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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 14, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> sean: thank you jay. thank you for being with us we hope you have a great night and great weekend. see you balk here monday. -- see you back here monday. >> greta: watch this explosive video a lye schoolteacher calling for revolution. >> why is that these frail racist white people want to keep us out of this country? it is not because of the color of our skin. it is not simply because they just want to exploit us. let me tell you why. on this planet right now of six billion people at the forefront of the revolutionary movement is la accident. >> greta: griff -- is la raza. >> greta: griff jenkins went and found that teacher. what happened? trust us you do not want to miss this one. sarah palin goes on the record here in washington. fired up about the chicago
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girl's basketball team made into political pawns kept from a tournament in arizona. the governor tells you why she came to washington. nice to see. >> nice to see you. >> greta: welcome to washington. >> gorgeous today, warm, thank you. >> greta: you have a beautiful state. we have a beautiful city as well. why are you here? >> to speak to the susan b anthony list about women candidates who are rise -- about women candidates who are rising up in an effort to take back the country. susan b anthony is a credible, hardworking group of women saying there are very important issues to a lot of women the pro-life issue is important and getting to speak with these folks who have been so supportive of me and a lot of other candidates who are putting it on the line running in these midterm elections. >> greta: you have endorsed a number of candidates. the woman candidate in south carolina for governor.
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governor sanford's wife is also endorsing. >> yeah it will be fun. hopefully i will get to meet with jenny sanford this afternoon as we endorse nikki haley. i'm a great admirer of jenny. >> greta: tough road. >> tough road but strong and independent for herself and her children. she being there with nikki hayley will be a great event. >> greta: carly fiorina you have taken heat for that one. >> carly pro nra, pro, anti-cap and tax, anti-big government. she is the real deal in california she was accused of being a rhino because she doesn't have a voting record to prove that these positions are near and dear to her heart. kind of taken aback by all the
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flak in the deep blue state of california and she is bold enough pro claiming her common sense conservative values and principles and intentions. getting a little beat up over that i'm going to take a stand and call it like i see it. >> greta: so it doesn't bother you? >> not at the end of the day, no. >> greta: we have a woman nominee for supreme court. any thoughts on elena kagan? >> i want to preface everything by saying gender isn't an issue for me. i would never only and solely endorse somebody because of their gender or -- with elena, as we are finding out with miss kagan nobody knows a lot about her. the track record she does have the mainstream media hasn't develop edell ofed in and found out -- hasn't delved in and found out what it is. there's not a lot of information about her that is a dangerous thing when we
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don't know. >> greta: some people might say the same about fiorina. >> she campaigning, putting it on the line. her life is open book. versus miss kagan where the only in-depth interview to find out anything about her is that propaganda coming out of the white house where obama and his people and his people have interviewed her and tried to tell the american public who she is. >> greta: i think she has a long paper trail when she was in the white house in the clinton administration where she wrote memos coming out now. >> yeah, but my point is. maybe you will be able to help shed light on who she is. in the mainstream media the claim is she doesn't have a record because she has never been a judge before. so there's nothing to purr there's no there to say about her, really. that's been the message. it will take others to dig in
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there and help educate the public on who she is. what her intentions are in terms of interpreting the constitution. then that would help us make our minds whether we want her as a justice or not. >> greta: you have out in made up your mind on elena kagan? >> don't know anything about her. except they show a picture of her playing softball and a couple of other things the press has thrown out about her. i think it is a journalist's job to dig in there and capitalize on this opportunity freedom of the press getting in there portraying her as she is and telling the american public what her record is and what her issues have been. >> greta: softball picture has taken a lot of controversy. were you on the cover of news week when newsweek thought it was okay to put you in hot pants. >> that was sick. >> greta: it was sick. there's been criticism that putting the picture of elena kagan in the media and trying
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to make suggestions about her, fair? >> no, not fair for the suggestions to be made because there's a picture of her playing softball 30 years ago. i was a proud south ball player that insinuation based on a photo from all those years ago playing softball is off base. it diminishes what the argument should be about and that's is she going to interpret the constitution the way that our founding fathers have intended it to be interpreted or not? >> greta: women get different treatment overall in the media or not? >> oh man, yes they do. not going to whine or complain it makes women work harder, produce , be more efficient. forcing us to articulate our positions even clearer than perhaps some of the other candidates. i don't know, it is just the way that it is. >> greta: speaking of women sports, speaking of women, the
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girls basketball team, i use the term girls they are under 18, high school in chicago had their hearts set ongoing to arizona to play in this tournament, cancelled. thoughts? >> these lady hoopsters are being used as political pawns that is what is sick about this. a bureaucrat in a school district saying sorry you worked hard, had your bake sales won championship but can't go to the tournament because it happens to be held in arizona and it doesn't align with our beliefs and values. we would let you go to china. which tells me whoever is calling the shots, the assistant superintendent making that decision has no idea what is going on in china, the anti-girl policies in china, population control and human rights violations there. china is in line with illinois values and beliefs, but arizona isn't? the girls should be allowed to play ball. i hope the girls and parents,
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wise up, band together and not just shut up and take this decision. it is a horrible decision. how in the world would banning a girl's basketball team from playing help the situation? the situation is we have unsecure borders. does this buy could the of arizona economic and political boycott of the people of arizona which will help no one. it will hurt the hispanic community within arizona and everybody else. does it help secure the borders? no. does it lead towards the immigration reform that needs to take place? absolutely not. this divides people. i that i is what some people are intending with this issue. make it a partisan issue. it is not partisan. secure the borders! >> greta: i know your -- i assume governor to governor what is your thought on the heat she is taking over this statute? >> i'm proud of jan brewer for
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standing up. sending a message to washington, to president obama saying you need to do your job sir. if you are not, okay we are compelled to do the job for you, until you get it right. president obama has been suspiciously silent on this issue, hasn't he? we don't know where he stands on immigration reform or securing our borders. he doesn't talk but it. that's unfortunate this is a big:issue. it is all about national security. it is about our sister border states that are inundated with violence and crime, because people illegally crossing the border engaging in illegal activities for too long now. some of these border states are saying we've had enough. i admire jan brewer for taking a stand. >> greta: why do you think for 20 something years, gag back to president reagan everybody has said we are going to secure the borders. they've done almost knowing --
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almost nothing. it is not fair to american citizens here legally, paying taxes following the rules doing all the things that an american citizen is expected to do not fair to them. but it is not fair to the illegal aliens either here. they want to pursue an american dream. some want to be here to work. but they are forever going to have to hide because government is gonna crackdown on 'em. they need to follow that path of legal citizenship, obviously. but these politicians have made it a political issue. they haven't wanted to tick off a potential base of hispanic voters so they haven't made the tough decisions that is no way to solve the problem. no way to solve any challenge in america by duck you go and hiding and creating division and making partisan issues out of it. >> greta: more with governor
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sarah palin. blunt about what she would do about illegal immigration she is going to tell you. griff jenkins guess face-to-face with a high school teacher caught on tape calling for revolution. and attacking racist white people. we'll show you, coming up. oof! i hope he has that insurance. how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... so...what's it called? uhhhhh aflaaac!!!! we've got you under our wing. a-a-a-aflaaac!
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>> greta: continuing with former governor sarah palin on illegal . both parties have made promises. secure the border, secure the border once in office we don't see a lot of action. if were you president what would you do about immigration? >> first thing literally secure the border. >> greta: how? >> people mock the idea of an fence. what is wrong with building a fence? let's physically you secure the border, ramp up border patrol provide tools for those putting their lives on the line to stop illegal immigration of these i will
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yens. then you don't don't start talking amnesty as this last minute oh anybody who is here in the country right now we are going to provide you amnesty even though you have broken the law and we are a nation of laws. then there's going to be a huge influx of those wanting at the last minute to come over the border because they know they will forever receive that amnesty. you don't start talking about that the first thing do you is physically, literally secure those borders. it baffles me and most americans why presidents have talked about it but never done it. >> greta: have you softened your opinion on offshore drilling in light of what has happened with bp? >> no we need oil if we don't drill here where we have strictest standards and environmental concerns than anywhere else in the world we'll have to drill elsewhere
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where they don't have the standards and don't like america. >> greta: as we are talking it is blowing into the gulf? >> they are playing the blame game and not fixing the problem, pointing fingers. i'm watching some of the bp officials thinking those guys have been in my office when i was governor, these very people, so i know who they are. telling me one thing in the office. and then my administration and me personally having to verify everything that they were saying. >> greta: why are they liars? >> i'm not calling them liars. they are looking out for their bottom line. their interpretation of situations is different than the public. innocent public members adversely affected by a spill like what is going on in the gulf, sometimes their interpretation of the situation is a little different than what the average american is obviousing. what we are obviousing -- what
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we are observing now the blame game that is not stopping the problem we have to stop that leak and keep from it coming ashore. i say this as pry drilling advocate who lived and worked through the exxon oil spill 20 something years ago, todd and i making our living on the water, commercial fisherman forever adversely affected by that spill. knowing that exxon at the time was gonna claim that 150-year-old maritime law as protection against providing remedy to those who were -- >> greta: even if we get to the remedy, there were problems here. i looked at mms within the department of in-- interior whose job it is to make sure bp is playing it straight. >> there's got to be stricter federal oversight. >> greta: i'm not so sure if there has to be stricter. i think if we use what we have. >> we have to ramp it up though. what i did in alaska was
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create a petroleum integrity systems office to make sure the public could trust what the oil companies were telling us in terms of maintenance and preventive measures. and always being on guard against what it was they were telling me. i wanted to verify. we did have to ramp up the regulatory. >> greta: in the mms that is their job. they've failed. can we take the risk and continue in light of the fact continuing offshore drilling when we have seen apparently we don't follow our own safety regulations. >> we have to do what in alaska, make the oil companies follow. take 'em to court, do litigation whatever it takes through the court of public opinion put pressure on the oil companies and hold them accountable for any lax in terms of preventive measures or lax in maintenance that would allow such a tragedy to happen. that in alaska, just about
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got run out of town by some saying anti-development. now i'm being accused of being too pro development. we hold them accountable. yes, the federal government in charge of the regulation and the oversight of resource development. yes, they have to do their job. they should have with this bill, been on sight, on the scene immediately. i can't believe some didn't anticipate there was no way to stop a burst at that sea level, there was no way to stop that they waited a couple of days later to actually jump in and start demanding -- >> greta: so now we know they don't do that shouldn't we put a halt on all offshore drilling, because if they did it on this rig what would in any way give us confidence on any other rig? >> we are too reliant, we have to keep dilling we have to learn from the mistakes made with this gulf spill. we have to get to the bottom of what caused it.
10:19 pm
we still don't know that >> greta: until we get to the bottom of it you think we should continue to go full speed ahead with the dilling? >> absolutely. production of and our own security and prosperity and our own freedom. >> greta: you think it is a risk? >> any action of man is a risk.,ñú it a risk -- it is a risk going to the moon. anything that man innovates or decides to do that is out of anybody's comfort zone there is a risk. yes there's and herpbt risk in drilling for shore onshore or off. if we don't do it here we'll do it elsewhere and reliant on countries that use oil as a weapon and can cut off supplies. >> greta: the governor uses the "s" word. >> teacher attacks racist
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. get more with former governor sarah palin on the bp oil spill. does she think we should continue offshore dilling with no delay? just -- offshore drilling with no delay? just so i'm clear. you would not wait until we out whether these other rigs are safe and whether bp and other companies are being candid, whether mms is doing its job and congress is doing its job to make sure mms is doing its job, you would not pull the plug in the short run? >> no, and everybody better be
10:24 pm
doing their jobs on the rigs making sure things are -- are being done. using public resources in our public waters they have to be doing their job the public needs to them, congress and the overseers everybody together holding them accountable. alaska has gone through this. i've been there personally, politically and professionally. dealing with these oil companies having to file a friend of the court brief against exxon at the time was the largest corporation saying no, you are not going to claim this 150-year-old irrelevant maritime law trying to eliminate any remedy that you must provide to innocent victims in your spill. we've gone through that i'm watching what is going on here that's why i've been adamant about congress and the public. you have to make sure the oil companies are straight up with
10:25 pm
you. go ahead and grill 'em. the ceos, yeah they can be sitting there in front of congress. they are not the ones doing all the work. their' management. yeah, they can sit and answer the questions. but they better have their people out doing all they can within their power at whatever cost it is to these oil companies to stop that leak. >> greta: greece. radio you nod your head yes. >> it is a ridiculous situation with imf and huge contributions from the u.s. when we are facing our own tates that are financially upside down because of some of the mandates coming from the federal government. increasing costs on our states and on our small businesses that so much of our u.s. dollar would go to bailout a socialized country that made poor decisions, didn't live within its means. allowed the population to have this in thement mentality where they thought government was -- this entitlement
10:26 pm
mentally where they thought the government was going to take care of them and pay for all their bills. it frustrating. as socialized countries start collapsing. reagan used to say socialism is necessary in two places, one in heaven where not needed and two in hell where it already takes place. a lot of people agree socialism the answer. it scares utts when we see the road america is on towards some socialist policies we should be looking at greece and these other countries and watching and saying heaven forbid that would happen to our country. we need to stop the road we are on now. turn it back to free enterprise and free market principles that built in country. watching greece is a valuable educating experience i hope for people in the administration. >> greta: all right we don't have a budget why it. you were a governor i assumed
10:27 pm
you deal with budgets in alaska. >> even as city manager and mayor, you have a budget. you work on the budget all year long. you pose it to your lawmakers -- you propose it to your lawmakers and work together on adopting that i can't believe that a lot of americans aren't aware that we don't have a budget. it amazes me that here again some in the white house in the administration and congress thinks that's okay, because it is not. >> greta: more much with our interview. if she could say anything to president obama, what would she say? you don't have to wait a long time to find out what it is. we are posting that part on gretawire minutes from now. >> next, a high school teacher is calling a revolution -- who is this teacher? griff jenkins found him that interview is next. >> apparently we rush
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>> greta: the video is burning up utah. a los angeles high school teacher calling for revolution. griff jenkins went to los angeles and found the teacher. >> reporter: here in south central los angeles, he's a history teacher at santee high. he's making a stir with the video made three years ago on the campus of ucla where he railed against imperialism, capitalism, white racist people and calls for revolution. >> this is a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism. happening with the concept that where we now stand is stolen occupied mexico!
10:32 pm
[ cheering ] >> and the message that we bring if you want to bring a little bit of a more of a revolutionary context to this. why is it that these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of this country? it is not because the color of our skin. it is not because they just want to exploit us. let me tell you why on this planet right now of six billion people at the forefront of the revolutionary movement is the raza! >> reporter: we asked to speak with the principal here as well as the superintendent of the l.a. unified school district. those requests were declined. they did issue this statement:
10:33 pm
>> reporter: we we spoke with him earlier he's what he to say your speech three years ago making rounds on the web. do you still stand by your comments you made? >> what is important people understand why that speech was given that day. when i said the racist white people i was speaking specifically about the minutemen at ucla speaking about deporting illegal aliens. i it towards them. not all white people. i'm not that naive. what i said about those people i meant it and stand by that those minutemen, tea party folks if they are anti-our community time going to call them racist. as far as their capitalism and imperialism, we stand by that we see it all over planet earth. the two things that are the biggest enemy of communities of color is capitalism and imperial. >> . for those who say i'm teaching
10:34 pm
this? no. in my classy do what i have to do and teach my kids. outside the class a different story. i stand by my words. i'm not going to allow these people to call me a racist without explaining what i'm speaking about. i'm glad fox news is going to cover the story. they make it seem like i said all white people are race thaeus is irresponsibility and that's not what i meant. they are -- my white colleagues at work they are asking what is wrong? i don't have a problem with white people, i have a problem with racist whites or racist any other people racist against anyone. >> reporter: what about the call for open revolution? you say the enemy of capitalism and imperialism that sounds almost like you a problem with the country where you live in, where you are prospering, where you are a teacher? >> we support the revolution all over latin america. we support that whether it is
10:35 pm
in bolivia, ecuador. you done see people calling up arms that's not what i'm doing. you show me one time on the video where i say grab guns. we need to make changes peacefully this country. those that are the most hateful are talking about killing me, talk you go about we have guns don't mess with us. not us. >> reporter: are are you an advocate of communism or mark if you don't like capitalism -- marks . if you don't like capital im. >> i am against capitalism, do i tell that in the classroom? no. i leave that out just to cover my own end. i know not what i'm supposed to do. to tell kids what8ñe9txñ they sd believe is something i have never done and never will do. people ed about that that's their problem. what did i believe in? yes, i'm a socialist.
10:36 pm
i believe it is happening all over the continent. i will never back down from that. i'm not violating any law by doing that. people who might have a law with socialism. i have a problem with capitalism. i don't an attack people. i don't threaten people with death like they are doing to me if you are asking am i going to back down from that? no. i'm a socialist, i organize in the community and support the socialist processes around latin america and the world. >> reporter: the arizona law what are your thoughts and do you talk about the arizona law in your class at all? >> of course the students see us on tv. they ask us. we've presented the actual bill to them so they can see it. they have their own opinions, no doubt, my school is about 95% latino any way. that law they see it as a racist law, i don't have to explain it to them, they know
10:37 pm
that it is a distraction because the real problem is the fact that the democratic party has not acted on promises of immigration reform. we are putting pressure on the obama administration to keep their promises. they promised immigration reform that's what we are demanding. if they have immigration reform this nonsense in arizona wouldn't be an issue. >> reporter: you are as upset about the democrats not delivering a promise? >> right. we don't expect anything from the republicans. our issue is with the democratic party who promised our communities immigration reform. but they've done nothing about it. our target now is the obama administration for what they are doing against us. there were more deportations in the first year of the obama administration than the last year of the bush administration that is not the hope and change we were promised. i don't advocate for the republicans or the democrats. to me both parties are anti-immigrant, both parties do not represent the best interests of our community or any working-class community.
10:38 pm
>> reporter: thank you for your time. you are calling for open revolution, peacefully, no call to arms, as some have misconstrued your words? >> yeah, i'm not making a call to as. i'm not making something about violence or attacking people not at all. we want and need change in this country. when you look here in los angeles two weeks ago on may 1st, almost 200, 300,000 people there. not one person did any kind of violent act. i think one person arrested for being drunk. we are by and large peaceful people. majority of immigrants come here to work and we are not about violence. those who are against us however, they show up to you rallies in arizona with ak-47's. if they want to talk violence they should talk about themselves not us. i am advocating for revolution.
10:39 pm
>> greta: next, hotly controversial political ad says if you want to live here, learn english. do voters like it or not? frank luntz is next. >> immigration -- [ inaudible ] ♪ throughout o lives, we encounter new opportunits. at the hartford, we help you pursue them with confidence. by preparing you for tomorrow.
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get there is so much more ahead many but first we go to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the government confirming a criminal probe
10:43 pm
surrounding a deadly west virginia coal mine explosion. justice department prosecutors want to know whether the company committed willful criminal activity in running upper big branch mine. 29 workers died last month. prosecutors asking labor department to hold off on civil sights against the company for the time being. >> the nation's banking industry still ailing. federal regulators shutdown four more banks today one headquartered in illinois with nearly 2 1/2 billion dollars in deposits and more than three billion in assets. fdic closed three smaller banks in georgia, michigan and missouri, bringing the total to 72. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to on the record. >> greta: pollster frank luntz is taking the pulls of voters -- the pulse of voters.
10:44 pm
>> we had the tune to look at 35 ads. they are coming fast and furious. it looks like there's three new ads per day. by the start of june, there is going to be 10, 15 per day, new. i thought we would show fox viewers three, all effective, some positive, some negative. let's start with the michael bennett ad. running for reelection appointed to the senate in colorado. we showed these ads to a focus group. the higher the lines climb the more favorable the reaction. red republicans, green democrats above 50 good ad. if both climb above a 50 it is an outstanding ad. let's take a look. >> i've been in washington only a year but it didn't take that long to see the whole place is broken. it is time to give them a wake-up call u that's why i'm for freezing congressional pay until we get our economy back on track. i think senators and congressman should lose their own health insurance until
10:45 pm
they can stop insurance company abuses. i would ban members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennett and i approve this message because i'm listening to colorado. >> of all the ads tested that is the positive and favorable reaction both republicans and democrats said way to go. you will probably see reflection in bennett's poll numbers in colorado. now the negative ads. this one formed the best. against the state treasurer of illinois giannoulias running for the senate against mark kirk. watch how favorable the respondents reaction. >> announcer: illinois is bankrupt, 13 billion in the hole and we can't pay our bills out state ranks 48 nationwide in job creation. unemployment surged over 11% all this happened when alexi giannoulias was our state treasurer. he's been responsible for our
10:46 pm
states finances. his record, a state in virtual bankruptcy like his family controlled bank which now wants a taxpayer bail out. he's not the solution he's the problem, tell him so. >> something that viewers would not know that the giannoulias campaign try to say that three times fast, is trying to get that ad kicked off the air. apparently it has been very vehiclive. -- very effective. i've seen some bloggers report it could impact the campaign. kirk is a few points behind. the ad that is the most controversial is the one that i'm about to show u it is being run in alabama, the james gubernatorial campaign. he says the licenses and everything that you do the formal documents for the government should be in english. controversial ad, but watch how high it scores. >> i'm tim james why do$=sx our politicians make us give
10:47 pm
driver's licenses exams in 12 languages? this is alabama, we speak english. if you want to live here, learn it. we are only giving that test in english if i'm governor. maybe it is the businessman in me. but we'll save money. and it makes sense. does it to you? >> notice the spread between republicans and democrats. it took the democrats a while to decide whether they were going to approve of that ad. it is controversial. it is getting a lot of publicity of all the ads we showed that was the only one that got applause from our focus group respondents. >> greta: explain this, more favorable as we watch the lines go up. does it mean these ads are having an impact and this is how the people will vote or do they think it is a good ad, clever or entertained by it? what does it moon when it goes
10:48 pm
up >> credibility. information delivered by the ad is believable, acceptable and will have an impact on how they vote in november. >> greta: if you are watching depending on who you are when it guess up thank you's bingo? >> in fact the ad that is showing up over the question, michael bennett's ad tough race colorado is one of the great swing states in america, you don't know how they are going to vote with an ad like that someone like me looks and says this man has a good shot. because he's used clearly language and policies that work. that the voters want to see. >> greta: frank, thank you. >> pleasure. >> greta: next the best of the rest. something historic happens you are about to watch it with your own eyes. professional baseball team gets sucked into the illegal immigration fight.
10:49 pm
new jersey republican governor cristy ripped in the media on tape, next.
10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
. >> greta: you've seen our top stories here's the best of the rest. most politicians probably dream of letting loose on the press. republican new jersey governor christie just did. a reporter asked him about his
10:53 pm
confrontational tone and -- >> you must be the thinnest skinned guy in america. you think that's a confrontational tone. you should really see me when i'm pissed. [ laughing ] >> you know, that's not confrontational, all right. so you know, you know, i love when people say they don't wanna have argument. that's what we were sent here for. they believe in certain things. they believe in bigger government, higher taxes and more spending. here it is. bigger government, higher taxes, more spending. i believe in less government, lower taxes and an empowering local officials who are elected by their citizen to be able to fix their problems. that may lead to a disagreement or two. now, i could say it really nicely.
10:54 pm
i could say it in the way that you might be more comfortable with maybe we can go back to the last administration where i could say it in a way where you wouldn't understand it. the fact of the matter is, this is who i am. this is who the people elected. >> greta: makes some good points? the illegal immigration battle spreads into professional baseball. protesters took to the streets in front of wrigley field in chicago. the protesters are outraged by arizona's immigration law. the protesters want the cubs to move their spring training from arizona to florida. the protesters called themselves a fan-led movement. today we are gathering signatures trying to convince the cubs to make that move. they held signs reading cubs fans for florida. >> 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 and
10:55 pm
liftoff of space shuttle atlantis. >> greta: that is the takeoff of the shuttle. absolutely awesome, isn't it? you can't stopwatching that one. next, we have our favorite segment of all, which is the last call. don't miss the last call, it is special tonight because it involves rush limbaugh and on the record. stay right with us. from capita, we get dole miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please. it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venturcard from capital one... with double miles on every pchase every day. go to wht's in your waet? oh, poor baby. of the world's most reved luxury sedan.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time. last call. two nights ago we told but the president reportedly turning down a chance to play golf with rush limbaugh. apparently rush limbaugh watches, what else, "on the record". >> here is greta van sus stren on this thing. >> only thing weirder than tiger woods playing golf with gloria allred is president obama playing with rush limbaugh. >> that would be tiger woods leading a campaign for virginity. >> ouch. we're delighted rush is watching and we hope he keeps watching. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. go to greta and we have a special poll about governor christie and the media. so be sure to go right there,


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