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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 7, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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watch. welcome to red eye. it's like my three sons if by sons you mean transients i met in the park. andy? what is coming up on the show? >> thanks, greg. coming up, how many employees of the sek ziz exchange commission have been investigated for viewing porn on government computers? and iran launches a rocket into space with animals on board. growing panic they're only 60 years behind us and a study says grumpy people may be more evolved. more evolved people say get that study out of my face. >> thank you. >> four times for your mind, political inclined i'm sweeping up like a broom. greg sf. >> thank you. >> woo. >> and let's pretend we love
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our new guest. her beauty so intoxicating she can spike a drink just by staring at it. she's so hot restaurants put food under her to keep it warm. >> and you know, bills like i know thrills. i own three prom dresses and never wore them. congressman thaddeaus mccarter and he's a tippy to my canoe. the swine to my flu. it's bill shulgs, in san francisco it's slang for wrap around sunglasses. i had in idea. and the only sports writer who isn't gross looking in person. new york magazine contributing editor, it's true. they're ugly people. have you seen them? his new book is called "are we winning?" father, son and the
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new century. it's a long damn title. and if intelligence were static cling, my under wear would stick g to see you again. >> no. i'm glad to have on the crew. business reporter christopher drew. his copy is the opposite of poo. okay. i'm through, back to you. >> well done. >> thanks. >> you're a jew? >> yes. >> we have a lot of them. >> okay. and only bernie madoff had been a hot teen, sec might have stopped his scheme. apparently workers at security and exchange commission are getting distracted from the mission of protecting investors by porn. otherwise known as neighborhood pictures of people doing weird stuff to each other. i won't know. washington times reports two dozen employees and contractors have faced investigations after being caught surfing sexy sites on work computers and in an incredible case of government abuse and preem bli, self abuse one supervisor logged
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1800 attempts to look up northern a 17 day span. is that a lot? >> that is -- i don't that i is very much. >> that is 106 times per day. >> something must be wrong. >> yes. >> said the supervisor, quote it was kind of a distraction, per se. well, per se, indeed. and meanwhile, some dude in australia got busted on live tv looking at sexy pictures at work. watch is what is going on behind this reporter. >> you can see affects of the a lot of three risers put in place last year, sometimes this takes up to six to nine months before you can see that. >> and you know, it isn't help they put the spotlight on him. there is a spotlight behind him. >> yae. yeah. >> that is somehow, he forgot. >> that they were filming.
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congressman? i want to go to you first. doesn't this show that, like, pornography has become -- on serious jobs people are supposed to be look fog finance issues and there is instead trying to kind pleasure on the web? >> i don't know i can say that it sounds like a rational saigs for your own behavior at work. i say they should spend more times looking at financial thing autos this is true. ways trying to make excuses for my own behavior, you work at home. used to work at home style work at home. >> it would be soup yid to ask if you've ever looked at porn at work. >> it's like you don't expect, you mentioned before is that a lot? that doesn't -- maybe because i work at home. but that doesn't seem like, maybe there is a time they can come on, in
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the pry vekt sector, i can guarantee you there is more than that. sometimes it feels like you end up with a deck of cards. you click and there are 52 things open. you keep trying to close them. someone is coming in but they're still there. and that is... >> is there any -- . >> like a pack of cards? >> you're a woman. >> i am. >> she is. believe me, we've noticed. >> right. >> you must be disgusted by behavior of men. why do men need to look at this stuff? there are tlenty of real beautiful women out there? >> i don't know. i think the guy looking at the stuff 106 times in a day needs a girlfriend. >> maybe he's just tired of her. >> maybe he's got a bad girlfriend. >> maybe that. is true. but that true. i don't know. women look at porn, too. >> not at this level. >> well, not at this level. >> and maybe andy can verify this at half time if he's still around and not
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masturbating sometime. >> and there is -- . >> sorry. >> that was unnecessary. >> and that is i would say it was topical. it was topical. >> you're losing topical solution autos okay. >> my point is that i don't think there are women that are busted in this. i'm sure it was a completely male crime. and bill, i got to ask you isn't this a form of stealing? >> this is a fraud management guy, i never thought bit. but it's alarmed me. he said it's absolutely stealing and the amount of time you're spending not working you're taking for money for doing something you're not employed to do. great thing about "red eye" is that nine times out of 10 i'm on these sites it's for work. we're the only show that don't have the shows blocked out. >> most of the stories have something to do with the porn industry and how much i kind it reprehensible.
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>> do you remember how many porn sites i had to look up for that state of the union city? >> they spent so much time to get to the porn. instead of doing their job. worse thing is that they're not punishing them. >> it's a good point. they're not being punished. congressman, if you were in your office and found someone in the office was using their time unwisely like this, this would you have fired them? >> i think it depends on what the administration is going to do. what the administrative interview is going to do. i think your guests are right. it's about the waste of a taxpayer time. you should be doing something that you have been employed to do. to do otherwise is to cheat taxpayers out of your best efforts. i think that that branch is going to deal witness appropriately. in terms of my office best thing you can do is make sure you don't hire individuals
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like that in the first place. >> you're talking about men. >> right. >> i think it's delightful for the congressman to wear a pink tie knowing this is the first story tonight. >> it's very appropriate. >> people always waste time at work. >> yes. >> if it's not this, it's fancy baseball. >> there is a great survey said amount of time a company spends trying to block the sites and make sure company isn't on facebook is more of a waste of time than their employees actually wasting time. >> i've got to wrap this up because frankly i'm getting excited. here is the issue with lap tops and computers, they're now water faucets of porn. it's a water faucet delivering something but endless sexual novel ti. it's causing lost work skmours changing the way men treat women. >> it doesn't matter how much you try to stop it. to paraphrase jeff goldblum in
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"jurassic park", porn finds a way. >> what do a dozen worms, one mouse and two turtles have in common? besides being all found in bill's indestines they're creatures iran claims to have successfully laumpbl food orbit. after photos of the rocket launch possibly made from tin foil and bubble gum, president mahmoud ahmadinejad reacted to the news, said the jew hating weird beard, quote, scientific arena is where we can defeat the west domination. the first presence of animals in space launch bid iran. it's the start of bigger achievements. like maybe building a port out of sofa cushion autos five more years. >> let's take a look at the footage of one animal that sadly didn't make the cut.
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>> what cat has his own bed? that cat is aus um that bed is better than my fut on. >> congressman on a scale of eh to omg how concerned should america be about this development? >> i think we have to be very turned. there is a purpose iranians can put these missiles to. for destructive purposes. you've seen not just this incident but seen them execute two martyrs of freedom for wanting their god given right to be free. engagement strategy with this regime will not work. the regime uses it by it's advantageoused to develop weapons or technology that's present an immediate threat to our allies in the region and to the united states.
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and i think that if we just look at this and say that somehow talking to them is going make this problem go away, we cannot try to engage them and what we have to do is begin to continue at the congress has done, both house, senate and republican democrats to pass sanctions and to get the chinese communists and russian people to understand this constit quts a threat not just to skpleft israel but to the world. >> and congressman, i agree with everything you just said. but still, this is a story about turtles going into space. congressman? congressman? did you just filibuster a turtle in space? is that what you just did? that is a red eye first. i was more interested in the worms and turtles. worms and turtles, congressman! i love congressman. i'm going to vote for him for president. bill..., i mean yeah. this is they're sending worms. >> yes. yes. we need more worms.
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we need perspective. they said after this development that maybe, maybe 10 years, they'll be able to actually put a man up into the very end of our atmosphere. that will be at around the 50th anniversary of when we went to the moon. >> yeah. perspective. these people are doing this with gum. it's unbelievable. other interesting thing is that they have not released the time, day or have not said whether or not the animals safely returned. there are bits of them floating above us, those guy dz not make it back. we'd have seen them. >> space animal junk. >> animals we're breathing in. >> the real tragedy is that animals never have any idea their part of this history. and they never come back. they can't brag about it to other animal friends. >> it's true. but they can reproduce and ultimately take over because they're from iran. we know they're not gay. >> there are no gays in iran. >> no. no.
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>> and worms can change genlder. >> that sounds gay to me. >> trying to troin dus sound science into this discussion. >> i am. the least majestic animals you can possibly send. worms. i mean? seriously? they're cold blooded. what are they going to do in the space ship? >> not just worms. iranian worms. those worms are not american worms. >> they can't vote, either z where is tina? should tina be outraged about this? >> i would have to hope. you never know. would you have to hope this would be low on the list of priority with iran. >> yeah. it's true. with the worms? >> $500 million they put towards this. everything going on now? >> that is one rich worm. i've got to move on. it's a friction cone of fury. i don't know twha is. -- what that is.
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so... so the lancet retracted a horrible study linking the maesels vaccine to autism. this would have been great news if the study had in the come out 12 years ago. it is scary it took a medical journal a decade to admit when everything else with a working brain knew the study had gaping holes. the study author has been discredited it doesn't matter, people who believe in junk science will continue to because their egos won't allow another option. and so we continue preaching it ends up killing kids. they being jenny mccarthy who mislead the public into skipping vaccinations. the potential result? measles out breaks all over the globe and ultimately dead kids. it's hard to make jokes about that, so i won't, but i will
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make jokes about mccarthy making adults vomit with their work. they've got to make kids ill with ego-driven health advice. i'm in the a celebrity but here is a medical tip. whenever a star offers an are opinion on important health matters sighting studies they know larry king won't bother checking they should be giving a vaccination should be given full of lead and shot straight up their ass. if you disagree it you must be arianna huffington. >> bill, did you vaccinate your kids? >> greg, why would you put me on your log? why, greg? >> that is arianna. >> very cute. >> thank you. >> i don't want to say imt most responsible parent in history but in the history of responsible parents. i have three ill legitimate daughters and have vaccinated
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all of them not 10 years ago today. and blacked out after malika oo. congressman what do you stand on this stuff? >> you know? this is all about causation. not about corallation. when these people say this stuff, people end up dying. >> i think you're right, greg. parents need to make determinations with accurate information. now, we know studies take a long time. they came out and rectified their error. in the interim you've had people making decisions if the best interest of their children not based on the best information. then people uninformed or ill informed put forward an agenda and i would hope that we should be hoping they'd be more accurate in what they put out and be able to be used by parents. >> and you're a celebrity here. and should celebrities be obliged not to speak up on
12:17 am
health matters? here is the thing. it's jenny mccarthy's kid. they really believes it. autism is a huge, prevalent disorder. all of this the power of her name she used to help. now, hopefully they're lighting it on the right path. they can use her name to go in the right direction. >> i think she should be able to speak up. greek women who marry gay men should say something. >> last word, will? on this topic? >> why would we listen, weather bruce springsteen saying swrot for obama this, is the logical extension that have. if you listen to them about anything, other than you make good music or whatever they do,. >> you're thinking of the ted nugent thing. >> i keep using that. >> and yeah. yeah. and anything let alone medicine. >> just creates a fog of
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confusion. it doesn't help people. you know? we have been perplexed. there is a frustrated over the fact of yet to find a decent president obama impersonator. thank god for one of our red eye robots who has been busy honing his craft imitating our great president over the last few months. take ate way. away. >> greg? thanks for asking me to be on your show. i am a big fan and try to catch whit i'm not performing at the laughing testicle. here is the impression of president ob yauma. hello americans this, is an extraordinary time of our extraordinary lives. but make no mistake and let me be extraordinarily clear. it's extraordinary. but let's not kid ourselves. it's an enormous extraordinary challenge. a 12-year-old boy named jeffrey sent me his allowance
12:19 am
and says president obama buy health care for poor people with this, thank you, jeffrey. you are extraordinary and you're not a fictional character my speech writer created. now, if you'll excuse me, i must get photographed with a obscure mayor in kentucky that. is about it for my impression, greg. i hope we're meeting later for drinks at the pub. >> we're going meet later at the barf and gaggel. >> all right. >> and you would go to a bar called barf and gaggel. >> i would. won't i? and next... what is the latest on governor mark tan asanford? probably a v neck sweater, love to wear them on thursdays fyi. sky high ♪ ♪ - ditched my used subcompact for a two-wheeled ride ♪
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♪ - now i'm rolling eco-friendy but i still look bad ♪ ♪ when the bike store saw my credit ♪ ♪ they said this was all they had ♪ ♪ i'm singing- f to the r to the to the e ♪ ♪ to the c to the r to the e-d-i-t, ♪ ♪ re to the port to the dot, to the com ♪ ♪ come on everybody grab your bike and sing along, ♪ ♪ it's easy... f to the r... ♪ vooffer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.
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their love had their love had everything, minus the truck, the passion and the hiking that. is according to jenny stanford. the governor of south carolina in an interview with barbara walters, yes. her, the hawk eye state first lady said she made a quote, leap of faith to marry mark he refused to promise to be faithful insisting the clause be removed from their wedding vows. my hero. she sums it up, quote, boy have described our marriage not as a fiery romantic marriage but a very good, solid and steady supportive marriage. until you know it ended in an embarrassing ball of yuckiness. here is what i was thinking about while reading teleprompter.
12:24 am
>> i don't know yi was thinking about it. and if you were moved from the wedding vows the marriage vow sit still a marriage? sit a sleazy weirdo marriage for sleazy weirdo people? >> how many signs does this woman really want? take you out i'm going to be faithful clause? why get married? i feel bad. she's really educated. married this gichl i want to focus and we didn't mention the birthday present about the bicycle? she drew -- he drew a picture of half a bicycle, then another half then gave her a $25 used bicycle? really? maybe the next thing is that maybe they were broke. but but he he drew a picture, then another half. >> do you know how expensive four mistresses are? you have to save where you
12:25 am
can. >> and it's a long flight. >> and she forgot. if my husband gave me a bicycle? birthday? anniversary it would be in the head. december 24th. it was a bicycle for 25s oodz you're mad about the bike. congressman does this make marriage or or less appearing? and will you see more marriages i will marry if you you do the faithful vow? >> i don't know about that. if it's people making that decision. and that is where we'll swhai worked for them or didn't and whether there is a delicate flour, we never know whether it's going to bloom. boy think what you do going into this is that you go with eyes open and take the person as they are. you try to grow from there. as a matter of fact one of the things i think this show sthad to become a generation and a nation trading romance for relationships.
12:26 am
this goes down the waiver this, is some science you can keep between two people. noits how human beings work. i think the removal is an indication you have less than real expectations about human beings and with dreams and hearts and aspirations can bond together or not. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> i don't want to talk anymore. >> yes. i don't know what to say after that. i'm buying your book. >> bring out the turtles. where is that turtle and worm going into space? they fall in love. there. who benefits from this crazy weird arrangement? guys or girls? she thinks she's getting a great arrangement. he's getting to fool around. >> i wonder if there is an idea he might run for public office some day. this is like i'm sure the people of sblg south carolina would have loved to have known about this clause when he became governor. this is what derailed everything z wonderful, i'm
12:27 am
sure to have, if you're going do that kind of marriage ask have that kind of we are marriage and we're politicians someone should come up better smrks where. come up oh, by the way. it's no. hay. and that is it, glen. that is the promo. people aren't used to use pig latin anymore. >> it's one of the thing that's went. >> yes. yes. >> big latin means romance. >> yes and you know, iran they're not sending pigs into space. >> they do not like pig autos do you speak latin? >> true. >> we've got to move on. and do you have a comment on the show? i bet you do. and leave a voice mail. my direct line is simple. it will make your head explode. and still to come, the half time report from tv's very own andrew leafy. it's here. levy.>
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>> tonight's half time report thanks my old studies teacher.
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welcome back. nd o wung, let's find out if they've gotten anything wrong so far. so, andy, iran has done all sorts of animals into space. why is that?
12:32 am
>> i know. i feel badly as you do. >> yes. >> and so maybe they have. >> maybe they have. >> and this is workers investigated for porn surfing. you mentioned one worker said waits kind of a distraction. per se. per se means for my penis. >> and i've been using it all the time at holiday dinner autos right? yeah. >> greg, you mentioned it would be stupid to ask if he's looked at porn at work? will have you ever look at porn while you're supposed to be work something. >> at home? >> yes. yes that. is correct. very done that when greg was supposed to be working. >> all right. >> and you said women look at porn, too.. >> it's a myth. >> they do. >> that is right tlup with women think about sex, too. yeah. right. sex? >> and greg, i am here not
12:33 am
doing other things. i can't tell you if any of the employees were women to get the sec refused to idz fi them saying this could quote, subject them to harassment and annoyance in the conduct of their offense -- official duties. >> do you think a woman would say this is a distraction per se sf. >> maybe. only if she were a hermaphrodite. >> like bill? i'm just sitting here mind mig own -- . >> i heard iran and i thought iran sent turtles from entourage into space. >> don't be hating on jerry ferarro we like how his hat matches his outfit. >> exactly. at some point, a sweat suit has to make it into space. >> congressman greg asked if you this was a big deal. you gave a long thoughtful answer. did you forget where you are?
12:34 am
>> well, i apologize for that. i should have known better, you're right. i was thrown by his reprehensible attempt to throw the porn on you. we know per se greg is a pervert. >> ah. >> thank you. >> and will said, will, you said because they're from iran we know animals aren't gay. but the joke is on them. the mouse was jewish. >> not if they can't come back, andy. not if they didn't come back. joke is back on the animal. >> and you made fun of the fact iran sent worms but the first creatures sent up by us were fruit fly autos way to make me look good. thank autos you don't need help looking good, baby. >> he's so smooth. >> like butter. >> that was awful. >> and hard to believe i'm single. >> and autism and vaccines. you said the lance yet is named after a sharp object.
12:35 am
it when it was founded he said it can be a arched wind grow let in light or a sharp instrument to cut out the drop. i tend tend to use knit both senses. >> i find using knit both is confusing. i prefer to use it as a sharpened instrument. >> okay. all right. >> or a window. >> and this time i mean it. i'm not getting medical advice from jenny mccarthy anymore. don't let me. if you see me doing it... >> i killwill stop you. >> and you said jenny mccarthy made a mistake. hopefully she'll use her name to clear things up. hurricane chargey and jim carrey's group has a letter in support of dr. wakefield and say the whole thing is a conspiracy by evil drug companies. >> ah. >> yes. >> well. >> and that won't change. >> saying dr. wakefield is just the debate's greatest hero. >> i heard he's going to be losing his medical license.
12:36 am
>> by twhait is how you know you don't think it's a conspiracy theory because the first thing they say is that it's not. >> and removing the part about being faithful from wedding vows and therefore, removed it from his marriage. congressman greg asked you a question and you gave a long, thoughtful answer. did you forget where you are? >> where is the turtle? >> it's in space, sir. >> where are the unicorns. >> exactly. >> you don't want to know where those are. >> at present time they're battling the griffins for the power of hot coco. >> what is the over snr nr? >> what does that mean? >> u nismtcorns by 20. >> i am done. >> welcome back our guest. the sexiest thing on tv. terrible thing on tv. she's so hot the sun wears a
12:37 am
mash setty dress instead of a sun dress. and thaddeaus mcconskbrer will leech. new york magazine contributing editor. he's not gross looking. if humor were weeds i'd pull him in the backyard. rejoice, harvard researchers believe being aggressive and intollerant can be a sign of evolutionary superiority. translation i'm the most advanced human on the planet. researchers tested two types of monkeys. the more evolved chimpanzee and the less evolved which is more child like and playful. turns out chimps outperformed the reward based tasks and scientists think the ability to use better social restrain is why tear more intelligent
12:38 am
wex sent a camera crew to monkey town for reaction. and i have got to ask you're a mild managered -- mannered guy that. means you're not evolved. i'm more evolved than you suddenly makes me feel worse about the overtime thing. and at least i'm more evolved. now that is gone, now. too. there is a terrible thing to tell people. >> and this is like, okay, fichblt i still am -- no. i don't think. >> and there is you're saying no. no. just better than you are. and there is does this study jeff fi being a jerk? >> yes.
12:39 am
it does. i don't know. you're go have to ask, very no idea. and this validates my jumpiness. >> i think it does work. i think believe that as we become more discriminating and know what we want we make choices quicker, therefore getting to move to the front of the line as human beings. does that make sense? >> who is we? >> and there i just want to get this treat. is that this theory runs from guerrilla to gutfeld that. is the kounlt, right? why bother? might as well go surfing with leafy. >> that is true. >> leafy, i don't think he surfs. he knits. go knitting. >> and i happen to think intoller yens gets a bad rap z open mindedness is a ruse.
12:40 am
let there be question as to who is the final say in the story selection know that the next one is why short hypo conniacks have [ bleep ]. >> that is the next next story we're going to do. we've got a tv world. >> we've got to move on. stop pulling the curtain back. thank you, congressman mcconnor. you're a wonderful delight. coming up, we won't be doing cat juggling segment. rehearsal went badly. what do these two guys doing on the beach? more like what aren't they doing. am i right? >> you're right, greg. yes. okay. yes, sir, okay.
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hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy") my next guest hails from our neighbor to the north. island nation of hawaii. and served on honolulu city council now running for one of
12:44 am
hawaii's two congressional seats. somehow a foreign country gets congress, people. here to explain sit councilman. welcome to the show. >> aloha, greg. we're the 50th star on the american flag. but thank you. >> you continue to tell yourself that, young man you don't need a passport. >> you're too young to be running for congress. since when did hawaii have congressman? when does d.that start? >> we've been part of the united states since 1959. and greg, you know next time, let's do this interview here in hawaii. it's warmer and more beautiful. you'll get a good visit here. >> boy have to get a passport renewed. >> and you've got to get shots. i've got to get shots and i've always wanted to go. everybody who is born in the 60s wanted to go to hawaii for one reason. the three-part episode of the
12:45 am
"brady bunch". greg brady got a curse on the tiki doll that. leads to an important political question. do tiki dolls give curses? >>. >> do tiki dolls give curses greg? no. boy invite you. i am actually not only wruning for congressional seat there, i am the city councilman from waikiki. i invite to you check it out to see whether or not it's true yourself. >> i'm just joshing. i love hawaii. it's a heavy democratic state. the seat you're running the guy is stepping down to run for governor. it's going to be a special election, right? >> yes that. is correct there. is a special election coming up in about 90 days in hawaii we have unique election rules, it's a winner take all special election so all candidates, whoever gets the rally. the most amount of votes wins in this particular race i'm the only republican candidate. there are two, possibly three democratic candidates in this race.
12:46 am
i'm very excited and important than that. >> go ahead. >> and importantly is what the people and voters of hawaii can say to the nation. i think i as well as voters of of hawaii and american people are troubled the way congress is running this country. we're running up national debt and trying to make taik over the national health care system nobody wants. i think that i am looking forward to bringing this message to the voters of hawaii in 90 days. i think people of hawaii are going to make a statement in the country. >> you have been talked about as the next potential scott brown. a, do you see yourself athat way? and b, is there a chance of sexy pictures of you in a women's magazine? >> greg, let me begin by clearly assuring you... you can dig all you want. there are no nude photos of me out there, floating around. very never posed news or semi
12:47 am
nude for cosmo magazine. >> i don't know. you'd be frightening off potential voter buzz those showed up. but seriously in terms of what senator elect scott brown had done in massachusetts what i'm seeking to do here in hawaii i think there are similarities scott brown ran on a campaign we have to bring back congress to the average american people and have got do something to restrain these monster-sized budget deficits. i look forward to doing that here. that that has become next republican congressman representing the president's hometown. >> wow. i think you're on point here. you're running against democrats. does that make it easier? >> i mean, it does. i certainly think there is a potential we can do the inverse of the special election in new york last year
12:48 am
with numerous democrats running. i think they'd divide the vote and give me a good chance. i'm running to win the majority of the voters in the district. i believe voters of hawaii as well as united states are concerned and troubled about the huge national debt congress is racking up. and things aren't working. there is an $800 billion stimulus plan supposed to bring down unemployment. it has seen an increase tlchl is a multi billion dollar cash for clunkers program costing $23,000 per vehicle sold z still, chrysler and gm went into bankruptcy. saturn and ols mobile disappeared. things have got to change. i think american people goring to send that message in had this special election suggest they did just weeks ago. >> dude i think you're going win. and i mean, just one last question. >> thank you very much. >> they're going remake hawaii
12:49 am
5-0". any suggestions on who should play mcgarrett? >> i think you'd make a great steve mcgarrett. i'm trying to get you out here to hawaii. i don't know whether or not we're going remake "hawaii 5-0". i'll work on that for you. greg. >> if i'm okay mcgarrett, i can be your dan-o. >> huggy bear. >> best of luck z please come back. >> thank you. and greg... if i can just mention if anyone wants to follow up on the mention look me up on the web site. next time let's do this in hawaii. >> i'll do it and wear a thong sounds good. >> okay. >> and i'm kidding i will never do that to you. we've got to move on. >> it's mail time. time.
12:50 am
my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started.
12:51 am
that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus?
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these two guy this is for you guys named lance and joe at the beach. maybe with a bottle of ocean. later they both killed each other. >> what? >> yeah. >> mail time. mail time. >> and mail time, i guess. the mail time. address is fox and then, we got parasailing in an
12:54 am
ocean filled with blood. here we go. it's from i love your show, one question. do you have a flsk under your desk? here is what i have under the desk. yeah. i hate whit it sqirms. hunter from columbia missouri. a country. all this type about the glen beck bold and fresh tour got me thinking why don't you do something similar? it's about time you guys got out and mingled with the folks. hunter, great idea we're planning on creating an event to take the tour across america. i believe have tape of a rehearsal. ♪ [ music ] . >> you look great in a blond
12:55 am
wig. >> they went out of their way for that gruesome clip and by the way, alex. >> you didn't make that. >> and finally alex from new york writes, megan kelly has a new show in a new studio. and bill o'reilly has a new studio. you got a new table. we know where you stand in the fox news channel pecking order. we're grateful for the table. it's waiting for us. it's larger and smoother allowing for more guests. but this is the table i really wanted. yeah. and this is the one bill wanted. you can dream. bill. you can dream. yeah. >> this is the most het tro-friendly letters we've ever had. >> yes. >> and should have got an extra segment with congressman guy you know, ways happy to see him. >> and closing up with post
12:56 am
game wrap up. and because going to ask more questions about hawaii. to see more clips go fox slash red eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
time to go back to andy time for the post game wrap up tell me about your book. >> good fatherhood, baseball and joe. >> oh. >> and i like all three in order. >> funny field of dreams? >> yes. but funny. yes. >> okay. >> and hay, i hear your going to someplace excite something. >> i am gogt olympics. yeah. you're jealous, you're jealous. >> yeah. >> can you bring me back something that has to do with kurt something. >> sure. >> why doesn't


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