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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 20, 2010 7:09am-9:59am EDT

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not in a political job and i don't care about politics. how can you set the law of the land . knee capped in this way. >> i have other headlines. a federal judge rejected a 557 million legal settlement for people who became sick after the 9/11 attack. the judge said the deal did not contain enough money and the search is on for washington state mother. last weekend. eight carter's body. he accidentally drowned . authorities sent out a search party for his mother. and speaking of the attorney
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general. they are patriots and deserve respect. some questioned the value of lawyers who defend detaineys. he made the comments with a group of lawyers who provided free legal counsel to the poor. >> cabin crews walked out after contract collapsed. thousands of flights are cancelled including two and from new york. the airline is scrambling to get planes and contract workers in the hopes of restoring 65 percent of the flights. >> a massive sandstorm is chocking the of bei didn't think and turning the sky orange. many residents are told to stay inside. those outside is wearing masks. it is hundreds of miles. >> he has his camera. >> that would ruin a good camera. >> put the mask on the camera
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the >> and sand your camera. >> poor guy. >> it is the vernal equignox. >> i didn't realize you were talking to me. you know, we have winter weather in the middle of all of winter storm warn happenings in areas of new mexico and texas and missouri. significant snowfall for this time of year. and it could make it the snowiest winter on record for oklahoma . here's the look at temperatures as you are waking up. cold in area it is of west. because the cold front moved through . look at video out of the colorado. douglas county just to the south of denver in forward colorado springs in between. look at these. the goys are not enjoying the march weather. it is the slowiest month in
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colorado and unfortunately causing problems there . extremely warm in areas east in front . spring-like and summer like for some people. that is the line of storms that bring snow and out in the west, conditions are clear and we'll watch a warm up in the areas of the west. look at high temperatures today. 75 degrees in new york city, guys . >> it is allergy season. >> my brother told me about the snow. it is 70 out here. >> not for long. >> hard to be inside watching basketball with beautiful weather thanks, rick. >> controversial slaught are solution. that is not off of the table for the democrats. one of the men who play a key role in negotiations and how to get the bill through is
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live with us next. >> putting the squeeze on hugs. but there is a band on - on is it going too far. don't be a hater of huggings. >> can i get a hug.
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>> bop failing to block the conversial system. >> boy, does he have a long day ahead . rules committee begins at 10:00. what is the republicans primary? what is yours and the biggest key to your fight today? >> gentleman if you had told
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me a few weeks ago march madness would be on cbsand cspan as well. i would have said you were crazy . but the fact of the matter is, it is true in two hours and 45 minutes, the rules committee is going to be convening and put in the place for the debate. one of the things that the american people learned in the past couple of weeks. process is substance and the idea of avoiding accountability on this important vote is something they don't want to see happen. we are determined to hold people accountable. when we look at the issue. a friend of mine in california has a radio program. the bigger government the smaller the individual comes. the notion of the government expanding like it is with a program is something that the americans are strongly against. we have focused our attention on killing the bill and that is critically important it is
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important to note five simple things monday morning once we kill the bill to insure every american has better access to affordable health insurance and allow purchase across state lines and small businesses to come together to get lower rates and pooling to deal with preexisting condition and real meaning lawsuit abuse. we as republicans want to work in a bipartisan way to make it happen. >> democrats came in on the wind of saying transparency . we want that and trying to pass this using slaughter or demon pass and cram it through without a vote, is this go against the pledge of openness and transparency? >> it is interesting. when nancy pelosi was given the gavele she said we will have the most open and transparent congress in the history of america. but if you look in fact at the
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numbers it is the most closed congress. the use of slaughter system and hiding the health care issue. the signature issue that we spent a year talking about. they want to hide the vote on that? i just don't get it. i told one of your producers before we came on the air, we have never in before have what is taken place in the last year and couple of months. we have gone through the entire congress without a single open rule debate on any issue. they shut down the appropriations process . so you are right. we were promised openness and transparency and accountability and we have gotten the opposite and the american people understand it . last summer, 300 page on cap and trade bill at 3:00 and told we were going to vote on it. people chanted read the bill, read the bill. >> 2700 pagings congressman
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good luck with that. that is two times the size of war and peace. >> we have read it twice. >> i read it just this morning again. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be with you guys. >> coming up . a man who stopped and attacked women. chilling reports that he may be back again. police inthe search. >> twitter and facebook, there is not much else for me . youtube. >> and are we addicted to social media. incredible new numbers out this week and many americans are staying connected in the most inoportune times. you will not forget the numbers when we come back. on qu. it adds a fourth color, yellow, to the standard rgb color system, creating a vast array of colors you can't see with your tv's three color technology.
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>> we have a warning. a frightening crime spree of a sexual nature. i will give you a minute to turn down the volume on your set if you have concern watching this morning. detectives from four states are looking for a man tied to 15 attacks on women spanning 14 years . he attacked three teenage girls on halloween night. the detectives from prince william in virginia are working the case. thank you for joining us this morning . >> thank you for having us. and the opportunity. and detective, the crime spree is going on 13 years . how can you be so sure all of the sexual assaults on women are the work of just one guy? >> we've obtained dna evidence in our case that has listening to all of the other cases which identifies a single individual as being
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responsible. >> detective kelly, you don't know his name or where he is today . hopeful he our audience will give you clues. testimony us the clues you have about him? >> we do know that his cases were in prince george county, maryland and that's where the best clues come from . we hope your viewers will have attention to the he rode a bike and twens and chipped or missing tooth in 1997 x. he wore a green coat and when he committed those case in prince george, maryland. dna tells us that one person is responsible. he committed additional attack in fairfax county, rirge virge and we are composits . >> he is black and has a deep voice and smokes and right handed and likes to wear cam
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flage clothes and black hats. most were on halloween. he forced three trick-or-treating teenage girls in a wooded ravine. what happened in i know plose were so close to catching him that time . >> yes, he forced the three teenage girls in the wood line behind the shopping center where they attacked them. one while he was attacking two of the girls. the third was able to send text messages from the cell phone alerting her parents and proceeded to make a 911 call . that brought police response to the area. but yet they missed him by minutes. the full screen that we were showing the audience. you think it is the best way to catch him. he's had so many . a suspect in so many different accounts if machine lives in one of these areas and saw
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somebody of this description or maybe knows this guy, this is how it will help. 'nen and 98. he was in prince george, maryland. 99 fairfax county, virginia. there was a attack in prince george and far face and leesburg and there is a five year stretch to the next time dna identifies him and that is in rhode island in 2006. what do you think happened in five years that made him go silent? >> it is possible that the police may have made contact with him. by him moving up north he may have disguised his crimes thinking that the evidence wouldn't link back to virge -ina. but it has. our hope is that viewers will make the connection. member who they had contact or relative or neighbor that may
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link up to this information that who they would do would have connections to these areas. that's why the clues are so person. >> yes . detective, you have a sketch but asked us not to show it because you think it may be too dated. why dont you have an ipdated one of him? >> as the attacks have continued, he's been adept at using a hood or mask to disguy his identity . we just don't want somebody to focus on a sketch and not come forward to give us information to use to solve it. >> again, the best chances that if somebody was in the area during the years of his multiple attacks and we'll put's number up on the screen for our audience in case they have -- it is crime solvers.
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266-841-8477 . hopefully we'll geet you information to break this incredibly long and violent streak of this man. thank you for coming on this morning . >> thank you . coming up. you think the sweetheart deals are gone from the health care billthink again. kick backs are still in there. some you may never have heard of. >> first day of spring and no better time to start shaping up for summer. clayton and david appear to be engaged in a exercise reg min. we'll share with you our fox and friend shape up challenge. we'll show you what we are going to do . help. >> i will sit over there as well. [ female announcer ] for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off.
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>> it is going to be close. hope this works. that's the new slogan. >> we have been telling you about it all morning long. we'll continue you in the day. it is a huge day for health care in this is countriment democrats making a final rush to get enough vote to pass the senate deal. corn husker kick back was take know out and what are still in this this morning >> several
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hundred million worth of goodies are in there. like louisiana they get 300 million in med medicaid funds and connecticut are you million for a hospital . montana a medical bill for a town. the biggie that you mentioned corn husker kick back for nebraska and gatorade that benefits the florida seniors, they have been taken out. >> it is interesting. that luse huse one was only 100 million and -- 300 million . nebraska was 100 million and louisiana 300 million and still in example how are the demcreates defending the bills >> they are not calling them deals. they are staying quiet. listen how they the so-called louisiana purchase. >> keep in mind louisiana is a unique situation . that is not something you call a approximate deal.
7:35 am
the folks in loses luse are reeling from hurricane katrina. they lost all of their hospitals that. unique in louisiana and we have to deal with situations like that. washington shows extra money for tennessee and saying that is baugs tennessee has a large population that the hospitals have too treat. this puts them on parwith what the rest of the country is getting. >> jason chapeds suggest that is jobs were exchanged for votes. what else are republicans saying about the votes >> talking about the continuous tense example, dave. republicans ponent to retiring congressman who is a democrat. he aed no to yes in health care and now the state gets 100 million extra buckings. listen to boehner describing
7:36 am
the beils. >> the democrat have kick backs and sweetheart bills to buy the support of lawmakers and washington special with interest groups. >> republicans say for every so-called deal they find. they will go after that specific member when they were up for reelection . >> it may be over . scrimmage line is not to be. here are the rest of the your headlines. democrats push ahead for health health votes and this morning the president is are forming the financial system. >> we need common sense rules that will allow thes to farely and freely and reigning in the worst practice of the financial industry. we fail to heed that listen ator peril. >> they will debate that bill on money. this will give power to split
7:37 am
up financial companies and create a independent consumer watch dog. >> armed men listeninged to drug gains are blocking roads . they are doing it to keep the military from carrying out antidrug operation . >> secretary of state hillary clinton and gates are said to be in the mexico city to discuss the violence. >>ly people were gunned down in what some say may have been linked to a problem with drug gangs. >> taxpayers will pay for case anthony's defense case. she can use public money . angny charged with killing two year old daughter caylee and the ruling comes a day after abc news paid $200,000 for exclusive family photos. her troil will be in may 2011. >> look at the raging fire
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engulfing the entire home. calls came crashing down in mirs. it would unoccupied and under construction . no one was hurt. two nor by homes were evacuated. it is valued at more than one million dollars. >> and the scoom, oregon middle school principle said hugging is out of control and needs to stop. students are getting trampbled because of all of the hugging and many are late to class. parents are split on the new rule. >> i think it is too much. i think the kids should regument their physical contact and learn the space around them and interact with other kids. >> they are protecting the kids and keeping everybody happy. >> that's some kind of hugging. >> epidemic. >> it makes the kids want to do it more.
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>> rick, it is everywhere they are trying to banug hading. >> they cant make it to house? >> i need a rug. >> they are making out if this is that long . >> eastern part of the could you wantry. first day of spripping and feels like it is not the case in oklahoma and texas and chicago, that is where the snow is. red river flooding in north dakota and pineda. just a explaining on this. this refer flows north. it is colder in the another and warmer here and it nos in the area that is frozen. it only drops 230 feet. it spreads out over the area . it flood prone. we'll talk about a crest tomorrow.
7:40 am
that is good news for you there . past that snow melting . we could talk about this for a while. launch of our shape-up challenge. >> you saw me in the animation spring time . everybody want to get the bikin i. dave want its and i do as well. >> or thong? >> no one needs that. why decided to do each individual programs to kick this off this month. >> we all need it and watch it. what is yours? >> my profile . we went and got measured. it was embarrassing enough. this is 23 percent body fat. >> how is that.
7:41 am
clayton wearing upon 194 . drop 20 pounds . so i am going to be doing the hal higden 5 k running in the week and swimming the alternate days. follow along. >> it is that you can do all of these at home. they are expect fixing that we are. >> you can do these . >> what about you. >> mine is, i don't eat right and part of it is pause of my schedule. no one should consume bagels and i never know what to eat for brike fast and i don't have a lot of energy. i don't have a lot of body fat and not terribly fit. but look at cholest aral. 242. that is high. there is a way. i will talk about what to eat
7:42 am
for energy. it is hard with your schedules in the afternoon i crash and i hope they can help. >> corn dogings. >> >>ix you guys suggested that i should buff up. i am too skinny and need to pack on muscle . i am not getting into the body fat because it is inaccurate it is far lower than that. so says the trainer at fox. 14 and half and 40 in the chest. that is bad. i need to gain muscle. >> dave doesn't have a lot -- he's in better shape. videos at hom that are accord believe. >> i am going to eat corn dogings. >> mine is different. i have 18.6 body fat and 206
7:43 am
pounds. my blood pressure is good. i want to get my body fat down to 13 percent. i am not concerned about the weight because i have larger legs and my muscle is fine. i just want to get the layer of fat. so i am going to go through personal training and try to change my work out. i go to the jim but i am doing something wrong. >> good luck. >> and it is all in a month. >> hopefully six weeks. >> all of these are on our website. follow along with us and we'll post videos. and speaking of being over weight. an alarming number of children are not just chubby but obese. parents are going to want to hear about what to do about this. >> and first, a couple on vacation believes that the
7:44 am
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>> a couple in vacation in aruba took an underwater video this one right there that they think may be the remanies of missing teenager natalee holloway. >> john's wife patti snapped the shot when she was snarkling. >> good morning to you, sir . thanks for being with us. you went on a dive off of the coast of aruba last year and you snapped the photos . your wife didn't know what it was. you developed the film and what hit you when you saw this photo. >> we saw this photo, we were so happy that she just got fish. it was her first experience
7:48 am
with an underwater camera. we didn't look at the other pictures until we got friend says and invited them up for dinner and now we were going to look at the pictures. my wife looked at the picture and handed it to yvette. this looks leak a skelton and wed around. yes, it did. what is on the picture on the right hand side was a snake. never knowing it was on the left of the picture . >> here's what is so crazy about your story. you got it developed in december after you noticed this and you guys put it together and thought maybe this is natalee holloways remains. yesterday they called you back and asked you questions.
7:49 am
>> now they are deep and checking everything. they are looking into the cat ram and trying to find the exact location of where we were . they are into full blast right now. right now. it is it you know, the biggest investigation on there part. >> it took them a long time. you think it was on the back burner? >> see, i didn't know. i thought i was doing it proper . first the police say that is a body. they gave me the f.b.i.'s number and i called the f.b.i. in virginia and they said where are you located, john. man heim, pennsylvania. lancaster county. you are close to philadelphia. get the picture to f.b.i. in philadelphia . address it to the violent crimes division . and they are continuing to analyze the photo. you spoke with the holloway
7:50 am
family. you would like them to have closure. what did the holloway family tell you. >> i talked to mr. holloway before we went to cnn . we weren't going to do the interview it if it would make them peel bad. >> no, no . go on that brew. any publicity we can keep on this case is great. >> that's what woo are doing as limp hoping it opens the case again. let us know if you hear back from the f.b.i. about >> they will keep me posted now. >> thank you, john. >> coming up, you twit are or book, cumake money off of it and we'll tell you how to do it next. but nothing works like this.
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>> as promised, we showed you how to money on social med yampt always great to see you here. >> great to have me. >>reporter: how to make mon yebuild brand equity. how do you do it? >> you start with a blog. it was for me obviously. you have to create context. >> you do it building brand for yourself. it is not that easy. >> you have to have something to say. i have something to say. talk about wine and social media and business . i do that on totally separate
7:55 am
websites and i talk about business. it starts with content. if you don't know what you are talking about, you will not -- you will break through the noise. >> step two on your list. it is a marathon and not a sprint. a lot of poom say you will do wine library for's week and you will get tired and give up. >> grandparents didn't build a business in six weeks. we are soft out there. it takes a long time to build a real business and not creating content and working on the communities and going on twitter and facebook you will not set yourself apart. it just becomes wildly soft. >> we think we can get it without hard work and putting back bone on it. take a general. for instance my dad is a realtor in redding, pennsylvania. how does a guy leak that use
7:56 am
that to try to find new clients. make money. >> first and foremost create content and he needs videos of this place . however, he is using twitter and search.twitter which is what this is is the most important sight. >> search if you do that location and your collin and zip code and where we are right now. search tweet in the area. a home or looking. everybody who used word home, right. >> in that zip code. and you can jump in that conversation . >> you can find the person looking for a home and click on it . follow the person and can i help you in any way. this starts the conversation. people need to think about twitter and facebook as a cocktail party. everybody wants to talk and that's where you lose. you listen. i went and started things like
7:57 am
chard anyway and all of these people we are about to see are talking about that. and that is it good . this is a different one you should try . try to be part of the conversation . >> and extending the story. crush it and make it a best seller on and figure out how to use social media to increase your brand. it is time to build a business . kids just graduated and it is practical. it is fot fantasy. facebook and twitter to build a real business with what you love. >> you are never too old to do it. >> are you trying to do that in the business. >> i am an amature man. >> help you make money. but are we addicted to social media? incredible numbers out there and how many americans are at ing connected in the most
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we'd just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance! bill? tom? hey! it's an office party! the freedom to name your price. only from progressive. call or click today. >> good morning, clock ticking for democrats with 31 hours left until a historic vote to overhaul health care? do they have the number to get it passed? and will it get pushed through even if they don't? >> and should people getting unemployment benefits be randomly drug tested? one lawmaker said absolutely. >> red river set to crest and affecting hundreds of homes businesses. what you need to know as the waters rise. unbelievable. our slogan this hour. we welcome the vernal nox -
8:02 am
equill ox with dave alley. and that is a great way to begin your day. >> and begin your spring. today is the first day of spring. we have beautiful flowers for you and we are dressed seasonaly. they are making fun of my tie. >> it is combat green. >> thank you to floral city for the flowers. >> what's huge day it is. epic day for health care in this country. it will never be the same after tomorrow. it appears they have it this morning, our latest unofficial count has them with the magic
8:03 am
number 216 and that if no one switches. two from florida witched and indiana yes . ohio poke to morning. sun is up in deck dick. he wanted to explain why he switched to yes. >> the pressure i felt in the district from families who called me and written to me and told me that they want me to be with them and not the insurance companies. the pressure i felt back home far outweighs anything that happens here in washington d.c.. that is from yesterday. there are a lot of people in the maybe category even though the vote is supposed to happen
8:04 am
them. nancy peel pole has the votes for it to be the law of the land. we talk to david dryer on "fox and friends" about why he said americans don't want this kind of big government. >> the big are the government grows, the smaller the individual becomes and the notion of seeing the government expand as it is with a problem like this i believe most americans are strongly against. representative dreier part of the rule's committee . boy, they have a lot of legal wrangling and republicans to the bill and can they try the to demon pass method. they have a lot to harb through. the president will also be on capt captain hill at 3:00. >> house minority leader john boehner said it is not over yet.
8:05 am
it is up to member else to handle this. liven to what he has to say. >> americans are jamming the phone lines and screaming and just saying stop. republicans are listening and we are standing with them . >> if they think that the american people will forget the vote just watch. >> if you look at the president's approval rate being. scott ross ross said every time the president speaks publicly . every time he has spoken public he his poll numbers went down. he gave a mange speech and lowest aprouval rating. 46%. >> and potox news polls out about politics and capitol hill and health care. how people are feeling about incumbents in congress right now?
8:06 am
>> 68 percent say we are running the bums out of town. oust them out. and others say keep them keep them all or get rid of them. i thought it would be 68. approval rating is 16 percent. in california 12%. >> congress has the lowest. >> your goal is to be higher than congress. >> particularly anti-incumbent feeling. >> and everybody said throw the bums out. we have seen the tide turn . in the meantime we have other news. let me tell you what else is happening.
8:07 am
dispute over the abortion is causing a split among the catholicings. u.s. conference of bishops opposes the bill and the scath lick health association is supporting it. rich may give pro-democrats cover to vote for the legislation . >> pakistan . s more recognition in the role until the fight against terrorism even though they have troops in the afghan borer and assisting the u.s. operation . pakistan has been unfairly slammed for not doing more. the u.s. officials praised the country. next week president obama will -- secretary of state will meet with them. and surprises for people who sign up. those who get the help are seeing credit scores down 100 poigns that. is better than going to chose close that leaves your credit is in rurening for your.
8:08 am
>> and the state of anna nicole smith will not receive any of thing you million that she claims her late husband promised her. it is part of a 15 year battle over the 190 billion dollars the magnate left when he died. >> and awesome. she is a big hit in the engleft-hand shopping center where he entertains horsepowers. he is 13 years old and able to balance on the skate bord and he uses his own momentum to make the board move. . nice. spring, today. 1:32 east other than time. isn't that nice, tach.
8:09 am
>> love it when it happens. feels like winter in the plains. rapid city 17 degrees . there is the cold line. rain on one side and snow on the other. another spectacular day trouble in texas. thunderstorms are waking you up and behind it turning to no and snow north of dallas and oklahoma city and tulsa 6-eight inches of snow . parts of kansas and chicago snow as well . out in the west. clear skies. it feels like winter in kansas. but 75 in new york city. think about last week woke with the major storm that brought rain and wind. tomorrow will be warmer in the
8:10 am
east . cold air is going to continue in the south. i tell you what, more cold care will settle in the southeast as well . today, it is spripping, guys. >> the storm that hit the northeast. they are just getting power in connecticut. >> that would have been terrible, you couldn't get on your social media site [check] and a new survey out had remarkable numbers in the way america is using social media. during a meeting, people are checking, >> we all do that. that is normal. >> this is something that people would have been offended by during a meal. jump on facebook and see what your friends are doing and if you are under 25 it doesn't
8:11 am
both are you. >> 40 percent of the people didn't mind being interinterrupting a text bock or facebook message. romantic moments. the numbers are high. >> 11 percent admit during an intimate moment they will check a facebook and see what other people are staying. >> 11 percent of the men admitted that. 36 percent of men and women checked and updated their status after an intimate moment. you said you other thann't offended but some are. god help us in a intimate moment. at that timus up date?
8:12 am
hey, honey dave's watching sports. check out what dave is up to. and my favorite one. they get up in the middle of the night. we get up in the night to go to the bathroom . people wake up and go to the check facebook or twitter. >> that is a bonified addiction . they brewed more than a thousand people. they are waking up in the middle of the night nost just to use bathroom but to update facebook and twitter. >> no wonder. >> and give us good stories and update your status and rat them out . get us on twitter as well >> and tomorrow on the show we'll try this. unplug day. make sunday no text day, and in the meantime.
8:13 am
health care bill passes tomorrow. we'll see doctors fleeing from the field of medicine. they will leave by the droves. diagram using super cold gas to freeze tumors with our medical aid team coming up. ory. my problem was occasional irregularity. my commercials didn't convince you? i'm definitely a skeptic. actually, my mom convinced me. and i have activia every morning for breakfast. activia definitely helped with my occasional irregularity. help get your system back on track. activia, with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system. chances are someone you trust can recommend activia. ♪ activia! and try activia fiber. a delicious blend of cereal, fiber and activia yogurt.
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8:16 am
>> here's what i do know, i do know that this bill, this legislation is going to be enormously important for america's future. >> we have told you about the historic health care vote this weekend. president obama pushing to make sure health care passes with the historic vote this weekend. if it doesn't pass there is
8:17 am
major -- it is against the democrat health care plan. he is on the brink of rejecting medicare patients. >> 30 percent of the primary cire would consider leaving the bill. why what is the problem? >> >> i think they are concerned about coverage for their patients. diagram and also ractioning. the government is going to decide what treatment you are allowed to give and not give to the patients . after the bill passes they can expect you to reject them? >> it happens all of the time. you don't meet specific medicare guidelines .
8:18 am
it is interesting up in washington and walgreens. no new medicare patients. they are losing money. it is a fact if the bill passes. they will have additional million pus patients in medicare . if you take away 21 percent of the income that is half. and they will probably drop medicare.
8:19 am
i think the quality of care will go down. it is made up of methodologist . not practicing doctors. you will not understand the research adequately. the government needs to work on doctors more on this . and woo know how to control costs and we know what the problems are. i have written to president obama and trying to get our face read. >> it is frightening where they get care. who is going to treat them. there will be a shortage . they will go to primar care.
8:20 am
primary care doctor's office have a high overhead. and finally, you can see people not going to medical school. >> you may see that as well. who are on verge of retirement. my group discussed dropping medicare . that is a global discussion going on today. >> thank you for having me. >> can another medical sort. freezing breast cancer tumors eliminate surgery. you need to learn more about it. >> millions of americans getting unemployment benefits and now lawmakers wants them randomly drug tested. [ female announcer ] for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off.
8:21 am
you need listerine® whitening® vibrant white™ rins. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter than the leading toothpaste. and kills bad breath germs. listerine® whitening vibrant white™.
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8:24 am
>> they were able to freeze cancer cells . it is a small study and all 13 of the women were cancer free 18 month to five years afterwards. they are here with the medical ateam. you are a breast surgeon and you deal with cancerous tumors all of the time. this is in lieu of surgery. it is a great idea. they started out doing it in meas and 13 women that they used were woman who refused surgery and they agreed to go this otechnique temperature is a mininally invasive
8:25 am
proceedure . it is a cold gas and kills the cells . it does. two major problems with the technique. one preservation. that means that when we take out a tumor surgically we need empty inform on how to treat the patient in regards to chemo therapy. and when you take out and kill the tumor cells, you lose that information. the other problem is margin. when i take out a cancer, i take out tissue around the cancer and that is scritical for preventing cancer from coming back. with this tech neeling the kill wrone this they are calling are effective as taking out normal tissue . those are two things it has to overcome . we are a long ways for this
8:26 am
remacing masectomy and if it gets to that point and use it it will be for the patient. >> say there is new plastic surgery possibilities. sounds a dream come true for women. it takes fat out of regions and pump it in your breast instid of silicone. that sounds, great, but, there is problems with this technique. they are doing it in england and had two doctors who did it with 10 patients and they are very happy with it. they have 10 more to go. they use a different technique. fat transfer is good for small procedures like contouring here and there in the body.
8:27 am
fat reabsorbs. they are unfusing the plats with plate lets and use stem cells and that slose the reabsoptionerate. the problem is that fat will still get reabsorbed this is going to be a problem in treating patients with abnormal mammograms. this is not a safe procedure. if you want augmentation go for implants. >> more and more children are extremely obese. what is go on hoar in >> it is showing there is a large number of children who are obese in certain culture.
8:28 am
africa-american americans and historic have more obesity . that is a problem to deal w. we are getting more studies that tell us that kids are oboose and some of them severely and it is a problem for us medically speaking. not to mention the cost of our health care system that is tremendous. we need to effectively educate kid and parents. this is a major problem in our country. >> you say it gets worse and worse. thank you for coming in. >> and meanwhile, one state declare aring -- declaring the day no meat day. she wants you to go vegetarian. >> and this florida man living with the sharks. why he risked his life for a good cause and tips on how to make the most of your outdoor
8:29 am
space next . [ birds chirping ] what? giant peanut... with sea salt.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
for your free brochure. >> on the first day of spring, the vernal equinox. >> it is my favorite day. >> or in michigan no meat day
8:33 am
apparently that's what governor granholm decided. she declared the day. >> no meat for you. don't eat meat today. official resolution, i believe we had some of that reads like thisthis is her response to the back lash. >> quite a back lash from the agriculture. we are the second wiggest industry in the state. like offending the car. >> we meant no disrespect. march madness is upon us and there is a lot of chicken wings and burgers consume would. but no meat day today. three corn dogs this morning. stephanie from michigan. that will cause a meat sales in michigan just to spite the governor. maybe she should stick to getting jobs in our state.
8:34 am
instead of worrying about what we eat. >> we'll bring out the grill and barbecue cheeseburgers and rib, and chicken, no vegans here. >> jean writes. it would have made more sense to do it on friday since it was lent. >> obviously she would like people to be healthier. i think it is strage. here's the rational. >> it is salmonella and e-coli. that is suggesting that all meat is tainted and it is not. >> if you watch the fantastic documentary this year. they break it down. support your local farmers.
8:35 am
because therefore you have depot fresh meat and produce and not likely to have the tainting process of mat traveling 3,000 miles on a truck coming from a factory somewhere. >> right. popular governor but in the a good choice. i am curious of what her advisors suggested. corn dog day . i will go for five . we'll talk to a farmer and we'll hear from that farmer coming up in a bit. >> and oh, dear. president obama said iran has chosen isolation instead of diaglog. he said the u.s. wants to talk to the iranian government if they are willing. but he wants more educational and cultural exchanges for the
8:36 am
students. >> and knaza. it is in retaliation from a rocket attack. they fired missiles at the border tunnels. russia ask uniunidiscussed the issue in moscow. eseral must stop building settlements on palestinian land for the peace process to work . >> a texas jury is sending a message about texting while driving . they ordered a man to pay 22 million in damages to the family of megan small. reed vestle received 15 texts and made calls. he hit a bay horr college had on andicled her and injuries her friend in 2007. warning about the statin drug
8:37 am
vilichor. there could be muscle and kidney damage. wrocoris sold by merck be careful if you take those. >> acorn is apparently on the brink of bankruptcy. top executives will meet and plan for a bankruptcy filing. acorn saw the federal funding dry up after a number of standards. one city mayor using himself as shark bait to atrack google. >> the maror of sarasota jumped into a tank full of sharks. it has 73 managers challenging each other for the fiberet at this time connection . they will get the fastest
8:38 am
internet in the country and do it for free. there is time for other mayors to get in on this. a hundred megabites per secretary. is that worth losing a limb near. >> i would. >> i have no idea what you are talking about here. producer saying something. i am sure it was intriguing and being. take a look guys. it is the first day of spring . it is cold in the west part of the country. bringing snow in and snow pack to be had in the northern planes. we'll have court reporters for the flooding. snow in north dakota and down to iowa. it melted so rapidly over the last week and a half. we have the red river.
8:39 am
twing locations on both sides of the river. tomorrow, thren points and five feet. major flooding is going on . east were part of the country. it is full on spring and central part of the country where the storm is moving through. we will see five-10 inches was snow . many areas ofock oak and kansas . hoying in iowa as well. >> rick as you mentioned. it is beautiful out east. they have all of the answers from home depo . fire up the grill and have people over . a lot of maintenance needs to happen first. and join the weather and take care of business first. >> starting with the gutter and one of those areas in the northeast, a lot of snow and
8:40 am
ice and things like that. over time your gutters can pull away and spikes will loosen up. >> i did not know that. obviously it will help protect the bottom of your car and the water is under the house. you will want to keep it in good shape. you can actually get a new kind of a gut are chip . so what happens is, this part right here is under the lip of the cutter . the other part slide on top. it will screw reet into the -- , just that . you got to clean these out, too . protect your home and yard as well employ. >> if there and any rust orenings like that you can come in home depo.
8:41 am
>> make sure the lawn mowers is working well. >> and all all of your power . have it last longer. couple of thing to do. change the oil. change the oil . then you don't have to worry about it. air filter is important. take the old one out and bring it in and we'll match it up. >> it trapping the dust and dirt in here and needs oxygen in here. >> you need a sharp blade. make sure that thing is working. that makes it easier. and so this is simple. take the blade off and be careful and unhook the spark plug. you don't want to start the
8:42 am
mower accidentally. you can use a file like this one and clamp it and put it in a divoys. it is not going to be knife sharp. but taking off the rough edges. become hoe make a pass around and keep both sides even. this is the easiest thing to do. put it on. easy enough. simple . put the blade back on. >> you got to rack up the leaves in connecticut and new york andiers jers all of the ticks and branches that is fallen down and clean your patio furniture as well. make sure it is nice and sharp. you don't want to the branches. keep them healthy. >> thank you, dave .
8:43 am
appreciate all of the tips from you and enyoy the spring day and i will hang back out insidement >> he's yard work in his life . >> coming up on the show. tax dollars at stake should people getting unemployment benefits randomly drug tested. it is causing conroversey from him next. >> it is all caught on video. the woman you can see here. my goodness. more "fox and friends" in two minutes . diagram [ le announcer ] as long as we're winding up our doing dials, let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing...
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8:46 am
here are the top stories for
8:47 am
your health. first a major loss for tobacco companies. there is stricter marketing rule to help cut youth smoking. nationwide ban to selling cigarette to kids under the age of 18 . a new study giving weight to the idea of pregnancy brain. pregnant women have more trouble remembering where they left their stuff. the affects could last three months after giving birth or as i say thee years. more infoclick on for your health. millions of americans are out of work with unemployment 9.7 percent. a new plan that will affect all americans. a lawmakers want people to get drug tested in order to get unemployment benefits. michael hardin, good morning,
8:48 am
your state has a unemployment rate of 10.8 percent. why is this so important to drug test for unemployment benefits. >> it is important to drug test for all public assistance in georgia. we need to assure the georgia taxpayer that their money is helping those who are needy and not those indulgent in illegal drug activityings. >> there is similar legislation and how does your differ? >> primarily, the states that i have seen propose it. it is a buren on the taxpayers. it is no exception and we are in tough budget types. what my field does specifically and other states does not. they put it on the beneficencary. and roughly 25 dollars a year and spread it out over 12 months it is it a deduction of two dollars a month in their
8:49 am
benefit check. >> they will subtlely notice that . one critec from atlanta said it is big brother telling me what i can or can't do and a second failure means no unemployment for two years . how do you answer the critics? >> as far as big brother is concerned. we are not telling anyone they have to receive public assistance. if you want to join the system and taxpayers of georgia to help you, least you can do is that you are not using ildrugs. they don't have to submit to the test. but in end of the day. it is allowance and they live by the of your hoim. >> any second chance mechanism or an immediate failure to cut off immediately fromitate benefits? >> the first failure will result in an immediate pay off
8:50 am
and that will be next month and at which point radar with the state of georgia and get you moving in the right direction and get you back on maybe that next month and upon the second failed test, it would be a termination of those benefits for two years. some on folks suggested three strikes. it could take years for someone to reach three strikes . one day that someone is using the tax dollars to buy and indulge in illegal drug activities is one day too long . >> appreciate your time this morning and and you to go not on to learn more. >> coming up, a deal to close down guantanamo may be very near . why that could mean a military trial for the accused 9/11 terrorist and lessons from the wild. a new series takes an amazing
8:51 am
look at life, like you have never seen before. you don't want to miss these incredible images from the folks at the discovery channel, coming up.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," really excited about the next seg pt. about to get wild. an incredibly close look at the circle of life. >> young monkeys watch and imitate adults just as human toddlers do, if they're to become independent they must learn to crack their own nuts, but the process is long and frustrating. mike is the executive producer of the documentary life.
8:55 am
it is outstanding, i got a look at it and i couldn't believe some things i was seeing. some monkeys trying to get their food. how do you capture some of the video and how long do you have? >> that took four weeks, the adults learned how to do it, using the ultra high speed camera. you can never see it with your eyes, but that allows you to see the unseibel. the next part the babies learn how to do it and they mess up. it's hilarious, and they use a stone hammer to do it. >> to open it up. >> like a hammer and an anvil. >> a 11 part natural history series. sunday night at 8 p.m. on the discovery. the question everyone, with the trailers in the movie theaters and seeing it online and the question, how do they do it? you've got special ways, the yogi cam to capture the
8:56 am
incredible camera. >> it floats like a yogi. one of the challenges when they're moving across the landscape, elephants or caribou which we filmed, getting in amongst them. one of the things we try is get you into their lives, into their world and this camera allows you to track with the method moving across the landscape and it's a special camera and you've got technology that keeps it from bumping around and essentially like you're on the shoulders of the animal. >> the monkey there, you get the facial expression. it seems like the camera is here, but you couldn't have been. how do you get the close-up. >> this is the shot with the elephant, the yolky cam. sometimes you can get very close to the animals, but usually a telephoto lens. the power of the lenses, you can fly half a mile above the animals and still fill the frame. >> the incredible thing to me,
8:57 am
mike, is the slow, slow, slow motion that allows you to see hoch more, is this unprecedented how much you're able to slow down. >> we've done that kind of photography over the years, using film in the old days it was hard, but with the new digital technology we can shoot up to 2,000 frames a second and this is the most. >> a great story, the biggest fight in nature. it's like a huge bar brawl and these are males trying to fight to get access to this female. they smash into each other and leap into the air and eventually, one of them, kind of the last man standing gets the girl and they swim off. >> like humans, mike. >> i see that every weekend, but usually not as pretty as this. thanks for coming on and sharing the wonders the nature with us. >> check it out tomorrow night 8 p.m. sunday night on the discovery channel. 11-part series.
8:58 am
>> and the voice of oprah to throw that in, too. think the sweetheart deals are gone from the health care bill? think again. we'll tell you about the kekbacks still in. >> are you addicted to social media, clayton, i ask you. we asked and apparently many of you are. and when you're twittering in the most inappropriate of places. the incredible new numbers people checking things online at inopportune times. we'll share those with you. kids grow these days? that's why there's new danonino. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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9:02 am
9/11 tress. >> and two kids being called heroes after springing into action when their mom combs into labor with their baby brother. listen. >> oh, oh! >> where did she go? are you a different room with her right now? >> huh? >> are you in a different room from her right now? >> the baby is already here. >> oh, boy, is that screaming, alis alisyn, pregnancy? >> i don't know, that's not part of mine, that sounds intense. >> oh, oh! >> that family joins us live coming up, you're not going to believe it. and the slogan from jim in texas, i just love sipping coffee and doing a couple knee bends, while i watch my favorite three on the weekends. that's one of my favorite ones, roll it. >> this is dick vitale, you're watching "fox & friends," you're awesome, baby!
9:03 am
>> dickey v. >> we're in a marathon and racing along as all the members in congress fighting tooth and nail to try to figure out how the health care vote will unfold. there's a switch this morning, here the pulse? somebody just switched. >> in fact, it's true, scott murphy, a democrat from new york just switched his vote from no to yes. >> actually from undecided. >> undecided, okay, to yes and numbers have been fluctuating and will continue to do so all weekend, but that makes the, what we believe the count at this hour to be a 217 in the yes column to a 214 in the no. >> right, and these are, if you take some of the votes from what they voted in november to the people who have come out and announced they're switching, that's not an exact science. that's the unofficial whip count from what's happening on capitol hill. murphy is a good example of the guys who have been a--
9:04 am
been nervous and he met with nancy pelosi and she can something so sway him and's going to have to go back to the district in new york and explain why he voted for the legislation. >> and yesterday when he was asked about it, he came racing out of the office. just ran by reporters, you're a rookie congressman, give an answer, he gave an answer. >> and congressman john bowcherry why he's switching his vote, let's hear the rational. >> the pressure i felt was back in the district from the families who called me and written to me who have told me that they want me to be with them and not with the insurance companies. the pressure that i felt back home far outweighs anything that could happen here in washington d.c. >> see that's interesting because it's a contrary point of view to what you were saying they're getting pressure from constituents to
9:05 am
vote for it. >> oh, sure. >> and he is on then trying to weekend to figure out way way to go. >> there's a rules committee that begins at ten o'clock on capitol hill, about a thousand challenges from the republicans on going forward and then the president comes to capitol hill at three o'clock to make his final pitch. on the other side of this is the republicans and a tea party movement at capitol hill saying kill the bill. here is what john boehner had to say about why this bill should not pass. >> speaker nancy pelosi and democrat leaders are too blinded by their washington knows best attitude. too out of touch with the concerns of working families to listen. instead of trying to do better, democrats have packed this bill full of kickback pay offs and sweetheart deals in order to buy the support of lawmakers and washington special interest groups. democrats are so afraid of the public's outrage they've devised a strategy that would allow them to force this massive bill through congress
9:06 am
without oon voting on it. >> that's a question this morning about some of the votes and the vote count. i've seen what you guys have been saying to us on twitter this morning, look, the numbers are dubious, 217 and dave just addressed it a few minutes ago. doesn't necessarily mean they've got the votes, but minority leader john boehner saying republicans can't do. americans have to rally and that's what the tea party is doing in the kill the bill rally and listen to what they say about it. >> i told them that if he votes for this bill, then i will be actively supporting whatever opponent he has in november. >> anything the government touches, the post office, hey, you name any government agency that ever, that ever spent money well. >> i told the district how appreciative we were of congressman sticking to his guns and staying strong, we know how tough it is for him. >> if you're one of the people saying look, at least tomorrow it will be all over, okay,
9:07 am
because like it or not we've talked about it for a year, so, tomorrow we can take a deep breath and it will be over. not so fast because republicans including orrin hatch saying tomorrow won't be the end of it. republicans are plotting ways to nullify the current bill in the house, that would involve more voting on it beyond tomorrow. >> right, hatch says at least they have right now to send it back to the house for yet another vote after tomorrow and the republicans also kinked of outlined a couple of things they could do to nullify this bill. 38 states, first off, are filing lawsuits to block the federal mandate of health insurance, saying you cannot require americans to buy something and fine them if they don't buy it. we talked to virginia attorney general, he was very adamant that this is unconstitutional. >> yeah, and an instant repeal by republicans to try to repeal the health measure altogether and of course, you know, legislative watch dogs look at this and say look, they don't have much of a leg
9:08 am
to stand on. republicans are going to try to do everything neck to kneecap them. republican jn bainer says come november, regard le what happens now, this is going to be the thing, orrin hatch says the same thing, this will be the thing that the district will be reminded of it, you voted for it. >> if in fact you don't vote for it, the deem and pass they think, they'll remind they're on the hook. >> and there are still what are called kickbacks in the bill, certain deals going to certain states. so caroline shively is here to break down what's in and out of the bill. good morning, caroline. >> good morning, alisyn, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in so-called kickbacks in there, if you use the language the republicans are using. the democratic leadership in the house has been in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and louisiana gets 300 million in medicaid fund. connecticut set to receive 100
9:09 am
million for hospital. tennessee also gets the same amount for some of its hospitals to treat the poor. what's in not in there the so-called corn husker kickback for nebraska that's a deal that ben nelson worked out, and people around the country were outraged even in his home state, that got the boot. >> it sounds like democrats are saying some of these are not deals, they're of national interest, such as the louisiana purchase. what are democrats saying about all the extra money? >> welcome, that's exactly what they're saying, they're saying, look, funds were needed, the louisiana money, that's to make up for katrina. when they put it in there back in december that's how had he got senator landrieu's vote. take a listen to debby wasserman schultz to explain it. >> there is no more special treatment for louisiana or for nebraska. we have provisions in those bills that treat states the same and that's as it should be. so to say that we're passing
9:10 am
the senate bill and so those sweetheart deals are there, that's baloney. >> that's the opposite of what republicans are saying and as you mentioned republicans say we are going to remember all of these deals come november, back to you guys. >> yeah, they're going to say there's 100 million in there for chris dodd of connecticut to build a hospital and montana getting kickbacks, there are a lot of deals and they're not going away in 2010 like you pointed out. >> other news, here are your headlines. iraq's parliamentary elections, showing prime minister alawi. leading maliki. the election commission says final results will be announced in coming days. tragedy as two air national guard soldiers were helping with flood prevention in fargo, north dakota. police say a woman driving a mazda crashed into a pickup carrying those soldiers. fortunately, none of their injuries are life threatening. the woman was arrested for
9:11 am
dreefg under the influence. look takhar total. a federal judge rejected a 670 million dollar legal settlement for those who got sick working at ground zero after september 11th attacks. the judge said it does not contain enough money. the decision affects police officers and firefighters. list of most dependable cars is out and the measured american cars are making progress. the first time it comes from detroit, cadillac dts and american cars sook serve of the top ten spots and porsche the most dependable overall and i'll go get one. jd powers measures dependability of three-year-old cars. disturbing video from georgia. this woman is hit by an suv that turns out to be a hit and run accident. fortunately, and believe it or not, she is okay this morning, but police are releasing this tape in hopes of catching the driver.
9:12 am
this happened in forest park georgia outside of atlanta. if you seem to recognize that vehicle or that driver, call your local authorities. as i look at the video who is film this. it wasn't like a camera from up on the red light. >> maybe it is. >> a dash cam. >> maybe it is one of the still cameras and they're focusing it, zooming it in for us. >> unbelievable move. >> after the fact, maybe? >> let's go to rick reichmuth on the first day of spring, not so nice for the folks in the red river region. >> not at all. it's still cold and flooding to talk about. we have spring across much of the east. let's talk about what's going on. here is a storm that is bringing much colder air in across much of the northern plains and that's not bad news. there are two red rivers in the u.s., one is the border between texas and oklahoma that's not one that has the concern. the concern is the red river that flows between north dakota and minnesota and this river very leisurely flows up north towards lake winnipeg, not where most of our if i
9:13 am
evers flows to the south and this flows to the north. in 550 mile stretch along this river and only drops 230 feet in elevation, that's request we see this so flooding so frequently and we are going to continue to watch this. fargo you're cresting tomorrow at 37 1/2 feet. guys. >> thanks, rick. >> we told you that democrats are making a push to pass the health care bill, but does their math add up? recognizan rick doesn't think s neil cavuto is next. quattron quad pixel technology. it adds a fourth color, yellow, to the standard rgb color system, creating a vast array of colors you can't see with your tv's three color technology. but, you can see this. whoa! oh my. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. [ engineer laughs ]
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>> all right. well, another turn to the yes column for democrats this morning. we've just learned that new york democrat scott murphy says he will vote in favor of the health care bill. >> that brings the projected count and of course, these are very fluid, for democrats to 217. here to break down the numbers with us, fox news and fox business anchor neil cavuto.
9:17 am
good morning, neil. >> good morning, alisyn. >> it sounds like they're already at work and minds are being changed. what's happening there behind you in that building this morning, that's changing some democrats' votes? >> what's actually happening at the moment is a marathon. i kid you not what they're calling a national marathon sponsored by sun trust and there are thousands of joggers running. they're running away from the capit capitol. >> they're running away from it. >> really, literally they are. >> i think the drums-- >> i'm looking at the dudes running away from the capitol and later on we are going to see the president and having a powwow with 253 congressional democrats, congressional democratic caucus, if you will, the democratic caucus, if you will, there so these guys are running away. the politicians are running in and that tells you all you need to know. so, i don't know how the marathon's going to end up. i have a pretty good idea now,
9:18 am
given these latest swings to yes votes how this health care thing could end up. it is looking increasingly likely, but as you folks have been stressing throughout your broadcast, these numbers aren't worth the paper they're printed on. because they change so fast, but it's looking, and i stress looking, like this will come to pass. >> and you bring up a great point about the numbers themselves. what's interesting could be the message behind what the president has said or spoken to the different democratic house members, specifically dennis kucinich on that flight to ohio. let's play that sound and get your reaction to that. >> sure. >> you were dead set against this thing. what changed? >> what changed is when i realized every effort i was making to try to get a public option, to protect the right of states to pursue single payer was hitting a wall so i had to make a decision. so neil, it sounds like the president's message seemed to hit home and resonate with these democrats. >> well, i don't want to be
9:19 am
jaded, i don't want to be cynical, i'm in the nation's capital where it's-- jimmy stewart comes to mind more than al capone, but i'm telling you, something happened on that flight, something was offered or transferred and i don't think it was the napkins that said air force one. i could be wrong, but you know, obviously, this is part of the sausage making process we've gotten into this before, that's as american as america can be. i guess because we're talking about something that's close to a trillion dollar package, the single biggest domestic condition is since world war ii, the new deal to be more to the point. i guess what makes it so glaring is how it's being done on such a grand scale. >> neil, though it's a trillion dollar package democrats are touting the fact that it should save a trillion dollars over two decades. how can we really know what this plan is going to do in the second decade? >> well, i don't know. i know that's the cbo's job to sort of forecast down the road. i don't know about you guys. i don't know what i'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning
9:20 am
let alone, let alone forecasting something ten years out. but that is the cbo's job. they have the numbers they're given. the parameters they're given. they try to punch them in and come to the same conclusions that the house and senate have. having said that, those numbers might change. the congressional budget office could be faced with new data now to compensate doctors who feel that this plan punishes them. so, there's a move afoot right now to compensate those doctors to make them medicare cuts not that severe. all of a sudden that changes dramatically. we are going to be watching that and watching the cbo score and whether this masses muster, and watching what could be an hour long sort of soap opera, never to the rules committee. >> we are going to be watching you in about 40 minutes with your special coverage. thanks so much for coming on, more "fox & friends" for you in two minutes. ♪
9:21 am
9:22 am
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9:24 am
>> all right. alisyn, lose the meat. sorry to bring that up for you. the governor of michigan, declaring today, a meat out. encouraging people to eat vegetarian for the day instead of meat. >> but many michigan farmers have a beef with this plan. wayne wood is the president of the michigan farm bureau as well as a dairy farmer, welcome, wayne. what did you think when you heard that governor granholm said that today, this saturday is supposed to be michigan meat-out day. >> as you can understanding, it was very disturbing. probably the most disturbing part of that was the labels that she put on the meat, as you read through her proclamation. eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain, great advice, but condemning meat, a bit over the top for your state's top elected official.
9:25 am
>> and we know that meet is an important part after diet as many, as many nutritionists will say and happen to get protein into your diet. she's met with some backlash as you can imagine from dairy farmers, farmers of all. >> lks. let me show you the full screen, we meant no disrespect to the agriculture industry and remind everybody with march madness upon us a lot of chicken wings and burgers following the ncaa. does that sound like backtracking? >> well, it sounds like an interesting loaf. >> i know you're not here to insult the governor, but i just want to get your response to what her original thought process was. because when she dechaired that everybody in michigan should not eat meat today she wasn't talking about lowering your cholesterol or adding in vegetables and grains, what she said was reducing the consumption of meat can die crease the spokes to infectious pathogens, like e.
9:26 am
coli and. >> you've hit what really disturbed farmers. the usda food pyramid recommends two to three servings a day for a balance diet and to have this come out is really, really disturbing. there is isolated incidences, nobody can deny it, but the pounds of food we consume every day and the fact that we catch it indicates the system works. >> not tainted meat. >> would it have been critical of her support your local farmers and local meat grown and not transported 3000 miles because we know from some reports where the illness that alisyn was talking about comes from factory processing of meat transported thousands of miles. >> there's no question of that and she did in her second proclamation declare today
9:27 am
national ag day, also, and encouraged people to enjoy a balanced deet including dairy and meat and the live stock products. the question really is, where did this come from? >> and what's the answer? >> we feel it came from some groups that are anti-animal agriculture and that it just-- like peta or something of their ilk. >> what are you having for breakfast? >> i already had my eggs. >> bacon. >> sausage. >> a man after clayton's heart. >> wayne wood is the president of the farm fewer owe and a dairy farmer. we appreciate you joining you gos, we have some corner dogs we had in the grand prix room earlier, you want to try one of those. >> that'd be great. >> add that to the diet. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for this opportunity. >> our pleasure. first he voted yes to the health care reform and when the senate was rolled out, it
9:28 am
was a different story. >> i will not vote for it unless the white house addresses the immigration issue inside the bill and outside the context of the bill. i'm sorry, why is representative gutierrez now back to voting yes, we'll ask him live. >> he created one of the hottest videos on the web, now a florida family is raking in the dough over david after the dentist. how this video has become a gold mine. >> 54 million people have watched this video. >> is this real life? >> is this real life? >> yes, this ish for every size family. chevy... may the best car win. wellbeing. we're all striving for it.
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9:32 am
else is happening in washington as democrats push to get votes for the health care bill, but there's major opposition on capitol hill as well including tea partiers planning a massive rally today at noon and opposition on the state level. virginia is joining a growing list of states pushing back against the federally mandated health bill. a measure they say amounts to nothing less than a government takeover. virginia's attorney general who is leading the fight joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about his plans. >> there is a constitutional way to use deem and pass, but the way you described it with them side stepping a vote on the senate bill is not a constitutional way.
9:33 am
under article 1, section 7 of the constitution, they have to vote on the same tax the senate passed so they need to do that before the bill can become law. >> he's talking about the deem and pass, the solution that may be used tomorrow, a vote on the bill could come as early as tomorrow. meanwhile, the dispute over abortion restrictions in the health care bill is causing a split among the nation's catholics. the u.s. conference of catholics bishops opposes the bill saying it does not do enough to limit abortions, but the catholic health association is coming out in support and the rift may give some democrats cover to vote for the proposed legislation. a massive strike in british airways, is affecting flights to the u.s. cabin crews walked out after talks collapsed in abe la dispute. thousands of flights have been canceled. the airline is scrambling to get leased planes and contract workers in the hopes of restoring about 65% of its flight. staggering new statistics on unemployment. 200 of the 363 metropolitan
9:34 am
areas in the u.s. have unemployment rates of at least 10%. that's according to the labor department. california is being hit particularly hard, the three areas with the highest jobless rates in the country are all in the golden state. el centro, california has the highest unemployment rate at 27%. chans are you've seen this video. clayton will you tell us about one of the hottest videos ever online. first take a look at this. >> yeah, i will. >> i didn't feel anything. >> yeah. >> oh. >> i feel-- >> felt so good, didn't it. >> the florida family david after the dentist, we've seen this family. he says they've made in the low six figures and gave a presentation of the video in the south-southwest video. david in the car after the dentist the second most watched youtube last year getting 53 million views.
9:35 am
it's trailed only susan boyle's appearance at britain's got talent. you sign up for it, you sign up for revenue how he did it, makes money off this. >> t-shirts that says david after the dentist. >> no, saying some of the phrases the kid is saying. you know, it's like the evolution of dance video. there you go. >> i never have seen this video, but i've seen you on some saturday nights so i get the gist of what this is like and i'll now go to the youtube as they call it. >> clayton after a cocktail. >> let's talk a little hoops. nine hours of basketball on tap this afternoon. and we've gotten down to 32 teams and cut them down saturday and sunday and how about a team from the ivy league represented for the first time in a dozen years. and now the upset of temple. 78-65. upset my pick, many of you did as well, and combined for 41, and cornell takes on wisconsin on sunday.
9:36 am
all red in that one. no real upsets. five seed michigan state survives scare from new mexico state. down three, aggies had a chance to tie it late. a couple of three's would not fall. 70-67. tom izzo's team moving on. how about maryland, making easy work of 13 seed houston, 89-77. they'll roll on behind freshman williams points and syracuse and duke both easily advance. and clayton's alma mater pitt later this afternoon. games start at one and go through ten o'clock tonights. >> go pitt over xavier. >> roll the tv outside if it's across the east. a spectacular day, you'll not want to be inside unfortunately. fake a look at the maps, here is what's going on. temperature-wise we're starting off with very nice conditions across the east and cold air is if into the north. that's fot such a bad thing
9:37 am
right now. it's stopping some of that snow melt and there's plenty of snow to be had across the far northern plains, but stopping the snow melt is good. at least for now for the river. here is the latest snow depths that you're seeing, so there's some snow across north dakota. take a look at the river, it's going to crest tomorrow and flood stage at the fargo moorhead measuring stages, gets to flood stage at 18 feet. it's going to tomorrow get to 37 1/2 feet. the record was set last year, 40.8 feet. so not quite as high, but a second year in a row of extremely significant flooding there. i tell you what, there's also some snow to be had today, a storm cutting across the central part of the country and see that anywhere to the east it's full on spring. that storm though is going to bring colder air in as it moves in and a lot of snow across the central plains, as well as in towards oklahoma, parts of kansas, stretching up to chicago, and probably the bulls eye for the heaviest snow, oklahoma and kansas, and
9:38 am
out across the west, very nice conditions as well. a lot of sunshine really from seattle down towards san diego and across the desert southwest. temps for today. start across the northeast, the temperatures not only are they nice, but probably going to break records for the date. 75 in new york city, 72 in boston. 68 in ban gore, maine. take that for the first day of spring and the rest of the country shaping up like this for your day. a little bit cool in across parts of the plains, only 30 points, kansas city, and for your day, you see 70 in memphis, tomorrow you're dropping about 20, 25 degrees, for that area. all right, guys, we'll send it back to you inside. >> rick, i just want you to see and the rest of america, and the world, to see what i deal with during much of the morning. these guys on their twitter sites, their facebook sites, while we're doing a show and you guys are part of this national survey that has just shown people are doing social media during highly inappropriate times.
9:39 am
>> i blame this guy 'cause i was not into any of it before i met him. >> i know. >> and the other day someone asked me in the hallway, do you twitter? >> i was the first person here to twitter unfortunately. >> my middle name is twitter! >> where are most people using social immediate yacht worse. turns out you'd sit down to dinner and have a nice covering with people at dinner, people are jumping up and checking the facebook status and twittering during a meal. dave, do you do that? >> yeah, on friday and saturday nights when i'm preparing for the show, i have the phone kind of like when you read the news headlines. >> monday through thursday, no. >> not just twitterer and facebook, it's text message, used to be twieting when you'd get a letter in the mail, remember how quaint that was, now you can get that high, once an hour. >> during the meal, it's during intimate moments, people, some people are updating their status just after an intimate moment. some say even during a staggering 7%, i believe said
9:40 am
they do it during. >> how is that possible? >> 11% undered age of 25 while they're intimate with someone have updated their facebook or twitter status. >> and it's also texting, and done the text or checked a text during an intimate moment. >> they're looking there in the middle of that, oh, dave's out to dinner, he's at outback, hey, honey. >> here is what some of the viewers say, chris from bed ford said i see many people looking at facebook and twitter during church, also inappropriate i'd say. >> an a bunch from people, i guess we're out of town. send it to clayton morris at twitter and aly. >> breaking news, you just tweeted so apparently you're not addicted at all. coming up on the show from yes on health care to no and now, book to yes. why one democratic law laboring maker says he's in
9:41 am
favor of it now despite being, you got this against the bill just days ago. >> and two young kids being called heroes after springing into action when their mom goes into labor with their baby brother. >> oh, oh! >> okay, where did she go? are you in a different room than her right now? >> huh? >> are you in a different room from her right now? >> the baby's already here. >> that family is going to join us live straight ahead. >> wow! . imagine a whole new life for your hair.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> a nine-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister are being hailed as heroes this afternoon an after helping deliver their brand new baby brother. >> okay. now listen carefully and i'll tell you exactly what to do next, okay? >> okay. >> without pulling on the cord, tie a string or a shoe lace tightly around the umbilical cord about six inches from the baby.
9:45 am
>> okay. >> do not cut it. >> don't cut it. so go get a string or a shoe lace and tell me when you have that done. >> okay. >> okay. you have a string now? >> yeah, i have a string. >> unbelievable. faith and javari are the heroes and join us with their dad. elena is the wife, she's resting and happy to report she's doing fine. what a remarkable story, thank for being here. >> thanks for having us, dave. >> all right, faith, i've got to start with you, you're 11 years old and we just listened to you talking with the 911 operatorment how did you remain so calm throughout that whole ordeal? >> i just tried to keep it cool because i knew that if i freaked out, nothing would work out. >> offfri you'd gone would work, you were not there. i can only imagine the panic
9:46 am
knowing your two children were there to handle it. and how are you, and how did these two stay composed throughout the stressful situation? >> i don't know. i'm ecstatic about the situation and tremendously blessed i have two smart kids that can be that calm and cool under pressure. i can't promise i could have been that cool. >> yeah, jabari, who taught you that. young man, you're nine years oldment i know a lot of 30-year-old men who freaked out in the delivery room and had to leave the room. and yet, you're there, coombs, cool, collected and called 911. did mom and dad teach you how to be so calm and cool? >> no (laughter) >> so what happened when you saw your mother, what did you do? >> i just waited for her to tell me to do something. >> and you called 911 and they, they got the paramedics
9:47 am
straight over there. and joffrey. we said little baby in the intro, this is a nine pound child that your wife gave birth to and apparently is a tough baby because the entry to the world was rather rough, right, tell us about that? >> very much so. when he came in, he actually hit the floor of the bathroom, he landed on his back and that was probably the only fear about the situation, they had to run tests to make sure there was no -- any infection or bacteria received from the bathroom. anytime you have a baby outside after hospital there's a risk of that, but there was nothing and they both have a clean bill of health. >> nine pounds 4 ounces. >> before we go, faith, how is your mom and your new brother? >> they're really good. >> resting just fine this weekend. all right, well, thank you so much, joffrey.
9:48 am
jabari and faith. i'm sure i'll have a story to tell for years to come. >> thank you, dave. he said yes on the health plan and changed his mind to no. and now gutierrez is now supporting the plan once again. but nothing works like . [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare, with 10 breakthrough patents, goes beyond lines and wrinkles for a firmer, more uplifted look. exclusive ion2 complex combines with the activating cream to boost collagen depleted skin. 100% of women showed improvement in wrinkles, firmness, or definition in just 4 weeks. the results? amazing. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare from the number one dermatologist recommended brand.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> all right. well, he was in favor of the house version of health care reform when the senate version rolled out it was a different story. >> i'm-- i will not vote for the bill unless the white house begins to address the immigration issues, in the context of the bill and outside of the context in the bill. >> that was tuesday, but now the white house has apparently won him over somehow. democratic congressman luis
9:52 am
gutierrez says he'll now vote yes for health care reform. good morning congressman. >> a pleasure to be with you, alisyn. >> you said you would not vote for it unless the white house addressed the immigration reform in the bill. and now what changed. >> well, i think we saw the blueprint issued by senator lindsey graham and schumer, a bipartisan one. i know the white house had a lot to do with working with those senators to make that happen. the white house embraced it, there are other stops that are being taken and i think we've got the president's attention once again so that he can fulfill his commitment and his promise to getting comprehensive immigration reform. this is a president that said i'm going to sign comprehensive immigration reform in the first year of my presidency, that was a promise. i think we have him focused once again and we know that there are other things that are being done within the administrative language it address the issues that we
9:53 am
raced. >> okay. >> so we can vote for this bill. >> to be clear the current health care bill does not allow undocumented or illegal workers to buy into the system. so, why has your vote switched? >> i said in the-- if you listen carefully, alisyn to what i said. i said we are going to deal with this in a macro sense, both within and outside the context of the language of the bill. there have been sufficient changes made let me put it to you this way. i'm going to strive and work to make sure that the women that i meet in sweet shops in l.a. and in chicago, in new york or meat packing plants in nebraska or onion and garlic fields in california who are submitted every day to sexual exploittation because of the vulnerability of their undocumented status by their supervisors and their bosses ends. and i'm going to use every tool i can to end that so we've got this back on track. we've got the attention of the democratic leadership. and this president and i'm
9:54 am
happy that we do it. >> so in your discussions with the white house and the administration, did the white house agree to something in terms of immigration reform that allowed you to have a change of heart? >> sure. to refocus, to give it new energy, to give it new energy, to give it new focus, to prioritize and i think that's what we tried to reach and so, what you saw was a blueprint issued on a bipartisan manner in the senate on thursday, you saw the embrace of the white house and i think you're going to see further steps, this is an evolving, how would i say it, story. >> sure, sure. >> obviously, the last chapter what i want to get to, didn't the president promise at some point that health care reform bill would include undocumented workers? >> absolutely not. let me make this clear to you, as clear as i can today. i voted for the bill in the house understanding that undocumented workers were to be excluded. as a matter of fact, when my
9:55 am
colleague called the president a liar, cone congressman wilson, he was wrong. there's never been a sentence in this document to allow undocumented workers to benefit from taxpayers. let's say you're here illegally, don't have documents in this country, you're not going to allow that worker with his own money, no government subsidy, to go and purchase his on health care at the exchange, i think that's silly. i have a six-year-old grandson, he goes to school are there 4 million citizen children in this country whose parents are not documented. do you think the children are germs understand there's an order to stop, no germs are in our owe site and we should allow people to purchase. and the most expensive point where he or she can receive that health care, the undocumented worker is going to be in the emergency room so i and you and the taxpayers, let's let them pay their own would i. isn't that what people are plank about, the undocumented
9:56 am
never pay their own way. >> i'm sorry, alisyn. >> that has been your position and you've been consistent about that. it's not in the health care bill, but some point you've somehow grown comfortable they will be taken care of. >> no, alisyn, what i want to make clear, i think as we move to comprehensive immigration reform, this issue will become moot. i think that's the priority and that's what i try. >> gotcha. >> so the president and i, we discussed public policy, i'm not getting a bridge, not some special appointment it's about a better standard of living. >> luis gutierrez thanks for coming on and clarifying me. >> thanks for having me. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ female announcer ] for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off.
9:57 am
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