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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> since january 2009 president barack obama has made huge steps to fundamentally transform america. the trillion dollar stimulus package, healthcare, nationalized student loans, he couldn't have done it without democrat control of the senate and house of representatives. president obama still wants more change. a sweeping energy bill, pro union card check legislation, financial regulatory over hall, immigration reform and possibly new taxes. a republican takeover of either house this november could halt his agenda completely. for months fox news has had inside access to key races in five states including two holding critical primaries tuesday night. we begin in fence pennsylvania. 80-year-old arlon spector has served in the u.s. senate 30 years.
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once a democrat he jumped to the gop four decades ago. spector was one of only three republicans to vote for the trillion dollar stimulus. when polls showed him losing the 2010 primary spector switched back to the democrats. he faces democratic challenge from representative joe sethdec who once trailed spector by 20 points in the polls. not any more. >> your senator who has been doing outstanding work in the senate arlon peck tore is in the house. >> march 8th a healthcare rally in philadelphia. president obama gives a shout out to two democrats fighting for the same job. >> somebody rendered outstanding service to our nation before he was in congress joe se,tac is in the house. >> he claims the obama
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administration tried to entime him -- entice him to leave the race with offer of a job. >> you don't want to talk about the respects and specifics and think you shouldn't be asked po it. >> for joe sestak i answered the question. for everybody else do what you want say what you want. >> for a gentlemen who ran this nation into the ground with his terrible votes with george bush i am not taking any advice from arlon spector. >> when i asked senator spector about the claim he counter attacked. >> i think he is trying to shift the attention away from the fact that he hasn't paid minimum wage to campaign workers. that's a very serious matter. it calls for a jail sentence. >> that's a pretty pointed jab for march. isn't the primary in may? >> it's not appointed jab. it is a fact.
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>> after the speech, spector leading sestak by 18 points flies back to washington on air force one. sestak scrambles across town for a campaign event. >> thanks. >> take care of that first. >> the president was here. going over commercial workers are endorsing that's where we are headed for. >> since before january we have done 262 events. a lot of time we spent around driving a lot of time we get stuff done also. kind of like a little office in here down here, there. we will do 8 or nine events today. >> thank you everybody for being here. >> good luck. i appreciate it. we are working hard in the senate.
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>> i thank you for this endorsement today. >> nice to see you. >> thanks for coming. >> had you are things coming along? >> very well. >> i can do everything i did when i was 99. >> meanwhile republican pat toumy is behind controls of his plane hunting red votes>> you realize what a big thing this is. >> pennsylvania runs the gamut as far as idea logically, geographically. >> most important thing is to have a message and believe in something that is shared across the geography. >> to tou toumy lost a race aga spector. >> if one vote had gone the other way i would have won that election. >> i am so glad i get to vote for you without any anguish.
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too ma it is your turn. >> thank you very much. >> toomey became the prohibitive favorite for the gop nod when spector left the party last april. >> this is such a disgrace. >> the momentum is on our side. i am confident we are going to win this race. >> march 16th the dagen in allentown with a 45 minute flight to franklin county. there to tom toomey left us. he's back in 2 hours does a p s press release then gets back behind the controls. >> i got a little jewish prayer. >> between your jewish prayer and my catholic prayer i think we have a good chance of surviving. >> maybe not. a panel on the fuselage flies open. >> oh, okay. >> a scary moment.
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forcing toomey to make an emergency landing. unfazed toomey improvises a fix and is back in the air. but he reaches pittsburgh behind schedule forcing him to cancel his first event there. he takes a meeting, followed by a quick bite. >> very serious luxury. i don't see any golden arches. >> it's not glamorous. >> oh, my goodness. are you kidding? do you know how many fast food meals i wolfed down in the back seat of the car between events? you don't think that's glamorous? french fries falling over your lap while you are on your way to give a little talk. you don't think that's glamorous? >> 13 hours after he first took off toum my is back home. >> mr. toomey is far out. >> march 12th. >> i beat him in 2004 in the
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republican primary. i can beat him again. >> did your campaign learn something from that race? >> we saw how far to the right the pennsylvania primary electorate is. >> he dumped the judgment of those republican voters. >> my chief of staff tells me we are able to help you. >> by two? >> we are working on it. >> his party remains an issue he has to address at nearly every stop. >> today i feel very comfortable back to my roots as a democrat. my votes have been inned pendant votes. >> we are going to have you work the room for two minutes. >> can i get a picture with yo please? >> sure. of course you can.
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>> i would like to welcome you back to the party. >> april 6th, penn state university. >> i am proud to have been endorseed by the college republicans. >> did he say college republicans? >> my college democrats. i was a republican for 40 years i think i understand i am a democrat sooner or later. >> sec spector who once led the liberal sestak by 20 points is only up by 11. >> came in got up at 11:30 or 12 started the next event at 7:30 drove from this area all of the way to erie for a 7 hour event up there. left there got back here 4:00 a.m. got up 3 hours later for 8:00 and continued got in
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last night at 2:30 a.m. this morning we went out i think our first meeting was at 8:00. we do a lot of traveling. >> it seems to be working. succe sestak keeps closing in by the day while the punches -- >> what they want to sees someone out there who is willing to say principle matters more than my job. >> and counter punches. >> he has the worst attendance record of anybody in the pennsylvania delegation. ought not be asking for a promotion he ought to be subject for court-martial. >> he said you ought to be court-martialed. >> that's silly. he wants to talk about personally let him. >> the pennsylvania senate race abo will get nastier. next harry reid the top democrat on the ropes.
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>> could democrats really lose control of the senate? republicans would have to defeat 10 of 18 democrats while holding all of their own seats. it's not impossible but it would be like drawing an inside straight. that's why karl cameron went to nevada. harry reid a former foxer fought hard for president obama's
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agenda. his opponents say after 27 years of washington reed turned his back on the folks back home. >> this is going to be a good one. pull. >> we got that one. >> the front runner in a crowded field of republican candidates vying to run against harry reid is business come and former state senator sue ls louden. we caught up with her at a fundraiser at a shooting range outside of las vegas. >> we think sow louden is the perfect candidate to send to washington. we want jobs that's what sue will do when she gets back to washington is make sure things get shook up. ee oo how is harry reid in that department? >> he is so out of touch. we have almost highest second unemployment rate has a different philosophy than current majority leader. i would cut spending and taxes.
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>> sue l lou den's closest competitor is danny car tak tar. son of coach jerry tarkanian. we watched them in the sports book on the strip. >> how about dad? he's a very well known figure. lowden says it's the only reason you are in the race. >> the argument could be the only reason lowden is in the race is because his husba -- he husband has millions of dollars. that's not the issue. she is nor bailouts higher taxing and for failed establishment policies that hurt our country for decades. >> you are listening to danny tarkanian and sue lowden. sue lowden what do you do to try to help change this process which was shoved down the throats of americans? >> repeal and replace will be my
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slogan. >> not only do we have to repeal it we have to come up with a better solution. >> things got tense when she came up with the robo calls. >> you referred to her as a socialist. >> i wouldn't say that's accurate. >> he called me socialist. unbelievable to me. >> lolowden and tarkanian take their message to nevada harry reid's hometown and a tea party rally. >> took us two hours to get there. and we came to a stop. i got out of the rv and started campaigning. >> how are you doing? >> people loved it. >> god bless you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> hi, this is what a supporter just gave me. >> how is it going? >> these people want to give back to the sound constitutional principles that i believe strongly in. >> everyone had a good spirit about him. excited of course to see governor sarah palin. >> the big government, obama
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spending spree is over, you are fired. >> what a privilege it is to share a stage with leaders like sarah palin. >> why do you appeal to the tea party movement? >> the belief of the pea party movement is in deep responsibility and belief in civil liberties. >> how would your policy admissions align with tea party movement? >> i believe in less government less taxes. i think it's okay to get up and say we have had enough. >> harry reid called you evil mongers, what i call you is patriots. >> a little more than a week later harry reid would return take a swipe at the tea partiers and their former favorite candidate sarah palin.
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>> i would give a few remarks of the people a week ago saturday but i couldn't write it all on my hand. you bet cha. >> top advisor said reed would vaporize his opponent. >> are you prepared for the onslaught that goes along with it? >> i know it will be grueling. i take a deep breath every day and i can put one foot in front of the other foot and prepare that day. >> are you ready to fight back in? >> i look forward to it. >> april 15th both candidates got a shock from a completely different direction when the group by lowden and tear canian arrives in washington. and announces it's putting the chips not on either frontrunner but on a lesser known legislator from reno, sharon lango. >> the reason they support me is the battle tested proven conservative record you can trust. >> citizens have rights.
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sometimes we have to fight. >> what they are looking for is the real thing. >> while angel, loud den and tarkanian vie for voters in the june 8th primary all three beat read handily in head had head polling. if the tea party movement lines behind the gop nominee who ever it is reed will be on the ropes come november. >> up next the battle for the house. democrats have 254 seats. republicans 177. in minnesota three women are vying for one of them. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. during red lobster's festival of shrimp. combine two or three favorites,
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>> we told you about the u.s. senate. the house of representatives is just as important.
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democrats have 254 seats the democrats 157. the gop would have to capture 41 seats assuming they could hold onto every one of their own. the democrats are not just playing defense. one gop seat they have targeted is held by a rising conservative star in a state that often leans left. >> when i wam to congress i came as a very normal person. think they were boosing skirt chasing slackers. there's not enough hours in the day to do the job. >> i am running for reelection but the main thing now is doing my job. >> it's one day before the final house vote on healthcare reform. >> we are going to win.
9:24 pm
thank you for coming. >> with time running down the forces due on the floor for several votes she is trying to squeeze in an appearance on capitol hill. >> we are just getting started. > let's get in there. i have to get in. >> bachmann did make it in in time but she missed votes this year. the democratic party known as the dfl says bachmann missed 115 votes since january of 09. 115 missed votes out of 1100 about twice the average for house members. bachmann says most were for personal reasons. at the same time she is become one of the most visible conservatives in congress giving countless media interviews and speeches. that has made her a prime target for the season. >> this was the dfl endorsement
9:25 pm
showdown. between state senator tara clark and maureen reed. more reason reed has a chance as a doctor, as an outsider. >> i have met her several times in the past years her stand on the issues -- (inaudible) >> the delegate vote will go decide the endorse am all of it with one goal in mind. >> michelle back man comes after me as she will any democrat. i am going to say to her hold the phone sister. hold the phone.
9:26 pm
>> i am the only candidate who brought democrats and independents, republicans together and with your help i am the candidate who is going to fight to save michelle bachmann. >> gerald clark receives 94.5 votes for 66.8 percent. >> the unendorsed candidate is typically pressured to drop out of the race. reed will fight on and reed will face clark again in the august primary. >> thank you. >> the state is having challenges we need somebody in congress to fight for us. we don't have that now. >> hi there. >> hi. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> on her birthday michelle bachman arrives at state department headquarters ready to work.
9:27 pm
>> work hard. run, run, run, run, run. >> i am sorry we don't have much information about the parking. >> it's one day before her rally with former alaska governor sarah palin. >> are we going on radio now? >> in 3 minutes. >> on the augen tgenda a series national radio interviews. >> what show are we doing on? >> the joint is jumping in minneapolis. it is going to be the political event of the year. >> this is the over view of the day. >> how many do we have? >> 1300. >> most of it is standing. we will have a very, very brief period in agreemeagreement>> we come on together then? >> when you are done with that you will be escorted out to head out to the hotel for the reception. >> thank you. >> that should do it. >> the next day bachmann's
9:28 pm
likely democratic opponent gerald clark is in still wauter minnesota greeting voters in the district. >> gerald cla -- terri clark ru. >> she continues to talk about focusing on the district for people in the district and claims bachmann isn't. >> she is busy running around the country but it's not going to solve the problems in the district. >> it is so exciting. >> back in minneapolis. >> aren't we going to have a great time? >> bachmann is getting ready to speak to a crowd of 10,000. >> when we opened the doors 12 years early people running to get to the front. clearly it was like a stamm speed. >> what beautiful people. >> i need to find them. i need to walk through everything. >> for the campaign manager it's the most challenging day of the campaign so far. >> of all of the jobs that might have been available to you why this one? >> it was pretty hard to pass up the opportunity. it's a high profile campaign
9:29 pm
it's a big year exciting race committed candidates who have a lot of energy. it's a fun race to be a part of. >> is it the winning thing? are you competitive? >> yes. everybody is. part of why you get into the game. (applause) >> minutes before they are introduced bachmann and palin have a chance to check backstage. >> bachmann and governor sarah palin. >> welcome to minneapolis, minnesota. we are grateful you are here
9:30 pm
today. 2010 is the year the conservative women take back this country. michelle is leading the stampede. >> it's great. >> thank you. >> aren't you guys wonderful? >> is it the way you thought it was going to be? >> it exceeded my expectations by a geometric factor. >> you are standing up there on stage listening to the governor speak what's going through your mind? >> i was amazed she was here doing this for me. i am so proud of her proud of the audience. we get this liberal state. >> today bachmann can saver for a long time. there are many days ahead in the campaign.
9:31 pm
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>> this year a demonstrating income ben see as advantages and perils. colorado is a race that proves this. >> when president obama choose former senator ken sell czar for candidate in 2009 the democrat choose the replacement. >> one of the colorado most competent michael bennet. >> the choice baffled nearly everyone. bennett the superintendent of denver public schools had no legislative experience and had never run for elected office. >> thank you for your help.
9:35 pm
>> the entire political establishment was completely taken aback. >> all of the long-term democrats who had been elected to office felt they would have been good senators and run good races. >> by the time campaign 2010 rolled around that bad blood seemed to be negated by the $6 million war chest that bennett had amassed. and the full backing of the national democratic party and president barack obama. >> hello denver. i am thrilled to be here in support of a leader senator michael bennett. >> w whose administration was rumored to be trying to help bennett behind the scenes as well. >> when former state senate majority leader andrew roam nof watched the bid to unseed bennett the denver post reported the obama administration tried to entice him to boy out by offering him a position in washington.
9:36 pm
if so it didn't work. >> the last time i checked the constitution it's the voter of the state who get to elect a senator. this decision should be made by the people of colorado. >> good luck to you. >> rom romanoff is painting ben as a washington insider. >> i am andrew roman off, nice to meet you. >> i am the only one turning down the corporate cash that threatens to drown our democracy. >> it doesn't do good to fight democrats when we should be taking on republicans in november. >> she has backing and $2 million war chest of her own. >> i wanted to be a part of the solution and not just complain about what i am seen as a hard move to the left in our country. >> her closest opponent ken buck gains traction by painting
9:37 pm
norton as a political insider. >> she received establishment endorsements receives more than 40 percent of her funds from lobbyists and out of state interests. >> colorado voters are notoriously independent in presidential elections they went for bill clinton in 92. dole in 96 and george w. bush twice before swinging back and handing the state to barack obama in 2008. on march 16th that independent spirit was on full display. >> we have two bennett delegates. >> candidates from both parties face their first real test in something called precinct cau caucus caucuses. >> we need three romanoff delegates please. >> in order to be eligible for the primary a candidate needs 30 percent support. senator bennett captured 41 percent. >> we were very competitive and i think we surprised ourselves and a lot of people. >> keep on rolling. >> the biggest surprise comes from his opponent. >> tonight's victor in the
9:38 pm
caucuses... (cheers) >> romanoff grabs 50 percent. >> this is one small step for main street. one giant kick in you nowhere for wall street. >> on the republican side another upset. >> this is a different election. ken buck takes 38 percent topping jane norton 37 percent. >> i think there is a strong grass-roots reaction to a top down decision on who our next state senator will be. >> buck's victory earns him the endorsement of south carolina senator jim demint who chairs the senate conservative side and has the support of tea party activists. >> both the federal government is coming and we are not going to stand for it. >> but bennett and norton are not accepting defeat. people try to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot for the august 10th primary.
9:39 pm
>> that is such a nice shirt. >> the new republican frontrunner ken buckin cysts this won't be the year for incumbents or establishment candidates in colorado. >> let's say we come out of the august primaries and it's one grass-roots campaign verses another. what kind of battle will that look like to colorado voters? >> it will be a great battle. i will tell you why. colorado voters will get what they want. whoever wins that in november i think will really have a mandate to go back to washington, d.c. and get some things done. >> coming up, a moderate democrat some raed meat republicans and a million dollars from >> sometimes his eyes get really dry and he blinks a lot. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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and at holiday inn express, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you. and stay rewarded with the hit it big promotion-- earn up to $500 dollars at over 300 retailers. >> all politics is local. that's how the saying goes. blanch lincoln a moderate democrat hos hopes arkansas pri
9:43 pm
voters agree when they vote in tuesday. lincoln faces an array of challenges from left to right. who think they can knock her off if they broaden the issues. how? shannon brame went inside the campaign and found out. >> make no mistake about it it's a national race. it has been made a national race. i have been hit from both sides. >> i spent 6 years of my life working on balancing the federal budget. unfortunately in the time that senator lincoln has been in the senate we have seen that wrecked. >> she is going to have to talk to defend herself defend her record. >> sounds like a pretty viable candidate. >> time to take everybody out and start over. >> this year is going to be a difficult campaign year. is always is when you run midterm of a new administration. >> reach out to family members and friends ask them to go to
9:44 pm
the polls on may 18th and vote for blanch lincoln. >> senator blanch lincoln is running for a third term. by the end of march her chances for reelection are not looking good. >> ray lot of the national groups decided to a campaign. >> healthcare made her unpopular with conservative ar c arkansas. >> they wanted to nationalize the campaign because they want to tell us who we are. they want to tell us what they think is most important for arkansas. >> thank you for everything you have done. >> i am all about finding common ground. >> there are 8 of them out there and they will have to beat on each other pretty soon they have been beating up on me. >> i trust john bolsman. >> one of her gop opponents is
9:45 pm
congressman john boozman. we caught him in washington, d.c. where unlike lincoln he was fighting against healthcare. >> for goot my socks. we survived that okay. >> i hope that's all i forgot. >> boozman has been beating lincoln in the polls from the time he announced his candidaca. behind boozman is another republica republican: >> arkansas has a shot to change america. it is do or die. it's more votes can candidate o president obama. >> it's gilbert baker calling. >> had you are you doing? >> it's gilbert calling.
9:46 pm
>> he's under pressure to raise money for the first quarter of his campaign. >> in this that hurts us as far as the amount of money that is out there. he does a minimum 3 day as week 3 hours those days asking for people for support. starbucks and dark chocolate. >> sometimes his eyes get really dry and he blinks a lot. that's what my mom always tells him. >> lieutenant governor bill halter. >> she thought her biggest challenge was coming from the right but bill halter jumped in from the left and turned the primary into a real race. >> hey, guys. >> look here. two-days into his campaign along with other groups from the left endorsed
9:47 pm
lieutenant governor halter and raised more than a million dollars for him. he also continues to get support from the unions like the afl cio. >> when you are fighting on behalf of working men and women it is a powerful force. >> stickers, bumper stickers. >> all of this backing makes halter a big threat to incumbent senator lincoln. >> lyndon is goi -- lincoln is g after halter for his drug endorsement. >> i think it's important for people to know where mr. halter's record is. >> agriculture is 25 percent of arkansas's economy. the farming industry is wherein come bentsen tore lincoln is expected to get a lot of the votes a farmer's daughter is also chairman of the u.s. senate committee on ago culture commission and forest story. lincoln along with other candidates attended a forum to
9:48 pm
pitch political ideas in hopes of getting farmer's votes. >> the tarp bail jut has been a pa failure. >> we lost the battle but i don't think we lost the war. >> one of the reasons i don't believe we won the cap and trade decision it did pick winners and losers. >> washington is often not on the side of rural arkansas. you see it with the united states senate going on vacation this past week without extending the unemployment benefits. >> we are not on vacation we are working hard. working until next tuesday may 18th when the primary outcome will determine who gets one step closer to winning the senate seat. >> we are going to win the election on may 18th. >> arlon spector switched from republican to democrat to save his seat. is pennsylvania cooking up a
9:49 pm
primary upset stews? 
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
>> president obama through his support behind arlon spector in pennsylvania democratic primary. will spector's 30 year senate career end anyway on tuesday. >> april 11th. >> they will have the yellow sign for 30 seconds and the yellow sign for stop. >> he is hours from an unusual debate. >> tonight we will see two men who respect each other. >> it's not just from arlon spector but instead with the republican senate frontrunner pat toomey.
9:53 pm
>> i disagree with all of joe's ideas. >> they make the same point. they say spector switched partys to avoid a republican primary challenge from toomey. >> he ran from pat toomey now he ducks me. >> i think it's unconscionable arlon spector won't come up here and defend whatever he believes at the moment. >> while he is still 10 points behind spector in the polls, toomey is comfortably ahead of his closest republican challenger ted luksik. april 20th the republican duo debate in harrisburg. >> good night. >> you, too. >> dear god don't let me say anything stupid here today. >> if your voting record says one thing are you not proud of your voting record? are you walking away from your voting record? >> she takes her shot. >> i think i have been clear and most people have recognized the clarity. >> toomey emerges unscathed.
9:54 pm
meanwhile spector gets his shots in against sestak a former admiral via tv ads. >> joe sestak relieved of duty fee in the navy for creating a poor command climate. >> back fire. hap 23rd air force two touches down near scranton where joe biden endorses the senator. >> america is coming back. it will be no no small part because of arlon spector. oh oh out vied veterans abuse spector of swift voting sestak. >> i want an apology for defacing. that's all i want. >> it is a dishonor to every veteran. >> april 28th. >> to do it for the purposes of one political ad vantage discredit our great democracy. >> sestak hit spector with his own counter attack. >> senator spector decided to
9:55 pm
base his campaign on baseless attacks on my character. >> they are understandable for arlon spector. what else does he have to run on? >> a republican record in a democratic primary? >> two polls show spector's lead evaporated to within the margin of error. i tax the stage to debate joe sestak. >> welcome to the one and only senate democratic debate for the year 2010. >> spector comes out firing. >> i want an afollowing from sestak. i have been in public service for 43 years nobody has ever called me a liar. >> a debate filled with animosity that has been brewing over the long election cycle. >> career politicians will do anything in order to keep their job. they will switch the party because they cannot beat the republican opponent. the next day after a poll is taken they become a dpem krat. >> may 11th with the primary a week away senator spector once
9:56 pm
again refuses democrats and republicans and under lines the issue that has shaped had race from the beginning. >> the republican committee thank you for endorsing me for the democratic confirmation. >> it's not unusual for anybody from i'm to time. i am not a commentary i am no. as smooth as you guys. >> 2010 could be the most important generation. democrats losing one or both houses means they will no longer be able to enact on their own the fundamental changes president obama still wants for america. a big win for republicans on the other hand will give them more power to negotiate with the president block him all together or even try to roll back some of the changes he has already made. as we are reminded tonight the voters hold the ultimate power. stick with fox news to see how
9:57 pm
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