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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 16, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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e. >> breaking news on that volcano in iceland. more airports now closed. details ahead, plus, the pope speaking out over the growing sex abuse church scandal. tonight, the vatican's defense and how a court case right here in the u.s. could impact abuse victims all across the world. also, more wicked weather for the south. who is getting hit tonight? i'm juliet huddy in for julie banderas and it's the fox report tonight. after weeks of trying, finally, some positive news in the gulf. british petroleum now reporting its latest attempt to siphon off some of the leaking oil is working. and how much is being captured and what else is the company doing to shut this destructive leak down? also tonight, searching for a cure. >> it's the gift that's infinite. there may be someone in one
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year that a student learns something from the brain that you donate. how a new bank of human tissue can help researchers crack the code of one of the most puzzling diseases on earth. >> plus. >> you go to bed and say, oh, maybe i made somebody happy today, just for a few minutes. >> she lives her life, thousands of miles from the battlefield, but her heart and her words are changing soldiers' lives. >> he just hugged me and hugged me and hugged me. i just-- he couldn't thank me enough. he says it helped me at times when i needed it so badly. >> it's been nearly a month since the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded in the gulf and set to have a catastrophic oil spill and now officials say they've taken the first step towards containing the gushing underwater well.
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they were finally able to insert that mile long tube and basically begin siphoning the oil from the busted well it a danger at surface. at best it's only a partial fix that could slow, but not stop completely the leak, the government estimates 210,000 gallons pouring into the gulf every day and some scientists say it's likely more than that. bp executives acknowledged there's no way to know for sure. david lee miller is live in venice, louisiana. david lee, do we know how much oil they've been able to divert so far, but it's impossible to tell? >> bp says they're not releasing numbers and acknowledge for the first time that oil that might be otherwise be spewed into the gulf is now being diverted into a tanker on the surface. and they say that in and of itself is a significant development. but as you point out, many critics suggest this is little more than a bandaid. it's certainly not a cure. and even bp is acknowledging
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that there is a second leak that has not been addressed. what the company says it must do here is to completely seal off the well head and that's not exactlied to happen for at least several days, if not much longer. juliet. >> david, we also want ooh update on the environmental impact and we saw some of your stories over the weekend, with the birds being cleaned. have you had any updates on that? >> one of the things that got an a lot of attention, a group of scientists spent weeks on a research vessel in the gulf and what they said they discovered is a series of underwater plumes of oil that they believe came from the spill. one of the scientists told us that the oxygen level near these plumes is about 30% less than normal, and that could pose a problem to marine life. now, another consequence of the oil spill, a number of sea birds, as you mentioned have been injured. one woman who went fishing this afternoon was about 15 miles out at sea when see says
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she spotted a bird in trouble. >> he swam up to the boat like he needed help so we picked him up and he was pretty weak when we picked him up and we kept him in the box until we could get him back on land and find someone to rehabilitate time and working on a rescue foundation to pick him up or somewhere we can bring them. >> the bird is now being treated by wild life officials, the question remains how many other injured animals are there and will they get the necessary treatment. back to you. >> yet another impossible thing to tell. david lee miller, thank you very much. we are america's election headquarters. right now we're less than 48 hours away from votes that could dramatically alter the political makeup of our entire country. so what happens in several states on tuesday may tell us a lot about what's in the mind of voters, just six months out from the mid term elections. three of the most highly patched contests are senate primary elections, kentucky, pennsylvania and arkansas. in kentucky, the tea party candidate has the potential to
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knock off the state g.o.p. establishment's pick. in pennsylvania, and arkansas, two democratic incoupkucumbents fighting to. and a special election to replace the late congressman murtha. and congress shaken by a bipartisan display of anger for the status question. two incouple bent with deep roots, one democrat, one republican shown the door by their respective parties. julie kirtz is live in washington. >> hi, juliet. no surprise that election year could be tough on incouple bent. it's the most important date so far in the election year calendar and both parties putting big bucks and political star power on the line and in pennsylvania's 12th congressional district the race is tight to fill the late john murtha's house seat and bill clinton was in pennsylvania today campaigning for mark crist and scott brown
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putting his name behind the businessman tim burns. >> and special interest should stay away and let tim and his opponent go toe to toe and let the best person win. >> reporter: let me ask you something, forget about politics. >> think about decisions you made in your life when you were really mad. >> it's about 80% chance you made a mistake. >> reporter: but getting mad can motivate people to vote and in arkansas, another key state to watch on tuesday, incumbent democrat senator blanch lincoln faces anger from the left and right about the vote for the health care bill and lincoln needs to get more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff, she may not be able to do that tuesday and in pennsylvania, five term senator arlen specter faces a challenge from congressman and retired admiral sestak who is essentially calling specter a fake democrat for switching parties and sestak has
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momentum, but specter says today he's still confident he can win and specter is endorsed by president obama, the democratic party and the afl-cio, but given the mood of voters that kind of backing is no guarantee at all. juliet. >> definitely a lot to watch on tuesday. thank you, julie. new developments now in the child sex scandal rocking the catholic church. according to reports, the vatican is planning to make a detailed argument tomorrow that it was not behind a coverup to protect ped fire priests much the current currently fight ago u.s. lawsuit charging it was negligent for allegedly failing to deal with predatory priests. the outcome there could have significant implications for similar lawsuits all over the world. greg burke joins you live from rome and what else do we know about the vatican's planned defense. >> there are going to be two key points, whether or not there was a vatican coverup and the second, whether or not a bishop is an employee of the vatican. now, there's a lot more punch if you can be suing the vatican rather than just suing
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your local dioces or local bishop, it opens up a whole new ball game, if you bring the vatican into it and the pope in, in terms of the publicity. that's going to be happening in louisville this week and lawyers arguing that the vatican organization add coverup and there's going to be a lot of fighting over a 1962 vatican document about the abuse investigations and lawyers for the case will argue they told the bishops they'll keep things quiet and a vatican representative will fight that and the only secrecy involved is that of protecting the victims and that there was nothing in that document that the crime should not be reported to civil authorities and also, a major battle brewing over whether or not the bishops are employees of the vatican and the vat cans going to argue that they are not. they aren't paid by the vatican. they doesn't take their day-to-day instructions from the vatican or the pope either and finally juliet. in the past few weeks, things seemed to be calming down a little bit over the abuse issue, the pope did have, make some comments about them at the start of his portugal trip similar to the ones that he
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said today, saying the problem is not inside the church. staying inside the church not outside, but it was a successful trip to portugal and he was greeted very warmly there by very big crowds, but this thing could change things totally if the vatican is brought into these trials, certainly, they've-- the lawyers have not been successful with this in the past, but if they are now, it changes the ball game completely. juliet. >> greg burke in rome. thank you, greg. it's not your typical succession plan by any means, after all the people now being replaced formally had huge bulls eyes on their backs and al-qaeda in iraq now naming two leaders to head the terror networks. previously leaders were killed in a joint u.s.-iraqi raid and concerns about the iraqi security situation loom large. dominique di-natale, excuse me, updates us from baghdad. >> the al-qaeda has capped off the crown of the new leadership, here in iraq, affiliate better known as the
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islamic state of iraq. appointed amir or chief and also given him a first minister to act as his deputy. the man being named as al-- and awe bu al hasanni, the same last name and doesn't mean they're related, probably from the same tribe however could not be their real names, war lord names to cover up the true identity. however, comes 4 hours after al-qaeda named the minister of war who had pledged very much a bloody campaign against the shia majority here and with recent events, certainly looks hike al-qaeda has been active. the bodies have been piling up. the scene on friday, a small town in north of the country saw the weekend shattered with a car bomb exploded at a soccer game and two suicide attackers ran among the crowds and ignited the bomb belts and hurting more people. and there were also many
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christians in the region. it wasn't the first time talafar has witnessed carnage in. 2007 more than 120 people were killed in a similar attack. with the mass casualty attacks, the sectarian war between rival unities, and it's designed to prevent violence and retribution and the al-qaeda shadowy networks.... the new hierarchy is announced on the day that the electoral commission says a crucial recount for the baghdad region in iraq undecided election has left the numbers the same. a tally of the same number of parliamentary seats and putting pressures on the politicians to form a new government as quickly as possible and get with security. however, that doesn't appear to be any will by the politicians to scramable together. iraqi citizens are angry, nervous and frustrated playing
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in the hand of the terrorists, playing as much into the hands of al-qaeda, that would return iraq to chaos if it could. juliet, back to you. >> julie: dominic di-natale, thank you. a new york city man killed trying to save a woman from an oncoming train. what she was doing in on the tracks in the first place and what the family had to say. and meet the 82-year-old woman spending much of her life writing letters to people she's never met. the inspirational story coming up. [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar
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i'm on an aspirin remen now. my doctor told me it's the easiest preventative thing you can do. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to yr doctor before you begin an aspirin regime to take care of yourself, to take care of your heart, see your doctor. simple. [ male announcer ] learn more about protecting your heart at >> welcome back a deadly accidents on the new york city subway after police say two people jumped on to the train tracks. a woman was reportedly trying to retrieve her jacket which fell on the train tack and a man leaped down to keep her from the oncoming train. she was hurt, but okay. and jose gomez did not make it. they call it a senseless
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accident. she should have waited until the train passed, if the jacket was that important. >> why would you jump down there and see the train coming. this was outside it's not like you were in the tunnel. >> the victim's family having a lot of questions, too, mourning his loss not surprisingly and his sister says it's not surprising he tried to save the woman. >> what can i say? i'm going to miss him. he was a good brother, i love him. >> he was trying to help somebody, was that the kind of guy who-- >> yeah, uh-huh, yes. >> juliet: police say the 18-year-old woman is in critical, but stable condition at a new york hospital. and in florida, a small plane crashes in a home on its way to deliver humanitarian aid to haiti. we're told the plane had trouble gaining altitude and hit the roof of a house. luckily, none of the six people in the home or the
7:17 pm
people on board the plane had life threatening injuries. eyewitnesses say it's a miracle anybody survived. so far no word what caused this accident. >> she calls hem her children, a woman from connecticut reaches out to soldiers half a world away. done this for decades. doris spent one week a month, six hours a day, handwriting, handwriting, that's the key, letters to men and women serving overseas while she's never met most, she says what they're doing means a lot and her letters are a small way to say thank you for their sacrifices and laura ingle is here with more on the touching story, i love this story. >> i love this story. >> juliet: i love doris. >> and we've been at theing the stair all day long. she's touched the lives of many troops serving overseas from a small room and a small town in connecticut where she is recorded as a hometown hero by her community and local leaders. >> dear bret, what really inspired me was i was walking
7:18 pm
out of church one day and i saw this nice plaque, a beautiful bronzed plaque in memory of two of the boys that have been killed in the war and i thought, you know, why can't we do something about it before they're gone? >> mrs. v as she's known introduces herself through the mail and a newspaper clipping and explain. no mass e-mails here. handwritten letters, it means so much. >> each one is personalized and i do it locally because they want to hear news from home and a lot of them are in the sand dunes, no trees, no bushes no nothing. >> and she includes photos for an extra touch. >> i like to go out and take a lot of pictures of the trees and i send those. and i also send the pumpkin patch, which is in front of a, a church, local church on main street. >> so you write to them to
7:19 pm
they will them what's happening in their hometown and then they write back to you oon when they get out. >> yes, here is my list here. >> supplies of stationary and stamps fill every knock and cranny of her letter writing station. >> at the end of the letter i'll write a paragraph of encouragement and i think that helps. >> it did for people like retired navy captain rick scutter. >> i've never lost touch with home and never had a feeling that no one cared. i met one that i hadn't heard from in quite a while, but i kept writing, writing. and i met him and he could not let go of me. i mean, this old gray haired lady, he just hugged me and hugged me and hugged me. i just-- he couldn't thank me enough. he says it helped me at times when i needed it so badly. >> all right. so 42 years that's a lot of writing, right?
7:20 pm
doris says she has no plans to retire and hopes that her story will inspire others to pick up a pen and paper and write our troops even if it's just a few words, she says, she says every single letter can really make a difference and more on her story, how you can write our troops on the live shots tab on >> juliet: does she have family in the military? >> her husband was in the navy and father-in-law in the navy and knows how important it is for the letters to get to our troops. >> juliet: a wonderful woman. >> sure is. >> juliet: thank you doris. >> thank you, laura. a delicate dance taking place 220 miles per hour above the earth. atlantis making one final flawless docking with the international space station, but getting there wasn't exactly easy. we're now just learning how close space junk came to the astronaut's vicinity. and families force today make a cuff stigs in a tough economic market when having a job means you have to pack up and love hundreds of mile away with all your family and all your friends.
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♪ >> space shuttle atlantis today making what's expected to be its final docking with the international space station. this is a live look what's going on 220 miles up in space and we're going to see it hopefully in a second and astronauts hit the hay after the rendezvous earlier today and after the approach astronauts snapped hundreds of the photo safety inspection
7:25 pm
and we're told the piece of space junk we've been talking about the last couple of days has safely passed ten miles from the station an hour after docking, just two more shuttle missions remain. fox news is on the job hunt. despite positive economic gains, for some a job can be hard to come by. the national unemployment close to 10%. some of those people lucky enough to have a job are finding themselves forced to up root and relocate just to stay employed. elizabeth is on the job hunt and live in the atlanta news room. tell us the story. >> well, juliet, relocating can be tough, time consuming and emotionally draining, especially if you've been with a company a long time, but like many people across the nation, ncr employees are picking up and moving with the fortune 500 company low donating from dayton ohio to georgia.
7:26 pm
now, some community governments in atlanta saw a demand and they created a mentoring program to help out. it's called georgia path ways and it links up a dayton family with an atlanta host family and now it's never been done before, but it was created to help take care of the personal side of moving, such as finding doctors and day cares. the things that you don't really consider before packing up. >> it's a big change for a lot of people. a lot of people have grown up in dayton their whole lives, their parents worked for ncr. grandparents worked for ncr. so it's a big cultural change to come out and move to atlanta. >> it sends the message at that we want to welcome the employees here, their families and help them to fit in and just streamline it to where they can fit in really well here. >> also extending the welcome, the governor's office. they're elated to have a fortune 500 company here in atlanta offering things leak tax breaks for the company, funding for training and even
7:27 pm
offering in-state tuition for a lot of the families. juliet. >> juliet: atlanta would not be a bad place to go. i have to say, definitely a great town. thanks, elizabeth. ancient grave sites at the center of a heated protest in jerusalem, dozens of demonstrators have been arrested as ultra orthodox jews fight the plan to relocate the buried remains. plus, elena kagen under the microscope, the woman who could become our next supreme court justice. the topic of a lot of discussion this weekend coming up next. ♪ [ sneezing ]
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>> welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. she could become the nation's next supreme court justice. a lifetime appointment of course. first, u.s. solicitor general elena kagen must convince the senate. kagen has a relatively thin paper trail never having served as a judge. that's why the confirmation could be key, it will be key. already there are no shortages of opinions about her qualifications. here is what we heard on the sunday talk shows. >> she doesn't have judicial experience, but she has a lot of experience, a lot of practical, hardly a blank slate. i have no reason why you would
7:32 pm
apoint an anti-military supreme court justice. >> i think that's nonsense, i think it's gingrich hyper bowl and hope no one would fall for that. >> do you think there's any chance that republicans will try to filibuster this nomination. >> the filibuster should be relegated to the extreme circumstances and i don't think that elena kagen displays that. >> juliet: we shall see. while they appear open for the nomination, lawmakers are waiting to review tens of thousands of documents related to her role with president clinton. >> the white house sent a letter to the national archives asking for expedited release for the records elena kagen created and received, asking for approximately 160,000 pages to quote afford the senate a reasonable opportunity to evaluate israel kagen's nomination. while kagen's written record so far is thin, a book review she wrote back in 1995 is
7:33 pm
shedding some light on how she used the confirmation process and she called it vapid and hollow charade and failed nomination of legal issues. the chairman of the judiciary committee and the ranking republican said this morning, they intend to give her what she asks for. tough questions. >> we'd like to know in a real sense whether they are philosophy of law is so broad in her interpretation of the constitution that you are not faithful to the constitution and law. in other words, a judge under their oath says you serve under the constitution not above it. >> there's only a hundred people who get to vote on this lifetime nominee, we have to represent 300 million americans and so we have to ask the good questions as we can to make up our mind, just how we're going to vote. >> senator leahy says he's waiting for kagen to hand in a ten-page questionnaire provided to her by the senate judiciary committee and expects that in the next day or so and then he and senator sessions will decide on a
7:34 pm
start date for her confirmation hearings and leahy says he wants to wrapped up before the august recess. >> nicole collins, thank you. >> to thailand now and the growing chaos between soldiers and anti-government protesters. listen. >> u.n. mediators now saying they hope to end four days of violent street clashes there. the government says it will continue it crack down on protesters. so far, at least 30 people have died. the government saying it's only targeting armed, quote, terrorists among the demonstrators. this as thailand's worst political violence in decades and the country is a key u.s. ally in southeast asia's second largest economy. more protests in jerusalem this weekend. dozens of demonstrators are furious over relocation of some ancient graves. israeli authorities say they're about 1400 years old and belong to christians or pagans, no one is sure. some orthodox jews say they're
7:35 pm
jewish and don't want them disturbed. dana? >> well, juliet as you know the religious parties hold the balance of power in the israeli government. this unprecedented decision of netanyahu to go against the religious parties has caused a big stir. it's a new story involving a very old grave site 1400 years old to be exact. in the southern city, israeli police used a water cannon and arrested several dozen religious jews to stop the relocation of the graves they say belongs to jews. archaeologists say they're christian or pagan graves. the dispute caused riots overnight and religious jews set fires and chased by mounted policemen. the graves were relocated so a bomb proof emergency room could be dug next to a major hospital in case of more rocket attacks by palestinians in the gaza strip. prime minister benjamin netanyahu surprised many by reversing his government's
7:36 pm
earlier decision not to disturb the grave site. force today rule against the religious to make up part of the coalition because of public outrage and caving into pressure from the religious. our commitment as a government is to the general good, it is for the greater good he said. israeli peace groups may take some encouragement in that and thousands rallied in jerusalem demanding an end to the israeli occupation of palestinian land in the west bank and they want the current government to draw borders that would end the conflict with palestinians, with or without a peace accord, arguing a compromise on west bank land, including settlement removal, also serves israel's greater good. and juliet we're getting word that the demonstration ins israel tonight by the religious, they've overturned some garbage bins and set fires and they continue to demonstrate against removal of those aggressives. back to you. >> dana lewis, thank you. iceland's volcano acting up again. this time volcanic ash is
7:37 pm
closing down airports in england, scotland and ireland and affected until at least tomorrow morning. and conditions can change fast, if you're travelening europe you definitely want it call ahead. a show of solidarity to the pope and fighter jets respond to the skies. we go around the world. the vatican a crowd of 150,000 filling st. peter's square to show support for pope benedict. the pope saying he's comforted by the display of support and denounced what he called the spiritual evil that's infected the church. iran, bras sl's president meeting with iranian leaders including ahmadnejad. in a last ditch effort to broker a compromise over tehran's nuclear program. before the international community impose as new round of sanctions on iran. knew expect any change in iran's position. canada, at least two canadian feeter jets escorted the
7:38 pm
passenger plane to a safe landing in vancouver. this, after a possible, but unspecified security threat. >> they told us that they there was a, some sort of terrorist problem. >> the threat is being taken very seriously. i would just like to reassure the travelling public there's no threat to them at this time. >> japan. >> who needs a pastor when you've got a robot. for the first time ever, a humanoid robot conducts a wedding in tokyo. the four foot tall robot has flashing eyes and pig tails. the bride and groom met during a project making a robot. that's it for the trip around the world in 80 seconds. isn't that romantic. fire in hole, but it doesn't come cheap. how much road do you think 215 million dollars should buy? probably not as much as you'd think. that story coming up.
7:39 pm
and grab your broom sticks, are harry potter's favorite game played by kids everywhere, how the game is helping imagination take flight in this country. that's next.
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>> welcome back. the investigation into two deadly explosions in a gun powder plant lead to go one source. new hampshire fire officials say all indications point to a machine in the manufacturing facility and still emphasized the actual cause is yet to be determined. what specific materials were in use. nearly half of the plant was heavily damaged by the series of last friday, that killed two men and injured another. the explosion shook buildings blocks away and forced the
7:43 pm
evaluation of dozens of homes. unstudent proved it's never too late for higher educations and explosions rocked a highway two stops as we go across america. >> illinois, a special vigil in plainsfield, a mother of two has been missing for three years. >> it's very difficult, any of the family gatherings that we have there's a missing person at that table. there's someone that should be there. >> this vigil held on what would have been lisa's 41st birthday. police say the investigation is ongoing and considers lisa's husband as a person of interest in the case. oregon, a series of explosions along highway 20 near eddieville. the state department of transportation says the blasts were needed to clear up rocks for 215 million dollar construction project. when finished, there will be six miles of new road, including some new bridges. maryland, the u.s. army's golden knights flying high and proud in the skies above camp
7:44 pm
spring. they're the highlight of an air show at andrews air force base this weekend and paratroopers always put on a great show and this time taking some lucky civilians along for the ride of a lifetime. >> what makes it fun for us is to take people for their first jump. >> from dangling in the air 13,000 feet high, the soft landing, the golden nights always a crowd pleaser. texas, you're never too old to get an education. helen gets a masters in psychology in university of dallas. she says her secret to staying young, continue learning. >> study, get your mind active, and you just don't have a chance to get old. >> juliet: and that's a fox watch across america. i don't have to tell you that was a clip from harry potter. of course any fans of the popular book and movie series
7:45 pm
would know they're playing there, and the fictional sport created by j.k. rowling roweling has gone from fiction to realty played by big kids on college campuses and casey stegall i have a feeling is one. casey. >> i watched safely from the sidelines, i did not participate even though i like the rert involvement tpically on the stories i do, just warning you. move over rugby, there is a new sport in town juliet as you were walking about and it's taking college campus bias storm all across this country. now if you've never heard of it, you're not alone. obviously you're not a harry potter fan, developed for the popular harry potter series and then later made its way to the silver screen. so the big question, how do you play? >> two teams of seven players ride around on, yes, broom sticks, they run around, they doesn't fly like in the movie
7:46 pm
there, but the whole goal is trying to get four different balls through elevated rings on the field. listen. >> i think it has all the elements of an exciting game, there's a lot of activity. there's a lot of different activity and it's really fun to watch, there's some, some physical activity kind of like rugby, dodge ball. soccer, it's got a little bit of everything for everyone. >> and there are quidditch teams, but mostly played by college and high school kids. and welcome to the university of california berkley one of about 200 universities around the country where folks of enjoying this potter past time. >> trying to get a little bit bigger where we've got about 120 people on facebook that are members of the group. so, we're just trig to get a nice league started so we can have our own teams and play against ooch other and then move bigger than that. >> so quidditch appears to be more popular by the way, on
7:47 pm
the east coast, but growing like wild fire out west and juliet, the good news, there are leagues in new york city. so grab your broomstick and get out there. >> juliet: thank goodness because rusty our stage manager is freaking out so excited for this. you have no idea. >> rusty can play. >> juliet: rusty wears a suit to work and he wears a suit to work just like that guy playing wearing his little suit and tie. thank you very much, casey, come on, rusty, run, yeah, there you go. look at this! stage manager wears a suit to work, but rusty does. that's your game. all righty, thank you, casey. thank you, rusty, cell phones and brain tumors, is there a link? a total 180 here, a 10-year study was released and you'll want to hear the results and when it comes to your brain, you can donate it to science of course when you're done using it. that story when we come back. ♪
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♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪ ♪ or ya come from the burbs ♪ got the fellas up in here tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ we at the block party having fun ♪
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>> wm back welcome back, it's a disease for few clues what causes it and how to treat it. that may soon change. researchers in colorado opening a brand new state of the art brain bank to study arterio sclerosis, affects the brain and spinal coraled a 2 1/2 million people worldwide more than 400,000 americans. the more people that donate to the bank the more effective it will become we need to warn you the following story features graphic images of
7:52 pm
human brain so there you go. >> these freezers old the key to unlocking the cause of multiple sclerosis and contain what could be soon the largest collection of brain tissue donated by patients. patients like leslie cane who plans to donate. >> there is an incident that someone in one year, a student who learns something from the patron you donate or someone ten years from now who donates something from your gift. >> these are sam pl of normal versus infected ms brain tissues. 350 so far and studying each gives the researcher the best find for a cure. >> there's so subs-- there's no substitution for the human brain. the mri scans show the difference between a normal scan and one with the arrows.
7:53 pm
colorado has one of the highest concentration of this devastating disease and paradoxically colorado donors ever are the best, their tissues can be retrieved and brought her quickly. >> the brain tissue that we can retrieve quickly, and repair, in colorado where there's a high incident rate choose to participate, it's valuable for researchers around the world. >> in just the last few years, the researchers published the most promising work yet, solving the mystery of a disease with no known cause or cure. >> juliet: that was dave young from our affiliate kdvr in denver reporting. when to comes 0 your brain, questions remain over how dangerous cell phones could be to your health. a major international study looking for a possible cancer link reporting the final results are inconclusive in the world health organization studies, researchers studied two different kinds of brain cancer and found either no increased risk or only a
7:54 pm
quote, suggestion of increased risk for certain cancers. but researchers say more studies are definitely needed. we should note that cell phone industry largely funded the study. all right, listen up, if anybody has any extra viagra pills there's a need, there's a dog that needs them. i swear to you this is not, i'm not kidding about this the little blue pills many of you are familiar with i'm sure, a life or death matter for a little pup. this is serious story coming up next.
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call the number on the screen for our best price guarantee. >> welcome back. headlines are coming up. a new york animal shelter is seeking donations not money they're looking for, it's viagra, that's right, viagra for a six-year-old pit bull
7:58 pm
and has a heart condition and the dog needs two to survive a day. those aren't cheap, they cost nearly $10 each and the vet is looking for unused pills out there and remember, this is all for a good cause. and we are going to give you some box office numbers, just in. looks like a little, little like last weekend, actually. robert downey, jr.'s ironman 2, pulling in another 53 million bucks well over 200 million mark in just two weeks and bill o'reilly is in that movie and second spot russell crowe's robin hood 37.1 million. third place letters to juliet, taking in 13.8 million i'm sure that's a fantastic movie and just right, how to drain your dragon rounded out the t top five. another check of the top fox stories associated press, vatican is preparing defense against the growing church sex abuse scandal and the lawyers
7:59 pm
claim there was no ordered vatican coverup of the scandal and now looking in to get a lawsuit in kentucky thrown out. also, officials from bp saying they're now siphoning some of the oil gusting from the massive leak into a special container ship. that's good news, but not all of the oil being siphoned and bp still working to try to plug the week permanently and completely. and on this day in 1918, fearful of dissent in the earlier days of world war i, president wood droe wilson signed a set of amendments to the espionage act, and allowed the united states post master general to refuse to deliver mail that violated the law and breaking that law carried a very heavy price, $10,000 fine and up to 20 years in prison and the law was eventually repealed in 190 ending a measure that many belie


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