a joke and laugh at himself and his family. sometimes a pat on the shoulder and a smile goes a long way not only here but in washington. >> reporter: on election night, take me behind the scenes, when did you know you had won? what was happening? >> we had a sense through the poll the weeks that things were going our way. i -- we were getting calls from people saying you won this town 2-1, this town 3-1. when it was an nunned when
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i the check from a couple of stations, the check off in the box, probably 45 minutes after the race. then martha called me before they an nunned. she knew right way. >> reporter: what are you doing this afternoon? >> basically opening up mail, trying to answer letters and e-mails. hit 700 e-mails i'm caught up. i took all the phone messages off my phone. i still have bills to pay. i'm not a wealthy man. i'm trying to wrap up some business things and make sure the kids are good and safe and my wife is balanced at work. trying to get my wife in some semblance of order. >> reporter: any indication when you will be seated? >> i wish it was today, but i understand there's a process. i don't want to be a pain in the neck about it. i'm hopeful they will get me down there as quickly as possible. >> reporter: when you get there the health care bill, dead on arrival? >> i think it is already that
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way now. i think people realized as the process moved on that it was not really working. because of all the backroom deals, people were getting more and more angry. i may have been the election at the time and health care was one issue. we're talking taxes and spending, terrorism, how we treat terrorists versus ordinary criminals. there are a host of issues on the table. the health care bill is just one. i've always said that i want everyone to have some form of basic health care coverages. it is just a question of how does it affect my state and not raise taxes and raising the debt. >> reporter: you clearly understood the anger, the populist sentiment with regard to things happening in washington in your own race. when did you really realize that would bring you a victory? what does it mean for 2010 with other races? >> i knew from when i an
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nunned that obviously i'm the candidate. i guess every candidate says they are going to win. i had a feeling i would be competitive and it would be down to the wire. i sensed throughout being a legislator i sensed in massachusetts we had some issues with speakers being indicted and senators resigning and out of control spending and taxation. couple with what is happening nationally people are concerned about good government. i think the message that my victory sends is that anyone running democrat or republican has to start to get back to doing the people's business. that is solving problems. >> greta: griff jenkins joins us live. we to start with where we are. we have a very gracious host. where are we? >> reporter: wakefield high school this is the court where scott broken was the co-captain of his basketball team. one of the earliest episodes perhaps of him being somewhat of a lead areer. -- leader. quiet student didn't speak out
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a lot but a driven athlete. >> greta: i imagine quite popular among the other students, especially maybe perhaps the women? >> reporter: i couldn't speak to that full disclosure we did try and track down his high school sweetheart but we weren't able to do so. however, his leadership on the basketball team as well as the track team are apparently attributes he has carried else where in his life soft spoken down-to-earth, but driven when it came to perform -- performance and excelling in some form other another. they told me around the school for the most part they weren't surprised he had again on to bigger and better things. >> greta: when he was in washington yesterday and we arrived today, everybody in the media was trailing him. it was a big deal he arrived in town because number 41 and the uncertainty of what happens now with health care and other bills. when you went see him today
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was he trailed by a ton of media. where did you find him? >> reporter: in his campaign office south of wakefield, 20 minutes or so. he pulled up in his pick-up truck by himself, no media in tow. out in jacket carrying a stack of as you heard he's paying bills and going through mail and trying to catch up. came into the lobby. i just stopped by doing a little bit of reporting work. so it was a bit of a coincidence i had shown up at the same time he needed to stop by before he was taking weekend with his family to have some down time before it starts. he was gracious and gave me time to talk to me there as you just saw. when he first came in i asked where he had been? he told me off camera he had been to the doctor's office because his throat was running scratchy and he was a little worn down. >> greta: this is by no means a scientific study. people recognize you from fox. did any people on the street
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say i voted for him, i didn't, lousy choice, great choice? anyone say anything at all? >> reporter: everyone we've talked to and we went places where he grew up and live, the people that know him are very much in favor of him. when we did talk to folks in diners a few said, hey, don't talk to me, i don't wanna talk about it. you know, the guy doesn't walk on water but he's certainly popular in the parts that we visited. >> greta: griff, thank you. we are live for the next hour from wakefield, massachusetts. next, is senator elect brown savagely partisan? or does he reach across party lines? a democrat who worked with the state senator goes on the record, next. plus, senator elect brown played a lot of high basketball games right here. we have a very special guest coming up to give you the inside story. we are back in two. host: could switching to geico really save you
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>> greta: senator elect has a new nickname or we should call it a nick number 41. that's what mitch mcconnell now calls him. brown is senate republican number 41, enough to bust the filibuster proof senate. does he recalls vote with the republicans or cross over? let's ask a former colleague from across the aisle. joining us senator. you are still colleagues? >> until thursday. >> greta: you are a coakley supporter. how long have you known senator elect brown? >> we worked together for 10 or 12 years. he's a good guy. >> greta: that's what we wonder. there's a lot of partisanship in washington, d.c.. is he the type to reaches --
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who reaches across the aisle or not? >> absolutely. he would don't have the partisan rancor you snow washington. in fact people are tired of. by virtue of there being only five republicans in our state senate they have to work with us and we with them and we gladly do. again, there's not the partisan rancor you see in washington that the public is tired of. get tkret is the numbers that forces the republicans to work with democrats here do you think it is likely he will be more partisan? >> i think it is a little bit might be something to the numbers having an influence. i think it is also nature of our state legislature versus what we see in the federal congress and the nature of scott brown he's just a good guy. he works with republicans, democrats alike. i think that you have to be somewhat of a moderate to succeed as a republican here in massachusetts. we see that folks like bill
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weld succeeded as governor following dukakis. he was a moderate republican he took a severe right turn when he tried to run for governor in new york. mitt romney ran initially here as a moderate against ted kennedy unsuccessful but was successful getting elected governor. he took a severe right when he national aspirations. i'm not sure we will see that out of scott. >> what did you think when you first heard he was going to run for senate? >> i wished him well. he's a very good guy. frankly, i think he was somewhat of a sacrificial lamb. i mentioned the weld fight against kerry in '96 and the romney fight against the late senator kennedy. those were heavyweight epic battles. nobody expected a republican to have a shot in this race and there were a lot better known republicans that took a pass now probably kicking
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themselves for doing so. most of us thought scott was setting himself up for a subsequent statewide run by getting his name out apparently he didn't get the memo and he won. >> greta: i guess it is hard he would have a signature issue as a republican that the state senate here. is there any sort of issue that you expect he's going to carry the torch for in washington on behalf of massachusetts? >> he's a fiscal moderate to conservative and i think that plays well in the environment. republicans and democrats are very concerned about the extraordinary national debt. we have a balance budget requirement here in massachusetts. when revenues plummet, as they have, we are forced to balance the budget. unfortunately, we see on the federal level an opportunity to raise the debt, again a nonpartisan, both sighs have been guilty of this seeing the national debt go from a ian beyond to 14 chill beyond all
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our children and ground children will inherit the debt. i think scott will be the voice of fiscal moderation. i don't think you will see him going far, far right perhaps republicans in other parts of the country want to do. >> greta: 2006, you universal health care in the state of massachusetts. overall successful or unsuccessful are people happy? >> overall successful we have 90 foyt -- we have 98% of our citizens are insured in massachusetts. we took a three-pronged approach. contribution from government, also an individual responsibility. then there's an employer mandate. so the burden is shared somewhat equal fully those three areas. >> greta: does it cost the state? has it created any real money problems here? >> the data is somewhat inconclusive. people can look at it and say
10:17 pm
the cost has again up, clearly it has. then we can also say the cost of delivering health care has again up, clearly how much of that is attributable to the increase in this public health insurance? it has cost us, but i think it has been largely successful. get get thank you sir. >> my pleasure. >> greta: next, did you know, senator elect brown's wife is a tv reporter and his daughter was on "american idol" and has a recording deal? there's much more you haven't her. we are going to tell you, next. >> you go behind the scenes of the campaign rocking and confusing washington. how did the senator pull off what most thought was impossible? inside story on that we are back in two. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds
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>> greta: on the record is live in wakefield, massachusetts bringing you the inside story on senator elect scott brown and his stunning upset. how much do you know about the guy who may be changing everything? when did he enter politics and what has he done in his political career? joining us state house reporter for the boston globe. how did the senator elect get into politics? when did he get into politics? >> he started as a town assessor in his hometown he rose from there to selectman from there to the state house where he was a state legislator in the house for a couple of years and an opportunity came open in a special election in 2004 for the state senate. then he launched into the state senate where he's been up until now. >> greta: is there any way to characterize his years in the state senate or in the legislature? >> it is really difficult.
10:21 pm
senator touched on this a minute ago. dynamics of the state house are overwhelmingly democratic. in the senate where he's been 35 members are democrats and five are republicans. so it is really hard for republicans to make a huge impact in the legislature. so if there's anything that people point to with scott brown it has been veterans' issues he has filed legislation dealing with veterans. he's a member of the national guard in massachusetts. >> greta: is he the type of state senator that everybody in the state knew or sort of a quiet state senator until he ran for this office, for the national office? did people know about him throughout the state? >> i think people knew about him. he's been in the news for various things. he had -- he didn't have a big statewide profile. i think that may have helped him in the campaign. because people could pour their own hopes into him and
10:22 pm
sort of -- he could be who they wanted him to be. it would be really interesting to watch him as he comes to washington and he has a new platform now. he has having press conferences a couple weeks ago and three of us were there to cover it. now, the whole nation is watching for each and every word that he says here in washington yesterday when he was here, touring around he huge crowds. it will be interesting to see what he does with that sort of new platform. >> greta: does very any record on social issues or environmental issues in the state senate? >> there hasn't been a huge record. devote for a regional cap and trade system about two years ago. he since said he regrets that vote. that he didn't like what the end result was so he ran against cap and trade during the senate election. social issues, he hasn't had a big fancy -- voted against gay marriage in massachusetts. he wanted to put i on the
10:23 pm
ballot. -- to put it on the ballot. abortion became a little issue in the campaign where he filed amendment that would limit emergency contraceptives in certain cases of rape, people had a religious preference not to give out the morning after pill. he has a little bit of a record on social issues, not a profound one. >> greta: interesting with the sort of thin record i realize it is a very democratic state senate here it is almost as though people voted against the democratic party. because there was pot a huge record to vote for him, other than that he was saying on the campaign trial to the extent it inspired people. >> i think that was a major component of the race he comes across very well, he's very like able in the state senate people like him, you know when he's walking and and they liked him a lot on the campaign trail. i think it was a combination
10:24 pm
of the two where people were not enthusiastic about coakley the democratic candidate and they liked what they saw of scott broken and now he has two years to try and -- scott brown and now he has two years to try and prove people made the right choice that's why i think it will be interesting to see him washington and what type of record he carves out as he almost has to start thinking about reelection fairly soon and keep those voters that voted for him last week, early this week. >> greta: matt, thank you. >> thanks greta. >> greta: practically overnight people across the country know the name scott brown. he's not the only person in the family in the public eye. senator-elect brown is married to a general assignment reporter for an abc an film why it in boston. she has worked there since 1993 and will continue her job after senator-elect brown is sworn in she did not campaign with her husband and only appeared with him public on election night. they have two daughters
10:25 pm
21-year-old ayla made it to the top 16 on "american idol" before being eliminated. now she has a recording deal and plays basketball for boston college. senator-elect brown's other daughter 19-year-old arianna, premed student at syracuse university. the young women have become two of the most searched on the internet after he referred to them as available during his victory speech. we are betting his popularity at home dropped slightly after that. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs.
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>> greta: most people said it was impossible. unthinkable. not going to happen. a republican elected to fill the late senator kennedy's open seat. how did senator-elect scott brown pull it off? griff jenkins talked to scott brown's campaign strategist. >> reporter: i'm with dubbed the wonder boy. i watched them call you that you were the wonder boy take me behind the scenes eric what happened in this campaign? >> we had a strong candidate first and foremost. you couldn't ask for a more disciplined candidate. he had a strong team behind him and strong possessions on the -- positions on the issues. from the first day of his campaign in september he was
10:29 pm
talking overtaxization, too much spending, national security concerns about how we have to treat terrorists as enemy combat tans not as ordinary criminals. he had a good strong wind at his back. i must admit it was slow going first. we had a contested democratic primary everybody was paying attention to. after scott won his primary we still had trouble getting attention. but i think after the attempted christmas day bombing of that northwest flight, and then after the senate passed their own version of health care, it helped crystalize the issues for scott in a way that added fuel to his campaign. things really took off the last 20, 21 days of the campaign. >> reporter: that's the turning point you felt that you guys had the momentum and things were coming together perhaps as you never imagined? >> well you have to understand, we planned for a low budget campaign. so we didn't have any money for polling.
10:30 pm
we had a sense things were going well, but no objective evidence. scott would come back after a day campaigning on the street and he would tell us, guys i am sensing something out there. we thought that was interesting. we thought possibly there could be some movement occurring in the electorate. but we didn't know for sure until two days before christmas when the nrsc contacted us and said they had done a poll and the poll showed scott was down 13 points. if you looked at the people who were highly interested in the race and asked to rate their interests on a scale of 1 to 10. among the 10s scott was tied with coakley. it was 47-44 for scott. within the margin of error. we knew at that point that he was catching fire. as i said, then things really began to takeoff online donations began to surge as people focused on him as the
10:31 pm
41st vote in the senate. a person who would bring back debate and transparency to the process in washington. that really gave us the lift we needed. >> reporter: when did you know you had won? >> we knew of course on election night, you know very early on when we saw some of the reference that were coming in. the lines all day had been long at the polling stations in the suburbs which are jen -- generally more friendly to republican candidates not along in the cities like boston. we thought that was good anecdotal evidence. when we started getting actual returns from cities like quincy a blue collar community south of boston that showed scott ahead of martha coakley, we knew it was gonna be his night. of course things happened very quickly shortly after 9:00, only an hour after the polls
10:32 pm
closed martha coakley called to concede to scott. >> reporter: you traveled with senator-elect brown to washington. take me behind the scenes there. how did that go? how was he received? >> he was received very warmly starting on the fly down one of the flight stewards made announcement scott was on the plane and there was spontaneous applause from the and the cabin. that was heartwarming. when he arrived he was getted warmly by everybody he met at the capital he sat down with republicans and democrats, including senator kerry who he will be serving with and senator kirk who he is replacing. also john mccain. john mccain along with mitt romney was one of scott's earliest backers when nobody was willing to give scott a second look mitt and senator mccain were there with encouragement, words of support and financial help that was crucial early on so
10:33 pm
that we could you know get the campaign off the ground. >> greta: check out this historic moment caught on camera. that is senator-elect scott brown moments after winning the election receiving a call from president obama you have to wonder the expression on president obama's face as the realization the filibuster proof senate was crumbling had set in. dan winslow was with brown when that call happened. and chief legal counsel for the campaign. tell me how the call happened? >> i was in the suite my cell phone rang and i answered and a woman on the other end said this is the white house the president wants to know if this is the best number to reach senator-elect brown? my first thought was how did the president get my private line? my second thought was maybe i shouldn't -- i told her the direct line and the president called. >> greta: what was the
10:34 pm
conversation? >> just as that photograph is being snapped he was starting to grin a little. right at that moment he said to the president, mr. president you realize i'm going to take the truck down to washington? and they had a good laugh. >> greta: i used the term cocky some were offended he has a bounce in his step to say that to the president of the united states? >> he's very self-assured very comfortable in his own skin but he's also very real. i think the president from the side of the conversation that i could hear appreciated that they had some laughs. scott told the president about >> >> greta: how meet him in college? >> scott was a year behind me in college and again in law school. we ofed together as senators. >> greta: when is he going to get sworn in? >> still waiting to see. is certification of the results of the state level
10:35 pm
followed by a swearing in ceremony. there's an informal process where the senate could by consent swear him in by waiving their internal rules and customs. for the time being we believe the formal process is going to apply the earliest time that could be would likely be february 10th, for the certification and after for swearing in. we are aiming for february 11th. >> greta: why is that secretary state sent a letter on behalf of congresswoman tsongas before she was certified to the house this is the did the secretary of state from massachusetts send a similar letter? >> not just a similar letter the identical. went to bat the next morning without asking in writing his team and signed a report of the unofficial vote results which right down to the secretary of the senate that same morning. you're right congresswoman tsongas sworn in 48 hours later. actually senator kennedy when
10:36 pm
he was elected for this seat 1962 was sworn in the next day. it depends on the formal or informal preferences at that time. >> greta: the letter has arrived. have they said we are going to do like we did with other members or think about it or we're not, what is the response? >> our understanding the senate has a rule which requires the certification to be submitted and that is still pending in massachusetts. there's a waiting period for vote tallies to be reported up from the local cities and towns. >> greta: what changed since senator kennedy company >> i'm not sure, but at the end of the day the senate could be by consent seat senator-elect brown whenever it chose to. in the absence of con we have to go through the formal process. >> greta: i know you are chief count -- chief counsel to the campaign. since we don't know a lot of what he intends to do because
10:37 pm
he doesn't have a long history. what do you expect he's going to do? >> i think scott brown is going to be at -- a lot saying about the power to say no. the real power of the 41st senator is the power to force both sides of this toxic partisan divide in washington to listen to each other, talk to each other and work together for the been fit of america that's what we need now. scott has a record of working across the aisle as a bipartisan doer. he's there because of his love of family, country and his love of his truck. >> greta: every single new candidate i've seen in washington has said that i'm not a divider, compassionate conservative, i want change, bring people together. no one has been able to achieve. what makes you think this man has any better chance of doing it? >> because massachusetts is almost unique in the country
10:38 pm
in being completely lopsided as a democratic monopoly. even in the state environment, senator brown was able to work closely with democrats and to get things done for his district. >> greta: what would you say was his single most significant legislative accomplishment? >> opposition to tax increases he was a hardliner on not increasing tax burdens to citizens. he was also known statewide for his expertise in veterans affairs. as you know he is a lt. colonel in the army national guard i expect that will continue as well. >> greta: you expect he will put on the brakes for any spending increases, raising the debt ceiling that would be consistent? >> i expect you are going to see him being a fiscal hawk. that's what he ran on and i expect that's what he will do. >> greta: thank you. senator elect brown has another formal title lt. colonel in the national guard. griff jenkins spoke to the
10:39 pm
retired colonel who recruited him. >> reporter: the man credited with getting scott brown to join the national guard. colonel, tell me about that >> i don't know if i should get all of the credit. the credit has to go to scott also because he was interested in finding out about the guard and joining the garr. his mother -- joining the guard. his mother contacted me also and told me he was interested and what i talk to him and i did. scott indicated a sincere interest in becoming a member of the guard. when he engined, i talked -- when he joined, i talked to him also about becoming an officer which he did pursue an office career with the guard. that helped him out with tuition assistance while he was going to college. he his law degree and became a member of the jag office at
10:40 pm
the state headquarters. he's done very well in the guard over the years. risen to lt. colonel. i'll say this, he still has to say yes, sir, because i'm a full colonel. but now that he's a senator, i probably have to say yes, sir, sir to him. >> greta: next, our special on the record from the wakefield memorial high school gym continues this is where the newest u.s. senator played many basketball games. a special guest, coming up. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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>> greta: next, our special on the record continues live from massachusetts. first let's go to our new york newsroom where law green is standing by with the other headlines. >> two more survivors found in the rub in haiti 10 days after a 7.0 quake struck. israeli rescue team pulling a 22-year-old man from the wreckage of what had been a three story house reported in stable condition. earlier an 84-year-old woman was saved from what remains of her home. the quake has killed an estimated 200,000 people. >> the biggest storm to hit arizona in nearly two decades expected to continue through the night. the weather has taken its toll authority of phoenix a 6-year-old boy missing and presumed dead after being swept away by rising waters. three others died in car
10:44 pm
accidents this week more than 4 1/2 feet of snow falling collapses several roofs. i'm lauren green now back to on the record. on the record is live in wakefield, massachusetts. in the high school gym is where we are. that's where senator-elect scott brown played high school basketball, right here what kind of player was he? joining us by phone ellis lane sector-elect brown's high school coach. coach what kind of basketball player was he? was he any good? >> scott was terrific to say the least. when he was in the youth league he was kind of a hotshot. he had a lot of fancy moves and individual moves and so on. however, the style of play that we taught was about team play and discipline play and scott saw the merits in this philosophy and he kind of changed his game for the benefit of the whole team.
10:45 pm
not only did he change his game, but helped all the other kids his teammates through encouragement, leadership and example. i think his statistics bear out what kind of player he was. if anything, maybe i held him back a little in terms able to score a lot more points he ended up being an unselfish player, a team player. when the going tough he was at his best, tremendous competitor. >> greta: how did the team do when he was playing? we are showing the wakefield 1976 co-champs. i take that it was one of his championship years? >> yes, he played for wakefield high as a sophomore. he was dubbed around the area as a super sophomore, contributed highly to ourselves -- '75 team we were 23-2 that was a championship year. terrific all around player. when he was a union he
10:46 pm
demonstrated his unselfish play led the team in assists, second in rebounds and third in scoring. he probably could have been first. but again he sacrificed his game for the team. we -- when he became a senior he a little more responsibility he had to put points on the board for us and consequently named co-mvp of the middlesex league and second in the boston globe and herald amongst many other highlights just a terrific career at wakefield high. >> greta: coach, if you rewind back to that time and put yourself back in in gym where i'm standing. would you ever have dreamed this is where scott brown would have ended up? >> absolutely not. i never even knew he had interests in politics until you know someoned is me today, why did -- someone asked me today, why did scott run for
10:47 pm
political office? i didn't know the answer. i was finding out today how that came about. i guess he a little -- he saw an unfair situation in his town with one of the board members they said if you done like it, why don't you run, i guess he did that's how he started out. that's the type of scott is. he's a very caring he sees something that is unfair and he's not unhe afraid to speak up. he's a very confident young man and self-motivated. he really is gonna make a difference, i think he already has, and i think he will if the future with his political career. >> greta: coach, thank you very much. i'm impressed with all the winning banners here showing the great success here. thank you. >> thanks greta, nice talking to you. >> greta: nice talking to you. >> millions were watching when
10:48 pm
senator-elect brown took the stage moments after turning the political world upside down. you go back to that stunning moment, next.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> greta: millions watched around the country as scott brown made his first speech as senator-elect. [ applause ] >> from the shires from springfield to cape cod the voters of this commonwealth defied the odds and the experts. tonight the independent majority has delivered a great victory! [ cheering ] >> i thank the people of
10:52 pm
massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator! [ cheering and applause ] >> everyday i hold this office i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud! [ cheering and applause ] >> most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat blondes to no one person, no one political party, as i said before, and you've heard it today and you will hear it loud and clear this is the people's seat! [ cheering and applause ]
10:53 pm
>> truth this race we had the machine scared and scrambling for them it is just the beginning of an election year filled with many, many surprises. i can tell you that! they will be challenged again and again across this great land and when there's trouble in massachusetts rest assured there's trouble everywhere and they know it! i know i have a lot to learn in the senate. but i know who i am and who i serve. i'm scott brown from -- i'm from wrentham and i drive a truck! >> greta: senator-elect brown's god friend dan winslow is back with us. i have to ask, how did senator
10:54 pm
elect brown get the name downtown scottie brown? >> when he was in college he was a stand out basketball player on the college team before the three point rule was in effect. scott had an amazing outside shot. when we started the campaign and all the pundits were saying it is a long shot we laughed, because scott specializes in the long shop. he would line-up and take a shot 80% accuracy you would hear at noun irsay from downtown it's scott -- you would hear the announcer say from downtown it's scottie brown and swish he would make the shot. >> greta: you he -- he said i can't believe i'm up here with doug flutie. >> a real american, no pretense what you see is what you get with scott he's a straight talker. i think he's looking forward to jumping in to help.
10:55 pm
>> greta: curt schilling which may have been the death knell for coakley. >> he's not a yankee by the way. he relates to people. he's a kind of a person and he's going to be the kind of a senator not just the big names. we letters from people saying senator brown, i only have $8.16 to contribute because i have to maintain a $100 minimum to keep my checking account open. everybody from all walks of life. >> greta: a day in the life of senator-elect brown, coming up. y colgate total goes to work... it actively fights germs for 12 hours... for a healthier mouth in the morning. it works day and night. like me. (announcer) colgate total. #1 recommended most by dentists & hygienists.
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and get another one free. and put your business on the map. yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
10:58 pm
>> he likes french toast and bacon. he likes... he doesn't drink
10:59 pm
cougho. it's always hot chocolate. >> always hot chocolate? >> hot chocolate. >> what type of guy is he? >> regular guy this, is a regular place. just a regular guy. >> any regular guy worth his salt would know their hardware store. finding out what scott shops for. >> he does a lot of triathalons in the area so he'll boy spray paint, poster board. stakes to show direction. so he does a lot of stuff like that. paint. and duraflame logs. he's very, very wide range. >> thanks for ng with us for this special "on the record". keep it right here on fox news. we'll see you next time. uary 22. have a great weekend. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight:


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