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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 15, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> good morning, everyone. it is saturday, may 15th. we have a fox news alert. the oil spill in the gulf is much worse than expected apparently. so why does the ceo of bp call it a tiny little leak and the efforts to stop the disaster straight ahead . >> plus, sarah palin defending the right to own guns. >> i would tell the tech guys not to load up the teleprompter. i have everything i need on my hand. i am the nra. >> that baby is timeless. president obama wants to take away your second amendment rights. >> this video, a 7 year old dancing to single ladies .
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creating a fire storm of convoversey. are they too young for the costumes and moves. we report and you decide. >> i grab a cup of joand turn on "fox and friends" so i will be in on the know. >> it is "fox and friends". ♪ >> doing boating today out on the sidewalk. >> what else could we do . >> it is not easy to go camping in new york city. but the folks at bass pro shops make it possible. we'll go outdoors and go camping or canoeing . >> a year ago you and we had a kyacht race. >> it was not much of a race.
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>> we'll have a rematch at the end of today's show. >> he cheated . >> i would never lost an athletic endeavor. >> except nintendo wii. >> athletic endeavor. >> we'll be honoring our military members from all five branches. army, marine and air force and coast guard and navy. >> the oil spill is worse than have imagined temperature is not just 5,000 barrels of oil it may be 70,000, engineers and scientists are saying and here's the worse part. it is getting worse and bp doesn't seem to be in control of it. they don't seem to have a solution whatsoever . >> they have no perspective on what they are doing.
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killing the fisher men trea and tourism. this is what the ceo of bp had to say on friday. the gulf of mexico is a big ocean the amount of vol of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the water volume. it is tiny and some say as you alluded to earlier, they could be talking about a exxon valez spill every four days. >> the video on the screen. bp took so long to let the video out. we couldn't figure out how to measure it. just on the surface. we have two ways of measuring the spill. president obama said he is sick and tired of people pointing the blame and he wants this thing fixed. take a listen. >> it is clear that the system failed and failed badly. for that there is enough
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responsibility to go around and all parties should be willing to accept it. that includes by the way the federal government. for too long, for a decade or more there is a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill . it seems as if permits were issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies that. cannot and will not happen anymore. >> he's referring to the mineral management services, part of the federal government and separate from the coast guard that doled out cozy relationship permits without the oil company complying with regulations. it was on the assurances that we would clean and take care of all of those for you and give you the permit. they never lived up to it. >> the same agency the ms was accepting the royalties and enforcing the regulations .
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so in really direct contrast with one another and they are breaking that mms up. shocking to hear that the obama administration is the first one to figure this one out. the interior department had issues. >> this is so maddening. there are companies and engineers that have a solution to start cleaning up the gulf. it ranges from everything from hair nets made out of human hair that would absorb oil . towels. >> a huge ash soption matte. they illustrated some work and may not. they called bp and the federal government and they have not heard back from them. >> admiral alen coming up from the coast guard number one, bp are trying to do the top hat. that is troping down on the leak and they think they
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learned the lesson from the big dome. ice christials . now things on the side heat it so it doesn't freeze . then the hot cat. >> it sounds like the top hat and then hot cat and break part of the well open to release pressure. if that doesn't work. >> the junk shot. this is reference to basketball. what they do is lower a tube and shoot in golf balls. wires tools rubber. jam it in there with the device. >> that is where we are right now. >> it is shocking weeks later. they are just jerry rigging things. >> junk shot is tested but on the surface. it never was tried at 5,000
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feet. >> bp wants your help america. they set up a suggestion box. you have a shoe box. they have invoited you to help them and so far they have received 4800 suggestions in their suggestion box from random people and they will look at them and see if you can help. >> they are desperate for an answer . so feel tweel to call them. >> sarah palin is in the nra convention and brought down the house. she is a life long nra member and hunter and walks the walk and she talked about how frightened she is about how shed the president plans to do on the gun right. >> second amendment rights are important to wim and minorities. we know the right to bear arms protect those who are
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perceived to be weaker. from the strong. god made men and men . colonel colt made them equal. >> some people say president obama was some what friendly and allowed guns in national parks. it was a comedian . little jeff foxworthy. >> i relate to the term red neck. she rembraces. you are red neck if your hunting moon was a hunting trip. or eye fishing license as id . she brought down the house as a comedian and gun rights activist. >> she had a baby shower held in a gun range that she went to . she is not lying. >> that is more amazing than a honeymoon at a -- >> in the meantime here are the new a headlines. two more people are arrested in pakistan in conwith the
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times square bomb blast. two suspects. friends and relatives of faisal shahzad helped tod finance the attack. authorities are reviewing surveillance tapes from the long island new york duncan doughnuts where faisal picked up $400,000 to carry out the plot. >> president obama discussing welfare reform. he united states needs to grow. >> fostering an climate that encourages business to hire again and vittle vitally important. i will work to make that happen. my responsibility as president is to make sure the economic had crisis that riggered this recession never happens again. >> but in the weekly gop address. chris lee said the economic recovery act never lived up to democrat promises to reduce
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unemployment. >> flash market crash is being blamed on a kansas based mutual fund. chicago mercan tile said waddle and reed executed trades that contributed to the dow plunging are i points. the firm said it is not responsible. >> the new video from ban cook turns in to a deadly war zone. >> the state department is offering to evacuate americans . protestors and fighting left 17 people dead. fighting exploded there. >> while you were sleeping the crew of atlantis had their wake-up. ♪ >> today astronauts will inspect the heat shields for
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damage after lift off. atlantis is on track to dock tomorrow. astronauts will be there for's week installing new batteries and new room. final mission for the shuttle. >> install new batteries. >> around the spring and fall change the 9 volt in the smoke detectors. >> speaking of that. we'll check in with the look at weather. >> smoking. speaking of changing batteries. >> even if there is nothing . we'll go to weather. here's what you are waking up. down in the oast and west. temperatures are remaining col. here is a satellite radar picture. all of the storms that fired last night. that will fire up in the afternoon. bigger problem central area of the country.
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one tornado warning in south texas as you are waking up. severe weather again . later on this afternoon. redevelop in west texas again and slide east again. we being see flooding out of this area because the rain continues to fall . southwest looking great . lots of sunshine right there. temperatures are cooler. >> thank you, rick. >> coming up, the obama administration approved the killing of a radical born claric. but is it worth taking him out if it makes him a martyr? >> he is the only survivor of the tragic libyan air crash. he is now going home. >> summer is just weeks away. >> all of your camping needs and remarch time. >> more "fox and friends" in two minutes . fiber one -- i'm looking for some fiber.
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>> he's been linked to the fort hood shooter and suspect in the failed times square bombing. now the obama administration approved the killing of an american born cleshic. is that constitutional and will it just make him a martyr to the muslim people . >> attorney and director and center for terrorism for the defense of democracy. good morning to you. >> so the question about the constitutionality. >> critics say it is the fifth amendment . we guarantee not to be deprived of life, liberty and property without dew process of law . targeting without the dew
7:17 am
process of law. is that unconstitutional. >> fifth amendment is operative. he's leaveying war against the united states and open about the fact that he is trying to be part of al qaeda and other groups. this is the same kind of issue that you faced in the civil war. the confederacy rebelled openly against the north and the union made the decession to go to war and kill people without the issuance of war first. >> the teacher at the naval academy said you need congress and cell phone aprouval to check on his cell phone but not kill him. are you doing him a favor by making him a a martyr. >> congressional aprouval. that is a system that set up. nothing to do with the constitutionality of the matter.
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one could argue that is inconsistent. that yes, martyrdom is a risk that i talk -- take. it is something i don't put much credence. osama bin laden poses a direct threat. if we kill him he would be a martyr. the bigger question is will it anger more people than the degree to make us safe . >> that is a question. does it anger more people by going after the guy and is this guy so important to go after. >> based on the information that is available. it is a question that i can't answer . we don't know his position in al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. he is linked to a couple of terrorist plots. you mentioned al-hashan and
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shahzad attempt. we don't know his role. it is difficult to ark sess if he played the role of someone in the grapped stands or played an active role in urntaken that shooting . >> there is another -- also reports that he counciled the 9/11 hijackers is a dangerous, dangerous, man. >> thank you. >> if lawmakers approve elena kagan on the bench. moms underrepresented on the court. fair and balanced is next. >> and arizona's immigration law . how can you challenge it? >> people who espouse a version of islam. >> are you uncomfortable attributing that to radical islam. >> i don't want to say anything negative about a religion. >> the attorney general has
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not read the 16 page bill. >> governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in straight ahead. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends". it is time for your news by numbers. first up. four, that's how many banks regulators shut town if illinois, yorge george, michigan and missouri. total bank failures this year, 72 . finally, four, that is the number of brothers ands who graduated from texas a&m yesterday. they are called the aggie quadwill you please rets . two dollars. that's the price of taco bell's new value meal. taco, burrito and drink and bag of doridentitios.
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you are all going. >> thank you . are mothers underrepresented on the supreme court. the family columist, the pundit mom bloger . we welcome both of them good morning. >> good morning. if ruth vader gingberg steps down there are no momots supreme court. >> perspective and diversity. we decided as a society that diversity is important . if we want to have things represented by women and different perspective, it is important to have a mother's perspective. by the time most women are 40 80 percent of those women are mothers and since we know that
7:25 am
women make up the majority of the people in the count rope and votes, it only makes sense to have that view represented on the supreme court. >> 80 percent of women over 40 are mothers. >> we want to start interperting laws with diversity. i am adhere to the helped century old that we should interpert the laws the way they were intended. the lady holding the trays of justice, right. when she is blind fold that's what justice should be. >> let me just interrupt you. everybody's personal experience does end up forming their opinions like it or not. if you have a mom on the supreme court, it will influence their issues on child care and sex discrimination in the workplace. >> let me jump in alley.
7:26 am
>> you can respond. i am. betsy. >> alyson two things temperature may be that our experiences do inform how we interpet the law. that is not supposed to be the case. the best we can say to the best extent we are to leave personal experiences aside. most important point. we node more mothers on the supreme court, they are not talking about mothers like me. i have four school age kid and raising them 24-7 . i would vote with justice roberts 99 percent of the time. when people want moms on the court they want liberal moms that vote a certain way. if i were qualified to be on the court would interpert the constitution to the best of my ability and put my personal prejudices aside. if you can do that i don't care if you have 10 children or none. the point is innertererting
7:27 am
the law. >> joanne two things it would be foin to have mothers on the court that look like me or you. pol ters have discovered in the book of what women really want. women agree on 80 percent. if we didn't need personal experience we wouldn't havulars or courts or judges or supreme court . we know that men on the court influence the decision f. we as a society decided we want diversity on tv news . we need it on the supreme court. >> interestingly every man on the court is a dad, justice scaliia had nine children. of course that never comes up. thank you for coming on to debate it . we'll continue it on the blog.
7:28 am
>> speaker of the house nancy pelosi to preacham nesty. >> cardinals and bishops that come to me and say we want you to pass immigration reform. i want you to speak about it from the pulpit. >> what about the separation of church and state. >> look at this video. seven year old dancing to single ladies in racy outfits. there is a debate. >> back here live to get ready for the summer camping season. we have a race soon. steck around. [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life.
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>> welcome back. who wants to bite the bullet. >> i am with dave and rick and alyson and i am clayton. >> we'll bring in governor huckabee. eric holder under fire . the senate wanted him to talk about the reasons behind the times quar bombing and wanted him to acknowledge that radical islam had something to do with the plot. eric holder would not go there, listen. >> so was radical islam one of them? >> there are a variety of
7:33 am
reasons why people do them. >> all i am asking if radical islam might have been one of the reason it is that the individuals took the steps they did. >> radical islam. those people who espouse a version of islam. >> are you uncomfortable attributing the actions to radical islam. >> i don't want to say anything negative about religion . >> i am talking about radical islam. >>reporter: nice to see you governor. you heard the attorney general. is he playing games . >> i don't know what he is doing. he needs a literacy class. he can't read bills and come up with the words and say radical islam is the enemy of the united states. >> or not. and here's what i think we have to establish. one, we are at war . war we have is unconventional
7:34 am
. it is jihism or islam fascism. call it what it is. people perverted a religion and ice thag religion and whose goal is the utter anilation of every single one of us. >> he called faisal shahzad a terrorist and linked it back to the pakistan taliban. it sounds like he is uncomfortable maligning a religion . >> he wouldn't be maligning a religion . he would be maligning the perversion of the religion which is what the congressman was asking. he was not saying islam. he was talking about radical islam and jihadism. that is like saying christians are christians but west boro baptist church. i don't want to call them in the same notion of mother theresa. >> would you call them radical
7:35 am
christians. >> i would call them nuts . >> that is the distinction. another thing. >> i can come up with other adjenthives . >> we have plenty of time. but we want to talk about eric holder not reading the immigration law and fully criticizing it. this is what he had to say when he talked about the immigration policy of arizona. >> i understand that you may file a lawsuit against the law, seems to me that the administration ought to be enforcing border security and immigration laws and not challenge being them and administration is on the wrong side of the american people. have you read the arizona >> i have but not read it. it is 10 pages . a lot shorter than the health care bill which 2000. i will give you my copy of it if you would like to have a copy. even though you haven't read a law do you have a opinion to
7:36 am
say if it is constitutional. >> i have not been briefed yet. >> 10 pages long . depending on the phonics. i needed a larger print edition and it happens. i am older than you. it is not that difficult to read and pretty simple and straightforward and what is more bizarre he would criticize the bill and talking about we may need to have a legal challenge and may be unconstitutional and hadn't read it >> it is not like it is so thick that we don't know what is it in can you form a opinion. >> we know the controversy. but you still need to know the words, right. >> that was my question . >> jumping to the conclusion. the president talked about somebody might get a ice cream cone for their son and asked
7:37 am
for papers. that will not map unless the person is holding up the ice cream store. >> they go to great pains in the bill to make it clear. hoe is the chief law officer of the country and wouldn't take time to read it you would think he would learn his lesson about reading the bill. >> need literacy bills. they don't read the bills they vote on or file lawsuits against. >> the arizona law will not change the immigration issue one way or another it is an important moment to scream help. when it comes in july, it will not resolve it or ignite a witch hunt. it is really pretty modest in its attempt. >> maybe what will resolve it.
7:38 am
catholic priest preaching what nancy pelosi wants them to preach. >> cardinal, biand come to me and say we want you to pass imreform. i want you to speak about it from the pulpit. i want you to instruct your whatever the communication is. the people, some who oppose immigration reform are sitting in the pews. you have to tell them it is a manifestation of our living the depos pel. >> a former pastor telling priest what they mede to say. >> pope pelosi. >> pope pelosi has spoken. the edict has been gitch now from the -- >> go to your flock. angels. yes, lord? >> if nancy pelosi is serious about following the church's
7:39 am
teaching start with abortion. she's catholic and her church is very, very clear on the position of the sanctity of human life . very, very clear and pope benedict xvi reaffirmed the church's position on the sanctity of life and sanctity of traditional marriage. two issues with which nancy pelosi is completely out of touch with her own church. those are issues that are far more rock and nothing about immigration reform in the scriptures. >> thank you, governor who is on your show. >> we will talk about the businessate point of grace demos pel winners will be with us. jill's errand from real housewives. secres of a jewish mother. >> nais an interesting line up . here are your headlines. 30 militants are dead this morning after afghan and nato
7:40 am
forces conducted sweeps . 10 insurgents were killed in the helman province. a spokesperson said the prominant taliban commander was captured in the raid. there is new video in the fox news room. nine year old dutch boy sole survivor of the air crash. they broke the news that his brothers and parents died. 103 people died when the crash happened. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to go down. >> toyota had an attack plan about acceleration problems. automaker saw the public relation plan. the company is denying those claims. earlier this year toyota recalled millions of vehicles
7:41 am
world wide because of sticking gas pedals. it was linked to 39 death united states. how is the weather outside. >> it is nice. bass pro shops come we have toys. that's my goal . take a look at the weather picture. it is a beautiful start to the day. much warmer than all week long . cool in the areas of the west. 37 degrees as you wake up in denver. you are not getting that spring just east. eastern part of the country starting off nice. severe weather and wind problems and hail damage in the midatlantic stretch. it will be humid especially to the south of dc. but areas of the south, you will see rain and more severe weather. areas of texas and oklahoma and that will stretch in missouri awe arkansas as well. dave, what is going on in >>
7:42 am
we are outside with the folks of bass pro. we are going camping in the middle of new york city . best anger on the planet and go out doors sale in bass pro shops and encouraging folks to go out there. tell us about the sale specifically . >> it starts next weekend it is go out doors event. it is easy to do and we have expert staff and all of the gear in the bass pro stores to do it. that's the thing. we have all of these free seminars and hiking and backpack camping and out door cooking and it is all free. we have games and kids crafts at the stores, too. you don't want to be intim dated if you are outdoors. we have all of the gear. >> that's why it is great. you can spend four or five hours and actually buy nothing.
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but it is an entertaining place. what will i learn about camping et cetera. >> we have a gps skills there. you can learn how to learn use your gps and camping depeer and it is all free. >> some of the gear. talk about that that you can find. >> it is a brand new line force it is kyacht and tents and backpacks and shoes and water bottlings. it is a great line of outdoor gear. this stuff will last you for years and years. whether you spend 10 days in the back country, we have something for everybody. >> we have more for you coming up in the shoy. we'll go to the boats and go kyachting . new arrests in the failed times square attack. following the money trail and what that renext. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends". more arrests have been made relation to the times square bombing plot. the f.b.i. following the money trail to massachusetts, and maine . made three arrests so far. could the money trail lead to more arrests. joinings is a former prosecutor who teaches about money laundering and terrorist financings. you are the expert approximate in a specific targeted area. >> thank you. >> general mccasey pinned a piece in the wall street journal. this is not new . the way the money is moved around with couriers, it is new. is it? >> not in my opinion. they think it was moved by
7:48 am
guala existed for centuries. the simple way of way it existed with getting on the airplane with money and take out of the country on their body or suitcases. >> it is being done more now because it is harder to track. >> it is helpful to the terrorist because there are no records and investigators can't go to the bank and trace transion actions and there are no records essentially on. shahzad needs money and you have the wacala. >> that is a yourier basically. >> it is more of somebody who set us up a transaction . >> he goes there and said i need money. and somebody over in pakistan goes to a similar czar czar
7:49 am
and said i want to sendep him money . they get a code and shahzad goes back and picks up the money. >> how do they track this? it is like a honor system . no numbers. >> the two wahalazar czar don't work out the amounts. they keep a running tab and at some point. >> pay me when you can. >> it may be in good and not even money. >> services and other thingings. >> and the c.i.a. has a tall task to track them. >> best thing to do is track down the people and interrogate them as much as possible and that's the way they get information. there are no regular roars on these things. >> thank you for your expertise. >> any time. >> coming up on the show. seven year olds dancing to
7:50 am
single ladies. is it inappropriate or are folks over reacting. you decide next . we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works. help regulate your digestive system.
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take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia
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>> beyonce's song song single ladies inspired. but not as much as outcry on the sen year old dancing in skimpy outfits and doing provocative moves. is this age appropriate . melinda is a parent much a eight year old depirl . >> thanks for having me. >> what do you find offensive about the video? >> the costuming is
7:54 am
inappropriate. i understand the need to see the body movements. but they look like the pussy cat dolls than dance students. >> parents were not available to come on . i am going to try to represent their side. >> when little girl goes swimming and they show more skin. this is a dance contest and dance outfit. >> my daughter doesn't wear boots to the pool and trim and tops. >> it is lingeriish. >> my daughter has a suit like that and it is hard for me to wear that in public . it is too much. >> beyond the ut fits. there is uproar about the moves. parents say in the moment they didn't seem highly provocative . but great dance moves. let me tell you what the
7:55 am
vice-president of the dance companiulars peters. crowd noise is from parents and dance teams that were amazed by their skill and precision . there was nothing perceived as provocative. >> i have to say my daughter does the dancing around the house . hilarous. but if public i wouldn't be so happy. i think the parents are impressed with the kids. i am incredibly impressed. but it is not age appropriate. >> these dance moves and beyonce's song is ubit quus. they were done in the alvin and chipmunks movie. is there any way to put the genie back in the bottle. >> i watched the movie and they were wearing cute clothes and moves but not nearly as scary for me. i watched the performance and
7:56 am
i kept uponing to look away and like i shouldn't be wooching this. alvin and chipmunk was adorable but all in context. >> i will put it in my blog blog and i am sure it will be inioyour blog. thank you coming on. >> health care debate is not over. president obama's pick for medicare and health services is raising eye brows about who am pay for the plan for people who don't have money. >> facebook under fire for privacy. people are leaving in droves. and should you log off the site. we'll have more on this in two minutes . eat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop.
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8:00 am
is in the gulf is growing by the minute. why does the ceo of bp say it is a tiny leak. >> sarah palin headlining the nra convention and defending american's right to bear arm. >> i was going to tell the tech guys. no need to load up the teleprompter. i have everything i need on my hand. i am the nra. >> why she said president obama want to take away your second amendment rights. >> and uncle sam is at it again. the government is wanting to track your kids weight. >> and kathy in florida. "fox and friends" is truly better than the rest. watching anything else. wait, wait. >> she posed a.
8:01 am
why watch anything else? >> oh, okay. maybe you should reload the prompter and put it on your hand. >> here's why to watch. folks at bass pro are taking you outdoors. they will tell you about the boat and how affordable it is. >> looks like a great time for fishing . >> and we are honoring our armed fores and all five branches. army and navy and marines and armed fores day. >> we have so much to talk about on the show. including sarah palin in the nra convention. she brought the crowd their feet. >> we were playing the song bullet-proof. >> headlines, it is a closely contested primary race. they are making final pitches to the voters ahead of the september primary. we have the latest on the heated race. good morning, melanie.
8:02 am
tell us what it is looking like today . >> good morning, alyson. it is a white hot contest. candidates are chris cross campaigning. underdog joe seskek is leading ahead of 80 year old oarlen spector who switched from republican to democrat last year. he is reminding voters of specter's witch. >> there is no way we'll trust a career politician that will get us in the mess and then said i will switch the party after the republican agenda. >> there is an independent record and i value what is good for the people of my state and nation and vote accordingly. >> specter is running ads showing he has the support of president obama . cesstak is showing the senator
8:03 am
with former senator bush. he has attacked the military service and questioned the retirement from the navy and cesstek declined to release medical recorder. but the challenger is saying he would be attacked for reporting elena kagan. cesstak is leading specter it is by no means over yet. the winner will face congressman pat tume this fall. >> interesting stuff . thank you so much. in the meantime bp is scrambling to make good on the latest attempt to sphopt oil in the gulf of mexico. they are using undersea chemical disbursement to break apart and keep it from reaching the surface. president obama voicing outrage over the oil spill and
8:04 am
trea behavior. >> i saw first hand the anger and frustration felt by our neighbors in the gulf and it is one i share as president. >> the oil could be spewing 10 times faster than the estimated 5,000 barrels a day . >> the white house may change the rules on interrogating suspects . considering to anding the government to hold them before presenting them to a judge. it disrupts the interrogation more than the miranda rights. it would allow them to with hold miranda rights. and bret michaels. rocker is set to return to the stage a little more than a month after suffering from the brain hemorage. he plans to make his first tv appearance on ophrah winfrey
8:05 am
and attend the last select apprentice. >> what a recover. >> youngest person to sail by herself around the world. 16 year old jessica watson returned to sydney with a hero welcome . she traveled 23,000 nautical miles and she was gone for sen months and knocked down by waves. >> unbelievable. cane years old. >> where are her parentings. >> mom and dad i am going. >> the weather had to cooperate to make that happen. >> it didn't if you were gone for seven months. >> totally by herself. >> wow, and we wonder about the kids doing dances. >> she is like columbus. >> they were keeping an eye on her. >> here is the weather picture. eastern part of the country looking nice. we have troubles in the atlantic.
8:06 am
these areas down south. we had a crout in texas. that is wiped off. that is the rainy spot. out west things are looking good. we have more trouble for severe weather. monday, all of the problems in hit in oklahoma. today we'll see it in areas of texas . have tornados likely . parts of the midatlantic as the day heats up. this front is talled and that's why all along the area we'll see more rain and storms and couple of areas of flash flooding in texas and arkansas as well. rainfall totals will be big in areas of tennessee, guys that are cleaning up. we'll not see the flooding like last week but seeing significant rain and for some people will cause problems. cool in areas of the west and warming up in the southwest . 93 in phoenix, clayton and 91 in raleigh. >> time of that year .
8:07 am
>> and i am going in a couple of weeks. >> wait until the 120 degrees. >> talking about things heating nup the nra convention. sarah palin is one of the key note speakers and she knows how to rile them up and get them fired up. one of the things she talked about media mischaracterized what the right has done in targeting districts when she talks about the tea party. she said the media made stuff up about what she's meant. take a listen. >> media doesn't understand now aday with politically correct language when we talk about targeting a district? we are not talking about there shooting somebody. my dad's most valuable. don't let people get you down. rise up and keep fighting for what you believe in. don't retreat. reload .
8:08 am
they think that is insighting violence. it is not. >> her point is that is a venacular . she's taken a lot of heat for using termology in the overheated political climate and she is very funny. >> she was like jeff fox worthy. she relates to the fact she is a red neck. she embraces the term and how fun with stand up comedy in the nra convention. >> you are a red neck yes. s to your house turn off the paved road. yeah. turn off the paved road . you may be a red neck if you use your fishing license as a form of id. that's how you cash your check in and if you save money on honeymoon and we . it is hunting season. >> and we did. what are they open my dairy? >> she is once went to a baby
8:09 am
shower at a shooting range. >> it was her baby shower . >> that would have worked well with the line of jokes. >> that is amazing . lot more creative than the coffee shop down the street. >> move on to this topic. president obama coming under fire from the right for the medicare nominee. donald burric is his name and he is the president's medicare nominee. listen to what he had to say about medicare in the past as it relate to redistribution. >> it is just equitable, civilized and human must, must rewealth from the richer among us to the poorer and less fortunate. excellent health care is by definition redistributable.
8:10 am
>> medicare and medicaid? >> and any health care plan. that is the new health care bill. for all of the people who are using the emergency rooms as a primary care physician because they didn't have insurance or go to the doctor, we have been paying higher premiums it is not a redistribution of health and will continue to beinsure 35 million. the money has to come from somewhere. comes from people who can afford it. >> dave said relate to medicare and medicaid. he will be put in charge of medicare and medicaid which is redistributionable. it is for elderly who can't afford health care. he is put in a program. >> the fear on the right is this concept of rationing health care. if you don't have money. are you not anything to get proper health care? or have longer lines and not get the right medical
8:11 am
attentionurn the new health care plan? if you do have money people are worried about it as well >> or the taxpayers foot the bill for guys who don't work. >> this is very supportive of the uk health care system which is an awful system. others praise it. he's going to have a tough confirmation. a lot of senators have a lot of questions. in stark contrast with elena kagan. they are happy with your. >> you make a point. bush health care system was brought out in the health care debate. long lines and waiting for chemo therapy. >> that's why they come here for medical attention . >> but he is a big facilitior. >> but there are words he could take back . >> i think so. president obama playing with words . he made a promise not to raise
8:12 am
taxes on the middle class. >> the white house said that is his preference. is it a slippery slop? >> and google spies on users. they collected private data. how you could be affected coming up. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
>> as a canditate president obama promised not to raise taxes for the middle class. you remember this september 2008? >> i can make a firm pledge. under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. not your income tax enot your
8:16 am
pay rol tax or capitol gains taxes not any of your taxes. >> yet this week. white house budget director said the president's pledge is not a pledge it is a preference really for the president. why this change? are we headed to the slippery slope. dan, welcome. that was a campaign promise if we have ever heard one. how did it go from a promise or pledge. >> barack obama wants to spend our money and there are not enough rich people to support the government. why are we surprised? two weeks after becoming president he raised tobacco taxes on ordinary middle class and lower income voters and government return health care. it hit people making less than $250,000. >> is that function taxings. >> he said no taxingsment and
8:17 am
now they are talking about a value added tax. it is a national sales tax. 10-20 and european countries 25 percent national sales tax rate on everything you buy. >> he violating that by the tanning tax in the health care bill and man date you will be fined if you don't buy health care . is there something that comes back to haunt him 20 thereto 12. a lot of folks out there said my taxes are going down under this president. will this come back to bite him. >> bush 41, back in 1988. i have to remember my history. read my lips, no knew taxes was obama's read my lips. lied through his teeth. and it did come back to haunt him. voters were angry. why would president obama take
8:18 am
that political risk? >> first of all, any politician in washington they decide that spending other people's money is fun. they may want to be fiscally responsible on the campaign trail . but in the beltway, temptation to spend is enormous. but i think it is probably a deliberate maybe clevericalculation . we put in a sales tax. we'll be able to buy off interest groups and still get in effect relected. every white house republican or democrat, some people are thinking on every decision will this help us win when we run again? and some people in the white house are telling obama, we can't do that national sales tax and screw over the middle class. they want the money. >> that will make a effective campaign adcome 2012 thotes taxes are added.
8:19 am
>> thank you. and it is u.s. sends trillions of public schools and our country doesn't rank in the top 10 globally for literacy if you can believe it. tucker karlson is here with a look at what is taught inside of the american classrooms. >> new way to lose weight. >> i thought that made you gain wait. >> inject them in your body. is it legit? [ female announcer ] there's a new generation of sun protection... ...that outlasts their energy. [ female announcer ] introducing the strongest protection yet from aveeno -- new continuous protection with spf 100. we've combined natural soy and antioxidant vitamins with spf 100, in an active naturals® formula that provides 3 times better sunburn protection
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8:22 am
>> we have quick headlines for you. barbra walters is recovering after undergoing open heart surgery. procedure to fix a faulty heart valve went well she plan to rest in the summer and will return to host the view this
8:23 am
fall. >> it is official. court is adjourned on law and order. >> if you happen to know that they occasionally visited the establishment. >> i thought member might know where he was. >> nbc cancelling the show after 20 seasons. one season shy of being the longest running drama in tv history. final episode airs may 24th a. >> and medical a-team. a popular weight loss method called. hcg diet. you inject a pregnancy hormone in your body . a lot of people say it is a success. but is it safe? >> how are you doing, clayton . >> i hear the diet. it is cowly restriction . then you are injecting your body with a pregnancy hormone
8:24 am
and sounds totally safe? >> it is the craziest and most dangerous diet i recovered on television. >> really? >> calorie restriction is 500 calories a day. >> that's it. >> that's starvation. >> we have eaten that this morning in one bagel is that. >> yes, one bagel is that. if you starve the body to that extent and you have heart disease you could have a heart attack and stroke . it is dangerous . on top of that a pregnancy hormone since the 1950s when they said it might help you lose weight it was studied in the journal of the american medical association said it doesn't help you burn fat off. combination ofical row restriction . hormone that doesn't help you lose weight and injecked by a physician. it is a cam and the fda should clamp down. >> the doctor hasn't given his
8:25 am
inn dorsement. and the big story about taking too many vitamins can cause cancer. my father took five vitamins for 40 years and he seems to be fine. is that too much or toettle. >> a vitamin a day may help you. it decreases stress and prevents from the early parts of cancer forming from genetic abnormalities. this study looked at temcells and bomb barded them with a lot of vitamins and too much is no good. moderation is fine. get vitamins in your food. if you wantant oxidants have blue berry and milk and natural vitamins. but if you took 10 types the amount you are supposed to get, it can cause abnormalits that could lead to cancer. >> everything in moderation .
8:26 am
>> with all of the caffeine we drink on the show, now a new study said cafee reduces on the job mistake. >> i watched you. >> you probable got here at 2:00. this is a shift of workers. people working off hours. we find they are fatigued and coffee focus. coffee is a stimulant. it works on add and helps you focus and decrease mental mistakes and improve acuitiy and make you have less mental errors. don't go drinking five or 10 a day. bad for your are the had. >> i have had three. >> have a bowl of cereal. you have had your limit. >> i would have my vitamins and a cup of coffee. always great to see you. >> you can hand me that. give me that coffee. >> and dramatic car crash
8:27 am
forces emergency officials to use jaws of life to save the driver. >> ever wonder what your kids are saying when you see see you later. decode some of the more text messages. and base process invaded our closest. great canoe rematch between myself and david. and entire family having fun outside this summer. more fox and friends straight ahead. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. >> welcome back to "fox and friends". clayton you are our guest today. obviously you are a co-host. we need your expertise e. google may have ripped off some of your information. >> they are spying. >> accidentally according to google. it unfold would in germany. you know those cars that get google street view. they are driving around in the automobiles and grabbing wi-fi hot spot information. >> what does that mean. >> open w-fi. if dave brig's house was on the and he didn't have a secure. >> and whatever e-mail was
8:32 am
showing up. >> possibly information he was transmitting he was showing up. a secure network he was fine most people have that so you can't jump on and steal. >> getting free wi-fi . bank of they may have grabbed the information. >> not bank information. that's what people don't need to worry. it is encrypted. google said look. we are sorry for this error and determined to learn all of the lesson our mistake. they were polling it and they would know that alyson had a open wi-fi . sit and park and get on the camota network. and anything was stored by google . they knew what websites. >> that they stored it. >> they know what websites you are going to. and they expunge today and
8:33 am
deleting it all. >> that leads to the next issue that we are talking about. facebook privacy. >> facebook came under fire for their new facebook privacy regulations . when you logged in facebook . there was major, major changings . what it did was opened up all of your information to the web. went to yelp or pan dora. it was shared with third party services like other websites and dave who owns a hardware. you have acess to my private information. facebook said hey, man. when you sign up for facebook. you opt in. it would be like bp started a social network and you are opting into their service. they can do with your information what they like. >> a lot of people are trying to get off facebook because of privacy policy longer than the
8:34 am
u.s. constitution . this might help you, parents. and not your kids. we'll decode some of those secret messages that your texting or typing and instant messaging to friends partners. you need to know what they mean. >> cul8 r. see you later. >> that is one. >> i mean, if you are typing that many letters. type it out. >> there is nothing. got to see. see you later. gtm. >> giggle to myself. >> who came up with that? trying to, tick is to lol. and here is where we get in slippery slope. partners over your shoulder and kids don't want to let them know what is going on. paw . parents are watching. >> partners over shoulder. pos. and you don't want to see
8:35 am
your kid type let's get naked on cam . gnoc. you get worried. >> when you see that, see you later. >> that's common place enough to warrant a acronim. >> one last thing on the facebook thing. all of those privacy settings go in them and turn them off. turn them off. you can limit everything that is made public about yourself in facebook . go and do it . >> do it right now. it is on by default. >> it is complicated. facebook made it complicated. >> 1200 more words. >> go. meanwhile here are your headlines. a hearing will determine whether a pakistan man arrested in a u.s. embassy will face chargings or are released. muhammad mccann was arrested after officials found traces
8:36 am
of explosives. his public defender called the evidence flimsy and predicts that the pakistani will be released. john albert garder the third is behind bars. he was sentenced to two consectative life sentences without the possibility of parole for murdering chelsea king and amber dubois. >> the victim's families spoke out in court. >> most fitting name for you is coward. you are not a man. you are a weak pathetic coward who preys on girls half your side. you are evil. don't blame anything or anyone for your crimes. >> those families are now called for changes in how the criminal justice system treats sex offenders. >> rescuers using the jaws of life to get the driver out of a crushed car. the car was toltsed after a
8:37 am
head on collision . they cutut roof and pulled the victim out. no word on his condition this morning. >> more americans. i will channel this to you . >> more americans are using cell phones for data than phone calls. people are surfing the web and listening to music and everything but talking on it is cell phone accord toth wireless trea. number of text messages that people sent increased 50 percent x. when people talk on the phones conversations are much short. wouldn't you agree. you are a woman. you do a lot of chatog the phone. >> people are worried about brain cancer and use your fingers. >> you can back me up on this. i think i have seen him make a phone call, rick? >> if you have a call i won't answer . >> it to voice mail. >> i will text you right back. >> and couple of things going
8:38 am
on. i want to talk about louisiana, and the oil spill. this is the forecast in the venice and areas. thunderstorms every day in the forecast and in on shore wind, that is persistant around 10-15 miles per hour. all weekend and in the early part of the coming week, that means moving that oil toward the here line. that is not good news as well >> moving back to the main land and tornados. deadly ones in oklahoma. this is where you typically get them in may. where you see pink that is tornado alley. we'll see more of that today. take a look at the satellite radar picture. eastern part of the country is hot. midatlantic and south. that means we'll see more thunderstorms firing in tennessee and kentucky and back to virginia and west virginia . bost is the central and southern plains. more rain and heavy
8:39 am
thunderstorms and wind and hail and probably in west texas, seeing tornados once again for your day today . watch out for that. , dave, you and bass pro shops. >> rick, get up here on the boat. it is a nice day for fishing. come on board . kevin is the number one angler on the planet and here to talk about the go out doors from bass pro. seminaris and things on sale. for your kids and you. >> it is a great event. we want to make sure the outdoors is accessible and fun. any time you get outdoors. you feel better and deprate time to spend with your family. we have all of the gear and seminars . we can fix you up. >> we have people who get intimidated. i can't go camps and what do i need to bring. camping seminaries and gps
8:40 am
seminary . even the kids can find themselves entertained. >> we have games and everything for the kids. you ever been to a bass pro store. you can spend hour in there looking at thingings. we have expert advice you know how to use all of that camping gear and we have all of our boat system stuff on sale. this one is 1100 off for the outdoors event. number one pontoon boat . you can fish on this and water ski and tube. this is a boat to enjoy all summer long for a lot of summers with your hole family. >> it is good news for people to find out they were cheaper now than a year ago. >> never a better time to buy a new boat. and it startos the 25th and goes through the 31st. will you cast at the camera guy. >> this is very nice. >> i know my young nephew does
8:41 am
that and he is only two years old. >> check it out. 21st through the 31st. clayton, canoe race in an hour. i will start practicing. >> bring it on. >> coming up. in the meantime u.s. spending trillions on public school american doesn't rank in the top 10 for literacy. where is the problem? what our kids are being taught. that's next. big government acting like big. uncle sam want to track your kid's weight . a fair and balanced debate coming up. once we were dreamers. adventurers t out to discover new lands new people. new ways. once we were great explorers. in search of hidden treasure.
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here are the top stories, for your health. first mary poppins was not far off. a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. giving something sweet helps to make the shot less pain employ. does that work for adults. crying decreased 93 percent of the test . two years. there is a pill available to help you live 100 years or older. american expert on aging said pharmesutical companies are developing the drugs off age-related illness like altimeser. >> botox may cause wrinkles. study in the cosmetec of dermology. muscle groups not injected with botox will make expressions and leading to more lines in adjacent areas. more on these at "fox and friends" for your health.
8:46 am
>> i had botox. and frozen that way. >> i can't help it. >> world of text books . what your children are reading in school. now in the second edition . what is happening in the class rom . - room. >> we know better than bureaucrat in washington d.c.. >> it is an effort to dramatically reshape america's educational system. >> host of special fighting for our childrens' mind. tucker great to see you. >> good morning, thanks . >> what stun happened you the most when you peeled the layers of the onion back? what stunned you most about the american education system. >> there is no correlation with the amount of money we spend and the results we get back. washington d.c. where i live spends more than any place in
8:47 am
the world on education and gets dismal results in return. b, i was always, i was amazed by they susceptibility of the educational facility by fads. nothing works and they go for it. vocabulary. trying to teach them math and science and english by rap singing hip-hop tunes. >> that is shocking. >> and it is in 12,000 schools. hundreds of thousands of kids who are rapping at school in the belief that that will make them learning something out of that. there is no evidence . >> one shocking thing that you uncovered. u.s. doesn't make the top 10 in global litacy. how can that be? >> it is depressing. three steps back. education is the most important thing we can do. but truly any country that
8:48 am
farms out education to unimembers is not as serious about education as it said it is. there is a lot of well meeping folks in education. i am married on a teacher. but there is a lot of structural problems and the one of them is teacher unions. >> historical facts. you can go go through no child left behind. there is a lot of misinformation about this law and what it does in schools what did you find out in >> i will bowl boil it down. no child left behind is despised by the left but many on the right. there is bipartisan anger because it is ineffective. >> and where can we catch your show and anything else to look for in it? >> yes, it is on tonight at
8:49 am
nine at fox and tomorrow at some point in the evening. i don't think in the end it is depressing, we are obvious low coming up short. but there is interesting and innovative things going on and i find the new education secretary pretty impressive. >> that is good. >> important special. tune in at nine on the fox news channel. great to see you. >> devastating oil spill in the gulf is getting worse. pouring thousands of gallons was crude in the water every day. why did the bp ceo call it a tiny leak. is there any hope for capping the leak soon. and volunteering time in the kid's school? should they be forced to do volunteer work? . for extra-dry skin... [ roars ] ...there's lubriderm advanced therapy. and now there's lubriderm advanced therapy spf 30. the only body moisturizer with an spf this high.
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8:53 am
>> listen to this, the federal government is trying to track your kid's body weight. that's what will happen if a bill introduced by wisconsin congressman ron kind gets enough votes. is this a step in the right direction, is it against obesity or is the federal government overstepping. here is meme roth and andrew, good morning to both of you. big brother rearing its ugly head. they want to measure the bmi to 18 year olds. sounds intrusive. why is this a good idea? >> children's health and well-being is not a bipartisan issue. it's aggregated information and not invading privacy.
8:54 am
we may not realize this, but two-thirds of parents of obese and overweight children fail to realize the degree of their health problem and even michelle and barack obama failed to see the problems their children were having and obligates the conversation for doctors to bring this up. a great idea. >> andrew she brings up a point. they do not attach names to the data. how does it invade your privacy. >> really, it's more about the fact this is nothing more than feel-good paper workism that's supposed to be masking as a solution to the childhood obesity problem. congressman kind wants to spend to collect kate at that that's already out there. why do we force doctors to send in data for something that we know is already out there. >> meme, how would it reduce obesity. >> we saw a plan with governor
8:55 am
huckabee, started tracking bmi in schools and makes us realize the numbers and progress of the problem and tracking will help us-- hopefully aging chirp out of this issue and bringing up the next generation with a healthy bmi. the good news, obligates the doctor to bring up the conversation with parents. right now it's a very difficult discussion and a lot of doctors don't want to bring it up and parents react badly when it's brought up and this makes it a normal part of the checkup, a grade idea. >> andrew, it's a bill voted on, but the parents appear to have no say in this. should they? >> i think absolutely parents should have a say and i think the bottom line that we have to recognize here is losing weight is about discipline and willpower, if we want to teach kids how to do that, that will get us much further than tracking their body mass index and reporting that information to various government agencies. >> well, andrew langer, meme roth, thank you for being here, we'll check everyone's
8:56 am
bmi at the break. and the health care debate is not over. president obama picked health care and medicaid services is raising a lot of eyebrows, who will ultimately pay for plans for people who don't have the money? also, mixed reaction to this vid video... wow, seven and eight year olds dancing this racy outfits, the popular single ladies song. is this appropriate? hear what you have to say coming up on "fox & friends." we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works.
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9:00 am
conservative women to take back congress in the upcoming elections. >> pit bulls were tough, well, you don't want to mess with the mama grizzlies. >> what exactly are mama grizzlies. >> i'll show you. >> and what she has to say about the president's attack on the second amendment. >> a school trying to force parents to volunteer time in their children's schools? should they be forced to? what that school has to say and one school says, absolutely, yes, you need to do it. the slogan from jim in texas, i watch saturday "fox & friends" hour after hour because they're the news guys with the most paddle power. >> nice! >> canoe race coming up. >> hey, good morning to you all. >> there's the-- that's what he's talking about. >> that's your future death match right there with that little dingy laugh will have >> that was my nickname in
9:01 am
college (laughter) >> oh, nothing personal, but-- >> you were referring to chai clayton there. >> whoever winters to use that little dingy. little did he thinky come over here. >> we will have the paddle rematch at the end of the show. dave and i. >> remember the armed forces, through all the branches of the military today. >> we're learning that the oil spill in the gulf could be a lot worse than first thought. experts believe they could be gushing ten times faster at a rate of more than 20,000 barrels a day and bp scrambling on the latest attempt to contain the oil and dave miller from venice. it could be worse than first thought, david lee? >> you're correct. alisyn, how much oil is spilling into the gulf at this hour, we really don't know.
9:02 am
for weeks now it's been reported that about 210,000 gallons of oil was spewing into the gulf, but that is a significant that some scientists say is simply wrong. in fact, one scientist has said that it's 12 times greater. not ten times, but 12 times greater than that means there would be more than 2 million gallons of oil a day that is now spilling into the gulf and bp says that figure is not realistic, but the bottom line here, alisyn, no one really knows for sure. and at this hour, efforts are continuing to try and at least contain the oil spill. they are using a technique called a riser insertion, the pipe that is leaking is called a riser and what they want to do is put a tube in that riser and then funnel the oil to the surface into a tanker. if that doesn't work, plan b is what is called the top hat approach. it is a containment dome called the top hat and that would be put over the leak, again, the oil would be channelled to the surface in
9:03 am
the tanker and there's a report this morning that authorities are giving more serious consideration to what is called the junk shot approach. and that is simply channelling garbage into the pipeline to essentially clog it up and to stop the leak. meanwhile, the federal government has now approved the use of chemicals underwater to try and disperse the oil. this is the first time that these type of chemicals will be used underwater and there is a great deal of concern down here that the cure could be worse than the problem. and lastly, alisyn, it is expected that later today, the interior secretary, ken salazar is going to be in the region. one of the things he'll do is tour a wild life sanctuary, at least 13 birds have now died because they were coated with oil and those are the animals that we know about and again, it is feared that many more animals will die as the spill continues. back to you. >> all right. also tragic, david lee miller, thank you. why are none of these ideas
9:04 am
comforting to us? in part because they took them so many weeks to concoct anything. >> for the most part they're untested which is frightening, you would think they'd have a second, third, plan. >> and the ridiculous dog and pony show on capitol hill. >> terrible. >> with the oil executive passing the buck to each other. the american people want somebody to stand up and take accountable. that's not going to happen. the ceo of bp said this about the spill shall the gulf of mexico is a very big ocean. the amount of oil and disperseant we're putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume. >> how do you say that on the same day the experts say could be 25, could be 70,000 barrels a day could be four exxon valdez every four days. how out of touch could you be to look at what's happening. >> they haven't gotten their mind around it and arms what to do and white house watchers
9:05 am
said they've rarely heard the president so angry to come out publicly and make this statement. liston president obama. >> it's pretty clear that the system failed and it failed badly. for that there's enough responsibility to go around and all parties should be willing to accept it. that includes, by the way, the federal government. for too long, for a decade or more, there's been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill. it seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. that cannot and will not happen anymore. >> the president came out and pointed that out and took responsibility for the federal government to give the permits. >> there was a whistleblower in 2009 that came out and said that bp is sitting on a catastrophe on a separate rig not the one that exploded, an
9:06 am
environmental catastrophe that we've seen seen in the united states and that went largely ignored. >> what the federal government role is, if they're not regulating things that americans can do, we can't go to check the oil rig for safety. why are they focusing on children's bmi rather than regulating things that we can't do in our back yard. >> the same people that were accepting the royalties from the oil companies so their priorities were certainly out of whack. and we talked about some of the solutions to stop this leak, the jump shot, the top hat, they sound all cute. now, that bp is calling for you to provide suggestions, yes, they are opening up the phone lines, e-mail them, deepwater horizon they are asking for your ideas. i got one on twitter here from alicea, she says how about a billion sham wow towels. soak it up. >> thank you. >> sham wow. >> boom. >> that might sound ridiculous, they've received over 4800 responses from the
9:07 am
american people, some of which include, human hair. >> right. >> animal hair. >> a huge hair net. >> like a cafeteria lunch lady. that's not her, that's not her. >> that might work though (laughter) >> and these are people cutting their hair for the oil spill and this does work because hair absorbs oil. towels, putting towels down. >> it's disturbing and i talked to rick reich mieft about this earlier and there are few private companies involved in this, seems to be bp coming up with the bizarre solution when is you've got private enterprise, companies all over the world probably begging to get down there and try things. >> they are, i just saw the evening newscast there are at least four companies that have, they say, proven techniques, not just sort of experimental hair things, techniques of oil infiltration, you want to use that oil and we're also wasting that oil and say they've reached out to bp and the government and haven't heard back. >> and some are going to the gulf to try to get their attention. >> send in your suggestions,
9:08 am
america. they need their hope. >> let's get some good ideas going. >> in the meantime we have your headlines and what else is happening? two more people have been arrested in pakistan in connection with that failed times square bomb plot. said to be friends of shahzad. coming through a surveillance tape through a new york state dunkin' donuts where shahzad reportedly picked up $4,000 to carry out the plot. president obama discussing wall street reform this morning, he says america needs to build a new foundation for growth and prosperity for the long-term. >> jump starting job creation in the private sector and fossstering a climate that entur enturjs-- encourages business toss hire again, i'll make sure that happens. my responsibility as president isn't just to help our economy rebound from this recession, it's to make sure an economic crisis like the one that helped trigger this recession never happens again. >> in the weekly g.o.p.
9:09 am
address, new york representative chris lee says the economic recovery act passed last year never lived up to democrat's promises that it would reduce unemployment. the flash market crash that shocked investors, reports that waddle and read executed federal trades which contributed to the dow plunging 1,000 points before rebounding and the firm says, however, it is not responsible. now video from bangkok as the thai capital turns into a deadly war zone. the protesters and military continue to clash. at least 17 people killed since thursday. more than 100 others have been hurt and the state department is warning americans to stay away from bangkok. former alaska governor, sarah palin calling for american women to take back the country during the mid term election. >> i think of the mama grizzly
9:10 am
bears raise up on their hind legs, to do something adverse to the cubs, the mama grizzlies they rear up, and if you thought pit bulls were tough, you don't want to mess with the mama grizzlies. >> and palin is speaking at the national rifle association warning that president obama would ban guns if he could and sarah palin is of course a fox news contributor. >> and a mama grizzly is-- >> like that. >> rrrr! >> and that's intimidating. >> she may only be five feet tall. >> 5-3, excuse me, 5-3. >> make sure you record that as use one of your tunes that you have for us from now on. the sound, that's a good one. >> and he had that one ready to go, but didn't have the grizzly bear sound effect. [bear growling] >> that's so fast you turned that around. that was good.
9:11 am
>> around the country this morning, across areas of texas and this is going to cause some flash flooding. remember two weeks ago across the nashville area, we had like a 500 year flood there causing the problemsment and take a look at video. we're still seeing video come in and this is how rapidly the water rose and started coming in, this is from a store that you see the water rushing in there and people were caught so off guard and that's where we saw the fatalities across the area, but check that out. it's amazing, we start to see more and more video come in from this. how quickly that happens and obviously, somebody caught completely unawares from that. >> the temperatures say you're waking up in across the south. the 70's already it's hot and sticky and south of the front that's across the area and anywhere to the south of that front we'll have the humidity. to the north, a little drier, but right along the stalled out front we have a few areas of severe weather threat one across west texas and across
9:12 am
areas of arkansas and the mid atlantic, areas in the washington d.c., maybe up towards philadelphia. parts of new jersey and delaware and also some flash flooding concerns in across a couple of spots as well and we have rough weather to be had. the temperatures cool. dave, denver, 59 degrees only today. warm up for your day tomorrow and we're still warm across the areas of the south. all right, guys. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks, buddy. >> coming up on the show, a number of states suing to overturn president obama's health care, and in the lawsuits why they say the measure goes too far. >> and the tea party taking off reading glasses and reading 2000 pages of the health care bill, why they're doing it coming up. >> they need to go to sleep. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." take a look at the map. 19 that joined florida's original lawsuit against president obama's health care law and a lobby for small business is following that lead. >> that's right, we're joined from the national federation of independent businesses, her group is joining those 20 states in that lawsuit. good morning to you, karen, tell me, at first you supported this health care legislation, why have your members decided to join the lawsuit? >> they were aggressive to make sure that the number one health care issue, cost, was addressed in the health care bill. but after all of the political deals were cut, it was clear that the health care law that congress passed and the president signed was more bad than good for small business. and therefore, we felt that it was incumbent as
9:17 am
representatives of small business in this country, and our members who were demanding action that we join the state ag's and others and governors yesterday in their lawsuit to challenge this unconstitutional law. >> okay. and it remains to be seen whether or not it's constitutional and whether the states can't trump the federal government. will the me throw up on the screen here, these are big corporations that are affecting health care, caterpillar, honeywell, john deere, 3m. at&t, voe layero, a number of other countries and i spoke to a small business owner who says he has fewer than 20 employees and the percentage of health care cost was going to go from 7% up to about 15%, his costs, is that what is killing you guys? >> costs have been killing small business owners for decades now, yes and we actually think this health care law is only going to exacerbate that problem. not only are you talking about all the tax increases that are embedded in the bill, but you're talking about the cost
9:18 am
of doing business through new paper work requirements and regulatory burdens, it's unsus standable and many small business owners have to be forced to shut their doors as a result. >> karen, just so folks don't think you're saying, no, no, no, we don't want any of this. you're for some type of health care reform. what measures do you support? >> absolutely. nfib has been aggressive trying to get health care reform for its members for two decades. things like letting small businesses purchase across state lines, giving their employees vouchers so that health insurance truly is portable, and they can take-- that it's not tied to the employer-based health care system. these are tort reform is also another example of having that is missing from this legislation, that we have been asking for for decades. >> what's been the response so far working with these attorneys general across the state, what's been the
9:19 am
response? well, our partnership with the attorney's general has been very wonderful. we were pleased to be able to join them in efforts. our members are very enthusiastic and appreciative of our participation in this lawsuit. they know that we are fighting for them to the end on the issue that is their number one concern. >> karen, that will be national federation of independent business, you have 350,000 members. thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, karen. >> well, coming up here on the show, election season heating up with candidates going at each other's throats for a seat in congress. pennsylvania is going down to the wire, an impact on the entire coming up. >> plus, if it's called volunteering, why is a school forcing parents to do it. doesn't it mean that that's mandatory? hear from the school next.
9:20 am
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>> 6:23 out west, time for a few quick headlines. president obama will deliver remarks at the national peace officers memorial service in washington this morning. the event caps off police week, recognizing and honoring law enforcement officials throughout the country. astronauts are inspecting the heat shield on the shuttle atlantis for any damage that may have happened during yesterday's launch. the shuttle is on track to dock at the international space station tomorrow. astronauts will spend a week delivering batteries and a new room for the station. it's the final mission for the shuttle atlantis, aly. >> tell us how you feel about the next story. should you be forced to volunteer in your child's school based on the claim that they'll get a better education if you're involved. that's what the san jose district is proposing, mandatory volunteering for all parents for 30 hours per
9:24 am
school year. gustavo gonzalez is school board trustee in the district. good morning, mr. gonzalez. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm well. i'm sure our viewers understand the intention of the rule that you're proposing, that is to get more parents involved in their kids' school. however, how can you make this mandatory? what if parents have to work during the school day? >> yes, that's a great, great question. well, let's start with the beginning here. this policy is really about a statement that we want to make in our district about the importance of parent participation. research is clear on this, 48% of students success has nothing to do with their teefs, the facilities or the curriculum, has to do with parents participating in their education. as a school board trustee our job is to advocate for the students, and make the bold statement to the world what's important for student success and using the word requirement is making that bold statement.
9:25 am
now, can we force them? absolutely not. do we want to? absolutely not. what we want to do is make sure that everybody understands the importance of this. >> yeah. >> in order for this to work-- >> let me interrupt you there. this is a little like forcing people to give to charity. i mean, when you make it mandatory to volunteer, it loses something and in fact, parents may even become resentful of the school. >> well, you know, let me share with you my experience, i've gone to several school sites and crowds of 30 to 50 parents at each one of the meetings talking about this policy and i get maybe one parent that's against this policy, all the rest are extremely excited. we have three schools today in our district that already require this parent involvement and all of the three schools have a waiting list so it's clear to me that the parents in our district are clamoring for something like this. there's been very little complaints, if any. so, you know, the question you asked earlier about what about parents that work? well, that's a great question, we have single moms, single
9:26 am
dads working two jobs with three kids and they're able to find the time to do this. why? because they know the importance of their kids' education and they want to make sure that they're a part of that. >> okay, so-- >> and we work with everybody, right, i mean, we're-- >> that's promising, i mean, i'm happy to hear not many parents are complaining. it's about 30 hours a year which breaks down to about three and a half hours per month. you've admitted you can't really enforce it so what happens if a parent doesn't show up? >> yeah, well, once again, this policy is about the students. so if the parent can't show up can a grandparent, can a brother, an older sister, can an aunt or an uncle? if not them, let's look at other parents within our community involved maybe they can chip in and provide that parent participation piece. if not them, let's go out to the community. at the end. day this is about our students and how do we make sure we provide that piece of education for them that's so, so crucial. >> mr. gustavo gonzalez, thanks for coming on and
9:27 am
sharing this interesting plan. we'll open it up to the viewers on the blog and see how they feel. >> thank you. >> coming up, this is unbelievable, a toddler thrown from a car and over a 18 foot wall and he survived. we'll have that miraculous story next. and plus, outrage sparked by seven and eight-year-olds dancing in racy outfits to single ladies. some say it's wildly inappropriate. we'll hear what you have to say about this coming up. and remember two years ago when david and clayton went head to head in the great canoe race? it's time for the epic rematch. we'll find out if dave can defend his title on the bass pro lake on the plaza. stay tuned. i like to do all these fun things with my friends
9:28 am
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vesicare may cause blurred vision so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. you have better things to join than always a line for the bathroom. so, pipe up and ask your doctor today about taking care with vesicare. >> hey. welcome back to "fox & friends." have you seen the video of the seven and eight-year-old girls dancing to beyonce's all the single ladies? if you haven't, oh, it might fire you up. it seems to say the least, outrageous, guys. look at these outfits. >> it was at the world of dance competition. these girls yoibl know how to dance. >> they're great dancers, the question is about the outfits, the outfits of course and the questionable regalia. let's speak up for the parents who couldn't be here today.
9:32 am
the parents say when your kids go swimming they wear bikinis, often more skin than this, didn't seem highly sexualized in the moment and crowd as cheering and seemed like little girls dancing and now that it's on youtube and 2 million people, it's taking on a purient appeal. >> lynn says the girls are very good and child predators can be parent, too. our children grow up way too soon. >> i have a nine-year-old daughter, it's not your daughter, don't worry about it, the kids are having fun. wanda, a good point, what is appropriate should be determined by each and every parent. >> do the kids think they're sexualized. >> they're not aware they're doing the moves. moves like beyonce. they're taying moves like say
9:33 am
say are pre vovocative. >> and look at what beyonce's wearing in the actual video, she's wearing something far more conservative. >>, but she's only 27? >> and somebody call beyonce's mother receipt now. another e-mail from a viewer, this is ridiculous as a parent i would not have allowed my child to be a part of that. we've heard that from a lot-- >> let's confirm that with the producer, beyonce is 27. >> yes, she did. >> wow. why did i think she's much older than that. >> she's been around for decades. >> one of the most successful artists in history at 27. keep your e-mails coming. >> a closely contested primary a race for the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania. >> ahead of the tuesday primary. >> malini wilkes is live in washington with the heated
9:34 am
race, it's crazy in pennsylvania, malini. >> yes, that's right, four days until the primary and the candidates are campaigning for every vote. congressman joe cess tack against arlen specter. he reminds voters of specter's each every chance he gets. >> there's no way we're going to trust a career politician that helped us get us into the mess after 30 years down there and then saying i'm going to switch. >> it's been an independent record and a record where i evaluate what is good for the people of my state and nation, and vote accordingly. >> specter is running ads showing that he has the support of president obama, but sestak countered showing the senator with former
9:35 am
probable. specter attacked sestac from the navy and he designed to release his military records and hitting that he'll-- elaien elena-- the polls have sestak leading and he's a tough complainer, it's not over yet. the winner is likely to face republican pat toomey, a strong challenge from toomey that had specter switching parties in the first place, back to you. >> thanks. >> interesting. >> call it right now. >> i don't know, it's tough. >> sestak? >> i don't bet. >> more headlines, new video into the fox news room and british prime minister david cameron meeting with hamid karzai and expected to talk to leaders in afghanistan among
9:36 am
other topics. at least 30 militants are dead after afghan and n.a.t.o. forces conduct sweeps. in one attack ten insurgents in the hellmont province, says that prominent taliban member was captured during the raid and no troops were hurt in the operation. the recount results from the iraqi elections will be announced on monday and officials say they found no evidence of fraud after hand counting more than a million ballots in baghdad. prime minister maliki claimed there were voting irregularities after his coalition lost to a sunni-backed coalition. they're getting out reading glasses in cincinnati as the tea party hosts a read the bill marathon. >> sponsor of a group held plan other than a self-insured plan may not establish rules-- >> oh, great stuff. i could listen all day. >> sign me up! >> and 150 volunteers are reading the entire health care
9:37 am
law for 72 straight hours out loud. >> like a root canal. >> many congress members claimed to have read the bill in three days and the volunteers want to see if that can really be done. >> authorities are calling it nothing short of a miracle this story, a florida toddler came out with only scratches after a car crash flung the boy over a 18 foot wall and into a nearby back yard. >> i saw something out of corner of this eye and i turned and low and behold here comes a child in for a landing. >> oh, that's like-- >> oh, my gosh! can you imagine? >> i cannot, actually. the driver lost control of the vehicle, and it rolled and landed against a wall ejecting the child. the mother and another child in the car also escaped serious injury. >> you're in your back yard and a baby flies over the wall of the back yard. >> like thank you, god. >> what in the world. >> that is, that's a miracle. dave, tell us about sports. >> tough to top that. it was a pretty amazing story
9:38 am
in hockey last night and a rough morning if you're a boston bruins fan. bruins carve that place in the list of all time sports chokers, how they led 3-0 on the flyers and led 3-0 in the game and the flyers come back, gagne rips their heart out, 4-3 win by philly. you saw the celebration and that was at phillies home arena 'cause they packed it even though there was no team playing there. this is kind of like red sox-yankees 2004 only boston came out on the right end of that one. philly takes on montreal in the eastern conference finals, starts sunday and strange finals. 7 and 8 seed. who is watching? maybe clayton, i'm not sure. how desperate is cleveland to keep basketball superstar lebron james. so desperate in fact that ohio politicians, tv anchors and local celebs recorded a "we are the world" video. to get him to stay. liston this ♪ no one is going to love you
9:39 am
half as much as we do ♪ ♪ here's the choice you're making ♪ ♪ will you go or will you stay ♪ ♪ include lines like, lebron we love you. no other market is going to love you half as much as we do. how about star power, president obama said through david axlerod says he thinks that lebron would look good in a chicago bulls uniform and new york mayor, michael bloomberg, he would love living in new york for the knicks or the nets. i say he goes to chicago if he can handle the michael jordan legacy issue. what do you say? >> i think it'd be great if he could go to chicago. i don't think there's any chance he comes to new york. let's check with rick reichmuth, who is outside on the plaza. >> i say make the music stop. >> i love it, rick! >> oh, check this out. we have a birthday girl,
9:40 am
what's your name? >> page. >> happy bert day today. >> yesterday. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> and you guys had dinner at the american girl store. >> yeah. >> i had no idea. bass pro shop is here, did you have dinner at the bass pro shop? you can at the american girl store. take a look, we've got a beautiful day across the eastern areas of the country, still cool out across the west, but the radar picture eastern part of the country looking good as we're starting off. more storms firing across the areas of the mid atlantic. that's where we've got a front draped in this very humid to the south of it and we'll see more storms around tennessee, kentucky and could be a little severe in across the mid atlantic including the nation's capital again. in across the southern and central plains where the heaviest rain is of we've got to across texas, houston, parts of louisiana and we'll deal with a little bit of flooding later on in the day as well. across the west are' looking very nice once again and plenty of sunshine all the way up and down the west coast.
9:41 am
all right, if you're doing home improvements today aly has good ideas. >> i'm chilling here with my new deck and dave white is national deck safety month. tell us what we need to know, dave. >> what we want to do is kind of walk through a few things if you've got an existing deck and plan on building one, things you need to look for structurally to ensure you have a safe deck. the first thing we're going to talk about is the piece here called the ledger board. that's the piece that goes against your house. >> yeah. >> that's a critical piece 'cause that holds up the deck. >> i already have a deck, how do i know if my ledger board is intact. >> check and make sure it's not rot ton and inspect that and see how it's attached to the wall. you can see here, i think you can see the bolts that we have. if all you see is nails going into that. >> oh, yeah. >> you want to be wary and get somebody to take a look. should be bolted in with lag screws or lag bolts something like this that this will go into the framing of your house and this is what it would look look on the inside of your
9:42 am
house and this is a room joyce that goes through and this should come through there. >> that looks sturdy, good to know. i'll check. >> and tells you how many bolts and how far apart. >> what is next. >> joyces hold up the decking and make sure that you have a sturdy joist hanger and you can see that's securely fastened there and you can buy these if you don't have them you can add these. >> great. >> once you take a look where the joyce attaches to a beam or a post you've got a hanger there, what that does, keeps it from twisting and turning, so if it twists this way then you're going to have a problem and you can see we've got those securely fastened as well and then on the post that holds the beam, there's specific anchors for that as well, again, securely bolted in. >> i'll leave some of this to my husband who wants to get this. and less than a minute. tell me what else i can do. >> railing, very, very important, make sure that's safe and make sure it's secure if it's bolted or secure, it's
9:43 am
tight. a local code dictates how high the railing is and how wide the spacing between the balancesters. height usually between 36 and 42 inches check the code and balancesters, four inches or so-so the small children can't get their head through there and finally take a look and make sure there's no rot. we talked earlier making sure they're okay. >> if we hose it down all the time. does it get warped or ruin the wood. no problemments shouldn't be if it's pleasure treated wood, but check if, if you see the rot replace the decking and of course make sure af got a good sealer or stain on there to help protect it for years and years. >> great to have the reminder of national deck safety months. >> home safety. >> thank you very much, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. well, americans are feeling more hopeful about the economy. that could be some good news. a new fox news poll shows 49% think the economy is getting better, but the picture is still pessimistic when it comes to jobs. nearly 50% say the job situation is getting worse. are we improving the economy where it counts on the job front? university of maryland business professor peter morriesy joins us this morning. >> nice to be with you. >> so, is this positive news or not, peter? >> it's not positive news. the economy is only growing at about 3% a year and that's not nearly enough to wipe out the unemployment that was created during the recession. too many imports, costly imported oil. and the president keeps raising taxes. >> so when and how are we going to create jobs in this country? >> well, we're going to have
9:48 am
different economic policies. and first of all, we're going to have to finally do something about china's undervalued currency and may mean us taking unilateral action. we're going to have to drill more for oil even though we have had' had the terrible tragedy. importing oil creates environmental hazards in fact more and the president tongue lashing big oil is absolutely useless and finally, he's got this deficit reduction commission that wants to introduce a value-added tax. i have a very expensive-- expensive education in economics and nothing in the textbooks ever told me that raises taxes helps. >> i think a lot of people would agree with you. one of the questions about the banks this morning, earlier on "fox & friends" we ran through a number of, i think four more banks today, small banks that failed. i think that brings the total to 72 if my math is correct. 72 small banks, and yet, this week we're reporting, i think, 62 straight days of money making and big profits from
9:49 am
bank of america, citibank, goldman sacks, because they've borrowed the governments money while the small businesses floundered. americans can't get moan for loans and back to work and small businesses can't get loans, is that one of the major problems here? >> absolutely. businesses need customers and capital, but they can't borrow because the tarp went into the big banks. the small banks over the last two or three years, 30 have failed and simply don't have the money to loan. the tarp went to general motors, citigroup, i think he figured most of them were republicans. >> peter, give me a sliver, a sliver of positivity on my saturday afternoon any silver lining. >> we're creating some jobs and the unemployment rate isn't going much higher. we just need to create more of them, but the economy is starting to take off.
9:50 am
and whether we get the recovery we need. >> thank you for joining us this saturday on "fox & friends." take care. remember two years ago when dave and myself went head to head in the great kayak race of '08? well, it's time for a rematch of epic proportions and dave is practicing. can dave hold on to his championship title or will i rein supreme? that's next with bass pro, i've been practicing on my nintendo wii. thanks to the new venture card from capital one, we get dole miles on every purchase.
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9:53 am
>> welcome back, everyone. this is the moment you've been waiting for for two years. back then, you'll remember the great tkayak race of 2008 when dave briggs, the reigning
9:54 am
champion crushed dave morris and clayton claimed that dave cheated. go down there, tap that down there and touch my hand and i have the starting horn, protect your ears and 3, 2, 1! off to a bad start. oh, no. kevin van damme, tell me what you see here. >> i've seen, looks like kayaking is a lot of fun to me. and we have the kayaks from bass pro shop. >> oh, we have, clayton is going in the drink. >> he's taking him down. >> is this allowed? could they actually grab each other? >> oh! >> oh. >> oh, no. what do you think of the form here? >> well, this is what having fun in the outdoors is all
9:55 am
about. >> oh, no! oh, clayton just claimed to have won even though he was in the drink first. have you ever seen a kayak race like this, kevin? >> i've never seen anything like it. >> oh! this is what we love right here. >> wow. >> he's cheating again! >> how, how did he cheat? >> first off he was supposed to go around, he went the wrong way and held on to my boat. >> folks, we need a ruling. >> dave what i saw was you-- >> oh. >> did i win? did i win? >> i win? >> yeah! >> i win? >> i think it's clear. >> are you admitting the charges of cheating, clayton. >> i will neither confirm nor deny that i cheated this time. i was confused on the rules! >> kevin van damme from bass pro shops. why were they tackling each other during the race. >> i can tell they're very
9:56 am
competitive and fish competitively and i understand that he did not want to lose so he took him out. >> this is like nascar racing. >> just like nascar. when we come back we'll have a slow mo retake what happened here, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. dry off, guys. [ female announcer ] get everything you want in a night out
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you know, this energy star rated system can save you 10-30% on your heating and cooling bills. [ male announcer ] act now to earn a $1500 tax credit, $325 off or contact sears to take advantage of our $79.99 tune up special for existing systems. that's better. this does feel better. [ male announcer ] sears. life. well spent. >> okay. you just witnessed a very sorry watchup affair. i don't know who won you or dave in the great kayak race. >> why are you out of breath. >> it's cold and hype owe thermia, 40 degrees. >> it was cold. >> i was exercising for about ten seconds. whenever i exercise i get out of breath. >> he's practicing for the next one. >> dave is so competitive he'll review it for a year and a half. >> tune in tomorrow. incredible stories and


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