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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 26, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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there is a big different between freezing and cutting. the president is freezing. he now wants a three year freeze on some discretionary government spending. gimmick or solution? let's ask governor tim pawlenty. first my condolences to you and your state to the vikings loss i was close. >> we are in mourning here. our beloved vikings beat themselves. hopefully number four will come back and we can cheer him on another year thank you greta. >> i think number four will be back. to dazzle the fans as he always does. you wrote an op-ed piece on january 11th, in which you said it is not too late to turn things around. what do you mean? what would you do? >> freeze that the president announced a day or so ago or earlier today leaked out i guess. is like somebody eating three big macs and deciding they are
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going to control their weight by ordering a diet coke. acknowledgement of the problem, small tell in the right direction for all the reasons you have been talking about about it is not a freeze. focus on the economy, jobs don't freeze spending cut, don't raise taxes cut, come back to the table cut a bipartisan solution on health care that contains cost and pass a constitutional amendment that forces the government to balance its budget with certain exceptions. >> greta: that's not going to happen. at least as far as we can see. we are not going to have this constitutional amendment in the near future and we are going to have a freeze not a cut. if you are and you are talking a year from now what is the conversation going to be? >> look, greta for all the they've spent the federal government all sources all revenues takes in 2.2 trillion add up the stimulus, tarp all the stuff throughout federal reserve and monetary policy and the bailouts they could
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have given all taxpayers from all taxes a one year tax holiday they could have ignited the economy with a holiday on taxes. there's a lot of great ideas, we to be focused on jobs. don't discontinue the bush tax cuts will you the cuts to stay in place permanent if you want to put money into people's pockets you can cut payroll tax for employers and employees. easy things to do. we have got to get control of spending. the united states federal government setting aside right or left can't pay its bills it is a matter of math. >> greta: here's one of the growing problems we have an unemployment rate of 10%, higher if you count the people who have given up looking for a job and have quit because the unemployment is so high we don't have the tax revenue that of course creates problems on this government. we have the situation where we are spending the money the stimulus bill according to our
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numbers the 787 billion dollars that we intended to spend we've only spend 264 billion which leads 523 billion left. would you say the stimulus program or the bill has failed and would you say let's stop that one. ? >> it is not working it it is not effective. they promised if you pass the stimulus bill we would have unemployment at 8% or lower it is up at 10%. i think most credible economists say it is not working. we can redeploy that by drawing down deficits or through tax cut things that would more quickly and better ignite the economy. government doesn't create wealth it extracts it from the private economy makes political decisions and sends it back out. the notion government is going to create a new increment of wealth or economic activity is flawed. the spending issue is so concerning. we have a website called stop
10:04 pm people can learn more on how to help this tight. get from the you assign this to the republicans and democrats? >> if you go back the obama administration this congress have exploded it exponentially. if you go back, both parties have had a hand getting us to this point. they take in 2.2 trillion all revenues all sores, 12 trillion debt, 65 trillion unfunded liabilities from the federal government, unfund -- unfunded liabilities grew last year eight trillion, reckless, obscene and the government is not going to be able to meet and pay for those obligations. say the most ive thing we should do once they reach the point of spending money they don't have each year, examine signedding -- exceeding their revenues they should circulate the revenues in chinese
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currency that would be a dramatic lesson for our government officials and our country about the dangers of what they are doing. >> greta: it is remarkable how different the per expect stiff on the commission crisis. -- different the perspective is on the crisis. the senate and the house, those people don't have the attention on meeting the bills every month. it is so different, isn't it? >> they play monopoly many of 'em. governors have to balance their budget, 49 of the 50 states have a balanced budget amendment it is difficult, leads to hard decisions, but every two years it gets done. our federal government could benefit from that as you said it may not happen in the near term. but these chickens are gonna come home to roost. we have to have people who take this seriously. we are putting our nation at great peril. this is not just about being the accounts for the democrats this puts the security of our nation at risk if they don't
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change what they are doing. i give president obama some credit, because the first step on the road to recovery is acknowledge the problem. even though he's mostly dealing with it symbolically at least least he's acknowledged the problem. >> greta: is the freeze is it a gimmick on the eve of the state of the union because he knows that all eyes are going to be on him tomorrow night? this unemployment rate has been nagging his administration, certainly nagging those unemployed. is it a gimmick it is a freeze not a cut across the board and not a solution to our problems? >> it is not really a solution. but it is a small step. they their cans kicked in new jersey, virginia, embarrassed in massachusetts in a stunning defeat. >> greta: they thud be motivated by that by -- they should be motivated by that i'm for the idea of politics, it is fascinating, interesting, challenging. this is a little different
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when we are talking about all the unemployed in the nation. when you look at the numbers statisticallyly is unemployment going down? those are the things that i would assume would be guiding many of our decisions and our strategy. >> yes, but if he's been on the wrong course and he's willing to take a step back to the right course that is one small step. i don't want to rain all over his parade. it is got going to fundamentally change the outlook. we have to cut taxes not raising, bipartisan health care reform and get our spending house in order. you cannot meet 65 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities, total and 2.2 trillion dollars of revenue. it is a ponzi scheme it is going to come crashing down we are going to have the government he equivalent of the subprime mortgage crisis. the jobs we need to grow are
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not going to be provided by cash for clunkers they are going to be provided by giving private sector the incentives and lessening of burdens where they say i'm willing to invest again. >> governor, thank you. >> thank you. we are live in washington until 11 p.m.. next, the tape does not lie. what did candidate obama say about spending freezes? hustling your vote or legitimate change of circumstances? decide in two minutes. jon stewart, we have the video. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack.
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>> greta: president obama wants a spending freeze. what did candidate obama think? >> problem with the spending freeze you are using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. there are some programs that are very important that are under funded. it is important for the president to set a tone that says all of us are gonna contribute. all of us are gonna make sacrifices. it means that yes we may have to cut some spending although i disagree with senator mccain about an across the board freeze that's an example of an unfair burden sharing using a hatchet to cut the federal budget i want to use a scalpel so people who need help are getting help and those of us like myself and senator mccain who don't aren't getting it. >> i think we have a disagreement about across the
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board spending freeze. it sounds good proposed period . it doesn't happen across the board spending freeze is a hatchet and we do need a scalpel because some programs don't work some are under funded. i wanna make sure we are focused on those perhaps that work. >> greta: joining us live is rick klein author of the note at i guess within way you can say this isn't an across the board freeze some areas are subject to freeze some are not. >> only an eighth gets covered lots of caveats, nonsecurity discretionary spending great washington term. the white house is pointing out they are taking a scalpel to certain areas some will go up, some down. he's out there you know what he said during the campaign it doesn't sound the same today. >> greta: what kind of reception do you think he's
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getting from capitol hill about this? they like to spend. that's how they make constituents home happy. >> this landed with a thud the republicans are saying too little too late. maybe mild support for it. democrats are saying what president obama said we need help for some areas we can eliminate other areas like defense and say we can't cut there at all. it is the democrats that will decide they are the ones in control. it is tough to take these goodies away from lawmakers in an election year. >> greta: in april he this meeting with his cabinet. he said i'm going to look for 100 billion dollars at least at that point he realized there -- spending had again while. 90 days later announcement they met their goal. trying to dig to find out what the proof of that is. but, he must had some sort of idea that maybe spending was out of control at that point? >> sure, i think he knew that from the beginning. i don't think the white house
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realized the political potency of the spending issue until recent months when you saw independent voters come out and say this is a problem. people started to care about deficits where they didn't seem to for a long time that's why you are seeing the white house trying to make this a centerpiece of the state of the union address. >> greta: i can't figure out why they didn't know that with unemployment climbing, people can't pay taxes the government has no revenue so we can meet our bills, greater problems, have to raise ceilings all the time it doesn't take someone with great insight to see we were spiralling into a bigger problem everyday. >> right the calcification -- calculation was coming in the economy needed so much help because you -- you couldn't worry about deficits in the immediate term. >> greta: the thing about the stimulus bill only 264 billion has been spent in almost a year coming up on the 100 year anniversary, that leaves 523 billion that hasn't been spent. unemployment has not rebounded or responded to it.
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it is not as though the stimulus bill has blossomed the writing is we need plan b. >> plan b still involves spend ago that money. senate talking a new jobs' bill at the same time this is separate from the stimulus bill and that spending. none of these spending freezes will take until the next fiscal year it is going to be up to congress to decide if they want to do it. do they want to cut spending before going to the voters? >> greta: i'm game for spending more of the stimulus if there's any proof, and i see none, that it has been successful. at some point we need to put on the brakes. is the white house convinced and capitol hill convinced that the stimulus bill is working? >> the white house is convinced. there's economists that would back it up and say it would have been worse without it. >> greta: they set the unemployment and didn't achieve it.
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it is not like we said we want to be at 8%. >> they were trying to say if we don't do this these terrible things would happen. bad things happened any way even though congress spent that money. you saw president obama talking about the millions of jobs saved or created. >> greta: we had three different numbers yesterday with -- on sunday by the white house aides. no one has any grip on that >> important discount. the president is going to have to be defending that package that spent, 787 billion dollar package talking about spending freeze to save over 250 billion dollars over 10 years. >> greta: freeze not cut. it slows down our deterioration. it doesn't stop it. >> so much of this is baked into the budget they are not trying to cut. we are looking at enormous deficits as far as the eye can see. >> greta: big night tomorrow night. thank you. next we are live from
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washington. tonight the city is buzzing. in hours president obama gives that state of the union. is the president crippleed politically or is tomorrow the beginning of a strong come back? senator rick santorum. >> want to hear senator elect scott brown's daughter sing? you will.
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>> greta: if you don't think tomorrow night is politically important to president obama you might be drinking something. president obama faces a giant political challenge as he sums up his first year forecast where he's taking us in year two. former senator rick santorum joins us live. this freeze versus cut, is this going to pass? >> no, democrats never support freezes. i was in congress for 16 years. any time we proposed a freeze which we often did on the republican side, i might add it was called a gimmick. as president obama a hatchet we need to be surgical. democrats will not support this. >> greta: why is there a different between a senator and governor? >> number one discretionary
10:21 pm
accounts where all the pork barrel and ear mashes are in. governors have to balance the budget senators and congressmen don't no requirement to do so. what they will do is ignore the president on this. republicans will support it, but they won't support the democrat budget. therefore, it won't pass. so, that's number one. number two, the president well knows he doesn't have to sign the budget. the budget doesn't pass and go to the president it is worked out between the house and senate. he can say i tried and they wouldn't go along. >> if there is a faller he doesn't have any fingerprints on it. that doesn't go to the question of freeze versus cuts which is different. freeze will put the lid on other spending can go up. it puts a lid on a certain number of spending areas. >> right. for the last year and a half these spending areas that he wants to freeze now have gotten record increases. areas that have already gotten huge increases under the stimulus as well as the budget
10:22 pm
agreement of last year and this year. number two, since he's not freezing everything else, congress has a way let's assume they did go along they would fan a way to increase money more here and shift pay for things other places. there's ways to get around this and i'm sure they will if the president somehow forces them to do this. >> greta: let's say there was a freezing across the board on everything, military, which nobody wants. that still doesn't fix the problem. that slows it down. and that's the first thing. go ahead. >> let me give you an example. medical research one area frozen is health research. that's a very popular thing in washington, d.c.. people want to be able to spend more money to have more]xd
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>> greta: it seeps the focus should be on the -- it seems the focus should be on the sim bill. if it working will generate tax income it will be successful if it not working we need plan b really fast. i don't see the jobs numbers it is not working. we need to like generate income so we need to figure out how to handle that tax cuts, unemployment, for employers, i don't know what it is. >> you can certainly repeal part of the increase in the stimulus package that would be a real cut. saying we are not going to some of this money. if you look at where the
10:25 pm
stimulus package has worked. look at unemployment numbers in all 35 divisions that the labor department surveys two lowest divisions, southern maryland and northern virginia, including d.c.. that's the lowest unemployment rate in the country is in washington, d.c.. so the president has done a good job 5 1/2% unemployment in the d.c. area, done a great job creating unemployment in this area, lousy job creating employment in the private sector. >> greta: too bad. senator, thank you. are the democrats trying to do something unconstitutional? senator orrin hatch is worried about that >> plus, jon stewart rips president obama the president better be careful where he [ inaudible ] . [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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>> greta: the man who busted acorn buffed himself. james o'keefe best known for making uncover videos of himself posing as a pimp. o'keefe has appeared many times here on fox news channel. now these hot water the filmmaker and three others arrested accused of trying to interfere with the phonelines at senator landrieu's office. the fbi says o'keefe entered her office and a short time later two men posing as repairmen showed up asking to
10:29 pm
access the telephone lines. o'keefe, the two men posing as repairmen and a fourth man accused of helping with the plot were all arrested. we'll bring you the latest on this story as we get it. >> senator orrin hatch says the president and the democrats have an arrogance of power and are trying to do something unconstitutional. senator hatch went on the record. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> greta: there's the big issue whether the health care bill will get passed. assuming for some reason it does get passed even though i know you are fighting against this particular bill. does it have constitutional issues down the road? >> it has serious constitutional issues. this will be the first time in history that individual citizens in this country will be forced to buy something they may not want. and may be forced to buy a federal version of something they don't want. [ inaudible ] matters involving activities
10:30 pm
that affect interstate commerce. you can't tell people they have to buy something they don't want. >> greta: any statute or legislation where the congress has told people they must buy something? anything remotely similar that we can gauge this against that? >> they cite everybody has to buy automobile insurance that is not true. you don't have to drive a car. you can choose not to drive a car. if you drive a car, yes the state requires you to buy auto insurance. that's not the state not the government. liberty defend depends upon limitations on the federal government. that's why the clause has never been used to tell people they have to buy something they don't like. >> greta: i thought with automobile the justification for insurance is driving is a privilege not a right which is why states are better able to do that. >> you said it better than i did. driving is a privilege. state run situation. if the state requires to you buy automobile insurance you
10:31 pm
have to do it. even then you don't have to drive. you could say i'm not going to buy it. you have that right as a citizen. if the congressman dates it you have to buy an insurance policy, health insurance policy that will be the first time in history the congress has again that far if they can force to you buy a health policy they designed or a health policy period, then they can force to you do anything. there would be no limitation on congress as to what they can for the citizens to do. the constitution doesn't give that type of leeway. >> greta: you wrote an op-ed piece in the "new york times", you talked about the tax issue whether whether or not there can be a disparity in the in the excise tax. >> excise taxes have to be applied uniformly by the constitution and interpretations by the supreme court. in this particular case, they
10:32 pm
provide an ability in the bureaucrats to determine about 17 states that might not be as required to pay that cad lack insurance. that would be -- cadillac insurance that would be a violation of constitution. which requires all excise taxes to be uniformed. >> greta: i knew your positions on those constitutional issues. >> there are others, let me mention one other. the cornhusker deal. in other words they made a deal with the senator from nebraska that nebraska would never have to pay its share of medicaid costs while every other state does. which means all 49 other states will have to pay nebraska's share that right that has to be uniform. it is filled with anti-constitutional principles. frankly, i hope the house does not take the senate bill. they could and we would be saddled with that doggone thing. i don't think they will.
10:33 pm
i think there are better thinkers about doing that if they did we would be stuck with unconstitutional approaches towards health care. >> greta: the reason i was curious and red your op-ed piece in the event you are right on these issues it would be enormously difficult or we would have a problem in our country should the legislation be passed and declared unconstitutional. it seems those issues to the extent they can be resolved before we get a bill implemented would be wise. >> it would be. there are legal experts who differ with me on these items. people are more and more coming to the conclusion that i'm right on them. and we should not go that far as to impose mandatorily on people health care principles or health care costs they don't want to pay. >> greta: we can't get an advisory opinion on the united states supreme court they don't do that we are treading on new territory.
10:34 pm
>> the supreme court does not give advisory opinions established for a long time. >> greta: where are we on the health care bill today? if you are a betting man, probably not, is it going to get passed or not? >> i don't think it is. frankly the democrats are saying let's strip it down and start working on it. you can't work on something that has a bad foundation. you can't build a house on a bad foundation. tear down what you have and start over. if they would start over on a step-by-step basis, i think there are a number of issues we could have agreement on where we would work together on those issues. right now the republicans are very upset with what they've tried to foist off on american people. there's no desire to work with them on -- especially on what they've done so far. if we started over, went on a step-by-step basis worked on things we could agree on. i think we could come up with a bill that could work well. get yet --
10:35 pm
>> greta: you walk down the hall and you sima majority leader harry reid, what do you say? nice day or lousy bill or -- what do you say to him? >> i'm very friendly to harry and everybody else. you can get irritated with what they do that doesn't moon you attack them personally. >> greta: don't you want to say let's talk about this? >> i've told them how stupid their approach was. >> greta: you use the word stupid? >> of course. how ridiculous and stupid some of their approaches are. >> greta: their response? >> they laugh and say tell us how to do it better. >> i would love to do that there are a lot of health care bills that i've worked on that are law and worked. and i worked on a bipartisan way, with kennedy, waxman, created the modern generic drug industry with henry wax wapb one of the most liberal in the whole congress who i
10:36 pm
happened to like. i would be happy to work with them. the health committee bill without any republican input, pelosi bill, reid bill without any republican input. and then they come to you and say, take it or leave it. that isn't the way you do legislation around here. it was an arrogance of power they knew they had 60 votes or felt they could get together 60 votes, which they did. and they didn't need republicans. something that involves 1/6, that is this important affects every living american, if you pass something on a strictly partisan basis, you know it is a lousy bill. the chip bill we had to fight hard it took two years, the child health insurance program thats way hatch-kennedy we had close to 80 votes bipartisan vote everybody said this is a really good bill and it as
10:37 pm
originally now they've distorted that bill. what they want to do is get to a single payer system. socialized medicine, really, by having the federal government dominate everything in health care. if we do that we to be the stupidest people on earth. in all honestly, we know the federal government and the bureaucrats here in washington are not going to handle it as well as states. >> greta: here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: conservatives and liberals are mad at the president for freezing spending. we'll get into it with newt gang rich. tim tebow involved in a big super bowl controversy coming up. >> greta: we are live for 20 more minutes. next is president mat blamer in chief. we have the president caught on tape. when you listen to this, you will ask yourself what is president obama talking about? >> senator-elect scott brown's
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10:42 pm
failed suspension include some of the top sellers highlander, camry and tundra. will also shutdown producing at five plants for one week to assess this problem. >> it has been two weeks to date the earthquake leveled much of haiti. troops have pulled out a survivior. unclear if he was trapped the entire 14 days or stuck at some other point. he might have a broken leg. the state department reporting the number of americans killed in the quake is nearly 100. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to on the record with greta van susteren. thanks for watching the fox news channel. check out our website at >> greta: listen closely and decide, is president obama taking responsibility for a mistake or is he blaming congress? president talking to diane sawyer about transparency. >> i think your question points out to a legitimate
10:43 pm
mistake that i made during the course of the year. that is that, we had to make so many decisions quickly, in a very difficult set of circumstances, that after a while, we started worrying more about getting the policy right than the process right. i didn't make a bunch of deals. there's a legislative process taking place in congress. i'm happy to own up to the fact that i have not changed congress and how it operates the way i would have liked. i think it is important to know that the promises we made about increased transparency, we've executed here in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> greta: steve moore senior economic writer for "wall street journal" editorial page. i have not changed congress and how it operates. blame congress for that so be it. i don't care who did it.
10:44 pm
how about now, good time now to start transparency. do it now! and they won't. the white house won't and congress won't. >> this is one of the most popular props the president may. he was going to -- promises the president made. he was going to change the way they operated. >> greta: we never asked. speaker pelosi open it up, because i asked, not once. >> it didn't happen during the stimulus bill, during the health care bill, it didn't happen during the budget process. i think people are angry when the president says that a lot of these backroom deals were made in congress that he didn't know about it. i don't think he's being truth full. >> greta: lying? nobody will call it like it is [ talking over each other ] he said no backroom deals what happened when the drug industry went there in june? >> what about the unions. i don't know if i would use the word lying. >> greta: what do you call it? >> rahm emanuel was front and
10:45 pm
center in every decision made on the health care and stimulus bill. to say these deals were cut without the white house knowledge is a fabrication. >> greta: no c-span coverage at the drug bill, at the unions both at the white house. not once any record of him asking speaker pelosi or reid to have c-span there. let's get that straight. >> that is true. they resisted that and said it wasn't practical. they believed the deals couldn't get cut if the cameras were there. that's true the americans would really been disgived if they saw the union deal. >> greta: water over the bridge. he could make an announcement now, tomorrow night the state of the union from now on there will be transparency. any way. second thing -- >> probably the least transparent president we've had in the first year ever. none of this has been done. >> greta: help me understand my own notes.
10:46 pm
i have that on december twine the president signed a catch all that increased nondefense spending by 12% a month ago. >> no inflation big increase. >> greta: 12% increase, nondefense. now the freeze proposed would reduce budgets less than 1%. >> this is the point we make in the paper tomorrow this freeze comes on top of a 12% increase. you are leaving out something, you are right, that of -- that 12% increase did not include the stimulus bill. many agent -- agencies got a 40 to 50% increase now he's going to cut them by 1%, pretty pitiful. >> greta: the president has a lot on his plate. the one thing that me is the feeling of being had, at least for me when i hear these
10:47 pm
numbers, i realize these decisions are difficult to suggest there's transparency when i know these deals are made behind closed doors i'm not that stupid. to say we increase spending 12% a month ago and now we are going to freeze it. maybe they had to do it -- >> how serious are they about the deficient at this time -- deficit when they are talking about the freeze. saving 25 billion dollars a year we have a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit we'd have to freeze for 30 years. >> greta: focus on freeze not cut. we're not talking about the fact there's all this unused stimulus money that -- >> that could be saved immediately if they would cancel the spending we know it hasn't created jobs. we say why not do what states have done. states who have to balance their budget every year are calling for five, six, seven percent across the board cuts
10:48 pm
to cut their bills that doesn't happen in washington because we don't have a budget requirement. >> greta: thank you. now the best of the rest. want to hear senator-elect scott brown's daughter sing? you will, next. what does the -- what show does the president love? we'll tell you, coming up. you're the colon lady! diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating. that's me! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health. [ gorilla ] nice move. but can your retirement income keep pace with changing interest rates? this new variable annuity from axa equitable
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. this video looks fake. it is real. kansas high school basketball coach just set up for a pep rally. his students blindfolded him and told him if he hit a shot from half court he would win tickets to the ncaa final four. the students assumed he would miss and planned to cheer wildly to make him think he
10:52 pm
sunk the near impossible basket. take a look at what happened. unbelievable. here's the kicker the students didn't really have the tickets to give the coach. they have a couple of weeks to figure out. they better get hustling. >> president obama may have just let a secret slip. yesterday the nba champion lakers were at the white house. reality star cl -- khloe kardashian came because her husband plays for the team. had a few words when they met, "great show." we always thought he watched "jersey shore." who could forget this moment senator-elect scott brown
10:53 pm
making a public announcement about his daughters and their love lives. >> i want to thank ayla and arianna for their help as well. [ applause ] >> just in case anybody who is watching throughout the country, yes they are both available. [ cheering ] >> only kidding, only kidding. arianna is definitely not available. ayla is. >> greta: were the daughters embarrassed that night? brown's 21-year-old daughter tells cbs the moment was funny but still blushing. she has been flooded with offers. with singing skills like these the "american idol" semi finalist has a lot going for her. ♪ ♪ ♪ no more will i cry no more will you come around ♪ telling me your lies ♪
10:54 pm
♪ no more will i cry ♪ no more will i say i love you ♪ >> greta: is she a star? you be the judge. there you have it the best of the rest. jon stewart's tape, next. because metlife removed ifsthe combining the insurances family's need most, term life and disability,
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>> i am pleased to be joined by my outstanding education secretary, arnie duncan. >> you set up the presidential podium and a teleprompter in a sixth grade classroom? >> here is what health care means to you. let's say you developed cooties. >> political advisor? that is not a photo op in a middles school classroom. like delivering an oval office speech from a nap mat. it clashes with billy r's construction-paper house. if it's an exact replica he lives in since dad yes's real
10:59 pm
house went away. i made up the economic seasons -- conditions. and seasons since you zront a rove-type there advicing you, to if to the super bowl, regular box seats will do. if you want to listen to music buy an ipod like the rest of us. >> let's be care and -- fair and balanced. we think he was reading that joke from a teleprompter that. is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter. you can sign up to get tweets every time we post go. to slash greta wire right now. bill o'reilly is next. good night. we have a big night tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. eastern. state of the union and lots going on. right here, fox news channel. i. o'reilly is staying here.


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