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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 18, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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u.s. officials have issued a nationwide alert following the disappearance of 17 afghan soldiers from a military training base there. we are getting brand-new information on this now, who they are, how long they've been missing, that's how we start this morning. good morning, on a friday i'm martha maccallum. reporter: i'm greg garrett in for bill hemmer. we were told they were learning english as well and thraeupbg to be pilots. martha: all of them have security badges that could give them access to u.s. military bases. law enforcement and dod officials are telling us this started two years ago. they say the last incident was in january of this year. some of the missing men have been accounted for, some of them are still out there. we are told they treat this more as an immigration issue.
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which raises a lot of eyebrows. we have a former assistant secretary of defense of detainees. good morning to you. reporter: l thank for having me. martha: what is your reaction to the store row off the bat. reporter: l well i don't think it's necessarily just an immigration issue. clearly it's a security issue. we don't send ncis after pure immigration scofflaws, these guys have common access cards, kak cards which are military id cards. i used mine to go on two different military installations this week. they can knock their ability to use email and that sort of thing on secure networks but they still have these cards, so it's a security concern. martha: here is the quote that we are getting this morning in our reporting from our folks in the justice and defense department. they are saying the decertifyings are being looked at as a visa over stay issue, that this is fairly common, that
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they don't want people to overreact to this, and as i pointed out in the introduction some of these people they already know the whereabouts but some of them they don't. it raises a lot of question when you look at the fort hood situation, anybody who has been trained by the u.s. military in this country who might have any ill will against this country, it has to be a big concern. reporter: it is, and remember these guys have been preselected to go to the defense language institute, so they are smart. they are more of the cream of the crop not the low level guys. we don't know what level of radical liization these guys have. there could be a perfect good explanation, the fact is they don't want to go back to their country. they have access to these cards, they are a security risk. i understand why dod and establishment is saying it doesn't raise many red flags, normal thing it happens all the
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time. even if it happens all the time it should be looked into and that's why ncs put out the apb. martha: it makes me wonder about the whole idea of training people here in the united states, whether or not that's the best idea or whether or not they should be bases at overseas. it raises a question should there be a way to track people who are brought into this country so that we don't lose track of them? reporter: we need these military to military training, having folks from foreign militaries come to our country to train is important just as it's important for our folks to be able to go to foreign military training, i'm not concerned about that whatsoever. i am concerned about 17 or less folks running around, having access, not only to our bases, but to our security structure, and again i don't think it's anything to be too overly concerned about, but it is one
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of concern and we can't let it slip through the cracks. martha: thank you so much. coley simpson. we'll have a live report from the pentagon on this in the next hour. good to have you here, thank you. reporter: any time martha. martha: there is lots of request to the folks at who broke this exclusive story this morning. many more details on this online. go to our newly redesigned website which looks fantastic, it's really easy to use, user friendly. from your home computer you can click onto from your mobile phone. you'll get details on this very big story this morning captioning performed by reporter: significant developments now in south carolina's controversial u.s. senate primary the state democratic officials voting against a primary do over deciding to leave alvin green in place as the senate nominee. greene picked up the democratic
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nomination a bit of a surprise june 8th against vic rawl. he was a virtual unknown, spent almost no money on his campaign, made no appearances. he's also facing a felony charge for allegedly showing obscene photographs to a student at the university of santa clara. rawl filed a formal protest with the party on monday. martha: a huge economic dived between the world's two biggest economies over how to save the global economy. nobody is quite sure if this gap can be closed right now. get this the united states basically continues to spend and go further into debt as a way to better the u.s. economy, that is pretty much the economic strategy of the administration right now. you have major economies in the european union that are doing the opposite, they are trying to throttle back and implement major budget cuts the likes of which we haven't seen from
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europe economies. now you have president obama warning those across the pond that something has to give in this relationship, this escalation tension is coming ahead of a pivotal meeting of the world economists. let's get staurt srarpb knee in on this. if you've been a sleep for 15 years you might be a little bit surprised. for europe to be getting fiscally conservative and doing major cuts is a brand-new story. reporter: who would have thought that britain, spain, france, ireland would be cutting spending with an eye to cutting their deficit? this is a real split with the united states, you could almost call this a showdown with the united states. president obama is not happy. he's written this letter to the world leaders before that meeting that comes up this week and he says look if you keep up with this austerity program in europe you'll slow down the
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world's economy and you'll hurt america's economy as well. he's going inexactly the opposite direction, he wants more spending. he says the u.s. will pursue measures to support recovery. that means spending more money. you have a real big divide on the economic front between the world's largest economic blocks. martha: this is a fascinating debate and a crucial crisis period for the world economy, and it's fascinating to me. do we have any sense of what the response is to obama from europe. reporter: i don't think europe is going to reverse course. sr-bg reversed course to go into cutting spending and deficits they are not going to bow to the president to start spending over again. they are in the middle of a crisis. on the economic diplomatic front you have the british really upset about bp, you have china really upset about the pressure they are getting to fix their currency. now you have the president
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telling the europeans you don't like your policies of austerity. this is a real split. martha: thank you, stuart. reporter: l a convicted killer in utah executed this morning by firing scott. 49-year-old ronnie lee gardener was strapped to a chair with a white target on his chest. five anonymous marksman filed a bullet and blanks. this type of execution hasn't happened in the united states in 14 years. outside the prison in draper, utah what did the witnesses have to say? reporter: there already nine witnesses that were part of a mead media pool that came out after the execution and they were spliced -- surprised how clinical the execution was. when they went into the room ronnie lee gardener was already sitting in the execution chair,
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already strapped to it, his head already strapped to it as well. they couldn't help but notice that he was trying to look around, maybe he was looking inside. they didn't hear a countdown of any sort, they heard a boom, boom, the boom boom of course came from the five unidentified men who carried this out. again, a lot of the witnesses said that it seemed very clinical. one of them disa tkpwhraoed with -- disagreed with the other. >> i found it very violent. to answer your question it was exactly what i expected and a little bit worse. i think the loudness of the guns shocked me even though i grew up with a winchester 3030 in my house and shot it many times. but i think when you see it actually hit a human being and you watch them move to some extent, it was violent. reporter: now, prosecutors are
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very quick to point out that this was ronnie lee gardener's choice to be executed by firing squad, that the default method here in the state of utah is lethal injection, but he said he believed in living by the gun and dying by the gun, meaning that his victims died from bullet wounds and so would he, greg. reporter: as i understand it he was in a chair and pretty much strapped in, a bunch of velcro straps tried to contain him. was there body movement nevertheless. reporter: every single witness discussed the movement. there was a target on his chest and his head was strapped back. it appeared that he was trying to look at the witnesses through the glass. they were also struck by this clenching he was doing with his hands and kind of fidgeting his fingers. what really bothered him is his clenching didn't stop after his
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chest was peered -- pierced with the bullets. some of them thought he would have to be shot again until the medical examiner came in and pronounced pheupl deceased. bill:. reporter: thanks. martha: michelle bachman is going to talk about joe barton's apology to bp. reporter: killer tornadoes ripping a path of destruction through minnesota. one of them caught on tape. we'll show you more of the footage and janice dean will be giving us the forecast. martha: the mohegan sun casino making millions off of gamblers and taxpayers. wait until you here while the popular is get -- popular casino is getting your stimulus money. how would that be? transform plain old ribs
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>> i apologize. i do not want to live in a country where any time a sit ten, or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political pressure that is again, in my words, amounts to a shake down. so i apologize. martha: texas congressman joe barton got a lot of attention as you might expect for that moment yesterday in his thoughts on the bp oil spill hearings apologizing to the ceo of the oil company because the white house asked bp to put $20 billion in an escrow account to help payoff claims of damages after the disaster. the white house and the company agreed to that fund. republicans immediately distanced themselves from that controversy and vice-president joe biden responded to all of this. take a look at what he had to
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say. >> it's pretty important to the people of louisiana all the way through florida, even in his home state of texas that people disassociate themselves from that. that is not true, there is no shake down. it's insisting on responsible conduct and a responsible response to something they caused. martha: of course barton quickly came back and apologized for apologizing. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann is here she also has comments about the bp fund we want to get into as well. good to have you here in morning. reporter:. >> good morning. martha: when you heard those comments by joe barton were you offended by them. >> i didn't hear the comments until later in the day and by that time joe had already apologized for the remarks. he was very clear in not trying to cass the opinion that bp was
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not responsible nor that they should be responsible for paying for all the victims' funds. clearly they need to, and i think that was stated appropriately. martha: what do you think he was trying to get at there, though? what was he trying to say about the administration's take on all of this, and this fund, and whether or not it should be sort of a bottomless pit. >> i think joe's comments stand on their own, and his apology and after remarks and he's spoken for himself. part of the concern that many members of congress had is that the $20 billion fund not become political, because we have very resent evidence that it could be. we have another oil spill fund that the democrats just a few weeks ago tried to tap to use to pay unemployment benefits. so it's serpbl lee reasonable and legitimate for members of congress to be concerned that an oil spill fund go specifically one hundred percent to make the victims of this environmental
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strapblg dewhole. not one time of taxpayer money should be spent on making the victim's hole. that -- wheel. that needs to be bp's complete and total responsibility. as i said there is ample evidence that congress has tapped into funds previously set up to compensate oil victims to try and divert money into completely unrelated projects and that's a legitimate area of interest for members of congress. martha: it's also been said, stuart varney was talking about this this morning whether they are using this fund to any extent to cover up for their mistakes, whether pointing all the blame at bp is necessarily legitimate, what do you think about that. >> i think stuart is making a great comment. yes, bp is at fault, they put up money to demonstrate their good faith and goodwill, but at the
9:19 am
same time remember it was the administration that made the decision to sign off on what bp was doing. it was the obama anministration, their inspectors that they appointed that signed off that everything was just fine at the deep water horizon. and here is the real question, will a democrat controlled congress hold a democrat administration liable for their work and their responsibility in signing off on the inspection of what was going on on this oil rig? that is the real question. because will they legitimately have an open, fair, transparent process of looking into their responsibility as well. martha: congresswoman bachmann we have to leave it there, thank you very much. we'll have a story about minnesota coming up with the tornadoes. our hearts go tout to the folks in your states. we thank you for your time this morning. gregg: lives and lively hoods traeupblg lee taking in an
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instant, a death toll climbing in the midwest after a series of tornadoes touchdown. we'll below live to one town hit the worst by the destruction for how a community begins to pick up the pieces. with aarp we can fly out to see family. ♪ and we can cook out more with friends. my card lets me work out more. ♪
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martha: i bet they are regretting that tag line for that tag line today, uh-oh spaghetti owes, they are recalling 15 million pounds because the meat in the condition may be undercooked. yuck, there are three different varieties of these. the recall products are spaghetti owes with meatballs.
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the product code 4n, and the code ks. there have been no reports ever illnesses. check your cabinets, if you have any of those cans toss them or bring them back to the store. sad news. gregg: this is the scene in parts of minnesota after a series of tornadoes tore across the state and right now an intensive cleanup is well underway, at least three people are dead. there are also reports of tornadoes in north dakota, wisconsin and iowa, but minnesota, my goodness certainly took the brunt of the destruction, homes are absolutely flattened. power lines are down. the governor declaring a state of emergency, and from one witnesses houses are, quote half gone in the town of wydina.
9:25 am
car even tell us about the scene there. reporter: a lot of homes flattened or destroyed and a ton of buildings that are severely damaged. actually i'm smash dab in the middle of what used to be the school bus garage. you can see a lot of twisted metal, bricks and concrete blocks just toss eld about, all four walls down and steel beams thrown around like they were light as a feather. beyond the bus charge there is actually a seed, feed and kind of a fertilizer processing plant there. not much left of that. we have crews out trying to pick up what they can this early in the morning, beyond that the high school which was severely damaged, a big reunion planned there for the weekend. obviously that's been called off. the roof of that school peeled back like you were ripping open a can with a can opener, unbelievable. a school bus and a semi tossed all the way across the road, kind of turned on its side, a lot of vehicles damaged, trees
9:26 am
as well. a lot of imagine here. the good news here in the small town of wadena4300. no critical injuries. three remain in the hospital, not live threatening. a little bit of good news there. gregg: given the destruction that is pretty remarkable. car even, where does the town go from here? reporter: i spoke with the mayor a little while ago and he says they will rebuild. he's out kind of walking around reassuring residents. they are getting ready to plan the cleanup process, that's what is going to happen today. they are not actually asking for volunteers at this point, planning for how things are going to go. it's going to be a very slow process. the governor is expected to be on hand to survey the damage. it is day one of cleanup and right now they are assessing the damage saying it's going to be a long process here. back to you. gregg: car even, live in wadena, minnesota. thanks very much. martha: it is the routine traffic stop that is now sparking a national controversy, folks. this is the policeman who pulled
9:27 am
someone over. now the person who took this picture, the guy who took the photograph is in some serious trouble. why would that be? we'll tell you. gregg: and a follow-up to a story we first told you about yesterday, discarded headstones found lining a creek at arlington national cemetery. now we're getting new reaction from cemetery officials as the outrage gross. health mart pharmacies are locally owned our pharmacists combine expert knowledge and personal attention. no wonder jd power and associates ranked health mart highest in customer satisfaction. see if you live in a health mart town at the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. so, get this -- krt mac & cheese... but it's in a bag.
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martha: here are the top stories
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we are watching this hour. let's take a look at the markets as they start to open up this mourn. just opening up fractionally higher. investors obviously keeping a close eye on the financial situation over seas. and space junk danger, the folks as nasa are watching three specific pieces of junk out there that they say could get very close to the international space station. we are told they are an old r*ubgs and chinese satellite rocket part. maybe the space station will move a little bit to avoid any collision there. we are waiting for the oil update from admiral thad allen, he's the point person on that disaster. we'll keep an eye on the conference. you can watch it at so far the volume of the oil spill, if you're trying to wrap your head around how much is out there. it's we are at day 6 0e -- 60 and it's enough to fill and entire football field.
9:32 am
are the numbers showing any progress in slowing this oil spill to any extent. reporter: the numbers given out by the coast guard and bp do give steady progress. there are 18,000 barrels a day being siphoned off or burned. by next week it should go up to 28,000 barrels by the end of june 50,000 barrels and mid july it should go up to 80,000 barrels that's with the new tighter fitting cap. what everyone is waiting for are the two relief wells expected to be drilled and completed some time in august. the one figure that keeps moving up is the estimated amount of oil spilling from that well that is currently estimated at 60,000 barrels per day. martha: steve, talk to us a little bit about kevin costner's visit to the gulf today. what capacity is he there in? reporter: he's really coming down not as an actor but as a businessman. he's invested tens of millions
9:33 am
of dollars in a company that build sentra tpupblgs. they spin oil and water and it separates the oil from the water. he has a deal with bp for 30 of these machines. we're going to see the star of dances with wolves here explaining to bp and to a lot of media as well. martha: his involvement in this has been an interesting side story thank you very much, steve march began in grand isle, louisiana. greg. gregg: a routine traffic stop in the state of maryland raising new questions over wiretap laws and the line between privacy and justice. anthony graber, he's a maryland air national guardsman was arrested for, get this, recording and posting online his encounter with a state police officer, take a look. >> reporter: get off the motorcycle.
9:34 am
get off the motorcycle state police. put your hands up. gregg: yeah the guy with the gun is undercover. civil liberty groups say police are abusing a statute. law enforcement officials say the recording violated wiretap laws. our legal panel is here to weigh in, arthur is a former prosecutor and a fox news analyst. and joey. would you agree a roadside is a public place and nobody, including police officers have a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> i would one hundred percent agree with that. i'm really surprised greg that the police are taking this position and that they are prosecuting it in this way. the reason i'm surprised is because it protects their interest. think about it. you have a situation where something is taped, right, you know people want to litigate everything, police are getting sued left and right. it protects the officer in that
9:35 am
you know they are going to follow protocol if something is taped, not that they wouldn't any way. on the secondhand you can't say the police hit me, they did this, they screamed, they were not courteous, it's really interesting to me the position they are taking. there is no reasonable expectation of privacy whatsoever on a curbside, they are not in their home. >> the motorcycle -- the motorcycle rider had a helmet cam on. i don't know why he did but that's how this happened. arthur, here we have a public place, public officers performing public duties which taxpayers pay for and yet police and prosecutors can't record what happened there? nonsense. >> well, obviously as a current negligence defense attorney i do have some mixed feelings on this, however when i read about this i just go back to what i do, and what joe does every day in the courtroom, and that's we litigate. and in new york there are no cameras. there are no still photography even or video cameras right up
9:36 am
to the united states supreme court. that's the law. gregg: that's a pretty good analogy i'll give you that. >> the united states constitution you have a right to a open public forum. a curbside is a police officers courtroom so to speak. i think the fear is they don't have cameras in the courtroom because they don't want to inhibit lawyers from representing their client. it's the same thing they don't want to inhibit cops that may want to pull their gun and protect themselves and they say, let me not pull my camera. gregg: i don't know who wrote this but it could have been done better. >> some politician. gregg: as i read that law anybody who is recording anyone in a public place can be arrested. i used to live in maryland i've got all kinds of photography and video, i should be arrested. >> we don't want you arrested nor we do we want anybody else arrested. this is the case of the law not
9:37 am
keeping up with the times. in an age where you have technology, you have to assume no matter what you do you're under surveillance. it wasn't meant to address this type of situation. at the end of the day it is a public forum and irrespective of what we do in a courtroom and not having cameras there it is not appropriate for us not to be able to tape police outside. gregg: arthur here is the thing, maryland state police almost all of them routinely record all of their traffic stops, doesn't that negate the claim made by police that what was happening here was private and therefore a violation of wiretap laws. >> speaking objectively, i'm going to put a serious dent in their claim if they are doing it as well. i think for the police just this has to do with what we could call a chilling effect. they want to make sure nothing inhibits them from them taking whatever actions they want to take and thinking, well i'm under surveillance right now, some guy is videotaping me, maybe i shouldn't pull my gun
9:38 am
out when i approach the motorcycle because it's going to look bad. and copper oers because of this and someone pulls out a gun and kills them. >> the sad part of this is at the end of the day motorist -rs not going to tape, they are not going to do anything because they are going to be deterred from doing it because they don't want to end up like this guy graber. gregg: there is ha supreme court decision. devin peck versus alfred six years ago the high court held it is not illegal to tape police officers during a stop. maybe the da in maryland ought to read that case. >> it would be a good idea. >> put greg jarrett on your staff. martha: you all remember that famous case don't you. >> absolutely. martha: good to see you guys. a casino hits the jackpot, and guess what, you are the house on this one, a multibillion-dollar casino is the proud recipient of
9:39 am
$54 million in stimulus in one of the nation's most well-known senators is behind this. gregg: he's accused of trying to send a fireball through times square and now in guy the first details of who actually funded his alleged plot to kill americans next. (announcer) feeling back pain? dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long.
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the right insurance for your ride. now, that's progressive. call or click today. gregg: new reaction to a story we first told you about yesterday. it concerns the rememberance of those who served our country. several head stones found lining a creek near arlington national cemetery. that discovery leading both cemeteryee figureses and those who live nearby shaking their heeds. >> the stones here in the creek are not in a accordance with our
9:43 am
current disposal policy and they have to take corrective action. >> this should be immaculate, those peep gave their lives for them. the least we could do is keep the environment perfect for them. gregg: recently cemetery officials coming under fire for mishandling more than 200 graves. martha: it's a billion dollar casino the mohegan sun and it is raking in some very big cash. this time they are getting the cash out of taxpayer pockets in the form of that big stimulus bill. it was allocated to them with the support of connecticut democrat senator chris dodd is one who is procuring the money. it is meant to help the mohegan indian tribe. the corporation already brings in more than one billion dollars
9:44 am
a year which races question, why would they need money if they are doing so well. let's bring in a. b. stod ard. good to see you. >> good to see you, martha. martha: is this an organization or couldn't find funding in the marketplace. reporter:. >> when you look at the amount allotted from the recovery act to the department of agriculture for it's rural development program it was under $168 million, then they gave 54, 1/3 of it to the mohegan tribe. on the face of it the tribe fits a lot of the try tear yeah for stimulus loans it was a community of under 20,000 people with a shovel-ready project that wanted to 0 preserve local jobs. the question becomes if it was so starved for a loan the fact that it needed to meet the criteria of unable to obtain credit at a reasonable rate, why
9:45 am
when they run a casino which turned over a billion dollars in revenue last year why was that a group that could not obtain a loan. that was not a call that the connecticut legislation made or senator dodd made, whether this was a group that could not obtain credit on its own. martha: chris dodd not running for re-election, you can't say he's trying to do this to please voters in connecticut. >> right the entire connecticut delegation signed onto this with the exception of one member seemed to be traveling at the time and they couldn't reach, when they sought signatures for the letter. the mohegan tribe is very powerful. they employ 10,000 people at their casino and a very important tribe to the connecticut delegation. this is the way business is done in washington, everyone wants to bring home a slice of the federal pie for their constituents. as long as we don't see any
9:46 am
connection and that they are profiting from this loan it is really their job to bring home money for their constituents. martha: one thing i thought was interesting a. b. is where the money goes. you can't send any money to the casinos themselves. it has to go towards -- to revitalize communities. it's going to a community center and a tribal government building, which in the long term it will create jobs to actually build those two facilities but those will turn into government jobs. this isn't stimulating anything in the private sector as far as i can tell, long term. >> that's true. but you know so much much the recovery money has helped stabilize the public sector job market. and that's one of the complaints about it. i mean those jobs aren't permanent, and they are not really essential to a long-term process for recovery. if you look at the case of the mohegan tribe they have about the same amount of profit, 54, $57 million that they are
9:47 am
getting from the casino, that the loan can't go to, which they in turn get to collect, members of the tribe get to collect each year. it's allocated down, so now we have the government bringing in the same amount that they made in profit to help to build the community center. and so this really just brings up the question, why can't they get a loan of their own or use their own profits to build this community center if it's so necessary? martha: all good points. and these organizations get a lot of tax breaks as it is before you even go into this problem, so taxpayers are giving money in that way as well. interesting story, a. b. thank you so much. it's always good to have you with us. have a great weekend. >> you too. gregg: they are infamous because of inch speakable crimes. some of history's most brutal serial killers making a buck off memorabilia, the mission to stop it next. martha: arizona's governor taking on the feds over threats of a lawsuit over that controversial immigration law. wait until you hear how jan brewer, the governor of arizona
9:48 am
got the news about this litigation. it didn't come from the white house. that's next.
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[singing] gregg: well maybe you know where we're going with that mikes. would you pay money for a greeting card signed by serial killer jeffery dahmer, or copies of crime scene photographs from one of ted bundy's horrific crime scenes. lots of people do it. it's called murderabilia. two senators want to put a stop
9:52 am
to it. what exactly are these senators proposing? >> well, greg, texas republican john cornyn have instituted legislation to crackdown on this stuff. this bill would forbid prisoners to mail any item intended to be sold in interstate commerce. a lot of the items are letter or artwork but sometimes it is far more disturbing. here is victim's advocate andy kahn. >> manson's hair that was sold in the form of a swastika. some of the lowest i've seen, there was dirt sold from the crawlspace of john wayne gasey where he buried over 30 young boys. >> one website even tried to sell dirt from the grave of
9:53 am
james byrd junior, he was dragged to death in texas back in 1998. gregg: what does the bill do if anything for victims' families. >> they would have the right to ask a judge to seek damages in court and block the sale. >> he's art tpa facts, this murderailia being marketed terrorizes the family who deserve closure. i think ultimately this bill will give them that. >> this is something that we can get done and help victims out there who shouldn't deserve to have murderers or rapists who affected their families profit off the crimes. >> senator cornyn introduced a bill back in 2007. it failed to breakthrough the clutter. he hopes this will have an effect. gregg: thanks. martha: an interesting strategy
9:54 am
nor the white house, should hillary clinton and joe biden trade jobs? that is being raised by a washington political insider today. plus this ... >> who are you? >> who are you. >> tell me who you are. >> we're just here for a project sir. >> tell me who you are. >> we're just here for a project. >> please let go of my hand. >> tell me who you are. >> we are just students, that's all we are. >> i have a right to know who we are. gregg: remember that, congressman bob etheridge apologizing for the encounter with a young camera crew. some say his apology is not enough. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this?
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martha: fox news alert at this hour, missing in america. on the look out today for a group of afghan soldiers who are now missing from a texas air
9:58 am
force base. we are just starting to get some pictures of some of the individuals of these missing men, just a couple of pictures are starting to get out there. we know they were learning english and how to fly airplanes. we also know that they have security passes that could get them into secure bases if the people who are checking those passes are not on their toes for even a moment. that's how we start this brand-new hour of "american's newsroom" i'm martha mccallum. gregg: and i'm greg jarrett in nor bill hemmer. sources tell us those guys have already been caught but we don't know which ones. not all apparently but some. law enforcement is saying this might be more of an immigration issue than a security issue. martha: that is the question this morning. steve centanni is covering this for us at the pentagon. many of these guys, and i know there are pictures coming out, we haven't shown them yet because we are trying to determine -- the pentagon says some of these people we know where they are and we are not concerned about them, others are
9:59 am
still out there and they are not really too sure, right? reporter: the ones that are still out there they are probably not too worried about. there is as you mention the possibility that they could misuse the security badge that they have have. they have access to u.s. military bases all over the country because of the credentials that they were given when they came over from afghanistan to learn english to possibly become jet pilots or fighter pilots in afghanistan some day. they want to know the whereabouts of these people, make sure their intentions are good. they have had some experience from this where people disappear from this program from foreign countries it has than that they wanted a better life in the u.s. and they had no evil ideas for the u.s. but you can't be sure. there are five that have not been accounted for. seven have been found living in
10:00 am
canada, four have been found in the u.s. and they contacted them. in no case has there been any link to terrorism found and that is the lingering concern. martha: it would only take one of these people to have gotten in under the wrong circumstances, who have been taught english and how to fly. we understand that a number of these folks wanted to get out of afghanistan and got here and said i think i'm going to split and find a way to stick around here but it races a question about some of the people remaining. what happens next with concern to that? reporter: they are going to continue investigating. they have identified all 17. they want to know where the remaining five are. to put it in context 3500 people go through this program every year. a handful have disappeared over the past 18 months, the 17. this has happened in the past. i don't know if it's this exact program but the military is aware of similar situations in the past. they will continue investigating
10:01 am
and try to locate those 17. as far as we know they have investigated what they can about the backed of -- background of these people and don't believe there is any terrorist problem at this point. they have lingering doubt, they do have access to military bases. they do not know their whereabouts at this point. martha: you can see why it would cause concern when you hear all the details. broke this story about these missing afghan soldiers who have been trained here at home at u.s. bases. we have complete coverage of this on our web side, it's the front page top story, you can't mix it. click on to get continuing coverage on all of this. gregg: times square bombing suspect faisal shahzad expected to be arraigned in a court of law on monday this after a federal grand jury indicted him on ten terror and weapons charges, that is double what the
10:02 am
pakistani-born u.s. citizen originally faced. for the very first times indictment is detailing how he allegedly received training, cash and support from the pakistani taliban. david lee miller live in our newsroom with the details. david, what is new in this indictment? reporter: this is a copy of the indictment it's 13 paeupbls in length. the most significant thing in this document is now for the very first time we are seeing literally in black-and-white in the document itself the phrase, tariq key tal began, that is -- tariq key taliban. it has been repeatedly said that shahzad's plot was funded and hatched by that group. now we are seeing that actually laid out in this indictment. let's take a look now hat a portion of what is said in count 2 of the indictment shahzad received explosive training from trainers affiliated with tariq
10:03 am
key taliban a militant group in pakistan. while we have heard this before, what is significant here is it -- it is now officially part of the government's case. eric holder has gone on record saying the facts in the indictment show that the pakistani taliban facilitated shahzad's failed attack on u.s. soil. gregg: anything more about the plot it itself, what was planned. reporter: in the indictment we learn a little bit more about how it was funded. we know that sh*z purchased a car, the incendiary device, a 9-millimeter handgun. in february he received about $5,000 cash in massachusetts that was sent from an unindicted coconspirator in in pakistan who shahzad believed had worked for the pakistani taliban. also we're told in april that same individual sent $7,000 cash or at his direction $7,000 cash was sent to shahzad to help fund
10:04 am
this plot. so once again we see a significant role here for the pakistani taliban. the indictment, greg, also repeatedly mentions unindicted coconspirators, four of the ten counts are conspiracy counts. as you now what should be noted is no one else is charged directly with terrorism when it comes to the failed plot to blow up a portion of times square, greg. gregg: so david, what happens next in this case? there is a court hearing monday. reporter: as you mentioned there is a court hearing on monday. to a great extent this is largely procedural but it has been so long since he has been in a courtroom, his first appearance was very brief that it will be interesting to see waving he says. this is going to be an arraignment and he's going to have the opportunity to plead to these ten charges, and again we should keep in mind here that, greg, if he is convicted of some of these more serious charges he does face the possibility of life behind bars without parole. so there is indeed a great deal
10:05 am
at stake here, also we might learn more about the case as well, greg. gregg: david lee miller live in our newsroom. david, thanks very much. martha: deadly twisters tearing aeu ross minnesota and caught on tape. emergency responders reporting. look at these unbelievable pictures. three people have lost their lives in these twisters. at least 20 people were injured. one woman was killed when the storms wiped out her home before dawn with absolutely no warning what was headed her way. also we have reports of tornadoes in north dakota, wisconsin, iowa, where are these things headed next? janice dean joins us live from the fox news extreme weather center janice what a tough season this is shaping up to be. reporter: absolutely martha it seems like every week we are dealing with these tornado out breaks. this time around 62 reports of tornadoes, 62 and most of them were in minnesota. 35 reports out of minnesota and the rest of them north dakota with a few isolated tornadoes in parts of wisconsin and iowa.
10:06 am
this is going back 24 hours, you can see the fierce storms pounding the area. three people have lost their lives unfortunately, and the damage we are seeing is just incredible. let's roll the video out of minnesota. we continue to see more and more heavy damage. wadena, minnesota, 70 miles southeast of fargo the sirens went off about 5:00 p.m. they did have a little bit of warning. it wasn't in the overnight hours, so people could see the storms coming. as you can see homes, businesses destroyed and it's just so tragic when you see that damage around school buses, it's just heartbreaking. so hopefully we won't see that death toll rise. people did have warnings. we heard the sirens go off the national weather service did a very good job of warning people in advance, they put up that moderate risk across the region, i'm going to show you we have a moderate risk today. we have a frontal boundary, it's
10:07 am
not moving. warm, humid air fuels the storms. we have virginia veer thunderstorm warnings for parts of iowa. we could see tornado warnings later on today as well. there is your severe risk today across portions of the midwest, the gate lakes region, then there's a bull's-eye where we really think the inch creed -- ingredients are going to come together for severe weather. look at the temperatures. we have the frontal boundary across the midwest, ahead of it extremely warm sultry air, one of the ingredients we need for this type of weather. much of the country very, very warm. hopefully we're not going to see any more video, unfortunately we are not out of the woods just yet. we'll keep you posted. back to you martha and greg. martha: if you have any pictures of the tornado damage in your area send them to us at you report at you can also submit your photos at we get unbelievable images from
10:08 am
people on the ground in these areas. it helps people around the country to understand what is going on there. remember to stay safe as you are endeavoring to do that. gregg: a video went viral overnight a scuffle, it was caught on camera. it could cost democrats a pretty comfortable seat in the house of representatives. congressman bobby etheridge, he got more than 57% of the vote in each and every election since he took office 13 years ago, enter amateur videotape. >> who are you? who are you. >> i'm here for a project. >> tell me who you are. >> we're just here for a project >> please let go of my hand, tell me who you are. >> i'm just a student, sir. >> we're just students, that's all we are. >> i have a right to know who you are. gregg: at another point he grabbed a student or young person behind the back of the neck. that student was just asking if
10:09 am
the congressman, there it is, supported president obama's agenda. etheridge later apologized. >> i apologize for my actions. they are unacceptable. i've served the people of north carolina for a longtime. no matter how partisan and no matter how difficult things get sometimes that's no excuse for my response. gregg: well now some in the gop are jumping in on what they perceive to be an opportunity tossing all of the weight behind dark horse republican ellmers. she raised $24,000 in the 24 hours after that fight went public so, you know that is a thousand bucks an our.
10:10 am
ellmers is a nurse and local chamber of commerce president says etheridge needs to explain what he did. martha: every time i see that video i'm so struck by it. it's a strange response. who knows what was going through his mind. he apologized for the tape. it goes to the tensions out there that people feel sort of ambushed by a camera on the street. i didn't hear anything else but that a student was in fact doing a project. none of that goes to his response, which is very clear. he responded in a very, very strange way. gregg: that's a young person working on a project apparently. the reaction is so disproportionate to the circumstances, it's really quite stunning and inexplicable really an apology notwithstanding. voters will weigh in. martha: it was just one question out there, do you support the obama agenda. gregg: not a bad question.
10:11 am
martha: it was a very open-ended question it appears unless we find out there was more to it than that a. president obama is headed to columbus, ohio this morning as we speak. he's set to speak about unemployment in the buckeye state, and they have had a tough time there. dozens of columbus residents, though who have jobs are very upset today. why they wish the president would stay away. gregg: and a shocking announcement from the secretary of state, the administration's next move on arizona's immigration law, and why it could be a sign of what a is to come for hillary clinton. martha: we're going to get into that in a minute. and south carolina democrats deciding to stick with their winner of the senate primary despite the fact that there are bizarre circumstances surrounding alvin greene's running for his party.
10:12 am
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gregg: they are stuck with al-- alvin greene all right. are they happy about it? we'll report you decide. his opponent vic rawl appealed. he said problems with touch-screen voting machines tainted the election. the party said they couldn't find enough evidence to overturn the vote. unemployed, no campaign, not even a website, that felony charge. are democrats happy? there is an old saying the cure is worse than the illness. is that what happened here the democrats in south carolina kind of figured out, gee overturning
10:16 am
anee hrebs we'll get a lot of heat for that, so we just better be happy the guy we're stuck with? >> i think there is some truth to that, that obviously based on everything they saw yesterday they could not find anything to indicate that there was some problem with the voting process. again greene didn't even show up for the hearing, he was a no show. there are a number of explanations as to why he won, name first on the ballot, the sound of his name, those sorts of things. gregg: right. >> what is lurking out there is this is a guy that is out on bond for pornography charges, distributing pornography. he has a public defender shall declared himself to be indigent and now we understand the negligence court systems wanting to know where he came up with the $10,440 in march when he had sworn a few months earlier he had no money. that issue is lurking out there.
10:17 am
i've talked to several people who have met him and i don't know him and talked to him and they indicate that he ace a little bit different. one of the folks i talked to compared him to this character chaucey gardener. sort of an idiot, savant. he may very well be. he may be a guy who had $10,000 and rather than paying for a lawyer or groceries, he's living in his father's basement decided he was going to bet it on the senate. that's where we are, bizarre things happen. gregg: that's your claim in case a defamation lawsuit follows. dick, in other words you don't buy into what representative james clyburn was saying, the number 3 democrat in the house of representatives. he suggested that this is somehow a gop plant. that doesn't make any sense,
10:18 am
does it? i mean after all jim demint is a shoo-in. why would republicans try to rig an election here? that doesn't make sense, does it? >> well we've seen this. i was a da here and prosecuted a guy 20 years ago for recruiting an out of work shrimp fisherman to run for the republican party. because it doesn't make sense to you or me doesn't mean it didn't make sense to a republican operative somewhere. as far as jim demint his numbers are at 50 or below. he's been in florida, kentucky, tennessee trying to get jobs for folks there and not here. he is not a shoo-in. he probably is against alvin greene but somebody that would make a coherent campaign and spend money could give him a run for his money. gregg: the big race in your state is really state representative nickey haley
10:19 am
didn't get quite the 50% she needed to get the republican nominee for governor. you may have seen the poe lit tee could he story today which says much much the establishment is working furious lee to torpedo her chance. what is going on there? >> nickey haley has been consistently tied to mark sanford for the last 8 years. she's voted his agenda against the tobacco tax increase, against stimulus money. taking public money and putting it in public schools which is an anthama. we can't take another 8 years of what we had for the last 8 years. gregg: we'll find out. the runoff is june 22nd. dick, good to see you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. martha: massive clouds destroying homes. whole neighborhoods we saw it in
10:20 am
tennessee, arkansas, we saw it in oklahoma city. when the feds come in for the cleanup who pays? gregg: plus hillary clinton raising some eyebrows with an interview in ecuador. take a listen to this. >> president obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy, and the justice department under his direction will be bringing a lawsuit against the act. gregg: yeah that's the arizona law she is talking aboutment is there a deeper meaning behind hillary's decision to leak? we're going to talk about that. and her role in 2012 all the buzz, coming up.
10:21 am
10:22 am
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10:24 am
martha: a question that comes up a lot when we see these, do you ever wonder why some people who are vulnerable to hurricanes build their homes so close to the water? one loan that -- one reason that is being put out there is the federal government does offer insurance at cut rates for those who live right next to the ocean. now it could be the taxpayers who get soaked in this deal over and over, william skwraoepbz la jeunesse is reporting live. reporter: 6 million americans buy their flood insurance from the federal government. about 75% of them are under charged by law the rates are frozen most at 1974 levels. that is one reason the program is in debt. losses from hurricane's rita and katrina is another reason. a third reason something called repetitive loss properties. those are homes that are repeatedly lost and rebuilt at
10:25 am
your expense and reinsured at the low market rate. and get this, only 1% of insured homes are repetitive loss properties, they account for 40% of the claims. which states are the worst? louisiana, about $2.5 billion in repetitive losses. texas 1.5 billion. florida, mississippi and new jersey. according to the national wildlife federation one in ten repetitive loss homes have claims that exceed the value of the house. >> reporter: the problem with the program is it's essentially a pork bail program disguised as an insurance program. there is a sense of entitlement that i paid my premiums i want to collect my claims. reporter: how much could this 19 billion-dollar bail out cost you. find out, go to, go to the taxpayer calculator/your
10:26 am
money. you will find this graphic here. if you make under 50 grand it will cost you 50 cents. if you make over $250,000 it's going to cost you 2 grand. you can also vote there and tell congress, if you will, if you believe in this bail out right now, it's running about 60-40 against that program. i also want to say that, you know, this program expired about two weeks ago, martha. so right now congress is grid locked. republicans want to reform the program before renewing it but that would raise rates. some democrats oppose that. right now for millions of americans they can't buy new flood insurance from the federal government and here we are in hurricane season and midwest flood season, very tough for those people. martha: indeed it is. thank you very much. gregg: phones, batteries, even a shower door believe it or not all used as weapons behind bars, what sparked a prison riot just ahead. martha: secretary of state
10:27 am
hillary clinton, was she talking out of school or was she testing the waters for the administration to actually go ahead and sue arizona over their immigration law? while one d.c. insider is also now saying this, she believes that hillary clinton and joe biden need to switch jobs. coming up. gregg: president obama talking jobs in the state of ohio any minute now, but some locals who have jobs not at all happy about the presidential pop in. >> there's going to be no work here tomorrow. reporter: and pay? >> no pay for us. >> i'm not real happy about it. i've got bills to pay. it's going to be a short week. if this wasn't going on i'd be working saturday also. it's not going to happen. thanks to aarp, we can have more nights out.
10:28 am
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10:31 am
>> developing in "america's newsroom", mother nature taking three lives in minnesota, police and national guard soldiers are blocking off tornado-ran and neighborhoods, wicked storms knocking down trees and power lines. japan wrought by a powerful earthquake, the tremor centered off the pacific coast in japan, no reports of any visible damage. oil is not the only thing spewing from the gushing gulf oil well. methane gas, also bubbling from inside europe. scientists say this has the potential to suffocate marine life.
10:32 am
the president on the job hunt today in the buckeye state, departing as we speak in route to columbus, ohio but city workers at the largest building project there, this children's hospital, now furious because they're off the job, no pay. to secure the site for president obama. steve brown, live in columbus, ohio. steve, what do the workers have to say about this? >> reporter: jobs are hard to come by in the state of ohio, unemployment figures are at 10.7%. when nationwide children's hospital announced they're going to do a huge expansion over there that certainly perked spirits of those working on the construction projects. that's shut down, as well as the stimulus project that the president is there to talk about which is an access road to that hospital. so all that work as we understand it is going to set aside for days for the president to come talk about the stimulus package. how does that hit the folks out there earning those
10:33 am
hourly paychecks? it will be like a day's pay in next week's paycheck? >> a listen. >> a lot of the guys are upset, they have kids to feed, the bills are tight and they can't afford a day off. >> they started kicking everybody off the job, so i guess we can have important people up here on the job tomorrow. not real happy about it. i got bills to pay. >> reporter: now, it's not lost on the folks that are working both the hospital construction job and the stimulus road job, but because of the investments made by both the hospital and the federal government, that they will be continuing to get a paycheck and they do anticipate to make the hours up. but for folks out of work and a lot of these folks have been out of work and are grateful to have the work they have now, they have bills to pay and they'll be told they'll be making it up some other time, this isn't setting well with them right now. gregg: steve, why is the president visiting ohio
10:34 am
fairly often? is it in truth about a reelection bid? >> reporter: well, it's eight visits as of today, to the state of ohio, and there are a lot of folks that take a look at that and say it's obviously about 2012 and there's a case to be made for that. if you take a look at the etech lor -- electoral college map as it changed in 2008 there are a lot of folks who say obama is going to have problems with states like indiana, virginia, north carolina and others and that ohio has grown in importance. that's certainly what it is that the state democratic party chairman has said to me yesterday, chris redford, that ohio is always important t. just might become more important in 2012 for the. gregg: so getting the fellow democrat ed strickland elected as governor is a high priority right now? >> you betcha. it's going to be a whole lot easier, whichever party controls the governor's position in this fall's election, whoever wins there, it's going to be a
10:35 am
whole lot easier for them to state that -- to take that state because the governor almost always has the best political o., knows most what's going on out there, so having somebody like ed strickland is going to be key for president obama and to be honest with you, because the economy is not doing so well, unemployment is relatively high, they lost 400,000 jobs since ed strickland has been in office, it's going to be a tough road to hoe to let him elected. he's liked, he has campaign dollars but it's not going to be an easy reelection and he's going up against john kasich, a former fox news analyst. martha: here's one that's getting attention today. the administration has said they may sue arizona over their controversial law, but they have not said that they will until this. take a look. >> president obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the
10:36 am
federal government should be deforming immigration policy and the justice department under his direction will be bringing a lawsuit against the act. martha: so she said they will be bringing a lawsuit against arizona. it remains to be seen whether or not she was accurate about that. we're going to continue to keep on top of that. meanwhile, the second part of this story today for our panel with regard to hillary clinton is this. there's a lot of talk about hillary clinton today and whether democrats are rethinking her role for them. let's bring in brad blakeman, the former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and maria cardona, was senior adviser to hillary clinton. we have a great panel with us today. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. martha: i'd like to actually start with the editorial side of this and a couple of pieces that caught my eye with regard to hillary clinton. the first one we want to pull up is by peggy noonan that came up and here's one of the pieces of that editorial. she says it is also true
10:37 am
that among democrats and others, when the talk turns to presidency, it turns more and more to hillary clinton. quote, we have may have made a mistake. she would have been better. sooner or laters peggy noonan writes, the secretary of state is going to come under fairly consistent pressure to begin to consider 2012. maria, what do you think about that? >> look, what i think is we have to take secretary clinton at her word and the fact is she is incredibly happy doing what she's doing right now, she's incredibly popular in that role and she's very, very good at it. so i think that she understands and she has said this from the very beginning, she's the ultimate team player, she has done nothing but work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with this administration and this president to make sure that the united states is represented to the highest levels around the world, and she's going to continue to do that. she serves at the pleasure of the president and that's what she's doing. martha: brad, every single
10:38 am
thing that maria said, we've set her up quite nicely, she's been sort of out of the picture, looking very woman like, i should say, and traveling around the world. what do you think about this possibility that if things continue to look the way they do now, she might consider it? >> martha, i think democrats across the board are having buyer's remorse, they're lamenting what if hillary was the president, wouldn't things be different. she certainly had the experience, being eight years in the white house, it's a two fer, really, we get hillary and bill. so i think as long as hillary remains in her position with high popularity, higher than the president, people are going to naturally question whether or not they made the right choice. many democrats now feel that they did not. so naturally, they're going to be thinking of change in 2012. they had great hope for this president, yet all they want is change. martha: you got another thing from sally quinn of the "washington post", she's suggesting that joe biden and hillary clinton should switch jobs, that the president should basically ask hillary clinton to
10:39 am
perhaps run on the ticket with him and that joe biden, who everybody knows loves foreign policy, always has, should take on her role, maria. >> you know, if that hapts, then i'm sure it's something that she will take under very serious consideration. but again, she's incredibly happy doing what she's doing now, she's very good at it and that's what she's going to continue to do until the president thinks otherwise. martha: do you think if they did that, it would help obama win reelection, could it help us? >> i think that whatever this president talks about and ultimately decides in terms of hillary's role, it's going to be because he thinks it's the best thing for this administration and for the country. i don't think he's thinking about this in political terms right now and he shouldn't be. he's thinking about how to solve the incredibly large problems that we are facing right now, and that's what he's focused on. martha: as he should be, you're absolutely right. brad blakeman, i'm guessing in the west wing, folks are also thinking about reelection. if you were advising the obama administration, would you say you know what,
10:40 am
bringing in hillary wouldn't be such a bad idea and as sally quinn points out she could sort of perry sarah palin. >> certainly it's a decision that should be considered. as a republican i like -- i think the guy is so unpredictable and such a liability to this presidency at times certainly hillary would be a much better choice and stronger choice for the relks but it depends on where he is a year from now. he could likely recover because it's all about the economy and things aren't looking good. martha: we'll see. it's interesting to think about. we'll also see what is coming out of the arizona discussion and whether or not she was signaling that they are indeed going to go through with that lawsuit. thank you guys very much. >> thank you so much. gregg: all right. smoke and fire in northern arizona. thousands of acres, burning, in a national forest, as strong winds make this a very tough battle for firefighters. thousands of acres, already
10:41 am
charred, coming up next. martha: plus things getting way out of hand behind bars. inmates at a jail in kentucky refusing to return to their cell. all of this was caught on tape. what sparked this? we'll have it, right after this.
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jon: good morning, i'm jon scott, along with jamie colby, in for jane today. on "happening now" in 15 minutes weep update you on the afghan pilot trainees who simply disappeared in this country. the bandit in the northwest seems to have moved to a new state and senator joren hatch joins us to talk about his plans to try to kill key elements from the president's health care plan. jamie: one florida teenager says he was just trying to help a three-year-old girl he thought was lost, now he's charged with false imprisonment, he could spend five years in juvenile detention. his mom joins us to tell us
10:45 am
what she hopes will happen next. we'll see you at the top of the hour on "happening now". gregg: chaos, inside a kentucky jail, when inmates riot. take a listen. >> woo! >> gregg: the correction officers at the fayette county detention center saying this was triggered by five inmates, four facing trials for murder, refusing to return to their cells after playing basketball. well, the officers tamed the inmates with towels over their faces, threw what they could grab at them, including a phone pulled from the wall, batteries, even a shower door. the riot squad sprayed tear gas, forcing the inmates to lie on the ground, essentially getting the situation under control, but it did take several hours to get it under control. martha: with father's day coming this weekend i recently sat down with writer bruce be.
10:46 am
ler. two years ago the doctors gave him what he thought was the worst possible news, he was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. of course he was afraid for himself, but the worst part for the young father, the thought that his daughters might grow up without their dad, and he refused to leave them dadless. >> i had what's called an osteosarcoma and 600 people a year get it, there are only 100 adults a year who get this. >> bruce's twin girls, edeny and tabiee were three years old at the time. >> on the day i was dig neetion dollars -- diagnosed i came home and my girls came to meet me and they were dancing and fell to the ground and i crumbled. i couldn't imagine the walks i wouldn't take or boyfriends i couldn't scat at or aisles i wouldn't walking down. >> reporter: if he was going to witness those special moments, he was going to create someone who would, six, in fact. he created a council of
10:47 am
dads, a group of his closest friends to take care of his girls if he couldn't. >> how did this idea come to you to create this council of dads, advisers, for your girls? >> it was all about voice, and what would daddy think about this or that. martha: tell me about the six individuals and what each you felt would bring to your daughters if you wouldn't be with them. >> i ended up with my buddy, my camp counselor, roomate, tortured romantic friend and i asked them, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to my girls, and their answers, on everything from how to live, how to travel, how to dream, were so surprising in a lot of ways, also so moving to me. martha: as you say, in your own experience, it can be a very difficult situation because your wife doesn't want to hear it, she wants to hear no, honey, you're going to be home in 12 months and we're going to get back on with our lives. >> and that's the lesson that we've all learned, is that it's not about illness, it's actually not even about
10:48 am
parenting. i think ultimately, it's about friendship. and it's about community. martha: david black is bruce's business partner and one of the six. >> my role in this is not only to teach them how to dream but how to achieve their dreams, how to look at life not as the glass being half empty, but always half full. martha: it has now been about two years since that terrifying diagnosis. >> how are you doing now bruce? >> i'm cancer-free, walking out crutches or a cane, and full of hope, moving forward. martha: now bruce is inspiring others, sick and healthy, to form their own councils. he's working with the national fatherhood initiative, an initiative associated with helping fathers. the guides are distributed on military bases across the country. >> i realize that this thing that came from fear has brought such a source of joy and i can't imagine i've
10:49 am
lived my life without it for all those years and certainly can't imagine going on without it, going forward. martha: one of the striking things to me was the military side of this story, because when you think about the men and women of our armed forces going off, many these days, with small children at home, and to have some sort of thought in their mind about this kind of thing, a plan that gives them any kind of solace or feeling of confidence as they go in, and then it turns out to be quite helpful to the family overall in the best case scenario, where they come home and live out the rest of their lives together. gregg: what a lovely story and great guy, and six great friends. thank you martha. fighting massive arizona wildfires on the ground, scrambling amid the threat of fuel. we're going to have the very latest, next.
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martha: all right, now to the latest in the oil disaster in the gull. tar balls and slicks of oil now bearing down on the beaches of a popular tourist spot on the florida panhandle. this has been the late estuary of great concern. elizabeth chan, live in destin, florida, how is it looking there, elizabeth? >> reporter: the very first signs of tar balls washing up here, the mouth of the east pass has opened up in destin, these beaches remain open, lool the black marbles are washing up in the crystal green waves. of big concern is the tourism factor. we spoke with a local official earlier who told us across the board the numbers are down 30 percent. if i can come back here i want to show you something. when you do come visit, unusual things you don't normally see, obviously the boom in the water, but also in a path like this, there's usually an abundance of pelicans, as well as sand pipers and sea gulls, all of this you can't see. so it's very eerily quiet for a lot of the beach goers who remain here, the beache remain open and right now
10:54 am
they're playing it by ear. martha. martha: elizabeth, thank you very much. beautiful spot there. gregg: new fitness studies are revealing strategies to maximize the time you spend in the gym. martha: always a good idea. if you're going to go, you might as well maximize it, right? the idea is changing the way we think about working out. joining us is kim car -- jim caris as we all get ready for summer. how you doing, jim? >> reporter: doing fine, martha. martha: what's this about don't eat? that's not a good strategy! >> that's interesting. it's definitely not but it's confusing. what the performance people say is you absolutely should eat prior to exercise, you'll be able to exercise longer, you'll be able to go harder, and that's great. but the big, big issue is what will you burn. fat or carbohydrates. some new research out of the u.k. says if you don't eat prior to exercise, you will burn a higher percentage of body fat when you actually are exercising. greg gregg so in other
10:55 am
words, if your stomach is empty, your body has a tendency to oxidize the fatty acids and you know, if you really, really want to get rid of fat, that's the way to go? >> well, that's the confusion now, gregg, because if you actually exercise on an empty stomach, you will burn more fat, but you can't go as long and hard. if you go longer and harder, you'll burn more total calories, and, therefore, you'll actually burn more fat calorie, but the percentage would be lower if you did not eat. so that's why the -- where the confusion comes in, it's more percentage by not eating but you're going to burn more fat calories by eating. martha: thank you very much, tim caris, basically, eat less, burn as many calories as you can. only one way. gregg: don't do the 12,000 michael phelps diet, unless you want to be enormous. martha: you have to swim nine hours after that one. that's the catch! thanks jim. >> thank you. gregg: and the muck of oil
10:56 am
is creeping in, but barges that could vacuum up the spill are sitting idle. we're live on the gulf coast, folks, from -- with fishermen when is the government going to get these barges going.
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martha: hundreds of firefighters are rushing to cut off the raging wildfires in arizona. 30% of that fire is contained. the cause is under investigation. gregg: that will do it for us. tgif. martha: "happening now" starts right now. jon: happyda


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