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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 16, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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educating the next generation. i'm juliet had you had hhiddy. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, good news, finally in the gulf of mexico, crews have successfully inserted a mile-long tube into the gushing oil leak and bp now says it is drawing most of the oil onto a tanker. we'll have a live report from louisiana. >> workers on the exploded oil rig, they are signing legal statements moments after the blast. we'll show you that document. >> the pentagon is pitching a war on capitol hill against car dealerships. stunning numbers on what pentagon officials says is one of the biggest problems for young military families.
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>> gregg: but we began with a looming primary battles in four different states. this the final weekend before voters head to the polls, in arkansas and kentucky and oregon. big question, keep in them in or kick them out. some are in the fight of their political lives. julie, how significant is this coming tuesday? >> it's no surprise this election year could be tough on incumbents. we've already seen that in utah. tuesday is a chance to see how angry voters really are. there are close races, in pennsylvania, arkansas and kentucky. there is also a special election in pennsylvania, the house seat after murtha's death. that could give a clue to republican prospects for capturing control of the house in november. both parties there spending big
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bucks. scott brown for the republican house race and bill clinton campaigned today for the democrat there in southwest pennsylvania. all the rafts on tuesday, gregg, will be a clue at what may happen in november. >> gregg: the race is obviously very close in pennsylvania, it's a dead heat in the latest poll that i looked at. could arlen specter actually lose his seat? there is a pretty good chance he could lose, right? >> reporter: he is a good closer. he has been through a lot of races. right now the race is within two or three points, last time i looked. and joe sestak has some momentum. his argument that specter is a fake democrat. he switched parties last year. both were on the sunday talk shows. he said specter is a poster child for what is wrong with washington. also, in arkansas, incumbent
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senator blanche lincoln is facing a very tough primary there, a challenge she needs to get more than 50% of the vote on tuesday to avoid a runoff. she may not be able to do that. >> gregg: let me ask you about kentucky. it's republicans fighting it out there without an incumbent in the gop primary. what can we expect? >> reporter: its split in the republicans, as far as the republicans go, between tea party conservatives and established republicans. secretary of state tray grayson is backed by mitch mcconnell, but rand paul the son of ron paul leads by double-digits. mcconnell insisted it's not a rew up on the gop establishment. >> i think trey grayson would be a strong candidate but i expect kentucky is going to be in a republican mood this fall. i'm optimistic, it will be the
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next senator in kentucky. >> reporter: it will be a big night to watch how angry voters are. >> gregg: we love political entertainment. its great day for that. >> so far this primary, we've seen a little bit of everything. washington insiders making it through the next round and others not making it through. tuesday should give us a much better idea of where the election stands. you can be sure our next guest will be paying close attention, steve king, a republican and a democrat. great to have you guys. i don't know if you were able to hear julie's report, she talked about the significance of the results on tuesday. congresswoman, how significant will these results be? >> i always believe that every
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election is its own election, in other words, it's all about the local politics going on. i really don't believe what is it going to happen on tuesday is necessary a bellwether of what will come in november. blanche lincoln who is in arkansas who having a tough time. she is a very conservative democrat from arkansas which can go either way. it turned away from other democrats and she has angered the base democratic party there. so she is having a tough time. then what you see in pennsylvania where you see sestak versus arlen, the problem is that one has switched over parties. the other is saying, you really aren't a democrat. those are two different situations of what is it going to happen, i think, in november.
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it's about individual circumstances. >> let's elaborate on the pennsylvania situation. it's going to be interesting. as we said, you have arlen specter that use to had be a republican and he switched to democrat. arlen specter has the backing of president obama. congressman, do you think that helps him or hurts him? >> i think it will affect it. i appreciate what loretta said, we'll draw better judgments looking forward. but president obama didn't have a good track record when he went to virginia to campaign or to new jersey or to massachusetts. we'll see how it works in pennsylvania. i would suggest that some of us on this side of the aisle were not surprised when arlen specter moved back to becoming a democrat again. we didn't view him as much of a republican from the first place. it's an interesting struggle. as i watch it, i see that there
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the tea party groups especially and all those affiliated i define as the constitutional conservative. they are the ones of the majority makers on one side of the aisle. the other side, pushed back from the liberals. it's a tough spot to be. >> you mentioned the tea party. the kentucky race, trey grayson the secretary of state currently versus rand paul the son of ron paul backed by the tea party. this should be an open window behind the tea party, should it not? >> certainly the tea party is having a direct effect on the republican primary. we have seen when you have a more controlled situation, caucus happening in utah that you can marshal forces and eliminate an incumbent. i don't believe that tea party group is as strong when you look at the overall vote for a general election in november.
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so it certainly affects significantly the republicans in a primary or caucus in this situation. do you think the incumbent will be a dirty word on tuesday and in november? >> some of these races, it's already a dirty word. it's interesting to me that we have so many seated senators that are having trouble. when we see november come around i think we'll see the constitutional conservatives, including the tea party groups become the new majority makers. i think it makes a big difference in the fall. american people are fed up with too much government, too much growth and spending, unconstitutional programs being pushed against them. they have done anything they can do to press their government for redress of grievances. i think president obama is going to be looking at far different majorities in the house and senate than he has to work with today. it will be the voice of the
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american people rising up they'll be doing this week and all the way on to november. >> i completely disagree. i completely disagree with my colleague right now. we'll move some seats but we'll be in the majority and we'll be stronger for it. congresswoman from california, congressman steve king, thanks for joining us today. >> fox news is following the tuesday primary showing on tv and on a round-up on fox news 9:00 p.m. eastern, that is tonight right here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: responding to the massive oil spill, bp successful test towed a tool that could slow that underwater week.
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they inserted a tube and managed to capture some of the escaping oil and gas. this obviously is the first significant progress in nearly a month since trying to stop that huge leak. david lee miller is live in venice, louisiana. how significant is this? >> reporter: as you point out this is a very significant development. i say that in the context of the fact this is the very first time gregg, that bp has been able to channel oil that has been leaking into the gulf up to a tanker ship on the surface. so this proves that the tube insertion process they are in the process of trying to implement can be successful. the tube was dislodged during this test, but they say it is now back in place. the important thing also to keep in mind, this is not a cure all. bp says it's only going to contain some of the oil. there is another leak. the final cure is ultimately
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going to have to be some other type of well to relieve the pressure. as we said all along, that is a matter of months away. nevertheless, this is a significant development that could dramatically reduce the amount of oil being released into the gulf. >> gregg: what do we know about these underwater plumes being reported. they are not on the surface visually from the air but rather scientists are detecting them in deep water. they would appear to o be, they say, pretty large. >> reporter: that's right. this discovery was made by a group of researchers for the institute of undersea science. they released a number of photographs. we can put some of those on the screen. scientists say they observed three underwater plumes what they believe is the oil that is coming from this well. they are not certain, but some of the plumes are very large.
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one measured ten miles in length three miles wide. the plumes attract microbes that eat the oil but they are using the oxygen that would otherwise be used for undersea wildlife. so the amount of oxygen measured near the plumes is down about 30%. that, gregg, they say could cause long term environmental impact. not entirely clear how much damage. they have taken water samples and testing is underway. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> spate shuttle is now at the international space station. it docked perfectly. no danger from a piece of space junk that floated six miles from the shuttle. once on board, recruit is getting a big hugs after the
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journey from earth. the journey from earth. the shuttle and six astronauts will spend a week at the station and installing batteries and a new room. they will repair a snapped cable. after 23 years of service, this will be a final voyage of the space shuttle atlantis. >> gregg: homeowners beware, home prices could be yet another slump. buyers are rushing to cash in on those tax credits, first time home buyers before they fully expire this summer. after the surge, home sales may slow and drag down-home prices. joining us to talk about it, senior business correspondent, brenda butner. i read the comment from a realtor in pennsylvania. she said, look, these first time tax credits amount for 20% of the sales in our area. so in the absence of that, what
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kind of impact will that have, not just on the sales pace but on prices? >> effectively we're going to be going back to the free market. that is not necessarily a bad thing. i mean, essentially this tax credit was artificially raising the level of home sales. unless it were permanent, we've got to go back to seeing housing sales slump somewhat. they are still not as low as probably they will go, and it's going to be a little tough for a while. we had quite a boom and we haven't been through the buff. i am hearing that in stronger parts of the country, houses are starting to move. certainly as we approach summer which traditionally can be a very bright time for the housing
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market as people move in before schools, who knows. the free market is going to take over and in the end, it will be better, but it's going to be a little pain. >> gregg: invariably, in a free market economy the market fixes themselves, they reach ankill brum which is more healthy. >> you are talking my language. >> gregg: so look if the labor market remains weak, prices like in california, that is going to bode poorly for home sales. conversely people feel more confident about their jobs, they may consider buying a home, right? >> great question. it all hinges on unemployment and housing always has. if we're in high employment, people are feeling wealthy, then they go out and not afraid to buy a house or try to sell it.
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you know, unemployment is still near double-digit it's. under employment is much hire. i'm not sureful we can finally bring down the unemployment rate housing will stabilize. >> gregg: what about the impact of low interest rates which have been sustained for a long period of time. according to the fed, they are going to stay that way in the near term? >> i mean, very low interest rates, but not having much impact on housing sales. it is having an impact on refinancing, but i think people have gotten used to the low interest rates. they are expecting them to continue. so they are going to keep waiting until housing sales start to bottom and then finally hopefully buyers will start moving in. >> gregg: all right. senior business correspondent, brenda, great to see you. this is a fox news alert. tornado warnings. they have been called for
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counties in oklahoma. national weather service in norman issuing. northeastern canadian county in central oklahoma and firker county until 3:30 p.m. central time. these are live pictures coming in. we'll keep you updated as the story develops. >> gregg: american families facing pretty tough choices when big local employers pack it up and they move to a new state. it was decision time when machine manufacturers, ncr opted to leave dayton, ohio. they could move to atlanta or stay put and face unemployment in a miserable job climate. elizabeth in s live in atlanta. what is being done to help employees that want to move? >> these families are moving with atlanta's new fortune 500
4:18 pm
company. they are participating in the first of the kind programs. local chamber here in metro atlanta offering a mentoring service. what it does it matches ohio families with these atlanta families. they discuss things, the best doctors in the area, day cares as well as schools. >> it's a big change for a lot of people. a lot of people have grown up in dayton. their parents worked for ncr so it is a big change, a big cultural change to move out and to come to atlanta. >> reporter: now, gregg, the headquarters have opened in atlanta. it's going tock a few months before all the employees relocate. >> gregg: look, atlanta is a lovely place. its beautiful suburb there as well as the city. did ncr get incentives from the government? >> reporter: they sure did. the government isn't shy about enticing big companies to move
4:19 pm
here. ncr was enticewood very favorable tax breaks along with talent pools at local universities. there are 14 other fortune 500 companies in atlanta. ups moved their headquarters here in 1990s and rubbermaid came shortly after. it's home to the busiest airport. so companies that want global access. >> gregg: thanks for that report. still ahead, seven-year-old shot to death by a detroit police officer. what investigators now say happened. they were divided by war more than four decades ago. a wall is bringing those together those who fought fought in the vietnam conflict and those that fought against it.
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welcome back. vietnam war and woodstock, both designed an entire generation for americans and two strands are coming together at the vietnam's memorial in washington, d.c. it provides healing and closure.
4:24 pm
rick has this report from bethel new york. >> an attempted reconciling the wounds from the past. a half sized replica of the vietnam memorial to the grounds to where the woodstock took place. half a million people, many protesting the war. >> i don't disrespect them because everybody has their own opinion. that is what we fought for is freedom. they have a right to do what they want. but the men and women that did go -- this is what it's all about. i think the same that all gave some, some gave all. these people on the wall. >> terry: wall that heals is traveling to two dozen sites across the country this year. allowing veterans a chance to visit it closer to home. >> i think we all come together.
4:25 pm
it does have some -- people that were against it and the people that fought, i think it's time to come together and get things right. >> it's very touching moment. >> duke party his way through woodstock. now he is a guide here. >> it's like to hug them, welcome home, man. talk to me. god bless you. >> reporter: a chance to say hello and goodbye. >> juliet: and if you've seen the wall, it takes your breath away. >> gregg: i've never seen anybody not cry. you see all the names that represent all these precious lives that vanished. their memory is still there. thanks for the wall and the families. >> juliet: why is the pentagon going after car dealers? we're going to tell you why. coming up, a look at the unexpected battle that was
4:26 pm
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>> juliet: a tornado warnings being called for several counties in oklahoma and alabama. domenica davis is live in the fox weather center with the latest. >> we are looking at severe weather around that area. a lot of moisture coming up from the gulf. we saw some of it yesterday and today. we have a tornado warning in effect around the oklahoma city area. that is what we're keeping our eye on right now as the system. it continues to push off to the east. so that is where the warning, in the vicinity of oklahoma city. now a tornado has been spotted, this is radar indicated as the cells continue to drop down. they are moving to the southeast at a pretty good clip. good sized hail reported in the system. i've seen it's been dropping hail to the size of baseballs.
4:31 pm
it's a serious storm. it's moving off to the southeast. so oklahoma city is under that tornado warning right now. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch box up for this area. oklahoma city is included this n that. it goes into missouri that will stay in the balance of the afternoon. we're going to see isolated activity as far as tornados is concerned. if you are around oklahoma city area down through alabama, be on standby. if you see those clouds start to move in with the rain, take shelter because you could have tornado activity with these. we'll keep you posted. >> gregg: the oil spill in the gulf now threatening the livelihoods of thousands. a fish men there. some have been hired to help put booms in place, but a lot of them are not happy with the wages they are getting. there is a whole process in how it's being handled. evidence an has that story.
4:32 pm
>> husband of fishermen line up at the government complex to get pay for the first two days of working out in the gulf. sounds like good news in the wake of this disaster. they are cutting checks on behalf of bp because these guys are helping to keep the oil at bay. for some.... >> i'm frustrated the way they are handling it. >> they want to get you frustrated. that is way they got it. >> there is no consistent process of the process or who can go out to work. >> they won't even look at me because i went want to work. >> i don't even know if i'm going to get anymore. they are going to rotate the boats. if they don't rotate them right
4:33 pm
>> they are at each other's throats. others are left out. >> it's getting to the point where you know people, you don't know people. if you know the right people, you work. if not, it ain't going to happen. >> those putting out boom and repositioning and realigning boom already out have mixed frustrations. >> the whole deal about being a frirb men, you can do what you want, come and go. >> fishermen who feel like they or minimum wage salary. >> what they paid me three days work, i was making in a day fishing. >> it's no way to live. you don't know what you're doing the next day.
4:34 pm
>> gregg: that was evan anderson of our affiliate. if you think those fishermen are upset, wait until you hear how the workers on the oil rig that caused the mess claimed they were treated after the explosion. here is a hint for you. some of them have hired attorneys. so are legal panel will be weighing in on that. >> juliet: big fight over financial regulations shaping up between two unlikely foes. on one corner you have the american car dealerships blaming wall street for causing the financial crisis. in the other corner, you have the military, they are saying shady car loans is one of the biggest problems this that troops are facing returning home. soldiers that were distracted by financial issues at home are not fully focused on fighting the
4:35 pm
enemy. joining us now is patricia powell. nice to see you again. happy sunday. 72% of say they have dealt with service members who are dealing with problems that have direct ties to car loans. this seems like an astronomical number? >> it really is. anyone can be scammed. at madoff victims these were successful people and they got scammed. now, we're talking about young army recruits coming in. there is a lot of stress on these people to begin with. this is the worst of all possible worlds to add financial stress on top of everything else. >> juliet: car dealers are saying we are suffering, so don't come down on us. >> they are right. on the surface of things. their arguments are rationale. you understand why some senators are lining up behind them, with the bill passing, they'll have
4:36 pm
the oversight at the level of the banks and credit unions that are providing the loans. some of the consumer advocates groups says that is not where the problem is. by the time they get there, they are loaded up with expensive things that they don't knee. insurance or being cheated on the interest rate. there are a lot of things that you have to go beyond the surface level and see what is underneath. >> juliet: you say military families will be taking advice, everybody should be taking it, when you buy a car, buyer beware you have to be prepared. >> and look who you are buying from. check them out. these guys are going into battle deal with the dealership like you are going into battle for your money. start out by checking them out. call the better business bureau and see if there are complaints. check out the banks, if they cheated one person they are
4:37 pm
going to cheat somebody else. look for firsthand knowledge on the banks that may have had a run-in with the people in the past. check out the cars and do your homework. has good research on pricing. go to your local library. it didn't have to be expensive. do your homework. don't go in unprepared. >> juliet: you have to read everything. you have to read the small print. you got to do it. >> you have to read everything before you sign. do not sign anything that has a blank, never, ever, ever. >> juliet: that is good point. be prepared to walk away. good to see you. >> gregg: new allegations over the oil rig explosion that set off the leak in the gulf. workers say moments after they got onshore after the blast they were required to sign legal documents. we're going to show you what was in those papers and a huge
4:38 pm
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>> gregg: legal battle underway the company that ran the oil rig at the center of the gulf oil spill and workers were on board when it erupted into a ball of flame. some workers claim that after the blast, the company would not let them go home and see their families unless they signed statements saying they had no firsthand knowledge of the incident aboard the rig and were not injured. joining us now is fox news analyst, mercedes cohen. my contracts' professor rock crawford taught us this kind of thing is called a contract of adhesion. there is no ability to negotiate. you are under duress and it's null and void, right. >> that is going to be the
4:43 pm
biggest challenge for the company. there was no gun to their heads, sign this. let's be realistic. i think what the company did, slipped through due diligence. once ge thet with the families, starts to will change and everybody is going to be a victim here. everyone is going to have injuries. that is why the company, i want to make sure what your present recollection doesn't change when you go home and suddenly you have something. >> gregg: the company taking vulnerable workers, can't this document be used against the company in any future legal action to prove not only liability, but the cover-up? >> 100%. maybe it wasn't a gun but maybe it was a machete. the fact of the matter, they signed it because they wanted to go home and see their families. call it a contract or statement
4:44 pm
or what you will. it didn't happen because you are forcing someone to enter a into an agreement and say you were not injured and say you didn't see anything. the opposite could have been true. >> gregg: i wonder about whether or not this might evolve, not just into an investigation, but a criminal probe. if this is evidence of a cover-up, that is a crime, obstruction of justice, isn't it? >> it's funny you mention that. you don't want to jump to criminality, but the fact is you are asking someone to sign a document that may not be true. >> this is stop from hemorrhaging money. this is what it is. look at the bottom. this is actually one of them that was signed. there is a witness to this signature. they turn it around --. >> gregg: you have two layers of criminality and they are saying the person said they didn't see
4:45 pm
it. that is a crime. it could emanate into that because it could be untry. these people could be deposed and what the basis of knowledge will be sorted out. >> it's so difficult to sign say they signed under duress. >> they were held for ten hours. they couldn't see their families. >> one side of the story. let's see how it shake things out. things change when there is depositions. >> did you watch the congressional hearings. this was the blame game -- bp is blaming transocean, transocean is blaming halliburton and they are pointing fingers at one another. in the end, civilly, they are all going to get sued? >> absolutely, from beginning to end. >> you are exactly right. it's what the financial capability of the company. which of them as the capacity to pay off the claim. >> i think they have at capacity
4:46 pm
to pay off the claims but the other issues is public perception. you saw the blame game on capital hill and it's to show the public that everybody was taking measures to be safe. so it wasn't me, it was you. >> i'm wondering about the liability of the federal government. i find it very curious during earlier congressional hearings the issuer that did the license for the platform he never verified the blowout preventer would work and cover a leak like this. couldn't these those that were damage on the federal tort claims act? >> i think there would be some basis for immunity, gregg. it certainly serves as a basis to sue the federal government. >> gregg: the government miss up beyond the discretionary decision-making, that pierces
4:47 pm
the veil of the tort claims act. >> you have to show gross negligence. so you say there is due diligence here. they made representations. they did the study. they had the engineers. they have the ability to do it. i'm relying on that. >> i have the feeling in the end taxpayers is going to pay. >> we aide enough. that is the only person they didn't blame, federal government. everybody is blaming everybody else. >> gregg: all right, mercedes, joey, good to see you. >> new numbers are out before key accurately races. we'll be talking to scott rasmussen that will be joining us next with what voters are saying. stick around for that. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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>> juliet: here is a look at the stories making headlines. fighting between troops and red shirt protestors killing 30 people in thailand. dissolution of parliament and new elections is being asked for. >> police officer killed a 7-year-old girl. they were searching a home for a murder suspect and his weapon fired hitting the child. >> bp tried to siphon some of the oil off in the leak in gulf
4:52 pm
of mexico. they successfully inserted a tube into one of sources of the leak. >> gregg: we've been talking a lot about the anti-incumbent sentiment that seems to be sweeping the nation. what about democrats versus republicans. >> a new rasmussen poll reports, it gives us insight. republican candidates hold a six-point lead as you can see the latest edition of the congressional ballot. 44-38%. that seems to be changing a little. that number seems to be sinking doesn't it? >> it does. the democrats have gained ground ever since they passed the health care law. it was unpopular among most voters it was very popular in the democratic base. we have seen enthusiasm increase in the lat las couple of months. still not as good as they would like it to be.
4:53 pm
i think it's good to point out while republicans have been ahead all year, it's not so much people are excited about republicans. they are just voting against the party in power as they did in 2006 and 2008. >> gregg: let's talk about pennsylvania. everybody is watching that one. pat toomey is going to be the republican nominee. here is how he stacks up against whomever is going to be the democratic nominee, arlen specter switched parties versus joe sespak who is three-star former admiral and a very contentious campaign. sespak would do better, right? >> at this point in time, he polls much better. specter is an incumbent, she party switcher which nobody feels comfortable about. he is just made a series of gaffes that seem to be hurting
4:54 pm
him. it's important to note that sespak might have a slight edge going into the primary. which ever democrat emerges victorious, will get a bounce in the polls and we won't know for about a month. >> juliet: in kentucky, we have rand paul and grayson. both republicans have dropped lowest level of support since february. what is the story with that? >> they have been beating up pretty aggressively in this primary. it's interesting, rand paul, even though he is not running against an incumbent is trying to run the outsider against the incumbent. he has made the campaign about as much as mitch mcconnell as against the real opponent. it's important to note, rand paul does a little bit better at this point in time. >> gregg: and then the four polls of all the candidates, kentucky is one to really watch.
4:55 pm
hey, you polled what are the important issues to people, what did you find out? >> we do this every single month in a variety of ways. the economy and government ethics and corruption are number one and number two. the republicans have a little bit of an edge on the economy. voters don't trust either party when it comes to those issues but the big move, immigration has moved up, 63% say it's very important issue. it's number five in the list of ten issues. it did change from most of the past year. >> gregg: and because of arizona. okay. thanks for being with us this sunday. >> juliet: coming up, tomorrow the vatican will make the most detailed argument why it's not liable for bishops that allowed priests to molest children in the united states. we'll have a live report coming up at the top of the hour. see you then.
4:56 pm
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5:00 pm
>> reporter: gregg that is basically it. they tried it in the past and have not been successful but they at it again and the lawyers have done well suing diocese and the individual bishops and in the the vatican and putting the vatican into it make it more interesting and that is who we are talking about it here, the court in louisville will say the bishop is the direct employee of the vatican and the vatican worked on the case for them in the cover-ups and the vatican will argue they are not. while they are -- the bishop is appointed by the pope they are not paid by the vatican nor does the bishop take daily instructions from the vatican, either. >> gregg: and lawyers want to bring the vatican into it, they have the deepest pockets of all in terms of compensation. what about their cover-up allegation against the vatican? >> reporter: that's right, this is all going to be fighting over a document. there is a document from 1962,
5:01 pm
requiring secrecy in the diocese investigation and both sides will talk about what that means and lawyers for the victims will say it was a clear case of cover-up, however i got an e-mail from a vatican lawyer who said the document never said anything about not reporting the cases, the way the vatican sees that document, basically, in terms of secrecy, is like a procedural thing and also like' grand jury, especially, in protecting the victims in the -- and names of the victims in these abuse cases. >> gregg: with the pope in portugal this past week, news about the abuse has begun to fade. will it change? is it ramping up again. >> it could and definitely if the vatican, it is in fact named and does have to stand trial but in portugal the pope mentioned at the start of his trip, basically saying the big enemy of the church was not outside but inside, and i think he came off well and it was a successful trip. he was greeted very well but it
5:02 pm
could change with the case in the united states. >> gregg: greg burke reporting live from rome, thanks very much. >> juliet: many americans saying they are fed up with how washington works. this week some of them will get a chance to make auththeir voic heard and will vote them in or vote them out in primary prarac. polls open this tuesday and races drawing national interest because it will give us a better idea of the mood of the electorate. julie kirtz has the latest on this. julie? >> reporter: yeah, we'll get a very real sense of how frustrated voters are on tuesday night. a key state to watch is pennsylvania. both parties are putting big bucks and political star power into the race in the 12th congressional district. where the race is tight and bill clinton is in southwest pennsylvania, right now, he is campaigning for democrat mark
5:03 pm
crist, who is running against republican businessman tim burns in the race to fill john murtha's seat and there are three close senate races to watch in pennsylvania, kentucky, and arkansas. and in pennsylvania, five-term senator arlen specter faces the big challenge from democratic congressman joe sestak. today, he says specter who switched parties, becoming a democrat is a poster child for what is wrong with washington. and, arkansas, democratic senator blanche lincoln is spend the day before the election telling voters she built up clout in washington and that is a good thing and lincoln is getting heat for her vote, for the health care bill. for challenger democratic lieutenant governor bill halter, says lincoln represents the status quo and, in kentucky, it is republicans fighting it out in a split between tea party conservatives and establishment republicans, kentucky's secretary of state tray grayson is backed by mitch mcconnell,
5:04 pm
but rand paul, senate libertari libertarian, leading by double digits and rand paul that's backing of the tea party. it will be fun to watch on tuesday. >> juliet: thank you. gregg. >> gregg: as julie reported one of the hotly contested races taking place in pennsylvania. the democratic incumbent and one time republican, arlen specter, versus congressman joe sestak. according to the latest millingberg college morning call poll, the trace is tigrace is t, and now they are tied, 44% and joining us is the pollster, director of the center for politics and public affairs that the the college in pennsylvania. good to see you. at one point in time it wasn't just a 6 point lead, it was a 20 point lead specter held and it completely evaporated. is that because voters perceive him as a guy who abandoned his
5:05 pm
party, not to mention his principles to save his job especially after admitting he did it to get reelected? >> that's exactly right, gregg. about a month ago, arlen specter actually had a 20-point lead which dissipated as you point out, even plus sect specter by two and sestak by two and it is a dogfight the last two weeks and joe sestak went to the voters, when they started to pay attention to the election and made several points. one, arlen specter switched his party, he's really just a democrat in name only. and he did it merely to get a sixth term. in the last several weeks, what has become more evident, however, is the anti-incumbency that you all have been talking about now, for the last couple of weeks. it is virulent. not just around the country but in pennsylvania as well. and, five terms, he is seeking a 6th term, and, interestingly
5:06 pm
enough, any incumbency doesn't have anything to do with president obama. president obama is supporting arlen specter, joe sestak and arlen specter are obviously in the race, obama supports specter, sestak has to be very careful because he is and obama democrat as well, how he approaches these issues. so, it is pretty interesting how sestak attacks washington, but he cannot attack the democratic president. >> gregg: i looked a little deeper at the polling data and i saw something interesting. specter's disapproval rating is twice as lodge as sestak's. does that reflect that, you know, specter fatigue among voters who may be fed up with a guy who has been there for 30 years. >> yes. i mean, you are exactly right. and typically if you find someone with a job performance
5:07 pm
in the mid 3 so, low 30s, they would be political history. you know, you could write their political obituary. and, for the longest time, what really was going on here, was, joe sestak, until months ago did not run a television commercial, gregg, he wasn't well-known and so, arlen specter's lead was basically a name i.d., and once sestak took to the air with some very not arguably brilliantly commercials the race tightened up. >> gregg: let me ask you about specter's commercials. he ran i think what was regarded as a vicious ad attacking sestak's military record, when sestak was, you know,admiral, s relieved of duty for creating a poor command climate. that he borrowed apparently from the joint -- chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who shifted sestak. but, the truth seems to be that sestak was removed from one of
5:08 pm
his top jobs because he had the courage to challenge people and was a demanding leader. but, here's my question, at a time of war, is it wise to attack the military career, a distinguished one, of a highly decorated admiral? >> i don't think there is any doubt that that commercial cut both ways. and i don't think it gave senator specter any leverage in the race. sestak put up a pretty convincing commercial with a bunch of veterans who actually said arlen specter, stop lying about joe sestak's record. the other point is, that on just to be balanced is that sestak has run a brutal commercial, maybe of all of the commercials run, in the last month, the most effective one and if you are a democrat the last thing you want to see in a democratic commercial is your candidate with president bush, with sarah palin and then, uttering the words, i switched parties to get
5:09 pm
reelected. from sestak's point of view, following a very tough commercial. >> gregg: do we have the add? let's play it. here it is. >> 45 years, around specter has been a republican politician. >> arlen specter this is e right man for the u.s. senate. i can count on this man. that is important. he's a firm ally... >> but now... senate my change in party will enable me to be reelected. >> he switched parties to save one job. his. >> gregg: that is pretty brutal. >> i tell you what in the history of television commercials, let's say joe sestak pulls the election out, and arguable he could do that and more voters, that are certain to vote in the poll last week, which showed sestak up by two and his voters are more motivated and that commercial, will, largely, i think, be
5:10 pm
responsible for it. >> gregg: we talked about the other commercial spector rand let's play that, to be balanced as well. >> sestak missed the 127 votes. sestak says the missed votes were not important and he went campaigning instead, but, say no, to no-show joe. >> gregg: he attacked his military record and also his congressional record, too, right? >> yes. and you know what? i don't think -- you know, that was -- they tried... the republicans tried that on president obama, during the 2008 campaign, and, i don't think that that was very effective commercial and the other one was the argument that joe sestak didn't pay his campaign staff minimum wage. and, i think by far the most powerful commercial for arlen spector right now, gregg is this one that president obama has for him, and, remember, this is a close primary, only democrats can vote in it, and, the president has weighed in, very strongly with a commercial.
5:11 pm
and he wouldn't show up this weekend. he wouldn't come and campaign for him. he wasn't going to do another martha coakley in massachusetts or a jon corzine in new jersey. but... >> gregg: if i'm arlen specter i'm not sure i want the president to show up. i realize it is a democratic primary, but... >> you know where you want him? you want the president in philadelphia. the president is very popular in philadelphia. 38% of the democratic vote comes out of the philadelphia suburbs. you want the president of the united states in a city where he's popular, remember, among democrats, the president still has a job performance rating, now, you don't want to take the president to western pennsylvania, where there is another hot -- hot special election going on. where his approval rating is very low. >> gregg: you put him in philly, everyone will be watching it's on the television and the internet and it is the
5:12 pm
equivalent of having him in the western part of the state. always good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gregg: fox news is following the pennsylvania race, and all of the primary show downs, tuesday, on your tv, and on-line. as well as check it out. and, tonight, bret baier will be hosting an election special to give you a round-up, right here, on the fox news channel, 9:00 eastern time, tonight, here on fnc. >> juliet: finally, after weeks, a sign of progress in the efforts to stop a massive oil spill down in the gulf of mexico. bp says it is now siphoning oil directly from one of the leaks on the ocean floor. the company is using a mile long tube that has been inserted inside a pipe on the blown well and the crude is being funneled
5:13 pm
up the tube and it gueoes type tanker ship on the surface, we'll get a report later on in hour and two weeks away from memorial day holiday, the unofficial start of summer and that usually means higher gas prices at the pump. as travel season begins but, listen to this: arcs cork according to aaa the average price is 2.87, and some say gas prices may have already peaked. brenda buttner joins us now, anchor of bulls & bears. gas prices are falling? don't they usually rise. >> yes. what a welcome surprise, really and for a couple of reasons. oil is way down. and, that is in part because demand around the world, there's a lot of concern about global uncertainty, and greece, and everywhere else, but, also, we have tremendous oil supplies. for the first time in a while. even despite this spill, in the
5:14 pm
gulf coast, that was basically an experimental one and wasn't really factored in by the market and also is not petroleum products. so, we have refineries, that are finally back up to speed. it took a couple of years to do that. so, there is a kind of a confluence of events, that is making gas prices go down, even on memorial day. that never happens. >> juliet: how low will we get as far as averages go. >> i'm not sure, but, definitely the price of gas has not gone down as much as the price of oil and we could see another 10, 20%, maybe, down. >> juliet: gas price s as are l and, the higher probability people will be taking trips in their cars and has an effect on the economy itself. what do you see, when it happens. >> absolutely. and, you know, some things we have seen strong for example, in the last unemployment report, was, tourism was doing well.
5:15 pm
and, that certainly helped. you know, i'm not sure how many consumers are actually going to pocket this money. or decide, hey, let's go out on the road. but, with airline fares going up, i think driving is becoming much, much more of a possibility. so, you know, that could bring a lot of money to local community. >> juliet: the oil spill in the gulf, has it played into this at all? >> no, it really hasn't. as i say, it is not really petroleum products and it was experimental and not factored in by the oil factory and is confusing to think that so much could be falling into the ocean. but, oil prices, they are heading lower, and, in part, because global demand and global uncertainty. it's not all a good story. if demand were higher, our economy would probably be doing well, but, hey, it could give a
5:16 pm
boost to our economy as well. >> juliet: let's hope so, brenda buttner. >> thank you. >> gregg: i filled up the other day, $3.60 a gallon. >> juliet: where was that. >> gregg: in westchester county, new york. i fill up... >> juliet: good for you. >> gregg: the politicalen rest in thailand, 30 people are dead after four days of street fighting between troops and pro,000 in bangkok. the country's main emergency medical center confirming all 30 people killed were civilians. and the government vowing to continue its severe crack down, notwithstanding a plea from protesters. for a cessation of the violence, and new u.n. mediated talks. >> juliet: greece may go after u.s. banks over the spiraling greek debt price, the prime minister george papandreou will not rule out taking legal action against u.s. investment banks, the greek government and people, blame the national banks for fanning the flames of the debt
5:17 pm
crisis, with comments about greece's likely default and the crisis spawning widespread protests over spending cuts and the european union and the imf approved a $136 billion bailout package for that country. >> gregg: america's top cop now is under fire, we're going to tell you what attorney general eric holder said... >> juliet: or didn't say. >> gregg: more like it that has a lot of people worried about america's ability to fight terrorism. >> juliet: plus it happened again, another fan plows onto the field during a baseball game. >> gregg: what is up with that? >> juliet: moron! we'll show you how -- it never turns out well for these guys, what are they thinking. >> gregg: don't tase me, bro! >> juliet: tase him, bro! we are showing you everything. so hold on! new people. new ways. once we were great explorers.
5:18 pm
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>> gregg: this is a "fox news alert," a rhode island school district where all the teachers were fired a few months ago, just reached a deal to rehire those employees. and back in february you may recall a school board in central falls, rhode island voted to fire 93 people including 73 teachers as well as several administrators, and other personnel, at a struggling high school there. after this two sides could not
5:22 pm
come to an agreement over longer school days and other concerns. well, now the two sides are saying they have a so-called transformational plan for central falls high school. for the coming school year, it will allow a staff to return to the school without having to reapply for their old jobs, and the agreement also imposes longer school days, and more after-school tutoring. >> juliet: is attorney general eric holder undermining the fight against terrorism? that is what our next guest says, after his appearance before the house judiciary committee and when asked whether radical islam was to blame for the attempted car bombing in times square he avoided a yes or no answer. >> radical islam could have been one of the reasons -- >> a variety. >> was radical islam one of them. >> there are a variety of reasons why people do these things and some are potentially religious -- >> all i'm asking is if you think among those variety of reasons, radical islam might have been one of the reasons that the individuals took the
5:23 pm
steps they did? >> you see, radical islam, those people who espouse a version of islam, that is -- >> are you uncomfortable attributing the action to radical islam? it sound like it. >> i don't want to say anything negative about a religion -- >> we're tnot talking about a religion, i'm talking about radical islam, not the general re listen. >> juliet: fox news contributor michael goodwin wrote about that today in "the new york post," and joins us live. and, a simple yes or no answer will do, as he didn't give that and he was pressed many times and would not say radical islam, radical islam, not islam, and how do you think he did on capitol hill. >> pretty badly as the clip showed. it really is amazing that he can go there and not be able to speak the simple truth about what is going on. >> juliet: what is going on? why is he not doing that.
5:24 pm
>> the three cases first were the christmas day bombing attempt over detroit, the fort hood shooting and the times square bomb attempt and these are the three cases that were part of question do you think radical islam was one of the reasons that was motivating these three terror bombsers and the -- bombers and the one shooter and he could not give a straight answer. and, it is very much a piece with the obama administration's idea of eliminating any reference to islam, when it comes to terrorism. and when it comes to any kind of extremist attack. it is just always kind of a nondenominational extremist, and it could be a catholic, a jew, a protestant, a hindu, but as we know it's not. it is very much related to islamic fundamentalism, and it is very much the motivation, i mean, muslim leaders, here in the u.s., would tell you this, muslim leaders around the world know it is islamic radicals who are doing these terror attacks around the world, and so for holder not to be able to say
5:25 pm
that straight truth, is undermining our effort to get to the bottom of each of these cases, and to prevent new ones. >> juliet: how? how does holder not answering the question, not saying yes or no, undermine the fbi, for instance. >> he's the chief law enforcement officer of the u.s. and many elements in the law enforcement community, fbi, police departments, throughout the country are really paramilitary organization, they operate in a kind of top-down superstructure and if the top of the administration is sending that message down, we are not looking at this in terms of islamic radicals and jihad, then, you start to say, gee, maybe we shouldn't go to the mosques and shouldn't monitor these fiery imams who are preaching revolution and maybe we shouldn't wiretap certain individuals because their going back and forth to pakistan. we're not going to make the islamic connection. i'm not saying we should profile but at the same time can't deny what the facts are showing us,
5:26 pm
so i think that is what he is doing and is basically telling people in the field, don't think along that line. but that is crazy. >> juliet: you would be hard pressed to find anybody out there who wouldn't be able to answer... give a yes to that question. it is... i want to ask you, quickly, you are a new york guy and write about a lot of things happening in new york. and, the defense budget is cut, the new york terror budget is cut. yet we're giving money to bail out greece. what is going on there? >> well, look the money that we have contributed to the bailout of greece comes through the imf of which we are probably the largest contributor. something like 15 to 17% of the bailout funds targeted for greece are basically american funds and in theory, i don't have a real problem with the specific case, because, obama wanted the imf to do it and wanted the eurozone to bail out greece and the problem is when these international organizations that don't really respect the sovereignty of any
5:27 pm
single nation, act against the nation's interest and that is what i have -- a lot with the united nations and a lot of their human rights commission and things are all sort of stacked against the u.s., and are anti-american and this, i think is a different case, but, the president and treasury secretary believe that bailing out greece would help america because would it keep america from sinking back into a double-dip recession and they are probably right about that, but i think there is a cautionary lesson, in these international organizations that don't respect sovereignty. >> juliet: thank you for the commentary, michael goodwin, always good to see you. >> my pleasure ago you think seeing baseball fans getting tasered for running on this field you think people would think twice about the stunt. lo and behold, it happened again. look at this... top of the 9th, tampa bay rays, tropicana field. a lovely look for that guy and the fan jumps the stands and tries to out run them and never works and they tackled him,
5:28 pm
without using the taser. ought to use the taser. >> juliet: doesn't he know we look at him and think, you are an idiot? >> gregg: of course that is what the players thought of the man running at them and the center fielder, d. j. upton, once he saw the fan waving to say, what's up, he found it to be funny. >> juliet: he was backing away. >> gregg: i don't get these guys. >> juliet: like car chases, you will always get caught, and, the efforts to stop the flow of the oil out of the gulf of mexico is finally beginning to work. dade lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: bp says today's development is definitely good news but they also say, a lot more work is going to be -- has to be done, in order to seal the well, completely. i'll have details, when we return. i got into one of the best schools in t country!
5:29 pm
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. the pope today is denouncing the sin that has infected the catholic church, apparent reference to the clerical sex abuse scandal and there is a new report the vatican is preparing an argument for why it is not liable in a u.s. sex abuse case. >> juliet: bloodshed on the streets of thailand, 30 people are now reported killed hand government insists, the crackdown on protesters will continue. >> gregg: and a bittersweet moment in outer space, the shuttle atlantis arriving at the international space station for what is expected to be its last visit. the crew will spend a week at the orbiting complex. >> juliet: bp, now saying it is siphoning oil directly from one of the largest under water leaks in the gulf of mexico, and, funneling the oil in titanicer obviously on the surface, and is this first sign of progress, in the months long battle to
5:34 pm
contain the massive spill and comes when a time researchers say the amount of oil pouring into the water could be far worse than previously thought. david lee miller is live in louisiana and, david lee, has bp been able to stop the flow of oil into the gulf of mexico? >> reporter: bp, to answer your question, directly, has not stopped the flow of oil into the gulf. but, they have said, juliett, that this particular plan would not stop the oil entirely. what this would do is essentially reduce the amount of oil that is flowing into the gulf. and, now, for the first time, if we are to believe what is happening, bp, at this very hour, has now found a way to take at least some of that oil, from the pipeline, and funnel it up to a tanker on the surface and how much of the oil is diverted to the tanker? that is the $64,000 question. bp was asked that today at a news conference and the company said it couldn't really answer how much oil, they were actually able to contain at this time. but, they say whatever that
5:35 pm
figure is, they will gradually increase it, and, this is certainly, they say, a step in the right direction. juliett. >> juliet: if we could replay that graphic once again, because i think it was very good at explaining what visually, what you were saying. but, also, while we do that, what are the more long-term solutions that they are talking about? >> reporter: okay. in addition to what they are doing today, and this ills the riser in insertion, the video that you requested. there are other techniques that are more long-term. one of things that is happening now, is they are digging relief wells, that will divert the flow of oil. and that is going to take months, 2-3 months, until it is complete. bp today said what they want to do is find a way to completely seal off the well and soon and one way they want to accomplish that is by injecting the well with mud and cement and bp, the vice president, said they are doing everything right now, putting everything in place to guarantee the complete shut down
5:36 pm
and make sure it is a success. here's what he had to say. >> the pumping capacity will have over 30,000 horsepower to pump all the fluid we'll need to pump. we'll have 50,000 barrels of mud on hand to kill the well. far more than is necessary, but we always like to have back-ups to do that. >> reporter: and, again he's talking about using mud, cements and even the junk shot, the idea of using shredded tires and golf balls and garbage and just essentially jamming it down the well. to keep the oil from continuing to flow, into the gulf. juliett? >> juliet: what is bp saying about the report of under water plumes? >> reporter: that was raised at the news conference today. bp had, and they say something at this time, they don't know anything about, in fact i asked the bp spokesman for a comment, and, he said he couldn't elaborate. but, bp has maintained all along that their focus now is not to address how much oil is spilling
5:37 pm
into the gulf, but, to stop it and to clean it up. many including those in washington are angry, and they say, bp, should be providing more information and one thing we may see more demands for is videotape of the actual leak itself, because, many believe, if you look at the videotape you will get a better idea exactly how great the problem is. and, the videotape so far, juliett has been a relatively small clip and some demand bp release at least an hour's worth of tape. back to you. >> juliet: david lee miller, thank you for that report. gregg. >> gregg: you may recall in 1986, as part of federal sanctions, u.s. companies divested from south africa. withholding over $800 million in two years and some say the pressure forced south africa to eventually end apartheid and now, california's insurance commissioner is asking insurance companies that do business in his state, to cut their ties with companies that do business
5:38 pm
with iran. nearly 300 of those insurance companies are refusing. joining us now to talk about that, ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor. ambassador, always good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> gregg: as you well know our government determined a long time ago, iran is the most active state sponsor of terror. they supply hezbollah, hamas, islamic jihad, you name it. are you surprised so many american corporation invest in companies that do business in iran. >> i think as a general proposition, cutting off every commercial tie we can with iran is a good thing. hopefully putting pressure on the regime leading ultimately to its overthrow. but, my worry here is that when you do this on kind of a state by state basis you could be subjecting these insurance companies to real dilemmas in how they proceed and on iran you will not get contradictory instruction from other state insurance commissioners. but, you could imagine other
5:39 pm
circumstances with other countries where it might be the case. i think, something at the federal level would be a better way to address this question. and then you would have uniformity all across the country. >> gregg: let's put up the list. roughly there are 1,000 companies, insurance companies, who say, okay. we will divest. and, won't do business. but, here 296 insurance companies, are refusing to do it and among them, i would point out is geiko, owned by berkshire-hathaway and run by warren buffett the world's third largest or richest man. and state farm issued a statement saying, you know, it's not really california's duty or obligation to do it, they apparently agree with you, it is up to the feds, how about on their own? it is important to make a profit. businesses are in business to make money. but, don't they also need to grow a conscience? >> well, i think they owe their responsibility to their shareholders, but it might be good business not because of conscience, but because of
5:40 pm
business to foreswear writing insurance on any companies doing business in iran, and let me say with respect to the more than a thousand insurance companies that have given up there might be practicality in their virtue as well and may not as of now be writing insurance on companies doing business with iran and is easy to say we will not do it in the future. >> gregg: do you think the administration is pretending to do something about the nuclear weapons program which of course the iranians pretend doesn't exist? >> i think, they are going through the motion, and i think the obama administration has concluded that it's not going to get a very effective sanctions resolution, a fourth resolution from the security council. i think, iran will find other ways to mitigate the effect of the sanction and i'm very much concerned that the obama administration's plan b is to accept the nuclear iran and i think that will be dangerous in the region and around the world. >> gregg: the bush administration approach didn't
5:41 pm
work, but candidate obama, promised change. he was going to reach out, and engage iran in good faith. do you think in retrospect that appears to be naive. >> it was naive and ignored the fact that the bush administration for the preceding six years, had been relying on the europeans to reach out and try and negotiate with iran. so, both the bush policy and the promised obama policy were based on a misconception that iran was ever going to be talked out of its nuclear weapons program that failed before and failed now, and will fail into the future and that is why we're in the unhappy position of being close to iran, getting nuclear weapons. >> gregg: ambassador john bolton, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> juliet: the troops, many people say it, how many take a step towards doing it, a woman dedicating her life to the men and women of our military,
5:42 pm
taking pen to paper. we'll tell you about it, coming up. so, doc...
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these nutrients help promote bone health and muscle mass to help keep your body moving. achieve a balanced diet so you can live life to the fullest. find boost in the nutrition isle. brand power. helping you buy better. >> juliet: proving the pen is mightier than the computer an american woman makes it her business and life's work to pen letters to the men and women of the u.s. military and at 82, she's showing no signs of slowing down, laura ingle has this compelling story from the newsroom. tell us about the woman. >> reporter: doris lived in the small town of richfield, connecticut, all of her life, and, today she lives in the home she and her husband built with their bare hands when they were first married 62 years ago. here's her story. >> reporter: what is this room. >> my memory room, where i write all of my letters. >> reporter: for 42 years, she has dedicated one week a month,
5:47 pm
eight or more hours a day to writing letters to soldiers from her home town serving overseas. >> take a break for lunch but it is quick. a quick lunch. >> reporter: no e-mails here. each letter is unique and personal. >> a home-written note. just telling them that we care about them. >> reporter: today, she has a list of 52 men and women she is penning letters too, and she has no intention of retiring. >> that ink has not run out yet. >> reporter: while she cherishes every reply some are not as eloquent as others. >> he's a doctor... >> reporter: she cause them her children, and doris's letters are more than words on paper. >> it validates to a certain extent why we signed up, why we underwent the training, why we volunteered to be deployed. >> reporter: rick and doris stayed in touch almost 30 years
5:48 pm
and he calls her an adjunct grandmother to his kids. >> for mrs. v it was always unstinting and unconditional. i will maintain that link with you, and, i am proud of your service... >> reporter: give people hope? >> yes. yes. some bunch of kids, i'll tell you. >> reporter: doris tells us that she hopes her story inspires others to write our troops, there are many ways to get involved doing this, one helpful web site, to check out is and memorial day, around the corner and is a great time to dust off the stationary, sitting in your office, back to you. >> juliet: that is a great story thanks. we love doris! >> gregg: i adore doris. >> juliet: i can't read handgun writing! >> gregg: thank you very much for do you agree that. there are certain foods you probably try to avoid, and you fear maybeallegirgic to
5:49 pm
them? a huge percentage of americans are misdiagnosed with food allergies and elmo, i don't think is one of them. >> juliet: elmo is always hanging out on the corner there. >> gregg: usually there are five, and i only see one. >> juliet: i only see one. >> gregg: a hot sunday out there. not hot as in temperature, but hot out there. >> juliet: the medical a-team, coming up.
5:50 pm
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5:53 pm
>> gregg: here's an eye-opening statistic, 30% of americans believe they have food allergies and, guess what, most of them are wrong. >> juliet: according to medical research institute, the mayo clinic, only 4% of the u.s. population, 4%, has actual food allergies. so, what is the cause of all of this misdiagnosis and why are being avoiding foods they can be enjoying like shellfish, dr. marc siegel, what is the deal, 3 out of ten americans think they have food allergies and only 4% of the population does. >> i'm glad that the study came out in the journal of the american medical association, stanford university and looked at 72 studies and first looked at 12,000 mentions of food allergy in the literature and i'll tell you why i'm happy
5:54 pm
about this. every day when i'll take a history and physical from a patient, i say what are your allergies, they mention a food and i think is it real or an intolerance and something that happened in your childhood you haven't had since and you will not go near the food, real allergies, mean your immunological system is going haywire when you see a certain food and most people it doesn't agree with their stomach or got a rash, it was never documented and went to the wrong signed of doctor. and it is only an allergist, taking a careful history, doing the right kind of tests that can determine this and i think the study is right on. >> gregg: it is overdiagnosed. is that because there is not really a consistent understanding of what a true food allergy is? >> that's exactly right. and that what is the study determined. they went through the literature and found each study is using a different criteria. but, the real definition of a food allergy, again, is your immune system, reacting. making a lot of antibodies, to the food. we are not seeing that. we are not seeing that. you know, just, here's an
5:55 pm
example. a lot of people have dairy intolerance and don't do well with milk or eggs. >> gregg: lactose intol rants. >> that is not an allergy, it is irritable bowel, diarrhea, discomforts and it's not an allergy and are running away from foods they could probably tolerate. >> juliet: a lot of kids grow up as adults, and never try the food again and like you said they are missing out and is there something typically people grow out of? >> eggs is one and why eggs are dangerous we use them to make our vaccines and you come and say i cannot have the influenza vaccine, i don't tolerate the eggs and if you go to an allergist, they'll do a skin test and even then it may not be an allergy and shellfish is another great example. shellfish, most people can tolerate it. now, people that had severe allergies out there, i don't want them to hear this and say i really didn't have it. and, we have a big peanut
5:56 pm
allergi allergy problem in schools and 4% really have the problem. and 30% think they do. >> gregg: dr. marc siegel, i'm glad we did that. informative. >> juliet: a quick shout out, i met people yesterday on the new jersey state police troop-e, specifically the tactical patrol unit. central in red bank, new jersey, big fox viewers. thank you for saving our lives. >> gregg: yeah, thanks for supporting us and watching. that will do it for us, fox news sunday with chris wallace begins after this and you will be back... >> juliet: fox report at 7:00 eastern time. at businesses need. that's why today ge capital provides critical financing to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪ and replace your old mayo growing companies. [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ made with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo...
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