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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 1, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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time. remember, the spin stops here because we are looking out for because we are looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the gulf coast is bracing for what being called the worst environmental disaster in american history. officials are scrambling to stop the oil spill triggered by last tuesday's blast on a rig off the coast of louisiana, however, experts are fearful that could take months. now, oil is washing ashore and images of the damage is starting to pour in. the question on a lot of americans' minds tonight is what took so long for the obama administration to respond to this disaster? and that is our headline this friday night. too little, too late. the spill didn't start today or yesterday. it began last tuesday. for more than a week the white house appeared to pay little attention to this event. now, pressure, now it's mounted in the past 48 hours we've seen a full court press from the administration. we've heard from the president,
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interior secretary, epa administrator, homeland security. secretary, coast guard and many, many more. but where have they been all week? remember, when the left slammed george w. bush for remaining in a classroom of small children for mere minutes and refusing to land in new orleans in the aftermath of hurricane katrina because he believed it would interrupt rescues operations. now, the anointed one is in the white house, those critics have gone silent what. is behind this glaring double standard? joining me is steven hays and fox news political analyst. welcome aboard. >> hi. sean. >> hi. >> explain to me. last tuesday? last tuesday... this happened. and for all of the criticism george w. bush got over hurricane katrina and staying with the school children too long. could they not have done something sooner?
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>> sean, i can't believe that you're comparing this to september 11th or hurricane katrina. i don't see them being the same. you can criticize president ob yaum for not respending more quickly than he has. >> you're missing the point. no. he was -- . >> i am understanding the point. >> george w. bush was brutalized for spending extra five minutes in a classroom after he found out the trade center was hit. brutalized because the federal government was two days late in getting to hurricane katrina that he didn't want to land because he didn't want to disrupt rescue operations. >> let me tell you the difference. those were both thing that's were, the federal government had a responsibility for. the government, were not a -- this is not a natural disaster. hurricane katrina was a natural disaster. september 11th was an tack on the united states. the people responsible are the people who did the drilling.
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>> you're -- you couldn't be more wrong. responsibility? no. >> and where they criticize bronx bronx bronx is he never should have supported off shore drilling. >> the sole responsibility in this case when it's an oil spill going affect our fishing industry, beaches and shores would be the federal government. the fact is that they sat back and did nothing. the same people, hang on. the very same people that were so fast to criticize george w bush and other two instances. >> right. i'm half with you, sean. i think certainly if there is a case there is a double standard. for her to suggest there is not a double standard if situations aren't the same is crazy. there is a double standard. if this has been bush as president we'd be enduring front page pieces in the "new york times" about george bush
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and oil. there is clearly a difference in the tone of coverage. but very to say, sean, i do agree there is not much the president can do. i don't think in this instance when you had assessments from the coast guard and bp the spill may well burn off, and it was a thousand barrels a day and kicked up to 5,000 barrels per day. i don't think that if janet napolitano had been in louisiana five days ago... >> sean: steven we had images on fox news channel. we saw oil slick, which direction it was coming. there is a lot we could have done to contain this and should have sent people to assess the damage. assess the environmental impact. and look f they acted earlier, eight, nine days ago there is a lot they could have done. they can -- they cordoned off the areas where the oil slick is and have ability to vacuum out the oil. as it's in the water, if they
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started nine days ago... >> sean, sean. >> they could have done more. if you listen to the comment on the coast guard, main problem now is problem with mother nature not anything we do co-have done. the wind shift is blowing this towards louisiana and that and the fact they miscalculated the number of barrels per day, think is one of the reasons what we're seeing problems we're now seeing. >> sean: another thing is that this is being politicized. we have nancy pelosi, four new jersey democrats, ben nelson. now, we can't have off shore drilling. so this is where i think fundamentally our energy policy and democratic party, if we had nuclear power which environmentalists are against, drilling in anwar, which environmentalists are against, if we expanded coal mining, which environmentalists are
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against, and we won't be so dependent on foreign oil. we would -- may make the case that we won't have to drill in an environmentally sensitive area like the gulf. >> right. right. environmentalists caused the oil spill. i mean, i know that is trouble some, you're saying but the truth is... >> sean: i said that, is not what i said, nobody said that. i said, environmentalists don't want to us do anything. >> well, well, extreme environmentalists don't want to us do anything. i don't think the obama administration is beholden to environmentalists fchl they were, he won't have come out in support of off shore drilling. the fact of the matter is that there is a problem. i support drilling in anwar. i think off shore drilling is a separate issue. and when something goes wrong, it is catastrophic. look. i want to say i do agree with
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you there is a double standard in the sense you're right. steven is right. if this was george bush, they'd be getting a lot pressure. i don't think know what else they could be doing. if it's true, they should be doing them this, is going to have a serious impact on the economy. >> they didn't send in people to contain the spill. they waited nine days and did nothing but did do something, even. eric holder dispatched a team of attorneys to get ready to file criminal action and lawsuits that. they did do. so you've got to give them credit. going for the mb z right after the big oil. and there, you know what priorities are. >> what they want to do is pass the blame on to big oil. >> the president said that, today, himself. they have got to be very careful about thachl nobody knows this race better than the people who have worked on it now for, in cases years. they, it would be a major mistake for the president and the administration and for
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democrats and congress to start now, going after bp preamaturely there. is a hearing scheduled may 12th. they need to make sure first and for most sh we probably agree, that they need bp's help in cleaning this up. making sure this stop autos let me make a prediction this, is going to result in less drilling in america. more dependence on foreign oil. we still can't build nuclear facility asks can't expand coal mining. we'll be paying more in the future as a result, of the overreaction of democrats beholden to the environmental movement. that is my prediction. get ready for $6 a gallon gasoline because that is ahead. >> i think it's hard to disagree. >> are we allowed to respond? okay. >> sean: there is more on this story coming up. thank you both for being with us. and there is plenty more hannity ahead tonight this, friday night.
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>> i mean is that a route to you? >> rosie o'donnell and mike huckabee go at it on rosie radio. >> that is what i've done. >> and governor krist tries to spin his way out of a tricky situation. >> and shakira goes to arizona to weigh in on the immigration issue. >> the government shuts down a historic state park. wait until you hear why. that, plus carmen electra here in, studio. more "hannity" still ahead. these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup, well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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>> sean: another shining moment for the united nations. gt another shining for the u.s the world body elected iran to the u.s. commission on the status of women, sure, condoning the stoning the women, doesn't allow them to choose their husbands or file for divorce but it's not stopping the u.s. to place them on a commission for a four-year term. that is funny. i didn't think the un could become less credible than it is. carmen electra is still head. [r bobbsinclair.
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>> he said one of the members of the group shot hism after a frantic search, rescuers and other deputies located the injured deputy and he was air lifted to a hospital in phoenix. we'll keep you updated on his condition tonight. and now, mike huka bee visited rosie o'donnell ask things got pretty contentious. they touched on the subject of gay adoption. here is the bit of the conversation. >> didn't try to have a law
12:14 am
saying gays cannot adopt? >> no. there was an amendment voted on by the people. it was not something i initiated. i did support it because i feelt like it was one more way in which we're moving away from the traditional definition of marriage. >> i just think it's interesting for a guy seems to have overcome a lot in your life. have you a lot of, you know, raised by, in a poor family, grew up poor. and you became a pastor and teachings of christ is what you -- follow. in your life. and i don't know. is that a view to be is that a pieos view? >> if one is a believer and accepts this biblical norms are the norms we should live by. it's not a matter of being judgmental. >> joining me is governor huckabee.
12:15 am
thanks for being here. >> rosie o'donnell? are you out of -- . >> you asked me before. am i out of my mind? to her credit she was very civil. waits an honest conversation. no. we're not go to come to terms. one of the thing that's came out of it for me there is an understanding if you're a christian you're supposed to believe jesus says whatever you want to do is okay. jesus caused people to make tough decisions about what is right or wrong. >> this came up in the coarse of the conversation. she's adopted. and a number of children. i think two children. >> okay. >> there is no doubt she loves those children and she has the best intentions for them. it's not a personal thing this, is not a big issue for me. i don't make this an issue. it's not something that is high on my priority list to
12:16 am
talk about. >> sean: are you against gay adoption? >> personally i don't think it's ideal. kids need a mother and father. if i told her, rather than try new ways to create a family. we ought to work on the one god gave us. having a mother and a father creating a generation, then training them to be our replacements. i know people say we don't have ideal. but... still, kids need both mother and father role models in their lives. >> sean: i made similar arguments. there are certain thing that's fathers offer children that mothers don't. the things mothers offer children there. is a difference. without going down that road does the story behind the story how you got invited on the program in the first place? >> i was at the college of new jersey. a wonderful school not far from trenton. there was an interview with the group ways told was a
12:17 am
college journalist. turns out one was an activist. he'd ask and i'd answer. he didn't like the answer. he'd then start a debate. boy try tochl plain to him and give him more understanding what logically why i held a position that i d he took that, wrote a story, and it got picked up by a lot of the blog that's support same-sex marriage. then, the main stream made meeda picked up on it and blew it up. rosie got it from that. that is how it happened. turned out the kid had an arrested at an ann coulter speech. >> sean: we have voido. >> i don't know if there is sound this, is him being arrested. he claimed there was police brutality. the video showed that there was no such abuse. he dropped a suit as i understand. >> he was screaming. i can't tell if you have audio up. you can hear him screaming and yelling and making a scene. he should have gotten an oscar.
12:18 am
but this show that's he had a pattern of creating a disturb yens, then getting attention. to me it was more not so much about same-sex marriage or gay adoption. as i tell people my position on same-sex marriage is the same that joe biden, and barack obama and voters in 30 states have had. >> sean: is there a lock of toller yens for those that express their christian faith in the definition of marriage or controversial issue like gay adoption. there is -- in other words is it pred yi indicated on this idea you must be bigoted? >> it's interesting to me. i'm considered intollerent if i don't exact a new did he have nation of marriage f someone doesn't accept traditional marriage the only one we've had in 5,000 years, somehow that is a symbol of toller yens. the burden of proof son those
12:19 am
who want to change the institution. we're living in a day where main stream i'd meeda can distort it. this young man released an edited torgs of the interview. >> this happened to me as wex we had this about this horrible oil spill. a number of people lost lives. importantly this happened last tuesday. and it's only in last two days the administration has gotten involved. why do i believe from george w bush were president this would be the biggest deal. and almost everybody ends up defending the president for doing nothing. was it his responsibility? >> if hurricane katrina was bush's responsibility, then this was obama's responsibility. can obama go out there with a bucket start picking up oil?
12:20 am
no. the point is that you made it well. there has been a significant sort of gap between the time of the accident and the time in which now some are saying this is... >> some are saying this is barack obama's katrina. >> only if the news media creates it to be. it goes back to my experience. the media can frame issues and the context in which they're presented f they don't say where was president obama? no. it won't be his katrina. >> all right. governor, good to see you. let not your heart be troubled. carmen electra coming up and our great, great, great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] the way bugs see it,
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awe >> sean: tonight on our panel he's a columnist of the "wall street journal" john fund. judith miller and a former reporter and host on fox sports currently host of nbc's ever popular poker after dark, the one and only leann tweeden is back. soon to be married. >> that's right, july 4th. >> sean: of all days. >> thank you. >> sean: your husband is an air force pilot. and really big and strong guy. all right, i was surprised at stephen hayes' reaction. nine days hailer the administration all of a sudden realizes there's a big oil spill in the gulf. now it is about to hit the shores of this country. >> already hit. >> sean: yeah it's already hit in the massive way.
12:26 am
i'm thinking, if george w. bush didn't reaction -- didn't react for nine days it would be lead story on every newscast, every place, everywhere. am i right john fund? >> yes but the most important thing is regardless game game let's clean this up. the obama administration deserves fall for some things and bad luck in others. we didn't know the weather would change. we did know that the way you deal with an oil slick is well-known in science. you set it on fire. the light oil is burned off and the heavy oil drops to the ocean bottom that was not done. the 1990 oil pollution act requires that the federal government has to preposition all equipment that will cleanup an oil spill. they did not have enough equipment and did not get there fast enough. they could be blamed for not using the real science turning this into a fireball. >> sean: blamed for not reacting right away and knowing the severity of what this could turn into.
12:27 am
>> let's blame bp they are the ones who said it was only 1,000 barrels a day. it is 5,000, five times that yet, bp they are working hard to clean it up. they should be. >> they are going to suffer lawsuits that will probably put them into court for decades. >> sean: eric holder has a team of attorneys. they did do that the administration. the first responders is eric holder the attorney. >> are you guys -- >> of course the company is at all. we don't know the facts. exxon valdez was a fine night amount of oil. this was an uncapped well we didn't know how much was going to come out. >> sean: we still don't know. >> and we did not do the due diligence to prepare for the worst possible outcome. we should have you set this on fire, we didn't. >> it is terrible too that taxpayer dollars are going to
12:28 am
have to be used to help cleanup this spill. bp should be trying to cap that well. they say it may not be capped for a month, two months possibly! it could be worse than the exxon valdez spill. catastrophic for fishing, shrimp harvesters, it is going to be terrible. i think bp needs to be focused on capping that and we should start focusing on the coastal areas. >> sean: george w. bush spent four extra minutes with school children on 9/11 and was excoriated by the left. by almost every democratic politician in washington. four extra minutes because he was trying to figure out how to get out of that classroom gracefully on 9/11. beaten up to this day. two days late for hurricane katrina. incompetent governor, incompetent mayor. this happens nine days the same people that were critical trying to use this for politics, nancy pelosi, ben
12:29 am
nelson, politicians in new jersey, they are saying we got to end all offshore oil drilling. >> i'm going to agree with steven hayes who says mother nature is at fault. sean i have to agree if this were george w. bush's administration this spill would be george bush's fault there is a double standard no doubt. however, i think we have to keep our eye on bp and perhaps halliburton. >> sean: as john was saying we better do everything we can do. you were saying right now all hands on deck. >> what do you want him to do? >> sean: when you have a catastrophe instead of eric holder sending lawyers perhaps they should have you been doing what john was suggesting. there are other means of containing oil. >> send the navy in. don't wait for bp to do it, do it. >> bp clearly has a role here too. >> we can send them the bill but let's have the navy do it. >> sean: we saw the images we
12:30 am
were showing them here or days. >> at least this president didn't fly over the oil spill and say pretty big spill and move on. >> he hasn't gone at all he doesn't plan to. >> sean: that's a cheap shot. george bush didn't want to land because he didn't want to disrupt what was happening on ground. >> they have to shutdown everything, it is a big process. i can understand why he didn't do that >> sean: journalism in america is dead. and it died in the election of barack obama. we have a lot more with our great american panel. right over there, all right. we will continue. [ indistinct talking on p.a. ]
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>> sean: arizona's immigration law continues to attract attention now celebrities. latin pop star shakira made a visit yesterday to voice her opposition. i'm in a position to this law, because it is a violation of human and civil rights. >> sean: okay thanks for sharing.
12:33 am
12:34 am
>> sean: we continue with our american panel. if you list don't pundits and news reports, you would think the arizona law that was passed on immigration that this is nazi germany. i spent a minute and 30 on my radio show today champ s of people using the not -- examples of people using the nazi analogy have >> it is a federal crime to be an illegal immigrant in this country. if a state wants to enforce what is a federal law with its own law how can that be totalitarian. my brother was on the tucson
12:35 am
police force for 25 years dealt with the border this is a law that most people support but a band-aid. we need a system where we combine enforcement cracking down with what we had in the 50s and 60s orderly process of guest workers don't stay forever. >> sean: first we to stop the illegal immigration problem. our border are not secure. lind graham asked janet napolitano she said that's an unfair question. >> we select only one out you have 30 applicants for the border patrol. we try screen as carefully as possible. we have an epidemic of corruption and bribery because there is so much money to be made by coyotes who bring people across the border. we need to combine real enforcement where we put employers who hire illegal aliens in jail and provide them with a legal pass so they can bring in people. the economy down there does need that labor.
12:36 am
>> sean: leann what do we do with the people who already broke the law and come in illegal? >> it is easier said than done but if it was me i would deport them they broke a law article 4, section 4 the constitution. upwards of 20 million we don't know, i'm saying you can't do that >> sean: don't look for me -- don't look to me for support because i agree with her. >> because they are close to us we should give them a free pass? >> sean: we have a limited number of available slots for people to come into this country legally. do you give it to the people that respect our laws, respect our sovereignty, go through proper procedures? or the people that just came in illegally and we'll let you stay. >> you jumped the line. >> if someone is here illegally and caught they should be at the bottom of
12:37 am
that long cue. as john said we need these people to do jobs that americans don't want to do. i think it is unrealistic 10, 20, 30 million people, nobody knows for sure. >> anyone who commits any crime in this country, illegal immigrant should be immediately deported or jailed. that's the end of the conversation. the other people obviously -- [ talking over each other ] >> i was in california a few years ago i saw people leased from state jail. no border patrol officer there they went out knew the community again after serving their 90 days. >> sean: i've been down to the border, five, six, seven times, it is bankrupting states like california, arizona, nevada, texas. >> i know people that live in arizona they say how terrible it is. i can't talk, i don't live in arizona. i don't deal with the borders
12:38 am
like they do. they say you can't understand what it is like to be in our shoes. when janet napolitano was governor there she wanted the united states government to reimburse her 350 million dollars because they were holding illegals in jail in one year. that was her. >> sean: she said it is an unfair question to ask if the border is secure. >> she wanted the border secure when she was there i don't know why she is flip-flopping this is a federal problem. >> of course. [ talking over each other ] >> hired one of his generals from the d day invasion i'm putting you in charge tell the employers, don't hire any illegal aliens we'll put your name in the paper on the front page and put you in jail and expand the guest worker program. you will have a pass to hire temporary guest workers. some stayed, most didn't. some stayed and became fine citizens. we solved this problem in the 50s.
12:39 am
the labor unions came in and under lyndon johnson we ended the program and have these problems. the labor unions didn't like it. >> sean: great panel tonight. good to see you. >> happy birthday alice. >> sean: happy birthday alice. there is an environmental effort i support. carmen electra is next to tell us about it. al gore, i hope you are watching, whoo! whoo! this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive.
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>> sean: my next guest is taking green to a new level. carmen electra has partnered with phillips norelco. men lined up in madison square park to have chair chest shaved by carmen. the initiative will plant one tree for every schaefer sold. go -- for every shaver sold. how many guys did you do this to today? >> just five. we selected five guys the hairest we could find. >> sean: did they like it? >> they seemed to like it, yeah. >> sean: they liked it because you were doing the shaving. we got the video. >> do i look uncomfortable?
12:44 am
>> sean: were you? >> yeah. >> sean: why? >> i don't know it is a weird thing. it is such a personal thing. >> sean: you could have wacked them. >> i'm telling you waxing is bad because you feel the pain. look how easy, it is too easy. plug it in, trim, shave. easy. >> sean: i use an electric shaver, thank you you brought me one, i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> you can have fun in your bathroom. you are going to get into a world with phillips norelco. are you excited? >> this is embarrassing me. you were shaving strangers today it wasn't me. you going to plant a tree. you don't have problems cutting down trees do you?
12:45 am
>> it seems like such a positive thing to give back. >> sean: to plant a tree. it is a renewable resource. >> deforest and reform res. >> sean: you got to cut down -- cut down trees to build houses, right? what are you going to build a house with? >> your hands. >> sean: i think we should be -- i think all gifts from the environment are gifts from god. we have to be good stewards of the gifts that are given us. >> that is so beautiful. you are so romantic. i'm swept away >> sean: i swept you off your feet, all right. >> and i'm gonna have fantasies. i want to see >> sean: you want to see what? >> i don't know, i'm so lying. because i really don't want to see it. >> sean: thanks. i don't is worse wanting to see it or not.
12:46 am
you consider yourself an environmentalist? >> not really. >> sean: you don't think so. you don't have problems flying on a private stkwhraet's good, right? you prefer a private jet than a commercial, right? you don't want to admit it. >> because you are turning me on you are so hot and sexy. >> sean: i feel like i'm back on the howard stern show. >> and i'm going to picture you hairless. i'm is under the suit. >> sean: really? >> yeah. >> sean: okay. all right, let me ask you about you. you posed five times in playboy. you did a dvd, aerobic striptease video. bay watch. playboy, bay watch, dvd, striptease you wrote a book how to be sexy. the answer is just put up hannity's picture, don't be like him, there's your answer. serious question, do you think we are too sexualized as a society? do we judge people too much by
12:47 am
their looks? obviously you are attractive woman you are known for this. do you think at times we put too much emphasis on looks? >> not necessarily. i probably judge everything based off of that that's why -- >> sean: people that have wonderful hearts maybe not as attractive as carmen electra, wonderful people, great hearts, great souls. is that as important as what you look like outwardly? >> no. >> sean: no? you could be miserable inside as long as you look good and wear the right clothes? >> yeah, you know. >> sean: you really believe that? >> not necessary. >> sean: a little bit. >> you can't tell me you haven't opened up a playboy. >> sean: not since i was 13-years-old. five times in playboy, i never saw you. >> not me but i'm saying -- >> sean: i have no interest in playboy or the articles either.
12:48 am
>> you have you looked at some girls nude in magazines. >> sean: i've been happily married for 18 years. you are asking if i have in my heart. -- if i have lust in my heart. everything i read sex appeal, you don't think we are a little too focused on that? >> i do. >> sean: done you want people to know you as a good person with a good heart, mind and great sense of humor? >> absolutely. >> sean: what is more important that or your looks? >> at the end of the day that's more important. but you know, when you are put in in that position you get a good sense of humor by yourself and make yourself laugh because it is too serious. >> sean: i didn't ask you about dennis rodman either. >> and you won't. >> sean: and i won't. on to the next uncomfortable moment of the hannity program. coming up it seems nothing is
12:49 am
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sean george washington crossing the delaware on christmas day 1776 is one of the most famous moments of the revolutionary war. the park where this event took place is being shutdown due to budget cost. ainsley earhardt went to visit the piece of history we may be losing. >> reporter: americans are losing jobs in alarming numbers. foreclosures skyrocketing, businesses going unin every town. nothing seems to be safe in the struggling exempt a list of casualties continues to grow. now america's historic landmarks are on the chopping block this is washington crossing historic park where history can become present for
12:54 am
visitors. you can walk the path of washington. see where he cross with his troops to fight at the battle of trenton. it was christmas night 1776 history was changed forever. today a new turning point takes place. this park opened in 1917, survived two world wars and great depression. now because of state budget cuts, you can see the park is closed. barbara franco the executive director of the pennsylvania historic museum commission. what is happening here? >> the funding has been a problem with the economic issues that the country is facing now. like most other places, our budget us were reduced across the board. this particular site is temporarily closed. >> reporter: bill the president of friends of washington crossing park. >> pennsylvania now deciding a list of priorities. pennsylvania has a 28 billion dollar budget.
12:55 am
there's 19 million being talked about for the 23 parks. washington crossing park is down 500,000 of a budget that should be from 1.2 to 1.5 million. >> reporter: you funding for the park reduced by more than half. not enough to keep the museum, visitors center and guided tours in operation. >> it is a shame that a site such as this has to close. only for a million and a half dollars that the pennsylvania museum and historic commission doesn't have. everything is closed. we have no idea when it will reopen. >> reporter: john was the george washington reenact for for the park. why the historic park? >> the path of least resistance with the budget being so tight they to cut somewhere and they thought was going to be the least disruptive of the operations of the state. >> reporter: six months ago you would have seen school buses in this parking lot and hundreds of students mulling
12:56 am
around. when the money ran out the tours were cancelled and the museum was closed. most teachers have decided now teach this history lesson from the classroom. >> reason we save these is so that people can appreciate them and children can learn. it is so important to be able to make sure that people understand their history. the lessons here at washington crossing are tremendous lessons. >> reporter: john shields traveled from tennessee to visit this park. >> i come up to see some of these sites and i'm shocked to see this one is shutdown. washington's crossing was the most important event in our american revolution, turning point. >> reporter: many historic landmarks across the country are facing similar problems. the community here is determined not to let this piece of american history stay closed for long. >> i was happy to found out there was a groundswell of support from volunteers and citizens who came forbes to
12:57 am
make the crossing happen. out in volunteers are coming back we hope we can influence not only the state of pennsylvania but also others to join our effort and to bring in park back to where it was several years ago. when it was fully staffed and fully funded. >> we have nowhere to go but up. we are excited about reestablishing the interpretive tours. when things are down like this people are coming out of the woodwork across the country as volunteers and donors to reopen this magnificent gem. >> this not a waste of money this is an important event in our history and should be open. >> i think it is important to keep this going, remembering the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. to not remember them and their sacrifices and take this park and close it, is a tragedy. sean you sean ainsley earhardt joins me now. first of all it is sad. the park is still open, right? >> the park is still technically still open. you can still go to the park we were there on the grounds.
12:58 am
but you are not going to see any of the tours. you are not going to see george washington there. the museum is closed. everything is shutdown. the kids aren't there. >> sean: we pointed out the waste and fraud and abuse and politicizing of the stimulus money i'm thinking those were shovel-ready jobs. people that had real jobs that are not -- >> we said the stimulus money was used to remove tattoos, yet we can't keep our national historic monuments open. it is such a history lesson for our kids an hour and a half outside new york. convenient for the folks who live in this area. the kids can learn a history lesson. this is how america was formed. the first turning point in the revolutionary war. >> sean: any effort that you think will be successful in getting the park open again? >> they are trying get donations. they've formed the friends of washington crossing park. if you are interested you can google that and give a donation. they are hoping donations flow. they are positive about it.
12:59 am
>> sean: it looked like it was still in great condition. is the park still being maintained? >> yes the grass was still cut and still beautiful. pennsylvania is not the only state. in california budget cuts could cause 220 parks to close. arizona parks need 6.3 million , connecticut you be doubled the price of camping and parking. >> sean: you don't pay enough taxes you have to pay for camping and parking. i'm convinced if they could they would take any gold out of your teeth when you die. >> don't give them any ideas. >> sean: no death tax this year. ainsley seems like had you a good time. we'll watch and follow this are they hopeful it opens? >> they are very hopeful. >> sean: people can help? >> definitely. >> sean: you are going to be anchoring the fox report. >> tomorrow, i'm so excited!


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