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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 13, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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pecksniffian. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: maybe it is the inept way he handled the gulf spill, his economic policies or the health care bill that he pushed through congress whatever , the voters of this country have lost faith in their president. shocking new poll reveals confidence in president obama has reached an all time low. "washington post"/abc news poll indicates 57% lack confidence that the president will make the right decisions for the country's future. on the issue at the forefront on most minds the economy whopping 54% disapprove of the president's decisions. given the lackluster results of his economic stimulus bill
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i suppose that is no surprise just the chickens come home to roast as the president's good friend may say. now what this may mean is fox news contribute for karl rove is with us. welcome back. six in ten voters say they lack faith in the president and his ability to make the right decisions for the country. what do you make of it? >> he has least about a third of people who were confident in his abilities when he came into office a year and a half ago. the reason is largely on the number one issue facing america, the economy in the latest poll 43% approve of his performance, 54% days . what really caught my eye was, 20% of the american people strongly approve and 41% strongly disapprove a 2-1 negative ratio.
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80% who disapprove of the economy feel strongly about it. half the people who approve of his performance, less than half feel strongly about it. he's being driven the wrong way on the economy. >> sean: there's also in this poll, people that are likely to vote in the midterms, democrats over republicans. have a 56-41% margin, that's a 15 point margin can you read a lot into that? >> no, i can. simple way to look at this, if you look at all voters, all voters a --rl >> sean: hang on, are you writing that as you go? >> i'm going man. 47/46 among all voters. among likely voters it is 49/45. among independents likely to vote, 53% republican, 36% democrat. talk about being way upside down with the swing voters. these are the people that
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delivered the election to obama in '08. they are going to deliver him a resounding neat 2010 if this holds up. >> sean: governors' races jerry brown to whitman in california, boxer upside down in california, russ feingold is in trouble in wisconsin, harry reid in nevada he's in trouble. the scenario, i gotta say dick morris was on last night, was the first to say he even thought the senate was in play. you have been very cautious because i guess you have been around the political world to often to go out on a limb and say i think the republicans have a good shot at the house and senate. is that opinion maybe changing? >> i've always thought the republicans had a good shot at taking the house. we got primaries today in alabama, are we going to get a good candidate capable of winning? we may not know whether he or she going to be capable of running a strong campaign. we have primaries to august
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and september. i'm a little reduck to state republicans are going to take the -- reluctant to say these republicans are going to take the house. majority control are close. if you look at the 15 contests in 2006, 15 was the magic number. republicans lost 15 seats they lost control of the house. 15 closest races that controlled the house out of 82 million votes cast was settled by 22,022, 1500 votes per congressional district, district could have 600,000 people it in. something is happening out there. you mentioned california and you are right, whitman and fiorina are in good shape. what caught me was republican for attorney general he's leading his democrat opponent. that says something is happening across the board even in the blue state, purple state like california republicans have got a shot.
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>> sean: three things stand out in my mind. number one, what will the democrats run on in terms of their record now? they've had control of all of washington, both houses of congress. they have the white house. what is that it they are going to point to say, we did this for you and point to it as a success only a 38% arrival rating for the president among independents we saw the impact in massachusetts and new jersey with independents. the other thing that is emerging the third point 55% of the country now thinks that the adjective socialist applies to the president that's enerive that i've advanced often. those three things does not bode well for the democrats in 112 days, your reaction? >> first of all about the choice you are right. look at policies, health care upside down, only 45% of the american people approve of the president's performance on health care. only 44% approve his performance on final
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regulation the bill they are working through now. only 40% in the poll agree with him on the issue of deficits approve of what he's done there. he's got a real problem with the issues. there's a new poll out from a group that i sort of helped bring into existence. this poll just out, tested the -- tested what the democrats are saying on issues like spending, deficits and debt and health care versus what republicans might say about them. even if you toss all of these things the democrats are saying that are not true but sound good they still come up short on all these big questions. they got a fundamental flaw with their message. it is not just the messenger and messengers in congress it is fundamentally the message they've seemed to have cho sense. 27% of the american people -- withdraw that, 27% think the economy is going in the right way. how good do you think to run by saying we are moving in the
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right way only 27% of the american people agree? >> sean: obviously, a big problem. here's a question i'm sure you get asked this often, as i do. i'm focused on 112 days from now. i think is one of the most important midterms in our lifetime in terms of are we going to change direction or stop the move towards radical im, left. state. whatever term you want. who do you think is going to run in 2012 against the president? if look at the poll, 51% want the republicans to run congress as a check against barack obama. can we read deeply into that and say maybe still like divided government? >> i think there's a general inclination on the part of the american people to believe since they don't trust either party that better to divide the power. on the other hand we tend to
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over time, we elected a republican president and kept a republican congress for six years. we've had longtime jimmy carter, democratic congress, democratic senate. i think it is a little more sophisticated. i think people are focused on the here and out in. i don't think they are thinking about 2012. >> sean: who do you think is gonna run? >> i can tell you who could run. we several geological ages that are going to pass before we can decide that >> sean: i'm thinking you might want to get in the race. >> i'm going for hannity. the country would be before off if it was handized. >> sean: you would vote for me? >> if you ran, i would do that
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>> sean: plenty more hannity straight ahead. >> i'm looking forward to working with you on your critical mission. >> sean: he watched as city group crumbled. now the president wants him to be the budget director. >> i think those would urge us to increase our -- >> sean: first lady praises the naacp. one day later that organization condemns the tea party movement as a threat to democracy. >> outraged parent responds to montana's controversial new sex ed program. hannity continues straight ahead.
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>> sean: stimulus signs are popping up across america. the signs will cost taxpayers estimated 192 million dollars. states are required to display the signs near any stimulus funded project. in 2009 white house memo called them a symbol of the president's commitment to the american people to invest their tax dollars wisely. the signs cost $10,000 a piece. they need to go in the sign business. what you d at this morning's meeting? that was pure poetry.
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that helps you stay full, so yon stay focused. also, try chocolate little bites. so, how'd the meeting go? outstanding, i wowed them with my chocolate chip center. >> sean: president obama has been crisscrossing the country as part of his recovery summer tour. a recent visit to a california company is turning into a major embarrassment for the white house. in may the president visited a company and had this to say about the solar manufacturing company. >> the president: here that companies like this are leading the way. to brighter and more prosperous future. the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like this one. >> sean: despite a high profile presidential visit and a loan guarantee from the government the company now says it does not expect to turn a profit until 2013. "the new york times" and the
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"washington post" reported in reason days the company once the pride of the president's stimulus is now trying to keep its head above water scraping plans to go public. the president may have been& slightly exaggerating the state of that company. the anointed one was more careful with his words today when he announced his intention to nominate jack lu to become his next duct director. >> the president: if there was a hall of fame for budget directors then jack lew would have earned a place for his service in that role under president clinton. when jack was deputy deck for at omb he was part of the team that reached a bipartisan agreement to balance the budget. principle domestic policy adviser to tip o'neil. executive vice president at new york university. for the past year and a half successful in overseeing the state department's extremely
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complex and challenging budget as deputy secretary of state for management and resources. >> sean: what didn't hear was that before joining the state department lew served as head fund manager at city group when the company failed. looks like the president con conveniently forgot to mention that aspect of lew's biography. what a shock. joining me, the host of varney and company, stuart varney. former white house press secretary fox news contributor, fill-in host, the worst interview was me, right? >> no. >> sean: yes it was. >> i'm sitting on your show i can't say that >> sean: i can think it but i can't say it. let's go to lew. great resume as long as you pad it and forget city group. >> he's a government man. -- >> he's a government man. he's in charge of the government's budget? will mr. lew be honest?
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at omb will he admit that the health care plan of barack obama is going to raise cuts not cut them? is he going to admit health care form is income redistribution? is he going to be honest and admit all of that? >> sean: no, no and no. >> i would say when he's accused of being a government man, haven't we all been saying that we wanted more people in the administration who had private sector experience? even though from the president's remarks he was the hedge fund manager. >> sean: they failed. >> they a government bailout. >> he wasn't the only one. he wasn't only at fault. i checked with a few people today, they think this was a solid choice. >> sean: look at stuart's face. respond. >> here's a man who is going to have to shepard through some kind of action to cut the deficit. >> i don't envy him. >> he spent his life in government.
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>> no he didn't because he was the hedge fund manager for citibank. >> he's going to be the one who pushes forward with tax increases that is going to be his answer to how we cut the deficit. >> sean: we already know the debt commission is going to end up being a cover. i spoke to dr. sole he suggested that the trap for republicans is going to be promised spending cuts and trapped into raising taxes. i'm telling you that debt commission is a cover that is the next shoe to drop which will hurt the economy even further. am i wrong? >> no, i think you are absolutely right. i wish congress at some point either under republicans or democrats would take on eating some of their spinach to do the tough work. now they are going to outsource it. >> the worst possible thing to raise taxes significantly january 1st, that is going to
9:18 pm
happen or introduce a vat or transaction tax, any kind of tax increase, at this point, is the worst thing you can do. because it will raise the deficit in the long term because it will slow the economy. >> sean: look at what happened today. obama's 2010 deficit, this year, 1.4 trillion last year. today, this fiscal year which is not over until october, a trillion dollars more in deficit spending. forget a hammer, we took a nuclear bomb and we blew up our kids' piggy banks for crying out loud. the impact long term on the economy is bad. >> and if you look at what is happening tomorrow the u.s. chamber of commerce is going to have a job summit figuring out how to create jobs? i thought i was clever of the white house this week to ask only the business round table which has been up to now supportive of his agenda to specifically name regulations or policies that are hampering
9:19 pm
job growth. they didn't ask the small business owners. >> sean: look the answer to me is simple, basic capitalism, from market 101. you incentivize business cut back on the bureaucracy, regulation, i don't think it is any more complicated. >> not going do happen. that is what every small business operater in america looks at when you look into the future. you know full well, your taxes are going up. you know perfectly well that the regulatory climate going to be awful. you know full well this president is going to demonize you if you make a profit, demonize you for being competitive and aggressive. if you are staring that in the face you gonna expand, hire people? >>l$r pointing out this solar company he was out toing providing more money, we are throwing good money after bad. i'm for all the sources of
9:20 pm
power we can get many we are not going to change the laws of physics. no amount of solar power, research and development money is going to create enough jobs in the country. in the meantime they put forward the moratorium again. >> the president announces two billion dollars for two solar companies to create 1500 jobs, maybe. it kills 20,000 jobs in louisiana. serious energy policy. >> sean: i agree both of u good to see you. you two are arguing more and more every week. thank you both for being with us. plenty more hannity straight ahead. >> sarah palin said party like it is 1776. >> sean: naacp condemns elements of the tea party movement racist. where is the evidence? >> sex ed for kindergarteners.
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>> sean: the most well-known civil rights organization in american history passed a resolution earlier this evening that condemns elements of the tea party movement. the resolution introduced at the naacp national convention in kansas city accuses tea party members of exhibiting explicitly racist behavior and trying to push our country back to the precivil rights era. the document claims that tea party members hurled racial epithets at african-american members of congress. those incidents have gone
9:25 pm
unsubstantiated. that did not stapp the naacp from passing its resolution a short time ago. joining me andrew breitbart. he has offered $100,000 to anyone with video evidence showing abuses by tea party members. in studio from the new york civil rights coalition mike meyers is with us. andrew, let's start with you. these accusations are not substantiated. the one they keep saying, i'm going to give four angles of the accusation that a member of congress, congressman carson that racial epithets were used against him. we are doing this, against there was a lot of media there. we decided to go from four separate, different angles. you can see a lot of people have recording devices. you offered $100,000. anyone ever offered the evidence? >> no, they didn't. that's all i could do at beginning. it took a few weeks to compile evidence of the videos of the fact area where congressman
9:26 pm
carson said he walked down and heard the n-word 15 times by 15 different people. he said the people started to crowd around them like he thought they were gonna throw rocks at them. we can show you videos where it clearly did not happen that way we see congressman john shaddock walking a beat behind with a smile. you don't hear anything. you hear kill the bill, kill the bill and that's it. >> sean: mike, i mean, look this is the naacp here. explicitly racist behavior. one of the worst things you can call somebody is a racist. >> naacp is a 101-year-old organization. showing signs of alzheimer's. kind of brain dead. anybody white who disagrees with the naacp is a. anybody black who disagrees is pilloried with racial calumny.
9:27 pm
uncle tom or a negro. the irony is that the naacp accusing the tea party of wanting to push america to the past, precivil rights era, that's where the naacp is stuck n the past. it does not see. it does not recognize the significant racial progress in this nation. >> sean: the president says of the naacp he said we felt the time had come to stand up and say -- >> who is that? a nobody. >> sean: hang on a second. it is time for the tea party to be responsible members of this democracy and make sure they don't tolerate bigots or bigotry among their members. here's the problem, if that is the standard would that standard apply to barack obama in this sense, sitting in jeremiah wright's church?
9:28 pm
are they going to condemn the new black panther party for standing in front of a polling place? >> naacp sponsored press conference had a speaker there condemning a black member of the tea party as an uncle tom -- >> sean: at this conference? >> no at the press conference in may, an uncle tom, a negro because this black man is a free market person doesn't agree with them this is the naacp engaging in racial calumny. that's why i say the naacp is not only a hypocrite has betrayed its principles as a sane organization. brain dead. >> sean: back to you andrew. does it matter that michelle obama spoke there? i've been watching in new black panther party case. does it matter? i haven't heard democrats talk about the new black panther
9:29 pm
party standing outside the polling place, andrew. >> this is coordinated with the white house. michelle obama would not go somewhere if she didn't want to be in harm's way. she was drawing attention to this and it worked. mike meyers you are an american hero for standing up against this type of stuff. a man was beaten and called the n-word. one of the people at the naacp in st. louis called him uncle tom, a black tea party guy want to talk about the state of the naacp and the democratic party right now, on a technicality, cedric crenshaw the tea party candidate in joilet, illinois the chicago machine took her off the ballot. they do not want a black conservative running, because it undermines their desire to in a summer of bad economics, to create division in this
9:30 pm
country because they are so fearful what is going to happen in november. >> andrew is right. the naacp is now a political arm of the white house. al sharpton and the naacp people are in the white house so often they ought to have rooms designated. >> sean: wait a minute, i think -- >> everything is coordinated including the endorsement of elena kagan. >> sean: ear the naacp proves this or i think the naacp should apologize. >> they are not going to apologize all they do is engage in racial rhetoric. they don't understand the nature of false charges. any time they want to stop the conversation they will say you are a racist, uncle tom, negro. their former executive director roy wilkins used to be called an uncle tom, a they they ought to be ashamed for doing the same thing they condemned against their own executive director of 22 years
9:31 pm
when it was a sane organization, it no longer is. >> sean: mike meyers, strong words, thank you. andrew appreciate you being with us. >> parents outraged in montana one district votes to include kindergarten in a sex ed program. hear from one of those parents. >> plus, special investigation reveals how al franken may have squeezed out that narrow victory for his senate seat. you will never believe may have put him over the edge to win that race, coming up.
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sean al franken may have a few 100 felons to thank. a new study found that 341 felons voted in that election if you recall, franken just barely pulled out a win beating former gop senator norm coleman by 312 votes. wow, at least we now know who to thank for sending that kind gentleman to washington. hannity is back in 90 short seconds. could switching to geico really save you
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>> sean: a montana public school district's plan to teach sex education starting in kindergarten has sparked outrage. the board met to discuss the plan earlier this evening and will vote next month. if it passes the following elements will be in the curriculum of all public schools in kindergarten children will be taught that family structures differ in first grade, human beings can fall in love with people of the same gender in second grade, not to make finance of gays by calling them derogatory names. fifth grade students will be taught there are several types of intercourse. joining me todd sthar and an outraged montana parent michael wilkerson is with us. tell us what you think? >> i just came back from the board meeting where the public has been able to sit at the
9:36 pm
table and get comments back to this i think it is a lot of curriculum is great it talks about nutrition and pe. the sexual enhancement portion is outrageously out there. i i'm adamantly opposed to this >> sean: explain. >> as you said starting in kindergarten they teach body parts. erotic images in the upper grids and how those are in sexual parts. they talk about anxiety about sexual performance. different kinds of sexual intercourse starting in grade six. there's a huge gender push about same gender relationships. they've gone as far as to take the montana constitution and redefine marriage. marriage is between one man and one woman. this now says marriage is between two persons. >> sean: are you confident you will be able to stop this? >> no, i'm confident that it
9:37 pm
needs to get to the public. the public just now is becoming aware of i'm confident as we get this into more of the public hands that the public will stan and hopefully stop this >> sean: you've been following this from the beginning. i to be honest, the government can't teach our kids to read, write and do math. i'm a christian. i go to church. i'm a catholic. a lot of these values contradict the values i'm teaching my kids at home. what right does a school district that can't teach kids to read and write generally speaking around the country has to impose their values? >> i've read every word, jack and jill go up the hill and do really inappropriate things. >> sean: not fetching a pail of water? >> no, sir. >> sean: i don't want to hear about humpy dumpy.
9:38 pm
>> rub an dub dub, three men in a tub. >> sean: now you have lost me >> i spoke to him he said this is age appropriate. what does that mean? >> sean: according to who? isn't that subjective? >> it is. that's the big argument, the big debate. he said parents do have the right to opt-out. >> sean: it's a bun of crap. >> can i mention the opt-out option? much of this information is weaved into curriculum other than the sexual enhancement even if i opt-out of the sexual enhancement they will receive much of this information in other curriculums. if my child goes out for recess you know they are going to hear it from the kids now even in a different context. >> sean: i don't understand this idea that government thinks they know what is best. i don't know what your values are michael but i assume different than what they are
9:39 pm
going to teach, right? >> they are. this puts the child in the middle. the school teaches one set of values, i teach another. now the kids stuck in the middle and it undermines the authority of the parent and the teacher. i don't think that's fair. >> sean: i agree. i think you are right on the money. i'm assuming that a lot of fellow parents agree. this is the heart of the issue. they are pushing hard and they've got their curriculum and agenda. i'm fearful, you know they are going to be successful. here's the problem, if we had choice in schools, parents could opt-out. most people, a lot of people in this country cannot afford after they pay high property taxes to pay for these schools to then pay more money on too much send their kids to a private school. i know a lot of people are focused on the kindergarten, first, second grade. students are taught beginning
9:40 pm
7th grade they have a personal right to abort babies. they are alerted under the constitution about those issues beginning in the 7th grade. >> sean: i didn't see that when i was reading but i didn't read all the pages that you read. in 8th grade or grades 9 through 12 understand erotic image in art reflect society's views about sexuality and helping people. i don't need a teacher telling my kids this. this is outrageous to me. >> we have gotten hundreds of e-mails at fox news room. not just in montana, oregon, massachusetts of course where they had that incident where you had a grade school that was going to give condoms to kindergarten and first grade students even if parents objected. >> sean: michael, what is the next step? >> i left the board meeting early. the parents are speaking out. we have hundreds of people there. the step is to let the board know our concerns.
9:41 pm
the next step to look at a back-up plan? what the options if passed? i haven't looked at this back-up plan but bring lawyers, i don't know many but my children will not learn this curriculum and i will do what it takes to keep it out of the schools. >> sean: now you have to spend money. we wish you luck. >> thank you. >> sean: time to check in with greta van susteren for a sneak peek what is coming up. pink tonight. >> greta: . big night. major league baseball all-star game. there's a protest about illegal immigration. we'll have the latest on that conservative evangelical was just at the white house to discuss immigration with the president. brett michaels here to go on the record. >> sean: the guy from poison? >> greta: the guy from poison he has a new cd, book, he may
9:42 pm
be the next judge on "american idol" he has so much going on. >> sean: remind him that every rose has a thorn. >> greta: i think he'll get that one. >> sean: tell him i said it is a great song. thanks greta coming up in 19 minutes. our great, great, american panel, next. i'm that guy that doesn't take directions. i had a heart problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i awoke with pains in my chest. i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. i make sure that he does it. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] i encourage everyone tolisten to the ctor. and take it seriously. [ male announcer ] learn more about protecting your heart at
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel deputy editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page dan henninger. senior adviser at think tank alicia menendez. steven crowder. harry reid, his son won't mention him on his website or in the campaign ad. now harry taking a couple shots at obama. >> i think he's on many occasion, i shouldn't say many, on a few occasions i think he should have been more firm with those on the other side of the aisle. he's a person who doesn't like confrontation. he's a peacemaker. sometimes i think you have to be a little more forceful. >> sean: in other words he's weak. >> i don't get what he's saying this is nothing to do with fear of confrontation it
9:47 pm
has to do with accountability. he's trying to make him look like rex from toy story. he complaints they can't come to agreement. >> harry reid is a boxer snow fits his persona that he prefers a fight. barack obama has a different -- i think frustrating for democratic members of congress and there are plenty of things that you can say, frustrating they've incorporated some republican proposals and they can't get republicans to play ball. >> don't you think it is pathetic when the majority leader of a democratic congress is celebrate -- separating himself from a democratic president? >> you think he was separating himself? >> yes. >> the president was just in nevada, just campaigning for him. i don't think those actions -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we went over this
9:48 pm
with karl rove tonight. they can't run on any one issue that the american people support. american people are at odds with the president on the stimulus on deficits, spending, health care'dmi on the arizona immigration lawsuit and everything else in between. >> i don't understand what he meant by asking the president to be more firm. he was so firm on the health care bill that zero republicans voted for it with what more could harry reid have wanted out of him during the trench warfare over health care? >> sean: american people were against it. >> the american people were generally against him every step of the way they became increasingly against him as time went on. apparently harry reid's jab wasn't working. >> harry reid is still in the low 40s in . if he doesn't get it above 45 he's done. >> sean: feingold, boxer in trouble. >> a lot of democrats have challenging races. i don't see any of these people -- >> sean: that's under
9:49 pm
statement. >> -- wait a minute. look at democratic governors this week separating themselves from obama now a lot of candidates saying they wouldn't want obama to campaign in their districts because it would hurt them. >> name me three. >> sean: a ton, they are fighting to keep obama out. >> when republicans tried to distance themselves from bush because his popularity was down significantly only this has happened much more quickly. >> sean: he's on his third vacation since the oil spill, i will not rest until i fix the economy. i will not rest until the gulf oil spill stops. he shoots hoops, meeting sports teams. >> when your -- i was reading that harry reid said he thinks the president should be more firm. i first read say he thinks the president should be more fun.
9:50 pm
i said i agree the president has kind of a flat personal i don't think he's exciting the american people. >> sean: i think he resents that he's not in that campaign mode with people fainting and fawning. >> he still is it is like a chatty kathy doll instead we are not pulling the cord, he is. >> sean: if bill clinton were president, i think he would have been down in the gulf. >> in fact people have said he would be in a wet suit splashing around. >> sean: pretty much. >> it would have been effective to communicate to the american people that he understood. i agree it would be nice to see the president a little more fired up. it wouldn't help stop the oil. >> sean: letting experts in on-the-job early -- day one he says he was working on it, i would have called in every oil expert from every company and convened a huge meeting instead of lashing out, i can
9:51 pm
suck it up with a straw, whose ass i'm gonna kick, didn't do it. >> real problem the health care idea is not supported by the american people, you got 10% unemployment. >> sean: more with our great american panel, next.
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we have a federal law that limit the amount of water that can pass through a nozzle to 2.5 gallons per minute. i will violate this law. i want to a shower head that gushes water all over me. >> can i clarify? this law has been in place since 1992. now they are going to close a loophole which says are you
9:55 pm
defining it as a valve or multiple shower heads? we talked about it. >> i like loopholes. wait a minute, you could have the shower that guess drip, drip, drip. you can have the shower head that goes drip, drip, drip. >> i'm glad you are fancy-schmancy. most people are happy with what they got. >> the overall problem is not -- >> sean: i lived in a house with three older sisters and one bathroom, i never saw the shower i was taking -- >> this administration didn't get it. a president who -- they don't understand it takes pressure. my brother's hair makes me look like david gergen. 40 minutes with make-up. >> sean: all right.
9:56 pm
i just want to be left alone. leave my shower. don't tell me how much salt i can put in my food. >> we are laughing they may be going too far with this shower head thing. nine families out of 10 probably have three shower heads. >> really! >> in one shower or in the house? >> in their one shower. >> sean: you can buy the shower has the extension where you get fired at you from all directions. >> fancy-schmancy, i one. >> sean: good you are a liberal. live according to your standards, you get the drip, drip, grip, good luck getting the head and shoulders out of your hair. >> you are crossing the line mr. hannity, dandruff! >> sean: whatever you use, i have no idea. the first one that came to mind. ugh. >> we are a tough crowd. >> sean: what kind of shampoo
9:57 pm
do you use? >> pantene. >> sean: what do you use? >> i use a bar of soap. >> sean: i still use prell. oakland police chief making dire claims about what its force will and will not respond to if lay-offs go off as planned. they have a partial list,burg , theft, embezzle. ground theft, false identification police officer, required register as sex or arson offender. >> the first question you have to ask about oakland is will anybody notice. >> at least not detroit. >> second thing is this is about the pension payments. they are trying to get give-backs from the police department so they don't have outlandish pension costs. municipalties in california owe 28 billion dollars in unfunded pension obligations. that state is sinking under the weight of that >> if taxes increase government revenue as this administration would tell you,
9:58 pm
there should not be a single precinct in california facing bankruptcy. >> lots of states not just cal -- california are facing cuts for first responders, teachers. they had a chance to extend benefits and chose not to. >> sean: you live from new jersey. >> great garden state. >> sean: without christie, new jersey, new york and the big states would be going bankrupt now. you have a tough governor that took on a really liberal media, liberal unions and legislature to go back to fiscal response . isn't that what we need to do nationally? >> nationally to get back on track. >> sean: how do you get the economy back on track? you cut taxes stimulate economy and get rid of
9:59 pm
regulation. >> you get more growth back into the economy. the states have to get out from under the burden of this. they know they have no more running room. there's nowhere to go to hide from these pension obligations. that's chris christie's message. >> sean: i think christie who is going to be a model for the nation the question is how long will it take the nation to catch up to where new jersey is going? this very day this year an trillion dollar deficit and we still got three months to go until the end of the fiscal year. >> it is the citizens who suffer in terms of safe. i would advise people in oakland, if somebody burglars your house, shoot them. >> sean: you are saying if somebody breaks in. what is that? >> i'm sure alicia is thrilled about .


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