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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 7, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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instead of that baseball game on the other channel. before we go a live look at cape canaveral, florida, the shuttle endeavour's second attempt at large tomorrow. good luck, thanks for watching. >> tonight my exclusive interview with former british prime minister tony blair, under fire recently, especially from the british press over his involvement in the iraqi war. grueling, intense questioning at the recent chilcott commission and the british press has been harsh on him, calling everything from george w. bush's poodle to a liar. there have been four official inqueries, the most recent the chilcott commission's six hours of grueling questions that you have experienced. you said that you would make the very same decisions that you made before. what gives you the resolve to be able to say that, especially with all the pressure that you have? >> it's a difficult thing in politics is especially when you
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thought you won an election and you come into power, as i did, very much as someone who in a sense wanted to please all the people all the time and we've been 18 years in opposition as a political party and this is a huge moment. we were in there. and as my time went on as the prime minister, i realized you couldn't please all the people all the time, but when it came to the big decisions you had to do what you thought was right and i did what i thought was right in respect to iraq, and i in a sense, the strength to carry on derives from that. you know, i'm not-- i don't, i don't pretend i've got a monopoly of wisdom at all and that's why i've always said i don't disrespect people who took the opposite point of view and that's what i did, i believed in and i think as we look at it now, and here we are in this-- in this region in the middle
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east and i think we are better off and safer in the region in the world without saddam in power. >> mike: that was one of the questions, are the united states, the u.k., safer now than we were before we went into iraq? >> in my view, yes. because you've got to ask what would have happened if we'd left saddam there. the sanctions regime was crumbling, they were trying to put together a new sections regime and we know now saddam retained every intention and also the intellectual know how to restart the nuclear and chemical weapons process and he would have had several years of very large oil revenue to say he would have had the money and the intent and meanwhile, we would have backed off. now, you can never-- you're always speculating in the hypothesis as to what would have happened, but my view being out here in the region is that the danger would have been that he would have ended up, in a sense,
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competing with iran, both to lead the extreme elements within islam and proliferating nuclear and chemical weapons. >> mike: there have been the critics who said that the destruction of his power in iraq emboldened iran and made them even more powerful and a great are threat. how do you respond to that criticism? because it's been out there. >> yeah, it has been out there and it's a very important criticism, an important criticism to respond to. as i always say to people when people say, look, saddam was the strong man and the brake on iran, i say if that was our policy through the 1980's, we supported it against iran. what was the result? the result was that iran-iraq war, there were a million casualties and he developed during the course of that, new chemical weapons and emerged out of that and invaded kuwait. the answer to iran is not to get another extremist, arm them and try and get him to be the break
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on them. the answer is actually to allow people in iraq to have the same freedom that we do, to elect their government and to have their next door to iran, the majority, country, country that is democratic. now it's very fragile. it's very difficult, but the interesting thing is as part of the evidence actual had i given to this inquiry is that today in iran the political party are going across the sectarian divide and actually the worst thing for people standing in the election in iraq is to be seen as too close to iran. now, i think that is a better way to deal with this. is to say let's get another dictator and put them up against this dictator. the very best way of dealing with their extreme ideas is to put before people a better idea. one thing, i spend a lot of time out in this region. the biggest myth there is is that people in this region for cultural reasons, for reasons of
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tradition and history and a whole leading the west, saying that these people don't want democracy, don't want freedom and incapable of understanding these concepts. it's nonsense. you talk to the ordinary palestinian here, what they want is to elect their government. believe it or not they're no different than us. i don't pretend for a moment to understand american politics very well, i certainly don't understand british politics, why so many of these inquireies, there have been four, recentless and they haven't mined any new ground. ground. >> i think it's because we have a curious habit. people find it hard to come to the point to say we disagree, you're a reasonable person, i'm a reasonable person, but we
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disagree, there's always going to be a scandal as to why you hold your view. there's going to be some conspiracy behind it, some great deceit that's gone on and people just find it hard to understand that it's possible for people to have different points of view and hold them recently-- for genuine reasons. so i think there's a continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy when actually it's a decision, but there it is. >>. >> mike: part two of my exclusive interview with former british prime minister tony blair next week. don't miss it. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> hi. welcome to new york. and welcome to the huckabee show from the fox studios in new york
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city. well, tonight what is the future of american politics? we're going to be talking to to high school seniors who aren't just planning to go to college next year, they're hoping to become elected officials, also liberty council president on the efforts of some so-called educators in texas they're trying to rewrite history by eliminating religion and patriotism from textbooks and also fox business network's tracy byrnes, lelizabeth macdonald and chris cotter on the future of america. and the ventures will be jamming with the little rockers. well, for republicans like me whose political point of view is unapoll getically right of center it's easy to find ways disagree with the administration. brace yourselves, i want to ask all americans to join together
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in a fight for our nation's children. it's an issue that i believe is not, as i often say, a right, but a vertical issue of up or down. it's about the alarming and very dangerous epidemic of obesity in our nation's children. this week, first lady michelle obama is expect today launch a major national initiative to try and combat childhood obesity. democrats and republicans to lock arms instead of locking horns and recognizing that the health, economic stability and even security of our nation is tied to our addressing this issue. look, i don't believe in a nanny state that dictates what or how much we eat. i do not favor the government becoming the grease police or the sugar sheriff to control our behavior, but i do believe that it's imperative that we partner together as parents and citizens to change our culture of chronic disease to a culture of health. the first lady is taking a lead
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role to bring evidence-based solutions to addressing a much greater risk to our kids than even the national debt and you know how i feel the ridiculous spending and borrowing of our government is a threat to our future. a generation ago, 5% of military aged youth couldn't pass the physical requirements. today, over 27% can't meet the bare minimum of physical requirements due to obesity. at this rate, who will even be able to serve and save our country? an obese child is a likely candidate for developing type two diabetes even as young as a pre-teen. a pre-teen with an adult disease of type ii diabetes will have vision problems in his 20's, heart attack by 30, full renal failure and dialysis by 40 and dead by 50. unless the trend are reversed, a child born today will actually have a lower life expectancy than his or her parents or
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grandparents, the first time in our nation's history this was true. the first lady wisely understands this issue can't be resolved in an election cycle, it will take a generation. it's not about government, but we the people. look, i'm going to find plenty of ways to take issue with this administration, but it's wrong and lacks any creativity or sense of honor honesty to only find the areas of disagreement and never find common ground. on the condition of battling the deteriorating the health of our kids i applaud anyone and every who is willing to say enough. and today i commend the president and specifically the first lady for seeking to do something about it. [applause] that's my view, i welcome yours. you can e-mail me at huckabmike and click on the fox news feedback session. we were all deeply touched by our own steve harrigan's chilling testimony of his experiences in haiti and we had
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some tremendous response to 98-year-old evey holiday, the first lady of texas real estate stel going strong. a lot of your e-mails, we'll talk about those and much more when we come back. geico says 15 minutes could save you money. but it takes less than 15 seconds to tell you this. drivers who switched from geico to allstate... saved an average of 73 a year. time to switch to allstate. ♪
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time to switch to allstate. all across america there are health mart towns, with health mart pharmacies that are locally owned, with pharmacists who are part of their communities. providing a unique combination of clinical expertise and personal attention. no wonder health mart has been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power and associates. see if you live in a health mart town at [ applause ] >> mike: (applause) >> we're always asking you to send your questions and comments because we really want to know what you think of our show and while we don't always get to reply to all of them on the air,
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we honestly read them. and as i say, that's more than your congressman does when you send him something so tonight we'll respond to some of the e-mails we've received and i've asked two of our production staff members, megan and colleen to sift through thousands of messages and pick just a few to share. so, first, megan, you're from arkansas. >> yes, i am. >> mike: and everybody probably thinks you got your job because you're from arkansas. >> they do. and i told them i did not get nigh job i was already working here and it doesn't help being the favorite. >> mike: the truth it i got my job because i told people were you here. exactly. >> mike: you're a graduate of arkansas state. >> arcadelphia. larry from alabama, what is it about we don't want your frickin' heb bill the democrats do not understand. i can't believe the democrats
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have the gall to mens the word health care anymore, to borrow a phrase from them, we won, get over it, move on. >> mike: well, larry, first of all, i think that maybe nancy pelosi hasn't fully gotten the message that you won the elections last year, but losing them all on the ballot this year thanks to trying to push a health care that nobody, but a handful of people in congress seem to want. so i think you're in step with most of america and certainly in step with me. larry from alabama, i wonder if that's larry the cable guy. we don't know. colleen, good to have you here and you also were here before i was in one of the first staff members to our show. that's true. >> mike: you're not from arkansas. >> i'm not. i'm from watertown, new york, upstate. way up by canada. >> mike: by canada. >> yes. the real thing. >> mike: yeah, it's cold up there, isn't it. >> yes. >> mike: i want to ask you something, you also though have a unique perspective even though you're in your 20's, you had a health challenge a few years ago. >> i did a couple, 21 a couple years ago and i had a nasty
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shenanigans going on with some breast cancer and i think that's why i got hired here because i'm a survivor, but i can't be sure. i don't know. >> mike: i think you're a survivor of our executive producer. >> yeah, that could be true. and now i can handle anything. >> mike: once you've dealt with him you certainly can and we've admired you and really appreciate your courage and maturity. >> thanks. >> mike: great to have you part of our show. >> i do what i can. >> mike: let's see what you've picked out. >> ray wants to know why is it no one remind the white house that democrats control spending the last two years of president bush's term. congress does pass spending bills, democrats also control the spending and policies of fannie mae and freddie mac. >> mike: okay, ray, you wonder why nobody has reminded him? let me do it now, the democrats controlled the spending the past two years of the bush administration and the one thing i think many of us would say to the president look, you've been in office for a year, you cannot continue to blame president bush
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and republicans for everything. they didn't pass the stimulus bill. they didn't push health care. they didn't push cap and tax. there are many of the things that are hurting our economy and causing businesses to be so afraid to act and the republicans and george bush had nothing at all to do with it. you and joe biden need to dial it back a few notches and give business as break. that would be my response to ray. okay. all right. colleen-- i mean, megan, your turn now. >> yes. i have another one from ilene from california. thank you for having steve harrigan on your show, i watched his reporting from haiti, i remember being concerned for steve during one of those reports because you could see the toll this was taking on him as a witness to the suffering. i hope fox news provides some type of support. i'm sure governor huckabee would be a great support for steve. i thought it was very insightful for the governor to cover that part of the story. >> mike: well, i appreciate hearing that. we appreciate their incredible
8:18 pm
professionalism from the folks from fox news and went on the scene and gave us a glimpse not only what was happening, but interpret it. the human toll. steve is a wonderful professional. colleen. >> yes, we got a ton of e-mail, our guest from a couple weeks ago, evie holiday. >> tuty says when i grow up i want to be just like her, what a great boss and daily teacher, the greatest model in my life. i've never heard an unkind word from her mouth. she's amazing and also hot on the ukulele. you've got to love her, she's the best. must be the roots with arkansas. >> mike: she was born there. by the way, let me tell you that so many people did beyond, evey was wonderful and you can read her remarkable story in her book, the first lady of real estate." you can order a copy on or go to evey's and megan, another e-mail. >> and actually governor, i
8:19 pm
think you should read this one. >> mike: okay. and this is from miriam. it says thank you, mike huckabee and neil sedaka from the show a couple of weeks ago. last night i was sitting by the bedside of my terminally ill husband, i felt that neil was singing "do you remember" just to me. i remember picnics and falling in love, i remember kisses and kids, and i untie the ribbon on my special memory boxes, and holding my husband's hand and i remember the laughter and tears and autumn leaves, i remember our babies, i remember, oh, i remember. and i smile through my tears as he slept. thank you, mike and neil, yes, i do remember and love did keep us together. what a great one to end on. wow, i'm glad i got through it, i wasn't sure i was going to. coming up, we are going to be joined by a couple of aspiring
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politicians who are still in high school, but they're not aspiring to run in 20 years, but right now while most kids their age are planning for college. they're hoping to be elected to public office. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] a bad cold hits your whole body. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels rush relief everywhere you need it. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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(applaus (applause) >> when i hear people like my next two guests, i know the fup of our country is in good hands. they're young, smart, ambitious and want to help improve america. oh, by the way, they're both still in high school. please welcome 18-year-old jared christianson running for governor of wisconsin and matt flynn, also 18 and running for county legislator in a county in
8:24 pm
new york. jared, matt, welcome. >> thank you, good to be on the show. >> i personally think okay, you're 18, what on earth do you believe you can do with if you're the governor of wisconsin. >> you know, i believe i can help others, i mean, i see families struggle around me every day, including my parents and i just want to help them and you know, have them have a home in wisconsin. >> mike: some people think jared, shouldn't you at least wait until you get out of college and take college glasses and governing-- >> i'll be taking college courses. >> mike: part-time governor, part-time student. >> it's doable. >> mike: do you take a part-time paycheck. matt, let me ask you something, i see the button on your coat. what does it a say? >> it says matt flynn for st. lawrence legislator and it has my website. >> people can access that. >> yes. >> during my campaign here it's been going well, however, i'm starting to struggle a little
8:25 pm
with with the finances, i have a good message and if the people-- >> what's your message? >> my message we need to hold the line, we need to cut government spending. i know that st. lawrence county right now is a struggling county. every year i see my friends and family members forced out of this county not because they want to leave, but because they have to to find work and that's very sad to me and i think that as legislature i'll first work to not raise taxes so we can make an environment conducive to business and industry to come in, as well as working towards bringing other jobs to the county, so our people don't have to leave so we're not exporting our greatest resource. >> mike: you know, matt, if you keep talking about cutting tax and keeping the costs low and balancing the budget, forget the state legislature, you need to run for congress, in washington they don't seem to get it. jared, an obvious question you're running as a democrat,
8:26 pm
matt is a republican. tell me what unique message would you have within the democratic party? >> i would have a message of let's work together. i'm running as a democrat, but i'm not always going to toe party lines, along with the health care bill it seems like the democrats are shoving it down the republicans throats. >> mike: can i quote you on that. >> sure. >> mike: go ahead. >> we really need to work together and get ideas from everyone, including some from wisconsin. you know, maybe there's a farmer who has a great idea we can use and that's what we really need to do. >> mike: do you have a hard time with people that don't take you serious, you're serious about running for governor, look, it's a nice gimmick, nice thing to get out there and sort of say, hey, young people can be involved. but you're not serious. are you serious? >> i am serious. surprisingly on wisconsin public radio on the 11th of january, everyone that supported, some say you're too young and you need to go to college and they actually thought my host was too hard on me.
8:27 pm
>> mike: they're probably thinking with both of you watching what's going on in washington, you couldn't be any worse, you couldn't be-- they're thinking it couldn't be worse, the other end of the spectrum. >> yeah. >> mike: matt, if you get elected and go to the legislature. what is your first item of business? >> my first item would be making sure that we don't raise taxes. i know, our legislature recently voted on increasing the sales tax from 7% to 8% instead of cutting our spending. and i really think we need to hold the line, we need to cut spending, and instead of raising taxes on our people. >> mike: something i'm confident about both of you guys, you might win this year. you if you might not sitting again, if you lose might be a chance you'll get a talk show on the fox news channel. works for some of us. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: thank you, a pleasure to have both of you, thank you, matt. all right, coming up, is the texas board of education about to radically alter the way that
8:28 pm
children learn history. the liberty counselor explains. that's next, we'll be right back. waffles. [ male announcer ] for over 50 years, providing you with safe, reliable, high-quality vehicles has been our first priority. ♪ in recent days, our company hasn't been living up to the standards that you've come to expect from us or that we expect from ourselves. that's why 172,000 toyota and dealership employees are dedicated to making things right we have a fix for our recalls. we stopped production so we could focus on our customers' cars first. and technicians are making repairs. we're working around the clock to ensure we build vehicles of the highest quality... to restore your faith... in our company.
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>> from america's news headquarters, hello everyone, i'm julie banderas, tonight, search and rescue teams are on the scene of a powerful explosion in connecticut. the blast ripping apart a power plant under construction in milltown, 20 miles south of hartford at least five people killed, a dozen more injured. no word how many might be missing. middletown's mayor says this afternoon work was being done on a national gas line at the time. the explosion was felt miles away. the federal government closing a number of agencies in washington d.c. for tomorrow, the nation's capital digging out from under two feet of snow nearly a quarter million federal employees will be off. essential service also remain on the job and thousands are still without power in the washington d.c. area, at least 400,000
8:32 pm
customers lost power during the monster storm that blanketed the mid atlantic region. i'm julie banderas, now back to huckabee, and for all the latest headlines, log on to >> mike: be sure to catch the huckabee report each monday through friday three times daily on over 500 radio stations, by the way, if you want to find the station nearest you, go to mike and click on the huckabee report. they're planning to vote on curriculum standard, joining us about to talk about the outrageous proposition, matt, welcome back to the show. now, our mutual friend david barton is one of the folks very involved in the textbook issues for a long time and i know at that he's involved. i want you to explain, how can the texas board of education
8:33 pm
have the power to change textbooks, really all over the entire country? why does this matter to the rest of us? >> the reason it matters to the entire country, typically it's been texas and california shall the two biggest textbook purchasers in the country at that dictate the rest of the country. whatever textbooks they select then affects the rest of the country because the publishers publish those books and the rest of the country follows. california because of the budget crisis for the last several years haven't been able to purchase new textbooks so the default is texas so now it's the 800 pound gorilla in textbooks and when it 15 member board, 18 people make a majority and a decision and affects the entire region. >> mike: and 18 in texas determine what acid in south carolina is going to study in history. give me an example of some of the issue that are going on that are a concern to many of us? >> well, some of them are taking that nathan hail, for example, who was one of the first spies. he's actually somebody who was
8:34 pm
killed because of his patriotism and he's now has a statute in connecticut as connecticut's hero and the statute is on the cia's langley and they want to remove him and replace him with the person who invented firemen's helmets. now you probably don't know who that person is. >> i don't. >> i don't either, but they're replacing this historic figure with-- >> not that there's anything wrong with. >> a great invention, but didn't affect history like nathan hail. columbus day is proposed to be removed. >> mike: no mens at all. >> independence day, the 4th of july is proposed to be out of the textbooks. christmas be removed and replaced with dawali. >> mike: whoa, whoa, tell me that again. and i'm amazed. tell me christmas replaced what? >> christmas would be replaced with the textbook and replaced with an another holiday dewali. most people don't know what that's about. >> mike: that's why i asked.
8:35 pm
>> the same category as the helmet. and removes our history and no longer americans citizens, in fact, global citizens and free enterprise those kinds of things, those are no good anyare more and america is looked at not at some country that gave liberty and freedom around the world, but as a global villain. that's how this is proposed from a committee. a group of 15 people will be voting on it and cynthia dunbar is one of 15 and she's the champion, actually a professor at liberty university school of law so she's a strong voice for just solid common sense, but seven others need to be convinced for the right to vote on this important matter. >> mike: how is it looking? does it look like it could tilt where we rewrite american history? >> it's hanging in the balance and i think that people around the country need to be concerned about this because these textbooks literally would take things like the declaration of independence and erase, the
8:36 pm
preble amble. -- preamb preamble. a lot of the history, religious or patriotic history. american exceptionalism all of that will be removed if people around the country don't speak up and the other seven people that are there, of the 15, make the right decision. >> now, matt, i don't mean to be an alarmist, this alarms me that we would rewrite american history and so afraid to let people know who we are as a nation. we are a nation where people historically understood american exceptionalism is due in large part to the prominence of god. i believe that. whether people don't believe it, i'm willing to debate it, and not ignore it. thank you for being here, let's keep the conversation, when texas makes the decision we need to report back to the people and let them know. >> thank you, we'll have more information to update people at
8:37 pm and people around the country can make their voices heard on this matter. >> mike: to make your voice heard. it affects all kids everywhere, every state not just texas. well, the president saying job creation is his administration's top priority has a proposal he thinks will kick start the economy. we're going to ask tracy byrnes, liz macdonald and chris cotter from the fox business network if his plan will actually work. we'll be right back. that's it. announcer: whatever scents fill your household, tidy cats scoop neutralizes the odors of multiple cats. tidy cats scoop. keep home smelling like home.
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mike moo mike the president >> the propose proposes tax cuts for small businesses to encourage them to employ people and can his plan help stimulate the economy and lead us on a recovery. let's get reaction from elizabeth mcdonald, tracy byrnes and chris cotter, from the fox
8:41 pm
business network. let's look where we've been the past year, the president said a year ago when he took office we'll get the unemployment down below 8% and then 10% for a while. what's up? >> well, do you want to take this tracy or chris. >> go ahead. >> mike: i'd say, yes, you're right. >> well, look it, the banking sector, the banks are no longer careening around in a hospital gown and i think that massachusetts voters showed that look, they don't like the drunken fire brigade down in washington. they don't like the special carve out to donors and health care reform. if you put pressure on the drug companies and you know, doctors why not the-- and when it comes to getting the economy set to rights i think the fact that the bush tax cuts are expiring has gotten small businesses very upset and worried and these gimmicky one-off tax credits won't do it. >> mike: tracy. >> there's so much uncertainty, governor, no one knows what to do. a fox business can't make a decision on whether or not to hire someone if the health care costs are going up. are their taxes going up?
8:42 pm
where are we? can't get a loan to make payroll on friday, so i'm totally stuck, so, how is the economy supposed to improve when, you know, the couple basic things that i need to plan and grow are just not there for me. >> mike: the tax breaks. >> the small businesses are worried about the taxes going up tracy as you said. so giving them 50 cent doesn't worry anything when they're worried about paying a dollar tomorrow to the government. that does not add up to them. >> mike: one thing they talk about, they can't get credit for floor plan, the floor plan to the consumer means the inventory and stuff on the shelves, they can't get the bank to loan the money. how is that an issue for small business. >> it's a huge issue. the reason it's happening the banks are worried about commercial real estate loans and worried about, again, tax hikes doing up and hurting the economy so they're hording capital to plug the balance sheet holes and not lending it out. and they're worried about the capacity to borrow to meet the loan, too. >> mike: are the banks the bad guys in this. they had to get government money and turn around and don't give
8:43 pm
to people who need it the most. >> everybody has to take blame in this. to liz's point shall the banks are kind of scared, too, they don't want to make the same mistake twice and gave out loans to people who couldn't pay them back. it wasn't all of us by any stretch, but there were some people and gave everybody a bad tone. and on the one hand the banks are worried and they're holding on to loans and people with the best credit can't get it. we've got people on the show that can't make loans to make inventory like you're saying and on the other hand, a small business needs this stuff. >> and banks are beholden to shareholders first and foremost. they can make money right now in return to their shareholders without having to make dangerous loans and that's what they're going to do. >> mike: it seems like every time the president makes a speech and says here is what i'm going to do to make the economy better, the dow starts dropping. >> i'll tell you something, you know why, we've been talking about this, chris and tracy, everybody knows that wall street went berserk and the banks were hit horribly, but you know, the
8:44 pm
language that is used, you know, this kind of, you know, kind of unapproving, finger wagging, you know, college professor on a molecular level is what the president is, using words assault on the middle class and epidemic of job losses, he's not appeal to the optimism of american people, the true heart and soul of the american people, let's get out this and do it and let's not be a soft bailout nation, let's get back to our rugged entrepreneurship, that's who we are and what built this country. >> mike: let's for a moment play the fact that the president calls the three of you and says i'm going to hire you to be my economic counsel. get rid of these guys making these dumb pieces of advice for me. chris, what do you tell the president? >> first thing i tell him, look, inherently government spending is unefficient. for every dollar that comes in, it's going to come in one of the machines that they used to have in whoville, dr. suess where it has the different steam engines and what not and it's going to
8:45 pm
come out and be 13 cents so why not let the people keep that dollar instead of having to come in and be 13 cents and trying to figure out where do i spend the 13 cents. let the people figure out where to spend the full dollar. >> mike: tracy, what do you tell the president? >> better be ice cream at the meetings and lower taxes. just lower taxes, governor, it's so obvious. now what's interesting to me is that the states with the highest taxes are the most screwed up. florida has no taxes, they're going okay, pretty much. new jersey. >> california. >> california nevada, total mess and they're the highest taxes in the state. >> mike: when what about when you turn down the tacks and more deficits-- >> i hear what you're saying and the spending is out of control. we only correct 2.4 trillion dollars in total in taxes in this country so we're borrowing the rest. the i would tell the president, you know, fire his speech writers.
8:46 pm
get somebody who understands economic policy and will get this country moving again. now, it's very, it's common sense, you know, common sense stuff like our parent taught us, don't put your head in the oven or don't brush your teeth with turpentine or-- >> you never did that, did you elizabeth. >> no, no. >> mike: want to make sure you did listen to your mother. >> don't go through your mother's wallet. >> mike: 0 tell me what you think is going to happen in 2010. happy or be sad, chris. >> i think you're going to get a little bit of both. i think we're pretty much at the end of the year where we are right now. unemployment right around double digits around 9%, 10% and the stock market about where it is now. >> mike: tracy. >> i think you'll always be happy, but worry about your microcosm and forget about what the government is doing, save, take care of your family first because they've got a ways to go to figure this out. >> i would say start looking at good stocks, don't grab your wallet and run for the basement. this is a great country, i'm optimistic, if week dynamite these guys out of their seats in congress we'll be in good shape,
8:47 pm
but, you know, so and i say, you know, keep-- be careful and i agree with what tracy is saying, i think there will be a turn around by 2011. >> mike: and don't put your head in the oven. the other piece of advice we will all give you. here, thanks, elizabeth, tracy and chris. coming up, the beyond behind one of the most recognizable songs of all time. the hall-of-famers, the ventures. great guitar players, you'll hear them in the studio as they join the little rockers. we'll be right back. 
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(applause) >> my guests reported one of
8:51 pm
the most popular tv themes of all time. i want to see how long it takes you to recognize this little tune. ♪ >> well, joining me now the band who recorded that song, the world famous, the only, the ventures are here with us tonight. [applause]. >> mike: every kid who has ever played a guitar has listened with his ear down to the turn table to the venture's music, i can't believe i'm getting to stand here and be with you guys, what a privilege this is. >> thank you, what a privilege it is to be here with you. >> mike: i had your album as a little kid. you're often called the band that launched a thousand bands because your music influenced every guitarist from the 50's,
8:52 pm
60's and beyond and influenced guys like keith wilson, one of our little rockers and me. i want to do the song "hawaii five-0 like you guys did it. hit it. >> okay. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 pm
(applaus (applause). >> mike: the ventures, everybody. what a great privilege. the venture's cd called "surfing guitars" get it at cd baby and also at the it's a brand new collection of ventures tunes for all of you that have enjoyed it and i hope you'll get your copy of this incredible cd, the ventures. and you guys said you wanted to do something, is that right? >> we did. >> mike: i don't know. play another song. >> another song. >> mike: let's do another one. >> we'd love to. >> mike: you can't get out of here without doing "walk don't run" everybody knows that from the ventures and we'll close you out on that one. let me say as we close out with the signature venture song while you're going to the phone or internet and ordering this new venture's cd. from all of us here at huckabee, i hope you have a great week, we'll see you next week from new
8:55 pm
york, good night, god bless, walk and run and get the new ventures cd. here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪
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