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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  June 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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katerina and now this. >> if they would get out of the way and let us do it, give us the resources give us the money and man power we will take care of it. >> we started the offshore oil here frank. the expertise is here and we should not hold the entire industry responsible for one screw up. >> it's a major screw up. >> we know that more than anybody. >> it is destroying your business and environment. >> they no sooner talk about a moratorium on drilling. we find out his advisors are doing that. >> how many of you don't trust washington? that is not a good sign. you know, sean, i give you all credit there are fighters believers and they are going to come back. there's a message for the rest
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of america. fix it or get the hell out of the way. (applause) >> at this point they deserve better from their government. 53 days, mr. president, help them. help them. >> thanks for being with us frank luntz. coming up helen thomas gets much needed support. i am not so sure she is going to be happy from where it's coming from. weekly media mash how liberal is the obama mania media.
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>> we take the obama need yaw to task. we had no shortage on that. joining us with some of the most outrageous examples brent bozel.
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good to have you onset. >> thank you. >> the media who doe do they want to blame for the oil spill? >> george bush will be blamed for everything until the day he dies. >> and beyond. >> and before. i think they ought to blame him for the exxon vel dez, churn noble. they will not stop blaming this man. >> when do they ever take responsibility for anything. here is is the tape. >> the bush team treated them with the usual mixture of arrogance and high handedness and outraged when the turkish parliament refused to go along with the war lans in iraq. then they repeatedly snubbed turkey over the next few years. now turkey is returning the favor. >> the truth is right now we have preisley the regulatory system that the push cheney administration wanted, full of loopholes the very agencies that are supposed to be overseeing the industry. it is absolutely a thousand percent bush cheney's fault.
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>> got to love george will. >> she is a parity of herself. by the way cbs last week also said george bush was -- his voik tory was responsible for the breakup of al gore and tipper gore's marriage. >> elizabeth ve vargus. hillary don't have anything to do with the tea party movement. hillary responsible for republican women winning primaries. >> the big headline out of last night's primary women rule. how about this. women candidates in four states won primaries. >> so many women doing so well and many saying hillary clinton helped by running for president all of these other women about to take high office. >> one of the greatest unsectors of all time hillary clinton had absolutely nothing in common with them except she is a woman.
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you have nothing to do with the victory. you do give credit to sarah palin. >> sarah palin was on the show. >> she did support a lot of them i think it had an impact. >> listen to the mainstream media making excuses for helen thomas. >> i want to talk about something sort of in the family if you will in the white house press corps because helen thomas a legendary career, a friend i have to say for decades and decades and a mentor to many, many women. she was the first woman prominent woman in the white house press corps. >> she is a bona fide icon. she is also nearly 90 years old. >> some argued thomas deserves a break given her status as a journalistic giant and trailblazer for women and given her age. after all many of us w have elderly relatives who lost their verbal filter.
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>> i have known her for a long time and she held many president's feet to the fire at a time when nobody in the bush pressroom would say boo about george w. bush after 9-11 she was already canning the tough questions. i roo like to see people judge larger context of their career not in their sin kneel nellity. >> what is she more offended by socialist and radical or liberal friends who have all gone on national television to say he's senile. if it's true she is that ee nile what was she doing in the white house all these years. she is the grand dam of journalism. this is the woman it is time for her to go fishing. >> tav vau milely does he think christians are more violent than
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those in radical islam? >> somehow the idea got into their minds that to kill other people is a great thing to do and they would be awarded in the here after. >> christians do that every single day in this country. >> do they blow people up. >> every day. people walk into post offices. they walk into schools that's what columbine is. i could do this all day long. >> they are evoking the tea party every day that they are arrested for making threats for calling elected people (bleep) they walk into capitol hill for spitting on people. >> listen to the original statement. tavis please great thing they will do they will be rewarded in the here after -- where is the example of that. >> the killers at columbine were psych paths they prpt christians they were psych pathic murderers. that's all they were. that's the narrative. end of story. it was offensive this guy is pbs and the american tax payer has
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to pay to put this person on the air. the american tax payer has to fund the stations that allow this kind of garbage to go on the air. it's about time the taxpayers started saying i hope when we clean up and say stop funding this type of show on television. >> the insanity what is known as the obama mania media. greta van susteren is coming up 14 short minutes from now. i like the yellow. >> everyone says i look f like work for hertz. i have been teased unmercifully for this jacket. karl rove goes on the record, dick morris live to peru with the latest on joran van der sloot. the legal panel is back tonight. >> 19 short minutes from now let not your heart be troubled our great, great, great american panel next. [ [
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>> tonight on the our great, great, great american panel he was the national campaign manager for howard dean's national campaign. democratic strategist joe tripy is here. former new york republican congressman running for u.s. senate jody guard de is here. i am a big fan of his daughter on american idol kara. he's a senior writer at the daily se cup is with us. let's go to maine and take a look at a factory. here we have the president has been here from day one. bobby jindal beggibegging, do something, send equipment, send booms. all of these booms sitting up there in a warehouse. we have also got a clip here. they were on the guy that runs a factory was on fox and friends and brian kilmeade and allison kamarata asked him a question.
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>> what's the reaction been when you called the state and federal government and called and to to them you are ready for action and you can help. >> we are having a visit from bp tomorrow. hopefully we will have a favorable outcome. basically we are seeking their approval. unfortunately at this point no one can buy our boom unless we get the approval from bp. we are waiting for this action to happen and hopefully we will have a positive outcome. >> this is unfew -- infuriating days later. >> it is a comedy of errors. if it weren't so tragic it would be funny. it's like the blind leading the blind. i don't know any one come out of this situation looking good except maybe bobby jindal. the real face of leadership so far. >> as a democrat i would say i believe it was terri mccol love.
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he would say look i want to get more booms i want to bring this in. i think he would have. there would have been action. there would have been something done. >> i agree with a lot of progressives who said about the president taking leadership. i have had lots of people calling me literally calling me saying i have got something that will fix this. can you help me get through? so many people are trying to get through. >> but booms are easy. >> how does kevin costner get it with congress but these guys can't. >> this is not a complicated piece of equipment. why don't you put it down there and see if it works. you need leadership here. everybody waiting for something. it this is a disaster. this could be america's chu ne noble. >> for the democrats this is dangerous territory.
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this is katrina honestly this is the iranian hostage crisis wrapped up in one. here's the question. what at this point could they do to recover? i don't think much. >> obama has done some of the right things but in the absolute wrong order. coming out and talking about we are going to send bp a bill and i want them to pay. forget the money. let's contain the spill, clean it up and then we can have those conversations. >> either the spill gets capped tomorrow. >> five minutes ago. >> or does it turn into day 150, you are right it's the gulf held hostage via bp oil rig. >> gave me a lead for the show. in all seriousless listen to these people down there tonight. my heart is breaking. fisherman are out of work tourism is being destroyed. beaches being destroyed. >> they didn't have the
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technology to stop this. you can get into we should have been drilling in different places. >> shallow water. >> the fact of the matter is this was done at a time when we don't have t -- didn't have the technology to deal with it. who knows whether they are they are going to be able to stop it. >> environmental lists pushed us out there. shallower water in the pacific. >> if you go 5,000 feet if you are dealing with an environ andment incredibly different than 200 feet. we had this issue with nuclear plants. if you need the highest -- meet the highest and national standards. you need checks and ballotses. both administrations messed up. they don't have the most effective valve to close that off. >> you know who's fault this is? bp is first they are responsible. federal government. federal waters they should have responded from day one with urge again see and intensity.
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>> the president should have called them the first day. >> hasn't happened. >> more of the great, great american panel. lédététttws m2gwp
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>> we continue with our great, great american panel. let's look big picture here for a second. the economy is not turning around. unemployment still remains high. record debt record deficits. >> that keeps going up. >> that keeps going up. we have these scandals pay to play, sestak, that hasn't gone away even though we haven't been talking about it very much. oil spill all of the oil going to make it on shore. we have an election in 145 days. what impact do these converging events have on the election? >> i think what it says frankly obama lost his golden touch. i think the interesting part
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about especially te sestak and m and a half how could he not convince the guys to not come and work in the rock star white house. the bloom is off the rose maybe. he is not getting what he needs to get done. i think where democrats are concerned in november there's guilt by association. they are just not looking competent. >> you are running for the u.s. senate. new york is a hard state. >> very tough. >> i got a good message. we are spending money we don't have borrowing from countries that don't share our values we don't trust like china. we are putting the american dream in jeopardy. we are building debt not jobs. >> you are running against the candidate that basically supports everything obama does. >> pretty much. >> putting on your political analytical hat. you are more partisan. you are running campaigns you are nervous now. you have to be. >> first of all this is going to be a bad year for incumbents.
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we are seeing that every where. i keep cautioning republicans to understand there are going to be republican incumbents that go out the window, too. we are in charge of the white house, the senate. >> own it. you caused it. >> there are a lot of problems caused by a lot of administrations that ended up on everybody's plate. >> what extent obama doesn't listen to the people on immigration doesn't listen to the polls on healthcare to the polls that radical islam isn't an enemy of the united states. to what extent is he out of touch with the american people? >> he got elected. he won the election. >> post election. >> he is not there to follow the polls. he has made that abundantly clear on healthcare. he didn't give you anybody -- >> there's another way to interpret that. the american people be dammed. >> he can't take the temperature of a room very well.
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the oil still is a perfect example. >> i was elected i passed healthcare reform. i am going to bust my rear to do it. as a leader -- >> the american people didn't want it. >> go back to the big picture. you know what happened to the gallop poll? the debt passed jobs as the number one issue. you think the debt is 8.4 trillion. what about the 45 trillion for social security. >> all of the money that was put in there for years was spent it's now going to be replaced. the baby boomers want their money and the economy was bad. for the first time in 40 years we are going to have less money coming out. >> those are all valid points. with 70 percent nearly 70 percent of the american people i think this country is severely on the wrong track. joe. >> when you got the economy where it is and you have the oil
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spill that's exactly where the people are going to be. >> it's not incumbents. it's -- >> watch what happens in november. >> you see he's a novice can't bhak a decision, can't lead. >> lack of action. >> he has an agenda. >> idea logically hard. >> the point here is you are president of the united states you move forward on an agenda you think is best for the american people. they can score and he put his career on the line to do it. >> i don't think he has emerged as a leader. he emerged as a politician. >> the handling of bp says it all. >> you try to figure out what the problem is. you have to run in there. >> you have to hit the ground


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