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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 28, 2010 1:30am-2:00am EST

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deliver the response. he won a big victory in virginia over democrat deeds. one of the biggest victories of this electoral season. thank you, good evening, i'm bob mcdidn't nell. 11 days ago i was honored to be sworn in as the 75st governor of virginia. i'm standing in the historic house chamber of virginia's capital. a building designed by virginia's second governor, thomas jefferson. it is not easy to follow the president of the united states. in my 18-year-old twin boys have added pressure by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sportscenter. [ laughing ] >> i'm joined by fellow virginians to share a public perspective on how to best address the challenges facing our nation today. we were encouraged to hear the president speak about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity thatrs5 comes with it.
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[ applause ] >> many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends who have lost their jobs. in fact, 1 in 10 americans is unemployed that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest employment rate in more thanfq 25 years. bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is a top priority of my administration. good government policy should spur economic growth and strengthen the private sector's ability to create new jobs. [ applause ] >> we must enact policies that promote entrepreneurship and
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innovation so america can better compete with the world. what government should not do is pile on more taxation, regulation and litigation that kill jobs and hurt the middle class. it was thomas jefferson who called for a wise and frugal government which shall lead men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. he was right. today the federal government, simply trying to do too much. last year we were told that massive new federal spending would create more jobs immediately. and hold unemployment below 8%. in the past year, more than three million people have lost their jobs. yet, the democratic congress continues deficit spending. adding to the bureaucracy and increasing the national debt on our children and grandchildren. the amount of debt is on pace to double in five years, and triple in 10. the federal debt is now over $100,000 per household. this is simply unsustainable.
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the president's partial freeze announced tonight on discretionary spending is a laudable step but a small one. the circumstances of our time demand we reconsider and restore the proper limited role of government at every level. [ applause ] >> without reform, the excessive get of government threatened our liberty and prosperity. in recent months the american people have made clear that they want government lead terse to listen and then act on the issues most important to them. we want results, not rhetoric. we want cooperation, not partisanship. [ applause ]
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>> all americans agree we need health care system that is affordable, accessible and high quality. but most americans do not want to turnover the best medical care system in the world to the federal government. republicans in congress have offered legislation to reform health care without shifting medicaid costs to the states, without cutting medicare and without raising taxes. we will do that by implementing common sense reforms like letting families and businesses by health care policies across state lines and ending frivolous lawsuits against doctors and hospitals that drive up the costs of your health care. our solutions aren't thousand page bills that no one has fully read after being crafted behind closed doors with special interests. in fact, many of our proposals are available online at
1:35 am and we welcome your ideas on face back and twitter. all agree this nation must become more energy independent and secure. we are blessed here in america with vast natural resources and we must use them all. advances in technology can unleash more natural gas, nuclear, wind, coal, alternative energy that will lower your utility bills. here in virginia we have the opportunity to become the first state on the east coast to explore for and produce oil and natural gas offshore. [ applause ] >> but this administration's
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policies are delaying offshore production, hindering nuclear energy expansion and seeking to up prose job-killing cap and trade energy taxes. now is the time to adopt innovative energy policies that create jobs and lower energy prices. [ applause ] >> all americans agree, that a young person needs a world class education to compete in the global economy. as a young kid my dad told me, son if you want a good job, you need a good education. dad was right. that's even more true today. the president and i agree on expanding the number of high quality charter schools and rewarding teachers for excellent performance. more school choices mean more accountability and greater achievement. a child's educational
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opportunity should be determined by her intellect and work ethic not by her zip code. [ applause ] >> all americans agree, that we must maintain a strong national defense. the courage and success of our armed forces allowing us to draw down troop levels in iraq as that government is increasingly able to step up. my oldest daughter janine was an army platoon leader in iraq so i'm personally grateful for the service and sacrifice of all our men and women in uniform and a greatful nation thanks them. [ applause ]
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>> we applaud president obama's decision to deploy 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. we agree that victory there is imperative for national security. but we have serious concerns over the recent steps the administration has taken regarding suspected terrorists. americans were shocked on christmas day to learn of the attempted bombing of a flight to detroit. this suspect was given the same legal right as a u.s. citizen and immediately stopped providing critical intelligence. as senator elect scott brown has said we should be spending taxpayer dollars to defeat terrorists, not to protect them. [ applause ]
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>> here at home, government must help foster a society in which all our people can use their talents to pursue their american dream. know government cannot guarantee individual outcomes but we strongly believe that it must guarantee a quality of opportunity for . -- for all. that exists best in a democracy which promotes free enterprise, economic get, strong families and individual achievement. many americans are concerned about this administration's effort to exert greater control over car companies, banks, energy and health care. but overregulating employers won't create more employment, overtaxing investors won't foster more investment. top down one side fits all decision-making should not replace the personal choices of prepeople in a from market nor undermine the role of state and local government in
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our system of federal. . as our founders clearly stated and we governors clearly understand, government closest to the people governs best. [ applause ] >> and no government program can ever replace the actions of carrying americans freely choosing to help one another. the scriptures say to whom much is given, much will be required. as the most generous and prosperous nation on earth it is heartwarming to see americans giving much time and money to the people of haiti. thank you for your ongoing compassion. [ applause ]
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>> some people say they are afraid that america is no longer the great land of promise that she has always been. they should not be. america will always blaze the trail of opportunity and prosperity. america will must always be a land where liberty and property are valued and respected and innocent human life is protected. government should have this clear goal, where opportunities absent we must create it. where opportunity is limited, we must expand it. where opportunity is unequal, we must make it open to everyone. [ applause ]
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>> our founders planned their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create this great nation. now we should pledge, as democrats, republicans and independents, americans all, to work together to lead this nation -- to leave this nation an even better place than we've found it. god bless you and god bless this great land of america. thank you very much. >> bret: that was virginia governor bob mcdonnell with the republican response. we are back with a special state of the union edition of on the record with greta van susteren who will join news a moment. first the highlights. the governor spoke before a crowd of staff, lawmakers, cabinet makers, family and friends in richmond. the governor said the federal government is trying to do too much, he said republicans want results not rhetoric, cooperation not partisanship. mcdonnell insisted there is much common ground.
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he mentioned the christmas day attempted bomber and the obama administration's choice to mirandize him and charge him as a criminal. the governor specifically mentioned scott brown, senator-elect from massachusetts and quoted the brown line we could be hearing a lot of in republican campaigns to come: we should be rusing taxpayer dollars to defeat terrorists not protect them. we just received a statement from senator-elect brown. he said, "i was pleased to hear the president acknowledge that our economy must be a national priority and applaud him for taking important first steps. putting america back to work requires bold action, bold action please broad based tax cuts for families and businesses to create jobs and not merely targeted tax relief." he said he's honored to work with his colleagues coming up. you may be wondering why we haven't seen him in the chamber because he has ben sworn in. we are back with our panel.
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charles, your thoughts on this response and tonight? >> i thought it was a good setting. it shows him in a place of honor with applause opposed to past responses in a room which looks very sort of meager in contrast with the president's aura and authority. i thought tonight is the start of the campaign season. president had given a campaign speech all the talking points would you expect of a democrat. mcdonnell did the same on republican side spoke about government over-reach, high taxation, high debt and i think he emphasized correctly that point which is a salient one which the president overlooked this issue of terrorist rights and miranda rights which is really trouble and so indefensible that the president omitted it entirely. what is remarkable about what the president did is how he stuck to all of his guns. last year in the address he gave to congress he spoke , e,
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energy as the mainstays of his administration. he had a stimulus package and today he did exactly that stimulus, health care, education, energy. unchanged essentially, stay the course. >> bret: governor mcdonnell we talk about scott brown but mcdonnell won big in virginia situation independents, largely he is seen as a model for republicans for the midterm elects? >> it was a very good choice he won in a landslide in a state where obama won by i think by eight points, a big loss for democrats. bob mcdonnell is an excellent spokesman for the ran party. i think he's a real comer in the party. he was after phraeubl, smart, , ,, very ive setting opposed to , ,, past responses for people from the other party are alone in a room as charles said, looking meager it was a good setting for bob mcdonnell's closely
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watched political career. >> bret: juan? >> i thought bob mcdonnell looked like a star especially since what we endured last year with bobby jindal. but i will say this, the reason that the republican party chose bob mcdonnell is you could see it tonight, a pragmatist who appeals to the independent voter. someone who can say here's common ground. president obama says leadership is not just saying no, that's his message to the republicans. here is mcdonnell saying we have common ground if you want nuclear energy in the country. if you want to talk about working across lines in terms of offshore drilling. here's an opportunity to talk about education. they used about the same exact language in saying it is not your zip code it should be your intellect in terms of how you do your educating in this country. the big point of difference was the scott brown line about terrorists. >> opposite view, i think
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tonight was a night about contrast. you saw as much as people have been talking about bipartisan ship and as much as you've had people talk in the p the parties coming together and there aren't any differences between the parties tonight you saw there are huge differences teen the parties. governor mcdonnell said clearly the federal government is trying to do too much. president obama by contrast when he was talking sort of his wealth of nations paragraph. talking about not wanting to lose in global competition to china, india, what you. what did he do after that? he talked about how much those inn their own economies. four specic points to talk about what thecic u.s. government could do to make itself competitive. no stepping back letting the market run its course opening up the free market to let the free market does best all entirely government driven throughout his entire speech particularly the section on the economy.
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within other note about national security in addition to what charles said there wasn't any discussion of the christmas day bomber or real discussion from president obama. he didn't talk terrorists. he never once if i'm not mistaken, mentioned guantanamo bay. this was a huge, huge pledge the second day in office. he talked about how he was going to close gitmo, redo u.s. detainee policy. not a word about it a year later. >> bret: he did not talk about the trials in new york city. we have some final thoughts coming up. coming up after this quick break, we'll go to greta van susteren and her power panel. stay with us right here on fox news chance 'em. news chance 'em. -- on fox [ male announcer ] when it comes to reaching your big lestones, and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors rey to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them.
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i know symbicort won't replace a rescue inhaler. within 15 minutes symbicort starts to improve my ng function and begins to treat my symptoms. that makes symbicort a good choice for me. you have choices. ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. (announcer) if younot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. your world stops making sense. you can get help for yourself and make sense of life again. for information, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. welcome back. now over to greta van susteren and her power panel. >> greta: thank you. the four who have run presidential campaigns or been in one. sarah palin at her home in wasilla, alaska. here in washington, bob beckel, karl rove and joe trippi.
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karl since you were part of the last administration there were a couple swipes do you take with the facts? >> first time ever he gave credit to the bush administration for the bank rescue packages after he said it was' terrible -- nobody wanted it, it was a like a root canal bush administration length 200 billion dollars to the bank, obama administration length 7 billion dollars to the banks the people are going to get interest as well as a return of the principle. i was a slow start. it was a lot about him. he used the word i 96 times, me or my, 18 times. i was struck by the fact at times i didn't understand what he was proposing. he said we are going to open up trade with panama, colombia and south korea, unclear whether he was endorsing the
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free trade agreements that are pending before the government right now. we're gonna have a freeze but i want a new spending bill for stimulus. there's a lot of internal confusion. well put together, clearly focus-group tested. they wrote it in a hurry it showed particularly at the beginning. the tone sometimes struck me as very odd and disconnected. >> greta: joe, were you inspired? think the president inspired the people across the aisle, republicans and democrats, americans so people want to work on things like health care and the economy? >> yeah, i think he did. he really went to the american people, i'm not gonna quit, he understands it is going to be tough. and he's gonna fight that much harder. i think the most important thing in the speech was, how he pivoted not just on the economy, but against washington. coming in again as an outsider. that's what him to the
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white house. one of the mistakes they made in the first year was going too much inside game to get the health care to move health care forward. instead, tonight he talked about, you know going against the washington cynicism, about how people have lost trust in washington, wall street, corporations. and how we've got everybody in washington has to restore that trust by working to the. he's going to run against washington i think in this next year that's important, particularly on these banking issues. he starts putting bank tees out there and republicans vote against them that is going to be a problem because the people are on the side of going after some of these banks. >> greta: bob, how much is political in the speech? >> a lot. combative. by the way, i like to see the liberals sitting out in the cold tonight. i think he sang the song that him here in the first place. for once and finally he has put the republicans on the mark and he's going to bring some bills, the congress is that republicans are going to have to vote on and take sides
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finally. one advantage the republicans have had,er in fall-out from health care they've been able to sit back and criticize everything and do nothing about it. now they have to either join in or be exposed for not joining in. i think it is about time obama took 'em on. >> greta: speaking of cold, alaska, governor palin. if there is one word that describes your view of the state of the union speech what is it and why? >> in a word, lecture. i think there was quite a bit of lecturing, not leading in that as opposed to governor mcdonnell's follow-up comments quite inspiring his connection with the people he absolutely gets it, he understands government's appropriate role. it seems like our president has the fundamental disconnect between what people are expecting and what he wants to deliver. >> greta: governor palin in terms of the speech, do you think he managed to reach across the aisle and though
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you used the word lecture any republicans persuaded to work together? >> not necessarily greta, because the remembrance here has to be that he and the democrats they've been in charge of washington this last year. the common sense reforms that he is looking to republicans to join him on, he could have implemented many of those common sense as he calls them reforms all along. nothing has stopped him from doing that mention of offshore drilling considering that, new energy plans. other things that do make a lot of sense and i appreciate he mentioning those in the speech tonight. those things that again are common sense, he could have implemented and i think that was a bit condescending as he spoke that received by republicans, wait we wanted to do that all along. >> greta: bob, last 20 seconds because you are out in the cold. tomorrow are the republicans going to lay him out for this speech or not? >> no, i think they are going to say nice things then turn
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on him as they've been doing for last year. i think obama is going to show up at that retreat and republicans are going to be nice applaud him and do what they've been doing for a year try to stop everything he's been doing. opposite from bipartisanship i think we'll see more partisanship. >> greta: thank you. >> bret: can we get bob a heat are or something? >> greta: no, he loves it. >> bret: quick final thoughts from the panel here, charles? >> i'm an -- i'm amazed how little the substance has changed between tonight and years ago, health, education, energy, stimulus which he has renamed the jobs bill, but the same idea. a year ago he was the charismatic new young president with the wind at his back now he's the wounded president but his an yen hasn't changed fundamentally that is a remarkable attribute to his
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tenacity or if you like stubbornness. >> on health care i think the headlines tomorrow has to say president obama says he is not going to walk away realizes it is not good politics but tells republicans everyday isn't election day ands go on with the freeze, tax cuts, effort to cut student loans for people but tries to relate. i think tone is going to carry the day. his tone is he's a fighter he's in this fight and these in this fight to win. >> democrats are looking for guidance and they are tied to what the president and their leadership is gonna do. what they are going to pass and pass on in the income six months before voters' minds are made up, long before november. president obama issued his first veto threat on the spending freeze that the democrat majority is not fond off. on health care he said you are
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on your own. he said he's aoerger to advance on khraopl mit change which steve points south dead. i don't think democrats left knowing what is going to happen. >> you have a president who said things like we will always stand for human dignity when you have had an entire country and world watch him do the opposite with respect to iran last summer. he said several things that i thought were like that i think people listening at home will think he says he's for earmark reform he signed a bill with tons of earmarks. huge contradictions built into what he has been saying. president a yearg7i in needs to match his actions. >> bret: thank you panel. thank you all for watching fox news coverage of the state of the union address. please join me thursday 6 p.m. eastern for a special report. check out our new hage. >> sean: welcome to the speced


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