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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 23, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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big labor, big agenda. big trouble. vote scot brown's win has some declaring the union's power grip in d.c. is broken and will bring jobs back to america. are they right? >> welcome to cashing in. the crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan honey, joan mass, max ferris, tracy byrnes and john layfield. welcome back to everybody. john, union power takes a hit and that's good for jobs? how so. >> you better believe it's good for jobs. this is great for america. scott brown getting elected is a
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direct blow to obama's open agenda to take care of unions and let the rest of the taxpayers in america pay fortunes. look, observe -- obama wants his money back. america in massachusetts said we want our country back. this bogus healthcare plan and stimulus plan and putting our country on the the verge of bankruptcy, america said enough. if you're an incumbent, get ready. i wish something worse could happen to those guys. >> is that good for jobs if the unions are losing wow in washington? >> what an overstatement of massachusetts. the unions aren't losing power. this is a wake-up call to the unions, the same unions that put $80 million in republican campaigns, showed up in a voting block of 85% for progressives. the best thing to happen is a
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wakeup call them there's so much over statement of the important of massachusetts. >> mike, your union people didn't come out. >> ed the ted kennedy seat. if this isn't a direct message. >> it's important to know, mike. -- it's important to know your union people did not come out and vote in massachusetts. that's the huge statement. where were they if they're so powerful? >> that's exactly my point. the unions got complacent because of the last cycle. all that happened is the democrats need to remember that the only way they're going to succeed politically is to have that union base motivated. this is going to do it. it's the worst thing that could happen to the republicans if you want to know the truth about massachusetts. >> jonathan, how motivated is the union? a lot of union members voted for scott brown. >> certainly people have every right to unionize but as unions they don't have a right to special privileges and that's
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what you're talking about, democrats giving special privileges to unions. the president has been about this since day one. the fir bill signed was a gift to the unions. the labor secretary is pro unions. cash for clunkers was pro union. the $100 billion bailout to the automakers. >> god forbid we should have a strong american middle class. >> here's the thing. hold on guys. here's the thing. if the unions are losing power in washington that could be good for the job market down the line for private sector jobs. >> it depends what you define as good for the job manchester it's good -- market. the unemployment rated would job with you wages would drop. if you want to see unemployment go down, removing the union power is good. it's declining because it's easier to move jobs abroad.
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they're not going to magically come back without the unions. wages without unions will not fall to a level profitable to. massachusetts people already have a basically healthcare care in place. they don't need a national one and cadillac healthcare plans are tax-free. >> i found interesting this week, even though you saw the stunning day neat massachusetts, at the same time the aflcio will push through card checks. they think they have the power. whether they do or not. >> well, you know, i don't know how you can have a discussion that this -- for example, this guy's win has anything to do with unionization. it's a big stretch. >> it's not, wayne. it's not. the unions said they had not -- excuse me. would you let me finish? >> yes, sir. >> nice sweater. >> the republicans -- thank you.
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the -- you should see -- try shoveling snow with a coat and tie. you'll change to a sweater. the unions only. [ laughter ] let me finish much. the republicans represent 20% of the voting public in massachusetts. this had nothing to do with unions or nonunions. it had to do with a healthcare about bill and national security. that's why i won. it has nothing to do with unions. it's a stretch to say. you're going to -- you can say the result of this is yes, if he gets a vote in the senate, yes, if you are going to have card check, he'll vote against it. i understand that but it's a stretch to say it's a cause and result. >> i think john's point was if you have less union power, if unions lose power, companies will be more willing to hire because they won't be threatened by the power of the zune we can have a wal-mart society, a wal-mart society where they
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don't make wages, can't pay for a car and -- >> wouldn't that be wonderful? >> that's what we cannot have. just like -- jonathan you would love sweat shops. it doesn't work for america. >> mike -- >> can i respond to that. >> let him respond to that. >> come down south and see what the conditions are in these shops. >> well -- >> mike, let jonathan respond to you. >> this isn't easy. you're on the board of area america radio and know business isn't easy. unions make it difficult. they enact unprofitable wages from employers and believe they have more rights. they believe they have a right to a job but the employer doesn't have the right to fire them. do you think that helps hiring? how did that work out for the automakers, the airlines, the public schools. that's your version of america and it's bankrupt. >> mike, last word.
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>> my version of america is decency. for workers where they don't have do decide do i get healthcare or pay my house payment. that's decency. >> i hate to break this up. >> your america is strong arming employers. >> thanks, guys. listen up, congress. you are going to spend our money and it's going to cost you money. a new salary plan for lawmakers. >> controversy on the coast of haiti. why someone says this cruise ship is exactly what the country needs right now. ♪
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. nearly a billion dollars. that's how much aid is headed to haiti so far. this royal caribbean cruise sip isty center of controversy for conditioning their business that. you say maybe bring in more ships. >> look, we've given a trillion dollars to haiti since 1992 and what do we have to show? the country is exactly where it was in '92 today. we need to help them sustain themselves going forward. we need private industry to come in so this economy can turn around and they can get on their own two feet on their own. they can't continue to rely on donations. >> major u.s. corporations are donating more than $100 million so far. >> but corporations like royal caribbean, they don't build new roads or sewer systems, they don't bring running water or electricity. what is lacking in haiti is an infrastructure. why is haiti so different than
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nassau, turks and turks and caicos. it fits to get. royal caribbean, private business doesn't solve the problem. you need a infrastructure. >> you talked about the government before but there's no government right now at all z that is right. and pat touches on that problem. it's anarchy. they have a history of totalitarianism and the death squads. the people there -- unless you have a stable government, you can not have a growth in the economy. i don't care who goes. you can put all the corporations in the world there to create jobs. it's notice going to work unless you have a stable government there to base this on and they don't have that. >> but you know john, if companies -- they're already donating money and things are going to change. no one is walking away. if that happens, it could be a good place for businesses to go and hire the haitian people and
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help the economy. >> like millions of americans i've donated to the haiti relief and i believe we should help but unless you have a demand for the infrastructure mike's talking did -- everybody is correct. unless you have demand, though, you're not going to help the people long term. look at at that cauterant -- katrina. we gave them money to go away and created generational poverty. we have to break that poverty cycle with those people in the caribbean and help them get a better life. in not just give them money. teach them how to fish, not just a fish for the day. >> and raise their position in the world on the world stage. they've got all the attention right now. it could become something for the good of the people there. >> that would be the result of their being jobs and business. in the short run, charity is the best thing for haiti from us. we're the richest people and it
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needs to be business, probably tourism. it doesn't need a wonderful democracy like america. it needs to be place to go and spend money, which is royal caribbean is doing, bringing people to spend money. in the long term i'm optimistic about haiti because it's close to america and labor is cheap. there will be a day chinese workers will demand more money and cost of fuel to ship junk to wal-mart will be too expensive and we'll look to countries like haiti. it will be a success story but it has to be a safe police to -- place to do business. >> the point is not about democracy. it's a stable government. you have to have that before you can introduce all this stuff. >> let me bring in jonathan. the criticism of the cruise ship operator was this was the wrong time to go there but they
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employee several haitians on the ship. >> bravo to royal caribbean. they own their own private resort and employ hundreds of haitians and are bringing food to assist. once again, that trade is beneficial. commerce, profit seeking individuals are beneficial. they create wealth for themselves but also with whom they trade. wayne is right, no one can make any money with a government that doesn't protect your rights. but this notion we have to be involved in the program of building schools and roads, a charity isn't charity if it's done from the government. if people want to donate, fine but they can't have a blank credit card from the united states. >> i'm talking about people and the government. the government has to bring the resources. i can't airlift in and drop it so it's a combination of donations from people and
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cooptions and it is government. americans help countries much more unfortunate than we are. we help other countries like this but haiti, in the long run, needs to be place to go safely and spend money. bringing the cruise ship is very good an they're doing more than most but they're not doing it for the haitians. it's the natural business. >> wait, just quickly -- >> quickly, to jonas's point. if we're going to get in there and use the haitians to help our economy, it's in our bestr interest to help them. we have to stop thinking myopically. we gave money to katrina and said go away. we can't think like that. >> john, last word. >> it's all three, not one or the other. nobody is saying we don't have -- we have to have a stable government and infrastructure but you have to have private business. if you have one missing you don't do them a long-term favor.
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>> thank you. coming up, screw up then pay up. a law that punishes lawmakers from plunging our country into debt by hitting them where it hurts. it's a lawmakers idea but which congressman is standing in the way.
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hello, i'm shannon breann.
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after 11 days haiti is giving up on the search for survivors of the earthquake. officials fear more than 75,000 are dead but the number could climb with thousands believed to be still trapped. brian wilson is live with the latest. >> u.s. americans are wrapping up service in iraq handing over duties to the army as the u.s. withdraw moves said. vice president biden is in meeting with sobering statistics. texting while driving is more dangerous than driving. we'll talk to a woman who was in an accident with someone on a cell phone. more on these and the rest of the stories coming up on america news headquarters. >> if you screwed up at work over and over again you get fired or at least have your pay cut. that's exactly what republican
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congressman nay than deal wants to happen to have lawmakers pay 5% a year it runs a deficit. jonathan, you hate this idea. why. >> it's idiotic. honestly. he's had a lot of them. he wanted to eliminate the 14th amendment. politics is not based on merit pay. 30% unemployment, would he vote himself a raise? this is a page out of the alan grace son school of politics. it doesn't protect individual rights and it's a stupid idea. >> wayne, look they don't make a lot of money in congress compared to bank c.e.o.s but it's an interesting idea he's bringing up. >> the idea might be good but jonathan has a point. listen, the biggest problem is not the salaries. they've got to cut out the other stuff. why are they better than us and
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get a separate pension plan. a separate health plan. why are they not ordinary citizens and servants of the public? why are they elitists? that's the problem. >> you're bringing up a great point. the criticism is this creates a congress full of the welty, because the average public servant can't afford to take the job. >> they're wealthy all right, getting paid left and right. we need accountability. i get that it's far-fetched but the point is we need the guys to be accountable for what they do. they're not. they take their paychecks home, get free healthcare and private jets. >> they did get the pay cuts. >> first of all you cut nancy
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pelosi's pay, had gsh the what government workers in general need is incentive. you give bonuses for success, you don't dock pay for a ridiculous thing. there should be incentive to succeed n congress you say i'll give you a raise and the budget is neutral. you run it with 30% employment, that's not something you want to reward bothria there needs to be a profit. >> john, what do you think of it? >> he's a bumpkin. >> pretty much everything about wayne is right except that sweater. he looks like he's trying out for the jamaican bobsledding team. you look great. >> try shoveling snow in that outfit you have on.
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>> nathan, look at his record. he's a bumpkin. this is not about substance. he's never come up with anything about substance. his deals are a dime a dozen on the hill. we have wars and economy to worry about and nathan deal who did nothing as a georgia politician is a federal politician. he's a bumpkin. >> mike, thank you for joining us today. great to see you, sir. >> coming up, first climate-gate, now the climate scam. get ready to cash in. they've served for decades as a golden, tasty sidekick...
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>> time for what do i need to know for next week, tracy. climate scams continue, climate gate is dead. we've heard the himalayas are not going away in 2035. little known scientists said it and it's not a fact. climate-gate is gone. >> i can quit hiking up there. >> jean nas. >> the health care stock because health care stocks, angel is the center fold and talking the former snf fold, health care stocks have done well. >> talking about scott brown, center fold. >> yes, i am, because i'll tell you why, because the health care debate is becoming more and more government spending and no public option, no government takeover health care it's just another government pork barrel things and they are with the taxpayer paying the bill. >> john?
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>> the complete disregard for any fiscal responsibility by this administration, unfortunately is going to come home to roost this year. i'm short the dow because i hate what these guys are doing to our country, on the edge of bankruptcy. dog is the way to play that. >> jonathan. >> whoever keeps tell me the presidential loves the banks and free markets and finance, the past week his announcement about wanting to basically rewrite the entire rules of banking in this country with new regulations really sent stocks in a tailspin. take a look at fxy, the japan yen, weep we've talked about it before. >> great, wayne. >> well, if you're worried about inflation and you're worried about them printing too much money, look at bvr, that's advanced fund, returns about 7% right now. >> i love it, wayne, thank you very much. that's it for the cost of freedom, everybody, have a great wed!


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