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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 13, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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and now you know the news. o bill? >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> don't dash yourself being biased by fox news that somebody is no good. >> republican senator tom coal burn take as few shots at fox news. are we unfair? the senator will be here to explain. >> there is not the slightest evidence that jesus is any more responsible for creation than any other of the thousand of the creation myths. >> richard now wants the pope to be arrested. is it legal on whether that is possible. >> my mom doesn't know what i'm doing but i'm doing cake [inaudible] ♪ i'm ready for some shots. >> bill: as america becomes more permissive do parents know what is happening on spring break. >> people come here to lose their virginity. >> bill: we'll have a special
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report. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the government wants your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo as we have been reporting america is broke. not only do the feds owe $13 trillion but cities and towns all over the u.s.a. are going bankrupt. for example in los angeles, murder investigations have stopped as detectives are being sent home to balance out overtime costs. in ohio, ashtabula county authorities have cut so many cops from the payroll they are telling citizens to arm themselves that they can't protect them. in colorado springs, a third of the streetlights have been turned off. residents are being asked to donate money to get the lights back on. and in chicago heights, illinois, emergency services may charge you if you need help.
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recently a guy involved in an accident, not his fault, was build 200 bucks. all this happening because of the wild government spending over the past decade and things are going to get worse. here is what you can expect. a national sales tax. the obama administration can't pay its bills. so expect a european style vat on stuff we buy. the states will start issuing more tickets, parking, speeding, anything they can think of. the states will also raise fees on everything, you will be taxed on anything that moves including out-of-state purchases. this is war, ladies and gentlemen. a war on your wallet. so far under president obama, personal income has fallen more than 3% that means we are making less money and the government is taking more of less. state of california is bankrupt. new york state can't meet its obligations. new jersey is bleeding. the list is endless. on long island where i live they are even closing the pool at jones beach state park. you can't even go in the pool anymore. because they don't have any money. this is what the entitlement
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culture brings. this is what high union pensions and unsupervised disability payments bring. the states don't have any money. the feds owe trillions. yet, spending continues to rise. even the uber left in america now understands what governor schwarzenegger understands. you can't spend money you don't have without creating a disaster. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. very interesting political situation. republican senator tom coburn from oklahoma recently appeared at a town hall meeting where he was questioned about obama care, specifically how the government will punish people who don't buy mandatory health insurance. >> if they can put us in prison, take away our liberty, are they not trampling on our 50 amendment right by putting it under the irs. >> the intention is not to put anybody in jail. that makes for good tv news on
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fox but that isn't the intention. >> bill: wow. a bit later on senator coburn was asked about nancy pelosi. >> i'm 180 degrees in opposition of the speaker. she is a nice lady. i don't think we can wait -- come on now. she is a nice -- how many of y'all have met her. just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean they are not a good person. don't catch yourself being biased by fox news that somebody is no good. >> bill: all right. joining us from washington is senator coburn. biased by fox news, senator? really? >> well, bill, remember, the constituents that come to my town hall meetings, they routinely and uniformly listen to your network. and every network has some bias. i have a bias. you have a bias. you all work hard at trying to get that bias out. but the first question about people being put in jail, she didn't make that up. she had heard that. >> bill: okay.
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can you tell me -- >> -- so the point is. >> bill: yeah. >> the point is this, bill. is what we have to do, if we're going to win for a limited government, for freedom, for liberty, for the expression that we all want to have in our country of our own individual rights, then we have to win on the real facts of the issues. and when we change those to where we inflame them, we lose our culpability. >> bill: i have been saying that more than anybody the personal attacks propaganda is foolish. can you tell me one person on fox news has told this audience they goal to jail if they don't buy health insurance. >> i didn't ask the lady when she had heard it. >> bill: why then was it legitimate to bring in fox news to a discussion where, number one, you don't know anybody on fox news because there hasn't been anyone that said people will go to jail if they don't buy mandatory insurance. >> well, are you talking news -- >> bill: you brought in fox news.
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that wasn't fair. >> well, maybe it wasn't fair. >> bill: okay. >> here's the point. i listen to fox a lot. >> bill: yeah. >> okay. i'm very glad you're there. you offer a balance to the total slant on the left. but when we're not accurate, or when we overstate the case and i will tell you i have heard that in certain fox programs, the case is overstated. >> bill: tell me -- because it doesn't happen here. and we researched to find out if anybody had ever said you are going to jail if you don't buy health insurance. nobody has ever said it what it seems to me is you used fox news as a whipping boy when we didn't qualify there. let's go to nancy pelosi. >> okay. >> bill: here you may have a point. you don't have any point on the health thing, you were wrong to do that, senator, with all due respect. >> well, that's your -- >> bill: here you have a point because nancy pelosi forced some commentators on this network is
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the devil. there is no question about that. and your point about, hey, just because we disagree with her doesn't mean that she is a bad person. i'm with you all the way. but, again, it looks like you were signaling out fox news for a whipping here, maybe we deserve it on pelosi, but we didn't deserve it on the other. go ahead. >> well, you didn't play what i said about cnn and fox. i said you have to listen to both. and my point to the town hall is we, who believe in limited government and individual liberty and personal responsibility, will win the battles on the merit. so what we have to do is if we're going to win those battles, just like i try to win in the senate, i have to know what they're thinking. and i want individuals and i have heard you say this on your show. you make up your mind. here's the facts. >> bill: yeah. you present the facts and then you let the folks make up their mind. >> bill, you are very good at doing that but not everybody is. and not everybody is perfect at it. so we need and it's just like i
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said to that town hall group, i tried to read the "new york times," not because i agree with it, i want to know what the other side is thinking. >> bill: there is no problem with that. but i think that the audience, particularly in oklahoma, and the audience that follows you, is surprised and shocked that you were putting fox up as the beacon of bias and then you know, you know that the far left cranks that dominate the media took what you said and ran with it all day long. >> well, here is the problem, bill. here is the problem i see with that. first of all, you all are running the media now in oklahoma. i can guarantee you. all right? and across a larger percentage of this country. but when that becomes the news story instead of us trying to not add to the debt, what we do is take a courageous stand and say we're not going to pass an unemployment insurance bill that we're going to charge to our grandchildren, we're going to do that, it's that the story on the networks is more important than the actual happenings that are
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going on. and that's a problem in the media. because they don't want to talk about the real substantive issues. you do. but many do not. and so what do they do -- >> bill: senator, from your perch on capitol hill, you are not going to reform a corrupt media that's not going to happen. you are in the business of making money, you are preaching to the choir. you are obviously a stand up guy for coming on and taking the fire here. i don't want you to be used by the real evil doers in the media and you know who they are. they did use you in this case. i will give you the last word. >> my last word is this. having been on that side of the receiving end, i think members who agree with us philosophically ought to do everything we can to not demonize our opponents but to win on the issues. in the long run, we gain credibility and we gain respect when we do that. and we win. we win on the -- >> bill: i can't disagree with that at all. think that's why our program is number one rated.
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i respect you putting that forth. senator, thanks for coming on. it was very interesting debate. >> bill, good to be with you. god bless you. >> bill: next on the run down, crowley and colmes will react to what the senator said. spring break madness. mom logic, most parents have no idea what's going on. right back. út@@@@p@
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story politics fair and balanced or unfair here at fox news. with us now fox news analyst
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alan colmes and monica crowley. okay, tom coburn, what do you say. >> fox news is fair and balanced. look at this segment right here. case in point. >> bill: not really fair to have you, a beautiful woman next to colmes. [ laughter ] >> beauty and the beast, bill? have you ever heard of beauty and the beast? >> sorry, alan. i think you were right in making your point to dr. coburn about his comments. he didn't need to single out fox to make the larger point you should get news and information from different sources. to single out fox when his constituency in oklahoma and nationwide is largely conservative, that tunes into fox to hear that point of view, because if they go to any other network, bill, they are not going to get it, i think was unfair. >> bill: okay. what did you say. >> odd messenger for that message given that is he conservative. he has got a conservative constituency. but i think his greater point as monica said was that people should not get all their information just from one source. look, a lot of people on fox in prime time have been people not in favor of the obama health care plan.
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>> bill: but nobody said people are going to go to jail. >> right. >> bill: come on. >> the perception is that the hosts on this channel are not in favor of what obama is doing. he probably extrapolated and said something too specific. >> bill: look, i don't mind what any senator does say about this. what i do see is the propaganda picked up immediate from this the uber left. look at this, even a conservative senator thinks they are not fair. they can't back it up. >> right. >> bill: who said they are going to jail? like ralph -- >> no one said that particular comment there had been a number of anti-obama health care -- >> bill: anti-health care isn't unfair. his basic thing was if you watch fox you get a lot of unfair commentary unfair against nancy pelosi and unfair against obama care. being opposed to obama care, let me break it to you colmes, it's not unfair it's a valid point of view. >> there are a number of people who support. i'm the one guy doing it.
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>> bill: not one guy. there are a lot of guys. >> those voices are on this network all day long trying to debate them all day long. i should know. look, i think, you know, again his bigger point that you should be an informed consumer of news. go to a lot of different places. i read the "new york times" every day not because i want to. >> hope it rubs off on you. >> hardly, colmes. that's what you should be doing. to signal out fox your point is right on. he gave the other side ammunition. he walked right into it. >> bill: what about nancy pelosi he said she is a nice woman and the crowd went oh. >> i believe you can argue honorably. >> bill: you are getting long winded here is nancy pelosi a nice woman yes or no. >> i have never met her. to quote senator inhofe she is not a nice woman. >> bill: not a nice woman. >> i don't know nancy pelosi. >> bill: you never met her. >> interviewed her once. seems like a nice woman. her daughter seems like a nice woman. it's not relevant. what senator inhofe says is
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ridiculous what do you mean she is a nice woman? that's inappropriate. >> but maybe from his experience she is not a nice woman. >> why bring that into the argument. it's not about whether she is a nice woman. >> it is valid in the since that if nancy pelosi is sincerely looking out for all of us, all right? if she is in her heart a nice woman. >> she has a heart? i'm kidding, i'm kidding. that was a joke. it was a joke, colmes. >> bill: if that's true it, takes the edge. a lot of people thinks she is a hard core idealogue who doesn't care a whiff about america she wants to promote left wing -- >> can't get past her ideology to give her the benefit of the doubt. >> bill: i don't know pelosi. i don't know whether she is nice or not but i think it matters. all right, now, colmes, a couple of hours ago there is president obama at the nuke conference. all right? talking about nukes and doesn't mention north korea and iran. >> he answered questions. >> bill: in his formal remarks does not mention the two gorillas in the room. what is that?
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>> he mentioned iran a number of times in question and answers after the fact. >> bill: why did he not? >> because he spoke in broad terms about policy without singling out -- >> bill: this is the biggest nuke problem in the world. >> we should be applauding him for reducing nukes much like ronald reagan did striving for a nuclear-free world. we should be applauding the stark treaty. >> bill: this is what i mean about colmes. anybody have any advil? >> it's good for your circulation. >> bill: why do you think he didn't mention north korea or iran in his formal remarks? in the q and a but not in formal remarks. >> just like at home in the u.s., where his focus is on health care instead of the economy. his priorities are completely screwed up. >> oh, come on. >> he nuclear summit. iran and north korea not under discussion at all. pakistan with its nuclear arsenal that is under threat by islam, they said they are north going to even talk about their nuclear arsenal, period. so you have the three major nuclear threats, nuclear powers that we're most concerned about that he doesn't even address.
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>> bill: why didn't he say it. >> he has no plan to deal with it? >> that's not true. he talked about sanctions. that's not true. >> pardon me. we have four u.n. resolutions that we have passed over the last decade or so with regard to iran. none of them have worked. sanctions have not worked. the iranians -- prepared to move forward. >> he talked about sanctions, he mentioned a number of times in the q and a. it's not true he has no plan. >> bill: charles krauthammer is coming up. he some thoughts on this a little bit later. john stossel on folks protesting speed traps. even the easter bunny is involved. later, tennessee mother could be charged because she sent her adopted child back to russia alone. is it legal has been investigating coming up.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight as we told you in the talking points memo state local officials will a. all try to take as much money away from you as possible. in the phoenix area alone, dozens of cameras are catching people speeding. but now the folks are fighting back and here is the easter bunny climbing up the tower to cover up one of the cameras. and that's happening all throughout the state as citizens have had quite enough of the spy and ticket tactics being run by the arizona department of public safety with us now to analyze the high tech intrusion fox business anchor john stossel. all right. so, first of all, let's stair step it. do you agree with me that what's coming is they are going to try to take your money, they being the state. >> more and more of this, absolutely. >> bill: the power that be, the officials, set cameras up, see you spitting, don't have a wishing well on your lawn and the city ordinance says you should, anything that they see
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they will come in aggressively and try to take money away from you. >> yes. but i'm much more bothered if they tell me i have to have this on my lawn or the fact taking so much in taxes that they run the school system and force us to pay union wages to a monopoly than these speeding cameras. >> bill: this is part of it. >> we have to pick and choose what we fight about. >> bill: here is what i think the arizona people are teed off about, that you have now growing in arizona a big brother culture. that if you -- say you just roll through a stop sign and you are almost stopped but you're not quite stopped where a regular human being cop would probably let you go. no, here they are, your bureaucrats, bang, two miles over the speed limit, bang. here is your ticket. bang. who wants to live under that. that's fascism to me. >> i don't want to live under that. let's be clear. two miles over the speed limit there is no evidence they ticket for that arizona has less of a police state than most other states. yes, they have more cameras. the stop sign -- the stoplight
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cameras are awful. some studies show there are more accidents because people slam on the brakes. >> bill: slam on the brakes. they see the cameras. >> speeding cameras slow people down. >> bill: is this what america supposed to be? >> what's the alternative? >> bill: it's setting up the government against the folks. we need money. we don't have any money. well, whose fault is that? it's your fault. you spent it foolishly. now you are coming back and trying to con me out of anything. i can't tell you how many times the authorities on long island have conned me out of money. oh, you know, your lawn is this or your fence is that. and that's going to happen more and more and more. >> and i agree. they con us out of money. they are spending much too much. should cut spending but speeding is different. speeding -- maybe they are looking to raise revenue but some of it is about protecting other -- definitely, but much of it is about protecting other people. >> bill: look, when the easer bunny is teed off, you know when
8:25 pm
he is teed off you know there are problems. >> also the law says that to give you a ticket they have to know it's you. so one guy drove around with a mask like a monkey. they couldn't give -- didn't have to pay the ticket. they couldn't prove it was he. >> bill: two years from now we will all be the monkey masks. planet of the apes, stossel. >> hide from the state, wear masks. >> bill: tax forms which are due this week are so complicated you have to hire swiftie to do your taxes and swiftie is billing you a couple of grand just so you can comply with the tax code. >> that is truly repulsive and, yes, that's my show this thursday. hundreds of pages of forms. i can't do mine now. most americans pay somebody else. >> bill: there is swiftie, right? >> that's my guy. that's bob. >> bill: bob? >> that's my accountant. >> bill: can you get him a decent tie? come on. >> i like his tie. and instead of paying him, think
8:26 pm
of all the things i could do with the money. get a massage, get steak dinners. take a cruise to venice. >> bill: how much is bob getting you for for the tax returns? >> several thousand dollars. >> bill: is this you getting a massage? >> look at the things i could do. steak dinner. 200 steak dinners, 100 massages. yes, that is me. i could get this motorcycle. >> bill: if you didn't have to pay bob. >> if i didn't have to pay bob. >> bill: do you have to pay bob. >> what a crime. >> bill: what if you go to jail does bob get the money back. >> i didn't ask him. >> bill: you ought to get that in writing if bob moves a decimal point. >> i have to pay extra taxes to make sure i don't go to jail. >> bill: both you and i have to do that. this is a serious point. now the irs is going to go in with big rollers like you and me and they are going to look at every decimal point to try to squeeze more money out of us. it was bad before.
8:27 pm
it's going to be worse now. give you the last word. >> think of all the creative energy and time we lose just obeying the laws. >> bill: think about the effect it has on bob. bob is 23 years old. [ laughter ] can you put his picture back up there real fast? that's bob's hand. can we see bob? he is 23 years old. look. >> bob is about 70. but that's what he has done all his life. he could have been a tennis pro. >> bill: or a masseuse or that sewer, whatever they call them. john stossel, watch his show thursday night on the fox business channel. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. as the country grows more intensive -- more permissive. >> mother may be charged after she sends her adopted son back to russia alone. is it legal on that. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, a viewer warning some of the video we have may be offensive as it concerns spring break activities. with the country growing more permissive spring breakers are following suit. the web site mom logic put together this montage. >> my mom doesn't know what i'm doing but i'm doing cake -- beer mugs [inaudible] islam. >> one of my friends went to the hospital the other night. i guess they found her at the beach.
8:31 pm
>> i'm going to get really [bleep]ed up. >> my mom doesn't know i got arrested for marijuana. if she finds out. >> there is like 100% chance come here and get laid. >> my goal was to get laid for spring break. >> people come here to lose their virginity. >> we have seen a lot of girls that have been raped and just not good situation. >> my mom doesn't know that i -- couple of random guys in a room like 30 of them. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles dr. michelle galan a clinical psychologist who works with mom logic. first of all, i remember going to spring break when i was a senior in college and i ran into phil more and u.s. grant down south. that was a long time ago. >> maybe we ran into each other. >> bill: it was pretty rowdy then the fort lauderdale with the elbow room famous place
8:32 pm
still there. has spring break changed? >> you know, i was on spring break, too. i was on the west coast though. i was in palm springs. >> bill: right. >> it seems to have changed to me. one of the biggest concerns i have as a mom and a psychologist is it's also about the level of drug use that is very different than when we were in our, you know, late teens. >> bill: they take a lot of ecstasy now and this kind of stuff. >> i mean, i don't know -- right, heroin, meth. these are synthetic drugs, bill, that effect the brain in a very different way. so that's one thing that i think is extremely different from our spring break situation. >> bill: okay. go ahead. >> go ahead. i think one of the. >> bill: try to put it in perspective. >> right. >> bill: you have always had this little blowing off steam. >> right. >> bill: now, my father, not my mother so much, but my father knew when i went down to fort lauderdale with a bunch of goons from my college that we weren't
8:33 pm
going down there to go to the library. >> right. >> bill: he basically was a wink, wink situation. is that what's going on now with parents, too? they go you know, you have got to let these kids blow off some steam. is that what's going on? >> i think, you know, that may be part of it i think the other part of it is that it's harder to set firm boundaries with your children. >> bill: why? why is it harder? >> i think it's harder because that means we have to say no. there is a lot of what we have in our culture right now that is this permissive parenting. and so what we have to do, you know, my whole philosophy about spring break and high schoolers, it's not allowed. i mean, my children will not be going anywhere where i'm not for that length of time. >> bill: really. so you wouldn't let your kid go down to padre island in texas or fort lauderdale in florida. >> in high school? >> bill: no in high school i wouldn't. in college when they're adults. >> in college that's a different thing. but what you are talking about
8:34 pm
is there are people -- some of the kids that have gone missing, the kids that have fallen to their death, these are high school students, bill. >> bill: well, high school i understand. anybody who let's their high school kid go down to this kind of environment unsuperviseside a loon. look what happened to the girl in aruba. >> they have to be supervised. but even supervised -- right. and i think once they get into college what we're looking at is, you are looking at not preventing them from doing the behavior but protecting them and helping them get perspective. so, you know, adolescence and late adolescence still through college,. >> bill: bill they are not making wise decisions. the danger is heightened by the internet a girl videotape goes all over the world and there forever. i will submit to you doctor, and you know better than i do many parents don't want to deal with this. they know what's going on. they just look away and they go
8:35 pm
look, they're 18, they are 20, i can't tell them what to do anymore so i just don't want to know. i think that's what's happening. >> right. and i think it's avoidance and denial and they are trying to avoid the conflict. but, again, as parents, i mean, we continue to parent. i mean, i don't know my mom still continues to parent me now. you know, we have to continue to be there. >> bill: you can suggest but you can't demand. finally, in one of the things you told our researcher was that a lot of these kids are as far as narcissist. what does that mean? >> no. what i meant was not just college -- adolescent time period is the most narcissist self-involved experience. they are not concerned about others. they are not concerned about safety. they are not concerned i mean the fact that these students would be willing to be videoed thinking their parents may even see it shows that they are not really thinking about what the consequences could be. >> bill: they just don't care? >> yeah. >> bill: all right.
8:36 pm
doctor, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back is it legal on a tennessee mother sending her adopted child back to russia alone. will she be dismarged single sex bathrooms at a school near you. a campaign to make that legal is next. ñyyup>
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly. is it legal segment three hot topics 7-year-old boy adopted by a single mother and nurse in tennessee. last week 33-year-old tory handson sent the boy back to russia alone saying the boy had psychiatric issues and she no longer wanted to parent him now considering with whether to charge her with child abandonment or neglect. here now fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and least wolfe. you say what?
8:39 pm
will this woman be charged. >> she hasn't been charged yet. she will be charged for nonphysical abuse, basically neglect, which in tennessee law can carry up to as little as a year in prison but as long as six years in prison. this woman stuck a note on this child and put him on a plane to russia with a note saying i don't want this. >> bill: didn't she arrange when he landed to have somebody greet him. >> the greeters thought they were actually meeting the mother and didn't know what he they were supposed to be doing with this kid. last minute, forget about it. no matter how bad the kid was and have you got to assume for the mother to do this it was terrible. the mother cuckoo still be charged. psychological help, clearly alcoholic mother. >> bill: fetal alcohol syndrome all day long. >> she went and consulted psychologists but she didn't take him to see any of the psychologists. she really if money was an issue, i'm sure in the community there there would have been charitable organizations would have helped her out. >> bill: what do you say,
8:40 pm
guilfoyle, will she be charged. >> she will be charged and should be charged and should do time. grossly irresponsible. there is charges of educational neglect. he wasn't even in school. he didn't take the time to go and have this child properly psychologically evaluated. like a fedex package. >> bill: single mother situation never easy. the shame of it is there are a lot of kids to need adopted parents. if you go to russia or china, you are dealing with a situations a lot of times you don't know how bad it is. the alcohol in russia is enormous. richard day cibs, atheist guy has been on this program a couple of times. i had the pleasure of slapping him around verbally. now, wants the pope, guilfoyle. >> i mean, really. >> bill: to be arrested when the pope visits england later this year. and you say? >> he is an idiot and probably mentally unstable. >> bill: this is dawkins you are talking about.
8:41 pm
>> no i'm a roman catholic. i'm telling you on legal grounds he has absolutely no shot to try to get the pope held on crimes against humanity. first of all, has he not done his legal research? no why we bother to do that? >> diplomatic immunity. the vatican is considered sovereign state recognized under italian law and international law. >> bill: he wants publicity and wants to embarrass. >> really it's grotesque. was he neglected as a child? i don't know what his problem is he seems to crave attention. he is not helping children by doing this. >> bill: anybody who is in organized religion. obviously the "new york times" and others have been pounding the vatican and the pope for failing to act aggressively in the priest pedophilia stuff. do you see any validity to that? >> well, the only have a lid point to that is this letter that the pope signed off on look, you know, before we defrock this priest we need to look at the greater good of the church. so that in legal terms could be concealment of a crime. >> bill: yeah, but you would
8:42 pm
have to froof it -- a letter is not going to put you away. >> exactly. the problem here what they are trying for is crimes against humanity. a letter is not going to do that. >> bill: dawkins wants to indict the entire roman catholic church. >> that was 1985 that he did that. >> bill: it was way back. we have been very aggressive in going after cardinal law in boston we see as a villain was rewarded with a job by the church in rome that i don't think he should have. i'm not coming after this from a protecting the catholic church even though i am a roman catholic and remain so. did i write a column on why i remain so and check that out on bill o' you both agree this is a cheap publicity stunt why a man who just hates organized religion. dawkins. >> absolutely. that's the root of it. >> bill: let's go up to maine where there is a restroom controversy in the public school system. now, we have heard about this in other states where there are transgendered kids, right? this is the crux of the matter. this is the crux of the matter. >> bill: they don't know what
8:43 pm
bathroom to go to? >> it started with a serious case of a 12-year-old that went -- born a boy but thinks of himself as a girl. >> bill: why can't he think of himself as a boy when he goes to the men's room? he can think of himself as a girl every other time. >> you don't think of yourself as a girl on and off, right? >> bill: god no. i have to use the facility. okay? i was born a boy. >> so you are going to go into the girls room? >> bill: why is it bad to use the boys room when you were born a boy. >> because he doesn't feel that he is a boy. >> bill: the water facet is there. he has got the facilities. what doesn't he feel? >> but to be fair. >> bill: to be fair? >> a boy really believes he is a girl even though anatomically he is a boy. >> bill: is he a boy. go to the men's room. >> is he not comfortable. >> bill: is he not comfortable going. i think this is bogus. >> this is very confusing to young children. this would actually make it law so that in preschool and nursery school. like i'm just hoping my little
8:44 pm
guy -- makes it in the toilet. >> bill: confused boy. what does that do? >> it's not a good idea. i don't think it's good public policy wise. >> who is pushing this? >> human rights community. >> bill: do little children have any rights anymore? do they have to be confronted with this stuff when they are 6? is that what they have to do main human rights commission? >> younger than 6. preschool and nursery school. 3 years old. >> bill: pull the kid and say hey, we sympathize with you. we will try to get you help. you were born a boy and that's where you are going. if you don't like it, you can go home and go to the bathroom and come back. >> equipment, put it in the right place. very simple. >> how about reasonable accommodation. >> bill: what does that mean? build another one for confused kids? >> they can go to the teachers lounge. >> bill: confused there because he is not a teacher. he may feel like he is. >> he feels like he should lead the class. >> bill: hey, i would like to go to the nfl bathroom. i would like to be a runningback. i'm confused. >> me, too.
8:45 pm
>> bill: i don't want to diminish this but it's so stupid it's ridiculous. wiehl wants 50,000 bathrooms for everybody. >> why is it always for the women the line is around the corner. >> bill: i want to be italian. >> the line is around the corner. >> women have to wait a long time in line. >> bill: i will be all over the far left web sites. >> happy reading the mail. >> bill: this drives me nuts. charles krauthammer on whether china is faking out president obama over sanctions on iran. and also talk about this nuke deal. and then lady gaga stuns her fans with an amazing announcement. wait until you hear this. we'll be right back. rong stuff. there were dead spots everywhere. this is the right stuff. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass. but unlike that other stuff, it won't kill the grass. ortho guarantees it. kill the weeds, not the lawn.
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weeds, not lawn. got it? yea. ortho weed b gon max. defend what's yours.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, iran's top scientist educated in the u.s.a. threatening the world. >> of course sanctions will
8:49 pm
effect us, but it's t. only will delay our projects, it will not stop our projects. >> they hurt? >> of course they will hurt. but then we have to come up with our own manufacturing system. any military encounter with iran will create consequences that are beyond anybody's imagination. >> like? >> it can put the entire region fire. >> bill: on fire. now, in the wake of that, china has announced it will consider some kind of sanctions against iran. joining us from washington, fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so, i asked crawley and colmes earlier in the program why in his former remarks after the nuke conference ended did president obama not even mention iran or north korea, the two big violaters on the nuke scene, why do you think he didn't mention. >>it the whole purpose of this fatuous summit was to detract attention from the fact that the two main major issues in the
8:50 pm
world regarding nuclear proliferation and iran he hasn't done a damn thing on. that's what this all was about. what was the great achievement he announced at the press conference ukraine chile mexico and canada are going to sequester and dispose of highly enriched uranium. i don't know but, bill, i have laid awake at nights ukrainian ukrainian -- canadian uranium after we lost the hockey game. >> bill: let's put you, mr. krauthammer in president obama's shoes. he knows he is going to get questions after he his formalized remarks. he got them. china is now considering sanctions with us so i'm building a world consensus. here i am building a world consensus. it's going to be okay. we're are all going to unite together against iran. if it were me, i would have just
8:51 pm
gotten out in front of the issue and said, look, we have got a problem with iran. we have got a problem with north korea. we are all working on it. here is what we accomplished. he avoided it knowing he was going to have to answer questions about it and knowing guys like me and you, doctor, were going to pick up on a millie i had second. >> he signs the star treaty with russians looking like is he getting on top of the nuclear issue. the cold war ended 20 years ago. who cares how many warheads the russians have. i don't know, you don't know. we are not in a situation where we are in a nuclear war against us and russia is even possible. it's irrelevant. as was the summit he held yesterday and today in washington. it's irrelevancy. ukrainian uranium, who cares about that it's iranian uranium. it is the biggest exporter of terrorism on the planet. you worry about nuclear stuff in
8:52 pm
the hands of terrorists he have to stop the nuclear project. he announced nothing. the comments on the chinese fatuous. the chinese have agreed to nothing. all they have agreed to is to con descend to enter the room in which we are having negotiations with others on a possible draft treaty on sanctions which the chinese have announced in advance they are against. >> bill: isn't it possible that the consensus that the president is building, the worldwide consensus will force china to come in and support it? isn't that possible? if that's the strategy, that's the strategy. >> that's the strategy, of course. that's why he did 15 months of utterly worthless outreach directly with iran, which a 9-year-old could have told you in advance would be a waste of a year and three months. in which iran has increased stockpile of uranium, tested it to missiles, et cetera. so he spends 15 months on that, on the theory theory, as you say
8:53 pm
that by showing how good and cooperative america is, we're going to get worldwide support. so what does he get? he gets the chinese who, until today, would not even enter the room and begin negotiations. the chinese who announced from their capital yesterday that the security council should engage in easing of the situation with iran. not stopping the bomb. easing the situation with the diplomacy. and they are against sanctions and threats because it will not work. >> bill: all right. >> that's who we are dealing with. >> bill: charles thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck starring lady gaga and/or rang tang. you will like this one. right back with p and p. you've arrived at the biggest meeting
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exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . bill: time for hint pinheads and patriots. lady gaga telling her fans not
8:56 pm
to have sex. that it is okay to be celibate, that she presently celibate. wow, as sly stone once sang, different strokes for different folks. is miss gaga a patriot? you have to make that call. the kicky" booking primates at - kick boxing praoeuplt mates at safari world. the crowds love it. there's a female primate parading around like a vegas showgirl or something like that i would hit the guy. there is something creepy, i say these people not the primates are pinheads. jacqueline: thought your interview with mitt romney was tough as nails that's why i like you and mitt he showed his brawn. it was illuminating to watch the governor squirm over his health care legacy here it is a mess.
8:57 pm
mitt romney only needs to admit that his try at health care was a mistake and he has learned from it. i don't think the governor sees it that way roger: tonight's factor was your best show. i had some reservations about romney after seeing you interview him, i like him. kelly: wow, bill, you were hard on romney. are you jealous of his hair? why would i be jealous kelly? lisa: bill, describing newt gingrich's basketball comments about the president as racist is almost beyond comment. once the race card is thrown out there legitimate conversation becomes paralyzed. patrick: bill, were you too easy on o'donnell she deserved to be scrutinized as a race baiter. until we see a pattern i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. nora: i thought newt's remark was tactless. daniel: bill, you're 6'4, how are your
8:58 pm
basketball skills? the knicks could use you. the knicks could use little bo beep. i have a decent outside shot but can't jump. many irish guys can jump, i hope that's not a racist statement. rudy: i'm no al garr fan but i respect the office of vice president. i wasn't crazy about the ambush by jesse waters. mr. gore has taken shots at fox news and avoided us more than a decade profiting big time from global warming and remains in the public arena. i have some questions for him so jesse was dispatched. we might be wrong but that's why it happened. mary: love watching jesse with al gore. i hope he gets combat pay. jesse or mr. gore? laura: bill, just wanted to you know that my 9-year-old nephew just read bold fresh his third
8:59 pm
grade teacher was floored. obviously a brilliant boy keep an eye on him.'reilly. if you come in late can access it the fox news factor website not bill o' a different world. how about e-mailing us with pithy comments. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing to the factor do not be obtuse when writing to us. or when conversing with anyone, do not be obtuse. okay. that is it for us today the factor continues 24/7 on bill o' this evening i will be getting an award from the nypd i thank all the people who made that possible, very nice honor. we hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops right here because we are


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