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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 24, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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welcome "red eye." it is like hello dolly if by welcome to red eye. andy, what is coming up on the show sth. >> thanks. and thank you, america. coming up john edwards admits he's the father of riel le. hunter's daughter z why is the chinese government monitoring karaoke singers? saying only people who play "black eyed peas". and greg? >> thank you, andy. i'm stop and stand strong with the power of hercules, but you can scout my cameo ask i'll still have strength. if you try try to rip or get with the gab, you're oo thank god these are getting shorter. welcome our talent awesome gets. putting the fine in finance and when a hair cut.
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her staer can remove wrinkles from your clothes and jesse joyce funnier than a smurf on the horn of a unicorn. and there is my repulsive side kick, bill shultz. and regretting every moment he spends on this show, sitting next to me, mike huckabee. he hofts huckabee, named after him, which you can see here. huge ratings. he knows base lines like i know conga line. i dance to live. and he's just a creep who cries himself to sleep. it's our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> and scoring an exclusive interview with san francisco mayor today. she had a two-some with gavin newsom that is anything but
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gruesome. >> and a revelation shocked the world. if you mean no one in particular, former democratic presidential candidate john edwards admits he's the father of rielle daughter francis quinn. he released a statement saying i'm quinn's father. i will do everything to provide her with love and support she dough serves. doesn't like lick him. i've been able to spend time with her and trust efforts to show her love and affection can be done privately and in piece. >> the statement comes a woke after abc news airs an interview with andrew young, his former aide claiming edwards asked him to arrange a fake paternity test. >> we also asked me and fred baron to arrange for a fake paternity test. fake paternity. get a doctor.
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fake dna results. he asked me and sheri to steal a dipper and from the baby to find out if it is his child. >> that is worse than stealing candy. and this fact he wasn't sure and had to find out, no. no. timing is off and this whole thing just gives me the creeps. >> i love it. where is edwards now? haiti working with a team of u.s. doctors in a catholic relief group. shame on those those of you thinking this is a pr stunt. so, shame on you. i include you, kitten. >> that is right there. very to say. you think the upcoming interview with andrew young had anything to do with his confession, suddenly? >> i'm sure it did. i just want to you know that i have stolen diapers from bill
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before. and very found out i am not his father. i'm happen yes to nouns that here on television. >> you did find out he had a poor diet? >> you told me that was the bad news, governor. you were excited but good news is that he has a wonderful co-host. >> and very environment. >> moved into a dark area heerk let's move out of this. out of this. and kelly who should be most thankful now? >> the democrat autos yes. >> i think so. lock if any of this had come to light after he was vice president or in the white house there would be another thing they'd have to dell w so i think there is a lot of people saying like, oh, my god what if had was planned but i think national enquirer has got a lot of credibility. they do. and you know,... >> the democrats should take the staff of the national enquirer out to lunch at appleby's or olive garden. >> and lunch at olive garden.
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come on. the guy is rich. >> jesse isn't it coincidence that i had wards landed in haiti and there is a camera crew there to follow him around? is that just by chance? it's not a pr move or anything. >> no more of a coincidence that i was in the green room and left my diaper sitting down half a second then, sudden wlaitz gone. now, i know what happened to that. oo we can find out who your father is, too. we'll check that diaper out. >> thank you. i appreciate that. look. i just think the thing is that this is going to play out nicely in baby quinn's teen-aged years ask self esteem. she can google and find i screwed up big time. she called her a terrible mistake. just have someone write a become saying yourdoesn't love you because you're probably going to end up fat. it's true. like they're gooding to call her a terrible mistake. hey, tm, how are you? what is going on tm? you never believed edwards was
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the father. how crushed are you? >> truly i don't understand process. that is involved as far as maiblging a child is concerned. i was thinking ways watching video of the guy like, i, people say you don't want to reveal too much when selling a become. we know the end of the movie. but i do. i want to know ses spiffics. how does one fake a pa tern nitty test? >> the book isn't out. everybody is going to be go being through it. >> and i want to know, like, does he take him to a restaurant and be like, so if you watch the jets? they looked good. paris hilton? she's crazy. i want to you take a paternity test. >> governor, isn't it refreshing america finds this gross? if we didn't kairks i'd be worry bud we look at this guy and go, nah. >> i think we're glad he didn't go further than he did.
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everybody has flaws in his or her life. the problem with edwards is that he just blatantly looked into the eyes of the american people, and lying about it. lying to his wife and to the people. lying to his staff. he betrayed a lot of people z that is what thaik makes this worse. the fact people do bad things we get that. we do. >> look at the obama white house now. the peter orsack but who cares? and i think prime minister would have reacted with less outrage if he hadn't been so at yammant. >> and no one can believe he's getting women that hot. he's got that crazy toupee. i don't know. other thing that is troubling is that i think he felt entitled to do these things because he cared. >> he said as much. >> yes. yes. >> and i care about the poor so i can go out and cheat. i feel that way. >> this is evil like i thought i was invincible. i don't know.
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>> morality. >> yes. yes. >> it's morality offense. >> exactly. >> if you're doing it for the poor. you can have sex with a videographer. >> exactly. >> it's incredible he's in haiti trying to act he's down there doing relief work and everybody says it's okay. then, all of the things you did to your wife and family and to the child, because you're handing out water bottles. >> yeah. and chances are he won't get recognized down there. >> it's awful. every time they'd ask him a question he should hold that baby. look at the baby. terrible. >> jesse do you think national enquirer should win the pulitzer prize for the story? >> good for them they get a story right occasionally. he's still the boy who cried big foot f you go to the grocery store for 20 years, lady rings up groceries is telling you did you hear dustin hoffman is pregnant with a alien baby? like, -- like chances are
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you're going to be suspect when she says she has the scoop about iranian nuclear disarmament talks. >> it was al pa chino pregnant with the alien baby. >> my mistake. >> from owning up to cracking down. apalling or awesome? chin yark the land of the long fence found a new target of the crazy gft. karaoke fans. the country rolling out a care yolko black box flashing red lights and alerts police when someone selects a vulgar or antigovernment tune. perhaps like this. ♪ [ music ] . >> i hate fergie. there is nothing more vulgar than fergie. anyway. singing crammy songs is a popular past time in china.
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the government as reason to believe it's breeding grounds for political dissent. we asked the penguin to comment. governor, i've got to say i'm with the penguin on this one. >> the penguin made more sense than anything any of us have said today. >> as always. they cut right there. i -- i hate karaoke. i'm conflicted but i think they're on right path. >> this is one of the cases why wr chinese repression slt right thing to do. anyone whose seen a passenger singing "who let the dogs out" at 11:00 at night can appreciate what china did. i'm going to say thank you, china may god continue to give you courage and wisdom to carry this on. >> that song can sountd awesome in mandarin.
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>> do you perform karaoke? >> i'm not with you. i think it's terrible. i do. >> do you think we should have people singing "who let the dogs out". >> they should have freedom to sing "who let the dogs out". i don't think it's a political organization there. >> i love the black boxes. it's incredible so. genius. makes me love china. hey, should our government install the same technology? >> you know, all i can speak to is the fact i did a tour of china. they have karaoke everyone like in the plus plees station. i've got to say like, i'm with governor huckabee. i saw several chubby businessman clenching fist and poorly enunciate white snack songs and i remember thinking the government needs to put these people on a list. >> you perform karaoke but
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usually alone. >> what is the question? >> i don't remember. >> the bigger part of communism is not the big brother watching you. if you live in a communist country stuff cool here 15 years ago is just reaching their shores now. they love karaoke as we did 15 years ago. probably upset about the prime time finale. definitely wearing cargo pants and a rachel. maybe even the guys. >> okay. that is communism right there. >> does bill know karaoke is invented in korea? >> it was. >> that explains kim jong-il's elvis thing. >> they are two different places. >> yeah. >> and then, here, then china. >> so you say. hmmm now, it's a box turtle. a bril yenlt. -- of brilliance.
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>> oh, so while republicans rejoiced over a huge victory a scarier win took place at pentagon. winner was political correctness. that mist of brainlessness turning men and women into jello a bastard child of identity politics in the self esteem movement it's based on avoidance of hurt feelings and ability to render humans into thoughtless pods makes invasion of the body snatchers look like mamamia. i speak of the fort hood report dae detailing the deadly tragedy. here is what you won't find. fame of the killer and his muslim fact. argue guing their concern is with actions and affects not with motivation. well here insanity village we call this super duper crazy talk. if there is one thing i learned is how important root causes are. you'll remember before calling someone evil you need to
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understand their motivations but root causes only applied when obama and others feel comfortable with its conclusion. if it was a fundamentalist christian his right wing rage would be hammered home. janet nap poll tanno created a case on but will it upset more muslims to the pc thing to do is leave it out. it's one of the dots we hear about. instead of connecting we're just covering it up with liquid paper. they still make that, right? it tastes awesome. and you'll probably erase it. governor am i overstating the case? >> uh, should i give them a benefit of the doubt? >> n you're right. interest tl is political correctness run amuck as it relates to the fort hood shooting. and had he been a fundamentalist christian. once, a vacation bible school
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at four years old he visited his grandmother this summer we would have said we knew these religious kooks were going to do something horrible. >> it was bill they would have blamed it on heaven's gate. >> that is how bad the brain washing is. hey, jesse? this guy was trying to coordinate an effort and speaking to people all over the world. i mean didn't it count for something he was part -- thinking in grander terms? >> just because he sent people e mails doesn't mean et e.was part of a master plane this, is another situation just because they disagree with you and racism those are coyens dental. >> true. >> i want to say what was the ethnic background of robert hawkins? the guy who shot up the mall in omaha a couple years ago? and it's not important because they're crazy people. it's the act of a lunatic. that is what that is. the fact ted kzynski blue up
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things because he hated technology didn't affect people buying things. >> i was afraid they might explode. never happened though. i don't know. i've got to disagree with you because there are other incidents that well, there is a lot of incidents linked to muslim extremism. everybody says connect the dots but pc thinking kind of prevents it. for the very reason of hurting people. >> if you put out 86 report doesn't include the mention of his name or religion it's like asking for it. the point is to sort of look through detail us everything and how could it have happened? if you leave it out people goring to say it's pretty obvious to leave out. >> they just forgot, bill. >> i agree with racism in the newsroom. but i think there is a bit of a red hering here. i'm going to give them a credit, good, or bad they didn't put the stuff in the report. in black and white, because privately, from now on, if you're in the military and
12:17 am
your family is visiting a mosque in a european vacation they're going to know about it. i think there is going to be profiling going on. so they have this to show no. we didn't mention his back grounld. after this? are you kidding me? they're going into everyone's back grounld. anything remotely muslim is going to be a big red light. good or bad. >> i'm gooding to end on that. whatever he said this, next story so delicious, i can taste it. wait. that is a piece of ham. will scott brown win the white house in 2010? will cory feldman be tapped for vp? he deserves a second look. under rated actor. under rated. if you have osteoarthritis knee pain synvisc-one treats it right at the source and helps you get back to doing the things you love. synvisc-one is the only treatment that can give you up to six months of pain relief with just one injection.
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>> so everyone jumping on the
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fwrify brun to brown town. yes, scott brown is the massachusetts senator elect only two days but folks are wondering is he presidential material? and is greg working out more? short abs yes. i try to work in cardio. >> barack obama, jfk started eyeing white house the day they're elected to the senate. do you think you're presidential tim sfwher. >> i don't want to be disrespectful. i have had no sleep right now. and i haven't even been down to washing -- washington yet. and i don't want to say that is a silly question. but... i'm just so thankful for the support i've received from everybody. last night when i stayed and shook everyone's hands who is -- who is sweating and pushing those are the people i want to go down there to represent to think about something higher? i'm just honored to be in this position. >> chris matthews and howard dean took a break from
12:22 am
berating each other's back hair to have a crazy-off after brun's win destroyed their world view. >> you could wo not have voted for conservative republican but say voters are irrational. they vote for a conservative republican against health care to tell the country they want to progressive health care program that. is crazy! >> we know what they did. >> are voters crazy? >> there is only one crazy person around here. if i held up a mirror you may see him in just a moment here. >> don't worry. afterwards they went to friendly's shared a fudge brownie. here is brun's wife in a hot rock video from early 80s. ♪ [ music ] . >> wow. that, where do we get that? >> i found it on daily caller. >> the band is a rip off of duran duran.
12:23 am
but it was awesome. governor, i like, i like this guy because there is something, there is a good, positive vibe. i'm so tired of neg tiflt. but it's soon, right? >> in. i think he should have announced right in when you're hot, you're hot, man. go in. put your hat in the rink that. is the dumbest question. when reporters asked an utterly stupid question you want him to just say well i'm glad you asked buzz my wife and i talked bit and i'm here to announce my candidacy. >> lack at in the reporters defense everyone is playing the clip and talking about it. >> they're talking about what an idiot the reporter is. >> i don't know. they're talking about the question. if i'm the reporter i'm like okay that. is my question. >> stupid question. >> do you think he's got higher aspirations? >> he should. i won't lk at -- they're gg to have virginia governor give state of the union rebuttal. i think people are hoping to hear from him. he's on
12:24 am
they've got a cosmo picture. >> daughters are cute. >> yes. everyone likes and thinks is... >> he's like a, he's got everything. the whole package. what am i saying? save me! >> obama was a first time senator ran for president. why can't this goi? >> he can fine. whatever. he was elected 13 seconds ago. everyone is talking about 2012. he hasn't even seen what his office looks loik. people do all the time. the day after we got engaged, people are like when is the wedding? when are you going to name them? where are they going he to go to college? are you going let your grandkids stay up and have chocolate? >> i apologize for the questions in the green room. i just happen to care about your well being. i'm sor rism i'm in the sending you a gift. >> if you return my diaper, everything is forgiven. >> last word, bill. >> you've been, you've predicted this win in 1995.
12:25 am
>> thank you. >> where do you see this go something. >> i want to address the actual question. does he have presidential timber? does he have presidential timber? i have study that had cosmo spread. s he's got presidential timber we haven't seen since gerald fordused to wear those tight golf pants that. is presidential timber. >> his win is what i call a rocky moment. a rocky moment as in the movie "rocky". stopping health care? taking kennedy's seat? scaring the hell out of democrats? and having two hot daughters? got to love him. what was i just say something e mail us, red eye on fox i'm in the box. i'm in the box. still to come, half time report from andy levy. delightful fellow. he is. >> tonight's half time report is sponsor bid my instructor wayne dragon foot.
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welcome back. welcome back, let's find out if we've gotten anything wrong so far. is it true your favorite song to perform karaoke to is "wild world". >> no. it's a weird question. >> sorry. >> apologize. >> yeah. and... trying to get him with a cat question.
12:30 am
>> see what you did? >> you used his islamic name. >> nicely done. >> edwards add i mitts he's the father of rielle hunter's daughter heads for haiti. i guess it's a new rehab. >> there gou he said future efforts to show quinn love and support can be done privately. >> maybe he can do relief work privately too,. >> there gou. >> yes. >> and kelly don't tell greg he does terrible impressions he's quite proud of those. >> did i say that? >> implied it. >> it's terrible, terrible was your exact word. >> best way is that it wasn't like he was allowed time to get better i was midway through. >> yes. yes. >> and so painful. >> yes. and this went from terrible to painful. >> yes. yes. you're welcome. >> i never said i was an impressionist. i'm no fred travlina. may he rest in peace.
12:31 am
>> he mentioned game changer had good stuff in it, too. it's game change. >> fi didn't say that, someone would write it in. >> governor, you mentioned edwards made this worse by lying about it. is it an ego thing? just thinks he's going to get away with it? >> yeah that. is right that. is what it is. yeah. >> i did. and that is kinld of like my job at the network. >> yeah. he still does "red eye". i don't know why. >> hopefully they won't find out. >> jesse greg asked if you enquirer should win pulitzer? you said good for them. should that matter if they did good work here? if that should make a difference? >> it's hard to believe them. >> but they were right. >> so what? all right. were they right about big foot? no. >> but they were right about big foot. yes. >> you don't know. >> i saw the picture autos you
12:32 am
you don't know they're not right. and they're in the subordinate big big stories. >> you've talked me night. let's give big foot a pulitzer. >> what about the yetti? >> what about the yetti? they did great work on the yetti. >> two europeans, big foot is americanna. >> true. >> dead lynn for pulitzer submissions is february 1. kudoes to edwards. >> and tiger woods. >> there you go. >> yes. yes. >> and chinese government monitoring karaoke. greg, i'm with you. i'm close to be a free speech absolutist. very no problem with any government arresting everyone for doing karaoke. >> greg referred to china has the lock of a long fence? >> it's a wall that. is why they call it great wall. >> i thought it was called cool fence? >> no. that is what your house boys call knit the backyard. >> and it's invisible. >> exactly. >> yeah.
12:33 am
>> and did you know their great wall is the only man made object visible to the human eye from the moon? >> diknow that. >> it's a myth. gotta. and. >> it's either that or rosie o'donnell. >> that right be right. yeah. and karaoke started in japan but has roots in philippines. >> oh. there you go. closer than bill. >> good point. >> thank autos not something to be proud oof also true. >> and greg, a fort hood report makes no mention of islam. you said you're confused because you learned from obama how important root causes are. but the real root cause is antimuslim backlash. >> it's true. i stand corrected as always. >> jesse you said religious beliefs aren't important because he's a crazy person and you compared him to ted kaczynski. and the difference is that it seems like their religious beliefs didn't play a role in what they did it and seems
12:34 am
like hasan's did. >> it seems so. ted kizin skin's religion was hating technology. >> his religion was rabid environmentalism. >> the fact they investigated that is one of the things helped lead them to him that. is how his brother recognized him from his manifesto i i have turned you around and therefore, a witch. >> do you realize my role is coming up with punchy comedy? >> i know that. is clearly not my role. all right? >> thanks. >> yeah. >> and reporter asks scott brown if he's presidential timber. have nothing to say about that though the video his wife was in for a singer called digney fingus. >> it's on a boat. looks just like "girls on film". it's atrocious z delightful. >> the name of the song is
12:35 am
"the girl with the curious hand". >> i love it might have been written about bill actually. >> yes. >> cheap shot. >> it was a cheap shot. >> i admit. i'm proud of it. i'm also dumb. >> thank you. >> let me welcome back our guests kelly evans, "wall street journal" economics reporter best hair in the business. jesse joyce, writer and comedian. keeping it real. you can find me after the show. and former arkansas governor mike huckabee and its not like red eye was huckabee. he knows politics like i know swizel sticks. sad but true. does tsa care more about pranks than shanks? a transportation security administration agent is no longer a transportation security administration agent. after planning a small plastic bag full of what lked like cocaine in an unwitting college student's carry on at philadelphia international airport. this is my favorite story of
12:36 am
the night. 22-year-old rebecca sullivan got the scare of her life. security worker pulled her aside, waved offending item in her face, demanding to know why wr she got it. putting her through the wringer the skamp announced with a laugh he was totally kidding. the girl burst into tears walked off in a days and after complaining was told the man was training to detect contraband. says the university of michigan senior, coat, i hate bill shultz. but such a violation, i'd come early, done everything right and he were kidding about it. i say she felt just like this little guy. >> ready? 50 see? that powder is just dangerous stuff oo. dangerous. >> governor... after the media got involved the dude, i guess was removed from his job.
12:37 am
>> really? wow. >> is that enough of a punishment? >> he should be shot. what an idiotic thing to do. >> it's the exact thing if you're to go into security making a joke about a bomb. what he did is the same but in reverse. >> yeah. and a couple road flares and wired them up and put a clock and said, hey, man just kidding. laugh it off. right. okay. still sitting under the yale tonight. >> what would you have done? >> let her go. >> no. i would have freaked out. are you kidding me? would have been pissed off, too. i agre. what he does it or they do it, but how many times do you hear reports? one today of some miscommunication on a plane and everyone diverted to philadelphia. whatever the hell it is. >> yeah. yeah. it's scares -- bill heerk is the thing. if it isn't dub done to you you would have assume you bought the drugs in a blackout haze and admitted it.
12:38 am
>> i feel like it was presented first person. i like how you put it. i like it's opinion switched to me. >> i look at you as a yuck younger version of me. >> thank you. >> that is an insult. >> but this guy is actually an american hero. i don't want to turn this into a tsapsa but drug smugglers do not put your contraband on carry on. the god gave us a lower intestine for a reason. tie it up, swallow it. pass out the drugs at your own leash your. it's that simple. >> you're america's mule. >> the more you know. >> i have got to say do you know what would have been terrible? if you're transporting drugs and someone had done this to you. >> that is very true. >> good point. >> i like the gf's idea. we should put the guy in front of a firing squad, then, triggers are pulled a bang flag comes out like, i got you! and aas a professional
12:39 am
humorist what annoys me is double standard. they can keep it fun loving and jokey. and yirs with a back i humorously bring a bomb, a boling ball with a fuse and suddenly i need a good lawyer and this guy hates freedom. >> are you interested in prop comedy? >> yae. it's true. that is why carrot top lakes -- takes the lead again. >> he didn't perform in security lineful we've got to move on. jesse always a pleasure having on the show. oh, you're not going any why. you stay there. don't go anywhere. >> the enld of human kind as we know it. also, this junk. could john stossel be more colossal? probably not. sill?
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
he's won 19 emmy awards, a
12:43 am
peabody and mustache of the millennium award. a career spanning four decades called a thought-provoking tv reporter of our time, perhaps the universe, his name is john stossel. his good friends call him john stossel. you can bet he's great at everything. he hofts his own show, stossel on fox business network. we're delighted to have john stossel. he knows issues like i know tissues. i cry a lot. do you have opinions on john edwards? i'm sure you do. >> i do. i think these trial lawyers air type. the type is sleazy. and deceitful that. is how they make money. through trickery. look how he made millions. suing people claiming babeo was born with keer bral palsy because the doctor should have done a c section z one case he said i'm channeling the baby. i hear her now. she's saying let me out.
12:44 am
let me out. the doctor won't. so because of suits like that, c sections went from 6% of the births to 30% of all births. did the rate of ker bral palsy drop? no. so i guess he was wrong. has he given money back? no. more people getting c sections. four times as likely to kill the woman. more expensive, bigger scar, more pain. the damage these guys do is disgusting. >> made how many millions off that? >> he won't say. some said $4 million. >> not only did the videographer get a c section, she taped it. >> you're on "the view" this week. how did that go? fun? >> was it a root canal? >> the view and your program, i, that is one of the best shows, they do outside of fox. >> they're nice to you? >> well, i won't say that. but they're smart. and kinld of some of them are nice. >> you're saying they're all smart? >> barbara is nice.
12:45 am
and... joy is mean to me. and. >> joy is mean to anyone who is to the right of mouth. she's such a progressive. >> yes. >> she wants government to come in and manage our live autos on the view you said the government should have let failing firms fail. pretend i'm an 8th grader. explain why this would have been a better move. >> because wail bailing out failing firms you destroy what makes capitolism works. it's a profit and loss system. and by not allowing them to fail, you tell the investors hey, i'm going to give this company money because i can't lose it. so they get bigger and bigger. government is more and more on the hook. and we're just passing problems down through our kids and grandkids. >> i don't mind passing them down. i don't. i'm not going to be a dad. >> we do. the governor at least and i, do. >> i don't care if those kids have problems. how is the economy doing? is it betting better?
12:46 am
>> i don't know. i would think the way they're printing money is not a good sign. >> yeah. yeah. scary. >> it is. >> good sign scott brown getting elected?. >> i hope so. at least democrats are not going to expand government as fast. >> do you think health care reform bill is -- sounds like it is? >> i don't know. i hear fear they'll make compromise to do the stuff that is popular. that stuff like insurance reform. they'll make treat people more fairly. getting rid of discrimination. cherry picking. discriminating against people with preexisting conditions. republicans like that. it sounds good. but that is not insurance saying you and lindsay lohan should pay the same car insurance premium. good thing they do is cause some discrimination. punish people behaving badly or take risks. they're saying treated like a public utility that is going
12:47 am
raise costs. >> i want to change topics and talk about your logo. can we put up your loggo? i love this. because it looks like an evil corporation. did you do that on purpose? like you sell... evil robots. stossel incorporated from terminator 6. i like it i just try to do the program. whatever logo they wanted to give me. >> it looks awesomely sinister. >> i came up with my own logo for you. >> like that. i think we're going to switch. >> when did you become a mario from march yes brothers. >> that looks italian. >> it's beautiful. show it. >> and welcome to the john stossel program. today, we talk about the pizza. >> all right. all right. >> that is what it looks like. >> and there is a type of one last question. how do you like it on fox news? are you enjoying yourself. >> i love it but i'm scared
12:48 am
doing the show. i used to edit. now, it's live. i get in the fight with the governor. next week's show. >> yes. >> and i like more confroled -- controlled live. >> jello wrestling bit was amazing. >> great. >> you got a three out of five. >> i got a contract with "gq" out of the deal. people loved it we've got to move on. john always a pleasure, stossel airs thursdays 8:00 p.m. thursdays on fox business network. when we return, your voice mail messages. beat rock ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪ ♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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yeah. they tried to fool me before. dogs dressing up as yun corns. dogs? i can see through your disgiss. what the heck, come n i'll get the peanut butter. unicorn dogs love peanut butter what. can i say? let's feast your eyes on dogs on swings. more dogs bathing your ears with warm, soapy words. >> how are you doing? happy to see the show. i love it.
12:53 am
you're the best. you're the best you're the best. >> hi, greg. calling from venice, florida number one advertiser for red eye down here is a funeral home. and should i be worried is? >> yeah. greg other night you said sit bachl, relax and have a cup of coco. i was having coco when you said that! isn't that weird? >> can we get thaddeus to move to nebraska? he's cool. i want him to represent me. >> greg, you should have more cats, cats in general on the set. all the time. just hanging around the desk rubbing against your legs. i think and yes would appreciate that. >> hey, greg? what the hell did you do? why isn't glen beck coming on your program anymore? he's been there a year. i haven't seen him in 10 months. you guys suck. what did you do to glen? was it bill? it was bill. >> hi, glen. i love your show.
12:54 am
my husband doesn't. i think he might be a sexist, racist homophobe. what do you think? >> i love dogs in swings. that is something i just found out that i loved. >> i'm going to dream bit. keep calling me on my direct line. we'll close you dwoun a post game wrap up with andy leafy. got to fox, slash red eye. slash red slash red eye.
12:55 am
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making another appearance on "the o'reilly factor" so coming up on the next red eye we've got return appearances of patty ann brown and kimberly gillfoil and actor john rasen burger from "cheers". awww... time to go back for the post game wrap up thanks greg. jesse where are you going to be this weekend sth. >> going to be in lansing
12:58 am
michigan so come out out. it's here. >> that is caniptions. >> how is quitting smoking going? >> straight. i've had 15 cigarettes today, it's moving forward. >> grit. >> what is coming up on huck why bee this weekend sth. >> we're going to have neil sedaka back with us. and then we've got a hot seat talking about the scott brown election then, some surprises. >> really. >> you have to watch. >> going to be talking about whether scott brown is president yil -- presidential tim sfwher. >> absolutely and whether greg would be vice presidential timber. >> kelly whark are you doing next wednesday night? >> it's state of the union. we're going to stream it live so. that is where you can find me. it's exciting. really thrilling live i lead. >> i'm just upset greg asked stossel about the kmechl i'm
12:59 am
sitting right here. i'm right here, right in front of you. >> your problem is no mustache. no mustache. >> it's true. grow one of those, we'll talk. >> kelly? >> yes. >> what is going on with the economy? >> you're going to go online. i'm not going to tell you now. >> so sad for you ask for her number now, andy. >> anything you want to plug, sfwhil. >> i'm going to be kelly stream line the state of the union thinga ma bob on the computers when that happens on wednesday. 9:00 p.m. >> and greg, quickly remind me when will inable to preorder your book? >> now on >> okay. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and no. no. thank you. >> bye. and always a pleasure having you on the show. kelly you're our beautiful little star. and bill, you disgust me. governor huckabee, always a pleasure. i'mre


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