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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 9, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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it was a great day. our thanks as well to pita pit for bringing all the food. they'll be back every week for the summer concert series. now we go to studio j and america's newsroom. martha: well, the city of oakland is on edge after an outbreak of violence followed a jury verdict in a deadly police shooting. what you're looking at on this page is from really the worst of it, at least 83 people were arrested overnight, looters ransacked several stores, set traps, things on fire, police say an officer of theirs was also assaulted in this may lay, but a heavy police presence on hand in anticipation of that verdict may have kept things from getting a whole lot worse. it started with -- it started with the verdict, when that came down, it was involuntary manslaughter for a white transit officer who killed an unarmed black man in 2009, prosecutors, of course, wanted the former
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officer convicted of murder as did the people on the streets who protested this decision. we are on top of this story, bring you updates, as soon as we get them. to washington now where the white house is getting involved in a political showdown, this one could have huge implications come november. president obama, in nevada, to stump on behalf of senator harry reid, senate majority leader facing a very tough challenge from tea party-backed republican sharron angle. that's how we start a very busy friday morning. i'll martha maccallum, good morning. gregg: good morning, everybody, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. the president is doing double duty, hitting the campaign trail while trumpeting his administration's efforts on the economy. martha: that could be a bit of a tough sell in a state pummeled by the recession. anita vogel is streaming live from las vegas. the president's visit, what's the take on the ground there, anita, does it
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help or hurt harry reid's campaign in nevada? >> >> reporter: you know, what, it's a mixed bag. we all know the president is a great campaigner and can help harry reid raise a lot of money. last night they raised almost a million dollars but keep in mind the president isn't as popular in nevada as he was during the election of 2008 because of his policies like the stimulus program and health care reform and the last time the president's here campaigning for harry reid in february, harry reid didn't receive any bounce in the polls. lu last night nonetheless the president was feisty and funny and gave a rousing address, propping up harry reid in a loud fund-raiser at city center and took direct aim at sharron angle as he listed what he calls her extreme views. >> wants to eliminate our investment in clean energy. wants to eliminate the federal investment in our children's education.
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[booing] >> said the answer to the bp oil spill is to deregulate the oil industry. now, i'm not making this up. harry, am i making this up? >> [laughter] >> i know some of you are saying nah, she didn't really say that! >> reporter: and of course, harry reid is in a very tight race to hold on to his senate seat with sharron angle, the latest polls have him down seven points. martha: alitoo anita, talk to me about the president's speech later this afternoon, talking about the economy. what can we expect there? >> reporter: right. well, he's talking about the economy and jobs. obviously, very important here in nevada where the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation at 14 percent. yesterday, he was in kansas city, talking about clean energy. he visited an electric car factory, talking about the need for those kinds of jobs and he's going to be doing some of the same today, talking about the need for clean energy jobs here in
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vegas and i just want to mention that the rnc is wasting no time here. they are on the air with an ad here in vegas today, blasting harry reid, and president obama, blaming them for the high unemployment here. martha, back to you. martha: anita vogel in a busy campaign site there, thank you very much. well, president obama has been pretty busy so far on the campaign trail this year. here is what our fox brain room discovered, over the past year, traveled to several states, he's campaigned for five candidate senate races and two gubernatorial races have had the president's backing on site. we'll see if that heats up as we get closer to november. gregg: arizona's immigration bill is getting a big financial boost, listen to this, people from all over the country have donated nearly 500,000 bucks. think about that, half a million bucks already, and it was just filed, that lawsuit. and on those people, they wanted to defend the bill in court. according to the associated press the donations coming mostly from retirees,
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roughly 90 percent of the donations came through the defense fund's website. money coming in from all 50 states, plus the district of columbia, even puerto rico. donations surged this week after the federal government filed its lawsuit against arizona. martha: and a troubling report out of the irs is raising questions about how well the health care plan that president obama passed will actually work. now, according to the person in charge of protecting taxpayers' interests, the irs says they really cannot handle this new role, quote, the report expresses concern that the irs currently is neither structured nor funded to do the job effectively. stuart varney is here to break this down for us, from the fox business network. good morning to you. your thoughts on that from the irs. >> it's very straightforward, we want more money, we want to mire more irs agents, we want complete retraining for all irs agents, and, the paperwork which will be imposed because of health care reform will be very,
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very costly to small business. all of that, coming from the irs itself. there you have it. martha: you know, it's the irs, i believe, correct me if i'm wrong, stuart, who is tasked with figuring out whether or not you have health insurance because everyone has to file a tax reform, through that process, you're going to tell them whether or not you signed up, whether or not you need to be fined and they will assess that for individuals and small businesses as well. >> the health reform plan puts the irs in charge of the money for health reform. okay? so it's the irs that's going to administrator health care reform. it's the irs which will administrator the subsidies for various small businesses, tax credits for various small businesses, and as you say, martha, that mandate that we must all go out and buy health insurance. it will be the irs which checks up on that. they say they need a whole lot more money, many, many more irs agents, and they have to be retrained, because they're no longer purely a tax collection
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organization, they are administering a social policy. they got to be retrained. martha: stuart varney, thank you very much, stuart, and we will see you at 9:20 an stu varney & company on fox business network. thank you sir. gregg: jubilation and disappointment, and what do you bet a few tears after weeks of speculation nba superstar le bron james, aka king james, made up his mind, he is heading south. welcome to miami, mr. james. he has decided to leave his home town cleveland cavaliers to play for the miami heat. he arrived at his new home very early this morning. steve harrigan is live outside the king's new castle, the american airlines arena in miami. and steve, is the party still going on? where is king james at the moment? >> reporter: greg, the -- gregg, the 20-year-old every move is now being tracked by a swarm of media.
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he arrived early this morning in miami, he was met by president pat riley. apparently he's arranged 25 rooms at the w hotel for his entourage, he's likely to have a physical sometime during the day and of course, the hospital is staked out by camera crews as well. later tonight, we're likely to see a large-scale celebration in this arena, that's where the heat plays their games. last year there were a lot of empty seats this year, this -- last year, this year, tickets are sold out. gregg: 25 rooms? that must be some entourage. lots of reaction everywhere. how about where you are in miami, as well as cleveland? >> reporter: i think in miami, there's a sense of being stunned even by seasoned sportswriters, they were hoping to hold on to the one star and it's beyond expectations. insiders say you need a bench, you need more than three great players, but really, expectations here are off the charts, already talking dynasty. in cleveland, a very different scene, a real bitter disappointment in the
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public breakup, the owner making some very strong statements against le bron james, some emotion that was shared by the fans as well. >> still in -- leaving cleveland like this on national tv, to not -- i don't know. maybe come to the city and say it? i don't know. it seems like doing it this way -- >> i don't even know how to express how i feel right now. heart broken, disappointed, angry. i'm speechless for one of the first few times in my life. >> reporter: along with the humiliation, cleveland really is expected to have a stung reversal of fortune going from one of the winningest teams in the nba to perhaps several years of rebuilding. gregg: steve harrigan live in miami, thank you very much. as steve said, no love lost for the fans in cleveland and the head of the car leers is telling fans, quote, who needs him anyway, majority owner dan gilbert penned a letter to fans
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immediately telling them cleveland will take home the nba championship hardware, long before miami does. really. well, gilbert goes on to say this shocking act of disloyalty from our home-grown chosen one sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn and who we would want them to grow up to become. wow. there was a whole lot more. and fans who once proudly wore number 23, as you can see, well, they're burning james' shirts in the streets of cleveland, a king no longer in the eyes of fans in ohio. martha: that's a little rough. gregg: that is. martha: do you think? burning the jersey? didn't i say all along he was going to go to miami? gregg: you did not. you said you wanted him to go to the nets. i don't remember you ever saying miami! >> martha: i was surprised. i actually thought he was going to make -- he said he made the decision yesterday morning. do you buy that? gregg: i don't buy it. martha: he said he went back and forth, when he woke up
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in the morning, he decided miamifuls the place for him. gregg: i think he and bosch have been planning this for years. martha: i guess he's more of a south beach guy than a big apple guy. gregg: nice to be young and fun in south beach. martha: i guess so, with 25 represented hotel rooms. saying he likes a challenge would be an understatement. now the lawyer who defended the convicted terrorist known as the american taliban has a new mission to take on. he is the man who will leave the government's lawsuit against arizona over their immigration law. why does the obama administration feel this man is exactly the right person for that job? gregg: and it started about a year ago this time, voters venting their frustrations at town hall meetings, but some political watchers here say the full extent of what started last summer may not be known until, yes, election day november. we'll talk about it.
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gregg: a followup now to a story we first told you about yesterday during "america's newsroom" t. involves this man, tony west, he is the department of justice attorney who is heading the government's lawsuit against arizona over its new immigration law, a
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law that does not by the way kick in until the end of the month. west is no stranger to controversial court cases. he represented american taliban john walker lindt and is a member of the so-called gitmo attorneys who represented terror suspects before they then joined the department of justice. for more now, we're joined by mark le convenience, a radio talk show host and constitutional attorney, california lawyer, if i recall, mark, good to see you. >> good to see you, gregg. gregg: a lawyer who defended a terrorist now leading the case against a state trying to protect its citizens. is that appropriate? is that appropriate, of course it's appropriate, it's the american way. the idea we represent very bad people, that's engrained in the american constitution. even john adams defended the british soldier who committed the boston
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massacre. we shouldn't be blaming lawyers for their clients, otherwise we throw out the whole due process system. gregg: it's not only a legal case, it's certainly a political issue, a major one, in which the vast majority of the american people, not to mention the people of arizona, support that law. won't this inevitably feed the impression that the president doesn't take u.s. security seriously? >> i think it will feed the impression that he takes the law seriously. i listened to your analysis on fox & friends with peterson johnson and he talked more than five minutes without mentioning the constitution of the united states. that's what this is about. the president and every single member of the federal government takes an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states and you and i both know that trumps any poll, so people need to respect the law and leave the polls aside for now. gregg: you and i are both lawyers, it would be bore tp-g we debated the legality of this thing. it will be decided by the courts. what i want to talk about is
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tony west. some will inevitably slap west with the label that he's antiamerican, right or wrong, for defending a terrorist that is trying to destroy america. do you really want this guy to be front and center on a controversial case like that? i mean, it just seems sort of unwise. there are a great many other very skilled lawyers who could do that, who would not bring this kind of distraction. >> i guess i don't see it as a distraction at all and i think i would go back to the critics and say they are antiamerican. to say they don't believe in due process, they don't believe everyone needs a lawyer, they don't believe in the fifth and sixth amendment of the constitution, to me that is antiamerican, not the idea that this lauroo there's in charge he did anything unethical, anything in any way that was wrong, and so he represented a bad guy. we need people to represent bad guys. gregg: let me try a different approach. you're making a pretty good argument and i represented a lot of unsavory people as a defense attorney eight years ago. i get it.
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but i was always acutely aware of a conflict of interest. tony west west' wife a former head of the aclu which has also filed a lawsuit against arizona, potential conflict number one. conflict number two, cited by the, let's put it up on the screen, tony west' sister-in-law is the district attorney of san francisco, and has furthered that city's sanctuary policy for criminal illegal aliens, including placing them in taxpayer-funded training programs to secure american jobs. his own sister-in-law is breaking federal law on the same topic. and yet, he's prosecuting arizona. isn't that conflict number two? >> well, let's divide them up. first of all for his wife being in the aclu and she is on the same side as she is in litigation, they're both against arizona, as you know, gregg, as a lawyer, it's perfectly fine to have two lawyers on the same side. in fact, if his wife were working to defend arizona, that would be a conflict,
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but not -- >> gregg: what about his sister-in-law, who is arguably breaking the law in her capacity? >> i'll tell you this, i haven't heard the charges about his sister-in-law but i'll tell you this, anyone who supports any immigration policy, whether in california, arizona, that is against federal immigration policy is wrong, and i would hope the justice would night not only arizona that wants to deviate from the federal standard in one direction but also san francisco that wants to deviate in the other direction. gregg: mark levine, thanks so much. >> good to see you gregg. martha: they are gone already. they were nabbed on u.s. soil for trying to gather the goods and send them back to mother russia but we didn't hold on to them for very long. what was up with this spy swap? we are finding out. gregg: plus coming up, they are sharks, and they're about to invade your television screen. shark week! you know it, you love it! what did senator john kerry have to do with it all? we're going to tell but that.
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martha: during the break, take a look at our screens here to see what people are talking about, talk about the most read stories on, always interesting to see what everyone is focusing on today, back here, minutesst: col from now.
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gregg well, catch him if you can, the barefoot bandit still eluding police in paradise, 19-year-old colton harris moore is in the bahamas somewhere after catching him on a security camera at a local restaurant. they believe he's been hiding in the island since crashing a stolen plane off shore. he is wanted for, of course, dozens of breaking ins and escapes involving stolen cars, boats, planes, just about everything. he allegedly works shoeless, leaving behind footprints, hence the nickname, a bahamas restaurant owner said the teenager stopped at
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his bar for a beer. >> when i left to come to the restaurant that morning, she said to me, it must have been the barefoot bandit, and i said who? i wasn't familiar with the barefoot bandit. then when the police looked at a security camera footage, they confirmed that they -- at least they thought it of the barefoot bandit. we talked about adding the barefoot bandit burger but we were just joke, raefplt we really don't condone it, we don't think it's glom reduce and some people are glam rising the whole barefoot bandit thing. he's committing crimes and he's breaking into businesses and hopefully he's caught. gregg: well said. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of the barefoot bandit. martha: amazing. all right, well, we are now at day 81, folks, since the ail disaster -- oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. here is the latest. the epa says the air in some places along the gulf is posing a risk to people who are vulnerable in their
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lungs and in their breathing and it appears that the first of these two relief wells that we've talked so much about that are supposed to get finished sometime this summer could be done now. there's a big push to get at least one of them done by the end of july. meanwhile a move that could open the door to resume drilling in the gulf as a federal appeals court in new orleans rejected the government's effort to restore that moratorium, to keep the moratorium on deep water drilling. this is a hot, hot topic. let's go to phil keith o'clock, live from the port of new orleans this morning. so what was the court's reasoning on this, phil? >> well, martha, the 3-judge panel, including two judges appointed by reagan, one appointed by clinton, denied the government's request to keep its moratorium in place which specifically deals with deep water exploratory drilling. you could still drill in shallow water if you get permitted but this dealt with the deep water and the got said there would be no likelihood there would actually be drilling applied to do prior to august 30th,
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that is when the government actually begins its full appeal on this case before courts in new orleans, and that will be oral arguments august 30th. so that is why the government did that. basically, the 3-judge panel is not overturning the lower district judge, but because of its reasoning here, it doesn't think there's going to be new exploratory drilling in deep water, anyway. so in a sense, both sides don't lose. martha: gotcha. all right, well, talk to us a little about that skimmer that we've been reporting on all week, it's called a whale, and the crews have made modifications. how are they doing? is that showing any promise, that vessel? >> reporter: it is showing much more promise than it was saturday and sunday an monday when all of those big wave, five and 6 feet tall. if you look at the ship, there's a series of 12 jaws, those are big openings, slats around the bough of the ship and what's through the slats, that's where the oily water is supposed to go in and once it's on board the boughs of the ship, that's when the oil is
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separated from the water and the gulf water is cleanse *r cleansed, and back into the gulf. well, the surge of the waves was making it very difficult to actually get oily water into the vessel, so they've been doing some tactical adjustments, and now they're actually using the large ship, which is more than 1000 feet long and ten stories tall, it's using it as a wind break on one side, so you've got massive waves hitting one side of the ship, but on the other siding you can clearly see a lot of oil is now even more so than before going into the ship. also addressing this situation, the navy's pwhreufp is now off the ground, out of site of new orleans, on its way to mobil, alabama, took a few place for the pwhreufp to get there, it will provide much better reconnaissance over the gulf spill because the air ship moves slowly and this way people on board the ship can relay information as to where boats and skimmers need to get to on the ground. also kevin costner's centrifuge barge is now modified, in the water, bp announcing that yesterday as
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well, and where i am at the port of new orleans auditorium, admiral thad allen will speak within the hour, giving an update about the relief well progress, specifically, addressing the questions of look, if we're only maybe 12 feet away from the actual leaking pipe, but 300 feet down from where they want to intercept, why not just cut across and hit the 12 feet across now. he's going to explain why that is actually not the smartest way to do this. that's coming up in the hour. martha: we'll wait for that, thank you very much, phil keating, that news conference phil was talking about will be streaming live on our website, fox, so go to our page and find that link, watch that conference live while you're watching the show on your tv. gregg: multi tasking. lots of screens on fox news and it was the summer that town halls took the country by storm. last year, scenes -- scenes
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like this one were bubbling up from coast to coast. where are we one year hence, have voters gotten their message across? a fair and balanced debate in moments.
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gregg: welcome back. time now for a quick look at the top stories a. rough morning commute for people in philadelphia, a major water main break creating a leak at this intersection at downtown temple university, multiple closures expected throughout the morning as crews try to get the water flow under control, philadelphia. coast guard rescue crews have recovered a body near the site of the crash between that amphibious tour boat and a tpwharpblg left two people missing. a quick look at the markets, keeping an eye on how it closes today after it closed down last week. new development necessary an international scandal that rattled
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intelligence agencies from washington to moscow. it's believed the largest spy swap since the cold war just played out on a tarmac in vienna, ten russian spies, busted in the united states, reportedly exchanged for four spies convicted in russia. but the intrigue over this diplomatic dance, far from over. david lee miller has more now from our new york city newsroom, and david, what's the latest on the swap itself? >> reporter: just a few moments ago, gregg, we did get word the aircraft in vienna that had on board four prisoners who were released by russia just touched down at a military base in the u.k. so it looks like this spy swap is now all but complete, and we also now have the names of the four spies who were released. you're looking now at i gore sutyagin that we heard a great deal about, serving time after he was convicted for spying for the united states, the other three spies released, all former kgb agents. zaparasky is an accused
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double agent, served nine years in prison, has supplied significant information to the united states, se gay scarpali, a military intelligence officer, convicted of spying for the u.k. and ganadi vasalinco, a former kgb agents and we should stress the united states gave up ten spies, received four from russia, but when you look at kwauptty versus quality, some have suggested the u.s. got the better end of the deal, gregg. gregg: i was going to say. david, you were also at the court yesterday. what was the mood there? >> there was not a great deal of drama. this thing went pretty much along the way it was scripted. all eyes, though, were very much on one accused spy in particular, 28-year-old anna chapman, she entered the courtroom wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, and she talked briefly about her crime, she did admit to using a laptop computer to communicate with her russian handler. interestingly later, her attorney tried to downplay her involvement.
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>> she never met personally with any official at the russian federation, she never passed information, she never received any money, it is not alleged that she engaged in any crime of money laundering. >> reporter: gregg, don't expect to see any of the now convicted spies back in the united states any time soon, including anna chapman, for that to happen, it would require the okay of the u.s. attorney general. so don't bet on it, gregg. gregg: playboy will have to travel to moscow, apparently. david lee miller, thank you very much. martha. martha: well, the summer of 2009, remember all this, when voter frustration, anger and alarm looked like it was boiling over in city after city? >> now wait a minute. wait, wait, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i have every right to -- >> wait a minute. wait a minute.
9:36 am
he has a right to leave. he's right. he has -- >> martha: remember all that? that was one. and this morning, in an op-ed in the "wall street journal" -- >> wait a minute, you want to leave? leave. >> i'm going to speak my mind before i leave because your people told me i could. i called your office, and i was told i could have the mic to speak. and then i was lied to because i came prepared to speak, and instead, you wouldn't let anybody speak. you handed us, what, 30 cards? well, i got news for you. >> martha: boy. you can feel the emotion in that room, and we saw it in so many places across the country as the health care reform bill was being debated last summer. in this morning's "wall street journal," a look back at the emotions surrounding that, and also, peggy noonan pointing out that she believes that was the very moment that, quote, the biggest political moment,
9:37 am
the one that carried the deepest implications came exactly one year ago in july and august of 2009, in the town hall rebellion, neither the republicans nor the democrats, she picks it up and says, saw it coming, but it was a seminole moment, and whatever is coming in november, is started there. let's talk about that a little bit. joe trippe, fox news contributor, and brad blakeman, department they assistant to president george w. bush. it's good to have you here today. joe, you look back at those and we covered a lot of those different town halls because it was very sort of palpable, the feeling in those rooms, as the health care reform was being discussed. where is all that now? where is that emotion, is it still out there, in your opinion? >> oh no, it's still out there and i think both party establishments are still in denial. we've seen the results already. i mean, arlen specter in that clip isn't even the democratic nominee, he's been pushed out, as bennett,
9:38 am
senator bennett in utah, lost his chance to be on the ballot in utah. these are senators that are already off the ballot. so i agree with peggy noonan that in november, you're going to see upheaval. but i think it's going to be antiincumbent, not antiparty. it's going to be -- people are really upset that corporations and special interests have more power in washington than they do. it started then and we're still going to see it in november. martha: brad, you know, what's your read on this? if you're in the white house and you're looking at the possible scope of things for november, you know, which way do you lean, given the fact that -- and peggy noonan outlines a number of things, including the oil spill and elections in virginia and new jersey, but she said that moment was when it all began in those town halls that summer. >> it all began there and it's going to continue because people have been emboldened by their successes. tatea parties all across the country have been heard and most importantly the parties are listening to them, most importantly the republican
9:39 am
party. most of the tea party party -- tea party are more aligned are the democrats. they are concerned about spending, deficits out of control, the administration created a crisis on health care and ignored the crisis existing in america on the economy. so republicans are listening to these people and we want to bring them home, back into our tent. that is going to be our mission in november. martha: and it raises the question i just sort of hit on, joe, about the president, about the leader of the democratic party and setting the tone for where they want to head now. i was reading a piece this morning about the american federation of teachers and they're outraged at the president for not supporting the teachers enough. you know, the unions are starting to be disgruntled at the satisfaction level they have with the president. does he go center, further left, where does he go? >> look, i think this is the wrong way to look at this. this is not going to benefit the gop. gop incumbents are in just as much trouble. i think you're going to see
9:40 am
a lot of them get kicked out of office, too. the tea party is the tea party because it wasn't happy with the gop, thinks -- and they know george bush, when the gop had power under george bush, that spending was off the charts. that's increased, obviously, to get the t.a.r.p. and other things that have been going on in the obama administration, trying to fix the mess, and democrats are going to take some of the heat, too, a lot of the heat, but this is not going to be one party getting kicked out. this is going to be a lot of incumbents in trouble. martha: i hear you, i think you're right on there. let's play this piece that's getting a lot of attention, because the tea party rises, some say the cul maination of it in sarah palin. let's look at this video she put out. i want to get your thoughts on that. >> watch out, there's a whole stampede of pink elephants crossing the line, campaigning through, for november 2nd, 2010.
9:41 am
a lot of women coming together. martha: sarah palin is a contributor to fox news, we should point out. this video is getting a lot of attention because folks say it looks presidential, it looks like somebody who is running for president. what i noticed in it, she's tapping into this mom awakening, and sort of rallying moments who she says have an innate sense of knowing when something is wrong. it reminds me of the soccer moms and then the terror moms after september 11th. brad, your take on that first and we'll hear from joe. >> sarah palin is an effective voice for conservatives and especially women. she's not a threat to any candidate. as a matter of fact, she could be a great help to many. so republicans need to reach out to people like sarah palin, who have a great message, and is not a threat to the party. she's not a candidate for anything, but she is an effective voice. so sarah palin and a others, mitt romney, former president bush, even, are going to start speaking out more on issues that affect elections, and i think you're going to see more and more noncandidates coming out and speaking and taking a leadership role in the
9:42 am
republican party. martha: brad said she's not a dan -- a candidate for anything. what do you think joe? >> i don't think she's a candidate for anything, either. i think the biggest danger of the video is that women traditionally have voted more democratic than gop. men traditionally have voted more gop than democratic party. if she can actually start to move some women, to start thinking about gathering together and voting in november gop, that's going to be a problem for democrats. i'm not sure she pulls it off. i think the line i wouldn't have done is the pink elephant line stampeding in washington because it made it partisan and political when she didn't need to do that. martha: brad and joe, great to see you guys as always, thank you very much, have a great weekend, we'll see you soon. gregg: all right. it's what nobody really wants to see at the beach, a shark in the water, unless it happens to be on the discovery channel! there you go. martha: wow! gregg: they jump in the air. shark week, straight ahead. we're going to have a sneak
9:43 am
peek at what they have in store for you. and blasting off to planet blago. more audio of the former illinois governor and his corruption trial, and you know what, he doesn't sound terribly happy. >> i busted my ass, missed people off, and gave your grandmother a free ride on a i gaveie f your baby a chance for health care.
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gregg: jaws, returning with
9:46 am
a vengeance, this summer. here's the good news. it's on discovery channel. their popular shark week. seven days of shark-related programming kicking off in the month of august and this year jaws actually has a sidekick, senator john kerry, that's right, the senator, an avid sailor and wind surfer is teaming up with the network to help raise awareness on illegal shark fishing. joining me, eddie dehart, director of the biological programs for the national aquarium in washington, d.c. thank you very much for being with us, andy. so this bill before congress is the shark conservation act. very quickly, what's that all about? >> that's correct. this is a great bill that will actually limit the illegal practice of shark training, where finishes are removed -- fins are removed, the sharks are thrown overboard still living. it's an inhumane practice. this will close loopholes that allow sharks to be landed or brought to port out the fins attached.
9:47 am
gregg: sounds like a good idea, because from what i've been reading the shark population has been dangerously thinning out. let me ask you about your program. one caught my eye, and that is it's a program that focuses on how they jump up in the air and i guess we're seeing some of the video and have seen some of the video. talk to us about that in hd now. >> this is ultimate air jaws, our kickoff show august 1st at 9:00, well-known shark filmer jeff occurred took us where the breeding bee have kwhror happens and the sharks are visual predators, looking for silhouettes at the surface and able to attack the sea lions and seals with monumental attack and we're see thank in high definition at explosive speed. >> these things scare the heck out of me so i don't want to get warm and fuzzy here, but a lot of people misunderstand why shark attacks happen and you focus object that. >> we have to admit that shark attacks happen.
9:48 am
it's very rare, there's less than 100 attacks that happen worldwide, of those, five or six are fatal. so the risk of shark attack, extremely low, sharks are not dangerous. >> and the weirdest sharks is another segment, right? >> weird sharks are always something that fascinates folks, there's a lot of deep water sharks that we still don't know a lot about but we hope to unveil that. gregg: what else are you guys featuring? people love this stuff and i know your ratings are pretty high for it. >> this is our 23rd year of shark week, the network is 25 years old so shark week has been a staple for us, we're glad people tune in to learn more about sharks because they are fascinated with these creatures. the day of the shark, which is airing monday night, we look at six shark attack survivors, what led up to the cases, what are the conditions surrounding these cases, and then we wrap up the week with craig americason who has the best bites over the last 23 years gregg: one of my law school classmates amazing me survived an incredible shark
9:49 am
attack in which the shark swallowed him up whole off the coast of california, 30 years ago and he has the scars to prove it. he's lucky to be a-- to be alive. andy dehart, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. martha: we could probably get a whole hour out of that story. >> it's incredible. he entertained us in the commons of the law school and drops drawers. he had teeth marks across his legs, narrowly missing his arteries. i saw the scars. martha: we'll have to tell bill hemmer. he is always scep ti caple those stories. -- skeptical of those stories. a top democrat sent a scathing letter to the white house, saying you don't get it. we'll talk about that. gregg: he held a sign on the corner saying i am 13 years old and trillions of dollars in department. coming up the 14-year-old libertarian who is getting national attention.
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
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9:53 am
gregg: welcome back. the arizona attorney general who is a democrat by the way, criticizing president obama on the issue of border security. the a.g., terry god arrested, writing a letter to the white house, essentially saying you just don't get it god arrested spoke on the record with greta van u.s.ern last night. >> a lot of people in this country don't get it, greta. i think the bottom line here is we have a serious, organized criminal threat, the attorney general, just a year ago, recognized that there was a national security issue concerning the organized crime
9:54 am
criminals, in mexico, that are smuggling drugs and human beings into the united states and guns and money back into mexico. gregg: goddard is running for iran against incumbent jan brewer. martha: well, we teed this up for you, more salty language coming out of the corruption trial for governor rod blagojevich, it's the trial of the summer and prosecutors released a new round of some juicy stuff coming out of all of this, a wire tape, talking about criticizing the president, members of his own party but on these particular tapes, he takes on the people of illinois after learning that his approval ratings have taken a dive. listen to his reaction. >> i busted my ass, gave your grandmother a free ride on a bus, okay, i gave your baby a chance to have health care, every special interest
9:55 am
-- i thought every one of those including every special interest out there who can make my life, and what i get to that? martha: can anything else go wrong? i mean, ooh. gregg: persecution complex? martha: unbelievable. gregg: now a prosecution complex. martha: he has pleaded not guilty to selling president obama's seat in 2008. they still have not nailed down a money transaction in any of these tapes. there are suggestions that he doesn't want to give it away, that he wants something, he wants a tradeoff for the spot but we haven't heard any actual accusations. gregg: but this really kills him. what is he doing? he is ripping into the people who are on the jury. mine, those are illinois citizens that he is just -- >> martha: we heard in the prior tapes, he said he was
9:56 am
really sick and tired of being governor, he wanted to get on with his life, that it was a lousy job, basically. he's not going to ingratiate illinois voters with that. gregg: president obama said he wanted to know whose rear end to kick over the bp crisis. we're kind of cleaning that up, too. and blasted wall street fat cats. well, now the white house on the defense, saying it's not antibusiness. is it? >> martha: and lindsey lohan, have you heard this, she says i am not going to jail. a judge disagrees. so what can happen here? and is she going to show up when it's her time to go? lindsey's dad checks in on studio b. if you haven't seen this, even if you did, you got to see it again. check this out. >> that's my kid, don't tell me how much time i help spending my daughter while going out to eat dinner or how much time i spend in the gym. >> come on, it's a family place. apologies. >> there's more. if you want to see the rest, go to, during
9:57 am
the break, click on the video, it's a very interesting interview, the whole thing is posted there. we managed to keep it family friendly to the greatest extent possible. come on back to that, and then at the top of the hour, you don't want to miss it, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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10:00 am
a u.s. district court judge determining that a federal gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. that's how we start a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. gregg: there is and yet another ruling in favor of gay couple's rights apply in massachusetts right now. martha: but this could have major implications across the country. good morning, molly. >> reporter: we are talking about two cases. a judge ruled in both cases. the first case was brought by the attorney general of massachusetts martha coakley who argued congress overstepped their authority. it forces massachusetts to treat gay couples differently from straight married couple when it comes to federal benefits for
10:01 am
medicaid. the judge agreed on that argument. the second is they argued it tramples on gay married couples' rights to equal protection. they argued it does not provide for consistency in rights for gay married couples. every one is waiting to see what happens with appeal where things could really get interesting. martha: national implications here as well, i would imagine. >> reporter: right now it's a massachusetts case. but if it does go on appeal to higher courts and make its way to the supreme court for resolution, that's where things could have a fashion algal implication -- have a national implication here. gregg: the situation in massachusetts raising questions
10:02 am
about california where a ruling could come at any time on ballot drop a that made same-sex marriage illegal in california. the massachusetts judge made many of the same points the california judge did. now it's wait and see if that judge will shoot down the california law. martha: as we turn out for the disaster in the gulf and boats skim the water surface, a different kind of ship is set to float above it. a huge navy blimp is arriving in louisiana to help detect the oil slick then direct the cleanup crews and also spot wildlife that is in trouble. bp says they are finishing the first two relief wells by month's end if they have ideal conditions to do so.
10:03 am
they would pump oil to wells miles away. a court rejecting an restore president obama's ban on offshore drilling, efforts that could affect our nation's oil supply. a lot of implications here, tell us about it. >> reporter: we can all agree the bp spill is one of the worst ecological disaster in the country's history. certainly shutting down oil production in the gulf would be the safe way to go, but at what cost to our economy and lifestyle? we have benadryling i have beene gulf since the 1960s. the bp spill is the first major
10:04 am
spill to occur in the coastal waters of the gulf of mexico. it provides 10 dozen 6% of the crude we use in america each day, roughly equal to the amount of crude we take in from canada. from that gulf crude collected each day we produce 31.2 million gallons of gasoline to allow every car registered in america 9 miles. that same kriewfd provides enough jet fuel to fly a boeing 737 to the moon nine times. there is this. as i mentioned, we get 10%. our daily crude from the gulf. but think back to the 1970s oil crisis. remember the hit we took our economy and the long lines.
10:05 am
that occurred when opec withheld 7% of the oil. we import 64% of the crude we consume each day in america. martha: that's one of the major points. we are not cutting down our consumption, so if we don't do deep water drilling we'll have to buy it from somebody else who does. >> reporter: every time we have a hurricane, the price of crude goes up, the price of gasoline goes up. martha: brian wilson, as always, thank you very much. gregg: how is the president doing in the eyes of voters? a daily tracking poll showing the president's job approval rating holding steady, but his disapproval rating kicking upwards. disapproval rating is up 2 points to 4 tas 48%.
10:06 am
martha: a new poll showing california's senate race tightening up a bit. three-term democratic senator barbara boxer watching her lead diminish a bit over republican challenger carly fiorina. a new independent poll shows boxer with a narrow lead 47-44. this is within the margin of error so this is a dead heat. this is a huge departure from the 30-point lead boxer held in march before this started heating up. this news comes at vice president joe biden goes to los angeles to stump for boxer. he will thereby to support her this evening. we are going to be watching that one all the way to the fall. gregg: it happened in another
10:07 am
senator's campaign office. a summer intern cutting his internship short because the colorado democratic senator michael bennett's office dismissed him. he's accused of soliciting a donation in return for access to the senator. bennett's office claims the intern was acting all on his own. bennett faces a primary challenge from a former speaker of the colorado legislature. martha: that amazes me. he wanted $2,400. ellen there a few weeks for the course of the summer. according to this story, we haven't heard his side of it -- they say $2,400 i'll give you have access to the senator. gregg: i think he has a future on wall street. a new court document just
10:08 am
released in regard to the disappearance of an oregon boy kyron horman. his father says he believes his wife is involved in the disappearance of his son. investigators told him he had bent targets of a murder plot by his wife late last year. terry horman was the last person to see kyron. martha: back to politics. the obama administration has been accused by being pro big government and antibusiness. not you white house has a plan to turn that notion around in this country. gregg: cops say he stalked the streets for decades. the suspected grim sleeper is in custody now and it's all thanks
10:09 am
to a slice of pizza. martha: new developments in a lindsay lohan case. may she be able too snag a get out of jail free card? a stunning fox news interview with shepard smith talking to her father. stu won't want to miss what he had to say. shep: what is it like with your daughter who is a walking talking train wreck. >> my wife is not doing a thing to help her. sir? finding everything okay? i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget.
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gregg: cutting-selling police work and a slice of pizza. police are saying they nabbed the grim sleeper killer. they narrowed in on franklin after his son's dna narrowly matched. police swiped his dna -- >> this will bring us on a par with the way nda searches are done -- dna searches are done in some parts of western europe. this will bring justice to victims where justice have been
10:13 am
denied. >> i was hoping i would be alive -- i think think this case would come. gregg: if convicted he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole. martha: a new campaign or push at the white house that is looking to concerns americans that the obama administration is not antibusiness. they have had some criticism in that regard. the latest push comes as the u.s. appeals court rejected an attempt to restore an offshore drilling moratorium for the second time. they have gotten a lot of heat for that because of its impact on jobs. it could cost tons of jobs and money along the coast. but they say their primarily concern is not to have a repeat of what we are experiencing right do you. steven moore is a economic
10:14 am
writer for the "wall street journal." good morning, good to see you. this is a rap that the obama administration has had since the beginning. you look at a lot of different aspects, attempts to control the financial markets, the auto companies, they save their behinds or they did it with strings attached. what do you make of their reasoning to change their i am imagine this regard? >> where do ceos get this idea the obama administration is antibusiness? when you think about this story, if you think about the beginning of the obama presidency these ceos were in love with obama. and they were major supporters of his campaign.
10:15 am
that has shifted 180 degrees. you have major organizations saying we are concerned this agenda of the congressional democrats and the obama administration are destroying jobs by destroying profits of businesses. think about the tax increases coming that will hurt businesses. thinking about the regulations. you talked about the ban on the drilling. the healthcare bill is another one a lot of businesses were concerned about. the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry get hammered. it's this repetitive nature of going after any business that makes a profit that created a big p.r. problem for this white house. martha: the hard facts are taxes and regulation. there is also an attitude question calling them the fat cats that hasn't set well with the group that many people think is the engine of the american economy. i want to take a look at this
10:16 am
sound bite from president obama. >> if we cut taxes for the 95% of families and small business owners who needed help in this recession. we believe in the free market. but we also think that everybody should be following basic rules of the road. so we make sure wall street banks and other big corporations have to play by the same rules that small banks and small business owners have to play with. that just makes sense. martha: he talked about small business there, and they have mentioned cuts for small businesses. is that something we are seeing evidence of as having any significant effect on small businesses in this country? >> not at all. most of the point i was going to make, although there are still
10:17 am
some big business and industry groups that support the baltimore agenda, the groups that seem to be most hostile to what obama has done have been the small business groups. they say a lot of the sweet shatter deals and bailouts benefited the big company. but the small businesses well hammered especially by the healthcare bill. the tax increase coming january 1 is going to hit small businesses. when most small businesses pay taxes they pay at the personal income tax level. i think it's partly related to the fact that this president is so closely tied to the unions and there is a natural conflict between unions and businesses. the businessmen i talked to said president obama always comes down on the side of the union. martha: there is a weariness in terms of what may be coming down
10:18 am
the road. the burden of care carrying out healthcare. they don't know what they are in for. >> if you look at the healthcare bill, a lot of the regulations and mandates on health insurance don't take place unless you have over 50 workers. i can't tell you how many small businessmen i talked to who said we are not going to hire that 51st worker. in terms of the businessmen taltbusiness thebusiness menta*t $800 billion on the stimulus plan and they have not seen increased profits and they have not been able to hire more workers. there is no plan b on how we get profits back up. martha: nobody would be
10:19 am
complaining if things were headed in the right direction. for the president's side of it he said he would like to see things happening faster than they are, too. and he wants to make that happen so we'll see where we go from here. >> without businesses you can't have jobs. that's -- martha: we need a whole other segment. but i have got to go, thank you very much, sir. have a good weekend. gregg: we are multitasking with this ipad. how many folks use them in church? you are not going to believe how it's already -- that story is on this ipad. you can check it out right here if you are at home or wherever you are. check it out during the break. we'll have a live report coming up from rome next. martha: lindsay lohan's dad
10:20 am
hurling explosive accusations towards her. she says, actually, i'm not going to jail. gregg: really?
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
martha: there has been a lot of intrigue surrounding this story. now we are getting confirmation from the department of justice that the spy swap has occurred. news agencies reporting it is a tightly core graphed diplomatic dance at vienna's airport. the british media saying the u.s. planes brought in the four russians through a u.k. military base in southern england. those folks we have watched in newspapers here in the united states now back home in moscow.
10:24 am
in some cases children taken with them who have never had a life other than in the united states. they may be surprised to learn what their parents have been working on in those late-night hours. that swap has taken place. gregg: you can read more about it on your ipad if you happen to have one like this one. this our web site, apple's i pads seem to be everywhere. even the pulpit. a young tech-safety italian priest is using this gadget in a way many people never saw coming. streaming live from rome, they call this guy the i-padre? >> reporter: that's right. we went up to talk to him. he was very successful about a year ago with an application for the iphone for daily prayers. this time he has taken it a step
10:25 am
further and asked the roman missile. this takes it to a whole other level and might not go over as easy in terms of approval. the mass being such a sacred moment. this is sacred text. he has begun to use it though he says it's mostly use full for travel an doesn't think it means the end of sacred books. gregg: what's bent reaction from the vatican so far? >> reporter: nothing official from the vatican. they like this idea, the prayer application. but the prayer being one thing and the mass being something else. that many the attitude here. i think that's also the attitude among many of the faithful as well. >> the problem with the ipad in the context of sacred
10:26 am
littery, it doesn't fit. the missile itself is set aside and dedicated for the word. the ipad isn't dedicated for the purpose. >> reporter: the debate has begun and will continue for a while until vatican makes a decision on it. gregg: thanks very much. gregg has posted his live shot at you can check it out on your ipad or computer. log on to read more about the i-padre. and much more at your other news source which is -- it even moves around -- isn't that cool? you can make it large, small, check it out martha: i'm impressed gregg jarrett. gregg: don't be impressed. martha: lindsay lohan reacting
10:27 am
to her 90-day jail sentence. why a judge in that case won't be too happy with what she is telling her friends. president obama back on the campaign trail launching an attack on nevada senator harry reid's opponent. what he said about sharron angle and the crowd's reaction. >> on a lot of these issues she favors an approach that's even more extreme than the republicans we have got in washington. that's saying something. obviously people love saving money. woman: welcome to the conference. here's your nametag, sir... annnd for you. gecko: uh... no i'll be ok, thanks. woman: but how will people know who you are? gecko: uh... you mean "the gecko"? woman: here lemme help you. gecko: really it's... really it's fine, (laughs) yeeaahhhh.
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gregg: welcome back. the spy swap between the united states and russia now completed. the justice department confirming the spies deported from the u.s. have landed in the u.k. oh the spy swap officially is done. 50 people dead in a pair of
10:31 am
homicide bombings in pakistan close to the afghan border. 100 others have been injured. dozens of arrests made during scuffles in oakland, california. the violent erupting after a jury convicted a former transit officer in a lesser charge of the shooting of an unarmed blackman. martha: a political firestorm igniting in the desert as president obama enters full campaign mode for harry reid in las vegas. wait until i hear what an audience member had to say. >> she phase the approach that's even more extreme will be the republicans we have got in washington. that's saying something.
10:32 am
that's saying something. i mean, she wants to privatized ocean security and medicare. martha: chuckles for the president and harry reid when somebody shout she is a lunatic in the crowd. reference to the beltway outsider. outsider. angle is relatively unknown. joining us is amy stoddard. i want to get your thoughts on the president. he seem invigorated to be on the campaign trail again. >> he's not going to have a lot of opportunities to be on the campaign trail.
10:33 am
he's proving to be toxic and a lot of the key battlegrounds where democrats are troying to hold on to seats which once belonged to republicans and you will see him at a lot of fundraisers. it's a rare opportunity to go out to a crowd where he can help a candidate in this case senate majority leader harry reid. and hope the voters in nevada return the majority leader to his senate seat this fall. there are a lot of places where the elections will be decided this fall where the president cannot go and be seen with the candidate. martha: some polls see his approval ratings slipping in nevada a little bit. let's talk about missouri for a minute. robin carnahan linking her and putting her in lock step with the president as a way to run
10:34 am
against her. >> any democrat is going to have to defend the president's unpopular agenda in this election. she is secretary of state and she has tried to run away from washington and the congress. when the president was in missouri recently she made sure she wasn't in town. she made the calculation he would be able to raise money for her at fundraisers so he did last night. when he left to make a presentation about the recovery act she found a way not to be there. it's a high wire act for candidates like robin carnahan who need the money from the faithful donors in the party but don't want to be seen with him on the campaign trail. martha: rob portman running for senate in ohio who is a former congressman raising almost $10 million. that's a lot of money for a
10:35 am
senate candidate. >> the energy is all on the republican side. you see the donors despite the family feud, the republican national committee, republican donors are enthusiastic about giving. they see this as a pivotal moment for the part why it. they could possibly flip the house. and even possibly the senate though that's less likely. you see a lot of voter enthusiasm and donor enthusiasm. democrats taking a hit from big business. they had a lot of contributions that put them over the top. big business is holding back, 65% of big business contributions down on the democratic side. if you look at combination of the man why it's an uphill battle. martha: you have the administration saying we saved big business, we did bailouts and everything we could to help the company survive. then you have wall street turning on them in a big way. so it's going to be quite an
10:36 am
interesting fall. with your help we'll make our way through it. it's great to see you. thanks for coming in. we'll talk to you soon. gregg: lindsay lohan is vowing to appeal her recent 90-day jail sentence for violating her probation. telling friends, i'm not going to jail. this amid word that her attorney has said i'm out of here. and lindsay's father appearing on studio b with shepard smith sharing his own opinion on what should happening to his little girl. >> we have to get her in a program now. if lindsay does appeal it with this new attorney, if you want to call it an attorney. she does haven't her feet wet yet, she is going to get more time. the longer she is not getting therapy the more danger she is in.
10:37 am
gregg: he has two retraining orders on him, more on that in a moment. tamara holder and joey jackson a former prosecutor. she claims she is going to appeal the judgment 90-day decision. can we agree she has zero chance on an appeal. >> is there something less than zero any would take this in negative numbers. let's look at this. what is the basis of appeal. are you going to argue the judge used abuse of discretion? her lawyer did an admirable job arguing what she could. you are given the facts you are give up. are you a little pregnant? no. you either comply with the court order or you don't. she didn't comply. she got what she deserved. gregg: when you lie to police twist and violate the judgment order 7 times and you lie to the
10:38 am
alcohol program directors as well, you are toast. >> she is toast. as a practicing defense attorney i know you tell your client if you violate the judgment order you are going to jail. you were given five chances. how many more chances should she have? she told the judge, you know, judge, i have been helping children, saving the children. i have been work on my career. you have a job to do and that is to comply with the judgment order. there is nothing else an attorney can do. her hands are tied. gregg: her attorney quit and she allegedly hired someone whose ink isn't dry on their diploma. she just passed the bar exam. shep dipped an interview with will are's father. >> a lot of them are saying if you don't have this much to help your father. far be it from me.
10:39 am
>> half this much to help my daughter? are you kidding me? give me a break. all of my effort is spent on trying to help my daughter. flying all over, back and forth, calling her. meeting with the dea, meeting with people, i go out for five minutes to get some food. give me a break. i call a spade a spade and you have no right saying that. that many my kid. don't tell me how much time i spend helping my daughter or going out to eat dinner how much time i spend in the [bleep] gym. shep require's a family place, apologies. gregg: he's father of the year, convicted of criminal contempt of court, sentenced for three years, violated probation, did another year, attempted assault, dui, 2 1/2 months behind bars. then he was charged for allegedly threatening to murder his ex-girlfriend.
10:40 am
if i were him, joey, if i were her i think i would throw myself on the mercy of the court and say it's my parents' fault. >> like father like daughter. look at these fine role models you have to look up to. no wonder she any the position she is in. what i would do if i were her. do the time quietly. she'll do 25% of it. the rehab will do her a world of good. she'll rebuild her image. she'll make millions of dollars and life will go on. >> i think she must be held accountable for her actions and if she has a problem she can get treatment in jail. just because you need treatment doesn't need you shoulden be punished -- don't mean you shouldn't be punished for violating a court order.
10:41 am
her dad gave that excuse because she is on pills she shouldn't go to jail. what a break. gregg: what a break. shep was a gentleman toward him. a lovely man. of course. tam are holder and joe jackson, thanks so much. martha: i wish we could rewind the tape to the "parent trap" days. martha: michael lohan defended his efforts to save his daughter. you can log on to and see shepard's complete interview with michael lohan. he's not even old enough to vote in the next presidential election but he's becoming a force to be reckoned with. well introduce you to a kid who might be the youngest tea party organizer in the country.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
he reminds us of the youngest tea party organizer in the country. he's 13 years old and he's holding a sign that says he's trillionons of dollars in date. good to have you with us today. i love the story when you made that sign, you are excited about your sign. you have got your buffeddies red yea to go. what happened? >> well, my friends' grandparents wound upcoming over and the rest of my buddies had their excuses to not embarrass themselves on the corner. i figured after i had tang the time to put this sign together with color crayons, my wrist was aching so i better get out the
10:46 am
there. martha: so you go out there. but this did not dissuade you. the next time you had a huge crowd. >> that many right. after the first tea party i decided no matter what, there was going to be a better turnout and i wasn't going to be alone on that corner. for the 4th of july we did one, i expected 40-50 people at at most and we wound up getting 200 people and almost got in trouble with the city because we wound up taking up the entire intersection. martha: what do your fellow classmates think about this. >> over time they are getting more and more receptive. in junior high i attended a private christian school. the students will were more receptive to it. but since i have gone to dixon high school, it's been a little bit rougher but there is a
10:47 am
larger crowd so there are more people the offer it to. martha: you are at a public high school with a lot of different opinions. anybody give you a hard time. anybody tease you about this? anything like that? >> not really. there are some teachers who not so receptive. but when try to work with them and point out we are focusing on the same goals would be we want prosperity, peace, freedom and after we say that, it's hard to argue with that. martha: what's your one political vision. what is the thing you would most like to see changed in america when you get old enough to actually vote? >> i would like to see an end to our federal reserve. the central banking system. there has to be a more secure system than what we have now. our system is based off nothing but consumer confidence.
10:48 am
over time i think that we are going to have to see some more backing behind our money. we are printing it like crazy right now. the only reason most of us aren't seeing any changes in our grocery stores is because right now the treasury bonds are profiting more than a mortgage for the bank. so all the money is staying right with the bank. martha: some day we may see devon minnema running. it's always good to see young people who are active and committed to their political commitment no matter which side it is. gregg: you have to be 35 to be president of the united states. so be patient you've got to vote for minneva in 2044.
10:49 am
i'm running for president. gregg: a brand-new claim against elena kagan. why oneup says she shares a serious bias along with president obama. martha: from the big city to the african wilderness to a theater near you. the viral sensation christian the lion going up in lights. remember this one? et more laps . ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything. the new website helps me do everything. [ female announcer ] with aarp you get so much more out of life. ♪ discover the best of what's next at the new
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gregg: as the dog days of summer roll by people in coastal states are flocking to beaches to seek relief from the heat. there is only so much beach for
10:53 am
so many people and that is sparking a battle over public access to private party. laura, you are on a beach obviously. what is this sand fight all about? >> reporter: there is 127 miles of coastline in the state of new jersey. 85% of that is oceanfront property. you can see behind me there is a lot of taxpayers that want to use beaches like this one. the area went ocean and the high watermark which is where this big blue tent is in front of me is considered public property. but some beach property owners want to keep people off the sand so they restrict access. this fight has been going on for decades. but administration in new jersey is proposing a compromise that would allow each town to make up its own rules that take local costs and conditions into
10:54 am
consideration view * they can direct all our resources to one part of their town or across the entire town, whatever makes sense for them. that's what we are looking for is common sense approach to public access. >> reporter: towns like this one in this township are ready. not many just a proposal and some day it could be law. gregg: how are public rights activists reacting to this law. >> reporter: everyone we talk to say they want this type of access. but they want it to be easy. so people can go along the beach to do exactly that. they want people to not just be able to go to the big beaches and boardwalks where the parking lots are. they worry by allowing towns to make their own rules they will limit the public to the quieter, calmer stretches of sand and limit the rights of the
10:55 am
beachgoers. >> if you have a try vat beach and private access and the ocean belongs to the land owner that lives on the edge of it. it's not legally right, it's not right in the culture of our state. we have long had a relationship with the ocean. >> reporter: towns that take money for beach replenishment from the feds also have to provide access. so there is a little before it incentive going on as well. the fight continues, back to you. >> reporter: laura ingle without her shoes on the beach. martha: friday afternoon assignment, she has to go to the beach. i saw her this morning. she head some good time out there at that beach. we'll see you later. another whopper of an eyed out of one western city. want a puppy?
10:56 am
gregg: don't worry, this is not a picture of a wild animal mauling it's a beautiful reunion. now hollywood smells a smash hit. a story inspiring a blockbuster. many adults don't meet the recommended daily intake for all vitamins and minerals through diet alone.
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>> ♪ >> >> ♪ >> ♪ martha: this video was viral, all over the internet, when it first came out, it's an amazing clip featuring two men, they raised a lion, then they let the lion go in the wild, they got it when it was a little cub and they said let's go find our lion and they went out there to find it, it's the cooky story of john rendell and anthony burke and they bought the highon at harrah -- harrod's in london and they led him off to the african jungle and a year later they went to see him and produced this film. they're hoping to make a whole movie out of it. no word on yet when that release date is. gregg: that's a great idea, sort of like "born free" in


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