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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 27, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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" >>it> welcome to "red eye." it is like by and the bear.oes. let's go to tv's andy levy for the pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show?omin >> coming up tonight, massachusetts elects aenor f republican senator for the first time in four decades.deca. why bay stators wanted to see what brown could do for them. 1k3* what grade do america'sca's kids give president obama?ds here is a hint. ht, i it is not a good, solid blid b plus. and do people say they are spiritual? they say namaste. dictate.your t and put it on pause the onece. that assures applause and a never takes a law to a can of cn coors. greg? >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our delightful array of our beautiful and probably high as a kite guest. gives she hosts the diana falzone. show. she is so hot the sun uses her s
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to dry its hair. yes, the sun has she is the sexiest dame in theai acting game. lead actor and writer and producer for no good tv. she is cuter than a sm ru fn a riding a my little pony over a griffin skull.y. he is the raider to my paulyau revere, the pacemaker to my my jerry.rry and the her met to my herman and the blood and sweat to my tears. it is bill shultz whol vacations in turkish prisons. and he is more dangerous than jason born and more handsome than james bond and thewe ttellest guy you called a spy. hetting next to me is the cia operative.t he is so cool that ice cubes put mike bakers in their kee drinks to keep them cold. i am certainly running out ofuto these.el and he is underfed and rarely red.rr good to see you, pinch. see y >> you know what the opposite of mild man?is times reporter sara wildman.ra l i would like to give her a child, man. sorry, that last part was cre creepy. >> it was creepy. >> and physically impossible. >> well, someone's seat just
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turned brown. republican scott brown won auesn huge victory tuesday in the race to replace massachusetts senator ted kennedy, beatinga democrat martha cokely52-47%. we have video of the accentance speech. tha >> yeah!le >> that's from my collection.n d sorry about that.r brown did cause a stir during h his speech when he thanked his daughters the only way a dad could, by embarassing them. >> and just in case anybodydy who is watching throughout the country, yes, they are both available. no, no. only kidding, only kidding. only kidding.s n ariana is definitely notlablut
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available, but arler is. >> that was wonderful slashro creepy. why did brown take the town?ht y some say it was voter anger due to overreaching in and there are others who blameof coakley for one of the worstst a campaigns since zarlnick lost. if your name is oberman you are obermanian.chit out >> the republicans and the tea partiers will tell you whatha happens with scott brownens th whether he wins or comes ces close. he is a repute yaition of obama policy and surely one ofac the policies from the viewof pos point of his opponents is it is okay to have this seat s change in american history to have an african-american president. >> get it?resi scott brown won because the super liberal voters of massachusetts are racist bastards. wait, there is more.bu >> maybe not in massachusetts, but maybe in someplaces, their codes, their images, you know, their pick up trucks, you canu y
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say there is a racial aspectas to it one way or another. >> what were the scott brownheco ads though, every one of them had him in a pick up truck.he so >> that's why i mentioned pwnica up trucks. >> so get it? i m scott brown won because pick up trucks are racist bastards. u i had no idea. what is worse than racist trucks?an peas. >> ♪ oi got a feeling ♪ that tonight's a g ♪ gonna be a good night >> ruining everything. everything you have worked so hard for with the black eyed ble peas.. just totally killed it. i bet you are wondering as the election unfolded like something that unfolded, whatde was media matters up to?rs >> hello, david, are you busy? >> is this about the mess insbot the bathroom? that wasn't me. >> no, david, it is about thet e
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press released you want me to write. i don't think it is a good't idea. >> why? >> you cannot say fox news caused the earthquake in haitiai in order to get scott brownie elected.ected. >> but -- brown elected. >> but it is true. by ignoring global warmingnger they angered the planet thatther lead to the earth's quake thatin provided a diversion that gotwn scott brown elected. >> david, have you been watching too much fox news. why don't you call some friends. these things you call friends.ri >> david, a friend is a person f who holds feeling of affectionli for you. >> tell me more. tel >> a friend also gives a assistance in times of need. >> does a friend like lotion? >> have i to go. >> lotion, i need my lotion. >> not his fault.>> not he has dry h skin.kin. carrie, i go to you first.ou fit you are a lady, a wonderful lady. g let's go to soon to be senator n brown and what he said aboutdaur
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his daughters.. was it cute or was it creepy? basically he was saying his hot daughters were available. >> you know, what i think that it started out incrediblyut sweet, and then all of atoo sudden it took this weird is borat turn. he is like, have you met my daughters? is my daughter is the number one prostitute next to her other sister. high five! he did this wholes e thing. i don't know why. >> here is the thing: i thinki mike, you are a parent. >> >> this proves one point.ios you can't have conversationshing with your parents about anything because they will make it public. this is my theory. she was talking to her dadin t probably a day ago about how there is no good men inhere massachusetts or she is saying she would like to settle down d with a guy.ow that stuck in his brain. he is up there and excited and e he sends this stuff.. that's what you would >> i would not do that. anybody who knows me knows iodyh would not go on national tvwoult and say my daughter isatnalt available. >> you just did once we edite
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that!at. wh i agree 100% with gave ree. -- with gary. it was great, and then it tookre that odd kind of turn. >> it was cute. >> it was cute. nightwatching because i think you always have to know whatpeuh the enemy iavs thinking. i watched msnbc relentlessly. i mean, even at the point iere g thought i was gonna get up and s shoot myself in the head, i stayed on msnbc. and so i watch oberman duringis all his manic coolness, and itan was stunning to watch he and the others and how out ofow outo touch they are, and how they still at this point believebelit that somehow the vast majority of americans think exactly like they do. for awhile i thought they were doing it for o the show.el t they honestly believe this. >> what is interesting is whenn obama won it, and i was no fan of obama, but there was no
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graciousness involved onn msnbc. they were bitter and angry.can can we get the pictures of the new senator with his daughters? w now why can't he be proud?wh can why can't he be proud, diana? ww >> wow. i will just put it out there. >> the weird thing is they were going to church.>> i >> i find that objectionable. >> in a pick up truck. >> what do you think?u thi would you be embarassed ifmbas your father did that?ur f >> i would be mortar fight. anybody in their right mind would have been. he was going the right direction. he is like, my daughters arediro available, hey, i'm funny.ey, and then he is like, no, o seriously, one is a semifinalist on "americanam idol" and i want her off my trust fund.fu marry her. sdent and a the other is a medical student and sub par to the other one.>>k >> i think he was being abu t wonderful bumbling dad andmsy then said a clumsy thing and hed
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then admitted he is going tohasn be in trouble. >> it has john edwards written i all over it. >> the cosmo thing and now this creepiness.r slightly less feathered.rk mark my words.his save this tape, thipe save this tape. >> and now to the greg-alogue. it is a reindeer of reason. >> i hate this collar. remember how hill liar yus the whole saging thing the other networks had a field day, and there was no oned day better at den gnaw grating the silly folks with signs than rachel madow. >> is he not considered a true t-bager by the movement? massed organized t-bagging. org the t-bagging of congress and bt he is being t-bagged while doing so and it will be muf muffled. t-bag obama, t-bag obama and they were turned down as they tried to t-back -- t-bag.
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t-bag arlen specter and t-bag john mccain.d they t-bagged the white houseaw. lawn. we are t-bagers and you arere not, and we are there for there future. f t >> she got a real kick out of gt that word. that now fast-forward to last night where we have a more uprorious footage of rachel. >> we are now hearing, in w terms of the united states senate here in massachusetts, that the -- that the ap is nowps projecting that scott brown is the winner of theown massachusetts united statesunite senate race. again, this is an apis i projection associated press is n now projecting that scott s brown is the winner of the massachusetts senate race to replace the late ted kennedy. k again, this is an ap projection. nora o'donnell has confirmednora that martha coakley has calledeh scott brown to concede theoon race. >> sorry, i guess uprorious is
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not the right word. she is down-rorious. the joke isn't funny anymore, but i am thinking, no, the party is just getting started. this is a time for the teamt t party movement to embrace the t-bag money gnaw customer andto force that silly slur that helped amp the angst that lead to the brown win. t-back is a symbol between a sym disconnect between elitist jackasses and the rest of jacss america. every time msnbc snickered about t-bagging it was knownedia that the media will not take you seriously if you reject their liberal uh summings.ngs. and the media only likesli p protesters if they look likeik protesters. don't forget the $200 cushioned jogging if you are going to protest,test it better be about crap the media cares about, saving the planet, no nukes, flat mimosasbu
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anyway, they learned that calling folks t-bagers only helps them t-bag you. t bag if you disagree with me, arere y you not a t-bagers. too bad. >> gary, isn't this kind of and example of what happens whenhe you bully people and then the bullied kids ban together and fight back?s it is like an after school a special.oo >> it is indeed, and it is fun>. to watch. wch i think the t-bagers won. at the end of the day they putre it in your face and shove ityoha down your throat, and that's e how you win an election in america. >> you are so right. >> she cooperate be moreore r right. >> i love the way she describes it, mike. >> i love the way she laughs. >> it is ironic that msnbc isbc >> and i have to tell you, rachel has nef looked morene vulnerable and sexy than she hat moment when she was announcing thatha
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coakley had lost. >> it was bad. >> it was like death in her eyes. it was lik >> it was like the uh pokee apocalypse had g >> she was going craze ee. is the administration going toio g start taking the parties more seriously? >> i know the austrian put t-bagers now as the word of the year for 2009. but i think we will.t we will start taking it more seriously. that's the urban dictionary. a >> are there sex terms? >> it has been my word of then? year for a longtime.l >> will you marry me? >> why am i not in l.a.?hy am >> i don't know.>> don't >> bill, are there any othernyth sex terms we calling -- recan look forward to reenvigoratingra the political language? >> if they do it will have more to do with brown thanredo w anything.i dot medon't even foe what that means. >> i do. >> two points.
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one on the tape we justched, watched and maddow in a turtlehe neck, is she not the splitting image of george steinbrenner?nke i think she was.ot the other thing is, if there is one person in a23merica who should not be talking aboutlkin t-bagging and mentioning it over and over it is rachel mad do you. her off the r as her off the record girlfriend i can guarantee that. >> she looks like scott baio. >> a little bit.sf >> from t-bagers to tykes.ed the first anniversary of his inauguration, barack obama received a stunning rebuke of his policies from kids, brats,ne biters, tadpoles, unrunny noses and lunch boxes withystal capri suns and crystal meth.ult the result of a time for kids magazine poll finds half of halo the youngsters give thegihem a president a grade of c or lower, meaning children who are the future are not keen on
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obama being a part of theirs. to according to the survey that questioned thousands of boys yog and girls, 19% gave obama an a and 30% a b and 24% a c, 10% a d and 16% an f. what do they think of the results in panda town? we asked. >> panda town is a mess right now.w. >> they are not part animal. >> children are our future, so c this should be of grave a concern. >> it is a great concern. it one of the things i was reading that depressed me is the one that says, my mommy is o working too hard and i never t see her. my heart breaks. i blame obama. no, not really, but it was sad l to read that unemployment is t one of the kids' fears. >> carrie, i would be critical of the president, but webuwe sht shouldn't be listening b to kida about anything, right? >> no.
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yes. i don't know. when i did my own private poll of 9-13-year-olds, pretty muchrc all i found out was taylor lautner is really hot and tot stranger danger! strangerne danger!st >> wow that sent phil >> when you polled me i toldol e you spes specifically i was neither 9 norton and he ise still hot. i >> if the tweens are turning a on him won't the talks be next?ne >> we are making it important will kids are stu i mean, like the fact that we are even paying attention to this, my favorite part of the poll was not the obama thing because god knows i cried myself to sleep on that one, but the partep they said theaidt top -- their top career choice was athletes.lete the bottom one of the top 10 top was a chef. now, have you seen how fat these runts are these days?hey they have a lot more chance of being a paul perdome. they are dumb, greg.
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>> you just had a baby. what are your thoughts on the administration? keep it clean. >> and he is excited about the scott brownie election results in massachusetts.usetts he said so last night. he really hates bill for h hate calling kidss stupid. >> i didn't mean all kids. >> no, not all kids. >> what i love about this timei. for kids poll is they covered a a lot of topics. asking what the -- what was important to them and this was stunning. money and possessions.y a those were more important thanng anything else, happiness, family, anything. >> i'm not surprised. you know, also said -- 9 outyou of 10 said they would see asiden female president in their lifetime, so they are obviously misguided. >> why don't they get the right to vote first, greg.'s let's do baby steps. >> punch him. >> i already did. *6. >> >> we have to move o in. >> if they are old enough to throw on their diapers, then they are old enough to v coming up, can you get a p perfect workout body by eating t potato chips and mier catie
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blood?lood probably. let's check out this message. o. >> sex and blood, sex andnd blood, sex and blood! yeah, the star of gladiator is here to talk about all six of those o things.
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an acting like dpac get someone in the sack? that is yes in surveyhich language. new research finds americanse. and canadians tell others theyi, are, quote, spiritual and notpil religious to appear more attractive to perspectivee t mates. why?m well, basically it is i p perceived as cool to for tray yourself as having inner hav spiritual beliefs even if itel is shallow new age bs found in j self-help books.ying you a what ires cool is saying you arn
3:22 am
religious.doh h it says you have core, heavymeah values and don't do bondage. l people think are you a free a f thinker and easy. >> police you. -- bless you. >> thank you. >> i am allergic to >> carrie, i have to go with you first.rrie, ar you are a resident free thinker. this is so true that if guys gus want to get women in bed, allll they have to do is puke upuk this spiritual mumbo-jumbo and women fall for it. why is that? >> we are just built that way. you know what, i think spiritual is the new religious
3:23 am
like single is the new>>ove married. >> spirituality is like a cloud of free meaning. it is easy to be spiritual.ning. >> it is easy to be spiritual e and it is politically correct.or i used it on dates where guys wt say what religion are you? i say, i am spiritual, not really religious. you don't want to get in alitild political debate on anything. it is a way to go over the topic and not going in depth. >> that's a good point. that's so true. a religion is like a dress thats d goes down to the ankles. saying you are spiritual is the like a back at that hat tells guys everything you g want to know jie. now that you say that, i am never saying it o again. i >> did you ever pull the old ag. spiritual line to pick uptu tricks when you were single? chi >> oftentimes i would go outou g on dates and i would explain exp it never got me anywhere.ere. i agree entirely with what's being said which is that, you know, if i had to do it all
3:24 am
over again, i would talk about my religion requires some commitment. so requires some function, some responsibility, some outward action whereas spirituality is -- you are a right. it is an opportunity to get in the sack.>> s >> spiritual is you talk about doing good things. religion forces you to do good thin things.but th good things and that annoys everybody. >> that was very intellectual.>> i think we have to move on. do you have a comment on the show? i bet you do you little us scamps. e-mail us at red eye. or leave a message on my voicemail. andy levy is coming up. he is a jerk. t >> tonight's half time reportiso is sponsor had by the new hybrid hybrid sport, is you she ball. it is like basketball but the ball is easier to eat. if you ever tried to eat a basketball, you know what i mean. thanks sushi ball.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have donetn anything wrong so far. to andy for that we go to andy w we hear kids are turningning against obama, but what abouthat their cats?eir ca >> wtshat is the difference?if >> that's true. you see cats as kids.wn >> scott brown beats marthacoak you say some put the blame on coakley since kurt zolinick lost the presidency of mars. it was meep who was minister of salk.52
3:29 am
easy mistake. 1528. >> my history books don't gory back that far. >> it is ancient history.>>is ac carrie, diana, you both thinkna the whole my daughters are daugh available thing was funny atthiu first and then it just wentthenn toot far, but why was it funny -- would you thong it fi was funny at first if you werers -- would you think it wasthink funny at first if you were one. of the daughters? >> yes.>> a m was the best. >> there you have it. >> delightful.l. >> yeah.>> s she was talking about when she was a her dad would go to gymnastng class and see her doing herou s gyming. >> wait a second.t c look at carrie.shas we all know she was never a gymnast. o we can >> or we can move along andact i act like it never happened.e >> mike, you said you wouldour never say your daughter was available, but admit you would talk about something she talked about with you. >> i would.the >> guilty,
3:30 am
can we go back to the picture pu of carrie? >> there we go. was >> she was a gymnast.ber, a >> i remember mike bakermikeak bringing up a talk he had with his daughter about getting ato belly button piercing or, rig something, right?er >> that was my belly button i was giving an example. >> this is what parents are to there to do, they are on the planet to embarass you. >> i want to see the belly button ring. be >> i will be in l.a. nextweek week. >> awkward. >> in a stalker sort of way. >> in a married sort of - >> this is not the c block, and andy. this is not thet c block. >> by the way, eight la brown -- aila brown, by the- way, the available one, is on
3:31 am
>> i bet you immediatelyr, d tweeted her, right? >> i >> no, actually i haven't. unusr >> that's unusual for y you. is. >> no, it is not. >> no, ityes, it is. >> no, it is not. >> yes.>>ot >> no.>> >> can someone let keith oberman know that a few months ago they picked obama over mccain by 2 ices 6 pointsa over d.a.-- by 26 >> you just did. >> how did a state that votedba for obama by 26 votes vote t that it is okay to have a black president. promentory>>ry point. it is like you trying toaution pronounce inauguration.rath >> as you know i draw the has bee it has been awhile.n today i drew my idea of thehe perfect male statue of liberty. yes, the body of lady liberty l with the head of mike baker. >> wow. >> if you happen to crack it
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open -- get this, if you crack it open, butterflies made of c chocolatey dreams will fly out. and then they will peck your eye eyes on the.t. they will peck your eyes out. if you would like to win thisof piece of art, send the title ey to red eye at fox .com. end i will make an autographedchbil copy drenched in bill's >> thank you, always a delightha having you on our show. and it is a challenge for all of our editors afterwards. we are taking a break. when we come back we talking to andy whitfield, the star of spar tau cuss. if you leave now i i will smite your fist with my face. w >> they have raped our women, ci killed our children and each thm time we pushed them back onlyhem to see them urn are. >> he speaks out of turn, yettrs the truth falls from his mouth.
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you would die in the pits wd willingly to see my fortunesunes rise? >> yes. if you will hold my watch with peace.h >> what is to keep me hereee once your blood is filled? >> honor and the promise of vengeance in the afterlife. >> he is tougher than russelll crowe's maximus and moreor gorgeous than brad pitt's achilles and sexier than allnd r of the golden girls putif together. it has a lot of blood andogethe sand. it is an original series. it is "starz" with a"z," noss "s" there. it premieres this weekend. diswroin -- joining us is the totally hunky and spunky mr. whit field. thank you for being here.e h >> thank you so much for having me. >> a lot of people on the show have to wear murkins. is that true? >> that's true. i don't suffer for lack of myes' own hair, but you know what frol
3:37 am
they are?ac of >> yes. the i mean no. >> explain. >> what is a murkin. >> a m ru kin is basicallyigor what you would call a wig for down there, right?right >> and famously there was ahe scene when -- there was a bit of a sex seen during the times and the girl rereeled the murkin and it is offered on the set. it goes with the scene.cene >> where do you buy a murkin?thy they have to be mademewh somewhere.e are they made by general wiganie companies? >> i don't know. i think somebody makes themhe onset. you know the barber claws. >> that means, bill, your hairr could be made into a murkinawle. for lucy lawless. >> i knew i had a purpose, and it is to cover lucy'sl, i privates. >> i want to know who isweing th wearing the murkin and who is a method actor and lets it go?
3:38 am
>> you will see. there is a fair amount -- you>>l can tell.ay it is fake and curly. i mean, who has that much? >> oh dear. iis >> it is 2010. >> this show is just sex andex blood and sex and blood andex sex and blood. when there is no sex there isoo there is sex. it is the best.. it must be so much fun jie. somebody said it is like vegas. today. it is sort of -- the sex isn'ten of the crowd. it is there for a reason. i there is always something going on in the scene with theng sex. you will love it, yes, of course. you will watch it many times. >> i am having actually kind am of a viewing party at my apartment on friday if you are free. there won't be any snacks, just a few shower curtain. >> can i bring my murkin? as a date? >> you won't remember a thing't because you will be roofied. let's talk about scenes.
3:39 am
do you enjoy wearing that stuff? do you wear it after the show? >> my costumes as you can see there very t the difference between me being dressed and naked is like a speedo basically. but there is a guy there that makes all of this leather le armor and hand makes thecred incredible crafts man ship. they made my son a little outfit which is >> very cute. >> it is a beautiful show tow watch. i mean, it is filmed -- the cgi is pretty intense. is there anything on your body that is yours or is it cgi? >> that's all me. i think.en i haven't seen the whole show.>i >> i think they added a little l more abs. >> yeah. >> sam raimey is one of thein producers. he is the greatest livingutve producer and i have seen one of his films. you have to be thrilled to w work with him.e i do you see him?the man >> he is not the man on the thound. they are a team and he brings b
3:40 am
huge credibility and all of his fans come to see this project. >> he started with the evil t dead trillion gee. it is the greatest horror movie of all time. drag -- "drag me to hell" is awesome. he also had great tv series. t "taper." >> and "care bears."no >> would you say there was too much or not enough nudity?ay tre >> in general or in the show? >> in the show.>> >> in the show i think it is>>es the right amount. is t for some prudish reasons. why, i don't know why. i do >> for like francn'e and bell -- and belgium. >> yeah. >> your premiere party is is b soing hosted by out magazine. so clearly spar tau cuss will have a large gay following. well, by the time this airs a you will have already gone toon the party. >> right.i' i'm sure there will be a be few -- you know, people will be attracted to guys rolling
3:41 am
around on the floor with other guys. >> their entire bar is based i on that, by the way. just a few blocks down. i don't even know where they are, really. what kind of training did youha have to do for this? >> we did crazy 4 hours a day for a month like boot camp. they just hammered us with sword fighting and gymnasticsicd and how to fall and how to take a hit. then they say we will do an 8 and a half month shoot.ou >> well, for your next role nex you have to make st ure you plai a fat,ke lazy guy. guy. and then for like they put youn in training and you sit s a around. >> that would be easier. >> you play a late-night talkk show host on a table net work.ab you can put on like 40 pounds and cry yourself to sleep. >> oh, we weren't talking'tal abu play the sidekick you have to do drugs. >> and often sell them outside. >> they don't pay do u i stay mute.
3:42 am
>> that's a shame. a >> andy, a pleasure.easure. "e series "spartacus: blood and sand" appears this weekend. toss st oo rz. -- on starz. coming up next, mail time.
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you know someone was in his ear telling him where tonow go. tli stupid armadillo.
3:47 am
get a real job, jerk armadillo. >> so >> all right, it is mail time, the address is rede eye at foxe news .com. we play ping-pong with paddlesas made of blood.. here we go. weo. billy from travis air force base, california leads things off. while discussing the cocaine vaccine he said there should be a medical cocaine just likeit there is a medical marheijuana. well, there is. the it is used as a local an net thete particular to temporarily numb areas of the t. mouth, nose and throat. me trust me, i am a doctor. if one wanted to get uh hold hd of this an net thete stick --rtl an net thete particular, how and if you hung out at the nearest applebys with $30 could you get said an net thete particular and go clubbing? i warn you i am clumsy and have a tendency to fall onall sill linda cal objects.
3:48 am
and i flipped to your then, wednesday morning and you your guyses were in the middle of talking about how martha marth coakley beat scott brown in the massachusetts senate race what's up with that if you had watched from the beginning you would see that we firstthe covered the election as if as i scott brown won. we covered th and then we covered the election as if coakley won. we taped the show early in the afternoon on tuesday. if you happened to just walkng s in as i am just answering theis letter you also missed the part about me banging your mom. carla from tampa writes, i got an elvis movie on the classic movie channel.s r he is surrounded by gyrating women, but didn't catch the name of the move vee. carla,of glad you wrote to the show about this. i think you are talking aboutou cabaret, one of my all timeng t cavorite elvis movies. he wakes wupt horse's head in his bed, unforgettable. that's one of scorsese's best film. the score by abba is great.
3:49 am
fina and jodie foster played a great a great show. ea i have seen you several timesal on the owe riley any chance of you getting billet owe o'reilly on red eye, or do you think he is toored intimidating? ron, that's an excellentyou t h question. i have asked bill on a numberl a of occasions to come on "red eye" and he has been polite a about telling me, never in a t million years. we are closing things out with>w a post game wrap up with andy levy. and to see clips of recentecen shows go to fox news .com slash red eye. ming t
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coming up tomorrow on the next are the -- on the nextik "red eye" mike huckabee and john heavy hitters. time to go back to andy levy go for the post game wrap up.
3:53 am
>> thanks, greg. ge diana, i long dreamed as most of america has that hot 97 and pal talk would one day teamha up. is there any chance of that happen ?g. >> yes, that's so crazy you cou asked. hot 97 is teaming up with pal. talk. you can hear it on hot 97 .com or pal .com. i am co-hosting, so let mej. just tell you i am goingeet street and working on the >> keep working on that.>> thank >> thank you. y >> mike, is it true that you v have been busy filming for spike tv's "deadliestounc warriors." >> yes, and thank you for asking. contractually i am not allowed to talk when it but it is true. when you see the episode, youtu. will be peace out.ut - i want to see that again. you >> you know what, andy, he can't say anything about it,g ao but he was talking to me about o it in the green room.
3:54 am
i can answer it for you. gonna >> what will we see on the>> w episode, greg? >> he will pit a group ofs little people against giraffes. >> i told you contractually we y couldn't talk about it. >> you know, for theou wholectue loose lips sink ships -- >> he beats the hell out of aheh giraffe. >> even the giraffes have guns?>> yth greg, will the giraffes havego guns? >> yes. >> that's good to know.>> >> bill you know what -- y. forget it.let's get th let's get the helle out of here. >> thank you, andy.. always a pleasure. p g,ke, charming, delightful,in like a chocolate muffin. i'm greg sorry about that.


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